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? rw i(t;^ a ^ ^ 5 ^ s CO. \^HiufSSSf n i S S S fM;«zn]nvMi THE KVSmItO POST FOR THE COtmTRT, A*r T R E E S ROIXASS PER ANNUM, nfoxs TWICE A WEES. THE NHT5F YORK W EEKtY EVENING TOST, a t o n e BOIJ.AR PER ANNUM. flg>-.52S£-.jcrsa)s o f j o b p b i n t i i t o k x e c v - v S b xri^unESSA 7 < G n , m t h e s e a t e s t m w M O S ^ IPROVED S T Y L E , A lfD ON R E A SONABLE PUBLIC SALES. Z r t J f ' ^ i ‘11?Sh**fo\^\l=rn^^wt-/?; of Ad0,ph.n triat UTKethet oa the northwMtErJy lorner of Carlton nv. “St'ffiSron''lhaTo7h=!,“^^^^^ Fool iyvE to,retl>or on tt« nortAj»e«forly cnraet of Portland “S ki i r r r ‘ - OBthe serth <kSe 4Sth tt. ^ ^ h S g t o L t i^ j S w ^ AMZo’d i^ c l r t^ U c ^ ^ tt S lz e f a a i^ 'h e ^ t ittBeta—PtwtiTBla^tocl^ ^ w ontni^SiTingtea ami C briroieet. Tfiabnildin* ------ cation of the ]raid, 20 b7 40 ifet £ 5 S Cr- c o#0»mtnon Pleas—Coder the direction of ^ § E - S S “ i S S S ^ . & “;.■'IF, Of moraarffttof laud. Sixty acres of land, well Inr.ated for bunding sues. lituoted in Westchester county. near the Hich Bridge, ha.vmg a large front S S S k S S S e ? Mao» and funher particulars can be obtained ot the auction- ™ l l S S S S H a ? 3 | S S ***Fof f iS S t PElticolaiB »pply to Ihs iactionsai. No 7 Broad apply toth, aocon.er,. No 7 Broad S f # m i i 5 S For forther particulars, apply lo the auctioneer. No 7 Broad ^ m m m 3wSkS^rinonSt’jSrrofw*h\^^ Hsrd'W M a.aaal E s tate. L eather. Boots &, Shosi, Sr l ^ S S m m m m i k d one week before the sale. « -^W(^6^iTcHYL%T- AttS.v'^i^^al'^^'iirei.a^^.^lLchance. ,n?SrPl;TSirEK about 33 lee* oinchr^ on Canal street ondUU feet oa VaricK. run- ;io;::,n»T ea*,tofsth between Third and Ijeungton AUo. 7 lots, south « id, between Third ami Lexington ave- sS^'Sts^^ r tll Le, enue—1 lots onth« n# >f 45th str>»et and 11 side of 107th ing lOO ft west of 3d av . renue and |(Tth slr^eT—13 lots on the » avenue, at ihe xouthwp'.f corner. 18?h «ireet—l lot m.r h side, between tllh and 7ih avenues, lot l ~ s i s ~ s : - g t S £ B . S a S H n S “ JEF- iiHi. on \ VV corner ul lOvh avenue ami 28lh s t; lots 24 11 Si ms D‘th 5<»—I loi ot ground titui’h sid«! f ( 54ih »i, ctimmenrmg 125 thfru LUCtioneoTs. ■ MONnAV.Marchd 7th « and l f f i S S s S “ £ ^ s i P l i l P 'S s s i S S s - S S I S S S m 36 h sfreef—Thtj 3 s»ory /rame bouss on ‘be front of the Jot and ande- ceM.i. s. marble mantels, S lc . in good order, house 30 by 30. mortgage. _____________________________ __ ^oulh .Te« a.iM Roam.aanJ71 VOL. XLVn. N E W YORK TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 36.1850.; NO. 18 NASSAU. NEAR PINE ST- PUBLIC SALES. Wflliam H . Franklin, AncUoneer. BY W ILLIAM H . FR A N K L IN , SON & CO. _________ Office. No. S Broad street. PUBLIC SALEg. '?i IB rear ofthe abora. a a d s t r a . a s @ i s w j s p i s s - s s s s ; ^ Sate off Valuablealuable Propertyroperty att o V P a Platbush and Brook- or Flatbush Woodlands; >fFlatbu«h Woodlmds. ide of the 2d creek m tbo S S 5 S ™ \ ■““•\• “”■ L *t a. fronting on Martense lane, and containing 13 acres 2 Lot 2 on map. fronting on said new road, aod containiug 13 aSSllbe7cfr“”“’‘‘“*\' “■* Lotion map. trooti>e on said oew road, and eontainiog 11 S V | | | S ^ ^ f l l i S a '- S L ^ I the odjee of the S f £ ? S a i H S S S Also. Plntbush—A n«w3 8tory cottage, filled m with br-rk. and bits of gr.rund, 75 ter front and rear by ijO Ir^t 1-^p. « -u Title perlect. feeVaTS-MSToa, ' Store No 41 Broad street. ” UataloguM and samples on the morning ol sale. Uat'nl..gue» and samples on the morn mg <£ sale. __________ store .')1 Beaver street. PACKAGE ^ l “E 3 H S ? f c \ ,^ ; : i ; a r o m n .,,c Dry 4 ^ ^ l,VV:mr,'!*,r,“ .n.,st,ng onruh hoens. brown \ £ 5 S i : ^ f r ; L l 7 M l t e ^ ' M a r s e . , , e , . AJ* o . 13 ca>4*»» 11-4 AHandolp jiiilt# jss=tss::r:::. ■ Ai^o. 3Jco-«ts pnntfd lawns, organdie^i. linen and EarUton A ISC. 15 cas€ and fancy Bilk vest- tan and fancy era* At 10 o’clock, at J7”- Also, an invoice of 33 to 30 inch surges uaTu';/sJ“ai'.r“ ’ sliiiiiiiiHlis I do cream canvas; 3 do HurUips damaged on the voyage of im* Catalogues and ------------- - ------------------ '- i i l Ifciiiis— CaiaWues and iample,,on the morn mg ol sale. 22 cases plain, damask MdemUoideVed'era In the usual variety of pactagss. ‘ Catmognes and sepias on the if.