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- p t e ip f f - Y o iiE ’Tgtrj^PAY^ m , x m : ctfMikiEeRcaajL, Mijs^sa—The iBceIpSs »irIng-tlc8 past *w_ ty-foar Hoars wera as faflowa : 5000 bKs EioW, !00 bask, wiieai: 11,030 do com. THeiSsrKetfcr fioar is dull and ansetUed; holdeis, la oonseqaance of the ta.rvra.bU> new* by tie Earops, *8& an adranee. l o t I n jers refo3« to op4lSfe4Xcept a ttb e rates cnirent b e ^ e the receipt of the neira. Frhse irhaat is in fair demand, bat the Srmaem of loMcra ehesfcoBeraiions. The sale* axe con- tinea toalB l o f liCOObnaht&WissOBSinat SI cts T ie fwtign l e w t o i n c e t t l t d U i s coin n a iiet. sndno ssdes C^tapartaaco laTP ttW B ^rtdi OWo WhJahey sella at d Mt prices ■w© diet not learn. _ ______ _ TTfeeks prices lishre gfadnatty -------------- 4^44 to 50s&2o per gall far good and prime, a sd it is now firm a t tbe latter rates. This ad- ▼ancer is ^ e f i y owing t o the assured anticipatioDs genr- jrally e n te t a ^ e d t l ^ t the strpply the present year will helow the regtxlar d^^nand In the importations ^wbaldoH were^5.C00bbIs,T ................... -*■ I J S S C R A R C E . W Coast on pri- . Western! Corn at anal freights are a l-eh*nge.~[Tiiaes. and good Uiddline ’l ^ c . We noticed an adrance in pries of Me«! rerfe( irjtfi safes cf SOOO ibis at gioaio Holders OTRio Coffee hsTesacceeded in estAhlishixip an sdeanc^ Soma dddd b a ^ hare cdmnged hands a t SaSje. Tbare is a a upffaid tendahcy in the Sugar marfeet, while Jioldewldo not gsein inolfnedto press sales. New Orleans Molaj^^cohtimje infi4rreqnest, andfltm with fair sales a t SSaSTftjper- gallon. There is more aetieity among desfera of hard while quotation* hafa Improved fntly i cent. Th^ transactions inprinje qualttlee within a week are Terjf largB, a t To. The.-8teamahip Hihemia’s new* hasjost been received here from Halifax- Its effect on thsproifeico'insrhets in general is os yet unknown. LxHi) WUBKiH’ti.-.T h a depreciation and dnllners in and W arrants are attributed to the efforts ffiaWng to passage of a law through Congress giving stion—or 3.60 acres—of C>ltai]^1 ereiyaeteal setflejra- quari pubiioiand. Ifsuohalaw pass, the Warrants will be- warrants liaTe-.not been obtained, or sold and loested become so mneh waste paper. The proceeds of the sales ofpnbiie lands are also pledged for the payment of the pnbSe IbaSMhTiofeprineipia and Interest; and the certifl- cale* of stock issued by Miv; id by Miv Secretary WaBier, under the ey 1847, b e « this assurance engraven on the face o f them. Section 19 of the act alluded to fiSth January reads as follows t “ And he i t fhrther enacted that for the payment of the stock which may be created under the proTisions of thi* a c ^ ^ b e sales of thepablic lands are h^ebij plrd^ed .- oeived into the Tress aft©r the 3at day of January 1S4S ; first, to pay intestoh sHsiock isSned under this act, and secondly to uae the balance cif said receipts in the purchase of said stocks a t their ipariiet valne ” MARINE LIST. ^R S IV B J l ¥ESTERX)Jiy. ilonis, IS.ds fm Paisboro. N S. with Machias, with lumber to Simpton. v“Tmkham,— ds from Chetryfield, with timber to i^D HaUbek.Davis, 3 ds fm Baltknore. to Van Bmnt oil5uid&ro vriial^alohj^sidr. . er machinery-was iff workiogTorder. BOMES3TC FOBXS. AmeUdn)*u-Ai9Cth.barit General Harrison, Meade. Bar- s; bus Partridse, Freach, do: Ible 3 X 2 ^ taririrtious of iihis city. s s , s s t - UR'ssr,-- Philip Embury* WOUam Thx.mson, Stanton Bobee, Henry A. Howe, ''ia*ar».Il B.n««T.S<u:rotary my23 aiaGe o r a i i T S e w ^ w ^ ^ q u l t o D l e Insucan c c A T tbo Annual Election frr D1 O . ofthe Compsny, on r.fonday, Ins gentlemen were elected : I S S Z . S S * ' Lambert Suydao, Joseph W. Duryc /^ o s H r i N t J E S ite h a J r a ^ S th la e i ty liiider the att^ L V erity J U W T i ^ L b II, HimUcgtca} : W texL c e tcr 0 . J OflNSOR, ftKWdlit, idaelesTosPier IS, foo‘ fC Pnmitat&{not (Sundsp excepted) a t s o ’ tiocki *‘T h ? ,s S a Sr % VOHCESTEE, o W E S T E |r c ^ No. 72 Wan strecl . f s s w m - traac L Platt, Lora Walsh, Wm S. Herrlman, 5ilE3 HeUaM, AquiiaO stout, Henry Toung. Jacob a Lo itoy, Irad Hawley. Ch»3 N. Talbot, ^11 1 at a meeting of *” e Board of Manegeri lOHN WUilTS,Esq., was nnammoosli iss r s s , STSONO. , Secured by Bonds and Mortgages an< per cent Stocks. d United States isiness for twenty-five years, and still continues s r g . e g g a g g a X . S u “ , S . 2 7 S i „ . „ iS S t 'i Charles K i r S r SMuelT^Mitchll E!“? k isMKs Wu-siE,Secretary Burplns, Sffier deducting ati outstanding*^ i210,00!l j i T o f Insnranees made a t lowest current rates gass, ige-WaU s trait.