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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, November 26, 1850, Image 1

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; m WM?* o T & CO. «f 8ireg l or I w ■ « ^ 3 5 t t i f t i » a l 13i e a n tj for w r y latw ^ o e n t’S •SO F ^M T ISSSfElrrSfapca w iich; raln r e r ti o u r s j r o r il^StK S D ^ ■ ® l«8e3anSord«edcat;. •* >P»fi7?SB*/E5TSkept en tha icridaof th e jajer w c h t i ^ e a a a a a d j t i f ^ Frira. y R |J t £ .i ,4 0 jJ^ERsrrSBHS, paper tecladsi, 840; intli. paper. $32 pra a anrm ; not, howerer, fcr a lew S XKW VORK trse K L P e f k n i n g p o s t , A S ONE jpOt.£.AB PER ANNUM, PUBLIC SALES. B T J - B leecker, Aactiosesr. ^ Offire S o . 7 Proad street, near Wall. Ttse rabwnben. m mldmon lo therr Real E4ate bnsim pt-Ds'ed to etieod to sales of boossoold farcituie, Tesseis, Sf m o n e r ^ remaln’on bond totfcarparticafan can be obtamed attbesales room ■^'•Th^toUownr Taloabfe property, beloneme totfce estate of ii& i ^ t S s % X 'iC s ‘ ssi:'siJs}-,s ......... - M,,dwelling boa., abd lot No20A[nrty n be obtained of the aneuoncer. No 7 lE^vEr'’ ------------- - -------------- Pormapraadfartherpart*calai3, apply to tbeanctioneer. No s S k S \ Wiirlamsboreh Property-Two ^ots on sooth Third street, be. near Uo- id on North 8ih, North 9th and 7lh streets, fortfier particnlais rah be obtamed of rwo mis on-uie Donncriy «uieoi Amity sx. aoicwning. sam ' I f i r T T T - i ' f i s i i S s f ; . KY J A M E S CO L E . O S o e N o. 4S Faltoa, comer Frontst., Broofeiyc eacriorbema'a7«t f^LrjrS^ byko liars see advertisement m Brooklyn Eaale, sicn- . A . H . Muller, Anofloneer. B Y A D R I A N H . M U L L E R , Store No 7 WaD st., oonier of New st. • personal attention to sales of Real Es ■ BY^jTMElirSl&Si'rco, w „ , i , t v / i ’s s S I E s a S p f i i s . s ,, . . B.- H ardw are, C rocke^, anx^weneral^Auction and Com- Avotion Rocm,'23 P latt street, corner of Gold. fOO casks wrought handle Pualiues, for sale lo twd Btent in the state ofNewY< hhtladetpiua A ^ K o ^ e r . B BlSNJAM m^M OON b S t I : Pirtof iheetlTw _ _________ r u i t t i i c SALES. BY W l S t ^ l i . ^ A N k ^ ^ S O N ' a s CO. __ CKSee. N o . 5 Bro*dstreet. mafcorhoy bedsteads. Brussel* Afso.aa aaortmekofitifdjen fnfnittire. “\Yo 6 Li“\di?ssr Sales Boom No 9WaHst. • iitictrtaisand maps apply to Ihe anctioneeis, No.9 Wall BT’gSZ?r'ff'lsS“rgo. d 5 £\’Siisa;fs 41 Sflf 3 \\^ i t m s M f l H S W M M m m _ # i S B S ‘ 2 S .: ir exhibition until the day of sale. surenoferticli ________ of household rurartute, sold lo cmse anri rriramed. logei net Hotn an assortment or ouiiaio roues . .............. .a S S S r S S . . . , .... ...... !d\e*a*v5s; A. 101 o-ciocb. atsr Jsrr^u w .tii. ------- 1...a -«|on the day and evemng*hefore the sg^e. B/?A°M^\E'‘cSrEY. s, carvers, acis ‘SfSolsrM^o\^:- store No 1 Pine street. S ^ p E l i g E E E ...... . .................... ........ ^sorted parkages. , a . w H. M. S S H , s . s . o ~ log^|tSeadan«t«>»- , ,Y. S 3 CourUandt st NTew^l^Hc. Jndjjtlluibb«r WarebOBJ^ - ------- r*kfoaarrhira. in'ccrmao, p ates. »j . ’^llbn^curioosaod S ^ s - S p p p p S S A^lar|e aDdi^^TB'ctt^Uon*o?rtaiiar miscellane. At U o’clock. A.M s S » J “ Z h “SS sS * \ '”\”\- ” ^ 1 1 S I ^ C T I P Hro ..X U K r I7 itHS 8- -« K J ir K ^ ^ ' ' VOL. XLJX. Z _ W M ,K r S A L E a BY f e t e ‘b l “ 2 ' \ S t N - Store 51 Beaver street. - ............ ' l S “i S t i ^ S F “ NEW YORK. TUESDAY. NOVEiVIBER 26 1850 NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR PINE ST. B T lS s S i’i'S^l^^k, Store comer of V/Uliam at. on.3 Brtehrmg* Pl&oe « i . ”SSisSSrZEiFk„lJ 7 ;'£ B r w tE ^ S 'dfflrs. jS Z r S i L f # i S f ® ' ” ’fiSiioiueiod nnnilo ..imiinioe orsate. * atalozuei and samples on tte mnmlne of sale » •Airis;, _ *< gue« gnTnp*«»gon xh«* morMingof^nte ______________ ’ FO S T E R S L IV IN G S T O N , Store No. 41 Broad street'. W illiam Kobbe, Auctioneer. BY VAN WYCK & KOBBK, mer o f Exchange Place and W illiam street. lEr\^rn;TnTr^r^tt*rr'rr:xr ^*Also' M'll nerV (3< jls—4 full ns ortment of millinery rood,. iIrp'*;,o„iefr& T N o ^ ^ ? rveT ;i^?b^^ lis 'nn.l mm-les .m^the mornine ol sale. months.u>or*»v‘*iLn»iois*>(l*>*#K>id#HRlinil r n t - unwunU. 1 ataloBues an ' flifoni,l f /•orneis.Kgtveux, i «nil miptt*. ornamf»nts. necessaries, higniy .it^c ratesl p.jrcelu.n hjs j.es, 'W 3 s b s £ z ^ . . ^ Store No. 13 William street. ffr}~ Liberal cash advances made upon oon.iipn- ments when req u ir ^ ________________ _ r-r’’ M.O 3 TSPS nssoM.'il siyl's wo .li> i i-omforters. noi-k iio,-, ’' m « o iPaLoab .. '-.ortmentofFrenrh nnl Scotch need>-.vorir i E l s S S i 3 S 7 ‘v “‘\7 Also, for account oJ whom U m«iy corc«rn~.\ stork nl /t • •!<. °5oo“\chlv”e tnb n rK muson curtains, various sty les of rife.He ^ and h.sh colors embro.dorcl ” he hove sssr-rtme’l C'mooses some nfi a mn\t anparh e.„uiR evcrofPreil at cnc i.,n m this itt •, anil the wh.,le»lll 'Calol.’igucsand sam Jes on >j,e mornmeof »n'». .’ATAl,nOT?B’SA U ^ Ir^iaN V :i5;'bSlTM H . GEB ____ s ^ S f t s l Mnrshoj. _ _ _ _____ sf^Lsrs\\\ store 109 Wall street. a W iou . R, Honduras Mahogany—SI lugs Hondurasnu'iogany. Pan icisc . \“ j;5'i ; PUBLIC SALES f*.' c'. ]^AwTl’noT^%' o„ P...a“ ? 4 S S S S s , . . . i » f c S H I | p ± ! & S “S S = ' i S ^ i i * : 5 ' S S ” = S ! « S 4.141 plegrtur dinner, tea oestert anit tptc a tefe seU many of V pier uistchfs ft 8-w. o.lpiHi th »«iy m aiiJ go-wls—onrs sting of i £ = i « p « s t s 3« boxes ponderous^ craid'^mi’nesi^jW received per late ar- || Ills. Tne m.ai'uet» are Iroin (} in I'le has. lo F in 'tlln, ao.i all x \ > l 8,: s E M E J V T ! S . T R I P I iK K U A iiL I MlSU AI. MAN ACEH AND DIRECTOH The manager has^the ho' o^of announcing to A M K R ; c ; U ^ S ^ i S . ^ ^ ? N . 'E H T S \ u M ' i i r r s v ' .Ashose t BI 111 .I.IAMI.V Ml in.,sen Lxo i Ri.von.vk ( oneerts of the famous JULIh-N, I.N Lt'.MION, )1)0, 1\ rAni-f, ■nughout the. KciilJ, aa the ilVERY THL UhU.i f'ommencing as soon as the ne< are .prea.l throughout 1 NLVrAND SP l L n DID take place i iiHDAv e v e n i n g , ary VAbT I'RErAR AM 0 SEME 3 VTS. iT A trL lA H O P E R A H O D S E -A S T O R PL A C E . ca’ion he will effer a wL.p.JSSS^s'feSSi? Oroveso. .!.. . .’