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T II E II E R A L 1) O F P R O G R E S S . im prisonm ent not exceeding three m o n ths, or both, a t the discretion of the Court. Why does uot The World remove to Penn­ sylvania? Or does it hope to improve our State code till i t shall as em p h atically repre­ sent the s p iritof Protestant religious freedom j Such Legislatures as New York a nd Pennsyl­ vania elect a n n u a lly, are fine representatives of evangelical purity ! Laws like this come w ith a good grace from bodies so notoriously free from m anly, honorable principle. M I L D A N D P E R S U A S I V E . We clip the following model of a “ mild, gentle, and persuasive” style of w riting from The World : “ W e are utterly weary a n d sick of hearing the clam or of our foreign population about their right to break the Christian day of rest. We m u s t n o t be run over by th is infidel- a n d insensate crow d.” W A N T E D . A fresh weekly record of good deeds, noble acts, for our Moral Police D epartm ent. We publish this week some noticeable examples, but the world calls for more. If none of our readers can furnish items from Memory’s storehouse, let them extem ­ porize som ething magnificent in the shape of a disinterested act—the remission of a debt, a kindly, generous effort for tlie suffering, loving charity for thc erring, and we will place them on record to encourage like deeds in others. This “ w a n t” is one o f the world’s perpetual “ needs,” and our friends m ay not fear an over supply. T H E U S E O F T O B A C C O . Our readers m ay have noticed in the adver­ tisem e n t in our columns for “ Phonographic Compositors ’ ’ the following clause : “ As I wish all my relations and employ­ m ents to be ju s t and pleasant to m y self and others, I should be unw illing to employ those who injure themselves a nd infringe on o thers’ rights by the use of tobacco or intoxicating liquors.” W e are glad th a t Mr. Graham thus offers his “ public testim o n y ” against the foolish and pernicious habit of using tobacco. His right to impose such*terms is unquestioned, and by thus giving tim e ly notice none need suffer from his desire to m ake his business re­ lations “ju s t a n d pleasant,” which a v irtuous aversion to the vile weed no doubt renders quite impossible in a composing-room filled w ith air poisoned by the fumes of burning cigars a nd vaporized tobacco spittle. If the nuisance c a n n o t be abated in public saloons, cars, a n d omnibusses, or in the public streets, where a ll have a right to pure air and clean N . P . W i l l i s , E s q . , has recently made a public profession of religion, and been con­ firmed by Bishop Potter. May not h is recent visit W est have been for the purpose of inau­ gurating daily prayer meetings in western cities ? M r . E . H . i i a y w o o « i , a g raduate of Brow University, recently conducted the services a t Music Hall, Boston. The subject of his dis­ course was “ Ideas and Institutions.” Thc central argum e n t was, ideas have progressed in the world, not by the aid, but in spite of institutions ; in other words, th a t in propor­ tion as institutions had declined, civilization advanced. M i s s i L i t t l e H o s m e r , the American sculptress, has returned from her artistic labors in Europe to comfort a sick and aged father. She is spoken of as a fine, dashing, black-eyed girl of twenty-nine, who bears h er world-wide fame with the Ihappy, careless spirit of a child. She returns to Italy next autum n . f f n c c u V i c t o r i a has recently discharged a proclamation at Sunday breaking and other sins. As in her recent rifle shot the “ piece' was doubtless loaded and aimed for her, and little wonder th a t she hits the m ark. Virtue in a n autom aton is always admired by a cer­ tain class of people, and they affect much pleasure at a religious manifesto from one who m ight with propriety issue i t to courtiers rather than subjects. —The members of the Church of the Puri­ tans (Rev. Geo. B. Cheever,) have taken a step in the direction of woman’s -rights re­ form, by voting, recently, to allow' female members to cast ballots on all questions aris­ ing in executive c hurch sessions. —Two works on “ Spiritualism ” — “ La Magic e t