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3^-fV ■iM S, n jpa wliioli tbe im a lxr of times -iriaboiMerted u i i A D P ^ S T ISSB S , p>par iBcteitoa. »M; Trftl^ » » K ysoPRO S T O R S »reDot,ro8poB»nile la OsauiM f t f errors irlileli s«*y ooenria edV'eitisiizg. T S p j^foragm ro r o s T FdR t h e c o d n t r t , .^IW a ^ iR E E DOULABS FER ANNtTM. _ - - ----------------- - ---------- nncE i WEEK. rOB P R IN T m o EXECP- n f THE NE j STE S T ^ n d S , ^ m> O HRSUaSON^LE 'u ‘ SALES. - t s s r ^ s i s - ’ r iu n strest me kiui « kh oemjc iQ «-z9 a | m W ■itrce*— a v.Unable let of ffroaml m the 1 ith ward, mtoa led The^mia b7il“MrV7w The roUowing;t^o&b!e ^H ta^burgh. m r ^ ^ Is of NortASttb St. 50 a east of s i rt °° southerly o.uo ». eiu ... ov ft twottory frame house and lot on north side Withers tt. 1<5 It BM s f ”\' \■ ”l t e o S » ^ ¥ S s t a “ntacts4°and VVtth- KiMbrsnnwtBtdrlyside Bnshwict stranue. between North ^^ineiots onweilcrlj. side Boahwick avenue, a few rods south J p i i s s i i s s ^ y&r inftw and iurth^r paeticuiara. appfy uOh^ anctjonaer. Mimmmarns. T lJB iaE SAtJBS. “■ i : a fEHALE-3Q0| unr Sioous. eomj>»1sE adesuEOi tpnnc trade. 1 CataiOEuesuid brontea on the notj. «« mouiln credrt—Alseneial BsaoittnernTpr Biuaeis. throe-ulr, sn- ner. extra fine anil {mediamiiiEzanu. Motion and woollen Vene- uaa eatoeti, m » . pnstal diuffeb. oil clothi. fcc Catalocpea and »jample» oo Otetnorw^oy of «ale A ridrer ‘ ------- BY W IL M E R D W G S ^ ^ M O U N T . Store 51 Beaver street. jreign and Domeatie Drr John Rndderow, Anctfoneer. BY JOHN KUHDEROW & Cl Store No. 163 Pearl etreet. Camiogties and aamolgs on rmrmng of sale. #lll^isiSvE ES-ffl cases sup. LI.NEN I.I’STRES, iDS-Rib'jont. Tar'elons. Illusion. Thulle. For furiber particulars apply at the office of the auctioooer. 7 houwe. noJ v/eU eaicuinled for ih&t or any oLber kiod ofbusine 9 ■Mmmfmjms 3 ? £ = = i s l E S 5 . : = ,on\h;™S.?2l!\'^.^r^\B‘‘r;rd'‘i r Pt-Pertf. apply *For l‘urther7arfieuiars?apply to the mir i(.o.-er. .N..7 Broad si. S H S f : « j S r j , ffii'-s- m s 3 i i i £ « S S E ‘* ' ~ __ ... __ PA«/lo-OLdS—lori'ses -i.o f .i ---------------- ripifeSiShsted*^ C raloau,sandsa.op,es^o^^.^.i„,oeo,., boilod c ‘ *red sathi white ami VOL. X L V a NEW YORK. MONDAY. MARCH 4. 1850 NQ.,18 NASSAU, NEA R P IN E ST ™»-ilg7Er le. No. 5 Broad steeet. WnUam H . FraiikBn, Anctionoer. BY W ILLIA M H . FR A N K L IN , SON i Office. No. 5 r,\u nd 'ed sTm^; anTon“NorthWb7 Niiih'’^ ? 7 f itth ^ J ^ ^ A .so, 1 lot on the southwest comer of 1st and North 9th sts, 23 ! lo^^^Tn’S ^ ’^ V o r r ^ o 'r u i and North 9th sts. 20 S ' ? IS.77ih'e\;Su^h7r .North lOth sU, 20 Mso. 41o»« adjoinioff «<im8 flimenstons. S^mnd iir««t-l iot on southwest corner of Sd aod Nuilh 8th Aho jl lots on north iido ol North sth « between 1st and Riv North ?tf sl—l lot on south side ol Nortli Slh si. 00 ft weal Of 3d j t 3 J 4 “ '5i^ between 1st and Riv- H r ^ K R S r M O R r N ' T J o . s tore No. .57 Beaver Btreet. £ j K . ! 3 S i l 5 i ^ t Also, pieces VVe*t of Knc’and wool black, indigo blue and A ‘^o, »sn tnv.yu-w .,1 npw styit-* liinyy r.en«*b ca« mere AUoa^lOU rtoz super black find ci lored. uUtn hih J figyreil cra- A'-j an invoice ot aup^r black 3ahn, ccshrLere I B S Si;«; littlemirf^rc!;^on[.?r”^L^m‘',';'n,,;y ooncem. FREVf-H Gob'l).S^FOT.foimv2.I'^^ nl 6 mos . LoTiirorTe^entlm^odXir”* ' I l l fdr pr,v„u, sale. P-iriiK ■ s f*l'he bes? » t nnufatture o f l’heo Puicur. rinh Helphiu .* lunpieA Hre «t iheir 'Uf'e an.I jr«V’C« in any quanii»y win be mndeto order. DenUrs an=* mv»ted u> chi ! and •txamine *'n ) I.KT—The yd. 3d andtlrh front hdu of 'tore No 49 B-oad- by '5'SS^3'§“% .£S T « J5toro 16 Maiden lane Fard'irsre. R eal Ksfeate*Leather. Boots & ShoAS, 3? e®d\hosk?feln and dirts Ir^^ '.'i.rn^nuliicl'umV . r ’m \'i BV HA.1.'7S?7l;;i.77RTj..7s. Store .54 Wiiliam, corner of Pino st At IdoV'ork. H* f.’i.'> a»cijf/n room. PAf’KAfJF. SA LF—At mi.“ ci'pdii for auMroved en(lor*#*ii ntitpw- pHCkngr! Foreign ‘ind American l>ry (loo<ls, compnii- a U ^ o A l«o. 10 ca.«es 4 4 in ens anti pnnfaloon stuffs fcl;:rri;r-7l\ »!nT^?mV\odo prime, n.oshns sliilll- . AHo, o') pieces French tiincK^H fns CaLTlu^u^ea imi Mmp^ olnalo. .■LfyrH4. VKLVRTF. |■alaill^ul!ianll tamoles 'jJ.'jjJ'j’.'fldR'd'E ot 'ale. i Z t T a<'nti'iofI.es^n.^amI..^n ihjMn..rn, . tjnl» __________ i one week before the sale, a Terms—70 net cent may remain on bond .and mortaace for a fs.'tisisSSjliffilfe '“fe n m ^ S S hair of U m par<*i». \ f | S “puTa7ir“p7? Fu”rS.\.?''p^;i'i»lfp Fh^J 7!!i. »K ? i“dS.S.K?afSS.^57S;iv“SUT.'.-; lfeftT«raii,F5-iS!sf'. Purotture ni 144 Chciry^t.^''' ®^^^*^** TO LET—The totig 83 Jidin st. Enquire on the premises. on which the usual cash adsaaces w.ii i . Buede whQKieQBhed. super black satin, ce and Baralltea elastic suspenders 'U and parasolet'es ite counterpanes '.riSry ist^Flo b'Ab n * \'*® *'*“'**’ ***’ *’ *“ * * ” * It, 70 feet eastof.st.1. of a)tu» frame hou “oeofsi? woi . 1 . | H^M-‘?[li'lhe'2n-KldPor3( avenue, between Hath an.lltsth from 3d avenue, each lot A )j!