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T * '- THE EVENING POST: NEW YORK. TUESDAY. JANUARY 15. 1850. W s m a ^ k a i a , k ,n tio tlio ia z k »\>. • i t ; 4 » V “ ' \ T 6 T * w rascUly d e c ^ o n . m m now » j i 1 \eBster* bcfcir® * b dicpoee of f t j fy assured thj^ inch is now I LitUeSeld much i llto jltidi imcntatiOD, a false repi( bodj. The not y e t g o t into the newspapers,' a n d may be nn- worthy of a ijlace there ; but itis beliered by some in the^eity, and may be true.”—fBostoa Herald, Jan. THE EVENING~POST. TUESDAY EV E N IN G , JA N UA R Y 15. . EVIC.VING PO S T Boole a n d J o b P r i n t i n g O fllee. \Ve beg ome subseriben and friends to bear in mind that attached to the ETening Post Office is a weU ap pointed Book and Job Printing estabiishment, prepared to execute any kind of printing that may be required' — Books, i.atalognes, Circoiars, Cards, Showbills, Handbills Labels. Bill Heads, Bills of Lading, Entries, Manifests. C ontraets. Mercantils and Law Blanks, Checks, Policies h e ' i c . executed at the thori—l notice and at the low u t bpee.al attention will be giren to^^[le printing of law ca.se« and points with accuracy, neatness and despatcb IV .LI.IAM I BRTANT k CO , 18 Nassau street. hands o f * boas M e B o W Who m k j &*Te xeoelred ji b tio f o M t a n tj, viOioat iuRioe.of * jarepoted to *lIoir * creditor of this ,eha Judgment in forty>eight hours *fter iran anleas*n*Dtwer sufficient, in thsjndgs’sepiin • f SB snsWei^, to g rant to iRoir a creditor of th is ,ehaiaoter to tshe tent in forty>eight hours a fter irammeneiBgsait. >iiHOa,ah*lI be p a t in j ahd eren in he creditor, upon solBeient security, a n attachment if the defendant’s property, nnlessthe defendant give Intil to the action. This is in efieet introdaeiag the Mass&chnsetts ^ t e m of attachmeut on mesne cess, and famishing claimants a Eummary remedy 1 the collection of debts which have ^ e n liquidated the parties, and of which the time of payment has ar- by adrertisement has want of a judicial deter- khe Buhsequenk redem] objectionable mination, precluding khe Buhsequet ij, ik is propiosed io hayd the i prC) daffld iption Of notiddP idarits submitted to the Judge, whe.if he finds wnreyance of thcTUortgage if the equity of redemption The fourth p art is a codification of the las dense, the rule# of which are reported in chapters seotions, under the heads of General Priuoip U IFLO M ATIC A P P O I S n O E S T S . Tne Boston Courier does not seem to bo well in formed of thecouhe of political discussion for sererai years past The Eyening tested and has never fail ining Tost has very often pro- ailed to protest, on ever occasion, against the practice of giving di] stations tp men who are not qualified to fi W hen, however, such appointments are made, it is not easy to persuade the Senate to rejeci a majority of that body happens to be of opposition to the The fault of th< t^e proceedings Correct, shall confirm the sale, and whose order of ccnfirwiaticn shall be recorded, and ite as a conveyance of thcTnortgager's title, ilosnre of law of evi- lorted in chapte and ’riuoiples of Evidence, its Kinds and Degrees, Mode of Produc­ tion, Effect, the Rights and Duties of Witnesses, and Evidence in Particular Cases. In the last p a il, Mr. Graham, one of the commis­ sioners, to.k no part, but dissented from the views of his colleagues in that regarA Almost all the other three parts are the joint work of the Commissioners, and the whole is a inonument of boldness of reform and industry in execution. As to the practical effect of this measure, it is impossible that opuuens should not widely differ ; but we beHeve that every day will unite the differences into one tone of general approval, this moment, the experii under the most unfavorable work being brought out piece-meal, and p u t into ope- in a system it is intended to supplant. Not whose fii zatioD of tk Up t only LS been tried 6 circumstances; the system it is intended to supplant have the prejadices of the judges, and the con- m of the practitioners been obstructions to its progress, but every thing which was unchang presenting continual points of coUision and ties to be harmonized. Net w ithstanding these embarrassments, the code, so far as it is now in use, has been continually gain­ ing upon the general favor, and, compared with the asked for it. . To laymen, the code must always be recommended by the simplicity, brevity and clearness of its pro­ ceedings, as contrasted with the technicalities of the former system, while the fact of having so large a portion of the law in a form accessible to any ordi­ nary intelligence, is calculated to elevate th e to the community generally, by giving to all the our courts, and interesting all in the administ of justice. T h a t defects will be discovered in the work is unavoidable, but time, and the eare of the Legislaturerwill cure them, and the day is not far off when we snail remember the sacred language with which the old forms were veiled with amusement, and their expensive length and artificial structure as most surprising barbarisms. The Commissioners have worked conamore, but their work has been vast, and the ability and perseverance with which it has been eieouled entitle them to, all praise, as workmen in the field..of progress, and public benefactors. T he N ew C ircular .