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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, April 23, 1850, Image 4

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2!> E^-r^XiMy, ^ syT m H i i j ^ E ^ lompsoD, r«o «etc»If Jc X u S t , »Stew « l V i ■minBjTiUBj c t TH^T C A £*^>«r| .&SXOK HOUS£L 237 J ll6itxM«oo, Seof!>s3 J Jolia^Seliiii J Eldrtoge.Ct S Fjurma^Boeton T H«ren do T Ciamnlng do S Jolmson do N H Vnrti*** T TLSumntc do H r B*^er d* J Hldston . do J F l^er do H Thiston do P HandltoR H r Gerald, i l a C A JSalihigtoii, Msis K a n ith. La J A Toebllag, Treatoi t fdonson, Ct S H Brett, T oronto Mr DoaghSy, Troy ■ E T Sis«, Portsmonth M Perry, Canada Pifeyes, Toronto G^ietdoD; Alb ' - LCtiapln da JT i i d d • do RH WeUs do M m E Ciaraisg do- E CrosveU do ^ BAENUarS HOTEL. - T C Jatkion, R White. LI E J %bins(m, Boston Q Myers. Ph: W H a iid r e it, Thiston J C lAighton N Taylor, Ohio A Van SantvoordjAIhany J Vonng, Eng » B Sexton, Ithaen J KeBogg, Utica C Chnrchai do P CBuTchin do 3 R El-vrood, Koch J Gardiner, Noreralk E Huntingdon, RomS L Boyd, Alb Mis* T urner do ° H i p K v l - r “ and’, Ohio Sak». Boston Wm sfetcalt do Mrs I < O W'Rliams. Atb J Bal H Ho-w'eU, do E W Bum. E .stUlJ do J Arthur N2 BUTTS HOTEL. t t r Field and lady, Otsego O V Hull. Albaoy J F Dean and lady do K Cook. Oneonta W Kieisted do N P Pangbum Ohio E B S tirr do O J Bntler do C F Majrvin, Sing Sing D Ely I do W H Grant do S Kaybond do Miss Filrman, Pa JB .Murray, Balt Mr WitidiB do A G Knggles.'Wisconsin H RugileB, Vt S Boss and lady, PhUa B R Ndrton. Syraense J Lyman and lady Ind -------iri^ \ O Wilcoi and ohfld, rtic a B Avery do CLINTON HOTEE H Stafford, Prov E Kingsland. Ue Wm NeUgh. OMo A J W»rS, V « J Thom, MlddlSiown e U n er, P<rtt«T2M 3asS tal« AOWhiU.TOiUeIuH C iTiapin, WMehall K Barrington Castleton H M^ohy, UrdontTHage ^ ^ k e r , eR«iTn;9 w m p i w v i e y JOnahma^^liada VS White, Pfar«or^ , MHsHayer,Ct CCLeita,Ohfi> GWByer.Cottn S Y lixt-lmore, Woadltfll. OBai»,Cafilklcn GO Bnnni, r m S AJI«n, l*roT MisS %i OcK»awi!a. %Sasa FMcSMliTiJolmstcnQ L M Cfni^ertj ^?ssego i> yrocdhTJTt, Clierey ValUy anon C o m p a n y . ID - inswe T h e x a » n h « t t a n ,^ r e to P A I D IS A S D * 8 A F ^ » * ^ ^ ^ K S T E ] OlB£C10&l. Cifithanifl Elchsros, Emsen h . Nortus, Sarrmel F. Molt, Aus® “ ■ 'Yard, ^eterH-Sekenck. MMSSTASU?, WMam F..Mott, John Steward, R A I L R O A D S . 6 rtinning d&ily, ------- --------------- Alice* to New London] Tia Gxeen^ Dec. 6th, 1849. , arc 9 51., for London. _____ !on at 11 A- M . for Brooklyn. Fare throng to New London. $2 CO.. Passen;:eP3 bjT this line wUl arrive a t New r.ondon In me to take the cars of the New London and WUliiaantlc iuiiroad a t 4 P. M ^ for Norwich, and ficm thence by the Norwich and Worcester KaUroad to Worcester and Bos- Ba-\agecratesTTiUbeIn readiness at South Ferry,New York side, until 16 minutes belbre 9 A. M. B d i ” &AV1D s .'ry E a* Supt. CAHJDKN A jro AMBO: AND AN ADDrr P E h :^ N ^ “ E wa^ox do RUNLOSS HDTl thence in first rate cars to Camd-n and Philadelphia. The at V A .M. taking cars at South Amboy, for Camden and Phil- j ptecc^ ^PUirdelpUa ' ? | £ l i g ir^vtuTrn^Vl^ad^C ViSur Fare through by either line. . . ........... .. .. . . $3 ro B r ^ S \ ^ r t o \ ^ m i d J d o n i , o a r d s u W ^ ^ ^ , i'A n ,- passenger, to be carried at the risk of its owner, but noih- will be received or considered as baggage except wearing apparel. aplO 1. BL’SS. E A BtflMy, Ct, %Vin R G inatte, N V, B TueKSr. Msss, s w s l i b r \ ' EARLE’S HOTEL. B TueKSr. Msss, R Lew^ do, A S Pe4se, Mass H Smitiji, do L Cutter, do H CTh|dor, do J B Shaw, Worcester F Sha4 Mowhawk W Woodstock, do A Ranc»v do J B Boot & family, Maas O H i ^ d W Smith, Herkimfer H H Morgan, do M W Bosbach, do T Nalton, Lowel^ FBAITRI,IN HOTEL. A S Sheinnani A S Shomway, W G W eei Alb O Conklin, do J P^Williams, H '^om a s a n d U d y .A lh Miss E Wolcott.. E D rainier. do E Taist, Buffalo A A Cobb, Boston 3 M Nichois, s c F S Low. AH> Capt J L Day. ( t A W Bronk, do . W E Chittenden. M iaa FRENCH’S HOTEL. Wm H Sandford, West Point S H Miles. Ct r T Foster, c t Mr Fatten, Fhil • Q Feck do Capt Noble,Harwinton P B W Camp do SC Ensign. Litcbdeid S Kniffht, Northampton E Rition. Gaylord's B( N O Stores do D fi Mills. N J A Dykes, Tonkers T Johnson, Rus.neli R I Baldwin, Oxford C do du T C Bradley, Penn C Beers, Ct e D Hyde. Mystic M Moner. Oa N C Bnrt. Princeton A Whyte. Ma-^rs H W OUrer, Hawleyville H P Barnet do Jas^ah Sanford, Newtown H Bronson. Pishk-Il C A ^ B u ^ g . Capsule A Northrop, Alb S J Perkins, Hudson W F Sharp, F Desnoyers, G Bay H 8 EUsxrorth, Auhuin J McIntyre. do C J Mitchell, Miss Miss E Woleott ~ NatljISaYyuibTewVort, N H Wood, Chlcog s i - l i s