-TI ‘ niea of this city. DIRECTORS. ffisif-t JOHN V V.V NOSTfl \ND. rrosWont. A p p U c iti^ lettat\h^>i?r^^ Exchange Bank, corner of (ireenwich and D©i» streets, will receive imme­ diate-attent^'^n f S Z ), Household Furniture, Sc., against loss and damage by fire, on as favorable terms as similar Institutions in OiaEUTOHS. m m : ?rjat, l^ r r ? L ^ ^ ^ r .m e y e r , ■*- TlMbTHT WHlTTEMORkTrresident. J . i n s s HsjtBiso:.^Seoretary_____________^ ___ ^ hand an exceUent assortment of Book, Newspaper, am; Ornamental Type. Bordering, &c., which they are pre _______ _____________________ im.went up the Ssr •^^SptonHo»dt,*HpMaddnr. (of Thomsitoa) Ames. ; P | g § 5 i g . t i ^ ' C t e c h i l l . N York; Slth, ^^i»0!c£^ilS^^tchDeBBit»flod8doa, fin Calais for-W( ing articles, of their i . . . No. 1 Chrome Green* dry and in oil Branawick do do Rms|ian Green, in oil Imperial do do A fans do dry B do do Ex. Penojanent Green, in oil No. 1 Ido do do Paris Blnle* dry A PruKL ido do and in oil B do do do do Ultra Marine Bine* dry Antwerp do do Celestial do do A Slip Btne B do do New Yoflk Chrome Yellow Extra do do dry and infoU No. 1 do do do A Rose Pink do ■ A d|o pulp. Pulp Lak;e Extra Vtjnmllion Turkey Vniber, burnt andTavr Do do in oil DANIEL P. TIEMAI »p4_ ? ijSLBGRAfJB. 3- lavtBpwjl. 23d tdt; Lucinda ..r e r t o ^ e n t - c ^ ^ ^ ^ & SON, ^ .^ d ;, f v ; ;;^ a b \ c » T h if'lo^ estabUsheJ institution, incorporate!! in 1810 with aperpetnal charter, has tiansactea a very extensive £:*fffigsaa\':a'‘ aU fair cUims for loss uxL^tv its policies wiU be UberalJy Tliejurisdictionof the Ceurts - this city will be ac SUphalet Terry, ■— r t Day is Gooilt DIHECTOKS. IsHKi G B.,M.ies Serratarl HeseHn Mantlngton, Calvin Day E u K f d - T S a y . Prssident^^ The Ivtngs Co. M n tual insur- 3 1 i i s “ S S payme^orU)38es,'of One Hnn<lrcd ThousancTDoiIar».‘rm which the puDho may rely as ample seennty agaim t any future losses the Company^may^amtaln. Chtiriefl M. Olcott, Oerrlt Smith, Sanmel E. Johnston, Mott BedeiJ, iirtta'cthX\- Amos Madden, Aaron L Held, John A. Cross, Nicholas Lu«iu>*pr. S tlphev U vderhill , Secretary. mhlb F n U S INSURANCE, KlNOflCoi NTY I^fl« R an < b (\OMPWV. OfQ7e42 knlton street, BrioXlvn. iu^,‘!‘i \ r e S £ \ S S i : S against loss or damage by fire ^ .ppije., tmn^, r^^^^ by mh2T 07 Wall street. New York. ^ TN^\ FIRE INSFRANtE LOMI’ANl Ob HAKr C a p ital 300,000 D o llars. This ( ompivny waf* lU'-ori»hn\ted in the year 1H19, with A perpetual charter, and Insure?* against loss or damau© by fire on dw«Unj;; houses, sturef*, manufiictunDg ©stHM'sh oiei»ta,hoa.*8»*hoM furniture, and merchandize in general, may sustain, on r1*s taken a t this agency, will be liberally adjusted by th- in money current at the banks in this city. This t ympany has ueTer contested a loss made in thtff I S s E ' SBaa B Hanulton.- Edwin G Ripley, yrederick Tyler^ ^ ^ Samuel S. Ward. ta'^K^*'BRA(;E. PrMid.nt. n.'' I ru^tn-r. or thoTenewsl of poiieies and,til business coniipctra with thu offlee. may be mai'. New York, with full power to receive pr.ipf.., ,1* auj Is sm^policiea, on RAILROADS. mxtlandt street, dsilyi . P.M . and arrives to Eastern tcabs _ - aaw W CsBtaia 17m. Y7UCCX, will leave every hfoirJey, TTeaneiday and Friday, firca pier 19, Itot o f Conrt’Amlt street cl bo’d o c k .r M. The irteaffiaei KNICKERBOCKER, Captain WUliaaasi Tuesday, Thursday and Satordnv. at liiB *MiI coat! OC18 bnlll tajicsrij fiix tin Scunfli navlng great strensth, and brfn^ provided with Ilfs boats and fireonglnes. As there Is no ehang* 6 | cers or ferry en this ifiats, sD kipdcffrdght wiUhe farsardcd with tho greatest del* “ 5 ?r.«,v;.v.v. 11 ,S Do do Lc.weli ............. 4 00 Do du Nashua ............... .. 4 00 i I ’ I onoord'............ 4 70 K»*©ne ................... 0 00 df* B**U o #3 Falla. . . . 5 10 An Expriw Freight Train leaves Ally u s Point for Bos­ on immediately on the arrival of tho steamboats. freight taken at the Inwevt rates for Boston, Worces­ ter. LoweU, «.oncOT'l, BeUows Kalis, BurUugton, Montreal, Fcr freight, passage, or ether informition. Inquirp on board the or at the oClce, Tier IS, north river* foot of Cocrtiatidt street. mhll iS\v 5 «™r., Yorkand Haxler Mlfutureburlness of that corporation will therefore be transacted under its new name. Itmay be weU to add. by way of explanation, that, the >1(1 ■• .Mutual,” notwithet-andtug ite title, was in fart a stock comp-any, having ae-apitd all paid in and securely This company ccctinu©© to Ineur© aga1n\t losn ordaroag© b fire on as lavorable tf»na« af similar institutions in this George Ireland, Anthony Lamb, J:hu Ooth^ut; Adam Ni»rri©, tieori^e Arculariua, Ili»bert Kermlt. Robert B©nsoD, Anthony ( Lardon, {^ra‘l‘;>\TS; ]^“o t “r? ^.