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$1~. c28. ·g, J6, 75c. 1.25, [,,:zs. 2. I OD in by er\\ H ··E~·.·· I , !, LY ·-=·=·=== Vol IV.-Whole Number 1,120 BA'fAVIA, N. Y., FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 10, 1882. Prin~ T\\'0 cent~. ' ' e .-:1/.lFEN I J,\f;'.'lf Ell '1.)', BARGAINS I J..,AlHI<:S, CI\LL AT ·a~OSWORTR'S Shoe Store I And 1!SCltre a Bargain. I offer some Fine K.i.<l, l:uttm Shoe,, both French and American Kid At. Greatly Reduced Prices I 4 Dollar Shoes for $3.25 3.50 Shoes ....... for $3 oo 3 Dol ar Shoes for $2.50 COME EARLY, before the sizes are gone, C. H. BO~ll'ORTH, Sonth Side Shoe Store, Batavia. VALKNTINE~ A.T Ma(lleys Ne,vs Room. ., n o s E o L IN E I\ IS POSITIVELY THE Best .Sewing 'Machine Oil in Ute World~ Because it will qever GUM, while all others WILL, sooner or later, ll produces a per feclly smooth polbhed and hardened sur· face ·Of aJL the bearmgs, mater1ally lessen· ' ing the wear, and Will tause Your Macbina to Run one.tbird to one-half Lighter, Is the bst arttcle vou can use to polish the nacb.me head, because it will retain the polish longer, . You Viill find your mli<:htne 'llngum.med, and will run easy after standing i<lle for months wil'h t.nis oil upon it. _.-The agent will leave a bottle at your hc)USC to try, which, please do, as such trial w-ill place yo11 under no obhgatlons to pucchase. Sll.AW & STILES.· ~ 00 -· - ~ (,'$ • .. 0 ~ - 0 ·- - ~ ~ :::s 01 ~ ~ - E-4 tl.l 0 Q;) ~ = z rn Q;) ~ .= 0 ::lS - < c- ......... 0 ~ f-i \CC 00. en s:: ~ ~ (,'$ ::r: E-4 ..c: z ~ tl.l :p E-4 J% H H r.n ~ 0 p.. 'CS Pol Q) 0 - d • ~ '\' P-t a ~ • ~ ---·---- --· -----------·- -. PI~'WLS· .FOR TJtU . THE NEWS IN ~RIEJ.I'. JlLEXAI.'IiDER NI!.Ws. Se~rl.,.rll Row tn at \Vaslllng;ou Counterfeit standard dollars have i (By Our ReguiarCqrros;>ond=!·~ R ij H ]~ !New~J.)aper0111ce. been flooding .p0rtions of Dakota. I The many friends of Carson ' • ' ' ij ' .. ~n &,' ·~· on WAsH.INGTON, Feb. 10 • _The Na- Territory. · . I Fre~ch are pleased to see him b:;~ck . . · · .. • . : ':; . • ; . tio~al Rep11lllic:\n having pnblished · Th'~ Superintendent. of t~e Ce11,.. agato. • ' t · '• .. : : · · · ' .• 1 art1cl es rt fiec•ini( on tht· C'haracter sus dunks tt wdl reqa· re e1g~.t or Gharley Guard ha; heen confined of A M Sotrldo, C.erk nf the S~n- ten months to complete the w 1rk of to the house ior · wo or three da s ate Committee 0 1 1 Railroad~. and a hi!> bureau. · with a h<~rd cold. newspaper correspondent, Soteldo, . lt is rumored that the Washing.- The Method '3U uf this J.ll ce sin~ accompa.nied by his brother Charles, ton grand jury directed a present- God's praise with the help of a vio. called at the Repubhcan office last ment for the indictment of Dorst!y, lin. flute and 'bass viol. night, and handed a state'ment to Vail, Miner, S.mderson, Reydell, . Mr and Mrs. L B. Sranley and Cla.rence Ba:ton, .the news-editor, . and Brady. Miss Anna Plato pf Batavia, are in wh1th he des1~ed h1m t? read. Mr. · Ice cutting on the Hudson is sus- town visiting 1elatives. Barton complied, h11t mformed So- pended at several JlOints north of Harmon Firlsche of this Jllace tel do he wo.uld have to see Mr. Gor- Poughkeepsie owing to a rai~which · fell from bis wagon on Wednesday' ~am about tt, As ]arton rose, ~o- weakened the ice. meeting with very severe inJ'ories. • teld1> struck and knocked h1m W'll\ M'll · against the t bl A ffi d ' Iam I er, the oldest Mason .Mrll, May Orcutt of Kalamasoo · a e. scu e ensue • in the U 'ted S· t d' d t C ld M' h h h · · · • during which a lamp on the table 01 a es . te a a - . IC •• Vi o as been v1s1tmg her was tilted towards Frank Conger ~ell, l) M Wednesday mght. He had father, Mr. Joseph Chaddock, for business. manager, -who picked it up . een a ason 8x years. the last two or three weekll, was in and hastily left, whereupon three or Justus