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. i rn - A i EVENpJG POST. B y & CO. __ s« r U « * — - c-'“ TS3keiUMt ; c . t i , in - a , cf t i e - .ler i ' ^ s S P S i s a j s s ^ THK P n n p m s i b n n Oicrx* ies^/Cist'o ia<iassEe3 K l c fitis ol-sli ic s j eccki la £.»strllsliig, S S i ^ S S & 3 ^ ■ ™ \ ' v o 5 S o S K « ' = K - ; ' S \ > \ • rnfPnO K E J3 STyiJS..Ut^’0 o s k E A S O tiaSL E f u b l w _ ba L e s ~ i:^ See teeal n< ^PtahTOi ^ M m -One eore lot sitoalo at Uie janction of Flnsli. *iJe<^fFtoh;ng avenue and Uv'Jire.: L'^atSa'^-offiS; o?gr C^welu-N^ « F&.ftt:Br^ok! avenue; hou»a=t ft7ua by l3U3.ne; rotait7 ,ns S t s p ? r f £ l = 5 GoS ’ an i Prycioulh tt. facuns on Plynouih a. each 25 by £« it A ia^e potljoa of the patchare money may remam on ............— .......... . ............... - ’^ro?iii^^S& n n a tioD , em Kefeise^s advenuement mihe iiati-srikrsj. r MifSTV* ' > store Ho. 75 Maidec laos ~ ^ 7 # a s i i t s I.intbeto'evn Milter. She- s l i '■ - S ^ H l i E S S t S E S l : JPOTKOKK. \ru.epraU's best New York. rtV ^ a ^ P h ia. do do do to arrive 1 ___ KewCasUetestawality, instore. do do do to ariiTo a t New \ ctk sMBlnton. by , UCliffatreeuNew York ForsalBlntots brand* cn coara uara jcn.s.viii*w>^Ai.uA4 i s f e “ \ “ \ ' ’ s i f s . s f / s . s s ”\ re ^ o N ic r o , j T » T ^ i H H W K S a - T M l o n s LO‘==&>J b to . ’a 1. CO.,SfiI[taui M. 35 Brosd-afc J§\S? »X iri*5tU L T p j j p ^ S i O O - J I ^— ,— .. ^ FBBII 0 S a L e S. n v w S i S a . » t u , . , „ , „ . Qgse^Ho.SJBioftdgto a country'■rendenc6°^\nT!CKi to 3 aDclioneer. No. 5 Broad ■ f S . : “ H'^'i“ u L l ' E *.'X 4 J ^ 7nil \1T tifo oid'T“^ r reas—3.003 Cfedat. and a^fiCO Jumper Ttefis, in C_^PCTS, &C.-AI B raontha eredit-doO roilE CoUon In. ‘ Catalogu^'anil samptes on the mornins of salo. Catalogues and samnlraon the morning of sale. sr^sfltiI^SiSTS 6 . St-aro No. 57 Beavor street. ■ g S i S l p f S sEt ;SSsar.rk“ st.,, h '“AliSriM p ^^upellina West of England wool blfc. brown. satin and William Kobbe, Auctioneer. BY VAN W YC k & KOBBE, rner of^Esebange Place aad WUliam street. IK'^. &c rat a ere A U.I. 3 bates snperior quality do'uble milted Belgian (anoy cas. I s a f s i s : 1 all silk vestings- cashnsera # S g | | f t S ' 5 . 3 5 compmias a full a&surt&aent Ga« reai Frwch linen feathess. ostrich and marabout jce of richest embroidered iace espee, now on .ntire.nvo.ee Of „e. ,,> s s s ™ l ! l}S E f S ^ 34 pt-ces mrz ii.: e Llue.Six.ny aree-n. mats and rnuge color fO •'■-’■ \t'i-'s 'V Be nod oi su- 3U pieces lulUU-4 cr ate tcalTuitey red end sir.ped double warp 4 sliS £ d : : r , muslio curtains. tubte covers, loraing of sate. X V o . S . 3 dornasb table imeo A lso: J5 bi tes &Ta*c? A^ mtian i t e C s i r S . ' ; ‘ “ ' ^ “ \ i ^ € S ------------- pougeo bdkfs. ilrPUl—in boxes. \ # *a^## * « y 6 * f t W i o r i |3 f ^ C *a froai E »ylK I6M imd oJu^eoted, m d o f e p v m tie : ' .......................................... * ^ I ii ia m » t6 j V O L . X L y i L NEW YORE. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 3 . 1850 . NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR PINE ST. _. PUBLIC SALES. ___ » i S ' . N S ? T ? o . . S a I e s 5 S « ^ i S ^ a w a y . ^<’)ae family Eoekaway Wagoo, made by Wood. Tomlinson & Ecjlteh open travelling caniage, made by Tewell &Sons, .L e i d ^ ints and quart; also. f, can bo packed and shin- B v i A ' S G t M & t K ' c O . Store -m Broadway. | g | S | f i l l ; | a | a ‘’ on .VFTKRVnON • ; S “ I’. ^ i . i ' : ..................... - ................................................ ybm . rear the £ih avenue D loth acdlitii a?c PUBLIC SALES. Andrew Mount, Auotionoep. I W IlsM E R D lN G S & M O U NT, Store SI BeaTcr street. woolleo nplas an the morning < o’clock at the auction ra^pVaro^ froifered and plain Canton MARINE LIST. CLEARED Sm C E %UR LA S T Packet ship Gamck. Adams. Livemool, SoolTord. TiteVoa St *^’acket chip Colnmbia. Fnr’oer. Livewol. C U Mar--ball& ^Packet ship Fimte Albeit. Meyer. London, G..nael.. Slmtniu g. Funcli a 5Icmcko. a, L H Aiken. ARRIVED SINCE OCR LAST. ‘’‘A'ifei'mieaiist of whom it may coacorn. II c o s ^ f l Iklea ana s a m p ^ p - |y ^ ^ a \ f r a l .- r \ ^ ----------- 1 a S & H OflUKT. Store No. 13 W illiam street, incoi mado npi.n coa.igi,meciJ vrbcB O H f e » « S an^urei'*^” ’ c«a edvai rATAi.onT^fe'S^’^ k f f e k H . ^ ' i S S m a n . g e r rlarawswo. CrocRery, and General Auption &nd Com mission Merchant. Anotloi-. Room. 23 P latt ntrset. comor of Gold. Als- 1 , 10 cases UJ3 dozen. Camphana Lamps. £ p s S s i E M s S ; S nnt f.•^^^»t^.h^a. • S toroN o .l4B lattgtr««t. II be sold at a conside _ ___________ sto r e 109 V/allatreat ’S i i & ’s.w-.h.™.™ & ^ e ? a “t\& '\=' SIOO. approved endorsed notes. -At 3 o’clock, in Constnnline’s Yard, in Mangin street, near r FOSTERS^'te’ B l v f w store No 41 ^Broad street ■ g p ‘ p f k J S i ' s T i M U , sisLSr\' ? s s .v s s , •And at a onb-sequent meeting of the Board. JOSHl’A U y n i ^ L L . was u n a n i m ^ i y ^ ^ ^ e ™ ^ s ^ w - Paxson, LatL^n^obm. James Marsh, IE 5 fSS?& m w S'“ - KSASm. JO S E P H GOWDAitUJ,' n F a n c y G o o d s, Frenvlv, E u g ltsSi, a n d G e r m a n B jt-1 No. 00 fedar street., b . F.~T. nI rEE ~C s fAI \ ijrMN & F T A N & CO., M a n u f a c t u r e o f ---------- 'K . COL ------- liK A O . BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. lANUFACTCRE _ O IL AND W A T E R CO L O R AND W H I T E I' C. T he Mi is N. mb3l C O R W IN E . B K O T I I E R & CtT. AM E R 1C a n 'C O M M E H C lA L HOUSE AT PANAMA, Tho principal of said firm is A mos B. CoawiaE, American AU communications in**New^ Y ork' addre-sRod to tho re^ - S ? r a ° L \ i:,‘?;i-tJ'’^al^oVk'iL\udOr^^^^^ to the Caro of H ayrva LiviyusTOrf, Ssn BYaacifiCO, will -^Ccl?0 proiQl>t AttOI»tluQ. New Vurk,Jaoaar^V>, 1^*50 I.7.IU-I •:.. (■ ■• dl, 1 I b.lad-lphia l^Xt-t tE .'•t.-ne. I jalJtr ^O 'JSB G N E K R p. r Br a-‘g ‘ f ro a n t ” will \plcaao ^ tvndtheirpornuta.nbo y J a t the foot olcoiteats Btreet orto tli« iCict cUhe Consigneas, without do’ay a”31 __ ___________________ 24 Beaver street BARCLAY &L'iviNGTO.’q, LIVINGTOr . I'PF?iiE*:i E8! HowUn'l& Asv’ntPuii ) ;.V^^Vcrii ™ ..u . . . . . . . . auSl 40 South 6t I ARcncy; iW ev.n,16tii3nly. i\from FhitS. m baltest to 1. willi salt'and slrom Cronstaiit, with iron, to ^ lUrk Hai.iet Cooper. Hopkins, 5 ds fm Baltimore, aour and to- i&is 3 a i : s s - « » H s J S t iO|(. tlci/ncs. 13 Im W Qd»or, NS, wt 'ipla a. Ward. 11 ('s fmPort Mona. Ja.wifb oldcopperto \e. litd'J. 4 dsfioin .Nowbein. NC. wj'h naval s*o*es [ary. JohniOD 4*‘srs .Vora Swar-boro, NC. wPU naval i'A, liaMiian. & ds from Cbaik^^on. wiih emtonro VVdfp 0-3*011. N(\ wttb navpl 10 dayi from Steuben wdb lunibe. 