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2 ehince for a rush seem good, Thin lnd of advance require systematic Methods with a minimum los of life. From (Jen, Ilalg's bulletins It l sen that the' llrltlsh (ire driving steadily toward the crent of tin rldg command-Ini- r the wld llabaim plateau. Accord ing to thn view of French military ex- - pert there. ar no !e. than 600.000 Oef- - man hayonel. opposing tlx advance of Hen. Hal a force. Hauler's txirret-pondcn- t at tha Prltlsh front report Hint two German field una bearing tha rtalo \H74\ have been raptured by the Urltlnh. Tho corre- spondent auks wliethnr, without atta undue Importance to the Incident, the gun do not Indicate the strait to jrOIjf) wtitch the Hermans are beginning to he reduced In order to find sufficient arm- - mnC I ftewfoandlandrra Fljnt Bravely. The Time correspondent at llrltlsh nuquanr in r ranee peiiun wiu \The Newfoundlanders were tha only oversea ttoops engaged In thee opera-lion- s. Tha story of their heroic pirt cannot yet he told In full, hut when It la It will mk Newfoundland very ' P\Th. battalion waa pushed up what may be called th third wkve In the Httack on probably the moit formlda- - hie aectlon of the whole ntrmiii front through an a most overwhelm'tig . fire and acro.a ground swept hy ru enfilading mncnine gun nro iroin inn- - ,in tinsltlnn The men behaved with romp'.ctely tmble eteadlnea ;itnf emi- rate.\ GERMANS MAKE GAINS. Advance In Damloup Hrajlon hr Means of Ma Attack. Paiiis, July 12. HeAvy flghtlnit la In proRrtss around Veidiin, especially on the rujlH baiil! or me .tieusr, Deiween ini forces of the Crown 1'rlnce and the Wna.dear,lS,,f, .I.'\'\;' e, s'u I the region of tho Diiinloup b.iltery, li.ua undertaken u strong offeiilve toward Fort Bouvllle, tho possession or wtilcJi would strengthen their position for a further advance on Verdun. Attacking In mass formation from the villages of neury and the Vaux Chapltre wood, the Germans gained ground at the Intersection of the Kleury and Vaux roads. The gain, however. Pari asserts, wa made at the cost of \enormous loises.\ Violent bombard- ments continue In the region of Pouvllle, Chenols wood and La Laufce. There wiia relative calm on the left hank of the Meuse. I Although the battle In I'lcnrdy, which haa been raging for ten days. Is absorbi- ng; most of tha attention of the flermun commanders, the Teuton forces delivered to-d- several sharp local attacks In the Lorraine and Vges sections, probably to conoeal the transfer of troops to the Somme region. Having maintained their grip on the Thlamont work but fallM to debouch therefrom, the Germans are now trying to push forward their left flank. Their artillery was buy all day esterday, aM all night and this morning they worked up the bombardment to u pitch equal to any that has gone before Then the bombardment ceaaed. making way for the Infantry. One column sought to work Its way along the railroad which ran around Hill t:0 tovard the Kleury station, situated In the eaitein extremity of the village, but It melted away before the Swcii fir, aa did another oolumn at- tacking Vaux-Chaplt- Wood. Columns debouching from Fort Vaux, however, succeeded In getting a hare footing, after intense righting, In the Firmln Wood to the west and In tho ruined Damloup battery. The advantage which the Oermana obtained wa nut great since the bat- tery Is swept by guns from Souvllle, Tavannes and Ilourwiux. LINER HAS SUBMARINE SCARE. Austrian Cadertea Boat Bobs VP Passengers aboard the Bpantsh liner Bueno Aires, In yesterday, were startled when two days out from Barcelona by the appearance of nn Austrian submarine cloe alongside. The commander noted the nationality of the Buenos Aires and submerge-!- . ITne mott Interested observers on the liner were l.leut Thomas Facornal nd twelve picked men of the Spanish navy. who are here to take to Hp.iln a sub marine built by the Fore RUer Khlpbulld Ing Company. Glen Hnodgraes of West Virginia also regarded the Austrian with Interest, a he was aboard the Norwegian steamship Tlomo. sunk by an Austrian ubmsrln off the Island of Majorca on Mar ii, Capt. Amerlc Platgla, Serbian veteran, wno weara a Fren-- h decoration for gal lantry, I here on a secret mission for his Government. rilSER HAS SUBMARINE STOCK Chief Oar en of at Vessel Will Be Condensed Milk for Halites. AafaranDAM. via London. July 12. Th next German commerce submarine M go to America will bring hack food tuft, particularly condensed ml'.k, ac cording to reports received her from Bremen. Agents of the submarine own- - era aay the new enterprise waa prompted mainly by humanitarian feelings, na shortage of milk. Emperor William Is credited hav- ing a financial Interest In the svhenie. Hit aharrs are said to he held In the name of Director llelnekan of the North German Lloyd. BRITISH CAN'T SEE OUR VIEW, Melal Opinion I That Deatsch-lan- d I a Warship. Lonpon, July 12, The Dully ,Yic any th British Government I disposed to talc a serious view of the status of th Qtrman submarine Deutachland. The official opinion is said to be that a ubmarln cannot be classed as a mer-jfca- vessel. \Th American Government facea a aw and delicate problem,\ th Daily JTrne continue. \Even If a submarine Mrchantman can prove herself unarmed tk difficulties of aupervlntng a craft ssutt be almost Insupcrsble the friendly neutral If such a chose ah might most grossly abuse tha hospl- - tauuy axienoea ner. IIEIATiT, LOTTERY ALLEGED. Tkre Man Held a Principal and a Foarth ttonabt. Tare men were arraigned heforn Uaglatrat Marsh In the Tombs court yesterday charged with conducting a bastbgll lottery In Cedar street Involv- ing 12.100 In wiekly prises. They waived examination and were held In 11,000 ball each for Bpecial sessions. Detec lives ax tlU searching a fourth man. Th prisoner described themselves