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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, June 08, 1850, Image 1

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r k r T H E E Y J N H f G P O S T . ' BY W j i, C. BK.VAKT & OO. Sr,^™K!SSS».. a.« .SQR.« R r\tlL » —rCBcJstins: of 8 lines nr les*- 0r«t ir.»nr(8cia. -jti ot--. sj-.'-f o J ar 1 tbir.J in.ertion* eash a i ceatSi at 118^ ert.te f..r nrvTj sabcoiarnt in- A’SrrSK VB.'rr^. TTpr-o wl.: -h tb- nraatar lira* f-r iirertian fs S u T H~a iZhi> tattn'-rt-ei an'i ur. i‘ . r <-r*d . » .fii’>ris:RTt f;»fA’vr.8 f-rt C« in flao/ tbs jsFsr ont tfep V^' r ^ * r 2 * i:'w-erer, for a i^? T/fB A; 0 f \ .'? /•'.'>'■> ar»L..-!r rr.tj...T..,bls In dacia^ee f.-r •rr-rs trliitb aiay '•—ar ‘J a-Jverv'lng. T.5E t V- -. N'f P - .- r rOR THE (TlirVTHY . 4 i Ili.if.'. M j : i_\Si. PER ANNUil, PfTBtilC SAI^EB. Willtam H. fpsutWiiL, 4-1 WLLJatAXd a . FKANKLlK.ANKL1N, 5Q N 3 OSee. Ifo.gBi:Oadi T,:: V O L . X L V I I . P U B L I C h A L K S . _ NEW YORK. SATURDAY, JUNE 8. 1850 NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR PINE ST. G E N E R A I a N O T I C E S . _____ I wmpu-s ^ fn^”' I S ; 'Cf-adi. nii'tLa'-;. pa'\h3**r ;i i>tCoe3 THT'RSDA V ' l d ' F “ ' ............. . I ^ ^ ■ ^ z . s S S i S : ’! s W S K ^ ^ S a i g l i p p : = “ u f ' i M i r t 4 J A * c A o ■ ^ T i t .',:; ^ _____ _____ ___ M. e^W- U . .■ N.7'^r,r. -Y“'t i** th»--.fi ■» ■»■-. ,.:/!«■• ’•r? i:. t: '\■■.n* t : ** * ■■!*■..» '.g*e*i r»* V«.n T •.>«!'«• —F.y«- T*-ws k.noM' . : ^-.« ! 2;’..-. : a '.i !;^ ,..!<! {..r »• xe^. far nn. - •- -tjirt 7 Br,;-,i . ./ „ W».1».|, ,;!'25 f t’,.‘ lot k.mwB o r « i ; O.a, , , _,,,.. ,.. , ,,, ... ri'-o ■• M P Tiir. i.^ctner m { U:«? F*t7*<'ol ■; ' £ X f »f No j 1 .<'t..,» x»3i .nt.mfiip »ad U h cf ■>..<« 2 a . I •'••Is i»*l 7 ro’-Kof iano. m*jr« vr . k . . .r rr,^ ► i\ - , .M U >5 T.‘C, K ' ‘ «r vf fM R«rf»of .1 i* N'j« 22. i.n«] •ai _ __ _ g««ner>; Stewm hfir re'i; ev’n*\ >r thf Et- h« enr t*f Ut* hua wholwnf ;ue ab.'-vc pr-v»pr! V>*» j w o ,•.*,•!} •■.•■o « p-.r*: ■•• '>' . L ’h »,ffrii>h»c rniji^ aitJ f .rJrh»r o'? r I'u t - - f ’h- T^*>JV Pij'»,„» a'reet- -■ i'l!r.--3|,4V. j ^ l f — .,-a^ o„ ,he n,K,.on - V - r - U - r C i r r R . - . - T - , . ........... . r,»,.a».se ur.t,.M ,. lleurtnan, I Srrk •F-\e..in^. .n .|p 't^r. :,airroan^ii ^of oS\Ya o ’T 1 ^ ....... AMO .)>'rv*k nr the anrMon mom «ib«Vpflt%tLrN“S £ X 3 ,“ %” “4 Prc8i.lsnt. By oidsr J»« !•[ ______________ ^ J ABB 4TT, So, rotary __ ffT- Tbf Br.ard of Nfanigcra of thi/* ‘ ompany have Je- -I.tred a SeiT'-aimual Dividend of y*er cent cut of lain closed till the morni a , . ........ - A iDfviaoml (ftenpor cent has boon aoclar«a I'A __ _ ________ \ J M MfLF.tV, Socretar? ^n!!s^S'’5'^s?<)Sri, store coraer of William st. and Escb ang* Plao* ( ai*tJoffatisajH««mDfes«n rhcmormofrof «i}c. ___ _ l.lbora' eiutS tuivsocei maJo upon coMignntenu when A* • » n'< »• v«» r.» of «c •«'»cr rea-if mnrfe «unimep rlof f' Ui A! k «. oUr;i5tf8 «*raw b«»unot'., of new nod de**ffir>ie aiyic^ A^«o. I«'rnne^^ui»r*ruir whnIchona Ctnghflrn unilirulln* A :<o. 35 rnrto»*- mtin Inrc and cnuiefut^o croa tie rhJ0« pom«olR of Rupen-ar ntjak\ Ab t. nn mvofff of wht»e 'ind rolor«d Canion crap^ iihQwii Jit;: , -..., H h 4 <l**vui,Frea'*h cult «k'U< ilumug'v.l on ihu voyi'-e c! on t.n-l ■'niii.-.>'-on ! ^in..,ninK i.f *nif‘ man uorl Aint rtnin Dry itO^uU, fo. r.-iAh, I ’’tlnlocu**^ riul «5!rn?>'eh on the m'lremi <*f <nie W & K ^ U N i i S ^ r “ wF.r'Srf.HiiAV. ,iui.,- n ~ The transfer b.'^njer will J u D h till Ih*^ l?t ot July \-«-Y..rk June 1, iVL/ ^ c'-osod friiin tbe lOtb day of MEL MARSH.Swr.l ,L ... KF.a Finr I us . rim dent and Directrrs have •nt on the capl. ly of June TU'xt. bo rlofieil frum *24th Inst until By ortler \ B MeDOVAr.D.aSoorotary gbVPNTH W ari > B ank / nr^ El!ertlon.-ThH*SloekholiitTsof this Bank are notified that an election for thirteen Directors for the eiiNalngyear and for three Inepectora of the next «ue- ■'ceding elertloTi will be held at the bankinor honse on Tuesday, the lltb of June, next The jx.>U will be opened at 12, M .and close at 2 o'clock, P. M B y order of the Board. BowrRV F ibk RiN(f r'rMrA'^iv / Offlcf 124 Bowery. May 16, I860 ^ (^r7“ O lviU e tia- A dividend of Ten percent will be paid to the stockholders >^4 th is« oinpany on and afti r the l-»t June next J t.H rrjinefer to that day Bo' kv will be eloped from the 2uth Instant _______TAYLOR* SecreUry_ •r THE I^ELAWAHK A-M* Hi l*»OV C a NAL < O ^ .New York .May loth I860 > tr?-?Vo«l<*cli hc'reby triven that tb»- Bo.ard of Marapers of this eoin-paiiy have called for the balance due on the prtHoiit scrip Block, (tw«Dty dollars per share j which amonnt i.M re<|ulre i to be paid to the Treasurer at their ofn**e, No 31 Wall street, on the 13th day of Jane next. The present scrip cortifirates muKt be surrendered at vTrdcr o?i^-lBoarit”'' O t AT mybiiJtlU 'Treafitirer ftfy*^nL*ett«r» in L<onaon Foet O mcc. - Letterp le- 1 '*^^^'** ly I* .r» f.bc-»ter -.r ' rn f.vv*-«\l u'arK '•\fin'00 rra> i *. .fe,* - T.:: ......... >r«.'>♦•?/ nr l)p-sra»YH. j AU... lU c»isj\ M..7 h’!«u . '■ nfo •’i- \ t. f Mu-lHort (wijtE;',. .'Kid ■\ r », !01 .'ivtiire ■'* tine a. y ir^neS ' -■! tii’-nkcf- **** ' K'»r tijrtn T ; AMS >.,7 Uf..a.l j ’ : AUi-iiln i‘Oc'’». B.eoS yn -Tbo iijV’xnti' rw‘ .*'trr h. j^e j '•• i** •* rt--’- R'diu WilUara KoV.b*\ Auctittnoer V v a n VV'VrK .V K< • of Kxrhange I’hcc and Williaua r-trc«'t :,t M i(iS—PO <i**'.. • . (inif'-'-'■.: ■* -’■.fr rt. O’ h - {'M’Ji ACr-: -‘‘\l .K < T ilK'» \ IM l.r.-l'K.a i AS.-IM F.IU.-' f '. i I ' >i ».N<, ( V nil Jg, A-** - B, ( : ..xvr' —iS* 1. ,1 t • ^ '-f Ml ..fd iM-e-. of ClVf K I lion-.r-V pa«ferlr «tde i»i 5rn 8tr’**i. d-tau '• fsAi n* \ .\*i i . m -' ro.*t t,,.iner •»!•. i:. ■• f'-e.-i -in,; •.**.* ‘ I .in*.:,, V 1 n. M--P'-THd r-ir-if»r:,,r»-,i . in u i*- .,neer . ?.-nerr No N»» 7 droid <t y lC»!i,-T,de .N / ~ .A ••■r^s‘>--’v hr--s 4J W.: 'ro f Sy U <•* f m d'JO'h, w,ih “ic .fini-*Hcd n it ,« h«n ’»an >er. w ih-j,.Trb‘e tHaaxtii. . w.;h iind •■'••> rumi. z; 7 ^;;-r;z:zzr: Onok street of ‘U width, upon wh!''h J»nd .j'r.—t . in o* »hen^Mv« u.i n f.-ot «f ^r«*u:;d u **“ t -vc'en a l-.tr., --tr \iRr , ..a An. ..- ■,-j.H'. •’.►'’u ••',:i.--r. .V-. 7 tt '..-i • ■' , Ai U 'T.-M t X.. .M U I, ilo t’*- \a • K'-'C No \ Proa-t , P-'rer.M.l >TV >f \ m jb O' m H* i d. o B L j ^ '.-'^ ir i. ’'..T** ^ it' L>» j 3 l«;-'ti 1. i.fi I'f., r .1. ■ et 0.1 w.r Kul.re n« 1 D'> r*cos .a f ..r '•« i I r ' •.’ . - m a -Ui *jv o*M*a. oi k ..vw ' ■»» •.» m jr ..<< .•>' . .... one to r;'\-<5<i i~Tt *, a .,! PV‘ ij v n- < .. i ' y I'r. .u'- r- Ldhojraptue ev p. nl TiKlb-r pa • • .-.*•* .Mr] ....... •he niictitmeer. No 7 BronJ .t. ___________ _________ __ I ;*'”'*on, oT’^or rro.-tit , Broor-yn ; '.“M-r, ^ .' ■'■■ “.e ) A ■; ■ g\'. i 4 , . , . ....... . _ T* wr-* pM' Miof,,.>. oi 1 f . W. i'ootet A.Q‘'ti‘>nce» . I m Wi'e. vv .’k ; ;;y j. ( l.Vf £ K-i •: L.’VLN'.:i r'.iW, .-•<• « i«ro»4 F r e n c h , E n g lish , a n a O e r m a n F a n c y Goode, J 1 N m 3ti Cedar street flii*;s«Tis7f; u : & fli c E r i i E i ; B i u » A A K i ~ i.MroUTKRS Ul. KHEVl H H.OVVEK.S RKK.iTUEK,'- 13a W illia m Sti-oe,, \re about moving their busiuesa to .'