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SUBMARINE RULE BY NEUTRALITY BOARD f to Re ni xxas by Tti- -' t . I ! A t- - 1. io nacK i p on A no to i tiiiinsjn-llull- xt ,a July .n 5(,ito Desires Herman -- ntfrnarinr- nhin Definite l'ro)oals Mntlc three nth., Von 111.11 Mcciinii View Status. lirMOHS OF CONVOY Allied Embassies Hear Them, but Make Representa- tions Washington. rurirtrr Wilson the apainft h Herman-America- n upon of of of ie Ju, uenntte Pr0 ' In of the pollt'cai ve aralnst c.mclal tV.e r05,al for the set- - t; y !Aie Wpartment virtually are Americans here bellexe the uhmarlne he will again triumphant and ' tlement of the Mexican controversy a I a merchant ..\\ ,h? ' ,ubll: h \de to the State nepartment t.M ... of th. Wed \V'V 'I'. f\p... KIlsco Arredondo. the ! AmbaMdordf Ifrnatf. on w. k-- . - sfnr rMior tiftw n4.. 4 .k rullnc Is made win Tolk Indicated to-- 1 von \Deuticte w\ for ,!\ Initiation of that rullnir may be tlk.\ which retarded as the of Thp 1'hlted Stateji ready to ie.morrow It Is he con- - a campaiirn to put cr. Hue low oaok Into lh.t Is nothln lacking SnM de rtV.ih the Feutschland a statut u formerly supporter of the ,ncrrul mrr.ntr.iimn tnu iirirrs on suomanne said to the neutrality board only In rrder stx-- added welrht to formal decision, The detailed report of Collector Ryan Baltimore, holding that submarine could not be converted Into a war ve-t- d without \extenslxe structural ir.arise.\ by the Treas- ury Department y to Mr. Tola, ll probably will be made public It wa the the HUnmanir predicted here the undentood forwarded Collector, on ana could do\ raise an army is iu.in. nirv, iiurf the navy, examined to the Allies. Y0-.-1 confiscate I couraglnff reflects decided Instructor, rive sabxersible request of our In American but of attitude Vf were the tried to use carry Americans. Commander ercy Olm-- i fi tf n.e atrteing she In every the sink the xeaael. them. reiorieii mm suit. ., The All.ed added noth- - \Crryin cn an unllmlterl submarine a ost reoeptlon at to-d- to the representations we could sink 00.00o of Mexico They the port and rxe made that the DeutH.li- - entire mer- - Mexican were to brine a pu Urd a ivuiitial warship, and Mr. chant fleets the leadtne the waterfront to return salu.e I'olk he anticipated no serious op- - from that quarter. Counsellor Barclay of Britlah Ehnbaiy con-ftm- d with the actlne Secretary, but no new- - reprtsentatlona. Ulplamatf of the Allied countries lnf jrmatton y Indicating tr.t Du:-ch!n- d wa convotd from U;mn a.moet to the Cheaapeake CajK-- ty a neutra. merchantman, aided In shield!.!; her from by war- ships ai.d also acted aa Thl Informitlcn may De communicaieu later to the State Department lnxestljra. ! tlon requested. Allied wtrahlpa are aald now to te searching for the convoy ahifi. I rumors Indicating that the submarine might have a conx'oy reached the but nor.e of them ever was given credence. One waa that British steamship which , put lr.to the Madeira Island lighted on June 23 in the Atlantic i Urge submarine bound eaatward In con- vey of a steamship. State Department to-d- ay formally ' ftnled published reporta that It would ' aot be if the ueuiscnier.a t.u- - if . . . ... ,! Is . a iu . to it at It v- -, en- - If . n ' a a a ihould and the li international by leaving United , Both Capt. and Interest other My they nothing the Terchant submarine United State was Indicated by natch ent by the department yto.i.t fu- ture called iirpas when heard Consul at his out Mr did not , Hechscher'a bank account a Washington Government for Capt. Koenlg asked about laughingly an- - swered Is true.\ ONE WOMAN KILLED. away from the . about count a English of gram Inquiry Mr. was night would here II- - a submarine. About . about rounds One toman was killed tvy the bombardment. One house waa (truck by a shell. Th official announcement says: \At 10.30 o'clock last night a German off the small Seaham ihipplng port the North Sea, six mile southeast of Sunderland. She ap- proached within a few yards of th town then opened fire. Some thirty fired a 1 Inch gun. round fell th Daltondsle. a . ho,pltsl, th. roundi fell In about Seaham col llery. \A a.h ll.l . V. n.,,V. . V. . .wil - I J O.....I COrp- -, yard senousiy mjuren lied this a wa done.\ On house was No other town Seaham Harbor on th North Sea about. 