.‘.‘.'.'.\.\.'.'.’. . ’..’.bi^norNoTelli poTe\d\ 5 %? james, entitled PAQVITA Music by A i Adam, Composer of Giselle. Gen. D’Ervilly, French*Uimmander of Saragossa. let ; Paa de Deux by '1 be Opera Hunse s S 5 S S B ”i 5 i s s £ s r s \tS” Kretuzer i Chorus Mastei U a^“» “eS‘ ~aTAv..v.-.-.%,Ti.S)sr.\\s'?^ j i . i S s - r i v ' S i T , ! : ........................... . I f f £ f X \ , e : . . . . Doors open -t half-past 6, performance to commence a' 7 o’elooh precisely. ________________________ ~ Qjioen^ai.D OnsT. r Xt< a r RT.. I i.rearof .lltyHaU-thoni tc the Iilrge Hotels s . i i i s r N o : i “ \ H : . ' MAN AND WIFE. , , .Lrster I Mrs Aldgaie. le and Parquet, 50 cents • or Second Tier. 25 cts ; Priv ioned arm-chairs. 75 cents. UooM open ac bj, performances to comtaonoo at 7. f „ . « ^ r : S e 0 ^ b ^ r a l i i e T a t M c ! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Ho NIBLO^S GARD B R . rriu^^SD ^ ^ ’v NoV. V c f » r t -“ - “ ““‘^ ‘o c T t S - f M A r A l R E . To conclude with the rantomimo called »“ r i S s W ™ . Ol ^ Tickets 6C ire open at 6J—to commence at 7i o’olc \ R E V ^ t O & O k 'M F l U T I l E A T No 37 B 0 WI.RY. J M. JUNE k l ourniare.iinre Rosa and Madame Benoit, wiU a °^r* vltfBoxel™‘c®s ; Dress circle 23 ets ; Pit, IJ ohliilreu with their parents, half price to boxes. I).iere open at 6J - to commence at 7 o'clock, ____ BAliNUM'S AfHEIUCAN PlUSBUfll. P. T. B.axi .. ..............................Proprietor and Manager. JOHv ar.xknWoom Jr,^. ^.^.^Assmtant Manager in olciicnoo to the num-rously expressed wish of thou- fanda, will remain f h e week only. He will ai pear every Evening this week, in that amuaing andhlghly celebra- THUMB EVERY .AKPERNnON THIS WEEK. Tom Thumb wUl appear in a variety of .Songs and Dances, iirecian Statuary, a.s wi 11 as Recitations and Persona- Statuary, .After which, wi '“ m . 5 ” S ” S WHITE. ,te of 639 Bl whieh will afford tohe t vii oi tlie I hlueso people. ,S\ Ti rr/r;,' Admission 25 cents, - children under 10 years 12 * ota. n p R I P L E U HALL-.MUSfC.AL\ D1 RE( TOR AND AMERIl AN pr o m e n a d e CONCERTS I ihrifUglit-ut the world as I splendid order of muaieal 0 ' pending can be effectei The St ore andoMroairrost c ofhese t entertainments are of so kXikss.vB and CMi.t B a character, such as has been HiiHsaio i nknowx in this country, that lha .Mana­ ger deeny it expedient toffer o to the public a few words I Hnaiiksio.v, then. Is to do for light and deservedly popular (nuaic and for week day amusements, the same as has al>-e.idy been endeavored to accomplish for sacred Tit him who looks with proper interest upon the amu^Jw- i^nts of a ptfop’e. as beiog the only true index of their ih ^ m i ^ r r ^ d i o ^ i f i c a n ; ; ; ^ hitherto beenimited, l and to offer aometbing more wf*r- thy of it. and more in ci rreepondence with the achu*vo- ments of its people