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l. N'DS, a.t \'. tyles in Chair wOII. z; an<l ' etc., ONS. • HE AlLY Vol. iV.-\Vllole Nu.m.ber 1,191 BA.TAVIA, N Y., THURSDAY EVENI~G, MAY 4, r8g2, NEW A.DVERTISEMENTS. 1882. MAY I 1882. ~E ARB OFFERI.G Some of <ireatest Drives of the Beason ! Good Brown Cotton at 5c, 6c, and Sc a yard. GooH <ir:-~~.>HA'-IS at 5c, ro cts. T AJll:lt LINENS at 20 c, 25c, 35c, 50 c. Towel~ &: Nap1cins at Bw·ga-lns CR.ASIUS at sc, 6Jt{:c, Sc and to c, Pri11ts at Bargains I 4·4 CA.llllRlCS at sc a yard. Hos>: at 5c, Sc, ro c. and 12_%c. Elegall:t line Ladies' and Misses' F Ai'.ll ·y HOSIERY. GO 0 VB! Bargai11s !n Buttons. Laces, Em- broi aeries, Handkerchiefs, LAWNS AND WHITE GOODS. --IN UUR -- Car~ et Department! BRUSSB!.S CARPETS :tt 62~c ; such as others 1cl1 at 75c. We ll~le Just Received many New Patterns in Ingram and Brussels Carpets. Handso1ne Lme \latlings, Hugs and Mats. R. 0. HOLDHN & SON, 83 and 85 Main Street. A. H. CHA~E, UEALER IN COAL ·-AND- LUMBER, TB:l!J WBSXEB'N OUTL~W.S. THE N·EUS IN •IIIUEF, SUicide at Sll!!Pil,t:ulon Brtda::o. A. Proelamattoil for tb.c Benefit oll Cuwboyu. The Cabinet yesterday considered:. A special dispatcG to the ll\lifalo the Indian question and the cowboy- • OJUrier sa.,:ys that William A!llen, a W l\ 1 Th trouble. resident of Niagara :Falls, On:ti, .un· ASHINGTON 1 ay 3·- e spe• cia! 01 eeting of the cabinet resulted Tile United States Fish Commis-: married, a.nd aged about twenty-five, · h · sion will be able to distribute so',-. committed suicide about three m t e Issuance of the fol!Qwing pro· 1 l · b h d ooo.,· ooo shad fry this mGnth. o'c ock T~:~esday atte~noon by ;J'u mp- c amat10n y t e presi ent: . ff Wh · · · d · h An inceudiary unsnccessfully at- ing o tbe centre of the R~ilway \ ereas, 1t 1s pro-vtde m t e · B laws of the United Statell that when.. tempted to fire the Western UniGa · SuspensiOn ridge. The unfortun- b f ] building in Albany last night. ate young man had lleen out .of em- ever y reason o un aiVful obstruct- 1 · b' · bl Already there a'1e \OO entrt'es :fo.- P oyment for some months, but 1 had wns, com matzons or assem ages •· \' ... d f · b II\ · th t~...e summer ·trott.t'nrr OJeett'ng at C·ht'- faun employment Iecently in the o persons m re e Ion agamst e ,.. v I d' authority of the government of the cago, including all the best horses n tan ba.zaar and photogra.]Jll gal- u · d s · L II b · 1 ·n tbe country. lery of MJ:\. Redpatll, near the new mte tates, It sua ecome 1m· d t' bl . th . d f tb optree members· 0f the Ladt'es.. bri ge on thts side of the rive!, He prac tca e m e JU gment 0 e 1 Jl · drew his salary to the am()\lDt of President to enforce, by tlle ordinary League of T!'alee have been arresteci eleven dGilars on Friday e\ening caurse of judicial proceedings, the and r,entenced to si:x rnonths' im- and since then had been drinlting laws of the United Slates within any prison men t in default e>f bail freely. It seems tbat he asbed bis State or Territory, it shall be lawful The House Military Committee sister ror some money this m@rning for the President to call forth the yesterday reported favorably the bilJ · and was r-efused. He left theh 011 se militia of any or all States, and to retirmg army officers after they have and was a.,fterwards seen on the street . employ such parts of the land and served 40 years or become 62 years in a state of intoxication. i{n this naval forces of the United States as f o age. condition he wended his wayaocross he may deem necessary to enforce The difficulty abmtt the Garfield the bridge, and, returning about the faithful execution o.f the laws of · 1 fl ~ b mcrnona owers .,;ts een com pro- three o'clock, pulld otf his: ()Ver- the United States, or to suppress mised a.nd the flowers sent lroiD coat, hung it on the frame-worlt of such rebellion in whatever State or Ch' t t'- G \' 1~ 1\,I tcago o ue a1'11e ..... ;v onumm t the bridg~. and made the terrible Territory thereof the laws of the Association. leap into the liver and was seen no United States mm· he forcibly op· T'ilree hundred girls in Higgiits':s more. /'::..man driving 2 coal cart posed or the exemtion thereof