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t STOCK DEALERS HIT BY NEW TAX RULING Income Betnrns Blast Bo Made on Both Market Value and Cost. !rcu2 OupsfcA ro mg sck. WAiitivaTOf, Jan'. 1. Another hle-h- l ion. terortant Ineome tax rullnr waa Issued Uiat' not jv tbe Treaury Department to-d- on to rtturns by \dealers\ of atocks held by titm at either market value er cost. Under tbe new ruling returna must be nide at both market value and cost and not the tax will be aaaesaed later on one or tie ether, In accordance with n. decision Is 5y tie Supreme Court In a case pertain, for ARMY ORDERS F,.',,'Jre,u1tetjlT rlp\ 'JoWiwWiK,\ rePort North, University. epeuo bnptck Tus Sl'K, WASHINGTON. Jan. U Th War iteued th following army ordere REG I LAB ARMY. Infaatry- - Vni Lieut. 11. O. Petireon. Tenth. tap daya Cavalry, First Uevt. It. MeK. Harrington, rolieved il onane, eo, to Mgewooo. sid la ;anr.acl.jn xIth military mapping. Cp'. w. K. Oorman, Eleventh Cavalry, iriMhl 03 month leave of abeence. Cir. H. J- - T.nl. third Cav-tin- '. jfMHed temporarily Io Aviation feslloa Signal Corp, report Rockwall Held, California, for duty. signal Cerpi. Lieut. W. Pieree. to Camp Sevier, iis.ti Ctit. 11. to Camp Hanoock, score:, tor Cjt. H W. Mann, to Caxp Hancock, Gtorsle. Ct;t. O. Bo'.tcn. If. Gillie snd U. A. Urter., Aviation Section, recently p- - r.-t- e a trom . irsi uemenanie, iniantry, , to Camp Hancock, Oeargla, for duty. Eagtsieees Corp, j kiHr F. C Harrington, from duty at Van-- 1 uer narracKf, 90 ja engineers, rt t Camp Dl. I.'ew Jrey. Qoaviernaaeter Corp. Cart. M. H. Shut relieved from preeent iutlii. report to Director of Training as f.t uilitar.t. CM A. o Daltcn. te this city for consultat- ion l:h acting Quartarmaater-Oenera- l kj to station. NATIONAL GUAKD. Infantry. airTd - a. W. Hermanea, mth (New York), to Walter Reed Oeneral Heipltal, District of Columbia, fer treat-a-.ea- t. f.rit L!j:. E. E. Brewer. 114th Infantry .v J., resignation accepted. rit Usui. C. B. Wllion. litis Infantry. If. J.). rigna,lo, accepted. Field Artillery flrrt Lieut. W, C. Entirolnger, lSlat Flea Artillery, Wisconsin, resignation accepxeo. Flrit Lieut. W. R. Lick. 12 let Field I Artillery, TV'liconiin, honorably die- -, charged. Medical Corn, I rtrit Lieut, it. u naroinc, riew yorx, munition accepted. Denul Corps. F.-i- t Lieut. W. E. Bergman, Tesaa, hon-cral- ly discharged. (uu1ernater Corp. Ctl H. C. Trexler. Pennsylvania, retlg-at'.le- n aecepisd. MlclLanes. A;p!ntmenta and promotions Appoint-nest- s: To bo Second Lleutenante: L. U. puffin. O. W. Thomas. N. D tallsbury, J. C Murdock, F. P. Flet-etii- r. C. A. Smith. A. K. Hegemsn, ve, Crocker. E W. Rand. The officers utnid will report at Camp Kearny. Llr-d- Vlita. OaX. for anlgntnent. First Fergt. T. J, Fltsgerald and Sergt. Flrrt Cut E. 'V. Nalson, Th officers named !:; report Camp Logsn, Teas. Bat-u.l- ia 3rgt.-MJ- M.' E. Pen, and re- port to Cxmp Serler. South Carolina.' ftoraotlons: To be Major: Capt. A. R. Thomas. To be Captains: Flret Lieut. t,. A. Jensen r. n. nuiiama. .0 H. C. Taylor and. R. V. Wooda. The KsiSa? ctuf.\1.!1'. Vislinientf T? Rf 1u?bV sVeond b. Lieut, 8 Pmirii i5Sn cSmo Loian r:.R ii.ut.nts VUhZ Jaf Currtn!UC,n8.nRlch.rd.: G. S. Middleton. F. B. Whitney and J. W. MaeEnroa, to C.m? Mccieuan, Alsbama, for assignment, ttcortl Lltut. R. Reed. Third Regiment. New Jersey Infantry, honorably dis- charged. Cast. O. W.MuheranflTuh Engineers, New Jersey, resignation accepted. NATION AX, ABMV. xnlaatrr- - rel'.owiag sppolntmanta and assign- - ciats:' To be Ceptaine of infantry: Temporary Second Lltut. J. M. Thomas. Eightieth F. A.: First Sergt. F. Gal, ratlred: Tern- - erary Eecond LleuU C. Reath, Thirty-tt- h Ir.fantryi J. A- - Rose. Thirty ftth Lnfantry: H. W. Burning. Cavalry; A. F Schmlts, Cavalry: F. H. Clark. Ctvalry; H. I. luus and W. Moss, Forty-tlfhi- h Infantry; Regimental Sergt.-Maj- J. J. Whalen. Headquarters Com-pin- Forty-eight- h Infantry: Tempe-rr- y Second Lleuta. J. J. Hersog. Four- teenth F. A. O. Harrington. Tenth In- fantry; a. R. Kitchan. Elghly-econ- d F. A,: F C. Baumann, Elghiy ascond F. A., and T. McCresstn, Tenth Infantry. Te U First Lieutenant ot Infantry: Regl-mer.t- Strgl.E. Haadley, Eleventh T. A.: TemBArarv Second Lieut. T. J. Eighty-firs- t F. A.; S. A. 8Un-- . ... ... . .. . w a T IT UirflFu I Tenth F. A., and A.' Lwls.'Tsnth F. A.; Color Sergt. C. A. Sherman, tilth In- - itr.iry: Temporary accona iieuta. v. r. Ilsiklaa, Eightieth F. A.: J. A. Dowdy, infantry, and W. J. Tucker, rifty. second Infantry: Flret 8rgt. J t)ollng,' retired; Sergt. W, Chpmn. tj. M. Sergt J. Q. G ant. S, Everett1 Second r. flmeion. rivalry : J. V. Murray. Cavalry: G. a Watt. Cavalry, and J, J. Hotovee, Forty. tlghth Infantry; Flrat Sergt. L. Hersklnd. M. O. Co., Forty-eight- h First Eergt. Felix Zimmerman. Company B, Forty-eight- Infantry; Cor. ponl J. Brady, O. 6. Infantry; Flrt SrV.tX EievSnth1 F.' R..lmi M Su?-- 1 n w. rrtir. e inui uavairy: I'iZ.Jtlfh 2- - WA FieaV'sIrVt a ' ' 5',h.