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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, December 20, 1797, Image 1

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m ■ ■■'■■’ v . - r r . - , ? m S i L i f ' I A m m r i S ^ i | ?ai m \3jdl th w .S 9 iX ; if S ^ t ^ d C m 0 , ' SoOO ^uOitU i.iverpool (^6u*4 S|(^ v ^ d o do ^owtt 4* ‘ J ko too Cp«l, oa botid jbip ( '■’f ' i ' ^77 T: ,i ' - wno irKvt jkttovo% . «4 m i Roofing flate, (aperiftr quality ,, crt*e*ytiroifcd w r ^ r f l ware ■, jrt boae* long pjp« f ton #»y SpanflBi Ite^ra «ioi»i»'yellQrt»*o1ier S Umd»VcKtianrrd . t caflu d o pujpic brown .IVlilcIi mt U) lie (old,It« f tA o a b le credit. ■& ■rS ?9? ? S ^ U ^ i a i u M j fit the Old^Slip,’ o» board ibe fch'f \tM *J.t fro«* Alexandria u , fblladelphia^. W h o h a g _M r t t f i v e d f w S a tc f . .............................. 1 , to Iptreli prime Irtd eiVgoboef to -do. Maoliidea fi<h • \ a f .fidc* foiUrqiher ^ hhool&a i\ Hrkinalini (do* bliftcrco Hi > f • S e t ^ ^ d h ^ i d a n d aiii^ C o . divliMl clfai-al Jiil^RrCfU *«sxt.-ioihe Cdflom-Kdofr, have , for 5iVl-fe,Uiely, imported. S i ’4 * « -old Ifflderra flf For immediate ufe rfaiwwuie . ch^neit Bh ioiiOyd^ J-tt Caltsifrench vdaite ,^ > > « h r r i y ^5^!^***** I .eJ'w lJ'nifort W1«e *'i* pipe* Coilntry.Gin .:«4 balKeti,'^* boitfot cadi, e t t m > • IP do Julian Lii^aon -; (ioocliefiiCalHal i® doUvrdn TVi, 71 bi£iCocot •--j|0 cafe* .MaaM>*i io forta '' t Verinacclla . . \ r. IhnAfk Fable Glotbi and n 4pkiif* ' I,bl}e3bIac!b-C9n]e^tbatr ‘ 'f cafeani'rted bouiting CImhs block* Ifarbte j C5HINA, conGft'ng' o f T ^ le, Tea and Bre»ltf'>.ft Sett* l^^-Alfo, C nptaad Sween, BowlU, md roll* o> Rat and j kap Plati*, i c ''^ S T b le Cimney Piece#, carefolly* <.«r^bt»{b*era1 tafesrulxan Hawof aQ Vibdt,mid i*1fe tialnn PrfnU ' A ) ^ nl» /rear Ij;;gboni, ■29 P A 6 ^S-A G -ES, confaftinr o f a coroplcli afbttmem of DRVGS.aad MEOICrWES J U S T R E C E I V H l ^ An eleglnt alfortnicn^of F a n c y L a m p s a n d L a m p L a n t h o r m , . #or SALE by I. TITFORD & Co. noreiobrr F l a s . S e e d . ^TORXD, Cleinea *nd Sold on tnodente lenn* J^^by A. CA & R dLL • air '7 ff Govemtot’t wh»i S o u c h b n g T e a , ^ <y SuptrioT fiutiiy. For Salt By Hugh P o lled £?* C o . ^<3 if ■ M o n f o a / H a y t , L ,. KA* ra il lAi. a, flo. i^o Water-llreel, iP^Jilnifanc! Tump fugart b v tbe ton or r wt, - , i Jamsica Soiriutnd Antigua Ram, by tliebbd. %obM>‘‘^ih'dWardiliinH Rum, 6bbiaC* CWolaie ^l^qit^aV la qod hdkfi. b v the packaaerdf dadm,and Plaller of Paris. a tf. 