Koehler, manager of the town Thar~day. . . loor pistol shots in <juick succession Hamburg Magdebn·g F.r.e lln~ur- ~here Will. be a mlte society, un- were heard ance Company, shot and killed h1m- der the auspices of the Ladies' Aid The c::o~positors on the floor selfwhi'e riding in a cab in Central Society ot theM. E church, at the above rmbhed into the ball and found Park, New York, yesterday. res1dence ot Dr. I. Y. Mallep, on Mr. Barton ejecting the younger It was rumored in New Orleans Friday nigllt, the I 7th. · Soteldo from the editorial rooms. Wednesday that Ryan and Sullivan Oar postmaster, Mr. Rowe, con- Two of 1he force seized Soteldo up- would be arrested Ryan left for templates building'an addition to on M:r. Barton's calhng out \l am New York last night, Sullivan al- his store in order to accommodate shot \' a:11d turned bim over to the so left the city. the increasing number of gushing poli~e. A gang of profec:sional burglars young maidens who gather there :Mr. Barton was shot twice, once are at work !n Wilkesbarre. Twenty ni~tly, h1 tbe neck and once in the breast five robbenes are reported since M d he Methodists gave a donation Neither wound is thought f1tal. A. on ay. tQ their pastor, Rev. s. c. Farnham M. Soteldo was fomnd unconscious The Irish societies of New York on Tuesday night. It was a ver; on the floor with blood oozing from have decided to parade on St. Pat- rainy night, hut a goodly nurnber a bnllet-hole in the back of his rick's Day and g1ve an entertain- of the faithtul were gathered and neck. ment in the evening, the proceeds. about seventy dollars were ~aid in. Doctors were llastily summoned of which are to be devoted to the and pronounced Soteldo dying. He cause of Ireland. Our y<mng grocer, Mr. J. F. revived somewhat and was removed Charles Hensey aied 14 died in Prtte, found, in a chest of tea thllt to tbe bospitll:l. Tne ball entered Philadelphia, We~nesday, df hydro- he opened Yt:Sterday a human hand the b:ack; of his neck, shatter.ed the phobia. He was bitten accidently and foot. These ghastly relics look· ye•t.ebrre and lodged in the throat, a month ago by a c<>ach dog which . ed as if they had be'en hacked off m fltctmga necessanly mortal wound. snapped at a piece of meat Heusey with some dull instrument The Conger -,vas the only person besides held out to him. flesh had d1ied onto the bones and t~e three actors m th~ tngedy who The feeting on change at St Louis i1 as tough and unyielding as aole- w~tnessed any ~art ofi.t, and ~eyond yesterday was one of great anxiety. leather, J ndging from lneir ap- hts stateme~t 1t was 1m possible to ~everal firms were reported crippled. pearance we should say that they learll a..nyt~mg. Ch.arles Soteldo Wheat has d clined 11 5 . 8 to 13 3 8 were taken from the body of a full was lodged 1n the statJ~n h~use and cents on options 8 nee Tuesday. grown man. · The hand is of the no one allowed to rece1ve hrs atate- medium size, with long, slim fing- ment. Mr. Barton declined to see ers, There is a large gash on the anyone excepting Mr. Gorham. LE ROI LOOA.Ls. back running from the thumb dia- Tbere :seems no reason to doubt (By our Reaular Corresp•ndeat.) gonally across to the wrist. The. that Charles Sotelt:lo shot Mr. Bar· A. H. Cowan hai returned from foot is very small in comparison ton, but whether J.Ir. Barton shot a visit to Buffalo. with the hand, beingshorter in pr()· the elde:r Soteldo or that the latter portion than it is broad. How and receiveci the ball from his brother's Mr. Galen K. Edson, Jr., arrived why these members of a human pisto1, integded for Mr • .Barton, is in town from Blue Rapids, Kansas, body were ever placed there will involvecl in doubt. last evening. probably always remain a mystery. The L11tter theory is stoutly main- The many friends of Mrs. Jabez As the chest came through from tained i>y the attaches of the