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I. I . '• ' l I : I 1 ·r --· ?' ! , . : ! : ~_,.., __ ;·. f' f :: L 1\'HE DAILY NEWS. BATAVIA. N.Y. FlJBLISHED EJI'ERY EVENING • . . Bider ·Barlow,• Leclore: \'Did .Pree Do•onery l'tlurdur Morgan 1\ because many of its members l e· lieve it to be of Divine origin.- Third,. because the garments ·of M.a· •sonry ar-e stained:withh load. Fourth, the poiVer of Masonry Ius ,pro~e~ Thursday, February 9, 1882. The lecture of Rev. David Me- too strong for ·the arm. of the CIVIl L. E. GREAT HA.LLOOK'S MARK DOWN f 1 Fall of Boston before the Conven- taw. F 1 fth the crime •tbat has been w A fl ~ b ~- ., • lti.B.t&J!. lllEN'l'IUNo 1; tion of the Na iona.l Christian Asso- com mit ted in the name df the insti- ~ n n n n l\ II . nrt 0 ' : r~ . : Af\ Q ' . -Achangeintheweatherislook-i ~~~i~~e~!~~:~~e~~t~~~~:tt::~~eJ. -~t:~~n=~~n~~re~et~~~~11i~~f~~d. JU,UUU JJO ar~ . 1 0 I : • : ••. ' vu ·~ • ed for. · but in the evenivg the attendance respectable men .. Slx:th. the insti· -The trustees of the Institution: was considerably increased over tntion cannot extricate itself frorn the . bl St k of Dry Goods in Batavia SELLING AT CC>ST for the Blind meet at Att:ca to mor·' · Tuesday evening, the Opera House stigma of this chHge. Seventh. the The_Newest ~~~olk~ss 1 ~H~N OCos'I, to reduce Overstock w1thin the ro'/{. ~- being neaJ!y fall. &ev. j. L llar- conduct of Masens ontrials at .the shortest tune posstble._,. -The Wh:.st club will meet to·: low of Willimantic, Conn., was the West is a sufficient cause for the PRESENT PRICES. FeRMER PR•ICl!s. night. at 7:30, instead. of eight speaker and his subject was, \Did abandonment. Eigbtll, Masonic IooCLOAKS, ........................... .'.'.::·.'.'.'. $~~~$~~:::::::::'~~i~$~~: o'clock, as announced. Free Masonery Murder Morgan?\ o bliga.tions disqualify Dlembers f~om 75 DOLMANS, ... L. ·s·- --· · · · · · · .. · • •· 2 to 6....... .. 3 to . 9 • -The painters are expected to The elder apologi:;t;ed for reading . acting J'ust'lu on J' uries. Ninth, ~he 2oo WOOL SHAW c'...... ... .... . . .. . .. . .. . . .. 3 to Io......... 5 to J6, h . j • h · h ' Ioo BE'\. VER !-HA WL'-', · • · •.· • · • · · · • .. · · ..... \'' 61 / u begin to manipulate their brushes on IS ecture, saymg t at It was t e public sentiment is agaimt the con· 0 PIECES DRE::lS GOODS, ....... _............ }-+ to 4oc. • .. • .. • u/a to 7 5~. the Erie depot next Mon<lay. . :first time in years tbat he was ti nuance of the institluiolls Tenth, 3o PIECE.; FLANNEL SUITINGS,............. 20 to 7Sc ........ 35C to 1.25, - ~ te.lepl..one was p'ut in the oLliged to do so. He said that in as no possible good carl ev~rmore ~~ PIECES FRENCH CA::.HMEI~ES •...... · · • · ... 35 to 75t· • • • • • · · 75 s oc. ~ 0 1 • 2 5· on. \ 8 ~ h l f B ' d . h 1~ b 20 PIECES 54 all wool SHOD A CLOTHS, ••• • •• 5° to 75C··\ • · • · 0 • · 0 1 •• 2 5. Western Union telegraph office in l 2•1 t e peop eo atavJa an VI· come of\ the order, it s 0\1~.& e oPIECES I:ILACK SILKS, ................... soc to$z.oo ......... ?sc. tOJ.ClO, b W hb H t d <inity in Western Nel\: York were aban donerl. Eleventh, the institu· 3 15 PIECES SA TIN DE LEON, ............ , .85c to 2.50 ......... $1.25 to 3·5o. t e as um ouse yes er a.y. ->·roused .(rom theJ·r reveries and fan- I 't • H I K . k S d ... . tion is on toe wane, J nmost p aces 1 IS _ J1 And all DOMESTIC GOODS at -Seats for aze If e atur ay cied security by the abduction. a\nd dead; ~rwelfth, declares it should g j PP nc~l e··enl\ng are be1'ng secured rapidly b d f h\ h . o ~e ' : · -~ Less Than Manufacturers' Prices. \ · • Sll sequent mer er o a. 1t erto be givetl up for the public good. ~s Nearly three hundred have already J>artially obscure citizen, known as The thirteenth and last ·reason reters been sold. 