ss William Amos of 466 ICast Until street, Manhattan; Harry HurUel of Sicuiri Manor, L. 1., and Moe Harris of 93 Vt Kalb aenue, Brooklyn. The com- - plalnant was John 8, bummer, secre tarv of the Sorletv fo'r th HuniireeH.on Allies I.nst ill ablp In Jane. GERMANS PRESSING CLOSER TO SODVILLE TjC pogJtlonfl ftt VfTrltin 011(1 2,14-- Prisoners, Army Report Snys. STOKHOD KIIONT Linstngcn Mnkes Stand on Hlver to Stem Russian Swoop Toward Kovpl. FlKMLtM, via London, July 12. CUmuii trooni on the right hank of the Meuse Ph rtr position, y.terday to a point naier Souvllle and La Laufee Works, taking 39 officer and 2,106 men, ' ,h 0Mn ,tatement Issued y \V h German Army Headquarters M,ur. Itti'slnn troops which attempted to l; h themselves on the left bunk nf tlie S.i.khod lllver. In the mlv.inv) toward Kovel, were attacked by German troops I and defeated. Tha Auitro-aerma- n retirement from the Cxar'orysk salient. Just south of the Plusk swamp, having been completed, the opposing armies have come to grlpa nl' alonjf tho tine of the Htokhod, where ,., Von Llns.n(.cii has elected to stand - \ the appro, h to Kovel. I Heavy Hgjitliig Is In progress along the Htokhod, but apparently It Is merely an earnest of what may be expected In the campaign of Oen. Bnslloff to reach this important railway Junction regard- less of losses. The retirement, according to advice from Austrian headquarters, was for strategic purposes. The Russians had worked well around the flanks of the old position, and If material and units were to he saved, the retirement over an al- most roadless country hul to be effectol at n good pace. As It was, the Amtro-Herma- n forces hsrely reached the new positions bthlnd the Stokhod before the Itusslans were hammering at the cross-- 1 River I Stokhod General with taken of Oeneral down sweep I to an but failed, exports record. steel Russian request for a arm!- -' Germans they have tuken the last ports Jumped from 2! 000.000 In tire dead at I a number of to fills. 000, and wa and heavy fighting has I ollloers, l.m men and guns, explores fivim f t been I The l'ctrogmd of 000,000. the exports some time In the of Germans cross d only to Rerlln been hearing of the aston- -' rUer. landing on hank cotton exported during fiscal of cavalry Gruu hivk.i, of llulewlcze VMr 1370,000 000, corn-fro- of l'lnsk Teutons an attempt to approach pared to ; of of of horsemen ngilnst nur the village of Kochovka. and flour, 000.000, compared Ititren-hr- s unhroken infantry nrd'r I were to would make tac-- 1 Activity on northern from to $20\! of moilness ' lt: to Is A Russian factures, to of 000 000 oils. com- - An has now been r- - and attacks of Lake p,rS(1 nil, 000.000 ; cuncemraio were ,, for pxpers taken Russia, from anlc1 wt.h a 1 Hie celved, showing there Is a certain amount of method th' madness. The new Russian tactics are not to press art but to advance a line of skirmisher rapidly across danjer xone before the actual charge Is Cavalry Tactlrs, The role of cavalry Is played when lines reach n point some 600 j arils from the Austro-nerma- n trenches. A force .of cavalry In widely extended lines Is flung forward through the Intervals of the Infantry lines. The horsemen dash forward at headlong Bion they fling themselves to the ground and a rapid fire against the enemy. The Cossack horses are trained to participate manoeuvre and He at word of command and form a breastwork for the riders. Under of the heavy fire from the dismounted Infantry lines advance across Intervening spare. or horses, by excite- ment, often refuse halt des-tlne- d position, but on against trencher and entanglements In charge, The 1'o.v.ncks are largely used In at- tempts to force slightly river crokclnas, although the Rtis.tl.in en- gineers have devlsod a scheme for ha Mii nv nt tii more V ? : : \ Is Long slender raft, mojrod along the the narrow river vrh loh t his Effl? :rTl moment the upstream end of each ra t ia released ana me mucin rnii t across the river, forming a series of bridges for storming partle. ASSAILS IN LORDS. nil he noecleneh Befer to Al- iened Pro-Germ- an Leaning:. London, July 12. The campaign of u eectlon of vreas against Viscount Haldane because of wa recpened in House of Lords When Viscount Haldnne arose to on nirtlonal education Duke of Uuccleuch a refeience to published e the Viscount resigned as High Chanvelltn-- , to the effect that afler his he made speech In which lis stated that Germany felt hostility toward Great Britain. \I want noble Iord first to ex plain his conduct In deceiving Great a In me Herman uanger, earn Puke of Buccleuch. Viscount Hauane replied mat man desired then himself the whole facts aa to had done ne.'ore I he should b brought out Ile said ther had been an extraordinary amount ,,f misrepresentation, anu CANADIANS ARE SENTENCED. Prisoner In Germany Wno Re- fused t Malta Munition tntTer. Ottawa. Out.. July 12. In Germany were sentenced to ver in tall by the Germans Irg mane war munition, acconung io a IClier, nrrn uviii Dan e A. Hinions, rormeny a prisoner now transferred lo the Inteirment camp in Hwnieriana. Simons writes Corpora! Harry Is one of those who refused to make munitions, It Is will have to a year's sentence. Ilor.irlh's people live n Ottawa, al though ho In Port Arthur was captured nt St. Jullen. He li still Germany and ha agilnst the vtnr a Steps have taken to It be- fore the authorities so that It can be In- vestigated, ss according to the Hague tribunal prisoners of war sro net to he culled upon to munitions. HONOR FOR COL. A. H. LEE. I Made Kutght the Bath for Work. Ix)npon. 12. col. Arthur Hamll. Ion Lee. seeretsry to the Minister of Mil- - Limit frtt u-- German babied are dying theutuni from his visit Berlin 1!U2 with very such for eesel for with of Vice, who told Magistrate the nltlons, has been created u Knight had each been mander of Hath recognition of his times last on similar charges. I efforts In connection with the supply I war munitions .J 1' ? r 15, VR 'onoon- - J\1' ,s Military with United (Thursday). An (,m,.l tilatement b- - Ht,,tea irniy during th ssysi WHr. hecame a friend 'In the month of j,me slxty-o- n of Col. Roosevelt. the lie became \.