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^'1 fS 'I _ < y ' , W ‘T m u ^ W O ilO H OF ITOHi^AGK^ E A ^ o f t n * p h m v i P C * B * i i * f JfiB M n x e —C ^ p d a i i i d n o C B « n £ l i « m i - .• _ IS^eeittBowrtAtOi tt» Jto A 3 »r» A p ril 3.—3&. ScUeketta inicodc ■oontocaliuplfl* I j f l i t o w l i e n r e n ^ ^ tmxMtiba:. T ^ C o ^ i t i n i o t W a j t u i ^ w p b rted aater*ely,l)nl th* A p e n W y ty *. a®- c M n Vote dus^V e d a a i o r d ^ the 'WH to the Ckamnittoe o f the m o t e Thwe i» no ' lain: in the Senate Tjnt if the AMemhI:r ehooia FMH Ite tnE' J w 3 ^ Soberiaon, vrbi>iuu is: the past teTisVd tee nM»nnv sriH vi^:oro&ri 7 tekelfrnp. 13iepoor«acoe«teit7eu in-tee Senate has n o t e n c o o raj^actem in teat bcrir> i t be&g coEQpoted tei «3 year, w ith oo» ex- ceptlon, of tee eaine peteoila. There doee n ot seem to be innch ! h i ^ o f tee paaMge o f any meanire of relief h iit if tee ffloids o f tee b m findtela to be BO i t i s notlmpoaBlIde th a t aozra more BtiingMt mean* of enlordi* taxation i^aW p e r a o iial p r o p e r ^ win be adopted. f e ^ i c i i teat tee I ieedom of taxatem of moT^pigesin tea country la teereaacm w b y tee rnral roembew oppOeo tee r e lief WU. I t may be best for a few years to place upon tee statate books a n act tent will bring to the stteatim of teeir constitaeDtB tee blearinga of tee heavy taxation of mortgagee. |{ PRO RATA FRBGHTS. m j a m . ' ~ jW tfce^tteiteaateKya*.!.^ ' iJLuuicr^ A ]»d 8 < ^ T h « ^ l ^ ^ : 4 M d te » i«^%MnOfe-^pe!ateait;.Md a!a-lie:.-44: ’v ^ ’tea --wpoefe'te^- ware: « w p i « ' '2 - i ^ - A . in a r t e ''« L - ‘ 1 tea.: Om tea^-'Ot ' iw iA '3iK « ( n ;bat'aay a .W a ^ t e e m e t ^ ^ ^ p e a tf c o tea a a iim li« some tetereatfrom' execUonec^ certain otteidan to p tnnade nii b w f o i ^ a t e b n i t o c t o ^ ^ tee-w T h m i t c a a bOinadStfitetebjeot TKE SUPPLY BILL. A n A p p r o p r i a t i o n f o r a B o n i a a . C a th ­ o l i c I n s t i t u l i o a . S t m o h O a t i n th e A B s e k ib ly - - lD :d ig n a ti 6 n o f l f 6 w T o r k M e m b e r s —D e f e a t o f t h e B i l l . [Special Sespatcb to the Evening Post] A lbaht , April S.—\Che Supply bill came up for pesaege in the Akstombly, and reeolted in some acrimonlons debate. A motion to strike ont tee appropriation of forty thousand dollars for the Inebriate A ^ lnm at Binghamton was carried, and a motion to in­ tort Bity thousA ^ dollAn for tee Cateolio Fro< tectory I n rfew was tost. This last tranaa^Sm led tee New-York city members to exhibit n m te feeling, and when the vote was taken o n the p t e ^ e , Bennett, Brogan, T. J. Campbell, Cleary, Ooetigan, Hanrahan, ^nschel, Keenan, Ktric, J . W . Miller, Mailer, O ^eefe, Bansom, Beniy, Scbenck, Smith and Stanf voted against It. Before the annooncement of tee vote a motion was made for a call of the House, b a t It waslost. A vote was taken and the bSl was losti two- thirds n o t voting i n the affirmarive. to injnee^ the paper.. . Bowen then said thiat 'ten to a subordinate position he was over- NEW YOBK L E e iS L A T E B E . [Despatch to the Aasodated Presal AT.BASY, April 3. S e n a t e . mSOBANCK LOANS. Mr. Gross presented a remonstrance of tee dtizena o f New York against permitting tosoT'; ance companies to loan m o q ^ ont of tee state. BILLS ZSl^ODVCEDo By Mr. Jacobs—Relating to hrAakwaters and wharv 68 btiongiiig to W illisni BdOFd others in Brooklyn. I t proposes to extend the Rrle Basin and establish a new sear w all line. By Mr. Bannenter—Amending the game laws. TrTT.T.H PASSED. To regnlate proceedings against corporations by injonctions and otherwise. Ceding jurisdiction over lands a t West Point to tee general government. Relative to the nse of caloric on steamers as a motive power. To prohibit tee throwing of cinder^ ashes^ re- fnse or garbage in the waters of Long Island Providing for the forfeiture of property in certain cases. Amending tee act to prohibit the fighting of Amending tee act creating corporatlona for jlor ingiroving and widening Washington ave­ nue, Brooklyn. Increasing tee number of coroners in Queens county. Mr. Ledwite presented resolutions of tee Cham­ ber o f Commerce asking for a redaction of canal tolls to tee extent of S3% per cent. some time ago. Ordered to bo printed with Mr. T. J. Cam[d>eU ’3 bill introduced yesterday on the same subject. They were then recommitted for a further hearing. Also.to extend railroad tracks to the upper p a rt of New York; also, tee billrelatlTe to pavtog tee streets to New York, which provides for a the towns of Momsanla and West Forms to New By Mr. Oakley—To regulate the use of docks and piers a t thefootof Jersey street, intee connty of Richmond; also, regulating the nse of docks and piers a t EdgewatCT, Richmond county. By Mr. Mackin—^To amend tee act extending the time for tee completion of the Boston, H art­ ford a nd Brie RaQroad. deptotment ( is similar to h y tor’s bill, which elicited so nmch disenssiom By Mr. Eennaday—To confer npon the boards of supervisors further powers of local legislation, By Mr. Sxlvennan—To exempt property, real and personal, of tee New York Hospital from By Mr. Beach—Amending tee act to regulate tee practice of medicine and surgery in New By Mr. Shiel—Relative to the benerolent fund of the K re Department of Morrisania. nTT.T.g passed . Tp provide for the constmetion of an armory and^ride range a t Sing Sing. Furthek’ to amend tee Mechanics’ l ie n law. A a ter Earepeaa marketa, le Despatches to the Associated Press-I AprUprU S - 66 ^ [Cable Despatches to the Associat ^ Losnox, A S — Consols for _______ _ ____ .e rentes at 64 francs SX cen- *^aujKrOBT. Apnl 8 .