^rt^irt, s i r . - i S i , GEORGE IRELAND. President. A. B. MoDoitsxD.SeorBtary. apn^ Oflice No.es Wol! street. O Y a recent act of the Legislature, tho name of this O Company ha.s been changed, the term Nauiilue b“.ng cies, and paid for los&es liS.yw dol»ar». In tifteen jD^tanc* rtsth© sum Injured was for tho benefit nf the widows and lag together families, and saving them from destitution Four annual dividends have been declared, three of fifty, will be issued in oases when the whole premium has been near Broadway. l U U r S i f S l S t i ; \ , \ - - ------------- ■ ar.'isA?. and Naugatu Will take this Train andjnin Express Train at N^w Jla- 2 Exprera Train at 8 o’clock, \ M. for Stamford, Etrs-lgepnrt. .\ihany, and Hou.vatonic n^d Naugatuck Rail- i; Kivc.r ikallroad* Worcester Providence and Boston 3 .Vccommod.*tion Train at 9 A. M. for New Haven ..w4 IntermA-diate stations. Hampden, ( hoahire. South­ ington* fbunviile.T-armington, Avon, rarflTviUe and r ol- hiiFviUe Middietowu Hartford and Springfield 4 Expfe*^'* Tr.'^.iu at 3 P. M. for Stamford, Nor- walk, Bn«lgeport, and Huusatonic and Naugatuck RaP- roads. New Haven, and Mtatimis on tb© Canal KallroaJ. H'trlford Spiin ffiYld. Worcester add Bontun 6 lccomin*Mation Train at 4 f. M. for Now Haven, and (dl the intermediate stations ti < omm itation Train at *.*.60 P. M.for Brldgep rt and Intermediate atatlons Trains to New York: 1 Commutation train at r> ^r» A M.. from Bridgeport, stoppin ? at ail the intermediate stations. pas. eDge*p frrm the ■>iau'jratuf;k Raliroa i at Bridgeport o .XcconuDi datiou Train at 9.^0 A M. from New Ha- Vtn. at alltbe interipediatbstatious receiving paj«8eng*rs from the Hartford and *New-Haven* (.anal Krtilroad. and Naugatuck Railro,ad. 4 Exj rf.3*s I rain at 1.10 P M . Hn c' nnectlon with Express Train Irnm Boston.) from Nnw-HAVen, stopping at Bridgeport and Stamford, receiving parsengera Irom the Ht»u«aP\nic R.allri»ad............., at Bridgepi. rt. 4 Exi-rf.-s 1 : Express Tra^n the HousaPonie .. ........... , _ 5 .\cforamndatiou Train at 4 30 P M . (rveeiviug pa8- «Htigerg f I ill (he .Iccommiidation 'Irain iruui Bo?ton.) from New-Haven, stop}*ing at aU the intermediate sia- tl Express Train at 4 HI p M .(or in eftnncctii'n with B’^iprcps train tr«m Bosion ) stopping at BridKcporl. NV-r walk and Stamford arnvlog in New York at 11 *4) P \] Evening train from l itC-beJU connects with this train at Bridgep-dt Pa'Lsengprs are requested to ptocure Tickets before ta king seats in tb® cars. AprU UUth, 18£0 R. B M»VSO?L my 18 Superintendent S — On and after fith of May, the tralui leave as follows : Leave Suilem’p Depot- j Leav. .SewVork. *8 4U O'clock. A. M. I 7 3U o'clock A. M. HI .?,d \ ^ w et Leave s(iTwrn't 'epot, I Leave n »* w York. o4u«« rUHk. \ M ! fO. P .M. PMEUSON TRMNs Lf»avA Paterson. t Le.vvi’ \ew York. 7 O ' ru, AM . Market ■•t 1 7 .’»»> o c <»*K.-A k M. 8 30 •• - Pat deiKtl 9-uO 12 ‘ *' I 1 st S S e S S I u t c t .\^ S S S ” ... . Uctorning, will Wve New York by the steamer Wash- in^gton Irving from Fulton Market Slipi, at 9 A. M. and PaeBengers will ploaae to procure their tickets of the T ’M^o°Ro^y 6 ^ \ off^bay Cs , Maahesset and Little „ _ ™ KGR NEWADK f a r e 12J cents Btreet, at 4 n'l-lock, P M ; leave New^trk. foot of Centre Btreet, at 8o oluck A. M., landing at Bergen Point- eicb Kreicht tsken at reasonable r.ates ^ inhl8 OR ALBA.NV DIRECT From the foot of Robini The Manhattan will at all times arrive in .Albany in time for the first nu^rDlDg train of cars east and west. A<«o in time f*>r tho eHrlie.ot conveyance north. Kreight ft»rv. arde.i bv raUr<*ad if requeiited. Knr pos?;igp or freight apply on board the boat ap.3 The above barge is fitted up with fltate-roY>m.«, large and commodious cabins, and paii«eng^*r8 wlU find it a very AU hagg«g»*. p.aokag©8. parcels of good, or mon»*y. must be at the risk »‘f the owners thereof uniesa entered upon the b *ok« of the b'tat, or ix^celptod for. mh8 FOR ALDA.NV Ulliht T -PA S S \liE 25 ( ENTS. „ -«3B0 ^ The Bteam packet RIP VAN u-nv. Schoybu:. wmicaec ^*i>;»r3gi.TlirroIrN■■ i Uesday.s Tnur»dsiy« and .Saturday** at 0 V. .M . from I'leauRmit pier loot ol Uoblnsun street. llrH above Barclay, arrivinp in Albany in Ume to take the •a.stcrn or western express trains. Knd'pht taken «t m^>der®te rates and forwarded by rail- '^SUNDAY TRAINS. .N n Ou M. tiday mornings the first train from i^uf- f.TDs will l‘* 4 ve at 7 40. or on the arcicai of the Port Jarvis 1 he 6 <■ rh'ck trams will not stop at the different sta- tlidjM north of l atcri^ou except Hebokus The trains whif'li leave -New York at 7j A M and P will >te m tiiiju to mcp^ tiiH Erie tramfl morning ami