-.: . . i . . . ' i „ , . - M i s B ’H s :::::;; thread lacei rost d.>, just landed, and in bond acd mortgage for a term of L . G. Carrineton, ADOtioHeer. BY JACOB S. PL A T T , H»rdwara. Crooko^, and Genoral Auction and Oom- mission Merchant. Anatioa Room. 23^1att s account of le atienuon ano casks wrot sssr*£; sn ' o j .' i s ^ S E , sta r s No. I3I Broadway, comer o f Doy street. SWre No. 14 Platt streot. 5 j \ !LES™ ‘ ISm^-s'S'l-IO BY BANGS, P L A T T & CO s s s , \ M . K “i g , i r B ~ Cash advances made upon all eopsigogienta. jiderederapa shawls, justn ***Caialoguet and samples on the morain S g 5.’” t RXMMIN(5S. of Foraign and Dumei- LET—T i e ^ ’Idan^toSm'toitiofstoreNoeBroad. MaalitiiU’ ,£g. A. 11 o-clack. at the Ltaloguea. inter of Broadway and nous sty conc.ro' ren ip our tpscigi advennem K E M I. Auotlonsor s ^ * i l l i J . '’2r“o7.% '’Lrp':Tu’7 i L n » w T t I ? r E8SABSC CoAt, Co.^ f ---------- Isnsy, New York. C {!^ T ills CoiOiHiny srrlslie* t o B e n t 100 B M t i to peaces qualified to run them on the Lehlth, Rela- ware Dtriaion, and Delasrare and Raritan Canals. The id to lUrnish their ot captatne sriU ^ required t to run continfiaQy the eeasoB i ___ ___ _______ . this eompanT. For farther particulars apply as aboye. _fe9 Im ________________ WALTER MEAD, Prea’L held at their office In Brooklyn, on Thieeday, the 9th day of April n e jrtjn conformity with the annexed bylaw. Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this Company for the choice of thirteen directors, shi “ be held on the second Tuesday in April of each year, the office of the Company in Brooklyn, under the dire tion of tbieo iesptetors. The poll to be opened from 12 o’clock at noon and to be keptopeu until 2 o'clock P M. and then closed. The transfer Books will b« closed on the 1st day Oj April and open on the 10th da; of April. Brooklyn, 4th Fahruaiy, 1850. MOSEP s , o 4 ^ S S ! E ™ L Company, with or without Conpons, as may bo desired, “ i S s I i i i i s;:« iTihSK jaiatf J. M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. ^ --------- H IST T sirclaaT L '^ I- Notice.—UfLAWS M d ^ y Jra JJUss, at the office JAMES NEILSON,)- E. A; STEVENS, j ^ Bordentoyn, S. J., July 12,164Q. _______ on Monday the 22d April, at 7 o consideration the propoeed amendments of t “ j e a tf____________Byordw^ SHEOOOVE. Sw',. ,K K:T.:3.i”,'2,”SK ? rii';r^52; »*.VEBALSIIIPPlNlliCnMMI^IO,i'MCRGHANTB, s ~ : c s v „ „ v „ „ „ A „ mdatlous for an ‘ game, and to the pur* :'.‘h i F S i S ; S ? f K chase of UoM Dust, or any other b with punctuality Messrs BsRNASti, Ci^ L\r T ha TI HF.Ji TltKEH, P ki k , B loodogop , A mos R. E mo , Eaq., ply to __________ A R. ENO, 7 'eJt, onthepremi- *1.tv\ira.s*rs“' ____________ Store 109 W aU s tN it A, .n o c W o r a , h , . t „ r a . :h K c \ m ; r n f v e 5 | S | j t o £ ; ; ; f ‘“ ’\^ Sis:i» \w « » ”■\\•' \ • \ \“ S S r l S i S S COUVVINK, B R O T H E R & CO. AMERICAN ^COMMERCIAL HOUSK For the pnrpost C o n u n U a lon, W a r e UaalneaR. The principal of said firm Is A mos B, Coawins, American Consul at that place. All communications in New York addressed to the house, rare of L i 'I m . stov . tVn (-S Ik Co , 10 Wall street. New Vorlc. and all from Gallfornia and Oregon, addressed to the caro uf H aven & LiTin<sSTOr«. Sau Francisco, will icelvo prompt attention New York, January 10,1850. i i l i s s i w i i i i l l i i i i s r - to eVsroS.‘nr„7oe's‘: io'dro*ni,'a\leopj ;c?m,;'’oa7'’\ rot-a\es*ra.'’oTb^a^:m'VdTl!'r';.';ir^'\“- ' ' “‘- ..... .. C a lifo r n ia Ai-m s. If*. SJPJJES a C O ., ^rsTSTit-Thrb etx. Ut^volvers, a new and Iraprored article ; Rifles, ( ar bines, Muskets, Fowling Gnns, Bbwic Knlvaa. Picks, ko &c Hardware.v and ('utlery of oU kinds, suitable for ( aVlfomla, at extremely low prices. _____ T o A r c l i i t e c t M ~ R i i d B u i l d e r s . ^ OORl, No. S93 Broadw a y , near l»th street vy« rcApectfully InforiuR his friends and the public, that 3 cf.nstantly on hand and f< r sale the larg ?t as- eat of Marble Mantles. Statues, Va-^ieS. Fountains ments, &c. fee in tbuf country. The Mantels are ?ry di*PcripCl»^a and price . embracing statuary, vein^’d. elena, black and Rold. brocatello. .ind all other fancy colored marbles. The designs are of every variety, from the plainedi to the richest dud most elaborately carved and finished Purchasers are assured that the prices set upon the above articles are fully as tow as those of a similar quality ran be purchased at in this cr any other city in the O U will be pleased to receive orders for Sculpture. ->ffice No. 29 W all street. BY DOl GHTY 6 lots on the loulh sale of 30ih «i .irgVlilSIw'R^li^lir’V^7VX’ul*a\„‘'. a'Upfy'^a! a t“ve'.