l ’Astrologie,” by M. Alfred Maury ; and “ Le Livre des Esprits,” by M. Allan Kardec, have j u s t been published by Messrs. D idier& C o ., Paris. —Mary Forrest’s work, “ Women of the South, Distinguished in Literature,” is about to be published by Derby & Jackson, New York. —Dr. C. Van Renselaer Creed, a colored physician of New Haven, Conn., removed, a few days ago, very successfully, an un­ usually large cancer tum o r from the womb of a white lady of t h a t city, who is now doing very well. —Nah-nee-bawc-qua, an Indian Princess of the Ojibway tribe in the British posses­ sions of the Northwest, who was in New York, in April last, on her way to England, was received by Queen Victoria on the 19th ult., a t the Palace. She was accompanied by Mrs. Alsop, of London, a m em b er of the Society of Friends. —The Parisian ladies, having exhausted pavements, a t least private offices a nd w o r k - 1 P rivate balls, p rivate parties, p rivate concerts, shops may be cleansed of the filthy wreed. an S U N D A Y S T R E E T - P R E A C H I N G . The New York Local Preacher’s Associa­ tion is a ttem p ting to obtain legal permission for regular street preaching. In the Board of Aldermen the petition has thus far m et with little favor. W e regret this. Let our city authorities afford a b u n d a n t opportunities for the religious instruction, m oral elevation, and rational am u sem ent of the people. The poor no longer have the gospel preached to them . And we would gladly see our ortho­ dox brethren perm itted to erect stands at every street corner. W hen they have secured all sim ilar amusements, have h it upon | the plan of having private sermons. They I engage the m o st e loquent p reacher th a t they can secure, erect an elegant pulpit in their parlor, and invite a select party to the ‘ ‘ re­ ligious m atinee.” —Mrs. Dr. Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck says of her recent experiences: “ Simple diet, in-j fore, strictly natural to) man, while passing In Mexico, at last a Miramon was closely ]*■ forces between Guadak w ith but little prospect basssadovs from Englan< sia, a t Mexico, had close m atic intercourse wit!, men t. •ounts, (June 28th,) -ssed by the Liberal a and Guanajuato, *f. escape. The em- France, and Prus- i at last all diplo- Miramon’s Govern- • e condition of the 'y against J'cvcrs of ever is taken by the > the contam inating is forthwith poison- supervenes a n d the i the surface. The Physician, The whole need not a [>liy>iician, but they that are MEDICAL V i l S P E R S , V o l u n t e e r . ” —Tin- anterior brain is the residence of Intelligent'-. The manifesting power lies just behind it. •‘E p i l e p s y . ” J. M N oulksvillk .— W e feel a beautiful convic, • n that the invisible intelligences know son:- cure for you. If we receive the glad tidings, and it is very proba­ ble th a t we soon shall, the same will be for­ warded forthwith. “ P n e u m o n i t e s . ” .1 S.C., L y e l l , N. Y. -The vessels of the lungs are still swollen. Inflamm ation in the ceiPilar substance of the lungs is about gone, bin you are in danger of another attack this iv. um n . Anoint tlie skin with olive oil, a nd rear an oil-silk cloth every night. ” - - A gosi b blood is a perfect pano every shade a nd name, breath. The lungs abso effluvium, and the blood ed. A cold negative sr.’I vital heat rushes out up« (1 o f L i f e . ” M v r y T., B r o o k l y n . — There is no science in m aking bread of very finely-dressed flour. \Di- nourishing proper­ ties Aiay be found in c > a te st abundance in the whole grain of wheat. The outward or colored parts of thc grain should be ground up w ith the internal vvhit- ness. Dear Friend! be less fashionable a n d more reasonable. 