'M iwft -------------------- , B o u l t i n g C l o t h s . ^ i affortnicnt -pf ine bed and. moll app^vrd J o h m B . C o k t . iisi i » C o . F < » S a l e , 30 C o 4 M t‘« |i te«foiuibI$ teritjs, h j ■' . mad S a lteN lvailtt Dec, t t . -if Waie^-.ftrret. FOR SALE BY ] N U 2 H Q I ,A S ^ U H W E I G H A U S E R , MiiV^ byScbtwner A * dm ^ S c fr” ____ ttox;i4|. tf Bell and Feillo^ 87 M tidem -ltute, - ' Ua«c rttccjvedarS' *i*e Qnw.opcRini fej §tle tbi (bllovti . M O /rS w d T I fP E T S . RoiMa J'rkA^l Colored tnd white furrliorka White aod celbred trimroini#, with a General affoUsicnt-of DRY GOOuS i* afail. Rofe and Ppint iBilan^ts, and patent / Hdllow.warc, Received by the s w a n , and for file by the bile c. Apply ro AL1,EN JACKSON, No, ^ Peprl-flrcet 64- td tod. l t d . and tod. Englfu wrought hr the q»lk. . EnglftE wro mill Nov, I t tf. . M u n r o a n d R o e , , H A V E F O R S g t L E , *9 hd* J#me» River t«b|c. 150 ao. turpenune tf keg* maiidfanbred da. too da tar «0* b lifup fiAflour, i | bdihm b 'K k jS-do. flup bread BoqmQuoIdQi^ty wine at do Iktpftuff igooatt pepper A configame^of MaoebefLer gOoda wbtcli will be fold low, andlibiral credit for appeoved notes. ~ T l o E l F ^ ^ i n .. ^ Entitled to drawback '. i:-v i *.—■ ; ■ • ' S^Leaiheiw |obagi>eppcr For Sale, By LOOMIS and TILLJNGHAST, No gS# WlACi. iT n n a t.' tg b aser Hyfua, } 5|'do. Souchong;^ TCA^ hbda Clarat, ' aa boxes do. •t b*ga Coffee, 10 baga Cocoa, J , 6 J>ipn Holland Gin— 6 h h d l country do. If o i ^ x a d pipea BoiUrdeaak Bitndy 3kkdt.Jajn kuna-H-gsa bill. TarpaUlne 70 bb. ■I!ar..r*odo Vl^nmk xgo do itenbaaea Kill : tStpna Sweedb Iron, alTaitcd. • < ab piecet Cambrio,'’dbw ’ 3 ialetRrft oiiaTky Ihf* »hRaf r . , '■ it-v i *.—■ ; ■ • 3 - 4 , 7_8aiid 4 .4,L iIJ}E l€ S ,» ( p jr t« d io b o » « (tp tp ,b f lerlie^ lougLawpa apdGaioJfjtk*! Taile Cloffirand.fledTteki: 5-4S||eeQngtanal>ia{>cn. A cogE>nA)edt-of Earthen Ware, aflbftrd ta i^xtei] tnd GUa Ware in M d t. which will be foM on low 'cnn*. acliJrf tfi.-if L ix r c n s , J u l l I m p o r t e d . A V irk ^ of 7 8 and yard wide, Ipw priced liaea* tCX SrHanoiat, Piatilla Roysift, white and colored thread!, in piduge# only, on which a drawback ciu be obtained—Far foie on rearonabIefcnna,foe-ciCh of ropd paper, at-modento per edne. B j y a l m R a » f i y ^ Its CreenWicb-ftre oHti€r %. t f _ In d ia-lS ^ o o d s . TWO ing a complete affoi ■.Men’a Shina, Ac- Btgbagirusar t i j do. pepper 47 d o rineer. t ^ do. hideiaad ghat (kint 6 package* nBlnefa 3 bpxea ppintn a cafei Cardsnipn teed 16.00C cwsea,aBd a TCwbrfM of linens, twune, * c . K«w laMlmg from the