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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, October 02, 1797, Image 3

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f - T H t B o n w ^ T ' - j A e i E B n i ^ T . ' U h itkh r rW p o * * n ti« iy , i w e k i i w iik to t h i t e f l ^ b j a a c o j r J?'** iO , Mid in ih e MunM o f h e r f « th f u l m a j ^ . ^ e Q i ^ o f P p rtujnU by M - ^ fiitf p o w m l ^ •» ibcP » !ace o f Q i i ^ m tb« S , M fcd tb e m , t W t w t t h e m a lt, M i H t in the hoofe the D ifcftor n the houfe the Dite6ior7 built. idimtit,' the •• mu /ri^«i»Wrhi* the M K w ith* c raropW horn, t h « row e d w ith th f dog* w h a h a r k e d « the cal ^ eat tlw m all, t h a t lay L t b w r ^ W a moJt Jc ^ a k l r n aX forlorn, that edaxed th« bull with 'criimptcd born, that roared with the dog, wh hr.fce.l a t the cat, that killed the r a t, that « the i»alt; that lay in the houfe the D iredtory E iioA iiT V —rT h I t h th e man, all ttf:tTtu that kiffed the maiden all forlora, that hewied the bulK wilh a crumpled horn, lhal W e d with the dog, who barked / * the cat, th a t k'tli'd*'fee r a t, th it r a t the.mMti that lay ia rl>< b « 'fo th e D ireao r y h ^ . R o w l e y D i e m a— T im w th e P / ^ , ”. r i i aM lhavrti and Ihorn, tbo* a»arricd the mSn »U tattered and to rn , that kjffed j f « l the artidcB a^l for- iom , that c.»axed > a « d tbeboU Vith itha crum pled h o rn. T hb aM (havt and to r n , that k the n tt r t k c b o llv a c n log, that b a r k ^ ^ i cat, th a t k illed the rat, th a t eat ihrrtfodt, th a t lo r n , th a t r o a iie c --------- who roaied w t k the dog, that barkt iple d h o rn . fcoitt tV e<r built. _ covered with, iveO and fliori , that paid, the parfnoaH (haveO an d tho ra , irrying the man all tattefed and to m , that k V e d the maiden all forlorn,' that, coaxed the Ik U # it h a crumpled h o rn, that roared with the 'Ifeg-. ^iat b arked a t the c a t, that killed the rati •tAat m tlie n u lt, that lay in the houfe the D i- IcA o ry built. ' Corn icIKN c E— T M i ii the c o c k , th a t crow- •'» rkc m u m , that waked the patrjot c< w ith fcora, that paid the |» r(b a all lhavi 'W orn, /of marrTing the man all t i t;rered r torn, that kided the niaiden alt forkorn, aam itcd the bull with a crumpled h< and l that liedled ho orn rn,, that bu ll with a crump h dogrogr whoho barkedarked att thehe chared with th e d w b a t cat, th a t kOfod tha r u t ,' that cat the m a lt, th a t lay Sn theliouGt the D ireftory built. Commerciat HUtertiiaer. N E i r . r o R K : UOKDAY, OCTOBER t , 1797. th e g n trU ttutr ^ t u r a i m k a fn m Em. ttrtmm emmimemUtOU rt/ftSirngk rntrU R tSit. r h t p u u m k k f t ^ ^ k a a ^ t m t ^ nwMMC.; k n v t f i l m t Amw tte $ trm ^ m i t fMWe, « ir ««■■■«< A rm tm j n mAJSm* hmm Jm r A M t m r n ti t i m d k m ftm ffm t t i m t k g n m t