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' . 1 J r T ^ ' 7 M • « y -------- - , m P s o p s a s T a n s »r« _ ^ ax err«rt whleJi-may ccear « 0 0 . - _ J i S s t i J - FO liLIC SAfcEa < '£ ( » Ko, 7' E roaa sfr«9t. Itear WalL ' i / ' \ XJ 8 A M H M . S O N * CO. fo . 5 B r o * d * te ^ n2^5^^'_V proocrtr 'K ^ ^ vuP«rHn9B(^ ie«ntti»Jottthe E.,. dlreetion of Thoma* Cam ley. E sq . »«Je o< fherry rt. and psitieolaij, teejegal nouce tn i :C«W??-l-'ndar^edirecti»Dot Thomaa Carnley. &a. „ r % f f ^ ¥ p i m Crcakery, to d Oeneral Aaotiion ; - / ■ missrjn M e rciaat. <_> R oom, g? PlaU a treat. corner of Gold. AuoUoaeer. --------- T . Lot to d Oom> 3 , ? 9 immediate yieiaity of ih§ aboToptopcrty.sca legal odver. I \ f - . - ^ r I ■ - I t - mi- n Bruce A . Chilcolr. AacsSoneet. « - BY CO L E & ;C>nLTON » Sajec Room ffo 9 Wall st. coiaerol New. lore No. 14 F l a ti gtrei , Fancy Goodj, Rea! Esiaie. e. pnneiaalJy auamled to m tc j Henry H tisadfl, Anotsoneer ( BY h e n r y T r : l e e b s & 0 0 ^ I store No 8 st., opposite Now st 1 to lalei nl io Meictianu Ei ^Canton Matting. Camobo^iv.jod trunka and irnnsnfks. V7alden Bell, Anotloncer. > BY P E |1 l S & CO., . Store 109 W a llitreot iroved endoried notes. ^ai.o.22'hlocks.varioa9co!ois, Italian MatSilB. ex Wilhelim- irovedeaduistJ note. _ SEMI ANNEAL TR/ Store corner of Exchange #iace and W illiam street. i a S S a i B v S 1 S s t E » 4 ® \ ° ® V , J^ L lb e i a l etab a dwui^toaf ' ^ illiam slreet. insigmnaBt* %hca i; liJdaz white Coney Lt- i| fst> b«,Ss-t a» •*’■■0'.; c -^thor ■ t > ? ' > - i p ' w i jl^ ^ r ^ l ^ a a M ' ^ b a a i s . ' f a r t b e ’ate ‘'4 ■ thadyaceej made oSott all consisr-ments. = $ s s s l i i : I yjnm -Bifle po^iw, 43 .,iAttcttoneer. tC S & M OUNT, Wtr street. stioneer. nNGSTOM. d street. ■— ^ n of Foreign a- 9 dtSSOdorate prices by ^ 1 a b e t Manofaoturer. ' Sc, 1; Wallet. W ’S S 3 S K S 5 S S « S 5 ; i “. r t At thEbiynMii^taae, it the most exquisite P i p i n g ‘ ; | i e i s i i V O L . X L V U . N S % Y O R K M O N D A Y . J C f c Y l . 1850 . | T ' i ! ^ O- xs. N O . 18 N A S S A U , N E A R P I N E S T . | GENERAL NOTICES. . J o r y N o tice. rd,y-B\stz:is.sr ! ...rD S “ \ \ i i “ S f ‘; 3 . s s « r s s « .......................................... V diTidcnd of ftmr a n d » h a lf ( « the first day o y u ly ^ n in g . _ j ^ l w ______ _J_________A S. FRASER, CaBhier ■ N „ v „ 2 v . ? . t r . K - r UDl-annual dlTjdeod of two »ol- house on Tuesday, the 9th day of July next. _ The poU »iL be opened from 12 o'clock, •'! ^to ’ o'clock, tJylO __________ _ _________________ Cashier 50?- T h e annual election for Director* of this Bank, and Inspectors ofthe next ensuing elec ticn, PfUl bcvheld £ . s r . i ? f e r r . h : r . \ , \ L r T h . s jMTtijB B. LEWIS, JK..CMWer_ N tw V o l k a n d H d rle'm 'R a U ro a d Com . jc24 9t SAME EL .VI BL ATc HFORD. T reasure^ thousand dollars, will be paid upon the stock Of the statej of lUtnols. at the b£3oe of the subscribers, bn and after! Monday, the first proximo WADSWORTH & SHELDON. k e y t w t , I a a . g S ‘ *»“ “ ■ ^ ; V \i tan S t . re. Fine IvRt-Rtvf g t . No CO Wait et ^ A t th e A n n u a l K leetlo n . held on the 3d June, 1860, the foEowinggenllemen were eieoted jOiloo- tors for this Company for the ensuing year : s s r SE l ‘. « w “. r o r ' i S . E ' S m . r , _____________ rnllV V m lm ter. CnffiS.