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THE EVENING POST; NEW TORE:. MONDAY. APRIL 15 , 1850 . T h e int^erehco of tb« S S S S s S f ^ i - \ of the^Hufted States w n t, there will M.—L a TEE —' as SbifS of deTisin??cino method of protecting their v Some reeSn«on8 were passed, and a commuiee ap­ pointed to recommend wbSltcenxse it may be nece? gary and proper to pursue. The meeting then ad- °—med for the aftemeon. The warehouse is well - - - .......... ’ * --------- le further 16 purpose r riotous pro- . . . ceedmgs. 8 P. M.—L ater eeting of farmers assemi Tho eommiUee made a rejlort of two or three propo- country is deeply mUirestea, can ue ~ : s ~ I ,?b r.jrs-Ives at tboeo pore fountains of . the C O U ^ iu M 'of' _ „ ------------------ _ _ tho north and the south. If wo wilt look a t things j ^ l y and calmly, there are no eaential differences, either of interest or opinion, which are irreconcilable, or incapable of adjustment. So far as the question practical point of importance in dispute. There is be 80 . why continue the coutroversy on a mere ab- Thore was something appalling in the account briefly commaoicatei to us by lelegrapa a few days since, of the deaih of Mr Wilson, on the night of bis wedding, and of the creumstances under which it was first revealed to his tcrror-alricken bride If any thing could a-ld to the horrors of such a widowhood, it may b.. ‘'lund in the facts which sub­ sequent investigations have disclosed. It seems that the bride was a Miss Little, nieCO of :«G3. Little of C. street in Washington. Mr. Wtlson was attached to the t'oast Sntjey Office in Wash- ■hey 1 fening, and retired 11 o’clock. inesdaV improbatie tnat imp-ortant acts of legislation al- fcetirg great obitels, and in which the who.o ictrv 18 deeply interested, can be aecomplisned iced, the^ EVENING POST. MONDAY EV E N IN G ,-A P R IL 1 L A T E S T E E O M MR.. W E B S T E R . Mr. Webster’s answer to the charitable gentlemen Of iloston, or rather of Boston and its vicinity, who sabscribed so generously the oiber day le the repair of his reputation, has been published, and we copy it below .Mr Webster, our readers will see, be­ lieves that “ there is no snErient caurC tor the con- 1, nuance of I he eiL'ting alienation between the | n ..nh and the south ’ ■ in this we rally agree with l.:ai The almi s'.on ol . Cain'ornia, without JtUy and without coDdllloD.^ is . .-.o fierfeeiiy reasenaide and fquitahie a measure, ibat | any man'wLo d d not know tow unreasonalle met, may be made by their ioca. jealousies, would be uvercouic with astenishment at the opposition which the repre- awaken him, when she experienced ihe frightful con­ viction that her hasband was dead, and that she was in the arms of a corp.se. The coroner’s jury which was itamediate'y sum, moned to investigate tho case, were too slow to keep jiace wtth the .speiu'.itions of the public, which at­ tributed .Vlr Wil,oil's decease to a variety of causes, ainoog which was the indiscreet use of ether or cpiuin’ or some other narcotic, on the night previous. It ap­ pears from the verdict of tho jury, however, that the real cause of hL death was intemperanto ; that he had been in a state of heip'ess intoxication for some two wceiss preceding to h's mirriago, and that within ' the' twenty-four hours previous Co his death, he of had shown symptoms of delirium tremens lai ' ^ '■ho physician who had prescribed for the I deceased, was examined by the jury, as also were m- j I h i. W.iher.ifioon and Riley, who had made a post- ifde attachment to it, accustoming yourselves to 1 mortem examination ; and Lrs Dawes, Johnson and .-irn with j'aious anxiety; discounJicnaDCing 1 ether nor narcotics of any kind had been nsed. refresh o.,rs-lvvi, at those pure fountains of mutual vvtnmon patriotiem and fraternal cout..lencv. whose benefieeril and healing waters so copiously overflowed the land, through the struggle of the revolution, and in iba early y« of tte government. The day ime come when ■ may lUgjeat even a fuapicion that it ■enr. be oandooed ; and iinlignantlv froo r iipuQ tiiv hirst dawr^ng ----- '' . .............. ....... . - any p rtii m of our 0.1.' il.t tn-TCd ties a ifty ; discountenancing j a fuapicion th a t it can, I such as were wcil adapted ti allay the irritable si ■ ‘attempt S p t i ' ^ hirst dawni of every a tt I B of our country fmm the re.n, or t'l sentativei There iS no reason why this meaeure, which violatei the southern states, which interferes with expectation of the slaveholders, and ,le of California, when they framed had every reason to sufipose wouM which the f ecpl le constitution. b-3 passed by Congre.ss without controversy—there nvi reason, which will bear a moment's examina­ tion at the tribunal of impartial bovtory, why the re- aistanee to this measure should not be withdrawn, and the new state admittfed tu take jTtners in our coaiedcracy. :r place am.ng tbe partne Jt is the pertinacity with wh.cli the repre.'-i of the slave interest, and their accomplice; north—Mr. W ebster himself is among the guilty — adhere to this opposition, or countenance it by voting for measures which delay the admission of Caldorn a, and unnaturally connect H with the angry strifes of tha day—it U this which, more than almost any i^ther caude, kee|>s alive the animosity of which ^-1 r \Webster com plains. [{ propagates an J deepens tn6 impression tbrongbout tbe free stales, that tbe pulili- oiansot the south are praetiiing premiditated ioju^- tice, that they will not agrte to is hat they know to bo right and fair, and that they mean, if pf-sdllo, to j ca=c puj «?rir*'iut?ed Ky ir.t*‘inf oracfO The following is a iiteral c-'py of the verdkt of t fg i S s S i S s i by their goveri •■f it^ fouiidatii d.s .rganizati'.] v‘ li! t e na-itf more and i raiiousand it,- invsti . . . . . . T i . : ”,;:5 te from New Mexico, now m this city, and, W hat a rommcD'ary to bo spread d c.al ncord.- of the country, is tlii.s, upon thi Cou- ju t of the parties who have taken it upon them- t.i ciuduct such a creature to the ult.ir, and o clothe him with the .'.ilemu attributes and respon ■ ibiliUes of a husband nia its rights, concessions which neither just nor safe. >uch is tbe state of the ca.-e. aim it is a case for which Mr W ebster has no remedy to jiropose ; on the contrary, he ba s allowed h.inself to be used as a toothi this very injustice. Hetuffeis himself to be employed in pouritg oil on the Jlamts, and iadishonest enough to pretend that it is water Jf slavery cannot be introduced into New Mexico and Deseret, says Mr. Webster, why should we con­ tinue the controversy on a mere abstraction ' It i.- beggiug the question to sari that slavery cannot be introduced into those territories, if there were no legal obstacles in its way ; but if the case be so, or even i’ that view of the m atter foe the most probable, can be the objection to eoi certainty by expressly prut of slavery ' The slaveholdi compiam, because I h a v e th e h o n o r to 1.;, g e ttle m e n , w .th p ro fo u n 1 gird, v -iiu ro b iig ' J felloW -iU izcn a n d o iie Jie n t h u m - 1 o.v .-e rv an ;, D .t-N il.i.i W L D .'c li.L . ' W v -ii V JI..N , A p ril 9 lb , l-.d<i ‘ i :iK H o a D . n . i - W ti.M K ii, o! tho 1'nited Mates .'-enate :— | I e.ir Mr - I h a v e th e h o n o r to .icknow le d g c th e r-'- ’ c-'ipt of your letter of the-th in sta n t, a n d reply to it | With great pleasure New .Mexico is an exceedingly j ,.i„,eiy adjoining the city o rh ^ .^ 'i f ri 'L L \ \ h l\:f-por:^r .seems t,, fo rm a p a rt ..riAriy Ail tho Ukrol oapable of ouluvatiun, is of e^iual j «(ently founded a free library ai ' Ehuaj^b some of the yalleys hare le.ie altitude i ever cstablbbed in huropo. .Vfo.ve the lea 'i be country is cold its genoriU | llpjohlYD I IjUtUtO 18 hbOUl U ,i'nculiural pro iu-'ts arc wheat ar.J corn, and 8uch , , , ,rit;etah’L‘-s gr iW in th o n u rth ern sta te s o f th is 1 b u ti »u u Lhits lib -a ry , ’ ri. i: i.-^ cutaiiy unsuif'.d tor slave labor. Lab«-r buoK^, .! udiC'? I 1- t-xrtrid iiKiy abuudaDC and cheap It m a j bo hirod prCs-OU’d to tho fa . r tnrec or i.-ur d- ilar?< a monlQ in -luantity m n'e j atT -,-:tl revrryu.g on all the agneulture of ibe llisl,wyul ths -ritoiy Tntre is no cu'.tivat on eXcO[i by irr.g iti 'h. | teui r.'l tf|. -e IS not a -u neieniy of water to irrigate aii | ,,y . l.iBKvKiKx—In Ihi borough of Salford, the city of Manchesier in England, of it, ths poopile have ■nd museum, the first of T b o Btearagpua T r e a t y C o m p letea. WAsniEGTon, Sunday, April U , IS50. ThB Niaaragua Treaty hoa been completed—its itipalation all agreed upon—and has been copied •eady for eignatures. It wiU be signed in tho begin­ ning of this week, when it will be a t once transmitted the .Senate of the United S tates for its ratification, t nder the instrnetkins received by Mr. Bulwer from his government by the last steamer, tho ncces- iity of delay until a copy of the treaty can ba for­ warded to England, and a reply thereto received, haa been entirely obviated. There has been bat very little modification from the terms proposed in Mr. Clayton’s letter to Mr. Bulwer. Tlxe Cana 1 R a ilro a d - L a t e r f: B oston , Saturday, April 13 I ho Lanai Railroad Retitioners had leave to with­ draw in the House yesterday afternoon. The brig Vulture arrived from Pernambuco with dates to .March 7 .