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I<_ THE EVENING POST: NEW TORE, SATURDAY. APRIL 27 , 1850 . THE EVENING POST. ! SA T H S D A Y E V E N IN g , A P R IL 0®- U rn FIE3TW MA3T.-Oity Eubscribora who in- changing their piacc* o f residenco on the f i a t of May* are requested to ic*Tonotfes-at the publication oQ ce;ftatHJS where the paper has heretofore been left, a n d whoi» they wm have it left hereafter. r COXiOST 0 5 T H E PACTExjj. GiTS ns time to get into California* with oar e’ and pa£3 noact o f Congress to h inder ns,- and we no bipginorej^SMd Mr Calhoun when he rose to ea sure th a t Mr. ,o the pi le rose to express hispleasure th a t M r. W ebster had declared himself hostile to th e prohibition of slaveiy in the territories. W h a t Mr. Calhoun in the name of the slave­ holders asked of Congress, the Committee of Thir- .teen jaean if posasple to give. They connect the question of adm itting California with other matters in dispute between the north and th3 Eoalii, as to protract ths debate to the latest possiblepossible momeot.omeot. Thehe moreore complicatedomplicated th(hey m T m c t lo the question the more d elay there will be. If pi ;ranc3 can effset their object, 'they will postpone raiarnia too anothernother session, and . the admusion o f Califo t a give the owaars of sinves time to establish themselves and the icstitation in the country. While their friends in Congress are thus employed, the propa­ gandists of slaTtry are not idle at home. Ih e y are making a n ^ g e m e n ts for planting a slave colony in falifom ia The Jaekson Miss-uaippian of the 12th “ The eUri.fnto of this si i v 1, of massive rooks, es, massive colonma, massive ue! degree of inflexibility or im- 3 of metal, oJ degree of r apply ti 'he eUri.fnto of this =,! i v colony are in exisf- ppso. We have had Hit op>f»jnumiy of. person J!y kiiij-.vlBg the t-i.t. ii!i l wr !!ovi- ydv tbai It IS cotnpn- s d ...f ci'htcris ol S'V rai r l oar southern suttt s— •o.au- cl wt.oin .ire vteU linotvn in the i. nion. Let- 1 .- h.iv.. [Cwed throuah our hands only tuis V. -I, Oiti'-ea- (.1‘ Alahun.a and t ir- p- . ... ..aoi. •.iw.iitii ,D.< are ly-ide I.j ,oin .. .< I,'. a...i .-i.fo.- 'JiilS .-oioiiy re<-. iv,-a the , . ,1 of tne tir^t ciirseiis of .Mb-i'-- , ,i • 1 •. : t It 1 - ui..^verra!, ciiid It iB cot c-t- *• 't I! . .1 to n- ! ’.i«ion'iry ■* l>-f* r-re o'b-1 us to.'Lu < rltforn a, stttinv til'it .o', ,■< to -r at U.e mints is ijnrtn trn d itlarspir d o / — .A -l.i\*; C.?.a ut ;i-ti.-t secure rh it amount ot goju .o Li- hc tehau t' S v.'h ich i I I c.?.u ut ;i-n.-t s^cai HIT-IT Alter t tie piacn and ev.-ii now. i..e cold t.n the rocks, on 'laid so rec of all the deposits in the nvers. c. noi be pr.ohl tiv ol-tainfiil but bv slave labor Tli a J.dD. the vai;.. rs lu be cuiuv.i’ed, require irntraiedt. vvhiCb i? Bni'thrr profHablc sph-rc i.jr the em, t . ni' nt ot our th-ves. Thus, th-n in the only tWo pur. Miit.s n->w known in Cabfomm, siave hbor is u more protiljbie in-vestinent than in the United Htates “ .lubtihed by the Coristitution, and rendered expe­ dient from its fioi jtKm iiy others, the colony will h.- lo-riiie i in 1 thiomia. we reiterate, li the ^ jt'.ntry is t .11 I'S )•'./ th._ ifli .n Co,,i;rri?s A ._-.'eSsef outraoe on tiie south couiil not be perpeTdleil 1. view oJ lie iiKeii-'e un.vivty of our [teopie to lirTi- Wi’.mhe.r property. ■■ /,>f ■'/ ‘‘t nndl..-s.\-ef antipmi/i'j-eduprai, t..nt H -c stares tr'-It be seat Vrstife-mbx t-etas- the ea- fii- It dozen states m ti tn, as U ougH to he, n p iatiuitd 01 / Congress. \Ve took upon the present loom-nt With feelings of uitense interest. Here is our only and last hope of being ,iarticipators m tlie goMeri harvests of California, for which southern blood has been spilled so profusely, and shall we lose it 1 Tue Taint of our slaves at home n-ou'd increase mie htm- drtd per cent- There is not a plenU r in Mississippi who has a single negro that will not feel the eliects thi..i slave migration by an addition ot at least I'lru in. vidiED L><>u..vits u., the value of that slave. -line in C.ihfornia is now worth /ire tnousnnii fluf 'iim ’ >u**h is rli»* .‘Ifrji ;<rrunictry inierot ihdi iiny iujvv ttaentired b.v thp atJim^-ion ut f 'a- jr.iiruin- Take that awav f’ruiii the South, aiuJ hc- v.il a- hi lae nic^rc'V ot iht' north hv the in- fiease oi Iree ?ml ,'taies, all'll niMTly all itiat we tiavr ‘.v.iii li'dii Mc.Ui-'.', save JNdUoual honor, is lurever It was but the other day that Mr. V/ebater sneered in Congress at the possibility of the existence of sla very in California. The owners of sla,ve8 rise and tell him that not only can it roach therle, but it can exist to the great profit of the slave-holder ; and that if he wiU but help them, as he is now doing, to delay fc’ie a.imiss5on of California, they will plant it there. He treated the idea of employing slaves to onltivate the land by the process of irrigi The owners of slaves stand lis was an ignorant, groundless contoi bondmen. He does as he is instructed ; he is water, and runs in the channel they mark for him ; is molasses, and takes the form of the vessel into lich they pour him ; he is dough, and is kneaded by them into any form they ehoi give to such a character of mil ig ation with i up and tell him I ignorant, groundless contem pt, and that the work of irrigation, and the processes of ma­ nuring, are the two oceupationa best suited to the la- that this afterfter readingeading the extract v any one doubt, a r t uade, that if the question of adi nia be postponed a few months longer, a ny will he planted in California, and a obtained there which will endanger its present con- BViittiion ' if the owners yj eir,Tss believe env-Unlf ei What 18 there gaid of the lalne of slaies ami slave labor in California, is there any doubt that the at tempt thus threatened w'ill bo made 1 If it be not it is because wealth has lost its seductions, and human nature has changed. Jf the southern planters themselves do not engage in the enterprise, there men a t the north enterprising enough and unprinoii enongh to adopt the idea—to bi and take them to a country be so enormously enhanced and their labor employed with the certainty of such prodigal returns. BOXES O P CO X taESPO K D E .BCE. W eheve pat together the following passages from the commnaioations of our friends, and hope readers v/ill not find them without entertainment T u s SratHS TkADE.—A mercantile correspondent writes ; “ The trade of the city with the interior this spring has disappiointedmost merchants. The activil -to buy up gangs of y where their vaiui rin g has disappioint icasionetl by the er general feeling of ooi pect of large additions t I quarter, leil ua >■5 omia, aed the id by the pros- the T/ealth of the C'luatry e alrcidy supplied with what they want in another way. V« vfse than which we.e the basis of eoai most onterprioiag r of the Pariflo, c: •t of large a from tha t q rge orders uly payment. Th*6% e maiter, there is good why it sb'iuM not be the case. The emigration to California hn-- taken tJS many of our customers, who led with what they want in anothei n this, it has taken off also the fund- lan try credit, and on wbio' tve relied for the payment of our BUls against the country merthacn. ' of the villages in the interior, U.» len have departed for the shore-i Trying with them considerabb- amounts of money. In some instances, they fairly swept up all the loose capital, leaving the place empty as a poor box. Vou may easily imagine, therefore, that we receive loss money-than usual, th a t we are a'ked to give longer credits, and that we sell more sparingly.” T he T a e s i . ng 'VV'Ei.b.—A philosophical correspon­ dent writes: \ T h e Rochester Knqokings and the Derby irpectres remind me of the Talking Well ; a phenomenon probably quiio as supernatural as they. 1 have forgotten the place in which it occurred, and whether it was in England or in this country, b a t the ciroumstances ks related in the newspapers I clearly remember. A well was heard to give forth, in a a ar­ ticulate voice, answers to any quesiion which a per­ son standing over its mouth ehoso to put. The port of this extraordinary phenomenon spread far and near, and thousands of people came to witnes question asked at a little distance from its margm was not answered, but when the questioner spoke so near to it that his voice could enter the well, answer in a human voice was given almost immedi­ ately afterwards. “ The thing continued to be a wonder for days, and people camo from a considerable distance luestions and hear the replies of the talking ,t length the mystery Was cleared up. Two men h a d been engaged in repairing the well, which le well, w It -haipen veil and tl The thin g continued to be a was funiished with a drain terminating a tones of nearly a quarter of a mile It that one o f them- was employed a t the other a t the month of the drain ; when the one in the •well heard the e ther breathing hard with the violent exertion of removing a stone, or something of Mud ; a dialogue ensued between the two through the drain, and the parfeet transmission of the sounds seemed to them so remarkable, th a t they agreed to keep the thing secret for a while, and amuse them- Ecives in the meantime a t the expense of the public-’ P. •.vi t .9 IN ,V erse .