110 mllei north of London and six miles Thla la the time that an submarine has bombarded a British coast town. DYES UNDELIVERED . . Maine Cnnilsruee a secret The exact and extent the \rgo supersubmarlne Deutsch-!n- d and the consignees tha Preclou probably will not be known when It 1 ex- pected that th information will given out from German official ource. Herman A. Metz, president tha Farbwerke-Hoech- Company, as one the consignee of a part the dyestuffa. said no truth In the report that a large quan- tity of was Included In the Th States Government also t plenty dye for making; Its paper money, as two cargoes were ordered re leased by the for that GOVERNOR IS UNDECIDED. Whitman Not Yet Reads- - Reply Hrown. July Oov. to discuss y the letter Senator Eton requesting the Kxecutlve to call n e..tra session the Legislature to Provide funds conveniences and com forts for New York's on the Mrder, Th Governor would answer In the course a day or \It an outrage on the fair name this State,\ Mr. Brown, \that pri vate subscriptions being taken In rosny raise money for necessi of life our guardsmen who their country's call. The Htate should provide funds to all expense not for necessities but also for few comforts \If th extra uexalnn la called I sllflll utmost to that the also provides adequately the dependents of guardsmen who are on Texas border In camp,\ Cargo Abandoned Tamalco. Th motor shin Glermool. In vester tliil from Tumttlen and Mexico, fctmri.iniifd enrpn of nil at braus a there Insisted that she should uav an export tax six \nts a barrel. She export enforced at and oil cargo there. hrought and womn, recently Ploied In oil fields. TO CHANCELLOR. Hnpr I'rroldrnt WIUon Will Men In lor llrt eg. Hlmiv Ij.mtan 1! Th oxrrthroxv of Cham-- i llur MoIlff, champion of roncll-itor- toxxard tho I'nltrd Slatr. te Pejinrtniciit ptti f to-rt- timo-- l'rr-ldt-- nt act? the Urlth l.Wndc A pr vate sou-v- e Mo.f to Oftloc said on thlf lnles Anirrlrt dews Kneland within the next thre nioMr will N a bitter flshl apainn the cannot tell whether he be able to 'id hi? own aealntt mch opposition. The f relation de- pend America. The forecast a renewal It made by Conservative thoe favoring tlic conquered by Oermany In war. They said opinion America win that Of man that emer- - will ,h week. nnat Secret v Polk tivday v. ......... nttnv Ull 41 i il . - crown bolder th antwarnn nii i .. m Acuns of 1,1.. the announced half ! ,Am there lSh.r.1 membe of a pouciea. the th said tfur- - coal from said day. on \.. Stte have 'orracu Who Is irolnit to le your next Wilson or Hurhes\ If It I Ilua-he- . he can be no' worse than Wil-- j would If The worst he Is to declare war Germany our To-da- y. .\pJj.\ can canVutralltv prf\nl. jco. and all Mh. South T. .hawS. tp'hU !T,\\,ei \'.nd. ,our Professional would unlimited sea nfp for ,n, ajralnst Kncland. Our present navy held In a net notes. What do you think th United States ef r. not :rom m- - could chance ln, here tha ships you Mexican toward recorded report, them supplies and commandlr.f: crj Ut waa munition we -t- rchant embales ven friendly they tons ship-- ; saluted sufgestir.f M Powers, par- - the that detection tender. and Various hue Department, The concerned for for Americana Kiretfn Knt(and ami win war. we would start all over, build merchant- men faster than any nation, regain our position leading comrmrcial power Friend of Chaneeller that Wilson will take strong stand against thereby grcAtly strengthening Dr. von llethmann-Hol-eg- s GERMANY'S RESENTED IN U, from Pact In ten dayp. tat the whMe fleet the undersea commercial craft follow are all come Baltlmo-e- , this city American end the undersea line. When pressed Mr Hllken said: are buslnesa which clear cannot now rex-e.i- l Yo-.- i will attacked rank In that Bremen here she law warships irrtves.\ ifttr the Stat Koenlg Mr. Hllken In reports that German have may visit found the check for $10,000 which Aug'ist Heck- - dla- - scher, German Y'ork. y, said drawn the order of the American Bremen. In- - Capt Koenlg and of quiring why he confidentially personal idrlse of reward \ tha sailing the Deutachland. was It, and Carl the Count Ambassador, ripped Port Attacked' by Germamlall vagueness storle visit here iQbraarlae tu SHrapnel nre. von Bernstorff. answering II- - The of from Seaham Harbcr attacked last he be by German thirty expected arrive noon shrapnel Bred, .ubraarlne appeared unde-ftndc- d port Harbor (a and rounds of shrapnel ur WVW.C. morning. by shell, damage southeast second ARE Still the German. character tha fortunate dyeatuffg until men- tioned probable was salvarsan United recently British Purpose. Aliiant, li. Whitman !cltnd Leader Drown militiamen said h probably two. are cltieB ties