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I d t, y .. ! ' H 'E' I ' ! . J AlLY s. ---·-·--- --------- - Vol. rv.-Who}-e Nam ber l, \1910 NEW ADPE.RTISEMENTS. THB TELEGRAPH P\OLES. PriceTwo cents BA.TAVIA, N 1'., WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 3, 1882. --=~~~~====~======~====~~======~==~~====~========~~======~~~ -- g 1 'rHE l_VEWS IN ~RI.Jilll\. NEWS Elt.QH JJT.tl.FFQBD • . A ··u· CHA~·· 'E i·'':a'h-elr Uae tn. CJl-.iel!l' Declared 0' The excess of im~rts of mer- The Stone tl.••rr:r-• ne-..v Dlinll• • . J Common Nultlaaee. chandise for March wa~ $5, 97.8,ooo; lell'-Mloor Notelil. , · • A·LBANY, May 3.-The special . ill March last yeanh~: exc'(]ss cf ex- S'l'A:FFOJtD,. May 3.-Dinnie Cro- i i .·. ;sen11te committee to inquire fntothe ports. was $ 2 • 4 34.9° 0 • nan, foreman for Kelly's gang of I i ·. I . .J.; . , :It :£easibility of putting ·t-elegraph wires Mrs. Guy Hollister ,of ~e:stv1lle, quarry men, has taken from the· T . -mnder ground in New York city N. Y., shot herself; probal>lyfatally, quarry of M. W. Heal about seven COAL DEALER IN • .!Dla~e a report to·day ~tating that in through the breast ye~terday. Sbe hundred yards of stone and deliver- ~he: cities of this State there are some had been derar~ged, ;' ed them at the Delaware and Lack- --AND- . e:Jf· the finest avenues; in the world Alonzo BartGn, an ·~xpressmall of awana railroad in tbree months, at . Bbd all have been in11l'aded by tele- Newburyport, Mass., ! was stopped . a. cost of fz. oo per yard, makin1 a. graph poles, creating, by common l~st night half a mile ·froiD NoE:on · total cost for quarrying and drawing L U M B E R ... tnpi.nion of the citizens, obstructions by three men and robbed of $400. of $1400 The foreman and six , · already very objectionable but con· The walls of the burned church men quarried and loaded six car- Oor. Ellicott & J ackso11 Sts.~ BATAVIA. Priess of Coal. t::in.:.ally increasing in magnitude. at Dover, N. H., fell ye~terday e.f~ loads of stone in two days. Mr. .'\:rhoe committee question the exjs- ternoon and three person~ ~ve!\e bad- Kelley is an upright business man. f:en<e of any authority for the appro· ly bruised and it is feared fatally in- and it ia a noteworthy fact, that ~Jriating of streets ancl highways by jured. during all this time not an acciden.t pn\ate corporations and are ot the has happened nor did any trouble a pi. nbn it was not the intention of The second trial of J ~nes B. occur in paying- and di&charging Doyle, charged with con~terfeiting 1 l h d h' h \ t:he l~gislature in enactments upon · any o t 1e an s, w 1c .act speaks p._\ 'I'm~. I PaR HALF. I P&RQuAR.. t:he subject to sanctio.n a.ny incon- a. quarter million -of 'Wnited States well for the contractor and hiii fore· >ARIJ, IJEL. \\ARD. oaL. YARu. 1lEL-. \\Jer:!!ient or obstructiv-e invasion of bonds, commenced in Chi-cago yes· man. There has been taken fwrn ~:!!,TE, $~; 65 $~.os $\- 33 '\·ss *'''' 7 s::''\' tthen, Telegraph, telephone and terday. Mr. Heal's quarry about fifteen ele \\'t.ri·c compartl. \S \\e~e empowered The First Com otroller of the hundred yards of stone and it is STOVE, 4·95 S-35 -'·48 ~-73 1 • 0 4 '·~9 - ' .... T d - NUT, \ ito «COnstruct lines '-lVer lands of pri- re~·sury deci es that Mar=sh~ls are thought as much more can be got No. 4, s-35 5·75 2 • 68 \9.~ 1.14 '·59 ...,ate owners by mak in~ suitable com- entitled to be paid th<e entire from the same quarry. PAINTINGt I F YOU WANT A FIRST CLASSJOl> ol Oorl'l11ge m· Sign Palnti.ilg', call on w. A.. W A.UGE, In the Old Methodist Churcb. Build- ing, .Ta.ckson St., Batavia, Jl'ormerly wtth Cunningham, RoGhester; has had 20 years experience at lns trade,. nnd doe~ all work at REASO]';Al.lLE PRICE\\ and warrauled to givl) satisfaction, s6t APRIL loth, 1882. R. 0. Holden & Son. WE' AILE RECEIVING riEW NOVELTIES -IN- SPRING A~D SUMM.ER :\U-wool Illuminated Debeges, Grey Debeges, Flannel Suittng,, Colored Cashmeres, Plaids, Tinsels, Strtpes, EMBROIDERED DRESS GOODS FOR TRIMMING AND POLONAISE. d t ~ ,, i! lL :;ooo Yar1lsDrfss Goo s n oe \' .. , .. c. a yard. 