\. t.IPaV, B,,i!H' Fif.M.y third' nirrih' Ejh F. A.; P. J. O Donnell. eecond F. A.: M. Kafer. Eighty- - cer.d F A ; It. L. Smith. Eighty-secon- d r A.. 11 LangMne, Elgbty-tecon- a r. A., and E. j. Mower, Eighty-secon- F. A.; Serrt. W A. Kinney. O. S. Infantry. Te b Eeconl Lieutenants of Infantry It'flmcntal Supply Sergt. M. A. Flynn. E'rhty. first r. A.: Color ?rgt. J. W. E'o Eighty-thir- d F. A.i Color Sergt. P. vlttum, Eighty-thir- d F. A.! Mess f\tt. ft. W Potts, hesdquartera -. Party-eight- h Infantry: Quarter, a. iter Sergt. E. Blnokoroff. F. L. b Fergt. L F. Oonlsr, Eleventh F. A Quartermaster Sergt. R. F. Stark, \v auTrV'E0, E'eiity-thlr- i t B.tfryLri Wn$t:tiX f- - A0c\porv.BHuK i QusriermMBeratf wVr. Crley.esli I I ntnial Eunoly Ksrrt F. Qulgisy, C. vtnlh Cavalry; Flrat 8rt r. a. Heeond Company, U. S. W. P. g. f'usrd: Heglmntl Sergt-Maj- or P. T. co'entsn, Elghty-teeoni- F. A- -l Color tt T, Fltnnsgan. Elghty-soeep- d F. A First Fergt. C. E. Waterman; Bat-- C. second F. A.; Sergt. First ; II Wslr, Sergt. II. IL Leaders, en.y.iirn Rtc. Company, Coast Artillery, 'i!r.t!nn of Second D. U. Ween frtta. bualtary Corp. ''Jt IJeut. C O. Btlmmtl, frem duty en bortiorv car le4 to Walter Re4 ?.-.er- Hospital, et Columbia, ftr duty. - Quartetsataeter Cerpe. mttoa of Second Lieut. C- - T. Do 'gy to grsde of Ctptsl December . 1117, announced. '..ea Lieut, u H. Itueh, from duty In e'les f quartrmair.Oeneral Jerh E. Johnston for duty, of following Second Ueutenanle first Lieutenants announced! T- J. Armstrong, H. O. Warren, n. H. gre-r- M B Fileom. It. Cape, Jr.. C. M Kiyat. C E. Fetnerien, R, D. Bryan, C. hsnborn, O. Hnrwood. vi nmnq ki.uv en . c.i- - - I sradt of Mtjor frem December it , This rulinr. Ilk the previous ones. It of Beorid. Uut. R. Penfleld, to aetlv eerrlee Following appointment from I. O. It- - C. Following te acllv duty to Fort Ogle- - i hi interest to oroxers ua aeaiers m ; \ rjnrr. io vniei ordnance tor in National outre? announced: . thorp, Georgia, Citnp Oreenleaf. for in- - 7 rn aeourlUes. Who are Principally affected. . j. . To be First .Lleutansfits First t.lnt. C. I riructlon: tint Lliuts. s. R. Donohoe, Capt. Leonard w. In a. Treasury decision the In. .V .JUl . \.H\' \ \uw n.\ imientine. o. A.Ueebe and L,. R. Jr., and W. w Woodward. to pn Francisco. \ \\ i urananc mr ttrnal Revenue Dureau held that atocka, , duty. I\. both merchandise and aecurlUea, held by' First Lieut. H. K, Backer, to active duty dealers, could be returned for Income tax I r\Drt Chief of Ordnance for, purposes the markat value or'au,I.. \ th. fI V. .v.. ,1 eo\o uuL M. M. Ree to aetlv duty dealer.- - Thle would permit brokers to . mrk off depredation of atcurlt'.ea dur-- ' Inr thalail tear In maUlnVth. l,. turns, but under the decision the atvle ' of return adopted would have to be con- tinued. Question was raised as to the legality of alternative returna, and Attorney-Gener- al Gregory- - was asked for an orpin- - The Attorney-Gener- has replied \ ,Mt c ' pendlnr, It would be. advisable for his . Department elve an opinion. Kalling to ret an opinion from the Attorney-Genera- l, Commissioner Roper ruled that returna should be made both ways. The Internal Revenue Bureau la prepared to say what course will be followed If the Sur'e'T'e Oourt 'deelMon delayed beyond June 80, the last day payment of the tax: Second Lieut. .J, K. llardwtck, trom hie rrctint duties and to Charleeton, 8. C. r Koutheaetern Department, for duty. Following to Fort Sam Houston. Tela. Southern Department, for duty: Second Lteuta. I'. D. Snyder, C. M. Shank, Jr , T. C. Eaetman. II. E. Tuttle, H. W. Adami, II. McMahan, A. H. Hanson, H. K. Oitrom. L. W. Anderson, W. W, rortar. r. M. Duo.uet and A. M. Nlcken. Promotion of following to grado of First Lleutrnanta trom December :, 111?, an nounced: Mteond Lieuti. J. C. K. QrleenooJ, K, 'U,. I.eei, T. F. B.iusman, 1.. V. Tui ker,- - J. W, Vaughan and II. A. Metagtr. Second Lieut. J. A. Sullivan K Pao. Tex., Mechanical Repair Shop Unit No. 106. for duty. Flret Lieut. F. D. Van SlekUn to Quarter- - macter-Oener- for duty. Flret Llairt. I'.' J. Flaeh ti this city and report to Quartermaster.General fer duty. Following from their preeent dutlea to this city and report to Quartarmaster-Oen-ora- l for dutyi Capt. D. 8. Drvor, Second Lieut o. R. Qort. w. A. stavans aaa J. D. Frederick. Seeond Lleute. L. S. Porter and F. J. Roger to Camp .Joaeph E. Jshneton, Florida, far duty. Major W, Moraa to Waehlnctan, D. C, officer In charge of cantonment con- struction for duty. Second Lieut. J. R. Durktn. Carvp Merrltt, New .Jersey, Kill report to commanding officer. Ice riant Company No. 101, for duty. First Lieut. O. C. Parkhurst from hla present duties to Mechanical Repair Shop Unit No. 101 for duty. Second Lieut. F. C. Llpecomb honorably discharged. OFFICER RESERVE CORPS. Infantry Officers. Seeond Lieut. J. Cyro Campoptano to Forty-eight- h Infantry, Newport Nee, Va, Second Lieut. M. Brothers honorsbly dis- charged. field Artillery Offlrsrt, Promotion of following December SI. Ill 7. ToTc.\' ., irtm.r.Fir.t Lieut.. C. D. Allen smt G. a. Ooll. To be Flrat Lieutenants field artillery Serond Lleuts. W. M.' Allen, M. C. Ilrag-do- W. A. Batrd, R. N. Holding. J. U. r.rlen. V K. C. 9. Cralxmlle. I If. Whitney, J. H. Simmons. W. II. ' Grnbbr, J. C. Iltndee. u. W. llaverstlck and J W, 8omsey I'uul Artillery OfHrera. First Lieut. S. t Iikm to Cost Artillery erhoul nf military asronautlcs. Unlvirstty ot Ciutapeake Ua for duty. Cavalry Officer. Second Ueut. E. Williams to Austin, Tex.. slIioI of military aeronatulcs, University of Texo4. frr training. Ordaaure Offlrers, First Ueut. 11. I- - Fer.ner to aetlvn duty New Haven, Conn . and report to Inspec- tor ot ordnance at Winchester Repeating Arras Company tor duty. Cspt, J, H. Hunter to active duty and re- port to Chief of Ordnance for duty. Cspt. R. 8. Horsford to active duty, to Kock Island (111.) Arsenal. First Lttat. J. It. Lx.ne to aetlv duty, at Rock Island (111.) Arsenal. Second I.leut, W.