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imb. WEATHER FORECAST. Fair to-da- y and with little ' I ' 1 whines Sh f biiaugc 01 temperature. fop. all Highest temperature yesterday, 89; lowest, 73. Detailed weather, mnll and murine reports p pace li, ' : i VOL. LXXXIII. NO. 317. VTOKjrP Greats New Turk. 1 Flaewnsre, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, 'JULY 13, 1916. Cnijriphf, 1916, by the Sun Printing and Publishing Association. UJNiij LCIN 1 Jrir city and Newark. 1 TWO CENT\. SHARK KILLS 2 AND WOUNDS LAD IN INLAND CREEK Attacks Bathers Up Stream Far From Ocean at Matawan. 3IAX SEIZED SAVING BOY VICTIM'S BODY Consternation Along Coast as Tidings of the Two Deaths Spread. Matawan, N'. J.. July 12. A man eitlng shark which had strayed far from the Atlantic Ocean swam through Rarltan Hay and up shallow Matawan ' Creek this afternoon, killed a boy swimmer. mangled a man so badly that he died In two hours and savagely be- - let a seconu boy bather, taking away almost all of a leg below the knee. Ths dead boy was Lester Stlllwell, twelve-year-ol- d ton of Sir. and Mrs. Willlim Stlllwell of aiatawan. Ills body had not been recovered late to- night, although searching parties with dragging Irons and dynamite hunted long and thoroughly. The man, who was attacked as he n.is making for shoro with young StlllwcH's body, was Stanley Flshor, a popular young man of this place. His right leg was torn and he was o weak after his removal to tho Mon- - mouth Memorial Hospital at Kong Branch that the surgeons did not dare to amputate. Death resulted from Shock and loss of blood. Fisher remained conscious until hi t 7:lii P M. Talktnc with Dr. Reynolds, he said he had the body of Stlllwell under his arm when the shark attacked him. \I was about to swim for the shore,\ he said, \when 1 was grabbed by my right leg. 1 knew then It was all up lth mC \ ! ThooRht Shark W a Log. Tho third victim of the shark ten.) ear-ql- d Joseph Dunn, a ummr isl or here Mioli said to live In .New Tork. He Is In St. l'eters Hospital nl Vtit UrunswlcK. i no uociors nope w all hi. life. Young Stlllwell went bathing with Albert CVHara, Frank Clowes and other loys near his own age at Wyckoff'ii dock, about fiOO yard from the mouth of Matawan 'reek, which Is about fifty fret wide. O'Hara . . got . a glimpse of . whit he eupposwl to De a log on me Minnie cf the swimming hole, and was Martled ,o 5ec the thing start toward him. He wnt ncir tbe tiler, and reached It In a .,rni,.i. As he was nullhiE himself. rip a ladder the shark Just mlesed him. ' aid he saw the dorsal tin cut the water. Stdluell, who was hwlmmlng a few feet from shore, apparently was un- - .onelous of his danger. The hhark jvvam toward him. caught him by an , arm or u leir and bore him under. shouted Dr. can wnsn Ellas Hartley the (he U)ns .ny was Fisher He the v stiong, imweriuiiy uum nm... .... had made him much at home .he water. Stripping to he .1 into the creek and started to look for Stlllwell boy. believing the snarK itad dlsappeated after his work of ilcth. Foond nn Bottom. nerhans half an his body long was cried been on. Kol,ed. lhe man leg s.iw ripvelooed ........... ...1 .... ... om,ir htm at two iren in a wno were axiu.K . \ ,.Mh .... UHUwaI! to nis , Fi.-he- r taken ashore. Dr C. Reynolds of Matawan for In hurry, lie Firtier as he still lay nude on the bang . of the found that flesh of 'he right ler had been off from the hip to the leaving a wour.d about eighteen Inches long. The not crushed. physician j .Minuted about pounds of flesh were missing. There no signs of ,.i. .. . . ... .i L!\.' ' \\\\' lr'V\ \\?T\..? l.i -- IeZ Branch and Mrs. II. Fisher, of the dead man. are at the horn.' daughter, Mrs. A. It. In Minneapolis. Fisher Is retired Steamship Com- pany. After the llrst shock tragedy had word was received young Dunn had been attacked by toward the of ereek. The swimming In his favorite Miot dock of New Jersey company when grabbed Wm by the leg and off the llesh from the knee Shocked villagers fent Dr. Heynolds, who was t.- -i s i it i not boy's 'Tho 'front nd sldts of the leg were cut Hbbons from the knee by i,.h 0f t,e bones were \l rrushed the main arteries In the leg were cut. Is a of saving Nets Across up town Creek the of the from the natural atnt by telephone h)' of mouth nnd It long tefotft 400 BOO were running aloi g the In hope getting ome trace man eater. Homebody propisied running a wire net erfi the creek to prevent the shark from making his back to nd thus through Vork Bay and bsck to the Atlantic, rlshermen were quickly Impresied terviee and nets stretched. wu made to kill the Continued Fith Pag. II AND NEW YORK PRE SS PARALYSIS DEATHS : FEWER jJJORE CASES Day's Hcports Show 17 102 Now Victims, a ToImI of 1, H0. MAYOK MEETS DOCTOHS Conference Lends to More Eniprfrcncy Measures to Stem Kpidemic. The new of Infantile n.iralvsls were fewer yesterday than on Tuesday. b\1 numb\ \\ve average \ ' ' \\I10\''1\ ' lt week Indicate a further of th cplamlc. The Department gave the additional c.iera 162, a