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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, February 14, 1850, Image 1

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r”. j.ii \ • iO B T W M , BRY A JiT & CO. fieaU; »ml ISl csh I s fes « « » «il>«iqttHit te- D.9B.Y- ••s i s s j i ' g s i g ? s \ r r . 2 .‘ 5 s ».„. .««.< u.. rS 2 ¥ 55 ,S!?SSC;.»..i.<.-.«b. oat th^' paper. $30 ^ annusi, oot, lu»weTer» for t less THK PROrjtilBTO ^ ^ a x e not respocsjbls in damages for ear.ra which zaay occur In adT»ertirfing. ™lf?aS?SS?.S%K‘ASSSr‘\' - !l5l*EI> TWICE A WEEl. THE HEW POST. J>.9i£T—cODnSstins of 8 llnea or I'S^— St 60 cents; sewmd aod third IniertJtfa*. ■ i l cent* fci eTfiiy aab?s^uent in- PUlJUC SALES. fs¥Vo'N“F-i“'-ifrS;\f Office No. 7 Broa4 street, ^ a r WalL PTOM 0 B A I ^ _ p.«i« XeiaualM.leo;eiu^tmnf ihesceimneer. No3 VTaild. SL 3 S 5 - SStb street u reanbitcd. c W\rr« i Ofc NO. 29 W.„ «„«. ’; l 5 lE! 5 i S 3 S i i S ^ ' t j i o I ' . . Z l k s S S k h a«c„e. ' . of .he 9ho.e . . . .he« ,s a 2 ,..rr cottaaa houte. w..h [ I !\S .1'“ “ ,n orrh, pcrch^e a.oner n.ar «n,a,n oa bood and iSlela’, a. ov. P20pe«r.app.r Hardware. S H c . dr .\^aBreme four —Under thedirection of John J ^ K S i i i j i p a i s S i S ^ b b - t : b e :: z : ,.r::':i,.: rwo-th!rd«of the t)'jt^fha»e money panremamoo bond and m‘irtt<aee tor a term of ye«r%. af 7 per rent ^Unl‘*r* :f»ne. one v eet before tr.e day of i.a!e. >mali Barter. VViillara Sitnpaon. Eiecutors of ■.# J-: i VOL. lOiVII. \ \ p u b l i c \ 5 ALEb\ BY V / i T u S / h .'^F^^N ^ r o . ________ Offico. No. 5 Broad street. 5 SiSSfe,.n...deof«d«. S S S S S 3 ? S S £ “VerlLp-o^JVali of % touriHuawd on thh. 44tb and 46th .ts. '-^ a ^ '? S .'??o .o n th .»,n .h..deo f S 7 ^ h. contutenens «. co,rn,anr.ns NEW YORK. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14 . 1850 . NO. 18 NASSAU, NEAR PINE ST Store 51 Beaver street. CAHPl^n., » \ ’i ‘ HS^.'JoTrn\oV.. , i S \ 3 i 5 E S r r ' ' \ “ of Brv5^!», iUans. A u £T«. f c i H l i i i M i s s E i H S S i n s ; . ^ p l i i f l i i P .'^■v79?h\i.;?‘on‘r d r '..r ii t K “,r ? 2 S ^ I H urniiureand farm-nc ut ‘^'i^r^arculaT^a'pV.ro\ ’ t 'XT- hf\' a ^ s i g i s s w *«o. the three story b'»r« dweMina ho)i«e No *tree<, nili »Uiinff 'ha n'-cve botched m m<M*ern »■ S S I M S i i n'o^Trtj ftvea«e—One lot on the nr>rthwe«t rorr.er of7ih oveno© nod 4Utst. thesmM lot beri.^* in fize!i*i It 9 mi float and rear by '%!«[*^ non further r>oriirulftr» cm be obtained at the office of SilJM ssiSss^ hi*ji ab»»ve the basement, which has an ornamental brown itoce l l - i S E H s S S F ^ an. so. b.owo and onto VV E Lroadclo'lia. oarnpr! mg the f>e»' siylot im A Ko m assort.-nent of fir;© nmf snpt'rfine woolMack (ierioan iB'l ;„ .he «a, o, . h . Alio, the thr^ «loTY br:rk dwfliine hon^e No 144 We*t l7ih Also, a two story hnek hon^ in tho rear ol the above, wt»h n 3 Mn^^^:rh;;.;r''A‘iK^a yo^on'^r <z' ; n r X i ^ : ! : T ; S i r ; L;.rvi;fr 'T;rfu.Vpanrc';ia™t»iTu\eat''a^te^^^^ -■^Vyi!;;i 37 7 - “*,-iW'iHTe'’'; 7 dwei„„, hou,e »g«ejj and samobj' on morning of sale T Z V e r f e ^ T b o .. Store No. 163 Pearl Btroet. c u r r n a . c^yaiVEKEB^^ e™«- \co'talMSjraSdy'im'p'ig^^^^ Cfs'iite?'“‘ “ I entire will be exchanged f cpee^paMinc»h^^App,,^^^ ! fr-'in 10 to 12 o elo<*k, 36 Joha nreet. 3d Mory. ; ^ E E 3 '? S p ; f nl«.^?au°;Vo^7o';7^.*:.r.n^eo,e hn...e, ..n .o,..h 7,h 3 S“S 7 i^t' 237 l ial 11 fond and mor case Inr 3 or .-eo:y^'’^ 771 ”£S 7 SZZ™»al j5^^r?mJooyn-\-7do;'yhrdirectioii of Thomas W. Clerke. \’«:uaMoTlonl E-tale on tl) h. fhh. Pluyvoiaal and Sprin* a n s i g ('h‘U ».. W.h ttron.ienieni *iLte In the rear f fonbng on yth st. \I\::; f„ t ’;h*:! lil'E’FSir'\ iy* ^%'(>r hiitbei Vttr'*‘''^**^r®*’PP’y ^he office of the auctioneer. No Earnler. ^7hie tm on'ihe elLleVl? ‘M.Vof Forsyth street, being 25 (eet in w i.tTh m I root frd roar h? H.tO feet in dopth. S ao leg -1 notice in r'otirr (jf <■ mmo'i Plt^ns —E'nder tfie direction t>f Xbomos ^ 't-vrT'imd *tree^ the northeasterly '•’ ■Tn'V'l'ui'titU'-cl- .............. . . j i i i s i w ' m, 1 ,..m -n. ,e, U.e .irecu..., o, 1 ie.na. .;=r...cr. E.p. ____________ S t o r a i r o w aii m i ot approf'ed eniloBeil nces. E»-;SSSTrS^.'S=\';^’S “”' . . ,:a.a advance, made gpon all eonsijOl SMP 01 Poolii. r 10I.ardil«r. Le.ctuie»a sdimmedKUir.aa ^■'•Ip.