(*. 5 lots on south side of llSlb it, oppo>itp the lost above The ahnvQ lots H'e beautifuny situated and level with the »tre -Is nnd avenues. Tprm«—75 t>er r*»ni of the purchase money may remain on ^ Maps'may be^hod «• the omr*»o/ the nnctioner. 9 Wall »t. Atl3n‘cmrTanh^^^ Cuarditn’s Sale—^iiproffseCourt-rteBy order ufDwight Bishop. | | ! | | S S S i 3 2 S s _ _ j -^ ur S v - ss ' S ek , private , ontract, and for the. procuring of money on bond and Thomn. 3H h 'treel—The lor of land wi’h the dwelling house and bnild 1 lrH*l!Tful^«!)Wo^p’ip^<!por“l^!’L^ha^^o>ra^ ' 5th uvenut^l lot on north,Wost comer 5th av and 9^th st, 35 It H ins frout and r*>ar liy 110 ft deep. ! I ,'s a. joimiis, on the 6th av. each 25 II Iront and rear by IIU ' ^ M . T y . M a r r h 7 , TT'E^nAY, klarcha. is g i i f t a s g ll\K trn,njrof,aJe._ 3Y O H E S T E R N I A N ^ H o i T r E T , Store^o. 13 WilUam street ItS^iberai cash 'advances 9 consignments n . . s s s s ^ l f i s r i s'eads. beddioj?, bureaus, dining tables, sofas.9. carpets, oilcloths AN'o. 100 ptece^ rfaitt and figured rnohair furniture plcshcs, of T r i n e ami samples onjhe morning of sale. ___ Aoetion Room. 2S? \ b y JAUUB b.’ \FLATT ^rookery, and General Auoi P latt street, oomer of Gold. «eelyard«. cut tacks and brads, fi.h lines, sraCe chains. iroD COreTyl'felTlo^’^ e ^ P '* eatttreei: K r r ii e T r e r h r v 'n 7 ^ peremptorily sold to the-highest hidifer. \irkssss-i^mss store No. 1 Pino st. 21by3<i. Jol31 by^Sfc'L Executor’s .^aJe -XHfhfll B f T ° - a T S c S ” r r o Office No. I Broad at. PUBLIC SA h ^ § . ■SL— 3 H S 5 3 ' - S ^ wSffi ___________ _ zotMt and h i ----- - -I « . . . s i a S H - S r S S x ^ ^ i a '\ualalosuo.onthe^more.nsofre^^^ At 101 “'»‘«k.atth,;;.|esre^^^^^ R Weslervalt. 277 r,hT5-el'’k®f^l^L';F^ll:;7?.'.llin7l'a®c?5;o^erc rtS€?SlSfarVj?. '■•f7\rrr\p'ateeh?jl*.,er pronr.etor imendj to retire from bosin the sale, when parfioi son, the «*l*i e*t»ihli-.hed cabinet furnilure roanuintU.ry. 'I'ho r r ^ f e o , s ’. * i ; l , n s f K ^ n ^ r n a “r\e.^.'a®ror :rwe\ ”;:Fe’ gi;;7 itweliing ,ar Inuuiro o Hee legal notice 'feet;'M2Tb'77^>ret\m\reTrTX,..\'Pa'ri7^lh*oVure moniy* ;2 . ~ 7 'o » , r e ^ r r o i F e 7 t ; o n of Thomas Carnley, Esc. i;£ v t r d j f |! 7 .r« .& % e « '^ a ^ !S S ' ? S ’'■ ' 7 ..,'nr;,7,^urli^:^■67lenrwes';^?,;^re^^^^^^^ ?^7.7 .ir.’l,rFea;7f';he7bo7e?a7Tf ^]'.ma““dl'nS7- - Store 35 Ann street. At to o’clock at me ouct-.-ti r.mm. ind Counlm^-hous^ Furtnturv. &c.— furniture, eoiisisting sjtf stsfi^. sola t*edd -ml Ollier „.- fice chairs. map.H, and fl igs of all nation*, one n-.tent roadirg l^ E N K R A L N O T I C E S r S .S , See legal nol.ee in^Tnliune.^.^^^^^^^ Sixteen lots on Powers I lean and Bergen stTCeU. RfAoltlyn. QI| 14XCO. 9, W AltJ»L.K A, CO.’S C A I* I F o H I A F A F H F S FOK r \ ( KAUKS A^D SMALL Ifithmua. I>t*r etuamer Cherokee, WedQA’sday, PVbruar^ 13lb The BubEcriber wi’l dis^atoh a special f xpre,ri< for ( ailfornia. by the above steamer, for small package8t»ulv in charge of a responsible messenger, who will perao\\lIy * deliver all parcels entruate i to his caje. addressed to JlV j ties residing in San Francisco Shippers by this ExprA«i I may rely upc,n having their bu8iue.S8 correctly attended Packages will be received at the office until the dajn of the steamer'd d&lUng. j&ai tf ________ THo: w”r . \ ‘» 7 - I n®- N»' ® '^*■1 Which -hey resoectfully invife the aueiinon o; lho.o wi.u de«.re = = f | | p S “-»'= \ i T r ^ - n d ? T r V v \ m 7\'‘ s g T\'“'”- ^ S ^ r ’'o. Haricm ;;gp';';^f u’.rva'\ Ht 7 o clock F M to n lopt Ki Addresfecy* may be expected from several prominent gentlemen, wliuso uames wdl he HUhtmiieed hereafter Watson ( t Hayues and other seameu who have served in the Navy, will be present, and make some remarks on the subject Ship and jiLeamboat oKuers, captains of merchant ves­ sels, naval officers Seamen and all who areinterested arc respectfullypectfully invitednvite*j to attend. A H Bradford TU oh Brownell res l ( S Woodhull ?r;^\vrR ii!ir A w -WbU • Dvnnis McMahon, Joseph R Taylor f £ t “- Walden Poll, Aiiotlonoor. BT FE L L S & CO.. Sitoro 109 \ 109 W all atr««t a ca«„ ^mad opxes. ffij^fijbaod ^ib buxea GLDp.jwder. lin> I bbl9 Varnish. nrl^reoper, etc. - . w s S i r S a ~ & ^ ^ ? S s S : » i s i i S r - by catalogue day By‘ B K r p i l ¥ “ o Broftdvraj M iiiliSliI mc.iK.i9, r re,.r ^Sh ^ H H iiihS n f lclieao BnDlicaiionj.ctticiliitcsm bbw t >ASSA.GE PK O M urVElElPOOL, C o rk, JOnla- Jt U n , B e l f t s t , &c.