Tenini?. ijoini? west.at Ntifiern’s r*«pot div 4 CAJHLDKk AN U ' A M m) Y iw iL U O A D ANN & CO. IT Burling Sll lO O a B iS CO., NcfilBand 21. Cliff ei and 1 X, also a full assortment of extra sixes of all desoiiptions. Roofing nates, 14x201C and 14x20 l X. Taggeta Tin Hates, loo boxes Toggors Irga, soo do locMbwndlea Bsstt. Issu Wire allniunbaxa iOO AA EEgUlll do 600 Slabs Government Banoa Tin 600 do India (U n ^ M ^ ^ S i and American Sheet Iron,^No^ 10 to 1000 do R. G. Sheet Iron, No. 10 to.No. 38 Russia Sheet Iron Imitation do Bar T in, Big andBar Laid Sheet Z iuo, Spelter -Sheet Srws, Sheathing Copper ■ B w J ti ^ C ^ ^ I a llw S g M s and dlM Btaiierai.Copper,a Bolt Copper Copper-Bottom^ raised and flat Brass Kittles Compos; Hon Kails and Spfl her; with s “ ' dends are declared annually of all the profits Tho premium upon Policies may be paid annually, semi­ annually or quarterly, at the option of the assured, or when they are for life and exceed fifty dollars, sixty p,r cent., may be paid in cash, and a note giyen for the balance with interest at six per cent. It is beUeved that should the assured live to m;ike thirteen annual pay­ ments, leaving the dividends to accumulate, the policy will be paid fTir. The pro.speetus of the Company, and any further infor­ mation. will be turnbhed on application at its otBce, No. 5S Wallstreet, or a t a n^of it., agencies. K £ 5 ;“\' \\‘\\'“iK ' S ,., Henry A. Nelson, Spencer S. Benedict, ; S - S ’ S S h N ew YottK. June, 1849 A m e rican M u tu a l Idlle I n s u r a n c e C o m im n y . C habtkhed By the L bujsi . atubb of C o -* vectkit iw This institutioa is authorized, by its chart*ir, to is­ sue pohciea of Insurance upon life, and to make all and SK 7 .“.%T,i;niSvrp» t, s,? H S s meet every continsency. A A BEDvo-Tio.N in the rates of premium of 25 par cent. payable annually, seml-annnally, oi quarterly, as may 3. The assured participate annually In tho profits. u p t u S o f r h ’s s r r o ? L ? K ^ ; i i h = , free from any claims of the representatives ofher husband debtors themselves may insure for the protection of their ^ € s « € ? r ; H S : ; Frederick T Peet. ^ ^ ^ O ^ ICERS. ^ antitted to debenttufs flU IT A X m B N C E ,T R m B L iB & C O ., offer fotsaleat Li No. S3 Broad street;— . Bromi Sheetings and SWrtIngs, a great variety oi Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings. S-4, 4- 4.7-8,5-A 6-4 8-4,10-4, and 11-4, Lonsdale, Hope,MasonTiUe Allendale aadether styles. BroTOhleached, E lne,and printedDrills. Carolina* and Richmond Stripes. DenmSjlndigo Blue, of several q u a litia. ^ ^ ^ f ? l » t r i d e c l o t h s , u c w a n d B a n d ih l Green m iiel. -ortodcolorm Rso-itnTahleCloth3,c^,r-4jan4 8-4. snesias,Casbans.PaperMns- SttUffi, a large aSoriment orde- Cloths, h^k,bri?iimandcs mTy. '* ^ » ^ e e ^ ^ t o w , * a d ; 3 3 r e M P f c i t t . . p ^ g ^ 9 i|a ^ £ « ^ o c i to & P £ B a h |u p . i H S l i s r ^ i ^ S S a n Local Board. Wna-IAX WAOTwoRTH.^^tew Wu-uiM N. A N . V D D : i ', ! J ^ |^ J ^ I S N k W 1 0 R K T O Viastiamboat.K>H.N POTTER to South Amboy, from thence In first rate cars to ( amd-o and Philadelphia. On and after Thursday, 'i-e llth of '.pril The P irst line will leave pier So 1 .North River at 7 4 M. taking cars at South Amboy, lur ( amden and Phil afiriphiO; stopping to t4>Jsf np »tna l«t down p*fr'>»*onf;«trri at the ojBual inturmediiLte places, arriving; in Philadelphia About DOoli ^ Swond Lin© I©avin(( hs ab“T« a t r M . nnd ruuninc korc thrmiuh by oUhiTUne .............. .. *f 3 10 horwiird ijtck pa-«aK©. . ........................ .. ‘i BrenkfiMt a»id dinner provided t/u board steamboikt John Leavoflby st©am.,rTUANSrURT ('apt J lMulJ,a*3i M Fnre $1 MJi 50 pounds bageaff© alU wed ea* h passenger be carried at th© risk oi u« own»-f but noth- will be received or couNidered os baggage except wearing apparel. aplO i BL'SN Pa«fcHn«:er8 Leave JSe^ York at fi A. M.andO A. M., 12 Leave HiUadelph^a frot of Dock strovt. in tho steam­ boat Robert Morris^at 2i ^ M 'daily.eXceptSunday, for Lear, BalMmoia at 71 A M, W 7or fambetlanA aad ^®’^*°BALT1M0RE a n d OHIO RAILROAD. Leave (.umber^nLat^S ofthe National Road and Good Intent Stage rompanies, em buUt Bteamboate Baltic and AUantio. at Brownsv,Ue. and thereby hav.-only 74 miles of staging on the whole FDat olaaa steamboats leave Httaburg and Wheeling 3 ? g i i , l l 3 3 i l Passengers have tho privilege of stopping a t Baltimore F aiuworth , Actuary. MEDICAL EX.45IINER. l.Bi-ijeEMa».hLD_ 103 BiesokMSfreet _ _____ _ _ _______________ JCH STREET, C a p ita l, S350,000, rlTHIS Cciapanyi haviusheen tminterruftedly In hml- Tifif” for la^orlj twenty-ri^tyears, aud possessing th .f r C a p l^antlra, eontinnes to insure against loss or d w n a g e b y f l r e t i i S n W ^ t ^ ^ THUfria G. Kihiuefrudet, John Sloason, Stephen Stortn, Lyman D e ^ o ^ is.