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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, November 07, 1797, Image 2

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V.; ^ tfcuw a mjMtary feriog into adion at its riif niontli o f Plu- . . royaHfm, t i u t the :{if ®* JiM ’ticr; D y n a .i, P < w J '^ r*' i t i a v551e«nstil?, metely augmenicd its audacity. ifotirccs of It cannot ■ r t ^ l c wUKirtaufc. L. fi^rviugW. it wa* !r ibuhd td be tnore afcfitl tfiaji dangcroas to M ± (f ': tfK full extent of the aiffct«.t ref f under which they aCV-J, i t' T.:* doubted citixeus, hut tijal In ' dCVthe departments ihcelcdlions were the \vorj » . 'of this jjarty. In proof of this have oaly tb refer to the debates of the military tribunal; W ,?W ' . . to *hd two declarations whurh Duverne dc fcV ;VV.^' i /^refle has ijlacctTin our hands, and'vvhicJi we •I > ptthlifti thij dajr taud finally, to the fcniimcnts C ‘ y * coiidrti'i of the new deputies whom cor- ,| • niption and intrigue gave to the Republic. iem» It was dif. in the majority •WB* the principal »gem o h h e m W - - f ^ ^ i o t t i p r c « r y “Iomm*ndanrof a^Mtril '\51™?\.. “.P\ ** . ton who:jS|pdfd.|^? J t «p--^ad »aexBnptiaafT( w tins n ^ g ^ w s f e was delfvered, the **Xttioa f « c^eryjtoWn town wtiicfi IhouW open it* gat pro^lsmaUoas and deCrsT iltny had iiTued, together, Wib» rcdplttrtlte\ people of every defsrWion ent w!U. the fttlJowiog documTOUi— aad uurlf^jsd stmoefty. I *dd«fthat M the Prit... Ptai/ifunaat yemeiK the Port Fahtfa/ihcaiUBlS'ArJrdi^f dc Cond* wa» very defirow Uiat he Jhould proclaim iwtf eunttcH n M y with h t exa hand. the king iii'hia campi funrendcr the-ctiy of Huninguen, “ ‘^’’^ouaigsies who wvitcri with, and join th^'priiicein.order to march to Parii. Pich- M. the count de Montgaslhril, 4th S^pt^ lygl^ from «gm, after havingjread ilm whole «f the letter with the hx o’clock in the aftrruoon till midr.iglit. utmoft attcntiop, faid to Fauebe—“ This is all very “ The count de Montga^llard bad been at Venice w d l; but who* h this M. dc .MootgajUard who fays * knew the circnmftancc thet be is antliorired in this manner?— 1 know’neither *' Every thing wnpofed upon th« prince the ntctfllty. . , - , _______ ___ - „ . - if di^^ing, amd aerid«jg fpcedtly, up—«end an extanptiaa from “ Behdesgood feofe impofedupon him andther law, niery which fhpuld open it* gates, that o f exatnibing without psihon what fprtof ------- (rtlce\ people of every defuription entire Ftcheg^ was, what was hi* ntltog propeoltty, i 1 \.t rk. — \'cre h it pnopdfitioni. “ A!} Europe aiutouivced hts talents, and he had fui ihed the Prince with means of judging 6f hia twriiory. • ' r tbt Prinqtwriu ne hiniifvJer, ' - * :e the net u andthei jjbcriy af.'tbc prefs in Fr»n«, fn4 ^ cfiiiutblc qijalittct o f a ernrotnt. The above two Jodrnaji fornjfh h t details q |th e iiiftoiy of the lattf«v0lutii^‘t ^ 1 that; wc know concerning it i» t o h b e t o % ^ | from the different Meffagej afid ' proof olu” 'fly^paffing th^RWitem^^^ Direditory, and the fitting* o f the t W c a u i ^ ^ had come to my houfe fix wcric^ before on a vifc to before any overture on say part, I wilh fo be affuted me ham the count, to malw au apology, that the moll that tS. the Pnnce o f Cottie, wbofehand-writing I ve- yrgent riafons prevented him from fcciug me, mid that ry well recoU»ft,,.fns approved every thing which ha* he would explain the caufc to me at foon as it was jn been writtrn iii bis name’by Id. de Montgaillard. Re­ turn imiDcduitely to M. fdontgsillard, and let him uiform the Prince de Conde of my anfwer.' “ Fsuche immediately went away, left M. with Pichrgro, aid returned to, me. Arrived at ijalls at nine o'clock in the evening, f his noinian. 