1.5 ds from Wilmins;toii, NC. with \SS.. -------------------- nav'^'i'ster\; te r s t e r - ^ * K : ^ s r 2 t?p ';i- I e ah'c 3 S S S '— S;EL- 5 r*;«'d;/ 4 :;te .. J ‘i; CPw,d. m - . sXMary Claik, Swill. 2 day. tm Solom. with mil fii'MiXTilnimTnmK ,0 SimpEon. Sriloyn^,?™' Sc^i Cmciiinatas,as, Bcllaiti.cllaiti. 122 daysays iiomiom E\sworlJ;\sworlb. salt a ud fish to it B 1 d i E with lailtoad d.S'i\' ^ . iU»e lo Stonlon & DIS.iSTERS. 4-c. 1 § € I 1 i @ £ S ^ Imi at llie dale' dcstiuoiioa. FOREIGN PORTS. Angatlla, Aug 14—Sid bug Aan El za, Pomioonih. NH. t ‘’croDst^t Aug 3—Bid Walter R Jones. Co'Icy. Stockholm, to ^,Uahtes^Ani26^ArbngNancy, Taylor, P1iUJ.s.h Herald. v„.,iv_rr ---- i_ chas Croekei, Wood. Cha-tes- -li !a Duit. SM lUh, [ f i f e x i f i S i .;;; ■ ■ Vr:.;' VV'.rr^ l o i^Ans '-^Ai Ava. Coci»ci. Noiklk. fPEB steamship ATlAKTir ] Sbips Report—Lat bJ. Ion u43. oaxk Janet, of Pun Glazgo. for umber laden. ftsaiassissi.’s ® ^ ’’ 7 .SSKS'. . , e » o . . u s i s s i i g ■^T|;-m T fi W AS. -Sun m J b by^^ «uK ____________ ^ 149 jind “ ai F r tnt m oot. ^ H A I S I F A G R K 'W I S E S —The best braUds, lapts %./ *LdqnirUjfor g»le by aa32 JOHN DUNCAN t SON.487 Brnniwxy A K £ i ROOT-YirgiBla «acl Sene . . . DOMESTIC PORTS. jg 23—Ar bng Patriot, lof Pror^enoeJ S - S ^ E n S ? M c “*?Sia^ suey.NYork. [York; Jenny Lind. do. Pros- . Augl>-Ar6ob Hornet. Geenport; sloop Rising THE EVENING TOST. c o r r e s p a n d t a c e o r tb e E r e i i l n ^ F o y t, A lbahy , Sept. 1 , 1 ^ . THE GSEAT state PAIR. p S T O ^ a i s a f s a s s a i s - s ^ r s s s ; . i ? s ‘iai!s;s sJJouse ; asAe % aa-aeiug 8a^fl5eua«feoa him. Tho boats anct thg^K asoh RiYOrUanroadhronght this way to-day mors thau their usual oomplementof passen^hrs, some espeolally destined to the St t'air, others intoib^iDg a t least to make Alhan stoppinje place before com order to a ttend the great iudustry o f th#statei The west b rought largenumbers also. pass from thewteamboat wharf to the railroad depot, on their way through the city, oannot be saj,d to see* it. Itisuolongcraoityoffourthonsahdlnhabitants, and eight hundred houses, with, their gable ends to the streets. The oensus takers h a re found a popuisi' tiou of a t least iUty thousand,, and the visitor sees-as many fine architootaral-stiuetares as in a ny place of its size in the Union. I t is true the citizens have eyeii yet the reputation of not exhibiting that, inviting front of hospitality to strangers which IS hoticeahle in’ eastern, and still mere in western citiel, hu t, like been warranted m surnfasrilj taking Kis life. ,X. ^ '.' th e EOAD-irtHCHASi The subjects whtek afe a t present engaging Uie public Inina in tB s quarter, is the phrohase b y th e ' corporation o f T o r o n te,'^f the three principal roads . . . . . n p - o n t o T i ^ e i r e W B' J^a^OOO, to be: ooii board—enppois Pbiladeipbia; zclir Shajon, Tiiatclier. Love, is unjust, in spite of the recent ‘rofeSsor Olmstead and tho savans of New England. Albany, likelhfe H ill o f Soienoe, in - the English Reader, is very difficult to ssoendrlh the topmost. Few strangers u ndertake itv' Ocpasiohaily,- <jn«r vmrA:OUtflsp#ipgith.a jOuts^Mmiielf ftU- rmtivozpf the place, a nd inakesthe' bing suburbs, and ascends to the mmits of the city. He returns, retires to his hotelj jarfcs. New York: Excel, Hopkins, Bosloni soh B E Mon II. Lis. Honneita. Boslon: toh Eni-ly John on. New Mai ilia. Uemera a. itl «I.e York, Smock. NYoik; £8-Ar bi-'>s S E Parker, end Chades Faye. NYotk. rD ”'Eill!