—United States nve-twenty April 2—5 r. Jt—Trade Keport—The market lor jams and fabrics at Manchester is firm with IpUa Markets. Pespatch to the Asaodated Press.] ____ DZCPHIA, April X -Plonrqolet; sales 6 ( extra. $4 EO; Wisconsin a r” -- --------- -- — • 6 To: Slate, Indiana and 0 hush: yeflow. Sic; western mixed, S4c. Oats qnlet; Baltlware Market*. very strong; Bio cugoes, -Whhacey OnU A FLOOD A T AEBAHT. EDeqMtCli totee AaMciatMPreHj . , ia tw o 'h o a n . - \ ,, j D iy M e n d A a t A , S a « p e n d e d - B « n lc . JpespafchtottoAstodated-PtoM.1 | teetoR amount d n e to tea deporitora ^ F a f i l l B o i l e r Ih c p lo e io ii . D D e s p a t^to 'th ^ S a t^ 'p r e s s .] A p ril3.-Ade^atchteom E !IUote- killing t e a m e n . THE TILTON-BEEGHER CASE* M r . B e e c b e r ’s B i o u n m a t ii ) D e c e m b e r 3 0 , 1 8 7 0 —M r e . 0 l e t t e r o f B e t z ^ o n . him by Mr. Tilton terongh U r. Bowen, hadad beeneen identifieddentified b y Mr.r. Moulton.oulton. Heteetifled e h h b i b y M M H teat on the 26te of December, 1870, he received it a t bis house from Mr. Bowen; the latter aalA te a t he delivered ikbecanse he was going teat way; tee witneaa read the letter a n d said it was sheer tosanify—that Tilton was crazy; k Bowen said he did n o t know what was in the letter, a nd was then show n itbythe witnen; the witness e^^reesed indignant stnprise that Tilton Bbonid write hlrn snch a letter. , Mr. Bowen Oien said that he and Mr. Tilton had hadsome difrerenceethemaelves, s ed to speaknnfavorably of'Mr.Tilton; dismiaeing TUton from the Independent^ and i \id ■t te a t for buataeas reasons, as Mr, ti^ t h e d ton’s editorir i; he spoke of ent, and said editorial views were injuring, or were likely Bowen teen said th after he had reduced Til- ition he whejmed by a doud of aoousationa t^atost Til­ ton, coming from a ll quarters; he referred to one occurrence a t Winstead, Conn., and another in tee Northwest; he then spoke of a lady’s coming tohisofflee, andteUinghim ‘ ------ had made npon her virtne. Mr. Beecher said teat he told Bowen he was _ceatly surprised, bnt net so surpriaed as he wonld have been but for tee information he had received from Beasie T o m e r ; he told Bowen what Beesie T omer had said; at-M r. Beecher’s request Mr. Bowen then went into the p arlor and bad a talk with Mra Beecher. After he came back, Mr. Bowen, said that he cdild not retain Mr. Tilton in any position on the its about: XTnUm; the * E^yeed with him to saying teat Tdtmi conldgiot be kept upon such a paper as tee Iniepmdaat, bpt in r e ^ r d to the Union would only s ty that Tfiton was an impracticable man, who would be likely to get a politicalnewspaper into trouble.' Mrs. Tilton’s trouble with her husband was spoken of, and it was oil this point that the w it­ ness rtferred Bowen to his wile ; when' Mr. Bowen left; he said he wopld be a friend to tee Mr. Beecher said that he did not, in consequence of this letter from Tilton, seek any interview with him, with Mrs. Tilton o r with Bowen. On tee evening of the SOth of December, Mb:. Mbnlton on him said teat Mr. Tilton wished him to come to his house; the witness objected that it 'was his prayer meeting night, but Mr. Moulton said Tilton wished to see him on a m atter of great importance, and the 'witness sent a note asking some one else to take charge of the meeteig. ccomponled Mr. Moniton to his house; on .y he asked what Mr. Tilton wished to see r, and Moulton said Tilton could best sa self; he thought there was m’sbusineas difficulties. Uevtog there-was to-be a bustaess discussion, he a ^ e d Houlton-to go up with him, but tee latter asked him tosee TUton alone. The -witness said he teen went np Btairs to Mr. TUton, who received him to the most stately manner; TUton pointed to a chair, spoke of the Mr. TUton then spoke in bitter terms of ID:. Bowen’s conduct towards him, and accused tee witnem of prejudicing Bowen against h' o£ listeaaing to him Mr, TUton teen said teat only injured him in his business and reputat b ttth a d token k e i ............................ ....... ta bis placa in his family, causing! -wife to transfer her affections to tee witness to ; that he (tee witness) had fiton and Mra Morse to de­ stroy his tomUy; and teat be had corruptedM: Mra mpted ive her hi ' tee pretence of friendship. TUton teen charged that the witness had made overtures of an improper character to his to become a wife to him, with a ll whieb that tenn'l Mr. Tilton teen said that in the July preirious wife hod confessed to him here excessive aff ec- had done noth- abont it untU recently his -wife had renewed confession to writing. Mr. TUton teen said thatt: ho would destroy this th a t in the to him her for tee witness, but that he hi nbont it untU recently his -wife confession to writing, r. TUton teen said t h a tesrion as he had done tee former one; then tore tee paper into fragments; tee witness felt staggered b y this last blow and said, “ This is a dream; ” he said it was not possible teat Mrs. TUton could have made sneb a statement, and! Tilton toldtold himim too goo and see her; teat she -wad h t g ig for h im s t hi They teen went down Stairs, where they met to Moniton; tee latter voluntarily accom­ panied him to Mr. TUton’s house; there was somq conversation on the way, b u t he did not recollect reaching Mr. Tilton’s house, Moulton left him, a nd the witness rang tee bell; was let in b y a woman who looked bke a housekeeper, and wai told to go np stairs; tee -woman was not Mrs. SGtebell; he went up to Mrs. Tilton’s room) which -was connected with another ’— folding-doors; tee doors were open he was there; no one else Was present; TUton lay upon a bed, dressed in pure white, w ijb her face as white as tiie bed, and her handk folded upon her breast; her qyes were dosed, and she lay like one deaiL He ■went on b y sayfiig that he sat down