-he brioga letters stating that tho yellow fever still prevailed there to a considerable extent, and greatly interfered with business. W 'A suiN G toN , J^aturday, A pril 13 —A M . I announced to you by telegraph last ovcoing the dangerous illness of .Mr. T J . Campbi 11, Cleik of the House of Representatives, and that he was not ex' up by his pby. ,0, as he breath- ise of Representatives, and th a t he was not ex' pected to recover—having been given aician. This has proved, ala-, too true, as he bret ed tiis last this morning at one o’clock. The arriinge- ments lor his funeral have not yet been determined Il\i -KMoi.ri .M. srket . s --liood housewives and ca- ontinue every week moroial part of our paper to-day, will find a full re­ port of domestic markets ; which wo shall hereafter contract has been made with a celebrated bu lder for a light draft -teamboat for the river navigation on the sVUantic side of this new route, t-ho will carry about ’AsO pi elegant barge is 1 put on the other end of the route so to form a comfortable and rapid means of communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Post coaches will be p 'rtiog probability in itiog the introductli .A-to tiu • x.fter.'c, at jr-:-cr.t.of slavery in New ■ I X <• ■, u I- : ae jr-jiiuritl uruierj^taniinj' thsat, it ha.- o.it we ha^v no est.ib.'-h-. J Iribunafo which havepl\- n uii.'cJ, as yet, what the law ot tbe i-iiid in this re |.e'\ IS U 13 universally considered, however, that I ae territory is altogether a free territory. 1 know of no persons in the country who are trcateil a,» -l.ives, except such as may be -ervant.s to guntlcuien ri.suiiig or passtni: through tho country 1 may ad.i ihai the-strongest feeling again.-t slavery universally prevails through the whole territory, and 1 fU[P\.e ,t quite impossible to convey It there, and maiulam It bj any uic.ius whatever. 1 have the honor to be, with regard, your ohedieiit servant, HI i . l l N 8 .M r iil. s will then have IS .^Il■. Webster, their iK-ate, tells them, they thither with their work pec;ie ; the free laborei J the south will rings forward the testimony oi i the delegate from New yi-oxi. c friend and advocate, tells them, they can never g . of the north and the south will be satisfied, becan-e he will be cerUin that luero U no eonsp/iracy to kee, him out of the country, by the intrcluelion of a sj tem which amounts to an exclusion of free labor Air. W ebster brin« lla g h N - Smith, who is inclined to beliele that slavery is alrea..;- bidden by tha Laws of .Mei.eo in the tew terrr.i r u- | If this be so, it Is eertainiy proper that u. iigret- j should confirm these Uws,—nay, it 1? riecc=;u,-y, ii. order that the rights ul the iniia’jiti!i!.< of .New .Mex... to theifpreseDt liberty should be ile-iri.-id - r’ .,:.,!>r.d i that the matter so indiitmcUy Mated by oD .■'Lu,.ii, I should be divested of ai! Joub:. l.i tUii f-nr.i ol the prohibition is no m e tab s 'r a c tio n , a.- Mr W ' step, with a strange inattcntii.n to the word- .I's ovv i ■witness, calls it. It L- a mailer of praeUeal just.c-. *nd strict expediency. But lot us consider further this as.—‘rtl-.n, tha' slavery cannot enter New Mexico and fie?..ret, evei. if phsy are organized as territories without coiiliriu- ing the Mexican prohibition of slavery. Mr .’■imith thinks the country “ entirely uesuited to slave ia bor.” W hy SO ! .Mr. 8mith answers that it iscold T h a t is no reason, it is not colder Ih.an Wiginia i r M issouri; it lies far to the south of those .ountrie-, and the winters under such a latiluio, cannot be ex­ tremely cold. Santa Fe is cited by Mr Smith, a - an example of the character u! the c-untty . and IL climate of Santa Fe has never been called inclement . besides, as Mr. Smith allows, there are vallcyi in New Mexico which he lower tnai* Santa fe, and mu.-i therefore be warmer, l.von if it were aseoid as \\ is K I.fU T IO N ' OF s.vt l l l t n i s . The T.ruiiu.i;:V .'-weitty hold.- an elee''i n thi- cv,-n. ■:/, .It t.'u-ir hail, f.ir tho election of ofiioLre for the to mnlte its ruritri- lending out a pa'-kago of iohnson, of K ing-county, in-inmion a copy of the ue of New 1 ork, in four- 'I ho llrothe.'-s Harper will fend out cop. l 3 of Some of the .itmerican Works of which lhc:rprC3S is ,-o proliUc 'I be regul-itioui ef the Kngb.-h cu.-loin hou-e in re- g.ird to bo ik.-, in one re-peet. lire not .-o liberal as ouri , tiiey do not, bke us, allow publications im- jiortcd for f.ublic libr.iries, to jia.-s without payment The noble example of Saltord, however, luhtles- be followed by o her place.-, and a call w.il be be made for tho repeal ol duties on book.s deslliied fur .sueh purposes. In tbe m.-an time we are glad to witness these cx- aii.f les cd' liberality of our cil:/ens m eonlnbuling to so I raise wort by an uiijertakmg as that ol tho .-allord piitilic library N.,me of our authors, we learn, have consente-l to ..-•-J .\.po-s of then- vv.irlis t” the >alIord l.ibrary — We have been desired to -ay tl.ut the Drooklyn Insti- ;u‘e wouM be ha[ipy to take charge of the volumes fill doubt T iik l‘i rr-rr. H i . h K ic ntiis — ix persons, four <d th.m Women, having boon engaged in the recent -trike of the iron moulders at r.tL b u rh, have bi-tu tri.-d on a charge of riot, and found guilty. Tho 5on- t.-iice of tho court condemns tho two men, named •McDermott and iiratt, to eighteen months hard work HI tho I’enilentiary, and the four women to one month in prison and a fine of fifty dollars These sontonce,-, it aoem.'i, are considered exoossivo. Tho I’llisburh I’csl of t'nday says ‘ ’urcUizoDS were «lr>eply exGiteJ yesterday^ after thrt announeeinent' of ihe Kentonees pronounced hy I'i liTt* M criuro in tho nut n*te We hcani hutunr t L Bion enpressed^ and that was indignatiou V\’e r***4ard the sentence of two y^>unp men—jjuilty »>f an olli fn-f Without frimp—an tho suvertfut blow that ha-H t-ytpr bi^en ftrurk at the nghia ot iho cuizenfl liif’ a Mow ami?d at the wurkui^ men—at tbe poor It id d blow a med at all that is go«*d in present aoeiely ll iri a blow aimed at the law8 ; for how can tho lu < ; tho pcojT* coulliiue to re.-'ieot laws which opprCx^a and 'le^rado thorn Wo « apy tho tfoll -win;:; from Tui.-hurgh Dispatch, Jet-oriptive of tho foaue in the court-room “ I'he Bcone in the court room we will not atletnpf to ue-enbe—the tho tears, tho in<l‘g:ialion <'ur ovvu was *oi) great to permit us to examine tho euio- lioiiii ot others, but we could not fail to see that the gouorous x\Uornoy < «euerai felt soui-tick and sa-l at the hard senteuee The Tnfntm^ iA the same city, sj^eaks to the same “ f-ur our own part, with nil our ro?jp«bn fi.r ludpe NI ' lure, and none hon«-r him more .uneeroly, wo look Q|on the senfom*’ its onliroly dispr'>|-.ortioned t<» theuRence. 11 is too sovoro ; and tho puUio voice so There IS lu bo a public meeting cf citizens to pm- to-t apifiin-st the sent«?n<*o, aii i to a-ldrc.-s Petition** f-r a the ' rtivcrri--r '1 he temaic--* condemned aie mothers of timilies CITY IST E M -IG E IffC E , The movement among the different trades U a t­ tracting much attention, not only on account of the itness that seems to yesvade those engaged in it, bat also on ooeonnt of the rapidity of its progress There are, wo boiiovo, at present more than a dozen different trades that have formed unions, some of them protective and others beneficiary; but all having for their object the amelioration of t'ne con­ dition of the'j members, and an increase of wages There is hardly a night in the week that there is not some new society organized, and we do not over estimate the nnmbcrs when we say that there cannot be less than eight thousand mechanics already en­ gaged in form’mg new associations, or in perfecting those already establiahod. On tho 13th, there v?aa a meeting of the bakers. German end American, oon-vened at Mechanic's Hall, Hester street. This was tho third general meeting called for the purpose of adopting a constitution — Mr Bartholomew Dcrimm, presided, and Mr. John b Hunt, was appointed decretory. The const: t on was read by Alexander Morrison, who took casiun as he read each article to explain its general tenor and augur its future effects upon the society Those rules he said, would be of littlem.vail if the members where disposed to habits of intemperance and negleolcd every opportunity to improve themselves and elevate the character of the trade. Mr. Morri­ son referred to the condition of bakers in Scotland, and described the societies they had formed. Thei were very few instano s of bakers there being in want of employment, on account of the wise provision they had made for such an emergency ; this provision has been introduced into our constitution,said the speaker. Houses of Cali are to be established, furnished with nhatever