nswsred adequate defray only luxuries. my for now the Tumam. Tatnplco Carranza General Tuxpam em' Mexican SAVE policy -- ornithine Chaiicellur submarine operation annexation territory the Alexander Secretary ntkhstae. hat. her got She nun ami One and the ,.,Al Is, port had will a1yx the Then a the President a England, position. S. Continued 'trf to to the \These It Is a wealthy New Is to haxe to to as It telegram to Luederltz. I German Consul, from von the EaglUh Luederltx. Is shipment. to A UNCLE SAM NURSES. IIO a Month and Expense Offered for Border Service. WHtNOTOK. July II. Uncle Sam's first call for the service of women In connection with the Mexican border mobilization came to-d- when the War Department announced that 176 nurse are needed. The medical depart- - .Via a. ml Ct M Vl A A in direction of dozen Mr,.g of b(, R,onlt there der and therefore large Increase leen authorized for the army nurse 1. Try was nriduate Th of 11 of nf of of of of be of of of of (o to of of of of see of no ny Ati- do of Pu of be of of of of of nf n ha nurses are desired, They will recelxe $50 a month and all ex- - ipenses so long as they remain on Amer- ican territory, and $70 If they go Into 'Mexico. Head nurses will get iu month more. Any nure. desiring to offering meir services should apply to the superin- tendent of the army nurse corps, care of the Surgeon General of the Army, War Department, Washington. ASKS IF MILITIA CAN VOTE. secretary llnsro fttatas of Men on Border Denned. it,v .inlv A reauest for a formal opinion concerning the right of New York's 10,000 mllltamen, now the Texas border vote this fall was transmitted to Attorney-Gener- al Wood- bury to-la- y by Secretary of Hugo. Mr. Hugo aaks for an interpretation of the following clause in th Con stitution: ... \Every male citizen or me age m 1 years shall be entitled to vote tn tne eieciion u.oii.vi witch shall at the time be a dent, and not elsewhere: provided that time or war no elector military service of the State, the United States the army navy thereof, shall be deprived of. his vote by reason of his absence from iM -- .. .... had been conaioerea wimm ... guardsmen outside the State would be ? i...a n vote. Dress reports the Secretary of of of a ruling by .: Jersey to me nice. .\ .r \....iai th.le home State could not vote unless there had been an actual declaration of war. were brought Mr Hugo's attention, he sought the for- mal advice of the Attorney-Genera- l. AMERICAN SHIP HITS Steamer Gold ! Badly Damaged Off Bordeana. Pans. July 11. The American Shell, with a cargo of oil. rtrScV?a mine on Monday night off ll, the Olronde. and was badly damaged; Bb. wa. kept until she entered the mouth of the Glronde. where she being Tha Gold Shell, Capt. Hayes, sailed New Orleans 20 for Bordeaux, nnn mni is a ibii i'.... : ,?os, built thla year, and owned by C. nuM of New York. Studio closed until September 18th. .576 FIFTH M CO.MV!ST CARRANZA PLANS , PEACE WITH to Wit di on NEWS IS a FVI way quired. hurt This Week. Mexico. \horrible anV-Aiior- revived r.MOl !! The aui.lll.irv formed merchaM Arredondo to Have New He nlv From \First Chief TVahhinoton. A\UNnT0' .,rmv ntri)i.irintti openlnc hundred ranza net Car- - Mr. Arredondo said that detail of the negotiation haxe not yet been discussed, but that expecled to make an an- nouncement In .a few daxs. Henry !'. Kletcher, the American Arnbaador-de-trnat- e to Mexico, wa present the confere-ic- e Ambassador Da Gama of rtraril wa '\l'0 'IJ.SlllJ asked Mr. concern- - w rr ire monthly, destroy if THREAT A. unii at WILSON Knconraalna. ............ and a rin-ir- a wa of a to San th full of of a te THURSDAY, WART. a or.r 5r.ni In of \ttie of the have with to made hold a .r rouUl o left their sol. lie- - :v the talr r down f need. r,' were .p.- - ha n lnce he ' t 1 and work of the Col. eau, rltr t' Mont M i. i, , 11 lull, A July spite \ from lUl rd 7,000 ROOKIES FILL PLATTSBURG CAMP l Wll\ and !lttwi-i.i- . N. July ' axy . ' war .,. xijor You .News .xiexico the help and a the State I ports, the ,, r 1 that Allies would scout j, here , t war. plr.K the seen the rr.ide which had State anJ \ 1 hoatl.e crew the \gallantry. the port said were were and truck enemy some and ou'y her nine hope sec-e- ts x,now hope Bern-istorf- f. Ambaador' July State theie NEEDS army a I e a State State he resi in In such -- inaiuu When State MINE. afloat Jun from AV negotiation bread, money persons bandit Joined Trex-ln- return offices Service nvi-nue- needs Fine Cress Lisle, Atrttx $1.50 Man, .