* m? t s.Mirt —I'n icr the ii.recuun ol 1 bomai t'amley. E^q. Itsrrtjv/Street—The b>\rk dwelling house and lotorg*-«*und on 'p«eecS l A*di^ i’iStrrConicJaTrkL“A^^^ for? R»chmoo.l^i..l uae hall ratle trom Naw Brighton, with live on Hi*v‘wa«^ th-re « ’sa'si 2j by awieei-w:;: ---- ^ - AfrnnKtHl losu.ttbo ---- ami Confectionary 233 Broadway, f t * 6 ______________________ opposite the Park r - iC .^ n iG S AND PANT. STl'FPS,-V a rietis Rtvies ot gx.'ds adapted to men’c were lipea anlnn T mj TATINGS A N ii FASTALOOH S T U t W K_/ l.inoo, L Dion and Cotten in gruat rartetj, reoerseA Dj tbe iateamrala. , r £ ? f . ? s = ^ f . s = l.V 2 r : - i i ; a ! ! £ E?S-“r “ 3 ; !;ra;» 35 ”.S. 3 ^: i:Eifv';! 3 ....»s jf.L.: viSa TTTtTlLiaAM £UODLK'S E V E K POINTKB VV sute Penett-Tho InTention (of more Importance than at firit sight might appear) eonslgta of a hollow stem ..f wood Into wblrh pieces of prepadtd Cumberland Slate are placed By means of an extern*) ling, teteo upon by the Ummb and finger, these pieces of elate “ “T be poshed forward as the point is worn awaj. The stem -----. ^ . . . re^uirwl It is very f ----- / ^ CM H tT R iU l—10 ease* Turkey forsale by t j r WIIXIAM T. HICKS A CO, Ja31 149 an<U61 Front St. IsriitbSast'ssEi 'N T 4N T , a filerch&nti* AtlOi o’niock, atVha^iUA ro*.in. No 8 Wall st, c u r i n g : s s H S £ ! S t : : ; r : ; ; r : nnd thenroceedA ,.fihe wile are to he remtUed to tbsin for ;ha re ^ For further panicuiars enquire of John Jay.dm 20Nafsau st. l i l i i l i l l i i carved center tables. ilJualmted book*, and severaltine bronze*. PUBLIC SALES. John H.. Austen, Anotloneer. BY ATTSTENS & SPICER. StoTfi oomorof William st. and Ezoh«ng4 £; |S!|gX,VKKaVS£\ j& a S S 'sF --.- ________ Bv“S?s!fK»r!I; 33 , uET, store No. 13 WiUiam street. r»^iberal esjh advance* made upon «onii(nmenci when soS'S » .\. 2 w?x ‘ \ a t V•UIVATE b SALE. GENERAL NOTICES. ttj- A m erican In stitu te Lectures. —In consc- oueuceof the indispositiou of Dr Tyng, hU lecture will be postponed until Tuesday evening, February 19 at?) (r J-- Ladles P a ir nnd IiVsilvnl at NTblo s. - Tho ladhts uf tii‘i Jl» forme<l Uutoh C hurch of 31*t utreet. will hold a fair and festiral at Niblo s. on Friday Keb 16th Ail inU're«ted io a benevoleut object are invited to at teoti. Open during the aftertioon and ovening. Tickets at tb« door. fel2 4t* (O-T«l. 7 ™ 7 V y H s ? .S to persons qualified to run th©m on the LahJgb, Dela­ ware Divlek-n, and Delaware and Raritan Canals. Tbe captains will be reqnlred to furnish their oWn teams and l«) run contiQua’ly the season through in the service of tbl. ..mpony ior further p^rUcuiar. “ (>7^DIvld7irdT=Th7Tr-^;.^f thc\N;w“\^^ Insurance and Trust ( oinpany have this day declared as.mi-annuai diridond of four percent on the capital stock of tbo company, payable on and after tbe 11th In­ stant Tho transfer books wUl bo closed until the 11th Nsw Yosa. February 6 R. Pegg, frea. surer ................. 1S4 18 n . . . .. . . . . . . . . 100 \‘il'i.’.ai.PLr \‘e Spruce street... 11 00 From a litUo girl, M A B................ 1 00 CoUootionin Spring ?iVrih»p‘?; Sam I Stilofl. Trs 60 40 i s From IsKuo Smith 6i t 0*5 Steam Um­ brella Manufac- Htht^^kl'; I gational Church, nmr School......... 16 14 I Rev Ur FoUen. . 102 17 pe^r/MVH'al\ 6cy..................... 174 TO From .Messrs (*ong- ling and Sbep- per James (Jor­ don Bennett, Lsq 50 00 viTsaiist ( harch, i>er James V. Wat­ kins, Treasurer \ T u ‘^srnek*“t htiur* of 12 M and 2 p m . for the purpose of cboosln directors of their company for one year thereafter W. 8. WETMORE. , The 6ub?criptSc-us to tho htork of the above companv D ividend. -The i ity Flro Insnrance fompuny t bis day d^'clare.) a div >U hq .1 ot ten dollars and a half r share, payable to the stockholders on and after the D. II. Curry. Seertrtary, pvr share, pa, ^ ^ e r i U , F c b lion of three m*p«'rtore The poll to be opened from 12 o’clocl be kept open unUi ^ ^ clock P M. and the Tb« transfer Bov.ks will be rl.*sed on from 12 o’clock ftt noon and to ock P M. and then closed. MOSKS MAYNARD J Seerotary and Treoau D roue OIKHs' B ati liras A so D r n B avk . , ) N> w Y ork . February 1st. 1850 ^ 0ry- DlvUIcntU.