*'’ S T . . s r “' K i i V p ^ i’- s r T . t r i . ' S : • i s s i t K E v S i S t S s “ K S w m Z i L w S f c n S m . ■■ ^ R E M O V A L S . voroj Wit- a continuance of the patronage of bis fWends s r , s s . ' . r . u i ’i . a ‘j t n S S * . s ery snito^e for ccunling house use Manufacturers’ book- any site, of the best quality, to order, executes \ n -„y WM. W. ROSE, Stationer CN F;^-RH:i.r was Peedden^ ' g . X 'eeC ^ ! i” f ^ ^ ‘•‘'^ ^ ' ‘'w'/n'it-dinBS f v fr um \ _j “U ____ J VMK.S WILKIF Jincretary a„ •,on room ) » here they are • ffering tbidr osuaji assort- (XF Lelter* in L o n u o n P o s t U lllce.-^.ttluSljJe- ' irentcf Foreign ana DontesUe ucods, at low prices, to lined in the London Post Omee, on account postage c'ise their spring stock _ myO unpaid, can be prooored I ---------------- -- ‘'l l S l Y r o . e w a i i s t sight Drafts from £1 sterling, and upwards, payable in all the towns of Great Britain apK4 tf ------------- —m—yr.'» u. ___ _ —^ ----- I. S . VV A iw iA h « C « .’» V C A L I F O R N 1 A E X P R B S s \ FOR PACKAGES AND SMALL PARCELS, via the ithmns, per steamer Cherokee. Wednesday, Febrnary 13th The subscriber wRl dispatch a special Express for f alifomia, by the abore steamer, for small packages only responsible messenger, who will psSonilly isseSitoi .E, 83 South st. lirerall pi >a residing may rely upon haying their business correotly attended to. Packages will be received at the ofiice until the day °Va31 WARDLE, ■ COR W IN K . B R O T H B K & j a m e b i c a n '^ c o m m e ^ h o u s e Business* The principal of said firm is i^ios B. Conwins, Amerlcsa All pomwmnicfttions in V pw Yorfe addfessed tft thp house, care Ofl.rviwnsTov. W ftls & C o 10 WaH street. Af*iv« protnpt attention Sew V-ork, January .10,1850. ^ liladEphla. JU S K H H GUDDAIUI, F r e n c h , S n g l i s b , and! G e r m a n F a n c y Good*, =-’ No. SO Cedar street Vo. SO Cedar i OIL. AND w a t e r c o l o r AND W H I T E 17 BURLINQ^^L^NEW YORK. D F T iemaww . . J. W .T iemawk . P C T i K M A m r . ____________ n h a l 4 ’. ' . S f s S T B . r i X T ; , r . ’, 3 ;s ^ ^ ^ newest designs of French Fl. wera, Feathers, and every material used in the manufacture of the above .trtlcles, at the most, reasonahto prices. CuBtonters and this U’»hUc are invited to attend. ap2S ■ a 3 'A A lC E L S ~ i^K S T E A M E R CA M B R IA - ^ l ^ g ^ t F S E P S l I i ; issue, at Ttdwe4 rates, passage tickets from the at .ove ports,in fill flasv thtps only The greatest care is ta ken to provide Sjr the comfort and convenience of passen­ gers, tod «rery faoiUty possible given them on embark a j W M r n m ^ 1 0 , 0 0 0 •Stantljron hand and for sale by jel3 Im D. B McCL’LLOrOH, 159 Front at ■pAISLlSS, G R A P E S AND W I N E - X t, 4<KK) bozee Bunch Raisins 1000 halfbxs do do 1000 qr do do do 200 oasics Lexia Haishui 200 do Sun do 200 half do do do 600 kegs Grapes W M ^lEElA M T tEU M O N D -has-^^^ from No Ite Linens from low priced to superfine 7 R do e- he well known seal of James and RobeJ t Youeg i^ ^ e n a . Ire'and » 2 a “ i 2 r s ; : r “'\ '•■■•“ White. Brown and Bay Linen Drills Sheotipgs, PUlow Case Linen, ToweUing, Table Ci oth and L inent ambric Handkerchiefs. jc37 Brunswick'* ssian Green, h lerisl do Impt r ; r tV' EX. Permanent Green, iu^cU i ^ ^ t d o ^ d ^ a n d i i o u UUra'Martae'Biue, dr^° New York Chrome Teh Extra do do dry and in oil No. 1 do do do ‘ A Rose Pink do A do pulp. Pulp Lake Extra Vermillion T^key Umber, b urnt Do do in Oil I9ajxt-Sl; t.ltn ,Tto Plates, I c and I X. also a tuB assortmer.t of ext. t Roofing m te a 14x201L and 14x^ 1 T i j s s S \ ., '’ \ \ S ’; ; - . louo bunCa 1'>r.