\talks home? djmen pride risourrf cominjr ' vorkf\. Sfrxlcv Ounrd xeht-nr- n tell-Ir- .s i who.e Among Cooke. W,nn- - Samuel t'.eorpe i At,0.. Kunz. , ChrMcr of . r r. i of aa at r0J.u,a In I4 , \I of on or aa to to tt to Is m.n. 15 on to of In mo or or .v.. It to Is of at Tllford. i:-- Wlth tmmber Junior rrK-Jla- German Wants afft.Hct\ innmw. nearly artixed during early tratn trains three VILLA BATTLE, AMERICAN REPORT Pennsylvania was ,uci.-e,tic- n i?l,,ernTent niladelph.a. Washington regiment\ duly, the AmerVan ,i. garrison organization not telegram proceeding methodically army July. t'e efficiency. ImmeJ'. ,.ru.mber camp. Tank orsaniziupii com nVer nooeveu locution. Hodwick ambassador Germany; ,,trer.sthenlng Kahnestock. rconforeement WM i.e.! To Department Adjutant-General- s Carranza recruiting commander. Major-Ge- thl private. dependent discharged throughout spooled not Prohibitionist, California, Introducing In resolution appropriate 11,000.000 destitute Mexican republic resolution stipulate expended, di- rection Department, clothing destitute residents It provided the \financially-abl- e\ the for extended. resolution Committee Appropriation. GARCIA'S REPORT. ClllHl'AHr.x II reported engaged In the Do- - Arrletii, proceeding Jlmlnez, Rodriguez, the gov- ernment few ago. Informed Gen, the pleaded Tvlth his old al. resisting \Yankee was 15 Bautlsta. REQUESTS SWAMP Auxiliary Em- ployment applications financial giiardemen the Auxiliary, the Seventy-fir- -t Infantry Thirty-fourt- h ac- commodating Mareeau employment committee Indorsement Jefferson Thompson, preldent Association. When- ever manufacturer establishment whenex-e- r new employee register with auxiliary. Greatest Men's Values Elsewhere bMk MMLM & tl and and n.-- . (ili Out. out the the by the N.u In .iui nrr to put will gn men to the the the Mar. lr S, for mean fh( comfort Summer Undent Nainsook, Madras Balbriffin Mssh) $U5 Bathing $2.50. Vacation NecettUlet Khski Treuws, Trouwrs, Uither Whit, THE SUN, JULY 13, 1910. SOLDIERS' WIVES ltrxrntc.1 reclmento Wtxr-wh- Auxiliary llfRirmt.t KAU1NG manufacture- - committee, wllllnR employ KUrdmen member committee Theodore temporary chairman. Jefferson Thompjon. U.xyluirn. Oeorce Krirds.vni. C\ama Chancellor rv'iitschland strictly HueloWa violation Senior Division Arrives Many Specials. .Many New Yorkers Among: Them. lhti?w VWJC rookie.'1 Includlnc b.x'.h the dlxlslcns, haj i.as'ed could ivnartment, to Majority Furnishing a ..n. of the men the di the forenoon by, special were of Pullman sleeper, flrt 11. TS . 11. was the camp nignei give af-t- of of of of C, & oi..- - gestlons to Junior regarding nece.sity preparedness. PERSIUS HINTS CONVOY. Hrerlied Snppllei K Broadway Street IN Handit's Forces Still no-in- s: I'nited States Troops border. MOUK (t. M F.N Cavalry Ueaelies IVrshincrV Crowded Camp. Kt. II for KrancJsco Villa's army rapidly In the of and alone the border according Information by Uoxernment officials. stated Vllllstas on the American belnc to proceed to Duranco, former commander. Kate overtook one. officer, Manuel who wa by had fired Hanccr y, the pasdnc the s County refue.1 re- cruiting actixltles hllhu fort near city iv.nua of of 14.000 It of road here. In With j rerr.lanu there n:i 14.000 militia Vennslvani - will nii-ni- on\.-- e aume Model .. IS Border Ju Armyt , t ' ' Crii ex.V.lltsta the .,,,, in rtlllerv\. 1 In J'.mlnex. . \r sVt leiw Chief l rhA to a . or to ' irxite.?n' Colonel ' ed I pla..M the , ,r.'pn,,,; vVd\'c Potter, on M ,n . \.srr ! 7? on the got r ' of !!' to ,i)f )rdrral l In it.. j.e I to lien. \hcislness. la- - to rompanif. I ,. to through sufter rime ltodrlpurz. let tr.klng him In leg the arm He to any regarding anoara me ..'''' - 111s i. between Guard a to Conxmander M'fXK ,,. I bv Department Olmsted offered do followed b 1 rta a report fourh n'm.h'hn, bord.r officers alKM-- d delegation In , TrevltKJ Chihuahua fr, sxitlon !rength ' making Mexican Uiu.s adoption twar.1 guard emploxee feel1ni CI,umn o .x guard-me- n ill- - , -- rookie\ cro.ed number, on Goxvmimnt f ' of Parra. recogn!7ed ty-fl- CIO.aao or refugees aboard warsh'rs . s..ong. Garcia, command t.ie diatelv desire but special steamer. Carranza at a the Department has Among the Yorker progre at 1 erro s proninumg mem I - e William Ulrchall. Department meanwhile Is ror,ed bv Trevlno to Its newspaper . I Hu.ssey, Prim- - -- ,cnzale in Juarez, t.i to bring the the National' jon, ho h.is enlisted for the column encaged Guard to Aupu,t j u. an rcement Guard recruiting Webb. 41 . . ) comple-- the r. i.a.