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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, January 21, 1850, Image 1

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'^'12 ^ l481jK>3 e?»*.^-,sma,AKsF»i-iB ^ i i t r M . * * ® i ' *O, C rSifr!.- 5 £ a ' S ^ s l ? . \ i i . - » < . r f , H - . « - ■\ --- jum ; Eot, liowerer, for » less ft. THB EVENING fO S T FOR THE COHNTBY, AT THREE DOELAKS TEH ANNXm, imrSD TWICE A. WEEE. TBD HTTHDE! ___ ______ _______ u o s T B tP & o p -S D s r y L s , j s m ) o n r e a s o n . TESMS. PfBM 9 PAEES. PUBLIC sales ' r ^ E K . * '^ L r ^ ^ n n d e f lly > d in e U o a o f D V u Voorhu.Eiq. se adrertaement to tbe Brooklyn Eaele. Boopst, iron railmss, morote mnnteU. craiei. pan- \wo frame hocseeon thenortheut corner of Gold and Tillanr cant lots on the eait side o'Gold street, 25 feet sooth It side of Prmte it. 60 Inet II tnebes g r I- l%a€^ 2 S S S 5 SB ‘iiHl'--------------- ro - - - - - - - - - Of* L cash a Store'No*18^WLll^^ 3C89 m&^o Upon consignmenu when -One lot on 1 0 ^ %t, 275 ft west of 4tH dvenve: 25 ‘ ‘ S Y O i f S ' & H Y L f e T essors t^E d w a rd H LadJow .V Co ) Office No. 9 Wall st £ n i n % M laJa“ ‘‘s;S,u«rGjSmv^^ ^’flSl!No. 38Essex street: said lot U 25 feet front, by 87 feel 6 __ _ __ _ __ _ r g f c S f i S S f ' ^ t T e - r . e o T . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 14 lots on; the easterly side of Blooorinaaale road, from S4lh to on thesonUlside of94th sueet, between the 9th and loB olHhe north side ol 94tb s'reet. bettreer 2th and lOih '^\lotoonithe soothsidp of 95lh street, between 9th and 10th on the north sid< of Sothsueet. between 9th and 10th *lo’'too on the sooth side of 96th \n^lection oTIhrrardeni'ofThe^urbfor n^ ihe'^ide’:- ' 'I'so.f cases Indies’ En(g (’ntiloeues and iiamples will be ready for examination the day ‘*TnTwiloe*'w*l‘l be h.i!.t wnhoui reserve. ________ ______ c A = mEj -£y]EmNG posai VVn. OL L . X public sales . _ _ BV W lTSliW I.^tllA N^K L rN ^ ^^ V c n . Office. No. 5 Broad street. rrowORK.ONDAY.ANUARY Y M J 21 . 1850 . NO. 18 NASSAU. NEAR P f l l ^ ^ r J*\£“SS' w t 'S' 5 H \ ^ E V St CO. 0 Wall St. the Inapectora w « read « .d ap- I Tlrt> VtincipMS. 4 « “‘ ^ o ' \X 5 . , . t . , . . . , u „ » I . s » ». 'awiHK, Amarican ■ “ f=.* 4 Kv, j , l,„g pointed I nspertora for tSe ensuing year ' Uncoink Co. Grant It Stone, x No.24nrflsi.8ame pointed I nspeetors for tKe ensuing year I Reeclred, That the itotpection brand sbaO hereafter | with the addition cf the month and year, from the 1st of s^seSnto^Sd rS S 2 rtE ■ ^ m s m s m r rf « 245^ P*^”] ttroo —Th« 3 -*«»r7 brifk v»ore \n-1 t*v/e hn« p s i lsIiiS S i £ |r & f l T t J r a T r e ? / a V r ^ 'T / e t ‘'^^^^^ l i l S Bern'll • VVEUeNKs^DAY Jr.o23 I*nththn^Vu^ExecutVa^at#^Tb\two6t*»ry nn^ a r.r bnck duee* 4 rn;’h%“ST';..“r d “ i^;*/ h r ^ x f r ^ r t nod cutie r kef, Tef.ni— ore b «ff mtiy r.*m«i'» * n m*.r»cnp^ «7i4i-Ireel-^ »; k b-i on ih'»\ u n ■(..« ui -7 n afru*-. t > —-r .»fl j avsMtne . .Ti -e I tf *,,. in-l rear b/ M leef 9 :r. his m S r ^ r ^ n d ^ h SR'e’s •• • :rr '\^^A\^;en'a'?a‘’nd'’.i'h\s'!ra“;'’-The ,w„ dory hnrk house end S S S S b i r r ^ ^ i n i c h ' i o r s t: i ' *Rrua-lwiiy, Nmth sfrest. liow^ry, K /:kt»,Ih and R,i\.habju j 535 Hr\4dwny p.tiU rt-r tiy lij icii m .ippu.. cnnvmible into the H pito^Mon^'nhB e a r uideDti. hou;ediIeet ee.^ ea;e .rom.-auW _ J ________________ _ C o lum b ia CoUego.—A course of lectures on tho L aw Of .N ations , Will be giveu by Wu-l UM B b TTS, K f J . rf taw in the above college on Monday j : : msoivea, x aai mere snail do cataouBucu a grauo ui sijp^’rfiQP. to be termed * Snj»*rflne. Number S ” KesolvfMj That the .Aesociatlon InRpectors ahall not be to iK»re and rdug any flour, uaitsa Ui8 same shall !•♦ lUkjHM 'f li lu full and branded R.-..lvfU T hat the I riion of the two Boards of inspect fp^’ Hhall lake ifTect oQ the l«t day of February next, bo lara* rtfgarda their receipts , bat that the alteration of Th.‘ braud an 1 standarJ-* and other action under these TO- he pnh- lUbid for two weeks each in tie Journal of Commerce, I xpresw vut ier k Lniiuiror. Evening I 0 ^ L U c a a n d ^ h e n i ^ c i y R i i l l r o i i c t C o m p a ­ n y . —A semi annual dividend of five per coot, on tbe capiul Stock of this company has been decUred, and aTv;!lT a C n o r?e\grrud^t^^^ tb.