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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, October 07, 1797, Image 3

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■ * ; akt- m V e d I « 1 »*w■'» % ■ * '• > Y . tB .S,‘jlQ.STOV M i ‘-'V * ' g I ^ 0 4o}}ui ; t s , : ' % . * JC^ %)[ iced 1^11^ J sconnw :«ice, b]f le^cinfei Wprote. i 7 »of N. ttion—Ii a S ) omletit { )poncntj • f c d i TGicfce, ite(iion«-> «e f d ifylvanHi iT^Jcrtey, ^tolatian : f i i o n il wtUhe [arylandi V i byTboa d * iS S ' tiitT & . B„S; ' I O T S O T S ^ - - • . MLM.}.Xr k,. «fel- th f f ■ ,11 vvdl. I ’O T o ; luuonst inft.^n die third loft ol A'Vcry^alaablc colteCUbn of books In the Ficnch. ItaliaiT, lijtin, and other foreign languages, being the b j^ and moft cxtcnftve aflunment ever im ^rted in thi» cduntry, for fate, An:ry cicgaijjly bound and luine editions. Cetalugocs inay be had at the A t jiojipxu iiiid failed . 5ifi^h>s id: S o i u la . ,., Chief, Skitrref# of GeOi^etow SaJes bV Uaac Mofes it Solid. On Wcdiicfday, November a, be French TANNERY, fnuaied on the No«h-Ri- ver, about 3 milt!, from the city, near tlic cimutry Icat oj Cornelius Ray, Eiq.—every tl.tug is 111 very com piea.t order, aha the buii^stfoway nc with .f, of G eO i^eto w n , for H a tnbnrg. luty 11', lai. 36, S - long. 25, P . Ipoke brag. Militia Bii r N ‘ > cv. Colfm , of Boftofl, daysfiora' Y«romanry corps Tilfioii, fur'dHt-dvia. In l a t . 37,\N . long. 65, ' ‘ , \V fooU Irig > » « • * ‘J=‘y> ' m i l i u r y j ^ ry littleexpenfe. ' ' There ,arc 15 and J acres of very good land, or dwelling huufe and a large kiu-lwu, i beam lioufewii'' J g a n p h t coloring 4o. withswb% ai,d karles, a mill do' I large liable, 1 honfe and (tore near the ^iver, 7 fn houfes, a rooms in each, 64 vau. as dp. finall, to p l “ , Tri.i<U d . W t W r . P o lly, r f V o rk- ‘‘\slm e a S ! H a rlow Boiirdc ro (?-ys. L e tt Gov. C arver, Spooner of We arc hippy to learn, llrat tbs moft perfeR harmo­ ny, good diCepfine, and deconnu, prevails m 4I the IcailX, fliips in this fquadron, owing to tlse humane, concilia- f t l y - ting .ind judicioni trcatmcnt to th c ----- '* “ ----- re, d»»R I vTt Go v . C arver, Spooner or r i y - ting .ind judicious treatment iothe people, by h r Roger ^ lib 1' ana Llizab eth o f R. Ifland In long. “>e officer, under bis command. Int. 4 3 , fpokc a (hip from Providence for, LORD Sx. VINCtNT*S FLEET. ^ «f N . « b u , r p o ,i . ™ .< uada. Sept; ~ - - T b e V e n ecadeinned at S t. D ^ U t g p . T h e L u c y , Cheney, o f flofton, was at P o r t de P n i ^ S q « ' i . i : P « '= - „ „ _________ .J** n k e t , for Boftpn, wraa t o fail 10! two oe. three dayt after capU M a ckay. S^h’r — Liokbam, o f B aflon, ^Trtjuiho -j a n d brig* J*nlly, S m ith >iigc, a n d -------- , PaU erfe jarura,4f5 days lince. . PhilaAtlfhi'tt Oflairr 6. i repaired, and nuke a moll 1 Britidi fquadron; which is co warlike ftores from Cibralti ud frclb pcovifiaiis from Fortugal. l_ord Bridpott's fleet off Brcft, contains, twenty £ if ijiic of battle lliips, eight of them above 74 guns. imd E lcey. o f K c » n c b « k , ntne^O* freft^ pruvUidas from J*ortu(;al- ' T H E / t T } . R , CREENWICH-STRKET. i r i SrfS .\5 S V . 7 ^ a r r i v e d ATT and Mtry, ttilhh B » (lo n , wai at| J*olly, Sm ith ; ^ refpeafuUy informed, the dooa of the Theater will open in future at half after Five, and . the curtain rife at half after toic. On. Monday Eveni;ig, the gth of Oftober, will he pi fatted, a favourite COMEDY, (in 3 a£l») called, St. Thomas n £ X T D O O R N E I G H B O R S . — --------- After the Cpmcdy, fjir the jitfi ttmej a grand P ahto . Al.