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12 44 THE STJN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 13, 1918: Educational Opportunity Technical and Commercial Schools; Art, Musical and Dramatic Institutes; Language and Preparatory Schools INSTRUCTION. .ccoununi. Somewhere France r.mil. P. Neumann h been appointed private mw fr- iary to the Hon. Oecar T. Cin.br. uil'lwl aerrelary In th Treaaorer of llio Vnlteil Htatea (now in Fiance). Forrmoat In secreturtal field, Mr. Neumann ute-- v liREOO. Til utenotraphlc work of the big grail- - us v. ,ot(. EVENTUALLY tu GREGG SHORTHAND the National System ineed and legibility leant all ether systems. It io VJItoiffltinni tW and I. wtltt.ii. itkc lougtuind. with llfht InSIIt'ui.n learning ftUEUr. HUOOTIIA.MJ. 11 1. authorised by th. Tork Board o( Education! ttend for Sample lotion la\ Free. The Gregg Publishing Company . 77 Marltaon Avenue n Franeitto 1H11BU ww - IV in Business Training Mians Increased Earning Power Thtre I' a strong demand fur trained men to ail tho positions left by the men called to toe Colors. Tee high salariel potltloa aal mors 1 - iKrt&nl want will tn ran mtn vtin rn younui lot time adrautatn by entering our KVLNI.N'O course ACCOINTLNO BUSINESS L,4W truioi. in Walton Students Tlln llonois In the June examination for asioclste raenbenalp In tho American Institute of Accountant, of rixty-elt- uful men tight wa s Walton trained. Five who acquitted inemcl4 with tpcll dUtlnctlon were nuwl la order or mtrit. rnree or tip nvu were nucin stuienta anj Ge m Lormer, our n ident, heuled t:ie list. N'o stroafcr evilenn of tho norm or naitoii tral.iiw com J to oTerel. open evenings during registration wc;k, Juurr ittn to ism. Tel. C.rtltnt 456J-456- 70Siin.e BJ.-in- i. New York. COOTfeRCE BOOKKEEPING ! ACCOUNTANCY And Elementary Accounting Thorough trlining to qualify for complete charge of set of bcoks in any business. OPPORTUNITIES . Unuual ppportunitle exist tiay for tfve with know lei o of 13ookkreplne and iicn cuiary mm Graduate of this couimi are natiuim to Amerl?a' INSTRUCTION. tCONOStlCS Post C\ora njiUfvlniT rits- - Tiivalc prvtlw: EXAMINATIONS Mr.tr.nt cajffulty viui rani AND THOROUGH Practical prof-si!o- rl tralntiiie oiS thnroaicli tnttnihe. Clas pam-- - Uy by FpffnlrRpAnlfAP TMn w v tnroll tn nucceedlng tu Hljhtr vt tD crofmdoi Certtrs- -l ViAlc Aceo uM In 3, personally cofuluctoi i in t' ffrmer V Hwts FrnkErcaker, C.P.A.No. 1. 52. Uir-l.t\- 1 Aountn. Tkroikeeplnx clim tarts Tcb. 4th, every Aiwirinn' eli s:rt I\!. Cth, ttery Moadiy and Thunday. Vralscaday and Trlda' For IS yean Mr. BtozVtr hes puie!i:ej prtpz. ir.i ,T.:n:r l; U'cfaslon ef Accountant and has Itair.eJ rxite rrtn uko lia-- j i rcmintnl cttlificd public accountant (Ajn arj; zihxl i: icr.l'.tnU;. EROAKER ACCOLNTICS CORP., Inc. 71 Wfst 2;rd St., N. Y. Tel. Gram. 4820 WASTED EVLRYWHERE-DEMA- XD VSt.IMI.ED EFFICIENT SECRETARIES YOU can become ono at THE SCUDDER SCHOOL S&jSSs 316 72d Street, at Riverside Drive MYRON T. SCUDDER, President The only secretarial school in New York City with dormitory ttudentj in attendance this year I'rom 25 States and Canada. The course of special interest high school and college graduates, and to women maturity who want to study. Stenotypy, stenography, typewriting, etc. Fillr.s and library methods. Special stress Ensriah. CLASSES. IN FRENCH: Cortina Method Used. ALSO SPANISH. Nttis. T.schers. Ac'dreis Mr. S. N. SCUDDER, Registrar, Phono Columbus 4779. PRIVATE SECRETARYSHIP ACCOUNTING STENOGRAPHY and TYPEWRITING E LUSK Standardized Universal fFACriCAL accommodations Any or of tbese courses are WAR EMERGENCY COURSES, as well as courses lor pumaneiu betterr If would make money, take either of above. Turn knowledge into earning power. Begin Now. and Settlon. L'liculart Upon Iteqaett. THE MILLER CHOOL u;xi.n;to.v ave. at nvi:.TV-rtiiit- BUKORE YOU ENTER BUSINES YOU SHOULD IIAVn A ?nCflETARIAL. i BUSINESS TRAININO AT THE L ... . . . v. v..'. . . . ,a U w.a v.,v .i.iu . Surrounlad over (3.CC0 offices tht of greatt huin 'ste- - The Dnke Bjilntta Fehnol Cats-i- t free an spyllsvtlon will iliow you havr to uceJ. Call, 'phor.s or wiita uac;, before yoj forwet. A POSntON GUARANTEED TO TO'J IIOUR3I Oor. ::o A.M. tn 3 P.M. :.lEhts. any tlir.a aftir : P. M 1V17 I , ncpire OtnluMt for or C. P. A. Ht.rofJ nlJ t iniuAitilsti an-- i ami conduct cU f P A 1 . next courw Ueaa rf by S., X. \: in crt West is to oi on or all tnt. you the Day Nlsht si. (T.I. V. avv by in in. . ut 13 M. lie ud ha -- FILING- IS the one office vocation for women which is notovercrowded The first institution, ever founded to give instruction in this profession the NEW HRK iCHOLL OF FILING firmer Building. 