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THE EVENING POST: NEW YORK, THURSDAY. MARCH 7, 1850. L a i thein.jecolleot w togetber, ^^HowoTor. Kio conunittea roso and tdQ ELousa ad* THE J^ENING POST, THURSDAY EV E iM K G. MARCH 7 , ___ E V B S I S G PO S T J3ool£ a n ti JTob P i r i n ttn s O fSce. ■^ab*2C^ rabscrlbora and friends to bear in mind V \ t stUched to the Evening Po?t Office a irpMap- point'jd B^o’iand J o b Printing estahtishment, prt-par^*d to tx-cute any kHid of printi'ng that may bo r*>4U'red — p.- ’-s ‘'.\ral««gae'. Oirculara, < AT-ls. Shcwb.li' If.iniuii'** i,-.'.. ,- 2.il H«a'lA. BIU^ cf Lading. Mao-fr-.-ta 4 ntractf*. V^rTcantilp and Law Elanki* < P*>i ne^ kr- a- <?xe«nt^d at the n./fu ? and at the l . f st att-ntinn will bp gi-ron and pf>tnts ^rith ac<*uracy> t w i l l ia m r ERVANT at r 0 tb-* prioUng cf law and d«!'pat<'li ) . IS Nassan str»*pt 1 T U B S O t T i l O R A W IS O BA C K , tvery tiay brings confixmalion of the groand which r.-.,. hiive al! along Uken, that there is no serious in- t-r,t,.2a cn the part of the southern states to ihe I'ninn—that a great part of wh,it ■ •■>',- :u'’jert Is merely bluster, a clamor ratted to ■\..a . { o.-.^ by (r'gbteniEg timid northern , and 6 hir.g timnl northern merchants with -.rtarm k=t they should lose their commerce with the soar'-—and that what is not bluster, is uttered with a ■wise determination not to be bound by it. if it .■ov.uM bo\ome prudent to reconsider it. P„, the time for hol^iug the Nashville Convention approaches, what do we see ’ A well-concerted ' „f ,,f.,.ratien, harmoniously adopted, and likely I o.tc..iUd with energy and courage' Do we see the iouthem people rising, as one ipan, to second the view? of those who, in this matter, aspire to be their Ica-lers ? Are there any indications of preparation i ,r su momantous and hazardous a scheme as that of dl-memhcring a great republic against the conset.t ofapow erful majority, -who hold in their hands tnean.^ of re-iitacce and coercion formidable beyond those ■which are held by any other nation? Do we even hear the members of Congress, who .represent the s-.ti’h. .‘peaking the same language, insisting on the same Jemdniis, and declaring themselves ready for the airae alternative ’ There is nothing of ail thu. The nearer we come to the moment which is to decide this question, the are those who have been talking of disunion, prepared for the event. There is no concert among the sbx'.e holding class in the several states, and none even among their members of Congress. They are not agreed as to what they are to ask of the free .states ; they arc still less agreed as to what they will do, if their demands aro not granted. No step ha« been taken to provide the f'.rce with force, and resisting the federal in the attem p t it will assuredly make to enforce obedience to its laws. If here is a conspiracy fbe Union, there never was a conspiracy ] with so little forethought, not even a negro insurrec- ‘ 'ae would have supposed that the counsels cf Mr t'aihouo, who has been looked to as the principal mover of this project of separation, would have .‘ome It with those who have been so loudly threaten- isunion. Mr- Calhoun, in a speech carefully prepared, has informed us that the only w! f-rving the Union is to amend the eonstitaliun s a o s s y OS' m a k k i b o w o i orperstetoceiyto teiximXoitRw, wboia iga(^m ib-ptmasoCik Uiir y p fttei J»7 i« s i ^ tn r p a tRree years ago, to secnxe to m a r r i^ women ^ e ; W e b o ^ thetp'isi^y0»y> K iaothcr In tli» sUte, orperste^eiytp 'te iX im h e i a w , wboia ignfntnt of to hold-irliateTerproperty they may inherit or acquire, independeiit of their hnsbanirs control. T h a t law, though crudely and most inartiScially drawn, was a practical security to tho female sex, of the most be­ neficent character. ?3o law has ever been passed in this state, probably, afieeting a larger variety of in­ terests,01, noneone ttblehniCQ hasaa beeneen moreoro universallyt n w n o m i i i i v j popn- lar, and none which it would be more impru­ dent or impolitic to repeal. And y et to onrysnr- 6, an effort is making a t Albany, ai ly succecieA cot honestly and manfully lo^ it, bnt indirectly to make its most impoi visions inoperative. The following bUl has passed the Assembly, ’ a\d the Bank Committee of the Senate, on Tuesday, re­ ported in its favor ; to onrisn r- ind baa par- iHy toR epeal p o r t ^ t pro- i'einsTnTto7Gc\hV7ym7uTaSd\th7fheK: evipt or ao.’Uittance of .aueh married womfia. shall be as valid as If ‘he were unmarried ,sr. 2 When sueh liepovit shall not exceed the sum of $24o. it sba 1 not be lawlol f-.r sueh bank to pay the “air.<* hereof, to the husband of such married wo- ihfjH t- .Etrci^v.1 f vu../, # Jr s 1, xhall .0(11, ti '.y III, drpi. ,i/Cf — not Otherwise oriis, if a wife, under the bondage drunken, unprincipled or improvident husband, ha cumulated three or four hundred dollars and deposit­ ed the amount in » leavings bank that it may draw in­ terest and help to put OS' a little, the days of privation V which she sees are approaching, all but a correspondenc 'H o o ^ of Representatives, did hot advise tio n o f th o 3 dlof ( the people \ ' )f Repr and and Olarcy, in which they advise General Riley to Mr.’ A. G. Brown, of the and ex-Secretariei Ba- th aiw t^ th a t they I R iley to isenehii Brodama- Juno last, calling adottvention of Ualifomiaalifornia too formorm aa statetate J(0vceverntaent. people of C t f s J This Is a qaestion between these members of til* late administration and General Riley w lttw h ic lll ha-Ve nothing to do. I asserted a fact, which is perfeetly well known, that the steamer Panama, iu which I was a passen­ ger from Panama to t?an Francisco, was the first con­ veyance by which the people of California received the lotelligenco of the inanguration of President T ay­ lor and the appointment of bis cabinet, and that as this Steamer did not stop at Monterey on her way to Coived instructions from the present Administration to issoo his proclamation, which U dated on the 3 i of June. It follows, as a matter of coarse, that the President and JSecreiaries to whom be refers must have been of tho late administration. cn which tho L nion relies to sustain its editorial in­ troducing the above correspondence, U undoubtedly were about being issued ; and it was matter of great lation that certain measures, then in progre.-s in his department, had mat the approval of the Administra­ tion by anticipation-not in compliance with advice or instructions. ippro aching, the miserable pittance of two hundred and fifty dol­ lars, is liable to bo drawn and against whoso imirovidenoe she i why a husband, if he b to carry Lis wife’.s t, should control the excess of the former bank book, more than of the latter deposite. letrays a dishonest pur- Hut the law on its fact pose. It Com large the rights of tho wife, but which is sary ae a legislative enactment of the ist as compctei le f government way of pre- sti in filch a manner as to give the slave states, with their inferior population, the same voice in the admini.itra- ti. n i,.f the government as the free. Nobody in the Senate -'t.ands by p.roposition, but -Mr CnJhoan’s r* -iloaguo, .■- boots, ol Mississipf.i, rr.se and denounced it a ‘ an ex- orbituat dtimana, and d, dared it-at there we® /ioiiiiug in tho diff-rences between the n'-rtb and the e(«ith, which reasonable men could cot ■(ettie iu tec ila;.W irti .tit an amendment of the c. ii--titut ii.r: t'eca''.r to o tcis not g' '.ng out ol tho t a.on f,-r .'icy ~.'b j whith now e i.sts, and .’eizesdha i py rtu- i.'-y to tu e r t the great leader^of the disunioni-,.