1 D r i n k s . The primordial and instinctively simple ’-verage is pure spring water. It is the’ most inartistic, the cheap­ est, m o st poetic, altogether beautiful, and the healthiest. Many persons drink other fluids only because the water in Cheir vicinity is n o t “ p u re but we know a simple p lan for puri* fying the m o st impure and unhealthy water, so th a t it will be sweet a n d useful. “ S p i k e n a r d . ” S'. T.. M in n e s o t a M in e . — The roots and berries of (Aralia racemosa) spikenard are sometimes efficacious in dys­ peptic disorders. Botanic a n d Electric phy­ sicians a ttribute Stomachic and mild Balsamic or stim u lating properties to this common herb. The alkaloid extract is occasionally used. We have found it useful only when combined w ith two or t hree other medicinal herbs of more power. ‘A r t i s t i c B e v e r a g e s . ” -Man is an artist, a natural inventor, and his intellectual en­ dowments, urged by the inward force of his diversal wants, among other necessities and inventions, impel him t< compound his foods and to artificialize his inks'. It is. there- teries, reach and ramify through every part. Practice a few days, as we have admonished v “ \ ' r \ Center..\ Uh Van k New G leanings from C o rrespondence Y ork .—I liy Biologists cannot determine in the I 1 ■u a ~I1c e , livingsubject the exactcondition of the nerve- S u f f e r L it t l e Chinnim-v -r [ batteries located a t the base of the brain and c n . r “ *» *or. m the spinal cord. These centers in color arc , J . „ ’ ?* „our a tlention to an gray, derived from the positive substance 0f ^om “C Sunday School Advocate cnti- | the c o rd; and by libers (or thread-conductors) I ^lcd, “ The Raps.” The illuminated writer I they communicate with every muscular tissue represents the belief in spiritual communica- j m the organization. Your Will can, through | tions as a “ disease,” which “ leads its victims *» ^ — ■ * . *» •«*»« «■» « . » * * ; and become really wicked.” Also as making people crazy. The following words are u tter­ ed as a u thority for all children : I ” B ut do spirits never rap? Never! God has hT- shut up the spirits of bad people in hell, and 0 they can’t come to earth if they would. The souls of saints live where Jesus is, and don’t want to come back to this world merely to please th'ese idle rappers. Besides, Jesus tells usj in the story of Dives and Lazarus, that no good can be done by a spirit returning to earth. ..We may be sure, therefore, th a t God won’t let .either good or bad spirits come here for , nothing. There is nothing spiritual, therefore, about “ the raps.” Jh e spirits are the mere fancies of the rappers. A wise boy or girl will.keep out of the way of all table- rapping and tipping. Thc whole thing is a device of Satan, an evil disease by which that roaring lion hopes to devour many souls.” Two bright eyed little girls brought the paper ,-containing, this samc artieje,, to our/' office soqxe weeks ago. They wanted to’kuow “ what we thought itboiit it.” Arid “OtrT ! “ Childhood” department has waite&'tiv&r since for a reply. We miss thfey^ockly calls of those precious little ones, a&’ they came for their paper, lighting the office by their inno­ cent presence. And this explains why we notice o ur correspondent’s request here. Such testimony, as these little children gave furnishes the best antidote to quotations like the; above. They had a short time before parted with a dearly loved father, who had gone to the Spirit Home. And as they spoke so earnestly of his many acts of affection, of his pleasant stories told at evening, they seemed not to regard him as far away. “ Mo­ ther has h ad two communications from him ,” said they, a nd their eyes brightened with a glad happy look, th a t chased away the sad­ ness from their faces, and indicated no very fearful “ disease.” We only wish these little you, a n d your experience will sustain our phi- I losophy. If n ot, write us why not. j “ R e f r e s h i n g S l e e p . ” G. W. H. Louis.—The necessary treatm e n t how bring refreshing sleep” will be duly consider- j ed and made public. In your own particular case, however, an unbalanced condition of the brain and its dependencies constitute the true cause of the “ oppressive fullness” in your head, and also explains the source of your m ental fatigue and bodily weariness on awak­ ing in the morning. Remedy : Every night before retiring subject the posterior portions of y our head to a thorough rubbing, chaffing, and sm iting by the hands of another. While endeavoring to sleep do not forget to breathe fully many times. The habit of reading and thinking, or of talking upon any exciting subject after nightfall, is never just to the physical harmonies. Extrem e sensitiveness, either physical