* lion vvire aU numbaM COAL. __________ p ^ ' ^ ^ s s j s a a . ’s s s t t iM, , i Je27 and T o r o y R u t g 5 i ¥ c S ; ^ ^ CtFA n B D SINCE OHR LA S T ' haao Webb. Crpppet. foi Liverpool, f H Manhtl C \ . S k r £ : . . W i S ? . ^ ; r , r x ; . ' i S S S h “o M , a * S B r x K ' . , ? r SAM’L THOMPSON * NEPHEW, st class fire proo ' K l l t S l L e - i h ^ s . „ „ „ '‘t a . . ’ W l S s S F S j v . ' ' - - “ ■■ '\*■ myld i-RANCIffa LOUTREL.7^ Maldenlane ISO theli ..... o - ■• — The Botf 1 h.is been enlarge,! i y the udJtt i n of twenty, five cx - t !'-nt .Veplng apartment* and grestlv Improved S S S S E f S i S H - xzen’s Wharf,\about two imles below,whoreomnl- Spring, where boats are always in waiting to convey them “ J S S m t S . . .B . N r „ R , D R R '. for palfl ; i6 is in 8 ^ e a t ’thoroughfor*. ts ♦‘Utlrely covered hy TOhstaotia’ irrn brarf'd fheds pnved thr^oghont h£» d bffick office of two aLjrlee. f year’s fease* and at low rent, an , fa^t it offers, either for now begi Uahed concern deairodi of ©xiu V I E W O F T H E RLTN O P T H E L A T E . Conffagrration. at San * Francisco. r j n i l E SOBI^CRIBEHS will pvblishonTLT.kDAY. tt W n t e l a^Us^^rf^'.'rt: ; 4 '.;-.S“r s a r 7 . l ’s , ‘s n ‘y^^^^^^ cent l.ity. Slzb I4xl9inches—price 25 cent*, i ho uiual iliTcount to the trade, as a Itmtted number of copies * a s ; ! ; r « T S ™ r K , Agents Lr Gregory a Laljf irn'a Express. jo2k «jy2 _________________ HUleatlst N Y Forel'g a Domes T M A R I N E l i s t . n EBvanaab.i^on to Dunham & i* Caroline. Eagan. 20 <ls im Trim'tj|NjF. in haUait to H fni Charleston, cotton and ri(» to *'erBUsoti. 8>i di fin Charleston, coUoa and rice to .... -'®“ 4 = ____ __ ___ Dr brig /cadian,L9ckllatt.7 ds fm Wmdior. NS. platter to di fm Bacnoi, Ayri»> wiUi 1 the public, that they wua aovute tliA-ir alter.* rommis»foXVi:es^'‘\u^m fr?fito and Boston houses and agencies at Londoh, Parb and The facilities that have been offered by the snbacriber for the past few years, for the execution of London and PatW orders, are now very much Increased through the direct line of steamers from New iork x s g t ; g g s g r T . , a . T , e , . . . . . , . . faxticular attentjAa jeail to enter qij goc^a a t the New York an I EoatonCus:^] florwar-iling with th« ntmoat dcBpatch. * Exchange'at sight in sums to suit, cons upon the most reasonable terms, by steamers and sMDng • h(r>« an all narta nf tha world ^ . . „ A . . . I . a ' t ’i ’j M S u i i . r r s .10.000 members at Twenty dollars each. TA.-i.leat£!uld^k“ eari^appfim^^ The fortunate members who draw the various portraits of those horses which are entered for the race, will be pre seutedi with the following bonuses in specie: p , » . u o , , , . . , « , L » r . : ‘. - s 5 S - ' % ' S ’ - : W Si::::::a SS!S a s a S S 3 S S ” 2 3 bera w-lU be sent to absent members, that each may know his position. Bofiuses presented immediately after the ncB. Scrip tranfmltied on receipt of 8 remittance. Del The “ Derby” distribution will take place May, 1830. b p le n d ia F o r t u n e m a y Ijci G a ln^d~bjfa7r“ A T E T R O P O W T A W F O R 'm A l T CLUB. Offl- iV l ces -88 Albany Hoad. London, England. T h «. Directors beg to annonneo that there will be Dnwo for a tirand beries oi Portraits of ail Horses ©n tered for the forthcoming (ireat betby Uacs. A re- drawing will be conducted upon tho’e honorable principiefc which have hithertngiven 90 great *iitlFfartli>n, an-l sucured to the above AehOcJation such e^itensive pa- ccDgratnlation to the Prejeotors they encourage endea. VOUTB fur a stiu further developcment of their plan — tor the future therefore, the number of irises will be oded to the Portraits of all Horses that are ^ U r e d ^B^K^arS.to.VV^to.Sd.lmnarti!Oi..-withIniaber to Brett • M Slnrges Si Co,' ' ” - Hawkios, 4doys frosiLBaltimuie, wllh mdse. 1. S drs Im Petcfsbu rg, with licnt and to- ’torn Washinefon, NC. with naval stores B drs fm Savannali. with coUoii, &.c. to n a v a l s .o p i f e . M i .'^ l3cb Llimra Curncliu, Grant, from Si^ansborc'. N C, naval wifitiamberto jjS'^^Jono, E SAorui, qdys |m Ealois, With lainber to Smith£i to*J^itMh™U ” ^h '' bland, with Inmbet 8ch Foimi. !3a« joi., 8J* Im Milltmdgo, wiUi lombei to Brett & Nwk|non!'*‘ ®'** ■'\* I'Ostpn, .vith ihilao to Foster & 11 ^ ^ ' ■ ^.A.VIlI.l) ,AI 1 V\ n. H liatbcLk, SanJC*aneisco, Tuicatura. MEMORAADo-J. SPOffEN. fe p. suppMod a Liverpool psckcl, steering S it. E8E lOmilex. bark Roanoke, fm NOr. iano23. lai 28. Ion 79 43, spoke sch Mptes Waring, fm MotegO C510, ivas jasiedthip Cornelia, ol Portland. WHALBWEA. £ £ A \ S f t l V . ‘E .S .'S . » b « & s ^ In p Enterprise, 3wam. wen; mloOnter Roads 26ih, to fit foi Jktilfbtd, 27ih.shp Tametlane. tl^edomi ^van- |? r . ; j s “ ‘ S:SS \ a “ a ■l‘be n ^ ib e r ‘^‘fprizel'fo“li& distributed in eac’- ‘ -■■ are i;U9. that being the nnmher of Horses entc thehaco All Letteis to contain a t mittance ..raiw., ^ j B ^ ’tonta^U m m c d l.t.ly on fo-.lpl of « retnlt- s s n . i i ; £ S « ' 7 . E A S ^ ' 7 r . ’'K ^ ^ ^ « . j S n S £ S P 3 n ¥ ,S '\ s ' T . ‘a S S 3 f £ ' 3 , . s i . . « o , » . o a . . . o , . Shirt Store. mds^an?\lK s and rrtCiU^Sh. «tIron,^NoA0 i 1000 dc K 0 ^ irva No. 10 tr .^jo, 23 ^ b S k : . ™ S S g ' j - ■ » . w iiSlapm, C td^fls^Sipt f t* t, S T r f e t Isaac Fnirika8,sg!j:| sid brig OaxhniryforN YoA m. Bavenffox Ntork: only ® f e £ S : >.-iikCamra, Eielue, Aberdeen: brig Wia^mng of Hotels Stores. l*a j ^ ' s s s s i f e n i s Charelston; baikCLBe- -Went to wa. brigsirigsV^hihr- VVi BtJ^Q n ad- l^s; ______ •’“ Tybee.Fmgttson. N Yotb jark Eaiiator.^ of NBed* BY TBLEORAPHa J ^ d ^ a i '^ r y F Slade,Philada;*bng8 Panfine. Snn.and A _ ___ _ ...... s b h ; Jnne^S—AtschsLoniiiana,NYork; Ma- m p o k f A T i o k s . the contrask beiiveea th» death of the righteous and. the vriqked, and b a t for hjs perfect indifference— his ntlering the most solemq truths in the regufar drawl, and with the oadenca of a town crier—might have been tolerated. On he went irith his sermen, makiBg the appeals to the “ hearts and consciences” of his “ beloved hearers.” A t length I saw, in the. I man, and of course he was then syes, in using the plural. I had : . . „Jer£rvman • without an anc\ > facetiously hd oommo'nci cobiL— -Brig VancouTCT—loo bl* cotton Kiimy, 3Ba-.. ? - i ^ ^ r » i t f e l s c c - - - tllen S CO—68 coia rope »> vr «Tni.iu»—» uua » j a .^,.— .100... .