.5 lohn street on the first <d May when their stock will c. nsLtof all the I,later.al used ui the luanufaeture of the above artielos at the mo. t reasonable prices Messrs L I i. .Nfoe H having their own manufactory m Pans- will receive by almist every packet fresh addi tions to their stuck ( uslouiers and the public are invito 1 t** nUen.l ap-23 ■ \■ ■ j UIE AND W A T E R COLOU AlSO VViUTE I i: B I’KU.N’il S L iP , NHV,' V n ilK I '/v^-U'.rv I P (. I ’tM .N .. ial.^1 j t-O K W llT K T ljR O T H K H < U. H A V■ > I- 8 r A R I I W f I - A N A.Mh'Rii'AN COMMKR i T a L ll'T ^ ^ E I .\T ! \N A M \ n Z . 1! .M .;.:( t , I . v : > oo -r I n L4-'?c' V K B A R Fn:; V/a!l ■:{., of.r-.*r A .N\w n. i)ar.-re« .................... ru.-en-.K t n o , - ■. •... .,i | Bl.'i' K V Ul\NF (o'x i-La,r -.V .np ■|{rN'TI < dig— K -r . , f r., yf 1 . mf . I. -«A,I ; .U'Y • . n - j c‘1’4. rf ue.vr ; liiH iv; ’ Y H I Mill H (C nf'he !imi( j nf: ll^RFF For the purp«ise i f conduct leg a \en* vUaion, W u-rehoualiig, nn«l F o r Itiutl nc^B. [■ said H i Pi is \ m . H i Th** priui ipai id said AMJenean () i-c* No 4^ J : . - - ' . . - • ■ - i .... ''' ' ^ ' deep.^^ J hn q t.Nin ^ 4 A-.I .*se ' 3' ‘ ' ‘ e*K f!--'' !• Lfv^* ..... I> *»' fhrr H'i‘< pi»Mi Ib'Uret [• \ f(^ A-I »f c i»e« **.oer Mroche hu . i pir -i c K«i. '>r * ami . I i’’ P hi - u ‘ at • . • r^e r.n-' 'I'T.h^e j , ; <;/MPi^ '\N’r> Kit! VOE'S-A o i . vu .- c .. i ,u.>cri.,r sowing ]'r' i\ r i ‘* Ff'n; ■ *i ' ' ' I A’ 50. «' : F*-.iif' Mn’•i«>rn ' FK^N^'n fi II dW—l''J-ML* •,)T'.r-,nx T '<-mi'ci- . IS*. ; - T .’y.f I ''I Kret ■■'l Ki.n-y 1 l '• n I'- ii P (ir/CuMf ■’ . n' ’ i ciiipi and • jruptHi ..n tf, me n-ng .»^ ^ jop-> I.'a-ld**rMW, Au-?rb'necr Y J<-‘HN i:5M){>hi:o ){>hi:ow .V ^:o. rl 2trcot \: 2 y z z -! ’ ... }. LfV'.ll'a • TV-- '■> I'a-ld**rMW, Au-?r •HN i:5M tcr^No IHH Pearl __ I ■!.: iFflrJ, (•V'sVilElV't'' #.7 '‘Tf.'n\ -'“Z • 7 ir-' • r 'l ’ . f A-.iaMLRp^ -V. 1 -i f'.-n . «r-';eu m U !• -IK. t ' 1* - !.e, -J. *A- rm.i* , ifc.*' er.-o .,■ '‘y \ k l: 'V v ; r - ■ aiyre iO'J W alisfrost loP. front, 't; ;.*e; •*-.r te^-t ' >•- s ............... n lu^N'j t’ IT Iv^t :* At ; r. I :*•' i -y J2 Jt 4 s .!<. a :* ..' i\ “ ,**• •» - . r '’ - ' - v • r - -j iTun. (iDd renr t-y ♦■ >111 dc-t» : , .' n- i.r.., •-e I'erms—SI» kj > c'^n re.Y.'i n h .^••^ mo ’ ir i .• •' c*. i . p ' k n ••- rt.-rm-- v» r ,1^ ri‘ 7 0 ‘f ceu: paviOie h.ad year iy j * ,r .ic .. ,ry., -m ' ■•• vu ’n-le , . ... . - - ' s S S S S a s s -,. ...,,.! .. Jtimes Maurice, Ko^rcs , « i ' jo s<.e5« fi I tm a n Java < ‘ fle«. viighnv Jamegoil. >.“7 - V . . ” ' .' r \ J *_’f'VVoit.Stfioriplian*, *«■ Refwees aJT.'rti«»nip.'t ir Br'-A ru I ai !y ..’ci.,. k -v''. . J id ibe tow.-,,f j in (VnsmoimDV'Dl.r''!<'!r'.!(‘ Kro.imf. «t. F, K. ^\R.lsm<m<lJtrMi--5i.'i< ..f *rouD.t.,n;he tv-to-'f - v.-ruty ] W m ' hn ...id, \'' Hn.',<Vr R ds ^N v . L‘ i . rn^VVluVl'T.iv ViiUlk V ’' '\V 'foU trniV ^ -V T JiLat^rU V y ^ P -i'V ^ , . . . n e o - „ . n _* w .., 7:.;, Aisu. 4 a>*i ’ow’ .■ii«;ve. <ir t.‘;f s..{2f,her. K<ie. by j { ,, ^ c v i»r v ’ c no-' f i’.. ml h K..'J./ j '!<_■ 'J . i ; «• . ’v K bv 1 ‘ ut *h- .r , .f M't;> l>y a r.»tt ' v i j . I »‘J ^ kc .= * u ' rr'..tu ■ . r.’'r TI tti < v\ fi t i • . ' •'* -! ‘s u_i ;t L- Ibiie . 'j r..v- 1'-i, .i.‘'. - > vi ^ i piu-t ved ■ n-lur\'**' nolC'* Ai t Ilf 11 o’c'f'ok, in Io n' nf tj-,.* ktf*rp V\r • Air »- '-‘I« n u. 4» • 5 tm fi in j«. M do Vordigri* «rntiK«. aithar.i fim-.hei 0'ii.tri«^. coal'M-t ceiiar. &a_ i-p.. o' j a >.,. ^ '.i ■ i-,‘he ..mi rmriy -‘.P. ..mi/ilia:'in sk ^- r M-xri! ' RrK.fno u-ld (>J'£ i foe; 8 -lii by iOU feet : n •«- ror.ied f-.r c3.^. Part .>f '-.e n*.- ed <' i •» .■.«•!)' o-V''v '■. b- \i.' '\ •« »! -1 •r»n He Wdt. north- (bm-itvov M K»«»atifv—Tb- r wg* «*f ihe «’hr H C f»u vm . tmro ,,'jai*^ u.onwy raay rmni.Q ..n ti.we-t imi sn«*r»gh:;e w.* i : ,>md ■ ‘ T. M V i. mix K s uumi;er> nn.1 nenoive'. c..o-«,uhg ,,f b.->l‘ an.! • 'lunoij . g. fbnio'.e's dch.*ri:iefr»«»rn and Nevus stT«-^-~3 hr,, k houH»4 sum eP» o« j7f.. . • ? \1 n ,.i ii^n A-^t. i i- R.» iwn .uai> ef Mann ih n- hm . n.,j^anv. u'lrt Si.i* •u-ii|,, tlwrorn-r nf h..|..ra!iTh, rn nnd Noymsh...,.,. n.«'ITf- | v ... ,, * . f .M ,,;;i, -.V !3'li ul A .ul.Dl, m*j. 3\) Tor,n.-4 .n..iilln uv.r S ! «l. nr.-r.i.i > lu-M No S Wall s t , opposite Now at •nal ai'ocTion ic i f con<ii’*‘l Biutl ncrf nTnunleatp.np In N-w i < tk addrpS'. .1 U- 1 i, ti«H rarf f*f ! .n I %, 1 t l'•v. Wv i t - k ' e lo Wall ^tri. I i Nrw y ,.rk and all frum raiil**Pt)lH ua>l ure r> «i h I lr“Hned ’ *- 'beejire -f fUvri & LiviM.sio-, >un 1 ranciHiM- vvlu New I'Tk January lo lHf>o H''w)tu l& ,\.p.uw.a; Ljwjog^ti u WeliMSi 1 r. \ -,fft Fleti.her Westruy | l.iii'*> In Si, ( '• t' \V \f[..nHal' Pbdi, 1. ipbiA ‘ .r^Mt t '‘Ti-nM. jal^tf “ OiHrO. S.’ W A U .IL E ' lit 1 U.\? C A l. I F O K \ I E X r H F. S S , hon r \ ( K\i!E..- .\'T I VMM I. I \K' EL. .U U,, 1 'h Tl... sub'cr:b-r iriU ili“r»l Ti n »]..■.-1 .1 Fij.f. r f 1 i;'eri,*rt tIi-‘ .-teiiuier r - jnnil [ fiekr.ii;*'? *'T!v i d -l'ver all paicel« elilniite.l to hi\ >’are. addressed to par ti— r-\.I>ling in San SblpjiiTe by ♦bis K.xi re«« Ul iy re’y UpMjn b.ll^lUg their e/-.»-re.*?ly I * P h ! 'Ktg.r will be reerived at the office until th“ day irtbe-t uner’**rolling . •4^ (IT U K n r . . 1 1T(. £ s - m C - (TfTTiTN f ^ lefitm 1. li«i liHr/inc at p'er 20 r R • >tK<tin,>.- V. I i M a*e l' ’ el,d tr receipt - t tb»'; r g«>- J m d b- Ut -le' h '• ; ‘ f, I' ;:ib H , : ' i s i n M V I.tii vtieri rHTlirC^CO.'VNIO'VKI.; ..f tl.Irty ..'^ht £i i-‘»‘ Markeii 1' 1. .< f i P \1 id-r- of i-jUantity '* tav (*••'in l *‘p;’>l<eM i.^r nark Itoll-i from New Orleann •.li I . pi**ais« uiex U- buuMt^if Rn.iwn ti- _ i Afrl 1 4 4dSouih_^ l^'-O T H K Brig^KMEUNK.' from ApRUchicHTi'Tp. dU'cliargiug Ht pier J7 rou-igne«s wiii please at '‘^ n ^ n ' R L D r r , . u : h M r n i H K CO N S ltiN li.F of k3do Htav-.M nua 1 b— M Hpi'kes. by the bark Rmia. from New irleane la re viiu-kted to make hinj.^» !f knovi n tn ub lhi.‘» day. or they wjii hri {••'ured at hift expetiHe.and risk J“b K \ULK & HA/VKD. 40 South street ^ I l I P G E O R G K i^ now discharging under general order, l\Jt of Beach htrea. N R. jeTSt HARN'DKN & ( U C U'ati >t ei a* •’gri.i-iirv *ti>re : oi ^ 4 ‘ v Am K'*r; 'c< ti»S's,,ug-.. ,T'47,r¥i-ir?t1'. e'7’u'in*,'.™-atD.L-lj'i ££*'-.>'114 • Coikh ftdvTvoee m- -‘f upon ad c»»os.ctiu— pe i,( Books, i'4 ^ i i i i p b i f R* I'll -■ N' m 4\VR't K A 1 - i-s ) 1'I .4 .i».e a'*o-> Ti'll* of l>Mj>i.»ndi5, \V .HcmH a I' : T... . >»y if, -eing «>!•’ entire hniai)#;e , f an nivc i e A M m ’ I ex. 1. It. „r ' ■ t r, '(*: r i»i4 .Ni. \V fiM at , I i- J‘)n,j,,.iJn’eN G. mo A ,’ h ^ v ,p rhe «ni>*o» ijlaba-s'e'’’;. n( s-.. o , I. ir' of the t.i b.wmg, M7. lu danctfeg gii'- .U M-ri '.ir, ...J >f t* Tb»retUstyf.»*ne.» si7r.s -p-e** ifToups, the dnuce wi \p-i, \s-i gtouos. the ih.ef m.ssgoup. elucaiJ.JD. HP . ........ i'lKxn •J'e p.jM'h'' (»*MU*> ot iicreuief^ F.'ir*»‘’Ra g'-'it’ti. ,U‘' (1 1 g- I. M iti.' K. n be 'b‘V ;:iMeP nj,M * h . Ter,n»—4 ' hhiii I k ov , S ! *i, wr.;NLst,1Y...,,,.Mu A’S o’el.