r s r l l “ — “ S r igatnek E G Waldo, do ■w Rochell E OastieA do ^ UCNTER’S HOTEL. te.Troy HH Woodman do P Harrington d £ S B .Moeaes, Buffalo IRVING HOUSE. W F Potts, PhUsdelphla Lt Gorgaa U S A I S — - ' - E William .la d y , R ^ tou valecouege K LBuUer, fo iS^rfR^uiY” - rHYYYuYm^^euu fS S i T Grown, Boston r c r - j : Air Baker, do JUDSON’ ^ T l o ™ m ° ^ t c h e s t e r ^KYroYg-^o JVirg Thompson, i J W^BIydenhnrgh, N S £ BoshnUL Saratos P Norris, Pa -Wm Pratt. Ct J F Sanford. BS Alexander, UC f l ^ ^ a ? H R - o S u . B u X . o u L Dennis a n i lady, Phffa 5 Mr Ormsiee, Me vroU’-^T E S S . h ,» ,k . T j l . l . f n s i f ” W L Corbes. Alb HOTEL. J hv S i: D T Woodbury, Ohio I f H ’H’i s ! ? fsw U t, Utica LOVEJOVS HOTEL. ris^^g Hai J S Pollard, NJ Sfltml Duboie^ Catskill J LininsL Ohio A Young, Ct F Colton, do L B Birdsell do W Ford do Y ^ S a y iN J D Ruyen H Welles. Roch O W Luthern, Alb E C Vandenberg, Ct (• Sayre do . E L Gayioyd, Newark B E6tchum,Plaitshurgh Q T La Due, Alh C L Woodruff ^ P’F Munson J S Goodman^ Hjimilton' R McIntyre, NH H S C b apeiiFort fliln t Hamilton J Carhaven, Vt S De Wolf y J Goodman, Roch C H Tyler, NY D Feton, MaiBson co B Steene. Cooperstown <■Thompson, Thompson, Galvray H M Wills. NY W Colts,Ohio A Holmes. Alb J V Aliddlesworth, Mich N W Stearns, Bast H M Bolton, Stafford N Mitchell, NY D M White, Hartford J S SprowlB. Mass J Hunt. Utah A R Grant D Pareons. Mass H S Hudson do J MBnbberly,NS J P Johnson J Hunt. NY G T Billow. B05t H L N^on^ Pateadbn S L Dickinson, Somerset W W Morse do J L Brink. Bath S H Brown^ NY J J Davis do A B Cornwall, Ci A C Baffele, Newark J G Barry, HerkimeT D F Lisson, W hits Creek D Marsber do ■VTnt Tabor . do 0 E Williams^ Utica J! Grifflthe do T W Beesley do S M Upham, Albany ' Dunlap, 0^-*- Galway . J D uil ._^, _ _ J Hisler, Wayne A Alexander, Auburn n a t i o n a l HOTEL. J Conekling. Beadi H Weils. Kingston H 6 Brodler. Ohio E S Farmington, HI N Bates, M s £3 W T Gibson J Green, Waterford E Brewster, do D A Deney, JeS Co E O Potter. Springfield H J Hoyt, Stenben co n a t i o n a l Beading P Ma D W C Stephen, Oneida W K Grover, Syraeose J Daing. Louisville J O Donnell, do * J B Davis S C Murdoch, Yale Co FEARL STREET HOUSE James Bacon. Ohio c L Vose, New York G A Loomis h lody, Sufaeld M ShipWy, Peek^ill i^ 2 s s r “’ M S Hopper, do D Jewett. do O Q TBoxapsoD, Albany J L Stewart New Haven James Gould, Albany. , J^THBUN^S ,HOTEL, B Bird»all.Madifibn J D Florence WJSwKihVTa r.l Miller. Wia L Brady, EM B y nno.N J J Rsmer, do S ^ r k , Troy -------- - L W Jones, Charlostr- O Wilson, Wia Under the direction of the RECEIVER. tice.runas \ ' - ’ ----- m e X t: on S a t ^ r ^ y s T h u S wUi make th trip to Vaphank, and return on Monday mornings, at 6 mJas I S m I” •* Lrave Greenport at 8 A. M. for Brooklyn and all Inter- ___ J itooklyn a t 11 A. M. and 5-10 P M. for Cyproas «, .M n.-«. » c „ „ „ r— MAYNARD. J F .R e e ,l,„ | S S S E £ ^ S i 7 S S s : 2 W i 2 r \ \ ' ” 1 s 2 s . » , JJodsatouic and Naaif Aceomma^tbn ^Traln at 9,45 A.M. forN'etr Haven ’clockcl______________ P- M.for Norwalk and all the intermediate stations. roKumitatioii Train at 5 o’ _ _ _____ ^ E ~ T r i ? n X f S T T t oi the arrlro. of ib. fromNev-Haven, stopping Accommodation Train at *2 05 P M from Bridgeport. 5S=tsfiSSS stopping at all the intermediate stations Fassengors are requested toproonre Tickets before ta- ^‘November ISriit W4B. R. B. MASON. u l SuDttriutendAnt iV l JOHN NtlLSON, Junr., In the .4genoy for thl riato “sree pYucies^^^^^ *851081 tS^ossefooYurnRg'under Thif,long ostablGhed institntlon, incorporated in 1810 Ore on dwelling houses, manufacturing establishments. :..ligaSS5a= o ' it.A contracts ; and ownt-raof property tu-e a>t8iired th-rt • Ii.lcs in this city. The jurisdiction of the Courts In this city will be ao Qowledged. DIRECTOBS. ILS H\S“' Henry Keney, This LineleavesPier 18. foot of C'onrilaudt street. daUy. !£ ™ s and fire engines. B ^ s s s i & ' S « s . s r s '*!\V7-.“J!:r'L* * - ........... .. are from New York . 55 s:i £ ii it Y to Bopton. . Worcestc] K . ‘n \ £ ; . i o . . - J £ S r f ii '.'.'.v .i w S- II ter, Lowell, Concord, Bellows Falls, Burlington, Montreal, S £ t f t S i . T s r . £ : r u , t « c — lEVV VORHi AND EH0.1E RA IU KO A D . « T. ^ '^ E W N G T R A i y ^ ^ Jefferson. Oo- nevq.. Rochester. Buffalo and intermediate places, leaves £L.TSTC.ISS. A k e MiT™lXo.T i O PaasengPTS for Ithaca and Cayuga Lake take the cars Tiogalmd Lycoming c o u n ^ Pa . take ' f t t e T T l „ 1 , F. M. JS:t^StS^t^uiZ^'SVST’l?fZTAt Freight leaves New York for all stations on the road. .n e „ , l . . . . . . Geneva, will bo delivered to the Auburn and Rochester --- ^*JAMF..S P. KIRKWOOD. Snperintepdent JD W hite. Buffalo L VFNye,Ai4btira J Mamhy, R1 H S e o tt, Buffalo H H Dudley, do A Clark and lady, Boston t a m m a n t h a l l . J W Howe, Mass * E & o ^ e l ^ Ct M r B e w d i ^ P r y JTatham, do W M Leveridge, ^ H O Wilson, Wia Mr Woodrnff, Wash e F Moseley J Tuttle, Gilbra FReed, do J t t Jermey Boston f-\U i AMO W A T E R C O L O R S .