—A literary correspondent in Writes home the following : *■ .l.,hn Hnghci, hlsq., of Donnington, has 36 the following squib on recent affairs.*’ I Since the days oiThB bold Durandarte TVho embroil aU his foreign n a tions would aeror Ttftv e h-arO. Of and Admiro. i arktr^ rocky- * h w , with -the vraYeJ b reak&g^pofi i t . * n d is nMdito h ave been Uketthfhm nature, near Newport,. nMd to h av e been takenito n i nature , in Rhode Island. T h e fecsh breexe lifts lows, green, transparent, crested with foam, and flings them against the coast; yon can almost feel the wind blow, and feel the roar of the waves. The heights which rise abruptly from the shore, are dark­ ened by a passing cloud, the coolness of which almost seem to be sensible, as y ou look picture. I t is painted w ith g reat strength, b u t with knfficientelaboratioiu H untington in. landscape has a m inner of hia own, both in coloring and treatment, and’in thig, w ork has proved himself capable of taking the highest rank. If he wiE paint coast scenes in this m anner, there wiR be no need of sending to Germany for the specimens of Achenbaoh.” A- M assive Mnro.-^A pohtical correspondent says. “ In some of tfie newspapers 1 meet with expressions of admiration for*-the “ massive character of Mr. Webster’s mind.’’ Now it appears to me that the term -mwiaioe U only properly applied to things wWch unite firmness to largeness of dimensiona. speak of massire v massjve tranks'of walla, all implying some _ moveabiiity. W e never apply the term to what is fluid or flexible ; we do not gay a massive river, or a massive pool j we do not speak of roolassqs massive. Perhaps by stretching propriety a tie, one conld speak of a massive heap of dot but you might flatten and knead it to a t -sheet of paste, a n d ' then, though not diminished in bulk, it would bo massive no longer. Mr. WebstePs character of mind, 1 fear, is of too fluid a nature, too easily kneaded and flattened to be pre- pjrly called massive. A year or two since, ho was a vehement Wilmot proviso man. and in his spec-eh claimed the proviso as a measo c-jiaage ; he has since been moulded intb an anti- proviso man, and scouts it as an absurd invention of the northern democTucy. A year or two since h e de- •lared in his Marshfield speech, that the south had tyrannized over the north by the help of faithless northern men ant} by northern votes. This winter he has been kneaded and flattened into quite a diff'e- rent -hape, and ho new declares in Congress, that ho tb'Dk?the south has endured grievous wrongs a t the hands of the north, and that he is w illing'io give them a government for the territories without a pro­ hibition of slavery, three new slave stales in Texas, law fir payipg the expenses of sending off their ee negroes, and a- law for hunting and catch­ ing those who are mot emam-ipatad. The truth is, that Mr. Webster is the bond-slave of the Innlsof the mills. They have been really alarmed by the threats of the south ; they really feared that the south would sep irate from the L'nion, and that they iho-al l lose the market for their calicoes and ging- bams and negro cloths. Mr. V/ebater is their agent is Springfield sure of whig laANO XXXX. e s XN CAldDPOJaSlA. \We find In the 'W ashingtm Republic of yesterday hn elaborate report upon the land titles in Califomiiti made to tho Secretary of S tate and the Secretary o f the Interior, by W ia Carey Jones It is too long for re-pnblioation in our columns, b u t wo can briefly give ohr readers a general idea of its cflntcnts. iSIr.’Jones, it should bo premised, was appointed confidential agent of the Government in J nly last, to proceed to Mexico and Ualiforaia to investigate tho condition of land titles in the latter country. He arrived a t Monterey where the territoriat archives are deposited, on tho 19th of September, and subse- ■qoenOy visited Mexico. Pursuing tho instructions which he had recor Mr. Jones first considers “ tho mode of creat to land, from the first inception to the perfect title, as practised by Mexico within the province of CaU- Ho says th^ titles had flieir mbeption in grants ^rom the governors of the territories upon petition ; the g rant was referred to the local prefect of the dk- trict whence tho applicant came, to know if his story was true, and for such other information as was need­ ed On receiving a satisfactory reply, all the papers were filed by the secretary, in the government ar­ chives in Mexico, and sometimes, though not al­ ways, in the district wher-e the land was. After de­ scribing these records and the surveys of the land which were made, Mr. Jones n ext notices the large grants called Missions. These are generally bnt erroneously supposed, he says, to belong to tho church. They in fact, belong to ,tho government, and the missionaries have no rights than to use and occupy the lands at the ,r. J ones gives an in- You cannot lind the epithet of AccinENT on Tax Nsw- Y oke aito N bw H a vex fUrpEOAD— ^At 11 o’clock, on the 25th, as tho New Haven train from New York was ahont six milcs^ from Boston, the engino struck a rock, weighing about a ton, which had rolled from tho bank above, and Was badly brokep. The baggage car was thrown perpondicnlarly up the.bank, while the passenger cars' remained upon tho track. Tho rails were torn np for several miles, b u t fortunately no ono was injured.— The engineer and fireman Lad a wonderful escape. CIXY IKXEI4X.JCIE5CE, The A tlantic steamer, of the Collins’ line, whioh^ departed oq her first trip to-day, is beyond all qnstion one of tho grandest spscimens of naval arcjiiteoture that ever failed out of. tho port of New York. Not only is she h perfect monster in her dimensions. perfect every p art t)f her Q finished with minute accuracy, a in the finest taste. W o have no spaco to speak of all , but ut wo may say that tho S2loons her arrangements, b and state rooms are as gorf with carpels of the richest materials, pannols of i may say th at tho sa irgeous os eastern palaces. food, stained windows, pier-glasses in carved ros©v wood frames, marble tables, .and a tasteful lattice work of brass ; yet the whole arranged contrasted so as to produce the most pleasing efi'ect )ther ri| jleasnro upon tho sight and airing tho tho provisions for heating .iring tho vessel less admirable than tho interior finish, 'rfis ventilators are so constructed that serve the double purpose of admitting tho light tho air. They are covered on top with transparent glass, to let down the light and keep out the rain ; while immediately nnderneatb, there arc apertures which can bo opened or closed a t pleasure, to admit theeiir. Around immediately underneath, pose of heating the room with steam , but which are d the saloons are beaters for the pi ctnbticessuohgri•anl8 slahds, keys, anJ as havo boon made of im­ portant islands, keys, and promontories, among which, ho spesifies the old fort of San J ua/iain, now hold by T. O. Larkin, Esq., and another purchased for the U. S. Government by Coi. Fremont. Speaking of the grants of gold mines, Mr. Jones “ There is but one ’grant that I could learn of, which covers any portion of tho gold mines. Pre­ vious to the occupation of the country by tho Ameri- Themany honorablt .n witness. ly cffice hath so far aco. and ‘ Since S e n m y effic That face to face. \Vou have congreet _ npediment there is. D read& R O ? S f^I>*tU N G i and admitted effleaej To brine your mpatcutrageous'insjestlea ^ —’ueTM interriew, certificates in my &vor. best ith BO far preraSlea, haggard eye to eye., let i t not disgrace file, _______ , _3fore, this pnhlie view, ■\Vhat rnb, cr what impediment there i ■Why that the hacking ce— CnrsM eanee of CpNSD Should not, in this great continent of the -world, Our Craitfol America, take their leave ? Alas! they haye too long been here allowed j And all their misery doth lie in heaps, CorrnptSng of their own fertility. THROAT AND LIINO COalPLAINTS, (A terrible firm) THUS ANSWERS j Which you hi mantk ; Whose tenonrs and partlenlar effects They have in testimony, eniohedul'd briefly m j Sold w h o W e and retail by Mrs. W. JERVIS, Breadway. one door above Franklin street. .Agents. 