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^ I i m B j & f i t s e g E s : ■ 4Rr« : ^fjrrtezt IT f c ^ T B iiij eraswc ^ B t u u . w , Jl. Y. i 2 o o , o o o - S T ' ” \ \ ■ 1 ? ! ^ X MttTOir gHCTify g^ertUiy. ret*r Martin, Junes B. Wlbon, M mm Xkjlort Heary Kdej, Meeehall Pepobn, Cltirles Bnrlchalter, irafilsaE . Foster, l O M t & r J H u t U a l l b u s u r a n c e C o m p o M u ^ S o . 3« w m i » m X g xtbM n U * 'EixtbMDgt, Comer o f Exchange Place. Where proposals are receiredfoi aAJSJUjnS AND im ^ A S D USSCRASCE EXCWJgITEI.T, Excepting when the Fire KJak ia indispensablr oonnectea with tbo Marine, F o u r H u n d r e d T n o u s a n d D o l l a r s , w ith nett earned profits, on the first Instant of orer X i m t X k P E R OEBPr. TE0STEES. Zehedee Cook, John B. Kltching, Tbomaa Tileston, .^fred B a r r ^ , giren in &e'Hdpe C l ^ on W EtotOffittiy E Y l ^ fiHeketo s o l u t e . iMt, Mxmr / dr^a8^'Catfiart»«*I& * l ................ , ........... .. - ^ UoBdaT. ihs n t h (ott. fiftitt • I h ttt ftid m a n Hi. n m t E tI.£K R , Wlft ofT. K. By«a,m th a f f w u t t l f l f ^ . 1 a l . C s B O O T H & e 0 .. a . -----------------------------_ _ --------- W i t V. BftABY. Poetaaster. D A Y,M « chlxt,the reinilaa maUler BoitWTi ton and Frorldenee, will close at, 3} P. M-1» P. . as heretoibre, the hoar of departnre of the bos beh)g«*aagedfcom4toSP.M „ ___ _ fe263t WM V. BRADY, fOBtmtgty. g to pronuii iKcey D Bm ird Anthony, les B. Brewsti i f i S f S : ' EWf\T L. Harris, Ber. J P. Thompson, ^ J o h n V ^ ^ r ’en, Esq , wlB tSce^'art in” tta ’ prooeed- -V. B —Ladles are partlcalarly iarited to be present. Franklin a Delano, IM . E D W A H # S ^ C t e P « s . d e n t 5 Epwaao A. STRoaa; Secretary.________jalfi eodls J. W.Cnl! A n i t a s „ IB Belknap, E- T. Woodward, Theodore Crane, Edbert L. Taylor, S. B. Chittenden, L.S.Pond, FIRE INBURAJyCE. J ^ a t i o n a l I n s u r a n c e C o , O f B o s t o n . C A D f T A D $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 . j y e p t u n e I n s u r a n c e C o , O f B o s t o n . C A P I T A L _ $ 2 p 0 , 0 0 0 . J P r a n U U n I n s u r a n c e C o . O f B o s t o n . C A P I T A L $ 3 0 0 , 0 0 0 . Tho Gspltal of the shore Companiea has W been paid .ia. seoiMrelT' iirrcsteds sud rto jxqw uaimpair^. For insur&nccK apply to TMOMAS h a l e , 51 Wall street, jaSeodnp Second door aboye Wailam street. JLrone la ln n d In s o r a n e e Com p tuiy. CAMTAL. aoo.ooo iJOULARS. , WITH A SUEPLUS. OfflcgJWo. 41 P u l t o n atre e t , B r o o k ly n . f\0 ! fP & X r E i S to take risks on buildings, mercban. disc, znftchlsexy, and property generally, at corrent s of premixiin. ifo l l l i il'-ir Jl.; Ils|:“ Sj f| I :|i There has been nnnsaal activity in tho market for Government stocks. Two leading houses, who are the al agents for purchases on foreign account, have made ;e iuTestments in Treasury notes, and the Oovern- Is good in<iciry ;. Ohio 6's, 1860. tuted u d paid ] f«7 MWfcFnp The company inform their dealers and the public gene­ rally, that lesr than one third Of thetf business is on risks in \ ‘ ^ Ich^ho company may sustain, will be ad- ____ I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y T t c r r e ^ f ; a r s 7 r ^ r T m S \ ^ n m e rc^d lse, holdings, bc^^ W m . HaitrES, Secretary. T B E S T O n anP lD A I. f i r e i n s u r a n c e \OJBUPAlSy. C^pM _ ^150,0.. M ,000—i ________ . _ T K E ltT O S combine lutnal Conlpany ' 3 become pfcrtlcii ISEPH C. POTTS, President. New York, October 12,1849. _________ ol3 6m eodnp V THtS CO&i: Tested, and a lari Loss and Damage City Offices genetilly i f l R E C T O R t3. DANIEL BURTNETT, JEREMIAH JOHNSON, THOMAS M c ELRATH, JAY JARVIS, LUKE BAKER, ROBEHT BARKLEY, chakx I e s d e y o e , JOHN s H a r r i s , ALOMI o a . ALFORD, JAMES C. BALDWIN, WILLIAM WALLACE, D a n i e l w . t o w n s e n d , FRANCIS A. PALMER I DANIEL BURTNETT, President. JAMES M. M ^ E AN , Secretary. October 1st, 1^9. _______ _ oZnpeod O F F I C E O F ATLANTIC MUTUAL. IN- SVJ^ANCE COMPANY. N ew YoBK,29th January, 1*50. - The Trustees, in conformity to the charter, submit le allowing sta|eroent of the affair's of the Company on the 81st Deceinler, 1849 : - rremlumBreceiveiijon Maane Risks, from 1st January, 1849. ,j ........................................ 477,759 00 Total amount iof Marine Fremlums,, . .82,460,071 46 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks, nor upon Fire Risks disconnected with Marina Ris^a. Prenfinms marked <jff from 1st January, 1849, to Slst December^ 1849 ............................. SL7WJ61^^ Losses paid during same period.. $960,248 39 Returns of piemiuifis and expenses 223,386 12 *1.1»3 632 4: Tho company ha’ e the following assets, vis : United States SI State Stocks, New York Bonds and M ortga«J....................................... 269,900 00 Dividends on sticks, Interest on bonds * and mortgages Jond other loans, notes, re-lnsnranie, and other claims to th» company, Ltimated a t ...................... 62,634 6T Premium n o tM ....l ........................................ 1,146,161 97 Cash in bank ___ j .......................... , ............... 44.600 74 . .$2,471,942 1 The Board of Trfetees have resolved to pay an interest of six per cent, on |ho outstanding certificates of profits, Iders t h e r|ot or their legal and after Tucsday| the fifth day of Fei e further resolved rspresentatives, ibruary next. O.NE m il l io n CF OveicE or the W/t-KESsaBBE Co.r Co ,, CO- T U I, C o m p a n y t c , b t * IW B o iw captains wiii be required to famish their own teams and COMMERCIAL. SALES AT THE STOCK EXCH.4NOE, F g J r t V . v - j 1 “ 1 1 .= 1 III -i; i r s i s i T H E OCEAN ST E A M E R S . • F o r A m e rica. F o r E n r o p e . F o r B r e m e n . F o r N ew V o rk. I S team N avioation I’ ojcpast . F o r C h a g res. FALCON..CaptHartst^.