—The enbecrihers continue to issue, at reduced rates, passage tickets from the above ports, fnjh'sf rlojs ships onlu The greatest cate is t to protiae for the comfort and convenience of pa gers. a nd every facilitj posiiUa ^ ven them on emhi *Sio. dnfte firom ^ upwarde cashed s t e i ^ in aU the fU n t t y i 3 |e ! i « n w y f l l « i 4 w i « b i i y i i * k i i Thua Fesaenden .S R VVe'.lH J (• Hauimood hua S l uderUm <iei> S Story KS^^-u^er ^o^rv^K-eon ZZsZiz;, Hobt B Minturn Kred.lKinn..,, ‘rH ^ ‘: ^ n T r \ “ }Jiram Ketchum l! Z Z n U : : ^ l h rcidnaD ( ampbcll (iiirdon Buck, .M D. F .M K«lly Fverett k Brown John Murray Turker. ( ooper & Co M T x a7lor t T r ' \ ” i r n s t e ' \ ’ \ \ rwgymen, ladies. ehip-6*-Dfcrfi naval officers. Pesroen ,nd (ill whfi feel truly interested in the welfare, flociai and John Ward lohn Livinv Z I M T t I o l , : T l Z r i s James Harper relntbonavy will be shown n i i M I S capt&iQS will be revjuired to faraieh their own teams and o« opiu on toe eecunn i ue? the office of the t'ompany tion of three fnspoctor^ The poll to be fj ened from 12 o'clock at noon be kept open until *2 o'clock P M and then closed ’'99'f '-• ---- wlU be closed from the 22d to the The poU w fe23 tmhi7 ^ '\^‘'^BAAc’ N^^S e V.MOUR, TreaSDrer. pon B o n ^ — The Mortgage Bonds of this »rru£iBK . jal 2 tf ____________ J . M . n o r e i Ns. TressDKf tion Sy order, jaie tf ________________ J. H. SHEOOOyE.Sec’y. L e tters I n I.on<lon P o s t OIB tained. in the London Post OIBce, on actonnt of poetas unpaid, can he p r o e w ^ p ^ y t o g t o ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ :, and upwards, p s y ^ e in Sight Drafts from £1 steriing, a aU the towna of Great Britain r n i ^ X thelrCrieiids ftod xio one has any right or anthority to transact their hMlnees in raiis bnt John Ganehoiss, Esq., No. 8 Place de ta Bonrsa. UVOieSTON, WELLS it CO., apSfi ___________ 10 Wall street! W * S I S f e § “^ S . S . * . S ' £ - S « •fflingtowork fbr >&*ai**t* w«S«l. A ^ « K « ob to Vt mU^” s P o V F O ^ r T lS s T O N ' kCO.. 48 South st. Consignees are partienlarly requested to attend to the eceipt of their goods on the arrival of the steamers ; ss 11 goods will be. at their risk as soon as landed. S . ' / ” 3 r e ? l S S ” T';!S5TON . c o . . u s „ . h . . servlCB early the eomlag season—one in June and the K . ' : a r i i ’K i s , S f s s t ' s , s ‘ s X f it Co , 8aT»nnah, or d2Q tf SAM’L L. MITCHILL. 194 Front it. Jgcr s o n LlVERPOOL-ResnlarPacketoftheUtn j ^ o f Maieh-The weU taown and fast saniug ” **• packet ship WEST POINT, H. Alien, comman- dor, will sail m aboro b e r r e ^ a r day April, her retjular day. her regular day For balance of freight or passage, having exceUent ao- oommodatlona. apply to the captain on board at foot of \ ’r . \ \ r * S ’ol?HO,L ...U . O , ... sail on her rejfular day as above ^^For freight or passage apply on R. inh4 22 Broad Bt. For freight or passage, apply on board, at pier 13, East K iver^ or to the J,.. 4S South above port For freight or passage apply on board, at ’ “Inli.” ’’ sfo V fo ' r D. TILESTON b CO , 48 Sooth ot. Saturday, the 2th Inst. ^ For freighter passage, apply on board at pier 3. East mh4t9 STL’RO b :S & TO. 6 South st JV - FOR S^N FRANCISCO, direct—Tbe romark- i ^ ; “ ; e r s f f i r & . r ? ! i T o \ t N i . “?oL^^h“ ton uiaetcr, will take what freight may offer, and have date a limited number of cabin passengers, if early ap- W s o T S r a s ! mh4 cor. Barling slip up stairs. FOR CALAFORNIA, direct-^fo sail positively, ® sT irSH E U .D \*^N ‘b\vlT b ^ e J ^ f thrar^^^^^^ Liverpool Line, and thoroughly overhauled and recop­ pered will be despatched Immediately for San Francisco. too wel- koowo to Di>*'d comment ; she having made as quick Francisco, without stopping on cither side of the Cape, thus advoldlni? the great delay whi«h frequently occurs from that cause Her cabins and state rooms are very epaciouB. and no more passengers will betaken than she has state room Ui'eommodatiODS for No second class or between d.ek pupsengers can be taken ; and an Ihree-fourths of her earx > is already engaged only a further limited quantity ot light goodn can be received I*or freight or passage, apply on board ot pier No 13 Fast It 'ver or to fe26 SPOFFORU. '] ILKSTON & CO, 48 South st 'dj«-” rOR NKVV f)Rf:KAN.'^--roion Line--K edu^ T V Bim- na master, is now loading and wUi positively sail as nhove l*\r freight or passage, having superior furnished ac­ commodations, apply on board, at Murray’s wharf, or to mhl FROST & Hlf'KS. eS South st. No goo is reooiTc.1 or> ho.ard after Wednesday. 18th lOst The packet ship INDIANA. James S BeoDeU master, will BUffrced the Mediator, and Puil 25th inst Agent.** in New Orleans .Messrs. John 0 %Voodniff & Co . who will promptly forward all goods to their address 4 ^ NEW OHl.FAVS ’PLn.F,T--F.aglo Moe- UQxp Iiei-elve.i freight until Saturday PTen ng next Sth ia,<t rb«* tJLAt sajilng r»*);ul»r p«,i;ket ship TF.V NKSSKK \lh«rt Took. mai»t*-r will rt oeive freight as p-hrvf an.l prpitUely bo despatched on Monday. lUh inst, full or not full ^or freight passage, apply on board, at pier 11. E H.ioid Slip' or to mhl ICAULK & HAZARD, 40 .South 8t Agent Jn New Oneans .Mr M'imani ( reevy, who w.U promptly forward all goods to their addre.#iH. FORNF.WURLEANS Holmes’ Line-Fin-t regu lar packet for Monday. .March lU h .