—The ITesident and Directors of the Butchers’ arvd Drovers' Bank, have this day declared a dividend of five o) per cent on the capital ftock, out of the profitsof the la-it six months, payable to the st«ok> holders on the loth instant. The transfer b<-»yk3 will be to ihe .»a!e. can be ob- p i i i l i l l i l i itemlu onlhenremi I. G. Uanrington, Auutioneer. BY JACOB S. PLATT, Hardwar*. Croolteiy, and General Auotlon »nd Com­ mission Morohant. D. 23 Platt street, comer Auction Room. 23 F street, c of Gold. \njul nMftnirMWfflmiToiinnotocinconiOL __ jold at par In Ruias plication at :hi*; i mco _ _______^ .M. HO^FK^NS. Treasurer._ C.VITKD hTATr.l F irk I nsi rawce Co.. ( New York Doc 22, 1849 ( D ividend-T h e Board of Directors of thisinstl- ulion have this day declared a dividend ofTen per cent LD the capital .•’lock payable on and after the 2d day of January next, until which time the transfer book wl\ By order, JAMKS WILKIE d‘24 tf Secretary^ QQI- Notice-- D elaware and H a R itan C' avau . , a « o said compana*>s have this day declared a semi-annual dlri- &Qgd<»p(qwis. J , July 12. 1 jj J6 _______ gdA BrsASYTSk. No. 191 Broadway, cornor of Uey tenSIcMlTstofc InvuiCjMSuiicli^Dn which the usual cash advat Bonjamin Mooney, Auctioneer. BY BENJAM IN MOONEY. StLS\ ALSiS s ptoefap ^Fnrnmire, Gtocenes, ptEcotB&UT attaiwled to ta on M \ T1A Z OR S of JesepTiReget* A Son's SheOcia rnnk i t tie foUo-itlug pnttema. and superior .,^U y , i cleaed on the 8th until that LEWIS, Jr ,_Ca • HANTi\ fcXi HAM.E ( OMPINV, f New \ ork, January 26, IdoO S Merchants’ LxchaDge Building Wall atreet on Monday, Ihe l^lh day'd February next between tho hours of one 1 two o'cli.ck. r M . for Thrrf TVtit/rci. toflllvacan- B in the Board. wh'<-h exist In cons*»quencc of a failure elect tho full Dumlior >4 I'ninecfi required by law. at I annual election which «*ccurre4lon the 14lh instant. The TTanpferranpfer Btv>Kstv«Ks wUlill be closed from the 14th to the the annual elecl The T B w b 18lh of FebruHry, ioclustvo By order, K. L. McCORMlCK, Secretary. - National Academ y «r D esign. —A special ng of the Acadcmccittus will be held at the rooms of the Acaitemj oomor of Leonard street and Broadway, on Mondjiy the 22J .\pril at 7 o'clock. P M . to take into consideration the propotied anv-ndmenU of the constitu- tiOD By order. jaia tf ________________ J. H. SHEGOOUE, Seo’y ^ nxy zo vranaact ineir easiness In i^aris b' ^ U , U 0 0 M B T A iS a u ^ n of the best istyles. for sale low by the s28 tf UNION INDIA RUBBER CO.lONaagai “ S i 'S “ ‘ ■JMIOX INDIA M M E R CO.H Vm . . rt. „ i S S 3 Su. “• New Orleans, Octeber 9th, 1849.’i S r 5 ’5£?aS”^.‘SK ainst fire. 1 can but wonder t ^ t any one engaged in rienced the great value of the article as a S. C. FIELD.\ above certificates, at W which they m e exposed, either fbom fire m A. S. MABVJN, ________ 1884 W«ter gtl s ® T ^ 4*j^.“ n r ^ u g griddle cakes, is noir well established in nputation in every ramlly that has used them The cakea are hrovrn- ed and bak.ed.-drj> thc9 avoiding ^ iha.amoko a^id tm^ Incidental to cooing theta on the old fasbicned griddles AUii*es.oblCBg andreacd,8hSted to rasget* atovei^or open fir© places. For sale ah the Hoaiekecpcxi* Fuialsh- \JIT’ “ *•\“aWa ’ TM*r 0 . co. nB!l.TR19 NOTIC&. CiTV Heu.. Feb. lA 03- At a meeting of the Special CoamltteB appointed by tne Common Councit. in relation to the late melan­ in Hague etreet, held at the City the purpose of reeel-i quiring relief By order of the Committee. EDMUND C GRIFFIN, Chairman. .“.“.‘'.tl'-T W^tS 4 f c - - byterian Church 1 ™ : • ommerce 2 00 Co*’u ^ e X “ iu^\S^i-. Williams ............ \K 7 |« S . h \.S 35 p\*;.\ \ S l ! i 67 32 ................. X07 63 “ The cheerMness with which it ‘ of*tho chee^rfS giver.* ............ From rasieogeTB of the BteamshipEu- S ' r S lorX'rltMVpur^ ^ T t r i e n S u r . editor of the Me­ tropolis .............. 10 00 From collection In Cbolsua P'terlan isn'iS.V”'.' m Collection in Ham- gT t t ^ ‘ c h ^ h , r “ C o tluonm a iob; ’ Wooster Blreot, per John J Hart, iS-i'S*.;.'.*..'. By W right. Brothers h ( o, I'hiia. being ?J,ST „“S $\.S| ii'uoE.“lS ( oUectiou in chr’h | eluding them- of Holy ApoAtU‘5. I felvos, c^nect- Ninth av. It 27th | ed with tfllir es- fltreet ................. 86 60 I tablishmeut both Mrs-nni ( ufihman | gentlemen and ir . B “;-:;:::.