or m ental, should be regarded as a morbid condition. “ M ilk , a m i W a t e r . ” —Children naturally love artificial beverages—especially the milk of goats and cows; and they like to imbibe the unfermented juice of f ruit a n d berries, be­ cause such drinks are as natural for mankind as is pure water from the spring. In grape- growing countries men drink more wine than any other fluid, yet intoxication is a sad condi­ tion rarely seen in those regions. But of the future we prognosticate thus : Wine, water , and milk will eventually displace and banish al­ coholic drinks, and all falsely-artistic table- beverages will in like manner be swept from all the earth ; then, when sound health and common sense shall become the rule—and not, as now, tlie exception—the ‘ ‘ wine-cup will be forever broken, and righteousness will everywhere prevail.” “ Fly swifter round, ye wheels of Time, and bring the welcome day!” “ M e d i u m i s t i c M a g n e t i s m . ” N. W., Locki’o r t, N. Y.—The patient's condition in­ dicates the healing influence of Indian spirits. , . rj' EX 11 | If i t be possible for her to come under tlie teachprs, Zittella and Adele, could find their daily magnetism of mediums so inspired to i wa£ . , Advocate office, and talk to the heal, she may be certain of success, other- writer of the ahovc article, as they did to us. ................... - - Alter listening to their quiet, simple words of their spirit Father, a n d his messages of com­ fort and encouragement, no friend of children could declare the “ whole thing a device of Satan.” I'lley could but feel th a t the con­ sciousness of a Father’s presence was to those little ones a perpetual joy. C. M. P. C o n f l ic t in g T estim o n y . Several letters have lain in our drawer for vise h e r spirit will imperceptibly resign its residence in the physical temple. But i t will he wholly unnecessary for the resignation to occur. Patience and serenity of disposition should be c u ltivated as a remedy to neutralize the irritability a nd fretfulness of the diseased organs. The electro-battery can do her al­ most no good. The faithful medium, when under true Indian influence, will restore life to the failing limbs. Zinc and copper plates should be worn beneath the feet twelve hours j some time, containing the opinions of ir.• I>cr day. Sleeping with the head northward viduals of tile m erits of the H e k a i.d o f P e o - rcsults in establishing tho mgnetic (or warm) i They are too good to keep. We forces i n the vital system, ami m directing , -x, ? .. , , . • ; i , . &.!sh a i\ .i . -m with our readers, the vital electricity (cold) upon the brain a nd i cerehp*1 nerves. Sleep, dreamlessness, ami j health''are the natural consequences. We j have no remedy for the fading ornam ent I upon thy head. »; n s ib l e E n o u g h . : . W ., Chilloa, writes: i have returned three of your papers, vigorating b a ths, exercise, a n d fresh air, were the only medicines used; yet we found our­ selves sufficient to clean house and work in the garden till dark, the day before our little one saw the light next m o rning; and n o t for one day since have we entirely vacated our chair, while we were in the garden hoeing ere our little one was two weeks old.” — “ One of the religious papers now lying on our table,” says the Sunday Mercury , this privilege, we doubt uot able m en will be . \ g ravely informs us th a t 'Jesus Christ is found to prom u lgate there the truths of a *n th » ^ prayer-meeting !’, ,, , . If we were of the betting order, we would progress.ve theology, as occasion may offer. s t a k e a h a t OJ1 the as8ertion th a t th u emi. nent teacher has not only not visited tlie above locality, but that, if h e were to appear again on earth, it would be one of the last places he would come near, unless it were with a whip of small cords, to drive out the Phari­ sees, as he once did from the temple in J e ru­ salem.” —The highest Court in North Carolina has sustained the will of a planter, which leaves $69,000 to a negro woman a n d her six child­ ren, acknowledged to be h is own. The p lant- At a ll events, let us have street preaching. Some may be benefited, m any jam used, none injured. If every church in New York was burned to the ground, and the m u ltitudes of fashionable church-goers compelled to seek the gospel of the “ meek a n d lowly ” in halls and lecture rooms, or a t the street corners, and in the public p arks, to-morrow’s sun would look down on more devotion and less hy- through the transitions from a crude Savagisiu to a spiritualized Civilization, to drink and eat m any hurtful (because artificial) inven­ tions of his own unfolding genius in the di­ rection of a r t a n d discovery. S . F . N ., M o l i n e . — Your spirit friends have said : “ You shall he strengthened.