“ \ S h irt Store. the public generally, that she manufactures and con­ stantly kceps'lor Sale R large StOOk Of Superior and fash* inoably made linen f«.r gentlemen , also, Dressing Gowns, riSiS?itor:; 77L^nZV:a ^umrnicr st solicits orders as above, a.«suring all that washing can be DDe in her Laundry, as well as in any part of the city. GENERAL NOTICES. UJblU. S. W AKJGLE & CO.’S CALJroRNJA e X P RJ^ S S FOR PACKAGKS AND SMALL PARCKLS, via the sthmus. per steamer / ’herokee, Wednesday, February in charge of a responsible messenger, who will personally deliver all parcels entrusted to his care, addressed to par­ ties residing I d San Francisco Shippers by this Fxpress may rely upon having their business correctly attended to Packages will be received at the ofll©© until the day of the gteauner's sailing BY“ us™-®SpicrR, Store comer of William at. and EioUange FUwe. ‘’'(“aiaT^as raariy oimern^mg^ol^ialA a L aod ,amal«^oa mf-rrong of mie. store No. 13 William street. Liberal emb advance, made opoa .eomignment, when IDis IBQ (laj VI ,n«iUL( iuf*v , nie » umumtea cnargru JwribuUoriTf th^^sam^LTnltk^^UverouKos InS partiea wb« have claims tberK>n. 4 accordiCK to th© eir- RtCHAKD K MOUNT. Ch a pro. t©m. ---------------------- L-“ “ . ..... .. ’\■ °'V\ i ''*Slack*Pl!k*Lac»*-17 carton, all s.lk hand made Saxoay black “tinen ITlbln L»’m - U cinmn real all imeqbobbm ia=c and \li'K^r^omplera ninU,. lawns. assortment ot la and floM worked ''BrrpT rM S l^A 'Si^volin'^iSgot ^ j ^ n the moroing of tale. John Sniffen- AoQtioneer. B V J O H N S N I P F E M Store.85ire.85 Annnn street.treet. A s Homer MorguA, AueHoneer. BY H O i^ER M O R G A N . Store No. . penoaal attecuon to lale, of . Gila xenarallT. ako to sale, Rxebkox*. S\IOB©S TABBV VE11.VETS JLSD V B I . !_/ VETEENS—Constitution, Cable, think set a ndnai- ■ Hack, brown, drab, purple aud royal blno . ------ coloredfe Vehreteena,fcr^ eale T M l b y s I ' ^ c S S ^ ^ ' c o t o d - V ^ l v ^ ^ ^ e r i lOEstehingkFlMA 2Ttn o m ^ b oKt ** Je23 tmh27 ^ AN^^EYMOI T I . Tmamror •■“ ■ ’ '■“ .V\ l.'.'Y l i'y - iS s S \ '[ 5iy- Interest on Bonds—The semi-annual Intereat flee of the company,.No 45 Wall etreot, on that day, on ”7e2nw ‘° ° °^^‘*°NATHA.M1 lARSH, Secretary. * and Scionoes ( N. B —A catalogue ofthe doni under the name of each donor. _ OvVlcE OP tmr N Y '““ISi' K .'isis,.. i s r s i i s r «er® ir^o^„ant. ?.^?b‘’lT e K o y , were d S y ^ lM ted^M ^tori*to the n o x ^ ^ tioiL ° “ '®*’’ President for the ensuing year. - - U. G TAYLOR Secretary. Mr W l* ” l,AKER:T6rMriditt^L{J^^^^^^ save your Tin B o rriHE American Pa* ent Soap Stone Paint has proved, 1 by the experience of the last ten years to be the most durable and economical article ever offered to the public, or used for preflerving tin roofs, and making those that are leaky tight. The subscriber will warrant to make all tin or met roofs tight that he undertakes, for the low price of oj cent per square foot N. B—Orders left at the SLore, lo6 either for roofk or painting In general, attended to. F BUNKF.Pylsarhamberstreet at the store, 13 Tbamber stree ______ ■|\yTR. C. C, ]>IARSH, ACCOUNTAIST, Author Simplifled/^aiidVhr^Art orsingle Book S n g mrse. become competent book-koepei and receive certiflcateH to that effeel Pro.«*pectusPS, with terms, obtained at the ro< Booi-RtKPfNo f\rSPA>ii?H A bcantJful edition of Mr Mareh e priac 5 p«.l work is publUbf-a In Spanish Priro 5.1 36. For salfl at the counting-moms f«26 ^ ’JST ’iicn>F l i i o n . MARINE LIST. CLEARED IB S T E R D A Y . Stexnubip New Oriaum, Wood, San Fnncii u d fc Son Seh Lueretia, Moesman. Ctmpeucby, Neiinitb ft Soni. Sch Flarence, Belcher, Fredericksburg. Sch Panline, Kiles, Cbagres. N L McCread; ft Co. Seb Hamilton, Dayton, Alexandria. ^ ARBIVBj Jan 5, off the Caps of Good Hope, fin Manila for Salem, out 83 ds. Ship Shannon, Lndlam, from Liverpool, Jan 17, with xndz and posgengera to W ^ a m s & Ouion. The S has had a continuoiBUccesrioB of westerly wind9 during the whole passage. Bark St Andrew. Doane, Ifl di £pl New OrieafiJ, with mdse to Foster k Nickerson. Sailed in cOe ships Indian Queen and Ando-p^ and bark Geo Thomaa, all for New York. 16th inst, saw a full rigged ^rig k*hore on Caryo- fort Reef, with wreckers alongside. Bark Carolina, Young, 6 ds fm Charleston, with cot­ ton. to R H Taylor. jphen H from Wilmington, ,S'’.s-.i’,S;K**isr.viS‘ ‘ \\ ■”* Sloop Ariel, wniard, from Bristol, RI, with mdse. Sch Looisa, (or Eliza,) Watson, before reported Ul IMS.