-T h e subsonbers \ J offers for sale on the most favorable terms, the foUow- irtg eltioies of their well known mannfactnre via : No. 1 Chrome Green, dry and In Oil X do do do Bmnewick do do Prussian Green, in oil Imperial do do A Paris do dry B d6 do Ex. Pennanent Green, in oil No. 1 do do do ' Paris Blue, dry A Frnss. do do and in oU i B do do do do Ultra Marine Blue, dry Antwerp do do Celestial do do A Slip Blue B do do New York Chrome YeUow Extra do do dry and in oil No, 1 do do do A Rose Pink do A do pulp. Pulp Lake ^treV e rm a iion Turkey Timber, burnt and raw Do ffo in oU DANIEL F. TIEMANN ft CO- ' _____________ 17 Bntllng Slip. : Leveridge, Madhames, Buffalo H F C o an, do JCranmer, do ----- J Thomas, do G W L , — , G Terry, do J W Titus, Ct J Bnekinghijn, Ct C Mills, do- E Roberts, - do PH L B a k e r, Pa, DNIXED STATES HOTEL. C Spiage,BarBxtabt« LB Tratt, SC J Cooper, Bath H C Monoel, Buff H R ^ y * n , C t ^ W M Thbospaon, Genera IV Cl»srei^IOwa M Qaidner do TV W Eastbaia,. Boet !dis];,§«h|ie9t»^ , S f e i r # Storcm washini ----------- - C S ^ f o r u l a ^ A r r a g . , • € . W .S J R im S A VO ., £31 B latdeil la n e , Ane ffodz' Ihelaw G a iit stre e t s- Tr .-r .varana rvmtsTrrt.rys-wva: -pygqp-'Qji^g^.^ - fed article; Rifli * 1 ^ Elisha lUggs, -RntusL- Lord, Thomas Barron, Edwin D. Morgi Henry ElMrorth, Lyman Denison. Sidney Mason. * NATHANIEL RICHARDS, W m . P itt P xi - mek , Secretary. I, President. Cish Capital* . ............................ .................... ^210,000 « Surplus, after deduic^g all outstanding .................................. 1:^000’ r^ d y invested a|ccording to the p r o v ^ ^ ^ i Insnrancas mads at lowest onrroni rates K . s f - s r ' ’\'' iffif :hard Field, d Hawley, Henry H. Barrow, HnU Clark, J. Smyth Roger*. GEO. S. FOX, P D. F. rpBRV.Secretary. T h e K in g s Co. M a t u a i i n s u r ­ a n c e C o m p a n y , io. 4 3 f h il t o n S t reet, BroohJ: , continue to maae I M ’”\ ikMllla BaosOTQ, s ™ S txpii EX U nderhill , Secretary. mhl8 F t R E INSU R A N C E . NGS C ounty M oti al I nsurance C ompj A . ' l S M w S - S . ' S I W i >THY WHITTKM' ios^^rano- LEA?rpVE?rs”KILL, At 63 A.M. -tations. C k e i e^”• s : : : ? r k ; r a » 5 & which leaves Albany at 3J r M. Passengers will promote their own convenience by tak­ ing seats in the oars marked for their respective stations, as the r ^ t cars of trains will be left at way stations go- WbereoIBcea of the Company are cstabUehed. passen­ gers will procure their Tickets before taking their seats Passengers for way stations, who have baggage, will W C YOUNG. e W K n d n a e r _W bit YorS.Marob gih.ieso m n ^ ELlMlALET^TEItRY. » I a U ca O B a LL m St80VAiA.rv and well secured. c ‘iE ? s ? £ '? .a ,\ r ,“ ...................... T. W. WUUams, 2nd. u this city under the an Walter Lester )b ^ackufl 'HNSON, President, CAPITAL................................................$2^0,000. With a large Surplus Seonied by Bonds and Mortgages and United Sti ^ I g s ' i n I'TTTIJTION haspuTBuedan nnintern.^- dis«, household furniture, stocks of goods and other per- I55]a\m\;1-0ri.es Ebenezer CauldwcU, » « ' a l t e r u n d . JOSHUA S UNDi J ames Witunc. Secrotary • H S s . . . ^o“rit!,^\ii 7 e^n^- Peter R Bonnett, aV^^-aTe^.’ ITZ o Y A W B U ^lTBradford, S S i K i T - '***^ERHILL. PTesldent|^^ Wall street, the f..liow- lagers of the Company m . . , W c ^’ m . Halstec Wm. S. Herriman, Chas N. Talbot, Sila.'^ Holmefl, A.^uilaO Stout, Htnry Young. H f s : : ISAAC N. SEY.VIOUB, Treasurer. “ F \ ' \ ■p V a recent act of the Legislature, the name of th -t premima upon Policies may be paid annually, semi- Morris FrankUn, Freeman, i l S ' ? I £ l l . S - g S ,S 7 /,t„ Isaac C, KecAiB, W Slliaja Barton, - - - - S f A - E S l N E K f f . George WUkas, M- D., N ew Y o m , JuB©., 1840 A m e rican DXntaal l^lZe I n a o r a n c c Coxn|mnY>' rVFFlCE NO. 4 0 -WA l 1 ^STREET,NEWT 0 RK. \ J PREMIU.M REDUCED 25 PER CENT. This Institution U authorized- by its charter, to Is- sne policies of lusurance upon life, and to make all and every insurance appertaining to, or connected with lift risks, not to exceed $6i)00 upon the Ufe of any one ^**Xhe ieadlnff features of thia company » r ^ 1. X guaranty of capital of $50,000, which, togetuei With thd accumahting premittiaj ia deemta »dequat« tc meet every coaliagency* - , .«ir a 2 A asmucTioa in the rates of premium of 25 per cent, payahlfi annually, Bemi-annuaily, oi quarterly, as may he preferred. , . s; assuredparticipate annually In th^rofits. 