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rend hh anks the be te/· lG!t. clle a~·'', 1he est an k. k be u, at HE LY s. ====================================================================-==~~============= Vol. IV.-Whole Number 1,156 Price Two cents. BATAVIA, N Y., FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 24-, 18S2. d ADVER 1I.SEMENTS. IMPORTANl. Chan~e ]u Business ! H AVlNG LO:NG SEEN THE NEED of a more extensive VJholesale ·Grocery House in Batavia, And being fully un:pressed that a mercan- tile hou5e oi sucha character will not only prove to the intenst of 1ts proprietor, but w1ll al>o be o[ V$Sl benefit to our beautiful v1Hage and the county at large, I have :fully resolved to sll out my entire stock of CR.OCKE:R.Y 1 :GLA.SS-WARE, STONE W.:!RE, LAM::PS ,~nd LAMP GOODS, TABLE CUTLERY, -AND- SXLVER-PLA..TED TABLE WARE. These Goods will POSITIVELY oe BOLD .AT COST/ and must be all solo:; by tbe first of i\Iay .- _.!\ crecht of six mor.ths will be giYen on all sums over $IO o.'l\.good endorsed note~. Very RespecUully, JOSEPH C, SHULTS. READY MADE Cl01Hif~G! -AT- ELEGAN'T, HAN'DSO ME, AND NOBBY STYLES, Men's and Boys Suits 1 JIIQT A BED OF ROBES, THE NE\VS ll'f BRIEF, The Senate J udicia;ry Cor:nmittee will report favorably Mr. ENswmth's bilil relative to the taxation of cor· ALBANY, March 24. -The Albany correspondent of the New York poraticns. (Jbarcre• Agatnt!t St.ate Tzea11urer rua:xwell. ·Herald, send 51 the following to his The Count Joan.nim, resident paper: ''The Albany republican Italian Minister, in tbe City <ill\fex- • papers .have made several more or ico has committed stticide by shoot· less ~overt assaults upon State Treas· ing. • urer Maxwell since he called public The Zuni Indians obtaiaed their attention to the fact that the two . first view of the ocean yesterday af- . republican clerks of the Legislature • ternoon and perf01med theh: relig- had taken advantage of an unfor- · ious devotions. seen technicality in the law to draw . A. L. Morrison, nominated for . double pay for their work during 'Marshal of New Mexico, is te> sue- the deadlock. This afternoon a 1 ceed John Sherman, Jr., against more open a.nd serious attack is ; whom serious chat'ges h:Lve been made upon him, with the counten- made. Sherman i:s a ne]Jhew of ance, as it would appear, of Comp- Senator Sherman. troller Davenport. It is asserted Mr. Liddy of Alba.ny ardved yes- that the Comptroller wrote a letter · terday, and will to-day ask leave to to M1. Maxwell calli~~ him severely 1 file a petition ,vi tiL the Supreme to account for deposltmg an undue Court of the United States f<~r a writ amount of the public funds in one 1 of habeas corpus in tl1e case of Ma- of the Albany banks. To this the · · son. State Treasu:er respo_nded _no less The latest infonnation from the sha:ply, statmg .that hls action was · ovedlowed districts of Louisiana and e~urely acc~rdmg to _the law and. Thlississippi show an impru.ved con· d1d n~t need defence, ,but on the clition uf the people, their destitu- text of the Comptrollers letter th_e tion having been l'eceivea.. The Albany Journa.l, seeks to make lt · v.