- R, !)()', Jr., to. aetlv uiy.and report to wnier 01 uraanca.ror .duty. rirst Lieut. R. C. Floyd to irilv duty and rtport to Chief of Ordnanc for duly. Second Lieut. C. J. Engelder to active duty . n , r,h.irt I., I'h , iT lr,m, rn, mirv Following tk. active to 111., Holt Manufacturing uompany, ror auiy: Capts. B. O. Ash, C. F. Ateolt, O. W. Graham. R. C. May, W, V. Randall and T. K. Thompson: First Lleuts. E. B. Btrtlett. J. A. Andrews, R. Collior, R. E. Cox, H. W, Doman, C. F. Flggle .d J. M. Luke. Capt. O. 8. Troxell to active duty and re- nort to Chief of Ordnanea lor dutxi First Lieut. O, V. Hayes to active duty and report to Chief of Ordance for duty. First Lieut. 0. W. Mitchell to active duty and rrp\rl to Chief of Ordnance for duty. Capt. E H. Naah, Jr., to active duty and report to Chief of Ordnance for doty. Flret Lieut. W. T. Woodson to sctlve duty and rsport to Chief of Ordnance for duty. Capt. A. J. Robinson to active duty and report to Chief of Ordnanc for duty. First Lieut. N. L. Ohntorg to active duty and report to Chief of Ordnanc for duty Seeond Lieut. C. C. Brown to active duty, Boaton. and' report to Lieut. W. D. Him... 434 Llttel Building, for duty. aeAnrl Llaut. H. C. Brown to active duty at New Britain. Conn., and report to Lieut. J. Odlin, New uritain u.inn fund- ing, for duty at Traut e, Hlne Manufac turing company, Lieut. A. E. Brlgham to active duty Wash- ington, D. C, snd report to Chief of Ordnsnce for duty. Second Lieut. E. Block to aetlv duty at Chicago, and report to Lieut, J. D. Cole, First National Bank Building, for duty at Orelts Pflelger Tan Company. Second Lieut. C. P. Smyoh to actlvs duty snd report to Chief of Ordnance tor duty. Second Lieut. V. L. McBralr to aetlv duty . ..... 1 -- .... \ Mueller, 1170 Wldener Building, for duty. First Ll ut. C. B. Carson to aettv duty and report to Chief of Ordnance for duly. Second Lieut. L- - T. Clemenlson to ctv duty. Mlddlttowii, Conn , for duty at RUsaell Manufacturing company. Second u . vv . (.orKrn to active Jul; nd report to Chief of Ordnance for - Kr, n.tn. rrnm nut. at Mayas? A rmi uor- - 1. W. Harvev. Second Lieut. W. G. Greenwood tn active lutv at Paterenn, N. J., for duty at J. E Birbour Company. First Lieut. H. B. Peavsy tn aetlv duty nd , report to Chief of Ordnanc for duty. Capt, O. W. narr lo aetlv duty and rs- port .10 Chief af Ordnanc for duly. First I.leut. J. W, Cox, to active duty and report to Chief of Ordnance for duty,. Second I.leut. H. I- - Gnrmley, to active duty and report to Chief af Ordnanc aion for duts. First Ueut. F. U Hutsler, to aettv duty nd report to Chief of Ordnaace for dtfty. First Lieut. O R. Keith, te aetlv duty and report to Chief of Ordnanc for duty. Second Lieut. O, R. Edward, te aetlv duty end, report to Chief of Ordnanc for duty, , Second I.leuL P. T. E. Otbhsrd te aetlve dhty sad report to Chief of Ordpsnce for duty. Seeond Lieut. W, T. Blesel, te active duty st. New York and rsport to Lieut. J. Illrk, It West Forty-fourt- h strset, for duty, Ms Jot II, A. to aetlv duty and re- port to Chief of Ordnanc for duty. CapL R. L Orave. to aetlv duty and re. pert to Chief of Ordnanc for duty. Cspt, J. E. Coigrove, to active duty and rspert t Chief of Ordnsae fer dnty. Flrsf Ueut. R. Lawrle. Jr.. to aetlv er. vie at New York and report to Chief la. 'AAetiari Sartlon. Oun Division, for duty. Svcond Ueut. H. A, Olln lo aetlve service at Newport News, Va., and rtport te j First Lieut K P- - If.- - '' , eervtee ( ana report . -.- - duty. Flret Lieut. J. A. HerL te aetlve duty te I Wtahlnglen end report te Chief eg 1 Ordaance fer duty. &Ji Ueut. E. F. Stewari to active duty nd t0 chlet of Ordar.ce for duty. Second Ueut. U. O. WheMon to ctlv July at .tern Evans- - lo leave. Milltr, to Carolina. duty. U to riturn 6trs:t. at gnu Supply L. J'rry, Eighty. LleuU District te Camp ornetioa ot former .!n? to fstcrllnr. duty, Peoria, Loslsr, poratlon. L't leJ. N. to'New Hav.n. t'onn- - M\rlln Rockwell Corporation, for dutn Capt. It. R. Corson. First Lleuts. I nsv. R. Rolsetls. D. Bunce. O. Br.b,ntl W, Corcoran, H, A. Garrow. B a CJ M c IJa, .,, j, c. ,Ian. c a ii.,,i. n i umrb.ir .nrl ror duty. Major A. M Chase, to scttv. duty and re-- r rlVr' t'e'aet.lV \aVtpssii1!; ?;r:f fe-rnMa- --. w- - Mvermere, lo aetlv duty nd repo\ Chief ot th. War College Dlvl- - Capt. W. iy, Watson to active duty and ,\?!' chl' of orBhatice for duty. Tlrat I.leut. D. C. Arnold It aalnd to 4cllv n r of 8'conl f.l.utn. lit' and report to chief of ordnance for duty. Appointment-o- f C. W, Verity as Captain, - Ordnftnc Officer Raterta coroa. an noupced. H' will proceed t Phllsdel- - Pma. renort to VrajlkrAPrl aeaanal fe dUtV. .Leave absanee granted Flret Lieut: a. R. ciaeanauor extennea ten days. Dental Officers. I &..i:Vc\c5:'ilorHp irft rTi.V Veterloary OnDeers. Second Lieut.