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THE WEATHER FORECAST. Showers and cloudy to-da- y; partly cloudy. IT SHINES FOR ALL Highest temperature yesterday, 75; lowest, 05. Detailed weaXhaw, matl and marine reports on page It, VOL. LXXXIII. NO. 314. In (Iresler New Yiirk, Illsewlirrr. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JULY 10, 1916. Copyright, 1916, by the Sun Printing and I'ubllthing Anoclntion. ONE CENT .tersey City nnd Newark. THII KNTH. RUSSIANS GAIN .16 MILES; BOTH WINGS IN DRIVE Cross the Stokhod North- east of Kovel, Teutons Falling Back. 12.000 PRISONERS TAKEN IN TWO DAYS Summary of the War News. The drive of the Husslan armies atone the. whole of th eastern front la greater than ever and sweeping on with Increasi- ng; power. Tlic Ituvlans have crowed the Stokhod Illver In their operations against Kovel, n most Important strate- gical point, and have captureJ several villages along the line nf the Kovel-Sarn- y railroad, Despatches from retro- - trad say the Stokhod nas neen crosses! at Ugll. which lies a few miles south of ' the railroad, hut the Austrian official statement makes mention of fighting at Stobychwa. lying we-- st of the Stokhod, which Indicates that the Russians have crossed the river about thirty miles northeast of Koel. The Russian line,, therefore. In this region Is evidently very lone. The Associated Tress correspond lit at Petrograd sajs that n surprise attack delivered along the Sarn) -- Kovel line. while the Austro-Germa- n forces were en- raged In defending the Rovno-Kov- line, netted a clear advance to the Russians of fifteen miles. OfrUlal Russian say that on the lower Stokhod the Teuton force are retiring In great disorder. The Austrian, have not only been suc- cessful In resisting the Russian advance In southern Bukowlna. which crown-lan- d the Russians hoped soon to clear of tleir adversaries, but, undertaking an offensive. have succeeded In forcing their way across the Moldava River. The French have returned to the of- fensive south of the Somme and have raptured German trenches over a dls-tan- of about two and a half miles east of Flaucourt and to a depth ranging from about two-thir- of a mile to a mile and a third. They also captuied by storm the village of Blache. which Is only of a mile from Peronne. The French have thus tesumed their cooperation with the British, who have been cngaS'd In nne fighting In the neighborhood of Ovlllcrs. where, the statement from in- - uriuin r o\.' . ays, they have again made s;cao : progress In the face of stubborn opposi- tion.\ The German heavy guns hat been bombarding all along the BrltUh front more actively than ever, and the Ger- mans In two violent counter attacks hae made a desperate effort to retake the poslttors captured by the British , Saturday near Trones wood. Hoth at- - ticks came under a eere and effective ! fl e from the Hrltlsh guns and, the Brit Ish uneit, complete nroKe uown. Itfganllng tnese operations German j headuuarters, while admitting the los of ground In the Hardecourt village, de- clares that both British and French at- tacks were repelled wlfi very heavy losses at other points. The lo.!s on all side are doubt-- , 'ss heavy, and that the Biltisn are pay- ing the price of their forward movement is Indicated by the casualty lists of the last four days, widen report 62S British officers killed, wounded or mlsrlng. The Rumanian Government, accotilng lo a Bern despatch, has declined an tnltatlon from the German and Aus- trian Governments to participate tn a conference of the Danube Powers. CZAR'S ARMY SWEEPS ON IN NORTH AND SOUTH Lctrhltskx Occupies Delatyn nnd Br.Uo Move. Kv,L tnumv .lull- - 1 lift \I t xi Tk -- \ - eastern front continues to overshadow the western from the spectacular view-poin- t, the Itusslan forces going from success to success Gen, Letchitiky, In the south, has oocupled the railroad Junction at Delat) n, w est of Kolomea, thus cutting off Gen. von Bothmer from his suhply base. Gen BrusitorT, In the north. sweeping advances on both sides of the Kovel railway toward the Stokhod An unoffklal report states that he 1m crossed the river at Cell, half way between the rnllwa)a to Kovel from Sarny and