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8 T H E II E R A L D O F P R O G R E S S . [ im p o r t a n t m e d ic a i . fa c t .] S P I R I T H E A L - M r . E d it o r : —Being requested to narrate the terrible sufferings from disease and the effects of medicines, a nd the remarkable relief and cure, through Spirit and Magnetic Agency, of Charles C. Chamberlin, son of Stewart Chamberlin, of LeRroy, N. Y., I will do so in the briefest manner possible, only giving facts , a nd allowing the reader to draw his own conclusions. Charles was born in 1838, and is now in his tw enty-third year. At one year of age, he was a ttacked with inflammation of tho lungs, and his system was so diseased in consequence E M P L O Y M E N T F O R W O M E N . T h i r t y D o llars a W e e k . FEMALE AGENTS WANTED, a t homo or to trav. in Salary or Commission, for New Books. THE THINKER. By A. J . Davii ; T IIE ARCANA OF NATURE. Prico $1 00. Price 1 00. By Hudson Tuttle. T H E W O M A N S P H I ; p 0 0TFALI,S ON T1IK nOUNDAHIKS OF ANOTHEIt o p . ,. ., ™ ., iod.oal o f pure ami ^ NTT3 n. »l«o for WORLD. Dy B o b .* D .l. O w n . I ' r i o l M , | CASE 3, Mr . , O ' ' 0 ; 0 y * ' ^ S •• GOD IN HIS PROVIDENCES. Dy W. M. Sorn»l.l. | m a ti.m in I.Aek nr walk home, and to go to work at his trade tho next i day. Perfeot ouro in eight operations. CASE 2, Mr. ------ , Elder in ------ church.—Bhouma- j tism in fcot and lowor limbs, effects of m ercury and J tic, < cold. A Periodical for tho - .......... ..... “ THE MAMMOTH FAMILY PICTORIAL, Tho largost illustrated Family Papor in the world, at only ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. For • ' Confidential Terms” to Female Agents, specimen oopies, <fcc., on- oloso a 3 cent s tam p to MARIE LOUISE HANKINS <fc CO., 5 * 429 Broadway, New York. P R I N T I N G , \ S T E R E O T Y P I N G , AND H E A L I N G B Y N U T R I T I O N ^ tho Vital Forces) w ithout Medicine, Aro you Scrofulous, Consumptive, Dyspep- „ ....................................................... Nervous? H ave you skin disease, sore or weak M ercury removed and Rheumatism cured in Eyes? Any affection of tho Lungs, Stomach, Liver, I Bowels, Blood, or any disease w h a tever? Read my also Eldor i n --------- church.—Rheu- \ B O O K O F I N F O R M A T I O N , ” GOD IN IIIS PROVIDENCES. By W. M. Fornald. | m atism in back and bowels. After third application, | (0 yon for ono dime.) which explains how the Prico $1 00. j was enabled to go to work. Perfect cure in fourteen j j nva|j,i m ay become his own best dootor, and banish TIIE SPIRITUAL REGISTER for 1860. Prico 10 cts. j operations. i forevor all “ p ills\ a nd “ powders.” a s uttorly u nw o rthy THIRTY-TWO WONDERS; or, Tho Skill displayed in j CASE 4. Mr. J . II.--Sprain in hack, was nearly drawn j 0 f any confidence at all. Address thereof, that he could not lio down for eigh- ( P U B L I S H I N G - teen months. This was followed by an attack of coxarutn morbus in right hip (scrofulous hip disease,) from which ho suffered three years, and resulted in stiff joint. Then followed various diseases ; at tho age of twelve he was rendered nearly blind with scrofulous sore eyes. This was followed by rinting Oftico has boon established by ladi with tho d esign of employing female compositors at a fair compensation. Thoir rooms aro specially adapted to this objoot, being more a iry, light and oloanly than those of most printing establishments. They hope in timo to afford tho same rates to female compositors that aro now given to journeym en ; it being thoir belief that work equally well done is fairly entitled to equal romu- scrofulous swellings and abscesses in both feet I noration. IIow far this purpose may bo accomplished and right knee, producing caries of the bones, j remains for the public to decida. feet, and right