-ck, el me r>M.'o'*' -r'Hamvt, F,. R I'aMftn Veined. Onlmary r »..1 Stul’anry M.irhl.—sj blnnkK Term*—45 iT'ontbv nver 81'*1 approved 1 'orsed ' * S f l i s g s f e ^ T ‘’\re e ‘,r of'; ,y ‘i*.. ^ . -,-u ■ V li - fill tf *i.-n r.i itie X-1: * . l^.i' VVid ■•t. ami •* wel! rf f .,,-g N » K7 ■•■■im»er ?t. PenrTih eveoue — L m I * lee! , eep ti it-ex. h„-i PC-J feel . C«*P %%h U ' . xtnrci:. O oheo wafer. rve»f*x *r.a- f,\ ;ire* »irid ntr.ni#; ..rna 3 kiN A.l.otning 3b feet by 131. AN m . •> .1“ lo the re.tt n »dih Kreot.yvJhv 73. i c'XTo fUAde kR*,vru t»y appuca'iji.u U; fjenry p H ^ .u?r'rice-ved^fTC-n ft-Rtted and t.re wld >7\ 7‘.r I :;rrT j £ 5 ; 5 E ^ ^ ™ ~ I'cfu^k, ar r..nRtttntine'ys.-d. iri Mane i Broome nn.’ Mel u.rey ilrect* ' . •.rn?t ni!jhu«any. \ b*g« Ced«' r-TfM. 4 'i o -. i I k .jver aee ' I end nuies. ■v’riWSrJKWT Hardware. Crecaery, cud (funerai Auction and Oom irissii^n Merobant. Aaotio 23 Koom, 23 Flatt atre.^i, corper of l iold. I’^l . l..| 1. R E M O V A L S . i CAJttiVOCIlAW has removed to N> T^'.r Biuad w \y thr-«' di'ors abeve Kjgbth ntr*'*t H'-yr-' fur Surgical « omiultuliocuntil U •■ d..rk A / , and frum 3 to 6 V .M ^ _____ ,.-7 2t- n ft EltlO V'A L**~ Wm U K(if«e. StaCiMuer, hoii ruio. r 11'%' ed Irum 19 to 17 Wall ••treet where he hopes tu be 1» Vire I with a ci'Dliijuance of tbf pritri»nage of hi.-* frieiu*' uiul tbi; mercautih commnmty Ho has cnstuntly for 'lie a good assortment of ft^relga und domostit' station ery BU'tuble for ccuntmg-house uee .MabufacturiTH books of anyf'i'e.vf the best quality t** t-rjer ixecuti. engraving lltbographi* and Utter-pref> y.rlntlng in ban Jsrrau style at *'hi'rt notice. and at tht most moderate m,‘» ' _ ^ _ _WM_VV ROSE, Stationer T . JO N E S & CO. have remov.d to No 53 Beave i3 « .iftreet (next door to Messrs Wiiinerdlngs & .Mount rtUition room ) where they arr f-ffsring thnirusual ase.o ment of Foreign and Domestic Uoods. at low prices, close their rpnpg stock mjb I n E M O \\\JE ^ b : F -r.:„ -T ^ r i.> F liiiifkuee Com\ 1%/ pnny liOi^ remov'-J tp No 106 Broadway corner oI |B K P IO V A K r'.N '7 OMsTtX k has rvmovvd'from .M%/ f'Tont st to 122 West st . corner « f Dey st mylm W l nail Boy ii K i n : i s T 'l m - U'a'BU^irBookXndliU. toom. 23 UUktt 3 tre.M.eorp«TOf!lol( 5 . r a . or.,. ,, ..a.aon ...... teof .N.-W Ml.’., f.ir M-’s*.'.' K'-.’t*c Sr-r. .,1 VVi;..t W,a.lptri‘. t .UJroDP b.'X 3ti>J Tost Ofllev a|-S -!1 JA .N T K D ' Sltujrflr^srfw'^aV.unher or .,xc»‘u.;^7t t i g’rls roiontly arnTod, free from citj h.-ibits and hargo\ ______________________________ mhl4tl Stora ‘.'o K ITa't vtreet. II ■r<waf»—n^ad. paruet ami bftuk 'ha ’rays. I iwt»)e nc-1 «iR£.‘e^;y»es. ce*scj«. cut taeje*. m.na, '.iiiwt and tack hasi f.; I.UUIV9 ot Ducket tna .able -atierr. sot?,* h . ra- b.idow tenure keHes. p. iD'.. hi ;. Ii«h io. oven, pou tuntce.; 0 6.S. Droen pd . d ., Ma-,. ,ull„„ Jo, « iwpiei ann*. and 'Jjey wUi ba «»n vxhibit.oi ___ ^ a;plPAt:Bl MOUNTAIN COAU, fri-^h mim-d. of ib- fi. \anouv Sized, profond with great care. expr.-.vJv fur tarn,., ; dhu anJ 5 . r .o .n W n . ^ ' 74 Wall ft 2H7 East Pr..a.Jv,a7. J 13th ir“Ld ^ and 1 h*-rrv s*n r^ricr jualitj fi^r fjutd y uai TlV'ail 2S7 *E«7t*BruT.iway cor 4th av and 13th .tree! __ and forof Rutgers and ' herrj % ly ERPOOETORKElTcoOr-.lS'LOAT. ~0 MX ton, Blandell B W t Orrel < oal on board ship Na- ■ mi ..elootod .xprKts'y for famUy n;o, and carefully low­ er. .1 into the hold Ecr sale hy SA.V1LTHO.MPSON S NKPHfctV J'-l 275 Ecai. ctr. rs-*\7 p* ^4>es. for U—Lehigh and Schuylkill cral of the Various family use, and manufacturing pur- 24 and 883 Brsad^ay. and cornor t.f ic l l O R C H a K B c o AE - J.W l a n i S r S ih^ above superior *v*al, in rate order of th'* double screened einaU coalic a spleadU lot of On use. fox «ale low by ad for sale in quantities to suit purchasers.ap- i^ a ^ Beayer 6tre»t, b LIVINGSTON E n eA N U N HCUINUS VIA l'lXT-5ElKXiD“ stage iccc.mmoaatlcn8 on this route are such as w.U In- sure comiart and despatch r5“.sr.ss'rt“n ir fos^icIAL ‘”F a'^vwer in Brooms st, from Croahy at, m Broadway— ut the approai derice, ai. ‘ Uxat the ' AlTFimiktmfbeitmatcr. Concklio, O.tkicy and Mil’-er, j so loug^os** sudiicummiuec on the part o! s-iid board, ('onmired ir. pany, on th by th|e (oMawu-g vote : I approving ASirtTiative—The Frcsident, Asst AM. Judson, B. yre, ' vote. ivord, Barr ami i Samrmi*. apj*oi«t**d the corrmiftee on iha pa.a af ihw Rc~'i'»luti(i'. appointing l«aac O Barber, inapeciur of VVanJ Schools, it* plice cf PruL Henry Tapnafi re^igni-ii Crincurrcd m. Kui.Iuucm Uiai Orchard street bo renumbered unJer Uio ?“S “S « s S \ H s r ? K K rK S ; T . c „ „ . . . . . w Igatin^*?he lUverind \hong'wanS valuable pi steamboats “ whoretS, said piers accommodation ol Uie “ Wi. icu lu, at the piers now occupied bj Re-nition direciri.g the commissioner of repairs and areaicr convonlence to the t ^[;;;:;m^Cr:r,;ove.ra;:y.h:r w^uBii^d.r^“^v;^^ Petmnn of ileesrs Cumniina di Pu Ul tune to coinpleto eewor lit Forty second and F< streets an-l Eight and Ninth avenac.s, to the 1st o next. Referred by the Board of Aldetmen, to ti ca>mmi.“3iomT with power. Referred to the conn t ;T n th ii ^ J point about twoniy-fivo leet tiurlh of t tvail street to, and to s.mnect with Ih. lane—Bale rred to committee on Sowers. Ktiiiort ol the Conimiiiee oii Sewers, with remlution and rh;^m ;tr■w ^raK^b% ';a^tro^ri.m ‘^E^?n and Third avenue, rnrnrine.ctwith the sower in BIghieemh Ktreot under iho direcuon of tbo Croton A-^ueduct RoanJ — BfferreJ to (Committee on Sewers. Report ul the Commiiieo onScwiTfl. with resuliUiuii UfiU onhnanco, tbai a d*swer, wuh baMijs, culverts and cop'icr- lion pii’os, bo biJili in Cru:sby eirni, Ironi a i»oint at *ut lUKi hmnircu Icct wuib f>s iho aou'.herly line of Houston airt 11, t.i anti iliroijgh Howard hireet. to conned wk U the -cw« r 111 Bn'dtlway, under tho ducciion ol the rroi'*n A- lii. duciDM'Hrtmcnt—Uolcrrotl i.j Comnauee «ri Sewora. Hduiri ol tbo commmec on sowers, wall resolution ai.d onbrnuae, ibui aevwer wall baaiMK, euWertu and counec* uon PH ICO, be uiU m Broadway, from the BuuUierly Ime **f Sj.uiig street, to and to coniM-cr wab Die aewvr itow liuili m Bruad^uy, at (Jrand 'Htreei, uruler Ui#* direction t.f 'b* Cr-.t .11 A n-Uifoct Department, Uelerred tocommiitte on StwtTs. Kc.pr.rt ol tbocomnime« or. i^ewcrp. wnh resolunnn and oriltijaiit’u, that a -.ewer, with IjaBiiis, culverts an*i ruititcc fIon pi|tes i>o buiti inLtxiJigtou avei.ue, Irom itortijcrly line t.l Twfiiiy.rjferhth a.t, i.. and to coiiiiec’ with the MOwer imw lojili tit i« be built in sai.l avciiue,aiThirMtth Htfcri, wuJia latma: brai.rh in Tvrenty-nin'h Htrect, unntfiaflng ;■ a.L^^..a/i-,!y line ol ’h\ Ftturih avenue, under he li^r Kepuituj cumm'.'ee on ra^werp, wjih reBolun-m and ■Jitliiiat.ra; ' luxt a .