4. Ipsuraaco may bo effected by any^ roarries^ ^ fee from any claims of tl lu i y of Ms creators. No person*! liab^it; J mcmheis bsyon ofinsnrsmee. ito^ttemselTe iditors. otner per* _i want, in c»s« of their death. ‘“Anroenectnrha* bean featad (which can be had gratia OsocseHaUt G«wg*D. Phwp., OFFICERS. BENJAMIN SILLIMANASB».,TMrta«t. Noaxia Wttcoxt Vlei m s id in t. C alcb M ix , TreMUfer. Bzaixunt Ninru, Reentaxy. Fscoxaiex 'P.Txkt, Chairmaa LbeaHOtf Ifli^ixsfVVxcnvoaTk, A ctuary. ati MEDICAL EXAMINICR R A B L R ( ^ D S - BRAIIfflDAD — ' A B -ii .-wavaipV-. RANGEMENT. » ^ i — l 08 ana a n sr Mcnaar, April 221,18&0, thBcoii wfll run -s follows, - Snnday>B r levp'.od \ unta fiarther nctiee TRIIW 15111. LEAVE Cltv H a IX (.1. ¥ 1 Eofi Barlem and Mcrt Haven al T, 0, 10, U CU A .M , i £ 5,4 2d,S,i23. d U .S ,lo P M . ' ^ M o ^ n i t Vfflaga-T, la, U CO A M ; 0, 4 £0,8 CD, Ftmlham-^7 , 7 45, 10,' U SO, A M ; S SO, 4 So, S SO, ^ ^ W a m s ’s Brldgo-T 45, 10 AM ; 3 30, 4 SO, 6 80, 8 Hunt’* Bridge, BronxyBl. and Hart’s Corners—7 45, 10 .AM; 3 30, 6 SO P M. ^ ^ c ^ o o and White Flaina—7 45, 10 A M j 3 30,4 CO, FleasantriUe, Newcastle, Bedford, Mechanicsvaie, Purdy’s, and Croton Falls, and Intermediate Statie Signal-? 45 ’ ............ ... ^ rl 3 80,4*MPM Towner's,wi Patten A M Brewster’a, To ?S\rS'\\ Fordham-5 45 0 46, 7 50. 8 EO, 0 36,10 62, A M; 1,2 49, * W iU L ^ *Bridg.-S 40, 7 45,9 31, 10 47. AM; 2 4 a , p • a ^ ^ K V ? s : ' n , i ? • s s ■ . ^ . a For S M ^ y arrangementa, and farther portioulars. ap 21 ____________ M sr.nAT. SnoerintJudont. ic d s o h r i v e r r a i l r o a d . raon nxw tore to alxant bt At 7 a . m . gt_ ken, Dobbs’ Fe> and Ponghkeepsia, and thence by Steamboat to Albai^. landing at Hyde Park. Kingston, Tivoli, Malden, Catskill, Hudson and Coxsackle. At 8i a. M For Poughkee]............................. At 'a r. 51 Forpi all way stations. samess the train leaving at 7 a . m (See above.) A te PM. For passengers to PeeksklU and all Intor- .te stations. ipsle, stopping a t all way sta- lassengers to Ponghkeepsie, stopping at Wa Jersey City, Princeton,Trenton, Burlington and Cam- ^ Fare forjst olass (3, for Sd o I bbs oars, 53 SO; ar ivms a t n a. w. LINES, boat at Taconoy—in 4J hours. 2f. 3.J 4*.6t. 6t. 7J p M..and 11| Wednesday nights All trains marked thus f stop at ( hestnut street «ta- L kavb NKwinK.-Leave Market Street Depot at 040, 5i,7.810m’ p, M„ NEW YORK AND ELIZABETHTOWN L xsvf . New Y orr —At 6 and 9 o'clock a ti., and 1,3, 5 L»i»« I'l isiseTHTowN —At 8 05m ,• 7), Sf, 111)* a . m .. 12 4;Uni ’ 3 4i)m., and 7 Oum.,' r '.i O n S i - ii ' ays —Leave Now York at 0 a . m .. andd^ r- m ,; Elli^bethtown at 11 a . m .,» and 7 65m., r m ., or N ow NF.W YORK AND RAHWAY. L eavk New Y ork — At 6 and Bo’o'ook a . m ., and 1, 2, 6 '”LKAVK°^H%r^-At63,7,8, 10’ A.M.,12i,* 83,7 40m- ::%JdT 4 :}^.^p.M,r^^ew AND NEW BRUNSWK K. -At e and 9 o'clock a . m ., I and O n S undays - Leav« M ; ^Rahway at loj* i NEW y o r : L kavk N kw Y oki L kavp .\ kw B runswick —At 6, 7}, 71* a m ., 12* « , 7i* O n St’NDAvi-Leavo New York at 9 a . m . and 4J r sx.; trew Bmnswi.'k at 10* 4 m . and 7i* p m for New \ ork {!l7- Those marked thus • leave upon the arrival of the QQ~ (■ o M M u T E as will show their tic kets the same as othei Passengers. S i ' 3 S way. 31) cts ; New Bnmswiok, .’’.O ots. Passengers who procure their tickets at the tickets of fleiL receive a ferry Mokat gratis, thelWodnesday nlght- xtra Uno excepted. Tickets are received by the Con- “ “ I s ” terminus of the road and Easton to 25 miles, and to K e'll^a'irN V w % ^ ^ ork“ry.taamboatRedIacket. __ 1, N IL, and connects with trains on the New Jer­ sey Railroad, which leave New York from foot of Court- ndt 8t, at the same hour A new route to Sohuo ey'd iMountain, with less staging than any ether. PASSCNOER inA iv-ip. Ill leave New York by irth River, or the .V J __ l = R . , , ! S ; : | £ : S l i “ i £ 7 EUxabethtown, 7 16. 10 SO and 3 20m “ N.’ b . Ail Baggage at the risk of the ownera until de­ livered into t}ie actna) possession of tl^e ^g;ent 8 of the company, and checks or receipts given ^erefor. ap3 SU3IMH.R. AJEURANGEAIENT. FARE REDUCED. TILES RAILROAD—131 DO. NATIONAL ROAD 17 - ^ THROtOH IN '2 DAYS KROMi—rtsa-im sUiNEVV YORK TO PITT 8 BURGI ^ R H a n D WHEELING BY T H I_________ UNITED STATES GREAT MAIL, via PHJLADEL- PHU, BALTIMORE and WHEELING, thencG to CIN- CINATTIi ST .LOUIS. NEW ORLEANS, ko. Passengers Leave New York 8 A. M. and 0 A. 51., 12 M. and i i P- M. Leave Philadelphia, foot ol Dock street, in tho steam­ boat Robert Morris, at 2i P M., daily, except Sunday, for Baltimoro. Pittsburg end Wheeling Leave Philadelphia, from the corner of Eleventh and Market streets, by railroad, at 8 J A. M., daily (except Sunday); and daily at 10 P. M.