—The taet ft,aiing coppered ship aSILAS HOLMKS. ( apt Berry, master. U now loading and will positively suil as Y Ordinary measurement goods six cents per foot. \ .No goods recelTed on board after Saturday evening M*be ship MEMPHIS John Bunker, master will succeed th> tbove nnd sail oh 21>t of .March. JS ; MOBILE PACKET-Eaglp I.iDP-^rositively the iQ ratyrst regular packet - (iocs to the wharf -The new, eailing regular packet bark EMILV MINER, 1 W \oer, muster can yet take the bulk of 2W bbls , ’^Kor b a ^ c eT fV h lch'‘‘or passage, apply on board, at 5 r i ' i , 4 Agents in iv? V'e, Messrs. E. 0. t enter & Co , who will p^mptly forward free of commission, all goods to their JBC- FOR BAVANNAH, Geo.—Freight at Reduced J g s b Rates—Fire* regular packet—Thursday. 7th For freight or pasJh[e.havlng elegant state room acoom- c T e r Positively no freight Tstalved on board after Thursday evening rain or shine Passage $15, Freight tAen at two-thirds less ithan customary \ ’ Ail goods sent to tbe .AgetM in New York will be for­ warded free of commission. an\ all goods Intended for the interior of Georgia, South CarVina, Alabama or Tennes- A. Fiiwus, Uttorgia Steamboat Co..will be forwarded free of oomiQiMlon mh-4 a?:' APALAI MirOLA PAfFET -Eagle LIne-Wilh rir^kPiepatch-The fast sailiig tegular packet brig S ^ “ ^OE.NL WIL.SON, BeckWiU. master. Will receive FOR ( H ARLESTON-Pactei ship Line To clt*ar as above *r frHi^rht or passage, havlfig exUnslvT) aud ftUpcHor accommodations^apply.^ her regular day. r o s S i S e « r ; n ^ < * e d n ? r Tarolina Oeorgia, .\labama and Tenne««ee. w5U he fer- warded with dispatch, free of eommlAKlon , aod to aVoR r r . r . . ; a T u , r i ' - i \ . ? r.-,tea .- 1 ., FOR S-RFHGHT OR CHARTER—A fine new .-m. WANTED-A good schooner to load in Union ^L ln o J o r^B M tlraore. ^App.y to^^^ -E? WANTKD-ImmedIftteiy a good vessel to succeed jA f e t h e Manchester, and load in the line for New Or- \ « B AZiBD,« So.,h .1. ^ ^ “J , j “ -„ - i 2 a - D n o s . . 'f f a “ Bark Also, a centre hoard schooner. 85 tons, wUl be sold to^closc a ^ u t h st. FOR SA L E -A flue and substantial built Jffbsshooher, 1296 bbls burthen and ea-vy draft of „ \ “ V k - n f f i s n . ' i i s ' . r ” *' ------------- Z . ~ FUR PHILADELPHIA— Swiftsure Line*-Via South Amboy and thence by « g E ® ? K s 2 . “ : '■ 'mid J. fc N. B8I00S. 40 SODtllttrm. ^ni^Sg#1*iltaP Railroad, for the accomodation of Brig MOST, Burton, 14 ds fm N Orleans, will Apslaohicola. wlthoot. Brig MoMoin, Watts. 3 de Ijn Baltimore, with coel, to J Sch J L Morris, Van Name, fra Yirginia. with oyiters. .s s r i E ' - j ’teii.'L 'r'”\'\' “ Sch Isabella, Perry, 5 ds Im Washington, N C, withna- Seb (ierman Oak, Fowere. 5 ds fm rfewbem, N C, with ^ Sch^Sabine, Davis, 6 ds fm Newbern, NC, naval stores Sch E'izabetb, Latham. 72 ds fm St Marks, with cotton, roS^to”s i r ““““' ’ ^ Sob Meirill, Sweetser, 4 days fm Middleton, NC, with I S S m k k :?., SAILED—On Saturday, Ueamfhip Northerner, Budd. Charleston; Brsb'p Jane Black. German, Belfr-t; Br bark Sir Henry Pottinger, Gregg, Charleston and otheis. O rS^STErS. <fr. The ship Realm stHl remains ashore on the Spit, fnU of water, ( apt .Vlorrcll. of thesteamer Hercules, informs us that two steamers took held of her yesterday, but could sH E ru c if fiT fcw L L c. e« DECATUR. Cant. E. Geer. QUINESAUG, Capt. J. WaBi One of the aix— iVORCESTl . - .k R»ilro*d from sSl'R O m L E R LINE 8 NORTH HIVEK. i^^iT ^e'^ts wai lakve New York evei . „ .— ----- • - o k to k P. M MARINE LIST. CLEJtSEV a m c E OVR L^ST . Steamship Northerner, Bndd, Charleston, Spoiford, ^Shi^Avalanche, Hawkins, New Oileans,E D Hnxlbnt ‘)slss,'S^2ta/y.^■BSo.»,t, V Soh Rhode lalanA FalvchOd, BcUlmoro. Sch Emma, Pearson, Boatoii. ARRIVED SINCE OUR LAST. ; ! ! » ‘s v a “ A‘;i.!r i f c . “ e!*'c A‘i!;.a^^^ '7 . ? ° a r t e g a s , on The passage. Waiter Hosmer, Jr, Bark Vernon^Faye, 6 ds fm Savannah, cotton to Stnr- ner7^BoCTyJ^^^^^ :anzas, Feb 18, With 276 hhds .he intention of towing her inside the H i ok. out r-f the way of vessels passing in and out. as aho M s in thechenuoi. but did not succeed He hos on board the C udere'ls the sch's feire- sail ond gsit. and w.fckers bad taken away her gaft top- ll 9 w a ge’e dunug the night, and the fate of her crew is ““f ' ; r a i e » r B T m « b 2 r u 1 o ^ the Ameuean Ship Laurange, anchoi ed jn Murray's an- ,e the Tanks h abandoned^ •ks and 8 brigs in tbs port of ,Tn Provincetown Ooth ult. schs John Adams, Froo- , N''Ith Atlantic Ocean ; Bienzi.do. FOREIGN PORTS. At (iambia. Dec 78 b ig Delaware, Forsyth, fm Phila­ delphia v a Gofee. for Sierra I.eoue In a few days AtStI atharin s Dec 30 bark Dominga, Bray fm Nfw- huryport. N ot 10, Ibr San Francisco, er 20th. all well ; brig Ark. .Mrrsh. fm do Oct 31. do do ar 2lth. supposed a'l^wc'l, and fourteen other vejSels for Calirornia, names A t do Deo 23, ship Richmond. Wixon fm Bo-ton. Oct 31. for Calliomia , bark Muus...kmith. do, Ost 33. for do ; and others. Bermuda. Feb 19—Ar seb Jn”.a A Ward, Anderson. N DOMESTIC PORTS, PmnDrLrHiA—Cld Sd instant ship Thomas Watson, Thomas, Sau Franoisco, bark Lousia, Willoughby, Ha­ vana, schs Cirigo. Simpson, Savannsh; Mary U Scp'l. ‘*-;^'d'Ltrri?s\rhmo\ndte,^^^ \ r i T . ^ r i ^ r r c ' h T T p M l-A^ont 2 o-c.ock th-s moroiog a gale irom the N W. commenced and continued with increased force until 3 o’clock tb»9 af.