1'S IT way, N. Y. Ccy, Etinint urj Csnazsnc'tr.c. Cotcnu ite or cittlov 400 WORD-A-MINUT- E SHORTHAND The Swiftest System of Writing in the World MOST MARVELOUS INVENTION OF MODERN TIMES. FASTER THAN ANY SPEAKER CAN ARTICULATE. 7 wtce a rapid as th twuteat PltnianU-- ; four limes aa rtptd as tho irtest Onlr ext hokt ever puUhhed that enable vtrnocraphar now to not only take letters raster than i perron ran talk. pa any civil ervtce rXHralnatui hrhl, hut aim take the taiffeat oubllo .teairra or become court reporters. Lutk MFinwrsuhm take ZOO to 300 words a ouaut. aaalar han old ctlle writers tako 100. A Luuc atenocr tpner rarard almcwt ny rrequeoitlr n phiiue In tho Kntltih Itnsuaae tirj in Mur ttinei. \bile old Uyl. vtonnDheri ar.rMOnjllna ur.re. PHmin. Orahaia, r.lutuon. Ilvrnea. Marsh, Dement, w any Pltmanlo ttanotrvDher urn read It. Ilelnnm Imowlni abviltiuly nothisg abuat shorUiand are tautbt th. wlft Si. I.ller.M uned United BUtrs rienalv l.nporiem; court experts and hi Si per cent, of the ver. .l.m reporters or th. world, and eotninenra to tak letters In th brief! renortln. atyl. at 100 iords a minute after A leaioiu. Ilegionrrs In I.mK books wrtu raetar trier a t wetki thaa tr.duit. can writ, wno nave nnuoe-- j a courk. at hccoxm. tearAiu. rrom oia ttl trt buslu. 1WU nwK, will iiiviailli the is can hy eati in l',tn.ric tao.-thir- d the past year by tS.9 Luk beoki. tend for Utmonstrttltrn I.e'te.- - I. .peeimerj LUSK INSTITUTE Vi1 nnO.xDWAY, NST7 YORK. '. What Are the Elements,! of Office Efficiency?! i By LUTHER B. LITTLE, Metropolitan .Life Insurance Companj. T IfflOK. red tana ar.d tho adjust-- 1 shut up In one rocm wcr. Vmer.t of tlis cogs In the machine torty-n- dlvslone. each handling a .,... separate branch of the burlnejs which machine Possibly some omee rreccde the red tape i\he vision should and La t..e baslj for Us manufacture The led tape must bo strong and cut only by thosa who ere entitled to cut it. The cogs In tha machine must work with exactness or the macliluo break down at soma vital place \Efficiency\ is a very much over-worke- word at this time. It U a thine which la useful to lopg as the sound of the word dos not exceed Its output \If you understand what 1 mean.\ With many people It Is a fad. Some people use the word as a means of livelihood who would probably be In th. bankruptcy court If they had to practise what they preach. Some people uso the word au a basis for putting Into practice n. half- - bsked hUhbrow notion tl.tlr own. bookkeeper, stenographer, Ho particular of stenographer, best organised. r Is a tory of a \ \y;'; rj'.: ..v . ro on tmcltncy he to lt,vJ?. r., rrrc-Io- \ ' k i.authty the u;,- - i '25. tonie..erft .t t. \entirely low motion.\ .t g'ilto true In this a ilVf: hj ? i.S r?V ago .ffleUncy announced .of baslr';, w';tw\ ViL' Gjl ' .i-- .. -- .i i.i doubtiesa be recognized ...u cu.u .uwiiwi uuauicj , .... , , .., :neu to take an a ?iv f. the the I. man ftw somebody who has days lectures to con-- 1 Reaa and probab.y scmebody a rea- - 6tJer to get hints be u:cfur 0:em their businesses. At r\ 'vel ,h.1\1 and an tr 'r-c- e k.. 1.-,,.--. ... s ... suc.i e to lay down ruljs business efficiency kept tha entire class waiting and Ins time fifteen minutes by failing to pu-- . in sn appearir.ee at tee time lie had ar.nounccj the would If time be without vision, or Imagination, or some call It then any business once estab- - lUhed will run nlcrg thu fixed lines on as It And said th. is true makes nature of out was for tion street, ran whera the tort and. to peop.t th. tonic some some Is not on Job at tho either the books, out on to another. far as that ivurdi. breaks cos tho division head, manager ea-t- h mart In the toward Louts. which the office, Not has the the waa who br.ked mu:h that r\ spanU child, tecxuio VrA UroXo that clt;' arfair' ,1\ years expert as hour thu ten the were b,J1-ti- r.uc In that might to In In airsl.fi as tcslnes. for tor lecture begin. system might in Is Is to has will and of doing a of which govern the of transaction. may be red relates the leaving desk so tlu ordr in t ita an all Its to ra to to to - - ... . , . \ ii uown vnuo.m.wu uraj. ui r.. crco en(h bo A not in .i uik) u.is.- - of thun States it.- -, a iv. m no.-sr- as a'-i\- - - \ art ho.tleit to the pplrlt of the j the ha madi .j,an ji time ar.O placi which lives cannot f the red to the blcsted prh-i-- , . j. P'..is for his the She w.ll ultarrange the which 6. tr.larss rvrjstar.t':l Greenwich. the beginning the Vnturj... iuan bought Toward Individual bought classed eiUcitnt. .ow. routine to ar.a tr.o aswluti prr TtrDT-PTrvD- acanfTaTTrtW far b:h!r..l proceetlsn as be prop- - tho buslncw. ''aLr HlxtttlUaa Aasumuun, a eny a or.c. ! Is the ar.d routlr.e U hiuir.eaa. nrnhahiv r- - nil V. V. Thomas. cr Czx.'ASt), btcauio thern trUns. vt of enterprise In I tranaactiona large bufiir.e3 Directors Asioclation convention the fra.