<•: wui. with ba.sms, culvoJ Lt», ai*J Conner* nm i)C built in Mth Mrrie*, Irom a point thn y led westoClu, wuHtir’y iM.c »| the F«nir;h av* nue, u, and *0 L. MiofCi wuh'In--ewer in .avenac. Rclerred t«> ■.. . mi S^weiH. Rrtp.irt of ,hi-(•'.mmM'i •• on ^ovverH, with re‘«obiu. •r'U.i.K ce. ihd» a ?cwi*r, with naymn. culv« rt-' ano n, I J ipet-. Ill f'MK 11. Tiii'iioih Ntieet, lr'>in a point !» e Oh S.'werrt wrh rok^oliiiu widi UusinH, ru verui an l r tat'h strict, irun. .1 point HoV» t.». U^riy llot* '»! lludHoO to an 1 >•1,'.J .'utiUC t W'th Do- ^ewi^ri.'i IlubtU . under '-'n- dUkTUon of the rroum AqiitJud -.ewfr. wnh tia-tiin, cnvi-rbi arid coi,i,ectiOn pipes, be 1., IJ.at h '^re'')o* i-avurly iii.e ol H'Jtl»on -T i • {, • . Itvi t. 1 .* 'i.'.‘ V. I'Ji 'he a,!W ■ 1 in rinufl e> .1' 'h'* iiorherlv iaE>T‘*f* dob of Bcjch fiiiLci, under tf c d.- .ti 'I ; i^ai' D'. I ai 'T'*? t r.'r4C*..rictl n. b',* 'h* ! A'TiHnative—The Pr.fidwb', Mt-B-’r;*. Judaon, B\ ■ , Bur . Wd kurrim. ( .-me, l .d'i. 1.-. >?n.r h, K ip, \ iiilF., W .il>->. U D-ere, D-’I ,A v fl lb Rep. 11 ol Ihr t'wiMnuU'e <’n Sewern, willi rfaniutiot »i. i ... ... pipes, he bi.H‘* 111 Di'iancy .'t’ret-;. from 'Me • ewer now built fhar -cicd at Micruf street to near ihe Wi -t. i!y I'l'le •' E-^.-ex sired, undf.i Tic .lireef 1-ir.->f “ (’ro! M. \ I’n I jc . Dci'ar*'u. ;.t Reicriv-' ,ni *mimiin » } ipee. hi r>nr II. Tiiimeth stject. lr'>m a poim Kpriy Wes; •{ lie- we“«;f ■ » line «d 'uv- I *i ' h a von i. r. ! .• k <1 .0 C'Mtiieci wnh ih** ee\»yi lu Ma.li-'*’. R'- vifi - j ' > ( jii.inriei- oi.Sewd'. Tilujaijce L'lat a Hewer, wnh basiim, .:i !• !. J q>cH. I't nui't c. litru'li strict, (ri f'.vc Jc« t \M T • .f ill.-w t - u-;r i y lint*'»l H le 10 the (Torn- ich was, after lalive—AssL Aid. Judson, Boyce, Burr, and Acker emg^ of expense ro the turners or *^(iropriefors of said propriety 01 the passage of an ordinance prohibiung the use ol the piers on the North river and on the East river. nitnd1o'u‘;tr o ’lb!l“ffo'm‘’^iis^^^^ Asst. Aid. Barf, moved to refer mlltee on Wharves, Piers and Slip ilebaio loot as lollowa: Affirmative—AssL Aid. Judson p|s;;S'Srs:iS^ and Alvord—13, Tho preamble And the President appointed Asst Aid. Webb, Dean and Smith, os such Committee. Asst. Aid. Ward, moved lo lake up the message from j;? r n ‘^nh^i‘VoTnL’:i‘“m \ r ratiOD) to take such mcasurca as may bo necessary to bring all suns and proceedinga in which tho Corporauon or cay may' be intcroated, under his supervision and con­ trol, except the suiu now in the hands of Francis B. Cut- 5i^?po^r;t.'on-;“'\i;^'E.1c‘h“ Theiiuestion then being on adopting the said resolution, rher7i^:X^\'IeVi:e,t';';a'put t^eJ‘eo„.\''“\^ Arid the same was iusi by the lollowing vote: /,om (/te Assessors 0 / the Deptuimenl. CuinmutticaUims wero recAnivt^d irom tho Aasesdors of tho btrcDt Dcpanmoni, Bubmuung the follov/mg named aspcar.aient IHI for dyuhrmaUon, to wii: For rcgwlatinff, crading and gravelling Thirly nlnth h :„ between the Eiehm and Ninth uvenuen, Abner Saudioul api»»intod collector For •*.m,Hiniciiiig n newer in Madison avenue, Irom T!.ir;y Bcv**r-di In Thir'v.iliird street, same colbotor. lor p.ivlnp FiiHi Avenue, between Thm Tviim'y eiE'hui ntrccUi; nainc r'llccior F r p-^ > uiT^ TweuUeth street, betwf avenucH same cohtcioi. J >.■1 pacing Thircc't'nth Hfrun, iron eiiue ; Harne roHccM»r. For repuiating East Seventeenth « ivfiiue and avenue B , same collt ctor. 1 '.r flag-Mhg Eigiiih avenue, 'roiuForly-Juunh oil* Htreet; same colleebjr. Fur feiicmjr vac.iu )-H h on ihc corner orihe bl..rk b.Hin.l cl by Broadway, Fourth avenue, Ninpiecntfi and Twenu- oth M^rects , name C'diector. F'*r icnrih? vacant lots in Twenty-sevemli e'.eet, be­ tween beon.! and Third avenues, urul en St'cond Hveni’c, Motween'i'wcmy-aixih and Twonth-sevenih streeu., same ot*‘lccior For well uad pump #n Bloofniii'rdab- r.iaJ , between ()n^ hundred and sixth and Otie hi ndri'd ami Hevcnih -Teeu.. name ccn'cc-O'\ Fo; a wei: ami pump a,i I'u Kill'y-louiih street and Niinl. Fi'i a wu'i u'ld pump at the c mjiit . ai.tl Sovou'h avenue; saiqe CfllvcU-t. For dccjicmnc a well In Tiuriy-t-MirUi .sircc’b bcvcj.th and EigliUi avenues same coiltc'or. r •! d wei: ari.l pump in i-'iuy n.urth i trec', 'lU.i. -lud Saventh avenues , same collector For d well and pump ut ibc L-^rner -of Ninth av F Kiv ».,>p. id Kticet , same rolM-f’nr WMch’wrre “cvrpi\y icjiu .-nJ ' I..aw Depatimi-ii' ist, shataug or k»no. 1 _________ ^ __________lit&tion should contain !^p of the wine whose name it bears ; but a skilfal combination of the tme andfaho isdesirabio,if price permit. Eyery pint of the pure wine thus added to a mixtoro, is of course so much abstracted from the 'ook of unadulterated jttice. You wiU perceive, therefor our en _ _ ^ «** yocr cellar with bargains ; be a genuine invite your friends, and pass the 1 ) 01116 . There is hope for us also in tho rccolio.ction that if chanco force upon us a Email stock ^ wine that has not been, in England, under the doctor''s hands, we know not wbat may have been done to it abroad. Tho botaniet, Robert Fortune, was in Cbma when f.hft ChiaOse market with their ea. Tho Chinese very ______Land ; and Fortune in his tugs” has told us how. He found fclE Sai.7.sif.S'i\;n5' s'ifsjji.s r ‘aa.n;.T. s 's 'S v . ' The ohanoes arc against oar very often meeting with a glaas of port that haa not taken phyaio So, let na never drink dear wine, nor ask a chemist what is in onr^b^^tles. Enough that they contam for us de- ^That namo for wine, \ delightfel poison,” is not new It is as old as the foundation of PeraepoUs. ,Tunaheod emaheod was fond off grapes,apes, Fordusi tell us, and was fond o gr 1 ones, when grapes went out of himself some jars of grape i\!- went to seek for a refreshinj tation was in progress, and nably nasty. A severe ston 'Wfeti First ami Socoml I, Irom FK8t i>» S‘*roiHj e ori lo FifM. ciHterly corurr ^ it ; same coHert-T T ol Fori>-fir(“, Htruf (• 'be (•UIUII j UMT- .•! nably nasty. 'A severe stomach-ache inluoed him to believe that the F.quor had acquired, in some way, S tS^e- elapsed, and then one of his wives, in trouble of soul, trouble into j o y ; more of it stupified, but did not kill her. That woman kept a secret: she alone exhaust­ ed all the jars. Jemsheed then found them to be empty. Explanation followed. Tho experiment was tried onoo more, and w.ne, being so discovered, was thereafter entitled the Delightful Poisan. What Jemsheed would have said to a bottle of port out of our old r.-iend Hoggins’s ce''ar—but I tread on sacred ^ Of good wino health requires none, though it will gins, 1 know, drinks more than a quart without dis­ ordering his stomach. He has long been a supporter of tho cause we are now advocating, and therein finds one of his rewards. It is not safe to pineh a tiger’s tail,—yet, when the animal >9 sick, perhaos he may not bite although you may tread upon it aeavUy.