^H“irS“on,‘>“N IM P O R T A T ION B . VSo7«asiatoto next day takes medicine, and the th-id dopai Professor Olmstead got up only as far^ 1 believe, as 7 feet above the ia d g p t 1 tho State Geological Rooms, eighty feet above having ascended to Congress H all, one hundred feet d to have discovered the indwellors making ^ ithere; and avowed that ho preferred much isles mixed a t old Tammany Hall. Tho city 3 to two hundred and foriy feet of a scent; and intinnes to run up in the capacity oEeaburh- beon thus particular in the desoription of it, because travellers in general, less patient than my- polit , . the poiislcs mixed a t old Tammat n dforiy p in the lular in the desoription of it, leral, less patien t tha n my- Blf, 6 have not-takon the palus to study the topogra­ phy of the place. In order t h a t the multitude in at­ tendance at the Annual Fair may not be compelled to undertake the fatiguing feat on foot, Mr. Wise, the eoronaut, has brought hither a baleen, which is to be fastened by a rope te a windlass, and letu p and down, rAnkiug omnibus-trips, with passengers, ope thousand feet up, ormoro, and back, a t brief intervals. The citizens here estimate th a t a t least one hun­ dred thousand strangers will be present. ‘ Some name double that number. Tho exhibition will doubtless be the most iutoresting and tho mo.st largely attended of any of the series. The city and its surtouni’ings furnish mo,r6 ample accommodations than any of the previous loeations. There are many ,most ample ho.- tels, and the houses of citizens, it is promised, will be opened to guests. The steamboat Oregon will Be opened as a hotel for tho oooasion. If tho attendance, then, swells beyond all former numeration, it is not to be assumed that tho 'discomforts to which visitors have been subjected, in former instances, will keep ^ The fa'T grounds are Jaid out on the Bull’s Head race course, a mile north of the city. The site is an exco?1cnt one. Tho.ecoojmnodations for the eshibi- tors, *n the way o f storehouses, sheds, siables, pens, (tho gentlemen of thepoa are to have a placoby them­ selves) are ample and convenient. The expenditure for these purposes has been larger than ever- before, they toP me, and the state sooiety are to beroim- buised by the suhsoriptions of citizens of Albany, someS2,G00 j therenis of booths, tents, &c., said to be $7,000, ^though 1 donbt i t j) and the receipts for admission, a t the gates Temporary amnsemehtS Sre got up for the crowd,— a perambulating theatre, two oirouses, operas, min­ strelsy, picture galleries, ballooning and fireworks— to come off on tne ground, or in the city. The mass of people come, not to see the‘exhibition, but to see the crowd. This attrsotive power of a mob upon individnals is remarkably exhibited in this country—witness our mass meetings of a ll kinds, onr mammoth conventions, oar Fourierito communities in hotels, our pic-nio parties in steamboat leads [of thousands ! ’ L e t it once be certain th a t ten thousand Correspondence o f tlie Kvenlng P o st. W ashi - kgton , Sept. 1, 1850. THE COLLECTOESUIPS. For throe or fouv days past the Senate has been in labor with the Ph’bdelphia collootorship. The case was yesterday given up for the week, a nd the Senate mrned over to Monday next. W hether Lewis be confirmed or not, I would not undertake to say ; but if ho bo rejected, it will spread well found­ ed alarm among the gentlemen remaining in l-’mbo of senatorial caprice. 