| for Baltimore, Pitte- bnrg, Wheeling, Sio. The only Una on Sunday ftom Philadelphia to Balti­ more, Pittsburgh and Wheeling. la 10 P. M. Leave Balthaore »t 74 A M, ffaBy tor Oumbeiland and he west, by the BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Leave Cumberiand. at 6 P M, by t w e n t y DAlLy LINES oftheNoHohal Road and Opod Intent Stage Cempanlea, and, arrive in M ^ h n ig or ■Wheeling nexteyening. and mod- Irownsv^Ue, thereby hav, only' First elasa ateamhoi re ^ l y l yi^and P |^ ^ { For Thron^*Ticketsby Ihlsroute,apply in Philadel­ phia at the Railrcad office, corner of Market and Eleventh streets, or at 45 South Third street or on bD.atd steam­ boat Robert Slorrls. foot of Dock atreet wharf. Passengers have, the privaege of etopping a t Baltimore andi reeuxuiug seats a t pleasure. For ftiytb^rinfoHnktloJL apply to J. It. SLEMMEB, .\|jent. At Adams fc Co.’s fixpress efilao. No. Iff Wall street, i U A- M-, or American Hr^-’ ----- v - J r -------- 4 w S T E A M B O A T S . _ AND ASTORIA- bP5F w a s i u n g t UN ja r i n o , uapt. S. Leonard, will leave Flushing every morning (Stmtiays exoepced) a o’clock, and Axtoria a t 74 o’clock iteinming, wm i? 3 ve Mew ierB nt 9 o'decJi. Afternoon Tr^ —VVlIleaNe l WlnaMng, at n^o*cioclt, ; Astoria, at3. ftatumfaig. leave M VorkatA STAGE ARRANGEMENT. To *m> most R oiii TS, M awbasset asd N bw -T ob VTOl leave Sosiyn, Pinkney^ Hotel daily ^Sunday e their ticket* of the in g to lrrin t Passenger* will please to preehre Captain on board the boat. Fare to Boslyn 5s; Cow bay Ss ; Manhasset and Littl Nook 4s ; Bay Side Ss. ___ THOMAS CORNWELL, Stage P roprieto^ SPRING AKR Ccmmencii Fare—To R o c ^ Jridgeporl, 50. Freight t; ' iFOR BRIDG.. [WALK and ROCKY P Neck, 25 cents ; to P I o ’clock P. M. \Returning will leave Bridgeport every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, at 7 o'clock; Norwalk at half pa*t 8, and Rooky Neck at. 9'45 - riving in New York a t 12 M. api M «WM *. NEWAEK-FARE 124 cents- S ' ® P^rcight taken at reasonable rate*. _________ ^ 6 P. M . from steamboat pier foot c above Barclay, airiving in Albao and forwarded by rail- ** — ■ '■ plytothe Captainonl \°iSe^oIfe\o\n\tI;d. FOR ALBANY DIRECT. The Manhattan will at all rimes arrive In Albany in time for the first morning train of cars east and west. a r . . ) , L i y - f e s ; V T iS y ! r x : \ s » is. excepted,) at 6 p. u. :uMe\nra.°iiTii Catskill, Hudson, Cox- my- AU pereone are forbid treating any person on ac- *ount ol any of the above beat*. _______________ mhl6 . B CARPENTER t CO 'S LINE FOR ftNEWBUEOH.-Tbo new barge SUPF- tR IO R , Captain Charles Halstead, will ■ S S 5 i \ ' i S o . „ a s r Cove every «biy , at Oyster Bay every Monday, Wednea- S . K T . w a ' c T p \ w a W ™ , « SimSiUgsc These steamers are fitted with commodious staterooms, and every arrangement for the security and comfort of r s r . : r . ; ; x ; * . r E S A baggage master is attached to each steamer, who re­ ceives and ticket* the baggage, and accompanies the same to lU ductinAtlon 4 “ . r s r s c s . ' \ ) and the prioeof state room*, the a which leaves Fall River ■ W i S a J i 'S S S For freight or passage, apply on board, and either to TISDALE & BORDEN, 70 West street, or at the office of the Line, at the ooraer ol Washington street and Battery from Boston These steamers were built expresslv for the route, and arelu every respect particularly adapted to the navtpatum ger^ are c u m n foio ^ S n d ^ o ^ ^ o ^ W e T h , rcrat, b«in, th , ibOTtet and hiDe diroot bet.oon p.’7S\b>;;»±C iis;r£?c.?;ss^^^ “ & . 7 , 1 S | . S ? « „ T b . » . . , . b d d . » d . , . A baggage master acoompanlee the steamboat trains to all places on any « aento and San Joaquin Rivers Pwkoges find frplght forwarded by every steamer, in barge of a special messenger. Kschange on San Fran^ Having an extensive mule tra gents resident at rhagres. Oori mama, we have superior fi m of merchandise S s S S a t i-a i i i s s f - * __ _________ AJV O PAWteRSON A N I>14|M 9 B 9 E c a c p s o i i i s u y e i r b a u . - : ^ S On and after 18th April, th* train* leave e* foUowi Leave SnlTern’a Depot. | Leave New York. *fS o’clouJC) A,M. 8 o’clock, A. M. 10.16 ‘‘ ‘* I S “ r. M. •9.50 '» PJd. J 6 R [•Or on arrival of the Erie trains, soinc east. SUNDAY TRAINS, o’* Depot. Leave New York. ■ \ ^b^rioslt, P-M. Leave Neir York. 8 o’clock, A. M. Leave JFateracn. 6.SJ o’cl’k, AM., Market st 8 “ rari^ffejot 10.35 “ «**Mark«t st. SXINPAy Leave Yatenoi. 1 «.S0' u’d ’k, A.M. Miiket «t 8A -M .A4BJil.H x t.aepoti $ ----- “D ■'M iday sKHmintatheCrtt itt^^ •w.