'This is a great l>argam. ('b.oiee A.RRortmmt Colored Dress Goods , at IOC, IZ JhC and I5C a yd.. Plain nnd Fi~nred Nuns' Vetlmgs in White, Cream Black and Colored. Bai·gains in Uuntings, Black Cash· meres, Aumeres and MOURNING GOODS, 4Jlack and Color·ed S I L K S. Surah Silks, Brocade ~atms, M~1re·antique Stlks Vel vet> :and !'urn mer Silks at L I EXTRA lM.RGAINS. 1Pel1isation, but under this faint color amount of their nccesoa.ry traveling Rev. Mr. Brockway, who offici at· 'of~uthority the}' h.s~e relieved them- expenses without lirnitatio~. ed at the Episcopal church last Sun.- .selt,;;'CS from paymen 1 :; f su.ch damage Papers were served on M~aye:>l' No- day, drove from near Cleveland to by 1akiog ,permanu': possession of hm of Albanr, yesterday afternoon this place with a horse and carriage, corisiderable portio:ns d many cotm- by the Attorney-General, ::rciJ.uiring and preached two very interesting try roads and avenues and streets of him to show cause why Jo 1m Swin · sermons from the 3d chapter of St. citi-es, and built upoa them struct- burne should not be declaaed1 elect- John, 8th verse, and the 2d chapter cre:s for purposes uokn own when ed Mayor. of St. l\latthew I ot, 2d and 3d ver- the acts were passed These struct- Monday night H ustinfl WbitiiJg, ses, to large and appreciative con- wre-s onquestwnably obstruct and colored, askt:d T. s. G;rm ves of gregations. i:.nc.oznmode the po bite use of the Charleston, W. Va,, to take a .&rink. At the meeting of the vestry of stt~ets, mar their bentty and are a Greaves refused. Whiting; \1'\'alked the Episcopal chtuch on Monday standing offense to the eye. Not omside tbe saloon and shot ~nd last, they decided to engage Mr. only are they multiplying wzth arith· killed Greaves. Brockway as rector of the church, Clletical .progression tl ?d~r the sys· The steamship British Queen a.r- but Mr Brockway is obliged to go teo ;rh1ch places no l!~tt upon the rived in New York YCSlterday from to Europe this summer, so that he c~eat1on of new c~rnpa.mes, but the Liverpool with several cases of small- wiil not take his plll.ce until about el1aneter a~d he1ght, of. the poles j pox in the steerage, wnere -were 400 the first of August baV\e been mcrease? ~ nttl. some are passengers. An infant die(\ frQJn Augustus Hamn)er, _cler~ in ~r. Lofder than the bmldnlgs m fro~t. of . tlle disease on the l>ass&ge, E. n,. San.~ersgrocery, 18 qmte SICk. ,.,bi~h they are placed_ J},fsnv cmc·s , . , . · · Medwal a1a has been st1mmoned and of the United States :arf' far in Hd· rb~ syndicate which pur~hased I his many friends wish him a &peedy ....,alll:ce of cities in the State of New ~oaths Theatre for $5? 0 • 000 • pay-~ recovery. \Yo:rk in measures for their removal, Hlg $zso,ooo doVIn, f.ulecl t() meet .Mr. Geo Scofield of Buffalo and but in none does the use o. proper- t.he second payment of $.' 2 5• 000 • . Miss Mllllen of Stafford, are to be ty of the public pav to the com· due Monday. !he pr~$eaJt lessee joined nuptially to night, at the pa11iies profits so large_ 1'he com· I of the·~ theatre wtll contmllle to oc- house of the bride's parents, 01it tee believe tbe testimony submit· cupy IL. 'J.'he Wesi~Silore a' Oneida, ted conclusively shows the time has General N. ~· ]anks vi!Sited the ~rri ved when it is the plain duty ~ew York Pof!ce l!eadqtlarters Last. of tlte legislature to arrest. the n~ght and stated that a geotle1n~n: ot ~ro\'Wtlt and at>cure the re- h1s party, 67 yea.rs of a~e.lud_ dtsap- B~oval of structures from the streets, pea:red from h1s hot~l. all!d at was \'\'hi.ch. without exagg-eration, may feared he had falle11 mto Llle hands be 1termed pub! ic and private nui- of sharpers. s:ances. The most thorough and Patrick Nichols, once co~victed a..ccomplished experts :in the country of murder in the first degre~f~r kill- 1-:.ave reen examined a:nd their testi- ing Thomas O'Connell ofNya.ck, in ooolEly in the opinion Q>[ the commit- I 879 and granted a new trial, yes- tee -establishes beyond controversy terday pleaded guilty to mlllrder in tile entire feasibility of subterranean the second degree The plt\a was vwires for telegraphic, t~lephonic and accepted and he wlll be senct·IO State e=lec::tric light purposes, London, prison for