>rnoon. when chorage during the gr*e,noneof which si^ffered the slight* «><t damage, and the greater number haro since proceed* ed to sea. Among those that went out were the bark Con­ voy for New Orlears; Zidonfor Barbadoos; Laconia ^br m B z ^ B i T r S ^ x s ^ for Mobi«o Not an inward boubd vessel has hove in sight & r M-Accounig from radlaffi Piyer reacbed here this ev«niDg. reprf-sonting that the sh y Tuscarora moved -March 2, 6] P M—A large ship w.th painted ports and TroL^^s;‘‘s . ? r u^sr n^Bi and thia^roorning the ship Tuscarora has been moTed o£f S ^ t : S £ l c a . WAS^HiNfaoi., N r_A r2dthult. schs Marcia, Weeks, WiLMiaoToiV N(3-Cld 27th nit. schs Lamartine, T ur- iphrey. Boston^ sch C £;p«iSS£52rA7; “ s d B°r' ship* avV, \ I ? : ' . j s i . 'oaglkBB,dOj Tbon.es rrjaio. Ha”ox^; go\; iTerattnc; Thornton, A'tonaj AUda, Sma'ley, Bali^a^e; brig Adna, inchire. NTi IC^b. ship Countesk of Lo^d(., bark Cld ships Indiana. Bennett, N York i Clhfto\tng« do; barks James Smith, Clark, FhiUda} Aote&u.'Br) a ,n. GUsg w. \ & d -A r ship Devonshire. NTork. ' Towed to se* on ICtb.ahip Countess of Loyid(., Reindeer and sch VentorA - B ats —Ar 27th idt, sch AehUmd, Corbett. B a ltte,„ ^ E y r T homastos —Ar 23d olt, aeh E a^e, Spear^ev In port 34th, Agha Ceres, SmaB,^^NYOTk, nearly Id^if. BosTOH-’Ar 1st inst, ship Dolphin, Cross, Singspoie,' Ar 2A seh Marshon.DyerjTatigisr. Cld, ships-Clintbn. Ddaso, Havana;. CalifszsU. fael of Cutler, BOltooi, Kimball, San mneiKti3; - -------- Spooner, doM d East Jpd>|t , „ h 1—Ar sch Flavii.a, Taylor, Sa- ir do; sloops Amelia, Per­ th, Bieknell, Tannton for Washega—623 bxs sugar Goodlme & co; COado i 103 bore sugar to u°RL&AStnaT:— sugar JDEeviera-100 lill coiitiun; *11 Ibe: aabita&tial taieE ofthooilginiH bill,, b u t fenoonoer aiH dalib8 under the will of ISIS c3 n n ire m l ligafee, lol^ms thepropM tyBsfdroM heif. “ rskediobe recocnisra *8 B j legitiaacy of Myr*., »nd her rights -lo inherit fonr- fiiShs of Clark’s e& ots. j v The'Girenlt Court, in its judgilient, ^xplsins the further facts: j i “ This eanao having came on for final hca) sent of the immplainants, nndihe dmendae upon the bj«,*i>swep,«pHoation,exta)U3, dL dboumeafs on file herein, » naonthe^jnigeifanom e p ar- ...... ----- . . . . controrersy thie case eaoeedB ' tvro thousand ^Rars, and the sMd snd t i e defhndeut Peiterspn, ei^resely alving aud dispefislug witt^the niceMf^ thf fthjr patRra to the hearing Or decision of thi* cause than themselves, and agreeing that the cause sae'l be deter­ mined rione npon Its meuts, and «•“ >,.rw..a,i» Bufflclenr • ------ - ’ --------- ’ ;erib‘e r t o h i r ‘LBw:;;’; n d S t 7 ^ . s a ' t o ^ ^ claims title under tbeseid w3i of (f *U} eighteen bnadi and eleven ; eaid conveyance shell contain stipulatU— of warranty ag&ipst hlmsc’f only, and those clafroing nnder him. It is further ordered and decreed, that the defendants pay the complainants ro much « f their costs expended herein as have bean incurred by reason of his being made a defendant in this isausa.” “ Fronnrhichdeore»the,^def8Ddant pr»yed an appeal r the SY^reme Couxv of Vnlted States, wbicL is On the appe&l from this jndgment to tho Sapreme burt, that tribunal rendered tho following deois- “ VfeahoU direct the decree of tho Court below to he reTei-seds and adjodge that a decree ehaR be made in the eaid Court, in this salt, declaring thftt a lawfol mar:^l£se ‘ id in Bh*Udelphiav Penniylrania, between and ZuUme Caniere, and that Mjra Oarhy ---- tines, lathe lawfol and only chUd of that marrltge ; that the srM Myra !s the forced heir of her father, and is entitled to Xonr-fifthb of h'a estate, alter theexeersire donation In the w.lU of ISll is redneed to the disposable quantum which the father could bga^ij give to others j that the property described in the aT^swer of the defendant, Mr. Patterson, is a pert of the estate of Daniel Clark a t the time of his death; that it was llldgal- ly sold by those who had no r l ^ t or authority to make a ip’e of i t ; that the titles giyen by them to the purcha­ ser, and by the ptxrchrser to the defendant, Mr. Patter­ son, in d u in g those given by the buyer fi?om theiirss purchpier to Mr. Patterson, ere nuHand Toid, and that the same is liable, as pa, t of the e^ate of Daniel Clark, the legitime of the forced heir, and that the de*endantv Charles Patterson, shaM stirrender tho same, as a' directed among other things to he done in the pr< as Tiin oppeeT in the decree and mandate of this c< Balffwiusriilsdam. On the c oittn sonnd'publio i iremliek, THE EVENING POST. the CIrcpit Count in LonieianA” By virtue of this decision, the eomplainttni declares that she is recognised and decreed to be the legiti mate child and forced heir of D aniel Clark, as agaiost ail the defendants holding the same relaition to com­ plainants as Charles Patterson. Defendants respond to this new issue, th a t they are not hound by a judgment