leg. Under this s tate of things j Oonfidont that tho work issuod from this office will he lingered along for five years—emaciating, hear comparison with that of any establishment in growing out of shape, and suffering indescri -1 cit>’> thoy refer to several popular pu ioatf bable tortures. He had now lived three years longer than the most sanguine physicians and friends believed possible. His mother, Mrs. Chamberlin, was a well-1 Lectures, Addresses, Legal Documents, Reports, <fec. developed Medium, and with a care, that none win bo printed on reasonable torms, and with neatness but a m other possesses, aided and guided by and dispatch. Spirit-powcr, she sustained life, and kept S, 4t A. HOYT, 8 C ity H a ll Place. N. Y. the mind and body together. But, at this | Brown’s Water Furnace Company, time, her vital powers were too much ex-| Mnnufaoturora^nirown'. P a le, hausted. The abscesses were discharging, as estimated, over one p int perday! Added to this, among which are “ T ub H k AnTiiSTONE,\ also tho now volume by Dr. E llis on “ D isbasr .” j To reformers and liberal minded men a nd women they look for aid in this enterprise. H O T W A T JC R F U R N A C E , For warm ing and ventilating Dwelling, School and Bank Buildings, Hospitals, Stores, Qreen-IIonses, Gra­ peries, &c. Also, Steam A p p aratus constructed for warm ing H o­ tels, Factories, &c. 2 7 4 C a n n l S t r e e t , N e w Y o r k , Three doors e a st of Broadway. Western Advertisements. there was over one p int of m atter discharged daily, (supposed to come from the kidneys,) th a t would become as thick as jelly on cool­ ing. He was now eighteon years of age, yet, one would suppose, from his appearance, th a t he could n o t have been over his ninth year. B ut one more effort must be made. The writer, then residing a t Lockport, N. Y., was sent for. I went, and after seeing him, and getting a history of his life, my own judg- m ent decided that his case was beyond a hope, | South Clarki betWeen Harrison & Polk Sts. and that he could remain in the form but a (p. o. Box 3413,) CHICAGO, ILL. few days at m o st; yet it appeared that our N earest First-Class House to the Michigan Southern, friends, who discern not through the physical Chicago and Rock Island, St. Louis, A lton and Chicago, form, saw otherwise. The effort was made, I an(l Pittsburgh, F o rt W ayne, and Chicago Railroad and a great change was produced at once ! I DcPols- an(! but a short distance from the other Depots The jelly-like discharge ceased, slowly and a \d Steam b o a t Landings. gradually he recovered, and on the 24th inst., *14~5 _____________ M. WICKHAM, Proprietress. being near LeRoy, my curiosity led me to pay ; K E D Z I E ’S R A I N W A T E R F I L T E R , him a visit, being four years since I treated j P atented J a no art 10,1854. his case. Many bones had rotted, and had | MANUFACTURED BY JAMES t e r r y & CO., wholly or in part come away, yet I was very much surprised to find that, in the meantime, he had acquired a good shape, with the ability to get about. I. G. A tw ood . East 14 th St., February, 1860. S P I R I T S C U R E R H E U M A T I S M . [F riend D avis :—An old subscriber to the Telegraph, Mr. M. P. Caldwell, of Burns, Wis., writes to me under date of March 5th, and after saying many clever things of our publications, he narrates an interesting experience of his own, which I think it but just to science and to human ills to record in the H erald of P rogress Respectfully, C harles P artridge .] \ I have been sick” he says, \ with rheu­ matism five months, during which time three different doctors have treated me, besides, I have used several of the advertised specifics, and have applied the W ater Cure system, and all with no good effect. I was called to La Crosse on business, and put up for the night. I went into