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THE EVENING tosT: NEW ^OEE, lEtlilsbAT, APML 4 , 185 Q. worex «itli«rli]i white o rpem « a « at ecion The aasdri («nt coBfdstslil per* — r^n^v-r- . *Kfty^ge e&d Che SHEETINt _________ A llst^j<,iridtlu uuu l quaticualities. B l A l t e T S , COUNTERPJ fGS AND H l L d V ^ & N G S , i u l q ^ ( ^ T O T M P A N K .^ D QUILTS, S-4 to 10-1 LluKouia Cotton, for UUe cloths. , TABLE AND PIANO COVESS. I- - Wool, cotton, worsted and siD; damaal;. TOV/ELLING. Birdseye, Hnaittinici and B a m ilej DUn«. Russia Diaper and Crash. Medicated Haelc, every snperlor article. CURTAIN MATERIALS A rich andTaried assortment. CARPETING. FLOOR CLOTHS AND MATTING. We inrite the attention oPenreixseersto otxr stock, axd pYdPiif dd-io filiordexs vi£n dlepateh *t tha lowest xBsr« kBtpHen. D o rG m iu & N u o n , 3 9 NASSAU, OOR, L IBERTY ST ., n s s p OPTOSIXE THE FOSX OEEICE. T h o m a s . 9 2 W illiam SI ^unt nr Co,^ reet, S lew Y o rk ^ ^ e n t s n j f N ^ 'N D * ” u?lM£R EUROPEAN GOODS, A-.., F.E.N C , (.randriU, (.roton. Slohair and Beaux ( eatings. Kossuth i, CASSISIERES and DOESKI L Pongees, Sinebe-os. .Vankoens, Sarsnetts, lAN N T R \fv .^ s “ 1N rlu J C S . ALSO O.N H.t.ND, icfirLti^s^t.NrnXrrc'^^^’ ------- --- ----- - V l N T J E H . G O O D E . INDfA Pongee. 1T.\L1A _ _________ , ________ ______ iffer to their custoi o\ ‘' Super and low bine ^ <lrab and fancy Blanketings. — -■xt.drabandfoucyPU o tsan^B^^g^^^^^^ k ^ e s tings. CZ-O TBU TG . , WV«. •!. Jflead A* Co., 8 0 and 8 2 Ckerry street, CO R N K R OB’ J a BCEIS S T R E E T , N. Y., T T A V E ou hand, and ate constantly manufacturing AX an eatenslTe and splendid stoeic of R e a d y .m s u le C l o tlilnp o£ Clotla. Casltmeret, Merino. Tweeds. A.Ipacca. K«S?- llldky Jea&S, he., of tUflerent quraijtles, ana b .3 lap U^ io w . X & CO., haye in adaition to the abOTe tbe follow lug artielea, suitable for the t aUfornia market : S'r'V a fESj'dl^ s s 1000 pair Sattinett Pants 600 do Corderoy do 5Sf£\r*\“r- R . a . ,”. S S » .d ..e . „ C lothing E stablishm e n t I I . CSL D . H . B E b O K S & C O . , 116 and 118 Chea*i*y street', C o r n e r o r C A ttierine atre e t , N ew TorK , T > B ^ GS3AYS;TG ACQ i U A IH T T H B rU B D IC 1> that thexr pr^eat Stock of ReaUy Made < iothiBg for the Jiprln^ and Summer sales U more complete than '**Business of Tarioua descriptions with correspond­ ing PanUUooM ab,d Ve«ta. Al.o Spi.K Over teal... in great rariety. Fine Dress and Eiock ( oats, together with every thing beWglng U> Iheir line ol business, dieted at * FANCY AND FU R a M S H IN G A R T ICLES all the most a|>proved and desirable styles of Goods for AU measures are kept for reference. and orders from distant places faithfully attended to fel6 (Tu'T-LnriTY\ fiaW E IVO R Y HANDL.BD K N IV E S AND SroRJSJS in sets of 51 and 53 pieces of Rodgers & Sons, “t r S l r Desert Knives -with .B L E AND D E - ivory and Buck Handled Beefrlicers. “ « ■' Trowel, Meat and Game Buck. Buffalo horn, and Bone handled, Tab'e and De­ sert Knives and Forks of Foreign and Domestic manofac- R I T C H E N K N l V ES AND F O R K S . K N IV E S . ^ ; e » e a ^ t w t ^ C11A ^ ^ A IG 5 ^ N * D O P K N E R S . Cheese Scoops with and withoat slides Together with a full and complete a??ortment of House keeping articles, which are offered at the LUK5T PRI ninstrated Catalogj)£S to be had at the aierooms. The FranM in F ire Jh' suranm Cknhpanpj O F X ^ m X A p B A F H IA . OFFB'F. IN NEWY'ORK, No. « WILLI >VM STREET, ^ F F E R as indemnity against loss by fire, » fund of W upwards of • i l,20(f000 D OLJUARM, IJLA S S . »s psr puwta&ta KateBjent of Jannary ---------- - ■mis c o m p ly contlnuoe to ta UU JJU BBt Of Ja lit, 18£^ use to take f ,»« insnraheo oi FIRK INSURANCE. __ THJG N O R T U A U E R IC A S F I R E INSURANCE HANDSOME SURPLUS, r offers to Insure against lo he city of New York or iti .. le as any similat tustitutioa. TWs Company offers 1 by fire within the city terns ss fovorable a. James W. Otis, Charles WnUamj, Hugh AncMncloss, David B. Keeler, ceeb Swan, Daniel B Fearing, Wm. 8. Wetmore, rnmolios McCoon. James Bogart, Jr. Rich'd M. Blatohford, Jonathan Thorpe, eston, Wm Whltewright, Moses II. Grlnnell, Gale, Wyllis Blaekstone, JoshnaJ. Henry. JAMES W. 0TlS.PfMi^nt. tndrew Foster, Jr. t w , p,.BtcB5«, sooretary- jnam u e rntd Fire Mnsurance* ^ ^ ^CHAF. via N COLEMAN, President. i r r . r v . s . \ * ™ \ ' “ i . ' d6 np Jones's Building, 60 stre O ffic e o f T ti — E a s t Miver Insurance Company^ 5 WALsi. STR^EXST, Cash Capital^ CONTINTESTO INSURE AGAINST FIRE AS USUAL. JOHN BROUWER, President. Eroadteay Eisuran ce Company. C a p i t a l f 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 . X cash, are now prepared to effect N suhanck on Build- op the most favorable terms. All Losses promptly adjust- ““ ^ SCHUREMAN HALSTED, President. J obs W bav ,Secretary. i l a e IN. B o w e r y r i r e I n s . C o m p a n y , Office XH4k B o w e ry, c o r n e r Ol c a p i t a l . 300,000 DOL rjNHJS COMPAN_Y_ continue ' ' ing a large Surplus Fund, which, with their Capital, being securely and profitably iuvested. enables them to afford bkliable sEci niTv un all Policies issued by them. Order, by post or in person will receive prompt atten- DlRECTOaS. k ” r L w , Thomas Jerei Sfjrol^rtder. ^m\ ^Toodcock, S^rd^sTy^^saut, u t R . t : R o , . M , t u a u a : w r . . . O^fflee hour8^from''8 o ' c I oc S.' a . .\I.,tiIl sunset. Lotises liberally adjuatea and promptly paid. jel6 np ^ Brooklyn^ T I E S m S U S S A M C E C O M - 1S24.I Offices 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and No. 6 Merchants’ Exchange. WaU street, Srw York . dwelhngs and other ture. vessels in port and terms as any Institu- SWOBTH, Presi^nt. r p i n s company^insure stores, X buildings, merchandise, fnrnii WILLIAM ELLS A lvrvd G STByevs. Secretary. ____________ THE GROCERS’ F i r t InsnrtfHcc Comp'y, O ffias , N o al W all , corner of P farl ht ., N. V. C a p i t a l , $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 . bou.'