j k i - A * ta p e e u t t t o * - . l a g a i u > e > s r e ' i r \ mt€ldj,Jiir tk rattrum-rirf j f t o wadu».3 ' T H E t T c K L E R . NO. I. E r e r y man baa hia ticklilh fpot. In one, it ia under the riba— i* another, it ia |h e foie of the foot— ia a third, it ia the palm o f the hand. In the JLadieti— I Yea— th e -l.a d u t , it ia s charm ing blue eye— o r a little paIpltMiag*thing in the breaft,caUed m btart. ■ Yea, reader, every humtA being haa a tick- lifti f p a t— touch, i t and he w3 l fmfle. L e t oa look about among oar ftwnda^ and i■th^gTeal world, examin diRcrent M a « d e * » » «»d Sml the liclilil^p k c c in each— T h e r e we flwH difeover the avenue to tlic real cham fter— Indeed w ith outfirO. finding thia fpot, and touching it,. We' know nnthing o f man, b u t the (hell or cafe, whofe o m t e a t t are covered from our view, ,•» fnng ns the meat o f a not. T h ia (hell ia all hard and infcnfible, except o ne fmall fpoi— you may r u b and fcratch a mao*a carcafe till you are tired , without the leaft c lfra , nnlefa you touch th e pUce which nature defigned to be tickled. T h e moment yon touch that fpot, and fometiTtiea if you but point your finger at it, the mnn ii all life and feeling— aye, he will nearly faint away with laughing. ^ Jem m y T w ilchcr ia a venerable defeendant • f the ancient femily of T w itchera, which emi­ grated t o A u aconutry,-and fettled in M aflacku fctti a b o u t 1630. H ia an^eftora believed in w itchcraft ; and about the lime the w ilchel J o b / rj^Urdtf m m b m j «v/«dkiM m g tm i i it huBamt. T B u t t f n M j J m t k m e i ^ B U m a T i f n ^ . A treaty o f peace waa f i n e d on t k ^ o t b of AttguM, between the rcpubiK o f France a t Faithful Majcfiy the Queen of P n i tn g id I coraauuHM a r t wet lidia is t h e French m p e ra, tim t dired a ty o f FiAncc have i n f i l l o o tb c L a F a y m e a a d b h M f ibeny. Itia i a i d tb c dire d a ty o f FiAa perfo rasau c e ^ the £mpcror*a proauTcs. T h e Genoefe Repubfic h f t changed t t i ni a i l e d the Repablic o f L aguixa. k k now d l k A letter from Lifle o f th e 4th A u g . and in- f e t e d ia L ’EclaIr,c off thehe 8thth fiiya,aya, tl ' c l u r , o t 8 t 1 lately fofpeadcd for 12 dai i tbm day, and feme hopei caafcrcBMa .Intel' keen renew ed tb m day, WMM froai them. ' ih n tlbcpcai tMdcvfanding between tlM:.MaHciIk and tedary Onll be tefend. m . I i a p p a n certain, how e rcr, will s o t take p lace u t i l a proper S irE . [uadron. * M lately b f t i t e tbe.coaft o f F r a a c c y o n a ro c k n a a r t h n l O c o f R]KB,aa fbe waa i b k i n g ia ta Rochelle. Kllaroe; wkt and dfredarial miaifler in the cn d e of ^ n e i r Sanony to b e h'it nainifter pleoi fm ecn^ry tc thedongrefii for the condafian ol ■■^acclMWKcnGcrmaay aiid FranoO. The l^W dere, Ingfokam, of and far K e w ship M a r y , to o k je,. Brig A p o llq, RoW