110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, and by drug- glsu generally. __________ _ ^ liiQHia H»ir Dye. BatoBclor’s Improved Liquid Hair Dye will posipeiy ; and color the hair, eyebrows or whiskers the monmnt it is ap- E X B J B I T I O J S 0 F TBJE J N D V S T lR T o f a U N a tlo n s t o b e E ih D J lte d in, D o n d o n t a Mwy, I83t. ThBPuhUBhcrBha**eisisned in pamphlet form, Evening Tt«t Extra, a complete Ust of thoarticles which areto he admitted to the great Industrial ExhibiUon,ln Lon'dop, next year, Fersons ordering this phamplet from a distance may have it forwarded to their address b moU -price Of cents. ap26 W. C. BRYANT fc CO., 18 Nassau street. M A R K B . N E W M A N CO. HaTejustpublishedfortho use of High Schools Academies, a Treatise on PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, Comprising Hydrology, Geognosy, Geology, Mete logy. Botany, Zoology, and Anthropology. By A. : rlDgton. Edited by Charles Burdett, Esq. This work Is designed lor general readers, and higher classes in sendn4ties. It differs in plan from treatise hitherto published or annonneed. While It c fuay excludes the details given in ordinary school Geo­ graphies, it embraces those parts of the various tcienc mentioned in the above title -which are not foreign to the subject, and of general interest to the numerous classes for whom the work is designed. , We have numerous recommendations similar tnowivgfrom Her. D r . SpRiocE, of Albany : “ I hsTB looked through a Treatise on Physical Geo­ graphy by A. Barrington, edited ty Charles Burdett, and havo been struck with its li T he C ri cities of the C ode , A' c .—This is part of the title of a pa-mphlet of some thirty pages, which was laid upon our table tho other day, but which we should not probably have opened, if our attention had not bien arrested by some specimens of Latin on the title page, wKlcii were calculated tu provoke cariosity. The title rea.ls thus : “ Crudities of the f.'ode and the Codifiers, by J nvenus Alumnus ” We will not presume to conjecture what sort of an alumnus that is, but if the writer I sa graduate from any literary institution, we are eonfident that tho birch could not have flourished in its vicinity. Im. mediately following this precious piece oflatinity, wo read the following lino, which is given as a quotation from Horace : Dulce est decipere in loco. This is one of the saddest illustrations we can re­ member of the danger of quoting a language one does not un-l.-rstand Tho writer evidently could not have had the remotest notion of the meaning of the line he tried to quote, or ho could never have mistaken desipere for dscipero. We naturally frit but little intere.-<t to know what sort of Koglish the man wrote who found the use of such Latin as adorned this title page any convenience to him, nevertheie.s3 we turned ever the leaves, a httle curious to .cec if it contained nny more speci- meats of learning l*ke the tw«j we have mt^ntioned Wo did not have to look far to satisfy ourselves that the title page h ad don.- the writer no injustico. The ancient and much worn q-iotation always .-mployc l to dt-aounoe the technical habitsof Attornies is written Cantorformularuin, ^c. ■\ little further on, we are told that “ in the niches where once reposed the Warning of. Mitford,-‘’tory, ■Vrchbol'd, Chitty, faueders, VW-nlwortb, is now written the damning sentence, Troja fait-\ If the writer had ever been on a lamiliar footing with Vir­ gil, or had evi-r met the phrase he intended to quote, ••at home,” he w-juld have written lli turn fait. If he had not written till he-knew what he wanted to say, however, ho would not probably havo used A gain,speaking of what our forefathers provided in their constitution, this juvenusadda that “ they, unojlato, also incorporated the common law of Eng­ land as the law of our oommonwealth.” It would bo a comfort to know whence that Jlalo was borrowed, and what it was borrowed for. Ev.jn if it wore Latin, we think it would cost a greater efl’ort to translate it, in connexion with the context, into Intelligible Eng­ lish, than was req'iirod for the translation of Env-.-h L!so perverse is this writer’s propensity to misuse the language he quotes, that when be does wrong words, he puts the right ones in w for example, he says et id omne genua ; no other Jifi.'atiua of the original occurring to him probabl at the time. We wonder ho had not written it GENUS omhe, for when ono does not know them e mg of a line, it is much easier to remember the rangement of it than how to spell the words It composed of. 1- must not be snppt Spits against the Latin tongue in particular, foi uses tho French just as bad ; for exai “ nick and prii •' master went will hardly believe, what is tho fact, that the lidb of this pamphlet is more execrable if pos.siblo, ihe Latin or the French. Hut after the speei- mons we havo given, no one can fool much interest to know how it is or can be worse. The author con­ trives with such knowledge of spelling and grammar as ho could command, to convey the idea that ho was dissatisfied with the code, though he does not succeed so well in showing that he knows anything about it The only ground of complaint which ho states with any distinctness, is ono which ha naturally attaches more Importaaee to, than most of his readers will. Ho says tho new code is driving tho more attornies, who *-never speak in oourt..” from the profession. Un­ less they speak better than Javenus writes, the loss wiU not be of that irreparable and overwhelming char­ acter -which the profession may not hope to survive. Though wo are rather friendly to the reforms which have been instituted by the late commissioners of practice, we could have readily helped the writer to a ■far weightier cause of compiaint against them than any which he has specified. This pamphlet is decidedly the worst fruit that the new code has pro­ duced thus far, to the best of our knowledge, and it will take the commissioners much longer to get ab­ solution for this, than If they were to extirpate twen­ ty generations ol attornies like Master Juvenus from the legal profession. the Sierra Nevada and the river Joaquin audo'm p riies ten sitios, or leagues square, conoedod, , as the grant expresses, “ in consideration of the pub- • late of the packet ship ; owned by that t'entieman ” The only *‘ eumhhona or limilahona\ contained In gniDvii in VnldyniiiV) whicli could aDcrli the vali- Uitj- of cue title, are, that in the grants Bsadvbj of the governors, a period of time, ona year, was fixed, within which the grantee should commence im- provemsnts on the grant. In case of 1-iilura, how­ ever, the grant was not thereby void, but open to de­ nouncement by other persons. This limitation was not contained in such of the grants made in the time Of Michsltorena as I have oxamined, nor is it pre­ scribed in the law. No doubt, however, the condi­ tion was fulfilled in most instances where it was in­ serted, unless in a few cases where tho lands conceded ■Tore in parts of the country infested by the wild In­ dians, and its fulfilment consequently impossible In fact, a.i far as I underst.iod, it was more customary to occupy the land in anli-ipation of the grant. Tbs pranU wore generally lor actual, immediate, oeeupa- |ioD and use. i “ i rnnnoo find in the Mexican laws nr reKUlatton? i for coii>ni/.ation or lor the granting of lands, any i thing t hat lo. ks to a rcscr'atiun of the mines of gold, i or Sliver, qui.