*«hoia furnit Ufc*j, Vt^?se!s in pf-rt. tiivir &c , navigation and ItanaportatioB on the mf.at favorable terms. AU losses promptly adjusted and paid. loati T ubs . Rufus story. Francis .Skiddy. Benjamm B Sherman, Ale°ifnd™u' Grant, Sampson .Moore, Asa S. Porter, ’T im S’ s o n ' m o o r e , M iltov S mith , Secretary. S K f S u , William B Foster, iNew york Life insurance and Trust Company. ^BRITISH. C o m m e r c ial L ife Insurance Com p any. NO 85 CORNHILL, LONDON, and 65 -WALL STRB'.ET NEW YORK E S T A B I a XSHED i n 1830, Capital —^3 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 . T R U S T E E S . JOHN CATTLEY, Esq. JOHN COX, Esq. . . SEBASTIAN O MARTLNEZ R E F E R E E S IN N E W - V O R K . His Excellency HA.MILTO.N FISH, Uov of state of New AN’THWdY B.ARCLAY. F.sq H.'B M. STEPHEN WHITNEY, JAMES (t.\LLATlN, Es ':~U , . „ c . F U. J ohnston , .M D , 75J Broadway Standing Counsel H on . W h - lis H ai . l . ^ A istav G ali - atiiv , Jnnr. Aotnary for the Southevn States, resident ([ga m w . F r a n e e a A n n e K e m b le win read, Fri­ day Evening, April 6th, tho pUy of MEASURE FOR MEASURE, a l Iha stnjTsaanl Inslitnta,4t n\ o'Hoek— gatordaymofnlng, atth0«ameplgC9,ak 13 o’eloak. *ho wffl read SHTH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Tlekstg $1, to be bad at the Astoi Mr. Francis’* and Mr. Or Janitor of ths ifilEtllta. MX*. nivAiiw®* A i.no K exnnio having, with great Ubexality. kiiidly conssntea to read, fbr the b* of the ‘ Ladies’ Society for the Employment and Relief of the Poor,” the managers have the pleasure to ai nannee that she will read The Merchant of Venice, o If-pastt ing already disposed of a sufficient number of ; one dollar each, to nearly fill the room, there rir for sidapublicly or at the door. ap2 TuTh&S PAAS FE S T IV A L . (KJ- S t. NlcItoIwB Society oY th e C i ty o t N ew Y o rk .—A special meeting of this Society will be held at Niblo’s on THURSD.AY EVENING, 4th AprU, at eight (8) o’clock, for the purpose of celebrating the Paas Festi- .NiClialOB liOTfi J BOTBtJD BiptlSraai Blemud H. Ogaon, James w . BeeDnan, Henry H. Heiscr, Elias 0 Drake, and James Breath. Steirards No. 49 Water Bt past 7 o'clock, at Its T?epoirftoi7. No 351 Broadway. The Sec y FlkKME?«'» InsUBAnCE CoM7A^T, ) N kvt VoBK, Sd April, 1850. s ({(^ A D ividend of two dollars per share on the iJi'-AW'S, bX'K.\MLrrwX'“ irt;s SE V E N T H -WARD BA NKl JOHN W. LAWRENCE, President. P hilip H i RMO n , D avid B rown , K .-:;;’. FleRTCHEtt H a RPRH. Wil.i.lxM H al HKT, G e OBOK W. C0BLIE8. At GJ STTl I DoWMNfi. A bv . ham R. V' an . N est nih27 istf _____ A.S FRASER. Cashier C U M B E H I. A N D ,S E M I-B T T U M 1 N‘ o g ' s STEAM COAL, rO H S A L i : B Y C A R G O . H. B T E B B E T T S , 40 IV a ll S t r e e t . . .N e w Y o rk. _ A p r U 4 i a ___ _ ^ _ STANLY H . F i.B E T W O d D , c o m m . s s . o n e r f o r £ . o ^^^^^^^^ To take aoknowledcTnent of Deede. Oepneltlons. fee Jy^fl c o « X R o f S S ' S L r a i Juet imported the most fashionable styles, from which a SPLENDID o'oTH*C °AND S h T e LD PLATES, For doors, of sterling silver, the plate of which is warrant- '”Ss“irr»'a‘i^V5g;“ - Notariel, Coneular. Lodge and Society Seals, found and c o a t s ^ c I f \ r . m *^ a ^ d ' c ^^ e s ^ Blaaoned and out la Stone, Silver, Brass or Gold, In a style and manner, the execution of which for 26 , BAULKYAUD * UD., A. U . B Manufacturers of Oold a n d S ilver l>en and P e n c il Ct a E X < T J E N S I O N C A S 5 E S , WarehouNF, old stand. No. 189 B r o a d w a y , N ew V o rh, ~ * ^ 1 i L in e - ; ij * d F I itM ii'rille in tn r n n c e an d T r u s t Com p anT INCORPORATED 1830. C A S U C A P I T A L , $300,000. LoBiCI LIBKRILLT SI JySS BP A. B. n O L IS [) PROMPTLr PilOIXNIV 8,> Bant. 7a ’W a ll a t. IS anyothei .ntorest of mouey and the dura . . DLPIISITS. The Company allows interest on deposits payable upon 10 days notice............................4 per cent, per annum. For •! years and o ver .................... 5 do do. Deposits by the Courtof Equity and Snrrogatea..................................6 do do. And on all deposits intended for aconmulatlon, such Interest as may be agreed ou. DAVID THOMPSON, President. PHILIP R. KEARNY.Secretary mhlSnp tAsto^^Jflutual Insurance Company, No. 3C W i llia m stre e t, M e rch a n ts’ E x c h a n g e , Corner of Exchange Place. alArtXNE AND INLAND INSL'KANCE Excepting when the Fire indispensably connected This company is now in successful operation, its assets mounting to upwards of F o m * H i m d r e d T h o u s a n d D o l l a r s , With nett earned proffts on the fir«t instant of over T H IR T Y P E R CEN T . TRUSTEES. Frjjinklin H De Alfred Barratt. ebauBcey U Hurd, Edward .\nthony, Franklin H Delano, Ulysses B. Brewster, S S - - H S r - Frederick A Lee, r T T J : ^ : : r T Theodore ( rane. rnhVfe’‘/d':^; dobn A. McUai Wm. F Bulkley. George Godfrey. Peter A II Kenauld, Elisha Rob S-KrirT;,.., S. Pond, SnmLl^L Bush. E dvard A. S trong , Secretary General Agent for tl i i Insurance Cmnpany State of Pennsylvania. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. CHARTERED 1792. tVith a targe Surplus. r p n i S old established and well-known Company ’ X issue policies at the current rates of premiuiuB - •ancUse, ■ huTldlngs, ships.n^^rcuc^^ T h e M a t i m l L i f e I n s u r a n c e o r N S W sta.t« and City of New York and. L oited htatea (juvern- ™This fund is rapidly incareasing by a widely extended “ q^h^TcS;:*; d“ adi.Adcnd of profits of ^ty-twc per cent on all existing policies on the ojst of January. a l l t h e p r o f it s a r e d iv id e d AMONG THE The premium\ are pajal.Ir In cash annually- sonually or quarterly, interest being added on the de- e«eeted, the whole of the advantages, without euhjeoting thmn to the heavy drawback of accumulated premium ^'peraons may effect Insurance on their own lives, and 35W aa-«tteet,or »hereby'their surviving families may eviU of penury - Ou, principles of Mutual L'lfe johnH Swift, John Wadsworth, gamnel M. Cornell, nenr M .w a Jonathan MUl* . ^ Da'Sdd A. Comstock, Robert SchuylCT, Ja r o e s ^ u \ r Frederick TV chaklssEIy, JfthlfcO. CTUgRX, Waiter Joy, ^“ *® ^^** iriqFPH ISAAC ABBASC^ecretwy. PSAiS. QUile, A m b fJ- President. merch I W m . H arpeb . Secretary, T R E N T O a M I T U ^ F T R E INSURANCB ‘“‘^T o s EPH C. POTTS, President. F.i-i M orris , St^cretary. For pohc.es apply to JOHN S. NOB^E^Agent,^^ New York. October 12,1849 ol3 6m eodnp COMMERCIAL. SALK-S ATTHFSTOr K KX< H A N(#K, A FR iL 4 1350 S P \ \ ,? ’ ill:! I S r I r - if Hs S: ■■sr I' ' f r 3 B i I l l s i l 4 r “\ - 1 :s 1 ;So ;,:;.