nfoa, Sloop L y d ia, M itqh^n, . - — .withirig \••oin a rn^te manner. N . B. T h e R ir tland waa in b allaft. T h ite per cenu Confoh 51 3 4thi, y-Stha, I 4* i« ., ^ ‘•aeaieOBftrt of J o d iatiirc held foethr ^ W w . York, at the City Hall of the KywCYdrk, the ytb ,day Augufl, S&] _ * } ^ f a i r l i e , cik. f o i f a ^ i m J M Fart/mtmibfram G r ^ , K . B . h ^ f o i n t e i Gavtrmar y Q im n ifyf and a f ^ t n s m e t f . * > : o f peace, cooduded yefter- w e refo trouWeforae ai to g e t themfclvca hang ed, they cut np a pew ter p late into a variety of cufioua anti-w itch figurea, w h ic h they wore fu^poaded an their, arma aad break : b y which manna t b ^ efeapcd.lhe iniu«tK « o f witches, a t i i p a * l ^ a e w e-nnw feme a w a r th e yeUow fe­ ver, w k k fahgaof canaphorkBOf u n d e r the nofe. T b d i t p k e a o f pew ter, J f n m y T w k h t r haa liind fraar^’k i r g ftan y rand father j ^* 4 ‘hf. J d m yaimJhm mM - m iri J i r — -------- 1 r . Wmefab le a t t h T r c i i a o f a laiac. O ld Jem m y keepa th e m fufpeaced in one com e r o f bis par. lor, w h ich is well furm fhed oiherwife in the modem ftfle. T b c ftn a g e r urbo entera the room , and ad- a u r a an d pnufet the carp e t, the paper-hang- inga, tb c enrtaina, or the m a h o g a n y , ia heard by Jeouny w ithout an emotion ;*-and if he lav e s th e . room w iihaat clp y iaf thfc pewter- figarw , jeauny feta him daw n fo ^ 'a rukic h ^ k h c a d . B a t let him b it upon the w i ^ . f^ d r r a , which g a t r M h it anceftors from t h e fury a f th e vritebet, i n d Jem m y i t aa tie i M as child ; he praifea the man’s tak e , and good fenfe— b egs he wilTcall a gain— a n d the bek he haa fliaU.be at hia fervice— ^Tbe only thing is to find the point where a maa a n be tielkd . Reader, baft thou tby ticldilh fpot i— T b o o wMt h e a r foobi m e . O b Thaiflcv 1 KiiBsH^Mr;Tmi«AS botkaftkiai MARRIED, line the ifih uk. k y d L. Rivff.to Mrs. S ax AJ DIED,, ' Y d U ^ s j wanu'og u Bhiladclpkia, ((tar a (kart 31- aeft, C m S. CacBi.-i«u JoiuitOH, aad brodiar of DoA Tlimiot Jototaioftliiscky. The amuble yxalhict of Iki* promifiegyooo^ nim, cndaaiW him to all hii ac- ^ ' \ i Wedeafday evimtof at tin fame place, a(cd 19, I R o r n H olmb Fauuo, aUaft daoehur of Mr. mlFamao. MARIIIE RSOI5T U . Briftol 40 a niHorx, v-aodoue, Norfolk 3 Schr. T h o m a s , D a m e tel], PactfoM u tk c I. a a. a X *s FayaU Savannah oopLydis, MitqhrQ* Cl'Wicfton B ig M a r y , ----------- tfa r t U t fa r t , /aiU d i» B ig M a r i , ----------- ,fm r cak f m j v k h eaft. f fa jy . C ^ , H . f i a h mathirng am . F n a ikfriva U tr/ra m Bamnkmam, m e Umrmagaalt itf t o giimtiaeha t r M e J b m fa fitefyttm d A f m i / i i KN, m r Cmrmagmait e i^ a ^ m p a r t e ^ / t c a u a n J H f , I r i s remit, am tbt *$tb lamrd the D a tehJtitt 1* gaad a rdtr, mmd fmbardi- Lift of American vefeli at Cape Francois^ on tl Auguft, received by ‘he brig Dem<M««L^ rr Kebecca, Rogers, ) , nilVrti.' Triton. ----- - J ofBoftab. Et^e, Dalton, of Newburyport. yofrkiladciFiM . c,Richard(M,.