for- carpet factory, New York, struck ·fo.r over the bridge at the time \'it11ess ciblyobstmcted; and Ioper cent. advance. The factor,. ed the wl'lole affair, but was1ttnable \Whereas it has b-een made to employs z,300 hands. Theadvanclfl to reach lhe ma11 in time to prevent appear satisfactorily to me, by infor- was granted. him from committi11g the act ofself- mation received from the Governor T'he Garfield 1\lonument ColD. destructi_,.n. Some three years ago of the Territory of Arizona, and h\l 1 mission announce tl1at respollst!!!!'l VI l e emp oyed a11 a clerk iil At- from the general of the army of the have been so liberal. as to warrm.t wood's Western hotel, he shot him- United States and other reliable 1 the assurance that their work will blfl se f in the head with a revolver, but \Ources tha~ 1\n conseqtleilce of tln- n· · h 1 d u • consummated. c came o · w1t a sea p woun . lawful com bmations of evil disposed. D H d \' 1 \'• • persons who are bande<l together to r. ammon reaLL a paper ast lr.t.tu~ .J'e1·ome'• LUJIUnery. oppose and obstruct tlte execution night befcne the 1\iedico~Legal BC.· of the laws, it has become impracti- ciety, claiming that Guiteau wa.s cable to enforce by the ordinary morally depraved, but not insane, course of judicial pr()ceeding the when he killed Garfield. laws of the United Stat~s within that The Rev. Hyatt Srn ith has abot:ct territory, and that the laws of the . decided to leave Congress at the enod United States therein are forcibly of his term. He is disgosted Vlitlh opposed and ttle exec11tion the1eof Congressional riutiesand will prD· forcibly resisted; and bai>Jy accept a cn.H to a pulpit bl \Whereas the lawB of the United Vermcnt. States requires that whenever it may The Executive Committee of thie be necessary, in the juagment of the Citizens Repnblica11 Associatiom, oresident, to use the military forces appointed at the Cor1ference of lm· for the purpnse of enforcing tbe depmt Republicans January r 2thl, faithf11l execution of the laws of the has called the State Convention i:n United States, he shall lorthwith, by Philadelphia, May 24th. proclamation, comma!ld such in- A vast area of woodl.1n<.l has beem surge11ts to disperse and retire burned ovei in thevicinity or Brook:.· peaceably to their respective abodes haven, 1. I. Hou~e.s, farm-build!· within a limited time; ing-s, and stock are consumec:i, \Now therefore, I Chester A. H 11 ndreds of people are diggin:g Arthur, president of the United. tr~ncbes to protect their property, States, do herebyadmonish all good. SecretaryFrelinghll.I\Sen has trans· citizens of the United States, and f mitted to Congress the draft of a bill! especially of the territory· 0 Ari- appropriating $so,ooo to defray the zona, against aiding~ a. betting or exi)enses cf the collection, preparf:a- takillg part in any such unlawful tion, and packing of fish to boe proceedings, and I do hereby warn sent to the London exhibition of all nersons engaged in or connected with the said obstruction of the laws, r8B3. to disperse and retire peaceably to The Land League members of their respective abodes on or before Parliament are trytng to persuacle noon ot the fifteenth day of May.\ Parnell to come to London in tim..e to be present in the H~ouse Thurs· West Shore Strlkerl!!l. F day when Mr. oJSter made an ex;:- NEWBURG, May 3.-There is an Miss Jerome who for &evenl ye~rs has been in the mjllinery busi.ness, never displayed a.. more bca11tiful stock than is on e~thibition t(l-day and to-morrow, at her handsome store in the Walker block. Every variety of hats a.nd bonnets, [or old and youag are disvlayed at Jlriees varying fl:'om the most costly to the most ec~momical. Manyof de hats and bonnets are perfec! speci- mens of the milliner's art and create a feeling of admiration in the fem- inine hcut, such a~ is only brought out by a ]ook upon. things so ileau- tiful. Miss Jerome has the assis- tance of M'Jle Parient, a french Milliner ~hose excellent taste is ex:- hibited io. much c.f the work The store is iJeautilullr trimmed and a visit to it will well repay the lacl.ies of Batavia who have an eye for the beautiful. .... flo &egreea Oon:rerred. exteDSive