-xiindcr, V'h>aer, Havaiina »*uta Bi - » xkblc Catherine, Rolof, Schr. Famiy. Hulloii, fottola Tiium^t of Laoi. ■ Adve^urr, Sadler, Nova Scotia To which will be added, aCO>UC OPRRA,/empreff- Hoop siipPv, \Vaii|s,- , _ , L’AKweaux, ^ « JfterNettJ called, PhilacUlphia and New-York Packet, Arq.un - R O B I N H O O D , • r . ; '’f e £ ' ‘:\^< e c c iv » , ;bs.-,iru ^ r S j l . Or, S i , , ^ F,r,JI. **^Uiday*luri^wl the D.ulh*^lhtwotr Protoi, « p t J t'J J E A T E J i , J O H t f ~ S T l l £ E r . THompfon, after a piSagt of Ho days from. Lcfhorn, To-Morrow evening, Odober 7, will kc prcfcni Slii|» Ann and M try, U ' N«m>7 Brig Al-xandcr, ^Vhcclrf* t o r ^ him tlwy bad taken a Spinifh and ret^en two[^ J.A.NE S H O R E . Lnglilb (hips, tl** C'cw-of the Sp»i/h brig ten* in. The parts of Aliua and jane Shore by the ypuitg board capt. Thompfbu, who h « diea that perfonned the parts lafl Thurfday evening To which will be added ^thc much admired FARCE, ADOPTED CHILD. Ugltfls (hips, iiumhcr, put on ' brat iHm fife to this port. PRICE OF STOCKS. A per cents — — i(>JS b S T = =' :^ - 6 N. York — _ 3s percent, adv. U .S . Bank — — 10 . do. S l C c E c ilia. ^ 'T 'H E BfP'.'n ef St. Ce^iU Smttr, are rryv^of to k | i tnsaaal tK ti.Tf EUfmijnu THIS iPEAViW* a* F / / a’c/tM, hmg fatrirthkatnig. ' R o b e rt M‘M e n n o n if, Scc’ry. *„* Ki> r ’fitert aJoutteJ^nll »’il«ch. O.T.y. Mutual AiEl^ce Oimpany. \^ H E membxrasre reqncftedto oke nouce ih JL OHrielly sRated uireuagoftbc above Cost will be iMld Ml Monday. ne»,. q U i bdlam; at Little's, Piae.ftreci, prtriiVly.at le«eno’clock. jOBK R. COZIWE, Sec»rv o a - 5 . 'i h e ts u b i 'e r i b e r , BASibr SUe.si Ffo RSon Uutray’a wharf, WtlbUx. 53 tarreo prihie Pork, tew bJitvli pratpt B«el, It* .ifli4 of very excellent Fort Wine, peites Uanrelt, Rsirxa icd Coaiingi, to erairj Forhta Wire, C.’afi Tambern per quSBtky, *0 eadw boit.'d P.iTier veryebmp, i s bsns 4'H prrtol Ersodv. 46M lb grrrn Ceffee-, fubjea to drawback, no bartcli freffi f-rperfl)lle Flo«r, 1000 lb new Chffe—.^gar j» Hhda AL.^O FOR SALE, B I L L S on ^ L l l M O R E . G. H d h * r i , . ________ tj 1 h? (uj^iniiarship ATL.AMTIC. Si^xthprs^nt *to tons, auw J leEpif- -Jeifey.’ theVni- F°K^!» 5 Ins^aie^'' ^ 0 . i V b •indta rUiJdlt* riftfO- (,«./« & £ H r * . s P e tf - , E e r S ^ L E , F H E J Q i f i ; .o r ----- - • • ‘ \MTIC 1 Waknti'i wrlgri, afid ready ttfxM t in , 1 cargo. ALSO, • ' ' Til* Brig CATUERIME, dsowt 140 'lenn burthen, lying M fane >wiarf. Eat tenaa app-y lo • JUmtvrn ^ Cium fim t ■j— t f _______ « I'g Pearl-flreet. ib n M . torbaf^uuliiaipb Bthnei EtrL jo t HAV£E this day catered into C ^ r i thefirm of 'aeTNEKtHir node John and Benhet Forfecs, And haVtf for SALE,at a n Wat-r-llrert, recitved per Barq^ MARTHA, Capt. Cemmingis from B ook - 30'v hiidi goodf.Bmirdcauv Carao Wiire 39 half iihda Vtn dr Crave e76ca'« excc'leot Medoa Wine in bottler, wainnied liiti quality e7t cates old Barfac Wine in botllea 30 tiercra white Wine Vinegar 1 W^e Umb.-ellas tG to 3 a iuclea 1 trunk liik ftoilfes* bone of MOntpelUct - 1 cafe ft >k flock I net, plnVca, and^awi* Eenunirf an iei 3 , ’ ICO cafei wine RroVtih ol LalT ton cafrv-iiqtKur* from Marie —Cor Ole torcafh or apptoved'^ns e7t^er a.-. tf . LOST, prom nlorag fide brig Wiiliani, it Itloore's wftarf, a Poriuguefe launch, ab o u t n r .iW e c i i n length; aUo, an Ameaican buift boat about 15 feel long,m«ckt!d on the flem. Star ej Btflon, A libeixl reward will he giv- rn for reiumins (he above boat«, at I e tta Wnior ttr. To Sold at Public VendUcp (.tf Kct kfme ^ by PrituitJ . On,Friday the firft day w I ^ nexf, at fix o’clock in tlic'cveiimg, at tbe Mercbul’i Coffee-bouft In Fht- tadclpliia. 