- - h.. Jr u. a ts Ootton new the Infantry imk to the Sprlnp. tt r ItMrigue ,,,(.,,.,,1 r Hospital came con,n(-ent- . were difference erx-lc- e and brln ,am. ,,,. full spe. c.vme who engaged Tnr still ans. more Gen. Parral reported f.gh? order .\.r:. with wtre until max'mum OMn' Gen. var.1 Sev ....'- - larder oemral serxice. accord border l.latiw. service Is bring on border ne,,hew the former President ported Arr.e.a thft, assigned po.We delraMI,tv extendlre il full strength of as speed oxerwhe.med f rm,fion throughout both poslbl. enemy and suffer is. ,rj,m',n .,, regular In form Mortimer, an actor the of trder starred with Mrs Ramos's Gen Ignx.to fpeclal;v that Big manders muster Federal who been appointed The enough additional National ,,istani Quartermaster camp, and Parral branch renn.vlx-ani- a Infantry officers so to Theodore Hoosevelt. way on the Central Jim- - the recruiting service for each regiment. Franklin Secretary the to the Interior, with his wife and daughter. also commanders were notified join V In I Gen. and be any and officer on two ha fact that men are be Mm .v.. ranidlx ns said of the that be of the \for and food for the they at time The to 10 Krnnt rit that he th un der Gen\. i!en. Villa who to that In which to Join him In Juan of for of Into the of at street Park that them have At of an Is being has the G. the and D. l take of or the i 49c 79c Hen, 7.00 $1; Duck 59c 9e S9c IN Dr. wait the pi., who Koiie their lone are of .if !h an.l ihu-- e The be to who who at of nie C How nian, C in the who jJn to ser be It. of ... and The up the at to nt th Vx be of f a X. IN to xho to Join their a shot Texa he at lte'.l Trexiro ordered Trexlno y unario the Thl the the the on for .o.tn ...e.n the the int-i- - the the site the the new the the work the In the the to the Virt the In-- J day repl-- , ment w the ... nenn work to ,n m Olen amnest.x haxirci,, ,..U'...i.i. i.re.lo Lexr.e, .earch'.lght States quail- - Fifth Regiment. Junior acquisition, guard already While Secretary agaln.t tolay Federal Major from highest officer, aided Recruiting necessary those families ...Im.ntl clocI ought every deixirtment. making Reprr. ntativ Randall, House relief resident under relief Mexico.\ resolution become reimburse United States future Randall referred (.eneral Mmr, I'lTX\ July Garcia holding Matlas Ramos mlngo Hllnrlo leaders, Cnnuto surrendering months letter bandit letter dated AID BOARD. \tatr Guard Dnrrao, many relatlx'tii pouring Active facilities been enlarged. suggestion formed. Cooke, presi- dent Fifth Avenue Association, Broadway willing relatlx'ca Store Such Hoi day 29c (Open Olui Suits 85c Hefufal.on hlodtU. GrsT FltitiMl Snlrls, 11.19, Khskl Slurti Btkf, Tin, slender iiMi.in.'- - Viine vm.vy relative' restMer Ilotttt I!tl:uan maker, McK. Uoldt, Anctl Sak, Fiank Kenerauy Twenty apnlnt senior vision boat. special made sixty bearlns apoke improvements Wood senior purpoaa c.impa \nbmarlne CorrNitaons, July Men Taso. Tex. July proceeding in- terior Mexico former notified Capt. Itodripuez, Kancer Clint. Tex., rar.Rer yond July butlt slrpl is wire. their ,t , J. the from crganl.atlon ft) S K CII.H The.x an.i y State troop auMliar.e. re,-ri- Sixth lt.e Mralcitenlng .. y,eA he New-- from York 0n.-c- r 1. r.l.1.1 horse Mrxl- - ,, listed to thrre haxe drawn a pltol Kllss since bullet ,Ian to mak, hat make a study to fired three at hul other taken man along border two Col wh. ha. the In he In are In a a department telegraphed all at I'roftuionat una jiai- - do At re- - a'ui nre -- mo son are v.ce Jr. lor all on Champlaln. accepted (0pJini were Franklin company, N.urray. leglance Wool who aleo Secretary Iain in aide The same Pershlna. is In Instructing civilian. In military ever- - .v and m We Mexicans sus buUets,\ and are lie So Armory, Theodore merchant he Union $3.50 $1 now nre an-- l are ha mt bv he the In bene- ficial. evening addressed \rookie\ division- - and In 34th First Kecru.t-In- - Mexicans Amer.can are Mexico, Vllllsta reewltir.R Charles ihrouch V hi m.s one and In wounded statements x.rn. the all ted Snnpllr Gen V..I-- .en. rtV.. by cer j.j food:uff m. lal Iondon. shipment e to th ha shipment e It by Mexican supplies sent AmerVan the wa In remain. Carranza xxlthdraxx-a- l te tn t negotiation Per-h'- ne \writing are overflowing il ill on '\-- 0' submarine e.tat.llsh a Deutschland to it of and asunied submarine supplies Ml.'h'g.xn on \ I ilt Deutschland Is dangerous of Pe-1- . submarine t - ws Constantinople. that th and and will of dtn be on In of or to into ' Dress, trunks, standard prices: $12.65 Fibre Dress Trunks, Well properly riveted. Covered with hard vulcanized fibre fitted with trays. sizes. Week-En- d fibre covered. centre bands grade Yale lock. Ob- tainable selected I'enjJ' tVniif.Uania commmd Mclyem rennsylva- - conim.nd renntvanlA Thlrty-nr- t Michigan 'arrtxo,l additional Michigan Inf.mtry expected In he of on here . Two battalion of Vl trx po to . 