^FromNew York...That. Feb.23 CLEARED T m s FORENOOX _^^wed ship Fanebon, VUson, Elsineur and Stettin, Ba^rEna. Ar?y,Tono Bello, rellshury k Sandford. I Z i D Woff\ R o b i ^ n ! t : i ^ : n t o \ - ; : r HnsseU h Faults inspirei large Investments in Treasury notes, and the Oovern- advanced 1 pej cent. One sale of Treasury notes was $100,000. There is good imiciry for western stocks, which have improved. Ohio 6's, 186 J per cent, and Indiana state 5's, i ; Morris f Anal has gained i ; Norwich and Wor- ester f. anA'Tleading Railroad i ; Reading Bonds have declined i i Long Island | , Portsmouth Dry Dock j ; Erie Railroad j. and Erie Railroad Bonds i. bloney U in ample supply, but with a very active de­ mand both locally and from the east. The activity is lent to maintain rates generally though the increas­ ing sapp’y, has lowered the rate of loans on Government Stocke, on which money can be freely obtained at 44 per cent. On other Becurjtiea at 6 per cent mice. The banks discount freely. The large amount acoumulating in the Sub Treasury now. nearly four millisns dollars, is exciting attention ; a portion, about a million, it is said will be removed to the Philadelphia mint, to enable it to pay dspostts of gold dust : in which case it will find its way back into this market, increasing.tha supplies. At all sreuts thislargo amount of specie in the rather confl.lence than alarm. There is nothing doing in exchangs. Some eminiry Is making for silver on french account ; and though the late remittance was made at a loss) yet the advices by the B earner of farther Parisian emeutes, deter many partic, f om buying French exchange, and infiuence remitters to buy silver or sterling exehange in preference Sterling has rather a downward tendency - th e increasing ship­ ment of cotton supplying bills freely The Lehigh .Navigatic arrangement with their creditors. T ea S ai . e —The sale of tea.s this morning, by Hag gerty. Draper S l Jones, was well attended ; but the re­ cent arrival of two cargoes has checked the previous dis­ position to a rise in the market The prices, however which were realized, folly su.stain the market. Nine- tontlis of the quantity offered F reiokts —To London, are very inactive w« notice To Lirerpool. we heard of 26 OOU bu roro. part in sack?, on nriva-te terms: Cotton 5 - fiOO K ki « Prvwi,. o.j » S , ^ . a V r i s T J m e ^ l ^tods‘ “25” “ “To“^‘^ a u M there is a disposition to wait for later accounts, though there i.s still a considerable amount going forward at pre­ vious rates. tCarefally prepared for the Evening Post ] N ew YorU M a rkets. ASHES-Tbe market is dull for both sorts, at $6 621 for pots and $6 for pearLs. The receipts are fair. CO 1 TON —The market has declined Jo with sales of very quiet, but firm There is no disposition to prei sales of good as the opinion is favorable for the futur from tbs fact that the quantity of g od wheat to come t tidewater on the opening of navigation is so ver The snpply cf low grades ia large , but prices rule stea­ dy. The demand for Canadian is euspendedowing to Ibe indefinite advices by the last steamer as to what was the Genesee; fancies and extra are firm, and in steady Ryf Flour is heavy ; sales of 400 bbls at $3 for common and a 37 for superfine Corn Meal is dnU and sales of 60 fio o d ^ ^ r a r d ’ f o r ^ r a h h*u^ the supply being limited, holders are far above the views of a^Th” . d a T $ n o ^ n ? f c ? i‘i : r s Bye is firm and not plenty at 81c. the demand is limit­ ed, distilleriss are weU stock. Barley is in fair demand at 70o- Barley malt is wanted at 82o. Oats are dull at 45 for northern; 36a38 for Jersey and 35 for sonthern. Corn is dull and but little disposition to press sales, as prices are now below southern market prices Sales of 3000 bu common mil 86aS7. and souther “°HAiR-The market is rising with a speculative in­ quiry ; 20,000 lbs yashed Buenos Ayres sold at 17c, 6 h I d ES—The market is firm. The stock is under 35,- 090 hides, including the two cargoes afloat, and is mostly in the hands, of one - X ^ O S ^ i r ; W e V t r h i g t |c, which is an advance of jc , 7000 OCuracoa ■ are now afloat. Mnoe 000 hl.lv»s have been imported, and daily expected. The sales reported are 16.000 . Ayres, frrm store, at llje, eight months , and 4 por cent. rasP ARRIVED THJ.8 FORENOON shifting to NW. was boarded by a heavy sea which stove part 01 deck load This morning, when of Castle william, Prus. bxig Norma, Eftopp, 30 ds fm TUver Goacoalcos, Sch B.be.ca E Sacor, Pier.., from W eblD ,ao, N C, Sch Hester, fm .Viilton, Del, corn. pern. Atukapas. (La) with sugar kc. to Haven h Co 14th Inst. Sb'’^^.“nS‘e^,‘”^c\n'nfor< sch Globe, Dei The Trustees, DOLLARS of prc|au, have whole of the ceTtlfiCstes of profits issued in 1847. and eighty-five per cemt. of those issued in 1848, he redeemed «nd p»id to the holders thereof, or their 1< tatives, ou and Tnesday, the fifth day of February n which date all interest id he produced at tho time of payment and cancelled to tiL extent paid. The Board have also declared a dividend of thirty-four per cent, on the nett darned prominins of the Company for the year ending 31st December. 1849 for which fioates of profit* vri^ be issued on and after Tnesday. the fifth day of; The profits of thfe company, ascertained from the 1st July, 1842, to the rst day of January, 1849, f * which certificates were issued, amounted to ................................... $1,657,760 00 m 1st January, 1849, to let January, ISSd ........................................ Total profits p r 7J years ..................... $a 181 6-24 46 Certlficatee of 1844 1845, and 1846. paid off. 775,950 00 t r u s t e e s . 4 1 y a k o % g i L h l a n . f e f c \ n nomioal ; 150 bbin so S i « a ^ o d Ohio .r$15, supposedr < ut meats are firm and in fair demand; sales of SCO tes rior to common state ; 15al8 for good to prime and 18a22 for Orange county. Oaeose is waatefl at &ia8o prim* WHISKEY—The market is very dull at 254 for prison Sales of R e a l E s ta te - $eb 26. ialiu id R * ijro««i ____ _ „ J ^ f e B ^ ^ . o a % i e s d * y : thesth day be heldon- thaMcoiid Tnesday In April of each y w the ofileeof the Company in Brooklyn, under the dir tton erf three; hapecloia. •Khepon to he opened from 43 o’elor’\ * be lo^topcok rmtSi 2 oj<docl: P ^f. sitfl t1 T1i«ttuslls]? 