O i^H e ro, eapt . Jackfon, ‘'rom Galputu and Madrafa. tnd for-foldby EOWARD G ( ^ D & SON, tStAtr I. ' ' ' _____________ tf L a n d i i FROM onboard thi pipea Lou< ^o. Lifnic 13 do York ratrket do Ssif by C.de •5#*er % tf. i n g , he brig FARMER, Henry V den, mafter, foom Madeira, idon particular Madeira win* ndon market do. irk market do oflbie l 6r!l quality, fo ILSON &Cr*.v T h i s d a y l a n d i n g , FROM onboard brig OLIVE, at. Lepton'* wtisif, u for SALE by ^ohn. Cbafmdn and Co. 170 Front p r a t , . ’ 54 hhda. J4m*ira fugar £i puncheons do furira Atja inpve, .nq pipes Amfferdam gr« to boxes Havaonah fugara to poiicbcoitt Jamaica rum fO do. country db. •0 tierces and barrets Clover.lctd 3 hbda moiaiTe*- Sy PUNCHEONS RUM 450 bags Black Ginger 33 diu*4Vb>te.dittcs 34 ditio Cocoa 3 ditt* Thimeric. Tb^above will be landed at'Jorws’nwbaTf, Old flipi om on beard* tho brig CAgxtora, JUoatodi riSilt vftrflSa F O II S A L E , f?> iO,Bn*es frefli Ftunea • - ioioo Wi. fofi (hell’4 alinandt s ': Jij) John M w p o d £j’ Cd. 83 W a F tr/ftet. p ,»0(fdox. |ftq«al‘ ClTr4'' Gunpowder, 1 is ■ IS”*\* r. •W hol « « si , i and R k T A it, ' Wrih a s m r e l ojforitncnt of Crocfr'ttf. f ^ttftr M. n Landing ^ Trotn on board Sloop FAR\lER|Ca]it. Rider, fro* lyhhda MufeovadoSagar #7bl* , a t’phn'cheonsiamaica Rum •3 cafiu Coffee ^ acton* L o ^ o o d . Apply to ’ R .ifA T £ S * iid«. rO L tO e X , oitd. f a. 9* WatMrRitit. 20-, 1 7 9 7 . 69. S b i i _ ________ in&riteifte wtoa..of . IlFK S U B S C R I B E R , of the • ^ S iu f n b e lm a D , and brown SU A tierces aud 1 PRper, jBcef, SoaLleall^er and Butter. IIXST RECRIVEO, and for S/iyLR by ISAAC and . CHARLES COLLINS, tSa Peadilreet. A QUANTITY o f large Desnyaud Koyal Pcantins and Foolscap aad Pot Writing ^apkr. Alfo, A sonfidrmbie ouimily of Beel, BuAer and Soalileathcr, •ihich tKey will difpofe of oa low termCfor calb-of loSbi 4W. 40, m i i - ^ a n Juft linpor^^ji the ITiagaia, L O O l l I S ‘£s^ i l l N G H A & r ., lao pipe* HoHaa^ d ^ , 33ocalka linfccdoil, 5» doa e|ll I k % ; <-*fk» amber, t do borax. 3 (bettaguraiwaafei-i^Hriltiitg of lum’bleri de wtair glaffsa, . ■, raa, Haerfem S t n W Cambric*, Dutch Lace, Tipe*. '* Rf\|t'^*ffetted. MeaBoraau|u|ia book* H e i q ^ a s i d C p r d a g c . ■ Jo^ rcctbied 7 tolactesia Sa. Peterfburgh lemp, and i* coilaRnffia kard*^ (m f*U by Jf_ / ^ - J SAUNDERS, , uOi 33 MflCom'i wharf. Dec. ts u T o b a c c o a n d F l a x f c e d . . S ixty hhda afpd three 4iuodrcd calks, ^hipped i t tVilmi^inh, fN.C ) boahd to Newry, ‘ *40 a ACC av . ,M U R R O fcf'itO F . Dec- Ig.