-:: .v.iN^rs Woodward from Messrs H R & Hyberg being j Dunham It Co, 98 the amount col- I North Moore st, lecl<*U by them | porHonC SWood- from proprietors I hull ..................... of aeam.*n*N board | From workmen ■'\‘'‘\r.«.. 7 S I s„T,r»i!S: m . . Tbe following do* ^ cTlVTFebTlsTh {f:^*rrx!h; S” “ r ommerce ......... 40 00 Workmon in tho employ of Messrs Uulver»Hi.atCh h G ^ D e m a tstr' 50 60 Messrs J ii Abeel I; Co . • • • • • • « , . . 2600 ‘•Estelle.” per M VanSchaick.Esq 2 00 Leroy fe Co ........ 20 00 From Messrs. Thes K»q..................... 126 00 ly tbe hand\ ofJas Van .Norden.Efq, ■ S s Lady.\ $1 .......... From B lady, ‘ on« that has experl- i i = f From workmen em­ ployed at Man- fr\ 7 “X,'S .x£i£T:-, ► - S . I ■».■.■.■.•. '”JiS CoUeotlons made in KSasxf. copal Church, in iif.rS'.h£r’ ,n From a enmU work- Mwers ’p'atte'son '& Dortlo ............... 10 ( Collection made in S%id\£H r h a X s u t s ; : F r b ^ r B * : ^ l l l l Andrew**and^^R r 66 00 From Messrs Strang ^ n T h a ^ m l ; ’ 139 T6 26 00 From workmen em- Tf perMeMisRhodes SpfaSK Froii DnlStirnnitz, rhilada, through prr,/s:; 5 From Mrs *J L. per Morgan Morgans, From 6 W Brown. CSOOol Feb. 13th. total..............................................32 Total to tho Pre-nt date..^. ^8 THK BOARD O mmSSJijm, B S S f l f « S ^ S mate of the pro^I Bjr Asst. AJJ. 8ani— .. members of the Common e ^ l e ^ ube u^* ‘ \ and Lamps be and 4 City Biult DOW b< Board of Assist ' Adopted. Aip.Smnmu.S 8 ^ & S s ^ S ^ ' ^ ^ Carthr. Eoyee. Ban. Webb, AcluJman. Ctaim. F imot . Smith. Kjp, Simmi*, Sandf, VTiiiJ, Bpgcn. De^n, Alvptd- iS. efficient eenricej iji6 unfortunatp AXUUVALS AH’ T D K N E W -TO B K . U O T B L S Febwuaxy 14. AMERICAN HOTEL. J Houghsowei, Oeorcia B Randolph, U S Navy H C Ware, do W CuUck, do W F B u ^ i, Va T ^ y t h , do B Todd do Lt N Ceffiine. J Mcll-vaine, do J Loveiug E PPegram.do T Underwot ■ ■ JO Stone. E T smith, ii i ' # r f IS> “ W H Bale, do W s Bishop, do •N C cdU do J Jenkins, do a WiUiame, Waih ------- ixton.exU Balt 8 B S Dr. Rutb< rmond I, Richmond W Jones, E B Colt, NJ C H Church, N’ ASTOR’S HOUSE. J Dailey, Balt E H Backus Mr tr Mrs Bolton, England R N Cumings, Boston J M Atkinson, Ky O Lombard, do EHaUe.se r, » n,.v. W Lynne, Bnrlington F Burt. Mass C Downes, U S N M Plumb, Albany W a Huddleton, Trey L L Southwiok, do S S Saneby, do T E Gulart, Phila M Tiffany, Balt 8 FtnroU, Uttoa F Wcole;^ Albany O Lombard, G B Blake, J W War’d Hon D ilenshaw, Gen MoNeU, ^ RaSi*^ ^rH'oVe do O A retrains. Kingston ^MrB;rwVuk°\r i t S S - - g S \ '\’ CLINTON HOTEL. jrv“ R\L7r^O ■ ^ ‘^ « ‘ n B DUNLAP'S HOTEL. 'w^?Se.ro\w.go ?^lor;,Tj^'^\ Geo W Brown, Boston I Harrington, Worcester 1 Hurlburt, Worcester Shermon Nouson, Vt rt-ow ; L”c&”v.w., {.“.'ir iy SLT&'n EARLE’S HOTEL. Seaver overboard, or t i ^ r ^ v ^ S ^ w T o f a s ^ ^ ^ ^ poTt':»t>%“ rb/rr^^^^^ Z w « “^d^?t“ 3 ‘ Bome merehandise m,ud b U tc X j belcmginz to tte c^brgo of ilS M S : . . . . , , . - 1600 spm on board;—has sold 70 bbls at Hobart Town; she also had bone on freight, .which would pay about At^Ma^ui.^Nov 18th. America, Adams, of NBedford, 130 At Sandwhioh Island, Nov —, MonticeUo, °* o5r“Arlo™6cr-^“ S l°lfN a n tn ? L t ,'’“M £ FRANKLIN HOUSE. w . . . « G”ES: 5'7 W FeUeller D 0 Hannaford, Masi C L Xoma“i Oswego FRENCH'S HOTEL. TwTartf.'Sr’'^'’ S T ii 'A r r S A Brown. Troy sSSur B # Lieberman. Kent i a i f - ,ssr 3'.\£E™k‘a'“ ^“sTYh.Vhllad SSs?'\\\- w\&S“c 5 :rs*; J Wood, Ne’wburgh sErci W F Randall. Cl I S l f s:?S r ”r ‘i“„ O Morton, Boston HOWARD HOTEL. J.i‘uZ7:T - ....... .. .vF^S-'\\ Ji’G“ » e ^ ? d o W A Prescott, Best D Browne, do R S Barnes, Ct IRVING HOUSE. j.fj'.r”\''\'” LOYEJOT’S HOTEL. i s « £ r ' “r ‘ H Wright,’ *’*do'’® E Clnmingtin H Ar^^^trong, do C U Chua, Wor.Mte.,' NATIONAL HOTEL i s ™. PEARL STREET HOUSE. 1 ^ 5 \” ”v f'i’JSi'.I.'