- rheii.x Bank ID that city, and that on stock register­ ed at Ilbany will bo paid at the Albany City Bank. ■ L. PRUlfN. Trsasurei bas’i h ^ i d t w - 2? ^ot R o r ,::,j’ lo:/' ‘’“fi-.^rei'rfH em o d e-nh, B St.iiy bi S S ' L u s e a r lWlfeU?nUrt-1*h«^ ‘' 1 ‘ p K n.»u»e<.n tbv* trom. and ' ■ ??.»“■ ; i . ' , ' ; ! / ' ? ; ' ' “*■' •' ■ • - ■ J.- I • I ' 1 1 b'n t two story r, i»;M I • p renr » mj I 'ot -f 2r n:i‘d rt S ii t .♦- IroiM t*v :00 feel dee . VV'Anlle. ete'*uu»rH lo llv . 'flUnVi,_.l'inuvi ^ J, tfap ciu.'Ne The first lertura will be delivered on Monday, the 2lst of lanuary instant at half pa.st 7 o'clock P, M , at the . .U.^,^. hape:. and wilUie IliiiiiiilssiE I I )r.B ihare n f s i ^ ^ sT n 'igV i' r ' si uti.c'ullna Assoclalmn. *TA.\ES, 1840. rfnoi and LeotiMan. R . n iv td c m l. l b ' Hoard of Directors have ' his S E S i l E ^ . . .............. * | «mihe*. tieni ' 4.1. : m ibo M Ail olwb e“. 1 8 ;■ / •-■ »• I V 1 Ur 1 1 vtl nl ftw**lvo «rcont rm the capital 8nn>mrt illustrative nl 'he ..:!,:lb..V,jv .1 the I'pite.l . ........ i \i a'.i sUfvl nn and afUT Tuvt lay, tb-15th inst This ctillevtron coptnin. •'•eciv- lii.ni sit 1 art. I.I IK-I'nioti.ii.i v JOSKRJI .V'TKO.N'li .Hirrvtary. nl th-m are vxT,,n-lv tar-.m.l not ..Iteii me' w til . iitliune ..III N-wVnrk Jan lOlSfiU. jalO lot l^sVv\w'I^7uVer?fLmm^LV«^t^’vl Rv. T h e New YorU In s u ran c e C o m p a n y .” with, and wrini nj(iri'rtver_;tKfiiiY»'-ciir k‘|> * eiru-Iury. j Vi-iniiy 14th ill?‘tatlt tit t helj oftlCH, No. 60 Wall HtreCt l Ja,„.avy rth . k 5,. ^ I-nc'l rr\iii I-raiicw un I l’!i V a-i' n* i . a f, •■. i t-- »•..»* rl.. > | vt re rv-ctv.M. .Am«uur%t i ,i ' <• t u'-J \ vu- i , w'ij.' j s & S i S t 'sakt r r ^ t u s T, Store 51 Beaver street. “ =— ^' h I c T da V' A* 11 nVinrk a' liipiiuclion room STRAW' (;()(il):5—l iMierihe in*T»«rU'»n of the wnrHeos of fhe i)««. 13 cai»e-s i-H3»rhorn IIap«. damn£Gil on the voyuee ol tin. .».>rtH' loQ Cuialoffues an/s«niplc« on Ue mornius ol sale, store No. 17 WUliam st. nCer^ House «i leal deeo. ______________ _ ____________ B y ' S V N \ t < ^ ’... ;;sr“co sv?; ; store No. l(>51 Pearl street. slk 7 S|a“S:Sr“ c#C-. 'SS ^ <^j>to''k. ::f ! ! Ill rUOH\ 1 he t'.iiij 1 ' ** 'j-‘ '* ' a v r S S i ' s ' i i - . -. ’n ^iaSTb 8ho™. S' ■ t -. Ill* bfJiir 1 i‘t lifld Lho> day the fol- T. - luiH't! Uiu pa.-»4il uuammouNly. and directed ,»c i That tbU Orpi- l rmivo with re^r»*t the r»*- 1 1 I f Hichard A lieadinir of the pre.-ddenry of ihin ny. affHlrfi of which h«* b/iPBO long and ■<ofa*lb- and'that they tt-uder to him their most rtntrh.future^rf.peH iy^d lU irrp S tatk ^ Fint I nai bam f < o .. > ' New York, Dee 2*2. 1K49 i Tf: Divlden*! Th-» B<»ard of Directors of IhiHlnHtl- tutJ' U haFf- thiB dxy d<*oUred a dividend ofTen per rent * ri the cHpit.vl 8tc.ck pfiyabUs ou and aft-r the 2d day of 'next until which time the transfer book will g i j Hiri'M^cd fii Wn , w.-U 8 f't for fuM particulars e-Mii.trrni th.' n..icti<i A mo r'rx’ii .,• hf Mf-fhimt- Rx'-hungp j Bordentown, N J . July 12, lts49. el26 tf '=\Vi.ri‘7;uA'V^hUtrvUrv‘;'' ■u'‘.;:'vt\‘..' ..'..^.n.b'i', ; -m y - t s c e ™ .„ - I . o n A « „ > o s r o m ^ Letters do- Borkisrand Samuel S Aymar. Elxeculofs of pe*er .\yniar. dr- tain»*d In tbe London PoSt Offlce, OD ftOCOUOt 01 pOStftgO '■^ftelotatid but.'d-nss tteitem knowi, a. No 54 Couitlnn u .., i ““ P W l l i b « PrOC“\ ^ ^ J ji®CO . 8 WaUatreet. I ill 1 AmlK*y Kailrotid ‘ ompanv iq rbiladolphlt .ill 1 l.y ira UU.-«, at the office of the said company In Nei _L?to uktei tted samples oa ibe morning ols-ile. s'j-yssK.-^ffir Hardware. Crockery, and General Auction and Com­ mission Morohant. Auction Room. 23 Platt street, corner of Gold. i f g f i f i S & a J I WMS: S,SSSfM S i Store No. 14 Platt street / slilfens'STSeiS S s } r < s r y ^ ^ \ ~ ^ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - * \ ' * IgnESSr'-' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “TSSK- b mro S a X. store No. 1 Pino St. i M W t e g - B S S i i l f i Jobn Ikeese, Aaotioneer. BY COOLEY & KEESEv r,«oraafof Uej uce stamJaid and kbi^StmnA cont«ClJPtpoIab.el ita SIK, W M . a O L E S W O H T H , RK -< imsigmtes per thu vessel, will ■ > -.lit ami « leei tu ms on me nor'neiiy ^ p.,riiiWs on board or to the office ol feet U ins on loe s^iuthcr.y ..dt and 43 leet lU ms on ihe ru.r«h.