1 do not know speoifio charges agr inst I^W'Sj| b u t it is well known that ha has inont tntred the u'ady.ng enmity of M rj the whig senator from his state. The quei his confirmation will turn upon the effect it is in Pennsylvania, Pkely to have upon tho elections Mr. Maxwell is in imminent peril. His nc ____ £c;M:£Kv.r.y'?fi old politician will be ejected from his responsible and uncomfortable nositiou. Tho charge against him is clear and specific. It is Sewardism. If i t be scs- throne-greater than the throne itself—during th e ' s s , f . f e i s & .S’crir'S Sewardism, ana that he rather leansleans towardswJ the to posite or Diokinsonian extreme. ME. JENEINS. The Mr. Jenk'ns who has been en offered the Depai it stated, nephew 1 Mr. Senator Berrien, and i f ' so, will doubless accept, for in that case his uncle will bo the minister »» nrSDLECHKD. consuming the time of the House, of which one would suppose enough had boon wasted ,tl frivolous and profitless subjects. Mr. B tan ly h a s isedsed a specialpecial committeeommittee too inquirenquire caused to be rai a s c t i into the authorship of the “ Bundlecngd” papers on i-ivu.^ LUliU txio ptuup^icvo Oi^U-VXX ’ i>UUUi«UUllU were w ritten by Blr. Burke, formerly a -m em ber of pongress, subsequently Commissioner of Patents.anff more lately a ’ld less respectably junior editor of f te Union. Nollung could woU be more ridiculous than' to enter upon a g rave investigation o f the existence them, “ li nnqaestiorable that tfey wl't find » % rge party among the people to snppotir them, and to d i­ vide responsibility and the punishment. If thoconn- a t targe shouid be preseouted. by either or both Houses for contempt, I nave no doubt th a t the i i - .dictment wouldbe eastaineL, I t happened th a t * motion to n r r w t v w Jw d er but Sohenck, of Ohio, moved to make the w rit re- •ternaWo i e x t Pecember, a nd this was roted do w n - 74 to 107; a n d after a hnm ber o f Qtker rot*B, ooh- clusively indicating an nnwillingneM o» thepiurtof the House to confer apy, importance upon Rftelue’a ft; fengstackta opinion of them, the whole soBjectvraa W 4 Upon the table, thus khowlng th a t the-paHie* ^ v e a « a t o a l tontM i^tfiorttoe another. N o t a^ftw believe beilt to be eerresli. qmreAxwf- . were rather ^ m a e t e r i i t ^ aiii«»«% e # «E : - | g W i g ^ ^ ^ T w t « a e y he .ealtadit it k w M taM M pmiMibi % ! l T oronto , A u g u s t^ . hpECHASE. * M r . Sohehkta ameadnient wa« r^eeted-^yeM 'J!