> .i f Newbuv] of Chiller- T i e • ^ S J j & i S T & o r t o n . !& ? S S w 5 pllkct. Richtri tfck’r. Spccttwrtl, SUuwood, ■ M ^ e Cbriftic. Lift n f Aaxrkans taken and owilcd into ^ n w t m m oniU'paoioW ' AT rOXT-AU-S*a*- trig Ramblai^. A u d C ^ PhiladdpbU, captumd Au- Sej^^lciopo, Rice, do. ' da- tS^k do. Skip^oddafiot Fknty.Ckuttt&de, do. d \ AT cAra vxASCAia. Sekr. Nancyt ttaadlin, «kf Frcderioklburg, csptuiad letk AngidL Af a+. jA co os nuoA. Schr. Bctfcy sod Pxlcy, JDiukac, of BakiMrc, takai> S7tk July. AT MOMTB CUASATlS, Ship Coddeft of Plenty, ---- i-s f f Philadelphia, lake; .-Auguftp S c S t . f tw ^ c h c a n , Rosers, b A i - U i j A i ' A u e r n a w . d h l e i b y J o h n H o n e . \Ta.mkfma$Tea»'tkti A large a n d fafnable a llbvtm cnt a f D r y Goods, AXOXOrW'liteK AEO Ona cafe (uwifiJh Linana, s bale coarfe f d h ^ t bate brown ditto, a boaaa Check,' a handfuiuc aflfett- HMOt of Stud Goods, a boueo-ftlKkl-aciii, ado, Platad Mid Cik BotiMoa, Gallicoaa and ChiM ct, Shawla, n u i b a , SergM, Pocket Hdkft. Inw a Cloih*, Icc. , Aad at Xiarto e^chek. Two trudk^ a boDus^anA a caftu Sktics, Shiitaood Siocktagi, u 4 Sotl laathcr. OmWeiadl^MTeae'tkch Ooaedk Cuikly, aco I w ffead ‘Wars affituod, and # a m b c r of.F<m4m f tod ifoiMsibmiia. Aidfretj/^at Elmi t'rdvd. Right akgiiit'jfaiaot F|«wh Porcelain, and a cos ploM (at of the lacyctopoditB, enuainiog 34 volt. yroock. and fevatat other valtiahlc French Inolu. fVSiapIcfon, of Walhingtoo. -American, Rosers, of Baliiaat Thurlday arrived the brig Lydia, Captiia MTka, t raaki froni LiverpocH- Oin thc'clth July, oR the Mull of Kentie, fpoka the brig Abigail,' Babcock, 30 days Phibdclpbia us BelfJl- fept; 13, lit. 37 10, lonc..)4> fp« Loor, out 36 dayx froiir^G c4 the l,yda with seceQarii moft elagaot patteftaa, oo'Rraw gt per the ILip Herb froni Madrat. On Wd4nefdsy, November s. The Fnoch TAl^NbKY. (ituafed on the North-Ri- .MOT, about 3 miles friM the. etty, o ^ r the country fcai of ConwUua Kay. Z14-—every thia^ i. 1 pinatorder, aad the lol'inclaamaybc may f ------ vcr^^ttlc expeufe. T O T H E P U B L I C . .-THE embarralTinents occafioned by the controverf) batwacn the proprietors of (lie Minerva, , haring lied the IMter and the Printtr to abandon that paper, 1 difooiitinue its publication, ’they Uow offer to the Citieens of New-York, the firft number of i Nau Even. underIhe title-of “ The COM.MERCIAL -TlSER^’’ to be. pubIKhrd daily by the Suf. feribar.