life. Paris, :Berlin., Dresden and oth.er Minnie Clapp., 23 yearR old, g;ret~~.tcities of Euro}le never p~r~~~- daughter of a wealthy Ne:w York ted these structures, and the1r Citl- broker, attempted suicide yesterday ~ens never suffered ~or w~~t. of tele- by jumping into the river. A work- g;rnphic or telephonic fac1l1t1es. . man of whom she had enguired rhe committee are: of the opm- when the train would pass rescued iEJn it may be we~! for the p~esent her. The cause is supposed. to be ten limit the operat1on of the b1ll on d<Jtnestic troubles. tile .subject to New Y ()rk city, and . .fiJat matters of detail as well as the Pool roo,ms _opened m fKJil blast s~bject of local regulation. {be.ing at Hunt~rs Point, L. I., Ye!Sterday~ . · 1 th r th\\n leg 1 slat 1 ve) The Pohce Board ordered thr: cap n::JUElCipa ra e \\ · · r . 'th h sllonld be left to tb.e control of the t~ms n~t to m ter,ele Wl i: e: par- - · · t t d .,..h.e \ommi'tt\'e t1es until further orders frorn the cnt1~s m eres e • 1 \ v B d b · b • recaommend the construction of new oar ' u~ m t e meantim~;lo pro· li..nes or the erection of poles in any cure all evidences <JI a posL tlve ~a­ sttreet to which the bill applies be ture th~t th~ State l~w on g-anblmg d. ect~red so cleally unlawful as was bemg VIolated. The latest news from Oneida, the scene of tbe senous outbreat~ be- tween the West Shore r?ilroad com- pany and the citizens or that village. indiCates that the people are quietecl somewhat and that the excitement is about ended. The president of the village and many of the citizenSi have been served with injunctions. forbidding them to interfere in any way with the ;vork of the company. A summons and complaint have also been served upon the village president, which ai\e said to be the heginniog of an acti.on against tha village of Oneida by the West Shore Company for damages caused by the interference witJ1 the ~rnployees of the company when they were at work at the Broad street crossing. It is thought that Broad street will be bridged. ··~ A Vlrcular to Folley Holder•. Superintendent Fairman, of the Insurance Department, has issued a. circular to the policy holders in the Western New York Life Insurance Company, in which he EJays : to jostify their destruction by any Charles ~rown was shot and kill- The Large~t and Choicest Assorlnlent of indi-vidual who zna.y choose tore- ed and h1s brother Hugll badly J>arasols & Snn Umbrellas. lO.tJV\e them. Also, that corpora- wounded by CookCrittenden,. son I.Rce Curtains in Whtle and Ecru, by tl1e ti ons be required to rernovelall posts. ·Of their landlady, at Cla:.rksviiie, \It has come to the knowledge of the Superimendeot that you are be- ing solicited to dispose of your re- spective claims against the above named company at a sum considera- bly below the values thereof This circular is issued in mder to advise you not to pay any attention to any such offers. If the stockholders fail to comply with the requisition of the Depaltment for the impairment of capital, you will obtain frorn the Superintendent the full amount of tne net value of your claims, as stated in the accompanyin15 circular, without any expeuae and within sixty days after the C')mpany is dJs- solved. Avoid all speculators and brokers seeking to purchase your policies or desiring to represent you as attorney or agent. The Depart· ment will protect your rigQts with· oat cost and settle your claims with· o11t unnecessary delay. yard or p 1 ece. Cardin~! un,d Ecru o:r other fixtures fro:m all streets, Tex. Old Crittenden accuse<lBrown Stnped G~ods for Curtams. a'!!Veaues :tnd highways in such cities of theft and insulted Hugl.'s wife. .lleninants of Carpets at about w-ith.in two years and six months. The Browns went to Crit:te11den's HaW-Price. Daly, F. Lansing and Covert made house, declaring their inte:ntLon of :New Patterns m Straw Ma•.tings. . tbe report, which is un:animous. k.illing the old. man. Cook Crit- New Patterns n~ Carpet, JUSt received. o ter.den shot them and escap~t fJJi1J\\ We are oflering bargains in every . T-wo burglars who t>lew open the Monday night three mask:ed. men department, throughout our mammoth s&fc of a shoe factory at Orwigsburg, s 3 and 8 5 Main Street. store. Pa., were captured at Strausstown entered the house of Mrs. J<lnathan 'D. .