the sitting room where there was a man by the name of De Wane who, imme­ diately on my entrance, was taken with severe pain in his back and otherwise became in great 59 & 61 STATE ST., ROCHESTER, N.Y. &F* Tho Board of Commissioners o f W ator Works, in Savannah, Ga., in their Annual Report, say : “ Dom­ estic Filtration is now successfully done with a simple contrivance invented by Mr K e d z ie, o f Rochester, N. Y. The Diaphragm and all other patented Filters, except his, have failed. tho Miracles of Jesus. By Prof. M. Durias. Prico ! double. Cured in ono application and w as able to walk I 25 cents. homo. THE BIB L E : Is it of Divine Origin, Authority, and CASE 5, M a s t. .--C u rvature of Spino and chicken Influonoo? By S. J . Finney. Prico, in papor 25 ots. Breast. Spine stratghtonod a nd breast mado natural in Cloth, 40 c ts. | 2 months. THE W AY OF SALVATION oalmly considered ; being CASE 6, Mr. M.—Chronic Rheumatism in legs, an Exposure of tho Fundamental Doctrines of Evan- | feet, arms, and back, 35 years standing. Thirty-two golical Christendom. By J. S. Loveland. Prico 8 ots. I o perations curod ; greatly relieved after tho seventh. . . r , , i , ! f! ASE 7. Mr. W— . fiii vnnn nl,l Pnl.v 10 vnnrc 1 Tho above aro just publishod and for sale at wliolo- salo or retail by LAR0Y SUNDERLAND, Boston, Mass. 11 I 6 STOP BLEEDING. STOP SPITTING BLOOD. A C e r tain C u r e f o r H e m o r r h a g e . n ighest Testimonials. Send for a Circular. Inbox- containing twelve powders, at $2 ; or sent by mail, BELA MARSH, 14 Bromfield St., Boston. marlOtf Special Notices. o p eratio ns cured ; greatly relieved afte r tho seventh. I CASE 7, Mr. W , 65 years old. Palsy 19 years standing. Ourod in seventeen operations ; after tho I in envelopes, $1 for six powders, fourth, was enabled to work at his trado, W atch Maker. Sold by T. MUNSON, Agent, Wholesale CASE 8, Mr. T.— L iver Complaint and Inflamma- 1143 Fulton Street, New York, tion of bowels. Curod in four operations. CASE 9, A lderm a n ------ .—Severe case Bronchitis, 14 years standing. Breathed free and natural after tho first application. Cured in a b o u t twelve operations, j CASE 10, Mr. F .—Tumor. Romoved by absorp- on« in„ aboutbout fiveive woeks.eek«. CASE 11, Mr. J . —Paralysis of right side; had ad Rotail, S . M a g n e t i c ai*«l C l a i r v o y a n t P h y s i c i a n , No. 221 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. r>M i - ' ' i Rheum atism , N euralgia, Fevers, Nervous and Spinal THOSE SHFFKMEO EEOH UO l . f » j „ M„ ie „ case h , Mr or right «,d,; had Drp Cntter is .„ille!l in lim ice b Mr< „ w application ; l0*t *» ° ° ntro1 \ « h t \™ » ,h” Tho ! W at.Eaa, a Clairvoyant an.l Healing Median,. Ought to apply immediately for a jui of E lectricity and Magnotism, to D U . L t E W E N D A I l L , 5tf 102 East 14th Street. voluntary motion was restored in eight operations, though pationt c ontinued weak for some timo. CASE 12, Mr. J . —C u rvature (lateral,) of the spine, hypertrophy of liver, compressed lungs, inflam- I mation of kidneys. Perfect c ure in about two months, D R . I . G . A T W O O D , MENTAL AND MAG- CASE 18) Mrs- L H .-S p a s m s o f tho womb, and nci. NETIC PHYSICIAN, will bo prepared to roccivo or ra|gia. pajn ftnl] 8pa8m8 removed in ten m inutes, a n d | a n t Exn visit and treat patients, as formerly, on and after tho 1st of March. Rooms a t 106 E a st Fourteenth St., N. Y. M R S . P . A . F E R G U S O N T O W E R . W a te r - C u r e a n d M a g n e t i c P h y s ician , NO. 65 EAST 31ST STREET, NEW YORK. Acute and Chronic Diseases treated from Clairvoy- inations. Office Hours from 1 to 4 o’clock, P. M. C O N J U G A L P A R T N E R W A N T E D . REFORM LADIES undor thirty, with dark oyes plump forms, please address B. R.. Coventry, R. I. and the p a tient was sleeping in less than thirty m inutes from the tim e tho hand was applied. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Book of Cures is kopt by me, and all persons dc- ■ P U R E AME R IC AN W IN E, J sirous of coming under my treatm e n t, can bo referred j And of a delicious flavor, for sale by EDGAR JONES, j personally to cases that have been cured by me. M y ! 430 HUDSON STREET, N. Y. j M e dicines aro put up expressly for each case, i It is m ade from the Clinton grape, by E. F erouson , , . 1 sym ptom s aro exhibited, so persons wishing Rem e d ies' „ , ,, , 1 r N n — r n r m n o n d n ire confidential. Good references • Rochester, N. Y. He has a (Em p ire) vineyard of ser- n . u .— uorrcsponaence ^ for a n y particu ar comp a m t sliou d be very e x p licit in , , , ... , ,, . , , ■ *7 , . , . oral acres, and be will be able to supply his custom ers their explanations. . , , „ .... T. - , r , . , , m largo and small q uantities. It is m ade for medicinal M oney can be sent a t my risk. All etters contain- , _ 1 - I and communion purposes. Per gallon, $2 75. Bottled, $8 00 p e r dozen. given. II O O K 9 MRS. H. F. M. BRO Liberal Books for sab land, Ohio. A printer* wishing it. L E . 1 a ssortm ent of ing the consultation foes, Street, Clevo-1 mail, js e n t to those tf MRS. M. L. E 4 Carroll Place, Bleecker V isitors received every day, Sunday not excepted. Circles overy evening. N. B.—Circles attended by request. ..HTON, IC M E D I U M , ’ Street, New York. 11 bo answered by return of J. H. RAE, 54, Great Jones St., New York. | Pom aopitfijtstjn JSeilanstalt. HOMCEOPATHIC HEALING INSTITUTE 102 E. 14tfi St., between 3d and 4th Avs, N. Y. O ffic e H ours , from 7 to 12 a . m ., 5 to 7. p . m . j “THE HERALD OF PROGRESS.” ANDREW JACKSON DAVIS, Editor, A ssisted by an A ssociation of A ble W riters . A rrangem ents h ave been m ade for the regular appear- j Tho Physicians of the IIomcEopathic Healing Insti- i ance of a first-class W eekly J ournal , u n d e r tho edi- • tuto, having already proved (see report of the H a h n e - ! torial m anagem e n t of the above-named Author, m ann Society) tlnvt tho great m o rtality of the Ci ty of j In m a n y respects, this publication will bo entirely New York can, u n dor efficient treatm e n t and advice, be | new and original. I t will bo the first to fearlessly ex- M R S . E. J . F R E N C H , C lail'V O y ant a n d M a g n e tic P h y s i c i a n , | m a te rially diminished, and even sickness arrested and 1 ponnd and undisguiscdly advocate the facts and prinoi- N o 8 F o u r f l i A v o , N . Y . prevented, aro now prepared to take fam ilies under , pies o f N a ture, Reason, and Intuitio n —as seen in thehe Patients e x am ined, prescribed for, and treated. E x am ination w ith w ritten diagnosis and prescrip­ tion Five Dollars. SPIRITUAL AND REFORM PUBLICATIONS All the above, including the works of A. J. Davis J . W. Edmonds, Professor H are, Robert Dalo Owen T. L. Harris, S. IJ. B rittan, Hudson Tuttle, Cora Hatch •fee., &c., can be o btained of S. T. MUNSON, General Book Agent, No. 143 Fulton Street, New York. B E L A M A R S H , P U B L I S H E R & B O O K S E L L E R , No. 14 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass. All the most valuable w orks on Spiritualism , together witli Miscellaneous and Roform Books k e p t constantly on hand. Catalogues, with list of prices, sent on appli­ cation. tf A n o t h e r N e w n d I m p o r t a n t W o r k . T H E A N T ; distress , the same as 1 had been suffering. Soon I ° r ’ G l e a n i n g s B V o m t h e F a s t , entranced, he proceeded to describe m y pains \ and distress, and to prescribe remedies to be taken and applied, and finally made mesmer­ ic passes over me, &c. The manipulations made me feel easier a t once, and I have continued to get better—to have less and