drop as compared of the previous day. but S3 than any other day. The number deaths was 17, as against on Tuesday. While there only 12 new cases In Manhattan, the addresses showed that there Is one case In Columbus avenue, there are two In lied ford street ons In Cannon on East Side, new spots. total for Brooklyn for the day were 131, decrease of 24 from Tuesday. queens showed an Increase with 13, while lllchmond had 5 and Bronx 1. The total number cases for ''e epidemic Is 1.410. deaths 2S7. I\ view of the tendency of the disease ,0 contlnue UOUIfh the lol weather and lhe that know so little the germ, city administration decided yesterday to take still other nieasifcs hope of combating the These measures were at a conference called by heads of several departments, Including Commissioner Lmerson, the advisory board of the Depart- ment and other physicians, comprising the ablest expert on children's diseases In the country. . - . . nnirmrp un.ira rw u nv.ra, conference, which was really Dr. Emerson's suggestion, was held hi City Hall and for than two hour. u,de. and Dr. Emerson were ,.pIlce Commll). 0odley. Commissioner Adam- - strcct clennlng Commissioner Keth,rllU,n Tenement Houe Commls. Murphy and License Commissioner Hell. The physicians present Included Dr. I.elaml Cofer. Olllccr of the Tort; Dr. Samuel Lambert, dean of the College of I'hyslclana and Surgeons: Dr. Alvah it ti uifh ntnror of the lit lW.J. .VI...... Von. Dr, William H. Park. Dr. S. S. Uo(inater, former Health Commission ,. ti..eo,man Delatour Hrook- - . r. .. .... VlKt,l tir.ild.nt t 'V.l V,. ', , .k.. ineer lie. i ' n s In charge J Department In llrooklyn ; Dr. ..ob-nJ- on Health Coivmlssloner I V ch,CB1,0 . John W. llrannan. i . , tne City Hospitals: , ,, Jow.r, sanitary engineer In X !i,mnn II. Illnrs. State , .. f Mellcine: Dr. c ii. of Public Health p Antonio Stella and Dr. Philip Van Ingon of tne ..it,.t lr. Oeorze Draper. lr. Lauria and Dr. Floyd M. Crandall. Ilmerion explained the progress of the disease In city, told of the .,,ir in th. hosnltala In the field, ,v.. nitnrv the precautions. ..... i t.u nniiolnted Dr. Flexner, Dr. . .\\- -' . .. ...7. u.ii, nr. i.oinwaier. r. .... \\\ - f,\ , Uoty and James mi '\''' Emerson to consider ana promuiTin them. I expect that the committee win report ,iu ;.i : - -- - i bps ... . W.un a : First-Fur- ther Held ,.eti,. in following mcmtiers faml- - lies of diseased cn i iren other communities in order\ learn of cases originating l\\, sons which may reported ,,. ,hA Iieiuii-tmen- t of Health. iF,,e a mote succinct and Matt mint to be given to the pub- - lie for the guidance . - - exposed to or attacked by the ... ease: and also to noiio.i, u .umi -. In reporting suspicious cases. Department llolnac It. Brat. \Beyond that It seemed to be con- sensus of opinion the De- partment Is doing nil that can done n tho light of human knowledge of disease. department is doing all lint Is possible, necessary or desirable. I have asked the gentlemen who met me to consider themselves as special he during the ..,. nf th Is ernoem.c. i'i. ie...... ... rltnlrmnn nf thin commlitro, . Used to meet me II tonpanlons as only ttr- - eaIth Commissioner; Simon boys yell, and It t of the 0ckcfeller Institute: tr. Inn before frightened pjrsoiis 'cnry n Kollk, Dr. 'H. of nde standing on shore. Among the l8anrt College Hospital: Dr. arrivals Stanley Wajter H- - James, T\\ldcnt of Acad- - the waist, the nody hw, after Stlllwell was drngged down .Suggestions were then asked. There that Fisher discovered on the , a discussion, and after it nuidy A moment later there over Mayor Mltchel made a brief state-A.1- S a scream and Fisher out that ment as to what had decided h- - was being attacked. At that moment I eater's teeth wero sunk deep. Two Concrete Idea. his -- ear tho thigh. People on ,jut cf a deal of scientific him fling Ills hands helplessly CUMion,\ said the Mayor, \two concrete Mi v.Au.i th.n h went under. n.in.. Hav. as suggestions tv. .1,1,.. noat. went wan George via sent a exumineu creek. He the ripped knee, Jagged hone was The that ten were Cipt. W. of their Nichols Capt. a commodore of the Ocean of the passed that a hark further mouth the boy was near the the a shark tnro down. for admin Dr II. Cooley. This committee take pi ace After returning from St. Peter's of advisory board of Health Cooley. describing I paitment. members have prom- - wound, said: boy's to the ankle the shark. lf There chant the boy's leg.\ Creek. All through Matawan Matawan harks visit of sharks, sped word wnsn't people banks of of Barltan ay lower New Then suggestion shark en vlctlmi the ' H,,l snrcad as with 195 of 3: and aireet, the a of the about the the decided on Mayor with llialth Haven Health This lasted siayor Mttchel sinner Health of \ of iIealth Dr. pre.l- - Hoard of wivinuer he states Ser- - ieon Dr. and work and Dr. 10 vtt In- - of have simple dren Health be a Mavor heveral bottom. great S. will the Hos- - the the Dr. the but tbe 1'unn Into Tho and of the not and and news far and or the the way cut Into were more were The cases The fllct In the more Klre niaru the Into the that the The sarv to can iin-.