- L. II. Mellette to active duty, to Admiral, Xld., Camp Ueade, for duly. Signal Officers. Soeond Lieut. V. E. Camp to aetlv rvle and report to chief signal officer for duty. Second Lieut, w. D. Crlmra to active duty,, to Montgomery, Ala., Taylor Field, Flk road, for duty. Capt, E. J. Clark to active duty, to Cot Urlce P. Diequ. Portland, Ore., for duty, f Flrit Lieut. J E. Brnee to active duty, and report to chief elgnal officer for i duty, Flret Lieut, D. Babcoek- - to active duty,. to Falrfleld. Ohio. Wilbur Wright Field. . for duiv. I irat. utut, ji. u. -- Miaier xo tcjva autr, 10 : Wilbur Wrlsht Ffe.d. Falrfleld. Ohio. Flrat Lieut. YV. D. Ge.ger to aetlv duty, to Fort .Omaha, Nebrueka, army balloon school. First Lieut. W. B. Allan to' active Fort fllll, Oklahoma. First I.leut. N. C. Hde to active duty, to Hsteltwret Field, lllnrola, L, I. Out. It. C. Frederick to aetlv duty, to th department signal officer. Central Department, Chicago, Following to actiku July to Little Silver, N. J., anj rtpiirt to commanding officer. Camp Allred Vail. lor duty: Flret Lieut. J M. McUregor, roand I.ltuts. I). Robin- son and D. li. Woodward. , First Lieut. A. L. MerrUtu to active duty to Scott Field, neuevllle. III., fo duly. Second Lieut. R, W. J'lerce to active duty In Chlrjiaa. Crntrsl Danartmaht. for duly. irst Llsuts. L. Wade and L. E. Nddhart to active eerlr to Garden City, First Lieut W J. Uonint and M. U Merrill to aetlv duty to Wilbur wrtgnt Field, Faltneld. Ohio, for duly. Flret Lieut. H. M. Graham to active daty to Wilbur Wright Field, Fairfield. Ohio. First Lieut. W. B. Henretty to active duty to Post Field. Fort Sltt. Oklahoma. Second Lieut. 11. W. Harrison to aetlv duty ana rsport to uniez nisrnai uisnr for duty. Seeond Lieut. M. He bard te aetlve duty. New York School of Military Cinema- tography, Columbia University, tor duty. Flret IJeut. R. J Gaupel to actlvs duty to Army Balloon School. Fort Omaha, Ne- braska, for duty. Flret Lieut. L. G. Harding to aetlve duty to MUllngton, Tenn.. Park Field, for duty. Seeond Ueut. F. A. Fleteher te active ser- vice, to Greenville. F. C, Camp Sevier. First Lieut D. E Ellis 'o aetlve duty te Lke Charles, Ls . Gerstner Field. Flrat I.leut. W C. Brady to ectlve duty ta llerkrle. Cat , School ot Military Aer- onautic First T lent. D. S Campbell I\ aetlv duty to Ebherte Field, Ianoke. ASt. First I.leut. A, E. Cravt r tn sctlve daty to aviation eupplv depot. Harden City, N. T. Flret I.'eut. 8 D. Honklna to sr'lve dutv to Little Sliver. N. J.. Camp Alfred Vail Feromt Ueut, II D. Butterworth to aetlv duty to Little Stiver, N. J., Camp Alfred Cart. E. L. Moore to active duty, lo Cha- - nutr Pltd. Rslitimt. III. Cool R. flenheni to active duty, to Chief Slsnat Officer. Flret i. N W. Potter to active duty, P-- Field, Frl \t\. Ok'abnma. F'-- t Lieut .1 F. WeMer f irtlve dutv at the executive nfflre Bufta'o district euulsmert division. Flgnal Corps I.leut. A. I. PInn tn active dutv. to the department a'gasi otneer, imrai lvpertrfient. rhirago. Fl-- .t n. W VA'.lman to active duty, to Ive Field. Texa. Second I.leut. M. J Kennedy to aetlve ser- vice t Chief Plsnsl Offleer. First I eu.. N. I- - Ia'ham to aetlv duty. Cmp Sevr, 8outh Carolln. Flret Ueut. n n. ir'ie to eettv. dutv and report to ChUf Signal Officer for duty. Fl-- I.leut, ft. E. Cook to aetlv duty at San Franelsro. Second Lieut.- E. A Cawrutt to aetlve duty .rd report to Chief Flansl Officer. Following ta active service, to avtatUn drpot Garden Cltv. 1. I,: First IJeuta. Tt. o. Bird, II. Cohen, J. E. Btauten. R. F. Potter, C. E. Brunahaw. L V. Clark, M. H, Howe. J. F. McDavId and A. C Cameron. First Ueut. R. W. King and Seeond Lleuta. C C. Jehneon and W. It, Glbbs to active service, to SellrlJge Field, Mount Cam-ens- . Mich. First Ueut. I. L. Davie to active duty, to New York and report 10 cepartment sig nal officer (er duty. Leave absence granted Capt. J, B. McCal ley extended ten daya. Flrat I.leut. L T. Chandler ta aetlv duty, to Kelly Field, Sen Antonio, Tsx. AoDolntment of R. W. Hoffmsn as Second Lieutenant announced. He will proceed to Portland. Ore., and report to Col. B. P. Dliqu at Yeon Building, that cliy. ror duty. Appointment cf C B. Grundy aa Second announced, lie win report to Chief Signal Officer for duty. Second Lieut. W. Viljoen to active duty, to Little Sliver, N. J., Camp Alfred Veil. Second Lieut. N. Hlrsch to aetlv duty, to Little Silver. N. J., Camp Alfred Vail. Following to active duty, to aviation de- pot. Garden City. L. I.: Ftrat Lleuta. c. W France. J. H. Aekerman. J- - I. Carpenter, O. M. Crllsmsn. F. J. Con- nelly, D. W. Caasard, II. Jenklnson. Jr., II. C. Stsrkey. O. Squlsrs, E. R. Whestley, R. ,D. Williams smd R. II. Pedler. First Lieut. C. E. Butner to active duty, to Taylor Field. Alabama. Resignation by Flrat Lieut. A. M. Lindsay, Jr., accepted. First Lisuu V. A, Connelly to active duly, to Chief Signs! Officer, rirst Lleute, C. Smith and J. Cordon. Jr., to this city and rspert to Chief Signal Officer for duty. First Lieut. O. R. Ewlng to active duty snd will rspert to Chief Signal Officer for duty. Second Lieut. A. A. Kaufman te aetlv duty and will report to the Chief Signal Officer for duly, Qnarterraaster Officers, Capt. II. N. Shaw honorably discharged. Cspt. M. E. Miller to aetlve duty, te Camp Funston. Kansaa, for duty. Following from further duty In Hawaiian Department 10 United Stale on hrst transport and report at Fort