^” SPOKEtr. 4-«. b /.t.r-ssrv W - iiS \ ''\ \ ’’\”--' . . . 3S“HSHr-2.i=£.« Almira, Pinkham. as was supposed The ship seen by the Louvre, at this port, about 206 fOREW N PORTS ...... Smith, for Wilmington, N C wtg ; Tuscan, Anderson, dlH , Times, Greton f.r Wilmington ready ; Galveston, Norton une ; Alphage. Brown, lor Boston ready ; schs ? : i l : ' r ; o r f m l : » ^ ^ York, ar on the lUh , N H Hell, Dcvereui, fm Bucks- pon dlfg i J F Lofland.^HsUcU, fm FhUadelphla wtg Sld no do 12th Ult, brig Spartan, Lander, Niekerle, to .iild fm Maranham. 7th nit, steamer West Point. Hunt. THE EVENING POST. ‘f ----- type* of our mortality.” L05OFKI.L0vr. Ye little, peerieea, etarry flower*. Where now your ibiningfaees, end your ftegrant breath! Are all o’erspread with asben hue; ■THDftsilJtJf. ittJLoraOhMi-.: vuuw., Mardnis ofXana^owne. tb J f e t a a i j B y ffle aireoKoii o f the Lord Chancellor, The U iier o f ^ e Black Roa prpqeedea to tJ^e. House o f Commons^ enmmen the Conmons to the barto hear the royal speech, which waa i e a i by Lord Chancellor as follows: “ Mr Loans astn G esxlembw , S S S S S - w s E a ^ s s - s s “ Her Majesty bappHy contiauesin peace and amity ’S S P ^ - - ------------ t h e m e e t i n g a t C a s t l e g a r d e n . The gathorin,g a t Castle Garden last evening was a large one, and the proceedings were generally hai- moniona and spirited. The following officers were chosen; CHAIUMAI?, MAYOR W O O JJHULL, V ice -C haiumkn . Cornelius W . Lawrence John Haggerty George Griswold M . M. Noah Gerard Hallock Nicholas Dean Albert Gallatin J. A. W estervelt Moses Taylor W . A. F. Pentz Herbert Lawrence J onathan Thompson Peter Cooper Charles Morgan Pelatiah Perritt Frederick R. Lee John W. Francis, M.H. Jacob Aimes Francis R. Tillou Ferdinand Suydam Timothy Daly Ambrose C. £ngsla.nd iT o ^ b e ^ tS^T t^^-^- Charles M. Len ytenel Smith Andrew Mount Wm. L. Morris Stephen M T. F. Seoor Robert Milliko: Sandford M. L. Davis. promptiT taken steps t t _________ in the ports ot their respective countries advantages similar to those whiob their own ships neW enjoy in Brit* ish ports. With regard to those foreign states whose . navigation laws have hitherto heen of a restrictive eha- raoter, her Majesty has received from nearly sdl of them, assurances which induce her to hope that onr example will speedily lead to a great and general diminution of those obstacles which pievionsly existed to a free inters course by sea between the nations of the world. In the summer and autnmw ofthe past year, the United King­ dom was visited by the ravagesof the eholera; hut JU- mighty God, in his mercy, was pleased to arrest the pro­ gress of mortality and stay this^fc ^ ^ pestilenco. Her it pxeoantions against the mors o h ^ u s sess and an enlighted consideration for ‘ id to its attacks. derived the 3 k CRET ARIES. Geo. VY. McLean H. M. Forrester Klohard S. Uoberts Wm. Tyson S. S. Broad Geo. Collins. The subjoined resolutions were then read by Mr; Nicholas Dean. 1st—Resolved, That the people of New York, with­ out dktiootion of sect or party, are ardently devoted to the Union of these states as next to our liberties the most precious of their FoUtical Institutions ; and having never yet begun to calculate the value of this ITnion. can contemplate no contingency in which its dissolution would be otherwise than a g igantic crime against the peace, prosperity, and freedom of our oonntry and of mankind. 