books, newspapers and periodicals may be deemed requisite, thus promoting the s- and moral elevation of the membera Mr. Derham said that, in Scotland those soeieticg bad been the means of accomplishing one great re­ form—they had completely abolished tho system of night Work nnder, which so many workinj had been prematurely destroyed, urged the necessity of an immediate union the bakers of this city, as the most effective met of obtaining p, redres-s of thoir grievances If the tradesmen themselves did not look after their interest they might suffer The speaker complained ol the number of hours bakers are forced to labor, which was often eighteen out of the twenty-four— thus allowing but -ix hours tor rest and personal bu- s.ness—and for this the remuneration was anything but just Twelve hours ho considered a reasona­ ble length of time and demanded a higher scales of The constitution was adopted, each arliole being Voted on sej arateiy. Another meeting was held by the German bakers, in a separate room of tho same building in which the others had ossomblod; tho same constitution was adopted, and equal harmony and unanimity prevailed. The two divisions moot every .Saturday. '1 ho Turners held a meeting on the 174 Hester street. After the transactio ecssary ptehminary business and the aptmintment of August !»chilliBg as presidunt, a oonslitution was adopted, which provides that constant work and a fair remuneration shull bo secured all tho mem­ bers ul tiio assoc,atiuii; shoiis or warehuuses shall ba eslablMhcd, whoro work will be provided for those will, uro unitiiling to submit to a low rate of wages: tile or MX members shall be appointed a committee lo regulate tho prices fur which each tradesman shall work ; each member, when initiated, shall pay the sum ui if i , and 12^ cents, weekly for dues ; ni^mem- ber to receive benefits Irom the society till he has paid at least to the funds ; any member who may be ill arrears to the society for the space of two months, .shall, unless a sufiicient excuse be given, cease to be a member, ibe conslilulion of the society shall be aj- ministoroJ by a [ire-idenl, vice f.resident, two Beere- tanes and two treasurers j .1.-lined, by author-, lor this purpose i an u.r L-iun of i:nu-'ual int rc-f at this tiui'\ i« .1 ,’ori''erted eff, rt is m ak'i.g to secure a m ajority ol oc L c.u Ijard in tavur of turning \u: the atincra'ic 11 epubli'iui io .iera l C c'iinmittctp I whi- a F-.-rnaoJo Woo l i-s . 1airman, , and ■ i ili- II by a mail d\g i hydrophobia ' horse bolocging to .Mn if the ib-eii.M' ! Rahw.iy A ivo- eonsln, Mr. W ebster knows very well that nolLmg but the ordinance of 17,'-7 prevented slavery from be ing carried northward to Wisconsin A 'a in, it issai'i by Mr. Smith, that wheal and corn are the principal productions of New Mexico. It is absurd to say that the cultivation of grain cannot be pursued by slaves. W ueal and Indian corn were the principal proJuctii n- of ladiana, when the struggle was made to introduce slavery into Indiana W heat and maize would not have kept if out of that state, if i'. ngress had permitted its introduction by the rep-al .-f the proviso. That labor is cheap at prosent, m N e w M e x iei, is very likely, but what s.^rt cf la^ bor I The labor of la/.y Mexicans, fur whom wiih thi ir few wants and inactive habits, three oriuur dollars a month is an ample compensation. No laborer worth hiring stops in Now Mexico ; ho passes the m, un- tains and joins the crowds, of adventurers in t'alifor- i Ag ain, fays Mr. fouiith, the land is cultivated irrigation, which is the very kind of culture ; wituos^ the experience of Cuba. Jamaica, Egypt and a dozen o ther countries where the hands of eiavt-s perform the work of watering Ibe soil by currents diverted from- her various main But there is ^i»efier question in regard to this mat­ ter which Mr Webster must meet. There are mines of various kinds in that part of California iiol Included in the limil.- of the new state ; there ar, valuable m.nes in New Mexico ; we u.-ed to hear ■ ; them before the late emigration to California, and they are there yet. fof all occupations in which slaves may be employed, raining is that which yields tho largest returns, and in which their master- are moat eager W employ them. One reason why the California adventurers made such haste to ex- c-lude slavery from the new country was that they feared to be driven from the gold mines by the introduction of slave workmen, as was distinctly de dared in the debate. T h a t the slave-holders have nut even yet ceased from the attem p t to employ their pei - pie in the California mines, appears from the subjomeu paragraphe taken from the New Orleans Ficayune, oi Iho Vilh of tha present m o n th. “ .'^. i aven IN' CALiFoa.M.v ---- The Natchez Free Trader says that slavery can be pbufitably iinployed lo California. It adduces the foiiowing instances ■“ A gentleman from Adams county had two slaves With him iheie, aud having been truly succecslul and secured as much of the precious dust as he want­ ed, he brought the slaves back with him 8 o well had they L u e }or him that he was offered two hun­ dred dollars a.m nth for each of them, if he would leave them behind. This be refused, a.- he did not Wish lo leave his faithful ,-Uves. under the care ul those who ought not treat them as he would “ Gcn_ Farmenas Bri.-voc, the father of the fomous Briscoe Bill, ot quo xrai ranto against the swindling Mississippi banks, has g..ne to i alifornm with, pro­ bably, the largest slate force that has ever been ta­ ken there by one owner energy and eaterpr:s.' will, we doubt,not, se tie the qnesii.ir. and General Bnsaoe is but one of the U.-ge number ot Mississipqi planters who intend to lest lue \ aiue of sU> e labor This example Is instrucire It these slaves are not admitted into the new state ot CalUornia, where it seems an impudent attempt wiii be made to eui- '■ploy them, in spite of the constitution, they wdl be employed in the mines on this side of the boundary I t was to dig in tho mines that the natives of Africa wefs first employed as slaves in .Ameriaa. it ih e employment of mining that we owe tho slave trade. I t was the same cause which made Brazil populous with bondmen of the African organise the lerfitorics without the prohibition of sla- s?ery. we do it with full warning of what will hap a r p l y r o l t&e H o n . b a n l e l W e b s te r to tb e Boston A d d ress. F.\S,8FO K T S i-Tflt T I IK Ih T H i n i a . There having been much inquiry among the travel- Isrs bout, 1 to t aliioriiia, as to lue necessity of G - 'aiiiing i'a-.-[iort.> from the .New Greijuilian i on«ul, a[ plo'-ition wa.- made by I-i\ii gston. Well.- ,V I d to symptumi ifij Dei iirtmenl ot .''tale fur iiilorm.iti..n on the .cub- .-table 1 j '.-t 1 i.c t l.-'Vi H g ictler li-i..-been r e ’01. t iiureR v . e.ilangb.'d 1 .and IS kir.l'.y furni.-he’d t I u-for publieat. I, ; l..loieho was coiilined L j 1 l.i \i. I *ih -- i ”1 .' r 1 I r / I 'r\W' II, biti-g *’ff a porti- \V , - ii : m . i l.t h .\; i.l, l-.’ei V j t,_i,.,vu.ly the y. uiig man ■ j 7 ” •''7r\r- Lieitit'.'oti, (li/N fo., .Vric 1 | ,,ut any b’-dily it ; iry '1 I!-, th • ”-H m IV-mei.l- ,.1 ;h” ity .1. -T’- t . ' 1-m'ri-- 1 liaie t ” .'ieLi,.ov!c,RA' I iic rec’. i[ I of , u In 1 1 h .- -k . n . 'den , I V' ofde'te- i.| ■tl.; ID b H.'t.ud. IL lUTHl ' It It 11 lieoe - I n Ih.’ p 'lii r-n -mm’.-nJc.M.y ttin 1. u. ^ , , , ; u,e ,i dii'e.i .'lai e-, eiul.H i i.uig Hi danger arising Ir-m .’c ■■ I'l 1 - a; .V 11.\ 1,1.. . Id .N■■ w rk :. r if ■ ] ut| 'd nro--ii.g tbe I -; hmu- id I =— O . ........... . mm They m-.-laa.l !■ .ou’; ■ 1 : I’ maM i, i.. ■ t.'aui pa-.-; ..it.- Imui the i d!i,-K ,.t \cw j -j j,., g .-keteli t.he.r f;i.-iinu.. the meeting cade i by '.li'.' dcluncrae., j , , Vrea-v''b' t w 'n , r tb ^ I'nVedL'’ u!-s‘and ** 'W GmJ lu t b relay evening I'u.-’t, the t.In .d .’ ..-t w!,i wa , j i , i e-n.ila ..1 the IJ i i . d D.. mb.'r, I'Hi, place- j tbe I’h ir .it appri.ve of t h a . ’t n.n t.f I ho caucu-t, ai.d th 'y a-' l \ur cm i t .- re-irt i , g to a n i re-id.iig in lh,ii e.,uiii ry, , ‘ \V,< n itne«-e.i, yesterday, in - - - j ii; \11 a too’.ii.g ol '’qualitv with e iv i ■ rciiad an eiti- | the 1 ii,led r-late-, a very ii,t ! 4 ■ 1.-, b r r. qiiir. - Iroiu toem obcJi'-’iice to the law-\I | Dawn,— ! n,li.,i. wa.. In.meni I’li-.i •■k pert’\-a.’-i it.g .fomoeta'i p.irty, and th-j f,u,il I S' J'le wLl, h divided \rgil Aaturda Beverly t rowell showed ar.'l wa- eonOned lie ol h..- .-pa.