-ot tbc ufual price o1 f eight doUara, on a U t ^ fz t •per, with an elc^'ant than the Mini ----- -In t lerva, and > eight a p.per, the publi and in particular xrrtnt, w h i c h ^ boei and wh;ch will be regularly furiiilhei will make' (bm*. will givegive a weekli a weekly liciied by Cuf- n^ovctncbu, ireful Broker. T u t £ditor*a Correl^adtnb in Europe and iu the United SiMM, are meu of the firft rerpti^biltiy, and by them he will be regularly fumiOied with tlie in&ft authentic iMelljgcncc->a circumftancc thw cannot Turkey and fiatr cjrpeU, anedegunt Tat green edjed futtn fail to eftablilh the cradit and extend the circulation of the (^wsizxeiAL Anv^xTissa. • ram papa*w3l be the friend of government, of la, and of Sntth—fadepcBdcnt o f pany or national prejudi PsasONs wifeiug to fubferibe \yill plcafe fpply to No. 40 Pine-ftratt| or uddrelil ordera folcly to the printer aad publilhti. GEORGE F. HOPKINS- New-Yofk, OftahiT t , 1797. T H E A T E R , J O H H . S T R E E T . THE LAST NIGHT BUT Tn'O . . TICKET KiGirr. Om TUESDAY- EVENING, 3d Oaobw, will b e hww ' ■ ^ A U r T B ^ S . T ' ^ Tbtpanaof-IA N E SHORE and ALICIA, by two young Ladfcl, briagtlwiT firft appotriiic. k ^ a S t f X lluBcal Farce of o a - r n . e - J ^ S O L D I E R . PATRICK, tbc Poor Soldier, by the gcMlcmati ' ^P«^naed the part of Yoong Notval. BOk ga.~PIT 6o.-.GALUIR,Y a T H R e t T E R , * CREENW lClM rREET. The poblic aro RfpaftfuUy infcfabd..the doors of the Tbiiter wiU in f u tan 11 half after Kve, snd the cumin,rife tt half after Six. T ^ Evcaiag wiV bo prcfmtcd, tho firft pan of H E N R Y I V t h , ' ^ Or, TV WBORS 4 SIR JOHN FAISTAFF. To which will be sddad, a grsad (crious Kntoaiii lallcc, caUed, T h e D E A T H o f C A P T A I N C O O K . . ikariginM M ^eidAccamk^atx^fy mn. ReOjen, Kxw icXMaUv, o h a s s ii ft obcoxatioks , Defcripiive of the U u h e n and Cuftooas of the Naliv ^ in Eke Pacific Ocem. sacriltx Oaoooa sad ProccCoos, aod t > Cciamonies (poculiir to tbm kouatry) of n R R t S l ^ EMAI. To coBclodo w k l dK AftlSiiatton o f Cspt. C ook . Landing i t Jo«es't wfaaurf,' From SchoaotT TtteseAS, Cspt. iVacrri; ao barreia L m r Oil . t boxat Fiib^^ C C ifta Potatoes AliO Own SAI-t. 8 b o x a excclleat D u m b E ilh, Aoplv ta No. tooWtlUftreet. fignb T s t*. __________ For i^hiladelphia & Wilmington, Del. The fine Sipop N E W - Y O R K P A C K E T , Cspt. K iao i Part of the Cargo oo board—Far freight jot pafiage, aprdy to the owf- irr i*n btwrd at the Old ftip, or DAVID a o d J H IL lP G R l „ For Bofton. I The faft-frilirg loop AgORlGlNAL, I will (ait in eight days. fW 'ft^U t or f psflage tpr!y to themsfter da b o w , ly- log at Cnae Mhirf, nr -loo JS A d fC H I C K S . i j PUNCHEONS RUM 450 b4gs lis-k Cio|CT 3 i ditto-White ditto 3 ditto TonnerSe. The abovo will be laadnft m Joocs't wharf. Old flip, from • • hoard the brig C a l l io m , Leonard, from JAMAICA Poe SALE h y - ^ - m Sm Ihu,Sirm m d C 0 . Jabm B . Cake. S a to^U itcM o fes & born. TU h D 4 Y,MiK'AallNm.rmm, t latit and vH ublt alfarti DRY w o m . fartiaont at fidh imported 'dA Sdktt SCAORASItANnKERiCHlEIB, of the n Ufnda, jiil I'lnci comment od