\rll\tnini a total of Military Attch t bout 101.000 tons u.r tlnK by Gr- - He ws appointed last sere-a- and Austro-lluiniarla- ii submarlnefa.tary to David Lloyd Geor;, who waa or f ,hen MlnliUr of Munition. RUSSIANS HALTED ON STOKHOD RIVER Fighting Quiets Down, Army. of Czar Apparently Waiting for More Big Qnns. TAKE TURKISH TOWN Muscovites Capture Mumii-Klinfu- 50 Miles West of Erzerum. July 12. Tlie which ha marked the Rnsslan advance serosa the Htokhod toward Kovel appears have quieted down. Petrograd , dpatchei aay then ha. been flhttna; , on thli sector, but mentions two minor by tha Oermana, which, It adds, were There been fome actlrtty north of eK'ii. but In the Bukowlna and On- - hci the advance of Bruslloff'f troops eeema have halted for , moment. The Russian have met ruc-eess- es Armenia and report the cap- ture of Mamakhatum, fifty miles west of Erzerum and about the same tance from Ertlngan. the objective of tho Russian drive In tills direction, mo Turkish forces. In retreating from the town, which was by ansault, set It on fir. Infantry fighting between the armlea von Llnslngen and of the Stok- hod continued yesterday. Little ground gained either (Ida The Russians Wis ve apparently (lowed Fight July of their toward Kovel In order Hons all records, according to heavy artillery be brought figures anounced by along river. plan evl- - the Exports dently fight to the taat on the river were valued at and using all hi available reserves be- - ports The figures fore falling back to the In based on returns for first front of eleven months of year and Raids across the river were made for June, both sides. The Russians at- - The ar munitions trade was Ings. baiiK near Tlie new Iron and ex- - The short say In the to bury the few days along the Stokhod previous fiscal year (M0, granted 12 machine resumed. official report tells In i314 exp'.osle For the the IB.000 000 have eastern at Raw Ishlng on the north The wa, valued at south the swamps. Tales made the previous clmrgs masses the river wheat S314, and hut drlen back, meats, conditions which these the front OOO.OCO copper manu-tic- s appear the height Tolessle reported compared to cross the Dwln mineral south brns and manu- - In home New Infantry open this down cover Men to at tho the an irtrantrv narrow Lord no the no more that nrat prisoners refus- - lo In Germany and that Hogarth expected serve and appealed been bring HIGH July Arthur to convicted In three rre&t of After fierce fighting to only to In bank on previous that at estimates made amounted tempt to ejtabllih themselves on west ,:irtcr. rrr uvir.titHi, ni'iui mihk u j\i - i AT GERMANY, NOT TJ. S, nnsslan Matraman Rea- son of Pact With Japan. , July Report that th tutea. wan founded 000,000; hides and skins, II to ; wool, i t .v. t- - i c. conaemn-- a affairs tho fiom decade he desires uesault. the the the the the the new looked for. are the alleged the speuk the the the unirutn for he of because the llrltlsh Attache ths Antt wr October mlna. attack haa the dis General Kaledln along the waa the the Kovel. the the pre- - not yet the the WM treaty raw doing started. Urltaln Marsh uil i.ir hi jd'Aii iui ma wiiitti were omciuny aemea to-a- ny counsel- - lor G. Koiatov of the of For- eign Affairs. Counsellor Koratov, who the first between the two coun- tries last January, said the treaty la aimed against Germany, and the United States was not thought of during the The \open door\ In China will not be affected In the least, he said. \Germany hsd a well formed policy to Increase her of Influence In China before the war,\ the Russian official de- - dared. \3he attempted to In duo Russia to ngalnst Japan to block lutere.it \ Th reasons for th new treaty, M. Knzatov continued, that Russia needs an Hlly to look after her Inttre'ts In the GERMAN GUNNERS CHAINED TO GUNS Flpjitlng In Described ns of Wnr, firtctal Cabtt pttpttteh to Tst Sis London, July 12 British soldiers on tho fighting line and those wounded on the Somm say they found German machine gumma chained to their runs to pi event thain fiom retratlng. Th describe the fight- ing In the Tione end Mametx wood as piubably the fiercest and most sustained of tr.e whole war, except at verduo The Germans attached great Important to the of Uio Trones wo-l- . and when It fell the British through the assault of morning thty started to recapture It. They delivered attack after attack. Five of these were repulsed. The slxtn irwde by troops, succeeded, and the British quit. Then the British artillery pounded the wood, after which the Inftntry advanced to the positions. The Germans at first recoiled before the furious sho.'k. hut they were reenforced and the wood beoamn filled with groups of men en- gaged In desperate small battles, oblivi- ous but killing. The Germans lisrt 60,000 men. The struggle swayed to and fro for six hours. Then the llrltlsh centre made i fe!t t a retreat and the Germans surged for- ward. The British right closed them aiming to envelop the Ger- mans, and the latter withdrew In hurriod disorder, leaving 600 prisoner bt.dee guns. The struggle t Mamet waa equally terrific, both ldes showing the utmost courage and tenacity. Methodical prep- aration had made the German positions within and around the wood immensely strong, One referring to the Trone Wood, say that the British wounded the German wounded each In had undergon heavy shelling from their own guns. Tlie wounded of aides sometime duels thy lay crouched In th SANT DEAD. Painter In Ordinary to Queen Vic- toria Die Aged 0(1. London, July 1J, Jame Sant, who was principal painter In ordinary to Queen Victoria, died London James Sant wna 96 years old. Ho was a pupil of John Varley and Sir Augustus Calcott and studied at the Riyal Acad- emy for yenrs. He was a Royal from 1170 to 1914, when lie resigned. His paintings were shown fre- quently at the Royal Academy exhibi- tions, and a collection of his works painted for the Count waa exhibited t th aalon In 1MI. THE SUN, THURSDAY, 13, 1916. AMERICAN IN RAID. Corporal Hill of Peeksklll Hero of With Herman. Special Call Dttpaiek to Th Sc. Pari. 12. Several members the American aviation squadron made soma over me uerman lines on juiy corporal Dudley inn of peekskiii, n. t., Paris Announces or may up preliminary Llnslngen' Department. 