Ma- son, California, to depot rjusrtermaater, for duty: Capts. J. T. Phillips, P. A. Swift. T. M Church and M. R. a Inn. Appointments of J. O. Chapan and J. A. Lipscomb as Captains announced. They will report to Southern Department. Fort Sam Houston. Texas, for duly. ffecond Lieut F. W. Newman lo active duty, to Fort Oglethorpe, Oeorgla. Capt. E. W. Suddarlb to duty a as- sistant to officer In charge of Behool for Bakers snd Cooks. Fort Riley. Kan sas. Engineers Officers. Major F. G. Bobbins to active duty and report to Chief ot Engineera for duty. Lve absanc ten .day granted Second Lieut. A. P. Lagorlo. First Lieut. W, B Ilarned lo aetlve duty, to Fort RUey, Kansas, for Instruction. Major D. II. Maury to active duty, report lo officer In charge of cantonmnet con- struction. Washington, D. C, for duty, Capt. E. II- - Cowan from 109th Engineers to Twenty-fourt- h Engineers, Camp Dig, Nsw Jersey, tor duty. Cant. E. R. Oranam to 301th Engineers for duty. Second Lieut. W. D. Jsekson from Ninth Engineers to Thirty-sevent- h Engineers, Fort Myer. Virginia, for duty. ART HALE AMI EXHIBITION. On View Established ItTO. The CM Galleries A VALUABLE COLLECTION OF Oil Paintings Bt A self rtrati anel Ferelgn Matter af tbe Old anel Modern Schools, Estate of th lt Elizabeth JaneHaynes and Others, IfJOUipiNCJ KXAMPI.KS V rnlth. II. F.. let'tsrau. T., jant, A. H,i slRUrrsrft insisss. ts Isrsrl . snari us, rrsinwrj tTACOVl Ta SeJNIel.st Unrsstrlctsd Public Auctlan Sr ef1r f Eaeeiiter. Nsw York Life Ineurancs Trust Cornr. On Thur$ dy& Friday Jan. 17 A tl, at 3 P. M. S Mr. C Bsauelsre Clarksi Auct. m THE SUN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 13, 1918. i 18 uininr, , To ibe Second Lieutenants Pcn Lieut. . W. J, Brush, J. c. Aleaendr, A. O. Ayere, L. n. I.areen and c. Vangundr. ' Ih'r \J\ .\Port to Camp MacArthur, . Texas, for duty. glneer for duty. Flrt Lleur. J. s. riper from Einn an i Klnwra to Thlrty.venth Engineer. Fort Myer, Virginia, for duty. Second I.leut. W. T. Halahl from El tilth Unsiniers to eighth Engloeer train for duly. I Berond T.lut. F. TV. Trhk frrm RlrKth Englneira to Second Engineer train, i luinlnnn t.llnn SaMKrl t.l-i- tt CI Tiuiih m M Ant tA Third Englneera. ' rirat J.ieci. (, e. King rrom duty at van-- comer lUrruckt. Wathlngton, to Fort wver. irginia, tor nuty. J- - T. Doyl. from Jd Rnglneers t Voi'ur ua,i,i\on' to camp Tr,vu RAffim! I.liiil T. n r,Am Tanpouver Uarracl:e. Wi'ihlnglnn, to M3th Hervleo Uttallon. Camn Travla. Ten. Betnna Llout. tt W Leberk. from duty. Vancouvir rtirrickt. Waehlngton, to Thirty. bird F.nln-e- r. to Camp Devene, Aver, Mate., for duty. Flret I.leut. J R, MontleM. from duty, Vancouver flarracko. vhlngton, to tilth service Battalion, Camp Lee, VI Flrt Lieut. E A. Shaftr, from duty at Jincouer Uairacke. tVaahlmgton, to . Twenlv-aUt- h. Unglntera. Can ulx. few Jerjey. Capt. Hardy, from Twentieth En ginerre, to enter of Linglneere for duty, Cant. J, C. Datnoit from lliih Engineera nd report to Chief of Engineers for ..m.. Secon.1 Lieut'. 1 C. Brewer to 107th for duty First Lteul. II. II VUcl'herrnn. from duty. mp Lee. Virginia tn Twentieth En- gine rs, Camp Anierloan University. District nf Columbia, for duty. Second Unit (1 Tnmb lo active duty and to Thlnt Engineers for duty. Capt. F H. Wlnti r sn.l First Lieut. A. C. nennilt. Camp Lee. Virginia, and report to officer tn charge of Gen- eral Engineer dfpot for dutyi Following from ilul) at Omaha. Neb to Washlnston, I. C . for instructions. then to K'lgrwuod, Md . for duty: Cspt. J. G. htaark. Second Lleuts. 8. II. Blrdseyo and O C, Holder. Resignation by First Lieut. D. C. accepted. Resignation by Major P. McD. Fuller ac- cepted Rtslgnjtl a by Capt. J. F. Doran ac- cepted. Resignation by Major F. T. Oakley ac- cented. Medical Offerer. Capt. R. S. Anthony to his home. Capt. It. 8. Anthony honorably dlsehsrgsd. Malor E. B. Den.-n- , from duly at Camp V- . V . Im.tllf. 11.1 Major i. W. Anus'se, from duly at Fort Logan, Ohio, to his homo Major H. Emeraen, to aetlv doty, t Washington, V. C, and report ta surgeo- n-General for duty. First I.leut, B. D. Blcs honorably Capt. J. J. MrCormlrk, te aetlv duty, ta Fort Oglethorpe, Oeorgla, First Ueut. W H hemine. to active dnty. to Fort Oglethorpe. Georgia, ntnp Oreenleaf. First I.leut. C F. Meckel, to active duty. to Col. C. A. P. Hatfield. 123i Arm etreet, Philadelphia, for duty, then lo CamD Oreenleaf for Instruction. Capt, If. C Westervelt. to active duty, to rort Mcrnerson, Georgia, uenerai jios-ult- No. . First Lieut II M. Stein, to active duty, ta Admiral. Md.. Camn Mead, (or duty. Capt W 8. Rusch, to active duty, to New port mki. va. First Lieut. W. (1. Balrd. from hts present duties at Camp Oieenleaf, Georgia, lo commandant that camp for duty. First I.leut. W. F. Akin, from duty at Fort Riley, Kansaa, to hts home. First Lieut. W. F. Akin, honorably die- - charged. First Lieut. C. C King, from his present duties at Camp Oreenleaf, Georgia, to commandant for duty. Flret I.leut. C. V. Smith, from his present duties at Camp Ureenlsaf, Georgia, for duty. Following to active duty with Aviation Section, Plena! Corps, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Tex.: r.pt, E it. Park, Flrsl Lleuts. C. J. Addison, G. W Harrison, W. 11. Hatfield and A. P. Sutherland. Following to active duty to