-,3 ....... S- . is 1 S Nor iW o . : - h ’ • i iiii lit\ Sate OP S tc k . . r rH„..ot,.PH,.. ApriU -Fir-t 'X r k V h e l l 'H joard - 4 OOO f>nn 6fl. 1*1 . It *5 i/irard BaDk, l-‘- 1 4oU ^ rwifkiHCm N;tKte U h , 1.0, 190 r S Bank ‘ M £«> I b.n ir (..-l « n , Pt^nn RK, 41j. 2 d .SoPfutown HR 36’ 2 0*.» srhuyl N by 68 int on SbC lUO Heading 20?. itUd<>2r){. 617 Lebtgh lut 72. 600 .Morria ( anaU7,‘. 4 600 Schuyl Nav6N, 54^. 15 Far& Mech BanklT. IS.Vlech Bank27i; 13 Louisville The stock market fis duU and {heavy except for tbo securities of government in which there is an Improve­ ment. vis Treasury notes j ; United States 5's, 1853, j . 6's of 1867 i. and of 1868 North .\msTican Tfust de­ clined } per cent ; Farmers’ Trust 1 . Morris ( anal Norwich St Worcester f ; Canton | , Erie Railroad Erie Bonds, second mortgage, { and first mortgage ; Land warrants are $128 a $132, with hut little In-iul Money is in good supply especially for loan purposes. On government securities call loaoa have been effected to-day and yesterday at 4 per cent. On railroad securi­ ties call loans command 6 per cent Tbo offerings of paper both locaUy and from the east, continue large, and rates are fully maintained at 6 per cent for short prime paper, and 7 a 8 per cent for longer has decUned In Liverpool { of a penny sterling .nda, as per the following and 8 37 for prime—beef continnes dnll a t ft 51 for prime and 8 75x10 for mesa and 10 50 for extra foCSS. B « f Hems #w duH at 17 c- Cut mtate arc heavy j i?but little offering, and holders !8flrmat23ifoTpriion. Drudge ii aniet at ’23} A to.sv, Apm a .-F looi-T h e sales axe 400 hbta a t S4 7&a4 87 for common to good state. 6aS 2S foa favoriU itate and Michigan, 5 87a5 50 for pure GeaeS_ce._6 62a i6 for fancy state, and 6 76a0 26 for extra do. W SSi-TSiX\ I, FrovUions—Beef and Fork for w at 7, lard to 7a7l'fOT'b^''and*k$8”' Z quote Ohio 9al2. Btate 12al6 for common to fair, and 16x18 for fair to prime. Seed—In Timothy there is a limited hnslness do­ ing at prices ranging from 2 76 to 3 6o, as to qtiality ; we quote a sale of 20 bbls Ohio clover a t 7, and smaU sales of state a t TjaOi for medinm to largo “S i,* , si'issr \• jm m s s s m is ^ o ^ V o l f f X ^ l l S S b^n^TdrcSSfnreou^Siorn^rd Penna yellow at ACc. and a Very prime lot at something 5or\”?? bacon’,‘“t e ”,^L“ r ‘' B u » e 7 - ib o u ri6 ci“o =<* apd lot l-S I eroy Plan«4 *613 Of ,. J. 13elatour*« T lierm o in 1849 I 1648 t I I T F I l I PASSi:A'Gt.IiS. 5 ship Joshua Bates, from Canton-.Mrs and Mils eftfirs <J T Olyphant. D Olyphant M A H J iJB li. M D . of New York, to Miss MARY A , only daughter ol daughter of /enaa Skidmore, of Newtown, Conn. On the 4th losUntv THOMAS BRIDGEMAN, Esq • agvd 64 year* 6 dAyg. His frienilg are respectfully lovUed to attend his /hue- s^rX'^^QD^Frlafty^f^^ ^ Oa the 3tl lnhta.tYt, FiiA NdS ( OOPER, E«j., Ip Puli'** on Fri‘lay th« 5th lti»tant. at half past o clock, prp<*U<*ly. without furl liar invitation. Thu duueasud han bnfn a rogldi-nt of thu city for about, sixfy yt'are last past. Ho comneuced bUHlnusfi as a cop. per 5=uitth, in WaU*r ptrtjut. whirh h« conducted with In duRtry and iuooens and a«*cumu!at«d a in« it*»aU fortune^ Some years Kioce he puroha^ud a plot of ground, once th country .«ieat of Leonard Be« cher. Efq . where he died Th-« deceased was for many tucouRBive ytjats eUoted a nicmher of the H ouho of Aflsembly. of this statu. Very few of hia early colleagues survive him He was a man of great firmness of purpose and resolution and of indomit­ able courage, of the republican school ui politics He adhered to hia principles to the close bis life. He has lea no children, but his estimable widow survives him Few men have died more generally known, and none more univerftftlly repp*-<*ted On the 2d In-stant, after a nliort illnefis Mrs. ISABEL- I.< S< OTT. relict of the lute Thomas Scott, aged *^Hor frU-nds are invUPd to attend the funeral from the ree'idence -*f her Non-in-i»w, Samuel < ochrun 34 KaSl Tweoty-nrpt rtreet between Broadway and 4ih uvunuu. ..n Kriday afternoon, at 3 O'clock, prcc'teely. wHhOut lUf- years. JO months and 3 doj« deep y r*-grnUnJ b)' tier fami On Wednesday. April 3d. ( HARI KS CHIFP por. m J iineH D and < athanuo K Bird, aged 2d month a n i l On Tuesday evening. NATH L W . infant son of Fd Ward and r.ilen Dugan, of BrooU'yn IHF EV e a INU PO.ST MARINE LIST. FOKT Oh xNL W-VOKK, THTRSDAY, APRIL 4 SPIT BISKS.. . .0 41 I It’N SKTS. .6 19 ! HIOH IViTElt. 1 lU r i K , ‘iHFei) TUi^ r o a r s o o y ship Soutbern«r, Sulm an. New OrU'ens h rost & HickK. hh»p Kmuraldu ,McMftnu*J Li>erp'<.oL / Ogden Bark U J Southard. Biehop. San hrancisco, T Smith I'.ark Brunette, ilct.fath, Matanzaji R P Buck t r.. Lr»; Alvaro Gjuld SitUiUn River .NenmiUi at .son Ur:.; L Buidrtin Jobnaou. Savannah, Dunham U HI Brig < lerp,itra Kent Naguabo Nesmith & Sona, bng Bl >onjtl«*:d. Kcf^harti st Jf»hn«. NK S,*h ( ommauder iu-< hief. Ketchum. Baltimore, J W Si-1) Mary F:i/.a, Smith, Richmond. V a. Van Brunt h Shught. AU mVEl) THIS FOliKItOON. racket ship Devonshire Hovev fn m London and PortH- moutb.30 days, with mdze and 9 passengers, to(v (iris- Sliip Joshua Bates, Stoddard. 96 days from Canton with teas ailk« Sir. to Uuodhue Si Co Ship St Louis. Bunker 14 days from Now Orleans Mjip Anna Itich. Burw«U 20 days from *Ncw Or With mdxp to the maf*ter Bark Seott Dyer. Tukeabury 12 ds fm Sagua la Grand with Hugar and uioloesee to order Md I q company with eeh Pnitfaers . left brig Klissa, of forUaUd, for N York 24th Bark Jeddo. Kldridiire, 22 dys fm Apalachicnla, with rhelen Hokbam, 18 dys Cienfuegos, niolasees tc Bjirk Mopang. Clark. .Matauzaji. with sugar to R ( Bark Creamore. <Br) lachu'>ia. with cotton to master. Bark Yankee Blade Bradstreet, 25 ds fm xVOrieans. mdz Bark Braiiiiero, Marsh. 21 ds fm Vera Cruz, specie, &c. Brig W 1 Watson, Cumer, 16 d« fm Porto Rico, with su­ gar 19 H Trowbridge (k Son. of NHaven Brig Peconic. Richards. 