lanil. try Very com- dwclliug houfeTaad a large k i t e b e n , ^ h o u f e irit ma, an limefeata:. The-buildinga are all uearlN new. The terms of payment yrill be made kfiowa r the tfme of lale. Tbc'pfemifei may ba viewed M an\ 1 beam boule wit' nvcT, 7 filial- fmall, to tl inga are all uearl bales by John Hughes. On TUESDAY, ^dOdaker, u tU /tn jlm n f a Uaci, at ik- kaufe^the lam CHARLES 1 . BAriVMlV. AVg Cawt- Undtjrert, «j Al lArm kra iftedtaus tomeaOen. Sales by Fredenck jiy. On WEDNESDAY, aid continue on MONDAYS VEDNESDAY.S and FRIDAYS, at lO o'cloi : Aiifitiyn'Rooni, No. 167 Pearl-ftrcct, uii WholeWhole pc'fold,old, byy orderrder ojl the truAcesmi o^thi ^ f b o o the t Con oi Che late firm of BURLING and WALTER BURLING, a lai DRY GQOPS, Confiftii.g of ' < 1 ^ 1 the cfcdi- IR.SI.INE jkob A mKllins, pocket hdkfa, modes, bi ton bofe, harloii ftripes, check linens, ftc. 4 cafes Irifh linens, a bales coBu, 1 trunk fewiug filka, I d o. rib b on s, and 400 pMcca naokretM . TERMS O f SALE, Parchafeia urider aol. ca(h, free ^ y s , tooL aad npwarda ^ days, fpr appi PQST.OFFtCE. H e w - I ^ k . OD. a. k^97 . lORTHERN MAIL, Irom the sft of OA. uoti __ ift o» May next, wii| leave New-Tork o« Mon' dava,’RVdotrdaya aad Fridayt.at owe o'clock. A.M and irrive the preceding da> a it two o’clock, P M. - _______________ s. b a u m o n . o p ^ P U l t M M A t A A m n j, tm i Ftrmamt L l ^ S OF STAGES. ^E D E R ^ b ^ L lN E , far P ni l a o ^^ ltmi a , will lead E, far P n il a o ^^ ltmia , will l( ft’ New York every day a S ^ lK o’clock in ihe mi •ng, (3undaya excepted) 1 orawag at Pkiladclpk a t\ next dsy< Fare ol each pabnger four dolUrs ALBANY s t a g e s wilUMve New York c* d ^ at fea o’clock ia the naoraiag: arrive at Alh -bo f o rth day at nine .o’clock io the moramg. I of each pafltager (even drillora- .9 VERMONT STAGES wUI leave New York ever Maoday, WcdocMav and Friday (oorniogi. at rngh o’clock I radio Bedfind the firft day. the (rcood u Dover, the third to Stockbridge, and the (eonb tr BnoioiM«,.in Vcnooai. Alfo, a LINE «f STAGE.’ wDl run from Sooih-mft to Daobury, Brookli: d , Nev Milford, ftc. to owai the Verarmt Line to and (rmr Fate of tack paicager five < New-Yerk N; B. FoHi^ta m cither o f the above Lioei eo^airt of Wm VandervooR, So. 3, Courtl ftfMt, and of B. Maav, No fti, John-ftn ^ J . DamgtmJi. Wm. f^mmdirmaart W Ca. .'*riUTlHWSTIc 7 b ? ^ l^ ^ ^ ^ , Damgl , FoirsAirEr 6«00 mera a j land in the G e tufu Camatry, i liei.io No. 4 of the ttk range, betwi itreut 6 milm diilaol from Baife the capital of the coontry. tlcncc tht favorable fitu-tioo of thia t n f t .i point of localliiy, and k would be fupeif ueoa to fiy savtbitifXA'jk'iifnl'HnnYof'a cOuMtT«,.f(> well known >0 be progreffinr in poBa'atioa, am) mliaDciiig value W- ycod ril form, r example; European nr Weft India goo>l> wa.1 be ukea'in pawmeni, il applied tn'r immediately to ROBINSON