-ksilvt-r, or other metal or mineral ; and gallantly there is not any such thing exnrtssed in any of the , many grants that came under my in.spectien. I in- | mu>t>u quired and examined, aho, while in Mexico, lo this \■ point, and could not learn that such reservations were the practice, either in general, or in California, in particular.” lies, most beau iderstand, from designs given covered with marble slabs, presenting tho appeal anco of handsome tables. The mechanical lamps which wore supplied by DardenvUlo, of Broadway, are very pretty. The joiner work of this vessel, upon which it de­ pends for so much of its beauty, was oxeentod by ( Robert Latou, who is a master of his a rt. ^ I AU tho china, out glass, and state room ware, was I furnished'by Woram & Haughwout, 561 Broadway. This firm sent to Europe an experienced clerk to su­ perintend the making of all tho china for the tables Tho state rooms were furnished by this house with while Frenohohina wash basins and pitohors, and they supplied also the cut glass for tho tabloE liful—the whole, v them by Mr. Collins. The whole of this department is creditable to this firm. The Atlantic is commanded by Capt. Jamtfs West, Shenandoah; her first, second, ) of tho T’nited Stales chief engineer is Mr J . W . Rogers, is aided and relieved by the set-vices of six The number of persons permanently at- tke skip, InoluJing crow, is considerakly I over one hundred. Tho commander is well known to ocean traveUers as an experienced and capable of- j fleer ; and tho chief-engineer has tho reputation of ' being, one of the most skUful and cautious men of Promptly at twelve o’clock this noon, this noble I steamer left her moorings, and moved down the I Hudson. Tho wharves all along tho rouio sho was ' expe.-ted to pads, were crowded with spectators. * * I every turn of her wheels almost, sho was N. Corwin, 29 Pic er good eerviee tellect and tho heart of more than one generation.” W. B, SPRAGUE, Albany, lU h AptU. 1850, Batehelor’Bn^ravontea^goan^Sratps. made of the finest natural enri hair, and adapted in the mont dasy rnRtsOLOur —Messrs. Fowler and Sizor are Interesting the publio evety evening at < Union Hall, See advertise- a . P . P U T N A M 'S L A T E S T P U B L I C A ­ T IO N S . MR. rOOPF.R’S “ WAYS OF THE HOUR.” Second editi-m 12mo, cloth, iil 2S. DAVID rOPPERFIED. by C h * s . D ickens . Part XH. With Ulustratlons, teltlPIR E l CITV lA N B . FOR SAN FRANClSt Oi VIA i ifAGRES, DIRECT. The splendid Steamship ^ CR E SC E N T t: I T Y , 1500 tons burthen. CH \RLES STOOD tllT , Commander Y/ill leave lor .SAN FRANCISCO, direct, via CH.4- GRES. on WEDNE.SDVY, May Ut, from her dock, pier ,\'C li N. R , at throe o’clock precisely. For frciglu cr pQijago. apply lo apiT txiyl pp J HOWARD a SOM. 34 BroailT JOHN KEESE. Anctloneei COOLEY & KEESE at their great sales rooms. 377 and 379 Broadway, eorner of W^ite S UfURD tY EVENING \prll 27. will seU In contin­ uation of the great catalog le of the extensive library the late James Campbell. St rrogato, containing 4484 lol commencing at 7 o’clock w lb lot t5uC MO-NDAY MORM.Nll, 0* M. at 132 Twelfth stroc Household Furniture T l’KSDVY MURMNG, 10 s si at tho pales 1 vol. 12mo, half bound, 6-2J cents. -‘HOUSEHOLD WORDS.” No. 3. Price 6 cents. LEOF.R : OR THE THREADS OF LIFE Third edition, 12mo, cloth $1 25. MR. IRVING'S LIFE OF MAHOMET AND HIS SUC­ CESSORS. 2 TOU, 12mo. cloth $2 50. GOLDSMITH’S COMPljETE WORKS, by P biob , 8 vols, 12mo, cloth (vol 4 just ready ) COL. PRAG AY’S ACCOUNT OF THE HUNGARIAN STRUGGLE FOR I REEDOM. 12mo, cloth, 75 cts. MISS SEDGWI(.’K’S REDWOOD—A Tale. Revised edi­ tion, 1 vol 12ino. cloth, $1 25. MR TUCKERMAN’S-NEW W O R K -THE OPTIOM- U ilU R C a S E R V I C E . Ik fife r ^ tning, when bound togi the pocket. STANFORD & S’WOKDS, CoalalBlhg tlie Bofik fif Ccmmaii Pfayfiv aud tlio Pw- gant edition of the Lessons, to a forming, when bound together, a most oonvenient book per Lessons bound toget of binding.nding. We havo ither, in a variety of sizes, and 7 style of bi We havo just published an ele- odition of the Lessons, to mach our 32mo. Prayi Churth Publishing House. 13T Broadway. ,8 greatod from the shore by the belles of the steamboats and the the extiinslTe stuck of sheet music, plates, copy rights. on-lookers. An Immense numbei 1 {laying about the stream—all more :d with banners. The Battery was ar. of C llult. jr., by catalogue THriWUAy. .May 2-Murnliigf -imUpleudld lookiuifi I 64x41) to 43 X20 to be sold s the other, and as the vessel nccynjmodatlon of families fun bore off towards Staten island, the gathcr- ich ju st as bad ; for example he says : principe 1 or to be more classical and U ommissioners, ‘ Hurra for Pick- ■ineipe,’ as Sam. 'VVoUcr said when his Ibaa ib MovEJtENTj iH A rt -—At a special mooting o f the Academicians of the National Academy of Design held a t tho rooms of the Society on tho evening of th e ’25th inst , it was unanimously resolved to in­ crease tho limit of the number of its Academicians from thirty-five to fifty. The proofs of rising tal­ ent in a rt, given in the present Annual Exhibition of this Institutien. Whioh now completes Its twenty-fifth Anniversary, are enough t^ehow th a t’this merease was called for, and tho^ tedem y , on its develop­ ment, has a t once liberal^responded to tho call. The present Exhibition, now open a t the New Gal­ lery, No. 663 Broadway, is one of unusual interest to community. It contains soma -WO Works in pat pride by ovary f A rt, for A rt aoki ■qjudioe or geograpl happy to be 4ble to add t by the Artists Is generously responded to. The American Artists. Such a display of •ontemplated American, indeed, inowledges XPmt tolerate. John, such a clatter About stuff hko the Bnjah of Sattar- &h; think that a t least You wo safe in the Esst.^ XYhetatte Company sees to each matter. Qui-Hixmffsrstands his own brewing : Aa for you be content with onloing I {.4-tfiong other mad shin Res) Tim loyal West-lnffle?. (By c ant a nd had f ^ th brought to ruin. Let Thompson, Bright, Stuige, k Co. bray o n ; Lot Eoropo a t larga-aay her say on Tho pestilent fix In wh’ch FaimcjPtoa's tricks. H sts ptaceUyoa; ------- bnt think on S obbaox . j BCHXISOTON’S JiiSDSCAPE IN THE G a LLEKY OF THB-A oadsjiy .—A|i a taatour correspondenli thus no- H u n tington demy of 1 ing and seal] and mostly I Ameriean Ar^ just and natiolnai by every loveF fif lional prqjudioe or geographical boundaries. 4ble to add th a t this call on our public ts is generously responded to. rooms of tho exhibition are daily thronged with atours, strangers, and people of fashion, and tho eve­ ning exhibition affords those whose vocations prevent their attondanco in the day timq, a n opportunity for enjoying this speotaolo which will, wo predict neglected. FK-iAPtn. MbaTALiTX ton, from Bahia the lilth insi announces that the yellow ' tices\». pioturo in |lte Acalqmy, toia beautifuJ aqtr gallery of thsAcadoi Bgnjld Breidiri^vioppasitBBona street, has » lie- tura-by HuaUngtf;!}* irluoli I om tomptJd to believe ifexepmentaaboid. lict, not be AT B ahia .—T ho brig Bos red a t Bostqr ibly a t Bahia—sweeping off seamen belonging sols in port, and great numbers of the slaves. Gorernmant Report make tho total mortality in the Frovinco, 8o(X). Frovious to the sailing o|P the Boston, there to d been a Revere thunder storm, •whieh had! and caused tho that it wonld ba cleared the atmosphere abate. It was thought tinct in a /ow days. disiaso toi totally CX-’ —The manorial suit has been brenght tt Sons of law Special term at Albany, on the 25th of May sfift, to hearKguip^t aodronder a deeis&a. ho grants of im. reyed and occupied Mexico, and when rfpiy under the government of r^pain or Mexico, and when , pierg, between piers 7 and 16, was adopted in a spe- first made public, Mr. Jones says, that no surveys j cial meeting of tho Board of Aldermen, yesterday made of any of these grants, nor can any afternoon. The sum o f $12,000 has been appropria- q.eeifiu information be obtained about them until a , ted to defray the proportion of expense to bo borne survey has been made and a system of registration is ; by tho ( ’orporatiun. The work, it is supposed, will ; be finished about the beginning of (icteber, three Thi ll follows a delai'ied aooount of certain g u v — ‘ ' ' .... re.servatioDS, and tho claims of .'8an Frant Ladies as well as gentlemen, are invited to visit tho rooms and examine them, as they will be'exhibited three days bsfiira the sale. .Also a superior secondhand piano, 4 guitars, music cases and music port folios. Book oases I with glass fpoaLs , 9 larao size best hair mattre.-ssos ; 3 ; ^ ----- cases fishing tackle sek-oted by an experienced angler. A ofitho Committee on Wharves, in rela- | miniature full rigged ship, rosewood portable desks, la- ,c , i . --1 _r jjy j boXBS, a gteat Variety of psiu ling.s, frame J SO gravings. to __ ___ ap27 tf JOHN KEESE. Auctioneer. ude wafted her a parting salute, rios out one hundred and thirty- list of whom was not n tion to tho enlargomont of slips and extension of ^ dies work boxes, a great variety of pa n tfie Curfew Towei oof of Henry’s passion for 2Uth iDht . [ and other cities to corporate domain, which is ol tie interest in thi.4.iuarler .Mr. Jones next refers t soil. He says it was a principle constantly adhered I lay , to in tbi) >panUii Cdlimial laws, that “ Ika luJlatis i skull Lave a rigkt lo a.s mut-k land os months from tho time it U commenced. I —An ordinance was presented and adopted in rela- I tion to sewers, giving discretionary power-! to tho Kx- 6'’‘- .B... hies, plain ct early laws were so tender of these rights of the - ('ummonL’out b-.