- The Mayor also said that there was a difference of opinion ns to how fhe dlbcase l transmitted, and that no decision on that point had been \hed. The conferees also suggested that the doctors of the city be mobilised In a that would Insure quicker manner of suspicious cases. Great stress also was laid on the neOsslty of la'ritory work. The help of the more Mrmr also be sought, with the aim of nstnictlng members of churches what should be done In suspldouB cases. Following this conference. Dr. hmer-o- n Immediately called to his office the heads of the bureaus of his department, explained to them what had been upon at the meeting with the Mayor, and made suggestions for work In accordance with the decisions reached. Dr Kmerson said he had no statement to mike, beyond saying that there Is no reason for panic He said that every Conrtntisd o Fourth Pag. 1 U. 5. Officer Guards Submarine Secrets WASHINGTON, July 12. So-crc- ts of German submarine construction will not 'be revealed, even to the United States Gov- ernment, by Capt. C. F. Hu&fes, U. S. N. Returning to-da- y f.-e- m Baltimore, he said: My object in inspecting the Deutschtand was not to obtain Eecret information, but to fol- low out my orders. I made a point of not learning more than I could help. Capt. Hughes is nn expert in matters of ship construction. For ycurs he inspected vessels for the General Hoard. He realized when he boarded the Deutschland he was in a position to learn about everything of technical value the boat contained. KOENIG WILL MEET HIS BROTHER HERE Twenty Licder and Schntzcu-bmul- s to Join in Reunion After 20 Years. Twenty yeeirs ago two brothers parted on the wharf In Hamburg, Germany, one starting for America In search of for- tune and the other remaining behind to Join the Gentian merchant marine. The man who came to this country Is now-th- e owner of a hotel, the head of a s.ivltiK society bearing his name and an office holder In a score of German so- cieties. From the day the two young men gripped each other's hands nd said. \Auf wledersehen, meln lleber Hruder\ the two have not seen each other once, have not even heard fiom one another In many years, On Monday mointng the brother who came to Amcilca, George Koeiilg. of H7 Kat Fourth street, unfolded his news-pape- r, glimpsed at the story of the sub- marine Dcutschl.md's history-makin- g ar- rival In the Chesapeake Hay and ex- claimed to hi\ wife, Margaret, \Meln Gott ! The captain Is my brother l'aul !\ Small wander that George was aur-pris- and elated to read that the able seaman brothor he had left In Ham- burg n generation ago had suddenly won renown by making an underwater Jour- ney ot more than 4,000 mile. Small wonder that his first thought was to ar- range a fitting reception for that brother. The celebration In honor of Capt. l'aul Koenig, arranged by h!n brother, George, ( is to lat ten ilas. Herman L,. Sonradtr. of the Republican State committee, Picture water made the to light that Is to Invite him and make hi com Ing a royal welcome. Preparations are even now well under way. The Hotel Koenig, at K,7 Hast Fourth street, is decorated for tlie occasion. The walls of the lobby te hung with pictures of Hlsmarck, Von Hlndenburg and the Ktler and over all. ' KTfM flag of the Fatherland. Five j thousand members of the twenty schuti-- 1 enounus aim I eaerminas to wnicn feoige koenig belongs are making ready their club houhe.j to throw them open to the hero of the hour. all these homes of hospitality they were drinking last night to \L'ncr Paul'' and singing \Hoch soil er leben. hoch soil er leben, .Irelmal hoch. der Kommandant der Deutschland 1\ DEUTSCHLAND MEN SPFE'IVF-RS- , i ' Sim of ire,- - rre.ed In Washing- - Ion for Fat Motor Trip. ' Wasiiivc.tov t Nix members ton for alleged violation of the speed laws They made the trip from Haiti-- 1 more to Washington In u motor car owned by the North German Lloyd Com- - Pn,. ur. n -- J i.u.ir..r. The motor cycle policeman who arrest- - ed the visitors say the car was run- - nlng 'at twenty-fiv- e mites an hour In tho residential section. The men put up col- -' lateral for the chauffeur and wero al-- . lowed to depart to visit various places or mieresi. ine car carneu an Amerl- - can Hag op one side and tho German colors on the other vT?q SWPPAWTI nTftQ-p- TWnflT. \ ... (1lll4tfrt Rlcor. i Ion to Tarrytnwn. Takrvtown, N. Y July II. Because of the prevalence of Infantile parnlyMs In New York, Mrs. Flnl. y J. Shepird nas closed ner rowing senooi at i.ynu- - hurst until further notice. Mrs. Shen ard has also closed her playgrounds and - from New York this summer. HUOKES'S SUCCESSOR PICKED. Wilson Choice fcalrt .ot to be fPllrlen or lirrHor)', Wabhinuton, July 12.