14.345,000.000 12,110.000,000. are fortifications complete by Janjwka, lUranovlchl 41.000,000 I4TS,- - correspondents repulse who the use Rut-Ia- n I374.000.000 year I42S.OOO.OOO I27O.O0OO0O, compared are 110,000.000, l.itti-mp- t west 1165,000,000, explanation Frtedrlchstnd Consul-Genera- l. speed. maddened guxrdcl HALDANE asrertlons been war Canadian and Commander ts year SpanUh-Amerl-u- d '\.TJa Washington, lin AIMED figplalna 12. to W policy that lo Monday to JULY PrmooRAC, lltJ.000.000. compared Ruso-Jpane- s .'compared $104,000,000 Department negotiation negotiation. repeatedly Jp,inere Somme Woods Fiercest Except Verdun. correspondents possession Immediately recapture everything suddenly, correspondent, undergrowth. JAMES yester- day. Academician Waldagravo FLIERS .\ Failure Attn avjiti is t i ( ttmnj Oerman observation machine. Prlnc joined the combat, and an avlatik Mew to the support of tts comrade, which eventually was forced to descend within the German liner, whereupon the avia- tor quickly quit the fight. All the machines of the American aviator are shot to holes In their planes as a result of the battle. One bullet hole In Ilockwell's maohlne a bullet had passed within an of the American's breast. Lufvery simultaneously had a brush with the famous German aviator Boelke, who can always bo recognized by his blaj'k machine decorated with white. After several volleys had been ex- changed Capt. Uoelke quit. Lieut. William Thaw visited the squadron on July 10, and he Is not yet rully recovered from hti recent wound, flew over the CJerman lines. Lawrence Scanlon of Cedarhurst. L. whf) ))M bMn at ,h Kran. cals ile New York, near fens, since last fall, following a wound received while \Khtlnt- - with the Foreign Legion, has fl,eorateil wlth thf War Cr0!18i FOREIGN TRADE IN 1915-1- 6 BIGGEST YET (5,525,000,000 Total of Ex- - ports and Imports Muni tions n Big Factor. Washington, July 11. The country's forelrn trad during the fiscal year ended with last month reached a total of I6.636.000.00n. exceeding by many mil- - dominating factor In establishing the faciuree, uvvi'.vyy, ruiiiprcn w 000.000: automobiles and parts. J123,- - OOU.0OO. compared to 16s, 000, 000 , chem- icals. 1123,000,000, compared to , cotton manufactures. compared to 172,000,000. I'rtnelnal imDorta a'ugsr, I20.- - 000,000, compared to J174.000.000 in the fiscal yeir 11(15. rubber and lt suhstl- - compared to l.000.000 H46OO0 0O0 ... ... , . i,i raw silk, i::.uuu.uur. comparru ooo.fioo. coffee. 1117.000.000. compared to 1 107.000.000 . chemicals stid drugs, llOt.000,000, compared to JS4.000.000. U. S. PROTESTS TO TURKEY Complain of Violation of Conanl- - nte Seals In Pyrin. Wasuinoton. July 12 Vigorous pro test has bei n made by the L'nited States to the Turkish Government against the nctln of t.ie Oovemor-Oenr.- il of Syria in i.r...iit.!iir Into the mn nnunn consulate nt Relrut and carrinK off the archive after the Amer.o-a- Consul-Gen- - eisl there had placed the seal of the i'iti Rtnt on their doors. Many pn,nilnent Syrians recently executed by .iiir-- n. nf allied ciunirie leu in in care was callod on ty the Turkish Gov-ern- to vnnlt access to the consulate papers, he not orly r'fused but appealed . to the American Embassy tt The embaesay filed a formal re- monstrance with the I'orte. but this was unavallng. Turkey In this case Is alleged to have violated a well established ptln-olpl- e of International law. which officials here say must be maintained whether or not trestles exist. HOUSE FOR WORKMEN'S BILL. Cannon Lead Three Opponent of Conuprnatlou law. WAsniNOTON, July 12. A comprehen sive workmen compensation iw, to all employees of th rederal Government, was passed by the House 2? to 3. The bill. Introduced by Representative McGllllcuddy. Maine. provides nisximuni sick kiiiiiu \i a month and minimum allowances for Injured tmployees of 113, SS, It Is stipulated that no employee Injured when Intoxicated shall receive bnfU. A graduated monthly allowance not to exceed 16 tt Is provided for the tarn-n- nf enmlovees who die of Injurlrs. I'annon opposed the Mil on the ground that It was pension legls-lstlo- contending that a contributory system of compensation should be de- vised. The three momhers otlng In were Cannon, Page of North Carolina and Dies of Texas A somewhat similar bill ha been re- ported to the Senate from committee. APPROVES TRADE WAR PLAN. British Government Acquiesce In Pari AtTrretnrnt. I.ondon. July 12. The British Oovern moot has approved th resolutions passed bv the Paris Kconomlc t'onference of representatives of the Entente Allies, ac. cording to statement mane in me House of Commons this afternoon by Picmler Asqulth. Resolution were adopted at the Paris Economic Conference governing tlie ceo nomlc features of tha present European war and providing for a trade wnr against the Central empires afler the conclusion of peace. The conference was concluded June IT, LITTLE GERMAN BAND GONE. Hole Munivor at Front Write Home of Dratb Seven. PiTTSBiao, July 12. Pittsburg's llttl German band I