*iiy | ^heir ' '“ i f r “ ' ; T t ; , or , “f f p f ^ i u e d ind.ys. wtu ^ .. fe*l 10 ms on the souUierl}'side anu-iiMeelif ms on the nuruhetiy to the F ubUc store A. VV UODHl LL, mnijan?jx O X lC E - ^ ll perNons are forbid harboring or tTust- Also, the lot known ns No l7-» VV'M»wf«r ,i. ...jiifuiaing ilo !»et m ronl and rear and '00 It .n d»»pti o- t* c* «i ,e ■'- N “ V f ; . . ' ‘\ . . S L ” “ .‘rTb;’, .j ceibo'roi. K. .,vv.. ,4 ‘.t i*r ■ • .ir^ ud .f rd- 1 um Ulasgow. as no debts <»f their c D „ - ........ . ......... .. • ' r.v-R,g Will be patd ,, anj me'oid f .m.'mm,',e'!e em'nT'', -'m 1 ) .\ltK . T . J . SOUTHARD, KROM BORDE' '■j.’it; T ‘wOODHULL,s;Southst. *•*11 d theix permits on board, or to the office of the pub- -rrr»**f* without delay \ . 13 All goods not permitted In five days, wUl b<* 84'nt Tf- th'' Public store WOODHLT-L, 67 55outh a1 Letting Dwelling Hiouses, o us^ £ LtA ja P« MOSS, A g ent Xor Stores^ Ao., and CoUecUng Purchase, Sale ilouej Loaned on Bond al Estate, and for Firs Lawrence, N. Y. SUte Bank. r,213w West 14tliatreet. , „ . . arcXTiSfiX as; , „ ^ Office, .Vo. 1 Nassau street, corner of Wall street—room C G M M 1 ^ ” o * n '‘* M ^ R C H A N T WOOL, BUTTER AND CHEESE, FARM bNK.’ s''*'' p \ r O D U O E , W.B WeUe.,Cm*er\L!^\ya*nY J . | e ^ t ^ P « o | r , B a n k . S sm S?\' ■ ’ • ” 5 \ ™ D. A. ( oehmai Pearl street, N. Y. LRAL SHIPPING^ CmflWISSIO^^ <) iv r '' n o t i c e t h a t t h e y h a v e and win attend to the sale of the same, and to tbe pur- Messrs B arnard , Ct BTis It ( o . T hatcher . T ccier , It Co , 1 ^ O Bridge^ Tyrene Jamaa O Lawrence, W T R Rice, N H George Wendem, N C F Rodder, N H Jno F CarroU, Boat F * Qnlmby, do Cbas vr TmUty N H J W White, SUten Tsl W S Valenton, Newark J McGibbon, Wash, J> c J C^mberialn., Ringh’n J H. B abtlktt !t Sos, New B Mr W L “ nAKER.'\«M;iden*^an;-'New York, will ”1B Tl»<»mO^ J- Oafctc-jra Jotan Ciriswold, Saakzxuwr, deed dated the twent^-fourth of January. 1848. in pur- Fredk Kendle, N Port M C sdy,NH Ben D Robineon, N C W S Harrison, do John Carroll, Best D Bosworth, N V E Goodyear, N H f^nci* iV HenderBOn, N Ti J Cxuhaan, Staten lei £ Jeisd, Joriey eity *W«i H Wileon, Wasli, D C -------------- , ---- « 9 Marks, Goshen, O C Dr Barker. Norwich G Meleani, Hirtford L Loewenthal, LonlsriUot W%a Q Thoxnae, Bvfftlo O C Bsidwin, Brooklyn It Bf S » n srd, Boat W Burling, HaTsna W Moore, N Y O W Ossworth, N Y O W Wheslor, L I«I D Barnswerth, N y E W’ d Monroe, Ptov J D Robblnson, W F a n is H Oeraaoe, N Y P W Shea, Best Lawrence Curtis, N H H H Petert, N H Jas McCabe. Bost J Co»lun»fl, Bolt J CrilD, N OllB, '”; i S''?£ ‘ oa \ k W H JflBM. Pi J c iwulcr, ao J ACuapb.ll, do J E Wharton. Va H n KlDg, Ohio JJ Harei J T Uobinson N Lppe:z, V D Raymond, Ct H I ' ENTFdwrthcrliy, IRVXCaSr HOUSE. idford Mon V R Thurman, Wash •M Collins. St Louis Q H Rlehardi, NJ i moouBi (to J M.O., Alb J HarGhorae, Angellea A Mom, do Hareps. Ba't N Lope Havana H H Ladd, Ct rtlwrl Ct. v x c a ---------- L r Asbmoad, N Bedford C C Trafaot B(Ut JVl Collins, St Louis R Porter, Phlla J Campbell Chaster R P Littlefield, Ball Jtfr Orenny. N Yk G W Tbatohsr, St Louta Misses Shelton, Bridgepoi E C Wiggins, do E L Anderson, Bedford T L Homer, do ‘ L Forbes, will bv given Address boa 1597. Post Office. Jala i r=UriSTOM“ HOUSE BUSINESSTTRANSACTEb with promptneBS and despatch, both In New York and^Bofllon, upon re^onabl^ by ^ street. - 7 . B 7 ::^\T^s.v,. 7 r^utX:w£'\ ■ “ “ HARNUEN & IO ..0 Wall street, and ol2 75 South 8t., corner of M&iden lane, up stairs. and iH prepared to contract for the ( prrfr.tlQ bituminous ; JenasHhon's J loDai^^hon's large Wallseud House ^^ 1 0,000 yNT6 r .;^ D iA ru V ber ............. CO. 19 N mssu St. 10 , 0 U 0 D 4 0 y R E Y * JA C IC I^T S ^ rif^ ALLS with a large stock of other goods in the clothing line for S(Ue by the S28tf UNION INDIA r u b b e r CO. IB Nasssn St. Shirt Store. A T R S . CLEVELAND. 