'T'W K N TY-SIX thou&nd f e ^ hundred and ergjity L , arm ef Land, hulu: Hate of ffew-Yorb, b«weea tha north bounds o f Pchnfylvaaia and the fiufquehana, nerw lot late isrtiie town&ipi o f Hamden and Warren, ind fouuty o f kluitigorttcry 5 etlNTcfiinh of the pur- chaftf-Tooncy is to be paid « theliftie of falc, and for the rcftdue a credit of one, two and three mootiis will he given 5jn hiuteih and good feciirity. •tlikr 4,7797. tf. FOR SALE »Y David Auchinvole, No 46 John-llreet, near Wtlliaot-flreet, 4*4. f - 8 , 3-4, 6 4, and 7 4 jicoitw Muflin •0. do tamboard, fpdeted rod brocade do. 4-4, i7-s6,tnd 9 S lamboonlaaad.fewed neck hdkR ' ‘*19-*» A iaaad.fewed neck h I fan^ horded do 4 4, 17 tb,9-g, 3-4, and a i . | fan ^ bordec (>-4, an4 7 4 tamia.mrd aprons 6-4, aod 7 4 plain and Rriped dyed n a fliu \-4 flriped and cbetjted do &-4c)ooded ^ do 4-4, ^ 8 , 3 4, 6-4, and 7 '4 book mufba ado. do. Umboar^MMijpoOed dA 4'4, 17 s6, 9 8 book muDin hdkfa. ' french puiitcaii in fmall cafea 4 4 a 6-4 chioia'lhawts Une ino two purple callicoca. ■ana thread &c. all of which he will fill tbw for'caih me Iho^ credit, o a g . . tf. ~ Peppin and Satterthwaite, Mo, S7 Wattr-llreet, Have for (ale oa'^ery r c ^ n s b k lOo tvercea R i« , 130 fides foil Leaibet, g o h a g s e c S ^ tobda Codfifh, 15 q r . caOu S b a ty l^m e , aad A few |rip«t oT Port Wine. «> Oflober.ij. ______________ tf JohR-Wilkes, NOTAIRE PUBLlE,^i New-York, Stonevftreet; nsi^v tcK T les Franpaisqu'il vierat d<ptendre des ar- JL ran^exuens avec un avocat qui a rxerce longtemi foil cn France fuit dans les Colonics, ct qii’en ermfe- quence il rccevra en- langne et forme Fran^fe toua let actes^^i font-^n Miniflcrc du Nocaire. For Freight or Charter. The faff falling brig CALLIOPE, bur hen 443 ions, is fiaDnch,tighi. •»d in.^try rcfp'fi well found— now Wng a* Jones's wharf, Qid ? 11; For term a appi > J O H N F E R R E R S . |*-g Wlt-r Malaga Kaifins. aoo CafktQfthe Utefl Importation—for S \L E bv Stioii M * itlatuit tsf Co, ^tflsitT 4’. (f tio. 3 I Miil-Street R. Rsmkia, Mo. s6 CedareStteet, has (o, SALE, lately Imported, La«'ici patent filk Reaver haU Ladles bfiiSfted coined pliied do. LSdies fine Bea»er,'y«om*u crown do. snd trlmmg Genrieisiem b h tk Beaver Lata ^ ; Mens fine black olsted do. - Mens and Boys Oordev* do. Cordevan Boot legs asd FnglilH foal leather to hbd*. bed London BroWn Root, o f a fuperiar tS e h f 4 *• \Wheat. 2.000 Budtcls W h ite G r I9II May’s growth, of fuperor quality to any lately of­ fered fot lale; received pet the .fcliooiier Alany, from Rapjaihairtioek River, fot (ale, by 3 iunr» akd &oe. SAILED A t AtjCtlblT* ;^4te*%JShliBoile. R Y G O g P S . * Balei by lioffman and Seton.. -n . ..4 . i-n tbcil4u( t o THE PUBLIC. , TF^RfhllpI^^'dvIlbltOotisirerxhibited iic, niordcr to rgpeLdiahsea o( violmcc brot sgainll pa Ifieas Hoyt, James Wg.druu, mate, gnd Au o f brig Eliaar \ftc fcjvcon!y to obferve, trial of fail! Augullinc, Cupt. Hoyt came forward as eyider.ee and fwore m the prefetfee <ll thf the afta of violence of which tlic faid Augufiti; n board (ire *> ------- ---------appeared no fympaonit .of toua-juine,- aud that t,woof his ribs were brokn It I, a fingular circumllai a lingular circuinllante (bat fkch afis of viuleno lljould be cumin«V..d.aml no fur ge'oh applied to Tto pbblic are to underfUiid iliut Capi.Hoyi, jamei Wa! Iron, Auguftinc, and iHe let>otin(. man, ail bro; Icparan. fuits ag.irfl us, rmpteading us ia each wni,- ’ ' )V prevented our jullifymg ocrfelve, . > •lew. The terms o f psytri'em d’ill be made known at the time ol (ale.. The premilc* may be viewed at any At Priijte SJle, MADRAS HAND( v ERCHIETS, of the new eft ar 'uoA elegant putlcrm, on flr.w grounds, iuil rcccivi “T the fl,m IL'Yo from Madras. bales by Frederick Jai. ' On \VEDNl_SD.