- the moment be lind-s him taking a bold step a little in a-!' ,Di'e of hi.s arsneiates And yet t-oute h.i- been one of tl.o most vndcfit of that faction ^o will the otu.T--b,‘ abandoned one by one, until, by an 1 by, ' bc-c who are wilti.ng to confess that they intended 11 I,lake the slavery '{ucstion a pretest for breal . nloQ, will be as rare at the south as Mi To-day we give the telegraphic rep-irt (■! -■ syi.'erh (if -Mr. Stanly, of Nc-vlh Caroiina, '...ile es'.orday in tho iluus-; ot ilcpresentative.-i, con'Ietcn- !'ig the s.iheme (■< a .Na.<bvi!le Convention, and de daring the determination of his constituents t.) fj?. t-i'o th.? Union at all hazards. The ebb tide ha? oleeady t'Cgun, and p'jor Mr. Hilliard, of Alabama, who aj p-nrs to have been put into a violent pas sion by .Mr. Stanly’^ speech, already reveals his alarm lest ha should ^ left on the strand, d o-day, we pabU8Qi''-a letter from * iuvornor Prown. id !■ I-■null, addre,ssed to the Members of ('ongress i'roi.5 his state, in which he speaks of the scheme of a sou.hern convention, as unconst:itutionai, no pnbUc necessity, and full of an l declares himself unalterably attached ;ini m of the states. Govemor Brown, we have little doubt, speaks the sentiments of all the sober cdizems Ol t'lorida, Many of them aro from oar midst, and hive not emigrated to tho peninsula to cast off the tics that connect them with us. Florida has more important commervlai relations with the northern thin with tne southern, and will not renounce them lightly. VVe vould strengthen1 this position if we had required by danger to the south. this po for the letter of Mr. Cabell, one of the Florida repre reply to i li knowledges that before he to Wasl I southern conventiun, but ihingion, he A married woman is jus it, to draw her money from her bank, as a married man is, and there is not a bank direction in the state that doubts it ; but to cover the sneaking purp'O-'c betrayed in the “econd section, thhs established right is now ter i^rO'! a.? an additional privilege The se- eund section, thi n, confers up>on the husband a p^iwer over all of a wife’.s bank Jef,o.-it3 e.xcecding JioO, di- Vectly in contUct with tho jiulicy and provisions of the e.Tistmg law But with a genero.sity charaotoristic ot the whole pr'/cecd'i:g. tho wife i.'i not to bo robbed by the hus­ band, if he J (C.s iwt do it “ before sueh e.xei-ss shall have been withdrawn by tho depio-sitor’’ The hus- bard eitinct oi'Cn her drawers ni^r search her person for her money This is certainly something. By lui.shing the accumulation by interest, and by tho risks of thieves and fires and accidents, she ep her mivney about her person or in her closet, ap.d as far as this bill goes, be protected : or .'he may invest it in stocks, where it will bo sate, at least from the interference of her hnsband. But how long w.mld it bo, befare the Legislature would be plied wirtt application* to aut>>ori,'C the bu.-- ban 1 to sell cr tran.sfer his wife's stock, il it exceeded aiue, what i.» assum-ed by tho New York As.-em- ;iie mea.-uro of a wille'.s necessities, ^i'lU -- ' no reason for gi\ing the power in the one ■i.-e, which IS not equally conclusive in favor o( giv­ ing it in the other The husband is not rtquired to account lor the money he draws from the bank ; and if QC wore, what would hii respionsibility to a wife be Worth i If h.; can draw ami spend her should he not be f,ermitted to aonvei erty .-he may have, into money and principle of tho bill virtually repeal ami restores one of the most odious and barbarous features of tbe common law, in all its unnatural relinqui biy OS r money, wby ■t any other prop- ind spend that 1 The peals the law of 1?H7, Wo would bd glad to know the circumstances under which thi- bill ((riginated. VV'c su.-poot it would fu,-. lush tin Itllorcslh.g commentary upon the matrimoni­ al relation l.iw is f.< be pa-sej, it -hi.old at Iva.-t be .Itlieni-i] !y a i ro\isi..’j remiring that it do not tike rt until tho wive.s ol all tho,so wjo have ■ol.cited of may tote lor or connive at its pa-isag.-, have bet !i p-.Tional,y .-..'ried with a cot.y, and [.roof o! the service under oath has been filed in the office of the clerk of tho county in which such wives re- r-ueb ,111 amendment, we suspect, would mate-ially abate the zeal ot Iho.-e who advocate its pa.-.-'ige T h e M a svachasetts R lecllon. T he ’] aylor-Winthrop papers in Boston, have been telling us that the “ free sod” party there was dead. It :'o, it the most lif likee “ body” wc cverLearU of. I bo -It/ci'rp.Mc i^Tiiiiior whit;) of yesterday morn- ‘■It i- pretty cle-ir that there wa.s no election on \loT.dav, of member of Unngre.is from tho fourth repre-entative dustrict of this state Thi.s w.os the eighth trial 'I'he whole vote is somewhat incr-ascd, the ,voi ilnanl “ free -oilers” liAving g a int'1 m.-re in pr' portion to luo whole v.oto thfe either of tho other The Boston Post, (dem ) says ■— “ 1 he trial OU Motiday turn- out U> be a eomp'elo and mortifying failure for the 'laylorites. d heir candid.ste is the only one who has lo.-t by compari.son with the trial in January. 'I'ho Journal publishes re turns from 27 towns, showing tho following footing* B'd in.son ijem. , . . illowiDg footing-c .; | f I f It i.- probable been a t the seat of government his views have changed- Fioio itt is, no doubt,oubt, withith manyany otherther membersembers from Ihe south. While in the midst of their constituents, F i is, no d w m o m ds of the ■■'j.inions th-ry shared, they to W ashington, t r tiers of disunion at nwrulded to their opinion.'. W hile wo are writing this article, the fcUowicg letter, pnblished in the National JnteUigenoer, has unionists. fell into the sre gradually “ Last evening the bonate of Kentucky put its seal of eoudemnation upon the proposed Nashville Coii- venUonby alm o st deoisivn vote Mr Anderson-- Tcsolutions, proposing that the Legislature should appoint Delegates to that assemblage, came up in tbe orders of the day. After several motions to sub­ stitute and amend had been made, Mr J Speed Fimith moved to lay the resolutions and amendments upon the table. On this motion the yeas and navs were calied. and the vote stood as follows ■. Yeas 2ti, •■‘ T h us, by the overwhelming majority of almost three to one, the irenate has said that it has no *ym- p.ithy with and wd! give no countenance to this iFeoiioiuil Convention.” 'I hi* is the eighth I h..rt e has been made, but if -Mr. I ’alfrey will by,” as Captain Cuttlo say.-i, we think he has “ a ■tMod lo.,k” for a .seat in the Ilonse of Representatives next winter, perhaps sooner. While the result of this election reveals Iba di*- satisfaction entertaiocd by the Taylor whig.s, with the tinie-sorving course of Mr. Wiuthrop, it demon­ strates tiie inflexible firmnes.sof the gallant band who srred i ’alfrey, with freedom, to any one el.se with T. BU T L E R KING. “ meeting of citizens and admission of California, with M ississifPi —A ;ry consti- rangera oppos its anti-slavet T he C a u f o e n u tutlon,” was held at Jackson, (Miss ,) on the lOth instant. Governor (juitman in the chair A commit­ tee of twenty, consisting of an equal number of two political parties,parties, reportedeport a serie:' of resolution.* r adopted “ by These resolutions approve t expressed by the Mi.