—T he late circular of. Mr Meredith has produced g reat excitement, both in and out of the Custom House. The officers of the reve­ nue are g reatly disturbed at the prospect of a reduc­ tion of some twenty-six percent, or whi-'h is the same thing,—of amount, particularly as the I larter-day in this city, when bills are rendered from e shops, and rents have to be paid. Hut Che agitation among the clerks is nothing in comparison with th^t which has been produced in the mercantile community. In order to comply with the demands of t^e Secretary’s circular, the Collector has been compelled to place an additional number of bur- way of fees and persuade the Senate to reject them, i t body happens to bo of the party in administration. le Senate generally is th a t i t . is too easy in these matters, too remiss in pruning the di- plomatio appointments. A little lopping off oflhe dis­ eased and unsightly branches would he greatly for the health and symmetry of the whole. It is not safe nor politio, as It is not just, to reject a competent and trustworthy man because of the pre- • judices with which we may regard his poUtieal course; but nothing would he better received by the people, as nothing could be more fair in itself, or more a matter of duty to the eonntry, than to throw back the nomination of an incompetent or profligate man in the face of those who made it. In a case of that kind, there should be no deliberation or delay beyond .yvhat ia necessary to establish the want of propi lalifications in the indiridnal. The Senate has b s ight to trifle with the national character luhlio interests by assisting to send abroad, i of our republic, men whose behavior ort of discre ihlio interests representatives c may involve ns in any sort of discredit, or subjeot our oitizena to any prejndice in their affairs. , A few examples of rejection on snob grounds would have a moat wholesome effect upon any admiristra tion. It would teach i t that in making such appoint ments it must not forget the only reason for making them at all—the public service. Of the diplomatic appointments made for the last eight or nine years, about one in three deserved to be rejected, and Jiut for the presamod want of conrage and firmness in the Bonate, mahy of them would never have been laid be­ fore it by the.Executive. It is paying a bad compliment to the Senate, we know, te say that we cannot expect them to do their duly In rejecting a diplomatfo fi«mmatioD, ud I ojs a majority happens to be hostile to tho adminustration who makes it, bat hostile to tho admini I sneh is the truth, and it is IS to speak it. Even with an unfriendly nom-uations of this kind are confirmed wit garJ to the qualifications of the individual presented. W hen Mr Tyler, at the close of his administration, a m na’.od Major ijolk as our Charge to Naples, a country with which we had at that lime a ooinmereial treaty to make, the Senate, al­ though a majority was hostile to the administra- t OQ, gave its sanction to the appointment. This represeatative of our country, entirely iguoraat of our ojmmercial relations—ignorant of the very terms of commerce, and of almost every thing else which a ^ in hia situation would be required to know, with its which unfitted him for a post of that naturrf^ went to Naples, and a commercial treaty was nego­ tiated with his signature. T h e jr Consul, Mr. Hammet, well ects, and with the idc the businesg for him, while he was occu- if the capital, and an inef--. oonduele and with the language of the country. pied with the ditsipations of feclual attem p t to learn french tain in foreign countries, ministalrs of what is called l IS been more than once discussed in this — Theemocratic:o d party, p relieved from the bias of any Immediate interest in the question, have an opportunity to examine it impartially. If we have any national interests that cannot, in ordinary times, as properly be superintended by intelligent consuls, as by ambassadors plenipotentiary, the advocates of the present system will certainly be able to point them out; Tho relations of the different nations of the world with each other, are growing more purely commercial every day with the rapid increase of the facilities of communication. We W.TB somewhat surprised to see the other day, in Mr. Clay's Speech on the question of discontinuing the mi.ssiou