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'•yaj; .-jyoviJMtBgR i^''.8gso. y p r i O E S . ^ A t ^ T F O g W T A . M l |n |. ^ J ^ D |* r ^ '^ ^ c « r e i W tfd o e k ^ o f * ^ \ ~ * 1 1 8 ^ « t St., N. Y., %ni n St*te *t., Boston. J pgg3C0TrHjxtwU>o>_i^^».^r. ................ s-owo sad WUfiam TiskCT. who am the genetai partnere. and s s J s e s f f i S s s t B a s s ; t p s S 2 a ^eyed J P O R S A U S . O f t T O I s E T . y . - --'r-o SA L E .—Two two first elaa* honses.Nos WSF 178 and 180 Second avenue, betoeen Eleventb ■iifi a u i Twelfth itrects, 25 feet W i»ch« front, by 68 ■5tori5TO B A .G E r can be had fcn 600 hRe* of cotton ^ M ^ e I01W a R a treet,cor.^|tont.^ 245 Pearl rt. - yOBL —li’he *uid, l*ot No, 628 «^G reea3richntre€t; on thewcet aide, n lw Spring BjiLstreet, would Jjs* exchanged for vacant lots np tow n ,ontheeaalsideottb,e|ft|^^^^ ^ s a l e 0 » E X C D A S G E PO & C IT T ■ n F PROPERTY—The modern andepacions mansion, .B I L with eight acres of land, situate near Jamaica, and known as Wellsgrove. The mansion is finished in Hhe bestmanner, -with all the modem improvements, and is forty feet square, exclusive of the piazzas, green ■houie,ko. The hazements contain* kitchens, vegetable and coal eeilars, pantrfeA cloeets, and servants’ rooms. The first itory Is divided by a spacious hall, and contain* two arge parlors, aUbrary, and dining-teom. The second *-OTWontaln* z ir bed-rooms; with oloseto; A portion of the parioi frjrnltnre c anbehad withthe premises If de* The grounds are under high cultivation, and a rslaid ontin the meet tastefol manner. They are stocked with tbe choicest frusta, flowers and shade ttees,many of them imported by the present owner, a t great expense, from abroad. The kitchen garden contains a large stock of vegetables of the finest description. The ont-buildings consist of a green-house, ice-hoise, a new stable, a car- riagefconse, sheds, *o. There is a weU of fins water con­ nected with a pump in the stable. A stream runs along the rear of the grounds, which may he made to supply three ponds, constructed foe the preservation ot trout. To a gentleman retiring from business, or one desirous of living in the country, yith every faelUty for transact­ ing bnsinees in thfeeity; this place, offers unrivalled ad­ vantages. I t is on the road to Rookaway, and a n hour’s drive from the Pavilion, By «01way it is 45 minutes from the South Ferry. A large portion of the purchase money ezuxemaiuottbond and mortgage. Title indisputable For futQier particular inquire of S. De WittBleodgood, at ErymGSTON,-WELLS ft CO., ,n l 5 t f 10’Wallstreet. jyta. r - o R. s a l e o k . t o l e t —Fifty feet front ® « cn'Barclay street by 116faet deep, north eide.be- JB ^ tw e e n Church, and CoUege Place. There are at present two dweUing houses on the property, which wiP be altered, or taken down and another buRding or build- ‘^ ^ r s o t e d a z m a ^ e d ^ d ^ ^ l y t o ^ ^ R E A L E S T A T E I N RABTIYAY, Nl J.— ■RjjJ ForSale, Afarmof 90acres, JByLAHouse and Ie)t with 4J acres, A brick store andllotBS by I E feet; A dwelling house and lot 29 by 112 feet. A shop and stable on lot 45 by 112 feet. 4 large double house iuupper Rahway, lot 60 ’,hy|,132 ** A handsome dwelling house in upper Rahway, lot 60 by 420feeft Apply to A. B. VAND^K^EL^^^^^ fTOR. SAXE—DireUmg Houses of erery de^ BSStl ficription, in different seetiODS of the city* too nn- » | p in^<ms-io partiexilarise in an adrertisenient. Call on A. B. VA^DERFOEL, 23 Wall street my7 A EA K B IF O R SA X E —23 mUes o f New York JglBf o.n. th6 New HiTezr RaUroad, 30 rodsfrom the Mam* 1 Afi^aroneck depot; 33 acres, excellent for raising psul- try of all hn»<l9»haTing a pond of water, a good house, orchard, meadow and woodland. Inquire at 82 Nassau tsceet, up-stairSe Xoxtg Island Xeand Office. lySl TO L E T .- Thebasement anda sub ceUar. Tn lE iir store and a cellar ; a-largo room on the 2d story j j y i . nd 3 artists studios in the 3d story of the building In course of erection, by the NationalAoademy of Design in Broadway, opposite Bond street. The rear building will be devoted toexhibltionand other public purposes,and thestore.and room over are therefore thought to be -partioulaily well caloulated for a first class confectionary and ice cream saloon. Early application wiU permit tho interior arrangementa to bA adapted to the ■wants ofthe tenants. . AJsuto rent—The large exhibition Rooms a t present occupied by the N .A .tD .,on tbe corner of Broadway, and Leonaidstreet. jySO ||h% RntgerVCoUege, in the mty of New Brunswick. MlB N J House 40 feet square, with piazza front and rear, large fluted columns