-sii f'ltober last, and those i Tbo plot was diacorered in time to frustrate tbe pUn, and jthly tratiaplaccd in greater security. Tb« affidrrs lo’ttlk^ergorta examination. nglMalffliiis whohMbeea Tb* Board of Bdnextion, a t tho meetinp received. thoKsignxfion of Mr. Stewart. whohMl for so l o n g * time, t t o efficient Clerk to the Board. His resignation was ai^epted, and the thanks o: members was tendered to him in a highly compli­ mentary resolntion. As this resignation creates vacancy, there were a great many nominations of eatdidaics made to supply tho place. The salary of tho office was fixed a t the rate of §1250 per ai int of goods at ir of the formation ity of sngars had been smuggled, by some person on board the steamer Falcon on her last from Havana and Chagres, sent one of his officers ittrsuit of it to Jersey City, and In three quarter hours had it locked up in the Cus­ tom House. This was rapid work, and shows that if. ! expositions ing vt recently expressed by I'.;.v. I^-Jitman in his me.ssage to the Legislature. The last resolution refers the subject of the admission of California to the Southern Convention, at Nash­ ville, “ to be considered with other causes of com­ plaint against tbe pieople of tbo non-slaxeholding states,” and, meantime, recommends the Mississippi delegation in i.'ongress to remain at their This referem-e to the .Nashvihe Oonvention “ Mrs. Harris” of Chivalry —is ciiuivalcnt as we ;c-ted yesterday, tv an adjoumment of the whole A Tm x;.Kr. C 'xi-.—1'uring tiie severe rto e night of the 1-t of .March, the inhahitant- llagc of I’liqu'.noek, in Connecticut, were aroused d flash of lightning, accompanied by an , which i.s said to have been “ louder than •ed pieces of tbo heaviest ordoanee, shaking eve­ ry hou.se to its foundation ” .''o vivid was the light, that persons in sound sleep were awakened. The JJnrtfonl Courant I C says ■ ascertained pasture, we^t i three feet in nintf, or os some supposed a meteor, ha a iar^e oak tree wbi'di stood m an open . i)f rhelps'j- H./iel The tree wjis about three feet in diameter, and without a limb to the height uf thirty or t»»rty feet, when it branched out and formed a h. avy top 1 ho lightning first struck the furk-*, dropping the brauch**% trn.k in every d.re«'ti«*D The into smnli 3 tree at the flcattering the 'he trunk was :ihivcred li pieces : liu one of them is larger than a hit I'.vea tbe routs wire scattered ab^mt, ii.y p.kces vYorecurried a distance ot morelban tbirfy r.ids purf.' ms of tho tree wore orushud as fine us saw liust The frogoients cover an area \ The t-osU and rails of fences for several rods wore broken oif by tho Hying Iragments Pno stick was burled tbrf'ugh the b?.dv and into a room ot an un- o.-cupie.l bout-e that stood eftuen roda from the tree, and some piecrs of t)»o tree have been lound at a dl.aaiicu uf oae hundred rod^ from the place where it “ .Much of tho body of the tree was riven it splinta like thoae used by basket-makers ; and small are the pitves, and bo evenly distributed groundround Withinithin thee distanceistance uuentioned, ‘ the g w th d m tha m-ading on seme of them ' IVrsona residing s«vcn and eight miles fn>m the place, nay they felt their The G-’caminatH.n of I t Mode: at Lawrenco, up«>n a complaint charging them wltli (Mu-ung the d«'ath of .Miss Cathanne L Aduuis, re-ulted in ordering the «iefeudants to be committed to Kiil to await the action \f the grand jury T a y ­ lor, tho youDg man wh'» wo.-* ^u-to attentive tf d-' coaled, was ro<{uired to rccogtjiso in the sum ul $2UUU. to appear as a witi^css in the case. — A telegraphic despatch waa yesterday received from K U. ^'ugler, ITesident of the renlral Rail- ru,-td Hacking L'otr.pany, Savannah, <Ja , date i tbe inaiaiit, stating that one hundred thou,«an'l dol­ lars of the notes of that inititution bad been stolen. Ki\ 0 thousand dollars reward is offered for tho re- sp4 cob at length, have ipun tho s ud Is tbe rueeded r S. ^ iTcaliSd lately said in a speech at A’ew J put forth to loosen th< or ‘'Guthern aoney and thief e Sahonal nor tbe H'asfi. • Ai '*ur«**<l th^*n >j.* ITT h bui goldriii r'.rd 4'f I ni<*u . ihrno lip.*- wiTih'T northern fttuaiic - ‘ .ch •‘hall propose iw soveran ho greatl preferred I’alfrey, slavery orservilit; Yorcoster, the free fullers elected their 'dayor, Aldemttn and Uommon Council, and all other utli- peti'ic .iedi'urd, .Abraham 11 Howland, a t whig, WAj r«-elected -Mayor hzUea, the old board of s,dec by his auditors ; fur they cheered again and again, as the reports state. —James l.ordon Bennett is said to bean applieant at Washington, Fir so'ino diplomatic appointment His ambition has probably l.een aroused by the euc- ce.ss of Mr. W ebb Why not ! — In the Massachusotns .‘■derate on the (>th, sev.jra) petitions wore prcser.tel ill favor of the seees.sion ol Mas.s.iehu.sett.' from the t'uion A motion wa.s made that th.'y he laid on the table, hut it a-a.s negat ved by a vote of 10 to 21 Tbe f.(.-titiun was then referred to tbe Judiciary Comioittee —'Fbe .steam-<hip -Northerner, which sail? to <'barlOS- ton from New V ork, has been sold to a Company hi this city, who intend to place her on Ihe'routebetween I’anama andrian Franciso. —An ,i.route -weighing half a ton (aceording to the -Missouri Kepnbliean.) fell near Jefferson Barracks on the ‘A’lth ult. —11. Chapin (free soil) has been elected Mayor of Woreesier, -Mass — Tbe ll'Muertea.i Exemption hiil, introduced tho Legislature by .Mr. Fmith, of Roche.-ter, poses to fix the val-jation of the real estate exem M r . P iii . k ’ s C auinet .—In reyedin the recent card ol lectmen was re-e’ao- s.'n. With the addition of Nehemiah Boyington, free soil, and Ldward Bassett, democrat. to the iinpleiai Hou. T. ISutler King, that tho late administration had instructed General Riley to interfere with the form of I tovernment of California, the fulloi ters have been addressed to ( iovernor Browi Ex-Fecretaries Buchanan and Marcy, and appear iu AViiK.iimx.'.-B, (near Lancaster,) Feb 2li, 1 5 3 ^ ' Dear .''ir . 1 have this moment received yourMavor 3wn by tl The speech of Mr. Stanly is a sufficient iadiea- tion that North Carolina is to have no part in the plan of forming a southern confederacy. The letter of ftovemor Brown shows that Florida will not rate from tho Union. The coarse taken by Ssnate of Kentucky removes a il doubt, if there was 'ore, as to the fidelity of that slate to the. Suppose, then, that Virginia should find' means to overcome the fears of her planters in tho eastern part of the state, and to obtain tho con- kefit of the large free population of her western dis- net, and shonld offer to join South Carolina in e.-tablishing a sonthem confederacy. She would be surrounded by states faithful to their duty ; Mary loud on tho north—for there is no fear of Alary land—Kentneky on the west and North Carolina on the south, and she Would bo easily led back to the 1 moQ W ith what prospect of success could South Caroima and i leorgia, even if (neat .'ir . 1 have this moment received yourifavor of yesterday, enclosing a copy of tho card of -Vlf. T. BuUer King, uf the IfM instant, which contains the f.dlowing extract irom the pruclamatiun ot . .eneml atSL'WU -M rs. I hero was a seizure of a small amount of goo the Costoin House yesUriiay, by the Surveyor c port Mr. Ring, who, haring received Inform that a quantity of st some perst trip from Havana and Chagres, sei in pursuit of it to Jersey City, a bad it locked u tls are sometimes jjan| ping, they are now and then also nabbing. It is the opera of Don Giovanni, and not La Favo- nta, as was expected, which is to be performed to­ night at Astor place, for tho benefit of Maretzok The greater part of the house is nUeady taken, and tbe festival promises to bo a most brilliant one Ma- retsek, besides his merits as a manager, has concilia­ ted so mnchgood will, by the promptitnde and gene­ rosity with which he has tendered his services on aB charitable occasions, that tbe musical public arc de­ termined to make a substantial return to his present appeal. As the opera of Don Giovanni calls for the entire strength of his company, it is well chosen for tho purposes of the evening. The German Ladies’ Benevolent Booiety, we hear, proposes giving its annual Concert on Thursday U th instant, at the Chinese Assembly rooms. Feveral eminent artists have kindly volunteered Ihiir services, together with a largo number of ama­ teur Iierformers : we do not