less pain day after day—and now six days have elapsed, and I am about well. Mr. De Wane and myself were entire strangers and 1 had not said me word to him about being sick. \ I have been converted from a rank infidel to a belief in the immortality of man, by my own observations and experiences in Modern Spiritualism. I have been admonished by it to have charity and to render good for evil. I used profane language profusely, which habit my spirit friends have corrected. They have also corrected my habit of eating hog-mcat, chewing tobacco,and of drinking tea,coffee, and whisky, and have reformed me as to some o ther bad habits. “ I was raised undor orthodox influences Y et they never inspired me with any holy thought, or new endeavors. But modern Spiritualism seemed adapted to my slate, and has worked wonderful cures and reformations in me. I feel happy to-day under its influ­ ence. I have taken the Telegraph several years, and it has helped me to believe. I would now about as soon try to do without my natural daily food as my spiritual food. I can fur­ nish several facte if they should be deemed usoful-\ M. P. C a ldkbil. Boing a n explanation of tho Dark Sayings and Allego­ ries which abound in tho Pagan, Jew ish and C h ristian Bililcs By G. C. S t e w a r t . Mr. S. h as made tho subject of tho above work a life- sludy. IIo is well and favorably known to tho Reform­ ers of New York and vicinity, a s possessing a b ilities of a high order. 16mo., 234 pages. Price 75 c e n ts. For sale by S. T, MUNSON, Agent, tf 143 Fulton St.. Now York. I t E F O I t M P U B L I C A .T I O N S . H E A L O T H E R . This Book teaches how to cure filty diffcront Com­ plaints by Magnetism, through tho laying on of hands. Every family should have a copy, for tho knowlcdgo ol this art will savo to you many dollars which would otherwise go to tho doctors. All have tho power, more or less, o f boaling. and all should p ractice this only true method ofhealing the sick. Sent by mail for 20 c ents, in stamps or silver. Address J . W . W o o d , H e a l i n g M e d i u m , *5-6 W uicrlown, Jefferson Co., N , Y. W I L L I A M C. H U S S E Y , M E D I U M ! For tho ouro of Acute and Chronic D iseases w ithout the use of Medicines, DYSPEPSIA CDltED IN A FH.W SITTINGS. 155 Greene St., one door from Houston St., N Y. 4 tf Office Hours from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. .] . B . 0 O N t their treatm e n t and care for a certain annual subscrip- j light of the H arm o nial Philosophy—and the first, also, tion, and by their timely advice and assistance, to | to e x p la in and teach the New Theology, which, w ithout guard every m ember of the sam e from tho ravages of j subverting or neglecting the essential trntlis of any disease and the m iseries of ill h e alth. other system , naturally leads m an into the holiest and In order that every family m a y be convinced th a t happiest relations with the unchangeable laws of the I their interests aro the prim ary objects of tl)e Institute, infinite Father. m edicines will be supplied gratis, and in c ase o f death The topics to be discussed, therefore, will cover the q u a rterly dues will be reim bursed. largo field of hum an interests. The Editor and Puhlish- I H u m a n life m a y bo regarded as a continual struggle ° rs design that inform ation— useful, reliable, and enler- I tow ards perfection ; thus even tho m ost trifling devia- | ta ining —shall, from tim e to time, appear under the tion from nature, moral or physical, becomes an evil, following heads : “ Philosophy,” “ Physiology and which can only bo arrested by tho advice of a really H e a lth,” “ Tidings from the Inner Life,” 11 L e tters from enlightened and conscientious Physician, who has op- the People,” \T h e Pulpit and R o strum ,” “ New Publi- portunity to study tho