Itovno, Russian re- ports the enemy forces In this region retiring in great disorder and adds that the ltumlani have occupied Hulevlche, which Is about twenty. four miles east of Kovel, while apparently the Russians are already across tje Stokhod some- where in the region of Janovka German possession of Baranovichi and Kovel are absolutely essential If the Teutons are to retain their hold in the Invaded parts nf Poland and Lithuania, hut ll Is considered likely that It l only a matter of a few das before the Russians w he In possession of Kovel, which would compel Von retirement from the Lutsk salient. r.ermans Mi hit tnatety. German oftlclal and uiiorTlclal des ratehes rellect anxiety at the Huaalan ndianc as being greater than over the Anglo-Frenc- h offensive, which the er-m- military crltha contend will not Interfere with tin. operations against Verdun, Major Moraht and other Ger- man critics express surprise at the ex- tent and persistence of the Russian of-- fi nslve nnd the endless resources of am- munition, It Is reported from Home that at a council nf German and Austrian marshal Von llliiilenliurg declared that It would he Impossible to attempt a new Senslve on a largs scale without re- - CnlUu4 on Third fag. AND NEW YORK ROOSEVELT ASKS TO Cnn Assemble Hln 20,000 Mo it in Thirty Days, Ho Telia ' Bnkor. OFFICERS A HE SELECTED Throe Army Men and Admiral Wlttslow to Re His den-ern- ls of Brigades. Col Roosevelt has made formal appli- cation to the War Department for to recruit a division 20.000 strong If war should come with Mexico, me loionei nimseir declined ester-Ja- y to divulge the nature or contents of the letter he has sent Secretary Baker ; the salient feature of tl c docu- ment were learned from private source, His division he call. It a \rt enforced division\ In his application Is to the following units: One brigade of cavalry, two blades of Infantry, one regiment of field artil- lery, one regiment of motoro)cle mi- dline guns one regiment of cng!nee-- , one aeroplane squadron and one com- plete field hospital corps The application goes In'o the most Intricate details It gives a list of names of army officers who have de- clared to the Colonel their readiness to Join his division and It asks the War Department to assign them to It. Moreover. Col. Roosevelt announces that he Is ready to furnish the War with a complete list of civilians whom he has selected to till certain stuff positions and take regimental commands Ills Brla Three of his four brigade coinminilsrs will be regular army officers. Hach of the li In Is natlonslly known. Bear Ad- - inlral Cameron McRae Wlnslow, who Is to retire from active service and the com. mand of the Pacific fleet at the end of I this month, will be the fourth brigade commander. He was on of th first to I volur.ter his services. Henry I.. Stinison. formerly Secretary of War, has been selected as chief r. Theodore Roosevelt. Jr.. will till a staff position. His brother Aichle. at present I training at Plattsburg. will recruit a cav alry troop which ne will command. f l f n 1... Kaa.. In nr.na.nllnn Kl.ir th, da) sftrr ti,f .Inklnir of the l.usl- - tanla. Col Itoosevelt then sougnt tne,n0 Ucli th'ng. The Win Department advice of ifgular army officers and he sjnee has lieen wormn on nis projeci unceasingly. llraUs In Thirty Hns. Col. Hooseell Is certain he csn get his ;n,n0o tnn mobiujcd in thirty days, which U twer.ty-tw- o days less than the time It took him to put the 1 000 Uoui R,ders ,mo 1( flcllj rt0lert Itacon. formerly Ambassador to France. Is among those who Have \t- - t.ieir tnv l.leuiennnt-t- . elides Jack C. tireeiiway 01 .vruonu. rough rider fame and at one time u ; yas football hero nuiiuciv i DeaJwood, S. D.. u1m an rider. ! Hugh Carey, son of a former i.overnor, of Wyoming: Sloan Simpson, an rldor of Texas. Gejige Curry, formerly Governor of N'fW Mexico John , ' M. Parker. Louisiana's Progressive nnrnl- - lh.. Vlce.l'lisldencV Jllllge n' ...i.r of t.w Mexico. I'.lon H. Hooker, treasurer in National Committee, and Major John C. Brooms, commander of the Pennsylvania Constabulary. The hospital corps will be In charge Col. Hoosevelt's Dr. Rlch-r- d H. Derby. The recruiting \ work Is In the hands of Ilegls 11. '\\V \\;'1 Governor of Porto lllco, ana v aiier j. , Hayes, military secretary to tol. Iloose- - The cooperation of the Aero Club of America In the formation oi an ,i.