\Y, and continue on MONDAYS WEONl-SDAYi, and FRIDAYS, at 10 o'clock, ai the Auflion Rpoui, No. 16,- Pcail-llrcct, until Jh, whole are f-rtd, by order ot ;hc trullers ol the credi­ tors of the late firm of BL’R U N C and CORSLl' and WALTER BURLl.VG, a largo alfortiuent DRY GOODS, Coiiliftirg ol broadcloths, KerLymere*, BJxes, flan­ nels, dunmts, Oi^lSoiis, ratlim-n, nmrcci,, caliiu.ro- cocs, canjbUu,j wildboccs, calicoes ami chiata.-,, Jur- iiiture caliicoi/s, purple and chintz fhawds, botiksfid iiiture caliicoJs, purple and chintz fhawds, jaconet lunllios, pocket hdk!s, model, bandaoai, c ton hole, harlijiii llripa, check Imcus, &c. 4 cafta Iriffi linens, 2 bales ciiffas, I t'nmk liwing filkg, I do nbbons, and* 409 pieces tiaukccns. TtR.\fS OF S.lLJt, Purrhafers under 50I. calb, t.om 5010 sool. 60 '“ ‘1 upwards90 days, for approved cudurf- To be Sold, eiasjeW for Probity in the Cti) t f Ntat- Ytrh, T highly cultivated Farm at Blooiniiigdalt, dil t feven miles from this city, eomainiitg abou< 78 acres •! land, the grmier pari «f which is laid dowi in crioveraiid timothy grafle*: the road to Kings-bridg 'T \ ' tint feven miles from this city, eomaining abou< 78 acres al land, the grmier pari «f which is laid dowt in crioveraiid timothy grafle*: the road to Kinga-bridg' runs throughough thee (armrm andnd divides ilt Intonto two lots, the th fa a divides i I one of about 31 seres, on ilie weft fide of the road, up­ on the bahks o f flje rivet, «hr other o l about 17 aoxi up on cheeaR ftde. Tbe Houfe Hands nearly ,ni the centn: of the 5 1 acres, upon an rfevsted Qtuation. commandinK an extenTive and beauiilal view of the Ncmh river t its from is 3* feet, and dqgth46 f«t, built of (lone, two ftorie* high, coaiaioing 4 rooau apoo each floor, with a good, kitchen apd cellar* uadeithe whole. There air* a covcictl piaas* round the hoafie 1 two pumps . excellent water, agd aaaftzm near it. ibc out buiidin, conliR of a firm biMife,a rpacsout barn, bowls, a cover­ ed banack; dWy; ire toni'e, Ac Tha fences are all in complete tepal-T, Thegirdm it well flocked with rege *ri>le»,*, andnd comaiiMoniaiAS lOafparsguiafparsgui beds .off thehe beflfl fort a c lO beds .o t be 1^ 5» acra round ike boufe are covered with every ernes of bcariug fruit igncg o f the bell fort and ia grr,i Bistitirs. The Rack aod larmiag uienfiiis mav alfd be h id with eplao;, of which ixnmedate pilfcfiinn will be given ’ ■ Bime agrrmble (b t h e p m ^ a ^ ib e houfe and at -will be (bid by (ifdl. A finall part ofibepui- money will be required down, ih* reftdue may in open EMtt^agr, and he discharged by esfy an- mul tnllalmenta wirii intereft. For furthw partietlara. inqiaireat No. fiGBraad-way affoleoe. __ tf Munro & Roe, HAVE FOR SALE e-Oto befliels com, . - tj bli. fiiperfime do. 49s do wheat, 11 bsj^U . a133 a j bb.b. line !If ibr, 56 Bli Ctip b line f -7 half bis do do. I hbd. tatocce Received per rcbooner Sufanosb a ^ fcho rederickfb'i F O K S A L E , : witoall kinds ol huuljwork, me it lob«r and Itoucft. F . x g .^ U r s . „ H u .rc a t N « . i , ^ WhMefele Silk ' IS A 4*10 j t t f o r d ; , A'b. S j M 3 l.*eit~l(utit', • Black, chzrgrabir -n.l pUm I i.lirtngt*nd Mantuai Bl*ck, colored, lijjiued il/ff-n-d Ssitini .. ........................... Plf,iriiiini*>, Talfr.iea Georpe Bofi of ibe city o| .