‘a\fia~^*- «ectgcArcalWlta, James Van Nesbina, EH 1711113, •ronanB.THsca. HQW€aH0Fp<»Jt Ebeneier CanldweU, IETER R . WAENEE, Prerident J obs HEOEnMxw.SeereUry. ___________ n ^ ’ route to^h33.ey s .Mbuntain, with less staging S S B p f S . T S ' S - ^ SiS EL.ii;._IS: m s m s E f minutes before 1 o W k , to ensure being taken through & ^ : | S ™ s t 5 r S m S s ^ S S S ^ STEAMBOATS. NEW ASniNGEMESTS. n w v ’ B r i ^ p ^ ^>ehy Nock, 25 cents } tp Ncrwalk, S7i 4 1 ^ F ^ t t taSen »t rsduMd ratat The new and spleudid steamer NORWALK, Captai W» ,H. T ec. win leave the steamlKBt pier, oast side Fa ton Market ^ p , Tuesday, Thursday and SMurday, 1 1 o’cljek P. M. Returning, trill leave iridgpijart ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, a t 7 o'clock Norwalk a t hplf past 8, and Rocky Neck at, 0--45 ar- rlviag In New York a tl3 M. tolrM F u l l A L B A N k. 5S’ STE/tMBOAT LiN SHStSxra‘‘wbisa\ ™‘ any person on Knd'fht t&k©u «t rates road with dt^patch a.'‘directei K‘»r ur freight, apply tO :rigbt. apply to the Captain on bbard d^r ^ day Wedr*»Pday and !• rtday , and HuotiikgtMn IJarbor and Northport ©very Tuesday, ‘Xhuraday, and Satur- f-DV Ra'trnad. a distant© of 53 mile^ to Br»Hton only. i ‘S ‘ “ e ., rr.-viay« ThurMiy** p.od SaturAayfl. at 5 f’ M. LM.; 4 baggage marter is attached {o each steamer. who oelvesondtiolietathe baggage, and aoeombanlea the sa M e H “b” oS^ P ^ s g s and the pries of state rooms, the fritSHSi,rcrpttudC Prcl.-h ro B vton Is taken r-t the ra-ne rates a«by the i-tu-r re.gnlar line., end f,->.-ward»d with greater -ii- tii n by an H.vpri as freight train wh'eh leave., fall Rivet every mi'ig. (Suudav *xropt,-3 ) » o ou-k.fiir R'-eteB red^N. W Be ifcrj. arriving at Us-let Jualioa a t or about For fr.vight or passage, apply on board, or at the offee • 11 i irr ,1 North River, where state rnonis nod berths iDuy t.-c secured. Per fuitber InO rmation. apnlv to myw _______ T UDAl s la EORUKN, 70 W.-et street. nexlon with the Stonington and Providence nnd Boston and Providence Railroads, leaving New York daily, Sun- b o'clock, P. M, or upon the arrival of the maU train These steamers were buUt expressly for the rente, and grra areoommo^ouB and comfortable, the officers capable ington proceed imiaedJately In tho splendid Rail Road oars to Providence and Boston. A ^aggi^e master accompanies the steamboat trains to fSiSiiS., Tbiie by contract, exprewly for gOTernment flervlco, every carebas b^cn lakvn m thF-b- conBtmction. as nlao in their enj^Tie?. to ensure etr«ngth and speed ; and their accommodations for passengers are '“ S e ^ ^ n S L l X m Liverpool 8130. ex­ clusive nso of state rooms charged as noted on the plans freight attached to each ED17 a 1 x D*^K. COLLINS, 74 South at, nr to BROWN. SHIPLEY fe CO.. Liverpool. The ATLANTIC will leave New York April 27th. Do do do Liverpool May I8th. The F .driFir wai leave New T ort May 25th. Do do dodo Liverpooliverpool Junen 12th^^ L J The ATLa4-NTIC vriJl leave New York June 8th. Do do do Liverpool June 26th. The PACIFIC WUI leaye New York Juno 23ih. PO do do Llvei^ool Jxrfy ivtli. ' \ ■ ' m ixvr y o k k a n o E iim * tA ii,R O A i> . CHANGE OF HOURS. THOMAS POW e S ! ? ’ from JthQ foot of Duane street, Daily, tSundays exeeepted ) {Breakfast and Sapper on board the Boat) WA'Y AND M AIL TRAIN at 64 A U-, Stopping at all thaStsMoiu, irrlTing a t Corning anff JtSerssn abonl p T ^ ' S v AMI theKiation. and anrivina a t Geneva In rime to COUncCt With tha Et- prew ttain from Albany, anff aiiiTe a t Buffalo a t 7 r.M., B running in i t. from fool e D^;n7r2SSt,\ Diay- (Snnday a | W- Frcighifrt oTaeva, Eoehester, Bufiilo forwardsa by Ex. nt6£3 F t c i^ t TXSliXL * CHAS. APNOT a gup«ziiitai3eut.;^ KewV«k,May»i.l8SSL » pyJI The owners ofthesesWpswm not bo acconntaUe for value thereof therein expressed. _ ____________ \ f r e n c h . g ERSIAN. AND OTHTO FOREIGN GOODS, win he admitted into the United States, In British Ships, on and after tho 1st January n e x t: there­ fore the British and North -American Royal S t e ^ Ships,-will receive Foreign goods in common With British cooda, according to priority of arrival at the wharf on AW—,»— -V-— aad Wednesday of each week, com- la ©FiiH-ng on the 29th December from TH^BEITISH A N D ^ N O R T O ^ ^ ^ IC A N ROYAL . b e t w e e n NEW-YORK . ^ D ^ ffVERFOOL, and between BOSTON AND “ LUfERPOOL. calling at Halifax to land •mand receive mails and passeagers, are in­ tended to sail as follows ___ CANADA, from Boston, Wednesday, May r tth NIAGARA, Cap6. Ryrie from New York Wednesday ^^^IMRNIA, Capt. ---------- , from Boston, Wednesday ^^S jro TA, Capt. Lott, from New York, Wednesday, '^” a I u , C a p t . _____ , froia Boston, Wedne.day AhlERlCA, Capt. Shannon, from Now York, Wednes­ day, Jnne 19. An experienced surgean on hoard. ^ g h t ^ ^ 'S ^ l m ^ e d ^ n ^ l e , b e j b n d a a amount ^ m L ^ r s S d b S w s p a p e w a u s t para through the Poet P m ®« o from New-York or B<»ton to Liverpool, first oaMa,Ald9! 