Boston. North- eastern Department, for duty In coast defenree ot Boston: Capts. IL W. Eltot and II. W. Oleaeon, First LleuU E. M. Dolloff. Fl'st Lieut. P. J. OrlfSn, to aettv duty, t Waahlngton, D. C, and report to Array Medical School for Instruction. Copt. J. S F. Dodd. from duty with Evalu- ation Hospital No. 4, Camp Greenleaf, Oeorgla, to his .home. Flret Lieut. J. P. lladfleld to active duty, to Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, Camp Greenleaf, for Instruction Major H W. Lovett to sctlve duty at Boston, Harvard Medicnl School First Lieut. J . b. Bell to actlie duty Fort RUey, Kansas, for Instruction. Capt C H. Baldwin to sctlve duty, Char- lotte. N. C. and report to Camp Greene for duty. Following to aetlv duty to the rlce specified for duty: Cart. A. A. Maur-- r. Camp Custer. Michigan, First Lieut. W. II. Merrill, Camp Cdy, New Mexico. HOTELS AND RESTA I'nANT. SsSSSKs 'CAMPUS' \L\ Right Station at 1 04th St. aSo SPANISH USBBBB mi REISENWEBER'S JIM-JA- M imusuM Ntiootu. cokcous WITH THE SUNDAY Genuine Old Fashioned REISENWEBER'S ml LAMM JEAN irk Th .akatlag Bprfki Mart el n Hie WOltl.lFS IIBST HKATKKM In the WINTER ICE SHOW at tbe Golden Glades Shew 7:15 THAT SNAI'l't Swter al ll:J. NIGHTLY if Danrlni at S P. al. ia ttin rashluoable 4 Bakanadei Ksllreeen Hmirt Cabaret\ Main RaMaurant vs6tt.n5 nrai Lieut. II, u uyra to rnv auiy, to - rort Oglethorpe, usorgl. Camp Green- - leaf, for Instruction. Cspt. T, Frassr from duty at Array Mdl- - cat Prbool, Washington. D. C, to. New p\rt Ness, Vs., for duty, Kansas, for Instruction: Flret Lleuts. A. Ia. Druft. a. o. rnaaer, r. a Kettermao. j. a. Kontelman and C. A. Robert nrai uiaut. w. 11. iiatt rrom duty at Camn ruiKr. Mirhla-aa- . tn hla noma. I Flret I.leut. W. II. Uetta honorably die- - eharicrd. I Vint f.Unt VP tr Y,,m ttw to Fort OalMhr.ro. Ocorgta. Camp . nusKl. I. First I.leut. C. I' Itenson to aetlv duty, to Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. . jCsmp Oreenleaf, for Instruction. Following Trom duty at the Army MMttat ticnooi, wasnmston. 11 c, to campa for duty: First Lieut. R. 8 Cunningham. Camp Bowie. Texsa: First Lieut. T. E. Maxwell, ramp Med. Maryland: Flret Lieut. W. M. SUhl. Camp Deig. Iowa. Motor E. Eltot. Jr., to aetlv doty, to Fort Rlty. Kansss. for dutg. Followln from duty at places specified to Fort Rllsy. Kanss. for datvt Capt; E a. Rsmsdell, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New Tork: Flret I.leut. J. H. Armstrong, MeAr-tru- Texas: First Lieut I- - C Donnelly. Camp Wheeler. Georcla: First IJeut. J. M Dunn, Camp Oreenleaf, OenrgI: First Lieut. O. C Outhrte. Camp Grant, Iltlnole: Flret I.leut. W. D. Walker. Camn Oreenlaaf. Georgia. Ffllnwln from their preeent dntle at e,n Ti Ar i FlAt lit ,r. rdtal Vo Lie W I Followlnr from duty t places specified to ' Fort nilv, Kans-- a, for d'lty: Major H. P. Col. Camp Wheeler. Georgia: Mslor R. Ksysen. ramp Md. Mary-len- Cspt. A. C. Burnhsm. Fort Jay. New York: Capt. J S Kell-- r, Camp Ofn-leaf- . Georgia' Cspt. O. E. Stewart. Camp Oreenleaf. Oerthl First I.leuL J o. Cook. rme Wbeeler.Oeorgla: FlrstTJeul C. B. Edwards. Camo Devene. MesMrhu-sett- s First t. V Poetle. Colum- bus barrsrks. Ohio: First t.lept. W. 8. j watson, Cemp oeorgiw. Following from their prosent duties at Fort RUey. Kansss. to Evacuation Hos- pital No. 10, that pot, for duty: Flrrt Lleute. E. C. Cook. C. T. Devlne, J. Hansen and F. J. Oneln. tri t c- - ic,,w epAm dutv at Fort Riley, Kansas, to commanding ntflcer J Bvacustlon Hospital :so. io tor uu..-- . Capt. 11. A. Houghton, from hie present duties at Fert Totten. New Tork. to duly. Eastern Department. Flrit Lleul. E. Dixon, from duty at Neurological School. Unlverelty ef Pern- - sylvsnla, Philadelphia, to Dse Molne. la., camp Dodg. ror ouiy. Flrrt Ueut. R. J. Styr.. from duty at ) .. rort icivy. svanais. vu u w u No. 11. for duty. Flret Ueut L. A. Jr.. frm hi preeent duties at Fort Riley. Kanaaa. to Evacuation Hcapltal No 11 for duty Cpt. E. U Solllma. duty at Camp Devene. Masehutta, to hi bom. Cpt. Solllms honorsb'y dlechsrged. First Ueut, E. L. Woodruff, honorsbly dis- charged. Major W. H. Wila-- r. from duty st Csmp Zschiry Taylor Kentucky, to hie hm. Capt. A. .seeing le relieved from duty it th presidio. g.n Franclaco. to Base Hos- pital No. SO (University of California), Fori Mason, California, for duty. Flrat Lieut. C E. Petram. from duty at Camp Beau- -, gsrd, to 8t. Iiuls Wash'bgtoa Unlver.lty, for In- struction. Capt. R. A. Allen, fro-- n duty wtth Signal Corps. Aviation School, tjtks Charles. Louisiana, to llcuaton. Tex.. Ellington Field, for duty. Capt. J. W. Price. Jr.. from duty at Camp Zachary Taylor. Louisville. Ky to Phila- delphia. Neuro-Surglc- School. Univer sity ot I'ennsyivania. ror instruction First I.leut. Arthur J. Smith from duty at Presidio. Sen Francisco, to Deralng, N. M , Camp Colv, for duty. Cpt Stanley H Orates honorably die- - chargrd. First Lieut. Herman C. Pehumm to active 1uty. to llottnn. Harvard Medical School, for Instruction. Capt, Unnlel W. Wynkoop to active duty, to Admiral, Maryland, and report to Twent third Engineers, Camp Meade, for duty. Flrsl I.leut. Frank W. Shelton lo active duty, to F\rt Itl'ey. for Instruction FoUoulnr, from duty at Presidio. San Francisco, tn Department, nan Francisco, for duty: Capt Thomas It. Chattle, Lewis