\ pi ie squadron has been obtained Ma- - chine, and operators have len offered V!,y\e Whltney nn1 \ n ,Herrry Ir?vate contributions nre exrected to toward furnishing the so a lonr way t'GS&, ... . ,i.h n ambulances. wim miui.r ii. .:.,, motor trucks, water wagons, nospnai equipment, armored cars apd aeroplanes. HEW RQCHELLE BABS BATHEBS. Drastic Preosiutloii'. TnUen to Pre- vent Infnnt PurnlyaU. Nkw Rochm.b. N. V July 9- .- The Board of Health y stopped non- residents from bathing in the here, and barred all children under IS from going to Glen Island or coming from there to New Rochelle. ns men of preventing sn outbreak of Infantile PaArlyorder was Issued forbidding all children under HI to attend Sunday school nd the movies, and the pi-t- oi of all churches were asked to warn parents to keep their children from church services. All famines with children coming t- New Rochelle from Infected districts will be quarantined for two weeks, BICH HEBMTT TRIES TO DIE. w . v. Jolinsnn.i T. of Baltimore, .hoots Himself In Mend, I n.,Tiuiui. July 9.. -- William Pell i..i,.,.nn tn vears old, descendant of on I.. .... .,j..i (.mill.. In Hslllmoie. lit- - OI III'' 'ii\.-- . - i ,........i .ui, 1,1. v bv sho'ii ling lion Ln in the head. No cause If neslgntd for, the. act. ins conumivi i\ cnio ni, Mr Jpnnson is \ Fell, the first settler In Kiel Bal-- 1 tlmore. He led tne me ni nerinu mi his Urge farm In Baltimore county, and did not hesitate to throw off his coat anil work behind a plough, although his wealth Is estimated at several millions. Ode r Nicholas on Italians. Sudal Cabl Deipatch to Tns Acs. London, July . Klnr Nicholas of Montenegro Is writing an ode on the dtowesa of tha Italian army. The noem la a wile tad to tha Klrtf'a daurhtsr, queen Htlana of Italy. casts his ashes to WINDS IN MID OCEAN Mrs. Ueortfe 0. Starr, Once a Circus Star, Compiles With Late Husband's leiicst. The widow of George Utcar Starr, once manager of the Barnum & Bailey snow anil umu me ucain in ionuon, in c.iiciiiLer. ioiiur;.eu wun wic vrjsin PJlace, arrived last night by the Ameri- can liner Philadelphia to Kettle his es- tate, here, after scattering her husband's ashin to the winds In mldncean on the night of July 5 .Mr. Starr won fame ns n clrcu per- former befor she was married to St in In her net at Nlblo's. many )enrs ago, sho was loaded into the mouth of a cau- tion and flrd to a trapeze, on which shti did 'unts unusual for the period, tlnallv falling In'o a net She was known Mien ss \Zarcl th Human Cannon Ball \ It una In this peillous thriller that an unexpected ex- plosion almost crippled her for life. She still suffers from a spinal Injury that forces her to abandon strenuous did\ work Mis. Starr said lirr husband ruiuesud that his body be cremated and the ashes \strewn to the four winds,\ mid that she was dissuaded from carrying out the latter Injunction b British folk who said she would not be u Mowed to do It In KnieHnd That is why she kept tin ashes until she got to mhlsea, when ih went nit on the piomenade deck, ami holding them In her folded skirt said .1 nriyer for her husband I'nJ tos.'d them 10 lcnward A sailor was the only pri- son who saw the ceremony and he .is unaware of Its iMilflc.mc. \FAMINE WELL ORGANIZED.\ Iliitehnmtt I.I htRTIn eirrmaiiy Tells of fond \dilution. tpfill OitW lrlfeA fiTMB Sr Amsterdam, via London. July f A Dutchman living in Germany, who ha arrived here. In speaking of the general situation in Geiniany. s.ud \Their organisation l wonderful. The J nre organizing thetnsilves to death nnd for the moment we have the mot bril- liant': y organised famine that eei was\ LIEUT. MILES IN DEMAND llN Mute tioeriior Htilliiied ( nalr iolnliiienl.