doubt, therefore, that a rieh treat may be expected The odvertiseraenls in duo time give us farther particulars. will probably ir in consequenoa of tho saverity of tha storm lost ovoning. Professor Mitchell did not deliver the first of bis proposed course »f icotorcs, which will begin in stead, on Friday, to-morrow evening. Yet, ns a con­ siderable number of persons were present last even­ ing, tho Professor did not like to disappoint them, and therefore he gave them a short but agreeable talk on bis favorite topic. The examinations of tho public schools aro still go­ ing on, either before tbe Board of Trustees or Mr .VU-Keon, the superintendent ; No. ID was examined uu Tuesday, and Nos. s and 21 yesterday, tho scholars in most cases, it is said, -showing considerable proficiency. As wo have not been ablo to attend these examinatiwns personally, we are unwilling to .s(/cak ol tho results, but tho morning papers them as if tho system of education pursued public schools was perfect. T ho Grocers held their adjourned meeting yester­ day afternoon, to hear the report of tho committeo appointed to consult with the importers of rice, on the subject of reducing the customary taro of twelve per cent, on rice to the actual taro. Tbo committeo reported that they had boon well rcoeivod it after the with nobody who did porters, when the mooting resolved thaf 1st of April, they would deal not adopt actua I’ancramas and lectures divide the evening amuse- meuts of the mote intclleotual portion ot our popula­ tion. Tho lectures which a ttract most attention, are those of I’rofeisor Mitchell, Dr W are, Mr Lord and Professor Brittan. -Mr. Lord’s now course on Heroes, at tho Hope Chapel, is particularly well attended — Among the panoramas we have recently had several now arrivals, of which Lhainpney’s panorama ol the libiDC, Bayne’s Voyage to Europe, and Emmert A- Penfleld S \ isit to the Gold Mines, are espociaUy to bo noted. Wo shall speak of those separately as Soon as wo shall see them A person ealiiog himself Edward (’ Ray, on the Mth of August last, called at the store of Beckham .V Kumri'll, 17 lohn street, where he bought some articles of jewelry, which he promised to pay for within twelve Jay*, leaving a note for jS-'si, on i : 11 1 aldwcU, (d 11 (.Chester, as security The note proved Iu ho a lorgery, and Bay was yesterday ar- negre, named 1’an Tucker, hrnke inln the hoiisi' .No ;J1 I harltoQ street, at 12 o'diH-k ia.st night -Mr kmau, who lives in the hou-e, was disturbed by from his hed and went into the room where the thief was, when ho wa.* dangoroi Wounded with a dirk, liv the rascal. The cries of Kyckmau brotighf officer and the thief was arrested. T.—By anid with the • Cnstopis, Bestow, Fostoms for the District ot Delaware, vtee Win. P. Brebson, deceased. W e would have our readers attend the larxe sale of valuable real estate, by A. xthosy J BtsEcktn, to-mor­ row, the 8th instant, at 12 o'clock, at t'ue Merchants’ Ex­ change, situated and known as follows, viz : Three three-etory brick houses and lots on 8th avenije, between 2eth and 27th streets ; the valuable three-story brick house and lot of ground .Vo. 495 Broome street, between Wooster and Latirena etreots ; bouse and let No. 50 Lau­ rens street, near Broome street ; also, tbe bouse adjoii Ing the last named on Laurens'street; also, two building lots on 87th street, between the 7th and 8th avenues ; al­ so, the splendid house and lot No 138 16th street ; also, 6 valaablo building lots on the northeast corner of 2d nnc nudiSth street, and three building lots otJ 85th and 86tb streets, between the 4th and 5th ay most of the above property can be had quenoa of the severe storm wbiph lasted all day, and ren­ dered it denbly baiardons for ladies to go out. They are bold, however, where their incllnatloua are concerned. a s s s s s i s U in every body's mouth—It will be before every coiiecuon or ix win never he remorea irom ins relsiDle eompartment of our memory All the Martioettis are announced for this afternoon and evening, in a grand ei- travag.viizv. and several shorlet pieces. Ellsler gives his work of art, and well deserrea the putrosage of the pub- More gp o n taneooa P r o o f In F a v o r o f MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY. New Yons.Feb. 22,1860, M rs , J i : r ( is • A testimonial in favor of your exceUent candy, from my late honored commander the '■ Hero of Buena Vis­ ta \ reralls to iny memory a long-neglocled duty •ning from the battle-flelds of Mexico, with ft i lulreU amid tho pestilential atmosphere of that tunate country, and whleh I feared far more than the enemy's grape at Buena Vista, or their thells at Monte- otter trying almost every remedy for coropiaint^ of that nature, but without suceefs. I was at Ipo^th Indu- usod with the like success by iny wife and children. With much respect, yours, he . WM H HARRIS To M rs . W. J ervis , 366 Broadway, New York Sold wholesale and retail by Mrs. W JICRYlS, 366 BroaJway, one door above Frankiin street. L iq u id Ha&r O y e . N ew In v e n ted B jckul tbo noil r Slurgcd to hid assistance. No. I,)() -Monroe xtreet, while cro8.*ing Broadway, near Duane -itrect, Friday evening last, wa.* kii'.cked down and run T by a back which wa.* pri,cccJitig at a very rapid c .Mr I. wa,* conveyc'l to hi* rc,*uleri('c, where r/- S p r ing sty l e o f G e iitlenirn'g HaLs- B iro ror ( f fine and Nar.sau Streets.- lii iiUetnen s Hats of •Spring ktaiidard arc now ready, and are eubllltlUiid tO rrUical judgment of purrhttSen Thf SUh-CXib*‘r S n.'ilt iiiive bf«n iun*; tried, and are pc>8sess«td of perma liout fiDd wv*ll-.leHPrved celebrity , and are offered to bis t UsLoUlerB HOti the j-utlir at prieett a.s moderate as any ^^spe<•tHble h*'u*e in th» trud“ • Ujfaged ia tbu majiufac- turo uf the huest ■iUa.litte« of flats. BIRD cor Pino and Nassau Pt.s V 7 5 In all where the «taud,’ir<l paU«rn may Ij\t htM'oUje l he Wearer the ftyle will be aio.lifle.l to ,-Ult Uie t«»nu aud features m;, \ij) np 2li*tr O F P B O T O G H A P B Y . SECOIVD XBinox, .‘ubUshed thl»,a»y by , GEORGE F. 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Introduction to Practical Aslrononiy, designed as a supplement to Olm.ited's As­ tronomy , coolHining special rules for the adiustment and use of Astronomical instruioenL*. together with the calcuiatiou of eclipses and occultations, and the methods of findirg the latitude and longitude. By Ebenezer Porter .Mason. This supplement may be bad either separately, or bound up with the .Astronomy. OKFIN 'S ECLIPSES. 8vo Solar and Lunar Eclipses, familiarly illustrated and explained with the method dating them according c Englam I (ffln. AM ( OKH.N'S CONIC SEI TION'.S 8ro. Elements of Conic s»'oU0D'>. autl .Atiuljlica! (•eomelry liy Jainus H. <'of- fin .VM, Frjf Malb and f’byFlc'«. Lafayt-tte (‘ollege. I'ubhshed by HOBKRT B < OLLINS. buLk.-cUvr and Statiouer, Pearl street, mh.'<r.tnp New York. With Portrait. 2volsl2mo xMuslin, Jvl 70 , papvrglOO •’ The last, and undoubtedly the njobt roaaterly pro- Jucliuu of the ape Humboldt is above any praise which F A X C Y JAPA.\'W E U B IR D CAU|6». Would respectfully inform Iheir cudlomerR that they Uavv* ready for iUNpccUon. a larf^e a#»sortnicnt of these The sab* of thiR article having? rapidly in.^reaRed during the past three yearn, J k (. bt-rriaa hare been tibU*. - by iinporlin;.'bi-avily tbiH , to make surh arrange- died yistcrday mu--niDg Irom tbe effects of tho in- j m*nt with the manufacturer a* ensMcs them to offer the i '1 he decoasud waa about l>u same article at a reduction of full twcuty-fivo per cent below last soason'-, prices ignitudo —embracing all nvleJge and science, brought together e grand and beautiful wh,-le - treated of in! rerful. graceful, animated, and gmilli isant stream He wlio would ee^he general laws of Nature ex]j'>unJed by a great ma-ster, should by all means read the Cosmos. Il is full of nobte ideas,en­ larged views and far-reaching thought. in language iilly flowing June.