M Field and John O. Oaaton; First Lltuts. William H Ulan-chett- Stephen Campretl. Psul O Cspps. WIllism.D. Cbspman. Harvsy 8. Cook, Theolore S. Crosby, Urey O. Davis Prosr.fr H. Degregorl. John D. Donovan. Ben)min T Ooodfellnw. Rugene 1111, John H. Hare, Jam's W. nklns. Frank B Ireland. Edwin M. Johnson. Thomas B. Jihneon, Vincent V. McCabe). Roy C Meals James O. Phillips. Henry H. Red r. Ira J stoner. Homer H Tallmsn. G'orce A Tsr.l--le- E'sa F. Tal. Iuh F Tavlr, Cal- vin D Tdd. LIweisn H. Treelown Wlilnm Trotter James II, Vanmarter and Irving A Whltlatch Flrrt I.leul Barrett n. Bice, from duty at Fort RUey. Ksnsns. to his home. Capt. Itoderte S Elllrtt. to Active duly, o Fort nilev. Katsas, for instruction. First I.leut Jame. K Hamilton Jr.. to acllv duty, to Palo A'tn, Cal . Ctnp IIOTEl.H AND HEVr.U'K.lNTM the f Columbus Ave. REVUE csrruwu tm a tumi choius TOO ttt It DINNER Ts $1.50 Beefsteak Dinner, $1.50 COI.UMAUC AMD Sat? ST! ITm Nmifc I wMUNWS Ml I HaMssTBMl Justine Johnstone's LITTLE CLUB 44ih Street Thealrc iiuilJln lelrphon 1 llrtant. s , Hlol UtUCingl lu I'. M Lxcellcnt, Music I A. ID Mi Cuisine Ail.MISSItlN IHth MURRAY 414 St, Just West of Broatwsr. Ueantlfui Romasi Harden. Esqulsll rnuslei revolving dance floor. CM Dominion Brefeteak Dinner. 1 1.1. Luneheein 10r Talile d'llet III-n- er Sl.tO. RerMee a la Cart. PATRICK V KTNK. Manager. i PRIVATE SCHOOLS A Comnlsls Dlree. All Hotels and Ileataurants Advcrtttinu In Till: 8VX Comply With Orders of the United Sfdfct Food .trfmlntsfrafion. 1 The GREAT REVUE 1 I A HIT Ol bP.llN AT -- ,::!0 1 1 :0 I f ,a most Majrmunra swooucnoN . scktillatinc wrm 'PRESErfTgD IN THE MAIN RESTAURANT NIGHTLY AT pe&r,... joan sawyer IhlULLth CARLISLE l THAT Dinner at Alter-Theal- re BxieA Camp 11. Oreeniesr, H. K. weetern Fremont, for duty with Baa Hospital iDCioro isoapitau. Alklnoa, in active daty. rirsi uitui. Arinur i.u.v.1. duty, to rort linr. Kan.. Cspt. Iledley V. Tweedte. to active doty. to Camp Upton, Nrw Tork. Csnw Uehs- L.Ollgh;r.. to active doty. to Waco. Tea., Camp KacArihur. duty, to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Camp uonipnan. nret urut. Henry . waoiu io,bciit auiy, to rort ucieiaarpe, uaorata, unf Ortenttaf. Capt John C. Miller. Io active daty with Aviation Section, Signal Corps. Camp u.rArihuf. thil \First Uti.i. Ualt.r W. Nauth, to aettv ....... nil.. Vimm Capt. Ntlton K. Fromm. from duty at Camp Custer, to hla bom. Flrat Lieut. Benjamin W. Proveet and Loonird M. Vincent, trom duty at Camp oreenleaf, Georgia, to Washington. O. c. Fort r first Auxiliary Forestry Battalion. Camp American Unlrerelty. for duty. Resignation by Flret Lieut. John H. Pratt accepted. Major Fsmuel L. Plummer, from doty at Neurotcglcml School. Presbyterian Hoe- - ?1tal, Chlcsgo, to Battle Creek, Mich., Custer, for duty. Following to aetlv duty to Fort Ogle- thorpe. Georgia. Camp OreenlMf, for In- struction: First Lleute. Frederick Chrlstopber, Seymour O. Clark and Will- iam Butler Ryan. Jr. Flrat l.ltuu John O. Boyd, to aettv daty. to Fort Oglethorpe. Georgia, Camp Oreenleaf, for instruction. Flrat Franklin A. Martin, from hi present dutlea at Camp Lewi. Washing ton, ror duty in te notpitai. MJr Maxyck P. Ravenel. from duty at m. ml Sunny Shores Sail away thrtTOgh the mys- teries of the Gulf Stream with its indigo waters, down to tropical Porto Rico where winter never reaches. Stately palma fringe its srarf-washe- d, yellow shores. Ancient cities nestle within it quaint, old harbors. Charm and romance ara with you ervcry hour of thia wtm-dcrf- ul trip. 16-DA- Y CRUISE All $050 nd Expenses 7 1 up You mat th lujaa eat 0.000-to- n vessels buih for tropicsJ seme. Th teamer is yosaT hottl lew th er.bre voy- age from New York, around Porto Rico, stopping at principal ports and return. Splendid cabin suss mod. Hem, and cuisine. Sailing fessn New York every Saturdav. Write far WooUm \Thrvugh Tropic Se.\ M. SICaWtBOBF, Oat, Pss. Agesst PORTO RICO LINE 11 Brossslway, New York COMMERCIAL not\\' 'ir..rv LINE WEST IVDIE8 AND SOL'TH AMERICAN PORTS. PA!K..t.i. .tt.r.MM. 3tX IIIIOMIWAY, rnKlGHT .ltiKTW. -- J IIHII.lllHAl, 5Hj UNh Dsy. P. M . Pier IS, X. It. Tel. Franklin. \liTr: piiiTicnFr\ri.rEf\ BOSTON $2.95 rikoViijLNCL ji.id COLONIAL LINE Aisle OITMDK sTATKHOO.MS, SI TO $3. Wrtk 'iayi anJ tsuniai Jt 5 oo l' M, trom I'ler :v, N II fcot Wfii Hum on St. I'hnne Spring- - 9491. AlJLitiVlliiLllfc: TO BOSTON $4.00 Sirs iv. Pier 1 4, N. R, ft. Fulton St.. dslll at i 1' iJ Music. .NEW I.OMION OOUWIL'II) LINE. Sir. Its I'lrr lu. N it . lluus'.on St . nkd.i.'s i It P. M l.v Pier 10. E 11., E. :M H.. P M IIHI1X.KI Old LINE. Mr. Iv.. Pier 17, E. R.. wi ik days. 1.1)0 P. M. mm Worcenft--r II, KQ lrrtvlitf nc'!lrrl. ll.TJ. I.iiIIj, Ini ludlnt unilit. '.:Oft 1. M. From rltr 1 . f: R rhon :;on Mprkmitsi rit Ttrifvtt o;nc-- . ; nmain. v r fc.Xl'r.1. r frttn.t;raphfr. Bal.tr li Apply t It tier unly. tiat.nK exptrlcnce, rtfrrence, ic. Ituoni \u3 ltrnt1v...v. io i.naa, n ur intr. ni'nui, iiti int. WA V IVA.NTK! MAI.R. A Ms MAM r A I'TL ll 12 M require our service ian innueniui concerns uilng lime her4 nl htgbly recommeml It. City S. earn .in uutitftl, ilberjl ciunmUtions. no compttttlon, linilmlted field, Hppearnc and rerrrence fMfniiii Aiirent ror In f rvltew, A. U , boi 11. flun ofllce. bA ..i-e- U. Ine Mi Cant. Uofflater Comp'-n- tmtire ine aervic or vvrral high srade MCiirentve ipecljlty talesmen capable nf itwiklrc Itri' earnlnco on er f.itiIaclory comnilsalon arranRein- nt. to tw i in ir nyutmo. rii b won km fire- proof Saft\ etc., commlfsjlon Kdvanted weekly A few i.o,j opening, lor men ho can juHtlfy XV'rlto In can.jtlence, elvin age. rinowlfiicty ot aecounta .ml ritn'lins, It pny. and enctn. a p t t.ird phein to V K M ARft, Kulen Mhn'iirer, The McPfmf y Hfylster Co . Alliarife, ihlo h,.iL. I UuMuriO.N AIW.N . 