-m,- on .'Sunday he became hi- halter, ami wa< eh.jiikidl\ death u 0'*riliiK*ti be a’lai’kivl u .son (>f .Mr-* I’vfilu i in wuh- tuoth oi the burse ja-t ■ 'o .'f iNMir'c ib'-ru uan be liitlc <. r ing people therefore LTb^^ liElGAL I K T E L L ieE H C B . rrip rf to i t debt, Ibe terms cf tbe Bgreemout havieg bean mfringed m J P O R T A J ^ T S } £ I V B O O R S IN P R E S S . MR. COOPER’S “ •WAYS OP THE HOUR,\ new EtJiUoa, (on the ISth). EEPPS’S DIARY , Edited by Lord Braybrooke. MR BRYANT’S LETTERS OF A TRAVELLER (Just ready). THE SLAVIC NATIONS; (Russia, Portland. Hunga- Edited by Prof Robinson. LUR.AL HOURS ; or aspects ot Nature In the four BAVARD TAYLOR’S ELDOR.ADO Sic ; 2 TOla with Illustrations, (just ready). PROF. GRAY’S BOTANICAL TEXT BOOK ; Re­ viled edition. EUROPE FAST AND PRESENT ; by Dr. F. H. An- LAYARD’S NEW RESE.ARCHES TN NINEVEH. HOME i by Miss I r. (the author’s i ratr?lo‘ru ‘T h ? T r ^ ^ .p r r ^ w” d.n,r is Ihe-ef-rr place in —hi-h Ch.apman. Perry and ,M Skenett appear .Mr Barrett i- pursuing tlic right coi in producing piece* not hacknoj ed 1 here are a nnml of novelties in preparation. ^^■We Invite public attenlion to the sale of real estate bj .4HTII0V1 J. B l iu kcR, To-.Morrow.the 16th instant, at U o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, as follows, viz House and Lot, No 38 Suffolk street do, 280, 18th street, do. 175 and 177 .Mulberry street, do, 151 Orange street, LoU No's 141 and 143 Molt street House and Lot No. 77 Franklin street, do 12.5 (toerick street, do, 440 Water 6t Vlso B large number of building lots on 44th. 46th, 84th. and lOodth streets and Hr-t av. Maps can be obtained the auction room No. 7 Broadstreer 'I bo elcvc; hi'titutc .''chool, will take pla.-e Tabernacle ou Tuudtiy evinlog. eoiisi.,t of singing, a Idrei ciith annual exhibition of the .Mechanics' will take pla.-e at the liroa. The f,\ereisti dialogue.-, .V c , by Leonard slievt presonU all these evidences of popularity an 1 success Their store is ahrsTs cr, wded with cusU- m r- and people -nlu tra.ie Wl’-h th-m are sure to do si again, aad Ilia uuni-ifal voice of their patrons is that they have a gord stock of g'suD. their prices sre reason- aW« and their clerks polite and .attenllTe If llieir cu.- tomers are .Ikssatlslled witli tliem back an 1 return tl a ishes to 1 'ok tlirougb able nr.l 'lesirable.wiih' with the same poiitenei bill, nlncb IS more lliai meut In town Dreaii T h Y<0 at “ A N D° L l' n G i‘‘oNU’LAR That I have labor'd With all my wits, my pains, and admitted efficacy, T<> bring your nio«t outrngHCus majesties \ Dto tbits bar anti corner'd iuterview, Ib e many honorable certiflcates in xnj favor, bet Since then my (.filet* hath so far prevailed, '1 hal face to face, and hnKgard eye to trje. ir I ili'UijiDd, brforr, ihia publir yiv ' t , ■VVliiit rut>. or Y?hat inip»*d‘meDt tber** is. Why that tbe Ijacklnir (*ou«h. an 1 dreadful cold. ( urs'U PiUPC of < ONSJ MPl ION litl.ViH • ■ tbD th.- <iU W’K ' I ■ If *>,♦. I ul.’ir wi... . ................................... ... ........ Wb se want irave f^rowth lo tbe imperfections Whiufa you hiiTe cifed they muf*t buy that heaUh. In buying v(-u . ^^iih full accord to all theirjast de- Whufie teu.-urd and particular effects They have lu teftimuny. eruchedul d briefly in youi whol*-Hfv’.s> an.l retail Hy Mrs. W JRRViS. 36( Broa.lwHy, on*- d-w-r above P'rank'in Ptr(%«t. ' j:ent« 1 Broadway lO Astor IloU-^e. ahd by drug- Ki^Ul generally eehanics , O u U mr .h e spread of th e C h o lera las. Ti'U Iv> ay ?M*miier e\ .-r v p( «*--l t ,c i> niedy and preveuiivp wa> Fuuizbt (•ii*t «*Wil by b(>:h l l ’Jh HII1 low and Uiou^ande upon tb'-u- 'av. l, ,-natribe-i at Any aud ev-rylhiOK i'» tbe market. , by thd with the ‘•ante -I'- wjuih -- *e esir-mevw u.« the ol i pffiVerb I wivd ^.Irr-wtiitu; mitn will Kna?cfi at Motst. I If ll”l « 1 preventiveh HUd TtlU* dl* N f act’om- * , 1 ‘h f iiVf {.r.»!rn-e 1 in te - 1 ati i t t»e too ci edulo js pur- rli-t'fi ■« iFtjiuiuy t“ll victiiu.-i to their own lack the 1 o' jii lament and do«rMinination \n un: retendiiig nudi- ibo I *'i'*'’ whifh h>is not heeii heru'deii fi oni^one cl U ol mo\tf cure^ and saved no-?c lives durin^f the past «cason than all the othFr** of Mh,. h we ha>e yet heard —we reter , . . I i.. Ur I'lake's \r..maMc Kilters Prm.Mp’il rfM-.- 1 1 8 f’■viM-m i s these ' IH u/K'’ftrt an t 1> • found in tbe m*. ^ r _ I n:'.e J Slater o\s n fertility . Ll ( UMPLAINTS, lavf healthful throat and ! ud { to the imperfectinng young ladles ai.d genUemen of the school atcT'*, I.trry «V tiould, of 417 Uruadway, bavog jd'! ii*:ued the “ l-amily H .ble/’ and How clear 4Uiot l ’u.ib.’‘ two piecOJ of music, the words of lorui.r by <1. H. Morris, and ol tbe latter by ' 'I'hc deaths for tho pa^t week have boon :*7I, whit! i-< a ducrea^e ol ten since the la*t report ' 1 d.'>, or nearly oiTj.- half, were of children uu yt.ir- of age t Gr.Namptioii or inflammation of the lung' have e srrlc-1 off\ fifty fi\ e, and scarlet fever and dysentery leu ewuh .nyi at .N i M g ’ s wu \ appear thi- W-rdi's' grand uperaj;, talltd rhc^^''pcra Ooinpa lUii.i 1 tjLs u; luc* first time, w> beheto, pera hxus beeu ai'tuifdcd in thiv city TedL.**fj, f*ct «'.Id to all th<» popular hotels in tlie i.noug ti WASHiSGio.\, April 9, 1850. —-fon of^e- Genttemcn—It tempt to express the gratificat rived from your letter of the 25lh ultimo. ficatloaArises, bo I only from its mar’'’\’-'' soBstl regard and confi'Ieneo, but esj eVldeEca which it affords, that my pnbUc eomlust. in regstrd to importaat .pending questions, is not ^to­ gether disapproved by the peo^e of Massaohnsetts.— Bach a fitter, vrith such names, assures me, that i hare Jjofc erred ia judging of the causes of existin djs^nteats, o t their proper remedy; and encouragt mh-to petaevero itt t h it courao which my deepest coi :ti ir u^jet rra-'t;Gn nf tbe domo ■rii.ti.? p'irty, by electing a b -ard ■ . ;'icer!< iti the i'ammacy Nocivty will t e di - \ >y?dtu jjive them cuuntenarcc and p(.(5itu-n. W cm ’?r4liun (acts th;xt th\SO demvcrats wh* dc-irc lu the uniun of Ibi. party porlvcU-1, an I i'., rength re-itored, will u.-e Ibcir best cx-rtn-iiii t.. pr?veut : purpor«.d of there tacwiuna-tJ from bc.ij^ c un^umtuateJ z\ ii‘ ket a; I ’■TJ i i;. ,1 ifiurr.iii^ faper, b, u i' v'id, the d r iiiu mea’i to '•ap;.-rl i ’r lui'iei.. the dates' is itie U'-dcriOUs M irl-CiLi .M a ^ecT't inrpv’.t fiU thtj' ust'lu H*>u* aad edirur l I a ^in.iay paper inainly aLvut^d to ;ti- iefcLee f the pr-‘'eiit naU'’;ial u4a;itii?trati(-n atid the zabu'e ( ! 'tte d«.mocratie party m this state ar. J ' '(her iiciinc< appear uion the -auic t. 'kvt, which we do no. he’.icTo were ever j-riuted there with their owners ptrm ,'’si»in We have good reasGit to I ubt whether Ai.diew H .Mieklc or • harlt s ' 'V.,rj. j. w luld ever ui, 1 ihemstlvts i\ a uiovemeiit bke this, which, t-' tbe best <f lut apj car? to be alike uep: . lx \ ! l 1 ai.d unpr* fiial ;e The t;H.c L j - u < w .arrived w * . if l T- t , the g M per'anu T ir n*-t < m braced. i i.-? 11 .• j GL^ibuity wi ^ rt?t with those who neglect it z M k .\rTEVM.fc: 13 bu.'i.y engaged in gett.ng ihrcugh the cu.-'toin house, the imj' irtat;. ns ot work? intonied : > f»o placed in our public libraries m ex­ change for I ublicat lous sent from this country. Among the?=e are some rare wurKs, and uianj which, but lor the agency -if Mr V attemaro, Wou*d never be in thin smitry at all. They pass tho cu = toua hyusc witbGUt 'h,* jiayLLc-At .»l datie*. bat there is the freight, the pukkiug, and transpvrtation to be paid fi-r, and the small appropriaLions which ha\obeen made by .-:.itc legislatures ani public bL’lies we sn-jdld supjx ;c Wv'uld hardly defray the.se Mr. \'at- tem.irc, h<<w. fhe iristruuicr,t, 'if j.assing a'*: -tlLLO tC' [iiS a < iberttGre, the 0 It impel at ive u;-« n their cif u 'n - abroad, | bo alM»ut to return hnme, to obtain i New tiretiadian t ghpu I at tho port | L_v embark, nti/.en-* ul the 1 riitcd ; camc't, ac--‘T'i,i.g t-> the term.s ' f ^ht t, li'iwi’ver. wh :i -8 ti.u i>lhm .eairahly •ril.L* III tniPi'iL b-r \ur cp z-i,, ari i a-' U I’- -pjeri prfofiab.e t t Hi.s g\ \ e riilLi' ll t , til it it ^'G'arcd tiiat privibgc, j a :h.s i ie[iL'!'ueiit w:b lu.drU't the i har^c dWffairc- | . u'i if;c 1 G.tcd ''*atc8 ar ta, to rea:ofiscrate . • agdiTi't the reipjf‘iii**n •’{ pa^•(porl5 I'lr < t ‘ O' ( L ci” ^’i.b a.s ru.iy .-mijiirk b-r the Istfimu-. au i cr* . ti dotv- r t'i ( b'a.n tbe rem ’.al <■! any r**«itrieti<.u up“U the fiommunicatjnn by that n>ute bet wlcii our porl8 oti the -Vllsiut.i' and th->?o nn the Pacific 1 am, genth H-? a witness, tu te.-tdy bef- re the tirand lurv. in ru'eronc- to tw-> u'her IndiariK now o-nfined in jail, I aelmnije of murdef I he witne8«« «‘ou!d rmt speak a Word id' l.ngli-h but c<.u! i speak tho Haw lan- 'cupon two I aw hid*an.s were intriMlu.. ers, but urd-.rtutia'cly they riuld n- Inti.iignxei t ol the Circuit Court ''tm g M’t [jD will take ihe priui'Oj..ai ,riuJ, who aro all-o’ady g’vcN uo Iuc pr’\ leg hmus 4 i ’anaiua uj un th>- j /Cliff ot .New 1 jren.i la, :iupr\<*‘s | i pi.v.il.s'.' f if icrt’Gf t eeds.m I Mi-i acri,-- fhe ruu!'* relerred t- ?e,-are l that privi’.'gc. '.l< li.tcrj’rc'e; . -peak i.!igl.-'b I’, wit- thert’t’>re, { .uml riecc.- ary t-» * A’fzir a ball bree^l In 1.ail, tu Jiitcr]'rut tho oath into ( aw language, and by the two ('aw Indians it lube int* rprotoi t'^ the wuuctf.i Hut the In- - ‘ *■....... .. ‘ 'ur.dl y ignur ,r»l 'd the nat urc :dur^ut;ii'c|y they rm thert’t’>re, { .uml riecc.- •40 p r'’tour,*iIy igh'ir , •’ iiliari'i' ii' -J lij' till' I'ourl thf prucetuiin^ I ol 1 la.'orite, u .