habits, c onstitutions, weaknesses j c a tions,” “ Labor and the Laborer,” “ Laws and Sys- Receives visitors e v e ryday and evening, a t his rooms, and inclinations of each m ember of the family u n d e r h is j terns,” “ O ppiession and tho Oppressed,” '* Social Dis- 4 tf 486 Broadway, cor. of Broome St., N. Y. Medical. D R . J . II. R A E , E L E C T R O M A G N E T I C F H V S I C I W AND 54 Great J ones St., between Broadway and Bowery. Tho only s e cret o fm y uniform suocess in the treatm e n t of C hronic Disease is simply th is: I s tudy the m agnetism of tho m in d as well a s that o f the body, (and it would be well for all inagnetisersff they would do the sam e,) a nd then I operate to remove both the volu -tary and invol- care. I f to a w o rthy physician this opportunity is af- j cords and their Rem edies,” “ Hum a n R ights,” ‘‘ P e r- | forded, his advice m ay be made instrum e n tal in the j sonal Ilem s ,\ “ American and European Intelligence,” ! regulation and developm ent of tho m e n ta l as well as I “ Public M eetings,” Poetry,” “ M iscellany,” «Scc., &c. ( the physical system ; for the faculties o f the mind ex- I T he a rticles for these and yet other departm e n ts, will ercise a greater influence on the bodily organism than ! lie p repared by Correspondents and W riters chosen from I the latter exercises on the former. ( am o n g tho best thinkers and reformers in the country. I According to these premises, the following desiderata To free m en from the thraldom of e rror and supersti- ! may be a ttained by medical advice : tion ; to expose and demolish false system s o f theol- 1. Prevention and restriction of noxious influences ogy; to open up the pleasant w a y of Progress, through on the developem nt of mind and body from earliest I experience, facts, principles, reason, and faith; to fear- childbood, through the dangerous years of puberty, to : les$y oppose every political or ecclesiastical scheme, untary cause of disease, by Animal a tism, a s well a s by M agnetic Rcmr- In offering my services to t' confidonco o f m y o w n p o w a s . knoicledgc of the Therapeutic Animal M agnetism, in tho reli Complaints heretofore deemed . This modo or systom of treatm . ly efficacious and em inently successlu. • .'ro Magne- o in full •d o f my tro and ound higli- m a rriage. 2. The c u lture of the body in general a s well a s in its different parts, ir. order to attain the most noble and graceful form, as well as durable vitality. 3. The promotion of the highest possible degree of health and vigor to the mental powers. 4. The attainm e n t of the most perlect harm o n y in all the faculties and powers of the body and mind. 5. The bcstowm cnt of such instruction,and advice in relation to the harm onies or a n tipathies tem p e ra­ ments, a s subscribers may ask in order to enable them to form such m atrim o n ial relations as may n o t be detri­ m e n ta l to tho c h a racter and health of offspring. which tends to increase the sum o f hum an servitude and m isery; to advocate with unfaltering zeal every new M easure whch prom ises to m u ltiply the sources of hu­ m an happines; to espouse and encourage every Cause or Invention which seem s to m eliorate the conditions of tho u n fortunate ; to help the poor a n d despairing, by teaching them to help them selves, and to work out their own salvation from error and in ju s tice; to probe aud expose Statecraft and C h u rclicraft; to concentrate the power of all ju s t and reasonable minds against the causes o f Selfishness, Intem p e rance, Poverty, Crime, Slavery, and W ar—in a word, to avow those spiritual truths and a d v o cate those practical reform s which ex- 6. The prevention or restriction o f noxious influences alt b o th body a n d soul, which c h a s ten and beautify life, system s have failed, either