2d do, S70 ^ ^ f r f f i 2 h t C r t 3 M » g « 8 p |j K ^ ^ nSBreadWav J. V Ffca FfoM From i (New Y c r t Bremen, Southimptou'4 IS “» - i f i l l i t r* espieric^nreU on board of aacb steamer. IS ™ '. O. A KEINKILELN-&CO.-Agents 0 MARTINEAD, CASKEY & Co.. Agaatft a t Sonthampton- WM. fSHLTN. Agent at Hftvr** jaiP K r . f » . '“. ' s s s , r s 7 i s ' s ' - i s j s ' s d a i t ' \ \ ” • '* * \ • \ New Vm-kfmr Ckarl-stott. Charleston for New Tark. rU M„„oay:^3unTnth «« 5 e .m ^ l3^rn E R i.K F J : and TEN.-v'ESlilEE have aervice early the comini; season-one in June and the Savannah, L , MITCHILL. 194 Front st. ‘’' l ! f W , ‘^d';ngs-.gned bv tbe clerk on board. ^” p ‘^‘ ° ^ W F 0 M f T l L E & T 0 - = FOR LlYKRroOL-Becui'aTpaoket o rtbrM tn ^ w i r - T o ™ t \ w , r i i . X r.;— ( apt E Howe.i, Jr . will aajl as above, her regular **'Firr freight nr pa'S.vre. iiaving very line accommoda­ tion-.. apply to srOKKOUU, TILF-STON & ( O . ^ FOR LlVERPOOl, - I'acket of the 23th May- lar.-B part of her cargo on board, will sail as abovi-, I\ or b.alance of freight or passage having c'.egant fur- n'shed state room accommodations, apply on board, Doyer street Wharf, or to roy20__________FRO.-tT fc HICKS. 68 .‘tenth afreet ^I'^olnron^board': wiil'hero' immediate di-spat h or freight or passag©, apply on board, at pier 9, Nil., shiproi!^j!.^sSi\Uiir::^^^^e l £ For freight or par.sage apply to niyjo E. D. HURLBUT & r.O.. 84 South street The ships 01 this line will herealler sail on the 25th of each month from New York, an-i the 16th from Havre. «rUL master, will sail os above For freight nr pascage, apply on board, at pier 13, East JANP; E. WlLLl.AMS, MA'son, master, will re- immediate dippatch a« ab-*ve. Vor freight or passage. ■^Prly^ou^boa^rd^a^^pmr J20 EE., inyfiO - 48 South at. ' FOirsXN~FRANClsc67f>rRLGT--To have ^opper-fi^ten*^^ pItfkot'’rhip SOI TH Ja^Tph Hamilton ma:HtT just rt'lurnod from the above [ort, fcavinp the pcreat*part of l>**r cargo engaged and balance of treight or passage, having unsurpaflped my-to No 88Southst.oor.B arUng S lipjip stMrs. A n OR WI. E ^ it m‘^,tor.^;^ifh^^ dispatch for tho above port ;ht or pa-sage, havlifg excellent aooommoda- r on board, fu-r 12 E. H . or to Mi»-rS TAYLOR te (-0. 44 South street. httvmg a large portion ot her cargo engagtd and going ou board, a portion o^wliitih u Lime t ? i ]I bo dis- paten ac* above J'or baUn.*t. of freight or paiisa;?© app’y on board at eopp.-re, CO. R4 South St; . r , furnished a, r n o i i r i H i 7 i s ; ' « ‘:t.' (ii '.iijary measurement poods 6 cents per foot. Agents m New Orleans, Messrs. John O Woodruff fe -o who will promptly forward ail goods to their idresa. ~ ^ ” rUtt7,Eiv oi.LC.-’ .'ih^oim ea' I nie-Ueguiar -■■“Tt-wW)KLEANs'l-A.:t;ET- --Eogie L.neT 1-1 rs: Resuar I'aeket —The fikst Bailing paeketship Jt-SMIRK, Samuel ( obb. mm.ter. leaving the largest part ot her ear-v, engaged and going on hoard, will rpf'HiT.- dijijatch a*, above. Kor balar.cc of tr»*tsht or passage, apply on board, at itl7 forwiLTd all eoo(h» to thrir addre h t f g ‘Se',“ r oi» b^aj-d is expected to fill up by Saturday evenii m-xt. and will receive di.spatoh as above. my23 e a g l e h HAZARD. 40 South st. Agents In Mobile. .Vessrs. K r . Center & Co who will promptly forward, free of commission, all goods to thoir * The^egolor packet bark EMILY MINER, Capt Miner, wiU hOcc©©d the M and aail on her re^u'ar day t» ~ f a s t sailing regular pocket sch VIRGINIA, Ho- art, master, will pail as above, full or not 'all Positively no freight roeeived on board after To- 'f a : ? S „ » « » . . . . . . a - All goods sent to the Agents In New V^rb wiU he for­ warded free of ccmmlerion, and sUgoodB intended for the, interior of Georgia, South Carolina,-Alabama or Tenneiu a,s,*ss?s i^. r s s ‘f.s c . f r . i ? , A. r'awnfl, Georgia Steamboat Co, will be forwarded free of comraieaion. ____________________________ J ^ Pos1riroly‘ Firet^V«sse^-Her'\B^ For freight or pa-ssage, hav'ng extensive and raperior iccranmodation^^p^p^y 0 ^ b south” freiL*^^' corn, ■ Buriing slip, up stairs. Ordinary measurement goc» - 4 cents per foot. Carolina. Georgia. Alabama and Tennessee wiU be for- TO SHIP OWNER.S-The subscribers nave DEMILL. 