2d—Resolved, T h a t in the resolutions lately sub­ mitted to the Senate ofthe United States by Mr- Clay, looking to a complete and final settlement of all questions relating to slavery, on which the feelings of the Dothorn and southern sections of our country have been e xcited against each other, we joyfu'ty re­ cognise the basis of a harmonious and brotherly ad­ justment of a most distracting and perilous oontre- versy; and entreat our fellow-citizens of a'i parties aud seolious, to study those resolutions carefully, and in a spirit of devotion to the Union and perpetu­ ity of this noble confederacy. 3d—Resolved, That, in view of the above considi sropt a t the basis of a oompromise the j 150, viz :—[Here folloi published by us yesterday. Addresses were made by J.D« L. W hite, James R. W hiting, amd lepeyster Ogden, Jos. i G«n. Scott, whioh 9 variously received sometimes with dissent and etimes with applaos. DOMESTIC PORTS. i l S l i p i S W* b^t ' Triumph, March, and Daniel Cid barks Zidon, Thurlcw, Barbadoes; Laconic, Greou, Boston; schs .Mary Cramer, Ann C Baker, and Charlotte, ^BAtTiMOKK, 24th—Ar bark Alabama, Oxnard, fm Now B 3 ? s,.“i;Sb5rA\trs D*’\r \ r t ^ N T ° k' NYork; Ann In H»-aptou Roads, sch Jane, Erricksoa, New York for Charleston. a W ilminotos .NC, 23d-Ar floh Thomas B Smith,Sand- Cl’d 22 d. sch Michigan, Sebute. .N York. M obilk . leth - r id Br ship Mary CaroUne Delany, Livirpool, ship Meteor. Lawrence, Boston, f „»ai r.TOa 21st—Ar bark Virginia Ann, NT( rig Montazuroa, wtg cargo; sch Hanover, disg TJftlRTY-FTRST C O N G R E S S .-Flret Session. W ashington , Feb. 25. tsENATE. After the reception of reports, Mr. Benton arose and read from the report of last Thursday’s debate, in which Mr- Clemens, after alluding to the a pparent fraternizing of Messrs Ciay and Benton, remarked that he, therefore thought that the south was men­ aced with danger. In relation to this last expres­ sion, Mr. Benton, reluctantly, designed to make a few remarks. Mr. ClemoBS said he did not revise this Report, and that if he had, he should have expressed more clearly the idea that he designed to present—which was, that both the Senators seemed ready to admit California, and that that measure would be danger­ ous to the south. ' Mr. Benton said the explanation rendered remarks by him unnecessary, as the objactionable sentence was thus modified. On motion of Mr. Foote, the Senate took up hi* resolutions providing that it is the duty of Congress, at its present session, to establish territorial govern­ ments for California, Deseret and New Meiico. He said his design was to move that the resolution be referred to a committee of thii teen, who shall take into consideration the whole territorial and slavery The resolution was then laid on the table for the '^'^Tho Senate then resumed the consideration of Mr. Clay’s resolutions. Mr. Miller resumed and con­ cluded his remarks. He contended that the south there was no ground for the objection made by that section to their action. It was a well ascertained fact constitution was submitted by the convention to the peop^^ 16,000 votes were given in its support,_while favor ofthe admission ofthe new'state ; the quMtion was oonnooted with no compromise—there waa nothing to compromise. Caii<i»mia came here a full IhTconlfnotTe forerf baok\^^^^ tion. She was prepared to a ' rther considc.. ------ - 1 until Weduesday. e an effort to get up his Resolution, raittee of 13 to take into eonsidora- growing out of the Institution of solemn oonTlotion Mr. Foote expressed his solemn oonTlotion that this questien must be oompromised during the present week, or that it would be out of their jurisdietiou — would o ecir of a character which he would do noth­ ing more than allude to. (Sensation.) Mr. Butler said, that for one, he would bo satisfied with no adjustment of the question, except one which 5 5 S I S S S t t a s k o k s a l ^ a n i T m a r e s t o o r d e r . O f C R A Y A T S . ^ r s ^ B ^ a n ^ i ~ BUtograpba of regTiUj- c leamstreases constantly rptiC E N E W V O B K AND S A U O E R ^ S White Joniiy Linds, Gei Four thousand autographs or regm^ cnrfo«,ers . ‘\^FlMruodred employed. I T . : .V.iio. 50 a m .