in every department of human jnter- AoxiouxS to d serve puhlid patronage, and confldent Uice feeinglready a at the h^ad of p»iif$«r pkimanfnt er SIOO, approved emJorsctJ . ote-. lYMiitYSoafreou . Store 204 Broadway •s:rUE'oTHI^g |llrY T o W T ‘'‘^ N y AL.9. &c tamed on appfreat PHIO D Mil KLk.B, President JiS DVL»r»w, SecretaTv _ niw 23 - rW A S o B E S n B E S T A S D 'D O U B L E EAU D E bVl heads, boxes, calenders, paper fles, S][~‘ ^ n i l ^ ^ i»irHrlrtr*et,BeKM »i(i«nl«ne. In the ebojce of works to bo produced, an entire lode- pendtuce wiil also be obstTved — ao exclusive prelereuce being given to an? payticular school or nation . and while the flne overtures of Beethoven. Mezart, Spotr. VV ♦•ber. MenJ*-hecibo Kaliwoda, hobhini Doni2$*Ui. Mey- ertfcr, Mercadant^ < herubini, Mehal, Auber. hcrold, ,, Ml ai to meet the ws.*ht«» and t i-uu^.i luu'ic ao *-• .4 thvsu' who may f rtf«r u light- » ir.au> aUiu«‘tire n* veiti^^s to 1 »• pr do • a l.UiU iU thio c .ui*U> Wih be the iieW Od>. .HRIsrOPHKH I Oht .MBl S . ' ■ Nf \V U uHU) ‘ CT FP.L14 it -s I A,It., (The Celebrated Composer of the “ Desert \j THE *■\ c.unpoeed in , « «bratk.n of the Ureat Indnslrial Eipcsilton winch b lo^be held in Londan In 18S1. i'ccttslonaffy a fnli i horus win 'be engaged to give the nectesary effect to seme of ti c above works and seats may be secured wlthrnl extra charge in the I first and second cire’cs. for the enjoyment of the most X; .inSSS jSF 4 - 2 ; “ ;f£g'?;'»*.\'l.S 7 ‘:,s’oS 2 ! raoFEbSOR DE d a n s e will be appointed to direct, a. in Parts anf I.on i.n that port \f the amasement aoj to act as Mester of t.eremonies The whcuunaer the W dUU ^ d ireotton o' Fuilher partLaiaru will be announced n22 U U IT a 'VM. a W are JL9 Since the e:ect>o& U ovet XB|)uaAaM.\it 5 BICANBOMBN P a I’EONCERT, C THURSO EYErUNO, NOV. 28 . ?n '8 orchestra, in London, his first appearance In Ameri- ^ ^ (first t im e .) .r ..••••* • • » » • • # • • » • • Musard, I Scptelle for vit-Un. viola, clarionet, horns, lagottti, violincello, and double bass. (the first part) Bocthoven. '■ ^CTw-ork^^o^’fhti tV»^-“ompos‘i“ (F lrsttim c.)*,.«•• , ■* * ......... Sti .Cherubic!. ind Mu.sard's formed in Pans, at the Mabille Garden. (First time 1..........................................Piled 4 Polka—• Les Etudians, ’ from the reper­ toire of the haiie Vivienne Loncerls. 5 Uombe7g'«“ thM r'en 'sftiphoiyV time ) for cuckoos, penny trumpets, rat­ tles. drums, tnangiee, tambourines, nightingales, nusils, vlolios and basses The whole under the Immediate directh BOI HS\. Tickeu 50 cents each, to all parts of the haU to be had at the Hall only hecuicd seats may be had without ex­ tra charge, in the first and second circles, f.r the enjoy- ment of the most Duvel and apleodid coup d-td VfhUh the promenadprs will afford. be performance to begin at half past eoven o’c ock. •8 open at 8ix^ ___________________ n2Q aU, No. 698 Bread* Bl'NY.AN’S PILGRIM PROUUFJIS. Dpt n at 7 , to commence at quarter before eight LUCIUS HART, 6 Btuling«Up. P I L G R I M ’S PR O