to A u stria, a general allusion to the com­ mercial and individual interests which would be prejudiced by Such a step. If the proposal had been to withdraw our consuls and commercial tber o'ljectioD. For the protection of our cornmeroialin- terests, however, it is not necessary that we should keep a dangler a t the A u strian, court, to give diplo matic dinners, appear in state processions, a n d intio d .106 American travellers, eager, as most of them are, to make their bow at the soirees of a monarch. T he G obk or C ivil f pousdubb of the S tate or N ew Y okr , reported comfletb . bt the C ommi * sio.NERs OF P ractice and P leadi . ngs ,—T his is a handsomely printed volume of 791 pages, embracing in 1.983 seotions the completed code, with tjie notes of the Commissioners, and an indax of 96 pa^es. As il contains what is proposed to be enacted a j the wholf law of judicial remedies in civil oases, we have de-- voted t* its examination some care, and propose to brief an analysis of it as is consistent with The Code ia divided into four parts; the first re­ lating to Cmiife of J ustice, and the funotions and duties of judie|«cl and ministerial officers : the second , 6 o Civil Actions ; the third to Special Proceedings; and the fourth to Evidence. T h e first and second parts were reported last win­ ter, and form what is now known as the amended Code of 1S19. The Commissioners have proposed some changes in that code, and have, completed the outline they there gave of thoir plan. In the first part, they now propose, in detail, the organization of the- Court for the T rial of Impeachments, of the Sjr- rogates' Courts, Courts of Sessions, Police Courts, and some changes in that o f the Court of Appeals ; a«d have deSued the jurisdiction o f the Supreme Court, Court of Oyer and Terminer, Superior Court, and Court of Common Pleas, more exactly than has been done before. General provisions re s, their tnoidental powers end inged, wi ir, and, c I,, thehe preiresent lition to it a year ago t p state of tole- n ia as rapid a progress as its friends could have ■etention of that ir with the ordinary of t^ e Secretary’s circular, ipelled to place an additiona dens upon the importers, oharges. The expenses of weighing, guagii Buring, carting, storage, Ac., which have heretofore been borne by the government, are now laid wners or consignees of imported goods, y no means trifling, and togethe je3uJv/*ll the amount paid in the form of dutie.-i pro- ,igbTa=ly ; yet the merchant has no alternative but 0 pay it, or lose the receipt of his goods. If the' efficient and stringent measures adopted by Mr. Maxwell axe pursued in other ports, we should think that the government expenses would be rapidly reduced within the limits fixed by the last Congress. Besides the changes made in the Custom House, we understand that tho vessels employed in what is called thelRevenue cnlter service, will be immediate­ ly laid up and their crows discharged. Thcee vessels have been as much employed in relieving disabled and wrecked merchantmen, as in- the proteoHon of the revenue, so that the present season of the year, when ships approaching the landijare so liable to oasualues fiom cold and storms, isinot the best for withdrawing the cutters from their usual cruites tho coast. enough, pi any Other place >’C its age i is X deficiency of one impoirtant le letter says: “ This is the only thing I can see, (sotting aside whiskey selling) to retard tho prosperity of this land uf promise. '1 he annuities paid by government to the Bioux, ( hippeway and Winnebago Indians, arc now in ciri-ulation threugh the territory. The Read River and cranberry trade affords not a little profit, which with the fur trade makes tho amount of money in circulation in the territory not a little. But now this must nearly all be sent ‘ below’ to supply the in­ habitants with the necessaries of life.” The letter speaks in high terms of the fertility of e soil, and says of tho climate: it was as lovely as September. Now a slight snow has fallen, and we are having a very comfortable win­ ter, and there can bo no dispute but, this is the most healthy climate on the globe.” A' Tii iR OF J ane C vke .—T ho Wa.-thinglon Clobe, referring to the rumor that J,me Byre, and rSHaly, are the producti'in’of a Miss Bronte of l.uglan ', re- “ This may bo SO, but Bronte is the Creek word for thunder, and was L.ord Nelson’s Italian tillo of nobility ; which being so, it has occurred to us that this may bo a hoax or a mystiflealion, for we never before heard of this name in England,,or in any Eng lish or Anglo-American country” along t This subject, it will bo seen by tho Congressi report, has already attracted the altbntion'ot .'Senate The amendment of Mr. Dickinson, which raise.s the expenditure for collecting tho revenue to although it will not come up quite iredilh, will prevent, in , the furtl the standard of 1848, alt to the estimate of Mr. of its;s adoptiondoption byy thehe Honsouse, a b t H it of changes indicated by tl Tiber enforce- idicat^d by the circular. D omsstiu F aqan . s .