\ I Rostov .Iul 'J l.leut Sherman Miles, I S A.. Km of l.leut -- It' ll Miles. I' S A., retired, has been informed fi m Wnshlnstoii tli.it lie his lie.Mi .lOPoltlted .t..... V..... tr ..I ,. .1 ,1., \ The Stute mdltiio official sa; there is Iu .mrured the State that it would bo perfects Milling' to have the State appoint I. nut. Miles to a Lieutenant-Co- l nelcy In the same \Xi w Cavalry (lov. McC.iil decl.irts he has no au- thority to make such an appulntim nt. Tlie Governor would lle to Lieut Miles commissioned for one of these olllies. he says, but lie has already In- - ,t,tr...,l l'lt.1 llrtl,rM C ;s A. fof I ,.ii ,i, i.lva.,, hiitt Cavalry ,,mi u (, nol itlisti hl legal power tf j trPPTTTI VTVTU A VP rT.nnTnc.TI A ntntiHitille lilt, i i lljdrnnt nl rirtwihini trert. i i l aenue cellars were iinoiieii, ' ,,,iv am. eui tt a nil trathc was stofipfd from Flftv-lhlr- d to Klfty-elclit- h stnet for three Lours last night after a big touring car hit a tire hjdrant at the northwest corner of Fifth avenue and Fifty-thir- d street. The hydrimt was snapped off and water spurti d until that taction of the avenue was covered witli nearly a foit of wattr ami trattlc had to be stopped. The police say the automobile was driven by Us owner. John Mulrennan \f t .. v i. The car was badly 1.,nmK0,ii m, the occupants were not huit. AIR RAID ON BRITISH COAST. Plane. Drop lloinb.. hut Vo Itnin-n- ur I. Iteported Ho Pur. London, Jul) 1\ (Monday I aeroplanes have dtopjied bombs on the Hngllsh roast, but so far as Is known il DI no dam-ige- , An official statement Usued this morning says. \Shnrtl) before midnight Sunday, y aeroplane visited the southeast coast of Kngland. From the Informa- tion available about ttvo bombs were dropped. No damage I reported o far. Anti-aircra- ft guns engaged the raiding machines, N\ further details have been received,\ An earlier statement said \An aeroplane crossed the Kent coast this inotnlng. ft guns fired on the aeroplane, which turned seaward, chased by British machines, it was not overtaken. No bombs were dropped\ FRANCE TO CUT TAX ON AUTOS. American Cnr Will P Only 45 Per Cent. In. tend of 7ft. Spm'il '\ii'ife lrt!\itc In Tns Sin P.vr.is, July !' A lending Amencin automobile agent told the correspondent of Tiik Si'N y Hint he nuilerstands the French Government Is considering the tarlrf on automobiles from 75 per cent, to td per cent. In response to American trade pintests. The new ilut) Is about eoiilvalent to t lio American duties on foreign automobiles and Is ion- - Mdered by dealers her\ to be siilllclent to ,.,.., ii,.. i,, ihe'lr huslnen 11 SEA FIGHT FREES 200 SHIPS. rirltl.h I f fl at I'etroxrnil ii nil Kroii'lndl (re Released. s';,ei'(.il Tnf.fe e..irA rn Tint Sis I .iv,,si.. IllU. U Au UW.MAl ... ,1... ,,,, \' \ r ',' \ Jutland ha tie, on British vessels, which l,!.,l heen Iv ne Idler- - nt Petrnirrari an, \ . , , 1 ivroiiMiini biik..- - iiiiii.-i- ui 1 11 e war OrtVI ' \iiir- tin..,,!.!! him i.miii. The release of this amount of tonii'ge will be of great help to Great Britain and her allies, C.i.r.'. esrteona nov sppsar dally In Th New York Evening Post Dally la,, Hst. c, Aiv- - lereu serics. oi \'appoint a oiopei. of waters TO WASH ALL N. Y. IN PARALYSIS FIGHT 1,000,000 Onllons of Water to He ('sod in Flushing the Streets Dally. jjrj NEW CASES, IJ 1)1 K Mayor Orders City's Nreatol Clenmip After Conference With A ItU. Tlte Infantile paralysis epidemic was believed e\trrday to be within range of control. Health Commissioner Haven lime won in announcing the numher of new cases at S, a decrense of sex en from the preceding day, and the number of deaths at 1, an increase of one, ap- peared optimistic over the possibility of preventing any big Increase of the dis- ease In this city lie expects, however that the epidemic will continue until Sep- tember llncouiuKed I'.- the apparent su of \.inltary airatigeinenLs 11 cutting hn\ the rapid multiplication of rjw, the t administration, headed b Maor Mltchei made plans o'erday fot giving N'. v. V01 It the most thorough cleanup it e had The Mayor railed Into confers: ilie morning at the II ir AtKint Di Kmersnn. John T Kcthxston. Str Cleaning Coinmlsslotie: Ion It !oille acting Police Commissioner Wlllm r Williams, Commissioner of Water S., pl. (las and Ktectriclty, and Jolir ' Murrh. Commissioner of the Tetietii ' Mouse Department With them lie d cussed the bet means nf giving Ne Yoik c.ty the most drast.c hou.e rle,n lug In Its htstor It was decided n take peclal pains to cleat aaj and lefure