to c relief. a ll other during the period o f p regnancy. which harm o nise tho family a n d fraternise the nighbor- to afl'ord 7. Consultations and medicines evon for the m o st hood, and which exem p lify tho principles o f Eternal trifling indispositions, in order to p revent their aggra-1 Truth and R ighteousness—such, in brief, will be the j Neuralgia, Sick and Nervous Hoadaches, (frequently vation. leading aim s and objects o f “ T he H erald of P ro - I cured in a fow m inutes), Chronic and Inflam m a tory 8. The prescription of efficient p reventive medicines g r e s s .” Palsy, Kidney Com-1 in case of threatening opidemics and m iasm a tic dis-1 We appeal, then, to those who believe that a wookly All the published works of Theodore Parkor, Ralph , ... 1, ,, „ , r . „ „ . ' 1 Rheum atism , Piles, Paralyi..-, ------ Waldo Emerson, E. II. Chapin, A. J. Davis, Henry , - . ... , „ , T>. .. c. - ,v , t , , , „ , . , „ plaints, W oak Backs, Diseases of the Spine, H e a rt Ward Beecher, Lydia M aria Child, Robert Dalo Owen, 1 George W. Curtis, and o f all o ther livo mon and women can bo obtained of II. L . G I I E E N I , C o r t l a n d V i l l a g e , N. Y . Sent free of p o stagoon receipt of tho p ublishers' prioo to any part of tho United States. 4 3ms II. L. GREEN, of Cortland Village, keops tho H e r ­ a l d of P r o g r e s s for sale a t his Liberal Book Store. S H O I I T - H A N 13 HVNDllOOK OP STAXDlttll OR AMERICAN PHOl'OSRAPHI. Tho best and general system of Short-Hand may easily ho loarned without a teacher, from this work. It e xplains, in an unm istakable mannor e v e ry principle of tho Art. Highly recommended by the Press, and by many Phonographors. Price, post-paid, $1 25, $1 50 $3 00, according to tho style of Binding. B R I E F LO NG -HA ND . This work shows how, w ith the use of tho com­ mon loiter only, to doublo tho speed or W riting. The entire system m ay bo loarned in a fow hours. I t is so •ogiblo that the simpler s tyles can easily ho road by a n y correspondent or compositor. Prico, post-paid, Fifty cents. BSzf* Two Standard Phonographic Readers are being engraved by Mr. Chauncoy B. Thorne, and will bo ready about tho 1st o f May next. BJIT Pl.onographio Noto-Books, (neat, cheap and convenient m cnorandum-l.ooks for a n y o n e .) Reporting Covers, (a perpetual cover for the noto-books.) “ G ra­ ham s Phonographic Gold Pens,” (the host pen Tor long- hand, because a good pen for short-hand, which re­ quire* the very best and finest p„int8i) Works on PLo. cation' ^ ^ ^ 8al°‘ 0 ;italouBC8 80,11011 applt- Jf ANDREW J. GRAHAM, 348 Broadway, Now York. Liver, and Lungs, Curvaturos of tho Spine, Bronchial Affections, Asthma, Phthisic, S hort and Difficult Breath­ ing, Dropsy, W ea\- E y e s, and sometimos Blindness— when caused by Paralysis of tho Optio N erves—Fits, St. V itus's Dance, or Chorea, Diabetes, Nervousness, Catalepsy, Dyspepsia, Scrofula, Tum ors, K ing’s Evil, Enlargem ent of the Glands, Seminal W eakness, Impo- tenoy, and som etim es Barronness. In all oases of FEMALE DISEASES, such as Prolap­ sus Uteri, or Falling of tho Womb, Fluor Albus, or W hiles, Loucorrhcea, Chlorosis, Suppressed and Exces­ sive M enstruation, Ilceinmorrhids, I havo novor failed n perform ing a perfoct ouro. T R E A T M E N T B Y M A I L . There aro m a n y Diseases Hint can bo treated s u ccess­ fully a t a distance, but Ihoy roquiro all tho sym ptom s clearly and distinctly desorihod, (ovon when a Clairvoy­ ant exam ination as to cause m ay ho desired,) togother with a full and aeourato history o f tho complaint, ago, habits, and occupation of tho person. Consultation by Mail, - - - - $1 00 Consullation a n d C lairvoyant Exam ination, 3 00 In nil oases tho chargos for treatm e n t and medicine will he m oderate. Persons a t n distance, dosirous o f visiting tho city, for troatm cnt, can bo acconnnodatod with board anil attendance at reasonable rates. As I desiro to be judged by my works, I annex a fow certificates of cures recently made by me. From deli­ cacy and respect to (lie feelings of tho patients, tho addresses arc omitted, but will bo deposited with tho editors of this paper, so that poisons desirous of con­ versing with them can receive their names a nd address. CASE 1, Mr. P.