1 immediately in the t&idft of the armies of Conde and Wurm' wodld render’Kfs^defettioii impolEble, and if hi cefs d id not anfwer his expectation, ho hioifclf b leinigpant. •' What ftupid ohflinacy to pretend to know the army o f Fichegm better than Piefaegru bimfelf, to ore- tend,to know the temper of the frontier province* bet- i» Fichegm who commanded them, and W niption and intrigue gave to . E m i^qta Inundatioc Paris i p ' M ^ q ta jfiundauog Pans and trie depart- ' litem* jnore apd pioiej Republican* cither «amc that d a y « W lchcced or forced to fly, from their hom e s; be du Mpiitcl. and fanalictfm recoiled by thofr bvres ; I fonnt;^^aftenvard*, however, he fent to The Prince hjd gone to bed ; he was called up, how- -fujpcrllition and fanalit f ***>■ “ ® '« evtning? wit^the Ab- “ The only MbuVaT^'aher®having aporifed the •. r 1, r M ’ r , P u n « 'o f Ctsj^e of the filuat ion in which matters ab«d, ■ ^ ^ ‘‘\t^ving^fpokc to me very fully of hrs efcape, to prevail upon him to write to General^ichcgru, in to me very fully of his efcape. to prevail upon him to write to General^ichcgru, iii ^°i' \ of to enufirm the truth of what had been propofed 2 / *‘T trielig inlututiOni abandoned and inlultcd j the f ^|tnplyd«cefa t the piircbafcr* of national do Jk ' n»in| memiced, and even ftrij-ped of tliclr pro- public credit alraoft ann ‘ \ ku nii n«fTic«4 % “ This ne|6ciatian, fo fimple in its objea, fo oecef- Cary, fo little fulceptiblc of obftacle, neverthclefs couti- aueil all nt^bt. er than Fichegm who conimai placed hi* fricuds as the Gov “ Tbur pretenGon, however, ruined the monap.hy this time, as it had done fo many others. • The Prince de Conde .after reed in* the plan rejefted it completely. “ It was neceilary to its fuccefs that it (hoUld be commanicated to the Auftrians—-Fichegm required this. M. the Pnnee de Conde, however, wilhing to • sgrofis all the honor of having eSefted the counter' re­ volution ahfolutely refufed. “ He reptied to Pichevru by fome obfervations, and the concluhon of his anfwer was a recurrence to his own plan that Pichegru (hould proclaim the King without paQGng the Rhine, that be. Ihould give up ;ucn, that then the army 0/ Conde alone and t paitidpatiou pf the Germans Ihould go mi That in this cafe he could promife too, in louts, which he had at Balle, and i,40O,00q rbi*h he had in excellent bills payable at light. la w Licit we refer o u r readers; anef t^iaCj^TCj^ j tents will be found extremely imporjafiKi^jq^^; not fled on the night of the 4 th inft,4 ^ vincible 1 rpidity. uvres wbi.ch he had in excellent bill* payable at light, ive as it ispollible to be “ No {UteVbent could make any impredion on M. of the great Conde as his in- de Conde. The idea o f communicating his plan tu WnrrafCr, of Giaririg the glory with him, rendered him ra u. •- .L. ------ , » , _ blind and deaf ;*rioiJa} priv t or pledge 5 t w ithout refource* tn the l ifwithout cith \ jp^kdiil trdafufy left without refource* nil . ... ' ■- ftnpiVllf e«ry 4cfcrt*ption at their { f t \ i ;.