—The report of Mr. Matsell, as to the number of childr en in our city who are to­ tally without instruction, socia!, ],olitical or religious, is attracting great and deserved interest. A boy- who has no teach leg at home, and who is left utterly uninsiructed by tho state, as to his duties, is, it ap pretty certain to grow up either a brute or a lan, probably some thing of both—while the girl in the same category is inevitably destined to be a pros­ titute, and the mother of ruffians and prostitutes : Mr. Matsell says ide to the constantly increasing numbers ol , idle and vicious children of both sexes, who cloam bers are almost incredible, and to those whose busi­ ness and habits do not permit them a searching scru­ tiny, tho degrading and disgusting practices of these almost Infants in the school of vice, prostitution and rowdyism, would certainly bo beyond, belief. Tbe offspring of always careless, generally intemperate, and oltentimes immoral and dishonest parents, they never see the inside of a school-room, and so far as stone of our free iostitutions,) it is to them an entire nullity. Left, in many instancea to roam day and sin, and from this corrupt and fcs.ering fountain, flows on a ceaseless stream to our lowest brothels—to ihe penitentiary and the state prison T< n t h and 13lh Patrol D istricts-from which it ap­ pears that the enormous number of 2905 children art engaged as above described in these wards alone.— And of these, Itro-lAuds are females, betireen eight ami sixteen years of age This estimate 1 believe to be far short of the number actually thus engaged — Astounding os it may seem, there are many hundreds of parents m this city who absolutely drive their ofi^- spring forth to practices of theft and semi-bestiality, ^ justice, their Incidental powers and duties lieity, the times and places of holding them, th seals, and the disquaUfilation of judges, complete I led plan of this first pi icting oourU of ies, and pub- propysed plan of this first part. In tho socond part, relating to civil actions, no im­ portant changes of tho amended code c f 1849 are pro- pee?d, but some additions are recommended, which we think highly desirable. Among others, it is pro­ posed to give a woman a right of action for her own' seduction, and to dispense with proof oflossof aer. vice in actions by a parent or guardian for the same wrong. Under the head of'set off, it is proposed in' admit many cress demands which are now excluded, and especially to open the door to those hitherto con­ sidered as exclusively cogniiablo in equity. We ob- sionorsioners haveave returned to e that the Commiss h r eduction of attor- affidavits, a nd that they propose ncy’s costa, by allowing .only three term fees gait. A t the same time they do away with notices of > th a t this statement U over charged ; destiny of our oityv we hope so. But for the full there is enough truth in it l< sideration. While look after these poor little pagans a t home. The remedy ought to be well considered. There are schools in sufficient numbers, and means supplied for an indefinite extension of them. But the parents of these poor creatures will not send them, and child will, uncompelled, go to school. oblige them! to go, ought the And how should the compulsion be If the parents ovemment ? j TiCKHOIt’S SxAitisH ErrawATu**.—W e have n th* two cOBslndmg p a rti of THcknor’i Hiatoiy of Literature, just liiued by the H arpeii—two beantifoUy printed octavo voloaiei. They brine dawn tbs account of the Spanish antbors and their writingi to tbe preiont time, II is not neceaiary for OB to repeat what we have said of the thorongh and *oM manner in which the work li writUn. It ii the work o f many years, afid wiU achieve for the author a reputation that will endore. Wo take it for granted that this ia to be the ijrorfc which wiU hereafter be eoaanlted whenever the scholar has occasion to satisfy himself in regird to any topic connected with the lit­ erature of the Spanish langnage. ■JT he Cqpncu R eview has reached tho commence ment of its third volu&». the Hr«t number of which,- that for January. Issued by ,‘ltandfonl & BffOrdj, Pf this c ity-ia before us. Some neW auaD f OmCRtS lUTO been made in regard to th . coatribnHonS Which arqi to compose this prpodical- A department of Ameri­ can Ecclesiastical History is to be included in the bo sustained by Dr_ Hawks, of this city, st paper will bo an account of the “ Orgaoi- tho Church, in Pennsylvania. ’ This will, said, probably appear in the next nnmber. The work already numbers among its contributors many of the ablest men in the Episcrpul ohorch in