strike of laborers at Corn- Cor. Ellicott & Jackson Sts., wall. The men derna!ld an advance plallation. It is understood thllit Chamberlain has declined the Chief Secietaryship oflreland and is press· ing on tl:e Governillen.t the extrem {l clesirabilit.y of appointing an Irishl· mail to st1cceed Mr. Forster. There \Were interesting cerenonies at the meeting of Batavia Conmand- ery. No. 34, K. 1., last eveniug, when the Templar degree was con- ferred. Upo()n Dean lUchmoll.d. Cy- reneCom.maudery, No. 39, dRoch- ester, was represented by seveilteen members, as follow·s: A.. J. Hatch, Frank Taylor, Hir:a.m Wood, Henry S. Macki~, S. S. Eddy, Curtis H. Haskin, C. Williams. Samuel Brown, Frank PL.. Parker, James :E. W ol- cott, Donald Gordon, John Ji, Kalbfleisch,IThomas Glidden, Henry C. Daniels, John C. Smith, D. E. Sa.cket, Charles R. Pratt. Frank: BA.TAVIA. Frices of Coal. of 2 5 cents a day. The strike be- gan among Italian10 and other whites who went along the line, compelling the :negroes to desist from work- Most of the latter would have re- PEr< ToN./ PER HAu'·l PER QUAR. fi fi f h 'k vARll. n&L. YARD. r>e:L. vARIJ l>F.L. tl'uned bnt or ear o t e stn ers. GRATE, '>o~-.Gs $;;.os $2.33 SJ.ss s'·'7 $I.4 2 Trouble being apprehended, Sheriff' EGG, \ \ O'Dell of this city, was appealed to STOVE,. •1·'!5 ;.35 \·4 8 ''·73 '· 24 :.:. 49 by the authorities and proceeded to NUT, 2 ,., 8 2 . 93 1 , 34 I.S'.' the scene, leaving word with Cap- No. 4, 5· 35 5 \ 75 tain Dickey to call out tbe militia if PAINTING I I F YGLJ WANT A FI~.ST CLA?SJOll of f'!nrriage or S1gn PamtiDg. call on '\V. A. WAUGH, In the{)ld :Methodist Church Build· ing:, .Jackson St., Ba.ta.via, Formerly wtth Cunningham, Rochester ; has had 20 years experience at h1s trade, and does all \York nt REASONA~LE PRICES and• warr-:<lllled to givP. sattsfacttOn. s6t necessary. Several ofthe ringleaders were arrested, and many negroes 011 being promised returned to work this afternoon. No disturbances are thus far re- ported. The cm1tractors will have a considerable force working to- morrow, including many negroes and some contented Italians. Five hundred men were engaged in the strike. Ladies be on the look ollt for the grand opening ·of French pattern hats and bonnets, which will take place at Mlle. Jerome's establish- Mademoiselle Jerome ba.s just ar• men t on the 4th and sth of May. rived from New York with a large Mlle. Jerome has engaged Mad- d b ·r 1 t k of new goods, emoi~Jle Marie Parellt, a French price, an eaut1 u s oc . . f - h 'It which she will sell at a reasonable mtllmer o ex:penence, w o w1 1 witho11t doubt plea:::e b.er customere, Tuesday eveningFlota Root dasbl· ed from her father's house in Onei- da, N. Y., her garments in a blaze Before she could l:Je reached by thee bystanders the flames was some feet above her head, She died in vw10 b.ollrs. The girl's parents are prominent. She ha.d been depress- ed for some time, It is believed she satura.ted her clothing with kel'<Jo- sene and ligllted it. •• (Jorfll'• (J.llarter Election. Taylor was the presiding officer and Andrew J. Hatch cfficia.ted as pie· late. -JamesM. Walkinshaw, ofthe Board of 'Trustees, and Peter rt~om­ as, of the Hook and Ladder -com- pany, have gone to Seneca Falls to negotiate for a ne\\1 trock for the Hooks. -Jones & House have received a letter from the Civil Service C<J-OP· CoRFU, May 3· ~'The charte 1 erative Society of Boston aski11g if election brought out nearly the full souu arrangement can be lll!lde vote of the corporation. and resulted whereby the society may ha11dle the in the election of the following ofli· meats of the Batavia firm, tne object cers: Tmstees-Cyrus Wait, Jam~ of the ass()ciation being to provide Farnham, Nehemial:t Hopkins;, the merabers witl:t groceries a.nd Ch!l.rles Griffith, Daniel Shelt; Clerk provbi.ons at first pl'ices. Jon-es & -J. W. Safford; Trcasurer-Dan;a House are considering the rnll.tiCI', . Jenison; Street Commissioner-Jer- ~. orne Sumner; Assessor-D. Dirn. It is t0 be wo11dered if any body ock; Collector- J. P. Vaughn. ever triecl to make the dislles de· . of•• scribed i~ the periodicllls tr self- Ladies and friends please call