\e«TYoik, mari’i'r, be- ig fworn to depofe the troth, m-kcih oath, tbaioii iuu tlav cveimig cf .May the fixih, lall pall, Leiween /eve, .nd eight o ’clock, Capiain Hudfon. and this depoaei .1 the requHlof Orange VPebb, of fa.dcily, luerehai *fii. on ooaid the orig Ehzi, Gieti lyu'g at anchor Ttvet, oppofite Peck flip, m order to take ca„ ' J **\*« “ I*''* ouiid Mr. W aldrun. jhemarc, amt Auguftinc, ih- near, 00k, bqlh afleep That on w king iKry wen '/to v , rcd m be fo much in li iicr as 10 render ibeir, icapab/e ol tUcing c -rc of the (aid brig, fliai - r fair ■egro man \v.s m the captaib’s birth, and on Ibrriiii lun to get him awake, th. y Wire dilagrrcably couvin- cd that he bad ne-;effcd logo iu ilie cintus or 01 lie bows of the vcffel. Thai betwe-n iiuic and i ’riock of the fame evening Capt. Hoyt |came on b<u -id brig, together x.iiha ubuiii.g man—that ihe f. Xptain Hoyi w.s then very much iu;->xieatcd. Tha. bonr alter warda faid Grange \ t ’cbb, and Ca 4 joat line smg, Capt. Miner, and frjiicu tVoed, came d tfic la d brig .nd remained t (hoi t liine. and l brig and remained a (hoi i toe fa d O r-n,je W ebb and Capuiin Fai.iiing w raving direftiom to (aid Captain Hud(on, rtn» depo^ irni, and faid Minor Snd Wood t ' keep quiet poffrllion .( (aid brig until ihe next momiug— wlijch direa<om were puneiualJy obf.-rved j and itui ilane war noi aiiv • lolence oHered 0, done 10 the perion o f (aid negro inai. ri'p v a w i'i kuowle^e or be 7 any 01 ihtni, to iliii deponriit'i kuowlege uel, at any IIUIC during that night a L a e ‘ ® ^^OSS. iworn 26th day of Au- > ~ gull, X a ,737. J iicfoicme, J ohn Kassa Notary public. , S u a i t f X e a .r , H ,f CiemcBt Minetiof New Lo..do„, luatlci ol .nc floor Vancy, being fworrs\o depofe ahe urutli, makcih oa.b. hai bjiwcen the hours of leq and eleven o’clock, iu the Sunday ihelixib (ixib ol Mat lafl. :bb, af the city U New' Icpoiient wi.b the faid Grange \ \ • Ftancii Wood, went on board the brigaiiti l'laa, ira.thi^ Iviug It aneiior opp-(ite Peck's flip—l i rheu they bad got onboard (aid brig,(rid v\cbbal between the hours o» teq and eleven < sw ^ o t Sunday ihe ol May lafl, it the requeflol inge'Webb, al the city ol New Yuik, mercliam, ihn Client wi.U the faid Grange \ \ ebb, and Capt. fan .■ing.-and Ftancti Wood, wcut on board the brigaiiti„r h thro lying at anchor opp-flic Pec when Uiey bad got on board laid brig, (ri Capt Hoyi, for the uapera ol ilic laid brig; tiiat ihr Jid Hoyt torn replied, be did net know where thej ii.atihc taiu Hoyt and Uie mate and the negio AuguUmr, were all luioxicaicd, and unfit to laXr care of the vcilel at that, nnie : hat fuon aitrru •aid Orange Webb, and Captain ftithard Fanning,' i(horc, and leti Capiain Huulon. this deponent,George •lofit, and Frincit Wood, lo lake care ol the brig uaul next morning : that they iccurdtogly cbuilnued on d all the remainder ol thit night; and this uepo (urth-r makrib oath, tbaitbere war not any v»o th-r makrib oath, than infult uffrred, or done, to the perfon of fan •ie,ro man .-tugulline, by him, o r any ocher perfou oi Tons at any utne during tbaioagbi, to this depoocnt'i or bclief>^nor to the Uid Capt. Hoyt ott c xiiowiejc o !f~-nor to the (aid Capt. H or the, CLEM ENT M INER. ,-oru the tqlh day o f ) Aug^uft, A. m 1797, J Betotc n c . J« um K a tas, Noury Public. Sbfza/'aVnvrazi,/. Francis Wood, el the city ol a o York, genuciBte, being (worn to depofe ihe tiuih, makeih oa b, inat on .Sun Jay evening ol Maythr fuiB fall pall, be, ihit de* ponem, at il<c requeft of Orange Wcbb,>ol the I luerchini, acpsnipantrd him aod Cipi. Faaain Clement Miner, oa boaid the bilg £iita,tben a •n the EaH'River, o f^fite Peck’s flip i that oa entering the faid brig, this deponeiiC perceived that Capt H and ibe-mate of'faid brig, were in liquor, aadual i that foon iFierwards (aid Or ip bread, m Frederickibiirg. Schooner Sufiujnah -will faR for Frederickfliarg 1 jth inlL F&r (rcight or pa2»ge apply above. ^ tanier t . tf iVebb and Capt Fanning, went afliore and left Cam lludlon, Capt Miner, George Bofsiandthta deponem Evening Tujrion, ___ At the Acsdeiby No. 54 Pme-ftreet. 