3G6‘k» will bo <^ocod 03 ApTQtBil ohW on the 10th dey cf Apnl. Bro<)kljn,.4airoOidjn,.' Fehfury, 13S0 B MOSES MAYNARD. Jr. Lv. igedTOjMM. Yesterday morulns, at the residsnse c f Iwr son-in. U-vrl. Dr Wm Seaman, A bicai ., vtlfi. of Valantlaa Hicka, In 7hakftUi v*ar ofher age. : the ftmlly u e ntpeetflsQy Invitafi to a t. IfromFYiends Meeting House, Jericho, aomlBg. 28th inst,mt lx o’clock. A spee eUl^trai^ hay d momlBg. 28thnst,mt i lx o’clock. A sp will leave tba Long lalandBB d ^ t , Brooklyn THE EVEKINQ TOST MAUmE LIST. rORT OF NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27. SOB aiiEB.. . .6 39 I ii STOCKS, GLOVES, HANDI _ HOSIERY. FAN! Y SUSPENDERS, MONEY IHOULDER BRACES, to. SHIRTS, DR VATS, 8CAJ CHIEFS, HOS BELTS, SHOl PARTICIILAE ATTENTION 18 PAID TO THE CUSTOM DEPAKTMENT, And tbeir extensive arrangements enable them to fCxecnto O rders a t tlio S h o r te s t Notice* T H E W H u L E S A L h : D E P A R T M E N T Is at all times supplied with the fullest assortment ; and the extent of their manufacturing faoUUies enables them to SUPPLY COUNTRY MERCHANTS At Prices below that of any Establishment in the City. To verify the above statements, they ask residonti and strangers, when in their neighborhood, to call and EXAMINE FOR THEMSELVES, Where they will receive the most Polite Attention ; the Proprietors relying on their U N R IVALLED FA C ILITIES, F U L L SU IT S Furnished to order at a Few Hours' Notice, and lent TO A N T PART OF THE UNITED STATES. BOOTH ei FO S T B R . N B. Open from fl o’clock A M. to 10 P.M. fc27MW&S DkC dladelphil— - -------------- frotuAUakapoB. Brig Venus, (of New Haven) Soule, 10 ds fm St Marks, SAILED —Barka^Mariel. V^-Indies; Guilford. Lisbon; brig Lae^ St Marks, Fla; sch Globe, Demorara, and «5c. SWp Vorth star. bi**boo. from LiTorpoel, Vor 16, of and for Philadelphia, which has been reported mi.ssing, put into F'ayal, 9th ult. In distress, leaky. She has been sur- —1»*rod to discharge to hove out. It vro8 “Blm“s l , r M lsl“a*; Jan I. for New York was lost at Mazzara. between Messina and Marsala, no date . 200d bx8 fruit saved, the rest damaged It was reported at Palermo that one or two other A<n vessels from Messina for the I’nitod States had al.so been lost on the south coast of Sicily, one supposed the FUen. Hard­ ing. ior New York . but the only authentic report of any wreck is that of the Ophir The weather had been unusually wintry in Sicily, and the fruit had auffered Which WAB loBt near Liverpool, was owned by SUpheu Baldw^ ^ show .. , r Z H ? a SPOKF.y. <fr, Feb 10. near Cape P'lorida Llscht. brig Annao ‘^^jTn^Ti.^off^^if^Srlitrh^^^^ fm Ali- l:SSo York for Liverpool FOREIGN PORT! ■rrived at Hong Kon m':tTorin^M :^th:c.ub^^hS,‘:i' eongratulation to the Projeotora. For the futx Cld at Halifax l«th lost srh Adonis Dunl 22d Indus. [Jay do. Pheasant Camefon, .lu Bark Ionia, fm Boston, for Bouton for Tri< Gibraltar about 16th January White Head. 13th inst, sch Hector. Sterling, fm Adonis Dunbar VYork. Trieste, passed Notice to M arUiera. ('i »TOM House. New Yr-rk. / ( 01 I Kt toh ' s O m - icr . Feb 25, 1860, The Light Boat at 8*andy Hook having broke from 'b R . l ’ArKETnJARK'XNN'T^ N B. AU goods not permitted In five da>s. will be sent to public Store. fe27 _________ A J ^ O D H T U . 87 South it. N ir.'l'L 'r . ™ : s S ” bi ^ te25 A. WOODHULL. 87Soothst. t ) R . PACKEt~SHiP MOl^T~STUART ETPH 1N JD STONE, from Glasgow -ConxignoeB p.r this vesse will please send their permits on board, at Judd’s Wharf ^N. B“*AU^o<fanotp. to public store. mitted in five days, will be sent lyiOTIC] XV Ing an ' TO L E T - O n e half of the three story and basement, brisk dwelling house No 110 Eleventh treet, n e « I- cor. of Wall street. IR SAX.E, O R T O 'L E T - The firit class, story brick dwelUng honse. No. 71 Irving modern j Nasssu itroot. fe27 Iw POT- of Wall street a Thcrusom eter. fffr i i W fd I T L’ST PV ^ mometet. kAasasa w ROSE, l«r wiU obti| PASSENGERS. M A R R I E D : On the 6th Inst, by the Rev Dr. Tone. Nctsov Boeiv. ben Bariow Esq. Mansioa House. Keighley. H r,°7:T n ^ tL from an impurities. Imported and^frr^^e^a^t.^ 235 Broadway, opposite the Parity ['BLlSHEDLDeUtour’s Record of the TTher- find«r wtU oUlge, by Iva ring the s«m^ with L chapman, q x ^ - T n COMSTOC K. ^ o r p W tT tJe e t, T s e S lo r ' fanners’ and common Oils, in lots te suit. n r u c s B r Cea! o fth family nie, ai J s C , B O O T H 6 t C O ^ C l Q i t & l n i r a n d O n t f i t t l B g J B s i a b l i s h t n e n i j K o i . 2 7 C o u n l a n d t S t r e e t j (A FEW DOOM BELOW THE WiSTEES HOTEL.) rflB B i 8D B S C R IBEBS, IN ANSOTRCING TO X ths pahllo th« rtcsnt change in their firm have the *-t!sfiaction of stating that thair new suxangemants for nduetlng the ^ C L O T H I N G B C S l N f i l S B , Both far extant and variety, and tha E X T R E M E L Y L O W P R I C E S At whleh they are enabled to fell, are u n e q u a l l e d b y a n y i n t h e CITY. One of the Members of the Firm being one t f the Fi- tS T ? *“ **** ‘^'‘‘0 ^ ‘NG BUSINESS, devotes aU hU PURCHASING GOODS For the Elstablishment, which hLs long experience, ao- Knowieuged skill, and the abandant capital of the house, enables him to do with the most PRE-EM INENT-SUCCESS. Their Stock, being manuXaetured under their own su­ pervision,, and with a view to neatness, elegance, and ntil- Uy, and amounting to over 130,000 IN VALUE, Comprises an assortment now unequalled; and they D E F Y A L L C O M P E T i r i O N . Another of the firm saperinteuda, in person, the Maavi' f&otUTing Dfipartmeiits, which is daily replenished by everything new and deMrable, mud comprllM m COMPLETE ASSORTMENT Of all that If requisite for G E N T L E M E N ’S O U T F I T ; Such as cannot fail to suit the MOST REFINED TASTE. Or meet the Approbation of the most FASTIDIOUS. THE MANUFACTURED DEPARTMENT PANTALOONS of all the various styles and patterns. VESTS of the latast and riohoit pattern, DRESSING lOV/.NS. te. THE FANCY DEPARTMENT A commanioation traa roeolved from Canal Com- lissioner Hines, denouncing the charges made gainst him by Joseph Ingraham as false and balum- iking a committeo of investigation on the r. Mom raising a committee of investigation on charges ) Tod against Canal Commissioner Hines. It is i sp le n d id F o r t u n e m a y bo OaXncd by O u tla y o f £1U. o r £5. Race), will receive the followtu^ prizes, will toko place ten days before the Races 21^’ do . 