—* Healthy men and healthy stomachs tolerate no op- London is full now ; elsewhere country folks oome lUt of doors, invited by fine weather. Walk where you will, in country or in town, and look at all the *-3008 that you meet. Traverse the Strand, and Re­ gent street, and Holborn, and Choapside ; get into a boat at London bridge, steam to (Jraveeend, and look at your fellow passengers; exapiline where you will, the stamp of our eivilization, sickliness, is upon nine .Tim, exoluded sanitary calculations from our social life ; we have had hitherto unhealthy homos; and we will keep them. .Uede tel's of a Mercian noble on b>s deathbed, to whom a ghost exhibited a scrap of paper upon which were written b^s good deeds -. then the door opened, and an interm'-uable file of ghosts brought in a mile or two of scroll whereupon his misdeeds were all registered, and made him read them. Our wars against brute health are glorious, and we rejoice to feel that of sueh sins we have no scanty catalogue ; wo are content with our few items of mere sandary virtue. As for sanitary reformers, they are a company d Iiauaids ; they may get some of us into their soiv«, ml wo shall soon slip out again. When a traveller iroposed, at ilhadanes in the Sahara, to put up a antorn here and there ol n'ghts among the pitch- dark utreets, the people sain his notion m-ght be g-jod, but that, ossnen things never had been tried oefore, it would be presumptuous to make tho trial of them now The traveller (a Bute a) must have felt ijuite at homo when he heard that objection Amen, ;hen ; w.th the Dhadanese, we say. Let us have no v lights.-(U n d o n Examiner' H S&oi ’ TI j NB HBnU&Uiri B v A hs * am . lijyc. -KeaulV Ml. Tuai.Li.n-N V Ric ,*•• aii'l IN lieTfbv appiiUiLcJ Lomn TNio.Kr iI (JoiHinf NotMMiiH.jr ;!>..• I-1. 't \Vplu j, !; ilc *' ll»‘-'7.ird LtiWntr.c wh'> reiuse^ lo qu.i'jfy--A'1opifi1. Alvor.l- KcBvt’vuii. lit fan' Jt 'lit' L.Mimiiuto till SiTYtTM, M'l. c.i .run.:,’ •hr r****'>''i ! Ml tii'i 'M-U •* a t»y ’I i I r R ‘ird (\r i wer u» lU^iic. C'.in aial Frankiui'. MLirt'H —Rt'rT '*• RtI‘<T' -t 'U l f ■in He»tr«, nni, ri.M.durini! r. ■h«! rr3n:iitii>n .md ofdinaiiFt aJ*>Lied by ihi- B«»ard h mj W t tn 4!t(,irH-)ii fl'.rtl. Ir'Hi) V.tn. li Jlrne!, \* i M ■ ( ''niiMiu*'* Of N''V<7r‘i Kcpori “/ '/{(• t --nfr.-Ufi »ii Fw-ahri-. wnh rasn'uMiJ'.a' ' ( I r lirav* hi.*! waruiii ii. laV'ir\! A^B B'-'f.f'v toi 'li»s -«uni '•! im»* hun.lrtd and (iliy ilnilars, roi *1 1 • rct'ifi. I'<r *■ \'iA H*-r> ic»v. i ertoirntd ly him os R.^gi‘*'.tr oi Waft/nil tl.i; .trLMiiii'Miion ol Iho Crmon A' ku ''.‘ u ''1 Board in i*’*53 — R'-fti rod to 'he f^»mmU'ee -m Sewen* iitai tbu ( 'r iii'-T dra^ n wutihu - m lavor ol > A Mi.'s. M D lor !A!d n..irB in [u’l for bid ul nu'dir.il ai’.o. -Ml 11. HI j'o>.r '*1 I'woiKh \y.uTJ, ifi JdL. aiui Fcbrija'’) , i-vij-Rt^ernd lo l.ofniuit'of- ‘T i Fir.anct, Krj .n . ■•( Uit t'oinmii'^oo un Kman-'o. ih.i' nn iiirihcr at - -I, I- 'At.’-i ;dt r- \ ■/ Id ai 1 1 h to^othei wuh puT -f *. N..ttiirvrr. I'lr'll; u.-»- ol inarkt bouo» — Cimcuiifd o K -p .i' M '.fii ('ol' ; l I'li’t S i o, wi*U TfS'd' •* . 'I.,i' '. . :.aJ5C >r'ho proift.i-t.N hoModod by DaaJn\ Ri-adt j U a,-ii It -t\h and VS .uftsirtetH, t-; iht Kn» RaUrmil Couq a 'j I y. Itc cM'MidttJ, uj“'iJ iiic txpiraiion ol «hu prtN.*i,i ita.-<c, f'M a iiinbtr t«-rm >d twenty ye.arfc'. at tlmyearly ra'« ol five p'T t'« III, upon a valUTitlo H'Ud (O' id tfroumi ''I .'udy to I'oinimd*'*. onFifuiiice : o V?7-;“ p ^ m '\^\’ . .................. RICHARD SCOTT. Cit'rk. waw rcinno'il by ti kh uul •• -I and22” and iiiaeitiii^' a-TUf anirmhuenc was concurred in. Resigiiatiou of Robert Kelly, as Commissioscr oj Com- 'if M Sriiouis lor the Eighttcnlh Ward Adopted by'.iie Board * f Aid* nnefL —Coucurred tr.. Itepon ol tho Committee on MTiarvef*. FierH an.5 Siip«, nwii.t'>Micurriiifi in ihc resolution adopicd by this Board on I te H;h .March J«ist,/or the coiistrucuoii ol a pier af iJn- (•'.•ltd Mxih Htreet, East river. Referred lo (*uinnuui.*t oj. WhirvuM, Fiei*’ and Slips. Report of iho Committee on tho t ’roion Aqucdiic' D p.mmeni,’«iith amendment to the resolution adopted by 'fiis B-.uni on t.hi- I7ih o: May la*^i, b>r exicndin!’ ilukCro. '••n w.-Ufi piper- 111 Avenue C, Irom Twclith to Tim eenih ■’■'rect, by ad-linp' the luilowinst wop I m thereto . “ providcil the uf'xpeiMlco balance of ilic year for appropria­ tion f. r lavinsr water pipes, i« KUfficient therrfor ” He lorre«l to Cominutee cm Croum AtiueuUci Deparimem. Conimuidcaiioit from the CoinnUsBiuner ol Repairs and Suppi!es,m relation to tilting up two rooma m ihc Second Ji.Hirit i Stafion house, for Bleeping apartments f«ir the po- !icemen wuh reaolauon appropriating tho sum of iwe limidred and fifty doUare .iiu-Tou»r- Concurred m by the following vote . AlTirinauvo—The President, Asaisiant Aid, Judson, Ha- &.J!fSr5.“'2S-a III etrcci, umweei ‘T l'if feqm X u ,M e ; .hu ...recion * uik S n C“Minii»sMmer. Referred to Ccumnitu-e on Stretu. Report ol the C«>nnMiU:e *»n Streets, with resoluUurt and ordinance that the side-walk m-Twenty-sixth street, l.fuween Nintli and Tenth avenues, be Ragged a space four f.-ct wide throui'h the same, under the direction of the S'rrct CtmimmiJ/itr. Referred m Conimiuee on S's. Report of ihe f^omniHiee on Finance, wuh resolution that ;t ieasc ol ih» premtsca formerly occupied by the Po* lice Court at JeiTcraon market, be iivcn to Charlf^d H. Howe (being the uaine premises now leased m him) f !er»n t»f tw twn hum miuec on Streets Report of Uic ( oinmi'tee or S'reci*. with resofution an*j or-liDaur». ih.it Forty nur'h B»rec' l*e rP‘’u!aie<l and rurb ami gutter sioney h * i therein, from the'i hird to the FiBh avqiiue, under the dirccu«*n o' the Street Cotoimasioner -w Rer -rred m Cunumt '-t-' »* Mreets. Petiaoii id Lavina p.»si for permiBsion to pm a veranda in frout ol premisr** N*». K ' Bieecker Htreet, not u- ex'*na ov*»r three feet from Irouf •in«juaeai 'he base of veraniia, Referred by the Board of Aldermen fu the Street Com’ra, wjtJj power Concurre Resolu'ion that the et RBPoRl OF COMMITTBHS. T H E E V E N I N G F O O T . Off U ana Notes Yroni a H e c e u t f a.se. Baptiiea-tlui baby Bcouliiss “ *iue labo r b a f e . ‘^mTbrakvrb^m“ - Tho the baby be fit \ \ur tenet I doubt . Hinhep and Vicai VV hy do ytiu bicker Bach with bis brother ' B*'th of you right Dr odh of you <p to A-i wrong as the otbei B‘-*hop non suited - Prient uncorfutod. Be IrL-tituted. *’ u .t:,raV v :'^ Let each take a she'' And the lawyer:? tho Natavo Hurrah for the Bishop -hui.ah for the Vicar ' Hurreh f*-r the row that gets thicker and tbloker ' A HH for the I huroh that grows wicker i nd Bicker ' Odium Iheologicum to f«hup. B i i u r S u ^ v ^ r b o p . £fCf frr quator que WOlSo. If the Vioar’6 a pest. Tho Bishop Id* fujpior eft ~ [ London Examiner. HOW TO SIAKK U 0 3 IK ENHBA1.THV. A brass button from the coat o one time shown to the visitors an t. Potor wss ; the trcasui of a ooi.ain ohurob in Nassau ; possibly some travol- collar from the wardrobe of Saint Paul. The intel­ lect d sp’ayod of old by holy sa'nts and maityrs wo may reasonable believe to hare surpassed the measure asserPog that the meanest of tnose ancient worthies possessed not less than three skn\s and that a great Perhaps some of these rc^os are fictitious, neverthc- so. s;-, did your stomaoh never suggest fo you that doctored elderbeny of a recent brew bad been un­ corked with veneration at the dinner-table as a bottle ffi ago and genuineness of bis wine 1 The cellar is the social reho-chamber ; every bin rejoices 'n the imost K ; X ’ n-! z to obstruct our faita. t-'or prejudices, for example, run so much inUavor of one-headed men, that we can scarcely encertain notion of a saint who had six nightcaps to put on nfM a y o r !tljorw riZhJ Cummenality jf the ( ity u New York, in foinmoi. Council couTcned, Uu ordam i. Iv U 7 Sw much of ih« ordiuai.c-- of -‘P-junda, Bwinc ar aeatcauie,” being ;«irt of chapter 3i oi the by-laws a M Oldmaacea ol the Mayor, Aidenr.co and C,Mnmon.alriy -i the niy of New York, revised A D. l-io, a* relate^ i., swmc, IS hereby extended so as to apply m ihe nnmin. ■r e part of the said city not herctotore atlectcd thereby — ^Afli7ma>^ ^ - T b o lh m ile iit. Asst. AW Judsor,, Ilafcy R o ^ : - PHTITIOWB. s slisf-ended, and the following present ither nine' When George the Fourth was Regent he possessed a small store of the ohoxcest wine, and never cal'ed for it. There were some gentlemen in his establish­ ment acquainted with its merits; these took upon themselves to rescue it from undeserved neglect.