* tliat he received .Me.**r* Hradbury A Nash, with the.r scholars, give one of their annual mu*ical lestivals at the DroaJ- way'I'abcrnaele, on W'cdnesJaj evening if next 1 he steamer Uutmecticut has resumed her till- .New Haven hoe. .''bo has been ovorhai repaired, and is now reported to I strength, speed ami aooommodatiuns, »t,oamors oo tho sound liiier -o much that .sgveral of tbo piers, irom t linton ; strict lo the i .rand street ferry, were partly covered i he Gulialt, a Di}\V lyw-hoat, built lost season, is now fitting for a voyage to tho Faeifie. A cabin and bulwarks are being j,ut on. and she will be rigged 1 the requisites for ocean service with ma.*ts and I'n Tuesday night during a performance at the Bowery Theatre, one ol the actors, Mr. Dunn, re­ ceived a violent accidental blow on his head, from a musket in the hands of Mr. -Stevens, in a scene re­ presenting a combat, and was soyerely injured. •M itehel!, tho si Theatre, it is said, is about t’ lo's < liiruen. I’arlington i.* .said, by the Bo.ston l’o.*t, U, have expre.ssod an opinion that “ there is no blessing I k -3 that of health, particularly when you are sick The remark waj oeeasi-ned by what the good lady called a phrenology in her leg CITY 1.VT'ELL1GE.YCK. g paper ci ed dwelling* e method here mdicatod to a ttain what sired by all, v.z ; a mure pefect political organiza* tioD, is deemed tho most direct and safe that can be adopted, and one fully authoriz-.-d by law. it is the course advised by tha President and by the ejecreta- ries of trlate and of W ar of the I 'mted .<ta'es. and is calculated to avoid the innumerable evils which must if Georgia should be mad jrtuaes with those of South Cafo- D s-r desperate an er.terprize, maintain a strug­ gle lor a sefsu-au existence, with North Carolina against them on one hand and Florida with her ex- tenvive sea coast on tbe other, backed with all the I'Bwer of the slates which remained true to the -VI.. .ent compact ? No-wonder that m-in begin to draw back from this ».-h-;me of a southern confederacy. Hash, imprac­ ticable. ttepossibie. aro1 inadequate epithets to ex­ press its qualities ; there is in it as littie order, as liUla concert, as littlo forecast, os we should expect in a conspiracy planned by lunatics. The jdot of Galibanand W sdrunken in^cq i dr companions, to take poses- pion of the isle of Prospero, was a rational ecterprizt in comparison. Mr. G, Vandenboff, who has just completed a very raPCfiSSflll a n d popular series of Shakspariaa readings iB DOSlon, Is about to repeat a-sim ilar course in Vb ftiliingtom Mr, Vandenboff baa been an en- ibnslasltc student of Shakspeare ; ho has attained a pTomiinent position among the first living actors, and his rccitationa wiU materi: _ , _________ tb s attractions wjuch already aboimd a t the n ational capUoI. b:he soseratw, VTOTcnflau uhiah klel# iM l ol ■SRwhriYge is to m e ti in Chaifcslon. S. C „ on Mon- 43.7, n t h instant. Prof. Henry of tho Smiihsonim Jnstitnte waiprebably bo the preriding officer • an. th e pfcsenca o f a largo number of ^tingnSahedacien- jjfiegeatlesw a irom variona p arts of tho Uai(«, will You “ inquire whether General Riley bad your [my] authority to issue that proolamation, or to say that you [I] had advised the method therein indicated for forming a state government in California To ihis question 1 answer, without the least hesitation. approbati. “^ s r s i It was wriUeu chiefly a its face, of mdacii over-crammed dwellin in tho city, and refers to one Mulberry street, containing over three hundred rsor,.* another in Downing .“treet, and a third in .-'oUivan street, containing even more than this nam- ber ot persons, who are crowded into narrow rooms, w ith-.'Ut regard to cleanliness or c.jmfort. All the.«e p'aDes furli’.shc.l several victims to tbe cholera, dor- ihg the prevalence of the cpidom'c, last year, bjsid..* is de. taint'r.g the atm.'Sph. ro in the noigbborhoo.i, and tiiereby spreading the ravages of disease among the ftrorg and healthy. -N'o returns of these pAoces have as yet been furrish.-d to the City Inspector, and Sometimes it is even difficult t.> Ji.scover them, l.uried as they are a-mongst rear buildings, or in streets not much frequented. iro told, is now active- out, and IS fully deter- tondition, or to remove them altogether, on tho ground that they are public nuisances. It is a pity that the owners of such badly built and ill-ventilated building* could not be reached in some effective-way Hut tbo p.ower of Iheauthori- j tics is --0 limited that il i.* qnilo impossiblo lor thf m tlm°^u'°0RT ' accomplii-h all that is drsirahle in .f indncing the*^peo'pl^of ! ’’anitary improtement of the city, thoi intly to tho condition in at the sa Yet tbo City Inspeci ly engaged in [feireting them o mined either to improve their conJ ; time, this i 1 excuse fur they ne- Uolifornia to submit patiently to tho condition s i b . ' \ ’.z never had any communication with him, verbal or 1 surely there cannot be a greater nuisance in any re­ written, on the subject of forming a state government , gioa than the presence of a low, dirty and over crowd- request me to s^ te ” whether ex- - k - b u id.ng, w President Polk or ex-Secretary Marey, as far as yon ol I i ] know, authorized General Riley to issuethat pro- 18 and the very lowest ilasses of G-erman and Irish riot and Sometime ago, the Mayor sent a communication to course . >nswor, that t r Mr. Marcy . my knowledge neither I among o ^ ^ '• lure/of'th e m t allowed advice to t leneraJ Kiley. If either of them issued ,y instructions or gave any advice to him a t vari­ ance with my letter of tho 7th October, 1 am entirely ignorant of it ; and I do not believe they did. It is certain that Mr. Polk, in his annual message of the 5th December, 1848, approved of that letter in strong terms, and communicated a copy of it to Con- ^ Yours, very respectfully, JA M E S BUCHANAN. Hon. A. C j . D rown . near Sir . I have seen i\lr. BM0h»nan’81«WOP tO of the 2dth 'aitimo, and assoxe you be is ©orrect- in his s talemsnl o f my a ction, as Secretary of W ar, in the matter referred to. General Riley had no in- structions from me b u t those contained in tbe pnblie dopaments, a nd 1 am sure they famished him with no authority or w arrant for the part he took in regard to the ci'Vil government in California. Vary laipatfully, y oui o b a d isn ^ s m a n t ^ ^ ^ ^ Hmi; A. G. S kowk . It is due to JVlr. King, that w£ ing card, addressed b y him to tl public, since the above letters ap; lish the follow- Vashinglon Re- .etters appeared; W ashihgton , March 5, ,1850. To the EdStotsof the Republic . G shxjjmi ^ - 4 N r t f f ? » « A ? ^ open a hotel near .N LEG AL PV T E L L IG R NCE. S' I'Mii.iR I O' lit- Before Judge* ( ampbe 1, Duer and VIa«..D. .suj.dam, Sage m ( o ts TheoUore Perry —.Mr I . rry, in Ucceulbtr. l»4o, agrw-.J to take 1,000 barrel* o( III nr tuRri-nufr.ini N.-w(ir>aii* lu ship'1 tietl*. at Jo 50 per barrel Gr superfine and th« u»ual deducluu for that marked bud. s-c Uu tho arrival ol tho vcsaol, .Mr forty to-.k et-'f barrel*, but n fu.sed to take any more. The balaue,- v.aa oubSo.jueQUy Bold On hi* BCCOUDl. UDd aCllOU They would also call attention to their unsurpassed as POLISHED STEk'.r. FIRE IRONS. Steel iind Brcnxe Standards Blower .>rtonda, Brass, I epper and Iron ( oal Scuttles Copper Scutucs for Bllnmlnous ( oal, a large assortment of English and -American patterns plain and folding. Nursery Fenders, Firetiuard*. plain and ornamental Jelly .Strainer*. Jelly Moulds. ( ake and Rice -Moulds .Nurse Lamps Milk Saucepans, Bronze Kettle* on Stands, Trivets. 