^ A v : 0 ^ 1 month, 1850, the fallowing named penrom were unan­ imously chosenfor the ensuing ye ---- George S. Fox, Atu A Iteadii • g f . - K f i g l g l v g g w Thomas J . Townsend. Peter S Titus, ' Daniel Trimble. Cjtye Hitchcock, Joetlah Maey wmltm H. Fall*. Joseph W. Cortles, John D Wright, Hlcfcard field, __________ Inul Hawley, Ricfeard F. i Heurr H. Barrow, HiOl Clarl*, J . Rogers. Axbd at a aoBseqaeixl Lornelins W. Lawrence. Tiros C- Cbaidamyne, A^«ci JclM LAWBJ & fO.,35 Broad st. 3 te sti (h \r'^r' P*1iT \ L , Febla-Cffi b f r i ] Hamilton. Cardenas. XMPORTJ2TJON: o a i F P E R S p lO please send tn h! 1 Franolsco, wll 1,84 WaU St 1 N^B. All goods not permitted in five days, irill be sent to public store. f e 2 5 ___________A. WOODHPLL, 87 South *t. O n c B . —All persoM Me ^“'hld ^* a NN°* *BLE*^ from Glas^w, as no defita of their c o n t r a o t ^ ^ ^ h s prid by the captain or cr^lgnee. WOPDHULL., 87 Sonth et. will please send tl St, E ^ withont d_i to public 1 A. WOODHULL, ST Sonth st. or trast- ' “ s .* *?«l’t»of seaptalnor eon, sL»87Rbhth t t . \ JftTTft Win CCOr Ier,oaaiBm' Imperial gOTt danger tn the ' : of these di ta t f t Bee “ Her Mrjesty has seen with satisfaction the present state of the revenue. » Mr Loans and O entlemkn , .:iSL\LS‘s p . s i ”i ,s : ration, will be again Uifl before you *, among the most important of these is one for the better government of The mischief arising from party processions, the defects f S i S K S g s s consequence, form the subjects of measures to be sub- .t“ T S . T . S . S i S , - “ The favor of Div.ne Providence has hitherto pre served this kingdom from the wars and convulsions “ It is her Maje.sty>s hope and boUef, that by combining ^ ;.ri,rs.MS by the mob to. Mize M . FoniAer as a d f ^ » d to 2 ^ S ^ S / r a g b “K ; « l ? S S J ; sw i T z ^ B i t L A i a ) . The following fio^ttiiioatien (tones from aweTj informed correspimaent! I ’ foF war against the aurmnniiing- powerii. itolihO; lon­ ger^ be entitled to the rysutrality formerlYhsctihed The two Courts stats that the permanent throat indism reshitlng^ from- tho , refugees, on thste .Bprdsrfii . , aintenanCe of immense Btand- ing armies, and, moreover, thb prolonged o c o u ^ tlo a of the bordering oonntries, as Baden and TWurtem-^ berg. They declare thatthey are .determine'dtci claim, from the Helvetic Governrasn’t the immediate expul­ sion Of the refugees j and that, in caso the T ederal GoTemment should refuse, they wiU sead into ‘Sw it­ zerland an army of occu^tion- Thoy^-giva notieSaop their intentions to the FrencR Goveniment, a sking itg co-operatien to active fiaeasUies ; but, a t the samo time, should the French Government tefuBe it, fiey are determined to a ct without. T h e same oearmn- nication has been addressed t* the >5ftrduuan ^ Y - ernmont, which gave for answer that it would wait, for: the reply of France. It appears th a t lio .coShniu- nioatlon of the k ind has been made to the English. Iress was moved in the House of Lords by the E arl of Essex, and seconded by Lord Methuen. The Earl of Stradbrooke moved the following amendment after the words “ commerce and manu­ factures :” —“ T h a t we regret, however, to be com­ pelled humbly to represent to yonr Majesty that in many parts of the United Bangdom, and especially in Ireland, the various classes of your Majesty’s sub­ jects connected with the cultivation of the soil are ir opinion, to recent rted by the pressure ^ local taxation.” After debate, the House dlDded 103 fo the amendment. Majority for the adi In the House of Con connected with the cultivation oring tmder severe Adistress, mainly applicable, in opinion, to recent ^gislative enactments, aggra- umons, the address was carried by 311 to 192, after a debate of two days. D eath of L ord J effrey . —Edinburgh has lost the most admired and most beloved of her citizen*. Lord Jeffrey died on the 19th u lt. He was bom in Edinburgh in the year 1773—his father being a wri­ ter in respectable practice, chiefly f?om the north. Ho himself was called to the bar in 1794. In 1820 he was elected lord rector of the University of Glasgow, his immediate successors in that office being Mackin­ tosh, Brougham, and Cainpbell. He was chosen dean of the Faculty of Advocates in 1829, when he re­ signed the charge of the Edinburgh Review, of which be had been editor from its commencement in 1802 He became Lord Advocate on the accession of Earl Grey’s government in November, 1830. H e was raised to the bench in 1834. The late Lord J effrey was twice married. By his first wife, Miss More- bead, ho had not any childTen. He married secondly G R E E C E AND ENGLAND. There is a prospect of serious difficulty between England and Greece, in consequence of the refttodofi the Greek government to satisfy certain demands made through Sir T . W yse, the British minister, to- the foUowing effect, as rcoapitolated in a letter from Smyrna. 