>ater continues to fil.ll slowly, appear that the I reast1rer had heen: T • , • guilty ofa serious offence. What- _The New x ork s.bo.emak~r s Anti- ever may be the facts the attack i~ pnson _Labor As~octat1on has, J?assed undoubtedly doe to a desire to break • resolu~lOns makmg tbe ab=OhtJOn. ~f the effect of Mr. Maxwell's very ~he ynson contra.ct system. a pohtJ- proper exposure of this indecent cal 188 .ue ~nd askmg- all otber trade mid upon the Treasury bv Messrs. orgamz~t10~s to ~o ~e sam-e. . Vrooman and Johnson. It cannot A b01ler w Le1ser s ore ~nme at have this effect. While these two Allentown, Pa , e:xploded yesterday officials can exact the money on a· afternoon. Engin~Ccr Wc.:av-er was forced construction of the law the lllown into a wella.nd k1lled. A filet that they demand it in the face son of the proprietor bad a leg bro- of all equity and propriety must ken. stand against them, whatever may The Senate, sitti._g as a Court of be the ground of any assaults on the Impeachment at St. Paul yesterday. Treasurer, wllo in the course of his formally certified its judgment duty, exposed the shameful contri- against Judge Co::z:, charged with vance. It is not to the credit of Mr. drunkenness. Tt.e sente:nce is re- Davenport that he pa~sed the mat- moval from office fl.nd disqiialifica- ter in silence, llnd if, as Mr. Max tion from judicial office for three well asserts, there was no ground years. for Mr. Davenport' a criticism of to- A paper signed bv 300 persons, day, it Vlill be still less to his credit including the Earls of Sh~ftesbury, that he has sought to impeach Mr. Cairns, and Aberdee:n, Ca:1.1ons Far- Maxwell's honesty for the evident rar and Fleming Spurgeoll., and 273 reason that the Treasurer did what clergymen, has been for~arded to the Comptroller failed to do. Mean· Moody and Sankey~ asking them to while the two republican clerks have spend a year in Lomdon ia evangel· been paid and still retain some ical work. $z.ooo to which they had no claim Presiding l~ldet Widflker of the in juslice. Trov M. E. confereuce in11estigated the · charges again:st Relil. W. L. Smith of Brunswick: and ex:presses the conviction the pastor is inno- cent He was accnsed of being 1he father of the child <Of Miss Forbea, wbo died at Rutland on lhu.rsday. llfc(J.J.BXHY HANGED, Tile Exeeutt~tn at; Anceuea t111• .lllo:rnlniJ. (Sptct4l tcthe Nm1s,) ANGELICA., N'. Y., March 2.j...- Jack McCarthy, who stabbed Pat- rick: Markey at Richburg-, last No- vember, was ha.nged in the jail yard here to-day in the presence of a few spectators, McCarthy stood the ordeal well. The execution occur· ed a few moments bef01'e 12 o'clock. HI• l.oaet Da:s on Earth. Angelica was well filled with strangers yesterday to witness the execution of Jack McCarthy, to take place to-day. An immense crowd of drillers, tool-dressers, and roughs was expected from the Allegany field, bnt they did not put in an appearance. The mother, sister, and you11gest brother uf the doom- ed man bade biro farewell yesterday afternoou. The parting was affect- ing in the extreme. One brother, Joseph, arrived ym'lterday, and will remain until after the hanging, when he will take the remains toCorry for interment. Mr. Potter of Corry, an uncle of j<tck, and his wife camoe Monday and went awa1• yesterday. Tuesday evening Mrs. p,.tter, as she was leaving 'the jail, offerecl the night wa1cb, A R Stone, $I,ooo if he would rem()ve the chains from Jack and let him get one foot out· side the door. Then they might shoot him doV!n if they thought best. The offer was refused and the sheriff informed. The result is tha Jack was more closely watched than ever, two men being constantly with him. Letehwortb ltt1le• D1aba.nded. A press dispatch says th~ Letch· worth rUles, Captain Abraha.m B. Lawrence commanding, ot Wa.rsaw, which h11.s achieved such an envi· able state reputation, were officially disbanded ~esterday, by W. G. Bur- ton of the ordna.nce department of the state of New York.. Sixtv· seven men received discharges. The disbanding officer said the equipments of the comRany were in the most soldierly condition of any he had ever.; ~en. The interior ar- rangements of the armory sho11ld be a model to those companies who pride themselves on being crack or- ganizations in the state. The great- CRt harmony seemed to exist be- tween the men and officers, •• \Very likely,\ said the editor. \But you al'e •going east, ain't you?