186 Front pt. the summer WANTED TO CH 4RTER-—fwo^nhi; s ' of 400 an 1 8U0 tons Regittori either American or for- elgn, to loadr*— ’■ ----- ' ----------- ' *—>--* 24 B^ver street, to s Regictori either American or for- at Quebec or Liverpool, Apply at BARCLAY fe LIVINGSTON. BARCLAY k^L^INGSTON - tYA.NTED—immediately—A good Ship to load in * the line for Mobile. ^ Apply to E. D. HURLBUT, t CO. 2 84 South st. rio r ! v e ^ * f S ° S a i n g ^ « S ^ S '^ S ^ u ^ O V M B. Hilton,master, burthen AOOOharcels. Applj to WILLIAM NELSON, 81 South street. _______ my23 aster, 760 tons . Apply to ^ROST &H1CI :KS, C8 Spnth street. miila tor Europe, pceiMvely.on Saturday, the 25th tost, a t 12 o'clock, M. Fcrfeelshtoriassuge, having uuKpaUsa aECcarioda-. QUINEBAUO^Cilit.'j. wunama. One of the shove boats will leave New Tork every Tuesday, Thursday.snd Saturday, s t 4 o’clock P.M. Returntog, will leaveNorwieh for New Yorkj Monday Wednesday, and Friday, a t 4 o’clock .P, M- For freight, which will he taken stredneed prices, up> ply on board, or aa the oUlco Piers N p r^ ffiver b 5» k i s s TO S3PPlRTSB^Sr---Poubie iiarreUedgnns . 'V j W a few very eaperiorsnns of extra, worknmnshlp just' received, and frr s^e low. Also, afiiUetodk of a e d iun ffuality. double and single guns, Dixon k Son’s flasks, Walker’s caps, Baldwin’s wadding, lever ehot poce}^ garde bags, rieantog rods, fen. fee , with a general and ccapjeto stock of gun materials, forged and finished for gun makers. For sate by D a RtJS^L , J40 Ftulion porters of Hardware and Ci Jg l.A ^ A M O B lW > \Y ^ ^ 4 ^ ^ r i ll3 . Set and Broadway ------- at ^ U i street l i S S S r 3 ^ i J i 3 - . v : B A ’“'“\\3 S i T S E E S i P a rson’s ^ Co. ISLAND, a OB’ii'ElK. Jc'OH, SAXiSs their usual assortmen (?of Fruit and Ornamsntal Trees, Shrubs, Rosei heir large scale of propaj; reds or thoueauds are taken. T O liR T .- Thebasementanda sub cellar. Tbe Tbe rear building will be devoted to exhibition and other confectionary and ice cream saloon. Early application wfilperatot^iifrerior^arrangementB to bo adapted to and Leonardjtroet._ f„Bn 1 leet square to two hundred feet, of such Drawings can be seen, and every information given by irtn + yv ' ‘’v r s r family of eix persons. Address N .'w . a t'this'’ofBc?BtB- ring location &c. jnhF4 spStf _________________ No. S John street. A. rommirsion, houses, stores, building lots, farms, &c.. &c., n this city -•SS-- 300,000 D o U n ra to be D istrib u te d ! g 5 S \ , \ a .? a = „ T ” land The Managers beg to ac- traits of Race PJorNea for the Great St. Leger Race/' to ' \ 3 a H s ifR?i‘.iSsr'‘' 5 Parties should make early application for shares. Tho fortunate members who draw the various portraits Portrait of winning horaL. l'“ $50,00o'^®’ ^‘‘$26X00°' S '* ^dS:;;;;;S S distribution will take place May, 1850. i f p S f S “ “ SSE-5S1 for each particular Race. Non-starters as weU as Win- laros in each or either of the different Classes. SeT^nTan“d^^&^| oth^erSg^g^tsJs^^t’ the Race All Letters to contain a remittauce Drafts, Bank-notes &c. a d to ^ e d and made payable to the Man- Dmector,_JOHN EURRIDGE, Efeq., 88, Albany s s I from the above prices. N. B. Xdsts open for the ; St. Legeir same as the a IIST nowrecciviug from tl ortment ef White Lead, compriatog the sever^gradei r^ f i r a » i .v ; ; .v : ; “ \IS5!gia ag45£-.-.-.v.-.v.;:.-.S'£SS made, ai toiusd a ilA R 9 J 0 £ 9 as CD.. IForclgn D u m e stlc a n d f o r w v r d l i ^ n m igglon llfercluiuts. \rrAYING diipoaed of thefrinterestio-the Express lie- i * tweea New York and Bwtou, heg to jnfotjn theii friends and the puhlio, that they will devote their atten. tioa particulariy to the. Exchange, ShipphiK andG eneral CpamMon businera, in conuectionwith their Liverpoof grt^ortou houses Jtod agencies n t London, Farfr »na . 8 Wali*treet,NewT7rk, 8 Court street, Boston, « Ceokst,«id 60 Waterloo*o*4,Liy^^2L — ev— SCrUSMB toURT. Mary G. Pinkney, 1 B^nst iSnmmons—(Forielie£) fad to answer the complatat a, albtesaid, the plauitil D ^ March 12th. isso. WESTERN & COREN. _arn -o_ ^ Plaintiff’s Attorneys.^ ceediug election, and the perjsous bo elected shall also be . .fS’gr±\.s±.5o persons so elected shall not, on being notified, serve as inspector on the day of election, the direotora shall fill- the vacancy or vacancies from the stockholders a t large. •• .3, The inspectors of efretion, • as Boon as thi ---- '■ *’- ’d after any election, Shall proceed to canv 8. and shall slgn a eertipoate declaring who about ^1.700,000.^ according; tp the -terms of their re­ ceipts . Payments for the same to he made as follows : £'=3£S“ Sta..... \ \ T / i f “/ r K i a . 