and elected coli nary instructresses.. It see the beautiful goods at Mlle. Jer- 1 would tal;.e a Qnaker City lawyer to orne's, roo Main street. tell what they mean. s. Price Two eents '.l'lle New• In L• R.oJ, L.E 'RoY, Mav 4, r38i,-\T:he remains of Dim\ F. Butler, taccotn- panied by his wife and J. .A. Ilutler, arrived on the 10:27 train yesterday. Thev were conveyea to hi.s m'·otber' s residence on N ortb street w<here many friends took a par.ling !J'ook. The funeral services were con du cted at St. Peters' church ~t 4 p. n\il. and the interment made in St. Mal'ys' c~metery. There were many f'iends from Buffalo in attendance: at the funeral and the floral tr·i butes •were numerous and beautiful. The funeral of the Ia te Mis:.<J Mary Blodgett took place yesterda]' ll.fter- noon as did the funmil «Jf t:he: late Mrs. Mary A. Moore. The John Thompso!l caempnny pleased a fair audienc-e a.t ~aloney Hall last evening, in \Aromnd .the World.\ Manager Ward ann().unc:es that the New Orleans Minstrels hn\\'e 'Writ- ten tor the 12th ofthis montla as ,the date for their appearance here;:. Mrs. Henry T->dd and daJUghter, Hetty, were calling on f'rie~ds and relatives in LeRoy yestoCnJay, ... ' '.l'llo ll'arco Fur•llcu:r(}o, The elegant househdd f~nliture belonging to D. W. Farg::-o h:as been arranged in EllicEJtt Ball., 1vhere Mr. W. H. Brown will sho•w it to all desiring tD inspect. The value and quality of the furniture and the fact that it must be sole:!, 'lll!lakes a visit to the hall advisable for ~It who need anything in the line. 'rhere is one elegant rosewo<Jd bced·room set, and three or tau r at -.valnu t, The dressing cases- and liVasbstands, are all marble top and fin2shed in the finest style. Amoug the articles are three elegant hall~ pieer and mantle mirrors. Silk reJ.l >(;OVered parlor set, marble top tab! e~ and stands, velvet and brussels .carpet9, a walnut, marble top sideboarcE, en- gravmgs and painti11gs. refr igeratvr and all manner of kitchen otemsils. In quantity there is sofficiie!kt to furnisb many ordinary sized hCJ'uses, and as Mr. Fargo is praepacing to t;nove west they will be sold \'Without reserve at auction on Satnrd:t..y by A. D. Waldo. Parties desirin;g any- thing in the way of ho111se furnishing goods should inspect tbis display and then attend the auction, A Serloa.• (Jaara:e, Yesterday Deputy Sherifr 3Iocd- good of Geneseo came to Batavia. and arrested a young fellmv named Charles 0. Howell of Fo~!Hville on, it is said, a. warrant cJlarging him with a felonious assault, Young Howell came to Batavig We!!Jne3dav night, registered at the St. James. Yesterday morning lle len town leaving his valise at the: hotel and returning in the aftelll()Otl. During his absence a telegralll was crcc--eived here ailk ing if he had bee_]] seen. An affirmative reply wa:.s s~nt .. and later in the day the oflicer put in an appearance and made the: a.nest. The Sheriff and his prisoil.et left last evening for Geneseo. Youn~ Howv~ ell appears to lle a respectable roung man. His father is a 'Well. known Livingston county hotelceep\er. ~· 'l'be '~PraeneaJ\ Dlffsrerac~ Be~ tween Poetry and I'ILlloMOlJ'IlY· It sounds very poetic '10 say, \Man's Inhumanity to :Mao D:nak:es countless thousands M.our.ill,\ but why not apply the principle It)' the more practical side ol t11e stibject and render the qu{)tfl.tioo thus: \Yates' humanity for th:{)se -that are suffering from the elfe-cts of 1'Wearing ugly shaped boots and shQes, fur- nished by persons tbat do llOJt un- derslatJd their business, ltas [ll.nd Still continues to make coun1less thous- ands happy by furnishing tlaern the most pt:!rfect easy fitting boo-ts and shoes, that would alinost mak-e the 'lame leap for joy.' \ There: lli'ould be sound logic in this. ]ot ;poets. are never cheerful, are j!t.ey ?\ .,..._ __ Stylish stiff hats for youn~ nen, at J ~f'£N 'l'Hiillla:s', ' ' . . . ' I ': • ~ \ ,, .. j· . li !: { I·. ·' ' 'I ,I,; I · ... ... ' ~ •;: i:' \ .: ' i \I I i : t i hr: : : l,jl r , l; I I I \ .l 'I • , :l ) \'.I . ' ( ~ ' '\ •' J\! : \I ~I] ; .,, . ... ·, , :,I , I -·t· ' ; ',' ' ,l' •• l : \:,'I ,;1·· . ::· '

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