'TpH E Eveaiiig Clals at the above Acadeosy, wilFCor 1. ascace on Moadiy the td oi O&ober. perceived that Capt Hoyt, rere tn liquor, and uafii to •Fierwards (aid Orange , . » — - --------- a depoiiCTi charge o» tbe faid brig uaul U k next momine lliia drponew funlicr failb, that be did not fee »ny vio toanvof the perloos on b o i^ ng, during that nijbt, and that ao (ire Irma or o'bzr weapons were taken on board.(aid brig, nor wen loy la her at that time to tbiidc] Svzomthe 31ft day of Augiilk^ a. dice •lici John Saunders, Ha* received by the &ip H ash,from C a teu t t a, A CtmJtgnnuBt of laJia GooJj^ CoafiRing of tioarboa gurrehs, tandali cnlTaa. hms- mtitzu, atcabad Isonas, borra), mow tumai, ciaiutze*, lhawto, txHtoB Toroals, tohaa hdk(s,cbcck fhiru. Jufl, landed at Malcom'a wbsrf. •5 PIPES FRENCH .BRANDY-to he fold very luw tor prompt oav oBther i. tf ]ime» WaidrOiH lhe mate, and Atiguftine (the cookj rfleep—ihat pn awiktng Ihcin. they were both much *a ’■--or, partitttUriy the mate | t h a t ......................... in ibe Captain’s birth, asd had c re tberefore obliged him toga cm 1 lim bmb bed* and beddiog : that —IS or weapontof defen^ on boa _ __ ____ »nd thii DO vroicncc whaifoever wasWerrd jjcrfon oftliefaid AoguRinr.duimg the above night, or toy other perfon on board : that between 9 end lb .,^clock, Crpf Hoyt came onboard With a LI R E C E J t V E D , By the Charlotte and Merchant And other late amvali frem LON DON, andf* Sale at the Stare of (Be fobferihers. Bell faperfiise Loudoa brohd cloths, ditefi from the maattladories Superfine imifed kerfeymera Yorkflsire dq.^ K erfey t d i U J P ^ g for payer makers Paper moaldKff RKi*:,Demy,foob cap fiari for dr^j^ A general and good sflonmEnt of Frmtuig aod w»i- Corded fuRian; stid 4-4 I r ^ li i'c n i 3.cafes oi Mrnsand B-»ys f«to bus s cafes of Mens and Boys Ihoel Gzrnun linens ' Double refined fall petre by th* rw t. BellbattlaiKUU powdei dnuWe and flhgh 50 Cl ales fe^ftenwate wvll . iT iTted porter •»fihe (it ft dniUty j. Langdon 6 j IV. Ilobmet, t ^ ' No 6 Fletcher-Sirtti. ’ B Amcricni gun powder im i and ^ hundred Irifil LiHCns and JLawns, RECEIVED j.wMh^iow F allas and RirpO* ahc * from DU£LIN.. and (or £de by the fstbfen^r,^ le by the fobftnbi A. C A R R O L L . Ooayrr'o-lir'- wliarf e r r M R . & M R S . 1 ) E S E ! ^ E i- Ba(1.,U mrG™ :n WHtAf, ■ \ ----------- reJ’tt/leyf W fttdjrsjrcm 3 to 3 adeck otJfj. 86 .Vz/aa- jlre.i, cff 6 ftr die tnoi M'et-nj 2V./1. A!'. DtSeJX irtenis to apes dfi a. dtncin^fbnd faryaaxg getdour, a.« f i n M f p i«: fuiitrjge,«zirf l> epr- depOnrat’a kn^tfUge, FRANCIS WQUD. ’Lnr JOHM K bbi K, . Not-ry Public. • V; . ■ ■ : .......... , - jfihiTaimah Sugah a n i tfiief. \\ da boxes white ' . ^ 40 do brown J Hava«h«li ^ s j o SpAntih hidet, for file W ^ D M Lttdloot & Co. ■■ , n m OfPS^erfi. ,w. ' •’i :t-r ail’ lljrraitii--' Modrs, Turkey Gauze, Black and 1 Black velvet, vflt’re aii’ Kjrrv 1, and laucy Moclrs, 7 una Hilli law.a, i-ariiiruand yerfians Figured, and laucy Squere Modes, batini Figurrsd ati Cadac Cloaki, Black and colored Darcohma Hilkfi Tesriinetit ol wrinm,. jitper, ik piiAdcrs, w 111. d,ieRi, riS and plal'i. Oil’d hat covers, Silk and oil (Xiii I'lnbrel'.ss aiui Ribbons,.. Paieni Lad lei Aatrin lifts and Bands and Silktrim- • inings, &c. ibt. ALSO, Two cafe* lapanned ft'arrtiez- inVcrce. A larijr aiTortinefit -jl w ifi calet ink p t ba.col bun' s6 era s eji.li-qwjre. alT«rird for (ami'y i.fr, Wi;b |l|iuhl. |s,.u iiir ^ sll J, Ccc. fe.loiiabic liola-IV. -iv. -tf. IF ^Border o«.the lii.n‘'jotoi .S . fsiiuij.n Li JD the jullKct ol ibe f.uprcoi'' c..ur, <.l ju.jic thellaieol Nevv-Y..ik; N x ilIC h i, hfirt.v y vr„ rq all ibctredilora of George Bji.litello( ilienu .