by the ■ - ------------ •itoterruptodhim w l^ i Onrt that he objected to tee conversation. Judge ITeflson said tfist he th d u ^ t they would have to take it as p ort of the transaction. Mr. Beach said that tea anteority given by Mr. T ilton to Mr.'Beetoef to vM t his wife was hardly of s n e h a e b a raeW a s to admit these de- taila He took a n exception. * The witness said he told Mrs. TUton her hus­ band had jurt chai^;^ him w ite alienatingher ipttog improprii ___ jee things •?rere a eyes and lipe dosed, was true that she had made these chargM, and she said: “ Oh,. M r. Beecher, I opuia not h e lpit;” ho asked her w h at ^ meant by that, a ndshe said she w as wearied out by im­ portunity; tee asked w h at she could dp, and lto td d herahe could idve him a Written retracb^n ofthe c b a i ^ S i e hesitated 1 so. if i t was not to be u t o ^ her husband’s in- jmry; he teen procured w riitogm ^ e rials * p m teesecretoiyandtooktetan to h e r ; tee raised hteself n p to b e d aito wzotothe first p a rt.of the: M ^ B tertfhailded tothBitltnBSB tee papeeto ,ue.tton,w W < * m B e e c h « ri4«ttoe^ ’ i S i ^ w A t t e l s t t s r b e g i n ^ ^Wearied by im i«* m lty~ * n d .wssksDad-by ricknes*,’’ to w h f c b M r k T O t o a r t y n t o d t e ^ t ^ ^ U m sslf^bnthsnslf u t d l w ^ a d r i n , toe«> 5 5 i r tep tid e v * 1* b roiri^rN ^ m m . J t aaCem B I u k M . M f^iM .M w y d s|d, ukrnti-tmu ate’kwite tte rttraefiOB to Jiia podw t; bespoke : TUtOB -witk eome sarniritydiiriax the e o a n _ _ Boditba wwit WiUi the Wttaesi to Ids; witness oniyspeke Wbeii wwrtesy required; he .tyachedfaomebetwseiifiaadiOo’dodk. ■ ' : A le c o . w » h«re tokeif unHl two o’clock I b t o g perts o t his (wWmony i t o Beteher Ap- ^ i w h s m ^ ^ d L A m FlNANCIAli D SNS. TOPAT jtyjnnMo, APgn.jx AAKSS a t T ia3 K - n O O K EXOBCAEVeK. ‘ GOYBKNMKHTSTfiCK DEPARTMENT. r A rnm r-ao’cxooxr.ic. ^, 0 W a; 8 .>»C o n p .,;„,J 11 j H j g i s I |o:v,r.v,” \.T I I si oo::::::::::::; ^ 1 = : : I \Hi I g g g S f o S \ S |; g 0 PK iit m::;: I g # 1 1 P i t i k l i l i a - i- a s s ii « ^ i . AHua;<Anii K O M a r A b d .A M ” *’* ago W e a t.ton a x tmt 1 ■ ico^ofM o .:::;^^ TOTolWrt’.’iW Mt J S J I s s i i j ^ at- * m i l The quotation for coll loans this afternoon is 3 per c ent (told since w a last wrote has sold a t 114}£®}g. Foreign exchange conteiuee strong and the nom- The stock market since -we last wrote has been quiet and strong. A t 2:43 quotations The .®tna Insurance (Company of Hartford has declared a dividend of 6 per cent. K '.■.■.■.■.'.■.Il \ S ' Preferred ......... ^ i l i l 1 ............. •' ...................... The foUowing have been the principal quota- in tee Gold Boom to-day: tfotiK in liiiii The foUowing teows the transactions at the Gold Exchange Bank: l i i l i l The foUowing are tee gross earnings of tee Union Pacifle Railroad Company for the month tocreaseinl875..........................................1178.0.1135 N E W Y O R K BIA B K G T S . tContinned from Second Edition,] closes strong 6 nt quiet for tho low gn ................................. 1 high grades. ivUch will bo or the low, but weak for For future delivery sales of j,ooo bWs June at $i 600 bhls for Hay at $81 75; AprU quoted at $11 75. Beef was qniet at S8®10 for pitei mesa; $10^13 for * ^ ^ ^ 'S e e r ^ - S qSe^uoted nominally $ 8@10 for ness; $30®}3 for India mess ; $29 for city extra 'Ashonidenpjf^ 600 do hmis tSXc; Sy'sai'.ed ia ^ U c l i m A ^ t e li IMto^osmg o ^ d ayAXc; 1,600 tea for Hay a tM 15-160,14Xc MfHASaES-Fotelen Issctiva and firm. New Or­ leans strong and ealtele. We quote Cuba at 32®t5c; FOTtoRlo* 4f®60o; English Itemds, 38@50c, and New ' ' • 'k h . 8TOBE3-1 not made pDbUc; hnti said to> he eqaal <(0 5e. 6 d SSCEIFra; OF BBEADSTOTFa. PTOVISroNS, K ^ ^ f i o ted t o iao t T o y ; 0 . ¥ i L E W I 8 | , a c . “ -..........- ~ \ ^ S s S i = • ^ 1 Ohildcen's SCHOOL SUITS, Is, $ 8 . DRESSSUITS, EO&BRS, PKBT & CO., Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers Men's, Boys' and Cliildren's CLOTHING, 487 Broadway, cor. Broome St,, N E W Y O I t K . ICE CREAM. CheapesL richest andd most market, being made from pardi 1264 Broadway and 806 4thAv most popular Ice Cream In ilURD IX IW M C 4 I 1 K I 1 I } ■ B Y -T B i l S G l l A P H i . tHEMAtiUlEGdURTbEOSION n m n . w t n . * Jlo, 35Uliioii Square, n. GIMRBEU, HAMpFAOTDUm AND iHFOKTKt OF Fine HarnesR and Saddleiy, ; so FOUETH ATBJrt®, ; OPPOSIT* THE BIBDEHODHE, offsnlortha SprUwpdBanuqwsflneaaapftmeatof iCvaiYAPUtle <toHM»oto« w iU t T r s d i . '= ••jjs'U S sS.sr*** HYBBT ADTICaiE TTAKBAHTSD A 8 BNPin- W E B B R P i a u o J P o r t e s . D 0 CCA. nB A D M k T o y ,I^:M tonlih.B ft .1 .tjw wwr Fifth aT,y comer Sixteenthst.N.Y* GKAND. SQ0ABE AND UPRIGHT P I A N O S flIATOai.E8S. 33 UNION sq u a r e :, N. Y. FROM MAT FIRST, T o R e n t f o r O f f i c e B u s i n e s s P u r p o s e s , The premises now used as the c o u N T i i a r a r o o m THE EYEiNH POST, Gor. Nassau an(i Liberty Streets. Apply on tho premises. BRffiSEf S PITENT IGEM F o r EecnrlnK I w r e n t l o i u , X raM e -IH arlu, A c ., I n A m e rica a n d E o r o p e . ^58BROADWAT,New York. A V. BEIK 8 EN. inOTBEl JIEDtUntll beebe I ance No, 1 , th« larxeat fftmlly slxe. la mow fomUhed as pat ap with Water Baok tor ^ 3 3 O O - IAMBS & EtBTIiARO, Proprietors and Bole Uaun* factnrers, claim tor 4ha BBBfiB RANGB advamages orer all others. It has ten square feet of top sarfaoe. with six nine>lnoh holes: two OTeus t damplns-grate; ''-hdampor; furulshei plenty of iiot water; is easUr ?t In ^ id r , and besio^ hsina economloal in f ael, ts lo. (0 Beebe Kange, a imalli J), and hlghlr noprovaU. J A N E S k K STEA M H E A T I N G . H IG H AND LO W P R E S S U R E .] GILLIS (fe'^OGlEGAN, B9rABI.tBEXD }.S54;> INCOBDORATXD 1S74. The AngeU & Blake Iffanfg. Co., 706 BBOALDWAT, EXW TOBK, (Mamifaotory, 808 Greens streeU Steam and other Heating Apparatus. nCMTlIAinON A 8FE0UX.Tir. HOM-KXBI 4 OSIVK BOH.ERS, FOWBBFDD AND SOONOSUOAL. GREZSXnaOUSES, g r a p e r i e s , A c . aCB CONBTHU.CUnOH A. SPBCIAIf— D TO ^^^B J L a ^ a ’or^TBa coi fimd for IBiutnxUa OhreOtar. LORD’S HORTIODLTDBAX. WOl Irvtnoton.on.HudMn. N. T. ISAETlHKiLBFLElSGH'SSONS. M a m ifa c tx irm g C h e D iists, 55 Fulton,cor^of Cliff Street, N. V., An4o«ra WcUhlDitvB dcOway Sea** BaCala, 2 r« Y« ’ aa . BOBDEN’S BOILER RIYETS, luperlor tocuysude. (juUty wananted. W m . H. W ALLACE & C O., Sole A g e n ts, 131 W asbingtOB SL PH K L .PS, DODCm * 0 0 . , Im p o rters o f MetalSf iDOMte (Mir. F C J R N ^ T T T R E ^iwthingiww n e m rhef^ 6 e*ed WibepuhHc. T H O m . J . W O P m A B R O . Uto B ’ . OIARIXS FOB 187S. k J J , SIZ E S AJO) 8 T Y I E B -D A H .T i x JoamaIf,Sxpens* Books and every MriityofFlne Btstlonery, Writing Wper end mod: 8 t a u n f ? i S M j t e S ^ AMUSEMENTS. O t h b ’ pbk 3 j THH MOST K IAM R A T O ^Ol^By BVKE PBO. T>ABNUM '8 (31BEAT BOMAN TWO WBKK8 IN ___ R H IP P O - WBKK8 IN NEW VORK. LAST TWO WBBK8 I DAT AND NIGHT THH GORGEOUS AND BBWII,- PERINQ BPHCTAChH. VISION OF THB H0URI3, VISION OF THB HOURIS, VISION OF THB HOURIS, A T a B u a P of 830 MBW, WOMBN AND 0HH.DRBN CLAD IN SUITS OF 8II.VMI AHMOB! TWO HUNDRED OF THB r-BADINe LADIB3 OF THB N. V. BALZ.BT 1 W. B HARDING AND MUiB. LOLA, PEDESTRIANS. AFTBBNOON AND BVBNINQ. IOBH?N(LiS 8 a ’, u with now acenery, costumea and Vppolntmenta. JA T U B D A Y. HUffdABIAN\'’ ^ORCH h I tba , BATUBDA7, APRIL 3. STBBT ORANI ?aleo|^ S r \ ' riTBB M ODO08 O F OJHE LAVA BEDS, A loclndlng 80AB-FAOXD OBaRLBV. BHACKNASTV JIM, STEAMBOAT FRANK, and TOBY RIDDLE, the modem Fooahontaa. with KLAMATH and SHASTA CHIEFS. wIU Uloatrate In­ dian Life and Cnatoma at BOBlHBON h all , WEST 16TH ST., every evening this week and Batnrdar afcemoc^ Commtaaloner Mwebam wUl deecribs the Modoo Mas aacre, which be witnesaed. - ------- ;n76conta. Meantita - -------- and 35 eenta. rriH B B I G BONANZA T H E H I T O P X 875 HOUSES CROWDED I FIFTH AVENUE THBATRB. XVHaV NIGHT. JgOOOHff'S jEH E A T B E -EIG HTH WEEK. The Regal SbOkeapsarlaa FageanMy, C r - H E N B Y T ..X I Beglna evenlngaatT:^ (Mryligeamaybeor*— TO-MO^?ROw“ aSn? 4 w “ MAir‘ ------ ' r v ^ S S t ^ f S S l N G B.AUTT BALLET o r T ^ E E GRACES. ] T O M . Y ^ . . . ' I : ® ^ anshook . Beats may be seemed one month in advance. MB. FRWK MATO Q.3RAND O F E B A HO USE. has navar bMUMuaned. MATINEE SATUBPAT at! o'clock. I®S . , « s - U . S 5 J 8 A i S w « . < « . p e ip a tc h M to t e e A M M i^ j ^ ’ ^tbe.SciiaYUd]iLjiadUo£^ tin IDIE TKf er JOM MfAUiO’S OflSIW , ^pedriDMFdtebtoSidOCreBiiirFost] ■4imAirr, April 2, J875.—b i e foUowing is the faU to r tk te e o p i n io n p f the Court! of Appeals, as deUyend b y Judge HapaUo, deriaring the un- consatuH o naUtyofteeactof 1874 for theW u»- fero f casesto tee Marine Ckrart: j OOijltl o r AMIAtS. Xewei Alexander, Bespondent, agalntt Jacob Ben nett; AppeUant-BArAi.no. J .—The Conatitotlon of this aUteKart. 6, aec. H) contlnucB In the Superior Court of tore of aU power to talco from the co'mU any of their theneriatlngimiadlctton. But 1 ‘ ‘ ' t When tlm order I h the action iehn lurisdlctlon. In any particular caaa to I t is apparent from the terms of the ■ Emadeamade ‘ and entered tb hronght loses all Jnrlsd-ctlon over ■ that npon the eatxy of the Order ill have Immediate and exclaalve voTetbeTcliSS'^ofTwb^liap,^^^^ Coustlmtlon, and vloktoa Uio spirit and Intent of that Injirnment. ^ ___ ^Ues^to'j In the Supremo OourtTand the p l ^ ot trial named may be tho city of New York. As soon as the Issue E joined, tho court may under this act trans­ fer the cause, of its own motion and wittaont the con- sent of ellher party. Into the Marine Coart, Which tberenpon acqulroaeiclaslvo jurisdiction over i t ; and the resident or Bnllklo may tbns bo compeUod to come to the Marine Court to try his cause, the Supreme Court loeEg all joiisdlctlon In thomr— - -* E, SlOKgLS, Beporier, per C. T H E CANALS. A Besolution Investigation Cbarges Adopted. of[ Senator Lord for of New York Port [Doepatch to the AsiocEted Presal A lbany , April 3.—In tee Senate to-day Mr. Lord (dem.) offered reeolutlons directeig the Canal (Committee to asoertato and report to the Senate tee prices charged in tee city of New York upon the foUowtog transfer of grain a t that port: For ele-vating grain from imnul boats the prices charged to the seller and to tee buyer of groin, and to tee veetel receirilng the grain; oEo whether these prices are exacted by the roles of any association, corporation combination in that city; also, what charges are collected from canal boats for the nse of slips and wharfs, o r port charges; also, that the same information be ascertained and reported as re­ lating to tee city of Buffalo. Mr. Cole (Hep.) moved to amend so that tee committee have power to send for persons and Mr. Lord accepted tee amendment Mr. Jacobe (dem.) moved to amend so teat the subject matter be referred to aspecialcommittee consisting of Messrs. -Lord (dem.), Selkreg (Rep.) ond.Booth (Hep). He said teat he (Mr. Jacobs) was not averse to tee reBolationa, but did not wont to have the at. tention of tee Canal Committee diverted from the subject of the Governor’s canal message by atiy side issue. Mr. Lord said he understood that tee following prices were charged by the members of te a t v E . toons Board of Trade in New Y o rk: For elevat ing, b y boatmen, % cent per bushel; by seller, % cent; by buyer, % cen t; by vessel receiving grain, % cent. In this way the sum of 13,250,000 are wrung from the farmers of thestate to enrich these giant