—Rheum atism in feet and ankles- o f six weeks’ standing. Rode to tho office. Ono appli- eases, such as tho Scarlet, Yellow, and Typhus Fevers, publication, w ith this courageous and prnotical c h a rac­ ter, is d emanded by the age. We earnestly request all such friends o f o u r Common H u m a n ity to subscribe for this J o u rnal, and to influence their neighbors to a c t in its b ehalf. I t will contain the latest and m o st reliable news up to the m o m ent of going to press—will “ H e r­ ald” tho facts, developomonts, and principles of “ Pro- gies8,\ a s they oocur in the world—and work to unfold and strengthen the spirit of U n iversal Brotherhood. We respectfully solicit tho 00-0 p eration of all reform­ ers of whatever school. Wo shall be glad to receive from those who choiish our sentim e n ts, thoir subscrip­ tions not only, hut in mldiiion thereto, the Post-Office Address o f such o f their acquaintances as would lie likely to subscribe after the receipt of a spocimon num ­ ber. Bo oareful to givo distinctly your wholo name Post Office, County, and State. ion roinovod swellim g and pain, enabling him to Nowark, N. J. Small Pox, Cholera, <fcc. 9. The im m ediate treatm e n t and cure of all curable diseases. 10. Tho furnishing of gratuitous advice and medi­ cines to every s e rvant and every indigent oonneotion of the subscribers. The a m o u n t of annual subscription m ust necessarily depend upon the number of individuals in the family, their goneral sanitary condition, and tho distance of their residenco from the Institute, and can be arrangod by m utual a g reem ent. As the ncgloot of bodily dovelo;>mciit and the w a n t o f ifficient oxorciso frequently tend to tho formation and production of disoaso, and as tho judicious a c tivity of the m u scular s y stem will often a id and hasten the pro­ cess of recovery, m anual friotions and hygienic gym ­ nastics will he employed. Theso exercises not being limited to any outw a rd conditions, m ay alw ays be carried out. We offer o u r most faithful services to our fellow-citi- zens, and a ro determined, w ith God's blessing, to do as much good as wo possibly can. Patients a t a distance will receive duo attention, and tho required medicines, by sending a correct statem e n t of their symptoms, age, habits, and occupation. DR. LtEWENDAIlL. 102 East 14th Strcot, New York. MR. & MRS. DORMAN, C L A I R V O Y A N T P H Y S I C I A N S , NEW A R K , N. J. MRS. CAROLINE E. DORMAN has for n early fifteen yoars been engaged in proscribing for tho sick, and with universal success. Sho may he c onsulted d aily, on reasonable torms, a t her rosidonoe, No. 12 O r c h a r d s t ., tf TERMS—C asu in A d vance : Single Copy, ono year, - - - $2 00 “ six m onths, - - - 1 00 Threo Copies, one year, - 5 Q0 Ten “ “ - - - - 16 00 Twenty “ \ - - - 30 00 And any larger num b or s e n t to one Post Oflico, a t the rato of One Dollar and F i f t y Cents each. Copies delivered to City Subscribers for $2 60 a year, or 5 oents a week. Subscriptions may commence a t a n y timo. A limited num b e r of Advertisem ents will bo reoeivod a t the rato of ten c e n ts a line for the fust insertion, and eight cents for each subsequent insertion. All orders, letters, m a nuscripts, and com m unications to bo addressed to A. J. DAVIS A CO., 274 Canal Street, Now York.

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