________tf <•________ _________ - G o l d , b i I v e r a n d L a c e - w o r k ’d M 'u d l i n s , OF .SOffiRjB fA-XtEtLiis, red from India by tbq (hip SwKi, Captais d for* Saleaf the Wore of 7*A i tm d R ie h a fJ Tm rnkP, No go. W illum-llreet.' OepyAcr, and Dec. «3.—tf. i. 7 oygi, v.rowa u u ia ’ Leaiheiw |o bagi>eppcr a ^ ^s|EljplC aM n ea-.tSd». Moa , FtduY ai^ Rice, 4t» b1i New'Vqrk fapaiifife tdar, 150 tiefceance, far CaJe, ha aafy cy^ic; fer apafor. ved paper. Apply to JD A V I t) G H U B B A R & w Itc a a . _______ t i Walblbrei 70 gnatter calka approved old (berry *ioa ■ White a d red port wiae, ; claret,burgayne,cba<n,Cfacafesof laad 4daS.cicl* paign,ofilerperdrix, \ keg* Malijn wine, 30 year* old boxes Rulfia foap hhd. and a box cutlery and fadlery box carpenter** tool* paign, ofil er perdri ok% * wine. II box carpenter' rable clotbf and lupkina of varioua fixe* to piecca broad Rulba duper- a bales do. towetliiliB *5 boxes well-alTortrd Germah gU(t.ware, t«iriRafl| of iumbler*,-d«canten, win© gtalTea, dec, 6 punebehna London ditto 13 hhda. bed Liverpool blue and white cracixry write fri(b duck. No. I, 5, Cork tnanufaAurc ga boxes fugsr’candy \ welt cbofen aff rtment of framed Tookin^gl aflet, l.-aking'glafa.j^eea and t9yi,fucb at fnuLboxe*, pockeg^books, Ac. I box moiher of pearl bead* 5 do bobea tea I, do nmmega 50 hlquillio) the very firftqaalityfon^nntiajbowfc ufe <k} ream* Dnteb later paper tdlfa Getmau ftpcl ' 3 ktga pickled bean*fit for family hfe A pkree! ol marltie* An elegant cbrySal table fett Achoicie aSbitmeni o f gold aodTilvir Lady** n d geor tlewm*'* waichc* B . V c . ^ C o , JVo. *3 F a ir^rea. HAVE . e ^ v e d per AqaBcidam Packet^ the following gqods. on (xndigdiqenti which will be laid few : to tranks 4.4 chiiMxeaand egniebta 3 do. cotton bandana* 6 do ' pnllicats 4 do. chintz aMdpnplefliawlf 4 de». igufliiw '3 do. finen pocket hamdkei^cliiefF. F q t $ d l e b y N . S c |v'^< % h R )ifer> qUt and,a R proot well flavoredlafiad;^ •' Clarqt in<aOi*a|idcafo*- Vihiirt Wiije in bottle* ■feielled. Aimcipd*, Caftile S m r , swder and ^rnabisn rvendrr W*tpr and other feenu Btatk Laces, feudaRAod emhroid«tin{ fitkt PiteTi,Cu«,pptud|:^ , pafeel ol Yeltew'Oehre , Eox of Gold f e i^ilvct WatcRea To-muaow \rill be landed, Tfom cn boatd the Swedifn brigGbriffina Etiaadsqfh. •a Swattvfofit's wharf, north river, at the foot of G*r> liCcBneet, bttfidy ' ^ cafti rc4 '-vine «3 30 ^ Sv cncambm and ittchcVi«3 w ^cjcci ilhlfs fdip to box< ^ I N D I A G O O D S . Landiitg this Aa\> a t Malcotn't W hnrf, T h e C a f g o o f t b e S h i p A m e r i c a , Heojaman Crgwnifiibicld mailer. Irom Bengal, ‘con- fiftin,: Ol the foUpwing Goe^i—viz : ' SUGAR, PEPPE r , (?1NGER, HIDES, HEM?: C o u l e e of different Sizes, Giflvat, Isrqo aflowment of lines, twine, 16 inch ca­ de, gum artioxc, fenaa. Ca^. BALE GOOC .Real Madras polUevt hdkfs, fig! ■ J t ^ Landing a t CoentiesedBp; f r o m ox board i|ie bioop H a s k io t , c*pt» NsStito fro.