against Patterson m a trial iu which they took no p a rt, th a t the whole pro- eeedingg in the OEse of Patterson were false and fraudulent, and intended as an imposition upon the This was the state of the case, as it came the 23d of January last, before the United Cirouit Court a t New Orleans. le npoi 1 State 0 day, tl rhioh hai ler than to omit them altogether. We THK GRBAT GAINKS CASS. We have preserved carefully, f om day to JVew Orleans Delta, qnd qther papers, whi contained reports of tho proceedings iathe great ease of Mrs. Gaines, which involves tho title to such immense amount of property, which is so fuU of i rious and romantic inoidcDt and adventure, and which has attracted so much attention in aU parts of the United States. These proceed’ngs, if puhlrehed in full, would take up some twenty or tbh ty columns ef our paper, and we have therefore preferred to con. dense rathe shall give. *n as brief a space important feature of tho protracted Tbe Pleadings. A b’’l was filed in tho United States Ci'cnit Coii'u, in Jply, 18.36, by WilFam W a ” aco Whii and Myra Clark W hitney, h's wife, which a iraHng .ome twentv-s'x lots of real estate, sit­ uated in Baton Reoge, New Orleans, and St. John’s Par'sh, and other places along the M*ss.'S6lj bracing iu a'l some twenty or th’rty thou; pents, or I'rench cores, iu the best p ait of L( and Mres'ssippi, besides valuable city lots, and about ha’<'a m='Ton dol states that th's property was once in the of a Mr. Uanisl Clark, thi il'ira woith of personal propeity, ice in the possession a woman named Zu!=me Carriere. the father of Myra Clark, by and contained d'reetions es to the education of Myra. ii™ a/ra«£“« S S r a 7 o r A T » . “ '\* Daniel Clark returned fiom Philadelphia, and Su­ ing hia mUrests not setioi-slv jeoparden by Coze, re- S ' f 5 r l r t 5 S ^ ^ ^ “ s S S f l l t l i i i M jra continued with Davis till 1832, being always -ailed M jra Clark until Clark’s death, when her name was changed to Myra Davia, and she wss k ept in ignorance of her parentage a nd her rights until her riage with Whitney, when she was made acijnaint- ed With h sr history, and ever iruco hoe been engaged in tho proseontion of her rights. Then follows the answer of the several defendant! the Bubstanoe of which is embraced in tho answer c Keif and CT,iew, who aver that Daniel Clark died i lated large property in the name of s s ; '(iiSrri’fiir. ceeded to thp business of the old partnership of Clark iS Coze J, and agreed to divide aU his p r m t l y Moally with them, except his house on the Ifevon Most of the property w as'belli in tbe name 6f Clark, whose defets wore enormous. Respondents were kept ©ueh embarrassed by the large Quantity of uuproduotivo lands oTTBsd b j them in QOMeoiion with Chirk. In co^,;,uemoe of these oujharrraa M*wln f m trb 8 f l « t r f i f toe property, most of which was heM in Clark’S name. Said sides were made to the best advantage. The whole stotement of eom p lgin^t about the will of C o u r ts o f Conci Some years ago, my esteemed friend Humphry Howland, ol this to wn, sojourned during tho winter in St. Croix, (Santa Cruz) one of the Danish W est India Island. Observing that mediators were genep ally employe^ in the adjustment of differences—so very dissimilar to the practice of this oouutiy, ho took much pains to inquire into the whole m a tter j and was assured by Judge Anderson of that pkee. that nine-tenths o f all disputes were settled by the Reconciling Commission. After Humphry Howland’s return home, he re­ ceived from Judge Anderson, a full and complete copy of the ordinance issued by Christian VII. King of Denmark, dated December 7th, 1798, translated from the Danish original; and the roU is now lying be­ fore me. It is too voluminous for publication in'a , « L + x » . ^ t t e before M ii& y w x i, wia g M ' - ' \ ' ' \ ___ The C o m a d s & e r w ^ . xots « i^JW n ^ hK r. «aa loondaohiij to be iKfMHga^i. W^Jdrs Cook. le appeared i i the other ' flattenngqironmstimoM. Beh* 4 i»(H l^m ltedin r e j ^ to tbe e?sumptien* b y ik s *ta»^ rtf • work caffed the Baldwmsville dam. Jaitb e fo r e - tte third i ^ m g of the bill, the following comflKufffiatioB was Ai,nANY,2feFeb-lS50. liS ' i S S i l t e l . ' ^ j ~ . K a . H i . ~ a . itjO c ^ n Messrs. L. \V Assembly. The bill was then read! and p*ssed, i^es 73 , noes L. 