- - bulnsS3 It bs picture and ought to bo rou'lr.e a- -r announces tha meeting j afijourr.'d fol- - i glimpse an th lowing : Borden H. et c particular bus!- - th\ rrr-or- t the Burr, Ala.: nets to new element ,0ugh to f studied and Georga New or. pluln buslncu sight a I ia Wh\i t.rac. i Pamutl I. new market. It may U ( then It .V\'!ll'tr a citrk. u , t, anJ council I attention on tlie nature .A .' j u ' : a,,ra\ \ \ ' .r. imagination vision in. ' or the board of dlrec'tori. \ 1 SfJ.t.?!:!\ Herein the encouragement for the .. \: V. r 'a:: i s operations. . detail .ne .apo lau of.'.eo to matttr every comran .Tori:. doit. hUI r fin Vit 2 month livery summer uu?:uef!. might Early annual bus!-.c- s Junior chore? bat wo has con- - no-- , son!?r niationed , litiatlen, of America, on; r. eiptcwn wc statu\.! in Is In ' ecr,bed n with ! Jonc?. council asain. largest com-- 1 a ..u its neparxuro lor u-- .e in ur.iverr.ny in ciaes o: iiuu J L a war or drills tlvi poeltion snd a'umr.l fr.ends or university, la 1 for begin February 1. He ka3 recent be. of and ttu- -' K.imar.cj mr-V'- \ to, do. larger rouJno burlnesr. athletes California, for a P1103'; of company l?'lt rtttrtti wno j,a.,e chusen varsltv a r.urnber '1 hn i .?-- . t: e.t n.i i ! e rtcer.y j h'.ji company achieved Tlce efSciar.cy.\ has justment of cog the machinery largo part of efficiency. This because large bus r.ess it of I under which Is nature of a machine. a nasn se ! as nected has Is the preserved order , perccn authority Ich I know. It , to and or Kina uie woria. it is a machine and It over forty different at or. and It actuarial report, full all of figures, and gives results. Some perforated cards th. ma-- j chine tltctrlclty the machine shows of j year vrh ch It was done, amount I money pahl on kind : whether I made siml- -' annually or quarterly : whether It is new business taken on burlnesa which hours, United grand Idea' \dotnff studleo flmnlv no.we.ver and sreat other things which ever a point it to uses colors. ' those It separate conduct takes tntal !1 credit I transfers to and tlie la tired. one of wonderful ma- -' la caTled the finder. It Is a small of th. machine which is absolutely necessary to In .working order if th. . Is to the which It was bu'lt If It Is of nlace It. \Office which the built to do go of of Suppose of being brains. Continuous Performance College A maxim beauts\ present American Just th. watchword Is th. an example, In report advocates a general cf courser, that, tn icsslon. Under Dr. plan, which\ is benefit of busy peo-pl- o else, tn tha ! ircrld to sttrdy, tha. Instruc at a would resemble old cable system of street moved beneath upon whiob whenever could as It might ba cortvred contin- uous tha audience arrives departs at ouvenlence. proposition, of It so elmpla as that. Under exactly pracucaoie student study on wished ward, it rather plan artora right to condition, of students to th. courses those whoa, not permit of to tha elated .and divisions of th It worthy of care- ful Tl.ers many In cultured Vt rinicv Soston Tran tcript. days past somtttilns ot th formation ot habits, pitted Into th. students schools with placid perlodlolty of th.lr iv boy. accountant. manager the time, whin tn Important paper to O. K.M, entered on from one divls transaction Is concerned the the office, In of tli entire down nt that po nt. Therefore In ma- chine efflce boy. place at llrr.e order to get results. an oro by thslr places, at time, Mo., of 1? Mpatlon. only business Itself. work fo which Othcrwlr: I . - . . . In.. i f ' Th-r- o ' \c:;..-'- -. :t: an would . . at I with which orgar.lzc-- plven long study' beat main It. been set rules conduct each business that tape to office to to luncheon, to which cer- tain paper? shall trcr.s-crlbe.- ..n,e union mind wcrtlt of wb!Ji In legs cutting entire monooolv activity, 'de'- - Faculty C'l'jo, camp camp city; thorou-hl- y befo-- a made high later ' that changing need that llaro fund operations olhsr each e.trol- - ytar, ifritt fomor.a here vCart. tion. occur. been that office Mme. year who well other ,:lcd with with the orderly course business. ofllce boy establish- ment, t5. s'et.ogrspher, the bookkeeper, the manager, having followed down the systematized partakes the wnere machine about changing ofrtco efficiency only machine undertake put com- puting computations payments chjne machine business machine perforrnar.ca theatre, consideration. tchools, arrangements. methods errect oetcre been studied those who control business, would a monkey wrench\ taken machine. decision has \ reached change would then that new Idea takes place routine and becomes part red tape, whether Government pri- vate bueinesa. This situation glvea brain every human Being any hotvever large Intricate, however hac been many transactions. Who- - Incidental j short inks two responsible only these business only eriy. them part part the stops. P.ODIN\S with with then I a that hava university a , th. they with a a wouiu hour is a leisurely fathlontd aeademte ytar. Is a ltl ,i In th. is ir machine, It do:a It ia handling step a conditions until ad- visable routlnj during denlred was tain nvrj It ana Ut-- .r.o are lil\.