™ .rill leave a t 845. or OB the azi‘~ ' ~ The S and,» o’clock, trains wP DOtstop a t the diffe GSt starioBs north of BatenoOi.unl8a* rixnals axe gin Yt tho stations. The tr*ina wh Leave 'New York; 9 o’clock, A. M. ” li.B !,^ j B ' M a » y ii»SS i*8the te fliom Snf- ferns will leave a t 8 45 ,01 or the arrivt) of the Port Jarvia saday, Tuesday, menclng with the eaUing Liverpool. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL man* and paseengers, are in- ^ ^ r a R O ^ ^ C a ^ l ^ t t , ftoB Hew TotSiWetoesday, ^6MF.Bir.4, Capt. Shannon, from Boston, WednesSay, Capt. Xeitoh,from New York, Wedueiday ^ 'u ^ A D A , from Boaton,Wednesday, May IStJ}. NIAGARA, Capt. Byrie from New York WednMday, ABexpedanced enrsoon enhcaid. No berth aecured until paid for- Freight wm be charged on ipecle, beyond a a amount for persontl expenses. AR L etten ancl Newapap«> most pass through the Post Passage from New-Tcrk or Boaton to Llvetpeol, flirt cabin, 8130: 2d do, 870. F ^ r f r r i g h t o r p . . . . * e a i g y ^ ^ SSBroadway. J SHETUCiaeT. C a r t. ------- DECATUR, Capi E. O mt . <J,UINEBAUG, C art. J . WiUlama, One of the above ho*t», wiU teeve New York Tuesday; Thursday, and fialuKtay, a t 4 o’el^k P.J F O R ^ A 3 3 E , & R T G E E T ; brick Hoosee in nity of Stnyye- ;*B OlixErclL, app^y to A. B VANDERPOSL, apiQ in? 23 Wtll street. .g A POR SaiiE-TliB H 0 U 53 ana Lot No. 79 Henry a ^ |] street, oa tl»e norOieriy siQe or tlie street, tetween JEOLMutM 8iB44t jlfid Pibd ih <^iy oi New XorK-^tna 106 Mini 20 By icoiectu inalia. The four brisS Houses end Low Rra. 77,78, T8| and 81 Varick street, on the westerly side, near Canal street— ihe latter being £0 feet by 75—the h'onae well hnllt, with numerous family conveniences. The three lots of L aud and Cottage Houses recently built thereon cu the scntherly side of 40th street, near Sd -AvenuA Each tat 25 feet In breadth—the l e n ^ va­ rying from 129 to 135 feet. The four Loisof Laud ou the westerly side of the 3d Avenue and corner of 51st street, and the CottagobHonse thereon. Each lot 25 by 100 feet. The lot of land on the northerly side of 43lh street, and the lot adloinlDg it, and on the southerly side of 50th atreet—^both lots 175 feet west of the 3d avenue—each lot 25 by 100 feet The two lots of land on the northerly side ofoBth street and thetwo lota of land on the southerly side of 57th street, joining them. AU tho lots £00 feet west of tho 2d avenue. Each lot 25 by 100 feet. The tbreo lota of land on the westerly Bile of the 2d avenue, joining the northwest corner lot on 57th street. \■*■“ *‘* “’* and on the Richmond To The lot of ______ ____________ ^ opposite Vanderbilt Avenue, on Staton laUmA contain­ ing 5 73-100 acre*. On the premises is a good barn, a well of excellent water, a dwefflng house n o tin good order, ‘f i S t b l S of excellent w« frult^troM, &0. “” \ r ” a T i r L o c : apI2 ^ ___ __________________ ^ 2^ eari street. S h F O B These two elegant brown stone j|j;t honses in the Blizabethiau style. Noa 178 and 180 imi-Sagond avenuA between 11th and !2th streets, 25 BplO 2w* rNniroVdirelCcfor- JAMES SALMON, No. 125 E, tetlYst., or^ Yorl and New Haven Railroad Depot, at i from whence care depart fotir or five time- <• 10 Lafayette place, or to WM. F. MOTT, J r I ^ F F I C E ANU B A S E M E N T TO liE T —At No U 98, Broadway. Poiscssion. given on 1st of May n®xt Inquire of JNO GBEACFN JR. mM8 ®8 Broadway, N. Y. S I h m ‘s r . . S ' W M .T m oss . No. i NMsau” ^ * ' 3mN. covering one floor of tbe entire building. apply to tbe Librarian ; A U. ROOa] 2awT& 6 'tf ___ T K U E S . P a p s o n ’$ Sk. ( ^ o . Tbelr large pcale of propsiation enables tbem to offer to amatonrK tbu choice aylectlon afforded by large qu«,n ind will find public conveyances from Fulton Mar­ ket slip. Peck slip and Franklin Square fivo times during One of the proprietors will be found a t the store of A. : s e r c m ' i ? t o i ^ o ' ^ r r ^ r \ »S ST O R E S AND HOUSES F O R 'ORNIA—The Bubscribera are prepared to ct foVftirnikhing *ron BxiUdinge of sizes from are to two hundred feet. ofNUch height aP ed. The prices range from about two hnn- dred dollars to fifty thou.