‘ilaro.i aU'i I. aUo m the I'R 111.I : '.s'K, author of un rr.j;,nal work, called A 'toii, or 'iho l.’ircie of Life, propose- to deliver a e.urscol three Ivcturea, at tho Mercanlilo library, I liutou Hall, on the laws of creation, or researches into life, nature and science, to confirm some impor- 1 taut tihliCdl truth.s They were doliverc'l priviuely a lew weeks ago, and elicited much ap]dau.-o, and aro now refcated publicly by rviue.-t from the high leslimoi.y which has been given in their favor, and Ihe luii'i riani'c of tha sulij'.'cfo, these ieciures 0 he enllUed to mure t z- n-hip ol 1 vparline 4cn, '. eiy ri .-p'.cU'uii^ L* ‘di'icrved, tht* j-assp-rt wfiD-h art;,'is the ja.'«p'jrt issue! by th..- priffcding, thf Cawn**** •■;i- 'i J finallv t*xteiil*'d hi;> bund t-i h-tn, whi-T wai> a.*'- ■pted lie thii* hefld out hi8 hand to th^ y\ung*.r a w - a ^'raight, a'hciot c yi-ung intin with tre aii l i»ravi ny arm*( and 'I he young man i gi..iuiiV rcta-Cii the proflered baud, with a g*'*- r-.* *it c< i.friiiipt, aud with an air ul offend, d digrn- ty drew hack Irom the l‘aw__ _ w iti.es.-e.l a more striking en**. ill holier relief the haugh’y dq ' Uaracter ul offer We have rurelv r one whi' h placi d ignity of the Indian Lett'-T from < o lonel Hc-nton. Tiiv f ■’.!- wiug ' hara.-tcn.-lu’ Icittr .ipp»*ar- i-iFK - D v i'.nTri' hundred and fifty guest I ro’l d v d , ‘u(;.7i“ .T y \ fo ‘r U-'tu'r a.l,\reA\l' he'r‘ '''•'■■« '^»<-’6Ged through IS’ been hau'leJ us by the gotidemaii to whom it vvus ' the flro c'um(iaiiies of that ci 1 rtetedwiih a re (ne.<i tor i - pulmiation Without ; — •. HO lav It I'l-'lore ou-readei ■ ’i „...ilrottingc i.. rillio!\’! hy of ID.’.k and I.adder Company No 3. return.'.1 on .'aiurday. from a most agreuaLle eieur.-ion to Haiti- lu.ire and Washington Wherever they went they were received and es-'orted by tho fire companies of tho other cities, and afterwards entertained in good ,-tyle. At Haltimore they remained several days, en­ joying t'ao hosjiitalilios of the several representatives .if the fire department. They then went to Wa.-h- ingtiin, where they were feasted in a similar mannei -hown ii.i the lions ul the place, aud treated to ■ iinner, at which tho Mayor presided, and soi hundred and fifty guests sat down ( in their return, I'hiladelphia, by union wii'h Le, 111 relation mg fl'.'rtions . O’WeVv r, dots not .-1 e his zeal ii whi'h he IS rngag'.-d, anJ he.-ide- de­ voting his whole time to it, is actually a loser in a pecuniary retpcct hy his zeal •Vmong the works lately imported, is Champodion'.- Rgyptian Diotienary ; various works relating t'l the t-reneb revolution, some of them publications of the time, extremely scarce ; the Bibliotheca o f l’holius, a very rare work ; Several copdes of the Maison Kus- ii'iue, a copious digest of 1-reach .agriculture and husbandry ; a copy of the ' ireck w c'l-ie, the sensible Hippocrates, the voluminous (ialei Aretu'US, who wrote with Attic grace r f style, all their calling as tbe wisest of modern I'car .'ir 1 ii.i-e fc.i.J a great iendn in difi-rrent part.- ot the sts .ir.n w the ( aih'iun.tes m the ch lo t. r-are very mo.-tilying to to be answered 1 was sounded u[ion this point last tiimmcr, when the articles were going thruugh the 1 alhouu |8)ier-, lor a general c'liiventiim of tiie par ty, M H w as callc'l to uioct anil seU le all ditTerencfS i answered instantly an.J truly, tbat 1 wuul’J so.’iicr .-it in council with the six tho.i.-an.l l-'a.i, who bad ilie.l ot .'holera in .--t Loui-, than go into conrention with -ueli a gang ol scamp..-, and that is my senti­ ment to-day I There is but one pTinciple on which the democracy ] and Calbounitcs can meet in anv tl.’cir.n, and 'hat 1- the one whu h l ulhoiin -aid he 1 1 the p lu ty t get h- j ‘ the C'lhesive bond ol puM.c plunder ' That j y be true of him and h’-, but it ' k'iacs. ilut TV any utScial a u thuritj by the breach lou^ or valuable bu pubao 1.brands, and iniebted to Mr N'attemare i-'nHvned to zMr \'altemare th,it he itheJ ’.Ttfh di government la'uitir gG't-'rnment, but xn turn ihe agent of all eruments and jubhe bcd.tt? whuh themselye^ of his method of abdirg to the value their collections of Iw-oks In this capaciTy been employed oy g-uvernmentsf itistitutioDS and muni-eipaiities, without number A parchment with ' the seal of a government, would a-ld no value M il.'H, L- 1 this iniinmi^ rc- ; ocjrv] the very kind letter you a-ldrcs.fcJ to me, and I which I hasMeu to an.-dver, to thank you, in the name ot my m* iher, my si-icrs, and uiy8<.t, f..r the trut -•*(. iilimonts you ent-’rtasn res^seoUng rny boIoveJ f.ithtT \ ou hclicThim innocent, and you believe , hat /X tiuc Ue is the victim of cirvumatancca, a Urrply injured man 'J'hat bo is itjn-x't-ut, wc, bis fr -m u?* this couvictiou *tv^c havo never, from the moment he Wiuaiiaiohed from his h(>me, had a yha- Jifty ofijoiibt oii our miniH , and whatever the world may say or do, we shivil ever have that fooling tosup- my taf her during tho hour>» of PutTer r- wui. th.it it IS that givcH him a;iii Lt U'c many suurcas of fu and mme'’r a n i ‘l'w ,u'pnlve\t dU h ?hL“ ek'CP..“-'! j 'p' ‘^roughout have a clean ticket, a clean .Icm.^cratic t’ioa.’t - r... i josti'cued Irom Iho co'jrl room, and prejudice II- our behalf May ii.id in hi-mtinito mercy look down upon you, and bless the etlorL- that are heinj n.ade, a:. 1 if it IS not his will to bring the truth ti light, and to allow this awful mystery to be explained ering in the co iiid u- i-almnc.-s ni row that have o\ . nte-ls are announced t.,cui afteru'.on at the Centreviile Course—one for a p.urse, mile heat.-, host in five, to 2uO lbs wagons ; the other the same distance in harness 'fhore are three trios for each race, and so nearly matched are horses, that it is difficult to name tho favorite. The Anniversary of the tloriie Missionary f^ciety was held last evening at the Kev. Mr. Nkinncr’- ehureh. There was a largo number of persons tendance. The annual repjort slated Ihe receipts cf the society at ^2!(3 (lO Addresses were made by the Rev Mr Brice, and the Rev. Mr. Washborough. The I'rp'han Asylum .'Society will hold its Fortyv nfttch«’..r*s new luveiiL-l an J S.alps made of the n«-t n.iturs.l rurl h.iir >iti 1 adbptel in the most ea-) n-mner U the peeiilt.ar-ij .i -t each individual They are HIItil M.y a dfw iuvFui jo : i .1 u%ray wit h all the vexa- ii« UH HU« i Up; cAp^Tir-ncf .l by those who wear 'V- ;si 'I'h - publii’ are muted to iDHj>»*rt a lari;ean'j well ► -to. k C(»ntamia< ere-ry van»'ty uf sizr and col­ or . they .:iU Hi 'fi be ablt- tu jud/ecf thi-' fcffeot. V.’ 1 B\L' in-.LOH inventurand ouly macufsoturer I 4 (Old No. 2) WaUHrreel, near Br'-adway. ii female part, and I __ _ __________ ir b* popular, arc ! H q a l tl H a i r Dy«. BRtchnlor 8 I'npioved Lujuid Hair Dye will positively C' 1. r the hair erebrews nr whinkerPtfiF moment it is ap- pUei. wuhuut injury to the hair or rbin - this mostex- (’eih-nt hair dye IS mure easily applied than any article ol tbe kind knuwn In Kurope, or .\merica and is entirely free rn m unpleanaut ojer lU* effect upon the hair if- lul and rermauent black or brown ( ountry fancy store keepers should call and examine this article as it known an-J asked f«*r in every city of the I nion it Is applied (a *<U*e . ;;U R H F 1 M A 1 l« M , F a I A N n S t ! FF -N E3S OF T HF Jni -ST S pcuuj Syrup ot Hydnodate of Putaftsa, Sarsaparilla and ^ rlluw iJncK -This uif'di'Mnai remedy i* puhlinhed for the unJ FtiffneSH of tliH J lints Hwelliiijpof the muAcular suh- 'U i H'- j * near them erupU(*iit* <4 the nkm. and UieeaHeP eomnit^nded in fall conliJenc**, and nFeds but a trial to cMivmcd tho most incredulous of its surprUing proper* Read the fullowing f erlificate N kw V ohk . N ov , 1S48 Mr J H RJ^<. Hear sir .VLlow one who has sufTered for the la.st ten y'.ar- with the 1itlamniHtory i Ilheiimatism to tender you 111- testiiiinnial in favor of the virtues of the Compound •Syrup of hydriO'late of Pi tassa ,Sarsaparilla and Vellow I>-ek It is the only artiele that I have ever met with that has given me relief, when so bad as to be liRed in shc’ts from my bed Vours.Sic. No S Grand street. New V'oi (tJ-PO W L K U S At W E L L S , Phi-cnoloRlsts anil P u b iu m - rg , Ciiumn llall, 131 Na.ssau stieet! (gjf- i f u r n ltu r e Soles.- UCMO.NT A HOSACK. Auctioneers will give their personal attention to sales cf Furniture at the y n o tice ling, will be free Tho fuhject is \ Lile ” .'^00 advertisemeni. fourth Anniversary at Niblo's to-morrow, (April lb,), expected from' 13 o’clock An ad.lrcsi may be Kev Dr. iiethune, and tbe orphans will engage in various interesting exercises, t^hould the weather prove inclement, the meeting will be postponed until 0 first clear day. •. Cummings, of the logue ' ri’A'c, ar.'J tha, helufembo.. I V,., ' '>’'grce ; sm-ce-s in ..ne eleetieetion ^ I lift ; the eieetmn of Calhin will cinfirm that he- Ihiiun men will confirm it ; lev muct be defea’cJ, and, if confine.l to I'.ket, they will be defoate.t City and I’.mnty, slate an.f Ke.Jera', Congreas an.l all, they •wh.iuld bo put tti their uwn t»« ket, arid bo made to :y cy tne rrenen ; |., ,,jTregate by them.iehcs. VV'e ,-hail be .