5, during the Holy Week. 2d. Indemnity for an Englishship, thrown' by a tempest on the poast of Magno, and pillaged by th a inhabitants of the place. , “ 3d. Satisfactian for the insult effeMd lo thfl Brit­ ish flag a t Patras, in the M eriditi affair. “ 4th. Satisfaction forviolenoe offeredto anIoBian subject in the same city. “ 5th. Indemnity for the English travellers, plun­ dered lastyear by the brigands. “ 6th. The immediate TCstitution of the islands of Sapienza, on the coast of the Peleponnesss, of which. England claims possession, as appertaimng by right to the Ionian States.” The M alta correspondent of the London Chronicle says, the Ministers, as well of Rnssia as of Franco, have presented protestatory notes againstthe demand ■of S ir T . Wyse, and « nlearning the same, the Frefleh. fleet bniriedly got u nder weigh from Sm yrna for the It is rumored that the law advisers of IQng O the have pronounced the claims as illegal arid inadmissi- md that as such they will be refused. Meac- itakenpos- I, andothcr IS illegal hie, and th a t as such they will be refused. M while Sir W illiam Parker .is stated to have taken session of tbo Otbo steamer a t the Piraeus, a Greek vessels of war a t Salamis. The amount of the claim on behalf of M. PacTficO is laid a t 800.000 droohme, and that of the pillaged merchant vessel a t 47,000. A letter of the I8th .^t>, in the D&batt, (of Paris) solution, b u t a fresh delay of twenty-fonrhouri was granted. This term expires a t the moment i a m writing to yon. Since this morning there Is a talk of the intention on the part of the Eugliflh admiral to blookade the ports of Syra, the FIrmns, and Patras, HO USE OF REPR E S E N T A T IV E S . ighfare e Oceans, over th( te r ; and, as a i shsuld establish ----------- tary posts, from St. Louis to San Francisco; and that a committee of thirteen be appointed to take the m atter into consideration. Objection was made, and the House refused to snspend the rules. Mr. Thurston introdneed a resolution, which was adopted, instmoting the Committee on'Territories to inquire what was the population of Oregon, natives and foreigners 1 what first led to the settlement of Oregon 1 what benefit it had been to government I and what will promote its prosperity 1 Mr. Giddings asked leave to present petitionslrom people of Pennsylvania and Delaware, praying Con- .oke l - — foj. peaceable dUsolntion of 5 that freedom and a to ta meMures freedom and i t* refer them ions to report id the means *f Mr. McCleiland objected to the reception o f the rJtitionS- ^Qn^tion taken, and the reception of the petitions feas-^M essra Allen, Durkee, Giddings, Goode- nongh, m i te , Julian, Preston King, RooL Mr. Sichenck presented the memorial of the con­ vention of New Mexioo, together wU.h a.plan o f civil Momnsccritio T m U o i m . o r W A m m T m . r ^ le&ra the lAgiiiatjKe.<>f P e m o A t,. % & - • Wa»hfegto?(4doBtun^t; jy g o ,. -hillis now hi c o ip o ^ t e ^ e j' m rnm ift The Plover is to act as a store-ship, and to be se­ cured in the most favorable position as far in advance as can be found,—as in W alnwright’s Inlet or at Hope’s Point; so that parties from the exploring fei^’uTo^^re^m'ii^^^ Captain Collinson is charged to u*e every efibrt to penetrate as far as the north of Banks’ Land ; but should his search in the seas of that region prove fruitless, he is recommended to use the utmost pre­ caution and care to withdraw in time, so as in n ease to hazard the^safaty of the ships and the lives ( Captain Collinson is desired not to turn aside from his duty for the purposes of geographical or scientific WRAWCE. M ore R iots .—ConsideraWo alarm waa caused in Paris on the 4th inst., by a report of an emeule hav­ ing broken out in the Carre St. Martin. It appears that a large group of -work people had assembled to­ gether in order to prevent any further demolition oj the trees ot liberty ; and the police, finding it impes- sible to carry on their work of destruction withont molestation, resolved to disperse them by force, r they did not accomplish without mueh diffieullj good deal of agitation, however, continued, and It w r e X ' ^ s S f ^ T w T s K & l i N bloodshed. Three persons were more or less h u r t; one, it is believed, fatally. It appears that General de Lamorioiero was set oa by a mob, and had a very f.Thr.K:C.DSr.