- - -- President Wil- son Is undei stood to have selected the man to whom he will tender tho vacant place on tho Supremo bench formerly oc- cupied by Chfirlts H. Hughes. The Is said to have been made at a con- ference this morning attended by the President, Attorney-Gener- Gregory and Secretary of War Baker. No anouncement was made as to the President's choice. A report wns In ell culatlon that a Nevv Yorker had been l llimril, l.ui ll in u.H.ei ni.iuu mm oe tn not Morgan J, O'Brien, It can be said that tho President will not namo Attorney-G- eneral Gregory In view of the hit- ter's conviction that the new appointee should be a man free to pass on Impor- tant pending cases, Secretary of the Interior Lane Is one of the men the President Is known to have under consideration. GOETHALS TO RETIRE. I'rrsldent Finally Aiirees to v- - eept Ills lleslsrnatlnn. Washington, July 13. President Wilson y agreed to accept the resignation of Major-Ge- Goethals as of the Panama Canal at an early date, to be fixed by the General. Gen, Goethali called nt the White House and again urged his desire to resign the Governorship and retire from the active list ot the army now that his work of bulldng the canal bad been finished. GOLD LIGHT FOUND BY A FRENCHMAN ! jlMissauri Reduces Heat So j Mneli Paper Hoi Is Are 1'setl in Movies DREAM OF SCIENTISTS Hutchison, Edison Engineer, Says It Would .Mean Enor- mous Eeononiy. Rv Ainoetotrd Ptf PaiiIs, July 11. The substitution of paper rolls for celluloid films In moving plctutn machine made possible by the new \cold\ light discovered by the French enislneer Dussaud, to the Academy of Science by l'rof. llr.ui-- 1 RPment of the War Department. 1'res-le- with whom Dussaud Is ob-- , eent Wilson, after listening to argu-talne- d by automatic separation of j ment, f Democratic members of Con-ray- s from luminous rays. j Br,.s, from New York, has Interfered The quest of an absolutely purellght with the order to the extent of directing devoid of all heat long has been one of j Secretary of War Daker to make an the great problems of modern physics. The electric light Is the nearest approach to this Ideal, but It is far from It, M. Dussaud has been working on this problem for many jears. The light ob- tained by his method I ro Intense that It Is possible to throw Images from news- paper Illustrations, picture postcards and photographic prints on a screen even In a lighted room as clearly and sharply as If they were ghtMt lantern slides Mlller rteese Hutchison. Thomas ' Kdlson's chief engineer, said last night : \If Dussaud has found out how to gen- erate light without heat, the Importance of hi discovery cannot be rxagKerated. Its use In moving pictures would ln only a thousandth part ot Its scientific and Industrial employment. Dussaud has a flue reputation, but 1 should have to see his' Invention demonstrated before 1 could llleve In it. Why. if all the en- ergy of a dynamo could be converted Into light, one small dynamo could light a whole city!\ Mr. Hutchison sal that the substitu- tion of paper for celluloid Minis In mo- tion picture machine, had been found Impracticable thus far because the sprocket wheel moved so fast that the paper was torn. The expedient of making paper tough and nearly trans- parent by treatment with sulphuric acid has been tried without much success, he added. In order not to burn the Alms, motion they have to stop their machines to show one of the filmed photographs as a still.\ I. W. W. SOLDIER MUTINIES. Itnllerv II, N. Y., Man Thrum tie at .Non-Coi- n, at Jlc.tllen. l McAu.icn. Tex.. Headuuarters Sixth Dl- -, has ' operator now u-- e a con-boe- n chairman of committee denser separate and heat when already In Julv An,doil. selec- tion NOW Governor described studied, S. of Lieut Col. of hlmfelf tho nt of house command. (Sehrelner grabbed automatic from one of tunrd and tried to him. He was overpowered after j struggle and held general court mar- - ,, r), KrM Klea Artillery, Is a' ,cw york Its armory Is at lS8 Broadway, It Is BRESLTN FORECLOSURE ASKED. ...ii.,,,,,n ,.r lintel Mnnanr. iSut fore-lo- se mortgage on the j,ottll Hreslin. nt Broadway Twen- - street, wns filed yesterday. obrge H. Bascom and others, former of the property, arc seeking to r(.cover $600,000 which they allowed . of the purchase mice ...i,.. ,ho.. .i,i ti. the iint.l Operating Associates In It'll. A representative of the resident man- - aner. K. Brown, said last that of lt frPny naturo Part the adjustment th.morl- - gago oi ine prot.eri. Haiti that the suit not affect the oper- ating of tho - IT RAINS CATS IN BROWNSVILLE Itnrk Humor In Fight on Infantile l'nrall. Somebody In tho of Brooklyn started rumor yesterday that the police, Intent on ridding the city ot In the against Infan- tile would pay live cents for each cat delivered at station house. The effect was staggering. Into llrownsvUI\ and Libel ty avenue iitntloiiH pets and vagrants, and mllkfeds, ancient scarred and engaging kittens. Boys big ones under their arms and In their pockets. Tho quarters of the police wero overrun. At the avenue station Capt. Donahuo said to woman brohght In a crate of cats: \I'll give you nickel them away.