in front, 19 rooms ; ground 70 feet front and rear, by 214 feetdeep.fronting on Summer­ set and Washington streets. Fruit of every variety and fe great abundance ; 60 grape vines j flowers, fshrubbery, A. B. VANDERPOEL, 23 Wall street ST O R E S ' ON FE A .R L S T R E E T —TO \K ig LET—The two new stone front etores, numbered ■jlB 240 and 251, near John street. They are spacious, airy^ good, light front, and near and well suited for large business in Shoes, Hats, Hardware or Dry Goods; will be finfrhedlst0.ctoh«^ I ^ u ir^ o ^ „ CO.. 246P.arist. TO L K T —In the new Store, No. 251 Pearl st., lB»‘a rteasant and convenient rooms, suitable for Im- JH ^ p o r ter* or A g e n ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r s . ^ A p p l y to a20 246 Paarl stoet, near John st. S T O K E 19 W A L L S T R E E T TOX j E T — ■HR'The first floor w ith a tonvanient back office. Rent jK a .m 0 d erate, and hnmediate possession given. Apply On the premises myS . Xi’O R SA L E —A splendid Farm in Westehes K 'B ter County, with all the stock crops farming im JEJtptem entsandhbnseheld furniture. The present ccb’Jpant is desirous Of going to Europe. The farm con taiusover lOO aures, and. the, huildiuga are of the most costly description, with every convenience and comftrf; myT A. B. VANDERPOEL, 23 WaD .street -NROR S A U S —Sites for Country Resldencee. This J P land ftbsautifUDy situated on Flushing Bay, well known for its remarkably, fertile soili unci uncommon beauty of prospect. It lie* little better, than half a mile from the Flushing steamhdat landiUg, and about the same distance from the steamboat landing' at College Point. Stage* mn- uaHy hack and forth from the vlUago to the city. Tobeaoldiniots tosult pnrohaaersi from'One, two. andthre*»upto 50 or 60 Acrto, from the* northern part uf this f l ^ t where the situation* are thought to he the most eM^Te. ItisonlxonehonrseaQ in thesteam- toat to the village of FinshiBg.-from Fulton Ferry. sM9 A. p . VANDERPOEL, 23 WaU street: ^ F O R S A L E ;—A smaU farm in. th e beantifttl- g ^ v a i a g e o f Hempeted, L. I , about twenty miles from *«»-tb!s city- I t ik well improved, baa an excellent garden, and abundance Of 'toe most choice Mnds of fruit trees. App’yto WM. P. MOSS, ; Rt.; No.. 1 Nassau street ’m i A S ’L E FLA N B L -A lot for ^ iTJI. U25 DEMILL A CO., 188 Front st. m i U K M G S - A eomiflete.aseortm6ntof sJlqnaUties J l andwidtbt,fer sala.by „ - n2l W. G. LANGLEY A CO., 26Br<Mdst. fiJH U lT tN G ST K IPJB S -L ight and dark »trlpes, a TM -ALT LIChVORffi^ Reotch AlA West India Paie I l M. Ale, and London Bro'wn Stout,for sale by nl9 JOHN DUNCAN ft SON. 407 Broadway. -SAf-ARONS G L A C E S , fresh every morning, a t i-T l, TAYLOR’S Saloon, 337 Broadway, nS3 opposite the T abemaela jjrU f ttR I E FOW JOKR—East Inda. asnperb article, put np in packets and botHeSj-fereale by u25; JOHN DUNCAN ft SON, 407 Broadway. in tS G L I S H MUSTAKU-Douhlesnparflne.in bot- JUJ tlestacd kegs, for sale by u25 JOHN DUNCAN ft SON, 407 Broadway. fc< n » L a tg'gA J S T E —An execllapt remh foX hreak- C ? f « t, lBflcheon,»o.,fot t*l6 by o25 JOHN DUNCAN It SON. 407 Broadway- ’{[NANS.—A large aMortment of fine French fenty and * M O u r n l n g F a n » . j ^ ^ W v ^ a f o r t e l e b y ttll S45 a n d S » TeaiUtTMt. 1JSCAT GRAF*C*—Fine b lackH am h u ^^ ; JR eat and Sw»*twat« Gl»F«^ ; m ^ n ^ a t TAYLOR’S , ^ ^ V Y RtJS w . F l B L O jdfc CO-a Comndicion Paper V 7 Warehoute, and importer* and dealers in every de- seripliottuf paperuukF'* a a t«laSt, No. 11 Cliff e ^ e t , New York, offer for sale, the best English F o u r d ^ n r Wires, Feltings, IVlre c leth Ja«k*ta4)eckle Strops, Web­ bing. Screen HatM,Rnling Pena, to . ftA n25 TTLTR A JH A B lintC ANI» SSTALTS-CYBUS U FIELD k CO., invit*thaattontion o f paper makers, dealers, a n d eon»niueta in general, to tb a superior arricle they are row offering, eomptiring the be»t brand* of .»Sueh^trunarine; ■ “€ ' ' ‘s fSs?’'gS4. ^ EBOPEIEXOES, A . B - M l i : . U B i t & C O . , oiiiceiaNewTorttj’No.a'W all street, in Boston, Hsrn- den’sE*pteB8 otfo«,No5 Conrt Bt..MeBsra. D. GrleS fe Co., New Orlesns, and in San Eranoieco, Messrs Kdsey, Smith ft Rlsley. JC10R THE SABE andspeedy transmission of Merchan- J u dis8, Packages, &c.. Specie and -ralnables of erery deaotjption, by oTery steamer between New York and San Eianoiseo. ’ TH w Company are prepared to receireand gnuantee. ail kinds of Express Merohandise. through to San Francise>^ irom New York, in less time tlian it is posaiple for any indiTldnal to perlbrr , The parties coni I nently. F A 7 S T E B J ? E A l l B O A .. . ii:raneiseo. Xnformaffon