'Capt. William Morgan. ''At that to the religious community. -Brick-laving has been com.. time,\ he continued, ''there existed At the conclusion onir Barlow's mr.nced on the new postoffice bu~ld- . in this country an ins1itution called address Rev. E. Mathe115 spoke for ing on Jackson street, and so long 'speculative Freemasonry' that grew· five mbntes. He anrlounce<l that <IS the weather continues favyrable rapidly. in Dllmbers alld influence. he bad joined a Masonic ledge-, the walls will be put up rapid1y. lt had beenestablished in th1s coun- taken the degrees and obligations -The' Homestead Company try 93 years, St. John's lodge ol md ,possessed all the :knowledge made its second dividend last Tues- :Boston in r 733 being the first to possible to enable him to expose day evening. The dividend was come inlo working order here. If the Wllfk. ings of a lodge He spoke two per cent on all sums which ~ego back sixteen years farther into at the Opera House this afternoun. have been in the Company for two the past we we find the natal year of This morning Rev, D. E. P Ratll months. the instit11tion, I 717, the place the bone of Bath delivered a lecture. -The next meeting of the Far- Apple Tree Tavern, and the city, This evening J P. Stoddard, Secre. mers' Club will be held on Tuesday London in Eng! and. All who be- tary of tit e Association, will discourse the 13th inst. S11bject: •·Wba came members OJ it parted with on the subject: · Free Masonry in Breed of Cattle, and whether tlleir manh\ood fCJr it was and is in the F~mih,••· and nope~ there 'Will Thoroughbred or Grade, is best for direct antagoni~m with republican- be a larg-e audience. tbe Farmers of this Locality?\ ism and chli'ltianitv. The order -The alterations and repairs on grew rapidly till in r 8z6 it was an tbe old Catholic school building acknowledged power. last ptlshing M L · h its way to the front in cb11n.:h and on Jackson street by r. ons are state-its minions seated in. or so progressing speedily, He proposes to ha.ve one of the best grocery es- simated as to control, all the place> tablishments in town. of honor, emolument and power,\ \William Morj!an, •· said the speaker biographically. \was a Vir ginian by birth, a bricklayer by trade, a soldier in the war of '1 :r 'r 5, a.nd served as Capt•in under Gen. Jackson at New Orleans He mar- ried a daughter of Rev. Joseph Pen- dleton, and came n()rtll e11gaging in the brewing business a.t York, Can- a<la. Subse<t'lently he lived ft•r a. time in Rochester, then in Canan- daigua, coming from the latter place to Batavia.,. The speakerthen took up the history ofthe abcuction ol ~1orgon ::s i1 has been pub:iJhed so many times, He quoted largely from Col. 'Wm. L, Stone's ''Letter'!> to John Quincy Adams\ He gave w-hat several prominent men in this vicinity satd of the matter, attribut- ing to J ~rn es Ganson tile ex press- ions, ''tfthey could draw and quar- ter all the Masons wbo had a hand it:1 the abdDction, they cou.ld not get him back,\ and that \Morgan was not dead, but was put where he w<>uld stav ]JUt until God Almighty sbould call fur him \ Mr. Ba.rlow sa.id that a pb} sician of Le Roy, o11ce a sheliff of tire county, de- clared that the book that Morgan and Miller were publishing \should 'e suppresse~ if it cost everyone of tl.em their lives,\ and that a county court judge of Genesee c01mty re ~Barked tbat \whatever Morgan's fa:te might have been. he deoerved it -he bad forfeited his life.\ The speaker invited the attention of the · -Farmers who wish to contract with the .Batavia Preserdng Com- d pany for fruits and vegetables won ld o well to call at the office on Lib- erty street at once, l he amount re- qnired of some products has been nearly contracted f, r. -Batavia has finally decided to erect a monument to Willhm Mor- gan. Now let Rochester call up the memory of Hon Samuel Patch. :Elmira Free Press. N 1 need of 1t. Patch's jump'ng off place is al- w~tys there.-New Haven Register. -The • 'openiog'' of Arne ld & Perfield's establishment on J.:~cksnn street laat ni.ht was an auspicious beginning of what promisea·to be a. popular place. A handsome lunch wi!,s spread and partaken of by many friencls of the proprietors · ·-Several of the :residents of Beth· a.ny take exceptions to the news tern in Saturday's issue of this pa- per beaded \A Fllni!!hed Pupil.