- - iw:i h'.s sr-- all Is one be con- - can of les the cut the tne by It It or It Is a ra tf Is It A idea it hat by rn It ir. the the Its art r.g cut out are for all the off red tha Th wl' all b. do one tlie est u? To but tha do' the aa. Or Its not tor tn. all a'n aro vSn ,m.. of1 th. be ;on Si. bo br all am be new into he the niw the be not piece prfci-..c- niwin f both with may buszer.. cpsratlons aro perhaps Increase Its efficiency new for macr.ine uw?u, cannot by the Ingenuity nunian wr.icn invented machine tho operations efSclency\ tho tomithlns tha accommo- date culti- vation, particular transmitted machinery prescribed University. op- portunity vr.iM mechanics plus action teemed come their Its To may ago the the open Dr. was one his the any the own his lie Uarnel classrooms lectures Yale, but deal from fallow-student- s whn the pressure off. With moments were tlio hso been with Others. a proposition shall be momenta all and but No. observe that the nw 0? continuous set- - do Its profitable Intellectual course they are able their own for thete even may molt a college never mind can get tha arid that the case on. who seeks armiso himself by sit all tha.tlma. sessions th. must work he lias his work good eaaj'of for modern does r.ot his him by saints' system: he org for unlversltler. and on. of ifr,.f.. character phsrs : ' R.st not Tht l sphere, tho sph.r Wi ' In this isiue we offer the Fifth the foljowing five sub-jec- ts are the most important everyday business world, written who understand the subject from practical standpoint. Education in Finance. Dec. 1G. Shorthand, Typewriting and Bookkeeping. Dec. 2.1. Secretarial Training, Dec. 30. Accountancy, Jan. Office Efficiency, Jan. in a comparatively proffer of faclt-- . Itle tha national Government aid wlnn'nr the war has not tended curtailment washing' the proper University. 'toi(cy been tlie already by leaf. Vao com-- 1 Mlto'j rru:f.lres accomrr.eiat.i oversrowdc-- J departments. I but add'tl-.t.a- : eiurtes ire r. op;io.-;ur:- f; Cj to ar.i: extension' Known . HALL. st:ls sixth riVui n'l r.otsmnry Cinr... atter tho Christmas holidays weel: ago Thursday aro both Ilrtr.j and having their recitations Hcsemary Led;, one 'patient the Ihe cottages. The building tho 10th the when the the -- chool wilt coma back. The extentlon the was mad. order ajr'.at tha The day Uoaemary Day Clrcen-Alc- pest office. girl for to the wur., tn tha pjH lht ,.ay MCii. noes o.ie aj.a thrift ouioi nlw Liberty bonJj, mote alert catch short who oot' wtra tape have .'v0 p.ace causo the breakdown tape rule regulation , Jan. no n-- .t vision America, may that field well st relationship examined The Klrmlnirr.ar.:. population. .uit8 be York to bookkeeping that ttat orljinat UtdopteJ l1,?' who hascara par. o; (u.f The clly and com. .1.\ to sec Mass., jst. capt. i Frederick II. U. j Snm mit.r tt ha assumed full the Button rtudents. the for tho the the Admin \IU w part ccuis or , 104th tlar.s. will aaUable \- - wnica . eo,rc will ar.d t.:e as opportunity week -- Vccordir.-; .o ar.d may schoK, ? \J4 . ' , tV? expected to of . , ta.I to meant. of spent fJ30n- - as of ' mirs .ilcj . io ar.'l that may m The best tape in inalyzes of Into and business, or laid the Once a cone year, ( ouik of will It to who will derstanfis beautiful manlftstlr favorite universities. course.\ Institution, Murlln's P,an facilities somtthlnr business, business, wo2.srxs, A., Academy participate saw tho his for the COLLEGE. AUHxasr, Msss.. Jan. If. Th de- partment philosophy Amherst Pro!. Arthur Pope take con' ejabor b. S llliirtratlon be Prof. itp!l-lnhn- ' hits studied phl'onophy University comes Amhent live University California. He the beginning with remcster will Plato and history department lUfs Mount Holyoke been assisting discontinue his work Amherst. AooorJar.ee with req'-e- t \.lade by the Government teleg- raphy signalling col- leges those are'r.ow those expect toon. Kimball has ganized course wlejraphr. T.-.