‘»and dollars ee.cb. according to t»izo and constmetien AU built of the bei;t material and 68t approved workmanship, and can be furnished at ^ry short notice, ready for shipment from Liverpool. Drawings can be seen, and every information given by appUcation ^ j - q ^ Wall street, Sele Agents for the United States. _______________ UaLstreet, comer of Birmingham The house was U and substantially built by the owner for his own occupation. Is now in good order and has the croton water introduced. Title perfect and terms ___________________No. 5 John street. W I I a I a I A M S B U R G R - 3 and d'welUngs on Gran- centre of the busi shelved and countered, and will Inquire cf Mr. Barnell, No. 165, c PHELPS, DODGE & CO , Nos. 19 fc 21 Cliff st. ilifbrnio or other 1 rge buildings and d P O R T A B L E RO U S E h . ■VTTE I N V I T E PU R C H A S E R S of portable hons- YV es fbr Califbrnio or other places, to examine our ...................................... ........... ig houses, built by w houses, at whole- OCEAN STEAM NAVIOATION COMPANY—Line oL Steamers bej _ _ _ _ _ tween NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON I I and BREMEN Tho United States Mail Steamers. HERMANN and WASHINGTON, Will run during the present year as From Prom From New York. Bremen. Southampton & New Y’ork. 15th March 20th Marci 15 May 20 May Washington, Capt. O, W. Floyd H e r m a n n , ______ ____________ _______ Capt. E. Crahtree 2a April 15 May 20 May 20 June 16 July 20 July 20 Aug. 15 Sept. 20 Sept. 20 Oot. 15 Nov. 20 Nov. 20 Deo. 15 Jan 20 Jan. 20 March 16 April 20 Aprfl F 20 May 16 June 20 June 20 July 16 Aug. 20 Aug. 20 Sept. is Oat. 20 Oct. 20 Nov. 15 Dee. 20 Deo. Frioe of passage to Europe $120 in Ist cabin; $60 in 2d d( Do from do $160 do $80 do An experienced surgeon on board of each steamer. For freight or passage, apply to MOLLER fe SAND. General Agents, 60 Broadway, New TorR. C. A REmEK E M sco., Agents at Bremen. MARTINEAU, CROSKEY t Co- Agents at Southampton. WM. ISELIN, A sent at Havre jaI8 ------------------ ------------- - -------------------------- M E R S BK - - . AND LIVER.POOJ . aposing this line are the TL ANTIC, Captain West. .- l CIFIC, Captain Nye. AkCTIC, Capt^n Luce, B ^ T I C Captain Comstook. j^RIA T IC, Captain Grafton, Theee ship? having been built for iovernment service, every care eonitructicn, as abto in their engines, to ens^ andjBpeed: and their acpommocUtious for pc- ---- , — - uneauaBiw for elegance t r comfort. * Pnc 0 ofpassage firom TorK to Liverpopl $180, ex­ clusive use of state rooms charged os noted on the plans of tise eabinA No berths can be BecufeduntU paid for. An experienced surgeon will be in attached to each ^For freight or passage^pply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, 74 South st, Or to BROWNl SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool. The steamship ATLA^'TIC, will sail hence on Satur­ day tho 37th of ApriL *bd return leaving Liverpool on TVednesday thelStn of May. The k^ClFJC will sail hence for JjiTcrpQol on Saturday the U th of May, and Liverpool Wednesday, the 29th of May. The owners of these ships will not be ac^untaWe for gold, BUTer, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or m e tw , unless bills ox lading are signed therefor, and tbe TsJuaUiereof therwn expressed, ’ ^ o r HARTF03 For aiRTFO R D, CONN-—ihick^ Steam Transportatloa Line—TRe stetm pxopeilors SACHEM. SENECA and TIN.* i CJlS, are now xeceiviJig&dgh.tPpr the wva plmte. dn* ef which wiR leave pier I2E*rt River. )iawau,eTajTBCEd»y and Friday^, The above Une* havmg cn»ag£d p r e p r iet^, are now S S S S S i at 5 P M-J tskiugla tow a barge from pjer I? E a r t Riyeii — S h ^ {Sunday expeptedO tto panaage to Sefphiitta»bout24ht;u»- SMppersvrIU Had i t tot ♦b.l, adv*nt«e to call upoh the rahearibera prevkuts to fer^the Beason, a n j freijhtta- -en by lhM« llnei a t lower ratee than by any otbiixi he-, tween the elrie* __ „ brtgg .W 40 gouth *» Agent. th ^ e w s M f s in - 4he regular daysof hereafter be as folloi _ . New Terkfor CharUstou. 'SyoFF^BD^TILElTON » CO. 48 South »t. Canal street, can yet tcoommodai tons heavy freight, __________ wUl depart will umodate39or |o passengers, and take 600 apply to. T^e Atlantic win take her treet on the 20th; FOR LIVERJF o O I ^ Agril—Th^ F*R >WARD K. COLLINS, 74 South street, berth at the foot of Cans j § £ I F “ \ . * a ‘ Y—With Immediate Despatch Al fast sailing regular Br packet bark ADAM •R, 450 teas, Capt. James White, wiU sail as )r passage, having excellent acco^mnoda.- the captain, on board, a t foot of Oliver 'OODHULL. 87 South styeet For freight or passage, having good accommodations, i llie^eUp SETH SPRAGUE, Capt. Wadsworth, wiU >r freight or passage, apply on board at pier 8, NR. E. D. HUKLBTJT & ^JA\NT\E\^\.L^\lMSrM^ despatched as above. Forfrelghtorpysa^go,jpp.yjo^^^ CO. 48 South Bt. :apt DH W( ™n board, at pier 13, East S o u t ^ t. -ToTtr sail 23a‘inst—The saperi id ship CARNATIC, -will be de FOiTHAvANA^ MiUng copperod s •tiia'ui ^ For freight ur passage apply on board, at west pier Bur- ap23 K. D. HURLBT.TT & CO.. 84 Routb street. Ordinary measurement goods elx cents per foot. No goods received on board after-Saturdaylay ev eveniug, Berry.'toiaster, will sac- receive freight, aud sail on the 27th,full or not full. ^ K m freight or^passage, apply on board, at pier U, E 29tb iuft.