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Tales and sfeetchefi, by tbe ablest author of the day, will appear in its pages, which will be further illustrated with engravings by the most eminent modern artists, embracing everything that can interest the mother, tbe wife and the daughter , in con­ nection with the ^'.nearts and elegant literature JOHN TALLIS & ( O . fB33 Imnp 16 John street. New York- and Loath O n ' F riijav , M ac * h Slh. 1 he K ourlii I'art of r m : in.-iTOKY of pk n d k n n !S: H js Fortunes and Misfortunes, his Friends and hisOreat- Authi>rof' \ anity Fair,\ ami ■* Th° Great Hogarty Diamond ‘ Will) Hiustrations by the author. Part IV. ^vv I rie.* ceutd. Vol I. muslin, price $1 25. To bo completed in 6 < r T xN'os at %’) cents each He (Tbackerayi is raustic in satire, and at tho same time xritly and humorous, original and instrnctive — Fielding led the way in KnglL-h works of Betioo painted rom nature ; and Dicken.s and Thackeray are worthy uccesHors of the great father of the English novel.-[Bal- Inioru -American. No recent Action «<eems to us to bear such intrinsic Vljence of being drawn from life.—[Home Journal Thackeray pictures society in all it phases in a graphic, sarcastic an J yet genial manner -I Portland Transcript Thud* far. as true to the life and as bitingly satirical an \'anity Fair ■ It contains some more lenient readings of human motives than that famous book ; and the ►nsidered themselres greatly ill-used by the rs Bulwer. Ts Wm Jenkins SI with leave &.c - For plaint] fendant. .Mr. Q. .MoAdam i/ia*\.-n S‘*athworth >R< harles Johnson, ^t al- In re­ lation to a mortgage given on sioop Mad Anthony, with her appurtenance. At the time of the mortgage the vea- sel hadanoldsUH of sails 1 he mortgagor, who retain­ ed possesfeioD. sold the oiu sails and procured new ones at an expense of >UO0, and the question is whether the mort- l-aaoe. on finally taken tbe property, under his mort- saije, had a right to tbe new sails in substitute of the old ouea. cr If the sail.* were separate .Argument was beard, .v,r Brady for pUintjlI. a-.d ..r Van < e tt for defendant Mrra .Martin ada. E b Tracy —New trial granted, costs to.atide event, and a new oommission to L*sue. L E I E R 'S c o y C R E G A S C O M P L E T E . ft Bl.lBllKD THIS MOHSlrUl. Part second and last of THE CONFESSIONS OF ( ON CREOAN, The Irish (ill Bias. tensive than the most fortunate of our issues hitherto. It is. in fact, such a bresk a* only a Lever could write- the thing iGelf to drive away the blue devils, and give a man a taste of tho true spice of life -A most amusing story written in the li.ely, dashing style of Charles O'.Malley, and claiming the same porent- sje ' - ( tVestmiuster Review - Rollicking, racy and overflowing with humor and fun ' ; Literary Uaictte STRINGER h TOWNSf’.ND. _ “ fi* _______ ^ ® T L -IE L IL . ” H L ( ’.NG HHGTHER l-I LU-'H THIS PAT— T E E C L A E D E S T i y E M A R R I A G E , by ELLEN WAJ.LAC'E. from the I onduu edition X..l..;< I’nm f'lC EnAitl, Rre.i of the city, igs that the City Inspetttor shouli j allowed to charge the expense of removing filth from any premises upon the owner of the property, which than jutt ; and also, that all the laws relating to the sutyect of public health should be digested and codified, or at least put in sueh shape that they might be got at and uuderstood.- We have not heard that the Common Council have yet ac’tcd in the m a tter, and if they have not, we call Mayor to keep them np to their duty. Lot portantasntjjctitbaposlponcamilUU io dl» seases of the eummer eeason aro upon us in oil thsii feaifulneHS and a tality . The prisoners at Blackwell’s Island, that is, some lirty of them, made an attempt last week to escape from thair confinement. They had a regular con- Bpii«y fw porpose, at whichbfj t concocicdt f plnn t3 Bljroir apnnrtttr t «) ffiffipunanto i mo coffcs of ms ksafisi'. wMali would causa Hun to an Mssfi. an J while in t t b sifaialloil, Ollfl of Ihe prisoners who was allowed to remain oat of the cell with the keeper, wsis to seenre the key anil open the doors of the colls of his aeeomplices. This being done, they were to le guard so as to prevent him from hi.* care aad custody they being uu^unjAsHy detuned” he alleges, by his wife, mother of the children, aud bis wHe 8 father and mother The dtdenoe Is that Air F Is not f uitable to thoir care, inasmuch as he has at times exhibited symptoms of mental aberration , has at times 111 treated bis wife, and Is unable, from want of pecuniary means, to maintain his wife and chilaren. All thisU denied and testimony was taken It appears Mr h the father, sent money to England to bring out the complainant and wife and their two children, and in the ship Germ&lo The plaintifT and bis h t b i ^ M to bis ever being In any way deranged He la .n.plojed l.y Mr Juhnaton at th. gn* fitlui; eslatiUshmenl ol-etier .v,r BiateeJ appeard in hi* hehali, contending Hunt for defendant. Price 20 cents. N O T E S ON C A L IF O R N I A : OR, THE RLACEBS: How to Get There, and What to Do Afterward ; by One .) 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T o S u s p e n d e r J H a m ifa c ’‘ tu r e r s a n d W e b M n g M ^ e a l e r s o liK K K IC K & SCUDOKR, 95 W i llia m stre e t, rge invoi) iold lr>w to the trade JCKLES. Together with a full assortment of gents' fnmishiDg goods HERRICK fc SCUDDER, mh7 eodnp 95 William street. New York. P a r k e r JfK ils JV a ils, & C O FOR SALE BY THEIR AGENTS, No. 73 Petarl and ■10 Stone stzreel fell np E . SJUiCACJUE FLOUR FOR CALIFORNIA, i n 4 9 l b . b a g s , enclosed I n n e a t, s tr o n g boxes. Four of them measuring rather leas than 4J cubic fcet (being from Ij to 2 feet less than a barrel of flour, Baring in freight, 80 eta. per ft. at least *1 41).) This floor is designed fur long voyages and warm latitudes, is made ived by experience to bo best adapted for from wheat prov HECKER fc BROTHER© Tl£UkYECL BOOKS—French, EngUsh and Span J r Prayer Books, rich Paris bindings, tor s^e by ALFRED PLUNKETT, importer, jrvfelB A VASms, Tets a Tete Setta, Canfllettlck*, n«fSS5pj, 'r a s i GERBXUML B lCTtiA l. INSHXUKIiOS JneonformUy to .the pro^Sous of tho c harter of this JCmpanj, the Trustees Cnhmit the foBow^i a Marine Preminm-s (inclnfling those connected with inl^md) $211,016 78 Inland transportation and niavi- gation risks ..................... .. S6 818 08 124,430 79—872,266 53 $500^50 18 mdibg on 15th Jannary, Earned ptetnimns during tlhe past year On Marine risks ................... . $2U,178 68 On inland transportation navigation risks .............. . 36,830 12 On Fire risks ..................... .j... 122,703 17 Deduct return premiuihs 14,582 44-$356,219 53 Losses daring the pastyeafl as follows ; On Marine risks, including! and $23,393 97 for loss­ es ascertained but unadjus|ied $186,434 46 On Fire risks, including re-instur- ance and commissions. . . . . . 82,593 23 On Inland Transportation and Navigation risks. . . ................. 14,837 62 For expenses, including salaries, office rent, stationery, to. Sto. 11,362 94—295,218 25 ~^l,0 0 1 28 Balance of interest ............................... 4.558 Net profits during theyear 1840.... Net profits during the year 3848. . st profits during the year 1847.. . . , 66,559 50 68 181 34 81,340 73 S205.081 57 Assets on the 15th January, 1850 : Bills reeolvablo ....................... $227,136 72 N?w York State Five per cent stock................ 29,073 75 United States Six per cent, stock .................... 17.325 00 United States Six per cent, Treasury Notes.. 41,583 99 Bonds and mortgages........................................ 15,000 00 Cash in Bank...................................................... 12 618 97 Salvages............................................................. 