\ The gods of the b eautiful Summer world will bless thee. By daily obedience to the Self-Healing principles of life, thy condition will become more attractive to the upper good. The Eternal Father a n d Mother of ‘ ‘ spirits’ ’ have w ritten their commandments in the hum an constitution. Look within a n d upward, good Sister ! Read such books only as contribute to the sum of practical wisdom. Do uot strive to acquire knowledge too rapidly— think, act, enjoy. “ S e l f - H e a l i n g . ” —As all disease is the opposite of health, and as all discord is the opposite of Harmony, so is the power of health and harm o n y indentical with th a t by which disease is m aintained. We would, pocrisy than it has seen of a Sunday for long ren, acknowledged to be h is own. The plan t- therefore, counsel all fathers a nd m others to years. From street preaching comes q ues -1 e*’s name was Willis, who died suddenly at j Meal their children by “ laying on of hands;” tioning, from questions, freedom of opinion, Cincinnafci- Tlie woman is now residing a t not in anger, but w ith the full knowledge thence advancement, progress. P u l/its are New Richmond Ohio. j that healthful magnetism is the natural medi- , , ,,, . ,i —A young e x h o rter (rather illiterate) once c,:,^ for all sick bodies. The nerves convey a perpetual cuise. Platform s, a universal . “ m any people think i t very wicked to j disease or health in proportion as they are blessing. dance, but, if I am a church member, I do falsely or righteously influenced. m '■ m— — ......... . think dancing is as civil resurrection as young r , . . people can have.” The same individual said l lTSO n S a n d CiVCnlS, (himself and family all belonged to the ' ‘ m ethodist disorder “ He most lives, who thinks most—feels thc noblest— —Among the articles brought up from the acts the best.” wreck of the Hungarian, by the submarine P E R S O N A L I T E M S . M r s . P a u l i n a W . D a v i s , of Providence, returned in the Persia from Europe, with greatly improved health. J o h n B . G o u g h , the well-known tem p er­ ance lecturer, who has been in Great Britain nearly three years, is expected to return to the U nited States in August. T h a d d e u s H y a t t has, since his release from prison, distributed collections to the am o u n t of some $6,500 among the surviving relatives of J o h n Brown. W e n d e l l P h i l l i p s G a r r i s o n , a n d O l i v e r W e n d e l l H o l m e s , J r . , have been appointed editors of the Harvard Magazine, a m o n thly publication under the care of the s tudents in H arvard University. D r . H a r r i o t K . H u n t , of Boston, Oil the 27th of June, celebrated her professional operator, was a card of a young lady, one of I the passengers who perished on the fatal night of the wreck, on the back of which was written, in pencil, in a firm hand, “ Lizzie dies to-night.” FOREIGN ITEMS. The last European arrivals add nothing of importance to advices of the week past. It was rumored th a t Garibaldi had determined to besiege Messina, and t h a t the Neapolitan governm ent h ad resolved to offer the Sicilians the Constitution of 1812. So, also, the ru­ m or prevails, th a t Louis Napoleon was se­ cretly laboring to patch up an alliance be­ tween Sardinia and the Neapolitan court, with the double object of restraining the rev­ olutionary movements in Italy—which Gari­ baldi’s successes would too much encourage— and of ultim a tely establishing some member of the Bonaparte family in the kingdom of Naples. v.x — --------------------- _ , The civil war in Syria still continued. A silver wedding ; ” th a t is, the tw enty-ni i | jX)wn ca,i]ecl Hashbeiya, at the foot of Mount anniversary