G R E i -fA’ O W O P E N a t WaJhington HaU, “ a S f v v s s s , Di crs opt n at 7 , to commence at quartc c.nts i ch I Jren half price ; family tick- .1- . ,,..;.U4 I. ur n,reMns. $l lirkcis to be obtained at ihc 1 e s-t< res and a t the door An al,eruoon^e^hibiM.in on Wednesday and Satu^ays, COB-XKR or BnoanwAY AOD W a ^ eu S teest , S s i O T i s i S K f c w V H E fS S iS S S on the 'Western <*ontinent with animated views of the Doors open ^t_6* : commence st 7 j _____________ _ f, mountains, and lusurions tropical vegetatioi y piotorcs of surpassing aristie merit, the views cf sugar, coffee an “^ A d S ^ nce 25 cents ; children half price T H E PU SSELPORE^ACAJPEM l Y O F P I S E l y B W FA IST IN G S recently, arrived from Europe among which is “Germania,” by Koehler, a work Of *\^e^Ex£M H o n^Paintings hy Artists of the above SchooL has received many additions, and remains'open at Uio two roi ms, over the hall cf the I'hnrch of Divine Unity, in Broadway, between Spring end Prince street?, from lOo’clMk A M tilUO o’clock P ^ ^ 25 rents Season Uekets GE^fEEAZ, HOTICES. i i H | g i p g i s ; f n20 tDec4 N. G, BRADFORD, Cashier. a y -D lv ld e n d — Tbe PreAident and Directors bag tbisday declared a dividend of eight per cent, on the s a i s s f J i s ® £tt?- D lT idcnd—flla n f r a t lan JFlre In s u r a n c e H i S S S S r S i t S |E S E T t e 5 .E I « £ e i s B The transfer books will be closed from tbeSTth Inst, to 2d DOefember, inelnsiva n12td2 J H. CORNELL, Cashier. ■ ^ aiotibe'li. hereby mven th a t'a n electio'n or n l ° S t d 3 * ’ J. M MORRISON. Ueshter I S I S ” P S & - = K S : i , |S & | S 7 ii, i S i S s ; siliii-Ji, | H ~ p s s - a ^ i S u , s s s i m . -■ jb S E P B GODDARD, P r e n c h , E n g lR b , ^ i ^ ^ G e i r a a n F a n c y GootU, 17 BU R L IN G * ^ I^N E W YORK, p. F. TiEMAra. mbSl CORVUMRl. B R O T H R R <St CO. AMERICATbSSafira H O USE The principal ofedd fim is Asioj B. C obwine , American AU communications to New York addressed to the to the care of H ater & L ivinctoh , San Francisco, will receive prompt attention. New York, January 10,1850. : • R eferercesj i • Grant & Stone. ) . Jal.itf GENERA^*smr?iNG^k MER TS JOSEPH fcOoSr’ Beferences: Mer..T:s. T hatcher , T i ' ckeb & To., New York. P eck S B eoocoood , do Messrs l'\D ’ i^Rif::!Afr^^o.,Boston.\° “ BuRnouoHs & L r \V8, j Providence R. I. Messrs. 5 rS'. B A ™ T ”^“rR l N ^ ^ atf. B & Co. occupy a commodious Brick Store, erected nS eod A R. ENO, 74 Broadway. ^ ^ U I I * M E M P H IS , from Now Orleans, is dipchwf;- n23 WM NELSON. ,S5 South street ^ x O N S lG a E B S per “ Hose Standish ” from New 1 ..' Orleans, ivl I please attend to the receipt of their goog. a t Pier 41, E. R. E. D. HUHLBUT^& CO., ^ ^ lO N S I G trE E S per packet ship “ Cotton Planter,*’ p * e '.