'Why this advice fro|n a high state b&eenjras thus cavalierly tr^ted, iii&otappareiiton theface of the proceedings. The fwaetknce to nndertake tl • • ” «roM frontfront the inabilityability off Ihewl the in o the whig admioistratipQ to £nd nloMy to xovianpiotd idebts, or to create now 0 ^ 60 - -fideediit Wea sumontitod on the floor of , tbe tlbnsp,| by Jtfdnroe* ih»t tha treaeniy waA depl^tedr-^thet thmiwwas nomtofley to ate to tb^ eharit|es o f the ntate—tbebospi- esylums 4 -Withoi!it» teconrse to direct tas- ation for the means. Where hss tbe i among the membe^i conduct of the Cahri Qoijunissipnerai'orthaanswer; and when they are addressed by^Mr. CdOk,asd ad­ vised to-withhold their hands; from loeal.prsjeots, be- canse public economv difttates pradence in this re­ spect, they are reminded of the bandrede of thousands wantonly SQuendered by hint and bis associates, for selfish jpnrposes, jad-the^wdbuke him by repudiaUeg bis Mvice, Th'aJ^ iiatnral, but it ia not logical. The wants of the treasofy imnaiu a fixed fsot, and rather than have recolirse^tax. atioB, or attempt farther unconstitatiohaHoai^, the Whig State Officers HiU piohahiy hare the btl! killed in the Senate. W ith tha teeepfioa of four or five members, the two Houses hare been ttnanimoni In hostility to the eztention of alaVery. T h ^ b a v e been divided ss to itruetien. jBnt the edyotesoi two Jlouses ware al- unanimonsly in f a W ofseme expressienof hos- to th e spread of ^ s m o r a L ^ d - p o I itio a l corse, bey gave instmethms, finally, .of tho m ost dis- modes of action to effoistthis exclusion, and there woto divided yotes on. the reso- lutionoof lustra moat unanimonsl tUity to ti and they gave instmethm s, finally, ._____________ tinot and emphatic order. To findpOlitioai commit­ tees a nd oSeials disavowing these. instraOtions^Aand sending others o f opposite character, is mortifying to them a s citizens a nd as rlepresentatives. D euta . C o r r e s p o n d e n e e jof t b e ISw entng F o a t. WASHINGTON, M aAch2,1850. Proceedings b f the S e n a tei-S in ^ it r ease rm y — W h a t Intimidation 'has not ddne~- Congress a nd the Hemp Crop. in the A rm y —1 I and the Hemp I Senate y esterday, i m a rk, dated December 7th, 1798, translated newspaper, but I give a n abstract of some of its sec­ tions and provisions. The preamble is worthy of the 'serions oonsidera tion «f our legislators ; and when they adopt senti­ ments as paternal as those of th a t monarch, and show it by their a cts, every good citizen, anxioos for the weFare of h's eounlry, will respect and honor them. 1 give it verbatim : “ Whereas it is incumbent on us, to prevent es far s po.'3ible unneoesEovy and exnensive lawsuits be- ween our beloved end faithful subjccre, by the in- pu'.p jse, the good effect of which hath erswered our paternal intention ; wherefore we decree rs follows whom the b'u-gbei choose two rs Rc-onol’’'ug Cotnm’ sioners, who are bound to acrept the office, and conduct it for tb-ee years, nu'e 3 they have a laWsj't, or we’'..fomided reason to excuse them,. Both she'' not be (Sreeha-g- ed a t the same t=me. Lawyers are not to be chosen as Reeonof'ng Commissioner.. Sec. 5. The members, on trk ’Pg the’- seats in the Comm’ssion, swear ’• to exert all the means in their r s , ‘K ;rr/iai£?e.“.t long oth4r proceedings, confirmed the nommatioh e f Fletcher Webster^ i^ q -, to be Su-veyor o f tho pifrfof Boston. ' The greater part of the day Was occupied in the consideration of the ceSe of LiCut. ^char.mbnrgh was a lientenant in the first d; He repented and withdrew h’s resignation, b a t n p t. L ast spring ought to bo ions, and resigned some dozen yeavs o r more since, le repen 3 the President then decided, in time, the Senate passed a resolution th a t he ought ti appointedppointed too fillill thehe firstirst vacancyacancy inn thehe graderade off nomination b a t f t f v i t g o captain occurring in t.biat regiifient. A vacancy did ocenr by the resignation of Cajitain ------ b u t tho President appointed L isut. Ewell to fi’I it. 'This for some timej tho , a n a y e 2 terclay, by B te, i t Wes 0 S resolved th a t SohininburgbLwes ei ) the piece. How the P r e s i d e n t a c t n la 4 spring ws ielieve th a t tl Snllivan, British Cbar close vote, i t w resolved th a t Sohininburgb titled to the piece. How the President w meins to be seen. If the resolution of last spring was ro l sufficiently explicit, I can h a rdly believe tl lent will a ttain the Object proposed, learn th a t information has reaehsd the State De­ partm ent, within a few days, to the effect th a t the Hon. Henry ~ '' ' ' ‘ ' one of the South AiUerican states, bias resigned. This is the same functWnary with whom M r. Potter, United States Consul a t Lima, had so serious a per- aumiroi a nag, eunereu., zue anttiuUkU) ino com- miwder^suggested to M r.^nlUvsm ^the propriety, resigning, m which view h e h ^ n ieso ^ , 1 ’ 1 perceive th a t some zealpns serrttois of —Tiers are the viole 1 m a t t e r _______________ ___________ , ________ anca to which prcdaced the d isg ^ e f a l scenes of Monday, the 18th of Fehiuary, When tho whole d ay and most of tho night was Iconsnmed in callmglitha yeas and nays. i ( This is an amnsing piece o f in that the' sordid instruments re anxious than able ' more discretion in interests of their ei See. 8. Th of S t. Croix, and the commandrhtof St. t.Thornes, as magAtrates, are to endeavor to reocnoile the prrMes at variance. Sec. 9. “ AH civil causes jn general, whether eon^' eerning property, rights, debts, or any thing eGe, shall be sabjeot to too ReconoFing Comni’ssion, ex- oept (1.) suits respecting bi\s of exchange, (2.) fle- mands in deel’ngs, bankrupt estates, or estates under the admimstration|of ti