of the date when she commenced j Hermon, and near the sources of the Jordan, the practice of medicine. The festivities were j containing four thousand Christians, was of n. neeuliarlv happy character. i sacked by the Druses on tho 2d of June. I , . in Ins first sermon P f thc male P°l>“ lntion of this place but R e v . T . S t a r r K i n g , j thirty-three escaped massacre. Still later, at San Francisco, made a horticultural Ulus- j t^ e cjty Qf Zahleh, a large Christian city of tration of the Christian sects, comparing each j j en thousand, has fallen into the hands of to different k inds of fruit. The Baptist de- the Druses. The Turkish officials in the nom ination represented the water -melon va- Lebanon district are said to connive at the . , r massacres, nety. “ U l c e r a t i o n o f t h e E a r . ” K. G., H a R - veysburqii, 0 . —A remedy for chronic ulcer­ ation of the e ar m ay be found in the common “ W itch-hazel” (llamamelis Virgmica,) which is one of the m o st healthful productions of earth. Make a very strong decoction of all the fine parts of the bark scraped from tlie body of the tree. When done you should have not more than a wine-glass full ; add one drachm of borax, a table-spoonful of cream, and i t will be ready for use in twenty- four hours. Saturate c o tton with i t a n d stop the ears every night. In the morning, bathe the neck, behind thc ears, and wash the orifices quite clean, before w etting the face a n d forehead. “ A s t h m a . ” A. L. KELLOGG, C. W .—The only sure course to adopt in the treatm e n t of this troublesome disease is to apply your remedy j u s t before a recurrence of the con­ strictions and paroxysm. The pneumogastric Nerve is implicated*; in fact,Abe disarrange­ m ent of this nerve is, in nineteenths of cases, the cause of the disease. The dry asthm a is quite unlike thc humid affection; and the paroxysmal asthm a is different from eith e r ; but the fundam ental methods o f the periodi­ cal treatm e n t should be uniform—nam e ly: when the symptoms are slight, give the whole surface a thorough oiling (1 tea-spoonful of Cajaput oil in 1 p int of Olive do., mixed with sufficient alcohol to u n ite the oils,) a n d imme­ diately practice respiration, full and slow, ex­ panding the bronchial tubes by throwing the head and shoulders backward. Use your W ill. W ear a jacket n e x t to your body made of oiled silk. Keep the skin clean as possi­ ble. W hen tho breathing is most difficult, inhale a little, now and then, of the vapor of burning sulphur. “ s u l p i i u i fo r tine Itc i i . ” -M. G. F., , have n ever read i t since the first number, and Newtown. This affection of the skin has 1 probably never shall, till you publish more sensible been displaced by the morbid conditions of \ matter than you do at present.\ erysipelas. I t ib said that, ‘ ‘ since the im­ provement in microscopes the I tch is found to j Too M u c h Spiritualism . be a living creature, burrowing in the flesh. : \ Detroit says * This was discovered in 1812, by 11. Gales, apo-1 ^ retum ed your paper........... It is thecary to the hospital of St. Lotus, in mlch l0 SpirUuJ.m to suit me. Experiments were mmed.ately commenced to j T herefore j re cst st jt ascertain the best remedies to destroy so 1 f ^ formidable a n enemy. It was found th a t the , ,, i x e i • N o t Enough opiritualism . Itch will live in clear water four hours ; in ; 4 sea water it died in three hours ; in Goulard’s j ’* • Nashville, writes : solution it survived but one hour ; in castor “ Your paper is not what I was led to be- olive, almond oil, and sweet oil, it died in j lieve i t would be It has not enough of two hours ; in Croton oil in four hours ; in Spiritualism in it for my family. I wish it dis­ lime water three quarters of a n hour ; in vin- j continued.” , egar twenty m inutes ; in alcohol twenty min-1 u t e s ; in spirits of turpentine nine m inutes; P r a c t i c a l l l y U s e f u l i n O n e C a s e . inhydridate of p ottassium six minutes ; in so-1 E. 0. W., Troy, N. Y., in a letter freighted lution of arsenic four minutes ; in sulphuric j fraternal blessing wriHs • add three minutes ; in creosote it died in- .. since lhe publica« on of your . bles8ed. stout y : placed on powdered sulphur it was sheet, the ‘ HrnALUor P a o o a r i , ' I have been found dead next day B vom all these e x p e n -1 c^ lant rcoder of it an(, ^ „ m ents , t was found th a t sulphur was the been made b e tter fron; doctrines tberejn t surest a n d safest remedy. Such .s under- forth Previoufi t „ the time , flrst stood to be the Instory of the discovery that , for „ ve cars lived in CaliforJ a a ■ Brimstone .