^ i t n t ‘^fire days, Wii- be - .t^ P ^ u b l ic store f l v ! m Q N E B S > r ~ b r i g l ; £ 5 ^ : 'f r ( r m 's r 'M 8 i k s ^ P’-'g®® receipt of their goods, at ^*n22°’ ^ E. D HURLBUT fe CO, 84 South st. ^O N S lG iSIum S per ship Robert Kelly.from Havre, ^SO N S IG N B E S per bark May Flower, from New n22 E. D. HURLBUT & TO, 84 South st.' I / S S S S S S H a trance in Franklin st. n4 Im opened on MONDAY. September 9th. The aim is to give thorough instruction in a few branches a t a time of a carefully arranged and comprehensive course, in- Iwf.S'SrSS^Thl, .\S\Si 3 sat?! f-iiKK out corpotsl punishment. The assittance of able teach­ ers has been secured. There are font classes, the terms for instruction to fami'yattend. Clrcnlars may be obtained otLookwood’s, ^iVaL • 3 J?fS 7 ;S.'SS.‘»b^S^S.T“ land, Scotland, and all the British Colonies, also in sE S 3 3 i . S ? i , . i l S 3 m m m M i s s a S r - “ -' 5 r G vviceoethe DEtAWAaEA^wn ^ ^^nldtWS ***' IS4AO N. SEYMOUR,Treasurer. a s K e f K ’Yi'saiur.'M s New York ; 7 Exchange st.. Providence nl0 tjal WANTS. T C S ” “ . s ^ a T s r s » : 7 .'i es. is desirous of obtaining employment far the season or C 7 a®s, 7 EtS?str*\““ ‘‘’’‘“'‘; r O O K T I B U a n d G A R D N E R W A N T E D -A s z y M s ? r ; w ’g : i: t s s s ; 3 ,s.-AS\Js t ' s r s ejzes; m.-uiulaci&iut JXpiesdyt-aBd warranted to remain hard, by . ’lY. HULL’S SOJN, nl8 1C8 Cliff r t. MARINE LIST. « Blade Hagan, 3 days from fiangot, wlthspib'ng o ^ l l S b W r n 1 ’t* N # .t f g - m d s e .l t i Schr PaviHon.Swem. fioni Harwidi, with jna6ker^aaa cod-, ' i £ f e ! S , © s r r 2 ■SSatfi 5 SSE’ 32 ®' S i v - S M: f i ? i i ’ MOiNitOE. i “. ££V ::S ? S ? T S g S«' t e S S \ f J ® S & l S S S S 2 S AgstRepesl of school law .^9 9 ForRepeal.6031 6?, ^ v eh the .Yerjr food. Of thO nnfOtttthatO lAgow**.— M O N T Q O M E R T ,^ ............................. ‘ \ ' S : SS«f vji'TSfl.-:-”S 4 ^ £ | | f Avem, 'Whig,. Maj 1 P ^ E | P ' : | I c g g ? e “m“.:Befton:::.: m K : . : : : | | l | troasupy to makO Rp any, tempor«T V>r ;^Re.mn.dfWanen,p mTeIl.ofSHatbor; i'is W. soh Alfred, fm Nantoo- F O R E ieS PORTS. k-Maty, i)awes,henci, s^’Hopkins,' for If Y o i ''^At'Magdalene Bay. Mexico 13th nit, sch Cecil, for San Fran- DOMESTWPORTS. ^ S tii . 2&—Ar soh Hanover, Wilmn, fm New York via J **B a 3T MACitus, 18lli—Ar sell Splendid, Kellar, N York; Lu- I||*\!s;y“.i'r 5 S A We ship Vineyard, Coffin, for Pacific Ocean, willsa” on Tuei g i f n * E ? M a n ^ g f e n ^ Sid se'h Lonk rarpoRTJV 'M c COAJL. erofRmgOTB ,_Y»nd ISthstrCet, it andCherry ktreet. O ing from the Lady Franklin, a n d * r sale^lots to jsnitjmrchEfieM. Apply to „ SAM’L TH05IPS0 2TS Pearl 8 t , w i o m n f i i c o A j L w T h e W ilhe$hurrje C o a l C o m p a n y w-s P K E F A R E P a to S 0 P P L S s t e a m e r s ; Jl &e., with this superior Coal hy the cargo or from theiis Tsrds, a t marketprice, Apyffy a t thFOffice of the'Company, my31 _ _____________ 08 BtcoMwwy. v n i R E ZR01V3—PoU a R e a S tO e l- I n seta, witR NRWBOHLD ^ ____ _ .^ Inany climJtte. jtq (jloia, Steel or Qpm fenp, be&ft the most imj:toTcd principle of-Ch - * ' Blacky Blnoj Rea-, IndeViHU, C i & S e 23 Coitlandt at, | aW M a a u l k o t n r l n g S t i ^ ^ B ^ ^ ^ i ^ ^ l i t t S , E I R E S C T H .» K r D « S ® F s ^ - S s ’^|!l— .... _______ middlei medicine, a n d th e suifft iemOkti Bctionle xa t h , R o m a A o w ial, o « a » .