no more. When the war broke out Its elghl members Joined ll e German navy and seven have been killed In action The nole survivor, Herman Koedel, a member of the German merchant Deuttchland's crew, has Just written to hi old ftlend Captain of De. tectlVM Archibald MacKral! here telling of the deaths of his seven comrades Koedel writes that after being disabled In th naval service he entered the Merchant marine and U now attached to Deuttchland. fcn iec-ut- mu'ia must ,ur Turks wwui men on European appehrei In next added, \n consulate, Germany In China '\Vhen Ame.rlo.in dydo-- U Turkey. W V Hoi,,, relation h that In horsemen tesr wnere resistance of learnlnils tntenosil ullh past inac- curacy. receivra enlisted In sentence. maKe Munltliiu Hamilton of In of Commerce conducted even sphere Join are 10,000 on and turn both fought whll in four showed that Inch although Ho!pUI were . of Ui WAR MOVES TOLD IN OFFICIAL REPORTS German Attack on Right Bonk of Meusc. BRITISH REGAIN WOODS Drive Teutons From Positions North of the Somme. Pann, Juty 12. Th official commu- nique Issued hy the War Office follow : On the Somm front ther waa noth-In- s to report during tha course of the day. On the left bank of the Meuse a rather spirited artillery action oc- curred In the sector of I.e. Mort Homme. On the right bank the Germans un- dertook this morning a strong effort In the direction of Fort SouvUle. About 10 o'clock, after Intense artil- lery preparation, a strong attack 1th effectives of six regiments debouched from th village of Kleury and th Vaux-Chaplt- wooda. Notwithstand- ing the violence of th assaults, which were launched In massed formation on a front relatively narrow, th enemy succeeded at trie cost of enormous losses In gaining only a little ground In the neighborhood of the chapel of Silnte Fine, at the Intersection of the Fleury and Vaux roads. The bom bardment continued with great violence In the whole region of Souvllle, Che-no- ls wood and La Laufee. In Lorraine an attempt agslnst one of ou trench east of Badonvlllers wa completely repulsed. Qntet ?tlght an Sorame, The communique: lasued this afternoon follows: On both bank of th river Bomme last night paaed quietly. In the Champagne district w cap- tured some prisoners In the course of a small operation near Cemsy. Also we delivered several successful surprise attacks upon tranches of toe enemy betveel Malson d Champagne and L ! Calvalr. to the north of Vllle sur Tourbe. On the left bank of the river Mause two attacks upon one of our trenches at the Mort Homme failed comptete-l- y under our fire. On the right bank of the river a night counter attack delivered by our troops east of the Fumln wood made It poaslhle for us to reoccupy a portion of the territory taken yesterday by the enemy. We took eighty prisoner. In- cluding one officer. In the Lorraine district, sector of Relllon, we drove the German back from certain trench where yesterday they secured a footing. Mamet Wood Reoccnpled. London, July 12. The following rt from British headquarters In Fran;e was laaued by the official press bureau : The day waa marked by sharp local fighting in certain area In Ma met i wood. Wa recaptured all the ground lost last night and now hold the whole wood. We also made some progress In Trones wood. Tr.e very large number of German dd In thl vicinity shows the costliness of their attack last night. Two heavy German attucka against Contalmalson completely broke down under our fire. Enemy Reenforced. The afternoon statement from the War Office follows: Since the commencement of the bat- tle the enemy ha received large Yesterday and last night strong hostile attacks were madu BKslnst several points of our new post turns. Kxcept In Mametr wd and Trones wood. In both of which localities the Germans regained some ground, all these attacks were'beaten oif with loss to the enemy. Between the main battlefield and the sea we have been actively engaged In bombarding the enemy' positions and raiding Ills front line. Southeast of Moos a party of Royal Irish Fusilier penetrated the enemy's trenches at point wkero they were strongly held, and renislned there for twentv mln-ni- during which time heavy tlRhtlng took place In the trenches. Many Ger- mans were killed. Our casualties were slight. Opposite the Hoheniollern redoubt two companies of Seaforth Highland- ers forced thslr way Into another por- tion of the enemy's trenches afler a stiff f.Kht. Many Germans were killed or wounded A hostile machlno gun was destroyed Several dugouts crowded with the enemy were success fully bombed and some prisoners taken. Several combat In the air took place on July 10, as a result of which we destroyed one Oerman tnachlns, whll one of our own machines was brought down by the enemy's gunfire. nets-ta- Front Shelled. lUvnt. via Paris. July 12. The Rel- - gl.in War Office Issued tlie following official communique Artillery action were carrle.l out along the whol front, hut without great Intensity. Hitter Fta-ntlng- r Continue. BxxLX.s', via London, July 12. The O'.'iman War Office Usued tb following offlclil statement y let. irdlng the operation on the western The fighting which hegan on the afternoon of July 10 on both aids of the Bapaume-Albe- rt road, near Con- talmalson and In Mametx wood, is well as new- - fighting tn Trone wood and south thereof. Is continuing with bitter stubbornness. South of the Somme th French ruf-fere- d a lever check In a great at- tack which they prepared on the front. The attack broke down completely under our fire, and weak force which had been thrown against the Malsonette-Barleu- x ector fled to Iholr starting point heavy lone. At several point on the Champagne front, east and southrsst of Ithelms, northenst of Masslge and northwest of Fllery, partial French attacka were repulsed. In th Meuse region there wero only