comblnationf. Messrs. Woodin (dem.) and Wood (Rep.) said the information was desirable to order to enable the senators to act intelligently on the question of low tolls. K—os asserted—many millions of dollars are paid these combinations for handling grain evmy season, it E proper that the p ^ p le thanked Mr. Jacobs for suggesting his name on the proposed special committee, but denunciation as members of the canal ring by ■■ \ York dty, presa Ho (Mr. Iiord) de- L to accept the honor. ! Mr. Woodln argued that these local corpora-' of the state should know Mr. Lord thanked his name on the prop he wonld not drag Messrs, Selkreg and F~ing into any measure that wonI& leave them open to dined to accept tl tlons shonld be restrained from making such ex­ orbitant cbarges as It E stated they now do, and be desired tee information asked for to tee reso­ lutions, Mr. Jacobs withdrew Us amendment, and tee resolutions'were adopted, inolndlng Mr. Cole’s amendment. T H E SUPBLY B I L L . Vote in Detail upon tbe Catholio Pro- te o to x y A p p r o p r i a t i o n . [Despatch to the Associated Fiess.} A lbany , April 3.—The vote upon teoamend- uent to tee Supply bill, providing for a p appro­ priation of $50,(XX> f<w the Catholic Brotectory in New York d ty , was a s follows: I vote, Mr. Waelmer < s |o f the aheentees, Chair stated teat he-was nnable to deti iidne wheteer tels was a two-thirds tereo-flftes bilL He -was informed teere -was a spedol o r local item to tee bill, and therefore decided i t was a twe-thirds bin, an annonnee- r. T. J . Campbell tosisled'.OB .t o f the vote, and the bill was 0 following v o t^ and the bill w as dedared lost by ages 83, nays 16. Tbe following were tee im.BeUley,} •On motion of Mr. Alvord a motion to,recon­ sider lyas laid on tee table. DeAtkofan IbnpriBoned jlCnr^orer. IDespsich to the AseqcEt^ PresAl AuBUBir, N. Y .. April 2,--Rnfaa TV. C I ^ of ioravia, who baa been t o j d l in t e E d t y sinoe niade no eonfssBlbB. C!oniid<«r»We.-d«ibt exEts as tohE guilt. H E agewBs.iixty-llre. j ItoooaeeB tof j j t r d D i n ^ l B n e j ^ j i[D«siAttetoto«4fiwcUte4Et*^i , E aston ,P a.,Aprilk--!TThoibest6ppedriiBnh^ i | b i ix A q a a ii ) ^ about midnight; and tee dao- . ger E now over. The Belairitre has faUea tour ^ smoe^la^night, . ........................... D M tb E te a m W d * [OeqiMek to the AaiocUUCFnws.1 R t . Loura, Mb,, April 3.-Oa Saturday last _ ty oTmen hnnpng t o Neas, oottoty, Kansas, ■■ 5f'EortH ays,f - K.CUVI.UU.. OVOAIUAU U ____ . ___ . ^7»n cold and hunger. A yoke of ttogoa was found near by ^ c b probably b tonged to the men. H e m s CHoBbd At N a t i o k . [Despatch to the AssocUtadPrasa] P rovidence ;, April 2.—The Tniiia a t NatlCk closed to-day, owing to the strike of the opera- A CUld Accidentally Hung. [Despatch to the AssocUtedFxsss.] M iddletown , April i2.—H * n y Brown, aged thirteen years, a son o f H arry H. Brown, a New York Custom Honse officer, w as fonnd dead to tee bora a t hE fateer’s reridence, near Blooming- burgh, yesterday morning, having accidentally banged himself, while prspariiig to p lay a 1st of April trick, as E supposed. THE TILTON-BEECHER CASE. M r . ,3 e e o l i e r ’s T e a t i m o n y C o n t i i m e a —More about Mrs. Tilton’s Letter of detraction. - [Continued ffom-TUid Edition.] Speaker of aentativee, and the Assistant Attorney-General of the United Statea pcenaed Mr. Isaro H. BaUey to attend merely to ' sdfriendshad Bandy’s note; roborate some dates. His learned friends hi n kind enough to accept Mr. Bailey’s m ise-viden r a t i n g those dates, in the same light as e-vidence. Mr. Bailey said in thE note that he saQeid for Europe on tee 8d of Jnne, 1871, in the steamship Oceanic, and that the dizmer given to him, in ice to that event, was on the 1 tee record was correct. of December 80, ask Mr. Moulton If h e : EUzabeth’s.ixmfeeBion; nothing was said teem teat night to^ regard to the confession; he did not remember saying-“ ThE will kill ms^” but he might have said so; he did not tell Moni­ ton that TUton had given him permission to see Elizabeth, Notetog -was said teat night toregard to sexual tatercourse between the witness and Mrs. Tilton; such a thing -was not named; he might have smd teat this matter came npon him as if he was struck by lightning, although he thought he used that eEjneasion on ithe 1st of January; he did not on that night ask Moulton to be a friend to fie n ext saw Mr. TUton on tee 8d of January; he saw Mr. Moulton on the 31st of December, when Mr. Monlti;i^ (»une to his honse to tee evening; te ty went into tee bedroom of the wit­ ness; Moulton made some remarks, which he did not remember, and then showed tee -witness: totter from Mr. TUton; to this totter Mr. Tilto said he had found teat tee wit a retraction from Mrs. TUtoa Mr, Moniton. then said that he thought the 'Vritness had acted dEhonorably to so doing; the vritneas then claimed tee right to defend him­ self; Mr. Moniton said that hE coarse was indis­ creet and inexpedient, os it tended to increase tee trouble between TUton and hE wife and be­ tween TUton and Mr, Beecher; after some inter­ change of views on thE point Mr. Moulton drew from hE pocket what purported to be a letter from H is . TUton. The -witness identified a E tter shown to him as tee one which Mr. Moulton read to him; thE, beiDg tee letter from Mra TUton to Mr. Moulton, to which she asked him to procure tee retraction; that both teat and the con'e^on might bede. stroyed. Mr. Beecher said that he ■was perplexed a t Urst, because thE E tter implied that the confession was stni in eiEtence, while Mr. TUton had told him it was destroyed; he told Mr. Moulton teat if he gave up the retraction he -would have nothing to defend himaelfwlte if he was attacked; Moniton said h e