10 of of iV?hVriMoA Hival entl, fo Marathon and near . quillas GEN. BLISS NOW REORGANIZING lllis Arrival at Puts New Heart Into Militiamen. e... , ' Sex i The their way, New lead I!.\ Y.xle were ' been that Mexican me the diftlculttes Cair Join Villa the '\\ Mr Van- - J Hell ment ',' I... hind Pell xxith out JA\ iron, \TX af'S Pell and tion wish Ahil Sel,. open that no can said and filr ,tartl hoot at Hell on.. Ihrir !xsvl He th. Get resi ine a Nathaniel RECRUITING I with , rftmpnn, .. T:.l.-om- . of recommended pariv ar . ... a of command ; each e commanded ,4n(1 n to ,n to s to .! fa II on to xx u1 or A 10 ,t asnore th yor). expianaw what authorized h,,'nc tM, at da'v v to for ng to to ,hf WRV nfn on dutv the and a: m C.en. Kmc-.-- , w.'iild ,mmTi.lf- - xf their total of from oat Tnr jst party by x h large nnv ak ii oon With h r i: C. :r n- - of fnxm the at 1.. miles and there wa engaged of more th.T- - I in T- - i.tmr Mex'can coast return, otigh State not known New ! tuan.-- irom iimmr, senior camp The War plan J. keep the and Villa for.-e- s And r.r-i.E- . 01 i. iom;ngo .xiaii.x- - could arrixe as reeif to was authorized axerxue deu.-l'.O- i Pur.ston hi the the re 1 a suspension the . of direction of head-I'la-te- r guardsmen 1 are ctvampel ..a i we.l ' to regiment J l.lo-- he to to or to duty to of the training camp is- - 11 to forward war as soon of for- - lest Garcia bx the the nrmv to mer to S. Nash the fate as x ,d The recruiting wa of Vogue. who a week Carranza the to formerly Ptske . Clr- - troop of urcle. 1n the Bend to Into has way of the along th rail- - Tx . , ... three can be Mexican from K of tmz. to 1 tiaras. been sonic until been Into tar from i;sex, iAKe oorrales ill of of and of at were bo sent spending the former who the camp . him to call the of K. Jr. is a or . om- - irom rrancisco iu . A one of resnectlve for his allegiance ATW-- not In the' l!a warfare The of will I'eter ng and 1 camp duty will I- by made by and ns to for the the is If the bene- fited the aid the on rml Gen. was one d received him and to the Has and for Col. The or to his a xvlll f e- -i motored engineer time ?en llt done regular Army offi- - I..U,n Vrt.Vi W'Ven Jh( wa, ,.josed mntter. but Mexican con- - was the xrez refu ed the day, under shall Gen. from facto Villa plan that Bar, them whl.h Most belntr Wool minor his Oen. the both and of 1 Kapert on x1a at both received at bullet hleh a s a f relief or the make to at Supp'.le ... ..iiifV, II- - m j to about as mission to of supp' made to troop contra to- - at Caa Now- - that po-- t been reopened again being mide. the port closed wa offi.-'.a- ls that no could until emnarso and niong . . held . v- - xxho .... The em- - held He by lf is Juarer Gen. Callcs. the I r orde-e.- 1 the of order clo-in- c the jv.rt to between Mcx'.-- and the United Fort I'll. Camp Capt. Perslus. naval expert, Cotton tne voyage imani nn.i German commerce neee-ar- x t, mr th-.- -e say noith P.irt recelxed down town for the \from depots He adds that troops be'i.g locked for by ..ni. nf the neither nrmv offt'ere so difficult nor so a that of arHxal the German xxhlch went rlx.xnla Caxal-- v Cmp nc badly and and two All at All Has and first in all water entire dlv.lon comOM-- mrntB troop, tder I'ha'rle There will troop th. camp when the. ia now reach the border addition Caxalrv faniry Tamp ctcr-- l evenlnp. camp. arnvaa Sixth nation .... Infan- - the charpe and from Ho- - and i: r!wr tcvru.t- - tactical Nirdsr. nwiui BIG Kunton -- eg. mental a,lju!,,i iTpunmn the border parts, ,nn TeK'me-- it cnargea I'ollni staff haxe xet forces along nie- -, to divji..n. the here haxe be. routed to stations Put couriers ,u.an,.. dutv i.frbv. puh with upon the to-d- Kl Paso one Tca oax-nlr- now pre- pared to move to from they to Grande. where Villa ylT 0f to Pagle the; wno receivm an w the of rany to forsake to rc-cn- t tied officers the camp the nited ,,,,, 'for N,rder serxli-- e service. rank paid re.pect to Col States neport Persh the held each the unfit with to the shall that shall Wnrd force after from chief June aid from have the need SI.9S armor John xxhlch. would matter German Was. after arrov know to til.