-T h e fast sailing packet ship WAB ASH James Davis, master, is now loading and will positively For freight or passage, having superior furnished ac- - \\ » T i S f c T i M t S i V . . ’\ - ----------- ’ '■ ‘ ■ .y,27thmst. ,y ...aster, will suo- 1 , and sail 6th May. V Orleans, Messrs. John O Woodruffs mptly forward all goods to their address S i i i ^ i S s s Ordinary meMurement goods i cents per foot. N .B. All goods consigned Agent South Carolina Rail- •oad. at Charleston, intended for the interior of South For balance of freight or passage, having elegant state­ room aooomodations, apply on board at west pier Burling slip, or to - r E.D.HURLBUT&CO., ap23 84 South street • lease send in their bills of ladini shippers will pli signature this day MOBILE PACKET—Eagle Line—Goes to the rluirf with ail her cargo-^Receives foeight and ‘ sails in a few days-The fast sailing regular packet brig BECONIC, Hallock) ms^ter, will teceivo freight and be despatched as above. Wotvi„o jii, J ^ abore, full** or*^no^^ML^’ *ag« $1 goods Be All goods Bent to th* Agents In New York win he for­ warded free of commission, and all goods Intende^for the interior of Georgia, South C^oUna, Alabama or os S Wayne. J a Steatnbofit i vfTITiA st sailin] APALACHICQLA Pi^CKET—The fast saUing coppered bark MAY FLOWER, Johnson, master, having a large portion of her cargo engaged and going on board, will be despatch as above. For balanoe of freight or pat pier 2>, East River, or to ap23 E. D. Hr--------- passage, apply o HURLBUT fc CO. 84 South st. ■ ------ wLu^iuxvu vreuneauay, ine.^i'U JxiBL. For freight ot if ^et Blile of Lading signed on board- ap23 io nu»r i^auiiig ftv UiU OUp, WlU ^^For freight, apply on board, a t p l« 12 E. ® street, carries K3 teis, salis sad riggUi^’ii'’; ce^ntorder. 40Eonlh rt -A goodTeisel to 84; South Bt. . . « i - s s , L » . i s a , “ ___________gAGLEk HAEARn./08onthBt Appl^ to RRQST t HICKS, r-Thebar^»Y E N l \■ r, (Old Slip) a it. reduced-rates, sp- J . * N- BRIGQS. 40 South strert. ,, 7 f OR BHiLADE L¥HIA—SwiRsuri ■ t«p Lhiiat.^Tria Camden and AmbjT Dated ^ Marsy^&o,. ~ ^ ° ' ’' S v r ^ | g ^ ^ R E a E COURT. JAS. THORNE. Jr., I teje^ M arvGPinkney.^T^ 1^/5? I^O - P A J a X N E J a s m P . -The undersigned have this K y day formed a co-partnership for the transaction of !t, up Stair. ~ C i T ^ N W l C E S ■ ..... '^•gStt.Sfx ' . K - “ \ April 20. m Commissioner of lUiwesteriy comer pf 44tli street r ; z @ ^ ^ t o q ^ o i s F _apJ7J0]_ New York. rvORFOR-i V./ 9\ S ® l ' xtsfru es^ami a fence, both ades of tlie Se^ _ 5 P 1 ^ th street, between Sixth and Seventh S - , ’£ilSS!riiS5KSS“S I L E G A L N O T I C E S . ^ VORK C O l^oN PI de of mortgaged premises. ( jGOODM^.Heferee .AHb lUlLKOiD Co. I OmCE.Ok TRE LOSQ htAHb lUlLKOiB CO. / rp H l a l l^ONG ISI.A sS°® S suSD iD S ii>^C O M . i PA^Y HAVlN(}-exaenteda mortgage to Shepherd Knapp, E sq, Trustee upon their entire iroad and Sts franchises, fee. for the ffam of five hundred thousand dollars,to secure thezr bonds or obliga^ous for a like aiDOunt, payable twenty years from the 1st of January, 1850, Withnterest i at sue cent, semi-annually, 1st of July iBd Ifitfif ilfo notf to oxchanga mortgage bonds, secured as above, for the present out­ standing bonds or ol4igaiionB of tbe company* and re­ quest the immediate attSUtion of the bondholders to this notice., &g the interest upon the mortgage bonds com­ menced on the'1st day of Jaunorji 135i>> bo to which date the company will pay interett upon the old bonds as they are presented for such exchange. « Printed copies of the mortgage, inclutog the form of the bond, for the of holders, may bo applica- tson a t the office of the company. ia&tf MOSES MAYN/ S'DAJnnrTre&.fnrer, pubUo,that !,-rile l«gert^a*- cani»e pereni United States. O. G.wiU bepleasea to re?eiye orders foreculpture tombs,monuments, mantels.andoruarnsnSalmarble work of every description, which he assure* hispatrons Shall be executed to their entire sstjsSret.los. _______ jai4 rn y P E .-C p N N E R & SON’5 xn I ITED STATES X TYPE FOUflDRY.—TbesubsetSiere have now on handanozeeUent assortmont of Book, Newspaper, ana Omamentiil Typo Bordering,$tc,, which they are pre pared to sell-at reduced ratssj on *p|roved paper, month*, or a t» diseonilt-of ien per trtnt for cash. The series of Scotclfcfea!», ieo nmok admire! and approved of bythetradei andditf type dir genecri, we feri assured, cannot fce exeaisd either l a heaut^ «?r finish) hy any Founder. AlHypetnanufaetnred hy n» are mixture of metals d a rereptinpropo^onsto ttree n ^ Bw- tnd ore con- SYood Type, id itme«4 mp<3»itig SfoDee, Yrinriiig't>ffl<4 fnra5*iie« wUh deipatch. Specfeien p o u n d / Tcbmer#ofnew»papcra whawBl inoarbthif kd- -yertfs ' ■' ^ - - tu. _ W ' 11 m

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