\ Finally he culled up H. A. and a wagon- - , of (,nH wlH tnkcn pouJ \DRYS'' TO NOMINATE FORD. Ihmcr to Try Mini In Presidential liner If He'll Hun. Chicaoo, July 12. Henry Ford of De- troit will be nominated President on tho first by tho Prohibition party at Its national convention In St. Paul July IS 21, If ho will the honor, In tho opinion of party leaders who held conference hero v \1 believe Mr, Ford would strongest candidate vo ;ould name,\ said Eugene Challn, former Presiden- tial candidate of the Prohibition pnrty, \Ho would get many thousands of labor votes, In addition the solid support of old line Prohibitionists.\ If Mr. Ford declines to become a candidate, the leaders declare that the choice will be between J. Hmlv, of Indiana; FAigene.S', Koss, Massachusetts, Will-la- m Suiter, of New York. POLITICIANS URGE CONLEY'S RETENTION President Yields to Extent of Ordering Review of (Jen. Wood's A'ctlon. A KM V MEN' ItKSENT IT They Point Out That Four Colonels Serving in Mexico Are Also Dropped. Washington, July 12. The order of Mnjor-Got- t. imiMerlng Cols. Con-le- y and of the Sixty-nint- h New York Infantry out tho Federal service on arrotmt of physical disabil- ity has brought politics Into the man- - Investigation. Secretary linker In turn has directed Major-Gen.- \ Hcott, Chief of Staff, to call upon Gen. Wood for report. Indications are that political influence hold sway there la growing Indignation In army clrclks over Interference of nature a strictly military matter. It Is pointed out that five Colonels of Gen. I'ershliiK's force In Mexico have lut been ordered before a retlrlni board on account of slight physical dis- ability. They have all done excellent nice In Mexico. In fact W. C. Hrown commanded tho Tenth Cavalry at l'arral. The other officer are George Sand. James Ixickett and Jacob C Galbralth, all now attached to the l'.leventh Cavalry, and Charles W. I'enroe of the Twenty-fourt- h Infantry. It Is regarded as practically certain thee otllcers. much against their wishes, will be retired. are all excellent ollleers, have splendid records have done good service with Gen. I'ershlng. but Is no way allowed to Interfere with the strict military regime. Army otllcers here say men like these will keenly feel tho Injustice If others, backed by politics, are favored. Ollleers here commend the spirit shown by Conley I.leut.-Co- l. Phelan, but they do not the entrance of poll-tic- s Into the nrmy and Its threatened domination over the military regime. REINSTATEMENT TALK. Belief nt Camp Whitman Will lie Overruled. Camp Whitman. Havkn.N. Y. July 12. Kven the departure tho pioneer battalion of the Twenty-secon- d Engineers the Texan whose name cannot be mentioned for obvious reasons phrased the general when no saui uniay mat army look for President Wllon to use jincn Gen Wood. \The Second Infantry was the best '\\king bunch of men saw leave camp.\ officer said, \but I'd ni Ufeecd'' It was in \a pouring thunderstorm and ,, .,,,..,. o,. ninn.., union 01 ine weiuy-sei-o.i- u leu. I l.ej iMartcd tho march from their camp at ;t p, jt f,pr peVeti hours of listless waiting, Mr they had expected leave at S '30 In the morning. It was 4 o'clock when the train benrlng them , their equipment pulle.l out of (ir.cn station. Col. I.iieas. commander of tbe ..,nn.t .t.,i iov ..lit, v,i. o... tallon Major Frederick N. Whltely was In command. The Colonel will remain In camp until Friday, when the battalion departs, will go to New York to look after recruling and administrative duties for about After he will go to the border, tak- ing with the enlisted band ot the engineers. The four companies Tenth from New York city, Flushing, Mount Vernon. White Plains Yonk-er- s were y put through a hind mir.ii Poughquag and ba.k, fourtten mile-- , a conditioning exercise. Three armored motor cars, one nrmored supply wagon and forty-nv- e inntoi cycles of the First Armored Motor Battery made trial run frum their rump at Peeksklll to Whit-ma- n The trip wat. rompletid In ui hour nn.l nnlf. capt. ll, (i. Mont- - e.imery was In command he battery Is waiting examination by regular ord tiunre officers before being mustered In. Wnldo Not to lie Colonel. Auunt, July 12. Ithlnolander has not even been proposed to Gov. Whitman as a possible successor to Col. Conley of . tho Sixty-nint- h New York Infantry. rue novernor mane mis statement when Infoimed Hint Is was reported he had appointed Mr. Wnldo as Colonel. The Governor has tho power to appoint the successors to tlie rejected Hlxty-nlnt- h ufflerrs, and several names have already been sug- gested to him, but he said positively lhatMr. Waldo's was not among them. (ien, Wood TnUIng No Part. Pi.ATTsnt'Wi, N, Y., July 12. Major-Ge- Wood, questioned evening the reported nppolntm. nt of Ilhlniintider Waldo ns Colonel of the Sixty-nint- h New York Infantry, leplled' \The regular aimy ollleers have nothing to do with tho appointment of ollleers of tho State Guard. That Is a matter that Is entirely up to Governor of the State. Mr. Waldo was with ua In the Phl!lpplns nnd well. If he ap- pointed Colonel of the Sixty-nint- h ho receive the appointment upon his own merits.