.O. j j i m j «» rdell, NJ G Brown, Jers«y City R Homer, Detroit Mr Naje«,Flmyra J U Soott ana lady, N A C Bradley* LI S P Griffon, USN Miss C ot UI Brovrn, Saratoga t R Jtwett, fiQlI&lo T> M Grant do H W^Oudner’ProT f B^Moses, nma° A r BuUer, Palmyra J H Jenks, Va A Fitch, Auburn TAYLOR’S HOTEL R Road, Ct Miss Congden B F Farwell, Painted Poet S W Gleason, Mase E H Taylor, Mass B Barnes, N J J P Blake. Ct w A Orcalt, Ct W Ely, M ms 0 B-5mitli, Micbigan C P White, Miebigan L W Smith, do Wm Fair, N J G B Welle, Uties J Gray, Binghampton A Harwood, Michigan D J WUllami, L i R B Parsons, Flushing J Rogers J C Landers, L C D De Witt, Boston UNITED STATES HOTEL. C C Shute, Prov A Farburn, August* J S Woodbridge, NJ A Famwell do A WbUing, Conn V M Otis, ship Arkana NNOflbert do HCHoeseU,NC W H Atwopd do C H Webb, Ala C«pt Poole H N Clark, Boeton W g B0J^,_NC Capt Z Hfilid, FlilU ^ Bonner. NC Dr ConiBh, M*n WESTERN HOTEL G A Warren, Ct A Way, M d D C Stover, Md J Owen, Cinaelfi J Stout, St Louis R J Baker D Warner, Ct^ M Pow I’nt and lady, Aih Cooley,\pringfield - •'-'\-Att - -- M Powers, Hartfin OaSney, Utica B L Hood, Alb Fettibone, Hartford H P Nugent and lady, j _ i Cooley, S D 8 Pra P* J M Barker and lady, Oeo T Shepard. Newark J Martin W jV^^towi, Roch H P Bn^ess, Mass n. CMalUn Daniels, Hartfon I Mamsbniy. Prov Robinson, Mas* ’KMPXOK’S C0TX014 P JUrTAJJOOilBjaS.— S SPRING fc CO., 51 Exchange plaee, (sell- ■ >* great variety ___ _ MAKCUS SPRING fc CO., 51 E ing agents for this artlcls) oCex for ot styles and' qualitle*, tl* : Twilled denim* Kefituskj Cassimeres Konutb znixtnree Delaware do Baneheco do Doa skin de Beoteh stHpes Pyranees Jacqnkid Caadmetei nys)onthRookde Heavy ribbed do . Tennessee do jalC DonMeCett*n*4^fct.fcn. _______ (w^emjtraeing all artiolea ” w e*^jn*totop*u«tn*ny«tyj*or boolMrefniwa; ^int card*, eiicnlais, cheeks, fee. M MARINE LIST. ilS;S 3 SSIS»g“a p , TN,Ha„... .dfifiinsD YEsi>ERDAY. to New Orleans, with mdze ^lassedBss sage, spoke .eh Tieonic of Brandyi— ' - - - - m M ith f b ^ n a ’p^: Tieonic of Brandywine, fm St Thomas ladelphla, coaL Porter, for San Fancisco. M B m B A N D A . moke a canal across the Isthmus o f Hicaragoax gnar- antyingtotha Dnited States its exclusiTe ose for­ ever—whether such treaties have been suppressed, and -whether the important advantages once soured to us. are to be given up toj another eoutitry without eompensfttioiL Un motion of Mr. Foote, the message 'was laid on le table, for the present. The Senate then resumed the oonsideration of Mr. ____________ _ „ _________ native sesaon, wnioh as agreed to. After the Executive session, the doors were re­ opened, when Mr. Foote laid on the table his propo­ sition for a select committee of fifteen, to whom all the questions connected with the institution oF sla­ very shall be referred. Adjourned. HOUSE OP REPRESEN T A T IV E S , received fro 1, saying t b ______________ tbe doings of the British in 0 sr it may not bo found preji Nantucket, itncket, 750 spm. , r v “. » r .......................... Nov 17, off Staten Land, ship Tyrone, of New Orleans ''W.*Sr.?t.»,«-,TWA. 7 08 , Frazer, 46 days :kCreswell, 68 ds fm Snm- rOREION PORTS. Hatch do‘ 00 “ & m m m Nov 7 , having been thrown on her beam ends; would suf­ fer considerable detention to recaulk and repair; conside- At Ca^z abt 5th nit, Sw ship Chas TottI«,for Baiti- nOMESTJC PORTS. y o \ r\K r/n w a in % '^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B altimore , Fob 5—Ar brig Fayetteville, Reed, fm For- Brci = a n and bark bberwood, Boston; with white head, two narrotr stripes and white ktreak '‘'’Bark Artbur Bickering, fm C»pe To-wn, CGH, Dec 84 wh ^ip^enry, of SflOrbof, put in for BuppUos, to C!d ships Medora, Matan*as; ManUus, NOrIcans; ' IS'SSiifS'SBSS iMsilaSf a, Meseina a t h Nov, Gibraltar aist ipoke 7th inst, lit 32 30 ion T2 J5, ship for Rotterdam, and was supplied with proviiioM; 10th, Ut 37 fi0lOttT4j1i«kGd«ta Belli, 5^ank- fort for Bark Earle, Philadelphia for Boston; hrlg Wm : gers, do for do; Mithtilla, Wilmington. NC, for do. Sob Sunbeam, Jacquemel 27th ult, for Boston. Left bark Condor. N York 10 days; brig Henrico, fm Boston, just ar. Spoke 31st, off Crooked Island, *r brig J W Johnston, Anx Cayee for N York. Seb Cambridge. New York foPBc Seh Cambridge. No rankier for do; Tolai Passed by schs Tele; .’xss.'