‘ if.. “ It was neceCTary to tnnfmit thefe obfervations to Pichegru, and M. Coucan waa charged with this talk. “ 1 certify that this paper was found in the Porl- foliciof M. O'Antraigucs, opened in prcfcncc of Cciie- raJ in Chief Buoiupane and General Clark, and marked add cyphcrnl by me, (Stned) Bxarm x a , Chief of the Staff.\ , ,. _____ _ Iritl Mtgcnt w snti ; difcoil an order to leave that country, afid w'^hc fame'timVw **^“* S f e people, like taoft n f the emigranU of dif- ^d* c^hclcS ■■ oefertption at Uicir greatcll W o uld ^ o ^ uuftioa, wuheij to make the r^olution a mine of ex- (Si^ed) &®* v 4'^: waK , ,1 v L - proCnptlons, replied in general t e r m s .......................... in or thdcaii, VjiDthcr Director, is d c ta i^ t ^ ^ |^ ^ .^ under the care of a guarfi j fix.ty-foutyofit^; member* o f the Two Councils, a t well aa ral AdjijiHiftrators of dcpartmcnlf, arejindjyl an order of tranfportation, togetlier with above two direftor*, whofe place* are about li< be filled up without lof* of time. T h u i i$ tl«. whole French nitionF once mare reduced to tie dominion of three ufurpen, who have yiolat^ every principle of thei Conftitutioa'on vrhic|| they have pretended to aft, :■ It is faid, tliat Talleyrand Perigord, tli* fiiii^'' iftcr for foreign affair*, will not Jong remain his piefent fituation. Not one word it niea^ ^ tioned in the Part* Jotamali reipe^ing Moreili, 5 |■-*^r?d^tiI po(k «m liR t forn employed name he anivra*! ^vbicli evi danger ol But af pieces p« ptocecJii hand, an rof alifis c * ration of new iFhowtipnjt-^tiUii Crtiacn*, IS ■ . ilte ^pliituiionil ai^, which bad been increaf iaglprfomc'montha', h u been daily dtffipaied. ■ ■-1- * .i- f , ! ----- - — — wrctchedntT* mdre brillunt. Thcle peapi . . . ...... ............ ............. — . — Montifioa, La Jair, Bouthcllicr^ sre pec repiied in general t e r m s .......................... in order >ny qualification, but that to tty I will fpeak » y mind to you. I cnnGder the But thsy furrosiod him,' kiogiM cut purfei, who were ptdbmg incajiacity, Tfiicy I C o m m e r c i a l ^ m j e r c i j f f e r . V i^Oa'Xt i* not to return to fp mu ^lid'difgraCethat you have 'encomuered the o f t re volution. Yppr children, y< ^ i tI)tT».,VOUr fri^ij'lvi fliRll not in. vain li r have 'encomuered the pe- Yopr children, your bro* n.„ii —s acquired fiatobiW ill le coiiliitntion filed from Soi ach other gollawa. •• I: vtts aftcr-tny journey to the Hague thk*I wfcit ifcbaul, then',; tq Balle. U the prince of Conde fcnt.for me to Mulheim, aoo Knowing all the connefttom I bad in France, be propofed to me to found geo. Pichegru, whofe heai quarters were at Altkiieheii. fclf With projcai of v*a t?simt and great difficulm ' hirti to bejin the bulinert to cadtogci N . ; r . t o „ , . t o - -------- 'iS .a .sr ^ M. the p n n u of Conde feni.forme to Mulheim* i and ruioing flic author of the btofxneii. • sucra, ,your IVi^tjfl*, ihall not in. P , * * were at Altkiieheii. \ I ^ e r a l Picbegru was there at that time, far- (inded by four members of the conveotion ind ruining rhe.aut! hat i* called, cfp,cuUy in Franc auttiers, who fmilc in cootempt, vs U E O r . r o R K : ..TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 ; 3d year f'the R^ 5g the ti* *•- tl^ i»f i f t^oftn rcprcfcntativca o f tlie people, ■ 'emMriittsj diifefs ofChouan*, hesd* ,of jconfpt- I ■ tatoriiii i ^ n who have conflantly betrayed their . thill dot bfciNrrellcd from «»• borne j>f ■ p liaciiUtivei»of Bhmkenhoilrjf, u furpia^ - tU* i dhoftn