wonld keep teem both, that and the re­ traction, or destroy them bdte. Finally he gave Moniton the retraction; Moniton said he wonld guard bote I. his life; the latter took off hE overcoat, and in so doiug exposed tee hUt of a p E td; he took the tfistol out, laying it npon the bureau, subse- ■ imlng it to hE p ocket qnently returning : Moniton spoke c who-was hE friend, ___ the witness understood that the -wrongs referred ton spoke of TUton as a -wronged man who-was hE friend, and whemhe meant-toright; to proceeded chiefly from Bowen. se of tee ' from the same sontoe as the accusation; in the When Moniton said Ihat ness was dEhonorab thought he had a perfect right to g et a retractdoi Uoulton said t tee course of tee wit- I dishonorable the witness said, he would be a n a ct of mearmess to keep a paper so obtained from a sick woman ; Mi-. Moulton did thE in a gentlemanly -way; Mr. Moulton’s ad­ dress and manners towards him -were always those of a gentlemanr Moulton represented to Mm that TUton re­ garded the witness as an active enemy, and that tee witness ought to act to such a way as to se­ cure peace and reconciliation. Mr. Moulton-did not accuse Mm that night of getting a retraction which he knew to be a lie ; Mr. Moniton did not say, “ That won’t save or nse any expression like t h a t ; he did remember what Mr, Moulton said on that ision to regard to tee guidance of God. r. Moniton urged him to act for the good of aU concerned, and not merely stand on hE own technical defence; he did not say to Moniton that Ms defence wonld be tee technical one of general denial; he did not st he would throw himself upon Ety to Moqlton that MsfriendsMp; the Irom Moniton. overtdreB of friendship come from Monlt There was notetog said to thE conversation in regard to the sentiments of tee witness and Mrs. TUton toward each other, or as to their inter­ course with each other; he said nothing about standing on the brink of a moral NEgarai; it was a purely, bustoesB meeting, turning on the question of reetoiing the retraction. CO N D E N S E D D E S P A T C H E S , David Biriiley, recently from Cork, I r ^ n d , ras found drowned near Wldiford, R. L, yester- sy. He bad -wandered into a marsh on Sunday n ^ h ^ and probably got to there too deep for ex- trioaiion, and-was-probtely drowned by the rising tide, ; Rowland B a w d and Daniel E. Day have ac- ^ptednominationii'for Governor andLieutenant- ^ v e m o r , reepectlvely, by the Rhode Island Priteibitionists. N E W JE R S E Y . Three lAea Btobbed. PROBABLY FATAL AFFRAY ON A YUG-BCI a T. The tug-boat James K ing is lying a t the foot of Essex street, Jersey City. A t noon to-day two nien, known resptotivdyaitDiarley Allen and the “jQd,” and oiie bteer, whose name has not yet b^.ascertained, went aboard o f the boat w ite a dpg, They w a it into the latchen and attempted to take from tee ccibk, named James W . FettU; a riece.of meat with which to feed tho dog. He protested, and (me of the men struck M ib over thehead w ite a.MBet6f wood. The cook seized ajcarvtogknifeand defendedhimselt The “Kid” -was stabbed to tec head, but. n o t vety seiipnsly tojnred. Allen was stabbed seven times to tee body a n d on tee head. The thiidmon reemved a Hght Stab - ............................ ■ • C o u r t CatoRdnro fo r nonda-jr. SUPBKM* CODBY CmCDIT.-Part L -S61, 105^ MU, 685K. 805X. 343.847, 521, 981, 589, 591, dl3, 1037,1099,1101. U03,UQ5, U07, H09. - rt J L - 2 m X , 468, 553}i, 778, 186^ 1882, S m , 1526,2250,1362, 2251, ^SS, 1705,1822, 941,33(^ 798, 630^, 0654, 1272;, 1234^ 1 3 ^ rtULi^BSl; 9 0 , 823; M2^ M67,1G79, ICtoEKOTlETDAAS^TtaALTM^ X413, 9^34, m DHJ^-TQBS, I43R 1194 1 ^ 4 tiSi, ivrataat-€k>u*T^^-St»auit Tmof-^Caae on— f — i(ciie(dc4)«»gb«M - A P f O i ^ ^ *,^6imtsc- m irnn k ' AiwUwA-afi -Chrt,wTOity-a«M>i*s-a •_ ^--^-CANAL - - f e E f O l f a |, lavcitlsaUea. ' _______ j tCoRctyonaewE 6r the Kvenlhg Tdet.] ' ] [ ' AtBANfi April2/1875. a s dM not know exactly how| totpprtont the m a tter really. ; w as; and= tee friends of rtform awaited w ite anxiety the recep­ tion Of tee message by the ring and teepubU c a t large. Nowmuob teat was nnceiv tatohasbton'derided. The Wessags E‘ as sue-’ oesriol as its ihost ardent frieridsdaredto hope. The people thronghont the state have shown a n interest in the subject with which' it deris such as they h ave never before inaiiifested; the ring have condemned themselves put of terir own toontea; tee bill giving to the Governor the appointment of a n I _ . ___ ____________ Itocome a law almost without opposition; and fear is felt but that the other l^islation whiol needed to complete the reform will be secure^ The subject most talked abont now ^ t boteE and lobbies E the purpose of the Govem to making tels attack and tbei meteoct which will pursue to conducting it Albany a ^olitician E te e r e f i^e p who: • almost impolossible A republican quite prominent in canal government said to me to-day: “ I think Bepublicans have giv -has a Republican majority, and had that body ibsEted on appointing tee coinmEsion, teen bote porties.might have shared in the honors of result” It E a great tribute to tee force of p lie opinion that partEansMp was not aUowed exert itself in even so mild a form as thE wo have been. ■ • Those who have the best means of knowing Governor’s motives know that hE canal m e ^ g e was only one step in tee line of adminEtratlon wMch he laid down for hiiiEelf when he v Elected—that E, a positive admiiustration. II comparatively easy for a Governor, to obtaii good record with very lijtle action. -He may veto a bUl here and a bUl tfiere, and under cover of the piaEe thus secured toay sign half a dozen inoffensive-looklDg ones that may a t heart be wholly indefensible; and, contenting himseU wite