^.rsgafsssiT' aph and Eatress. Boston for Tan- ,SENA!EE. L- '• •After the close-oContreppttoCyfisteraay, thB S»n- te proceeded to thh i»n*iaj»Bl»n ofthe iiifl prorl-' ding for ewrying into effect Hie late treaty with ! Brarn. After ^m 9 debate jand amendtaeat the bUi- latira to e orrespojiSonoeiad w i ^ (idatemala, (JOa- tral America, and the Mbsqffito gOTernment,.wonid be eheorfnjly communicated a? _8eon. a s ft was found to be compatible with.the pubKointereftj . ‘ % . Bongta* hoped, the m e ^ e would b e .referred to the Conmuttae oh Foreign Relation*, and that thO- oomiBittee wpidd inqoiie whether th e newspaper tOr ports were true, that six months ago treaties -were made giving to the TJnited States important ad­ vantages, amoEg whidi was the excausiTO rig h tto lake a c anal across the^I^tbmns ofHic; M: w h i^ was th ^ the I ^ tbm ^ iudiciai the President, . _ ____ _ _jntbe' lountains. ' ? lerica, when :he public in A message was also received from the Preside! transmitting an authentic copy of tbe oonstitution the state of California, leoeived by him ftom 6 i The preTiouB question After a few words on a point o f order, midar tho op­ eration of tho previous c^nestion, the confitUntlon and accompanying documents wore referred to the Co mittee of tho whole on the state of the Umon. Mr. Stanton said the previous question (Ud not i ** ^ Im^SpealSr remarked it applied to printing '^M ^ sT a n ton'’^ 0T0d to reconsider the votewb ordered printing, and proceeded to speak of slave M.r. Preston King rose to a point of order, nnd i for confioiDg tbe gentleman to tbe motion. » The Speaker said that tho question was now O] on its merits. Mr. Stanton—The question in the last Congress wa* gloomy ; bnt tho spirit was greatly changed, and he deplored the necessity whloh compelled him to say not for the better. A t the last session, the symp­ toms of the disease were alarming, yet at this stage of affairs it might have yielded to remedio? judioions- ly adopted and firmly administered. He feared that the disease wes chronic and inveterate, extending to every port of the body politic, and subtle poison was diffused throughout the system. W e have observed that nearly one-fourth of the session had been oor sumed in the effort to organize tho House, and i every a ttem pt of election, from the Speaker to tl Doorkeeper, the questioq of slavery came in as a f tal clement. If the proper means had been resorti to a t the last session, i t could have been settled in an hour, and the Union secured for an indefinite period; bnt by the course of events, and by the action of tbe Piosidont, the matter h as been complicated. It now not only involves a consideration of the constitution­ al question and sectional justice, but has drawn with­ in the vortex the weighty question of constitutional law, territorial dependencies, and high political ex­ pediency. The administration was obliged to change Its front; its only salvation was to change th# sbap# and form of the question, so as to conceal its danger from the eyes of the people. Prsston King again rose to a question of erder, that tbo gentlemen should not discass cironmstanoes under whi«h tho administration came into power. The Speaker thought that the gentleman was not out of order. Mr. Stanton resumed—The policy of Mr. Buchan­ an was like a pillar of light, to guide statesmen in these dark and perilous times, in it we see the true relations existing between tbe government and Cali­ fornia. We see no attempt to alter the relations, as they existed under the laws and the constitution. The policy of Mr. Buchanan was to march up and to settle the question consistently with the constitution and the rights of the people. He sought not to avoid the true issue. The President and his supporters were stimulated by duplicity and fraud. Instructions must have been given to Mr. King, to advocate a oon- Btitution in Gaiifomia w ithout slavery. Mr. Duer desired to be informed how the gentle­ man knew this. Mr. Stanton said that Mr. King was sent out to California with the wishes of the President, as to the terms on which sho shonld be admitted into the Union. The conduct of the President was a crime against the highest interests of one-half of tbe con­ federacy, and jeoparded the existence of the Union itself, ft was not a blunder, for a blunder is ex­ cusable. There was a resolution in California, and the President placed a t the head of it the WUmot proviso; and it was enacted there by tbe President. The people of the south are virtually excluded frc'\ withwhieh^hey dors who go u nc funfemental principle While this would be fatal to tho south, il SS g S Northern men M t aaticism tram- VAlmot Gaiiiorma oaos into a ecrruoriai coumuou. could be