rcprcfcntativca o f the people, ,1 r i l t ^ a who hivc conftatiily betrayed duty in the- moil cmmcni liinmons, .ihsll privc you of\ .the fruit* o f your labor*. l L hoGnett. Thi me*, the tru* talent of t, vyhen they fee a man • devote himfelf to a maf- . . . . , » , — - . - -- — • ter from whom they are fure of obtaining, morq by ynded by four members of the convention iJww fcrvility than by ihcit (ervicci, and whofe cook I repaired alfo vyith four or five hundred Loaii to or pander it i* fat better to ba than hi* mimfter or re- tutcbatcl. . . . As a fit petfon to make the GrB ueral. . ' • ...... '7 - [ F«tbe<i “poll ^oebe Borelte, king'* pri„- “ The great principle of all the . . . . Icufchatel, yow printer « d inipe, a man per- King or the Priocca, 11 to prevent every count! fanatic m his attachment g6 rpyaliy, full of lotion which would not b e made to tbeiridvantage, tour**e, of «*sl, of cnthbfiafns, ws'th fome mdgreent, »nd tp farefer the prefeot fbteof things, tiCevery fbte but fupplying evjiy defed by bis fttadinef* and probi- tha»-did not load them with favor* of e v e rykini ^j;S « m .fethefyaem .of.hc Ringer t h ^ - 1 * a . of the Great Frederic, in the canacnv of hisacem, “ Tbefe people are guiky of an enormoq* error. _ hich TTiey baveijcttber enough o l information, nor ful^icnt ipon It* |Kilnootifm ^fttlcnti ib it yon ought lo icly for the accom \plilhmcnt of ibis grest a£l of jnfticc and neccf f your labor*. Tlic .h?m to undci ifbtkfi make a \s ffi- with iuftrufti. Ice and net doubtiefi make ■ *•* —^^tri and its I furnifhti able them \ plilhincnt of ibis great a£l of jnl Tity. ConfiJe In the Irgiflaltvc Jv-iy, and givr ^Ic law ha'iourfc, viriboui which 'your gciicr- out tiupulfc* ifilmiing an irregular and imnro' 7 p<iridirtft1cn,dild'procccuirtg in tlic qiidlt of . / *Pt'«t«llttowml*4nobjcdlbut faitiily rccog ] ’^oifed, yoo coorage of mitid which eusblcs * man of til *t nothing hut the objeftin view, and prev< being OTcrwhelmed by any of the‘v»rio whole faiitof yoi tfo not cxjuericncc the fatal effed .* ^ _____ :ondu£l)a \experienced them, w e ore' I , I '\experienced 5 olac rxjwricn i£li a* you alrejply have To often Never forj veen two of leaving behind ibc afal ........................... ' P‘=' - , ofthc nfnaedy. ( ^ . RXeSlLLIEX I * ! l,AC.aRDE, Secretary. td paffpbrt*. They were (oreijm ■ith all the pretexts ucceffary, to 1 i lotravclinlo France asfotytgnera, mcrcbints, being overwhelmed by any _ jbafers of national ptoptriy. \Vhtn I tbot w h tu it » ittaiaed. they were properly equipped, 1 recommended them “ M. the Prince de Coode, haunted by thefe men tu G<^, and went to Ballc, there Ics wail the new* of coatitnially, bad formed hia idea* upoiftheif ideas.and w 1. r . n BecoiM 4* timid lUout triilci, as he is courage- they rcinatned eight days, feeing Geiirra! Ffcbegro ^ ** It required nine' hour* work, feated on hit lurmunded by the Reprefemrfivts of the ptoplo and fiG*. to prevail tm him to write fo Geacnl Ficiejttu a nis Gcnenls, ii^t^uc hkvmgit ia tjicir p<mcrto fpesk ofiiinfl lines. • » Re^Mnaii/m in Francetfvu and undefkJ! ’ Two DircRors and more than,fixtyraci ben o f the tWo Cooncili, arrcflcd, banifiicd and their property requefiered—and the cleftion* of forty two departments annulled—thirty two Journal^ fiippicficd, their editors and printers atrefted—by a fovercigo'and..drrpotic arret of three D iredori, in violation of ail lavra, o fthc