-.- thing camp ,.,,.., slble War their AT a'.'.ow Grande When irOOpS regu'ar Major-- , the .lixi-io- n Vnder Guard lairedx the c.imm.vndltig me .\run no material change In the Inter- national relation-- . applications for discharge from the National Guard branch of the Army a result of the permission fr tN'se haxlng dependent relatlxes to withdraw- been received at rtcr. IVrsirr nrrman Arretted. W H Schwelbr, at Nonale. In nn n'.legst violation of the law, escaped the Mexican border y. an.l Duncan, a deputy United State, . ....,! shipment of ammunition to Puru--- . of the Carrar.ra Government. Mexican biro Sonora wa released reirted ill of.ien order State with camp eatnp like With P'r? camp thrre camp inmirv r.,nk. three their under of Sonora fron omcer Verv have head with frem y later who claim he t\ er il.riiiin officer, n xxalklng nir lit.e In Duncan's when he Jumped across frontle-- . hoarded xxaltlng tallw-a- y car made ht e.-ap- e to the w. v Mexl--.- detain. Dunc-x- of the American r Cvnpnny left I.redo on a n t.dxv Mex'co.x xx e smelter be blowtx 'n \iisto-- ar-rt- x authorl'le pern Med a ' month s'ipp x f\ to pass 'Phone Greeley Today, and continuing all week The July Sale of Neverbreak Trunks week-en- d wardrobe of Neverbreak con- struction, the following remarkably low Covered $10.65 Trunks $14.95 sizes. xZuZ7. MEN (\arrxlxv. Dress Trunks at $5.95 Well constructed. Covered with hard-wearin- g canvas. Corners well protected. Sizes 32 38 inches. Dress Trunks at $7.25 serviceable trunk, with strap all around. Obtainable all regular sizes. Extra-Well-Ma- de Dress Trunks, $12.65 Illustrated above. All fibre covered. Has two centre bands and snap lock. Well riveted. In all sizes. Fine Steamer Trunks at $7.95, $9.95, $14.95 grade steamer trunks three different styles. Finely constructed and finished. ONLY TWO HITCHES OVER PAY OF GUARD Karh Case llripade Head quarters Believes Telay Purely Routine. Tex., l street with model belnr M'MIFV115' tZArn' t Sevonty-firs- t They n\i.-i.- i District Second HneAd hci.i.miH.r. i. number are hutttnff doxn on their Guard In in ttie Twflfid ofTlce asked their hulin.r delax hncad making bx Ofilcer mclme.1 to x Such ugge. tne out r.t part to nnril.im(.,M e,x x'ompiny of o\ Nirdtr secure the.r t'nue Gua-art- x Tnit three 'ri Na',-\a- l Guard In Sexer-- 6.000 never than 'J.000 $3. 3 rived In camp at McAllen thl evenlrw. Kunton thl a In the matter remoxed a i I needed the feedinc of a number polnl ThurMon Infantry h raerult to trained In hi camp Tharr, There are than l iwn-dre- d recruit 1.14 In th Buffalo repiment. which already to hape. l Mittlne in et traded eorb4 , company to compete th treet at McAlltn T s'fnlh ''n,, in will .MUSTERED s Troops r.aat IneUde llarrmrd .Vearro Streets. ! of the i:,000 National called from Two States only haxe ihe ..i.nu. Columbia, am a of New firm and corporation pay .National cc. Kith ..its one an(j first wir of stiard.men went to the of fir subjected to The naff inquiries into the circumstance arc the ,cw the eoMier- for f.V - to Vrealdent of twenty-tw- o of to a from Governor Island, Secretary of War Of duty been mustered Vnlted to t. llpurr 4(1.000 are on bor- der or on while In camp York number mutered ltlM roqiKst of those from llranford Stamford convinced to-d- that, t . ordered a regiment Hearing wa H. A- - on vorxlcr reivrt an ...,- - f M relief committee of Pitt' mand of Hangers National ..inrdMnen ,,l!lon' of Com.-.-.- . Swift, Ysleta. AfTu ,uxt.eatc I Armor, . wa of ill V. othr ' pt - Artlllrrj . Ml..r of, d.v,.r big s,arf the his gate Pie can thM of no the guard an '.ctmrnl WHiam Haxward. Public night uiervise .' basis PLAN In l.r.e the a.i;ed the ! , n.vt lie- the into th, thfv tfi courtesy Pushed v,v-.tt- convenience Intention improper.y ..\. tPl.fi,ftl I'utnlnii'i xxav. ser.t empl-.'ze- secretary Tower, Instruction assigned division. Robert nnwther made squadron Marathon, nlso few connection neutrality aero urau authorlt'ea. south spec'al and Good High McAlu-.v- , e a fe po..!on the ad T'-- Infartr-Squ-xdro- New- - Cax s scarf :vt mod rate will tht and men wl.l flow automatically Col. Seventy-fourt- h haa one and man more out Seventyfourlh and east the and the tain the ork the mix who were nin About scarfs to which made Major-Oe- n for e.iu.pment TO.TTl Rattallom Rlmrat. riXT-elcht- h by the the Department the romprlsln case arm, acccrd.ns sent xcftcrday department headquar- ter the the men hax-- Into the Stat