\ GREAT STRING WATER. I.e. the ' cm ot sis fl... (teppertd bottles. vision, U. A.. July 12. Charhs couldn't Keep the ousting Col. Conley Sehrelner. a prlvnte In Battery D. First Phelan the Slxty-I'lel- d Artillery, proclaimed on ninth Infantry from lelng chief I. W. W. In camp this afternoon and 'topic ot conversation nt Camp Whit-thre- nil axe mm The consensus opinion I that officer. Sergeant Poole. ' thee two oflk-er- s will be returned to When taken to the cuard One regular army ofllcer an the a for v cty nrganlsatlnn, and com- - ', , a and j owners to rf.nl!1 1Urt hotel to L. night FU , atl(, , at f nuances lie would hotel. n Brownsville section a cats campaign paralysis, a the police rained mousers cats car-rle- .l kittens Liberty a who a to tnko tho P. C, , , for ballot to accept a he the a to Frank of and I Wood Phelan of a will and this In Col. Col. Col. Col. Col. that They and this In Col. and like Order Gnrr.s of for border opinion I this rather .. to Haven Twentv teeond and then a wick. that him of the and In a Camp a Waldo this the served I will RKAB ,11ml a pIMol at. Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain. MRS. CHAMBERLAIN . TO WED CLERGYMAN Widow of British Statesman Engaged to Canon of Westminster. I.O.SOON. July i.'. The engagement Is announced of Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain, widow of the llritlsh statesman, and the Itev. William Hartley Carnegie, rector of St. Margaret'a atd Canon of West- minster, lleforu her marriage Mrs. Chamberlain was Mlfs Mary Kndkott of Massachusetts, daughter of the late Will, lam C. Endlcott, Secretary of War In President Cleveland's Cabtnrt. Mrs. Chamberlain has been a widow since July. IS 14. Although much younger than her husband, who was 78, she wu considered an Ideal help- mate, and at the time of his death It was suggested by London newspapers that tho King might confer a title on her. Mr. Chamberlain arrived In New York on May 12 of this year after .1 con- - miufiun nuaence irom inc inut-t- i wiit\ i of more than seventeu, j ears. She said 'ev ', IT. ...w .e,.e, i had on mo Just to ree the panoramic view of the harbor. Kven the water Is changed. It I New York, though, and every wharf sign shout It welcome to a native, no matter how htlated hl or her return.\ AUSTRALIA TO STUDY U. S. Commonwealth Sending; I'oniml- - Ion to tintber llntn ! The aovcrnment of the Commonwealth I of Australia has decided to appoint a \ \ u K' .\'' \.' .. I. iu mve.1iK.11e 01 ..wu..- - , plnyment. To make Australia Independent of out- - side sources for cables and metal ropes, It Ih proposed to establish a Govern - ' ment cable works ' MOTORING LIFT BOY IN JAIL. ... . .... nwr .... 1,1, .. a.l.OOO Jewel Theft. v vn.ithfnl ee,,. ..t..v!.tr ri.,me i,.., drove his own initomublle nfler w.irkint I hours, wore a J.lPn diamond ring nu i oxvenslve clothts !om the chance ! temporarily, at hast to tl:ih hi finer - ' les last night when detectives nrreted him In the lobby of the Hotel Cillli g. . wood, 45 West Thirty-fift- h street, on a charge of burglary nn.l grand hvccuy The ncciucd, who sil.l he wns John Powell, 22 yeirt old. idinltted In ll..- - de tectives, they s.iy. that It was he who took Jevvdiy valued at from ,..m; lo $7,00.1 from apartment in tho Colllng-woo- d j occupied by Mrs, l Ch.irhs Macarow of Montrevl, wife of the gen- eral manager of .Merchant It ink of ' Canada The Jewels are Intact in i Powell's room at 03 West 1.15th street, i the detectives s.iy the pilsnner told them.' \MOOSE EXTINCT.\ SAYS LODGE. t.nllliiuer Tiill. of Cliliiiniiiiksi ' Oilier of Polities Wabhinuton, July 12 Senator Wads-wort- Jr., secured the adoption of an amendment to the agricultural appro- priation bill In the Senate this afternoon by which the appropriation fir the r- - termination of predatory animals that war upon live stock In the West shall be expended only on public lands Senator Wadswortli made n In lot rpeech In which he rldlcirTcd tile Idea that It was nerejsarv lo psy Govern- ment agents to teach the famine; and stockmen the best methods for eradlcat- - Ing prairie dogs nnd coyotes. ' Senator Gulllnger declared that chip- - ' munks were numerous In New Mamp-shir- e and he wns of the opinion that the money appropriated ought to be passed nround j Senator leidge wna deriding the ap- propriation when Senator Thomas asked him If part of the monev enyiti not bo used to ijradlrate the Bull Moose In j Massachusottr \Tlie Bull Moose Is comparative! ex- tinct,\ replied Mr, Lodge. The bill, carrying approximately $24,000,000, wns passed by the Senate to. day In virtually the same form as pnascd by the House. It contains provisions tor Federal grain Inspection and licensing of ginln waro'iousce, and levies a tax of two cents a pound on cotton sold for fu lure delivery, Iowa Democrats for Prohibition. DBS MoiNns. Iowa, July 12 The Dem- ocratic convention y went on lecnl ns favoring prohibition, The plntfmm Indorred the Wilson Administration Cesre' csrtonns ne sppesr ,tily In The New York Evening Poet Dsll