— Then the Prince talked abont his treasure—wnen ” tic remained thereof oxtfept tho bottles; and it v to be produced at a forthcoming dinner. The geuf therr wine, having obtained this dealer undertook tion. So ■ a wosdroi just before the fateful c conspirators to take heed now tu left. The eompoaad would bod twelve hotirs’ keeping. The Pri j o : ^ hiB Wiao. ir undertook to zurmsh a sneoebstui be did j for, having filled those bottles with idrona oompotmd, he sent them to the pakco e the fateful dinner-hour, exhorting the suffered any to bo le a tell-talo after ;0 that evening en- H ebad a tnno time a iemarkably sttipd, ral Irish girj as A domestic. W ith a look and voice of terror. hO said to her, in hasift—“ Go anii say to your MUtr^ss, Dr. Bvles has p u t a n end to hlimself.’* The girl flew npstaihs, and with a fiwso of horror, oxolaaned a t the top o f her lu n ^ —“ Dr- ByJes has put a n end to himself!” The sstonished wife and. danghlers rushed into the parlor—and there was the Dr. calmly wa!kin.g about, w ith a p a rtof a cow’s tail, that he h a d meked op in the street, tied to his coat -ot, in 1765,, to the cry^ad been repeated, or cassock — From the time of the' stamp period of tho revolution, the ci. in every form of phraseology; that onr griei should be redressed. One Sue morning, wht_ multitude had gatheredon tho Common, to seearegi- ment of red coats paraded there, who had recently arrived—\ W ell,” said the Dr. gating at tho spec­ tacle, “ I th'uk we can no longer complain, thatonr \\■'oTanoesare not red dressed. “ Tmo,”^^^id one gating at tho spe u _ ___________ ^sroomplain, thatou. grievanoesare n o t red dressed. ’ “ T m e ,” said one of the laughers, who were standing near, \ b u t yon have two da, Dr. Bylcs.” “ To b e ^ e , ihave,” toe Dr. repfied, “ I had them from Aber- pleMantries will probably rarvive “ The Conflagration.^ H ad not this eocentrie man psses- sed some ve»*y excellent and 'amiable q a a a ^ s ,r ne could not huTc maintained his cleric^ ra^tiOR to the HoFis-streei Church and society for inr0$ Md forty years, from 1733 to 1776, and hATO sep^^tod from them, at last, for political eonsideritions ded, would have been a then Tho eocentrioities of eminei in tho ratio of their ominenoe j for i cannot rival thoir excellencies, are th tators of their peovliarities and folliei T H IR T V -PIK S T CONOIIB83—Flrat Session. WASHmaTOM, June 7. The Senate met at 11 o’clock. Hardly a quorum ^ Mr Mason presented a memorial from Mr RiteWe asking to be released from the centraot for pnbHc prating Alter debate, it was referred to the com­ mittee on printing. Mr. King asked lo be excused from further service on the committee of investigation into the Benton and Foote rencontre. He stated that it is supposed by a party interested in toe investigation, that ho is biased* in relation to too matter, and ho fait that he could not further serve on the committee, consistently with self-respect. [The difference existing is understood u his infiuence been g reater than peculiarities, to which I hare ajiu- been a theme, for deeper deprecation. -— - -------are mische'v linent men are mischevions, for thonsands, who the sucoessfnl imi- A t a teiMnfccompiimsnWdmnotiS^^ to the H o n . Bdwjffd OBhcrti number of ipoj|greii elect .fcoia C a l i f o ^ , th e -fom W jgletM ^ M : from ex-S«aktsrP£s 5 « JSav XojiK*3d Jtido^ISW. tion ofxapfesentiag toenew «t»tenn-too-xaOifie in toe Congressof the Dnion. ft would add gnuttiT to thisgratxfieatioB te meat him sa pfeienbe bfyouismves and other frienda in Albany, n n d to revivoj o n itff joo- casionof sommoh interest, my ancient a»ooi»tidnfi with them. . i isting is nnderi the Boundaries < boundaries provalof both sectonffi “ b ^ u th e V g ^ a e m e n in pa Xexi% '^gtrto“'gl^litTh‘e\r^«^^ that if the, question should ever be submitted to the deoision^f the Supreme Court, they would decide - . .... . ■' A N E C C O T E S OK 31 A T UK II BY E E S . The following record of good tb-ngs said by the witty Mather Byles, has been coirmr - xated to tbe Button Transcript; The first story that 1 ever heard oS Mather Byles, wflsro'ated at my father's table by the Rev Dr. Be'knap, in 1797, the year before he d'od It'wri upon a Saturday, and Dr John Clarke and some other gentlemen, among whom 1 well remember Ma- i >r Ueneral Lincoln, aio their salt fish there th*U day 1 was a boy , and I remember tboir m'*-to, when, a.ter Dr Belknap had told the slmy, 1 .-aid lo our m'D’Stor, Dr Clarke, nes- whom I w»s eating my apple, toat 1 wishtd he was ha'f as funny a minister l.'lion a Faot Day, Dr. Bvles had negotiated an ex­ change with a nountry Clergyman Upon the ap­ pointed mointog, each of tnem—for vehicles were ant common then—proceeded on horseback to his rospeotive place of appointment. Dr. Bylcs no sooner f-vrd’STit w*.:”' ‘ t S'SS k . t . This is, 'UDqueetionabiy, very funny ; but it is surely undesiraolo for a corsecrated servaat cf the Lord, thus Ivvishiy to saor'ftce upon the altars of stoth wheresoever tho wind bloweth/* He was intimate with Genei-l Knox, who was bookseller before the war. When the America troops took possession of the town after the evi teuce was changed, by tho Board of War, to con ment in bis own house. A guard was placed ___ him. After a time, the sentinel was removed—after­ wards replaced—.and agaih removed—when the Dr. oxolaimed, that he had been guarded, reguarded —and disreguarded. Ho called hia sentry hia observ- mej^n conouion tnai. ^ aept guara in n s aosence. waste on fol'^es, he caused the Uttle room in which ho read End wrote, to be panted brown; that he migh say to every visitor—\ You see 1 am in a brown H^s family having gone to rest, were roused one Bitot by tho reiterated cry of ‘‘Thieves' thieves ' ’ >n the doctor’s loudest voice—the wife and he candles.