\ev.- York, an m(.>iv~n' debu r. tiui Giey Ibtv. c.olr, il „.y li<y have, hflore ihe Uui Jodice ai Use ciry hall .,1 i|.e city of New-Yo.k, on the add dat,! ol .N'ovctnb.r ii. xt, why an aflvKi.irie.il , f .he (.aid luLlvetn'i . ibir r,.n..ud not he made ai.d he dilcitargrd c«;t)i>rjing iitled, an ad for cvvi . g re.set in avei ot 300doz fealoiiabic liuli 3?o tloz chcik .nd cof.oi. £hiri| .. L iq on ■ , f inf.nvri iitled, an ad for (>i g re.set in case* ot intoi iialfcd 21ft March 178a. Dai.d flus dlh day ' GK - u GE uACFirPLj., inli. Jacoby Htya, one ol ihcrpcI.liLroipg creditofs^ ^ For Salci A Valuib e lot of land, cou.asrtii)j about crerfs, fi. X L luaird iii-a p ralant (.art ul theow ii 01 ^rw aik rcmimgupontlw ,na.n ftiret,. jofl ,bc.« Bridge Crew, and cst-ndtn^ down 10 the river »t low water in: It— : 1 hr whole iiin a high ftaie o l CuLiiitton,and ihr o(e»l * ne w lencc ; i-p-wi ih„ lot is an cleyant iwp ■tor; H infe, wuh a brick |ront.tnd (inllbrd in il,e m.*:l convenient and falbion hi ft.Je, wito cnach to ufc and '»''-<a,alar.e poultry yard. inrrscreUent well of . and a^ood ga/deti i'hcimpritvrm^nti a^ood gzfde . Also rox lAt f ig ibff belijrc :er, and a ,ood garden i he imprilveniehti lemv mi wilh-na ye.ir, t.n y are .11 n-winc^in good lepair. Adjoining ih r before mroliunro jirrinirrslhrrejLfmall lilt, to wit No. t, 7a (ect (rooi, arrd 93^ feet 10 depth. No. «, 7s do knd p'oTeitS tn.L-pih wiili a good dwtoiiiig boufe, snd a Mewtwodory bo.fd; ingniienoed for a Store, sod sgood Rarden. No. 3, 7 a feet from, and Fqj tect so depth, no itn- provemeniion tbit lot, excrui anexcelleat rpriiiz o i water, and a good llnpe well. The above walnaOle pr,.Eerty, wrill b e fota lopeiber or feparate as bcR faiu the pu^cMfcr 1 a rcch I and fuffic ect title wil hr given, tod .romedlaie pnlfriFion—pmicuiar* 10 the f ubfcj ibers Bterdtrr & A la n d . Qa.4- m Enghfll, Clalficai & Matheih»tical « E D U C A T ION. '^ H E fuhfcnbrr pteleuu kii rooll |;rttrftit ihsnki tri X hit friends and thn public, for ific very liberal en­ couragement which he hairxpr.ifficed fine* ahc npenind of his LITERARY AC a DE^FY, asad informs iitr.in, ihii tB conleqtsMce o la progrrflive Incrcafcol buli « £., he bath engaged au afllftani o( reTjvanb.c abilitica as a leiejft, and o f elbblt-eed rrpiautioa ts anw ralcha- r.tlcs, t»yv*hofcf«iuoosdillgence,iiiccijjuisA-OT wr-lf tmown, in rcccleraiing the piogrefi b f toe pupils conn, muted to hii care, in their refp.-iiirr fludie*. he hapej to merit the approbatico of bit employ cis. and ex peas ihit the refult of ilie ap^gemezil he is now tormine, will be fuch is-so place Xh t leminary on as refpe^st fz a iMtHig M any la ibe eiiy. fin ipartn.,iii it fiited up dfiached from the fchool room, foribeaccociinodaiiofi of fuch young gentlemen u ire difpofed t > flody I'te Creek, Latin or French laaguajcei, anctent and mo- •lem geoMphy. aad ta whom k a iirti will be deliverrd occiQondlr, im the Hcaibrn mytlaalogy, Gretktnd Ro- oruti antiquities, which will bare a tendency actonlyua enUrge thrir fplicre of uftfuj h*oxlrdge b « alia ei»i bis Otem tr> read the claflle authors wtzh eife a n ^ r e c i (ton. Thofc intendrd-f dr College wilt be lo c jh ^ r d m Geometry and Algcfea i iJ t due defigard for a commercial o r mtfniiae line of life, wpj l»e taught correfily ihoCe branches ol educstiun tn hich Georve