-n Baltimove, 23 pipea Benecarlo wine, L x SAL8'”by 'JOHN MALSliY, Np. 85 Pcarl-ftreet.' T l S i H s OR B a i t i n i o r e . ‘ 3000 at ttt’6 days light, for Safe by D-c rq. \ P7V 1 Q G- liUBBA{U>> Ifa a c T i t f o r d ’s WHOLESALE SILK <TOR.E. &c &c. ' la removed f|oiR N^B^, Maidefl-lano, ,4 ^ 0 .1 4 1 , P & irlfP i^^ Icdt TpLosm tj's Store, Nrir the NEW.IfORK BANK, fhere be is opering a large aff.>r(uieTU of European ManuiaRoric* iu fAeC and in the DRV GOOS 1,1 N S Tally Paiticuiar* r»f iwhfeh ’tAX^ be bad a* ; Wnv. »4 V 1 m- n* bdkf*-, &C-. Sec. For term of Sale, apply to PERS bv JOHN SAUNDEBJ, N o 33 Malcom's *htrf, os of.^Dteet lie capt on board. Dec. ^ \Tf .. B r i f t o l W a r c j F O R .SALE, A few C R A T E S per fhip Bcifcy from lying at Bowne'a wharf. Inpuirr at it6 Ero>«dway, nrof keen# £ , C R E I G H T O N fsf Co. f8 l /aidna&nrl. Aqaimityof China plate* Alfo, ifrw ton,of G R IN p S t ONES&SHEEI ,m boxc* and rolea, both ION prr fame veffel if 1ovtmber n a a S A N N E J E U N E , ‘ Vo. gocorntr o f PesLrl and WKiteliall .ftrecu’near the ^^XTISHES 10 purckxfe to the amount ol g&IMn V V d allan, notes on deheaturei, ojr ptber s^boved h s t^ -a^e offers hia frrvicea to -thofe wjjo wul cm. ptby him to make piirehafo of e*change*Vy cOmnifCon lls„prqeure* money .at imerefl On misveable tnd im- moveible property He buyi and fell* Land*, Lot* ol Ground, Houfeaaad Dry Goods, by cominiffii J o h n M u r r a y '& S io n , ' * H ave f o r Sale, at N o . ay B e iSifian^ftit', . tahhd* Wtndwird iflaad rum .a (ales bata alTorteA * . 60 Jb. Anuafortii, loO Ib palebaA go calks Hallandgunpowder Anieripo bltflere^ Oeel A quantityat white baalik a t cablet from Bto lO inehei, 50 hhdsclaret Anclegaat afTortmenrof gold and filver watches ^00 grcmpoftei aad wine bottles Half ralien cafe bott !ai Wtuaow |l.ri 13 by la, 11 by g, 4C*fe*g'jafi «raie I • pipea gin, I* bale* blue Guineas _ atbbD peirlalbe*, aotforceifipe a« boxes hair pswder, 50 do Durham mulUrd. Mfo, a quant iiy «f the bed i ; . __ M m l u r n E n d C h a m p l i n , *. tig TearlC(lrcei^faave.for SALE, jaBanipottad ta ihefcb’f Eagle,from S i . Peterabuq|h, , -ifr. ’ B4i*nscl^n'H n p R SQ featbtr beai^ tbo pircea fbeetin^ aacafkxlinfeed oil A