^ One bitter December c'ght, ho called his daugh- I their bed, simp.y to enquire if they lay tor put her in a closet and buttoned her in. After a few remarks, the ladies expressed a wish to see the doctor’s ourioEitics, which ho proceeded to exhibit ; and alter e ntertaining them very agreeably for seve­ ral hours, ho told them he had kept the greatest on- One morning, two of the fathers of the town, after a '■•Sfc;’'“,T S;SS;bl3%KS&|l«f.LSiv, added water. A fit stock having been chosen, strength, color and flavor may be grafted on it. Use is made o f these materials • For color, burnt sugar, logwood, cochineal, red sajiders wood, o r elder­ berries. Flain spirit or brandy for strength. For nntty flavor, b itter almonds For frottiness, Dantzid spruce. For fulness or.amoothness, Ucaey. For port- two aitor tn toe stroot, toe Dr, assnmed an t great severity, and told her that ho had that moraing been treated by her hnsband in a most Billinsgate maimer, and then abruptly left her. The lady, who was of a nervous temperament, went home in tears, and was quite miserable tiM her hasbaad retnmed at noon and explained toe oceorrence; but was so much offended with toe Dr-’s folly, that he cut hie aequaln- ^ A Door fellow, in agony with tho toothache, moet- iDg the Dr .Mked h*m where ho should go to W e it drawn. The Dr. ^ vb him a direction t e a partlcttTar iber. The man went as direot^x and I to the door, told Mm he door, told him that ------ o.bave his tooth drawn. Dr. Byles,” said the gentle­ st, but a portrait paint have me poorfel- US, au of the - _ i Indians to be te expense of too unparauciou excitement, she has preserver puui.u oruer and the administration of justice between mac anil man: through an assembled convention of dele­ gates she has framed, in a spirit of deliberation and calmness worthy o f the founaers of onr own Gorarn- ment, a constitution, which will compare mvorably with that of any state in the Union j and she has chosen from among her distinguished men a tion to both Houses of Congress, eminently q to uphold there the high character she pusti home, in all that give* respectability a nd dig an independent community. Six month! elapsed'sinoe Congress met. In one Honsfi SL hardly bo said to have bad a hearing ;j and in other her fite# people have been virtuaUy i placed the same level in political importance wito Ingi was' continnsd, ^sclos^d, by Ml Mr. Davis, of Miss , supported Mr. unqualified dissent from any proposition wbrch snaU eventually give to froo soil any portion of territory ‘' t r S s t i t vote for toe would not result in making free soil, and latimatod ^M ^ W e l^eTsaid, ho d'd not desire to see great political questiori referred to the judiciary of the country He thought it much better to settle sueh questions by comptomise, yet he saw no difficulty in wa? one between too Up'ted States and the state of Texes; sad he nroeceded to show, by argument, that the case migat be easily and regularly Drought .0 . . . d i « . l U. lb , proDoaition, that any esse rov'd arise in wb'ch the United States could be one party in a suit and Mr. llale moved that when the Senate'adji ihou'd be to Monday next. It was very evidi the Senate could not get through with tho amend- ■ents to tho bi’l to-morrow. Mr. Clay suggested that the motien was not in or­ der, wh'le the b\l was under consideration ; and th< ' ■ ■.ends of the biU generally insisted upon sittin prLfg“ “g\r.«i!“f.rTf 's of fehe bii inoi 'ow, for the purpof The vote wpg then taken upon Mr Clay’t meut, and it was rejected—yeas 17, nays 37- 3roFSr».i?rS™ri5~...’''l!S Mr. Halo moved a postponement of tho bill until Mr. Ben^tonTnlimatod his totention on ^ o n ^ y , to Mr. Benton intimated his The Senate then refused to postpone toe b\! till Monday, but made it the special order for te-morrow, and. alter an Executive session, adjourned. House o f K e p r esentatlves. imitiee of the \Whole on resumed the considera- illiams gave notice of __________ _ .nefits of an organ ment—thus violating the lundamontal principle of all soeial organization, that taxation and protection shall be commensurate with each other. In this respect, Great Britain was not so unjust to her American eolonies. She taxed them without the consent of their local legislatures, but she did not withhold from them htr protection andsapport. Wo tax California without the consent of her legislature, refuse her a tenitorialgoTernmout, aud deny her the light of governing herself. It '8 time, gentlemen, that there should bo an end of this wrong. If persisted in, no man will deny toat it would afford her just ground for declaring herself independent and dissolving her political connection with os I earnestly hope, however, that she will go on as she has commenced, with ca'mness and dignity, in too great work of social amelioration, in which she isengsged, in a region of toe globe hitherto nearly oseloss to mankind, and rely on the Amorioan 1 eopfe for the speedy justice, which the men who omtiol the proceedings of Congress have thus far u'ceeded in witl-huld'ng from her. It is not pos- ible that the evidences she is giving of her in­ dustry and enterprise in the stroama of wealth oyery day poured in upon us, and of an enUghtoned comprehension of the business of government in all her political acts, will much longer be lost up­ on us, or that we shall persist _^in disregarfing^high. I on onr - j W ‘ ‘ ^ id on too P i is in danger whether it spi mgi ohe hand, or f. om; --------- , ------------------ obligations on toe other. Let ns do our duty to O '■forma, promptly, boldly, fearlessly, and trust to ti .■-aperintending Provldonoa, which has guided us saiely through all vicissitudes and trials, for an adiastment cJ other d'straeting questions, on too bar sis of jcstico to eveiy portion o f the Union. I annex a toast, which I will thank you to pro­ pose, end am, Very respeoU'ally, Voai obedient servant, JO H N A. DIX. To Messrs Robert F. Johnstone, M. H . Rooker, Giles K. 'VYiline, and H. J . Hastings, Committee. “ T1 i 6 imniodis-tc and unconditional admission of 'u'aRforiiia into th?* Union ’’ Craiors R ailroad AnvKKxnRE.—A correspondent of the Pittsfield Sun relates the foUowing eingular story of a “ happy” gentleman, who attempted to use tho Housal.jnie Railroad track as a highway: UUI, WKU BO eiUBO upuu ,1., ouu. lAuuui u v a , . . . . , as lo be unable to escape it. On examining the cow- ‘S! ”S » = \ ; s j J r A T = ? : ,^ 2 .a and lights, passed back over the track. Some eighty rods from the depot, a broken jng was found, which sisrsi5«.rpSi?sif**:s’«nr.^^ in a deep excavation adjacent was found a valuable horse, upon his back, stiff, ^nd with faint signs of life. In the meantime no human forms were uisoovered, until too loud call of the conductor was heard, when the unsteady voice of ait equally unsteady mi __ alifoTOi'a in connection with territorial goveri ments for Utah and Now Mexico, but not wituout,— He planted himself on the demooratie platform of non-intervention as to slavery; Mr Root declared the people of the north all one way on the slavery question, and there would never be dough-facery here if they were honestly represent ed ; it was glory more than enongh that the WUmot proviso had made Califbinia glorious as a new state. Mr. Johnson, of Arkansas, advoeated the Missouri Compromise, and pressed the necessity of aUsomtbern men combining to oppose the organization of the north against southeia rights. (Forty members pre­ sent, and two persons onfy in toe ga’lories.) Mr. Duncan was in favor of too adm’ssion of Cali­ fornia, and territorial governmonta fop New Mexico and Utah, excluding slavery, and a proper settlement of the boundary between New Mexico and Texas.