grren concerning the proper method of pscfking goods for ihe Isthmusronte, a t the New York of­ fice, where shippers can h are their goods packed if de- rired, a t a moderate expense, and cleared a t the Cnstom House free of charge. Faclteges ihonid be brought in, if possSile, th e daT before the eteamer leaT-ee. P a r c ^ re - cefred a t the office u n til 12 M.j the day of sailing. Terms reasonable. JOSEPH W. GREGORY, Proprietor, San Francisco. THO5IBS0N ft HITCHCOCK, 149 Pearl, cor. ■VYallet, e8 ________________ _____ [Agents in New YorY andth^respom Me3srs.'RioI KiPEBEBCM F'AR.E ZtEDHCEXS. THKOU&BI U N E K O R C A H IFO R N U . ANJ ORSGOiV. VIA CHAGKES—DIRECT. B The new and favorite gteamships— S CHEROKEE, 1300 tone, Capt. H »7ii e>»MHBBBB_i'^PHILADELPHIA 1100 tons. Cap Bob’! H. Pearson. Form the 0 s , i 3 r “- ' a«k*f4 tor ftue^anai jtaiiTOaa wiu remain a i naTcn s'ISkSHH'stX'SdSStS Intermadlatastations Bridgeport. Passengers are requested procure Tickets before ta­ king seats in the cars Noyeiaber 9fcbal850. R. B. MASON, Snpariotendent. W O K T H E R T T R A I I R Q A E S O etiw .^stlSSO . the cars rfin as faUow.v ^ ^ o n ^ y^excepted.** UntU S o \ r ^ l T 4 S ^ ^ 2 00, 3 SO. d SO ^^WUiJaias g- Bridge-8 15,10 A M ; 2 SO. 3 30, 4 30, ;onzrill«and Hart’s Comers—8 1 O P T H E B N R A 1 1 . R O A D S . ^'^•’^ c ^ ’hoe a n d S r a t o '^ s i - 8 15, 10 A M ; 5 SO, 3 3 Brewster s, Towner's, Piterse S, 8 20, 0.10 03. 10 45 AM; 3 60, 3, 'iVttUams' BridE*—6 40. 9 h. 10 10 40 AM; 2 45, 4 £ h : S “ H s S ~ s f M . as the Dover i’lalns T rtji will not stop below Ford- ' 8irtTdth,'86th:i09Ui,-Uith. 125th and 13S For Sunday ntendent aOU»A.XU£Vj;C JUKOAJ>. SSm£ tBmmm)sax St’MMER ARKANGEMENT-Commencing April 29. The cars on this road m n in connection with the New York and, New Haven Railroad. MORNING TRAIN—For Pi tio ^ on t t e Honsatonlo Raihp; Pittsfield, and all way sta- lsSfZ'S.-KS^S'‘£i'KSSi„ w 9TG IS1.AND RAELROAD. Under the direction of Oa and after Friday, Novembt ■aSHS“ Sis::::: termediato stations Leave Greenport at 11.30 A. M. for Brooklyn, and i '\K S 2 i!i-& '‘SPA‘X“K K ^ •'‘■ ;B‘\ l t R ' a ^ ‘^ « 0 V V X k C ^ « - p h ^ . p h l a . Steerage, (finmi ----- ...._ mattresses and board) ---- 50 00 Freight to Chagres, 70 cents per foot. Each passenger is allowed1 extent of 260 lbs., not e: hie feet. Expenses on the Isthmus are boj For ficight orlpassage. apply to HOWLAND & ASPINWALL. 54 South street, N. Y. personal baggage free, to the not exceeding in measnroment 10 cu- by the passengers. RACJYTC ffiCAlX. ST E A M S H IR COfllRANY. The United States Mail Steam Packets, PANAMA, 1087 tc \ ^. c ? m 6 o n , tons, Captain D. O. 10,99 tons, Capt. G. E. Pat- for personal baggage free to the extent of 250 lbs. weight, o^°?a!?a%\ig”|a ? e r S ? r r r d y e r w r e \ n ‘\a1^ ton, and IJ per cent, on all specie. £7SKSBS75SiS5r5™\SMnL * Packages should not exceed 125 lbs. weight for mule Passage from Panama to San Bias or Mazatlau--Cabin $235, steerage $100. Passage from Panama to San Diego—Cabin $250, steer- S-iSage from Panama to San Francisco-Cabin $300. O A V IN G disposed of their interest in the Express be n . tween New York and Boston, beg to inform theU friends and the public, that they will devote their atten­ tion particularly to the Exchange, Shipping andO enerai Commission business, in connection with their Liverpoc and Boston houses and agencies at London, Paris and The facilities that have been offered by the subscriter for the past few years, for the execution of London and Paris orders, are now very much increased through the direct line ofsteamersUrom New York. Ordiers for purchases to be made in England, France nd other parts o f Europe, wBl be ezeented, and upon the nost favorable terms, by onr agents. Cash advanced and credits given for the purpose of fa­ cilitating their execution. ParticMar attention paid to entering and clearing goods a t the New York and Boston Cnstom Houses, and forwarding with the ntmost despatch. . Exchange at Bight In sumstostidt, constantly or sal i London, Liverpool and Paris. Offices, No. 6 Wallstreet, New York, “ 8 Court street, Boston, « S Ceok st,and SOWaterlootoad^Llverpool HARNDEN fe CO N,B.