aad H.ARTSUORNB, tw. No o« Wall (I'cet Munro & Ro«, t HAVE FOR SALE, ooto bulbeJa corn, C7 bit. fuperfioe do. 491 do wheat, 11 half bit do. do. o a | bit. (me II ,ur, g6 bta (hip bread, yy hall bis do. 1 hhd tobacco Rieceivrd per fehooner Sufennah aad fehooaer —— . from Frederic k (burg. Schooner Sufannah will fail fbr Fui freight or yalfjge appiv aetdrr t. tf Infh Linens and Lawn^ RECEIVFD per rkernowD allas and ftiipOoAiiea from D U iL lN , aad for Me by ibo firiffctiher, A . C A R R a t L . i 3 e‘-er%. tf. Codvorocur’o wharf Engiilh Nails. Bd, lod *nd tod, aim an alTokiment of Patent Gift Iron Hollow Ware, juft received per tbc Alfiance Friuted Calicor^.’cliinit Furni'.orrt, clieckt Romall. potkit aadfilk ha^krrchiefa, fevnal cafes HaU. and a variety nf n her goodt-per tto DirpaicS Irom Liver* pool, for faie by „ - A l k m ja c l fa n , No. 319 Y ^ L ftnct ISVOCATwilj W PEACE. QUEEN of the Lyra, Galcftrtd Psaw !- W’hcrcdoft them Kido thy fmiling'faooP • Why diift tbou yet iKy Soo-Ukobye ' Fr<im>7j\ili'io(»'t (bore, Wilt tliottV.9 more Revifit-ber falubriotis (ky f Heft Wko( iW i t» nerve in thy f.tir frtme 'kofe thrilling fibres (bUl convey UMdlthy feethig heait, W feix’a tr«ii;hliiig eegcr plot 7 -VlioTe fiift Vibrations (hall i rations (hall impait The j.itritrt’, ffvjijt p«yer. The Orphan's t 'y , the widoi/r’t tear f Rob'd ia^he dn;s-.iful glonra uf i.ight, Dofpair fiiikathro our hud i , MonHer -too hidtoiti for htimAu figlit-1 And fcotter Dmth and'Honot from oacb )|adft In biadri-htfuj t ^ h . Tint fwcep* aloof the groaomg plain. Al(n! fee, in gorgnn terror cl.d, Cigiritic (fungcr rave alon-;, With ciieh dillortcd, a£)ums m**l ; Kith dcrperalelincwy army, end everclar.iorouiiotgiiel And f.;c ctofe at bis heels *<iv.u.cc, f -* -r>-. Yl'ith’ bands imhru'd'm blond, and h'lg* i>p ti'-ed A favsge .M >nlUr,*^wilh OGm-aniug face, Nur in bis aAiun* may yon trace n»c fo-il c iiuplottings^f bis heart; He Atii>s h<a fatal dait With rinco r indifcrim-Lojti -tgaiaft the obj:iU of hia love, the viftims 'Tis Aniifxh/ I of Babel b.rtl^ Picgiiant vriiJi every plague thy vofriei fe»r, O ! drive him huiOiong from the csitl;. And W ii, his furious mad eompeer ! O come fwcel Peice and be ojir-gi eft, And gtveoiir land a Uftmg reft. Hail thou f-> foon forgpt the welcome cheer, ' We 4'vc thfc licTc. • WJico War and Dcsth Columbia's f-ias defy'd? Let nut the' pride Of our internal fora, Tiis tranquil reign oppofe. Let not iMii,>c \ . '1 double tongue, Nur bafe curruptiuii'i gol e-i .h.*v,er, W'lth klfi<h views Adro't, prolon* The tr.umpin of i I k huf) ic our. Return, fweet Pcsee, and cheer each u.i.» in^ hi-ait, A.id from our native Ifle, O never mure dwp.rt. ns of ki* hate; . D W fitt n f Ne 4 b .T b r t, f t . D E IT REMEMBERED, That o ihc ftrsnd day 1 3 of Oftober, in the twenty-fecond year nf rhe'I-,^ . mendence of *.he United Statea of America. Gcor^re Fiiljo^-dltipklut, of the fall Dillrift, hath depo'tted in 1lia i office the Title ol a Book, the rght wl-er- Jaima at proprietor, in the words following, , ta urtj T H E T I C K L E ’ .