\ Tpey inform a NEws reporter that he school teacher, Mr. Dowling, is snsta.ioed in the cour· e he pltr· sued by most of the community. He is said to be an excellent teacher and to have earned a good reputa· tlOn, The child's injuries are re~ ported by some citizens of Bethany to be trifling. __ ....,. ..... __ PERI!IONAL8. Mrs. Edmund Brainard, an old and respected resident oJ Bethany, is dangerous} y ill. Wm. S. Thomas, fmmerly with W. H. Parsons in this village, is in tow'u representing the wholesa 1 e clothing house of W. H. Griffith of Ut~ca.. , W. J. Tyler of Stafford, was among th~ de;egates present at the Seventh AnnualMeetingoftheUnion Grange Trade Association in Rochester Tuesday. Mr. Welch, of Detroit, who has been in town attending the funeral of his wife, and Mr. John Edwards of Kalamazoo, brother of the de· ceased, left for their homes tbis mornmg. . audience to tile tvtdences w i,ich · go to fasten tbis THE !lfONUJdi!:NT FOR }!ORGAN. The cDmmittee of the Association ha,ing in ch 'rge the erectiun of a suital le Til on urn en t to th.e memory of Capt Morgan com piP ted tbe1r labors this noon, and awarded the contract to R. W. Oliver re- pre<ienting R. F. Carter, prv- pri etor of the Reygate Granite Works at South Rtygate, Vr., his propo.sal being the most ~ati fo1ctory taking everythmso; into cons1dera1ion. Tllere were nine firms represented and fifteen difterent des: gns were submitted. The material of the mnnu ment will be the celt·btate<i Reyga.te !?ranite. The base will be 10 feet 10 inches square and two feet tbick, the second bam will be 5 feet 4 inches square and of the same thic:kne~s as the first; the dye will be 4 feet sq u~re and 4 feet 5 inches in hetght and polislled on the fo11 r sides; the cap will be 4 feet S inches square and two feet thick; the plintD. will be 3 feet 4 inches by- one• foot zo inches; the spire will be two leet three inches by ~iltteen feet; aod the cap on the spire w il be two teet a11d a. halt ~quare; the statue will be seven teet h1g h, making tbe en-· tire beigh..t of the rnontlment thir(y- seven feet ten inches 011 the fr.:mt of the cap will be engrav()d the mon- ogram \W. M,\ Ou each of the three s1des of the cap willi>ea shie d; the bands of the cap will he poJjshed. The statue Vlill be cut in the likeness of Morgan. On the dye there will be e[)gra.ved a. suc- cinct history of the events of 18:a6. Tne monument complete as above des.crii:Jfd will cost $2.S<JC>. It will be malluractured and 1 eady to be ereded in Septerr:ber ne~t. Following are the real estate trans- fers recorded in the County Clerk's office yesterday. ffarvey E. R1ce to Benevelent Stevens, the John Gibson place in Bal<IVL~ for $4500 John W. l:Ieal to Oliver Root, VIllage lot n Cary fer $115o. Electa W. Gua. d to Mynm A. Phelps, vlllage lot in Alex mder lor $I6oo · S\'fTurd E_ North to Htnry W, Graham, village lol~>n State street, B1tav.a, for$650 ~rang's Valentines are the finest, takmg the !me nght through, some ofthern retailing af! high ~s $3 oo, $3 50, and $5 OJ each, and yet in additivn to this full lme we have tl good assortment of M cLaugblin's and others. Come and se::e tllern. N. w. STILES. Clothing cheap at Moyni.han·s. Among the students at the Uni- versity of Rochester arf! Arthur Gal- ette Clement of West Bethany, Sen- ior class of '8 2; Charles Milton Rice of Batavia, sophomore, candi- date for degree of B S., class of '84; Herbert James Mentzie of Ber- gen, freshman, candidate for degree of A. B., c'ass of'Ss, and Charles Hubert Smith of LeRoy, freshman, candidate for deg~ee of B. S. class ofiBs. foul crime upon the order itself, and not upon a. few isolated individuals He said the grand jury befHe which M:organ's case was ca.rriCJd was com- posed largelv of Masons and jus· ice was shackled by them, and when at- tempts were made to get indictments witnesses olten declined to testifv al- leging tha.t they could not do so without criminating themselves- Proceeding Mr. · Barlow re11iewed m.any trials of ijersons believed to be iiD plicated in the carrying off of Morgan, and related stories of per· secutions inlhcted upon innocent but free-speaking citi:!:ens. by the Ma· sons. ..In summing up this whole baleful history.