16 da fm Mobile, with cotton, to Afhbey U Fish Brig Wm L Jones nvs.'js.s. 5 fm Pernambuco, in I, Rosses,2S dsfm leghorn, marble he t nO G F E R S & S O |fS 1TOR.T T A B L E CUTLEaRV J i - W e have jnstteceived by paeketahipSiaalia. direct! from the above weJ^KwJWH w anunoortni afoH BSB7rt- envelope, drai „ .. __ _ ______________ qoxntities to suit ptttehnseia. . Aeooant books of the first quality; also a cheaper arti­ cle strongly bonnd, of all the various sizes and styles of binding; letter copying books, sen ' ' time books, hotel roisters, work hot celpts, checks, bills o f exchange greit variety; also printed to ordt Letter copying presses at reduced prices eomplete, with ail the apparatus. FRANCIS fe LQUTREL, Mannfactnting Stationers, 77 Maiden lane 500 Store, of h it own mnnuDafitarlngf &sd oRezs for sale, 500 pieces of B-4. 4-4 and 5*4, plain and fignred, hearj and extra heavy India Rubber Carriage Cloths, made on hea­ vy drills and of good ^nm, warranted to stand all climates, and not to peal or crack Merchsjats &om abroad., e&r- piage tpimraflTff. and all In pursuit oi a good article of Cam&p Qocbs Win And U to tlieif int^faut to 5aU a&a vsarnmothoir siocb trtfonrparohadliig eliewbere, adit Is offered for sale on liberal terms, and a t rery low prices by D HODGMAN. New York India Rubber Ware Home, Nos. !27 Mald&i Lane, and 69 Nassau street ap4 rX A T K S ’S NB P tiV S V J y V R h SIX AND SB* W VEN PR CT. INTEREST TABLES—The peculiar feature of these Tables is, that they are equally applica­ ble to the method of computing of Interest by days and mooths of 80 days, (making the year to consist of 360 i i ? . “ 5 ; ' “' ’ “ Paris Blue, dry y z t l r \ ' ; , - Ultra Marine Blue, dry New°York rhrome Yello. A Rove Pink Pulp Lake Extra Venuilliou Turkey Umber, burnt and raw Do do in oil DANIEL F. TIEMANNSrO. >4 17 Bnrlinir Slip I v York, invito merchants from every section of the country to examine their large stock of Foreign and Ho- m'estic Stationory. and every other article sold by sta­ tioners, which. In quality, price and assortment, cannot Blank Books—AU sizes, patterns and styles of binding, for merohants, banks, offices, courts, county clerks, and the southern and western trade. SttH’l Pens - tJilU'U’a. Perry’s, Wtndlc’s and others. Gold PencUa. inkstands, wafers, sealing wax. cutlery, slates inks, gum tickets, pencils. Bristol and perforated boards colored, gold and silver papers, and every other article of stationery. Printing and engraving at th« cheapost rates. Ucoda freely ehown ; PHoe^^very lo^w^^ral, ^and see us Importing and MauufactnriuK Stationers. No. 61 William, one door below Cedar street. (to- ( ountry merehants and dealers supplied at the lowest possible p r i e e s . ___________________ ap4 300 ■” 160 bMei Bcarlet and white, Cotton and Wool Flan, loo SiitlDetw. T-ax-ionf qualities. 120 ease) gold mixed and blue mixed Kentncky ‘s s S S v S s ” '**’\ 260 bales Marinere’ twiUed and plain Shirting 160 bales indigo blue Denims ia» packages, Allendale. 6-4. 8-4. 9-4, 10-4 and 12-4 660 bale4 “Jewett City,” Washington. Hampden, Po ver Uonlt&s Virginia, Bozrab, Matoacaand Ash- s: E g S i 5 ' & 76 oases 27 and 30 inch bleached do. L o m ^ e 460 oa.-^es 3-4. 7*8, 4-4 and 6-4 bleached Shirtings, rious sty'ea. 130 cases colored Cambrici. 4M t'o-S * 4 TanU M Ticlw. 60 raises yellow Nankins Brown and bleached larkson Diaperfl. r ^:l;^28!ao:nV3e\noVhervy cotton Osnaburg AUTICAL m X )K KiSifi ■VO 88 ( EUAK-ST C. MARHIl, ACCOUNT buoK RitritG i!T SvA>viaH —A bpautiful edition of Mr Marfth’s principal work la published In Spanish. Price 26 For sale at the counting-rooma fe26 38 there Is no chan ....................... Uplands............................................6i ti| A largo firm at Providence, In Rhode Island, engaged in business as calico printers, has suspended payments. The high prtco of the raw material relatively to the mannfsptured article, Is said to be the cause N ew Y oile C ity I vterest —Tbe Comptroller has lotica that the Interest due on the city stocks next, will be paid Iberlain, Shepherd Knapp, Esq , at the Sch Coquette, Auld, 24 ds fm Franklin, La, sugar and BELOW-2ship and 1 bark. SAILED-Sblp Switzerland. London. Wind NW. given 4oti the Jjt of oha'Pbei omptroll t day by th le Mechanic! FIRE IN^RAJNCE. JPatioual Insurance Co. O f Boston. C A P ITA L 5^500,000. JPeptune Eisurance Co. O f Boston. CAPITAL S j £00,000. Franklin Etsurance Co. O f Boston. CAPITAL ^300,000. The Capital o f the above Companies has all been paid In. seonrely invested, and are now unimpaired. ^0’^1“‘*“\ t U o 1 a S H A L E , 51 W all street. Second door above Wmiani stieet. D i ' idzsd .—The Firemen's Insurance Company hav declared a dividend of two dollars per share, payable oi the 10th inst. id for the Evening Post ] >rU iO a rkeU . OIT, Aprff 4,1850. The foreign advices gtve a feeling of depression, though the falling off in the southern receipts .tlU operates Weak holders may rea'ise at a decline F LOL R, a c - A moderate local and eastern demand for we-teru and state fiour. and prices are without change The eastern demand is restricted, owing to tbs scarcity o Cl lor straight tot Eugene Dutflh, itanelaS. Lathrop, John C. Thatcher. B. U)LLINS,BceBidenE VSi^W f^ OMce o f the JPatioHol L s s s t l ' s iriss,.*; A 'i S s g n i .jj._ p . g r i i o M e . 4 w l l K v ^ J S i S S 7 . I S S ; ' g;S ‘a S ‘.T4 ■ ............... _lish and 1 and plain, note, tissc bon net'and wrappin| • a GRAIN- Holders of Wheat are firm, the d limited to the wants of milling here and at the have no sales to record. There is a better on sales ited and prices are ida_ and the mar- andnd Jerseyrsey 35aaa sonthem 28aS5i a Je S Q O A F FU U THE3 W E S T 1N U IE 8 .-A n article of snperior quality and at a reduced price, put up in au s u ^ h no niff St. ]V -E W CA S T L E COAL AFLOAT.--NOW lan^ug IN from bark Arolus, Walisond New Castle ( oal, of large size, and superior quality for family or manufac- ap4 comer Rutgers and Cherry sts. ^ A D D lS O ’S—I'nion and Wool of various qu P^no w iandmg and for sai^hy^^^^^ ^ rjO T T L E UHEte.N CLOTHS of superior style and J J finish now coming la store. Also, blue, goltjen browns ap 4 _ _______ ( HAS rARVlLLE. 17 Broad street rjY \V IL I.E D SU > E S |A S .-A very desirable style of I these goods both in fabrics and assottment of colors, jost landed and ....... ........ - CAHVILLE, IV Broad st. nerally. besides public institutions, incorporated compa­ nies and sooieties who wish to advertise in, or snbsorlbs Z T . lsThe”o n i ; S a agent. The annoyance to merchants and others, grow- ing out of numerous pretended agencies in this «ity, rem dert the adoption of this course essentially proper. ^Thts*'®‘^hSefo^?wh^^^ c transact business w5th Cottage a n d Cabinet Fiirnitii?^' JO a n u lhctor* - W n r e ^ m . , A T thisestebufhm e n t^i be f ^nd^a f^^^^ A beautiful variety sf Ladles, Sevring and Parlor ^^BO Fancy Work Tables, of every desorlptlon^at low Fasiseript* iE W Y O KS. liB G IS L A T C R E . A lbany . April 4. IN SEN A T E . The comimttfte ot eight reported leTeml bills ts proper to report completed, amoog them were Assem­ bly bills to regulate the pay of the New York Polioi which Mr. 'Williams moved to strike from the repoi audit wasdohe. Bills were read, to submit tbe elatm of W . M. Niles to arbitrators, which was lost, and a motion lo reconsider was laid on the table. Bills were then pjtased to sabmit to the people the free school law, ayes 19, nays 9. Mr. Carroll moved a re-consideration, but the Sen­ te refused, also. To dividathe 12th ward of the The Governor returned a bill . Juvenile Society, (with objections) one of the tions is to the removal of the lien the city have npon the asylum buildings as proposed by tbe bill, of the value of such buildings there is no evidenoe- A Yoto W03 taken upon the hill and it was declared loU; to ineofporfttfl tha New York Medieal Collage. Bills were presented to incorporate the Manbattao Savings Institnti ) regulate wharfage on lighters in New York and Brooklyn. Malting appropriations for the Block River Canal. Also, for the Erie Canal, which is now under oon- sideratioi ,e city of New York, relative to the New BY T U S SO U T H E R N M A IL. T h e G r e a t Pacific R a ilro a d C o n v e n ilon. The convention having been called to order, the President eubmitted a oommunieation from tha Hon. J. C. Fremont. Tho letter is very long, and Mr. Premoni sets o at tbe route with grosht partioolaxity. 14/^ ll.y& ih&i U U6 of moanialns keiween the Mississippi and Foeiho whiob ha7e an unbroken crest, wbQre pasaes are only, to bo found in the com­ paratively small depressions of a summit line. Throughout this gr^at e xtent of country—stretch­ ing in oaoh way about seventeen degrees—all these apparently continuous ranges are composed of length­ ened blocks of mountains, separate and detaohod—of greater or less length according to the magnitude of the chain which they compose—each one possessing its separate, noted and prominent peaks, and lymg parallel to each other, but not usually so to the gene­ ral direction of .the range, but in many cases Tying diagonally across it, springing suddenly up from the pnoral level of the country ; sometimes rising into bare and rooky summits of ^ o a t height, they leave openings through the range but little above this gene­ ral level, and by which they can be passed without E r i S S i : S ; “H H S a mountain, and on the very line which every nation­ al consideration would require to connect the great Tide the entire Uuo into three parts—the eastern, ? ? S I } „e3lom, from tiro rim of the Great Bimm to the Kollowiog by an epen^wagon way the valley Of the Huerfano, the road reaches tho immediate foot of tbe mountain a t tho entrance of a remarkable pass, a l­ most every where surrounded by bold, rooky moun­ tain masses. From one foot of the mountains to the other, the pass is about five miles long, a level valley \ 1 to four hundred yards wide, the mountain ■uptly on either side. With scarcely a dis- bfe rise from the river plains, tbe road here passes directly through or between the mountains, emerging in the open valley of the Del N o rte; hare some forty or fifty miles broad, or more properly a continuation northward of the valley in which the Del Norte runs. Grossing this flat country, or opening between the tains, and encountering no water OOUrse in ItS the road would roa.ch tbe ontranoO Of the pass familiarly known to the traders, who are acous- scosons of the year, and covered wi^on He aii*o points out pasBcp through the £5ierra Neva­ da, a t Walker's ami from Uumboldt’s river.— Col. F. thus sums up his views : 1st. It is direct. The course is almost a straight line from end to end. St. Louis is between S8—39 ; ^>aa f rancisco is about tho same ; the route ia between these parallels, or noariy between them, the whole *id It is central to territory. It is through the territorial centre west of the Mississippi, and its pro­ longation to the Atlantic ocean, would bo central to tho states east of that river. It is also central to LreTa?;“lP r n « greatest commercial point on the coast of the Pacific. 3d U combines the advantages for making and presen ing the road, wood, water and soil, for in- liabitalion and cultivation. 4th It is a healthy route. No diseases of any kind upon i t ; and the valetudinarian might travel it in his own vehicle, on horse, or even on foot, for the mere restoraliou of health and recovery of spirits TKrt.r, nroo 1.1 a .4 1..... . . 1 -- he mere restoraliou of health and recovery of t,. ___ There was con.siderable discussion on various points by sundry gentlemen. Tbe resolutions reported by the committeo were adopted with but one dissenting sense and convincing logic, was by far, the best de­ livered during the session, the ooqvontion adjourned OKKICIS OP- ATl-AWTIC jlCTUAX, i.\ SURA.NCE COBUPA-NY. N ew Y ork , 29th January. 1R60. (k?\ The Trustees^_ln conformity to the charter, submit the following statement of the atfalis of the Compaoj on the 31t»t December, 1849 • — Premiums received on Marine Risks, from 1st January 1849, to 31st Premiums on Policies January, 1849 ......... eeember. 1849. . . $1,982,312 4 5 t marked off 1st 477 750 00 Total amount of Marine Premiums... .$2 460,071 46 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks, nor upon Fire Risks disconnected with Marino Risks. Preminms marked off from*let January. 1849, to 3Ut December, 1849.............................$lJ52,7fiJ_10 laid during same period. .$960,246 29 smiums andnd expenses 223,386 12 ,0BSes p! leturnseturns R of premiums a < $1,1«3 6,32 41 Tho company have tho following assets, viz : United States Stock, State Stocks, New York n ty Bank Stocks, Loans on State and other Stocks, and Loans drawing interest. .