-re it might le,increas- j :2UiJi) w a , , they need for ' be borne tht-ir habitations, for tillage, and for pasturage — , benefittei Indiatq _ and especially tho rearing of stock, ting tho salary of the City In.spector iutorlere with the tillago of the In- non-concurred in. ril.ooia! Jirection wu.t uU.j given t-.r tho stleo- ----- t.t-n i f la.i.L tor the Indian Tillage?, i.-t places suitable ' I he leeturos on 1 hronelogy at (. linton H.-ill, by for.ogricul;urand wbi'-’h have tb-_-nc'-essitr, W....-J and - F . jk ic-r and .\Ir -\'iicr are a ttract mg tho Jargc.st '1 be lands set apart t'j them were likewise in- uu.Jieuc|cs. 1 he.so g-sntlemen are so familiar with except by the advice and concent'. f tiTi-'Ors -■'ubject they treat, and are »u thoroughly furnish- ^v.. piiou o ! it v?a.H to protect the incidents wherewith t-i illustrate kmini: - A Krk.c. will sell at auction on M.i-vu a tlO o ’olock 4. M at No. 132 12th street, tho entire stock of handsome nnd desirable furniture, of a family breaking up honaekeej.ing. including tapestry. •hairs, couches, ottomans, divar fSBS, window curtains, extension dining t hiss, plain carpets lioor cloth, ingrain carpets, hair mat- mahogany and windlass bedsteads, line sots of gla.ss ware. French bedsteads, marble top t Hic aiycben furniture with -irhich th\ 1 J uU particulars will be expressed in the otherwise by the ! catalogue on the morning of sale. ap27 It in which they Flos, plain carpets ^ trasses, hlaok walni I hey are ako given full power to , I many connection pipes to tho line o£ tho curb- - » may ka doomod aeoesaary, the eap.ca,« to 1 by the owners or occupants of the lands j will cot »U thereby, unless prderod t iUuritrationc, from the Lcxids'Q edition. 1 'J'he Meeting in the rioistera great kitchen of the t'aetle 7 Anns Boleyn, receiving proof of TheiytterieUf^hTcL^^^^ By O. W.M And will be publ'isbed*lbuut the 1st of May, derika Bremer, Hans C hristian Anderson, Stc Beautifully Illustrated with Portrait, and twelve fine engrav.ugs of all her characters Agents will please send in their orders for Long’s illns- ap'28 '’ h l o n g St BROTHER.S, 43 Ann street. IW U L H T li. C O L L I N S , SUfCkSSOa TO fOLLLtS it BROTliER, Invites the attention .of ( (H NTRV .MERt HANTS to his large st')ck of BOOKS AND STATIONKRY, they forbade the allotment of lands to ; —1 ho resolution of tho Board of Assu „ tho salary of t tillage of the In- non-concurred in. r ductrinu3, that t JOHN KKKSK. Auoth.nt^er T oolky & K eesi . will tt'll al their Dfw roonn. 377 and B uiiai >\ n a Y forri**r of W’hrte stnrN-t, on the liJtl in’4tant. at 7 o I 'oi k 1’ 31,, uii!l I'l be miituiucilxlay and evening. in-lT P .M., uonlaM la w,M — PRI V.ATl-: LIBRARY Jams. Uan.e!-H. E le.-'iun ol Rare ant' Valuable Work., in tbs Geil.. Laiin. I-i«ii li ftiiil Uii.'ti.b l/ini'ii.age!>. all Isiialon wlnions. with the e\.. piiou of Uio French liook-. Among llii.-m-books arcli.elol- illustrate they contrive to render their ssting, oven to those who have no lively faith in the truth of the science. This evening Mr Fowler will eontinuo his discourse, in which ho .., a . . . . . u' . j s / r i i 'n im . -i.?. ai.' . k -?-'.; they tR.'d and use ; and whenever a grant is made ' <k!s morning. Ho wasan original member of the N which includes such folUements, the grant is subjo.-t ) Typographical Society, instituted in iKiifl. and for cvJr\^-at lea't^whon on privifie es’tater-^frn.u^^ranl- '*-’ pre.-iding officer : associated with the ferablc ; but whenever the Indians aliandon it. tuo ! earliesi Sunday School movements, a Vico i ’n s ’..lent till.- ollbooWi.er becomes puri.-ct VV’liere thei.- i.. ' of the U.mrd oi the New York Sunday Seho.d Union — w .he n v. s s. tionary of Ihu f'f.ut;!ry tL-r^tu aurh'TU'.utl, th*’ru in a 1 L'a«,.‘ber’s At-’f^ochition, where hi^ romarks in tho dis- ot interesting topics were always listened to . t e ’s l ' o i ' . ' i i i . r v v ' ' N . ' . t ' i l r A n ^ The TZTT-DooKs far schools and academies pf his pub­ lication ore not surpassed by any other works on the same Tt-achers are invited to call and examine their ap23 Iwnp ot surpa N E W L A W IlDUKS. of the guYcrr.ment, whose duty natives as minors oi and spirit ot tho.ie were always suppo.?od to have a certain property interest in the missions.” Mr Jones, in this connexion, says that has prevailed tii-.Tv, \ The continued obserrane of this law, and tho lerciso of the publio authority to protect the In- with respect and a ttention. 1 Hisfun-tral will take place on Monday at 1 o’clm k, ary law from his late residence. No. 192 Mulberry street, and ! hi.s remains be conveyed to Orange, N J , for inter- Tho allmsiou whieh v LVtdu;;[trh:Mdbtrbrte^ The ttumber of subjugated Tudtans is now too small, an.l the lands they ..ccuj.y t.,o in.rigniScant in ; Jtmollht. for iheir protection t.j the extent of the law, ' We to cause any conside.-abie ni'desuti.jn. Beside., ' „ e o there are causes at work by whieh oven the pro ' small number is rapidly diminishing , so tbat on concernin.g them can be but le there were employed in the mi?'i alone the number 3U,i>.)'i In lt<-j; ini.-biiig , qu. ?tion concernin.g them can be but lempKirary. 1-CM, there were employed in the mis-tun cstah meulv? alone the number 3U,i:,'ki In lt<-i'2--oply iil,„ur eight years aUer tho rettraininij and Compelling hand of the missionaries haii been taken off—their number on the missions had dwindled to 4,d.H), and tho pro- i oes3 fif reduction has been going on as rapidly .tince ! “ In the wild or wandering tribes, the .Spanish law j >03 Dot recognise any title whatever to the soil ” I city, may perhaps lead ;’ our readers to suppose that the company on- lacta huainc.sa in the mode therein referred to learn that this company also makes life insuran :es of every other kind, on the mutual as well as 'any J” '\^ stock system, as will bo ill I mcint in another column. iiliour A new o unedy, said to be from tho pea of Mrs n by their advertise- Ruckmah^md. f e l e n ’*..‘^Miri,j'loA!\'&c.‘ it,'‘^Tr!t'?ri.'i w s s f m m - m : mada yesterday to anew I ».'l' Trandanon ofthe Onentti Fund: Home’. Introdm-tion 5 ' i S i i i i a VOL a I OM.STOI K’S RF.i'OKTS Reports 01 ( a.es .Argued and Determined in the ourtof Appi-als of the state of New York by George F omstock .State Reporter second edition, with notes and references. Vol 6 Denis’s Ri-rorD. New Yrrk Vol 4 Barbour's Supremo ( Durt Reports. The above just published and for sale by BANKS. GOULD It CO., apl-Top _____ No 144 -Nassau street. r e m o v a l ; R . C . R o o t &L A n t h o n y , STATIONERS, H.VVE REVIOVED TO No 7 NASSAU STREET, A few doors above Wall street, and opposite the ( ustom House. ap23 2wnp rial Distinction, or Hearts and Homos. &o. &c. in nuiiib(*p moutlilj. Price 50 cents—or Femi-monthly. * MORNING CALL, BY KL.L.1S. f p'-’U ol Place ( ipera d.ies^Dot recognise ” The grants in California, I am bound to say, are mo.sEly perfect titles—tbat is, tho holders possess their property by titles that, under tho law which air property by titles tha t, ut ,-ieated them, were equivalent government ; an.l those which are not perfect- is, which lacks some formality or some evidence of comidoteness-have the same equity as those whieh are perfect, and were and would have been equally respected under the government which has j.assed away, (.if course I allude to grants m.adu in good l\‘.-mble, and ealled t.ie '■ Duke’s bo put upon the stage The religious anniversaries commence to-morrow, with the meeting of the American Society for melio­ rating the condition of the Jews, i^it Hopi There are eighteen societies on tho^anniversary ty-Bccond of May. Wo shall make it a ] condensed but satisfactory reports of qli portant proceedings. ColaloEuetiaro i UNITED STATES laife Insurance C o m p a n y :ie books on view. patents from our I this year, and tho meetings not perfe c t-that | cy-second of May. Wo 8ha: U the more im- R c m o T u l.—UOULEV & KEESE have removed R ooms , 377 and 370 Br adway. corner of White street, where they are now prepared to receive consignments of B ooks , S iaiioxebv . PniTiTx L iiibaiues . Ft B.