003 B r a u d w a y , New iVX y orh. respootfully .nneunces to her friends and to .............. .. .t . . . end fksh- own Laundry, and la now prepared to contract for the Or» ic£ OF THE Lono I sla ?( d R ailroad C o . I k r f r h e “ ‘ ’ s n V o V ; ; e T n ' r d r ^ ^ ^ dollars, to secure then- bonds or obligations for a like they are presented for ^ueb exchange ih ^ t o n t . r p o / “ !,°9g^^” 0 ° “° b ^ » S i Y ^ A R D.Jun. Treasurer, ■. 1 ’' ’“ “^ ^ O H N ^ N D kTo. 107 redkr bad.cm^weekpr8vig#sl,..ale, ------------------------------------- - ^ t - i l O am T h . LEG G E 'TT 'S SCIlOOL.^OmBr T o A i ' c h i t e d t s a n d B u i l d i 0 . ? S f p n y 'i p ^ ? ^ s r t o t T d 7 a n d X p \ ^ l ^ Monuments,&c. ac in this country. The Mantels ore ;r.r.,;.rc r X”i„sSA 7 s‘s rancy^fotwod marbles. The designs are of every variety, from the nlaln^t lo the richest and moat elaborately can be purchased at in this or any o^j^er city in the 1 color* and styles for top i;.miei„.i^'u“i . - r S ; L S c l i ' Sheriff. , . 1 f , • rrhat« instruotiou may be obtained after school £S?E=JHa:— t t ' o C o M l c f ^ |,_ l . r E t . l . . v A - D r a b , b l a e . a l i # m s u i s s ..................... JohnlSiilureii, AnoCuEUiBr. B Y J O H N S N I F r a M Store S5 A anateeet. • . • t v . . , . . . — TSSa'Si^srs-.Ky,?^''.’''’ jalS JOHN DUNCAN k SON, 407 Broadway. 6-4 for cnrtaln and furniture co- ^msssmm E raijm o n th brjngs mere and Uu«r imptoicmeat m ir^rniiillE md 1 0 ib .a K itrapcnninent do N ol do do - ------------ Extra imperial do 1, 2, S, ahd 10 Ib. caSl. No I do do 1, 2, 3, and 10 lb cam. rrosslan Blne_ in 1 Ib.cans. Cbioma YeUow extrain 1 lb cans, do do No 1 in 1 lb can*. DANIEL F TIEMANN 17 Bnyling SUii O E B IP 40 bales Manila Hemp, of first qnaUty. 1 n for sale by MOSES TAYLOR fe CO. ______ _______ jalO___________________ __ _________ 44Sonth«t ■'; t “ “ “ \ 8 s » s a ® s othfl. on t ommission only. immission for selUng.................................1 per cent. do for Guarantee................................“ ,r -U c h « g ^ v ^ ^ r^the u S i a r r i v a l s a v t b s i r a w v o B K H o n B i i S , SatramaxT- S I . AMERIC/»N HOTEL. ^ H Robinfion. Conn D Hnbbard, N Y C V Hastings, Xhilad B Stetren, Philtd ERFope, do BY Ramey, JU ■ uiHobiaion, Boston A M Hsgrer. SC lodges, Y /est Fffint E Durham, Me ; Dlcknor, N Y R H Lawrence, M i h ASTOR HOUSE. H Bont,Bocfa7B W Babbitt, Cal Miss Booth, “ MSeyne, Sing Sing L A Reffl, WssXt J Bishop, N Uaren A Farnsworth, B eston N O Bancroft, 8 C Sprinflald --------- ' LonisviUeoniavUle Uss Porter, N Fans aunter, Bt * Ur Fairhonka, E ^ W N ew to^d irinfl&ld -------- ^ .— Mr and Miss Porter Mr Saunter, Boston Ur Fairhouka, “ F nr Newtown, “ IV Jteticm, Nswtoww R Tnunan, Beetsn M OUTer, “ C M Conwan'», Beston S H M(nTia,Sohen Bancroft, 8 C W N Hoognd'me, St Ltmi* J M Henry, BnSklo D Huntington. Rome T B Smith, S C H H Mars! rail, Va W P Ston>e, Buffalo JH F o rd, N H R R M Junior, N Ols P R McG ray, 8 t Louis R Jarrh i, LonisriUe Miss No cten, N Fol Mr Reel J, Boston J B C lark, “ W J A Fuller, Mil H M(nTia,Sohen J Stringlula, N' Y B J Barbour, Va R D Finney, Bolt __ J 8 J Woodworth, B. McT }owt_. R I L Levicks, Fbffi 8 For d, Cinn CL/NTON HOTEL. W B Nelsen, PeekskUr D . A Ambler. SC A T Martin, NonrtIK W m Piice, Ll icy, Boston DUNr.AP*S I lOTEL. F Dean and lady. Mass Sllu W WUdtr, Boston Henry Phelps. Hartford C H Oreenleof, Ll P L Jndd, do Geo Darand, do R W Smith. LI C H Leiwia, 1 . NY H Lewhs, AJhas Howes, Boston JamesDonhne', L 1 - Samuel Parsons, Mou L has Wilson, Kingston WmCtrrow, do James XhompBon, L 1 C H Le Meas „ Gifford. NY H Lewi do C Lincoln. NBedford S H Stevens. NH ASCroeetl. LI U Butler, Albany Peter Counter, NJ B Lookwsed, do C H W yatt, Boston C H White, RI EARLE’S HOTEL. ■ D W dght ff F Howoj B A UdaU, L i C F Do Forest, N H ff F Howard, Springfield J Peorle, do L Grayes, Wheatley C B Pratt, Worcester A S Smith, Newark P BUss, do H DanieU, Hartford C J Howe, de D Corf'enter J Henry, Bos ton H E laabeU, Naugatook FRANKLIN HOTEL. J B Debber W BUiw, Va J H Colton, LonferiU* A S P helps L H Divelly Mr SoovlUa, Ct RBlow.NYk AlsubeU, do E Whoelook, do J O Mather, Alb R R Hannell H. 