such action, may go out of office eulogized and honored -withouti having given to tee determination to course. He evidence of abu having given irvices whateve different on almost every side it shodid be remedied. He _ ; or he might go b e n ^ th the surface and begin a reform radical and aggressive. He has chosen the latter course, and the v ery fact of tee choice may be. taken by the people as surance that the contest will not be given up until the desired end E secured. Tbe immediate duty which 'reets upon the Governor in tins connection E tee appointment of tee Investigating OmmEszon. ThE will not be done until the bill which-tee Senate has passed, giving them authority to'Send for; sons and papers, etc., etc., becomes a iaw. Governor -will give^ hunseU all necessary tim wMch to make tee most judicious selection; sibla It E safe to say that no one who has I publicly named for the positions will secure te The Governor will make hE selections with a sole view to fitness, and, it E thought, will name no one who E past middle life. Tho invest! tion, to have full effect, must be thorough c exp^tiooB, and tee appointmenta will be made with teat sole end to view. Hnch Interest E manifested here in the ques. tion, Who will to held legally responsible these admitted frauds? ThE will not be Bwered definitely until tee investigators hand in teefr report. But tee question. W hat men inost responsible for these thtogs? can be answered now. They are the Canal Commissioners. Of opurse, had there been no dishonest oontraetons— no Lords, and Beldens, and DannEons and so i —to put in fraudulent bids all would have bei well Had there been no dEhonest legislators, more than half the money would have been save A Had the oooffieio members of the .Canal Board fulfilled their duties to the letter, the schemers would have been checked. But the Canal Com­ missioners, in accepting thefr office. responsibilities, professed a knowledge of ite r e ­ quirements, and they could a t any time have remedied tee bad system had they so desired. Here E a fixing o f responsibility that will not be overlooked by the people. Take a single case for example. The legisla­ ture in 1870 appropriated $80,000 for a piece of canal work in Black Bock harbor. The esti was made, as required by Ew, the cost being fixed by the State Engineer a t $78,000. In August) 1870, the contract for the work was let bj Canal Board to Charles P . Skinner for $4; more than $30,000 less than the sum for which\ the engtoeer thought it could honestly be per- formeA Skinner at once assigned the contract to George D. Lord—“ Young Lord,” as be E known—and he per'ormed work under it for wMch tee state paid Mm $72,706 06. Soon after> elected to the legislature, and thdreke ced tee foUowing biU, wMch was Lord was elt passed in May, 1872; SECTION 1. The Canal I out Of any moneys approprl propnated, for said work, tiiso. 2. This act shall take effect imioedlately. A more transparent swiindle sw was never con­ cocted Here was a piece of work on -which already tee state ha^ paid nearly twice the contractor should be. reimbursed for a ll tee money wMch 'he could rnake thnCanal Board believetbathe bad spent. The extra allowance, as awarded by the Canal Board and appropriated by the legislature, -was erne hundred a nd nineteen thousand two hundred -.. .. extra awsj Excess paid over contract p rice........ ......... $146,6.5 65 Now, the real objept of such a bill might, in not be unknown t could have prevented the passage of the bill b y a few words of open denunciation, o r have secured ifa veto by an explanation to tl quiet, and the conspEators anted teeirplot. Therefore, 3 the direct burden of respou- frauds on tee Commissiohers, They, however,: others, chose to keep BUccessfUUy consummai 4 E safe to place sSbility for these frauds on stoce to teem E most Specially couMed the care <4 the canaE, a nd they have not performed their The frauds which have thus f a r been exposed have all been in connection wi|to what are itoo-wn 'B “ extraordinary expenditoree,” that-E-expen- itures for new-work, and not for merely keep^ ing the canaE in rtyafr. The latter expense E known as ejcpenditnre f o r “ ordtoary repaan;” and to thE wilLbe,found quite as rich a field for investigation as tee other branch baa proved. Under the present tystem the Canal Board ap- maber of saperintendentetotakecharge :k of repair., feteh of teeee saperln- tendents E required to imtke estimates of iiie -work to be done on Ms sectic ' \ thereof for a iperiod of two j then snbmitted toj toni A nd tee expense mboihsu theseesti- tee Canal Comnris- rionertochajiue of the dlyirion, and he riteer a^pfo-ves Hum o r cuts them 'down. (Now a ll these edperihtendeiite a n appointed ortpoUtical grounds, not an instance bring i»-* called, I am told by the most competent anteor- such jobs as that o f tbrfi, dricribgd above, o ro : carried to nBucceeBfnl E s a e ,it needs-no itoetrii- 0 understaBd' what todul- State il^reMery wJheiL^x- ^ n s e esttoiates a reartanged between t b e ^ t o - r r s s s t ’ mce E shown to te e 8 i W D.avEEtQ miqre wbeii Ms (tonal bfilooines up wffl throw some unexpected Kglrtf on teis [ L d m i ^ ^ i y , «.1^ ^ m ^ , 3 4 4 47, itttoteeY riETto locfeaiSeto . . . .. ’larOi ’ ■ '• e g u t i u y disotriered a m o b F iA b Y F b R S F R 1 N C . I w f i i p t 'i w i i ‘Stttl o ffio iii i G tiiiui W (B r o a d w a y , cor. Orand St. Broadway, cor. Warden St. C I T Y IN T f iL L I G K T C B . Latest.Hetel Arrival*. 