earlltr m the ln tna usual and to tlush the streets eerv da- - VI list (Jo to llospltMls. Furthermore. It was planned to l ax with Infantile paraljsls agree to send them to hospitals. The reason for this l that only r per cent of the children, or about thirty-on- who were taken to hospitals, have died, while of the chll- - dreli who were kept At home about I'J per cent have died. Dr. Kmersoii 's j strongly or tne opinion mat dcut cure can be gtxen to the children In the hos-- I pltals than at home. After the conference Maor Mltclnd dictated : long statement outlining the plans f,if .v- York's cleanup It fol-- lows \Although ry pttle Is knnnn of tlie origin or transmission of Infantile' naraHs's. 1 am ,id!scd bv the health nuthotl'.'es fiat all sclentltlc experience points to the fact that It Is communi cated by direct pronal contact, and that the giims do not live apHrt fr ni the human body. In other wordr. tha .t ' necessar) for otio diseased person, or another wlio has been In cotita t with a diseased person, to come in turn Into innt.ut with a susceptible Individual In order that the disease be communicated. llrndlnit l\.er- - Cnergr- - \The Health Depirtment l now bend-- j in eery energy night and da to pre-- , vent 'he spread of the infection through such contacts as Just described Th.s H is uoiiik nj st'KreKrtiini; ion fi'-;- . 01 hospitals as rapidly an the diagnosis can be positively nride, and by educitlns the people in personal cleanliness. \At the same time we have called Into cnnjn Mitlnn the National Health Service to ad ui tracing the origin of this epi- demic ami In determining more accu-- ; rately than our present knowledge per- -' mlts the method of transmitting the dis- ease \In the meantime, nnd whatever the method of transmission may lie. 1 have determined that every precautionary measure In the nature of clearing out house refuse from hall\ areas, yards and rellnrs, lt collection and Immediate ie- - mnrnl frnm ih. im. .hull h tnL.ti in 0 far a the cltv government has 'the power tn enforce til- - action, Acciiinulatlous of refne contali.ing I i .v.. .,.,1,11.. ...i. point's In the eongested districts have been leporled during the last few days, Tliesn are conditions that exist contlnu ourly In th congested districts, and are solel the product of violations of city ordlremccri by hotiselioldeis who, despite repeated warnings and all thnt we can do to th. contrary. Insist on throwing the refuse Into the streets In place of col- lecting It In proper receptacles as pro- vided by law A real city cleanup, with the maintenance of cleanly conditions, can he effected only If householders will cooperate by observing those ordinances forbidding tne sprenuing of infuse In ; tlie si' ecu. Kiom-rnt- c 1. C. Urpnrt ntnt \ i in id n Kr it. ttr'r nil It,. Street . I..,,...rl J, ,. I 1,1,1 ' 1 ,i. tn, ,1. I,.. found i log Greets o, the \cV.ni'i'.'sied d,s,r!cV \ami' discharges Its duly by removing tiiat refuse is hoop at the carts and men of th depirtment teach those streets In th course of their regular day' work. \Householders are also requlrid by a ltw to maintain watertight and vropeily covered metal receptacles for girhage. ii ml to deposit rubbish securely tied in i bundles so tint It will not spread over ,i the etreets \1 have directed the Police Dep.nt-men- t rlsldlv to enforce these ordinances, I have speolllcall) directed that any householder stoiekeeper or other person found depositing garbage or rubbish III th Mieete In violation of these null. iwliceH Is to he ui rested and arraigned befoic a Miiglslratu I inn rc(iienlng th Chl'f city Magistral in urge all Magistrates In the city to cnovcr.ue with the ell) niittmrlt.es In enforcing the law and lo Impress Its Importune upon viola-to- by ,nlciiiatn penalties. \1 have further dlrei'ted the Tenement linns Coinmlrsloner to utilize all the re- routes of his (lnurliiieni to compel I he cleaning up of halls, arenwitys, cellais and yards throughout Hi cl:y I i have directed the street Cleaning Con.mlsslntior to accclernte to ihe limit of , ,.,n,. .1.. ....,,....i.. . . ii'rr ei J lin \iiri iimii ui K\l ikiri', IISIII'M ;in,t lefilse propetly ilppiisjlteil 111 \'I' - ' t.u-le- and to to rlean fn-- the streets such refuse as may be thrown there In violation of law, This Is don by the Street Cleaning Department every day at the present time, but we propone Continued on Sixth Fag. QN deck of Germany's big new and the illustrations printed - , 1 ' ' N . .. J - s.r i .! . 