mall engagement on the left bank of the river. On the .Tight bank we pushed forward our positions nearer Souvllle and ldt Laufe Work. ep-turln- g 39 officers nd 2,1 0 men A strong counter attack waa repulsed completely German ratroi engagement south-we- st of Dlxmud and southwest of Cerny, In the Alne region, and also east of Pfefferfchausen wore success-fu- ,. An English biplane wa compelled to land within our lines near Athlea, south of V'eronne. An enemy aero- plane fell to arth near oyeourt. An- other was brought down by our anti- aircraft guns near Chattancourt. In the lotnlty of Dombule, wee: of th Mouse, u captlv balloon was shot down by our airmen. On the Eastern Front. Tho Oerman War Office' day (late- - inent regarding; operation on the east ern irorn oiiows : An attempt to cross the Dwlna made by\ weak Russian forces west of Frled-rlchsta- dt and attacks south of Narocz Lake were frustrated. On the Stokhod front the position generally Is unchanged. Russian detachments which at- tempted to establish themselves on the left bank of the river near Jan-ow- were attacked. Not a single man of these detachments got away from the southern bank. At thl point and on the Kovel-Rovn- o rail- road yesterday we took more than 00 prisoners. The booty taken on the Stokhod during the last two days, apart from a number of officer and 1,932 men, Includes twelve machine guns. Our aerial squadron continue their activity In attacks east nf the Stok- hod. An enemy captive balloon waa shot down. Balkan front There is nothing to report. Petrograd Statement. PrrawiRAD. July 12. The following statement on military operations was to-nl- by Ruisian army headquar ter: of Our artillery dlepered Germans who were attempting to bring artillery against th Ikakul work. In the sec- tor . of the Tacherkaasy farm, south of Krevo, the Germans, supported by vio- lent artllle:y fire, took thn offensive but were repulsed by our counter attack, On the Stokhod there were artillery duets. In th region of the village of Kochovka the enemy attempted to ap- proach the Stokhod but wa rpulsel by our fire. Caucasus Front Wet of Erxerum our troops, having repulsed th Turks, took the town of Mamakhatum hy aisault The offlrlsl ntatement Issued thl after- noon follows : On the whole front, from Riga to 1'olest.le, there was Intermittent artil- lery and rlflo fire. German aviators dropped bombs on thi station or nd the town of NlenvlJ, where several houses were set on fire. Perlstent fighting continues on the Stokhod front. Near tne village of Orouchlvka, north of Hulewlcxe, the enemy mad his appearance on the right bank of the river, but later was ejected therefrom. On July 10 we mad prisoner twenty-f- our officers and T4S German and Austrian soldiers. On the Baltic our torpedo bost durlni operations' In the Gulf of Bothnia captured two large Ger man steamers, one or wntrn wa loaded with Iron ore. Th.-- brought both vessels Into our pirts Prisoners continue to be brougnt in. From the 2d to the Sth Inst. 107 of- ficers, MM men, J guns, 10 ma- chine guns and 4 bomb thrower were ccptured, A large quantity of arms and war material was left on the line nf retreat followed by the Turks. Russian Fall on Stokhod, Vienna, via London. July 12. The official Mi:-e- nt Issued by the Austrlin War Office y says There Is no change In thi tl'uatlon on the Russlsn front. Several enemy att icks on the lower Stokhod failed. On the Italian fioni we repu.scd a strong attack on Monle Rasto, south of the Sugana Valley. Italian Make Proarrese. Rome. via London, July 12. The fol- lowing official report was given out here In the Cftmonlca. Gludlcarla and Ledro vallevs the enemy's artillery was active, dlrcctlrg Its fire particularly on villages. Yesterday In the region of the Adlre Valley we made some progress north of Serravalle and In the region of Ma g. Zugni. On the northern slopes of Monte I'asublo we partially reoccu-plc- d positions on Monte Corno which we lost on July 10. In the Asiago basin snl on the Sette Ccmun! plateau we bombarded heavl'.v the enemy's line from Monte Interrotto to Monte Zehla A large number of hostile batteries of all cali- bres replied to this bombardment. In the Tofar.a region we exploded a mine which destroyed the enemy's defences east of Co! del B1I. On the Isonio front there wer ar- tillery duels. Our batteries set fir to encampments of the enemy on the broke up an enemy column In the Idrl.i Valley and caused e.p;oslor.s near the church In Santa .Maria Tol-rnln- Hostile aircraft dropped bombs on LatlKMia, causing a fire, which was ex- tinguished quickly. Our air squadrons or. July 10 bombarded Tlone, In the Gludlcarla Valley, and on July 11 the enemy's camps at Monte Rover, north- east of Lavarotic. Our aeroplanes re- turned safely Turkish Report. Constantinople, via London, July 12. Th following olllclal statement was issued by the Turkish War Of- fice; Irak front The situation Is un- changed. In the sector of Fetuhle a Turkish reconnoitring psrty sur- prised a reconnoitring party of the vnemy on the bank of the Tigris. The enemy fled, abandoning horses. To tho southward of the Tchoruk on the day before yesterday liost.lu counter attacks on the whole sector were repulsed. Forces of the enemy which succeeded In penetrating our lines In some sectors were driven oft to the eastward following a counter which led to desperate hand to hund fighting. HEARING ON CHINESE PRINCE. Manila Collector Will Listen to Argnmenta To-d- a. Manila. P I.. July 12 The Collector of Customs has granted a hearing In the case of the steamer Chinese Prince ior to. morrow. The Uritlsh consul win con- fer with Gov Gen Harrison be- fore reporting the seizure of the vewei to his Government. The Chinese Trince. a RrUlsh steam- ship, which left New York Ap: I 1'. w.is selied as she was about to leave Manila Tti'sdy for