-VITI BE, and property of ail kinds, for the display and disposal of whieh their extensive and com- I sales rooms are most admirably adapted. W a l l kt it ee t This company, possessing a guarantee Capital of OOO, the whole of whieh has beJn paid in, and im the publio stocks of the United States, and the state ol New York, makes insurance on the lives of individuals, ants annuities. ,es insuring upon the mutual plan, participate in cats of all the business transacted by the at lower rates j ChupiiAan’B C e lebrated Slsav-lng C r e a n i, pat up at his Razor Strop Manufactory, No. 102 WlUiam et. Oty- This ortiole is decidedly the beat in use for making KeaotifnI lather and enftenina the heard Try .it. BYUTIFUL PORTRAIT. t:Z: .:;r.r.sra “S; t*::,; ,J 2 ; S'S?.’“ rsr 4 ';\ “ I think the state of land titles in that country wb'.oh was guided by the sound of beUs. ill allow the public lands to ba ascortained and the by judicious measures, with the Last and North rivers w.ts so dense •ning. that the ferry boats all ceased at each ferry. J. Persons may. If they prefer. Insure leut participating in the profits, be premiums upon policies mt qally or quarterly. The lay be paid annuaUy, semi- 9 profits will be paid in cash, !d either in addition to tho sum insured. >roflts will be paid will allow the pal . apart, by judicious measures, with tulty. Any measure calculated to discre- way to this country, from different so to be distrusted, tho general character I t h e -------- ~ ‘ dit, or cause to be distrusted, tho general character whioh it would create among the ancient population. No less than six ocean steamers are now on their of tturoi'O; Canada, the British Queen, the Cambria, 1, and tho City of Glasgow. Helena Slomau, a whioh it would create among the ancient population, -tore, two cigar stores and a elothl. e country ; a title discredited Is not destroyed, but ! weVala-Jt night about 12j o'clock considerably •ery ono is afraid to touch it, or a t aU events to in- : by fire and water The fire, it eaems, broke ist labor and money in improvements that rest on a fancy s ispected tenure. The holder is afraid to improv at its dtsoradited vaiao, willing only to make ineonsi- ly store, and extending along tho tops of the build­ ings unroofed and damaged the upper stories. The clolh- Ing and other goods were greatly injured by water. under circum- I think the rights of the government will be fully L and the interest and permanent prosperity of ises in that country best oonsulted, by no other are in relation to private property than i survey, aeeording to the grants, where the grants are modern, or since the accession of the Mexican government, reserving tho overpios ; or, ac­ cording to ancient possession, where it dates from the ths? surrey But providing tljat in any c*’ from the opinion of the proper law officer s”SsiS' xiBio s I tauax Orsaa—Satui cequecco of Signer Lorini'sindisposmon. there will be no opera to-night. 1 turday, April jsposltlon. the Due uoilco wfll be giien of tho next per- «D as well as every other article of lay be found at Hitchcock & Lead- manner as to induce them to repeat their visiLs It has U u a.a .Ol ‘°“8 t-®™ the practice to shave and cheat rH«tomiT8 JO govorntdcnt in the btate, or from iMori ________ any way received, there may ba roasem to suppose a granltnyalid, the government (or a proper officer of it) may direct a suit to be instituted lor Ua annulment.” , , ,, . ---- ccuate is tnviteU to Uie &alo to be made on M Scpnnica C ovbt -SVins’.ow and others vs Thompson. > several valuable lots in this improving part of the city >t pass upon that question, it fating reserved for the ilnionot the Court bn a case to be made and argued (ly- V a ln a b le Jjots on 33d S t r e e t an d 7 til A v e n o e .—The attention ot buUders and deiders Ip real the anther i, invited to tho sale to be made on .MOND.YY, of ON TUESDAY—WITH A T H E L I F E OF j p y y Y L i y o , THE SWEDISH NIGHTINGALE, HER GE.NIUS, STRU«'GLES ANUl ftIU.MPH. .Musical Critic of the Lond..n 'Morning Post, and attendant in her mnsical tours on the Con­ tinent EmbeUlshed with a perfect likeness, beautifully engraved on iteel Among the ountents of this truly Interesting work, are- Her birth and childhood Her early and singular success at Stockholm The loss of her voice and the girl’s despair Her residence at Paris, under the tuition 6f Oareia. Her first meeting with Meyerbeer, the composer. Public rapture on her first appearance in Vienna The student and Jenny Lind. Her triumphal, entry into Stockholm. Her engagement with Mr Bunn. Her appearance at the Rhonb>h Festival. Her presenilation te «ueon Victoria by the King of Her appearance at her Majesty'S Tb-atre, London. The po'>r cottager and Jenny Lind, Wonderful success in the provinces. Jenny Lind and the ventrilcquiot. Her second visit to Vionna. Return to England. Her appearance a t Exeter Hall, in furtherance of the Mendelssohn scholarships Her engagement with Barnum to vl*i« this country, he. Single copies, price 24 cents. STRINGER it TOWNSEND, Publishers 222 Broadway, ow York N. B - I n waiting for this book, the pnbUc will be re­ warded by particulars obtainable from no other sources than those from her fortuitous relations, possessed by '“'’’‘\•\“ “'\■Kc*\: K,s,''i\b':\“' S i ^ r t o r ^ u s , B R Winthroj Lt\*' sa-srss\' FREDERICK SHELDON, President. JOHN A. STEWART, Actuary. J EADIE, Jr., Secretary. JOHN W. SCOTT, M. D., Residence 88 Ninth street Medical Examiner, At the office of the company daily, from 1 to 2 o’clock F. Q P CAMMANN.M.D.ConsultingPhyBloian. EDGAR S. VAN WINKLE, l.'ounsel. Prospectuses, with rates, and every information, can be had on application at the office of the company. No. 27 WaU stxeet. jnh20 np Tu.Th&S a m i BULKS T M ORK N E W B lriK S I II I t e l i e o e k & Z « e a d b 3 a t e r , 347 Sroadway^ Cor. Leonadetre have received still another new lot of rich and ELEGANT SUMMER SILKS, .Among -which are plain and striped changeable of vari­ ous qualities and prices, Fonlaid, Armure, Foult-de-soie Plaid, Striped. Figured and PLAIN BLAt K GROS-DE-RHIN, from 5a a yard np to $2. a splendid article, ALSO plain Mouse-de-laines, of every desirable shade and color, a« Buff. Orange, Pink. Green, &c. Stc. from Is 9d A YARD TO 6s A YARD ’ ! !C than they have ever before been offered in New ap27 2tis unents. Seo advertlsen hereafter. U mbrellas .— -It is not intrio EngLshman, ‘ idred years since a very eccentric Engli named Jonas Hanway, toving rotorned from his travels in tho East, appear­ ed in tho streets of London, on a rainy day, with a Baser “ notion” from Ohjna, in tho shapo of what is now called a n itmbreUa. Being the first over seen in I England, i t a ttracted such e a r ’ tiee, ttiat its owner was soon s English mob, and pelted with for hia sradacity in thra attem p ting’ \ *’ ’ which all true born 1 a. , ------------himself EngHshmen, from beat upon them Tho incident piadff a n o isd j and to sp w o f ridicuio, the ‘^notion” began to tedpt wondorffluy with the WtheWo b e ^ ,z r ic d people .i a n d as U was found as nspful in'protecting a ealnat the son As against the tain, the aaitte oCumoreUft— a. littla stodci-rwas giv- ctiitii Poor Jonas’ invention, 80 unpopular'at first, andtiAHerwanis so rquYorsaJly adeptod, merely ibows w ^ adtio d ^ m tag e ibiato b e h o rn » jhlT y«*tf to * d v « ^ tbit 5—E ^ - f P u n i l t u r e Sale.-W e wonld caU the attention irsons in want of handsome furniture, to the sale Dcughty and Lawton at No. 73, 7th street, between Dt and 2d avenne, on MONDAY next, at 10 o’clock, the sale are an upright mewoocl piano, mahi tension dining table, and book JD m lng ttxc sin-ewd Warner, every possltlo remedy i piano, mahogany ex- C liolera la s t ___ I the same desperate eagerness 'says: \ A drowning man will snateb ir not all these preveatJ’ ------ ’ ----- pltBh their chasers In OtJUdaCC _____ cins, one which has not boeu heralded from one end of the eonptiy to the other, b nt one which is known by aU who haija nsad it to ho wtotitpnrpcrts. has accomplished mere ctfres and eared more lives during the past reason. ich they will occupy until their store Is re-bi NEW AYORKS BY AMERK -AN AUTHORS. Jl-IT Pt-BLIlHeO, BY D. APPLETON & CO. I. WOMAN IN AMERICA, HER WORK ANT) HER REVV.ARD, by .M aria J. M c I xtosu , author of ■ Two Lives,” ” Charms and ConhtM Charms,” fee. Ac. paper coyer 50 cenM; cloth, 63 cts. II. MORTON MONTAGUE ; OR. / bBfOTOaJntto»'»^B9P^*^Vtristo th8 vn. DIARY OF A mYSICIAN IN t f which we hare yet hea:^—we refer iHe Biitota. . MORTON MONTAGUE ; OR. A YOUNG CHBIS- .N'S CHOICE. A narrative founded on fact in the y life of a doeeased Moravian fnisslonary clergyi by C. B. Moariuna, 12m0,75 cts. HI. JAMES MONT JOY i OB, UYE BEEN TRl ING. A Tale i by ASS. R oe . I2mo, paper cover a .mcia m u f i i e v t , Tale i by ASS. R oe clotbJS eta. __ IV. THE EARLY CONFLICTS OFCHRlSTIAJ bythe K« t . W. I scaakab Kir, D.D. ISmoyOo ° ^ ? T HE LAW STUDENT ; OR, GU4Bf£ TO STUDY OF THE LAW, by J ohe . A hthok . S vo , t VL A TREATISE ON THE THEORY AND f FICE OF NAVAL GUNNERY, hy W m . N. J ei J.