According men the the xxith Tenn-flxxn- with the the Gox emor Connecticut the four and and had here Into Gfn. lt. Itig the V't wh' and the thf itlmm.ld unit Hec ret,. The man ftv ment ,he, thr but tie aid n.it wav men the unit lie. One the will men jn man and amp i.v ml xice Comm.ioner. mustered Into nlted Mate wri nut- - MOVE unit h. 14 tlon i!en cer: Wiir llrprmrnl Want xll 41nr4 Pnll Mrenalh. Wiiimitn, Jul t it a!!l m.l. ,1,. ..,.,.,. then aiem s. These Majors. enerai. the thev recruiting pay visit ,,nr,, the time was that, fron- - J.1 a the ar and to the Baltimore . Gin. n,BJor of the up to the their necesltato about no reversing wa- - a Other the also Garcia, imported had of suggeMlon left mrr nearlv 000 regu- - the same tuw-ar- Mo.len lH'\ - t for Nr.1e- - Amer ' south x ,..ed inai.- - 0n(. f ,n( lat,,,. p,v,.r. men off f adxisab.ilty a ,. i. the to well hu.hs or.irrs ir-- 'n the . .55, aie of border up all a Henry Monday pa- - of iow marching that on B. oni-ce- po a This of of guardsmen No 3Sc 00 .rrieia tnat r.oaritui chieftain ha Informed of ' Gen be wa military embarraf Nation Irrllnrr America, o two wa nine be Plan. and fie ent due rder the and ririt'lnp now come the tacti 150 men be same order the ago T(o com- - ser-- ) rn.-- e Bamo unj,r front. which Rexes trains gade. nen they names Wood, Hl'ss, be- - action where will summer, Pas-- . rnemoer and mor, his arrlx-e- . ,,.n the the the for get .1ml the hat. the the for the the ui'ei as qu for hal. orde- - still that the .\ may mile the the Klo A-- ir army the custody, sud- denly the a rrotor and n soldier '''irloxer Me' tr.i for here T'ie ?C2fi at to in in Ts ,h' of that of ard pa that mase who New York, t erTe-- t 'hat the of ar ' are -- ft'ir w '1 eo- -- ha for x . t'ie are \he A, .irk by to a camp many of he and arlvtn of thl of the at of he ha whip Into of In- - in of Hast, of Mis!- - oom under report for the of ila of troop In. At of of of XXhlle down t!,e when wa Ser wa the 1 serxice last tl or- - of t... of f.ft axe .he the ..,. Lel be be olllcer- - wil' be asigned to tha serx'.-- e for each \vgiment to the front Ks..h separate bat-ti- li f vi-in- or other unit Ten w\' e- -e ift'cer The Adjutant-Ge- n era the -- e.pec! State will -- upply tr i\-e- - f oIV,,-e- - f r tjit- - dtlt.x Broadwav at Street A r' To-da- y A special clearance and Sale of 20,000 Men's Scarfs In a wonderful variety of new weaves and calor combination?; National 34th CARFS bow of the liner sort, designed made to sell at much higher prices. The selection comprises a special purchase of neckwear a leading manufacturer, and a clearance of high-grad- e scarfs and bow from regular stock, at the following remarkable prices: At 35C made a manu- facturer who do-sig- a sell less oSc. we have added scarfs regularly solil \i0c. and t'0c. dlr. upplle MrtM IS. ready 70.7.1 service St.ihd remain second, formed Taker brigade extensive anything d'v.'icnal reports changed Suits, lUtk, opinion, TaprfMtt and Three or- dered batterx xe ami ties and from ties 69c Broken lots of our $1 scarfs, in oc- clusive weaves and de- signs, and a large pur- chase of $1 specially prepared for this event. All beauti- fully made and finished. At S'OC A collection of 1.000 NEW dojlnr scarfs from regular stock, and odd lots of our $1.50 and $2 in new summery weaves and designs usually confined to most exclusive men's shops. 3,600 Men's Shirts at c Slightly soiled garments from regular ktock sold regularly at $1.1.' and Sl.O.'i. combined with a special purchase of high-grad- e shirts from three leading manufacturers. The materials comprise: Russian corded Madras: fine quality woven crepes; satin and dull striped Madras, and all-whi- te Madras. All kinds of stripe ell'ects. in a variety of new color combinations. Men's Sample \Universal\ Pajamas Finely tailored garments, samples nf the well known \Universal\ make, at the following prices to-da- y : At $1.35 Regular stock prices $1.50 and $2. Tcrfectly tailored Pajamas, made of crepe?, woven mercerized cloths and woven Madras, in stripe designs. At$1.85-Regu- lar stock prices $2.50 and Fine Pajamas, of mercerized cloths, woven cloths and crepes. permanent difil.-ultl- e Guardsmen batterle At neckwear, neckwear, i a o ne r i SAkp...yJ ll u u i il i stock, prices $3.50 and 1. Silk and cotton pa- jamas, in plain colors, stripes nd figured Men's Bordered Handkerchiefs Six for 55c Made of imported highly mercerized cotton silk-lik- e fabrics, with self or colored borders.

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