\ \Certai nlr \ \And yoll •haven't any objection to your friends wishing you a pleas· ant trip?\ \That's all right but I don't want my name i11 tbe paper, aud in the futu1·e you wilt oblig\! me by leaving it out \ \Of course,\ 8aid the editor, \if you desire it,\ and the Colonel bow· ed himself stiffly out. \John said the editor to his oftlce boy, \-follow that man and see where he .goes, and come back and report.\ John did as he was requested, and shortly after he came back. ancl. reported that Colonel Mumblechock weut to the cO\mting-room and bought twenty-five papers, which, after mnrki11g something in them, he odered put in wrappers, 2nd was busy in directing them, Very few prettier girls have I ever seen than one who sat ncar me an evening not long ago at a table d'hote at the C(}ntinental, Philadelphta. The loveliest of a.ubarn hair beau- tiful fer~.tures, smallest of mouths, and prettiest of teeth-all combined to make her exceedingly attractive. Tnrning to a queer-looking little old lady at ner side she suddenly exclaimed: \Oh rna, ain't tbetn mince pies beastly ?\-New York. Mail. __ _,~ .. ·-- Nothing Vlill make hens lay as well as seeds scratched from a neigh- bor's garden. East End MEAT MARKET. WALL A.CE & ~BLING, Will sell F<lR CAsH at the following PRICES: Porterhoase Steak, Sirloin, '' Round, : liib Roast~ }.,resh P'1ates, Pork Stt!ak, • • • • \ Saasege, Mutton by quarter, - ---·- t:l2 ~ ~ • . 12~ 12~ 12 10 7 12 12 10 ..... • Bargaias in Pants. COTTONAl)E PANTS, Jacob Baker has handed to thtl NR.,.s a copy of •·The New Hamp- shire Post and Grafton and Coos Advertiser,\ dated Haverhill, Wl!d· nesday morning, March 24, I8JO, which is quite a curiosity. It 1s a six column folio, well printed and well preserved. It contain!! but few advertisements, but has several favors from correspondents and a, few n~ws items. It was printed just filty·two years ago to-day and a striking illustration of the advance and progress in the mode of cross· ing the grea.t waters is shown by the following paragraph which ap peared at the head of the column of \foreign intelligence:\ \London advices to zd February have been received in New Y ark.\ This morn· ing, we have yesterday's news in London. Senators Al '· isc:a, Log:an, and Windom, Sp-aker Kei'e:r, Repre- sentatives Robinson, Chalners. and others anended a meeting last nig'ht A team of horses belonging to D. A. Me Danald and attached to a lumber wagon, became friglltened by the cars on Liberty street ;e~ter­ day a.fternoon and got away from the driver. They run huio11sly up Liberty street 10 Main where they struck some trees in front of the residence of 1\f. H. Bierce and were secured. The wagon was badly damaged and the hontes were con- siderably injured. They were cut severely in the legs, and will no doubt be lamed for several d~ys. 0 $:1 ~ 0 J5 OVERALLS, FROCKS, THE L.ABGEST AND BEST ASSO&~ED STOCK OF IN\ BATAVIA. We ca11 nuk~ it lor the interest of every person in wa.tit of Clothing, to give this department an ittlpection. R. 0. Kolden & Son, ):ext Door.to Washburn House. INYESTMENTS. G 0 0 D ilNVESTMEI'lTS MADE for parttes having Money to Loan Six, Seven and Eight per cenJ. securities. W. E.