■olmta « o o n M - c W o i A \ mSI f i S o ? SSreSS amongst them th a t o f ir e a r ii * » p e e a w «t»P* iSBfi f ’^Wch. *t:M o R G i^m o . « » jo ^ I, : WasWETOicar, M o n ^ 1 8 5 0 . #HAT W ttL OONOKS^BO^LrAdril* .CHtoJPt^fAaK __ .......... .. -.thth o ;<;< » tm t^,M« idd l jri& U i» r « a t t RICHMOND, ri layipOwertoi^^^ AdeSnito AttX*ewMsrlf, ■ th k t th e p o s tt h ttlir ^CSKier^laexamiiii**tfo «!»- - H ’y e e t o a i e f t l l n A d d l t i e i l a o t m ^ ^ Ss^ririSJSH sJsSfc.;* WESTCHESTER. ..... . Against r e p e a l- ,.... Paris Aeaf mitted a theliyer.dfl man' V A R E E T IE S . , one u yer, ia.maa.»utt-in auiAuain i ■ , ^nTOOfpnrPortSiiM'^W^ m & S I S s S S r r t * - P I .......... . . S i f S ;hafch o rgan;r Sd, that b y the principal traits o f’ systetn/’ ^ ! .kuffipieatJrSTeniip-to t S f t ^ “o |a n f results of rcsearchea and teasocings, he eoild'ht makes theso'statements: 1 . T he N ew S tatues of P owees .—A writer for One oftho London papers, in describing a resent visit to Florence, alludes to two new works which oOantryman, Powers, has in hand. Th.e firs omblematio figure of America. \ I t is that oi bnstyoang female,-“not a 'Venus, rather “more p f a ,-.r7.rv Diana,—typifying a youthful vigorous -statek Th-C' shonitt expression of the featnres ja ota-most noble and dig- ??.. * nihed order of b e autyj-iand the headJs surrounded; by a diadem, with thirteen stars. The left arm anil important hand a re elevated, as if Othortinff the, people to ^ trust in H e a v e n ; while the right rests, on the CorMSpOKaelice o C - tte E w e n lp i f f c p a ^ . .. .— A ------- ,. HquboUH O 'o.,T».,N 0Y ,;25,I8i^^ idiNiA', ■ - • lie design tl ssontial el attention of our medical readers San Spirito, Ihe largest of .the Roman, the clinical hospital of the Roi oertaih number of beds are s i ' tients. They are, however; v malo word containing only t Still, as the professoi aside for years, 5;4 d M p e reon t. - ' ' The midwifiery hospital. S a n RocieOi is v ery small, containing from 20 to 26 beds only. A ll women, or not. are admitted i f the case ho iw'ed to retoain'oh an, The childten a re de- 0 * u * C b E i ^ ^ p ^ d e n c e * LL d o N G K E ^ B o y ^ u r** * ^ t t ^ i q n ^ t t e a luopOuBded .to itery seotio* o f o » tt n t^ , i l: imporaiy deftoioaor V»r :«eooi(mteiA A traS e a xo- H* t h i ^ tkM iff tk e khbjOetriinlM* ^ tk« I* . - “ ' W H A T e t n U i t moS,*i '^JIiDomBniott^’- ' rispoBsihlo ^ .aomo, o f ^ n r Here I am,p'nceimote,Jn AI uthe'Molher of Pfeiidena‘’“«»nd iuhonff ttrt F ,V . V.is, and th«reforett;iaTOB8ihlo-%W ,ao«M, of® readers m ay be gratified t o h & t *o» e tlun * o f t t » eqpaition.and prdspect! of thui section: of Axmntiy. In oveTylhtng in life} there a * ^ x l n r o Of fteOd understood. W h at hO' desired to Represent was, ‘ America’ trampling under foot,;pot monafoMcai fied i n V f r g in ia - - tb e r e - i f r e g o o d ; a E m s « d b a 4 a ^ ovenoiithe. tn n ip i k d ,^ia d i^ :ii!il to getibU _ ----- .snreditadmsk.e>hijwRI#f<fr‘th0fe;»re*t6n ch w e e i to tains bd- -one tha^ie.wiRgetihisnecki^broko W o re k e . * e c ^ - eredwith pygjjeg-^onjnoy, .a£itsh<MdiappeRSo'bO:%d»rk ; rainy night; A M thedtivftc }«s t » k c il| «^elall,” j o t t will Y iry prbhahly b e plimgeddn,tQ» worse pUoo than ® i^“| Riipyart>s'‘Slough of.Despoad,’\ii ■ , A t P a irfag GotaKHonse, OR m / power, h u t tyri English sculptc sent. 'In ■’ \ placing a th a t h i s s .......... „ _ replaced the diadenl by a, soeptrt noath it. The statue, -Which is drapery, will be ioarteen feet h i ’ beauty, and dignity, combined, i that, X have seen in I taly. Pow mence working i t out in marble, i _ _______ in frfteen months it will be .ready for sending < havedwelt a t longth on thissb,jtot,jnot only b< of the great merits of this wodi of a r t, but because, as I have said, the scul|)tor considers his design to „ . qj “ By the side of the beautiful model of ' Ameiioa,’ -giial,. Who; stood a yet h alf-deyelopedstatne of ‘ Calh'omia,’ ” •' Soine; H ospitals in RoME,“-Th8re are mneteenhdi in the city of Rome, where there are made up ^o-Ai. “ontraotors. W'efAMahleianaMwflUig ‘itod^ ;»0-»ny beds. They are the San Spirito, Salvatore, SantaJMa’ longer/ ThodMdsJnBWirfag ’jcoMi^ WrO g#w*nd!y ria, M aria de Poveri Passi, San Giacome. 'Sallicard. Worn oiR w U h -hardgsi^«-;but a n eW _ e^ M g oom- Santa Maria della Gpnsplazoine, Ben Fat« valesoents, nine foreignhpspitalB, a n d S a n : ring interesting account of them, will )ospoad/’ f»irfag'G gathering. tOf tL., — Iri8hmeff,'wlio Wd; bsea gkeatod ont of Umlr igs,.hy» Oopteaetor <m .0>e A l e » a ^ W“ hM /abs^M talw ted Wj«i Jrtl m L f TrayaRing with an-intelligent liberal Vjf- bods. Still, as the professors have the right of seled-: Hon from a ll the otper hospitals,,Qie cases pre usually 8iavefy;exi|t8,at wiH e v ^ h e d%ep4tablOfor,AwJut* pital likewise possesses .an irOtnlnse; leoture-rpom, a ^ n i n o b d ttO ? lM n ^ ‘'^ M tlS g g e r .’^ I n tlH*i^ smaU cabinet of natme-1 history, a.good difseotinr ' ” „ ^ . « s _ '. AH OLD EBSCDEHTi' tients were admitted into the bospim ll of whoi4 Hfe, b u t hobaSEeen Wjumingkm;,dei®6t|0*, p M ^ W s h o m A \ TM hundred acres of Iani“-two or three hnii’ ooMMts«f fine-timber; and yeshe i^ a o f e * WidlrithAfiklL - - SLAV-E tlABeiit. J LondoM oonhtj ii farSuperibf to Faiiftxiapbifit offertmty'WMirnifrovbment. TheaSM is rieberabd better Mltiv»fca,bdtMseijteat6?ilhere,»#WeU.ai la. otherpartsof y&ginW lsthatitishdd by toofeWper- aoni,.Amaa&otKisidefelaEmallfarmerifhoowBilMi indrel acre*, oob ®“ b ' a lH r W te d ,M d 4 ^ 'of two MorwoK’saotfSK. HOMomi Mnnty Js celeW tM as bate tbo ssidenoe of the late PreMont Monroe, wW * ’■ m of four th o n s u d acres, a M heiag «ia aa »r£dciu|i“' S i ^ d » K « i S S f « » M S S § a » » l i » 7 i b t W i i i i i i i i « S ^ W ^ ^ W M R ? S w i S 3 = « « \ . I S f e r M S f c i i

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