1,128 04 Scrip of Insurance Companies .......................... 8,585 37 Pilot boat and steam pump............................... 663 61 Due for premiums not collected, principally the hands of agents................................. 66,463 41 $404,593 76 m the above statement the Board Of Trustees have lay declared a dividend of sixteen per cent, on the if six per c e certificate* of 1848 end 1849, on and after the eighteenth instamt. nary 8th, TRUS' lIJSaELL, V . BCOCK, J N. (!. RUTOERS, President. ALFRED OGDEN, Vies President. W,\I. B. BOLLES, 2d Vice President. B C MOBRIS, Secretary fe,9 Imao & MIXRR, Drapers and Tailors, H A V E R E M O V E D TO J ¥ * o . 2 5 § J S r o a d w a p , oPPOi?ITE THE CITY HALL. (SKCO.-VO STOKT, UHTin THE FIRST OF SI4T.) JfSen^s 1/^outh^s a u d C h ii- dren ’’s C lo th in g . Lving made extensive alterations in oar store, and added largely to our stock of clothing, we would specially invite the attention of the public, to our stock of cloth­ ing. suitable fur all parts of tbe country or city,for cash mh6op BOI'OHTON & KNAPP, 33 Maiden lane. C lo th in g a t ^^Vhoiesale. An extensive stock of fresh s southern and western trade, comprising a full assortment enable us to sett at last year's prices. Terms liberal. of almost every article usually required for that trade purchased before the late rise, v/hich The material* w F. J. CONANT & BOLI ,LES, 160 Broadway, neite Katbbiin’s Hotel, CHOICE SH K ISG GOODS. SEAMAPT\& MUIR. H A V E IS ST O R E , And are daily receiving, a full and varied assortment of desirable Dress and other Spring^ Dry Goods, To which they invite the attention of WHOLESALE PURCHASERS, And the pubiic generally. fe4 FRESH SPMNG GOODS. Chittenden^ B l i s s dr Co., H A V E NOW IN ST O R E AND HANDING, A VERY LARGE STOCK OF Foreign Dry Goods, T o ■wlllcll tlie y b e g to cuU th e a t te n t io n of VJ h o leaale D ealevs. Our .Mr. BLISS resides in Europe, and our stock will be tound very full at all times. We p,articulariy invite attention to our P lliN T S , OINGHAM.S, am i W H I T E GOO] 7 np 73 BROADWA N E W SPRING GOODS. Bitehcock & I>eadbeater} 3 4 7 B r o a d w a y , (CCBNEB OF LEONARD STREET,) ore dally receiving their splendid new PRI.NTS, DELAINES, GRENADINi ORGANDIES, SILK TISSUES, JACON S ic , S ic , and are prepared to serve their patrons THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STYLi BUFF, SALMON s PINK MEKINOES, and t'n-'hmeres the aU prevailing and desirable goods for OPERA & EVENING DRESSES & CLOAK.S, which, added to their stock of Scalet. Crimson, Green, Sic. he. makes the beet assortment in New York, VIDE VELVETS OF VARIOUS COLORS, LAINES. ONE SHILLING A YARD, BEST KID GLOVES 4s. A PAIR, GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHINGS, at prices far below the usual rates of Gentlemen’a fumish- C T O T B ^ * G o W m . *4. M e a d dt Co., 80 and 82 Cherry street, CORNER OF JAM E S ST R E E T , N. V ., of Super Drab, Black, Brown, ax^d OvercoatB, Super Freneil W . A S l CO., have in addition to the above the follow ing articles, suitable for the California market ; t b??,wu fo r« r p « e m i n T r o ^ : s e r s . T b . a w e g ^ o S ^ ii be sold for cash or approved C lo th in g E s ta b lish m e n t H . & D . H . B R O O K S & C O . , 116 and 118 Cherry street, C o r n e r o f C a th e r in e stre e t. N e w Y o rh . __ iness Coats of various descriptions.-with oorrea5pond- Ing Pantaloons and Vests. Also Sping Over Coats, in great variety;Fine Dress and KiockCoats, together with every thing belonging to their line ol business, oBeted at favorable prices. FANCY AND FU R NISHIN G A R T IC L E S Iloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, by the piece or yard, 'he Department for Merehant-TtuloTing will present all the most approved and desirable styles of Goods for the season, among which will be many of their own im- _ tjade. are kept for reference, and orders from lithfully attended to. fel6 E. &-T. FAlRBAKIi-S ^ CO. P l u H o r m S T . JO B K S B O R ^ , y f , E a lrb a n k « j& Co. Awents, S i 'Ww-ior St. N. I^A IRilA JSK S } SC A liES have tmirerul confl- JP deuce of the public. They have been long known and severely tested, and are always r ight! Tha long ex­ perience of the Inventors —their knowledge Of the science of w elding, and their skiil and faxthfnlnese in workman­ ship afford a sure pxayjii)^ that eagli parcMgffl: will Ml* BUt llCB tirlilek sOOn -wear out, bnt with st,.el. 3d, Tmicil liia»aeM?8atIlleilIy, to that Urge loads when iRvJdea and wejgliea Ih sa$n (IrkltB, Will pioduce the angles Of the platform, 4tb, 'Whleh it h ot liable t< gdra, hut wIU fanirii . fffiniriB throh^i j ^ a ol otage, c a s T n . A ^ r o ^ ^ ^ t e ’r a T B b | i x.W j coft oh«aper,L o., jwin bUsteYknoreikiirffiee a t leas In tin o— , nnntntninn . n ,,n« ,ileet tBOS. h a i r G I A t v i s AOSD $ T R A R S . LAtYREB4CE’iS (late Dia: free and liberM use 6f th rded as one of tbe moet eS health and long life. (A liberal discount by the gross.) MDRRAV’S CEIJEERATED PDCID CAMJ The most agreeable and effectual^ preparation of that article in use ; in half pint bottics, j COX’S c e l e b r a t e d SPARKLING GELA- ' T I K E . M A G I ^ E S I A CALCINED of different qualities and prices in 10 lb '^CAt.niNED rONDEROSA in 10 lb boxes, c a r b o n a t e In ^ink and blue papers, in small cakes and in cases of about 120—60 and 25lbs. DO small squres id 10 lb boxes. BRUTISH IdUSTHH. A superior article ip | ib papers aud in cases of one and two cwt. Also-SERVANTS FRIEND of game quality and EMfeRY. usmuchrednesA., -. _ uable articles are imported iriber, 'Who has also just received a ALOES, &c. Also. H erring ’ s ,M orson ’ s , M ander ' s , B ailet ’ s , and 3 ; E van ' s Gen. ‘‘ Old Change’^ Crown Lancets ; S mith ’ s do; Porcelain and Wedgewood Mortars, and PiUThes L O W ’.S G E N U IN E SOAPS, .fcc.-V lz : Brown Windsor and patent Windsor, in oasesj of 3 ^'^WHITK WINDSOR-9 to the lb, in oases of 56 lbs. Honey.largo and small, musk, oriental, olive, palm, &c, &c, in packets of one dozen each. LUBI n ”\ K “ ra “ T S - A Mnrtant 'supply, together \G ^ R E r .N ’S,TD“ ^^^^^^^ AND RIGGE’S Soaps various styles. General Agency for ROWLAND’.S Genuine Macassar Perrect^Uri^Fantaloons. fty- 1st. If you want sueh that have really good style ind finish about them, untramelled by exorbitant char- '^ ^ C E O H a E P . E & X , it anction or on importation—sells at a small profit to all Captains of vessela, American and Foreign. from this Stofre all slop?hop TaUors 0(^4tb. Renn mere, if you want it < W A T E R * Fearce-s WRter ffUters, N o . 11 w » i s s t r e e t . N e w Y o r K , rS^HE public aro Informec' that he has constantly on X hand Water Filyer?, 0 / the most approved constme- tjon, and waLTraated well to answer tho purposcB toi which they are inteniied. These Filters are all impor- E M \ R r 'S O N ’ S P a t e tiit P e m tilators. frl9 8w 2aw D; O E O M B E B ^ B B ~ , Nos. 143 & 1 4 4 BR OA D W AY , X Spring aeflortmeut of z . s: Rat^n Parasols, cotton and gingham, all styles and ^ do do Biife. plain, Bcouoped and fringed. Whalebone Parasols, plain cameiions. all prices. I S\ jal6TuThiSa 142 and 144 Broadway, f(ew York. M . IT. M J J T B dr SOJT, Patent C hair Makers, 466 B R O A D W A Y . TOT RP.VOLVING CHAIRS.RecumbeatRevoWng — Jhatrs, Recumbent Chairs, Dentist Chairs, Improved Invalid Wheel CiiaiirB, Branch Reading and Writing Desks, and every variety of Me­ chanical Chairs for comfort and convenience. Also, by permiaaion. manufacturers of Major Searies, U. S. A. Travelling InvaUd Chairs. Fashionable Cabinet F atnitureinsde to order. M. V/. K iwg , > W. H IT.I.I.ICV. i NE'W YORK. S T S s ^ W - G O O S f S . SUMNER tVILDE, H A V E R E itlO V E D TO iVo. 149 Broadway, CORNER L IB E R T Y ST R E E T , 'V'lTE T H E AT] JVew T r