$948,645 37 Bonds and Mortgages......................................... 269,900 00 Dividends on stocks, Interest on bonds and other I, re-insurance, and other claims di Cash in bank ............................. Total amount of assets. . others, they hcljeve ’ c“ ‘ — ''*ap4*’^ MRS BEMAN J^ o 1 After House f >.u31jfi a T L a s t , by bay a Kingsley’s txpres- U from Boston, goods imported by the Niagara to p,... “5i\’ ’•\•'“’' r Ic Tea T r ^ a ,’ln fun sett^ at imnsnally low pricM Also a large slock low prieed ThaTrsJ^ or Ip oaens, fot tale whtiesale or retail, by NEVYBOULD S RUSSEL, Iiaporters orHttdwaie, MO Fnlton at, , the t»4e ]JB^ the e»l» *f« lertrisWi »t f 19 tK m RY S I L V E R purchase^ Watches the maimfactareTa In Eiogland. prance ^ 4 Swltaerlsnd^ which he 1s seUiag ftt ffUelesaJe and tetall a) tb* Very *1 an.l silver English patent lever watches, by ■ o.ip.jr,Toblai Beesley. and others. GoM and silver detoxed lever and lepine watebea. Oold ffuard. fob and ^ s t chalna. rhfttlalne ftiiaini, fbr ladies. Pure gold wedding rings. Gold guard keys, fob Keys and seals. Gold and silver pencils, and gold PfQ9- „ Ladles' b-aceiets, gold lockebii suTer tiiin Channs. for watch chains. Oold silTer spcetaclee: Stealing BUyer spoons, enps, forks, &c. Gold Watches as low os $25 to 520 each. Watches' and Jewelry exchanficd. AU watches war- rantedtokeep goodthacjor.a,. _ a vvafthei, Clools, a^d Jfirelry in tha hart manner, at much leee U>an the nsi»l prices. GEO. C. ALLEN, Importer of W at^M and Jevrdry, j ^ i s wholeaale»odretoU,5lVY«Ust.,Tip8tMM. r f U S s 'A S i r s P O B T l H O A R T I^ILICf-N E W - \ j r BOULD A RUSSEt, No 140 Fidton street, between Broadway and Nassau street, offer to dvrtem a m a ll advance on cost of Impi^^ition, a n gle and Dou^e bapei Guns, both Oennan It English Also, Caps, ’Wadding, Fonder H*sks,ShotBagBandPaoebBS,OameBag8,Clean- Ing Ro6& ’jyjUow ,Mv$rpd ,«id Britannia Dram BotQea, Dog ChainSx Collars and Muxa'es b e . Persons ahont pqr- clto b g vrm find it tbtir toteurt to ezusint tlititesk. .$2,471,942 16 The Board of Trustees have resolved to pay an interest r six per cent on tbe outstanding certlfloates of p to the holders thereof, or their DOLLARS of profits, have further resolved that the .hole of tbe certificates of profits issued in 1847, and !ighty-fl.,e per cent, ot those issued in 1848, he redeemed and paid to the holders thereof, or their legal represen­ tatives. on and after Tuesday, the fifth day of February next, from which date all interest will cease tfcereon — The certificates to be produced at the time of payment and cancelled to the extent paid. The Board have also deriared a dividend of thirty-four er cent on the nett earned premiums of the Company for the year ending Slat December, 1849, for which certi­ ficates of profiU will be issued on and after Tuesday, the fifth day of February next Tfhe prc,fits of the company, ascertained from the 1st July, 1842, to the 1st day of January. 1849, for which certificates were iasued. amounted to ..................... .. ........... $1,657,780 00 Additional profits from 1st January, 1849, to . 1st January, ls5a ....................................... 623 854 46 M profits fbr TJ year*. , .. SB of 1844,1843, and 1846. Nett earnings remaining with the company on the 1st Jannary, 1850 ....................... ByorderofthBiftyWtd, DAN’L. DRAKE SMITH, Secretary. E. D, HURLBUT DANIEL S. MILLER. el Y^ sh A d a VID LAN^ HENRY PARllsh, JOSHUA J. HI ai w c foU * ^ Y BUBGI. S p U n d lf i C a b in e t V to B lta x e , beinC t h e e n R ze stocii: a* th o W e ll tn o W n ffiantt£tethi^kit, Mekki-a. W a^new & Stffiry, bhccc W o M o f O a h - CAh P h y f e , E s q ., e o m p k lalng t h e la r g f ttt k i •o k tm e a t o f S p len d id FuM iU ture offisfed a t A u c tio n t h i s season* thuaeasoiuaUofWbichis wananted to be ef the best m a t ^ ^ and iflanmactare, c o n s ^ g of elegantly carved rosewood mwa^ aonsofasatete-a-tetesv couples, ann, Voltaire, ^winc ^ p a n o r chairs, covered with the tichest satin damask, gold Md bine. groeiL and gold, crimsoa and gold, and other colois. of silk hroca-ette . also, entire soils ofeorv;^ rosewood, in caim^“ ww «.*%9, th maroon plash; also, enure smts m mnslra. id ite \forkinanship; also, alaige assortment of mahoffany bareans, dressing do, bookcases. , . irliegant centre mbies with n^bie tops, extension dinmg tables; bedsteads, c a i ^ . of rosewood, blapk walnut, oak and mpoga- Q7: ete^eres canteibniies; ball stioids with glasses; and other o k . N ew fiocheU e C o ttase S i t e s - A t R a ilro a d Large s have alreadj b L. HOGGBT AucUoneei ICC—G e n teel i A.’9TH6 n Y j . BLEECKEE, Auctioneer. Icg a n t H o n s e tiola F n i r n l ta r e a t A u c tion. m BRUCE A. CHILTON, Auctioneer. E X iPE N S lV E feAjt-las o b * xtBiAi, e s t a .’ t e , POMPRISIMG nearly seven entire blocks OU 298 VALUABLE LOTS AND GORES, BOUND­ ED BV 39 th , AO t H, 41 st , 4ao, A3 d and -S^TH s t r e e t s , and 2 d and 1 st AV'ENUES AND THE EAST RIVER, AND THE PRE-F.MPTIVE RIGHT TO THE LANDS UNDER WATER F.XTF.NDING FRO.M THE NORTHERLY LINE OF 39 th ST TO THE SOUTHERLY LINE OF 42o STREET TO THE EXTERIOR LINE OF AVENUE A-THE ■WHOLE COMPRISING ONE OF THE LARGEST PARCELS OF VACANT LOTS AND VALUABLE WATER RIGHTS OFFERED AT AUCTION THIS jio teTHuariy 7m uiimcTuD The sale will begm UMlh the l>rOt*erty on the 2tl avenne and 42*1 ineinc 100 feet west ol , between 32d ami 33d BRUCE A. CHILTON, Auctioneer J f i s s S i M R\ri.lTxte^dm\“? o S b n r ^ j g | ; p “ The nniliyided half^part of ot land infix ANTHONY J, BLEECKEE, Auetionew. on t h e 10th dov o f A p ril, » t 12 o ’clocK, t h e sale to be con llntted fra m d a y to d a y u n t i l ( rt.ii I® \ - reel—Three story brick bonse ; lot 19 feet by 83— l^^our story bnck bonse; lot 20 feet by abont sto^brick house. 24 leet by 110 '-■^k store. 