-VV & J B Hnbeii—1 do Stnfget, Cleanuan ’ & cqr- 'MMMpnc&CaaimincIi—3 hoxes43mmk^ bales ebtton-to £48bitr'^ ---- - ---- '“ There ;«ri»8 a perfect ; morning for th^ last hundred, y ears, a leotufei • Golden Lo(iture,is deKvered in >du- , Eyery Tuesday i, a leotufei called this.chWroh, a r ich ' muds old fellow h a ^ ^ left ] a year in tnmt to fee the salary o f the lecturer, who is appointed* for life,, or as long as he can deliver it. The eighty pounds is ; worth now between three p,nd four hundred! andTS considered.*'a£oodthing.” There: was toueh com­ petition lost foil for;it when i t was taeant, a nd mueh surprise was manifested when f tiw u found Melville h a d consented to- be a eandidato. Melyille, noted : for. piety—Tor h b opposition to “ plnralities”-rfor th e , veiy sarageness wife which h e attached the money lovers-^MelvlUe,- who a s chaplain to the T ower, re^ ived ^1,500 a, year. H a d he, like too many of brethren.of the establ&hment, become a very horse­ leech'? I t looked bad,' I t looks b a d 'a t first sight'* : fee m a tter over. I t will be bettor to give Their exhibitions ate said to be very r.emMkabljep The “ sneoks ” are perfectly docile, * ■ - : —The n est of a Blue Titmouse, h as bfen. found ip fee Zetfer box; a^ Squirrel’s H ^ f e . nearHiirnohuroh. . The birds enteredtby the opening for the reoeptionof letters. The nest contains tan ydpng birds, vvho aU dily.fit ■pea^ to have been in no way disturbed -hy the postk . * \ ‘ ajrahgerr--*' I ' losmtal, no less than ,10,000 individuals, t w ith^lub'ft'eii, lateral curvature o f the, opine, w other defoimides, have received permanent reliet or have been entirely cured, ■without one easel of death ooourring, or any Instance of snbsectttent^u]r. faring or injury. | i ‘ —The Rector of a parish lying in one' p f fee; midland counties, lately applied to feC! Ujike t^f IVellington for a, subsoription towards; the rb--: pairs of a church,,and and received the follpwijingie- ply: “ Field •ents his complimenis to M-— . As M r.-r—i 3 th a t hi? letter needs apology, the Duke wij but he r liana, w araiaw, crow n, Anaersoji, aua England, MoNeile,.Stovfell, Noel, and „ _ bhe Church of E ngland, (all but Noel i) rsons, James, Raffles, Harris, Aroher, a n dBinney,' .jonting Peedobaptifits j and Cox, Aldic, Hinton, and Mursell, Baptists. 1 fdrgot, I have npt heafd J ay nor Joseph Angus, b u t expect to hear both. Hugh MoNeile is a splendid preacher, a voice of the very richest kind, and then, controlled,, and useid so udmiraffly.. | never saw a man whose sestUres ' fl so completely faultless. Verily, there was deep miug in the motion of his finger. His eloquence ot impitesioned, b u t deliberative, sustained. Not a man I have mentioned is an impasiiotiod orator, StoWell (Hugh Stowell) is fiery, but there is so much method in his passion that if say—like a splendid declamation.^ J andiyaZfire, too; h isearn e s tn e jw a t __ ______ . ___ phrOnzy, and yet his voice is so weak, and his pre­ sence so contemptible,, that you are compelled to pUy his liveaknesa, while earned away byf Ms energy., Guthrie has passion, fire, b u t they are flashea Your attention never flags; j e t when I say he is impassion­ ed, I -do not say a l l ; his “ utterances,’’ to use the myatib term ,eo stir the soul that, while he is all calm­ ness, you are all passion. 