- Beiag a SERIES of TERIOOICAL PAPERS. De/mftht 4 LIFE and M. 4 NNERS. mity to the A£I of the C mgrefa of United gO la »®QI Ett • conformity to the A£I of the C mgrefa of United preved eadoii, l^iaing, fiy fecuring the Cimica of .%laps, Chans, and ikiulu, u the Authors and Propriaon of fuch Copies daring tbc time therein meut-b.-vd. EDWARD DUNSCOMB. Clerk of the Difiria of New-York. ^To be Sold, Two FARMS, (huatr in Smith'* Clevc in the county of Orange, bt- iagpart of Cbeelrcock’s patei.t, and which in the divibun ol tkc (aid pa­ tent, are called and known by lou ’ no. 1 aad sy-^ach farrh c»nta n* 150 acre*, and arc well proMitienad as to arable, mea-' ,iuw and weoodland, withjame orchards on each Farm,' vith conrloriablc dwelling hbufn and tolexahlc good ■area. For further particiilata and Krmt of fale—m- ^ * THOMAS SMITH. Efq. 7 0 Af Jetm emery JJ ty, from 9 c’clock m the ir.atllling till f a t niglx. at Mr- Martlilig’c Great ROom.'N*. t j N-Eiu ftreel, direR- l y ^ ^ Mie the Brack Marinir, door round the coraer,, The LeRm^ Pig. 1 ^ 1 Praprietorof'I sis SagacKHia A n im al, in o rd er ft .10 give L ad iea and G eatlem cn a k eu cr o p p o ru n ity •f g ra talyiag th eir cu rio fiiy ia v iew in g th ~ g r-a trfl P h e- prodaecd, ia ten d st« ea h ih (t at h it noraii^ t.'U iiat may ^ a f e to bouor kins with their prerence. Aa '-.It cakikitinn needs no puffing, tkc proprirtar will mly fimplv ftaie wbiithia lapicM Aviniis'aru 'a a a i^p « 6 orm i, at lae ume umr requelliaglke publMtn obferve ftarei ** Automaton but a living aaimaP He reads ilandt Prirtt At wrii'tug, fpcllm^ll* the time' o f limd)ll o f i ^ aad miaulc bp aiik parfaat witcb in a«Mcwy„ af the year, and day of ike waa tk s helM ia- :olora, how maay'peeple Mtftht, arid tn tkk Ihment of every fpemtor, will OtefuMc hie iMcait •n A RITHMETIC, by anTwrring ant queftinn mtlw four firft rules; after w hM any ftd y or Cantlemaa may draw a card from ap»ok and keep Koonaralcd, the Iiwik-difonvarttiecarddiawo.* O R . pig wi.tbowi any hefitatioii' 'idmitiancc half a d a lkr • T h is D a y t t Publi(bcd, B y Game m a U T m E y O t fA S a a m i i C a m ^ , (Price S 4 Dollar*) Tbe iunerican Gazetteer, | ^ ‘X k l l i |T I VG> in Alphabcttcat«fd*r, tm ixh mor^ \ f ^ 4 ei id>^.ai» l k d L THlina. *ad ring Ike exlea^ bmMdatfeeHPvewtoMK. p o ^ ' h-ay the longitude and htkude. the beanaf « d l dilW c cet horn acted jRacea, of the ciriea. sowna. amt vHlsi:-. hnurayddilUaSankitet, e o l k ^ d eud'e vnpilcd fre •. tbc bed a«;hovit-iet;end arranged withgteet eaee,byi3nd under the ^feOian of, V JEDfOlAH IIDRBB, D. D. Au-hneeirtoe American Univcrfel CcographY, F«ll«-»

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