—Our firm In Liverpool oontlnnes to give every attention to the forwarding of all kinds of merchandize mpon the most reasonable terms, by steamers and sailing «hlcs. to all narti of tho world ^ ^ A I I I F H E N E AND F I N E OILi lilG H T - O f ^ eitraordinary cheapness, for Parlors, Stores and Dwellings. CERTIFICATES. I experimented on Williams’ Premium Fins Oil and GEO. C. SCHAEFFER, Columbia CoUege, N. Y. B. A. ATWATER. Ithaca, January, 18S0. On a trial in my parlor «f one of the smallest sirep A atent Pine OllLamps, purchased of Mr. Williams, seve­ ral gentlemen in connexion with myself read easily a t a Aistanea of ITfeetfrcm the flame, and a t a coat of less than one cent an honr; and I am now using two more larlor lamps of a larger site - ---------- - ------- mount of Ughtuneqnalledbyi GEG. LEEDf New Y'orki January 8,1860. Also, Bnmizig^ Spirit G»9, High Proof Alcohol) Itonze, Got^ and s u rer Xteaf, Gold and Tin FoB, &o. fto.* orsalelfiT W . IVILLIAMS, SHto at*wP>SWfeW^ _____________ 188 Maiden Une. <5d in n great variety of shsdoa and colors, varying in from $25 to $250 per suit. . , t,suite painted in imiUtion Of Oak, Black Walnut, W A ^ i ^ B ^ D m N giving their whole attention to' inanniactncing, and using the best of materials, and ’aaviag several years’ experience in one of the best man- ufactorlea, they feel touted that they axe prepared to f*^ *d*i*^M*ri ** good stylo, and cheaper than can be I ^ T h ^ a h o n t f t itn U b ln g Steamboats. Pnblio Houses tandCountoResiaencee, are partlcnlatly invited to give f them a catt, andhav* their fnrnltnremade to order. Alsoj* good, ase^ tm ^ t of Painted Wardrobes, Bn- BKUS, Uo., constau- Min**r,OUCr*rOT.fnh)184*, ^^stsieurjsscwssiiszs; ' ' S t ; . ........ The steamer CONNECTICUT, Captoiin Williams, •via leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrdav, at arrive in New yor! Passenegersfort: ^il^YOTk'tO NMh the Worcester and Nashua, or the Worcester and Fitch ............... ? r s ’- s S S - . - . v . - . v . '. v . - . - . , ^ S S 3 - . : - . r . I S Orrton innctlon ...................... 3 _80 \i IS] ms FaB3.'vt .-.ts s ; ^ d » n g ^ c r i ' t l R t r a o w N » . ^ ^ » ^ ^ s J a S S S H H i S S S f f - S a t S s S HfSarS/SfiScffi'pSs is iron and other metals For Marine purposes, neither red^Uad,^erd^^^^^^^ Wheels,.r Bolts.uifc», Davits,aviis, andna all thee ironon work ofi Steamieam andna XICCJI', « u a au tn ir wor« o a a ^ires, wiTe-bTidgeB, iron pUlars and house fronts, pipes and water wheeJe. machinery cars, locomotiTes, &c ; and zinc, which is very far superior to the best white lead, sS 101 Wallstreet. cor. Front. IT A V E FOR SALE THE n p a n t a l o o n STUFFS. Kempton’s Heavy Cotton | Pantaloon Stuffs, from 10 cents to 20 cents Also. BROWN < OronitevlUe, (S. c.) heavy 3” In 'Do do do SO in Bo do Drills, SO in Lockwood, fine, do 45 in Do do 32 in Jewett City, heavy, 35 in Wassane, do 37 in Noithampton, 39 In And various other styles. BJUEACHED C Warren Steam Mill, • fine 37 In Co., fine. 36,36 k ST ih Nonpareil, 87 in Harris Co. 31 in | Wool Black,Drown ft Green Cloths. Wool Black and Fancy Cas- |!s wSSrep. ■ s, ii Sri,”’ North Yomooth. - - S g II !OTTONS I Warwick, 31 in 'LippittCo, 31 in Northampton, 36 in Mohican, heavy, 36 in Harmony, heavy. 35 in , , And other styles. 7JUBJSS. Hack, Brown, Cadet and printed Satinets, tentneky Jeans, Cadet, Brown and Green 3-4 Cloths and white. Hiud Linseys, small and V iS a C l o tb ^ d Ck>aklngs. Scarlet Twilled Flannels. ^ H A a m B a O L A I N & PH E I ^ F S , lOS F r o n t St, ^ k w S d ^ l o o o i K YnailoaStonft—6 casks. FsaUiere-lSbalee. Canary Seed—60 Bags. Wcoric«:Paste^I2« cstses,fimallrt T!he above landing: from brig Jdmo O’ c L oc ^ ' ^ B F O l t -- _ S S S S i l o S eotme^ng with the stages a Newburgh, Kingston and ^°t,“eav« Hudson at 7 A. M and 2 45 P.M., and West s s i S - - ----------------------- should recollect that this fare Includes births, which Is » paiiflftUKer Ualufl ids) counectlnff at From the office in Hudson Streit, near Chambers street 7 i.^i^ For Faseengersto longhkeepsie, stopping at 3‘i s S ^ s l ^ ; “^ V iT w .^T T g L ln l^as^n g e r s to P o k e e p s ie.s^^^ ina: at all wav statioaa. ^ p. M. ^For passengers to longhkeepsie, stopping at M a n h k ta^ W Yolkem^E^^^ ““ S c i r T S # H IB S O N ^ Y v e f - K i u L R O A i . . e TO ALHkNY BY RAIL* gMMUl TA. H »o;N.;.aKf:SK,,r ■ '- h i ; .tt6 p M .,Oron arrival loavAS there at I stations on signal LEAVfci PERKSKILL FOJl MRW YORK, At.63 A M , stopping at all way stations. Passengers wiU promote their convenience'and i££rsSiSSv?r*K.sss is 3d. Take vourseat in the car marked for yonr destlna- i. Do not stand V York.Oct. MthtS j g ^ ^ E R I E AND HUDSON S-;?ss€'fS Ttk« lerry boat will, on and altrr MONOAV, October 7. until further notice, run os follows ; Leave Piermontat C 45and 0 A. M.. and 1 and 0 GO P. M.,tomeettheHud?