Vladivostok. A tine of 1,000 000 peso (liOO.000) waa Imposed for 2.000 m:Jlng wh'eh were ennncated by the llrltlsh authorities at Pensng. FALLS 30 FEET INTO THEATRE. Roy Escapee gerlon Injury. nt IMueon In Porkrt Is Killed. Eddie Cox. who Is 13 yenrf old and lives at 4 S3 Hudson sfeet when he Isn't op neighboring roofs looking after his pigeon, fell through n HKyugnt into asm Hotiser's movie theatre at 123 Chrlitc pher street late yesterday afternoon. Eddie had a llv pigeon In his pocket when the skvllght glass broke and dropp'd him thirty feet onto the theatre seati. Cleaners in the theatre there was no movie show going on at the time car - 'led Edille to the street, where an iimhil- - lance suigeon found Eddie ntl1 merfl' suffered a sprainM wrist ana aDrasions about the nips. Also tioaie nao a i:irge lump In the region of the real pocket. F.xamlnation showed that the lump was a dead pigeon, Asqulth tn Extend Parliament, Lonpon, July 12. Replying to a ques. tlon In the House of Commons y Premier Asqulth old It was oovtous that tha duration of the present Parliament, which expires under ordinary clrcum-tnc- s In September, would have to be extended. n nvnnnmn nnn U. 5. bAFMlS MB WAR WON IN EAST Western Drive Can't Be De- cisive, Army Officers Believe. Wasuinoton, July 12. Officer of the General Staff of the L'nited State Army who have been following closely th lateat military operations In Europe do not of expect decisive result on the western front. There Is a belief, however, that the perslsUnt offrristve tactics of the French and British may ao hlp th Rus- sian drive as to make thla a dominant a factor In their general campaign. The combined attack of the Entente Allies on all fronts Is viewed by General Staff officers here aa the coniummatton a plan which the Entente haa been carefully preparing for months. This plan, according to Information to which haa reached here, ha asdt main object the exertion cf pressure on the Teuton lines nt alt points In the hope and expectation that somo giver, point will prove too weak to stand tho strain and let the Entente forces through en masse. Th plan wa Initiated at Joint con- ferences between military leaders of France, Great Brluln and Rusata after t't.e attacks which tlie Entente fore di- rected at slcted points on the German llnus bioke down on account of Ger- many's superb means of rapid Intercom- - iminK :iljun. Tnee permitted German force to be niched away to concentration po'nta of Teutonic reenforcements and attacks were checked before profit could be de- rived from the dentB made In the German line. Attack on All Line. The Idea which the Entente force then conceived wa to attack almultaneously on all fronts and thereby endeavor to prevent the withdrawal of Teuton forces from one point to another. This Idea, according to expert opinion here, has been carried out admirably. The German grcr.d army headquarters oares not withdraw trcops from the western front on account of the per- sistent Franco-- b Itlsh offensive, and meanwhile the Russians continue to smash through townrd I.emberg and tl-- e valuable Gallclnn oil fields which are an Important factor. I One description which officers lure I give of the present Entente offensive likens It to the pressure exerted at all points of a sphere. \The further In you press the sphere the greater the re- sistance.\ What Germany Could Do. This, it is believed, will apply to the ataeka on the Teuton forces. Owing to President Wilson's order, no officer In the United States army can permit his name to be used In discussing the Eu- ropean war, but otllcers have some very interesting observations to make aa a result of tholr detailed study of the present operations. It li calculated, for example, that Ger many could If necessary retract her J Ilns to the Rhine and hold them with l.f.00.000 men less than she It now using. Thi advantage which France would, of ourse. derive from the withdrawal of German forces from French soil Is re- - garricd here us enormous. The division of military Information ' has received many reports on the ad- - j vantages which Germany Is derl'-lr.- from her present occupation of Krnch i territory. The German forces now I trol nearly 70 per cent, of Industrl il I France. Coal mines In Franc are be - Ing worked by the German twenty-fou- r hour of twenty-fou- r, I ot Facing- - a Crisis. The Oeneral Staff officers here do rot take much stock In the prediction that the Entente can dominate the rituatm by force of numbers alone. Reports m dlcif that Germany Is not jl I crls's from this quarter. Estimates enow that P0 per cent, ir the German wounded are returning to the colors. Germany's net louses sre therefore put down to the number killed plus tho number of prisoners. The l3sss In killed and prisons' Jutt about balances the number of new re- - eni'ta .Mit .inrm.illv inln the German army each year This number approx- - j Im.ites 500,000 a year. Ucsldes, the va ur of numbers alone does not particularly Hppeal to army experts here In the present stase of the lighting Tlie area on the western frort l fo restricted that there. hardly room for many more m ops to operate at present, It I said. The situation. In n gen-r- al way. Is therefore regarded us favorable to Ger- many ho far as any attempt to wear down the Teuton fouvs Is concerned, but dangerous to the Teuton force If th prei-en-t concentrated drte develops suf- ficient we.iknt-s- t at any one point to let the Entente forces through en maese. Tho dlfllculti in breaking through the Teuton lines In decile .'ash. on Is de- - riid lure as due to the problem of t.iltlng advantage of the drives which pave tha w ay In several Instances of the present fighting the French have opened up gaps but have been unable to sci.J troops through In cohesive force before tha Teutons reooverea irom me blow This wtis the