im m in g s , Sprifiigf asaid Smnmer Dresses, T. C. & D. D. FOOTE, 100 W ILL IA M ST R E E T , IMPORTERS, KING -rH E NB OODS,*St J ^ M E S JVtBWVRMa*, a . SOHO s a e j u t n , L o n d o n . laving d itcow ed that imitations of his manufactures extensively sold iu the United States, 'bearing his t ^ e frandntently stamped npon them ; Ijereby cautions all importers and venders of ARTIST'-S COLORS AND M ATlCiUALS against such spurions goods. Dealers are cautioned that legri measurts wiU be Imme- foriOT^iStatoM James Newman’s gennine articles can he obtained of— J. K. Herrick &Co. N. York, D. FcltSt Cb. N. York sitd'g'*\' t\ s s a a ■’I\ TappM, Whlttemore fc Co., M. J. -Whipple, do And^f all^e^ataffie Sriutta M C S E I ^ S . Q W I S S D O T T E D Jstriped. Pla’d. and EmbroidereA O BRITISH CAMBRICS, JACONETS, MULLS, NAIN­ SOOKS, and Checks. | r FRENCH TARLAT.4NS, piaiiji and sprigged. Illo S IE R tr. g e r m a n Hose and; Half Bose, white, brown, mixed ana fancy. ENGLISH three-thread Cotton Hose and Half Hos* ; Silk Hose and Gloves. ENGLiSH Gauze Merino, Silk and Cotton Shirts and Drawers ; and every article in the hosiery line to hefrmnd M)ttiigBiirtpiii taAVJBB AN(0 B M B a O l llH m E i . tedsL^*TBried ana exfenBiTe gsgortment In the Unl- SIL K HDKJPS. AND CR A V A T S . PONGEES, Spitalfields T-wills, Corahs, Brocades, Fancy and Black Cravats, of every prieeiand qualify. CAJHBRIC AND C L E A R LA W N ffiUOBCES. Plain, Hemstitched, R W ^ ^ £nthicndered.ax[d Erlnted. FOf g&Ia t t tha LA weft Market ^ e e s and on the nsnal “ f tM n p ^ 73Broadway. ilhgllrii TtiTet atjd Saxpnjr Carpets. English Tapestry laud Brus- Ti^lto^'^Three-jllyj very lu'gH^’lngraln.laaw Bbiglisb DamaslcfliDd twilled VexdtiAH do. | English^DrnggetsJfroxi I to American: ^hpuenej^tiT e t tnd A*‘ .P^S&^iliiSiIIaB Shades. ISVofetsdiTnfW ted J « a y LfodMats, Rod^ In great -rarlety. T s k , English and lijfcom 2 to 24 feel wide, extra ] Bleces isniJ vvoon CxarEr, i i-every d'esirahle style of ^ ___ .-Sroass. AU of which - I ffivorahta terms, PfcTERSON & HUMPHREY, 432 Pearl st.. near Mad 'ii ingrain Ci 5s to 7s per; Ingrain Ci P R ^ S H SU F F I C E S O F C a r p e tM g s , O i l C loths, S M I T l j l & l a O U K S B E R Y s 448 Pearl gtgffct, flT A V E in Bt<^ aud are deny receiving a fall and XX varied assortment of CARPETINGS, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, fce., which they are now ofl&ting a t the follow­ ing extroordlDarjI low prices : EnglUh Tapestf-y Carpets, latest styles, from 10s to 14s per yard. f English Brnsseljs CsrpeG, latest styles, from 8s to 10s per yarA ^ Im p e ^ Thrse-^ly Carpets, foreign and dojnestic, new ge assortment, new pattern, from „ i CatpetSj aU wool, rich bright oolota, from Ss 6d to 6s per yard. Ingrain Carpetd, mixed cOtton and worn, from Is 6d to 3s per yard An extensive rissortment Of FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, from 2 to 24 feet wide, from 3s to 10s per yard. With a choice axsortmeui of all other articles connected with the trade, equallyjlow. ■ S51ITH fc LOUKSBERY, 448 Pearl street *nh5 np ______ ^________________opposite WiUiam B A I D E J Y & B R O T H E B S , 46(4 Pearl street^ Having completed their extensive improvements, are now prepared ta exhibit to their friends and pnrthasers of CARPETING, an extensive assortment of the choicest sty.es of TA F E S T R U C S , BR U S S E L S T H R E E - P L ir, INGRAINS, OIL CLO T H S , M ATTINGS, & e . See. Especial attention has been given to making selections on advantageonsjterms, -with a view of offering one goods to the public quite as reasonable as any establishment of the kind. We most respectfully solicit the attention of those furnishing. mb4 np ______ _________ BAILEY & BROTHERS. J^^ew C a r p e ts, O i l C loths, drca rpjEUK subscriber would call the attention of his friends X and tbe public geuerallj, to his estensiTQ assort- ment of all thevaJiious styles of AXMlNSTER,'VELVET TAPESTRY, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, BRUSSELS, THREE-PLY, INGRAIN, and every other description ja6 np fronting no. 64 E. B’dway and 7 i Divisionk E O U ^ T d - C O ’S ■ CALIFORNIA EXPRESS. PER GEORGIA 13th, AND CHEROKEE 15th. Express Freights Packages, &o., will be received atOnf office nnril the day of sailing, and forwarded to San Fran­ cisco and aU parte of the Mines, In charge Of a epeeial E X F I ^ S S ' P O R ^ N E W ^ OBXJEIANS AXD cisco and the Mines. Office. 88 Broadway,comer WalUtreet. fc'12 np ALBERT WELLES. Acting Maneger B i n g h a m , B e y n o M s , B a r t l e t t dr Co., SH IPPIN G , A N D CO M M ISSION M KS- C H A N T S , AND GENERAL AGENTS, SAN FRAKCiSCO, CALIB'ORNJLA, TILL take charge of ail cougignments or bwfi Ti^^nyi '■ Bulkley TURl^Eii, FtSH CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAJUDFORBilA. C o m m ission M e r c h a n ts, CO N SI G N M E N T S (To the care of E. B. SUTTON, 84 Wall rtreet,) Will be forwarded b7 the firat class Ttsselfl Of the Dlspatcb Line, free of commiflaions in New York. dlJ O o d e ffroy, Sillem dr Co., B A N E E R S A N D COM M ISSION M E R C H A N T S , NIANTIC FIRE PROOF WAREHOUSES, SAN FRANCISCO, UFPRJK CALIFORNIA. ALFRED GODEFFROY, (of Hamburg) WILLIAM SILLEM, (of London.) AOENTS. Messrs. J. C. Godeffroy & Sous, Hamburg. '* Herman Sillem, >Sou & Oo , London. Gabriel Orrel h Co., Paris- •' chD FrenDd & Co., Valparaiso. ‘ V/ ard & Price, New Yort. fe25 3ianp tP a r d dr P r i c e , BANK E R S AND A G E N T S FO R CA L IFO R N IA . 8 4 W A L L S T R E E T , H E W YOBK.. SAM’L WARD. RODMAN M. PRICE. DraSts on San Fiancisctj bought, sold and coBeoted. fe28 Smnp ______ COWELL & BUCKELEW, C o m m ission M e r c h a n ts, SAN f'RA N C lSCO , CAXOPOBSSlA.m JOHK eOW^ELL. JOHN BUCKELfem REFEiU TO w. carpenter h ro., NStHfiiES —- - . B R.-BUCKELEW, San Francisom feJffnp MANUFACTUI CtELIEOM JTM ^. IRT, B R O T H E R S & CO., JURERS OF BOOTS AND SHOES, 8 8 B r o a a stre e t . for sale a t Low Prices, their prime Sewed or Pegged long leg CALIFORNIA MINING BOOTS. Merchants o ilers for these goods will be promptljT ex *■ rented.____________________________ fel5 Hnn|> C U T E E B P . P I N E IV O R Y H A N D L E D K N IV E S AND F O R K S in Beta of 61 and 53 pieces ot Rodgers ft Sons, and other mafeers. Fine Ivory hariiHlea Table and Desert Knives -with French pattern Ferke. FlSiSi IV O R ’Sf J h a n d i . b i > t a b I l s : a i > d jxb - S E K T K H I V E g , without Parke. Ivory and BuokHwiaieaBeefiillcers. « « Trowel, ^leat and Game Carrepa. ' UU?N AND B U F F A L O HANDLEiD A L B B R V AND E N G L I S H S T E E L S . Btmk, Buffalo horn, and Bone hsndleff, Table and De­ sert Knives aud.Forim of Foreign and Domestic manufae-^ JK ITCH S N B U n v B S AND ITORBdS. enOaCTers and jSteeL , , 5 K M V E S . ____ ^fied handles. --------------- -- ------- , , .gitablci Forke. Vegetable Forks with JCnivOT attached^ F ^ i S C H F L B 'fB l J } VBG1TJ! jb L E K N I V E S . CuUierB Mincing Knires. Cleavers, ftc., Meat Savra. B E B R I A N S, HOUSE FU S N J K H I N 6 VVAREROOiaS, 601 Broddway. n iu s t r ^ d Catalogues to be had at the Waretooras. CM BCl S’CO. respei Moi that the ____ _ a^av^ne, comer OT2Qthst, hra weU known estahlUhments. rt Phgrmaceutica! preparations of m b S t | “»^^>5™Ptred by themselves or O b ^ e d fr< pei S tjm e r y • \ ■ ■ lest quality tfiat .. . . DISPENSING ------ ----- s ? , s ? i « s r ‘ 681 Broadway, 250 4th _ ______________ 2 Farit Row. EBTSEEJO t OWE. American and E r i ^ b , of anpjerior quality, in hogs­ heads, tierces, »nd btefria, constiUtty on hand, a nd foi Mvtnh Baniels dr Co., EngligfiPtiate} printed Lawn* and JaeoaeU Barege ds L a lns; Monsieline de Laine Linen Lnstren 5 Scotch Gthehaiai Alpacas and Orleasu Cloths. erEngll^s-aa4 Oomaft. .'V ■M :i:l

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