done now, ail might bo safe; bnt this was for the future to solve. If any man desires to restore the Union to its original state, it can only be done by restoring tbe oonstitution to its pristine purity, and ceasing, new and forever. On motion of Mr. Vinton, tho motion to reconsider was laid on tho table. TILE REVESUE. The House agreed to the amendment of the Senate to the resolution limiting the expense of collecting the revenue. T b e amendment authorizes the Se­ cretary of the Treasury to dispose houses, or retain, or remit such orizes the bonded w; may be neocs- 5 E W YORK. iilG IS I.A T U R E . A lbany , Fob. 18. The House held an ,afternoon session to consider the slavery resolutions. Mr. Boroughs spoke two hours in defence of his position, and in opposition to the resolution^ submit­ ted ------- \ **■ ------------- *' '-= ---------- •- After he had closed hji! remarks, which war* fps- afiODtly intfliTiiptQa liy QBeHlong from tno«o ffHo Oif* loud rrom nia TitniBi Mri Bishop) vi Maateoni jav- eeeded to give a Listorr of tLe caucus also- ffic ac­ cused Mr. JBurroufflis of Kavius in caucus voted for the cauoiis resoIuilofiS. Mr. Darroughs denied that he had done more than to vote that the committee might report them. Mr. Storey, of Dutchess, who was sltt'ing J!-eotly in front of Mr. Burroughs, and fa d iB a low voice, so that Mr. Burroughs, tie deaf, did not hear him, “ if you say y t _______ te for the resolutions, you lie !” Mr. Burroughs, t having heard this remark, was proceeding with __ 1 application, when Mr. Storey repeated in a loud voioe, “ if you eay you dW not vow for those roeoiu- ail his ivrcD an n il. utuioj o ucau. ruriuuaim y li> on* ly touched his shoulder, glancing offend strikiDg the Clerk’s desk, nrissing the reporiers in its direct range Mr. Story a t once jumped up and rnshed a t Mr. Burroughs, b u t Mr. Goff, of EEsex.astrong^fisted iron-worker, caught him by tho ooal collar and held him, as he was rushing at Mr. Burroughs. Botl gentlemen immediately apologized, and the Houai improperly excused them both. Mr. Story spoke deliberately and deserved tbe severest censnre of the H o u se; nor was Mr. Bur­ roughs free from blame. A tumbler is a dang weapon, but the provocation was great. Lnckii was hurt. __________ ^_______ N E W MEXICO. Sketch o f the Indian Trihet—Their Boetiliiy — Tur- tu it o f the Mitrderert o f M rs. White — Ma^mted TroiprPfecestary to Protection o f iVew Afea:ico,' [Correspondence oT the st. Louis Repuhlicanj] Los V egas , (N . M .) Decv 1 , 184 The Indian difficulties a till continue in a ll’q n ir ___ *'he Eutaws, Navajo*. ApachesMd Jicqrflle»i a t open hostUities, and unless the g eneral government takes prompt and energetic m^agqres to cheolriilieia at once, wUl give infinite ft’ORble. M ost- q f those trouble* have been brought a b o iit Aince Ibfcoceipfo e anu areas bjuus ' oxopb*^* ed for blankets and ammouitioh, ffiippusd bv tbs Meiidfia'trp* -0 go fimonff them; These IniltEii b ite biff leveral severe blows during the past *uniiacr»nd Lieut. Burnside, with a detachment of ^•Brlgg’* Battery,” fell upon a p a rty o f them last A-Ogast; a n d cut down some thirty With the sabre, and took so'von prisoners. But n in e o r t tn of the entire eaped. They were iftterwards overhauled iSy G apt. Papin’s company of valunteew. Major G rier h«e just retamed liom an expedition against them, in October, Mr. W h ite, a mereUant of E l Faso, Who was bringing out his family, left lu& trains ># -tbo weather was becoming cold and d isa ^ e a b l e ftmJdr*. White and child, and came on in advance, w ith & party of eight person*. The Indians prepared an ambnioade soma rix^ miles from Los Vegas, the first settlement, andkUled Mr. White and a ll the men of tha party, tu H n g llis. White, child a nd negro servant, priabners- Akseefi. a* this was reported to theoommsndUig officer of the dtl- partment, MaJ. Grier was ordered w ith his owx 00-< and Capt. Valdezls to rescue Mrs. and W a tkinL to the scene of The Indians hi suit. They tr east and the i f their hunters a few mmutf 3 re he was on them. Tl^py had time, howdv«r, nt their fleetest horses, and M ajor GrieFrwerd luch fatiguedigued thathat thehe Indiansndians couldould readily^d q dt-d t t I c r ii y O run them. Five or six were killed and three takt