'Rothfelden Miss E ServUe, Cazenovia' PRt'JUCH’S HOTEL. 1 ^ 1 “ 7 St»;'c“X. irs 4 _ mz IS i¥ v ° \ fw.'ssstar- 1 f , j & t d t j w ' § ' ‘';‘”’d‘*\ ■ im : LOYEJOY’S HOTEL. .PN^dd.^Boston W Woodman P Jeffry, MJ J Van .AJlen, T'roy C Austin J H Baker, Dover -J Thompson, ISf York I? Thompaou J W Brooks J H Brewster J W Bigelow, Vt rt R Alien S Oyon, Vt J C Crosby, Ct S Brady. Hatife] W H Northrop HR Starkwell, 1 J C Hatch A T horp.« in R Thornton, do W White J Hurlbert J Hall, Westport R M Wlnspor W Biroe, Richmond Mr Wanare, Otsego S E Dennis, NH J D Potter, NT S Lewis, St Louis J Round, Amsterdam S HubbeU E Ramonson, Elmira MURRAY 8TRF.ET HOUSE. Miss Ely, Newburgh Oen Copes, Cuba D Rnssell and lady, N J £ 8 Jones, Saraunab M W Hawks, Columbia A H Clorke, do R G HuU, do J rpougloA, N Y- S O stark. do O Ebreller, Alb W Browne. Jr, Flushing E Thompson, N T C Seymour, Clev J P Arven, do Henry Bennett, Wash J H Burton, Ct Gen Harris, do S Orchard, N Y NATIONAL HOTEL. C D Nichols, Alb R J Jenkins, Bost U HOClsrkBOndo lun \W M Johnson^ r^orwalk Mlsfl E T Pogg W H Walton, Sall«bury PEARL STREET HOUSE. J Yarhoy, White PUina A D Bailey C H Parsons, La J W Lawsoa, NT E O Bre«n, Thomastou J B Cnrtis, do C W Livlngitom J D McGregor, do B B Flatt. Pa ES Cyx, Waterville S 8 PhUsoQ Col Rane, BaU J Gat«8, Cinn J P Roman, do F C Hunt, do J M Brewer, do A JohDSOQ, Boston T Price and lady, Qolumbas TAMMANY HALL. J Crooks, Fa Mr Johnson Mr Dwight W C Borert N Taylor, Ct E Voorhees, NJ N Sweetman, NH AG Smith, Wash G Payne ^ ^ HOTEL. Capt Chadwick A W Jewett, Me W A CUy, Me Miss Thing, HalloweU J Oould. Boston T B Bromley, Ct ( apt wmiamfl T M Lyon, RI R Parks, England £ M Ellis, Angusta L Chase, do OH Florence, NJ Capt Tbenney H T Clay, Boston .F LMayhen,Me S Freeman, Brewster Capt Mane, Me Mr Reeie, Havre B Tyler, E Haddim B Nagle WESTERN HOTEL. O L Thoagabnry, Toirand* E Sanderaon, Me E Thongshnry. do H H East Balt .Mrs Thongsbury, do J H Anson, N Y G O Power, Prov N Lapham. do P Williams, do G Morse, AtUebdro M W Reynolds, Prov J J LaughUn, Tenn W Rose Prov J B Wilkinson, Troy N W Seymour, NY H Martinson, do C A Israel, do C JosUn. Balt J C Smith, Cincipnatti W N WUson,Va ^ T Henry, de MARINEIST. L •ft H . VANDBJaVOOKT Ot UO., No. Sa B r o u t Jr . s tr e e t, offer for sole by the package- 60 eeees Satinets Troy Woollen Co mannfactnre £0 do Broadcloths, blacks, browns, fcc ko 25 do Cishrosrettes. omorted colors 25 do cotton warp Cloths, brown, green and olives ECO do SUy BlnSngs, whits, drsb and black 200 do Boot Webbing, assorted wldiha and color* 100 do Spoel Tape, assorted colors 25 do Sowing ^Ik, dft flO _ a do ItUlinLiitertriBii J09 do colored »ud Oombr ___ VY a n d S H E L L tiA li r v SHEFFIELD TABLE CUTLERY, and —RE—JACOB ■ VCOB S.. FLATLAIT T offer, for sole at .. . . . . . HENWA S P offer, _____ ' ^ ^ “tln’d ' 2 ^ b r l ^ t ftylngpsns.O toO andOtod, ^ViMtaWdhnoBon’Band 10bekts funmoa^hrlght face and Cotter key vlcee. l- . . w r a A ? h M k f » d h ^ S ? .* W ^ S ^ * S e i g h ^ 100 de OJondTfbotN, 4, Sand 2 traces J hooks and 10 do ^oRondpoHriied log „ „ ^ 10 de steel orndjaponed iron CoroliM-l»o» 2 do halter chain. Sxosks 8 odd 6} in. bed screws. high brum eandlest eks,ke« ke. j^!SSS«^'ffisriI 5 S\>S 55 S i J 5 * * ^ u k s c o n » m G S and best CS hand ondpasnelMwt; Earthen, wore, of best analtty, wis, 10 crates pointed sponged Londo* treki 10 do Nnoedgeswiaerf,pJ,teeandn 10 do CC and dipt jugs ; 10 do QC and a ip lb o w a » e ; N R.—PnrehasewoTany of theser»d« wMffndIt to th d s interest4»«ril4!a»d .w*ada* P ^ ^ OS, they ^ oIL dirsethniniaah«aetMM«,«ltaiKa4 Iwrati prieoi, tad wfilb* Mitfut t'tiw m V o 'eowwkWwrVnffwre m b»T t4rt»m ttititH ,iw B fT<Jfq«»4- « 7 w « i* CLEARED SINCE OUR LAST. Steamship Noilltaner, Bndd, Charleston, gpoffnrd TUeston fc Co. Steamship Bea OuU. Cressey, Sou Franeisco, C B Spioer Ship New York (pkt) Lines, Havre, Pox k. Livingston Ship DayldCsnisroii, [BrJ Terry. MoWla, E Saul. Bark N H Wolfo, Forbes, NOrteans, Foster A Nicker- ’“Brig ZeUca, Larkin, St KltU, G Whittaker. Sch Mary Ann, Ctocfcatt, St John, P R, R W Trendy. Sch JoBoa Smith, Kith l-s, Wilmington, NC. Sch Madagascar, McFarland, Georgetown, R P Bn.ek. Beh Merchant, Conch, Richmond, C H k W Here Sch Pampero, — , Norfolk, M Bcdefl- '' 'i Michigan, Wyatt, Ballimore, Johnson k Lowden. I Kennebee, [s] Fowler, Philadelphia, Stantom fc 8pi> D Hi _________ — - - , ----- ------- , ------ tive of JBritasy, Ft, M tr<m tbe Jlbboom and was dro^n> ^U p Chiiitiaiia, Hoiamoiid, 16 ds fin NOrlwni to T T Stanteff. ^ Bari^ N^ wb I j O**) Wright,2ft ds tm Liverpool, with mdx and 281 passengers to T B Sands k Co, BHgPatriek Hehiy, of TBoautoB, HtsIreUy^BI CM tm Apg logwood to ^ m tU a ^ rhtipa Sc Co.