1 can’t describe his s^yle— it is uaique. You are affcoted, add you forget the in in the s u ^ e c t; the very perfection of oratfiry— sred or profano. <■ ; ( ; SALISBURY oathedeal . j Witho.ut detaining you with , my journal, I will ju s t pick ypu u|! where I dropped you down so sudi: denly last wge^-^somewhere in the neighborhood of Salisbury, if I- mistake not. After a short ride of about^thiity miles, reached the old city of Winches-, ter, so long famous'as a seat of learning, the place where Arfeor and the Knights of the Round-Tgbl^ lived, where King Canute dwelt, and near which so lany stirring events have happened. My first steps, s usual in cathedral cities, were directed to the ca­ thedral. Externally, it has a very mean look; but- internally, it is very beautiful. It is the longest cathedral in Great Britain,.^eing 560 feet in length. The beautiful ohantrys, or miniature cbapel?, con­ taining tombs and effigies, a ttracted much of my a t­ tention. W illiamof W ykeham’s, Wiliiain of Edyng- ton’s, Cardinffl Beauforte’s, and Bishop Waynfiete’s, are particularly elCgant. The choir hqs a very an­ cient appearance; one end of it was undergoing re- tpair. A t the east end of it, on the stone partitidnS; separalmg it from the outer aisles, are six massiv^ chests, whitffl contain the remains o f Saxon kings, princes and mclates. Egbert, first king of E ngland, Canute, Etlmlwolf, Edmupd, son of Alfred, &o. 4to, In the Lady Chapel, fee amiable and accomplished Mary Tudor was uni|ed tn marriage to. Philip of Spain. The chair, in wM6h her Majesty sat, is there still. She was aTUsen—and one should not revile dignitaries—bpt if there ever was one qneon more Inhuman than M ary the Bloody, her name has yet to bedeolared.' Leaving the cathedral, and pas'sing over the the garden, once surrounded by lofty walls, thengoing tmxtugh a very ancient archway into the street, t soon arrived, a t the gates of the college. It -was built by William of W ykeham,in 1387. Upon the tower is his coat o f arm? and motto, “ manners makyth man.” The chapel is very beautiful—the large east window is called the “ Jesse window;” a vine is.seen, h aving its xoo.t in a human figure repre- B»Bting Jesse, in each pane is a figure, and a t the top our Saviour. I t represents the genealogy o f our L o rd; on the sonth side are cloisters, and in the centre of the cloisters a small chapel containing fhe pollege library. I t was formerly used f o r ohautin.g massesior theTepose of the dead. Entering another quadrangle, the reeijation room is reached. The in­ terior is famished in the rudest maimer';, the seats, for the^^boys are rough oak timber, worn smooth by thftiqsageof four hundred and fifty years. Jdany a distinguished scholarhasstudied-and b e en flogged in this itoom. You cah'form some idea of i t without a minute doseription. I t is only used by thestudwits on the Foundation—some eighty. The gentlemen’s i d ^ o : T g r f f s s - f a s w s s * * - ” - —agoodregnlatton- . .. SWEET BOME. On slndent. compose^ fee - ------------------ - fe d refetned to thsicoUege anddied.; T h e& m iliii mg o f “ Home \ \ •• • - - - l n S , iwiiS*X think is veiy beautiful, and besides ihem e i - - - . j xnoicouege anaoren. ■ A noiam uiar. song o f “ Home, Swept H ome,” is founded on the Uttico JDomnm. I subjoin a few verses, abd the trans- thin k is very beautiful, and bi h a s ih e r ito f being^a veiy,close One.; ■,t|LS=- ; ■ j’ S s s s s a s s s a s f ^ - \ m .eatAthyMbPri ea»e,r«ttooi) >!Bw,s»eethe«e,fcp; Jibn.Hv:fi ^ H o w -HoxAcwStom- t,. r^?