Repub- Warren, will be pained to learn that Japan without being opened the lican~ b:11t i;J not generally .aredited. sbe is severely ur with diphtheria. only supposition is that the lab')rers Mr. Conger says t~at as the elder The remains of Mi•s Georgie F. who packed 1he tea got into a quar· S.)teldo struck Mr. Barton, Charles Calkins, who died af era brief ill- rei and during the fracas one of placed a. revolver at his head. Mr. ness with d•phtberia last Tuesday, them was killed. The others wish. Conger then ran out v;ith the lamp were interred in tbe Myrtle street ing to hide their guilt hacked the· and subsrquently summoned the burymg grounds· yesterda.y. . b,ody to pieces and it was shipped in police, He say!~ h~ saw no11e of the. At the meeting of the salt well some of the thousands of chests that sho1s fired. sabscribers with -Mr. Miller, a rep- leave JatJafi every season, We shall .At a late hoar this morning So- re;entative of Mr. Everest. of Roch- proba\ily hear of such discoveries in tel do was in a very precarious con· ester, last evening. Mr. Miller ot.her parts of the country in time. dition. The ph}sici:ms bad. not asked three weeks to be allowed to succeeded in extracatiog the bullet, decide whether he will work this and saicl there were but slight hopes claim. of his recovery. ]1>hn Brandt of Buffalo came dmm with the small-pox an1 was removed to the pest-house. Y ester- day morning he quit his bed, jump· ed th rongh a. winJo1v and escaped, and up to a late hour last night had not been found. Oswego's new Methodist church was dedicated Wednesday. Chancel- lor Sims of Syracuse University, preach1ng the sermon. Over $450oo in subscriptions were pledged. The second University concert, under the direction of Prof. Henri A.ppy. assisted by Mrs. Alice Faber, soprano; Miss N. A.. Graves pian- iste; Mr. E J Bier, tenor; Mr. David Copeland, violoncello, was given at University Hall, Wednes- dav evening, and was highly appreci- ated. Yesterday Fred Kaehler was en,.. gaged in connecting the office of the new malt house with the Erie depot by telephone. We understand that he also expects t~ connect S. C • . Wells' residence with ~is place of husi nt-ss by telephone besides Mr. 0. W. Frost's office at the depot with his planing milland the Lamp- son House with the Ene depot. • •• A man entered B. H. King's jew- elry store in Buffalo Wednesday and left an old watch to be repaired: Two ?ther men, evidently friends, came Into the store, and soqn left saying· to number one, 1 'well, we'll go back'' Number one followed them shortly and the shc·pkeeper was not Ion~ in discovering that twelve gold and one silver watch had been stol- en The three men were the thieves but there is no clue to their tdentity. Dr Hoffmeyer, the district health phy~ician at Black RocK, Buffalo didn't practice what he preached i~ regard to vaccination and he is down with the srnall-pox. Elegant Valentines at Tryon's. BAT.&VIA. lii.&R.KBTS • 1882. FEBRIT 1BY, 1882. Just Opened~ T HE LARGEST .AND GlU:A TEsJ · Variety of NEW .HAMBURG EDGINGS AftD INSERTIONS :8\ter shown in Batnm. All new; choice palh:rns, and of oar own impartat!e~D. TORCHON LACES, SWISS EMBROlDERIES, lRlSH TRIMMINGS. AND SO FORTH. New and choice- Assortment of WHIT..E G-OODS/ CiiECKED & STRIPED NAINSOOKS • LACED STRIPES ..AND SO FORTH ' BARGiAINS -:IN- :Remnants of Dress Goods and Carpets ! R. 0. Hold~II & Son, 8 3 ANn 8 5 MArn STR.D'I'. The following is a brief statement <>fthe business recently transacted bJ the Surrogate: a.;tate of Sarah .A. Dean, late of Patilioll deceased, will adm•tted t() probate and Ie~ ters testlmentary iss•ed t<> Wm. M Dean. Estate of Washin~ton Wood, late of B1· ron, deceaM!d, willad:rnitted to probate al).d lett;ors testameutary issued to hnn~ D Cook and David 0. Wood. • • Estate of Sarah Cl~rk~ late of Ala~ama decensed, Will admitted to probate and