prisoners. In their flight they abandoned evei^thinj \id even threw their children a their own denuded persons, and the horses bn they rode, was captured. Fifty animals were packed with the most v*l ____ things, the rest were burnt. W hen Msjer Griep got on the ground which had been occupied by the Indlr ans, ho found the body of Mrs. YVhite trahsfik^d w ill' her biblo and p rayer book, which h a d been her eom- panions d a ting h e r captivity. They were-markecTat vsLrious places where she had been reading. ThA childand negro girl were not seen or beard of, aa<{ they are doubtless with the Indians. Major Grier h ad Mrs. White buried a s decentlyaa ” th a t the Indlaa*- and th a t her ^ g r ^ over hep _____________ J enumerated, there are- the Camaaches, Arapahoes a nd Cheyennes, all bor­ dering en New Mexico, and who may a t an' how long « From the best d ata that can be had of the tribss above mentioned, there are thirty-six thousand, many of whom are now, and a ll of whom fher* is a probability of becoming, hostile a t any memeiit,^ I t behooves the government then to provide, against this contingency a t once. Nothing can he done with any of them u ntil they are thoroughly Subdued. T he T ooth of B uddha .—TheHalada, or teeth o f Badha, is an object of intense veneration by the na­ tives of Ceylon. It is considered the palladiam i f their country, and the sovereignty of the island la supposed to be attached to its possessors. “ It4» » piece of discolored ivory,” says Major Forbes, “ slightly curved, nearly two inches in length, and one inch in diameter a t its base. Its other e xtrenityr is rounded irnd blunt, and diminishes in size. IThs sanctuary of this relic is a small chamber in the tem-j pie attached to the palace of the KandiOn k in g s ; a nd there tbe six cases in which it is enshrined arO putesd '' on a silver table, hung round with rich bTockder- The largest, or outside c; feet in height, formi ' the form of a pa over the r e l i c s ___ . _____ ___ _____ .sp served in the five inner oases, which a re « f gold,jftw» o ld ,,...... of them, moreover, being inlaid with rubie* and othei Ions stones. The outer ease is decoratedwHR _ japed building x*d iddba. The same foim i r e - , !(7hioh a re « f g nd other ted , . . . . . . . .H.-riirin.e^’’ u small table in front the people lay their Offering*; and having seen tho Delada, they prostratq them­ selves and depart. A t widoperiods of time it is removed from itsffw*!- Itng.place, and exhibited witii g reat pomp and «ec«- mony to the people. Major Forbes thus describei. the ceremony, of which he was an eye-wifness. “ -0 * the 29th of May, 1828, the three larger case* h a ving previonsly being removed, the relic, contained r three inner caskets was placed on the back a£ a n ele­ phant richly caparisoned ; over it was the R in ii- wige, asmall octagonai.cupola, the top o f whichr%i‘*i*‘ composed of alternate plain and m it silver plates^-■ > supported by pillars. W hen the elephant appeared coming out o f the temple gate, two lines o f magm- ficent elephants, forming a double line infronf'of-tlj*' entrance, knelt down and time remained.-^ jaiiaerSdip!--' multitude of people, joining the points of thelgXU-! ^ gers, raised their arms above their heads, ithC'l&M bent forward, a t the same time uttering In Tn«rdeeB . tones the shout of Sadhu : this sw elfodintoa.gtati^ ' and'solesm sound of adoration.” ^ AftCc ^aja'didif th* town the relic was conveyed t 6 a teffiFtffarff416^, iThere it was onqoTcrcdand exhibited,. ' ! \ ' Such is an example of tho siroerstitioirbf th e peo­ ple aWDg wbotn vur bretbrenlfibvri—[liOHdyai i i t ^ E azz . ov j , IrtETKoa ITC MoaTW f?Aaoi.i3tx^—^ 7 L* .. Matlenal InUlligaiieef e f Mefi^ay bahlMUi A J i s ^ aecomit of a remarkaWB itone wliicli fejl o i iIiyiTiiia* vaiion o f flirem Bust in <!livbu.rnw GountT, W ,w r tm ; the 31st October last, by S. ll. Olibbon,c^^he \ \ .M int a t Charlotte. The rock, meteorito,r-“a d a r k . , '* 300 yards from the b a m a with a friend—both of wi the air and saw it fall. Il itself gaits desoont Upon spots wuore ken from the rook, a; they discover R ‘ \ *1 h akes Ija've been b r o - . u a tiea & the w b < ? ^ k ^ S e W iORy ftpparen0: ik .the .wHd ,0 B n t ^ t 4

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