^ Ozx ^ ^ n ^ r c i p t B r»po^t.«ffi^gi eels Ixl to NYork. ^ Brig Templeo, WIlio*, 25 di fin Franklin, La, with 400 bhlsmolskUt toR IrrlB Bcig-S G-Soes, Winchester, Ods tmEastport, with laths and fish to Smlre k Boynton. BrigCorryl, Wade,4 ds fm Eos^ort,-wIth laths and fish to Stnrges k Ce. Sch Ptertess, Conklin, Jh> Jer«nSe,St Domingo, JgB 4. with eoffie 4«d logwoed to A O Bossire fc Co. Left sch Martha W a shingt^ AdaBis,ef andffjr Bostoii next day; Cessans, Hohae*. of aad for NYork in • days; hilg Roomer,13 days from do; sch James P<rttcr.33 day*.' ---- *sSi!cabot, Nlck«tscn,S ds fin Boston, with ma Foster* Nicketfon. SehSorah A Ka»i GiSett,8 ds*fiDrBoltiim»a, with mdse tolfail’arJt-L^d, Seb Isabella. Arheeam, 3 di fm Bocton, with mdse to »ChJfiWtt»BW»*M»S7fftSjSl»S!^YlWiilatha»4 ISSSpSJ» 5 S^JS.«S 2 «:u. with Bdse to Staaiea k SpUtsr.: Passed ilm ^Iduashfo Philadelphia 40 ntiksheloir FlHladelpMa, botmd im M O B A m M L ^ En^ish sU^, lot«HI W )^ Iren, post ) « 4 d«7 foodiv NOTICB TO M A BINESS. jrefore be erased fr Whereaa, many ol - da ace supplied, coi Light Houses on Departmexit of ti sary to draw the there is only one the Stone one; a ated seventy fathopas to the pori ed down in IS41, and must thez Marine Charts. SPPKPN, 4-c. Jan 12. near south shoal of Nantucket, seh Harblneer from Sueksport for West indies—not 08 before. Deo 37, lat 8 76 N, Ion 46 23 W, berk Edward Koppisoh, Upten,&n Sriem for Rnenoe Ayres. Jon 0, off Cape Florida, brig Belle, (of WorrenffMeJ fin Ntw Oilsaiu forNeW Toik, 6 diyi out. TTBjaZJSBS- The ship iris, Capt Weeks, left Mauritius for New Bed- h M 'bM withh 30000 bbls sp ok lx 3 bbls sp ok board. ghai confidrotly stated that the receipts of tea would not OOola*t*4^** bhds, as mliprintad) against 8#,- At edhtdk, Oct 27, bark Helfiibn, Gore, fer N York, 16 At ftra1il,SL^NoTi, shfii'Ruissl, of New Bedford, Cole­ man, tutsan Francitoo. would bo detained about foui OOifBSTlC PORTS. lYork; steamer Penob- ; s s i . “ s r i L ewis , Jan 18. 7j PM-No departure this afternoon or lisle. NTork. ' ' . s \ 4 a “ f c M o .„ « . E ast T homastos —Sid 12th instant,sohs NourmehaX KoodaU, NYork. PoBTLAUD—Ar 17th Instant; sohPocasset, Cnrtis, New S F “ I = * w \— fiS I f S S r f S Yor^i Louisa, Chase, do ; Jasper, Patterson, do; Manson, I S . rHARUK,To;k—Ar 15th inst, ship H AUen, McMann, N ‘'”- r'\* l i S s S S\ t t j w m '”* * -” ’\ '\”' ■ “ V h M J f c J S ' s - \ t a r ^ k S e r Lt L - . . - - . . ■ u T r Y ^ V g f H S f ^ a M in Hamj^on Koads, brigs Four Brothers, Baker, Aux b f fcB y W p e iaioj^^ ; thei^eq^redidelu^daoMoRso^^ denaal^% !^.»hdItBi^^ mejtepati^wofk, m 4 o V p ^ j i o d n f i d o ^ W im-tei, ^byith# Wrete^seorebu^iiPftW »»tWy atotiShiea fcnff noe#MTtHhiiIied b y tlia ^o.in|i fionSy 18 io ts^e op aaoli natch, is eiu element, eeparetely, andthen to eMimnet' ly, the ladiTidoal idowa o f each oontribni Yulgtd by hia own acts, end general conrsel posed in his owfn ar^mientative report. The principU of these contributors sago, are obrionsly Messrs. Meredith, Ewing anjd r, a marked difference patches farnish^^ bjy the two first named individnals, and the ohar^teris- tic patch mann&ojmred by Mr. Clayton p and theln,- vestigation of each TriR therefore require. » diffei process. Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ewing, both, down fairly their individual theories and doctrjnesf, any of them are highly dangerohs and ohjeotioai- le, as wiU be shown at the proper place ; hnt them leir eorrectness is argned with eamestnemand ckii!