^, 1 ' { V; % w h h e ^ - - ^ e n u M o u m d i h e DEAF and dumb in .CANADA. In the steamer in which 1 took passage yesterday; from Orillia, there was a poor man with four deaf- and dumb children, on their way to tho United! States. It is most (hsgraoefnl to the authorities of; leubctt m jhUt)’ HUihUUCr lU YVUiUU UlO/ .UaVU UVK hitherto ; and whore,,by the oensns, there:are no le than thirteen hundred human beings suffering, nadi this privation, growing, up a n d living ih-ignorance. I understand the present government, which has ample funds a t command, contemplate doing some­ thing; but they win, I‘ presume, appoint aeOmmis- THE PUBtre SOOSB. inkanoe of the manner in whioh affiairS are managed hero, 1 find i t stated in one ofrtho papers of yesterday, th a t the chief clerk- in th e Inspeotor G( eral’s office, who receives gSOO’annnally 'as ! ..avM E s i r i r ? ^ ' : s s ? f . & s i i f s r s ' s r ^ s s ; a s n p S .w £ ir 2 f S K ‘ 5 ss \ ■ ■ »r to the 01 ” \ a number of leadmgtowns in-fhe state J.-T- - - . •, 1880 Inc. since ^ 5 . ^ “ ^ = i V i , i S , , • 5 S S a i i x u j : x t i R . 2 v ^ „ . ' : , » : « a:iii.s^is the tnorefsesinoe ’48, whan thelyjlliige «•».- iiM 'ss lied t h a t whatever tenets to the advancement of th e ;, one, wi'l bo produotive of benefit to both. By an a c t o f the tast session, the standard quality of fiorr-is to he the same as that of New York^ i t , also authorizes tho uopointment *bf an inspector. Hithorto the flnrr o. Upper Canada has been in­ spected in Montreal,-and consequently has had the brand of that city. In future it.will have t h a t of Toronto, wb'oh is vei-y proper, eM immense quantities of grain are raised and brought into the market ' ____________ V keitas . T he F eench D emoceats .— A t the close of the ronoh Itcgislativo Assembly, the Montagnards pre­ sented an address to the people, in which they give the history o f the session. I t is moderate, y e t very docidedip its tone. The people a re advised to keep quiet under the outyageS end provocations w hlchthey eive from the con3etvatives,in the hope: wiU oome when they may make a u n ited novement. T h 's address istoo long for. our columns, but the following passage contains the substance o f it. every diseussion, everi^fitolution, with the weight of their prejudiees, their interests, and their number, ' kept o a t of the oomafittees in which bilU have been prepared a n d exam-ned, where thtf receipts .and ex.- psnsos of tho state are. coBtroiled, thw a rted in the expression of our opinions by the obsl m idabteptoblein o f the extinction of misery a n a or. tbbAboiition o f proletarianism, From that qq-op^ E atait Am .Sixtoei AlbcftH. Frteiki, i » t t t Tnseiirft Syi»ci» Riuiro»a, h*d both cut offhy heiog r u n .b t« ^ l h * . He w w l ^ W * , ' • ' d Jissell moved th a t 1 nam iiton line, in inu range oi ums u e u w which it wiU be necessary to sarmount, cam in the grade of twenty feet per mile, to which no adequate funds could be raised. The Common Council ef Buffalo have .passed reso­ lutions, expressive of the feeling entertained by the citizens of th a t city, consequent upon the reception which they met with here, on the p a rt o f the Gover- To.oookegaYYhippl6te, C6resoh9te,And.i)ap<mt?z nor General a nd .authorities.of this city. This is as V' , • .FFFG sdDSlhslM^^ it should be. I look upon the I’no which separates kegs do do FFO of 3s; . m ,, this province from 'the adjoining ^portion of the ^ ^ k e g s .. . do ^ ^ \ Ap / f p ' « » ; -«q- - --TStS.-fl^ quality an 10,000 kega fg I sl%*t^p. I . I i l LIJ.. i i “r r : I I £ 2500 do. doFFFG. do 1 do kOOO do .do do do r Of 4 do fOOO kegs m e alpow deribrpyrotechnic o f » do lOto do ^ ir .r

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