Na OH HANa, a f l p r ^ i . . dii4>ecki>Hfi&iag 89 pieces ravens duck 73 toni afforted S\»-eedi iron, flit, round and fq'oare 76 pircea Amrrieatl duck, rquR for Rrengab aod du- riiicuato any imparted 7 bbda W. I . rum *5 boxes foap to eafea clftile do. 4 copper ftilia, complete 500 black and red Morocca (kina tierces new rice 41 cratCa L iv erpool jtnrt, sfur- ted nrremter a 6. *f id Sherry, pia* Landing at Moore’s whar^ From o a lioafd fctaoooer InduRry.acd for Isle by J O H N S A U N D E R S , No 33 Malcom'i-whirf, 4< bis and te kcgi pickled Herring *5 d o Liver ail gSO flaooki and Headmg ~ ' 67 kegs Saloon, 4 bit mefa beef I bale* CoUon, 7 calks Lifeua • t pipes Brandy Tn Store, 00 pipe# 41b proof brandy iQO qumtali dumb fifh too boxes Etorcace Oil 3 cbcAa optum t ditto Manilla indigo >0 w t nt«megs, ao cratesglaft wadi, a fabd* do. Sundry bales India good*' M p$, IJtrTfu A compleit aod highly finilhed fet ol ampuuuap inftrumenta do do. trepanning diaa Eafl liadia Chart and diaiofttry. V sw . 14 tf Alfo, a generisl..airartmentof J t w l k r j and H a rdw a re, Cvtlerjf and SadUrj. Gons, fworda, piftoli sad blunderbufies.gold aod filver iKevofficcrsepaalcttea, pocket book#, wflipi.caaet, * c Ltkewife, a large affortment of Gold and Silver Watches, Watcb trimmingi And mate (iSts, Ac. dec all of which ate now opening and fot fait « a eligible lefni, by L E M U E L W E L L S , No. agS Pearl ffreet. [oabufoel* • > n ^ (kqp Mar .I n d i a n C o r n . iSoobufoela of an excellent TT, from \Vi quality, juft imporlec MatKCto>, (Del) lo. WM. K E N Y O N C h u l a n T e a . T H O M A S ’ B A R R O W £if C o . ■ h a v e received a few poundiofthiacefebrarcd TKA, (0 highly eftectnrd fa t its rcmalkable prr<ume an\ Savor. It istbefirB'of ebe kind ever imported,iaunb. city, aad is well wor b (he attention of the curiout ic Tip, The price at four Doltaci per pound. C O R D A G E. Richard M. MalccSin Sc Co. Aloioaii^lg to;?'tl!c£s^rrar (&lc by G a . i - . f u r S t a i n - , n . O I A U SIZIS. No 140 Waier.flreet, FT A V E for fale aconflaatfufTply «f CORDAi n OF ALL SIZES. Orderi left at the .office at S c h a n i l o p ^ s , /A n ifTorancnt ol r.al Hoilar4 m3^g,.SGHANStO. e box o r retail, for S 4 k ^ f r.N o actV W*. ic t *i» tl GouvelD«;ur and Kemble, /lAV£foT5AJ.C,«it{iei>S'OrepQ^auver9ffar*Jwhtyfp ' * for iipprovc4 tfi purclttfcj», $6 dp* Cu^owdeTf f * A 8- . lOO bale* Ihort yel. nan. ipnpfpw lilgb p roo^C ^ ttiiC wxc* and rolea. Gat and foap, in gllxet 3 large elegant fett of dmang Cliins 50 windowblinda 4 baxerlarge lain b fmall do. 8 jar* baTfiin tolu I calk gttrnJack ' 3 cafet French cambrita a colored aaffiiy a caiei ndns thread 8 umbrellas sjioxea glat* ware I cheQa Dutch pipes 70 pipea gm g. -fipe •HpilMdl . • c *tei. Of for bMttta. hr life iS w i . * :-fine 'llo l l f ^ k Of for Jaftitr*. too da wirta de grave 4 qr calk* old Sberty ‘ S . 