*ie^Al|Wto.FOf-k^jV^lt* *(MT.J xxt » meetinU of the Sabbatarians a t Glasgotf, thro'e|.e-fpfe:^eirS8go. .administer of ,fe> gospel ^ clared, before A large and approving audience, tbi ■■ - ■ • Sdih-' - — - f —A portrait of Mr,, feassey; t ^ eminent English railway contjraetor, h a s been^ainfed for subsorlbeis, w bo,feough Umited-tb-Iiis own agents and nb.C( many sums weice fe low-as'i to BO less tMUifotHteen hundred-pounds, —A dreadful aooident ooonrredlately, M onoof fee- pondsnear the LowerHefeh,. HemVteadi,yrbiohrjE!. Bulted in fee death of Mr, Sibley, and that of fee 8 dn ofiChas. Bameis. o f BrecKneck.ViUs. T f e hoy, orify thirteen years of a; Mr. Sibley seeing: plunged into rescue him, but althoi mor, he became exhausted, and' lost. * ■ '. ■ ' . ' —Several Arab Serpent Charmers have arrived i t .^0 gardens of fee Zoolqgioal Society, Londojn. Ithongh a good swintr both were unhappuy ro h reooived th e foUp w Agaln8ffofe.^of.iJiesh f e e \ ^ whiehfee,(fee Duke o fi^ellington) is hoteaUei on to contribute, fee Hake j s surprisedihatiM r., ‘having Blrefeiv raised -JE7,50p towards thareston of his ohurph, should-inake .applicatiOa-to fee I . . > h o has pofeing to say eithor to — d r to — f ! shire.” The reverend feutleme'n was offered fife tr fee autograph o f fee opiltre, WhiCS hp icepfed; entering fee amqUntfe bis aUbscrife tiomlist as “ fee Duke of WeUjngton^s subsoription: 11 fee fund.” -A o n rionsdeterfenatibnhasbeeuafeifedatbythje Freach govethraest in relation to the H o felde T illej. ............ Ing iaso Imporjant in a strateglo View, f&V, 3 of the city toainst an in e — mob, that i t ‘has f e e n letSm u n ed to strength of position by pnlliug ,down all-fee housiis arotmdit.. About fiv’e hnridred.areTfih*doomed t|o ;'destrnotion, f e d the expense’ is eatimated:atone .and half millions of ddllars. —Totters from Rome sti before, that the pretended m irM e of ot Rimini was a trick of the parf-pf fet letters from Rom e sta te , what every body kni ith e pretended m irM e o f fee M w p a rt'p f the monks, w fe ifeonna •e anxious to give fee Pope aipreSext for visiting - legations. N ot having suooeeded, ‘\‘.the Virgip s no;t open her eyes so often now a s formerly.” ,. -Th'e E nglish papers cpmplaiii of th a t w riter i|i fee New York Literary World,, who says, “ wjth.,eX)- literature, wifebut thq feeling or education of a gentleman.” —H r. Richard J. IS ^ a tt, fee sculptor, died a t Rome on fee 29th -nltiino, and buried in the Protestant cemetery- T he P ajse L ishx .— a committee of soienl snilemen, who took n ^ n themselves to inyestis 10 alleged discoveries o f M r. Paine, have made following report o f .facts\:' , WokCESTER, Mass.,' Tuesday:, June 25. K We, the undersigned, met a t the \Woreester H o tel. lisiU y b y appDi^inent—M r, Green, fee agent b f - S' t ^ x b h Mr. P a W havm g .pte<M o d S t ifel jarriviBg a jife SS? 5 5 5 * « l^rSSSSS^ .feodMidabfiriafeF: r y i * . 5 ^ : / f ’ w ith rich ■ T ^ E tT J E ,.F D H 8 » ',V ;0* G R :fe* « -4 ^ ^ i - J TKs' mwA ixtftam sm t f . l K S ’j s ^ g e ' s f e » S i J ' - .......... . ■ 1 ' Pfer o m c $ , 9»arw 4y*y7 ,. _ , ’ ^ s i s r s g : ^ . , . j ; ' ' ' k ‘J - I

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