1 fiLHk IfiaaSM sBWV iHsaw I f KtHtUf sent from abroad as pictures of the - ' .v (i ' tf . : .. s -- jjswi s4lKr -- aW . TANGLE OF LAW IN SUBMARINE STATUS Entirolj New Points of Inter- national Procedure Will He Kniscil. W.sn '. July 9 The arrival of I'le German submarine Deutschland at Baltimore wilt bring to the United States Government a perplexing and unjiret dented diplomatic problem. It promlws to Involve this Government In contro- versial parleys vlth either Germany or Great Britain nnd will necessitate a de- cision by the State Department on en- tirely new polnis of International Next to the diplomatic tangle that Is likely to result, olllclal Wachlngton was most Interested In the purpose of the 'trip The belief Here Is that the tier man plan H twotoio, rirei, in uenioii- - str.ue me .i aciicinoiij ... .n.n of evading the Drilien mill nu,iu iiiiu. second, to Impress on all neutrals th efficiency nnd of the Ger man iiav y. Some olllcials here were Inclined to view the arrival of the submarine with almost a show of resentment imps au - ' thorltles thought that the American peo - might read in this vilt an Imj.res- - Li... ...J.,i.,.. n.o. ii,.. iTi,ii.i sijie is not so ieolatod as to h- - beyond the reach of German submarines. The Inipiesflon most enerally held by olflclals Is Hint tho trip wiui made chiefly I . f tl. i.nulhlllll- - ',' .'' ....,, ' ,!,h .i;i i \ r\ I?. . 'n,n,, Will ot lie Mnmpertrrt. Indication were that this M \ '\ : .\ I.elllKerent verr-c- l seeking as) ltim In American wnteis, Hither the Deutschland will be entered a vvdifdilp oi as a merchant vc(.m1 Th d'clslons which the Stato Dcvjiart- - lin lit will be called on to make wnl de- -, pend lulm.inly on this Hist point, If tn DeutM'hl.iiiil enters Balllmor a w.iiMilp tnw liovernnient win ai oni pply the liiternallonal icgul.it Inns whlih govein the sojourn of a bellk-eten- t ves.el In a neutral nort The Deiitsch- - land vvdl have twent) four Iidiiih to leave In nddltiou to such time as Is net ess.ir.v for leplenlshlng her fuel sup-pl- y and making repairs. If tin Deiil-chlan- d enttis port as n private')' owned merchuit cargo flilp. bent on a peaieful lommetcial or dlplo-muti- c mission, the t'Mted States will lecoinue th validity of the German claim tn Immunity until f.ictr- - are brought fin ward to disprove It. Mere Is whet' tho greatest difficulty Is vpe ted, because the unprecedented decJslon Involves the Htntiu of nn under-H'- .i bout on a 4'acefnl mission, It Is re garded as rerl.ua that Great Biltaln \ .oi \ ,,,, claim that the submarine's , SllltUH u ilia I 01 a vviirshlp. Germany .. .... ...,i.,.i au ...i,,..i..nii.. .1 i. 1. m different from any other merchant vessel except that she travels under water. In determining whether the Deiitsch. land Is n warship or n merchant vessel the Important iKitnta will he whether Contlnntd on Btcond Pagi. ... .. . l ...i i PRESS ift. Y-'W-'-l'- submarine. This which has just on pajre 2 were hero shown she is, Deutschland, ensign. Submarine's Ocean Trip Summarized W-- i. I K utsthland Chaiaclcr Cnderwater liner 'ouimatidcr Capt Kalrlg Crew i'.' men .'argo. .... Dvestutfs and mail Distillation Haltttn Home port Bremen Consignees. A Schumacher v C\ Agents North German Llovd 1 line of voyage 10 days Distance t.tvn miles Submergence. l.sno miles Longest submei genre . fiOft miles lioutt . North Sen and 'short\ t ne Length of vesel ... . IT.\ feet Draught .... 1 7 \S feet Propulsion lnei.fl oil engines peed. , - knots submerged Speed Is. 20 knots surface Armament . 