- e but motion swift readjust the torsc, will no Krtiarr.; folumns. nentlcn given. work sheet Now this broken or Not i machine day Speed clto and r.ot the cars they and and Tr.a jwt any and aorta and wArM The has not. The But into cogs -- as. that way lost a ' At j from filled Prof. sstre tr.e perrect working consist tape. concern telvlng the ordinary te'egraph the with Prof. Kimball Der-- 1 lecture wireless putting work do. changed except the depends tha the fact inai uta approved of in ac be to he re- - to or In 0. In to fro of In he un ifio of of of be or of tn of Him Jh pe- riod! who The Us himself. true one's in rr.ore test wert next Jan- - come year boy soma Lv,cke. and Th5 num-- , east gone secured Cornell in In who a that and and who to or a college ,v, will The and is a m in The owns It an'l some w'lll It to II N I V OP D. of It and of on Jan. t into report here time help wilt farul- - - . oiifii ..... . . .. cogs cave 1avo it la Into evtry Pre-vo- ulll recommend th.i board truotec? Its meeting the this mmth. the chief for ripeness thought tha general women the educa. tion the very and Its reduced be. advance. some the Provott Smith him- - tual havo the self some time that If kay Edward Sill, of doors were thrown best our and .urely man of to wor-e- n wou!! met a annual tha graceful and charming whose, T'nlvernllv the nftftt Jent great University which eiaduate. sayc all its letters thtt very the or at a w'jtz tho fallow fruitful. It to Have we hero tha' no fallow at nothing pressure? us hasten to cart, In cable college caught long at civ.i vuc nu, titri.,uui3 iciKure ttudents if to organise time as to prpntabio civislou time Into periods of work and arid slow time'' at will ripen a young msii'ti if never to college Is of tills or means It must at it If of and other In time x man ret time days or a An it And Is It is Z. TeAr-e- fl It rarser, Rtt th on forever of the all by a on of to !n which result to at added btir.; of Hal!. and be of In in coal. before \f at th- - Many o: of cf to Siur.-i- In of c\' to wl ,,., on, mlMtir- - nf nit-t- at of of ap K. firji knows of latinr cf v...v.,s,n which inoney manner course, begin clerk, to of at U. to or former of P.rfiwn. at and to on of cf of rltsd and second offer courtee of that In is of will at In in be given in to who an siting cill bi to be be of to speed of on or tn iiK un- - of tr.e th dt Is that Smith to of an of Is deficit of extent lu poeta to to extent. faW young in great hl great ant of inter, to to It tn to a& to Of to of of in S. of of R. of of lift of uf lata Mrs. KV.iyn or of a profestwr. In meet tha tor next sammer In tho loss laboratory work be laborious day. The continuous day will iat.;l.elTfour hrai years \ the doe8 not mean r. .. .. . proposition cultivate the avails Mm-sa- lf sessions usual vacation timet opportunity ripening havs for kitted what f'ue e'ellra r.raoara. \on. toll.\ cordlnc quitting buty And moves 13. Latest News of Events the Scholastic World ACCEPTANCE xttnslve plant e I10SEMARY form holidays ,.rT.':.m ACADEMY. retired, charge m.lltary training Bu:!r.oa AMHERST SfZJl A'\Lent.ur t philosophy. Now College, cours'a telegraphy. PENNSYLVANIA. step, cultivation, declared adoption JfJO.OOO admitted \Sller.?B re- flection. reopened holidays Mcwuruy r.ansDury, workers branches national servlc. without nerform. of S, i M.. rebvuary r.a 31. tr.cluslvo, Pilng recess; 13. ThS new tnuc'.i wurk on part both sr.d ord rame In tlm.s It with the President Wilton that col- - i rhall not omit or any of 'tratntns fhMV it their to continue. At the tame time the students will be to enter on varloua forma of service at the date. A thorough canvass the student body will be made later determine each man'w for service In order that he nay bs placed to the greatest advantage. X cf SI 00 yearly, to be i fftrs at c. tor in Li;ari-rr.e- nt of History Havirford Haverford. I'a.. and Is open to und The fundi this prize havo been placed In tha hands of tho by Isaac T. Starr of a the class of 1836. and classmate of the late Mr. for whom the prise ws An essay not leu than la for be submitted May and bo criticised by th. of history and tho presi- dent of tits Candidates for tho present year may uele--t any one of the followini; subject: \The of Itoutca and Trade In the Orient,\ In Seven- - waion wai ann eventually to me of .Utltudo, thi .VeuIralJ on tho 1753-1S1- The T.iri.T a C'aujw Sectional Dlver-Cenc- c. 1SIG-1S3J- SIGMA KTT canea Ctad of of icrtary the! or of aa eighteenth of tho In houses Camp cf of Nu any for after electing of brondor of a conducted Columbia oXcers of rnust be and special of the acv.'ved commltteo on expenses A. Smith, In terms, aJop-e- d be at treasurer, Chicago: w'tl this vision be- - frTJ P\''.' a put lm entire . convention at date. \'H1? Z'l.lr: same Information de- vised written rcfuied formed nowever, BOSTON ustees of University, .lasr.. have established new Lucks servlco i chair the Colligo of t\i;am a ihe. a WesMftU the grafiuat of pany he forgeta emerrerc;- - Krance. There Monday been 3rf tl.e hero such he , the tnt College. io n'ctara fctc j,ctn bfr the tr.e iraininK promt It above must a i exact the In each art tory continues or then larga routlr.e routine which not gives which de-- I for can our hi. In be bo \throwlnr the the known. .4 the wonderful another whole by, forty-fiv- e Intttad round besides wlthed. ccnaact eoncim. Increase L endless pro- vide con- duce leisure. student rest. must u.iiJ.r.uvti. in Pope, student abseree In vacancy drafted Prof. in vlth tape. machine easy which wlsn which Indication In middle and accuracy tetness ac- - th. a deiclt trustees Boston, large Mrhn. tho Iat which forever tho his all, night - our fitting n.tf men has Pashans account dur- ing order to cou.vtry varilus of Majr. of orrertd named. 