3i^‘u o . s ! j ; r N : ^ £ B . s Is andaugia to A commai missioner Hint against him by nioas, and aakii lotion of Mr. Tho bill to amend the charter of tho National In­ surance Company was rc-committed. Tho special order of the day, tho Hospital biUs, ipendod, in order to dispose of tho resolution ion on charges pre- nnder Investigation. T H IR T Y F I R S T CONGRKSS—F i r s t Session. WasniMOTON, Feb. 27th. IN SENATE. Mr. Benton presented a petition for land from tho Paoifio Railroad. Ordered to bo printed. Mr. Chase presented ihe resolntion from his Legis tnro. asking the recognition of Liberia. Mr. Corwin also preseated legislative resolutions in favor of the Pacific railroad, and various other peti­ tions in favor of internal improvements. Mr. Rnsk presented a petition from tbo citizens on the Kio Grande, asking the establishment of terri­ tory; which was referred. Mr, Bntler reported adverse to establishing Org. gon and Minesota territories. .Vlr. Beuton moved that Mr. Clay’s resolutions be carried, and is now addressing the Senate. HOUSE OF REPR E S E N T A T IV E S . Mr. Ashman reported a bill to reduce postag Ltes, and abolish the franking privilege. Mr. Brigg’s bill for a branch mint at New York, as referred to the committeo on ways and 'moans The House then went into tha Committee of the Whole, Mr. Boyd in tho chair. Mr. Toombs moved to take up tho California mes­ sage, which was carried. Mr. Doty offered a bill for tbo admission of Cali­ fornia, which was read. Mr. Green proposed an amendment. Mr. Toombs objected. Mr. Green said that ho would, at a proper time, propose the Missouri compromise line. Mr. Toombs is now speaking, ami proposes to in- 3 into the causes of discontent, and to discuss the iry question. r. Toombs is less ultra and violent than on any former occasion. W ash I NOTON, February 27th. ay members aro eortainly going to tho oapitol armed, to-day, and rumors of shooting are bandied Many members aro eortainl: about. Another rumor is, that tho si Numbers forwarded immediately on receipt of a re inee Full particulars of the Kace will be sent wiU rtuuate Numbers to each Subscriber, so that he now his position and whether or not he be one ol .jrtnnato. Offloe commission 7 J per cent , to beded _ facturers and importers of all articlea in their tlao. offer at wholoeale ao i Totail, at the lowest cash price, Blank we will flell to dealers and othe: ing and Job Printing oxeoutoi \ “‘' \ “7R r N T ,^‘ r L m 'T . OUlTHi-eRN AND Wfc,ST>KN O others purchasintr are Invited t< ‘ck of aooount books, paper, stationery, &c. whh RFL. Bookbinderfi and htiouers. 77 Maiden Lane. M K.R( II ,\.NTS~and >call and exaxnloe my s , ; - on liberal terms, at very low prloea New York India Rubber ^sre^Houie, 27 Noa. 27 Maiden Une and 50 Nassau st. W A T C H E S , JE W E L R Y S I L V E R k WARE—Those who wish to purchase Watches Band Jewelry, will find it greatly to their advai Ladies' 8°‘'l ^ d sUver thimbles. Gold and silver specUoles. Watches and Jewelry exchanged. All watches war­ ranted to keep good time, or money returned. T \ , S . « K f J 5 : i 5 r b \ . S , i ' f . T J 1 * J 7 Isaac N Phelpfl, George Merritt. W B. DOUGLAS, President. Shippers wm do well to exomino the mm.ufietnree of the rabseribers. who are prepared to furnish every article in M a r c u s S p r i n g ; & 51 KXOBANQS: PLACB. PANTALOONERY. Q C CASES Kempten 8 Denims, Cotton Tweeds, O t ) G Kentucky, Tennessee and Plymouth Rock Cassi- meres. Heavy Ridge, Jacquard and Doeskin Casslmeres, Double itevflle, S. C . heavy 80 and 37 inch plain Gottoi ISjf M s p te u t F itV i m m w Y o itK .ijk i B f d i i r o B j E l k lS tS Y , FebraaiyfST. IN SEN ATE. Mr. Slanios reportod ar^rably on ibo bltu for the XBeorporatton of a InuldlsA so ^ t y i s Now York. Mr. Colt reported avoatbly on a bill Khools, and a board ofedi avlaw|4Sw|» a * ' Ume for tbeeoUecUon of taxes In seveiat dUc* smd my, Albany, Brooklyn and New York, to April 1st. The bill WM, by con­ sent, read a third rime„and then recommitted- Mr. Cron intiodne^ a ^ to oigu a ^ common ion, in Brooklyn. The bill for the incorporation o f the Unitad States Man Steamship Company was taken from the com­ mittee on commerce, and referred to the Jndiciaiy committee. Mr. Beokxaan reported tbo Manhattan-rille free school bUl. - York Alms Honse was recei Mr. Beekman, on notice, introduced a bill in rela­ tion to the opening, widening and impro-ving of streets in Now York. It is the bill attached to the report of the special committee on assessment abases. ; . THE HOUSE. In the House, petitions ware presented to allow the New York and Erie Railroad to go through New Jersey. Also, to inclose that portion of Greenwood Cemetery In which Mexican volunteers are interred. Mr. Leavenworth reported, on behalf of the Rail­ road Committee, nnanimonsly against the Senate bill relating to the route of the New York and Erie Railroad through Allegany, Cattarangos and Cha- tanquo coanties. The House i oat the enactii The House went into committee on the bill, ; the enacting clause, and the report being i the H oubb , the bill was rejected. iry reported to Buffalo. lort being agreed irted a bill for a railroad from Can- dgesxMcMr- ”“ o ' , K K , a s s t t M ' * \ -------- ._.,ue k Harrison cotton factors. Large stock S S & S H K S ”- B0UTHKA9T IIDK OF CkUT STBSET. Nof 5of Occupied below as the private office of James Robb i above, by Luolen Hermann, notary public-re- ?rgt*V n 1 eaved. Building not much injnred. Owned by George No. M. DoUhonde b Groesheck,crockery store, and J. DunJap, importer of china ware. Large stock, totally de­ stroyed. Covered by insurance. Books saved. Owned by General Mutual Insurance Co. No. 68. Henry Parson’s piano warehouse. and contents entirely destroyed. Owned by L. F. Fouoh- No. 62. Occupied by Fred. Kennett k Co., commission and forwarding merchants, and G. H. Pearson, commls- rion m«chant,^^bo^wh*le building W*i COUBUmed. louth will allow Doty’s resolution to pass on Monday, and then with­ draw in a body from tho Union. The six o’clock train of oars from Baltimore this orning were thrown off tbo track, a few miles be­ nd Bladenburg, stroyed. Books and a po stock destroyed No insurance. Olney, Cottrell t Co., and. J. T B. FeatheriftoD, commlsBion merchants. A 'S s s S a S B E f Adams, and Jurey St Co. Totally destroyed. Owned by No. 23 F Hodswald k Oo oonunlsBlon merchants.- The following are the losses sustained by the insu­ rance companies of this city, as far as we could learn.— We understand a large amount of inenrance was effected at the Northern and Eastern insurance offloee, oovering over 8500,000 Cresoent Mutual Insurance Co — Henry Parsons, on pianos..........................9500 Fosdickfe Co ............................................ 3700 ing. ( >ao car was filled isequence of the rails spread- wUh passengers and totally '6 torn up for a congiderable lolished. Fortunately no one was injured, except the Indian chief Copway, who had his ankle bones fractured distance. Si'PluntB Coi'RT.—Tha Wheeling Bridge case. ,Vlr Stewart continued his argument yesterday. The Attorney General speaks to-day, and Mr. Walker closes for tho complainant to-morrow. W ashkjoton - , Feb. 27, 1850. George Doty has introduced a bill for tho admis- alifornla. It stands first on tbo calendar of the Committee on the Whole. Toombs is now ma­ king an inflammatory southern speech upon this bill. This groat triumph the eontherners have yielded — St. Bartholomew’s Day anddissolntionaro indefinitc- iy. ever experienced. All the floats but three on the lar­ board wheel, was cerried away, and half on the atarboard seven, and not boinglablo to disohargo her Liverpool pl­ ot, brought him to this port. corresp o n d e n c e o f th e E v e n i n g Post. W asuinoton , Feb 26. Notwithstanding all hopes or fears to the contrary, it appears that Mr. Webster wfll enter the lists of oompotition between the oompromisers. in a few days he will come in, as his friends now admit, with a surrender at disorotion to the south. The common is, that he will propose tho oxtontion to the 1 of the line of thirty six thirty, making that he new state of California, lestion of the existence of southward of that lin«. tho Supron if all this be true, it ia deplorable enough. The evidence is very strong in favor *f tho charge, that wherever it comes in oontaot with H. if Webster makes this tender of an adjustment, which oonoudes all tha south has ever seriously churned there can be ^ediot the future of ourrepnbUo, and the fate of Mr. M .............................. dividing line between i The north will learn to hate meiit which will be sh< fubsorvo the i ^ ”^k««»nd Cherry lU. d p o m I k .« .i heavy ; Tremont ll&e 30 ___ , ^lorth Yannouth 80 inch j Oteat .tern,Great M»oiiTtlla.S5,80Je37ia { Warrea in, fine. New aedf£»rd Steam BdsU, 87 Inch, h earf j MoMcon 4-4 ; Tremont 4-4; Hacmeny 4-4 i Harns CiWP le purposes of the southern division alone. The south wfll ekorish it only as an instrument for the protection and diffusion of its peculiar institution- The iouth will provoke wars to bo -waged at the na­ tional expense, for the conquest of the remainder of Mexico, Central America and the West India Is­ lands. All these territories may be acqmred, annex­ ation will follow annexation, and within a centusy, wore the present Union to subsist, the whole remain­ ing sonthern portion of the continent would he absorb­ ed and converted into slave states. On the part of tbo north, Canada may possibly be added to the Union, bat no sooner will that have ta­ ken place, than, by a natural process of disihtegra- tion, the union of thoso states will be dissolved. Sla­ very never can go northward, but it may recede from tho fact of freedom for a few years, so that when the final disruption shaU come, the free republic wUl em­ brace Maryland, part of Virginia and M jssoim ^ These are results too apparent to bo disregarpd by any but thoso whose moral perceptions are clouded by interest, ambition, or passion. As to Mr. Webster, short as must be the remnant of his life, ho will Uve long enough to receive t^he fuU measure of indignation which must follow his betray­ al of the rights of his constituents, and tho cause of H b e ^ . The lustre of his fame wiU fade utterly away; and be will live only in the recollection of his ‘^ * ^ r M o ? i e a was hurried lo day at tho ftong e r o n ol cemetery, with mlliUiry honors. Both Mooiei odjounied at two o’clock, to attend the fnnerM- Tho debate of yesterday afternoon, m the Stoate, more like a Dantean rhaMody at_ tho gates of hell, than any thing rational, has excited general atten­ tion. If Foote and Clemens « r o not to a frenxy, in declaring that the Union ttmat beiixemedmbi^y lost, unlcBs saved, before Monday » nltmiatnm, though Clemens hberally allow^ three weeks* cixce—has excited great rem^k. How was the UnToq to bo ruined on or before Monday next 1 Why. by tbo following very bum I o plan. Our gen- tle-heartodsouthem neighbors know that under Mr. Cobb's decisions no business can go on ; thht the House of Kepresentataves is virtually broke nont 4-4; Harmony 4-4 i Ham s Company, War- brown and Mack mixed S t t l i i t t ; low CcttCa and Wocil- i JWTTwWte W The tragedy depicted by JbSeison Da- r.