• Q. HOLD~N & SON, l~t.stl!ligllt by three constables, but. Stump in Greensburg, Pa.=>:bound . .u. af'tea.ward drew revolvers and escap- and gagged the WOlDen and strung ed In the officers' catdage. A nom- tnem up to one of the rafters in Mademoiselle Jerome has just ar· :rived from New York with a large :and beautiful stock of new goods, -,vhich she will sell at a reasonable iJdCe. order to extort information io regard herd bystanders present made no.· to the hiding place of mone~. The eBort to assist the officers. A con- ,.., si <lerable force of lll.Oll.nted officers . younger daughter was brutally bea- is now hotly pursuing the fugitives. tell, but all refused to give i llforma- tion. The burglars got $3<JO a11d t1:ny Bros, ahoea at llesans', es<:aped. A MarUJnc Runaw-ay-Note\' of :fn&ere•l. Cmuu, Ma.y 3· -Patrick Kell10r lost his team or .horses in a strange 1nanner yesterdav af. ter:10on. . 'rney ~~ere standing unmtched 1n front ol tl!.e mill and took fright, suddenly staFting off on a keen ,run, They ran at a tremen- dous rate of speed toward the rad· road al\d, as. the .Atlantic expreEs was tbetl pa.smng, they clashed into it, striking the fore part of the train. The eng!neer s~w -them coming, but stoppmg was 1mpossible in time to prevent a disaster, so he put on more steam and ''v•ited for tht1 shock. When it cane the animals were thrown quite a distance one of them being killed o11tright. ' The other W9.S so seriomdy injured that it will probably not recover. The only damage done to the train was to tear away the steps of a mail car. Mrs. Peck died in this place at the residence of b<Jr :;;;on in-law Mr. Carl Griswold, on J.\ion: day. Her age was :S7 years. Her remains tVill be taken to Alex:ande!' for interment. M_rs. _Chadeayne and daughter Carne leo ~t for New York on Friday, called !luther by the sevet\e illne3s of Mrs. C's brotller. The g-round in this vidnitv was covered with snow yesterday \morn-· in g. A. 0; Barden has ·~eturned fi·om Buffalo and again become a tesiclent of our village, B. F. Winans is i1nproving so he is able 10 be around agai~t.. Mrs. Carl Griswold js quite ill with bilious fever. The Providenc~ is one of the highest salaried nines in the country The Detroits on their- southern experirneDtal trip won t1v-elve games without a defeat. The Buffalos an~ Chicagos play their second game this alternooon. Games yes!erday: At Cleveland, Detroits 7, Cleve- lands 1, At Providence, Trays r, Provi- dence 17. At Worcester, Bostons: ro, Wor- cesters r r, At Princeton, N. ]., Philadel- phias 9, Princeton college 5· At Philadelphia, Baltimores 7, Athletics ro. At St. Louis, Louisvilles 7, St. Louis 9· At Cincinnati, Cincinnatis 9, Pittsburg- 10. __ .....,. __ Ladies be on the look out for the grand opening of Fxeach pattern hats and bonaets, llnid~ will take place at Mlle. Jerollle's establish- ment on the 4-th and 5th of May. Mile. Jerome has engaged Mad- emoiselle Marie Parent, a French milliner of experience, who will Without doubt plea~e nE':r Cl!StOmers. 4·~ 'l'lle \.l'rac•te&l\ ])lfiet'en4Je Do• t-..veeu Poetry a.nd PIIIII.oaophy, It sounds very poetic t0 say, \Man's Inhumanity to !\fan makes countless thollsands Mourn,\ but why not apply the principle to the more practical side of th.e :subject and render the quo.tation thus: \Yates' humanity for those that are suffering from the effects of wearing ugly sh~ped boots and shoes, fur- nishe<! by persons thll.t do not un- der.rla1,dtbair business, ha.s and still continues to make cou.ntless thous- ands happy by furnishing them the most p•lfiect easy :fitting b<Jots and shoes, that would almo-st make the 'lame leap for joy.' \ There would be sound logic in this_ l3t1t poets are never cheerful, arc they ? •• Ladies and friends please call and see the beautiful goods ;11 Mlle. Jer~ orne's, too Main street. ~·· Stylish JStiff hats for yollng men at ]QliN flfDlls'. \ ~ ', I ' ~ ' i ,1. ! ·, t ! ~ ~ I I j ' '' 'i ' ' ,. .} ,, ~j, L.' . 1 . ' I . ~·' 1 \

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