conflitiition and of every principle of juftice I ! Now, fay the tyrants, the republic ii fared 1 f Thi* forcly moil be a *’lerri 5 le The French minifler o f marine hat fufpend- ioua irieana by ,ded the military preparations for landing i England—aDcdpiJg they are very *xfot/?pe, and while tite Britilh navy i* miftrefa o f the fea, he think* the preparations ufeie/^ W h at a won- dcrful and timely difeovery ! ! • j e t , c itlitn » , t h a t J placed between t^o \dangers cqnallj- gr«»t, that of leaving bchiod the germ* of an evil which infEllildy would produce neW fhock's, andiiwt o f perifiung by the tod violent effcia* try ailuluous, iu evti uefTcd Uuf t rilcgru, however, perceived Ihem, took “ Firtl, be efpcclally of Fsiithe, and freing them l“®d ; tben (jc s* iljce thro which be paGed, hi. for ftar of teco gueffed Uuf this matt half fomeihing to fay t< as he paffed by Fa idle, be ftid aloud, • I am going to to P«t i>«* »rms t Hmm.gucn.' Fauchc immcdiauly fc» off and repaired paUiog hif fial lo it. IS already ^ r c wilh the four ” At laff he yielded me every point, and wrot Generals..' Gencnl Pichegru that might place the fulleft c< :he, and freing them b :e thro which be paffed, hi. fj met hing to fay to him, a The iSirc^ory-haa triumphed inThe «o!J’ dccifivc manner without oppofilion or exertion ? the part of it* ailvcrfaric*. Under tjie pre- ^ icncc of preferviog the Cooftitution, it ha* 1. dopted the moft uncotiflitutional mtafure*,. T*he Dircdlory bat Rated as the motive of in condud, the plan bf • counter-revolution, U k center of which wa* fappofed to cxift in the 16; giflalivc body itfclf j and by terryfyiogthe puh.; !ic mind with this idea, it hat fucceedc^ in in« dbSmg the people to applaud an event,''wblck great number* mull view with the decpelk hop.’ roraudthemoft finccrcTCjpet, ^ ,i . L e t the proclamations, the ^rte/a , i a i the «foIutiona puhliihed -cither by the Direflory or- the two Council*, deprived |* they hare b « a ol tbeit raoft valuable member* in point of abDiljf or moral clyifaftcr, be read wjtfa attention and; impartiality, and it will appear lU t not a fin.’ gle fitdl is Rated, which prove* the exiftenceof the coufpiracy that ha* ferved for * pretext to juflify the violent Jind arbitrary ptticeedmg*,^. gainft the legiflauve body [ -Thefe pubficatioillf arc drawn up in the fpiritand Ryle of thecek* brated carmapi§tt compofitio i» whibh Barrere was atfeuflomed i« deliver to .thstJConrcntipn ia the name of ftohcfptcrTc’* committee*. They contain no proof wljatever—nothing that cre^ L.ord Sfo Vincent, was Rill jo S Cadiz, tnd < admiral Duncan off the Tcxcl. Six fliip* of wcari the femblancc oncgafcyidcncc} and «t EIlii^“ ' perifiung by i - • naedy. (Sig'i . RavEiLLiEX JLsrAxix, Freudent. t place. Pichegru - Rcprelenuttvea and fevi 1 the line were ordered to reinforce the former, [ onder the cominand o f Sir /ohn Orde, vice ^ adgtiral NelTon, who ha* retired upon a pen- j , , intimated t th e - i r if ti ib c r * o f th e tw o council*, th a t th e A, notice from the -Dire^loi [le-inftiihcr* of the two cou Thriiter of the Odeon was prepared for llie juncil'of 500, and the AmphitheStre of the f ^ledicinc for the Council of Eldi [ivriy Surd, he f It with Mad. dc Saloni I perfuade him, that . fore to hive it retui illQol of S Accordisgiy 4 niimb^ t*f the tnentbers of toih afleinblic* met in thefe placet on Moiidny,-atid the fittings iverc-lcfumcd. COUNCIL OF FIVE HUNDRED. MONDAY, SvrTXUSia .j tho it rained gomg to di ________ If iHfcc Icagucf fiom Hunin^uen; usd iliif Mac de Salomon is Pichegru'a iniftrcfl. Fauche tn.