- » , and t ie proper procegg of inTMtigafion, iatliitt ; me, wiu be w e»m ine carefully these^octrinec iruteiuze candidly the argumentshyvrhich they^— ipp^te^ and u expose honestly, whatever may he detected; bat as Mr. Clayton, in that p of the message which beaishis impress, does noKfi ly lay dewn Tus views; ^ his exposition t>f out ' eign relations la generally deceptive by means o f ( the Amonean pubhc, under tbe deoeptire form honest tigation, in this case, must bo essentially different frem that above alladed to. Instead of a-«w,;.,i,ii. doctrinea, and oontroTorting arguments, we must od amine into the truth itself, of the assertions preffeii- ed j and this scrutiny wUl require tyro special qualifi­ cations in the investigator. First, he must hay® been an attentive-observer of the political events and ciroamstancei which have a hearing o s the tiatih ht the^sertions in question.. Second, he nsnst bq able to form a just appreoiation bf the peooUar turn of mind of the individual who ha* made the assertions and concocted the special pleading. This second qualification wUlnot be denied,-it is presumed, to the writer, who, in former articles, im­ partially analysed, and brought out in full relief, tfie true type and peculiar characteristics of the mind bf Mr. Clayton. As to thO first qualification, the writer intends U show, in the following exposititn, that he has taken oarefvri note of the va ' ' ‘ tain are of tbe •most friendly character.” it has been shown in a former article on tkw Mcjs- sage, that-the assertions and statemsnts of Mr .(Clay­ ton, on the subject of our relations with Fraucei wefe incorrect, and made up altogether for the porM te of glossing over thc blunders of the flare-i ' jlaim, &o. The assertion that reat BntaiQ} are of the moat friwuxuj mi * suhm - U also bo proved to be altogether untrue. J t ided, moreover, to expose according to the fol­ lowing order, the foUacies of Mr. Clayton’s sbeoral pleading on the German Empire question, on the Cuba and Key question, and lastly, on the Fonughl question, upon which President Taylor is made to Baj i “ J ehall Bbvrtly n a b s it tbe cnhjvct o f a epsciul mecHagv,” tju« ostbeNioaregos- dirnypUj- a p u ip b re glio engirosses at tHetresent f tixno tho pckblio Blinds, a fti.ll dev'elopzzient of that Imbroglio will Lo first made irdressed.” This strong and expIlGit langnage from the Ameri­ can Minister, having been used at his first presenta­ tion, must have been understood a* proceeding from official and precise instructions from the Cabinet of Washington,, whence this minister had just been despatched. It was so understood by the director of the mongrel nation ycleped Nicaragua repubTo, :to whom it was addressed, who answered as follows: “ Nicaraeua has lone felt the necessity of sheltering herself under tbe bright banner of the North American confaderaey, but the time for such_ high happiness and es to^e W oim- ____ ____ _ ___ - - the elements of a bappyfutiire broueht before us : and we have the assurances of ihe sympathy acd support of the American govermpent.” Two circumstances strengthen the already etroug presumptive evidence that the “ assurances” of sifp- port given by Mr. Squier, were made according ! to precise instruction* from his patron, Mr. Cla^On First, the style and phraseology of some sentenoec of Mr. Squicr’s grandiloquent address, which ' In the extract given, set ir - ___________ larkable similitude in the pcouliar t | •f the sentiment expressed, that the address had b|| ^rtly sketched in the closet of our f State. C a l i f o r n i a i% r m s . If. SJPMJES a CO., 01 Btalden la n e , one d o o r belOTv G o ld stre e t. A ULEJTS KEVO D V IN G P I S T O I, S —Thumb J \ . Revolvers, a new and improved article ; Rifles, Car bines, Musket*, Fowling Onn*, Bowie Knivaa, Picks, &o fcc. Hardware* and Cutlery of all kinds, snitahle for Califiamia, a t extremely low prices. _____ _______ au22 ilU S T PR O O P XKOn. NAIL§, WIRE FOR FENCES, and any other artids which may be requireA For Hoops for casks, as a sub sHtsfe for Bole Rope, for ClothH Lines, Lightning Bods ondaluvtof otbsTspplications, i t will be ionnd cheap anddurable. ■ They would poriienlarly coll uttention to the Galvan ■ - fences; It iequires no paint, and WILL Also to Spikes and Bdt^ tbe preserratit _ __________ '«aznooli