„--------- -ppointed for a firstfirst perform-erform- I.;. p in i?ofonei«d T h e ^ h t troop* of the south, the auxSliiaty voltm- « a . wS) p tow lU o u t tha.halls o f C o a g r ^ ^ g b at MetOBugw •tntativM, Our roadws hare sotpwij l«HB«d by t e l ^ p h the jwrticalns o f the great fealaml^ wMcii hefel the Second aiunimpali^ of Nfiir Oricani, on Saturday, the 17th isi^ n t. Twenty-two buildings were dMtroyed, and the lfiss o fth e iousei and other property, coniiiting of mer­ chandise, &o., ia estimated at over a million of dol- xi. We give below the names of the ocenpanta of le etores, and Hie owners e f them: HoaTBWXST SUE or cAwr stbxxv . No. 45, corner *f GraviSr, ocenpied by tha General Mu- lal Insurance Company, whose books were saved, and up stairs by lawyers- The bunding was much damaged hy water, b a t not otherwise Injured. Owned by O. P. No. 47. Occupied below by Pelican Mutual Insurance and the Etna and Livingston Insurance Com- ............. lersandJ.H,™ ' - Insured. 08 , Cuddy a Company, and the Etna and Livingston Insurance C< _ panics, VV. Chambers and J. H. Wheeler, agents. Owned by C. M. Conrad. Insured. Above, by Downs, Cuddy h Co. cotton factors, and Fosdick fc Co. commission merchants. Stock $60,000—all Md* inatorofMSIrfld w l t n i r ^ e n ] ( 6 p iw . T h y HI!9«H»r »59OT8ed1iritB thm v h e v r* 'Giuoa«Qd£^ulfop3ia. M bsksepm and thx U nios .— A message -was s » t to the MIsHsdppi Legisklure on the 12th insLhy G ot . QuUmujjlnreferBBoe to the ndmisfion of Cwi- fomin as » Etnte* w d hoaringjixettiy hsa-rilj on G«n. Taylor, and reiterating the oJuKSe* denied m the that the Le- g&Ialnre Wouia adviso the withdrawal of their repre- seutatiYcs from Congress on tbfi .ooQfiniBiniitioni>f the act. The committeo to which the Governorie oom- mnnication was referred, w as expected to make a re­ port thsreon tho next day. T he S teahsr 'W^ alker .—By the arrival of the schooner Waterwitoh, on Sunday, from Vora Or^, we learn that the U. S. steamer Walker, _ in which es-Govemor Letcher, our minister to Mexico, and a lumber of other passengers, went out from Mobile lomo time ago, arrived at Vera Crux on the 27th ult. Passengers and crew all well.—[N . O. True Delta, Nashvilte frsursneo Company: Edwin Ferguson ....................... SL Louis Per^etuafYniuranoVcompanf. I 600 Lexington Insurance Company .................... 600 s ’C L d . . . . (Jeneral Mutual Insurance ('ompany. Merchants’rchants’ Insurances Company . . . . Columbus Insurance Company. . . . . New Orleans insurance Company . . (Jeneral Mutu* Me In _ Estimated amount insured ................... $267,600 It 9 o'clock, the wind having gone down, the flre- Im p o rU tiii f ro m Xilo G rande. M ass M eeting of C itizens .*-The Anierican Fla^r of tho 6ih, brings us accounts of an interesting and Iwghly iraiiortani movement of the citizens of the Kio Lirunde counties oi Texas, with a view to the estab­ lishment of an independent Territoi ial Government. At icdsl two hundred citizens, with their names ap- ress, in wiiich they say: \ The time haa at length arrived when the people ol tliia \'allt V must act with promptitwic and decision. \Vt' have too lon^ timfi-ded in the^usti^'C ol the people of Texas—foo half: tamely submitted to her unautho- nze«l political jurisdiction, t^ur confidenco In Texiis hds, bruii misplaced, and it behooves us to appeal to th*' tVib r:.l ( loveniiuent for a Territorial orgauiza- tioii. We an* entitled to it. Let u.s knock at tlie door ot (‘oiigre?.\ toi that proteeiinn which Texasde- ni*-s us The autliontie^ of Texas seek to annul the titles to real fsiate between the Nueces and the ]Vio (jrando—It is a fatal blow to our future pros­ perity, and will Involve the eountr\' in litiiratlou, na- iiious and t ndleiLs. This scheme of Hagrant injustice proves that we have nothing in future to expect from the rSuiw of Texas but vindictive and illiberal logislalion.” On the 2d instant a mass meeting of tho citizens 'as held, at which they adopted, amongst other ros- Intions, the following : Whereas, We believe that all that povUon of country- lying east ol the Rio tirande and south of the line of New Mexico, distinct from the former province of Texas, of right belongs to the Government of the United States, and that the State of fexas has extended her jurisdiction over' It without our consent ; and that the laic measures taken bv h'T will retard her growth and prosperity, by involv- iiig the propt.’rty holders in tMidle.ss and ruinous litigation. au«l thereby prevent the development of its resources, that a Ternlorial organization will greatly promote the the people of this Territory- Resolved, That It is the opinion of this meeting that the sani Territorj- was ac<jmre<i by the arms of the United lions, until our c'liums can bo urged before Congress by a dfifgate chosen hy the people. Following these resolutions is an appeal, addressed to all “ tho citizens of the Valley and Territory of the K Lo Grande,” setting forth their grievances in forci­ ble terms. ^ o m fiiexloo. By the arrival here on Sunday, of the brig Water Witch, Captain Brown, from Vera Cruz the 8th in­ stant, wo have received flies of the Monitor and the Trait d’Union to th# 2d mstant, and th e E c o d d Comercio and the Locomotor to the 15th ' instant in- Gen. Hernandez has been obliged, by indisposition, to resign his post as Commandant General of Chiapas and Tabasco. Gen Tomas Marin has been appoint­ ed in his place. The city of Tampico is at length to be supplied with drinking water, brought permanently into the place from the neighboring rivers. A oommisEion has been apppointed to efffeet that object, at the head of which is Gen. La Vega, and the expense is to be covered by tho application to the work of a por­ tion of the port dues. The Trait d’Union of the 23d nit. says that the mines in Mexico have never been so productive as lately. The States of Guanajuato and Puebla daily become tho theatre of new discoveries and new ex­ ploitations. Gold, silver, and mercury aboond in varions places. In Uajaca the mineral districts are again put under labor, and measures have been taken to develop the resources ef that favored por­ tion of Mexi The India •■'ins. Late coks in t! sere tho h ______ _________ _____ __ gening some prisoners and capturing a imber of cattle. The TVait d’ Union o f tha 26th nit. says t Bors were then in circlnation, that the charges nought against Santa Anna by the Senator Gamboa, rore to b« immediately submitted to a grand jury; hat the voluntary .exile of Kingston, Jamaica, ar- lently desires to return to Jiis coqntiy; that bis im- latience is so great that he will not perhaps await the Joeision of justice, but will take the country by sur­ prise by unexpectedly cUsembarkiDg; that his friends Ire actively employed in bis interest; that a me blent iviU burst forth at all points, etc-, etc. [From the Philadelphia Ledger of this morning.] M kktiho the atbem) in faror of the immediate at ______ _ _____ ______ lion of California, with ito preteht heondtriei and -vnstitntiDn, and opposed to the extension of shiTerT ito free territories of tho United S t a t ^ 'waa held St evening in the Condty Court House. Henry L. Benner, Esq., was called to the ehs ind briefly stated the object ef the meetinr. Joseph A. Nunei, Eiq,,pfefiM)ed«i 9 ToUowmg ijoiation with some remarks: duestai to appoint Miy arrangements F l a t b a s b a n a B r o o k ly n . ’’'TWsIfrwrtyhle'SLl mini the first of May. 1851, at »300 per ' M a f t a s f i s IB on Martsnsa lane, and coataininB 12 end 3 on map, frontinB on said new road, and containing 12 “‘'iT’L o t^n map. fronUng on said new road, and containing 12 L o t^n mao, trouting on said new road, and containing U F I N B S H I F « H INDOO,” MittsB, Master, is loading at Pier 28 east side of Peck Slip, East River, can take the bulk of 600 hbls light freight, for which Immediate application shonid he made. Shippers having heavy freight or long pieces ongagedi will please send them alondside a t once, as nothing of this kind can be received after this week. A few Second and two first cabin passengers can be taken. iie aBove property may be seen al the auction lASON, No. a feb. 26 2t WILLIAM H. FRANKLIN, Auctioneer. etiraWe neighborhood. Ib^^ie rear ol Uie lot is a e^mo- JAMES COLE, Auctioneer. Property A u c tion, c o n » u tlng o t 109 Lots, s lt u a t e a i G r a k a m A v enne,le, F rr oo ss t,t, S ii rr ee nn ,, lUcIU F S l c h ardBon a n d on B u s k w lc k a n d termediate port. To shippers ef goods this tant opportunity. Her spacious cabins wiU afford ao- nmodations for a few first elass passengers. C L I P P E R B A R K J . T . SOUTHARD, pier 4, East River, can take 600 bbls. for San Fran- F O R S A C R A M W T O C I T Y , C l i p p e r B r i g W i n t l i r o p , L amk < EK, master, at middle pier, Coentles Slip. Bulk of 200 bbls light freight can betaken. For freight, or passage, apjly. ^ ISAAC T. SMITH, lOt W -ll st. WM. H. FRANKLIN. Ancuoneer. stre e t, hetw e e n Seconri a n a T h l r a A v e n n e s, ^1L L IA .M S i been\ V uluce^sfur ■appriean'ta’‘'for ’ t steamers this will afford a rare chan< ADRIAN H^MULLEK, A C a m e llias a n d o th e r Green ADRIAN 11. MULLER. Auctioneer. c a t o r ’s Sale o f V a lu a b le P r o p e r t y on H e n ­ r y a n d J e fferson streets. ■l. ami to arranged as to he enliieTy tet>arate. with separate “ FoWbJuir®plmchlars. ivpply to t^aocuoneer. No. 7 WaH m. “ ,lfaV ^ » P » o l m ^ ^ s . i -are all stored m bonded cellars,-av \ \ '\ 'Iw H /r New Ymk. Fobn ie372aw3w aid /..Taeker. deceased. ADRIAN H. MULLER, Auctioneer, •oreireptory Sale o r ValwaW e P r o p e r ty on IS th a n a »Oslr a tre e t, b y o r d e r o f t h e su p e ­ rio r C o u r t u n d e r th e dleeetlo n o* T b o m a s C a r n ley , E s q ., SlierlfT. S - B. A. CHILTON, Auctioneer. V a ln a llle H o u ses a n d L o ts, Nos, 63 an d 65 S e v e n th stre e t, n e a r a d dv e n n e , (if not pre­ viously sold at private sale.) aveguA wil^cjreular IronL and built m the best manner, and has rrtionol'the purchase money may remain on ^ P ^ m r tosreme bouses, ap^^m^Uro U... AUC1 P e r e m p t o r y Sale b y o r d e r o f th e S n p r e m e C o u r t In E q u i t y , o f a la r e e a n d v a lu a b le R e a l E s t a t e , conalstSnpi o f Hotuies, B a lld l n g L o ts , 'W h a rves a n d W a t e r R i g h ts, In th e E le v e n th , S e v e n teen th , a n d S l g h t e c n t h W a r d s ot th e e lty o f N ew Y o rh , W * i uxx^areoa.ffro premia a reasonable «im. m pnpomon tothe fe26Sawtapleodtapt0is , ___ ____ aWall atreet. N. V. H E N ^ H. LEEDS, AnetioniS?: ^ ra J i u b le C o llection o f a b o u t 60 fin e P s a n t Jrlrics rAlrijlN©3—An CALIFORNIA. F o r C a l i f o r n i a . D I S P A T C H D I M E . >N & CO., 84^101 91 F o r s a n F r a n c t ^ c o D i r e c t . The superior fast sailing ship JO H N FE H B S tA N , will have immediate despateh-three-fourths of her car­ go being under contract and now in course of shipment. For bslanoe of freight, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, 38 Broadway. F o r S a n F r a n c i s c o D i r e c t . EXPRESS LINE. rhe splendid coppered and copper-frsteued Naw York built packet ship V IC T O R IA , favorably known as one of the fastest London and Liver­ pool packet ships, will be despatched forthwith for San Francisco. The bul^ of her osrgo is engaged and in course of shlp- ent, and no delay will occur in her time of sailing. For balance of freight or passage, having four first cab­ in and eight second cabin berths disengaged, apply to A. WELLINGTON HART, feSls 38 Broadway. I . T . s m i t b ’ s R e g u l a r L i n e F O R S A A [ F R A N C I S C O . Tho superior newly coppered and copper fastened ship MASSACHUSETTS, Loading at pier 6 ER, Counties Slip, having a large part of her cargo engaged, will have quick despatch. The splendid A., 1, Clipper S H I P R O M E , R. r. MAireos, MASTca. 