^on River Trains to New York o^f Th'^ fiu^L^o A 'iveT^Tr^K^m rareengets for the Erie Day Expre.,s Pa-ssenger Train, which leaves Plermont 8 .lO A. M.. may take the Hudson River Cars, which leave the station In C hsmber strei-t, IVeaengera for the Erie Night Express PassengeT Train, S7fsrrcb*is,'.ir2tS’p“5f ““ neT» of t anal, Hai Btteete, at all whicl. >d price of 35 cents. W.4RMAN. Superintendent. w k ^ FALO AND THE WEST. P I “ .live New Yrak frr ^Binghamton, Elmira, Cornlug. Jervis, Narrowsburgh, Deposit, Lanesboro’, Binghamton, same time as passengers via Albany, with the advantage at 7 o’c. A. M, stopping at Ml the^Statiras, arriving a t Coming the same evening at ^°W a V t IUIN at 4. P. M., for OtisviUe and all inter lediate stations. __ VUd’d i X — cih-^^Th’^^^^^^ “ ^ T v l ^ ^ D ^ r L a i ^ i r v L ^ ^ U n g a t 5 A. M. stopping a t all the Stations, and arrives in New York at ’ N l o S t F-XPRESS THAIS le a ,., G e n m o tS , PM. NEWBITIGH BRANCH leaves Newburgh at 5 20 A .»’ EIGHT TRAINS leave from Pier, foot of Duane street, a t 6 P M. Freight for Geneva, Rochester, Buffalo, and ail plpees west taken by Express Freight Trains and Is forwarded through without delay. se23 tf CHAS. MINOT, Snperlntendsnt. THE VESUVIUS AIR-TIGHT IMPROVED •A T E N T E D COOKING S T O V E .-18B < RECEiVINO thepre- mium at the late State Fair, held In the city of ' In mis stove there is an appendage not here­ tofore employed in Cook­ ing Stoves, which con- gista of an Alr-Cham- _ _ ber surrowndin^the Firo Chamb^ri adisittiiig cold airj apart f^om that which feeds the fire, «sd is heated and condneted by tubings two other apartments thst containing the Stove, oporatlug in the manner of hot air foniaces in heatlasf apartments, a t the same time not interfering with the cooking arrangements. It may he need as oircnmstances reqnlie. The increased heat derived from the use of east iron cylinders is 50 per cent, more than those using brick. The oy Under Is more durable and cheaper tl brick-it is slways clear and ftee from cUnkeiB. It la warranted- Look a t them. [Certificate from Alderman Wood and others.] Messrs. J. R. & E. N H tdb : Genttemen :—Having given your newly invented V’esn- vins Air Tight and Hot Air Stove a fair trial. 1 deem it a duty to yon and to those about purchasing, of recom­ mending it in the biggest terns it Is quick in opera­ tion, its dishes are always well baked—In fuel economicaL convenient and n'eanly—it is what seems to me perfec­ tion In lits wnole arrangement. Persons wishing to see the Stove in operation, can, by calling a t my bouse, 289 Washington street. R e spect^y yours, J ^ E S E. WOOD. Havius Messrs, Hyde’s Stove In we folly soneur in the aboveabove statementtatement off itsts qnaliUe^ualit _ s o i q WM. J. BISHOP, Steamboat S. D'. MOODY. Brooklyn. JOHN A BAJLDWIN, 87 Oral S ALBEHTSON, Hyde P a r t BE-NJAMIN V, BUDD, Capt. StnyveianX _ or sal* by the J. Murphy .256 W nfaetory. 3S.8 Riv< -n f t R D O U R . t ^ Young. IrandrtTWRBsnisbnrgh. of bar hkill, of For sal* ^.rtJ* * T * ? th * m « ji’ asteioiiy japuhupu —...— a — ' SMITH, TORREY kCO^ _________ Sign <if tha big T«a Kettin SO iiaiden ptna. j,4|NRA3tONg--An extensive assortment of black red 1 w_’ and colored crayons for drawing, and of white chalk c r a ja^ for the use o f schools; together with a variety cf por^ owjpns of assorted materials gengrsUy, constantly S S m S S S a t L PHttADELPHIA-Leaves by* steamboat JOHN POTTER, ' apt J Simpson, from, pier No. o»a. North River, foot of Battery Place, daily. (Snndaya excepted.) at 12 o’clock, noon, for South Amboy, and froEiXtssnee by cars to Cainden,stop­ ping a t ^potlswood. West’s. Hightstown. Bordentown, Burlinjcton, and other nsnat way statlona. and am rlng in Phnadeiphia about 6o’eIock,P. M. F xre —1st class e a r s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3 09 2d do ....................... . ............ 2 00 f htldren, under 12 years of aga halt prieff To Freehold and Monmouth, by stages from West’a .87^ . Berth Amboy . . . ................. .. ..................................12] Senth \ ..................... .. .................... . ............. 25 Dinner provided on board the boat. EMIGR-ANT LINE at 3) o’clock, P M -Passengers leave by steamboat TRANSPORT, Capt John Gould. d.aily, Sundays excepted, a t 31 o'clock. P. M , for South Amboy, proceed by cats to Bordentown. there take steam­ boat BURLINGTON, and arrive at Thliadcipbia next morning a t 7 o’clock. Fare $1 60. Fifty ponndi of baggage allowed to each passenger, to he rarried at the risk of Sts owner, bnt nothing will bo received or considered as baggage, exc.pt wearing ap- paroL L BLISS, Agent. O T E i O l I B O A T S , ELOADS. \ ■ ■ SUNDAyTKAINS. ■•tnssKr- I 'ns’is , . o . . . “ ■: S;; \r •Except Mondays. SUNDAY TRAINS’ 1 '•fS.?\!