„.-_ diately lot out, reached the village, went to the CKa- tcau after dinner, and inquired for Ceoctal Ficbe- rqfcivcd huts in a corridor, taking Gen. Pichegru. iche-then told him, that being in paffedea of «1 o f eifhi hiieiVrooi a manulcnpt of ,j. J. Rpuffeaa ht was defirous *0 charaftcr and fignature, read it, and'imnicdiat'cfv dedicate it to hini. • Very well,' faid Pichegru, * but *“m«d it to Fauche—• 1 have feea thefienuure. a I mull read it firll, for .Roulfcau' his priociples of fi» tbit is fulEcient for 1 Jieity very different from mine, ;rtd with which 1 fctiafy every Frenchr (honW be very forty 10 conneft my name.' “ They talked of ______________ ^ _____ ^ T l t e P r e f i d e n t o f t h e D u t c h C o n v e n tio i has “ '“ >\»<.«l t h s -d r f li» \ . b r pco. lined, after it bad produced ail the P*f» fh c n e w c o n f ti to tio n . ■ this he yielded with clfea* to be expeded from it. To this he yield! difficulty. At laft, a t break of day, 1 again fet BaOf, from whence 1 dsfpatcbcd Fauche to Alik have feea the fignuure,'a The f vice's word ought • La Marque was nomineted to the chair, provtfionally. and b* called on fuch petfons as had difchargcd the .office o f fecTctary to come toljic Bureau,-and aft The^ollKwing ii«fr*je was then received from tfir direfto/y*.— J^jyre Jn » the Cctieuil of feet and CJdrrs, ti-fed i 8 fiaAAir, Jif/tf. 4 . ' ‘iC iT ie x x s RirKE«*.vrATivx», “ TTie executive direftory haflcns to roinmunicatc to you the meafurcs it been forced to lake for the papin it has colle£ictl, as w.-ll as ihofc it pohliihcd before y«il were, a-Temblcd. 11 it had withheld itidl ■ from a &yjj^ne day moir, the lepobltc would have been dcliv-tVed tty to its cut-inirt. Hie halls thoijifelve* in wh'icfi you mcit, were the points of union of the atois : It Wci from th.-nce that I* Treillhard and Bonnier were, the new com miffioncr* at Lifle— me« who are Rated to haw? been of Icf* accommodlting view* and m at ...... than the fonncT five, another coufirmauoB of the unfortunate refult. c..iiTOiinioued?' ^By M. tbePrlncc d c U l ! ^ * boiff the white flag. ^ttij folio ^ . .* Then he led him alone _ *B, That be (hould deliver up Huninguen to the ■in yourfelf i Pnucc dc Conde foi Fiuche, cirtb; d , k - f n - what commiffion has Monfieur, the Pichegru refafed—<• 1 will not dothings by halves \ . f f V ” . , , ^ f a i d . ** I d o iio lto ntake the third volume to La the, ciitbarraUcd and unable to find expreSiont, Fayette and Dumourier. I k now w hat m v means are • fluttered and hefitaled.—'Courage,'• faid Ptchegru.'my they apt a* certain Iciitimciiia arc the fame w ith thofc of the Prince de riicir rooU Conde; what doei he wilh with nle Firuefic, cn- Convention, «g«(J, returned ‘ M.uhePrince de Condo defirci to *W e. generals w h o tfiink as I . liimielf to I'ou, be relics upon you, he wiflics under ' - - inneft h iiiifelf^iih you.'—* This issig u c and ufe- Fran it means nothing -.t aH. Return and a& wntten Kinj iiftioiia, and coiiK back ii s to nothing • he would be iguean in four days, and I Ihould light. My army is ■ is neceffar rogucs. It is neceffarj' to fe from the other, and To fjr -ngage the foi ifurcthst they may noTongcr 1 or in tlic envtroiii, rhal they ftdl endeavoi to inukc Ic- duioii<i.4iid clMidv'tutB alfemill whit h tb.