5.000 fca. a Into rtudylr.g the and iocial cor.-- 1 5\rLp' of tho various countries. . Th. e ,'l Cntwfrt rt' Uhi-- il Arts has voted to make the r.etv course in military training compulsory for men students, the tecond Is that this will be foltawej by other of th university. YALE Niw Jan. 12. The of the Yalo SheffielJ Scientific Sfhool has voted r.ot to take part tn any the junior promenade functions t.tis year. was voted that rep- - to 1?. reser.tei upon tne joint with of The academic council ha4 voted to make a one day affair to limit t.11 functions to very eimple ar.d at that tlmo It s that would be cn thft ccrr.r.-.lt'.j- : bs chosin a week. a meeting of th. executive of the board of trustees of University held at the at It was voted to the examination omit tha and commencement excr-clhe- s, and to close on May 10. inn win tnaita it tor cadets to Pttit.i3iK.rHlA1. Pfc.. II. There go agricultural or Industrial work a that bejir.nlng with in to bo of real In. semester next month all departments cf ths labor shortage during the tho University of Pennsylvania b summer. Tho engineering sum- - to women. All the mer rcncois win uegm on :.lay 13 and cun.an nresmnaoiy rlartd. Its at cjusrterly of hurrying of th. race on with Its cause of wsf. Interruptions been to Institution of be of CONNECTICUT COLLEGE. CNamlna. tf.taotlsh I tho . . a I vacation . the v. e. i ssn nnn hen-inK- t American the the tsiabllshmont of a. tho B. H. \ednesday. competition repre- sented signalised professorthlp. This sum comes trom befora tho Catholic widow Yale BROWN need of will shortened \T.'u.ytT-ZJZJTy.- r': commencemert or Sllr: that circum- stances semester semester beirlns; I'rlday Mty iJsrnar.S hard tha of faculty amount Is In accordance Is enabled earlier HAVERFORD me College. seniors Philadel- phia, member Llpplncott. of neces- sary to department college. \Early Oriental T.rl'lsh Colonial roller stamps. nights FRATERKTTY. tcrr.ity original Regent, I'cgufs, WORCESTER bus'.r.3 arranges UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY. It UNIVERSITY. Haven. student commit- tee departments affairs, rup-pj-'e- d UNIVERSITY. At Nor- wich Nesilln shorten rerlotls. Caster formal college possible second coming regular teheduled President interest study hlitorv. Historical of March .society .determined offer a prlie of a his- torical for thotudents of For a t . o i semester i tion a tion spread the raltu. Tha prize . V . . I M . ... .. \ . LI LU On .'1 V January u T January Monday to ' tl ' Haturday examlna-- 1 Ff\ jf \\\j!1 30. tlona : January on ' ' \\\'\ rolmeni undergraduates: Tuesday, Wswhtnrton's holiday: to Sunday irrangennt-.- t ttud.nta r the shorter por- tion qualifications COLLEGE. Juniors. collage competition, Development Diplomacy.\ commercial! commenting expected departments January the NORWICH com-mltt- eollego'for meatlng couneil dollars Catholic college tha State. ( Setvlce Crelgutont. Mulati-Phle- a Margaret Ilaughery Orleanf, Carney Heeney tha pirm.r.tlera cf York, the PhlltdelpMa anJ found-r- s institutions elrewher.. (IIT ) \Marcus Whltmin Missionary Tha aocltt.v'r. Catliolls of Mo- tions was very commented The etlefuitor\ the rfponsc that rxsTBtjenox. Hbw Can Increase My Income and Efficiency? U advisable to ehanfe Vora-tio- n. improve Mattery in, an Important Possibility, mtde doubly io through PERSONAL COUNSEL ON EFFECTIVENESS, ON VtCA.IONAL PROGRESS, AND PREFEhABLE OPPORTUNITIES. HOLMES W. MERTON, Vocational and COUNSELOR. Explanatory tf Deatred. CbeUea 0M. OOtt Fifth At. PublicSpeaking a practical course coveiitg correct expres- sion for tbc ordinary occa- sions of life as well as speaking in public. Breathing exercise, physical ex- ercises, vocal drills, vocabulary enlargement. Improvement of dic- tion by eentenca types, psycho- logical principles oral expul- sion. Write for details ef class groap meeting after hour. com-forta- downtown rooms. PACE INSTITUTE, 30 Church St., New York. BROADWAY H720 ST. tysTlT& i UL L' 9. Seertsr!ul Courts. Stesegraphy. Tspwrlt-Inc- . Bookfc.tplnjr. etc. lr.JlvIdual Inetr.ic-- . tlon, Dky ar.i NWht. Hlth-Clss- a clallatr Il.sln nny; tlr-.