25;8 feet by 83 reel, between 1st aveni itory brick bouses on First y britJt store—lot 75 by 100 leet— ------------ Id 'a v S n e T ^ ^ ,17th ant et and '2 on 8th street, between Avenues B (and inl2Sdst ets. with several parts on South 3d and 1st streets, with two frame fdi“oV£,Jnrbla'I„‘d \ S | S through to Furman, PAIIFOEOTA. X I. T . Sm ith’s Rtgnifti* b in e F o i l S a n FR 4 lf€lSC O .; C ia p p E R SH I P BOM E j Incement to drippers of valusble' g6o< s line esB geenre iinportant surd v ^ ,; iTeight »t lowest rates, witiionf '■ FOR SACRAMENTO l C U P P S iR BAJR CITY. lAJEUK. ONYX, JOSHUA h a r d ING, Commander, D I S P A T C H X . I N E . For California* Very fiat saSllng Stub? ® i,ai!iB » f rr , At pier 6, North River, c n take the bulk of she hun­ dred barrels and have quick dispatch. Tbe superior and weU known sailing qualities of this vessel warrants the expectation, , f a very short passage. Immediate applica­ tion should be made for balance of cargo. g f U P IsA P Y A R 8 S a .L A . Toots ............ . . .Johnstoa f I .— ----------- -------------- - >: -. I S » e s^Pld«.. -THles ChapiMn A few in first ai condi ca : and seco S A U K TB£irrTON< At pier 4T East River. A folf pftSBSRf 9X9 9ftH fi9 tfilitB, For Sacram ento City. B B IG “ O a iN A ,” Is loading at pier 7 North River. Can take S60 bar­ rels bulk and six passengers. Freights by this line taken at the lowest rates, and no detontlOD. E. B. BUTTON A CO., 84 WaU s t lARMOM'S A J H B m c ito atoSKUBk. At S in a e 4 “ - F o r Sian Francfieco Di|rect« The superior fast soOrng ship JOON will have immediate despatch—three-fourths of h fl C&T* go being under contract and now in course,of Alpment. For balance of freight, apply to JL WELLINGTON HART, feO ia 30 BroB tbe most acoompUsi^e^ Last wwk lilU ® 38 Broadway. » D ifecir” F o r San Francisc o EXPRESS LINE. The splendid coppered and oepper-fortened New York built packet ship VIC-TOBIA, favorably knovm as one of the fastest London and Liver­ pool packet ships, will be despatohel forthwith for San Franoisco. The bulk of her OBTgo is engigedand In eOiuse of sUp- lent, and no delay will oceui in her time ofsaOing. For haUnce of freight or pasuge, having four first eah- in and eight second cabin berths disengaged, apply to A N O T H E R CONCiSRT. N BROOKLYN, AT THE PLYlMOUTH CHURCH, This (Thursday) Evening, A pril 4t, 1860. r p i ^ HUTCHINSON FAMILY Tetnrti their most X .sincere thanks to their Brooklyii friends, for tho generous reception given them at their SniUbnoert, a nd would respeetftilly announce their second eBteitainment ■t JPi^outh Church, on this (Thursday) evening, t h e ' h utci Cwosrt N 's s 'isw r .iY ,X ”ia's? s s . CO. “Z irS f ” '\'- ™ o , T o » . F . a o o , Aprn j ’ ” m ^ '’“‘B’uiTERF[ELD, ff.SSO N . CO. A M S m C A g i KXPRXISS COMPANY. T“5*B“A i a r 4 S w v s s ^ ' Li-ringston & Fargo, and Butterfield. Waseou & Co., will ?.r.'„rL';£[“rT''” JOHK B l 'V terfield , Utica. jA.MKsD.Wif.80S, ■\ W m . A LiTiNoivoa OiH O N C S R 'r. VOOAX. AON IN N SlT T K USS a mi s il tS E o r e m o t a l : The jEtna Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, The N o rw ich F ire Insurance C o s i i p a , » y , Have Bemovod their Office 3 -WAI a I a s t r i s j apl 2wie» THOMAS A ALEX.aNDER, Agent. ^ b | S n g 2 3 “?*voSwa; o ^ p tX NUNNS k CLARK. esl4eBCfl gL FOK SAJUB OR TO L E A S E . ^The |j} Bcriber offers for sale, or to lease, liis late resli __ iULon the bank of the CouUetquot River, a t laUpj i The buildings are large, and of the beat kind, and, to­ gether with the garden, fences, &o. fco., are in thd best order Land, in quantity to suit the purchaser, vs^l be afforded. The river above mentioned, is the finest trout ing Stream on the island, and the place is most des^bij located for the enjoyment of oporting priTileges. i For particulars and termc, apply to William Coilj Eeq., No. 9 Nassau street, or to the subscriber, 1 jalGistf WM. H. LUDLOW, Islip, Plants, and a general essortment of articles in his me.— “j S i ’. 'S 'f f ■ ■” mh30 2wls* OPPOSITE BOND STREET, adjoining the Stuyvesant Institnt TN VIEW OF THE GREAT WANT THAT HAS i. been so long felt to exist in this city, of some institution to which merchants, citizens and foreign residents might me to tbe determination of s nmM-' J. LawmoeeSmlfii. Afiy. ™ R N E , J,.. p s s g j - s - g j g ; : r s s s i l f i l s . racter the ipeans of recreation, it will be pecuHarlj adapted to the merchant when the cares and anxieties ot business have Bubsided, and arc ancceeded by hours of S t S S S s S m F J S S ' it being deemed saffieie Ithont 1ny CO overlooked In reading rooms, i i ___ ^ ____________ to supply the materials of reading, witSont a fegard the convenience or comfort of the reader when engag cading for any length of time. To rs, one of the first artists and desigm le first artists and designers has b< rate tbe room, and make sneb gene s refined tasbe a i ............................ domestio and foreign, showing their exact essay and weight, with their value in the United States in eozifpr- m itj with tha law of 1843, also, art average timacslenla- tion, besides a n uuequaUqd hanUng timetable, just re- “ \ \ “ • • \ \ ' ’ w i L i m . S F S I l i »n J8 SPRING A'CO--” ” B1,Eiehangii plane. liSfssrsi. AMUSEMENTS. • » r o jS l O T i ^ LCROPKRA MOUSl E e a r l y p a y s o f ■WlIiLjAM SHAESrEARE. r~4is i n n balcony, soflB, tc.,T6eentB ; AmMStheatre, 85 cents Poore open a t 7 o’clock. Toeoqmehceat.h8lf-past 7. If ChJufiff JUHIW, Alfa engaged, the popular Yankee Cat Mr. MEB.RIFIELD,[EBTOFIELD, Mr.. GEo‘. INTLAND,W and HANDGLPH, Mr 1 isses STANHOPE, P e u S . _ , ____________ also appear a t each performance in aiflniiog Vaudevniee. Half a Million of Cnriosities can be seen aka!!home. Admission to the whole. 