- p jlice is now citip-->yc»l III difpcrnug. it would have 1 r.*n to Commit r'.i. p ill,I r.curlT, ..vd that ol ibc f.ill.fu' re- pS-l'c.itariws, t.i 1’ V. alloWt .i lln-m to hr < .'iilouudcd tt-Jththt other tir a.ies e /the co.iuuy. You (t her tir a.ies eV the cu.miuy. inarked 01 'bvfoicltand w>i: ll'oy.ognr g V ■. .«• r rmc.i el rh- i Ymticc, I ir eon J net ol the dii.ttoVy I- i ’ot ruy.tln.y )1 beiug by /'ic I- i ot ruy.tln,)’ tii/jc itiiilu /:*ti,ry. vvlio 1 lent, a.rin who wi-.hctl to Uiyiiv. I-. ;s o! liji 1 l■^•«lllpll., a i 1 to ,,.Ae MIS iiiaguaiiniJUJS n.tU'n to.vjrt the iect o. the .1 U-s leil-d-eel I:-. a.iaiis ol lUtc, eX’reipe- can bi e!l ,11 ir 1 », 1.1 .i.,;l;jtei .lo.ie : J-'U 'ee,,. iorui a ,15-iirt-io't <il i.iofe wli.. h 1 jvr J-, tcrir'o.'T i.je eXete.iiiec ii;i.e! Slid wluch lnve prmiuvi i u«py.,U c..(.(:.j».:„r S. ' ** fh- i4> 1 i f et. ,h»r (,'vsyttcmher ^tl-^ tv-ii .<< 1 d'a, i.i ii.e ai>ii.iis >t i I ante: 1 s certain as they are cxtenGve. They have I not only in my amfy, but at' Paris, in the i^in the depaitments, and in the armies of ............... s : “ ; 1“ “ ■* “ Fauche imracdutdy left the place, arrived at Bafle, “ The Prince's plan “ I IptnlViic lught III drawing up a letter to Gene- hooeft men and ral Pichegru. M-l.’te Prince of C’qnde, i.ivcftcd With, iu,l powcii by Louis except that efconfcrnav this inn * wrote to tOe i.umoar ol lolUiers ot diaetinl kinds that may be' re- bim every thing wh.ch q tired. * t juft pride sylueh 1s the \ I fhall previoufly pfocc in ail the fort* -officer* to tn louii, and alter having pointed out lo be relied on, whofe lenliiuents agree wilh mine 1, a hotel d Pans; the \ . j i n.icd With Gondc's army, I- fh-ill march imror- .ativc countiy of the. gmerel, |diaulv torward. My rcfourcca will then every where .p u d trom nil .1\= tbem fclvcs-and wc Iball n: ' ~ empofed ol ^feparatc the except that of coofernog]great mcafurcthst they may noTong4 beabMorctreat* me h.a full powers by a and fee p i (afety but in the furccG ofthc undertaking’ oblaia a negocJatiop To I offer to erofs the Rhine in any pan' pointed out, the day and hour fixed on, and with the I puwcis by lu iibbauds, had wr.img under hts o with Grn. Pichegru , ^ 'rente d Jut; the day and hour fixed on, ; mfrqncr.ee of this that I wnote to the uumbar of foldiers ot diffetinl kinds that 7 aHjrand JPtri^rJ. W c fidJ in’m Rill among tJie candidate* o f the fuccefifal party. He was on ime nomiMr rion- for the new vacancy in the Dircflory, and Ilia predcceffor v>eu again employed. Wc pre- futne it w a tin fome diplomatic agency which 'a* tended to,the unfu^efiful iffae at Liflcs , Marbois, Gcn^ J o n r^n , Gen..Uoche, an^ others, are among the new party. A gentlemao, who came paffenger in the Mary, informs, that Mr. Marfhal, one of the American conuntlSoners, had arrived in Hoi lands We do not find, in the Engliih prints, any accounts o f the arrival o f Mr. Marflial 01 Mr. Gcrty. tory r.yc mander* t a Angle c' • Lenfionoi , fliecffufio ■field of ba tre called proteft tb the royalii the Dirca ftniativca , GencraU, chirallcrg, pppofitiop, a-tnovcinei polttuy to tiiislTanfai laritf i bu events of tl W h attl defpotifm, party have ' »oR likely fate o f thi) faresaftbe ttg f o a t ^ tic new col lidlncnce of iMndcd on > a g tiiD e ,j '■wsUic form L We iwiic in^in»n»i l4i»y of t1 ij^adcr, and eaGedtie A ■ifc*, by a RicrFQrtitud R m i Jamaii