\* trains morning and evening, going west, a t Snffern's De- )hia from the foot o) 5RSW JE R S E Y RAILROAD, Nov. , 1850. A ccommodatiopt L ime : L eave N ew Tonx 6 a . m . fool e! Courtlandtetriot, vlaJerseyClty,Princeton,Trenton \ r £ ”. ? . r a “ i.tS ! S i M M , n d M . m; riving a t 11 a . m . L eave N ew Y obe —At 9 a . bi . and 5 r. M. foot of Liber- Fare for first Class Cars, $ 3 ; for Second Class Cars p i M f S t ’ L * - . “ On Srrit)iT,—Leave New York at 6 r. u Newark a t 8]* r. M. for New York. 017- PhliadelpbU Trains stop a t Market street Depot ^’'^^NEW YORK AND ELIZABETHTOWN. L eate . N ew Y ori —At 0 and 9 1 8 .IV ^ .V .^ f c t ;^ d t ^ i U m : * ^ d \ 4 on”« a ^ ^ 6 e. ^ .-R ahw ay “*®'^‘^NEW TO r F a n d n e w BRUNSWICK, -^ „ v s s r w r : ; '~ L kavk N ew Y ork for Morristowny Bover and interme- {p- Those marked thus ♦ leave upon the arrival of the In addition to the above stopping places, some of the FARE E icept THE P hiladelphia TRAirfA—To or from New ork end Newark. 26 cents , Elizabethtown and Rah­ way. 81J cts ; New Brunswick, 50 ota. Passengers not proenring tickets, to pay an advanced price, and all paesengera to show and deliver their Passengers who procure tbeir tickets at the ticket of- fli-e. receive a ferry ticket gratis, extra lines excepted Tickets are received by the Conductor only on the train for which they are sold, and on.the day when pnr- !f i f Z t ?oTe\ Tn prvr«?<*i?Blonoftbe company until their chock I p priven for the «aiD« : or »4 paf^sFOp-ops upa FspresHly pr^-hfhitF.l fmm except by epecial contr.ict FREIGHT \i rOMMODATIOV.8. FcHlght received at the foot of l iberty street. New 'ork. for New Brunstrick til! T2] P. M. and for Newark. AND RAHWAY. HrarOM MEVCNO MOVOAV, APa.L 1 This road extends from Elizabcthport 35 qniles to Pier 1, N R. and connects With trains on the New Jer­ sey Railroad, which leave New York from foot of Court A^new route to Schooiey’s Mountain, with less staging than any other. s S t S i i ' j S f 7?? li.. eeX f r ’' I Zu7abrthtown, 7 16. 10 siS■ ; 3 00m “ mlnn^s before 1 o’clock, to ensure being taken through ''^N* B ^ '^ T ^ g g a lte Tuh^^ orthTowM ra until de­ livered Into the actual possession of the agents of the company, and checks orreceipt given therefor. ap3 niIB.R AKRANGEflUENT. FAKE REDUCED LSIK' CINATTI, ST LOUIS, NEW ORLEANS. So. Passengers Leave New York at 6, 7 and 9 A.’M. and Leave Philadelphia, from the comer of Eleventh find Market streets, by rafiroad, at SJ A. M., dally, (except “ ■\*■ ” ,£’.Tra5s?L‘iiSM7.,;ysss strasta,orat45South Thfrd street, or on boafd steam ‘7 i S S , * a n H « 4 ; “ S : S p ; 7 2 M « n „ , Bohe^an fine cut and colored g lto ; common do. W . W and star drops, paper lamp shades, savealls. E S S S S r Toys, in assorted oases, or from the shelves. -■NANCr GOODS, GI h A S S W A R E , FO R C E j I ; l a i n a n d t o y s .- Just received by late ar- ' Berlin Iron articles, new and handsome patterns. Artistic Bronce articles, Dresden Porcelain figures and transparent Shades Ean de Cologne of Jean Marias, Farina. Jos; A n t; arlna and Chs, Ant ZanoU, warranted genuine. French and German Perfomenes. Fine and common Bohemian Glau,. Plain and cut French Glassware. Porcelain AUnmettes, Vases, to , a full assortment. Alabaster ornaments. Beads In Glass, Amber. Coral and Wax. Hair Cloth and Tooth bmshes,.for sale at the lowest loea. by C. g . A . HINRICHS. ^ _________ 160 Broadway - The sptenald low pres^re steamboats ISAAC N *tY- TON.Gommodsre Wm H. Peck, and OREGON, ' modoro A P. St. John, will leave the pier between Ci laudt and Liberty streets, for Albany, dany, (Sm excepted.) a t 8r. M. ^ i .M a l d e j l Catekili^Had^a and LoxsacMe, arriving W iT E D STATES MAIL LINE eastern cr western express trains. Forpaasage or freight, apply to the Captain on b o a ri Barelay. on Mondaj Also In time for tbe earliest conveyance north. S;s Faro to Whitestone. 25 cents; Glen Core 37^ cents; Oyster Bay and Cold Spring 50 cents j throngh to Hunt- the books of the boat, or receipted for. mhS AFTERNOON raw. Vernlanck’s. PCLOCK F o a M^Verpl'ancfe’sand iVave^ “ ^ - Thelowprcssuresteamer ( <»H;MBUS, S ^ ^ ^ a i « r £ o T “ 's:u5iS“ EVERY AFTERNOON at 3) o’clock, Sundays exoepteA Returning, will lea»o Newburgh a t 7 a m ., landing a t the ic24 Hofiman. every Saturday, at 5 o’clock P. M., from the foot of Murray street, for passengers and freight. The above barge.s are elegantly furnished with stale rooms, an! spaoions and comfortable cabins, and are expressly fitted up for the comfort and convenience of Es:;s'ibS.