&N. 8re,ranstr»toajjaS9. Also. French Lawns at Is a yard and every kind and style of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOOD-S, adaptefl not only to the spring and (nmmer trade, but to EVERY SEASON OF THE TEAR. dg- NEW MAvNTILLAS AND CRAPE ■SHA’WLS IL’.vT RF.I ElVED__________________________apl8 CLOTHING C AIilFO R N IA M ARKET, JBaher jyelson Sr Co, D1 CEDDAK S T K B B T . Have npw on band, and are constantly manufacturing, a extensive asiortment of ready made clothings shirts tod. drawers, expressly fur the above market. Also adapted to THIS MARKET A LABGE STOCK OF c l o t h i n g , made in the best manner; all of which ■wtU be sold a t REDUCED PR1CE<L roh2Slmnp JParker Jflills FOR SALE BY THEIR AGENTS, , N o , 73 f MUci a n d * 0 Stone atxeet, M l # K , w a a « » « « s e . ' Jyeto spring a n d S u m m e r G o o d s * SEAMAN & MUIR, Hare now on hand a very fliU and complete assortment S e a s o n a M e D r y G o o d s , Sdected expref sly for the PRESENT SEASON, and for the bast CITY TRADE, to whieh they invite the atten­ tion of pnrehasers. They ask particular inspection of their stock of f r e n c h JVRXNtFEO Cambrics, Jaconets, Lawns, Orgaidies and Grenadines BL A C K AND COJUORBD SIL K S , Some very desirable BIAHTIIA.AS ANJfr -V ISSETTES, , New and in great variety. DACES AND E 3 IB R O ID E R T E S , M OURNING GOODS, SHA1VLS, H O U S E W IF E L IN E N S , &o., Ac. ap6 JMen’^s Pouth'’s a n d d k il- dreit’s Clothing, 3 3 M a i d e n l a n e ^ in quantities to suit purchasers. We have a large and well selected stock of Clothing, made in the best m.tnner, from goods all purchased before the great rise, suitable for city trade or the eouthern and we“tern markets—for cash only. At prices satisfactory to aU. Garments of all kinds made to order, in the latest styles. BOUGHTON & KNAPP. mh29,op C lothing a t W holesale. T o o w n e r s o f S T E . 4 M & P A C K E T - S H I P S . are making it a Special part of their business to supply alt articles required for furnishing these vessels. They have S l l S i S S s S I pattern, and all the best patterns of Pressed Glass. Also, every description of Lamps, of the best manufactfire in America, and suited to all classes of vessels. The subscribers are perm tted to refer to our most eminent steamboat proprietors, viz : fapt. C. VaUder- ^ i i ^ r m 1 i ? e S k a n d ^ a r f n r f t = line of eh'gant 8teamghips, and they do assure thosein- terefiUd in such vessels, that their arrangements are so complete as to enable them to do this business with-satig- taction to proprietors ato^credit to tkermseivea »p^7 2wup .*461 It 663 Broadway. < J o H H X i-y M . e . s i t s e n c e f o i * i t t t s e . A ri!'.Al)TxI.-T;i. COVJNTHV R E S ID E N C E , AK with about 14 acres of land. In a high state of cnl- contemplated junction of the Connecticut and Hudson dwelling, with out houses, in good order ; ornamental eold.in a;single year. For beauty of scenery and iopation, it cannot be surpassed, and must be seen to be appreci­ ated To gentlemen doing business in the city it ofTfra inducemonte for-a residence rarely met irilh. Titie In­ disputable. A pertiou of the purchase money can remain “ “ “ “ T u T a s h “ ; i s s ° i > „ „ i , i . I n d i g e s t i o n , G e n e r a l D e b i l i t y , TCTLATULENUY, LIVER COMPLAINTS, and all H? nervous affections, are greatly relieved, and in most cases The article is a purely vegetable ctmpound, and has been used with great success, in the above complaints, by many persons in this city and elsewhere. It is agreea­ ble to the palate, and ia probably one of the best tonics ever offered. It is admirably ealeulaUd to allay nausea, arising from sickness or otherwise, and its use will in all ;s“ •■’lo’K'.srHAi-'”'' A . « l , ap25 IwDp 149 and 151 kront street. IHESSKS. J . F . & E . W e s t i i e a d & C o . , M A N C H E S T E R , {fU> Take the opportunity of informing tjieir friends a-nd the oubUc. tb&t, xtol'witiistfii.Dd’Dg the total deetruc- day morning the 22d ultimo, they are now prepared, at the extensive premises numbered 35 and 67 Piccadilly, with large stocks in the various departments cf their bu^ sines^ All orders entrusted to them will be executed with the same facility, and forwarded with the same dis­ patch. as heretof-re ^\\U4^MLrrB''.‘‘\|.'ril'5,18.70 i ap23 Tu&Hnp* F O M T F & . A Mae assortment of superior toD«*d Pianos, with and without .-Koliau accompaniamont, manufactured by the T . G I L B E R T & C O . , B oston , may be found at tbeir N E W Y O R K W A R E R O O M S , 4 4 7 B r o a d w a y . A Urge supply of good Second Hand Pianos for sale WATKRS & BKRBY, 447 Broadway, Between (frand and ( anal streets, .\genta for the .Manufacturers. N. B.—A Fuperior Tuner is engaged, who will execute all orders promptly. „ apl3 np Porcelain Msiobs, F o r D o o r s , L o c k s , B e l l L e v e r s , S h u t t e r s , D r a w e r s , & c . Q!J- T ile D o o r K n o b i» mounted with the subscri­ ber’s patent Rose, &c. Parties building are invited to ex­ amine those goods—the most economical of any, and *at- ing cleaning, which is required of all other kinds of Door Furniture. A large variety of beautiful patterns recently added. Finger. Name and Number Plates, to match the knobs. Theae goods are warranted in ever-y pariUular t At-TiOT.—Other descriptions of knobs, of an Inferior quality, are sold in this market. The head of the knob being fastened with cement and lead, works t ff the shank knobs. GEORGE H. SWORDS, mh'iSnp Hardware end Cutlery. 116 Broadway. EK E M rC M Porcelain Mnohs, F o 5* D o o r s , S S m i t e r s , B e l ! P u l l s , ■ FR E N C H W IN D O W S , F U R N IT U R E , &c. THE ATTENTION OF OWNERS, ARCHITECTS, and the Hardware Trade, is solicited to our.extensive and well assorted stock of the above goods.with finger, name and number plates, in plain and gothic stylos, deooiated in the highest style of the art. The durability and neat­ ness of our knob mounting will at once be perceived upon examination, haring no brass flanges and sockets to cause friction on, and will be warranted in every respeet, under all circumstances. , Ourassortmentof looks and latches for doors, sliding shutters and doors, Espagnlette and French window fast­ enings cannot be surpassed, all of the best quality. BALDWIN &M.YNY, ^^Jc.UAgentofor'Dfx’onfs^T^^^^^^ jr , a B X I 3 S M O F F J B T , 156 f 'u l t o n i^treet, M A N U F A cT T U ll f iK . O F L l i a K d e i i e r s , C entre , M antel , S olar , B racket a &« d L ard L a m p s ; CANDELABRAS, GIRANDOLES, B r a c k e t l i r a u c i i e s , CANDLESTICKS. C a b i n S o i a r L a m p s * & c . rpU B lN G AND C O P P E R X Tnbing, Grecian and Fancy Chain, always on hand Astral Lamps altered into Solars ; and every descrip­ tion of Lamps and Girandoles repaired, re-gilt, bronzed and patterns to be seen, and for sale, a t both the above places. mhl3 np R A W S O I k ^ G . W I L L I A M S & C o H A V E R E M O V E D TO NO. S P I N E ST . NIBAR BROA D W AY . where they will continue to keep for sale, aa large and f a s b i o i ^ a n a s s o r t i ^ t r f S T F h l W G O O M S . H . W O R C E S T E R 'S 1401 Stxeet, cor., o f g d A v e a n e . Plano>F o rt« M a n n lA s tory a a d W a re_roaxii H . A C f i J u i i M A r v & m X L R , D r a p e r s a p a T a D o r p , Ila t in p IM M O V E D T O ‘ JVo. 258 JSroadways O P P O S ITE TiliE eX T ? H A L L . g (SECOKD sToav, oArtk. the rraST Or Mar.) I l m ^ is f f j o o f f . T O G f B O . 46 Cl^ff Street, Ei bzagxbsia . CALCINED of differeii quanties and prices In 10 lb. . _ _____ llsqnares in M lb boxes. s a m t l t r i e l L ^ f e S h h ^ ^ ^ ^ B R E C l^H XXTSTAUE:. a A superior article in red label, f lb. papers and in cases of one and two ewt. Also—SERVANTS FRIEND of Borne quality and E a r E K Y . econd quality IST L IST , Nos. 1 2 and 3, in lb. packets. .Also, in 1 and 2 oz. pa­ pers. (Price reduced by the case.) W E d g - w o o d Aivr> yoacE iA S U N m o r t a r s . Gen.” OUD C hance ;” SsnTH’sdo. ; ’rsns,.,,. KNIVES, Engtish-AU ’^ U 'T E s k in s , English and French—D utch M ktai . E nc ^. W hite L ead , pure ; E meradd G reen , do ; C ajiph O r ; B obax , R ottov S tonb . ; D ay 8 c M astin . ’ s D lackino , in oaslcs of ono gross each, assorteJ; M adraes L O W 'S G E N U IN E SOAPS, & e .- V iz s BROWN WINDSOR AND PATENT -WINDSOR, ‘^ H t r l ’-W I ^ D S o IT to the lb. in c ^es of 56 lbs. WATER, .1..