25 eentk; ehildrto undui 10 Sara, 12J cents. ' m&y be secn'at tha muido Jisd hook- Also, a t Hall’s music store in Broad- ..................... Bioadiray, and ROW (FRIDAY) EVENING, A] JHINSON FAMILY wffl give their New York, a t HopaUhapel, 718 B: - * ---- - —*ng papers. Psrdeulars in morning; VOOAX. AO N I S R U pH A M P N IfiY ’S SplendM^Moi^g Plctuw of the Po- L / etical and Romantic *' RIVER RHINE,\ and Ta. ileaux of scenes of the late FRENCH REVOLUTION rill be exhibited atSxoFP.wi’s 29e Bzeadway, oor ler of Walker atrefit, every afternoon and evening, az ksa U o’oioot, fflitn April nn. AdniiLtiiise SS uati. ^ PToreesor Van Peir Wyg«e Wffl piVSiflP i f tit JBOI'ID v J Miners bratej serf . view of the T both banks of lidgev.) and ending i ime» Tunnel, brilliant Is Harbor, R m the Tkam Admission 25 g withamsgnlA ----- ----- anily illuminated, banks of the beautiful River Rhine, exhibited iior47weeks, an^ since in the cities of Fhlla- Ssltimore, and Washington to npwardsof 300,- eents; Children under 12.15 eenta. Deer* emenoeii moving a t 7^ P. M. An exhlbl- lesday and SatedaYaftemooBi, a t 3 P. lOB^AOAXJHJWY OB’ FES Hi rj-GBE B J S j i e r M o w ^ f 'p i n t i n g s by ArtHto Of tha of Divine Unity, in Broadwav, between Prinea and Spring streets, wffl tem»D opoB untu further notice, from 10 o’clock A M , until 10 o’clock ». h Admission 26 conta. Seafion tickets 50 eanti. r.e u . .gne. 12 i cent*. mljl fin fldaie ttia i l rpH B I HUNTJUVOTON G A I - l^ R Y IS N O W 1 open at the Art Union buildings 407 Broadway, from \ ‘ ■■ \ \ Tbe collection embraaes the Sacred ■ ■ Ydreu, H s I iit _ , Iteman Peni- 0 Other works. Sin- \ t fiO flantej^a^ M,till 10 P M, TbecollBotion embraces on. Mercys' Dream, ChtistJan* and OhUd tighth. Lad? Jane Gray in the Tower, R< - ------------------------------- bveriteof summer resorts, now offers to visitors greater indnosments than ever. The besatiful walks along the river side, that k ^ t o t h f t Elyeian Fields, are kept In excellent order. ” boats leave for Hoboken, as follows: Barclay street every quarter of an h.bfilr dkrisy From Canal s treeU v e^ half hour, at 'eh* Intermediate •iBtenher etreef. ov.rv hOUT, a t thO CVSn ery half hour. , larter hours,a ---------- - . . . . , , — From Christopher street every 'naif 1 hour, and intermediate half b ours. A night boat runs to Barolsy street, e FR B IIG H T AND PASSAGE! 1A N £ JfrOR PHXL,ADXH.FBIA. B v e r y YNednesdasf sind Saturdw ? ' s tadrP . BI. S T E A M E R S Penobscot and K e n n e liec, Loove New York every Wednesday and Saturday, from pier 12. N. R . a t 4 o’clock. P. M. Merchandise and aU kinds of freight received and torvrarde* fflreot toThila- delpbia, without tranebipment. Leave Pbiladelpbla every Wednesday and Sotnrday,«t 11 o’clock, and arrive at New York early next morning. Freights taken at the lowest tatee. For pCEMge or reight apply to ST ANTON A SPICER, 86 West street, or fe2Sls D. W. ELDRIDOE. 8 North WharVM, Fhlla. F O R BOS’TON ^ a | N E W ^ Y O i m AND N f f i W S B ^ ^ S Tbe following trains leave the Canal street station dai­ ly, (Sundays excepted.) for Boston; At 8 o’clock A. H., and arrive a t Boston at 6 o’eleok p. M. Dinner at Sfringfleld. At 9} o’clock A. M. Arrive a t Boston a t 11-80 r . u By this train passengers may stop from two to three honn at New Haven, Hartford otBpringfieid, or a t any itation where the express train receives passengeif. At 2j o’clock T. M. Arrive at Boston at-11.30 ». a i r/:rth,p^fa?'^’atiIS* 0(3- See bUls of aU the trail Passengers are detiied to pn seats in the cars. ffHcaswa procure tiekete Vrtdre Mdtas views, one ol gaged to dei rangements __ __ _ _ _______ proposed may snggest. Another room of large dlmensioi ted up, will be connected With it, clnslvely to oonversation, so as no er in the adjoining room. The principal feature- however, of the Institution is tbe Beading department, ’which will comprise all the leading Jonmals ojtl^e UnltedStates, Canada, California, Eng- i, Ireland, Scotlani Fraoce. Germany Hueei! y, and other cotntrles of Europe) together i t and V» e«t Indies, tho S4fcndWich, islands. an( ry portion of the civilised'globe- The nnmerons lite­ rary audfflustratea papers, of a humorous and satirical cheiapteii which the talent of England, France a nd Ger­ many is ^ooetantly sending forth, ’Kith aB the Ouarterly and Monthly Perjodicids of imporiMce, will eonstitute an attraction to be foandi iff. no other rofim'In this oitv or the United Nothing vaU hewknting to render sbaU be sustained ^ the p c f r t sapport of t h e i S t o ^ ^ ! ^iu cnnqlusfon' dertaUng may meet vritEsuch a respoi out their pluni, with cm to-their subscribers- Tbq premises a rei idergoingthe necet. teriSte®^’ wfllhe twelve doUsis per an, ^ o f t h A b u n d i i i m ■ “ ^ dnenf the New York, MarchJ.', IJgO. »#4 n tetp r is e « u b m ltiii» n 1 C « S !j|^ o ^ S w clti^eS ^ ^ dummend It to m c ^ ^ 5 ^ k 2 - » T : 5 ‘e , s j s s s J S s i Y a s s s .? \ ’'\\'’’””'\ IS4®'”” ™«-™r a ^ MARCUS 8BBINO t CO, 61 Exchange nace. IjA T IS E T S iA S D TW RlEP8,.^Cadet. Oxfordand O hiaok^lzednetinets. o f various etyles and 4nalitissi also printed satinets; Tweedy of seteod qualitlM and styles.forsaUhy MARCUS SPRING i^'C O eassortm A m e r i c a cnronom e ters- iiLXSw die UmaiyQlHTON continue to Bknn&otara P MARINE eHRONOMETERS, npon their improved prihplple, and for which they haoe received a patent from the U. s. Government. These IwsTatmaBVs have received the approbation of thonsands of Navigators, and for voyages where great aoenracy isrequiredaceiindispensahle. B. fc C. are eon- stautiy receiving teetimpniale of similar import to ik a coUowing n tr a p t of a letter from Capt. Peabodyof BaDkeft ship Cambridge ; i “ The CHaOaowxTEa of yonr manufacture wliieh I purchased 28 months s\pe6, h u .proved to be the best Chronometer I have used and known. AtthoNTaMUBSil Observatory -in Liverpc»L where almost all th e packet ship-masters send tlieit Chronoraeters for x a ^ g ^and verification. Professor H»rtnnp, who has ohar^-irtthe same, and conseqnently tests those ef all makers, states that it is the best instrument be has ever sesn, a n d fur- thermore, he says that those of )|otir make are’more toli» depended npon than any others which, coma lutderiila As an American Ship Master 1 feel proud to find so eminent an English Astronomer give his teatimoBy, ilk favor of your Chronometers Your ob’t ssrit. G.S. PfeABOfiY, Master Of Ship CuahildifA B. & C. gives tbe fullest guarantee with iaM r iglte chines and will sell them at low priees fbxeash-cr oq credit for approved p^er. Chronometers to loan. Chronometers properly r e t i r e d and adjosted. New Charts of California, Cank«*dih*-East Infflea. d tF U L -rO N S T jK .T . 7 Cengreep st.. Boston, 138 Cheenut et., Phila l»23is -168 Baltitaerest., Balt. ~ ROOM S AN D M ANUFACTORY, 106 a n d lO S ^ X ilrf aw e n d e, 4Y B E !FOUN^ AH BXTBN Ait Of superior PIANOS, 1st modem eiyles, made in their treUknownsab- lanner. from the best seasoned materials,aod by ’6d mechanics, under oar immediate snpervlsria. X wiU not regret an examination befo» b u ^ g FLAJTO F O R T S S . o r r o s . i * *N* CITY h a h ,. lyi

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