- . Call or ssni fer U5S celumeus. Is named to fill a vacancy In the Department. His promo- tion to a full Colonelcy is expected nlth-I- n a few The crder does not state he Is to remain In Wash- ington, but It Is expected that ho will for the time at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. rtrcxTON, Jan. li. Uni- versity Is by a \war J31.I33.30 this year. the deficit stands at ISO.OOI above this P. WIW cianje the Mexican ana aa tha: Latin rtia- - urc. 7auuaw wind the Is lunat.s at IUsrtmer.t a tho bo his until uaturur.i tee ria undcrtakta. If thatifr appointed to wilt and are words \offlci cutting whit- - Thursday until duties ires does tho thing rd and traits- - tve ttli been professor lutages in ho is emergency exception nrol\-cn- - the .ri for ar.d has .vry students tv.s trf simpiy and regulations ......, nav on.cers has ad every In any conditions th. ho In red th an Is ara fed the the the the annually, vo.untary UGUSTB now celeration only fashioned qulta ad- herence old the assistant, tho for if the the bo the been In the tho wlth V.HSTTV nra:n theory admission little at there among thlnrs. ha at at with this at a the charge the the the has th drafttd and a single and (if red and reason university measure enrolment one this thousands tfa4l-- e provided by anyway? conserva- tion Worcester Msich duty Boston dltlcna all semester. prom other prom v.ll'.iir. Club rifets lessening York 1517. least. faced others calls on Corp other branches of service. Prof. Hoot English department here to assume duties aa a Captain In Ordnance Department. G. Herring, former football star, associate editor i'Hnreloii H'etfciV. received a commission a First ir. Department. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. Vksana. hott course In highway i It the the University Illinois 2'entific derartnunt r.ot U tho university. the and to to 7. en- - ana to to II. ns for In la. At verv are and K. ha3 left and the has also 111.. Jan. also -- Tho annual a win bo tha usual at given to engineering constructional connected wit read building, greater consideration thru usual will to the e:or.oir..: of good roads-- Road building In eome tectlont ot th; country has sulllc ar.ily ;j positive A.tttt vh. h prove thst good rcs-d- constitute a very tangibl; asset to the taxpayer. Goou aro -- palric Tne course Is open to all person:, but It Is ae?!gr.ed to bo interest mV.VV their official or private have occasion to plan, design, cr construct country roads and city NEW HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE. H Jan. PJ. o; New College, mcetlr.c: conttnuo until June S. Mntrar.co the president to ch tiona ftro for the morning of emergency war courses ae will not Inter-Jun- e ;a and 17. College will fere regular work. It open In tall or. C.j it tit beptem-- 1 was in tha Interest economy, to Lcr- - omit formal Inauguration ceremonies fori War orders dated De- - President Ilalpli D. Het2l ar.d plans cember Beeves, now were made to give to enudents i.ieuienant-Jion- ei in who leave enter war service. jThe Intercollegiate Historical Competition Christmas was by in of made by Iter. Tfsrr.ey, S. J.. in his tlie address United States th Society New the tho the or.o hundred for competed tho the this Sm -- horttr r',in- - weeks tut. tor ana 1IICU reglstrat and Acnieve .cond March leges word, action annual amcnt United nurno.o meaps Social Louis, Ne'v Now 71i was favorably by many them. result wan cama One's One's business lector, Cata'.oc. T!. wecka. being deficit\ prtsent Bobert tho hta tlta Donald Alumni Ordnance would letter While tention given ts rrogreiseU leads Investment. particular duties prayice supervise streets. Oo.vcs.tD, Hanvp'hlre here. September materially voted, Department credits tne.jieguiar Army, college eslj&y States. from the lr.t'Uutic.r.1\ and ir.dlcit.v. the given a new impetus, to tho srtuly our records and Interest m their preservation. The contribution from the students the several colltgea represented tho competition wero over by the committee tha and the best them psustd a s.ptclal commltteo composed the Bcv. H. S. editor America; Dr. Pallen. manag- ing uditor the Encyclopedia and ThoAtas for final award JlnLl iatindar rondenlnir th. various Institutions throughout the PM should .tvraried to essav r,\.: nerioa: but tnvttmg their cooperation in this 'The Maivus Whitman Myt..\ and \Tho any clasL room or for ,he I1'\'3\1\0''\ study of Mlrrlon.iry History Oregon.\ by U,u. The second American Catholic history, believing it Langie. a for the bachelor' threo' and '\\\entlal Instrument educa- - degree a: Ooonetown CAlltge. by conserva or 2t Inclusive, (Beeshibor 23. January A. SS, birthday, WJr.etiay, win the the diminish tht patriotic carefully of on to be and tha )C'athollo illustrated by of Omaha, th. Bt. of of Boston, and rr'sls of the bwavoltnt Myth\ ar..i the History of Oregon. circular ejub-lish- tj In the papers all and of I If it to it it Industrial Interrltw B6 of by whether TYtnceton of ho be afterr.cins citucy\ he different or of of of of 15 11 of 20 to of awaiting of Princeton of Lieutenant th; bo :glr.eerl.