Bofs | that wfc I k, Cepi Hoyt ca n ; that Capt. Hoyt ne eii board, fo much aa to 1 : of the propetty ; that beti a Lbonng luchtotpxiMted when he render faim ^fiito take, rare of the propetty ; that between to a i i ^ |y ( ’cl'ick Mr. O. Wfbb came on board wiib FrancSwcod Capiaia Fanning and Capt. Miner; that Mr. WeSt de- manded pf Capt. floytihe bng*a pipers,-w4to replied be knew not where the7 were ; that Mr. Weftb wuh Captain Fanning, then left the.brig, defiring us 10 keep- quiet poffzflion’nfhcr ti.l next morsiins, which we did. (Signed) PH1VEASHUD.SON. I, Jeremiah Rng^rt,maRcr of brig Allred, do here- r cenify, ibat Mi. Orange Webb, Francis Wood Capt Miner’ and (fapt. Hudfon, came on board m- orj«j«|r;S*nuliy evening, 6ih Mav, between to and at o'cUmRfliad wanted foire of my men to pm then; on bmrdfwe brig El.ii ; knowing their buGnefs, I sfleed il theyTrifhed to hive a pair ol piflols S that 0 . Wek' ihey wanted nnthar^ b( the kind, and took 1 I or weapon* af deienfe w hatfaever oa boar JEREMIAH ROGERS. CAPT. HOTT i»at prefent out of town,with bis ritmlv; therefore an anfwer in Bnrs, Minor and Wood's sffiilaviiiiaiid Hud'e I'oo and Rogvri'a certificates, caitnol be expected .intil he remrras; which will be in* few days— as they appear not to be (atufizd With ibi* Jecifion c f an impartial courf, aSiTihe verdi.fi. of a dif. intnefled jnrv. their condufi will be Rated in poi print with affidavits to prove tbs* Mirier, befrire be . . piinilhed for his inhumancoodufi, boaRed of his having hufig the negro ; altho he hsa fvroro that no vsvlencc was tifed I'Tie public are iffuTed'bv a perfon who was pre- itrodufiinntrodufiinn to theireir sfRdavitafidat is leiit at the trial thrt'ihe in to th af laUe. If the public are infonned, dial foifs ars drprndine againfl fame of the above perfons and others for their falle, wicked iild malicious condufi, ihey will difc' ' r iheir inienrionb'y the abate affldavtis ana cer­ tificates, which, no (knibt, areissirnded-toir.fiuence the public opinion—wbetber right o r wroTi^;th(vp«blic .wiT. be Ueiier ah c^to j ’-idgf when Ihr master is i»'rly bid belorctksra. fepi rfi iL S to ^ . '^ L L I A M SCOTT. No. on Fair-ftrzet Wa'drOiH the mate,jtnd^ AuptR.ne (the eook)| N. i . An ^ . i t g m«hemailc»X c if i ha, lieen recent. '. ■ .......... ‘ ‘ fy opcoed, and two or threw gnstJenjew, in ^ d a i tbofe 00 wau wauendiBi, may be accoromndatei aoo bags Eaft*rndia 'Sugar, JiiB leceited and for fate by W&l. CuOMAN No. 30. Wm. Sire.'t. ♦ A/fionisn/, mo Ions hemp, - \ _ 1 ari hh»<i moUffrs, ■3 P'P** 4 'b proo^braody, Lifbon wine, claret in cafes, Ruilia duck snd bandanoa bdk&. Monibn Hayt, MAI r o a SALS, No. 140 Wxter-flreet,' Loaf and lump (ugari by the ten n r r wt Old Jamaica spirits and .Aniigua Rum, b'Vthe tohhdi Windw.rdtfun Rant . 60 boxes Chr e Cotton (bawls and hdsfa by ihe o a-ka^or lio/eq, auA rislfter of Paris. Jofeph James and Co. 'T ... tfta Pearl dreei, Hire recchrtfd by the late arrivals from LoMooM sad . Hu L L, an txtenfive sfibrtment of \V 9 O L L £ H G O O . D S, Hiftflir*\- '■ ---- ^ ------- ^ *■ ----- ^ ■ lets, buntcri, Sec. Alfa, t gmeral alTortinesU of STUFFS. HOSIERY, md SlLlC GOODS, which ihey Will till oa reafoimble terms l « app ved note* at and asp days date. ,o/A tab » sw ■ Sales by Joliii Henry. JVo. 57 fitene-Street. G«nainc Madeira wine isi qr. o(ka snd bbdi. la Pipei t i l proof Cotiiac bramdy (f<{ Fine Hyfan tea by lire rbeft Cadc’i bro**B ftmil and porter byihecsStri i ' AnR leveral pieces fuperfine broad clotlw; *11 'f T i which will be fold on fnodsrste (cra^i||^ * (hocsciwl ' idsitr ^. f t . if

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