ustecs—because there are law expense.ii in sufch cases in the first instance. Sec. 18. The Reconciling Commission sba'l a se ble once a week. Sec. 20. Those who .have anyth’ag to lay before the Commifsicn, shaH previously notify it, either ver­ bally or by writing. Seo 24. Eseb p u itji when sumiaonedi sbaii per­ sonally appear before the Commissioners, nclese he can render a justifiable exense ; and in that case, the absentee may send a good man in h>4 place, empow­ ered to treat for, and reconr 'le the cause ; \ but it :s expressly forbidden to tske with you, or send in your stead, » lawyer to act in tho Rcconeiliog Commi*- See. 25. ‘Whoever shall be summoned to hear pi petals for reconciliation, and-shall refuse to atten or to give good and sufficient reasons for not atten iog, Bball bo condemned to pay bis adversary tbe e penses of tbe snit, should tbe cause be decided by Sec. 20. Tho KeconoUing CommisEion shall bo held in a prira.«e rooir See. £7. If an sral, or the goveiiverami idrnto f S Thor shall to reoeivf nnleui t h e j ’ ‘ i ^ o n ^ a j I opponent boen a ttem p ted-----------------, ___ Sec. 39. A Commissioner who has labored with un- rw i t t e q zeal and for eiglit years, “ w» will d*st?Tk^uieli as a, wortfav' man mc“ ’ ----- ------ n i [ing eomttlXMlfiflifi ftfld the a reward for their tronble ■ ■ I adjustment,—otherwto I given a synopi lia remarkable ordinance, that Us exlraoidmory success appears to be nuunli owing to two ^ungs 2d. Tho h e Conferission yits ia private, and without xo- ferenire to the niee distractions o f the endeavors to reconcile tho parties. rrom thp pre»jBWd, » upppws tfikt ffifi offliMnaa ignlsh 03 a worthy IT approbation.** See. 40. Th* ReeaftriUni fi.eoorder ihell receiTB when they offeot a a ami nothing. ins given a synopsis o tth e i I, and observe success appears to be mainly 1 st. The whole infloence o f the Gevemment ip brought to bear against litigation } 90. T <;f. tn d Without XB- law, earnettly f fvia tap prokJBpw, » gjppw s Wgt ffiB offliMnaa v r i m f r f r f i g f a B n s t IraisaT fliitio o o iin s l 1 mt § not Moortunoai i i i i wortu rimamiiBHBg, i8»«»«P that rafln an i M t itn tiflE h u a iM e f U . objeet. and' that othea will &iHf wrong principles be allowed i enter, ot if it be not honestly and camesfly coi daeteA It hw been said, in allsobsmess, that the eipensi of litigation.in this state exceed the valne of ti preperty in. d ilu t e ; but be this as It may, tbe ox^M esareonlyapart oftlie evils that law-suils proanoe. Can.oitizens,Ieave tbeir busing and be leoefflpensedbjthoiM^ffeesallowftdto juror#, m flwBiieii ? jSamagesMffmnilfri bills of w*t * » ofgtkaiamoniij andmental ^oatfortsar# notto be esfunatedby dollars and oents.^ N ear A urora, Caynga.Co., J 2 d m o n tb ,2 ^ ,I f i d 0 . $ -Tbe p a ^ d t o ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ i e W g r t ^ oon-; W«>u. eoraiaeaead selrerat ------------- ditionally snrroudered. I t has rb- with Bomethiug iess'thaa tbe hono|8b? ’ifw> position most ai|daoionEly assumed.. A U ,aird more than all, demanded b y Doty’s resolution of tb s 18th ultimo, wes cone w d by conourrence,un the im­ mediate introduction of th e bill named iuitbatfesd- lution on Tuesday lo.sti Of th e threats 6j? Yiolenee, fighting, assassmatioB, nay, o f opdn and general messacre, with which this city has beeniife for the week now ending, lin th n d to havemuc|hnmreto say. Those infamons menaces were a p a r tlof juiyatem Of intimidation, as stnpidiasifewaa wicketL deliberately adopted to coerce submission to the ffinnud# o f a small minority inthisefintestupon slaviery extension. It has failed, a s all btoide the mfserUblelbraggarta who suggested a n d a ttem p ted it, knewAt w p h ld ^ il, and they a re new seeking to cover the dJ^riioB o f their d e ^ t by the brazen.fitlsebooda> o f Iheir-hfre- Unga. * 7 t I Ih e r e will be a great rush foraeatsi in th e Senate chamber on M enday, wken M r- CaUtontt’* speeifii la id to be read by! his ooReagne, M t i ButlSfc-^ ’ — * — i • •RfoUowthatra /ill exeitejgreat -------- , , ---------- ------- --------- -- ------ „ y close in aomb ten daya o r a fortcight after. The House amused itself & r a ftw tunKoyesterday with the-prirate colsndar, bntdSannd iHi* iktigiia-of that oiam of burinets to exMAH ei to hi eompHTei to adjouta over to Moudij H e « , fofreorwtimi. For several days pairt thojmojning hour fiasr berij passed, iu tbe Honse, in the disenssiea-uf-a ibiU op the purchase of hemp fpnthbnaVy, o f'ihe dUcoUfage^ m e n tof the culture of th a t ptodtfofc i n t h e United States. CoBtldei'mg the character aaii eofidaciref many of the members, this m n t- b e a d m i t ^ tu b e ia most anpropriate^ihongh very delicatefUbjecl;of 1 dei. “ beration for th a t bo<^. C a d y leiu U s “ lAUter Day Pacai&loti> j o s t ;jmb- lished in JAmdon, baa tbe foUowiug - p a a a ^ , tiattng the mede in wbioB men of g e n t u s ' w ^ s ^ t what they do n ot nnde)stand s t V , i * - j>iejafcy ftf I - r

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