-.- g heb will be problsms be provide of inn. ri'.v Trustees autltorlietl of In I! at cf of project has of an of In r.w editing of of to of U. Tlorney, of Conde E. cf \Catholic P. WoodlocVt \ M th ir, of A. candidate, ,0 4n In on ...Ill in cf th of on in N. The second place waj awarded to Mb-.-- . Georglana Mclintte, a candidate for thu bachelor' degree at the College of Mount Vincent, New York. Her esAy, \Catholb Soelal Service.\ merited spt-cl- commendation for the car.fui etudy. painstaking historical Investigation a..a ordarly arrangement It raanifsstted. Other coxpetltorn desarvlrsr honorsblu mention were Pr.ul Pete.- - U'oih, Tora-ha- University. \Th M.irius Wr.tr; an Myth\; Mif5 Co.-.an- ce Curtis, inr.\:.' College, \Catl-.ol'.- j Scii ttrv'.co ' ; H Byrot, Nlagar.-- , Unlvsrstty. \The o: Illlr.y.t\. Jams; J. i:e;ly. S. Vincent's College, Lot Ar.felts, ' CiC-oll- c fiotlal Service..\ Tho society is cr.sllr'.i'.g th repo- sition to make tho compstlrton an an- nual c.lfer to the C'a'.holiv colleges cf t.io United INSTHCCTION. fOB BOVll AND VUtNU StCN. W TOBK CITT, New Vera. PREPARE NOW to receive your thart a t prosperity wnvo \Ow lerri- - th our.trv. The ilemii.d fir v t\ trained ofHco assistants, acvMin'-ir.'.- ' stenoxraDhers. ar.d tecrctari. n'?' never to great as now. Thnuai,i of attractive positions is-i- i stones to higher placet) ar oi.nfri every day for thoe who are ij.iiitJ to fill them, .\ateguard ; uu. 1 r v by ztattlttg y AT THE school which hoi near'. c.x v vj of success behind the school hi, has graduated thousands r.t tr, .. men and women fully equipped ar.3 able to make their way In the busirtM world. Commercial, ttencgraphic. and secretarial coures; higher acccj\. Ing. cost accounting, and audltlric; a'y or evening; send for rrospscti:.. ,o solicitors. P EMEU AT ANT TIME. ACKARD COMMERCIAL SCHOOL S51 Lexington Ave. (Ssih -- A. Increase Your Earning Capacity by investigating the '..!!;' - Lfficiency Couije: BUSINESS ENGLISH MEMORY TRAINING APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY (tlie working of ihc rr.in,. to tusine&t . Call cr W'ru: Lt Oi WEST SIDE Y. M. (. 315 W. 57th St., New York City (DAY DEPT DMtdllT -- tllOOL New Vor TC Pr .v., bt' 3i..j tlfookiyn cor, Krr .i a lIJ-i.- '- ,j Ait a iCOLLECE EXAHIN,TI0K5 $D(5 for Ct taint: V mjwj W i . NAVIGATION lii. coin: tiiiKtii'itM roi: nl S.l.flOil tn I.V Vrprl. Cbiroprejt'.n . :h i. -- g t f!'lon Intel eitn t ij, cours. fay tr.d nich? f r..r- -. (.r.t - I've- - - i djg'i lnt-ii-- for V. V. M IKKII. Ill r IMIIIM'll l I I4I5 Hmxlonr, C.r .'Utli X. V. I BERKELEY -- IRVING SCHOOL i 309 to 3tA Wr-- t ld Mrr!. Nrw lot.. , '\li ' irtz'j . C Ihiny-eltht- h .'. : d. s- .- oU.e,, indi l.lcal in.fru-.io- n i.ym nxlum. lmnilns pool. ritn-uii- ! nd ir il caa.c:us f ,'..s. Mhu;!e.- - v . v. nn. i'.inii\ft NY. SCIiOOLSHORTHAM' t nsnyoaitfi f CB J - 10 O .C0- -, r XKLWrtJ ami expense vny. BROAD U'AY CuMMtKClAL SCHOOL Fteretsrlal. Hoekkevplrjr !.'\ipii T Kline Index'.r.i ' 'i.; m.ht 131 VVni i\fn ft . r r.- - I.AM.l'AOI.i. I J 'i t'ortlnu Aendemy of I.anruatei ritKkJH itr. vn a ofi.-'e- s. l tor. t.1 l.i t. 5 jn AL'tlHT T. all r' IIOTH MlAl.s. THE SFCPrTRlAL iCFOOi ....... f yS-f.- 'wllHencrs. en- - p.H-.el.-T- of to of on b o.. Eimmt ''o.'i'i Cualna Meach'r vveit at hoan with Lli- - t.i. rHoc B\-j- \ Writ t o for K't' tcnl&T nyrrf r i. tn i !j f .a. '' ' a' , y . U. S. ... l .... , y. j 111. i J.. St. It; A. ; ' .. MfSlCAU hi '.Iocs. Pay nJ u' '' S P-- lt V 1 NEW YORK COLLEGE :0i MSIC .ap- - mutt i mis i IHl Call Heln umt l\t ton), u' II I Hi A HUH ticioci or Mm.o ii II1 UI .Indents rranvh's an:)' . i . i ' z, 'lim 'n ll-- n . A II. IiieniinMriK-i)r-.iruii- on V tudent lvt . . J; D.vic o i\ P'P' i III arl Hem i cwry I. ui'rv ooi3u k m; Mll'uhlle Mulc K Jl; stnd ffor ruialngtie Jf LERN Oir.LLCUi: ii m Mill LARD Ol LinDtnU, mm,i 310 , bllh M ESFERANZA GARRIGI'I rt nt Mni-hie- . j.i s.t. s Arelntr Laccutr- - et,T In.'nii'. IlM'rark 1 ., i.oi ir Hi in \ ' Ve itlisr i. iimre ' ent ,iin. rnM.K vii'rnVii avf im'K.'r inn r- - BOGERT rjr.ri... TO.Yti W MAhTIN-iMtT- IJ I tl. M. i't nil ret. n;i Hill oi r,.-if- . -l- or- NEW YORK'S PRIVATE SCHOOLS 1. ' .1 it a \t tl ot .M Ktttlvl I.. 1 IllV M. .\I itllUI. ' irwi i Ivinn-- t j i\ f l:r.r.V..:? f o.'. eti \tr ' P.il At f i\l i ' BAItN Vlfll Clltt(ll. KMI HOI? 1 le.rtuon iltS3if ,, . main all tav I \clui'ir j it ' Tennl.Cf.nr t th V1fl1 Kl\d r Fiil niitic Kiitv fi i:i'r'; A M'MltV. ltlir.N K'.'lJ.p rill. fcrimoi., roi i rH .mi Hrimti, . six. ll\ i

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