“ S ‘fz^^ their quarters before midnight, all appearance of riot ha-vios been removed. bad been out do-wn, waa, that they impeded the the “ Association des Marchands de V ii, ___ Jean Robert j and twenty-three others a t a branch establishment in the Rue de Poitou. The majority of them are said to be jiardoned insurgents from Belle Isle. On the tree of liberty a t the Port St. M artin, the inscription of “ Vive la Republiqne Nouvelle” had been p l^ed. “ The Cmttitulionnel has the following account of General Lamorioiere’s adventure :—The following IS an episode in the events which took place yesterday, which we write from the dictation of a representa- tivew h o b ad it from General Lamoriciere himself. The general was proceeding to the Rue Richelieu on some business ; while going there he heard th a t there was some agitation at the Porte S t. M artin ; and he proceeded along the Boulevards. On arriving near the Porte St. Denis, he observed th a t there was a considerable assemblage of people, a n d he oi^ered his coachman to tnm back, b a t it waa-too laic., jjig carriage contiMed a^a ^ e , ^ d it wiis.then a^toached the ci r e c o g n is^ ^ f S o o A ^^Hoters s |* M d iaJled on him to erv ■ gratitude. A t the J ition against the Enj ---- Avail nothing, I know, ___________ _ ________ miral Parker, bat it is the eomplsto finnihllfitaon 4 f M. Mavrooordato (the jSngVsh party) aud gfhis flue, friends, who dare not any more show themsfflves, -lb 18 impossible but that in all Europe, as atjAthen ---- just appreciation wiU be fonacd of'w hetiepaBf at tixis moment in Grceee. independently of r which must n o t si _ ____ 9 moment in Greece. fact in itself, is there a pov hurt a t the uneeret ____ ___ . unceremonious conduct of the English, who, whUe loudly proclaiming th a t it was abont t* return, peaceably te M ^ a , goes, without saying a word on the subject to Admiral Parseval, and without S ir S. Canning mentioning i t in the slightest way to (General A npiek, .and; place* a knife a t the throat of Greece on the most frivolous pretence, a pretence which would scarcely deseryo to become the object of a negotiation Ir-P. S. A t th e moment of closing my letter, 1 learn th a t the English. Admiral has decided on employing cOeroiTe mest- Eures. All the coasts ofiGreftce a re placed in a s ta t* of blockade for Greek vessels of war only. Any ^rm- ed vessels under the Greek flag will be immediately captured. The Chambers have given their adhesion iu an address, to the sentiments and policy o f the gov­ ernment.'” A C a r d fr o m T . B n t l e r K l n g . To the Editors o f Hit Noliotud Intelligm e tr: ■WksKineTON, Feb. 23,1850. dclayed^Hcbjo -- -------------- •r expected my report on Caufnrma. B u t 1 Am-mok longer permit the public hluid lo bft afisailcd, pcrhapfi misled, by insinuations, uquiiiei ;Bnd. ihaeadoes, whioh, if not promptly apBworo.diSjay ho ponridered as acquiesced in j or bold assertions—if misrepresen­ tation has assumed that form—to pass .rmsontzsdiet- ed. I, therefore, assert that I did. AOt reo8ivej.Aa< connection with my dnties !a California, nor I ii L ya I , at any time rcceiveii seofet instractioiiij-ITiStljeirvfflfr bal or written, from the President of the-Uja-' led Statfis. or any member of hie GfibinBLaiD tl» subject of slavery or an^ other snbicct. l.aittii0ii»B< tempt to inflnence the people ofOaRfennAto. deeidB.. the question ofslaveryjiono way or the «ther->-and o'rrSpi=^cSSti?hi^££’? S £ tio n i s ^ t e f f a t M6iRercy---«ae h n id r e d i n d thirty miles from San Frand8fl<teri3iff A hirAof J u n e . Th last paragraph of this proc!aiaa.rion ia in thefeRov ing words ; of “ The method here indicaited lo attain irhat is de­ ls sirelbyfill, viz: a more jperfectpoiRicMtogtomtiorf - i» deemed the most diftot and safe tli»$ csft »«> adopted, and one fuUvaulhoozed bylaw, « «a the course advised by the PrCsidentsnd by the Secreta­ ries * f State and of W ftref the United States ::ST

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