1 pipe A* ^ Land pirtie, 4 qr calk* § Madeiia wi»« , a colored aafliiy 5a bozet guSnewder a black do '] ^bagictatetcorJca ’uakjdbbrbi 41, CcoS |«*it fkfea • tie* nin i thread : lOOSpStMGa bidet a new cablcf 1 box fi)]c nniqiacta u f . t.o/t . ’ ioogiatadat , * .* ■ ■ A , \ Ironmongery-«tiG GUtlery* geaeral a»d wall chnfgq alfomaenr, for (kla pasfox wilhioj to parchifc a part ot tht wM a, meet w.lb term* very advtmageCBS. Aj ‘ id CUtlei Any . . . .— , wiH tt ata.iy^ Armftfonfr BatttewaUj Have for A * LE by % t^ACi^CJ!, it C h rtt {nhhda aad Cafe* jif 1, a , Ibd a | dod. a! fit ViSd'e“S J U b l rw iwder d e ru Lawn's Talfafet Vmbrell** Scauaoary aflortfd, Hairf»w t a d Feifetxmi* ' Dtnaat Linen Lawns ' ' Auvergne do ^ - Bcanifon d o Morlaix do Brctagiedo Gingham* ^fofcat^f L if St Rennes Bear bhdkfe CboBm do* Cambric* The above goods aro cOtided to drawbatk. •ctefer ». Seopitle* A KMtanriidhfos Sfikao^&ftad tbeea *. Mrodc aoRsi«|gb«4|p Bo do intberaadfilk M <t(a Sptt£f<ei fi balsa rrcochtlad^ 4 do Baifet ' ^ . tBo Bis Oon-pbwiSer . 146 b\»e» White Sugar \ , *64 do »roWo .15 Hhd* and t tierce do ' „ ^K T h o Ieftile S iU c W jaF ^ A o u f e . I s a a c x i T F U R f e Na. 141 Ptmtt^ritK ■ ‘ Black tnd colored Flbrentinet, lactic*. BlackfeHvet, relarea'ad ilirracliec '■ Figured,' and faacy Mod«, tairkey C k t L Square Mod's, f : - Satlin FiJurrd an GiuteCloakfjr— Black ralorcd SEartelosa Kdfef» - ■ Silk (hawi*, farfnet* and oerfiasal ! Silk (hawi*, faifnettandperfiasal Oil'd hat coven. 4 , Silk iod oil fkiti Umbrslfel ad44tibboil*i tad^a Siitih Hattond lf*at|*%4 p\ik ’ ' ‘ a l s o , -Tiifn cafef iaoanned aliarepqr aaroite. A large aflbrtiaeat of aniliag papcii powder*, afTtSdTroBiciaifidpfot^’ 3codoz. fesfounble boficiy, 300 doa. check and cortoih tfiirti. Fer Ac/efd;re, O/iftfe fogrWma A.C,u,^ HOY By D ix i t I&s ind C ihohah *,, Prr M a ry fr& n ! » advance o r fee fetr.iqg invoicq. / 4 Henry Sadler (T Co. . _ No. gi W ster.ftrm, have for Salk « 4 0 0 .0 ^ 1 Ruffia lh?«ing 45V0XC* Htvannab White fugat .JT b S J 'i COFtES. , . ’ . 109 bif (bip bread » Gia j y ip c * ^ /^eneb brandy aa do. Bdafeufo wifft ^•^^'^Sefobpfet^, different fi2M,froi»3() by* French caab-aca, Daaafli table ciotita and cardtin* • Diaper do do aflA ra. •M .f'

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