(ot the orthodox stamp) is use-. and unboljr country. am, kne„. n0 . till loi the alane disgusting eiuption. Ou r, „;on/w a s adverse to listeni ng to lessons tau g h t impression 18 distinct th a t the living crea-; ®r a M l0 bc , bt b the divinitieB6 of ture is an effect - n o t a producing cau s e - o f | , he d sucb as Methodist, Baptist, e tc ., etc. the cutaneous affection. ; j a course more my own than others. I “ M e m b r a n e o u s I r r i t a t i o n . ” H. W. returned the 1st of December. 1859. and in B., E a s t S a g i n a w , M i c h . — -True, Brother— I Brooklyn, where I was temporarily sojourn- the present condition of tlie patient is “a j ing, first saw the light as set forth in your jour- partial result of self-forgetful im partations.” | nal. and first felt its influences. I flatter my- Unrewarded services in hum anity’s cause, J self that I am happier than I ever was before, however, arc not possible : for she lias reaped . more content with life, &c.; and only because benefits of a num b er and kind, which the truth is truth and m u st p revail.” w o r ld ca n “ n e it h e r g i v e n o r ta k e a w a y .” j f ------------ P h y s ica lly , n e v e r t h e less, sh e h a s displaced O t i i e r E m p h a t i c T e s t i m o n y . some of those energies that are necessary to the possession of harmony and happiness. She is excessively nervous at times, but anodynes a n d sedatives are not the remedy. For the painful and burning symptoms she should use no preparations in the shape of stim u lating washes. Her pathway to Health leads through obe­ dience to the pneumogastric and self-magnetic remedies. It will be necessary for the p atient to retire very early, supperless, and without warm drinks of any kind. If afflicted with the symptoms, and restless, follow directions in “ Hints to the Debiltated.” (See No. 18.) For breakfast and dinner she may eat and drink whatever and as much as her appetite and reason will honestly prescribe. About two hours after dinner, each day, it will be necessary for friendly hands to rub and pum­ mel the patient, as hard as she can allow it without severe pain, upon the neck and shoulders, down the entire spine, and all the way around the waist. Meantime, remem­ ber, full respirations are necessary. Magnet­ ism by the hand would am o u n t to nothing to one in her condition. She needs the benefits accruing solely from vigorous mechanical pressure and judicious bufferings. But these latter remedies will also prove non-availing and injurious, unless bestowed by the h and of benevolence and sympathy. T. J. L-, Boston, volunteers the following opinion of the H e r a l d o f P r o g r e s s . “ I consider y our paper to be the best medi­ um now published for the free dissemination of moral, social, spiritual, medical, and natu­ ral or scientific knowledge ; gentle in its tone, and so full of the lever o f love, that it is gradu­ ally prying away the stumbling blocks of igno­ rance, superstition, sectarianism, egotism, bigotry, selfishness, oppression, slavery, in­ temperance, and crime, which have and do, to a g reat extent, prevent the advance of pro­ gressive minds. “ May^the H e r a l d o f P rogress wing its way into every wigwam, log cabin, and palace of o ur planet. ’ ’ S w e d e n b o r g ’ s C o r r e s p o ndences . G. Southold, N. Y., writes: ‘ ‘ Y our correspondent “ M., ” in the H e b a l d of J u ly 28, in extracting “ The Ihauties o f Swe­ denborg\ from some of the published w o r k s of that author, says, “ In Swedenborg s other- work called the ‘ Dictionary o f Corrcffwndaices I find the following, A s\ M. t.ii \ / « ( . ./ \ on tlie subject, will hio ‘“j form those anxious to consult the Swedish seer, where it is to be found and when, where, nml hy whom it was translated and published.

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