\pt; “’*^K-RS»'T'S75ni,VoSTi£^ Leave pier No, 8 t^ r t h Wver . near the Bat-ery. The steamer BAY STATE, Capt. Wm. Brotni, on This Line is the only one that runs direct for Newport These steamers are fitted wi th commodious s taterooms, on board, and on arrival at Fall River proceed per rail- K 2 :'n''S'\.S=?lS?A K K The rates for peasogc and the price of state rooms, the A steamer runs in connexion with this Uns to and '-S.ISS’S X K W S ' S . , , . e , „ w ,b . ^^For freight apply on hoard, or a t the office on Pier 3 North HlvFr F<^r «:tate roome or berths apply on hoard, or if it is desired to engage them ahead application may be^madfl to ^ ^ b o r d f n . 70 W(kgt ntreet. e. withtmt ferry, chan^eof cars, or i he-’-t* steamers v?ere hnilt expressly for tbe route. ai are in every respect particularly adapted Uy tbe navi« tii’U of Lon^j inland Sound The acnommodation for passenj^erR are ctrtnmodious and comfortable, the officers ^:r ^ T h « r VLANDEHySILl^wIll lea^e New York-Tues- W»anes,J«v and Friday. Leave Stoniiigton—Tuesday, Thursday and .Saturday. N B.—Passengers on the arrvvaJ of the steamers at St..niDgton proceed immediately in the spl-ndid railroad cars to I’rovidence apil Boston. A Ba egage Master ac­ companies each train to and from Beaton. For pa-ssage. berths, state rooms, or freight, application may be made to the agents on tbe wharf, or at the office Jl, isla n d ( ITY. (’apt SBas Reynolds fS^^vrirv\? r; rp^-nxv's; w 1 *re New York at 10 A M-, and 4 o’clock, M. F l \ h ? n |^ t . 18th. 1850. ^ RrtiSiiIg,”^u''w v e Y orl**M^nday evz:'^^ oity authcrlticB,) continues to bBuranufactured by them and as all awning posts set up in Broadway have to con form to this pattern, those requiring the article should S H I P S « tC * THE B R m S Ii AND NORTH .AatESICAN RGY Aji blAfl. STEAiLSHlBR bIA^:s^EAMSHlR^ New Ym-k, Ti. CANAD.A, Harrison, Boston, r personal expenses. ^^erieuT e d -^rgeon on b o „ d ■n Letters and Newspapers mnsi leie, beyond an amount THE NEW YORK AND LIVERFOOL ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton, construction, as «lno iij theft engines, to Insure strength W e ,^ e s d a y .t’i J | , t Forfreightor^p^a^;j^ap,^ I S S . S L v f . K S ' i L. DBAPEB, Jr., 8 BoSfTa^?Mont- The owners of these ships will not be accountable for e - w . b „ h . above steamers from Liverpool wiU be materiaUy re iw - ;;n;i£w ™ w^5S¥o§“ s s ISC'S, From From From Now York. Bremen. Southampton Ss 3 ” S v „ v » . . . « , d „ . 1 . , . , - ” S T £ ‘ W Floyd.20 Nov 15 Deo. 20 Dec. An experienced surgeon on board of each steamer. WM. ISELIN, A g e ^ a t Havi’'° “*^''“ ^*°-' FOR LIVERPOOL 7! K.'sr’AS'lXb'S. p » i G « „ For freight or passage, haring unequalled aecommoda- .ion, for T^e stea^hfp Pacific wiU succeed ,the Atiantid, and I S S S S i s . . . t I s : » .! .srw '-M ifissrss.firvS Cruz, Veuezocla.&c. :K i s“Ssrp“fi3!s’K[;t3..^^ \Wotton r ommander 'owes to land the ma .....nv-.j- -„cember 6th, from pier All letters must pass through the Post Office, ^ f r e i g h t or I 7\ Saturday, Dec. ^7 “ j Saturday, Deo. I 4 . . ,S p . m Tapsage f25, FreigUt I2A cents per cubic foot. S K - s ^ i i s i l Nov., at 3 o’clock, p. M.,frompierNo.4, ck on the dayof sail- freight o ^ ^ s a | ^ a jjs:- FOR LIYEBPOOL—Regular Packet ofthe lltl lail as above,her regular day. will succeed the above, and saU on the 11th of Jan«»ry her regular day. n2l Captain Samuel Yeaton, have immediate dis- B'or freight or passage, having most excellent accom- modaUonsforc^Un^^dse.^^^^^^^ ' _ _ _ __ 276 Pearl st. I!.t ” ‘\V m . F master, win have dispatch a 84 .South street The Cotton Planter will succeed the Lnrena- n22 be forwarded fr'ee oi , NEAY ORLEANS YACEET—-Etgle L i n e - : (The neWf&st saSilng jacket bark;J. J. HAW- THORNErSmtdl,master,-wltthave quiek dispatch. . baiauca p f freight « r passage, apply on board, a t pier a ijER., pr W EAGLE ft HAZARD- 40 South »t Agent in-New Orleans, Mr,'Wm. Cre«yy,wh(i'win for­ ward promptly ail Ao<>fls to Blk addresa. n23 take what freight may offer, And el9»t *8 hhOTfl- or to THOMAS WARDLE, 88 South street, comer Burlingrilp, u p stairs, N H . Aji goods donrigned Agent South Carolina EaS- road, a t Cbari^ton. intended for the interior of S o u ^ Carolina, Georgia, .Alabama-laid Teuueesee. ^iU be for- irardedvrith di^atcbyfrfeeof ^ommiesion J and.to avoid conftisioiij riilp^ra are^ in a31 instances, requested to Sendee ^ e n t » btil of tiding n£6 -. Johnson, master; w dispatched as aboVo, wharf.