Jr., Bit Ic, Aiv- GERMANY'S THREAT RESENTED IN D. S. Danger Seen in Submarine Plan to Urcnk British Blockade. A NEW I! BOAT CAMPAIGN 'Government Taking No Of ficial Notice of the So-call- Menace. WAKiitNi.TON, July 12 Although of ficials here sharo the general admiration for Germnny'a latest submarine exploit, there I a note of keen resentment at the State Department over Germany's threat to resume submarine warfare, which .nines simultaneously with tho arrival of tho Deutschland. Coupled with the news from llerlln, the undersea boat's transatlantic jvoyage. In tho opinion of soino otllclals, assumes the gulso of a distinct threat. It Implies, according to these officials, that German I boats can escape the cordon of the llritlsh blockade and opcr ate unhindered In the steamer routes of tho Atlantic. Some even regard It as a threat on the part of Germany to lnk steamers, If tho submarine warfaro Is resumed, within sight of American shore. No Official Not lee. Tho reports that Germany onteni plates resumption of her submarine cam- - pnlcn come unofhVIally through the press, but It Is realized here that the German official censors are authorizing the spreading of these reports. Other vvie they would not be permitted to be cabled The tliie.it to resume ubmaiiiia war- fare Is based on the anparcnt Inactivity of the United .States imVenltng with the llritlsh blockade. This feature Is re- garded as having It Inspiration In the press department of the Foreign Olllce In Wilhelmstrnsee. No otllclal notice I King taken of tho threats. Acting Secretary of State Polk ha noted them, but showed no signs of being swayed. In fact. It has been publicly stated by Secretary Lan- sing that German threats to hurry I'tilted State negotiation with Great iiritaiu over tne oiocsaue wouiu act only as a hindrance to these negotiations. HrltUh Push forward. President Wilson Is understood to re- pent keenlv the Implication that nego- - j 11\'ir tie' line beyond Contalmaison tliitlons with the Entente Powers are \eenilngly fcecure the British pushed foi - , , . . i,..t...,i i... nn.iiM ti... j..,, Especially evident when Secreta-- y !.anslng said some weeks ago that Her- - lln's action In this respect \made It iv'rrmelv iliillelllt for the t'nlted Stn'es Iisi ii.i with Gr'-a- t Britain the fea-- 1 tures of the blockade.\ ' In . of the s to rlsl) r punishment, .,, mi ted out to German submarine . . . . . lv unable , get satisfaction whatever the Gentian Foreign Office on this nolnt. At first the Tinted States dl , ,,,, ,u ask lt This brought result- -. It was later followed by a formal r.quet on the part , .. he , ti. know luint th.. . .i,,.., ' till m. result Tile llevt rimtemtilnt eil Tm i. .In mand on the part of i lov.' rm,- - nt ' lor the information. Slate I . - 'paitment has been loath to pre the Tiiii.lt lieci.l.ve ,if th.. n nf kith. - ami the l.nt.rove.l re!:. m.ms with G, ritianv th.er.tu to resume method of warfare will Immediately the attention of the! AiimiiiiMr.nnm on mat it is pointed WILL BUILD HERE. -- v Mm. in I. like to .loin S 1 110, (Mill snhinnrlne . pit ii German. 11 IT T Mni.r lull' 'i ..i........?,,. ,1.llt,1p ' of , ,n)n,:it,all,P milMCll ,,ieiehaiitman Deutschland will the oiganlzatloii of a company capital- ized nt poslbly Mnn,.iOn,.ioo for tbe con. stt iX'tuin glgnhtlc submerslbles of .\..Ooo tons for commerce be tween country and Germany Th's known late afternoon, following n of held at the uttlce of tin German Lloyd j iiisl participated in bj Simon in- - v. mm of the submarine A Luc- - ; .leiitz, German Consul nt this port. II G. and P G. L. llilkeii. seiitanves of tbe i an Navigation Com - i.anv of n. tvM iei.re.entatlves the Capt Paul Koenig of the I ii'tltsiiilaud was also pi. sent at theie confer, nces Simon Lake came to foi the purpose of libelling the Deutschland j for allegc.i infringements on his Instead, lie was to Join the new company In the capacity nf con- - suiting engineer, sup. the. i . instruction of the enormous undersea s... \\\\\lru .. ., Koenig inked he ho l smile;, \I shall and parlure au other I go.\ of the (i.iTmaii rontlrni rumois the second tho mer- chant In on 7'i(n Vipc. BRITISH THRUST GERMANS FROM SOMME WOODS Regain All Ground In Attack by Heavily Re-enforc- ed Teutons. HATG 0IT0SED BY 600,000 BAYONETS Allies Preparing for Flank- ing Moves on Banks of River. GERMANS TAKEN IN REAR BY SURPRISE British Sweep Across 1,000 Yards Into Village of Contalmaison. London, July 12. The British bars tho ground lost last night to the when they ground In the Mametz and Trones woods. Tho British now hold all of Mametz wood. Two German at- tacks ConMlmnlson were of Contulmalson, 11a-me- ts and Trones woods gives the Brit- ish a line almost duo east so that to the north can be attacked on the when their guns are brought up for the sec- ond phase of th(T South of the river the French are In n position similar to the British, and likewise can attack the German south of BelIoy-en-Sa-ter- re and Kstreeo. was no extensive on either side the artillery aomo rest except