let~ tcn.testamenlary issu~ to Ohve Clark. E1tate ot Emma C. Ballard lAte of Le- Roy, deceased, will :adrnith:d 'to probate and letters testamentary issued to Randolph :Ballard. Estate of Wm. H. Cameron, late of Le· Roy, d~ceased, will a<lmitted to proba~ Estate of Comellus Danahy, late of Pem- broke, drcea5ed, wJll :~drnittcd to probale. Estate of Gideon Dunham, late of Bata· via, deceased, will adill.tted to probate and letters testamentary Issued to Almira Dutt· barn, Estate of Charles G. Dewey, late ot B1· ron, deceased, wlll admitted to probale and letters testamentary iss1.1ed t() Heston H. Green. . Estate of Abraham :Post, contest decided 1n favor of thP. proponents of the wtll and the will admitted to probate and l~tters testamentary ismed to Catharine Post. . Estate of Richud ~uckley, late of Bat ... v1a, decea&ed. Lett•r~ of Admmistration &ranted to Julia an<l James Buckley. Estate of Jolin Don«Jgbue, late of Bata'tia• deceased. Letters of administration grmt• ed to Mar~aret Donoghue. ~state of Dennis Donoghue, late of lla- tavra, deceased. Letters of admtnistration granted to Sy lves~er Do11cgbue. Mr. Hewett of New York intro dmed a. bill in the H<Jttse yesterday fixing a day for the meeting of elec- tors of President and Vice-President, and regulating the counting of votes for President and Vice President, and the decisions of questions aris- ing thercefrom. [n the estates of Betsy WP.lls, late of Pembroke, deceased; Isabella Gardner BATAVIA, N.Y., Fe .. ruary 8, &88\' late of Byron, deceaaed; Thaxter R. 'Water: lt is 1l~'derstood that Chief-Justice C':uter \Who intended to re ire from the bench in April, will sit at the Wheat, white •~ ·33 Flour,new proem u.so man, late of Stalford,. deceased. ·and Wm, Wheat, red •• • :z.J3·t.J8 Flour,HuMIJ,bbl t 9 oe H. Weeks, late of Elba, deceaso:d, notice to Oats, white,..... 46 Flour, white, bbl 7 1$ d d d o~ts, odztd ...... 4l-4~ Flour, red, bbl... 1 1 ~ . ere 1tors or ere publtshed, Com..... •••••• so Pork. \ .... ~ 1 5o-8 oo --~~•__,•......._~ Barler,arowed .. 7S·llo Chickens, dr-d ro suit ora,.Dilemta. :Ft>r z 5 cents we guarantee to·cu re A pri\ te:rm of the .court in bane, a.t the worst case of chilb'ains or re- which the case of GuitQau will be mme any corn or bunion for same ·heard. 1 his tertn' will adjourn the expense. N W. STILES. ·. latter part of May or early in June, · and -will make unnecessary any sus- pellllion. of 1he 1ente11ce of Guitea\t, A couple of commercial men stopping at the L''lmpson House last evening told of some railroad ties being fastened across the rails of the . Central road a short distance this · side of Canandaigua yesterday, be- ing. discovered b' the engineer when too late to stop the locomotive, and he instead, put on a full head d steam tearing the ties frorn the rails and throwing thern in the ditch. • No damaao wRs B\IS~ined. •• 6 rowed Bs 9~ Butter, tub...... -:.8 · Beans, mmow 3 00·3 75 Butter, ron...... -28 . A ~ew m!ltbod gf ornaMenting \ medioa 3 OO·l·\S Jar Butter...... -t~S . lk ) tt h (: \ .... --a E s1 , men, co on or ot er· a~-r 1 ' .... r-• •• • 3·~ .25 gg•• ••• • •••• .... 37 V .. liiJ' •• red •.••• •.so Cheeae •.• _,. ..... •J:I eq.aal to oH .painting. The orn.a- CloYer seed med$4· •·SO Apples, dried., ~ P \ R 111am ~.so Appi ........... Oc.-~ rs ments with printed inatructions for l otatoes, .. OSI 90·.' co wd.. ..... ...... \\ their use for sale at Tryon's.. Call (JIQtilins .chca.p 1'-t Moyniban'a. tatoea, ...... rt ... 90 Bllt;___ ... ...... -- .,.., BoJulallt,..._ 11 and seo them. • .·,i ; '\ ~ ' .. r • ,1: '.~ ; ,'! ' ': I i I I, ;L· . ~ . ' f .. \ .,, •, f, 'I t' 1' .,· I ~ t ·, i .·, ~'' ''· I\ t·.· ' .. ., > ' ' 0 l ., ·' ' ·' ' I . i I '• l,.' ;•' . J· ~. . i '1 i' I! l : ,; ~ : :; •' ., ~r ·• ! '.'. I ~ ; .. , ;~ . j I '·, I· l· . ' 'i '' ' ,.

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