imp^H;«nee, thmx ii v lll edzmaja (U«lf e& tM8 BAdfii (^ill tlioii Ifitfiratedi GBOi 5i MPPBW99?? # 14 M d tS ^^fc.w’ep Ifcfc^?f y.W VORX IHE AxciericaJi Patent Soap Stone Paint has pr5>v#d. _ hyilid ^xperienee of iho Ust ten ftio s to ho the[mo6t doioblo and economical article orer offered to the pnhlic, or need for preserving tin roofs, and maidng those th a t' ate leaky-tight. The subscriber-will warrant to moke all tin or metal rooCi tight that he undertakes, for tbe low price of one eent per eqnoie foot. B. F . BDNKEF, 186 Chamber street. N. B—Orders left at the store, 186 Chamber etres either for roofil or paJn.Uiigia gekeral, wBl be prompt' ' AWRONO P 0 8 T S ,--Thl came publicly known hero abont thc middle «f fast Noveipber, had been contemplated by our Seorethry of State ; and that be was, then, acquainted with tbe fcrnis of the treaty which ceded this island to the United States. At all events, it was perfectly understood by all parties interested, that the pointed language used in Mr. Squier’s address was meant, particularly, to set at'defiance the British power in Central America-^ A short time previous to the delivery of the American Minister’s address, an angry oorrespondenoe had ta­ ken place between the anthorities of Nicaragnaandthe British Consol (Jenoral, wherein the Nicaraguan “rin- d'eators of republican institatioDS,” had been threaten od with severe chastisement by the Conanlof her Btlita- nic Majesty, who officially declared that the Quoeh of England would visit, with severe punishment, cer­ tain acts of the state of Nicaragua. N ov - - - - - dential message 1 that “ our relations with Gt-eat Britain are of the most friendly character.” Mr. Clayton well knew that this assertion was nof true, at the time that he made it. . This investigation will be centinnod in my next. A h A mti -H umbuo D bmocb A t a n M i t l S B . ' f o r t w M a i i, u . T . a u .iiK iT in . ni ^^Marcus A. Tafft, ditto,Tioo J. L. VanoluvoortiWh* S. N ewton Dexter, Manager of the State\ Ednatte * nays 47. e. In favor of the p i ... ____ stion of Judges of Frebate 186, nays53. , -. *t ju 7. JsCfavor of the 7th article of amendment pro­ viding fo^-tilO election of Justioes o I F mo * VJ the people—^yeas 158, nays 67. 8. Against tbe 8th article, relating to-theAlecti of^Rngisters of Probate by the people—y e u 76; ni ating to the o ther artieleff acted-n^n.* Hfatmre amend- !r«ro 8 f oonsequeoce lesaoteda^n, I ndictment of P eop . W ebstei L— A t fcbolilt half past ten o’clock this morning the Grand Jttty f<» Sof- folk come into the Municipal Court, Ufaief Justico Wells presiding. Upon the roll being called, twenty- two Jurors answered to their nam>\S twehtyrthreo being the -full number, The absent member isThom- as H. Perkins, 3d, excused on account bf the ideath of bis father. The foreman of the Jnry then- handed to the Court an indictment After which t h e y were excused until next week. « ; ■ The indictment contains four counts, inaHof^hioU Professor W ebster is chained TritU nicldeTOS Dr- urkman on tLo o£ Nov^mLer. lii e deed is alleged to have been dose with fiAnffe; in 6 second with a hammer; in the thitd With hii inds and feet; and in the fourth by some nnans to le jury nnknown. These cover all the ways in which Dr. Farkman, from tbe evidence given in, mikht have been killed. -> \■ ihief Justice and Jndga Biffelqw then had m 3 to whether the accused eheuld bo ____ ____ to close confinemehfcdiWaiii\TiDtR di»- charged by due beurse of law. Dr. Y ^ b stw a^war- ed to be p ^ e c t ly self-possessed, bowed Tmvem of bis friends as he passed the doer to thl dbchyapd im- Mbivlrtgthebfa6fbjfJhs-:C^ r Court next w assigned. The Grand J whole number o ment, b^t only^abont . jcph M. Hall V. ------ Gilman, and the variouapoli ■ ’ arrested the a c irs; K B W t 6 b .B: L H IGlSLATirKE:. Par telegraphic despatch of Saturday left the A '-; semblydisonssing the Anti-Slavery resolutions bf the Senate. ,: i 4 “' ' M r. F ruyn laishd a questioanf Order—tf e ^ wa« r e a d ItM a tolE h ie^fch^^ite^t* of, W O o m m U w The CelectioS4ifW^adry.Saoo6SBortO’thepre*Mit __ ______ „'JP«nin*nla ■.I j-li c - . ^ ! _ - ’ ' X

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