— Ho was also in favor of the abolition of alaveiy in toe District *f Columbia. | Mr. Dner gave notice of an amendnient, a'most in the words of tbe eompromise of the Senate. He was aware of the strong objections to it, but there was necessity for action of some sort, and this was less ob­ jectionable than some other propositions. Ho re­ served the right to offer it, being govemad by circum­ stances. The committee rose, and tbe House took a recess till 8 o’clock. At a quarter past eight, the oonsideration of the CaRforiU;a question was resumed. Jackson, of Georgia, advocated the Missouri compromise line, arguing that all the southern states cau oe profitably cuftivated south of 36 deg. 30 min. lie warmly defended the south. Mr. Durkoe viewed tho great controversy as a glo­ rious war between truth and error, between liberty and despotism, and zealously argued against slavery, fondly anticipating the ultimate triumph of general freedom. Mr. Phelps obtained the floor, when a motion was made that the committoe rise. No quorum voted. At half past ten, there were thirty-one members present 'I'he House adjourned. L kvgth . of L’ fs ln L ov .- ell .— The Lt/wtll Ame- I lean quotes some statemeuts in a letter from Dr. Curtis, which lead to the conclusion that the occu­ pations pursued in that city are not favorable to health. We quote toe notice taken of the subject by the J owoil print, whiob cOrta'nly affords matter for reflection: \ In the Btatistioa published in this pamphlet, and ro-prodoced by Mr. Stone, it wa.s shown that the average aeo of all who died in Lowell for the fire yea-s IronT 1836 tw 18^0, inelnsive, was 17 years and 1 i-3 months; while the average age of those who died during the sucepeding five years, 1841 to 18^, inclusive, was only 17 years. And this was while Jmwell was gradually getting over its youtbfnl cha­ racter. Now, toe doctor says, that for the last four years. 1846 to 1849, inclusive, tho average is a f/ao- tion less than 16 years and ten months. We do not see how this can be accounted for by toe youthful character of too population. In the nmo last ; in this bog. As they wore striving to extricate themselves, and pulling to the right and to the left,' tho doctor oame lorth, and bowing, with groat polite­ ness, exclaimed—\ 1 am delightea, gentlemen, to see you stirring in this matter, at last.” A candioate for fame pronosed to fly from tho North Church steeple, and had already mounted, aud was clapping Ms wings to the great delight of the mob. Th Bylos, mingling wito the crowd, inquired what was the object of the gathoring—“ We have come, sir,” said some one, ‘‘ to see a man fly.” \Poh. poh,” said the Dr., “ 1 havo seen a horse r « ! ^ S “S s — ........... » .... Thera is no doubt of the troth ofthi* statement j but we have no facte to show to what extent it is true. Admitting itvernto, the is forced nponins 4—T h a t iaaan ras a Report _ _____________________Association, was written with tbe utmost care, under a deef sense of responsibility for the statements made, as u was to become the property of the profession torough!' oat the country, and would be likely to carry Bomfe weight of authority abroad. 1 believe it contains no statement that is not elrictly accarale, -I did nolt far aa to state p rominently, toe idea ----------------------------- - — _ __________ ate let- toey would be if a ll died there who contracted t fatal'disMise there g therefore, w h e rea V ~ ‘ i» mad* betireea. jour Oilji and inoh oth Lowell would m reofitt/be m uch more nm the comparisoa, than i t would appear to bi hillsoftaorlahty.’ ” ' gerties Telegraph- le army in . ,„jders, of which Uncle Toby spoke some time ago- It seemed toe poor man batt no conceptien that ho had been rode down by the iron horse, or that ho was on any other’ than a shocking bad pnblio road, of which faot alone he seemed to be folly sensible ; for the smallest boy remarked, that papa said cs they were coming along, that he should not ride over too road again till they bed repaired it. The upshot of the matter is this. The man was .. ---------- r ------ r ---------- ahase. A gen- _____ Oise, wito toe buggy, jugs, &c., leraali, unaccountable as it may seem. The hoise*ofh>8 own conveyance was such as to con­ ceal the approach of the locomotive in toe rear, which demoltshed the btiggy, throw too horse into the ditch, and safely depositing the “ interesting stranger” and his fine boys upon a high bank, soma 14 feet in ascent. What is remarkable, is this—the man affim that too horse had run away and smashed too b y ; the horse was turned over and helped to t L ., ad not a bone or even toe skin was fonnd broken, 'he person of the man and of his two boys were nn- lutiiated—no other marks were roceivci than a fine horse had ran away and smashed too bag­ gy ; the horse was turned over and helped to rise, and not a bone or even toe skin was fonnd broken. '|h e person of the man and of his two boys were nn- utiiated—no other marks were roceivci than a fine lat stripped in toe back from waist to collar, and a imewhat comical expression given to the rear of lother jug t sbund, and fui4 w h ich ----------- atiendauco, to tho no small cha^in N aval .—A slip from the Norfolk Courier ofiice, of Jane .5, P. M-, contains the following under date o information: A rrival of the U. S. steamer 'V ixen .—^The U. S. steamer Vixen, Lieutenant Commanding Jam es H. W ard, four days from Fort an Prince, a rrived here this morning, having on board the two muti­ neers of the BChooner -------- , of Elizabeth Cjty, M r . ------- Green, Charge from onr government to toe Republic of S t. Domingo, and Lieutenant James S. Ridgely, U. S. N ., came passengers in the ‘Vixen. She brags no aows ( 'a board toe 'Vixen is toe famous a liar piece, (of which mention has been made in the newspapers,) a present from the Right Rov. the Archbishop of tit. Domingo, to toe Right Rev. Archbishop JEeoleston, of Baitunore, presented through M15. Green. It is of the Corinthian order of a rehite^nro, is 46 feet hi ch, having a base o f Z4 feet, is o f Bolidmahogany, weighs about 10 tons, a n d is kno'wn to be more tban 160 years old. j The Vixen Bails this afternoon for Washington. The followhig'b a list o f her o f f i c e r s J a m e s H . W ard, E tq., l& n t . Com’g ; Joseph S. Day, Acting M a ster; A -M . Ball, Ass’t Surgeon; E. English4 T . R . Lewis, Passed Mtd’n. T h e U. S . ship D ale, flow fitting out a t toe Brook­ lyn Navy Yarth has been ordered to the Coast ot The V . S. corvette Germantown, Comd’s Lowndes, arriYCd a t S t. Jago de Cuba, from Port an Prince, 13th M ay, and sai.ed the 16th for Havana a nd Vera ^ LiTOtfcimftes H . MoBlatr, who is in Califernia, ^ A d t e e X l e t ; n received a t W atoingten, of toe V S SnuADao.N-1.1 THE MEmTSKSAKEAH.—A let­ ter dated Malta, M a r 12. position of toe different vessels, a t the lasti^vices, U follows r ^ A^* Tonlon-^The Cokstwution frigate. Captain j M g i a i g a s a , T he L awrence Dtvtjium CA]sr.^3jhe semHffi'li'djsragtaphappearorotoe.Bb^^^ o f jo itsia a r aamtningj. ' i S £ S S S S , « S ^ ■ ■ i;

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