1 Senator JohnH . Mitchellj'of Oregon, E a t tee Gilsey Honse. ' Nathaniri Wilson, of WasMngton, E at tee Hotel Brnnswick. . Bfehop Thomas Grac^ -of Minnesota, E a t tee Metropolitan H otel Judge T, C. Theaker, of New Haven, E a t tee S t NichoEa Hotel Congressman Samuel J. BandaD, of Philadel­ phia, is a t the Hofihnan House. Professor Peter S. MicMe, of West Point, and George N: Kennedy, of Syraense, are a t tee Fifth Avenue Hotel Albert Keep, president of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company, and William B., Mann,' of Philadelphia, are at the Windsor Professor C. S. Peirc^ of the United States Coast Survey; Captain McMinkan, of the steam- ■ ^ p Algeria, and Joseph Price, of Hamilton,.- (Sanadat, are a t tee Brevoort House. The Board of Estimate and Apportionment met to-day. The Police Commissioners made a request for tee transfer of $50,000 from tee street cleaning appropriation for 1874 to be used for droning tee rireets-now. resolution, which was adopted, calling on all the heads of depart­ ments to make reports to tee Board of their un­ expended balances for 1874 ExhlblUon of P a tntlnn a t Clinton Hall. A very interestuig coUeotion of oil paintings ly ancient and modem masters E now on view sale by auction, -without Ding, a t haU-past 7 o’clock. The cbUeclaon formrii by a well-kno-wn literary gentleman of thE cityity duuring • ' ■■dence ■n - c d a temporary resi i Europe, most of tee works are of undoubted auteen- long tee most noticeable works in tee col­ lection are, an original sketch in sepE of n. “ Dead TTumpeter,” by Horace Vemet, and a “^Scene in ParE—^1791,” by tee same a rtist Of thE lat­ ter subject the auctioneers say that the purchaser will be furnished -with authentic testimoniaE of its originality. Representing tee name of Greuze there E a “ Head of a Youg G E l” wMch E a fine specimen of a rt, notwithstanding its time-wom condition. Of the other works terior wite figures b y Braun ; a landscape -with Dogs on the Scent,” b y George Annfleld ; a cabinet portrait of Edgar A Poe, by Henry Tnman ; two striking works by Tmi. liez; and others by Bonnington, Ary Schaffer, Henry Bacon, N. Fragonard, Prank Stone, George Morlond, Ferdinand Bol J. Joly, Bids, Paul Brill, Engene Iiambert, A. Heison, P. Schnert, Saunier, Brissot, W. Boogord and Eu­ gene eScery. ______________ Funeral pf Robert A. FUeye. The funeral of Robert A. PUess, a wefi-tmo-wn merchant of thE city, took place thE afternoon from the F ourth UniversaUst Church. Probable. Homicide. ax Adams beat Annie Lea so brutally on d with a An Effort to Remove a Bank Officer. Alfred. T. Conklto E president and trustee of the Mechanics’ and Traders’ Savings Bank. William Floyd, acotrustee, becoming dissatEHed . with Mr. Conklm’s administration, brought suit to have Mm removed on the ground that ha did not receive a majority vote, and that he had for felted aU claims to hE pcmtlon b y becoming the director of another bank. A motion was made to-day before Judge Don- ohuefor a n injunction lestratoing Mr- Conklto from acting asPTOsldent of the bank, pending tee i ^ e of tee suit, and on tee additioiml a l i e ^ tion thi • • ■ The coroner’s inquest in tee case of Lizzie Stem, who died after childbirth, on the hospital- boat Bellevue, was continued to-day. The honesof abnman legand arm, were fonnd momlrig by a citizen in the t r ^ i o x to front West Twenty-third street. They were taken totiie Morgue, T H B R E A L E S T A T E M A R K E T . Some totereeting sales were announced for to­ day, but the offerings foU flat upon the market. By E. V. Harnett, in foreclosnre. one lot, SirtS, north side 6Sth street, 99.9 W. Broadway, to Alfred Roe, pl’A, ) ■ ADJOUBNJED. ^^y^lcor|:e^^Stett, ealeof premEes, No. 23 Spring ByR, V. Harnett, sale of lot, northeast cornet llth ave. and 39th street, untU AprU 12. By H. N. Camp, sate of premEes south side 23d sEeet, S5 west 7th ave., until April 14 E. H. Ludlow & Co., honse and lot, No. 18 B. 40th ; on upset price of $70,000. Abo. 4 loE northeast corner Of 5th ave. and 924 street. No bid offereA 6 lots tonthwest comer 5ih ave. and 126th street. By James M. Miller, premEes west side Baxter street, '46.4, south Hester street. LATEST FMfIMl NlWS. FRIDAY BVBNING, APRIL 2. SALES . A T . T H E STOCK EXCH A NG E . moH 2k TO CU3SXor o r nnsnmss. 8 o'cioon. n.Pac.S.F., \\ - „„ is:;:;;;:.;;:;; m BUSIES.! {eostp22i:::;:::;:;i3 K fSo 1 InaifsiiE ll Foreign exchange a t tee dose was strong. Government bondBRttiieriofle were quoted os llill-isirit' i I ............ 11 ^ Sw i 13to)ttel»»6[e«6ing8 teestoritfriarkrt yroeiqpiet f^driropgcrioetog quotation, is __ -JS* Jtx I*: i : ^ p § E E i I ^ 4 . EE E E E z Z Z Z a The following are the Philadelphia stock quo­ tations at 3 o’clock tans day, reported by Ran­ dolph, Bickley & Co.: I S We are indebted to Messrs. Denny & Co., the well-known bankers and dealers in investment securities, for a copy of their eighteenth annual Circnlar. ThE circular contains a n amount of accurate information in regard to tee securities dealt to a t the Stock Exchange, as well as oteera not on the stock list, wMch can be found In no other publication. Cleared this Attemasn. -woo^&to ffssesn, Ac—PIm, Por- EeUoek (Br), Krogh, Llverpool-WUUams ^J^p Star of Albion (BtJ. Hughes, London, B—B J ^atkSNHolbrook.Mitchell Matanzrs—Brett 8oa A d’Unlou (Bri.BaUou, Port au Prtnoe-B t W w « U days, with sugmr liEGAIi NOTICES. UHASTER’B 8ALS. D E O B n “\irthaDE- am DAT OP APRIL, m, is a a s possessed or beresfter a< sna M m I ^ j^U c k . and Western ................. ...IIOX IIOK Northwestern. « « «j< Mfiwsnkeeaii4st.paui;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;; ssx ss« 1 ¥ ■ & ^ D o n S s ^ = \ h £ The sales a t the second Board of the Stock Ex Change compare as follows with those of the cor- reQxmdlng aeemon for a serlce of days past: R Y .a a H S S '- * '- ®- A\'-'- *• '‘“3 ™ \ a a S ’ ® ■: ■:» E = ■« « H» i « ” « 5* i t ’ ? i I) S I* P I i i i y E f r P E E “ I B s m e

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