- Various siyles. ' LUBIN>$ E X T A R C T S , A CONSTANT SUPPLY, TpCrKTHER WITH A WAITER, various Btylcs| in oases of 25 doz. r 0 » . rso » s 5»,-Jg,-3’,.» A R ^ v - A RA- G O W L - ^ D ’S LOTIOfP, Tto most BgreeabiB andieffectnai neparatitm ofthegB ar- tides nown i ure. They have been extensively adopted, both in private and h^smtal practice, and are well deserving the atten- COX’S C E L E B R A 'r a iJ SPA R K I.IN G G E L A - -VLrOHOLand PER- ., inusor, and oVherS0APs‘indTs'‘TR, BR O ’WN’S C A N T H A K I D I K E B L i S T E a i S G d r e s s i n g . twelre*squ^*1’ boxes, containing B R O W N ’S 'W A T E R -P K O O P T R A N S P A ­ R E N T PL A S T E R , An entirely new dres.-<iug for Wounds and Surgical Operations (See editorial notice in New York Journal of Medicine ) tlA l R GLOV E S AND STR A P S . I S i.iR, I 1.AHS containing particular descriptiens of tho artieles, with numerous certificates of their vi -tues and efficacy, may be had of all the dealers. Ai.nl, 18.70, - sp;2^,wnpk<;_ TO T H E FUBIHU. F R E J ^ ' C H C H I N A W A | R E . •need clVrks. who. in conneclion“wi’th“oi r ^ f o riir igcnt. .Mr. Theogene Bouge. are giving their un -emitting attention to the selection and shipment of fret ch pr lain waie in all its variety to our house in New York. *Q With oar liou ;e in .N ew Rtiy.fr. painting and gild- X.V iiiv y uBLuui nuuwe ouokn . n may oe easily seen we Sr'.e now receiying over one hundred casks ol Vitrzon ( hina each month, wh ch sufficient pro< its rjuaiity. &c And any one who may <5hane, travel cn the finest steamships and river steamers in the world.flucli as \Jr.Collins’ new line of steamships, and Messrs. C Vanderbilt's, ( apt Stone’s and C,apt. Peck's fine river st* amers. may see the style and quaUty of CM- made by our friends at Vierzon. France. ‘‘“ ' • • ' \ \ ’ ’ '■ \ \ w i n S r .'S A t - a a w o L - r . ap5 eod Imnp ___________ 581 and 563 Broadway. JVew Oas SHxtmres. styles of goods. Their assortments for this spring in ol aent ever olTered before in New York, of .Manttl lights. Pondants and Ga.s Fixtures jlar Lamps and Chandtliirs. Candle Chande- irasand Girandoles. aU from the manufacto- CorneUus&Co. N. B We fupply and run Gas pipes in all classes < ^ u a e s iitlow ratei^. __________________ ap5 eodlmnp R 4 0 H A R D S ^ l i o l e s a l c .D ealer in a n d S l a n u f a c tu r e r of LOOKING GLASSES, AND IMPORTER OF LO O K IN G G L A S S P L A T E S . Largo Pier and Mantel Glasses put up to order. No. 38 C o o r tla n f lt stre e t, s e c o n d Boor, Opposite Merchants’ Hotel, mfa21 2meodnp _____________ NEW YORK. G E O M G M J . B T M J O , Nos, 14rH 6( I4t4 BROADW AY, y s NOW p r e p a S S d ^ t o ^ e x h i b i t m s AND PA R ASO L S , U of his own shgerior I^nTifacture, for sale a t the low s ■ I; Parasols, cotton and g i n ^ m , all styles and G ^ m i t l e m e n ^ s F a r u i s M u g G o o d s . H E R R i C R & S C U B D E R y - 95 WJXftIA3I ST R E E T . Ha-ve on hand, (anjl are constantly adiding to,) one of a of Furnishing Goods ■onsisling of all styliss a lii qualities of Shirts, Cravats, derbhirteand Ddawers, Hosiery, Suspenders, Stocks, Ariel Ties. Collars, Bosioms. Dressing Robes, Money Relts, Shoulder Braces, Stripender-Webbinga, Buckles, &c., wholesale and retail. apl8 eodnp ; *t SeUDDEE, 05 Wiiliam stree RYLE’a SPOOL STT.K S O K S E W I J Y C I S . tE ASSORTMENT CON ST JUSTLY ND, and for sal®by Sole. ■ - IJO a S T M A N lf, JSH03, F E t E R S O S T & 4 3 9 T E a E L I »HREy,' h« h sa a t their establishment. : W » to t o t toem It ne­ cessary to.advortiseAhB p rice to o t o . r ----------- Carpetlhl;. but merely say t h a t we wH Carpetlhl;. but merely tide a t less pric® f ban i.. Englfch Velvet and Saxt yarietfes of _ _ a, better ar- I® ymd Eano jefrfll anci Ax« Han Shades. Id cad Jessy Ing’ish Tapestry and I do, - ■ English Thrtt-PlYx n V im g ^ ^ n ^ r a i n . new pki- terns, to.' , J English DamasJcandtvriBed Venltlaa do. S English Drdggets, fros IJto S R E E T O IL CLOlilHS. frfikthe b ^ E n ifflshand toericantaannfectoriesifrom 2 ito 24 fe|et wide, extra a S>, an Savolca of 50 pieces AUii -woODCU.BrET,at 3s 6d per yard ; together-with iBvery deslratds style of goods fonnd in regular C arpet S tores . > All of Iwhioh will be sold on the meet fiivorablt terms. | • I PETSHSON & HUMPHREY, mb? Smnp _______ 432 Peak st.. ntar MadUon. t h r ;^ i b P S j y \ C x l M F E ^ I J ^ ^ a . Have this day received 50 PIECES of Velvets and Ta­ pestry, of elegant designs, a t reasonable prices. F lo o r O il Cioihs. Complete assortment from 3 to 10 shillinga yer yard.’SJ S a i l e y dr J^rothersi, 454 PpARL |ST., near Chatham. J^ew Carpets^ O il C loths, Wc, r p s i S suhscriher vrould call th© 4^tentiOB i and the public gefaerally, his ext< Purchasers are infotnied that the arrangexhentsivith the manufaotnrers of Lurope and this country enables the torus‘uri W. H. GUION’S Warsroom, jaS np fronting nfi. 64 E. B’dway and 71 Dlvisionst d O N K l s I N C } .& C O . , 3 REMOVED TO THEIR SPbENDID NEW STORE, < a t r, , ----- iced prices, to and well selected IR j B they offer jutry merchantE selected Stock of B T A F L B AMD FAMOT D R Y O O OD i. goods w lie ffiund They idso devote the second floor of their store to a large • CAKTETS. Cask buyers ate pattlcularly juvited to Lk/r-Thl'lofte of 3j3 Conrtisndt Street. a5np F R E S H SU P F IA E S O P C a rpetings^ O il C loths, <KC., &c. S M I T E ! & | / © U i ^ S B E S : y , ■i48 P e a r l stre e t. giisii B assortment, net? pattern from 1“*’’=^“ I'arpets. aU wool, rich bright colors, from Ss 6d Ingrain Carpets, mixed cotton and wool, from Is 6d to An extensive assortment Qf FLOOR'OIL CLOTHS, from 2 to 24 feet wide, from 3s to 10s per yard. With a mh. np t f J rirefi^ C n l M S ^ E T O il C loth F u r n ish in g . B A I L E Y & ^ R O T H E R S , 4 5 4 P e a r l s t r e e t , n e a r C iiatlxam . IM PO RTERS AND D E A LE R S In e v e r y d e s c r ip tio n a t CARPETTNIi AND .FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Ac., VEL­ VET t a p e s t r y , T.U-ESTP.Y OK ENGLISH MAN- UF.U'TUUE, BRUSSELS OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN MANUFAC TURE, IMPERIAL THREE PLY AND INGRAIN, VENETIAN STAIR, RUGS, MATS, MATTING, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, DRUG- MATS, K GETS, & ............... 4Ve have the largest a«sottment of Oil riotha to be We most respeotfuHy solicit the attention ot p«r- - .'V k attention paid to tho making and •Ilfre d F l u u h e t t , tiaPO R T E R OP FR E N C H , RKGIASB AWO GFRMAN FANCY AND STA P L E .GOODS, Ko. 104: W illia m street, (up stalrB,} f\F F E i R S FOE, SA IiE thefoUowing, in q.uantitiefl \ J to suit purchasers : Tooth and Nail brushes. Shell and Suf^lo dressing combs. Gum Plastic 8U AMordeons, 4 lastic suspenders and , 4,6,8,10 and Travelling Cases. Silk velvet and inetaflic UmbtebM a S ’^^^n scr<?ens Gilt and jet Brooches and ” 'rlaees. I wooden figures. Hair, oap and shawl furs. Ladies’ wc-rk, glove and odor boxc6 Pearl Ivory and horn, Opo- paper weights. DePk Bitt3, Stamps and China vases and bottles. Bohemian wars. Perfumery, Comeflan^e'gate and gUt an^G S i Cornelian rings, Hearts and Gold, Silver, Cornelian and Loral charms. s s : Gutta rercha Heads and Jet and silver crosses, Rosa- -iiBzps.ysssh ■■‘S s fils'”” Fratens bronzes, iBisonlt Wax and' Terra C/jd* fig- GolA ^ve^and jet, Slides M o u se F u r n i s h i n g PAWCY H A R D W A R E , 76 S ixth Avenue, CORNER OF W a v e r ly Place. J . W . & C .'stLLIY A W , ^olif^hcd Steel Fire Irons and Stan^ar£ Fesviier Dusters, BrYz<besaud M tots in great Twiet^. ThTittenTiSnVflSIiffl toou^wcimslng igiespect- o deviation made from the first %* G ^ s delivered in any part of the city free of cx- petiee. ________________________________ ap23 Imnp POECELAIN. D. 6 . & D. HAYIEAJVD, No. 4-7 J o li n stre e t , Nextr Y o r k . HAV1L.ASD « CO,, frIBIOGES, FHARCE, IJIPOKTEBS OP FRENCH CHINA. D . O k D. 0. would respsclfottylSform the public tJjst experience of more than ton years, they are to supply the wants of pnrctoiacrs. Their house in France is continually supplying them with ware. In leots equal to goods found in Paris, which, if deco- is done -with care and fidelity by themselves, giving a character of superiority to the stock. Dealers, merchants and strangers, visitinff onr city, are particularly invited to caff. ______ apWapDkW P u p ^ M a n g i n g s * P a p e r - \ \ to f^rienced .workmen,ai the — notice r FOR CAbH. M i u a w R r e , CHKAP FO A L. HALSTE0 & SON, i i t l

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