\ said tne speaker, \our author (Col. Stone)--Mason tb ough he is,_concludes as well as he may that 'Masonry is wholly in- consistent witll sound reason, anJ with the state of societyat tbe pre· Receiving new styles lla.by car sent day.' lie then gives us thir· riag-t>s at ICENYON's BORN teen reasons why the i11stitution ot:Jght to be entirely abolished for its demerits.\ First, on account of , T~tETLY .. - Feb, lH, 18~2,\ son wei ,hitlg its laws and obligation&. Se.:ond, te~ ~cnmds, to H~nry aadElnm.~ T..:ietly 1 '1'1~ above List and Frices, on but a s:mall part of the Goods, fa;r ly represents the GREAT MARK-DOWN ON THE ENTIRE STOCK OF Linens, Flannels, Cottons, Ginghams, Hosiery, Shirtmgs, Underwear, Fancy Goods, Etc, Etc, L. E. HALLOCK, Masonic Temple :Block, Bata-via, N. Y. OPERA HOUSE. HARRY c. F\ERRI~ ....................................... MANAGER. ONE NIGHT ONL¥ _ Saturday Evening, February nth, 1882. The Madison Squar.e Theatre Company, WILL PRESENT THE GREAT· DRAMA, HAZEL KIRKEI Already presented hy the same management more t\han 1000 TIMES 1 THE GREATEbT PLAY OF MODERN TIM!:S. New Scenery for Every Act, .A Metropolitan Cast, • From tl1e M~d son ~quare Theatre, Selected by 1h • Madison Square Theatroe, A Won etlul Success, Diahng Tri11mphs A Gteal Play, Tean a 11 d Laughtey, HAZEL KIRKE V0.114:S HOME TO EVEU Y HEAR'!', PRICES, 35 cts., so eta. and 75 cts. Reserved Seats at Mackey Brothers' Ne 1 vs Room Monday, Feb. 6th. TO tlus refer, when at any time fine Boots and Shoes, you wmt to buy, fOR it guides toT, F. WOODWARD'~, where. the prices are not hlgh. W .HEN you _require Ladies' or MtSses' \Low button \ \NewJlo t'' u0pe .. ,.,, \AI.''mgrade. ' r or •M ONLY call, m th.er season; 1 keep the newest styles displayed, 0 F b!~S~r Goods I have the ~st, in \Woonsocket \National and ~<Boston'\' DO me the favor to call and inspect, the various grades 1 have on hand, • WHAT I buy ~~y ready cash for-large discounts I save by doing so, AND as I gwe the customer the benefit, it help~ to l'!ll!ke my business grow. R EMEbMBER, Cook, Lounsbury & Co.'s Ladies' and Misses' bho y me. · es, are oaly sold D o not fail to inspect the Gents' hand sewed. goods f L\ll n k o 1 y, rae et & Compa ny S UCH as 1 sell m style, make and finish 1 at all t· • tmes guarantee. H AVING a complete stock of J. & T, Cousins' 4 and 6 .d h . WI I shoes of every kind O F men's and boys' Kip B ts-R ' to find oo oss Rochester goods, I have the best you desire E VERYTHING inLadi s' Gent's Mi , styles nea~, ' ' sseJ and Children's Shoes in qualtty good nd S OLD cheaply ts by T. F. Woodward No 74 M . a · am street. • [RIGHT SECURED ] BATAVIA, N. V. To Bent. TO RENT-Auer Apnl tst, part of a. house, centrally located, at $2. 50 -·= For Sale. F OR SALE .A d . · · .. State stre~t A esu-able residence on Temnle. ' pply at No. 6 Masonic One house at $2. weekly. One bouse at $2 50 weekly One ho11se at $2 oo \ ' FOR SALE-A . One bouse at $.3 so \ A~h and Hick . qLn'tty of sea&oned App'y at No. 6 Walker Block. riage Shop cppo&tteo:L Bumber at the CIU\- - , e ank of Batav1a, T'? RENT- A house suitable for a bonrd. ~- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mg house. Apply at No 6 Walker Block. S !\RAYED OR 81 · front oi Pet· r Wau ~LEN-From in TO RENT -7he third floor over Miss J, lll!C abuutg: 3 o o'clock •e: s hutel~ last even- F. Kenyon s store. Apply to Mass tu:h,d to a u~w E ' br.>wn hor,e at- Kenyon J ... mes Uur ey FJl 1 ~ess ~agon m de by . warc.~ed by le~ving~erdwllt _be su tably re- TO RENT -A de~irable SUite of rooms · :-su1tab1e for dresbmaker or doctor.- Enqu·re of QUIRK & HANTZ, p. Murnhy 1 or With the owr.er: s: , 1 mi e >Outhea~t of Pine Hill • .,. Pouu.d, Miss Tompkins, wishing to mak f(Om for her spring goods, will sell : ~\~e~~~hic~~lBLksonsltee~ a bunch.()f r tbe next 30 da)S at coat. . plying at this otlic~:depracyanlll .. -uahve by ap- g c arges. = ] J E 1 .. f • f i ] ) 1 t

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