'i S . ™ . NewYork, May 18.1850. my21 lot ^ O p A K ,'rK K a \ s .m i» —Tne underrigned has ibTs H..' day taken hia son. Lucas Thompson Inlo his busl- May Ut, 1850. my2 O fficb of the L on « I sland RAU.ttOAP oo. / Rnapp, Esq., Trustee upon their entire road and its franchises, &.&C. for the sum of five hundred thousand 1850, with int^est at six per cent. semi-annuaUy, 1st of July and 1st' of January, are now prepared to exchange mortgage bonds, secured as above, for the present out- i: A ' S i z c ‘’^ z £ S S ’Siit>s. ff-D.Jun, Treasurer, the bond, for the use of holderofma NJEW VOBJS. STKAOT SAW BULD. ESTABLISHED IN 1842. Ml Subscribers having their Steam Saw MUl ta Complete operation, and also on hand a full assort of White Pine, T ^ ite Oak, Georgia Pine and Hem [Hmber, of the best quality, are prepared to famish all orders with which they may be favored on very reas( , __ . fee.; or Sawed into Flank,Hails,Columnsand'Girders', Engine Frames, and every other description th a t may he WHITE PINE TIMBER hy the raft or single log, or sawedto order into Deck Plank, Bridge and Scow Flank, Gutter Sticks, Balustrades, and hnadlng timber of every description. HEMLOCK TIMBER in logs, or sawed into ranging and cross timber, and for all other.nses requiring a low; pitoed article.^^ ^ may depend We have also in operation a complete taming apa boring shop, for every description of worklta the trade- Also two 8u;^erior CiacuoAn S aws , for Tualnng long ox short Bmall sized stuff—such as Tales, Blind Lath, Rails, Bed Slats, Wedges, ho. • or Saws let by the hour to persons ’shtog their own timberfoxTlpaawingor cross-cutting.. I th<^ interested in the abovo we invite-to call a h d ' jp ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 3 t O W ® D l s A V E Y O U R ^ O C p Mr. S. C. H e rring- ^ Dear Sir—A , s h ort time sin< *SiW\a: r-* AS!I>JUROif A -TIriViSejeOSTS—^T1 G troduced by WGEHAIA- ■ CO., (and* ci^authorities,)CO \ “ SSSI’S ^ B ^ l s w<mld 76*PMtriinj' EOfiBit tlie Tiatran!®i of tHel* C I T Y I K I T l G g i A .. ' ' ....... - on the bulkhead at WashinEton Mar- sidewalks, myi set cnib end suUei in f . r i 5 S 5 r S s y S S S J J a s ^ jspqpiGj each, payable January lsti.a865* do. do. do, for$l,( each, payable January 1st, 1869, 40 do. do. do. do. for ^509 each, payable January 1st, 1860. 20 do. of the city hf Zan^vaie, for $1,000 eaidi, piyahle January Ist, 1865. 40 do. do. dp. do. for ^ New York, May I3th, 1851 t i a i i f o x i l i a A r m s * I f . sjTjm s a C 0.9 ij JtlaiaBn « DC, ohc riooir lie lo w GoW stre e t . H J j XSEWS t - ’E VOliVXTSG DIS'EOJLiS--Thumh Revolvers,, new and Jmptdved article j Rifles, G*r- Sketii, Fowling Guns, |Bo^e_ EidT*a,^)CK,.A - Save yoasr Ylu^oofA E AmericanPatsntSOap Stone Taint h as proved, J. by the experience ofthe last ten years tohetbem ost durable and economical article Over offeted to tbe public, or used for preserving tin roofo, and making thoso,that ere leaky tight. The subscriber will warrant to make ail t i n or metst roois tight that he undertakes, for the low price of one- cent per square foot. ifen», bli»sK anff g o l t , ______ , _____________ fancy colored marbles. The designs are of every variety, from the plainest -to th e richeBt fend m ost elaborately carved andfiflishea. . Fnichasere a re asanred, th a t the prices set -upon the above articles are fully as Ip w a s Ihoseof a similar qnaliiy ^an^be pMohased a t In this or any other city in the ^O. G. -will he p issed to receive orders for sculpture Of every ^ d e s c r i p ^ , which h^ j ^ res JuspatronsstoU S k i r t StorcB TiypaiH. C|:,£VE:L4IVI>, ROS B r o a ffw a y , New XYX York, tespeotfully announces to her friends and to thepnbliogehersBy, th a t she manufactures and con-, stantiy'keeps forsslealsigeAtoclcorBupcrior and fajh- i&ndhlyhiEde Uneh f o rg^fiem e n . ^dso,Dres^ihg6^>*Ils, Bosoms, Collars, Cravats, Gloves, Hosiery, Ae. Shirts, • Bifeems, Collaim, fcc- ifec-, made .to order to. any desired Style, and a t the shortert notlee. The attention of the gentlemen fo solicited tp an inspectfon-pf h e r a ^ k . In ----- — -,7ithVlieaB0Te,MiB. O. has establMhed her idis_ now- prepared to ^ntfectjfor t kS -wei a ain-anypari of TTA 5 R D R S A U ^ A I w T ^ ”'®S TO O H » J tentSon. Gent’s fnLdshlng gto e e ^ y ; ^ Also Ladles’ Jenny Linds, Gents’ Hotnihg Qowni^ Gloves, Rosiery, * W r thousand anfographs o f i ^ a r customers p n her **'^Fowtoidred s e a ^ f r M ^ coMtontly employed. S j i r i n i f SSr A ? o . , st •KXCHA|»G®1--'.PXACE, HaVx yon SALE Q K f \ c a s e s Kemplon’fi Denims, Cotton 'Tweeds, D t J \ / Kentncky,TennesseenndTJymouthBocitDassi- '\■‘vyylRiage Jacquard, and-Doeskl: ~ ' r

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