2 guns for defence SECOND SUBMARINE IS REPORTED ON WAY lliiltiniore Hiiino .Man Say Vessel Will Try to Make New York. Ha'ti.mu.i'. July !. Another c.ngo t,\ \r \'\''J, '\-- ' h'Kh '\'\; ,,,!kl\ the l3tcs at a ve knot This Hluti.ii\nt was made by business man of Baltimore, w he, \tlpulated that his name must not be \U;. ul'inanne will not come tn Nor- - , i OIK ui i lit iv ii mil r, it; itvim-ti- , ii'i iurt from now on ih to ches.ipe.ike Hay will be liim-ke- with British and French milt-ors- . Tho r.tptaln try to slip Into New Yoik harbor or to make Philadelphia. I'TI,,, .aoii.I tn.t l lit n., n l.li- - iiwl mm ith- - h- - of III smash the British blockade ' EMBASSY SILENT ON U BOAT. Iiijnui' n Private enliire, on llrrn.tnrtT ItcllcMr.. Ci tint von Iternstoiff, trurman Aoih.is. adoi to the rr.Itil Slates, h,n, l st night Hint to the nest of his Knowledge the vo.v.ige of the now f imoii across ocean submarine, the Deiitwlilnnd, was a private venture of the North German I.Initl Lin l'p to midnight he had no official announcement to give out, Th Ambassador left the German .iim-nic- r embassy nl li)e In time lo nich the bile hist night II r. . filM-r- t to discuss with repealer the ipies-tln- n of neutrality raised ,v the Dents, Ii. land's arrival at Baltimore LAKE TO LIBEL SUBMARINE. III. Coinpnny Will Allege liifrlnue-inen- l of It Patent, by (itiiiiiii.. .,,,. Simon .... '. ike, ireasiiier 01 111 i.iki' Torpedo ii, at ;onMny of tliis city, said l, that \T W,\I \'\ ' '\ erm in Deutschland ,il Baltimore The allegation. It Is unilriKtt.nl, will he that the construction of the Deutsch- - land Involves an Infringement of the Lake patents for tubmenlblaa. 'Overnilieill , ,., i e euei, ,. '' ,,,.,,,. t.:irK TllK Sl'N's lllf . \. .'0'tm,T.\.nat \She might to be heard frem w \V 1,1 \ r' f\w ,l,, V?. ':!\V .'. u'J Z ! 'I\ ntll.i.p th' hrst uu'.s '.a uuoer sim nirn nam niar e mm w .r W.v m .e.- - arrived at Baltimore. In the cut however, flying a German naval NEW YORK DYES IN X 'I'TNiM' sinllei til ,l v, \v iliu Coniirninent .May lie 0ieiiin; (Jim in War to Heirnin (tcnnaii Traile. j Tlie uhmirme Deutschland. wh.ch en- - tered Cl ' ijie.ike Bay yesterday m hi r y lo Baltimore, has on board mo tons j f 'i)iMturfM consigned to five New York linns. Tlie lontract.s for the sile of . . . . . . t more and ror a great deal mule ' wete made many weeks ago In fart,! representative? of the German dyu In-- 1 dil'tlies have been busy fi.r months iii..iiiih mi- - iiiuii.ts ui ine ori nrins e'l- - the Indu-li- y oro for wear, not In dn delivery after ler ll- -t \II the war low more ,0it 'n,'',!' witli Hies aid advantageous rote.', to Hi live houses .so the er would not make contracts ith An er. bin who h.ivo recently I'ng.iged in thu production of coloring mutter G. rmm nrer.i. m.. 'O conserve German) V dve Industry. Cnder guldanie of Dr. F. Albert. Germany' comim r. lal attache In the I'lntod States, plans are said to have heen hi that with the the ir cm llood United Stateh with dvestuffs. dllve the Ameri- can com-- , elltora of buiincs iui re- gain all the business t by the war Tho of the mule I'SeA er.lft linn been awaited Xevv ynik for weei.s. The Htmplle which she has htoineht arc urgently iicislnl. as shown bv the fact which the . j n nf of t j \I lio a j ti a ( of of n of for of l -, t a of n of I -- f th,. lat- - ,i-.i- .. the 'v the out war at aie com- - now Th the ,in. Co Ih- -' by Met ll. rng ho win i amuriiug WUll.im said la.i his In ; was told the momi, nBO, but In most sterlous vvoi'ii was p,isi.,i to iunl even now 1101 ion you Bot my knew, howi've that any wi of llu had foi dy, placed in i lei ever war nid our money to pay for \All the eif the could not ea.v. th,. iry on how highly nre, and that la h'uh- - would one pound tin the sub- - would be iiiual to two pniiMls of the atiuidnrdizi-e- Cpon the of Mr ike tint in.. on n, .on. the would be between nml estimates , RhIUiiioi put Ihe of dye at C50 run the nf thu up to jt.000,000. BIG SUBMARINE FROMGERMANY IN WITH CARGO r DpiiIscIiIjuk! Doilies War- - ships Day ltim From Ciipo Henry. WILL DISrUAKOK 1,000 TON'S AT 15ALTDE0EB Uring-.