-tronger Igfut of any par. j when th'.'y are gom, in J , what u m.ire, we shall be agent of all gov. I clean—no tim. 1 ...- .-citi.h oah ulati..ns about losing ‘ i a::;;;;;::\ 'r'L; io:einr hut inX g?:^ I poinlwill be gii'iie.l Calhijuuites will be put down, ue ol ; aud even tho election of whigs will he a triumi h ')■. cr e has I th im —a victory in behalf of the I nion. -acd that IS the overruling con.'ider j Fear of seeing whigs el< . ™e under present tieu at present ted can have no effert ler present eireums’anoes —not even a fear .. ing a whig electe-l in my own place. 1 am for the any better guarantee for the i (be country and the , , , . I L iio.n rtquire t.alhoanism to be exterminat.-i in singleness of hi- purposes, thao we alrea.jy have m I M,.,soun. and ! am f,.r the extermination as eourage h'.s personal character ami his enthusiacm in the en- ! \usiv as the La.ho.iniles ai'e for the dusolut on o! the prire which e*Pfo’V3 aU his time and much of his I ' \ ?;( hazards, and Without regard to eoa- aiploys all his time and much of his .A m .-R am . Ta..t... —The iuit between ...1 the state of New York and Harman Livingston __ _ now - r. trial at Hud-un, with a view of testing th.* : concealment right of the sa,d Livingston to large tracts of land situate in tbe southern p art of Colombia county ; on the^part of the slate appears Attorney General Caat- fieid, assisted by John Van Daren and Theodore Mil- ! l’,-np!j ask me here, why 1 do not S[s3ak ’ I tell j tLem, when 1 was at the bar. I never interrupted the the ;eopie j a.fvcrsary coun-ol while he was proving up mv case sir,vvf„n W : I’ t .it I'lr putii ends may ler; the defendant, Livingston, has Killiam Miller, assisted by Josiah Sntherlajid and Robert McClellan. 8 and ten- rable interest empannelling of the jury, on Saturday, Mr. \ an Ruren opened the cause in an elahnrate re­ view of the whole subject of manorial right! nres. Tha cause is-said to create considerah in and about Hudson. THEVYAII.VSHAND E rie e.A.s.vL is now open to Terre Haute, Indiana, 310 mUcs from Toledo, and business has commenced on it. It wiU be open to Point Commerce, *12 miles below Terre Hanto on the 1st May. At a mcotirg of tho Indiana bondholders on the 10th instant, in this city, for the purpose of electing Trustees of the \Wabash and Erie Canal, Charles Butler, Esq., o f this city, was unanimously ro-eleot- ed non-residentTrurtee, and Thomas Dowling, Esq., of Terre a snto, resident Trustee, in the place of O o lX liQ m a s iL r • * L £ fi|te> dc$e«w4. '1 h's letter is not pir putinc.sf.on, but i ilment f ricnds may ,-ee it. \ours, truly, THofoM-A.' H 1 .IN’T ' ’N' Gov. .Anthony, whom tba whigs of Kho'io Island h u e just re-elected chief magi-trato of that state, thus speaks of the relative positions of Clay, Web­ ster and Benton before the country, in the Providence Journal,o( which he is editor and pniprielor; \We never expeete.1 to find onrselves against Henry Clay sn i lianiel Webster, and with Thomas H. Ben­ ton. Wo aro not sure that-we are now, but if we rightly comprehend the reports from Washington, Mr. Clay amd Mr Webster have agreed to compli­ cate the question of the admission of California, by connecting it with that of the organization of the ter­ ritories, and Mr. Benton contends for the azimission of California 9a its own merits, and as the right of a sovereign state. We are very reluctant to say that when Clay and Webster nnita, and Benton opposes them, that the former are wrong and the latter is right, and perhaps we are mistaken, or perhaps we misapprehend their relative position, bat of this we entertain no donbt; Califonua has a right to admis­ sion, and it is onfair to connect tbat question with any other which will hamper and jeopard it. Men, after all, but light-houses, shining over tho head­ lands ; principlea are tho eternal stars of Heaven. and the humblest mariner may take his observation fio u th e n , and be c ertain of his tm« ponton.’! , to allow thG awful mystery to be oiplaini m.iy be enlighicn the minds of those into whose hat ibo case will pass 1 uiu-t again thank you, sir, for tha kind feeling y.'U expri'.-s toward my dear father, Nulhisg that the World can do now give.s us greater consolatiun than the knowledge that others believe him innoi'ent. ?vmfathy has flowed abundantly from many hearts toward us, his family, but how much more prized by us is that symyathy when expre.-sed for him That our beloved father may be ro.-tored to us is the fer­ vent prayer of our hearts, and wo wait trembhngly in the hope that those who are now to decide in this case may seethe terrible injustice that has been co XI much buflering on so mar efully yours, H.vKi.iar W. W e B 'I er Fartmgton, while visiliug the .Mu-cum the other da; ong the old revolutionary relics ar lores, a.-kfd the superiniendent if he amous cutlery the \ axe of the apos- oE lo'-'kitig a Ncotlish claymo: had amutig his ti —The llutohinson singers a; us,\ at Albany, where they a drawing arowded 1 now giving eon- Gorham, arrived lage fromom Livei passage fr Liverpool in 21 days. The VVashini ton Irving made her last passage out from this port to Liver{*oo! in 15 days and 23 hours, making tbe time out and home 37 days- -or about 160 miles per —Judge Jay, of New York, President of the American I’eace Society, and tho Kev. Charles Brooks of Boston, chairman of the Executive Com­ mittee, have been ohesen to represent the Society in the Peace Congress, to be held in August atFrank- fort on-thc-Main, in Germany, —Tbe Governor of South Carolina has offered the vacant seat in the United States Senate to Langdon Chaves, but ho has declined accepting it. —Tho number of interments a t St Lonis, for tho week ending 2d instant, is fifty-seven ; nineteen of this Bomber were children of five years old and under. « 9 r«pQIt«4 M bATiSg {loq Tve Mtieiet. Dr. Cummings, of the St Stephen’s Church, has be<n'reqaestcd to deliver a lecture explaining the p rin­ ciples and V lews of the Catholic Church on their bear­ ing upon slavery, and he has consented to comply with the request. He is said to be one of the most able and eloquent speakers of the church. I >n .Saturday ten or twelve members of the New \o r k Legialalure visited W ard’s Island, in com] with -Mr Devlin, the new I’ommisinnero They then visited Kandall's Island, wt mained a greater length of time, and minutely spocted every building The Lmpire City and Philadelphia will leave for Cbagrc- to-day. The former has four hundred and eig'uty pasM-ngers. Thot United States steamer .''an Jacinto will be launched to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock, a t the Navy 'I ard, Brooklyn. Bradbury and Nash will give another exhibition of Ihefr thousand singing children on Wednesday next, at the Tabernacle. A t tha last exhibition the im­ mense room was so fail that hundrods of people coaid There were two launches this morninj I2U0 ton ship to bo caUed the Francis P. Nage, at Westurvclt A: McKay’s yard ; another of the steam­ boat Lavandier, intended for tho Island o fC n b a , at Lawrence dc rinedens, foot of* Cherry street. < oroner Over h.ld on in.jufBt on the body of John B. Ba ke. lound dead in his bcl at hia boarding honae. ave -ue. Forty-eighth street Verdict, disease of tfoirles Crosby was arrested this morning fo* steaUng a boat valued at $&4. which he hire*l BUder the pretence of .oing toa Hoboken.boken. He afterwardsfterwards sold the t Ho He a s kskiil for $25. A poor woman, living at lid Reade street. In crossing I anal street, on Friday ovenlng. about 7 o’clock, was knocked down and run over by No. 16 of Kipp & Brown’s stages The driver continued his coarse as If nothing ipened , but it seems he was not aware of what ho Friday afternoon at six o'clock, a child about five years of age, the son of Mrs. Ray, residing at the comer of Christopher and Factory streets. Was run over by a cet’s wagon, and injured severely carried oRtome wcith of iUrfFspooBi and othe <No ) _ a j 6 « . . i l 0 t __ (OT- F u r n i t u r e Sales.-m .N R Y H. LKEDS & TO . Auctiuneers, No. 8 Wall street, will give their personal at­ tention as usual, to sales of Furniture, tec . at private re- pj(ienct*s during tbe coming season, and will also receive tec at their store, for sale when desired. QO- H em oYnl.