~C. H. HOWARD, ;Ng, 6 Walker lll®k. at which speeches were ma.de and resolutions adopted. favorimg a com- prehensive system of imr-roved wa- . ter ways to afford oeheap t:ransporta· tion for the agricultural !)'toducts of tne country. The cases of Brady, DC3rsey, Vail and other defendaats in the Star- route cases were called yesterday morning. None ~f tile defendants • were present. Mr- Tottem, for the defense, said they \Were ILot prepar- ed to plead yet. They merely came into court to repol't prog:ress. Af- -- ... ··--- .Anlea {)e.ll&er-\• Elopemen&, Archibald Prentice, of Attica, who disappeared suddenly a few da_YS since, taking another man's w1fe with him, ~rites home from Kings· ton Ilt, th9t he went west to take , . up alarm of 160 acres, hopwg to be able thereby to pay his debts and that he hired Mrs. Williams to assist • in working the farm, whicb agree· ment .,,~~,s mutual between himself and wife. · · .a. Naw 'Fa•blonable ISlanl' Word'. From -the :Boston Transcript. Fashionabl'e society bestows the significant epithet of \chandelier· ing\ on the practice of persons who make themselves the central ornll- ments of the ball-room by waltziqg' very slowly in the middle of a floor, ter discussion the :hearing: was post· paned until Saturd.a.y. Meats cheap for casb. Call and see for yourselves. H . .B. DilLANO, ]acsfi()ll St. ___ ,. ......... ~- It..works upon the Di~estive d-e- paratus. ZoPEZ.A, _fL\om .Brazil, acts a as gentle pmgative;, cnresDyspepsia, removes languor and- l!»W spirits, gives energy and capa.citr br work. For sale by A. D. Tryon; l3atavia .. ·~ When you wa.lkt to he:2r d any- thing new look over o.ur bcal col- umns French Cbina. Tea Sets, 56 pieceR, three new elega\lt ~atterns in oak, ovid and cable w:~de bands. Call and·see themr No old styles, at KENYoN's, __ ..,.. ___ _ Child of the SIEite. .... A ••de•t ludt\l•ual The editor was sitting in his sanctum, wnen a. man laboring un- der considerable apparent ex:citement walked ill with a. paper in his hand, and, pointing to a small paragraph, read: \The genial Colonel :Mum- blechotk thinks oqtaking an eastern journey soon. May he enjoy a. pleasant trip is the wish of hi~t many friends.\ \NoW' sir,\ said th~ excited man, ''I am Colonel Mumblecb.ock, and I have called to inquire by wllat au- thority you malte this use of my name in your paper?\ \First time I ever saw it,\ replied the editor, glancing at the item, ''but ! s11ppose it is all rigbt, my local reporter i::. q nite enterprising in pursuit ol the news.\ ''But I never gave him t:Jermis· sion to use my name in tnis man- ner,\ persisted the colonel. I 0 I :- l ·::: E ~I l::j z:t\J r:::==l I \1 r----r-'\1 •d p:: -::... 0 d ~ +\' •.-( r:a F-4 ~ o....( ~ - :,) _..; ,....-.j ;z; = ..... ~ f.; \d ~ § r:a (.) Cl t:l2 ~ PI ....... ~ ~ ar S5 I'd ~ < ~ I'd ~ <1:1 ~~ ~ '~ ..:! 0 :>o d8..s !Xl ~ A 0 t-1 z~ 0 U'J 0~ ui E-t:S E-< r/l~ z ~ ~~ u 1.0 ~r=:4 Col a~ ~ z P-< 0 0 • ~ • • ~ BATAW'IA, N. Y., March Q{, &882 'Vheat, vrhlte ji .30 Flour,uew process a.~ Wheat, red .•• x.32-1.35 Flonr,Hax:ill,'bbl j 9 ~ o~u, white...... 47-50 Flour, white, bbl 7 75 Oo~ts, ~td •• , ... 42-~6 Flour, red, bbl... 7 75 Corn •• -. , •• .. • so Pork .. • • .. 7 so-a oo Barley, ::a rowed .. 75-8o Chicken8, dre;sed 10 \ 6 rO\I'ed 85·90 Butter. tub...... -~• · Bo•ns, mart~-.3 ~<5·3·5·' Butter, roll •• •<>. -n8 11 m.ediua 3 oo-3 25 Jar Butter...... -.8 •• pea .... 2..25 J .. ~o Eggs ••• .., ••• H... IS \ red, ... :,).1)() .. 2.6o Cheese................ -xx CloYer s;e~d.med; 4·4·50 Apples, dried... 2 \ mau1 •• ~.so·s.oo Apples, ....... ~ oo-2 75 Potatoes, R!¥1«:h go .. x.oo Lard .......... •. IJ Potatooa, .i'urlea&. 90 -Salt,....._ •• ·-.. :r 7:s Wool.............. •s-&a :SOlar Salt, perbaz rs ,. '!' 1' ':, ':·· ';(' ,, '. i i. ; ~ : .. : ' ' ' ' '' . •' ' ' . ~ ( ,,.1 ( ' ' ,• j . , ... , : ·.'

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