“or to ” w m . N E L S l... - _______ No gtodsTvill be receiv^ed on board after Saturday The packet shjp George Sterne. U apt McLeliand, will Agent in New Orleans--Mr. Wm. Creevy, who wfll promptly forward all goods to his address. ______ n25 p iS ld ^ E r R .?o f fS w or to Thonewpacketba?k^Snny\todf^^Rlto^6rma8^^^^^ Forfreightor pass^e-apply on hoard) at28; E R., pr to SAM’L L. MITCHILL, 194 F ront st. Bills of lading signed on board. u20 ______________ SdS o n thk Forfreightor passage,apply onboard, -west pier atBi hng slip, or to E. D. HUELBUT & GO.. “20 84 south Sgt.ssf.m«ro\Si‘Sssfrt ■'r'*\\ Ws“fl‘sa'ssrd.' ‘ “S . w a n t e d —A good vessel to load for Apalachi- ic o lu Apply to EAGLE ft HAZABD, S n26 40 South st. J » s M S 3 ■ « ' s 3 S i S s 3 i der and ready for nso. Has been inspected on tie dock, “ ’rhe”vcsTeUreTat Atlantic Docks, Brooklyn. a{f~’”’Tg^i8S5ga!o^At. i t s ,& 'tS ;.S .V £ !sra .*£ SK.-.S5'«1IS Shirt stare* stantly keeps for sale a large stock of superior and fash ss,r.£S”™:5\£issHti.s.'-S\'’Sss S S ' n ‘lSJ7irL£.';S.t!‘! J i s £ & i5 TheBubscribenrtil Tfarranttamaie ell tin or metal rcoft tight that be undertakes, for the low price of one cent per equine foot. B. Fs BUNKER, 136 Chamborstreet. N. B—Orders left a t the store, 136 Chaml>er stree itherfor roofi orpainriugin geuerti, trill be promptly i : a i i r o r n i a A i m s ^ W . SF^SJEB ^ CO*, ox ffiUUden li DO, one door below Gold street, a M I E S ’S J EV O L V IN G P I S T O L S - Thumb i i Revolver?, a new and improved article j Rifles, Car­ bines, Muskets, Fowling Guns, Bowie Knivsa, PioWj&c, fte Hardwares and Cutlery of all kinds, anitablefcr Califomic tt.xtremelv low nrim» ____________ au3 nd a l a r ^ amonnt of proper^ in this city, To Architects and Builders. /-V GOK-I, N o . 893 ExoaHwAy, near 19th street V / . lespectfoUy inffirms his friends and the public, that be has constantly cn hand and for sole, tbe largest as­ sortment of Marble Mantles, Statoea,. Vases, Funntsms, Monuments, fto. fco. in tUa country. The Mantels are of every description and price j embracing statnary veined, slena, black and gold, brocatello.ana all oHiei; fancy colored marbl«. The design* are of every variety, - - - eiaboxatdy fancy colored marblM. The design* a from tbe p l a i n t to the zioheat an carved andfinished. Purchasers are assured that the prices set upon the above articles are fully aslow as those of asimilar quality caq be purebased at in this or any other city in thd United SUte*. ' O G . win be pieced to receive orders for senipturs tombs monuments,mantels, and ornamental marble work of every description, wbicb he assures his patronaehau be .xecoeed to tlwur out;.. «af l«eiLntifm lal4 J hand cart wantl ■S \S^yS\\'*i‘AiS « j | r s £ ; ‘‘' tho voyage in nearly as ehoit a time as it has yet been iS i S a i s e ;“'\ ~FOR SAN FR 4NCISC0 via NICARAGUA - . f e S I l l S i S f with no detention after securing their passage. rates, and with <UsP^oh. goW E N ft CO. OTTINGER ft BROWN, Proprietors, San Francisco, CaL OTTINGER ft BROWN, San Francisco. with quick dispatch She registers 1S4 tons, is of light draft, and ^ nsmark' aHy'fastealler Fdrhalaaceof frfetght, or passage, apply io 3120 _____________ MAILLER fctpRD, IQg in freight on tbe 1st December, and have immediate dto- Ltch, having a considerable portion of ber cargo en- jsiance of freight or passage having elegant and iassed aocemmodationa. apply to THOMAS WARDLE, 88 South street, b 21_____________________TOrn«4^Btaling slip. W - FOR COtRMBIA RI’ifER.^ASTORlA AND i« f g a PORTLAND, (Oregon.)—Direct—Mutoal Line— .will111, Thedegant,fastseajm ------ <--- • -- AGE, Waiemau, master, hat go engag«d,'WiR have immee ____ ports. This vessel has excellent st tions, and is a very desirable conve; otbers emign^ng to Oregon. For .eaianoe or ireigni, or passage, apply to MAILLER ft LORD, 108 WaB street. C. J Birdseye, Commission Merchant, Of Portlasd, Oregon, and now in this city, will take charge ofjwy consignments to Ms eare, and may be seen a t IC? Wall n26 _ 44 Sdnthatrset. G isE A T I B lP a O V E B I E N T XN D E S T IST K V ^ s - S S p i S i s I S f S s f e i .2tt%,T,S^Ai'‘J^S^SSZ‘X . „ „ „ of ,.bUc u o lc^r’^wlth Mr^J^tioe Nelson in his opinion of the and foreign, makes it a powerful anxiliaiy to the law stu- | Oat. 12,1850. 1 have frequi ROBERT J. WALKER. iudge EDMONDS. inselin the prepa „';ssS'a?x’s S S p i S | ‘S upon every lawyer’e t a b l e ^ _ a j a ^ ^ M r e « r’S!f’’%r=!!KS«’V a a P t ? . ' S * ’ 4RTY|HM3iinM. SOTIUB. sat; t avenue, and setting mber 25, DODGE. Street Commissienn., “ T ^ ? g S e tod. grade 85th ftteet. from rifth a y to ¥ |» th * '' T , d o d g e ,, e t m NoverobetaUSBO. ___ ngqOt ■ m ? e i i U r o ’r T i . r BLOOD. ........ ............ - i h o S S S S “ S S S f W & S S o o c S COBLIM • ClAT. » l ComlheiuftiblincoflSI. «iect. tqth. Bwftft ftwf. ft«nBios!<w>jf MTMatoow

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