- ( GOl.flV S KKK.SK have removed to their Nrw Ai i iiov K oomi , 377 and 3W Breadway. corner ul White street, where they are now prepared to receive consignments of Bom,?. brATioxEsv. F riv .. te L ibbai . II'. F' BM II RK. an 1 property of all kinds, for the display and disposal of whi-'h their extensive and com- .modijus sales rooms are mo.st a'imiraoly adapted. (sy- To C o b ln tt Blakcra, F u r n i t a r e D e a lers, iSic. (GOLEV & KEEtiE, 377 and .379 Broadway, cor­ ner of White street beg leave to call the attention of the above to their extensive and commodious rooms, so ad­ mirably adapted to the display and disposal of property of all kinds They are now ready to receive consign- which liberal cash advances will be made JC'6’7' P U B I.pSH K D , tt e are glad to see so creditable a work brought out In a style so becoming and attractive it ia a work of more than ordinary pretensiona \ — .Newark Daily Advn - Part 2 and last of THE THOUSAND A.N'D ONE rH4.NT0MS. ' STRINGTK &“roWNSF.ND, _____ 222 Broadway, corner Ann St Reisirts of i ases Argued and Determined In th*| I onrtof Appeals of the state cf New York by George F ( omstock. Slate Reporter second edition with notes and references. Vol 6 Denis's Reports New Ycrk. Vol 4 Barbour’s Supreme > ourt Reports The above just published and for sale by BA.NK.'s. OOI LD b ( 0.. apl.3Dp _ _______ No 144 Nassau Btreet, TU K S T E VVARU, BV HXXKV CotSTOV Author of '• Valentine Vox, ' The Sisters,\ be , beauti­ fully iilui.trated 1 his work has had a most unprecedented run in Eng- ROSE FOSTER. Vol. I. Second Series MYSTERIES COURT LO.NDON. Price SO cents. WINDSOR CASTLE ; Price 60 cent*. ~ 8. l-QNO fc SSQTHSB, A«a Stofet, ton S 3 c n - PROF. HACKLEY’S; Element, of Trigonometry. THE CO.N(^L EST OF GRANADA JV-N'D THE AL­ HAMBRA ; by Washington Irving. (Revised edition). THE ILLUSTR.ATED PILGRI.M'S PROGRESS ; vrith Life, hy Dr. Cheever. NORTH -A-MEHli-'AN SVLVA ; by Michaui, revised edition. THE LAWYER; by Mrs. Tuthill. (justready) THs: WORLD’S PROGRESS ; or Dictionary of dates' MINERALOGY; Revised THE WATER WITCH ; 1 WING AND 5VI.NG, be;: : illRALS ; by C oop< PRIOR'S EDITIO.N OF GOLDSMITH’S WORK; vol 4. and last. HON. L. B. CHASE'S HISTORY OF THE AD­ MINISTRATION OF J K POLK. DR. FOSG.ATE’S NEW WORK ON SLEEP; Vol 12. DR. piVTH'S ESSAY ON THE CNITY OF THE GEORGE WASHINGTON; -\ biography, by. Wash­ ington Irving, -with illustratioi rL'TN.A.'l'S NEW GE.NERAL < AT,\LOGrE OF STAND-ARD’‘W0RKS : in aU departments of Uteratnre- G P. PUTNAM, 155 Broadway. New York. (Just ready). brary) Comprisin 5 on Whist, Pique riUe, Cribbage, an SO H iS’S P O P U L A R L I B R A R I E S . Just received, a further supply of THE NEW HAND­ BOOK OP GAMES-(Scientific Librar; new and carefully revised treatises Eart. , Lane'iuenet, Boston, (iuadrille, Cribbage, other cird games ; Faro, Rouge et Noir. Hazard. Roulette- Backgammon, Draughts, BillarAs. Bagatelle, .\merican Bowles, be. be. Written or compiled by professors and amateurs Edited by Henry G Bohn. Also, the Chess Player's Companion and Hand Book AJ.so. Humbcldf.i Views of .Nature, Ottis' Transiaticr A further supply ot Humboldt'a Cosmos expected in few days. BANGS. PLATT b CO. aplo ateodnp 204 Broadway. F A U V e V G O O J D S . WM. H. CARY & CO., Ko*. a * 3 nBd 34:5 P S A R L S T R E E T , (SETWEEW JOH.V AKD FOETOW STKE|ETa) ®**‘**®^ package or in lots to suit g S n & pist ® 5 l “ mknnfactnrara prices, S i — ' P = r c 8 , Shears and Scissors, Rodgt Pnrses. cotton and silk. pUln fe or’d. Purse Twist, various colors, spools and in steel Beads, Bag and Purse Clasps and Trimmings. ■•r 'srir.™, siis'iSr?'”\\' Snuff and Tobacco Boxes. Fine and Superfine^ Paint And new styles of Fancy Goods by every packet. ALSO A-MF-Rl K ' - r KS'Si.., VEJVIO 'S R E P O R T S FO R $2.50. The subscriber's edition of the NEW YORK RE­ PORTS, with NEW .NOTES and REFERENCES, at $2.60 per vol., will commence with the 5th volume of De- nio's Reports, instead of the earlier Reports. The volume will bo Issued when 760 subscribers have been obtained. Should the number of subscriptior coived be insufficient to warrant the publication, than the 3d volume ef • COM.STOi. K S REPORTS OF c OfRT OF APPEALS' will be furnished, or subscrip­ tions returned Uj- To those who remit strictly In advance, the price will be $2 per volume. I.ITTLF.' fe CO , 0||\EH S i I.VILL. I Law Booksellers. Albany Ei.w IN ( L itili i apl3 4f R E M O V A L . V. AlTLtTON k I 0. Have removed from 2M to 191 Broadway, corner of Dey street, up stairs, which they will occupy until the store Is rebuilt. BO O K S FO R T H E L A D I E S . D APPLETON fe CO , 200 BROADWAY, I WOMAN IN AMERfo'Ai Her Work and her Re­ ward. By iMiiiix J Ml l.NTosH, author of ■'To Seem and to 3e. ' 1 vol I'imo cloth. 62j cents li WOM l.N'S FRIE.NDSHIP-A Tale ofDome.Hic Life. By liiiii , A uiii.iin, author of “ Home Influence vol 12m p a p e r 5« cents , cloth 75 cent.* HI. HEARTS AND HOMES: or, Fooial Dictinctfons . a f)n*ne.-tic Story. By .Mrs. E llis 8 vo , two parts- paper C..V, r $1 . cloth $1 50 IV THE 'I'.ODEHN HOl'SEWIFE • or Menage-com­ prising nearly 1000 receipts. ByAi.i.xis Sovi.R. 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In addition, they have large assortments of every other quality and price, up to the VERY BEST ARTfo'LE MADE , beside every ulher kind and style of FA.Nl V .J.ND .ST-YPLE DRV GOOD-S, adapted not t n!y to the Spring and Summer trade, but KVEItl SEASON OF THE YEAR -And they are determined, under all circumstances. 'KI.I. rilKAI'RR THAN ANY OTHER st(.|'e in till Oily Of New York On Friday, .ipril 12th. they will open a handsome lot of SHILLING .VfOrSF.LINE DE LAI.VE.S. Thecheapwt article ever offered in this market. H i t c h c o c k (& Z i o a d b e a t e r , • ^ € 9 . S 4 7 J B r o a d w m y ^ Opll Cor Lconad street DRESS GOODS, rE K . NIAU-AKA. ChitSendeiBi, MUs§ 4* Co. AK.JS LArWUlNG FROM THE STEAMER ■ aN'IAuAKA.' 79 (. ASilS. comprising— ClfAMBRAY GINGHAMS, BARAGE DE LAINES, PRINTED DE LAINES, DYED DE LAINES, FOPLINaS, PL^IN PADDED CALICOS. PRINTED CAUCOS. LINE EANCY GINGHAMS. For Pale hy the package, at low price 3 BROADWzAY. J¥ew Spring a n d S u m m e r Goods. SEAMAN & MUIR. Have now on hand a very full and complete assortment Seasonable D ry Goods, Selected exprefsly for the PRESE.'VT 8EAS0.N. and for the best CITY TRADE, to which they invite the atten­ tion of purchasers. They ask particular inspection of their stock of FR E N C H P R IN T E D Cambrics, Jaconets, Lawns, Organdies and Grenadines BLA C R ANI> COLO R E D SllzK S , Some very desirable M-YNTIDDAS AND V IS S E T T E 8 , New and in great variety. LACES AND E M B R O I D E R I E S , MOL'KM.NU (KXJlJS, SH A W L S , HOUSE W IFE LLNE-N’S, & c , & c . ap6 CLOTHING C A L lF O R i^lA M A R K E T , JB&Uer J^elgon A* Co, 51 CED A R S T R E E T . Have now on hand and are constantly manufacturing, a extensive assortment of ready made clothing,shirts and drawers, expressly for the above market. Also adapted to THIS .MARKET A LARGE STOCK OF CLOTHING, made in the best manner ; all of which wUl be sold at REDUCED PRICES. mhkSlmnp J^orcelam JSmobs, For Doors, Looks, S e l l Levers, Shutters, D raw ers, &c. £1^ T h e D o o r RTrieb is monnted irith the snfazerl- ber’B patent Rose, Jao. Parties bnilding are invited to ex­ amine these goods—the mo*t economlcai of any, and sav­ ing cU! -11 g, which is required of all other kinds of Door Furniture. \\ A large variety of beantifnl patterns recently added. Finger, Name abd Number Fiatee, to match the knobs. These goods are warranted in even/ particular. CaVTiON.—Other dercriptlons of knobs, of an inferior quality, are sold in this market. The ^iead of tbe knob being fastened with cement and leadyWorks off the thank which is genenffly -washed with silver orpe-wter, and re­ quires nearly as much cleaning as brass and other knobs. ~~ OBOBGE H. SWORDS, mb'zSnp Hardware and Cutlery. 116 Broadway RICAN GOODS, viz: r„‘&‘ 7 \.oi'!S.. 1 different styles, fine S. SS, SSS, 1} to inch. SllV^:^:‘^ermando.Bntanm Silver and German silver. S r i » b .T b L t ^ g % “ n t TsrDi8li, jsboa, scrubbixig. crumb, horse. l l : s ^ t t T n d E y e s . n d T S i r ’“ ^^\“ \ Pocket Books, Wallets and Port Moneys. Fans, feather, paper and silk. Jewelry, gold and imitation, fee. 6 c. Complete cata'ogues of their stock famished in the EngiisL. German. French andSpanish languages. fe2 Smeod np I P , I P e v U n , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL D E A L E R H I N C L O T H i W G , 33 AND 35 JO H N S T R E E T , ORNER N.YSSAU STREF.T 0 ^ 0 ^™!=?.: e choicest selection of Gar- “ (hlfITMOJP.” X certain unprincipled pcrcrus are offering for sale m the city, are spurious articles. Each Watch has the maker s name in fuil.ehgraTed on the back, aud is aocom- UM S R ELLAS & RARX s OLS; 63 W illiam cor. Cedar. invite all our old customers, and as many te-w ones as wi>h to buy their v.mbrel'as and parasols lo to 16 per cent, less than ttey hare been formerly paying at other estabiLhments, to call and examine our goods and prices, f t . - - . V i a Parasols, ParasoU.ttes. aud Shades, too many stales and too numerous to mention prices—but say from Kta. to $3. Gentleman, come and see. HOI GHTON. MF.RRELL fe CO., Manufactory and Warehouse. 63 William street. fc74 eod npfe6w_ _______ _________cor. Cedar st, P t S W E R MiAJrGMAfGS P r a n c is P a r e s & Co. ■ groat and aeknowlodgod taste, over it. ' •, ‘ ^ ^ ^ C U V l S t r € € t , (iarmeutsi buiif'lit in any ot the Departments of T iN ^ lT E the attenlion of Merchants, Dealers li^ K^tablishruent will l.« fre. ly exihnnged if tb y do otherr*. to tLeir now and large assortment and : t lit. or ehould be im| e: i'-'c t in «uy wh v exteii'-iTe stij ply of every ^aality and style of French THE WHOLESALE KOO.VS C. O'^TAI.V O V E R 2 O , 0 0 0 OARM E N T S euited to evory section of the I’NiTLD STATES and mh2SedJfel' * U.