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IKri'MPvT NOftTII CAROLINA, eatr el IVInter nut nf door life. OUTII CAROLINA, 1 (Ihe CTaroImn Av SUMMCRVILLC.S.C. -- uunainc Short trips or more extended lours on steamers noted (or their comfort and high standards of service. HAVANA POINTS IN CUBA A tropical climate of wonderful softness invites the northern visitor. Quaint old buildings and customs lend interest to your stay, while te hotels supply every comfort Golf, tennis, -, racing at Oriental Park. Sailings from New York every Saturday. MEXICO zzuzgr m To Progreso, Vera Cruz and Tampico. Fre- quent calls at Nassau, Bahamas. ttlmhutiiftUnt, rtssisatiiss sW essay w ssrersisstss lsssat WARD FtXet of TUL'RS. dudine , of Kllaora, ' among the Including Florida. many features of these De- partures wreklv.\ FLORIDA antl CUBA of 'the scaon, the Oversea l dnylighl, and All at the finest exclutrely. Urpartures Frerrarnt departurcf from January tn March, for Japan and China. Pea Islands. Australasia mcrlrs. 225 Fifth Nev. 'Phone- - Mad. Sq. I . It 'M Fsl ' B ' -- ''-i WINTER TRAVEL Our Trael-Afnlt- ? U trteiJly helpful i thU time In pUnn-m- r ind arrrtiiKitiK IfSMirv ttr buslnwk trip Inf.Wiin-io- n rrnanllnj? sclie.iult, Ur, etc., fif CALIFORNIA FLORIDA ALL POINTS SOUTH md fT Ml ner-b- v' Winter Rewttrt. omletP Hotel and Pullman reservations made in advance. JAPAN, CHINA & FAR EAST Our annual series or h.rwla Bpri.it; Tcnirs lejiYe durlns. Fehruary, Marrij and April. Kully lnrlule riel condii \ .opnit. SOUTH AMERICA f,r.rJFb!T lrofTsWii, etr., on rvt,ufst. THOS. COOK & SON - vA llroarlwa) . HU I lltli Itrnur, \I nrth .., .nil llroailuaj, '. 1 . wi.ti:r REDOUTS, NEW jIerTeV Cltj. m ! ins - w - - - SaTT. .\.WfanV BI I. Ilk pRarlboTOu I IMC I ItAIIO Ktboi.l and J KM Olr. 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California Honolulu. the marvrlnus Hawaiian Volcano Grand Canyon and Apaehe Trail tours. Railrnod Havana. itops hotels weekly. Foreign Tours Siuth and South Aye., York. 6270 conatvlluns, and arranserae.ts. Atluntlr JKIHKV AttanUe Notod Uroudway, Frank's. nvnlnt T.ast and West Coast In the height. ' J ' fa iTat1'e - a m at v.s f FUR SALE. TYI'KWRITEKa. Initial Payment Appllea If Furchaeed. FACTORY REBUILT TYPEWRITERS SPECIAL No. 10 I c mington, $50 Other Makes, $25 to $75 Trademarkeil n I guaranteed lo- - one rear CALL. TELEPHONE OR WRITE AMfcRIC N WHITING CO. 839 Broadway, at Worth St. Telephone SO !Sdt.. opp Mudlsnn Av, f &40S 111 W 42 St.. at Times . Franklin. (1ST. I OI Ml AMI REWARDS. t r.'OST\ Til.im.n j IVmUnt. 4th St, (Theatre. 11.000 reward. t. u., dox f .in of flee n:ii resorth. mm I Of lilt MOKID M.W TOBsV. eGlen bpsiings Wstil, N.T, Os tstMss taks A MINERAL SPRINGS HEALTH RES0.1T AND HOTEL fViwn Cot.iKicwi frThn rlr \Curr\ .tneojiv DtmaUt Ths nty plase In Amarlavhrth Nsuheim Main ffr Hn anel Cireu. latory oiftord-r- a r glvn with m Natural Ca.oium Brine. NO SHOSTacg or FUtL. 0r Heallss see tlMH li smsbiIcj i.lth abuej.se. sf Kslaral Lu li.m avr . mlli. Seasd Ssr tZIlMrraM BfokltU r ' i,i;.4ii Hialth Reaart DANSVILLE, N. Y. Vn. r UfTinrwell. PrewJenl Hie Pioneer American \Cure\ for tit Irvstineiit tif Cticulfttcirr, Kidoer, Nutritional and Disorder. Rhe jmuf Cr,ut and Obessty llrdratherepr, Fltrelkerayv aiil Masaas On Mai a Line Laclawenne Rsisrssrl far Book'tt \Does Bit\ ofTfring SERVICE. HEALTH, the three great war necessities. In a hotel, expert direction with resultant elimination of people better arid kept u arm. with a total conHimprmn of FOOD snd w,th help SERVICE, thin ts required in their homes. Foid, Service saved constitute direct contribution to VC'ir, whiih all of that it can get. Health is more, than ever essential. CITY offers it in her island, winter dimste, or and Udcn the omne of ocean. outdoor recreations end her indoor entertainments and amusement art equally beneficial. Only thrvt; hours from i'cw York. OWNFRSMIP MANAOIMFNI lOS'MI WMITH a- COMPANY ium for and 's .NtVV Jr.liM; Ijikitsuod. NLW LHSl-- Y A moJern Winter out-n- f re Mnnnifrr. 1IKAM II I. A MI.Ns, llruUrr., Amerlci'e\ AiMreas Clsrk r.nnMft nl tllit.l.NI.V. neor P04NT iejrinimntg l'ol, f.olf. an Trcsimcni. AnaMS, hittjiut', Av. .sth at A lu.lui's Ruffner e Inturmailmi llunaj. Uk.IIHI.IA. dellehtful so.nd hellua) anj tnuiorins, uui.v. snd outdoor New Il BBW SF E Square I. HOUSE Chlsrld Plaal j. Nervoue iem, U'rifc under COAL, I l.iiltliiA. ssiwisliimy I lory or .SW vors iruy ana out or town C f I iciluw I Sehcols In V?!: 'A ilSL Jltr... l'lirlrt.i. her eJ.ei rlelleht. JVairmK i talll FrUale appetrs every dsy the C . Kj. Till. n.i r\.rmionCol. \Uw- - rWsetsgwssai. AdUreta iKtssum Manager. (sssrr3 j ( M.rning Edition tt Th N.w Terk Sub. j i Tbomas i fu( lll'rH.Ilj FLOIUUA EAST COAST.

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