9 ship is of high reputation, and was recently Government expressly to convey troops and si iifomia, and proved herself to be a very superior vessel, peoniiarly adapted for such a voyage and ert ship in U voyage and the fast- thcfleet. The Rome has just returned by a rapid passage round tbo world, via Calcutta, and is the only vessel bound for California that hatptrformed, At I’oyag iping at any ii is is an impor- afford a rare chance. w & m issH. A t t o r n e y s . _______ fijff law6w ste E r Fsbmaiy27.1S50. JOHN T. DODGE. Sued Comi uAwrar in MinO' P^d^oftheUrotooMueduetDcpart^nL -A an^MlKtanliaJ three story brick boose now k h o ^ OnelotontbenoltberiyndcoriM ItTeCt, betWBffl fiOlABd OnelotS the Wtttheiiystdeof 44th street, betivem 8th * ^ ^ e ^ on file sontheriy side oi 43th street, between affi .aad eth J -----L._ . ^ «Sth rireeft and3daodLex. ^ ^ <th 8«h streets sand A inisiM iH m - this Theatre «re it a l c a r v b b s a - a s t o r pjuAOhi., W perfrrmad M o^H’s^cg^^^^^^ ' M a s e tto..,------------- u«tte, S I ; Amphitheatre, 25 cents. Box office open every day, from 9 A. M. iffl d oieloek m6nee a t h ^ : ^ t T d ’eIoek. .j. BarforiPaTioe to com BAfUIDJIDh ABIBRXOAH fflUSKUltt. T B a n i u m , , . . - . M a n a g e r andBioprletor Greenwood. . .................... .. ............. Assistant Maiugel j m CROW BICE AGAISf. The groat original Ethiopian CKricaturist. has been Vo- engagedond appearnat each performance thii week in the amasInK Bketcb « JUMBO JUM. He will he effectively sustalneA by Mr.F-Ci WEMYSS, Messrs. MERRiFXELD, WAIUIBN, BOSE, CLARK, liues STANHOPE,HOWIAOT,, PENTLAND, WEST In amusing Mriahges^ LaughahloSketehes, ftp. A beantUUl likeness o f Jssfirr Lwn. THE MARTINETTI FAMILY, ho stand in the-front rank Of P*nt#aimistf, and ■whose iROTESQUE G y m n a s t i c SDteYTERpusTBjcJcs re unrivalled, appear every afternoon and ereving, ” ■\ y A MlLLldN OF UHBIOSmES. GNOFTHEGKEENL-KD-WHALE, , ORMO0S LIVINO.SERPENISi MAMMOTH CRObOPiLEi • p H A B lP N E Y ’S GRRA T O jRlGIN A DBtO V T ira ^^iPICTUBE OF THE RtVER. RHINE .^ D ITS Together with the tableaux of soenea o fthaJate FRENCH r e v o l u t io n . ■ These pictures have established a remarkable r e p u t^ tion, and come ■with the highest testitndnals.-jaa to their truthfulness, and beauty; They will be bp«ttJr<>k*ihi- bition a t 390 Broadway, every evening, (Sundays exqept- ed)and Wednesday and Saturday afternobnucoinmaBefrig at 8 and 7j o’clook. Adorittauca2S oants, cbildrsn cents. . . fe.25 l-w*' D A T T liEl O F RJCEgACA 0 £ U j A : £ A liH A .^ H Exhibition, »l the Society Libriiyi corn* iStonard and Broadway.—TbJs grand ratj0UiA[paint}nS5(S8’J»et by 12) has beezL ftdxniz^bly executed &r the city of Washington, by Mr. Dd ’who followed. 04n Zachary Taylor In th e Me.xican campaign. The,view pf the battle-field, as well a sthe portraits of-thekOT«nttS18- cers on the spot, are true to nature. Thiagrandpietqce, according to wbkt the General himself wrote to Ita.aii- itheUfe and movement of fthe vqid, ongagei- FRJBilOUT LINK F O ll DHILDFLPJBIA- D a l ly At 3 1-SS o’cd<Kdc,.F,BI. ' THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY BAILROAU AND TRANSPORTAT J ON COMPANY’S FREIGHT LINE. ' Between New York and Philadelphia and intemiediato ». 1, North BiTOTjiiydf o’clock, F.M., (Sundays excepted). Merchitndtse and all kinds of freight received and forwarded drily) ’hy steamboat to South Amboy, and thenpo hytaifroadamd steamboat to Philadelphia, arriving at W rinnt atrqet wharf early next morning. Leaves Philadelphia from Walnut 8|treet wharf a t 11 o’clock, AM, and arrives a t N cw Ybrk ealrly'next morning {|(?-THE PUBLIC ARE INFORMED THAT ALL GOODS TRANSPORTED BY THIS LINE Will' h e lff* SURED by the CAMDEN fc AMBOTR j AILROAD A^O TRANSPORTATION COAIPANY, and t i » t no ohai^o Trill be made therefor in addition to ,tbb^ x e ^ la r artation. Freight inGludmg in^nrahced2tcent8 ght taxen a t reduced ratesr A. DECKER, Ageni^Piier No. 1 North ■WM. S. FREEMAN, Agent—No. 45 DelawaraaVenne, 'hUadelphia. ______________________ fel8 Jmls BIUBllGHT AND PASSAGJBl l.fNHl FO H T H IL A D E L P B U A . E v e r y TV edneaday a n d S a tu r d a y a t 4 F . M . ST E A M E R S P e n o h s c o t a n d K e n n e b e c ^ Leave Now Yorkevery Wednesday andSaturday, from pier 12, N. R . at 4 o’clock, P. M. Merchandise apd aJX kinds of freight received and forwarded direct to Phila­ delphia, without transhipment. Leave Philadelphia every Wednesday and Saturday,ah 11 o’clock, and arrive a t New York early nextmorning.. Freights taken a t thO lowest rates. For passage o eightit apply re23is D. W. ap to STANTC ir See bills of all tha trains. me^desired to procure tickets before ta'kfrt March 1, theFBteamers of thi» line will l» v e p te N o 2! North River, firetwharf above Battery place.nt.fip.M,, instead of four P. M., daily. Sundays excepted. fe^Atia .ne relh M M«chV This v e s s r i '^ a ^ ’^S^^^^ having ex^riUntaccommo.^^^^^ ,.SS.2 ain in the pacme tioi _ ----- eiO V A T E SALK—VALTJAELPl DIYELL- 40 HOUSE IN 17 th STREET .BETWEEN tOUSE IN 17 th L I SQUARE AND THE 6 th A • and modern bnilfc 3^ For sales the anbst)intia3 and modem bnfifc 3 - j|nd> »ttic brich dwelling house and' lot in tieo on the adnth sideof 17th ffitreet. between;t7ntoii square jo ;: ^ r 0 ajl,wa 9 ^ .. and thefith avefi’^\ ------ ■*' - this Bide of the stipeS xeceds hack mth laigp e o ifrt(^ ^ ' iufrout. The house Is three ;Tooms deep to the i The third rooms eommimfeatb with slidlng^ -doors ; _ parlors have mahogany doors with stained gUtss hetVtecn the middle and dining rbrm: heatad alrturiikevispoak- ing tubes, gas throughout and Is one -of the JfiTStJ9*Ei ' houses in the npper part of the oiiy. Lot 25 hAlfitlfe block. rosBcsiion on the Istof Msy. Teimi toWifitiiA purchaser. The premrees may be seen frbJir 11 £05 S ■ o’clock. For further partieniars enquireAtNo..ARr<^' '■ ’•treet. ' iroi*.'' s A x ia oiR, ii-o- JbtE5A^BJ%'ij'v'-Epps'-' fe221ttU -I

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