case in the French drive last September. It la explained. Only a thread the French forces from the Ilhlnu, hut the exhaustion of the effort In smashing through had been so Krent that ther- - was no adequate force lef! to take advantage of the situation. POWDER CO. SUED EN NEWARK. Dnmnaes A sited In Deal tnToiilng j, 1100,000 Poond of Dynamite. .Newark, July 12. Paper In a nult to recover unspecified damage wer filed ti day In the County Clerk's office on Mifli'f of WIlllHm A. Hurtle of 42 Broad- way, New York, iiainst tha Cameron Powder Manufacturing Company of Em- porium. Pa., in which the purchase of 1. '100.000 pound of dynamite Is involved, Th nlalntlff slltges he lott by the refusal of the Cameron concern to fill hla order for explosives, but ys he la will-I- n to have the damages llxed by the court The powder manufacturing com- pany admit owiias Mr Brtle 39,000 In commission, but nothing for not fulfill-Ir- g his personal order. WAR NURSE IS WEDDED. Silas Mackay, Heroine, Wed Ar thur Macy Ilolbrook. Mis Margaret Terras Mackay, Seowh war nurse, has given up her plan to return to th hospitals In Franc. Yes- terday she became the bride of Arthur Micy HolbrooK, grandson or tne late irti,iit, ,1 M.ev. mrt left with him last m(.i,t fur (n,!r honrymoon tn North ' Carolina, where ho owns a Urge tract . 3lJi Mr. and Mrs. Ilolbrook were both members of the party of V. Evertt Macy, wealthy Superintendent of th Poor for Westchester county, at hi California home at Santa Barbara and at the Hotel Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs. The couple were married at St, Agnes' Chapel in West Ninety-fir- st street by , the Krs I'd ward C. M Tower. Owing to the death of the brother of the bride, who was killed whll fighting recently at the front In France, only the Uiimedl. ate families were present at the IRISH THREATEN TO FIGHT SETTLEMENT Lanfidowne's Proposal D. nonnccrl hy Redmond nn Breach of Faith. LONDOM, July 13 John E Relmnnd leadtr of the Irish Nationalists, Ms it sued a statement denouncing the s;.e. tho Marqut of Lanedowne In thn House of Lords on Tuesday, Lord !,m. down Is a member of the Asqulth c,v net without portfolio. \I regard Lord Lanadowne's spvrti i srcs Inntilt to Ireland,\ fuld . r I mond \It amounts to a U, v.v war on the Irish people, and li aii di nouncsment of a policy of coercion p this espeech be taken as represent. ne \ attitude and spirit of the Governmrm toward Ireland, there Is an end t. a hope of a settlement. The speech fn- - me to have been made ntt - the 1. liberate obje.ct of wrecking the peg tlon for a settlement \ As deserving specn' tiiilce V- - t. i mond rites the fo.io-vlm- , p.wt,ign Lord Lansdnw tie's speech; \It Is a bill wh.c.i w ii make bi tural alterations In the act of 1 I, ready on the statute book , f will be permanent and er.durlnt; in ,v. acter. But It 1 an ucl which will n. tain at other points temporary irov.tionr uch aa, for example, tho.e de.il.ri; ni'h the House of Common which n is jr posd to pet vp In the near future \ Mr. Redmond proceeds \Thlf would be a gross brea ' o' faith and I desire to tu ' 1. brre Mr! tlv to th term submitted to us by Mr I.icm! r u and which were then submitted bv us the Nationalists, and any departure thn direction indicated in Lord Lin down' suggestion would, so far as m are conce'i.ed, bring th negotiation absolutely o an end. \The agreement arrived at was tha' the home rule act of 1914 was to t put Into operation a soon at potv.b.-suhje- to certain modifications, wh arc to remain In force during the w.ir and for a period of twelve months ther-afte- \But If Parliament has not W the termination of that period and permanent proUflor.s f the Government of Ireland, the per' ' for which these modifications are to n main In force nliitll b. extended hv a- order In council for euch term as tav oe necessary in orner to enao;e ranu mem to mane Mien provision, ine d to carry out the apreement mu' t will of course, be In all Its pravij and d'talls strlctl temporary and pro- visional.\ That th negotiation for provision!' home rule for Ireland have not yt reached smooth water Is again sho.. Mr Redmond's criticism of Lord Lun dowr.e's speech, wh.ch. lwee It n u\ be remembered, was Intended 'o co.,cll' ate the wilder spirits of the Tory c ami the nr.tl-hom- r ruiers In the upr' houe. Some of the Iondon mo-r'n- g pa; us the familiar woii il.s In tnentlrif on M' Red\ ,1 f but les hysterical editorials regard the ue of th.s word is nr. I'X.igge j. fact. Mr Hedmoi.d'H ii.an - prove the means of lea 'ng 'l,e wi u belles understanding between the purtl's I,v.-.!,- ,r Asqulth nail n lor.i; corr'err 'with Mi Redmond a .1 - strong forces are nt w. un idjuvtt.ieiu of the gne, iiKes t. .s speech tefo:e th\ IT Lords on Tuesday Iyord I .r.rd- .. lined a rystem for the piwihoiih tniineiit of Ireland when inirt.ai , abolished there and until n ne. . eminent can b established, A other suRgertlons madi hy !rd i downe was the maintenance of 'son ' ' eli'nd strong eroujiit ; e \-''- He thought 4u00 \llJr ' ommand of ..eti. Maxwc.l, h to prevent t ie : ,.. i'\\' getting out of hand, Enough to cover a good sized town! 12,396 straw hats marked down yesterday. All from our regular stock: $1.25 Tor' $2.00 hats $2.2; '!?,?' $.1.00 and $3-50-- $3.25 lor $5.00 half $4.25 now for $6.00 to $7.50 hats $5.25 'f $8.00 ' $IO.00h Suits of tropical fabrics. No lining in the back' No vest ! In particular those of worsted batiste: lighter than linen, yet mostly in dark mixtures suitable for everyday business wear. \Coast\ Bathing Suits. Rogers Peet Company Broadway Bri at 13th St. \The at iHu Four Broadway Comers\ Fifth A\c at Warren at ilstSt Ilia I ll K TABLE vrcrajfi north Heaci) BOAT KOM E, i 1 II -- Direct Trul l 11 hi i iuu: tiki uhiik TTESUAI I III ii n

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