- s 3fail and Wilson Lot tor Move Show J.Iockado Ineffective. CHASED MAXV TIMES TNT ILK VOYAGE) 'esspl Without Torpedoes and Flies German Mer- chant 3farine-Fla- s C ALLED FOl.EUUXXEK OF HEGULATC SERMCB Craft Piloted Over by Capt, Kairig Anchors alti-ino- rc Quarantine. IlAi.riMoni:. .Inly !. Ilnlf ilor.en slmrii blnsts from an nlr wlilstlo enrne) nut tlio not front tho pilot Itcllof off ('nix' llcnry a minutes licfnns oVlnck tills niurnlnB. Capt. Krcil Cocke pilot bout hruilioil lrowr-uos- o titillmborcl 1)K tnocapliotiR. Wlm craft tlintV callotl Skip i por \Jt Is the Oerraan tindorwntpr llnof IH'titvlilmid,\ nnsvver, proudly. finwill'' viispod Skipper I'll alnm.'slilo In before dayllulu .kh (bo tflccrnpli linos from .MnJr.c Callfnrnla niiilc-- around tbr) world busy iin-ut- :t'.s tlntC Ibinuslit amazement I\ filler vvblcli uiarlno wik (\iniiii: sonal letter from Hie Kaiser In President nf tlie I'nited St. ciisi:i wtu,.im,. I'eutsclilniiil tlirotmli tlii tn'lir mhPiWit UlornlllK nil these thliuis nlnmril, llrlll-- h l'l'enell Wai'shlps lun( vghled lief eba-e- d her lost neklly she ihe capes, bit .nvei'diie beeaiise of lur t:iinie hldoj with the ilio AN mi the Imikouf fur tlie (lornum siiliiiiei'sible, but little or Is bill the forerunner of subs ClTDWf DTVTD PADPA ,\1r tin; ofc uUDMAIuPIl ijAluU!i('i\! u.ves Ib-e- l gaged in here and offering even tho mat-g- o. before and hep metal skill, follow rematkably In;; vnynire t'utn mllo. skipper sM, tmieli ?tWr:?nJ'ZuX ,be 'eutsehlatul iftetid wholesale that inaiiuf.ictuiers develived tndltu-o- f Germany arrival anxlousl) In lh.it d)ts before I,,. . ,, . ,,111 . ,w, l.rm . sow a pound in.tMditig from 'l to f.t ,i pound Ami. l iinpni'taut to tlbl houses to which slitpmcntK Kaiser bW people, the siibmnrlnes been Dadlsche St of1 ... . which Adolph Kuttroff Is president, th ,\\\ Cnssell.i Comp.iii). of vvh'cli land did lis tnei'ihani Ve.sels. rarrv- - Z'L'k 'l,?','!,,,'!.'.,',''r'l''',,! \\- - mircliMtidlso iiianned i omp.iny. llermnn A Is president lb tlln I nr \OiirlliK ' uniform \f n ( n'l'man Company, unit th B.iyct' Compiny. of frelfhl inu vv.sol n ,i. ii. is president J. M.tthe-o- n ,it home Huntington, I, 1 I about suhimirlne about a m way. along from mouth mouth. 1 could ir .m wiiom n. forin.itlon I r, if d.ves re shipped I should gi t some tn \We liuvi' orders s in.in.v since th began h.ivv had ihcri' tlii-rn- . lo value- e.irgo I Th\ value nf depends eeince-ntiate- they it Is likely tliey at a rv ly coiicenitateii rorm. J gncsn that of I d)s In marine dyes \ M.ilhcson It seeniH y d).s ra'oTL ,o.rrrn,ir,. dye catgo worth Itnn.nno je.oij.iino. some fmin hist ulglil cargo stulfs tons, which would value cargo mora than ' in 10 Kiel to in to 31 at ilnrkni's\ far boat few - tlio nwny his nnd \ (.'ooko. ennw tlio \My t\cW. tulniito.\ And ui htul I and wore with I here witli mail and inru'n and a per. tbJ lies. n v Tlie came Vlrululii eapes tliH wllb lltld and and hint her. She laid ininle icmnl. ealiie through n and seek vvai'efpft jlios nnna iho ''!\' hoth ended Her .iriv,., ,,1,1,1. '.''.' cents whir nio.t h..i.. and have ui.nl.- ''\\'r I,0l',,!,'h- - Color Will, and and eiin-.- nlcht '\luhu: up for Ainerlr.iu air In tlvl waters lnpplnu' tlie slime, of Rntntl ... ... . ... ....... .... iiuu'\i.\i . i \' i onv nii'i mnur American ports, They will come from Kief .to a mere lea hidon with en rem's of dyestufl'1 and oilier Gorman prodnei., tin feuiseliland's si;ii,(.. .ny. irosonij day proofs tlmt .lu!e VerneV mau' luary undersea bout, the N'autllU(, tin not so tiiuch a freak of the litmus Inatlon after all, en mi: a .mpiicii n r ships. nnd not curbeil ns nre' ihe sen llchteri of Genuany. Ami o, sny Germany, the I'liihei'liiud will ofTer visible pnnif thai the b'. lekade of the I'liti'lite AN lies s nol elfei'llve. Half a dozen hostile wars! Ip h.ni truel to flop the i iiseliland ftmu I'oentng into Cle-s.- in aki- H,n n'icr ini'ir-- sue' ih i.vuiK sareiy in the' wiiti r of tin bay imm l,eovv Hit), timer- - in teol us. to tc a wharf In the tiioiiun after lu-- coiumatnkT has e eiiiipbcil w '\i the dryiidii.t cus. intns pr\'eeihng vvlilch my othca 'iiicicli.iiiiinan must attend lo, Tlictl \ho will begin to send nlmrc a rai'gij i \I '\' ' t ni'd ineili. etno lissigtied to A. her t Co of tl la cltv waa 1:15 hi' l thl mnrrtttisl vvlton Ih IViitschl.ind eiitnn thrnuch ,, virrlnla 'ihoi. s.ifo at l ist j:;; ryT. f\- - V'\ v- - . Um. .'\''r \ul\ ,\k \\\ I'euisen ' lantl braved scaUos- - of the A!!ic. liansr , Ins off tbr capes, but the flcitii.ui supersubtiiailne also hud had elc-- shaves early In her trip while elu.linj

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