weathers wai Ike got #wcr s chored in Fi bor ol Cha accordingly find, that the Direftory in one of it* tncRages rejeSs the principle* and fonni pf the Conflition to fubRitute in their room all the revolutionary tdeafurca which t t had been, for a long^ time part, the peculiar buGnefs of the legiGature to doaoray, ia fiivor o f proceed* ings exaaiy foiled to the fpirit and letter of the ConRitution. It Was under the proteaio’n o f foch a fyftctn^ that 64 legiflator*, exprclsly chofen by the vofoe ofthc people, twa Direftori, and a number of other diflinguilhedcliaraSers, have been tyran­ nically arreffed and condemned to banifliment J ■^that.the boafled foyereiguty of the pcopltf- has been (hamefoUy violated by the abrogatioit 1 )6F the ads of 42 Etedoral and 53 Primary aflrtn b li e s t h a t a]! the laws-enaded by the legiflativc-body, which have been moR gene* rally appraved of, have been repealed ;—tliat all the ancTent regulations, didated by tcitort*\’’ have bee* revived agait^'Thc priefts, -snl' jlgainfl religious worfliip j againft the fonrnsr ItRs, and the conffitiitional liberty o f the preft j_-. —that a commifllofr of five, on the model ( f the former committees o f public fafety and gf- ncral fccUrity, has bccil inflituted for the par* pofe ofpropoGng and getting the moR arbft^* ry laws adopted-j—-that the power of.riolatii^ private corrcfpondence baa been again reftored plundered * asentiooed. the (hip Pa! Ibogtng to < 'night, the 1 Jfound to Sa ,(^pe Franjt OnBaturd K^Knighi, 1 M o -.Sdtr. FaK-E ‘ Chariot! StoopPerfef] Minerva BrigGracic,, Sioop Rachai Tlie Penelope Kpontdl ’Sp.-Shefficld, ft below, f bwitipuuuencc 039 ocenagain renoTwa ^ r (\Pm janSaic* to the Executive G o v e rnnnentand, finalty* Y Jp)t 6f wind Brig Mary, $thA t.guft.^’ > Gapi. Colli Mcraay frott .1' rrs per aiiuiini,\* h-itil it Pam ; trie \ f •• { n.ied With Grim ■ for IS jears. ,Thc pe.i'iaa of j W c fl-all be there lu fourteen day*. It is i-eceffary you fliould knot ;h to *^ari*.' that roya P a sto * e t , who not long RHcc pi^fentcd Irngthy report on the relatiups between France and the United States, favorable to us, is among the proferibed. In fhort^ the change that has taken place docs not add to our formci hopes of a fpeedy accortunodajion of differences.^ While Farnce coniinue# fubjeift to thofc re fieatcd rcvalmions, in men and things, (lability, or even rcaitude of coudua, isnot, from pafl events, to. be looked for b y ant„n?ntral nation. that the Legiflativc body has »uhju(Ufiah|^Ji affumed the light o f dcHbpraiirtg and eoteriBjjf into the moft alarming refelatiunti^witho^* ifig compofed o f t he number o f tnembcF»llfof' ; crihed by the conftilution. ^ ■\ The Direftory attempts to prove the exilh* ence of the confpiracy, by doenmerits faid t®; he found in the port folio of Coiirit d'ErltViN giics; but it alfo had recourfe to docunicnW K her lo* f hdutsj fijppl ; # a ‘ ■ L37 36, Ion found among the papers o f Le Maitr^i to prove the plot o f Vcndcroiairc.^ .A* if'thofe ivhofliad Wc have received the ReJaSe^r, and anothci Republican Journal to the 7th inil, iaclufivc; caufetirhc above' tioMeman to be foi'i^edj con- | Trary to the law of nations, were^not compc- '* lent to fabricate article* fuitable' to 1 the pbri which they had ia CQiiteinpIatfon. It To Dr. Is a cutfoiy ex ^Wmsnymftano •l^fSirvwthlnefait nothing fait PTsg-ri

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