^& j . DEVLTN. j E P f i ~ G 5LL O T T ’S ST E E L F E N S . JIA N C P A C T I R E R 'S W A R E H O U S E , 9: Joh n S treet. N ew V o rk . lAfXiON .--Certain ’ rUKTKNDFD rtain PKKTKNDFD MANUKA V»yTl IU-;K s of Steel Pen8. liaviDg AroPi > o J gskph i.fiT rV s TV i-F GK L abv - i . his mod.-f f puttio^ up his pens. and also hiri D esji . na i iniz . N i MutRs. he desires to give NOTH E TO THK PUDLIC. nature on the hiri caution as- the great populari- ...... J. and the number adopted ty u host of e r t i k n un* mak f ha. JosF.RH (ifi.i <• I I wpu'J advise the public tha.t in all ca-es •wlit-rc hi.-» .Nuiuber.^i and tlie phrasrolt gy i f hi.'LabeU ar*-ad by ih--parties ab'jve alluded I A. the pens are nut made by buu. aJtUoujh asserted ^0 -\n e.xperi4.nce of thirty yeara has en&l.led Mr. GiPett to bring lii< SLi el l ens to the hj *. jjf m state of pb.rtF fc - TioN.ar.d the liberal j atronage ^vhich he has long en­ joyed at tbe hand of the Ainencan public will incile him to continued ej;erlion to maintain the favor which he HENRY OWEN- Agent. AT i m NO. 72 JO H N STH .K E T , ARK NOW RK' KIVINC; INTO STORK FROM THEIR Factories at Elizabethtown, N. J., a variety of nei original patterns of H eavy F loor Oil Clcrths, in shpel'ons and 24 feet in width. They are also re- ceiTingfrom the Lansingburgh Factories. M e d ium FI«)or Oil Clotli.s, in sheets of 16 feet in width. Also, narrow goods, in ' rious widths, 3 feet, 3.9, 4.6, 5.3, and 6 feet. They have also in store, L ig h t F loor Oil C loths, of the Brooklyn, .Newburgh. Albany, Lansingburgh. ca and .Malne^manufact'jre, in various widths and terns. Also, T a h ie O il C loths, plain and figured. 4-4. 5-4 and 6-4th wide, of AMEBIC UKR.MA.N and K-NGLl.-SH manufacture. AUo, C a rriage Oil Cloths, .411 of which they offer to the trade on the most libera N itrified IP r u m T i p e , 'H E FL'BSCRIBER M A N C F A C T f RES ANI REEIbS CU.NSTA.NET Y i 'N HANi), From four to twelve inches in Diameter, and ia one am two fa-et lengths. Tfee?e Pifos are made of a com And burnt to a perfect VlThIFIED BODY. / I >HE k are nut affected by acid, or gases, aud are war- and tbpy^a1-e“8ffiird“ed‘^« lib’out^ ua7 quartolL'^VosUT at the office JfSen'^s \*outh's a n d Chil~ dren's C loth in g , 33 M a iden la n e . In qnantities to suit purchasers. We have a large and ell selected stock of (Tothing made in the beat manner, from goods all purchased before the great rise, suitable city trade or the southern and western markets-for cash only. At prices satisfactory to all. Garments of all kinds made to order, in the la W styles. BOUGHTON fe mh29op CloihiU g a t W h o U m le, •Veir T r im m i n g s , S p r in g an d Sum m e r Dresses. T. C. & D. D. FOOTE, 100 •WHTA.Taiw STREET, A K E E E C E l V ^ ^ T H B ^ K f e w E l JV of DRESS TRIMMINGS. Also .-WHI’ WORSTED If wUeb we bwtodge* jerted i i all the public a pnffl 'i*‘Dc puaranteo to t bost and oh»^!tpf*st p^P*’ that can be u c nnt'ct with Street aSenvis N D - ''fs.mf h's of these pipe may oftb**' i-oton Water Department. WASHl.NGTON S n .ITH. Greenwich Pottery, 261 West LiKhteenth {‘treei, between apt M, W te S cp 9th and lOtfa Avenues. JParker M ills JVails, FOR FADE BY THEIR AGENTS, No. T3 P e a r l a n d *0 Stone s tr e e t, foil np E . SHKAU c b & CO. R A ' N S O M K . W I L L I X M S ' ^ C o h a v e R E M O V E D TO NO. O P IN E ST. N E A R BROA D W AY . where they will coullnue to keep for sale, as large and fashionable an assortment of C t O O I P B , HATS, CAPS, FURS, UxMBRELLAJ*!^ PA R A S O L 8 . -an be found In this market. JBI^iiCMk l u E T T B S l S , B . F. C r a g i 55 ’ s F I R S T PR E M IU M Cefin dLETTESl.% F o r Signs, O P E V E R Y D E S C R IP T IO N , No, 2 0 N assau street, rp O CO U N T R T B lERCH.A.N’fs^ T h e d.fflcnlUe. A of procuring cheap and handeome Signs is now ob­ viated by the use of these letters. having two great ad­ vantages over other signs—they can be pa-ked and for -warded to any part of the world without injury, and pui fojifie(forired sanation witJi very little trouble. M in g h a m , M eynoids, M a r tle tt dr Co,, SEIPPIJNG, A N D COMMI SSION M E R ­ CH AN T S , AND G E N E R A L A G E N T S , SAN FRANCISCO, CAJLIPORNIA, TYTILE take charge of all consignments or bus'nefi VV -which may be entmsted to them, on liberal termf JAMES W. BINGHAM, FRANCIS A. BARTLETI OaSON A. REYsNOLDS, W. ALLON BARTLETT, EEFCBB.XCES Il» REW TOKK ‘ Hutchinson k Tiffany, Bnlkley fe Claflln, C. K. Lindsfey, ........... .... ............ John Falconer PKERUDBI F o r c e lain M n ohs, For Doors, Slmtfer?? Kell R a lls, FR E N C H W IN D OW S , F U R N IT U R E , <Se. THE ATTKNTIO.N OF OW.NERS, ABCIHTFCTS, and tho Hardware Trade, is solicited to our extensive and assorted stock of the above go-Dds-with finger, name lumber plato-s, ia plain and gothic styles, decorated in the highest stylo of tho art Tho dnrabUity and ne»t - ness of our knob mounUng w.U at once he perceived upon examination, having no brass flanges and sockets to cause friction on, and -will be warranted In every respeet, under all circumstances. enings cannot be sorpaesed, all of the best quality. Sole Ageute sbSO 2zn np To Suspender M m m tac~ turers an d W e b b ing JDealers, H E R R I C K & SCUDDBR, 95 W u i i a m S t r e e t, Have just received a large invoice of superior English Together with a full assortment of gents’ furnishing niL.mtjun. te SCUDDER, 95 WimBm street, New Y'ork. .meriesn \ . U H l i II A .V G 1 .N G n (.1 K n E R S, c , su it a b le f o r e v e r y m a rL c t. Their gppcinaen!? cf the rioht-sl qualities and the most approved Bt\les for de«^ ratir-g the wrk.us Interior Apart ment< of Buiidinj^K. •\viil be found to be very select. J ho most compt*tent workmen to hang paper, &c , can be bad at the shortest notice. xtihl4 eodSmnp F a p e r M a n ^ n g s , r n H E S C B iC R I B K R S invite tbs attention of mer- ment of goods in tb**ir line. Poidat-tsSiug facilities for man- I'faeturiDg largely, we are pre^pareJ to offer oui* goods at the hwe.*«t lBatmfac-turer.««’ pricu'^ Paper bung 10 order by experienced tvorkmen. at the sbortest notice C .^ M F E T O il Cloth F u rnishing, B A IL E Y &S, B R O T H E R S , 4 54 P e a t l s tr e e t, n e a r C t iatb a m . I M P O It T E I t s A N D D E A L E R S In e v e r y d e s e r ip tlo n o f CARFETIN(i AND f LOOK OIL ( LOTHS, fee., VEL­ VET TAPESTRY, TArESTRJ’ OF B;.NOLISH MAN­ UK MTURE. BRUSSEL.S OF ENfJLlSH A.ND AMERICAN MYNL'FAI TURE. IMPERIAL THREE PLY AND INGR.UN, VENETIAN STAIR, RUGS. MATS. .MATTING, FLOOR OIL ( LOTHS, DRUG- u ' attention paid to the making a nd L. Sc T . FA IR B A A K S & CO. • M a n a f a c tu r e r s o f F l a tfo r m Scales, S T . JOHNSBOKY, V T . F a l r b a n b s <S£ C. divided and weighed in small drafts, w.U produce the pairs, but WiU remain through yeaxs of consttant oA thuir other modificatione, i of iron and ajad are the 'ears of cons nsage, and Ratiroad Seales, as wcU constructed wholly re the skost doxcible soalee In w E llico t t sl A b b o t’s ... number of pounds. an.J any number of feel in length or wifllh that is de.ired for railroads, canals, cual. hay. Perrons that wish scales. wiU do well to call and eismine No. 7 Nassau street. New \ ot V N B Also. Patent Balaoces. Butchers' Scales. Grocers' < ounter Scales. Liuggiste* Scalts. Gold Scales, Troy weight ; and small scales of all descriptions-for sale at above No 7 Nassau st. apll np KC:fil6 v A L . €PMce M eshs, F u r n iture, C h a ir s, dre. Also, on h.rn.i, Hal le.l's Faleuted Anti-Dyspoprie P 8. Office Furniture male to ord-r on and after tbe 1st May to 1)4 Broadway. • mhdfinp _______________ J CLARK. 46 Broadway H a r d w a r e , H a r d w a r e , ( HEAP tOR CA s H. A, L. HALSTKO & SONt, 2 5 9 PenrI stre e t. \ GKWERAli Assortment of H ardwabe C l ’T lebv / jl ttod H katt G ocirs . both of Foreign and D« meaWc 'y cm hand, aod daily leceiving F E l e ^ O F O M T E h ' , ■ A ime upsortment of superior toned Pianos, with aod wiibout .tZolian accompaniament, manufactured by tb« ce.tbrated houfiie of T. G I L B E R T & GO., B osto *?, m»7 be found at their YEVY Y ORM WAREfiOOM !^, B r o a d w a y . A large supply of good Second Hand Pianos for cheap, or to rent WATERS fe BFRFY, 447 Broadway. _ Between Grand and < jn s l streets. Agents for the .Msnofarturen! incr is engaged, who N B.-A snperiotT all btde-s prompUy. S T R A W O O O O S . SUMNER & WILDE, HAViB ItELMOVKD TO iVo. 149 B roadw a y , S T R E E T , E F J rSE E M OJOL, rican and English, of superior quality, in hog >- heads, tlezoss, and 1}iixi«Is, e o n stsu^yoz^b^^anj^ fci 'Imt k y tion of buyers to one of the largest and best Beioct- 4 stocks of Straw Goods in the city, which they offer on I\ best terms, in ijnantities to smt pnrohas«n>. felfinp ~ M i X - t R j ■ Drapers a n d T a ilors, H A V E E E M O V E D TO' J^^o. 2 5 S J B r o a d w a y ^ OJPFOSITE! TiCE CITY JiALL.

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