for the regular shelling of certain points and sudden outbursts when any troop movement Keen. warn new vrencnes into i ontaimaisoti which bring them here, a. on the the Mameti wood, with obsta- cles cleared and on an average or three hundred yards the Ger- - seconu line, wnirn is noi ns strong as inn nrst line, laKen on juiy 1, anu Is being shelled methodically night and ,,.,.,,. gsiiit- - m ..l. ti ,h.r 11 .nnre of the the wood lighting both sides played the tiick and the enemy under a sudden murderous outl.tir-- t from the gur.e.. ',K' , \' \' f\r- - '\' rest the treed troops In ought out i.iver lhe emoke 'account for evei thing In the charges irule m wave nftci wave, with the men engaging \tell s c itch cm \age. 1 '' an aiHl .101 Un II ll'e alia I' not one of They mention rev cities tiankly along wit a si:. sses, saying tbe rman got and got Into htm here\ Tne stiengthenlng their .s 11 as the troop become to the style of lighting. . I . (Illleer I It. Tie for Inltlfi-t.v- e I and i .i tuples of It are heard the correspondent of the Iiess with a fresh from the who won the Victoil.i floss Gal-llpo- li irossed an open pl.uo tho face of a machine tire with two men. bombed out a bombing pot guns captured it without being hit, but wa killed when he ventured a sec- ond time strati gy responsible f'\' \10 tailing of both and the Mametz wood. The final taking o' was w 'few casualties, and the victorious tri.i.. when seen y were in filrlls Germans faced n chine gnus ns If the ntt.n't from the south, but keeping cloe u del' curtatns of fire the Urn lh waves across a thou reached the ruins of the Hd taking the guns gunner- - from the rear, forced them to .. w noil l llnsnrii. The Minuet?. Wood rusiie I in the :imn u.,v frnm the l.t.. ui,n t e Ger. ... \'' lr ,ier'\! , . ,. p . , . , , i w i niiii i' i! i i, in- k in, it I. d. r the Hunks of tires .mil were novel iiiincuii. in.' rnrest ruins a i e than the itilns of villages Orders Carried orders were In K . ihrough the .Miiin.i. Wiiod,\ ofUcei- - .....1. \anil we went through, dug In on Hie oihei edge ns told nis stuck \ GerieMl have . nusllv cautioned li.iii.ilon con. n lust uvcivaK... u-- ; l!u Wnnls llnrrj r. l'a'. rne Trones wood and certain other The probable Immediate result Her- - ,mllltM peculiarly Illustrate power of It. efforts hurry Amer can n. gitla- - th(1 ,.UIm ,, . c ,. , tlons with Great Britain will be the re. Imd (lp,r,wloni) srounrt. sumption of the American demand to,:, . , (.,.rmilI1 nr). know what f any, wihi.ij. , ,.,.. ..... .,, the \f\ from ,nformal,y ilbmlt no Cnlle.l ,.,,,',,,, ,,',, u.im this The M..sttii..l marine wnrf.ire Il.il this centre point, out. IMMI, of result In of c.ipiiity this f.ecame this serl.s .'onfennres Nmth Lake, Carl American renie- - le Brenu and of Ktupps. B.ihlmore pat- - cuts Invited and will rvlse retaken sgalnst The west, the flank somewhat flank There even two from of Uaviiw tinder into gun The surrender witn The as.\ in, , i iiiiiii.in i. nu nu- - ui; i mans were tii'a)rcpatel i ivh w ion is over 2o0 acres and win tost i,ar.o,.ioo i:,uh. ',, 1Klt ,iecn l,,,Mrp, ,,, ml ,nt, These boats will cost approximately wan so thick her e the each and will be used to tie that the men had t\ '\\ a pas-cair- y iiitinltion materials to sa-i- through it by pullln:; ine blanches iiu.l bring back cargoes of dvestuffs nnd . to one side. The epl...\ii of shells In medicine.',. this, as In the Ttmies an l alier woods, Simon Lake returned to which have been n hei i Conn., but will return lo oaucd showeit. of fr.g'iieiits of limbs llaltiniore In a few days. The neve com- - to fall on the troop Machine gun pany tal.n over the Ocean lets paused through nn' of smnll Company of Bremen eter. Tho unloading nf the I). uP-cii- l iiid The Isst fnrl.v aid of the M.iuielz but was not finished Wood were the hardest to take because that the work of taking her of the fallen tnml.H and limbs of trees closely cargo out her Is be- - which form.d a natural barricade, In Ing speeded up are many The Itnpres. some case snlpei posted a tree s'.on that the will not He were brough down when a big shell When Captain was to- - day how will uial.e III- - arrangements for departure all iwere.l h a clear anr.oiii. my de. like merchantman Tnen will Paul Illlken, local renre'entittve Ocean Navigation Comimnv, reluses to that lire-me- the German submarines, will be Baltimore Conflmird I i Lost Both Germans, heavily reenforced gained re- pulsed. occuputlon running and Hermans operation. attack having uiiH wood, front of withdrawing of i.hlegmiitlc was lis mere we of contlileiiee liable habituated Ille.l. opiirtunity Individual gie.it, whenever Associated talks battalion commander Held. An at In protecting and Successful was Contalmaison Contalmalsnn accomplished triumphal' their expecting ptotectlng swept ed 'ai.ls. villace and was wor Out. Commanding er when something undergrowth Germany contested. Bridgeport, but. probably will continued, Signs packed of In Deutschland of of

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