this The present number has a review of a learned and able R| man Catholic work, Moehler’s Symbolism, portions of which are discussed with considen^b^mi- meB, ^nd the author charged with a ddStrous unfairness in setting forth the doctrines of hi* pe;^- suasion! The next article, on Socialism, examlni^ th . doctrines of St. Simon, and promise^Jp^ao'Wo same thing with Fourierism in ,a fnturo number. The other subjecti of tbe review are, Huntington’s Alice and Lady Una, tbe Massachosetta Bay Com­ pany and Charles the First, tho Position of Congre­ gationalism, Absolntism and Confession. T he A merican R eview for January has areview of the I’oems and Prose writings of RiCHARn H. D ana , wrllUo as such a paj>er ought to be, by one who enter-i into the spirit of bis antbor, and who commends os earnestly as his author write the more gratified with the article, as wo consider few persons competent to oritioisa Mr. Dana. W orks in P eess . .—Harpers have just announced a list of works for among others, the following : tionary, by Dr. WiUiam Sm ith—a production said to be of great valn‘e ; a Life of Calvin, compiled from authentic sources, by Thomas H. Dyer; Memoir of the Life and Writings of Dr. Chalmers, by Rev Dr. Hanna; a Greek and English Lexicon of th . Now Testament, bj Prof. Rsbmson ; Sketches of Minue. seta, by .8 K. Seymour; Tbe Conquest of Canada, by the author of “ Hocholaga Beattie’s Life and I.,ettcrs of Thomas Campbell, with an introductory letter by Washington Irving ; a I’lttorial field book of the Revolution, by Lossing ; a Second book ih Greek, by IVof. MoClintocU ; a Latin English Lexi­ con, by PrOf And-ews, A c ' \ M inesota . . —The Cleveland 7’nie Dfmodral pub­ lishes » letter from a lady—“ the first teacher who went to .8t. Paul’s, in Minesota, under the charge of Governor Slade.” It is datod December 18, 1849. According to her account, this capital of tho now territory is very prosperous. A second school house has been built.^ There are lawyers sicians enough, atgood-supply of the clerg; many good school teachers,” says the lady, her place I'f its age in ( hristendom.” There lefioiency of one impo class—the farmers- C IT Y IsyXMaKOBffVWie C o x to n COTJHCni.— Av pm m —f i r s t Regular JRafnigr*— M o rgxai, E iq ., Prerident in ThaftUowiag w mmlttow ww* i ^ i n t e d : Ahn»-boM.B«putauat—Aldanna-BatUilaw., Cook. Art* tadSchttesa—Cbtpmiui, Ham, Mfiler F«rrie»—Britton, Franklin, Fire DepartuiBBt—Franklin, Griffin, I Lumps and G u —Haws, Ball, Bard. LandsandEffeet*—Franklin, Ball SI Law Department—Wood,\ ikwell’s and other Gnmn, ftritton. Cook. Wharves—W ood, Lonoklln, Dodg A large Bumber of petitions, mostly of s persoi raetcr, were presented and referred, as also were petitions on sundry minor subjects. Alderman Kelly offered a resolution, calling on th o . Comptroller for information in relation to moneys ex- idod for adv ertising. This resolution being adopt-* 1 another, calling on tho Corporation ~ r legal advice, the Board adjourned. B oard of A ssistant A ldermen —This Board met last evening for the purpose of hearing tho Com­ mittees announced by the President. Standing Committees for 1850 —Tho Standing Committees of tbe Board of Assistants for tho ing year will be as follows P o s t s c r i p t * n Acconnts—Smith, Franklin 1 Croton Aqueduct—Griffin, Brit- -Alms-botue Department—Asst. Assess.nents —Asst. Aid. Crane, Alvord, F Finanee—Asst Aid Boyce. Alvord, Sands. Fire Department—Asst Aid. Crane, ackertnan, Smith Joint ( ommittee on Acoounts—Asst. Aid. Alvord, Joint I onmiiUce on Croton Aqueduct—Asst Aid. Dean, ^Umps^ana Oas—Asst. Aid. Alvord, Ackerman, Sam- “ L r o ; : r . r n r A ^ . A w \ Public Buildings on BlackweU> lalaod, Bandairs Is­ land and Bellevue E«tabUshment—ABst. Aid. ttogers, Crane, Vc< artby Repaiis and Supplies—Aist. Aid. Aokerroan, Judfion, Webb, Jndson, js—Asst. Aid. Akersaan, Ward, Sands, sst. Aid. Crane, Alvord, Francis. city, but C holera in N ew I ' ri . eans —Tho New Orleans have lienieiJtthe existence of cholera in that the Board of Health’s return of interments for tho week ending December 29, that 111 deaths by chnlera, 31 of diarrhea, 28 by dysen­ tery, and 9 of cholera morbus, are reported. The total number of deaths during the week is set down at 537. The disease does not appear to have depart •id entirely from t^t. Louis, where cases are also ro- I' amagen .—A Mrs. Hubgh, of New I irleans, has sued the Carrolton Railroad Company for damages, to tho amount of 8'l<M)lkl ' Tho petition to tho court, in which tho claim of Mrs. Hubgh is set forth, al leges, that on the 3d of December, her husband Jacob Hubgh, who wasiemployedby the defendants neerof one of their locomotives, whiloj^ithfully jstanliy killed by boiler of tho locomotive it any fault igleet on the part of Jacob Hubgh, but wa.s ow. mg entirely i -' '.o old ago, worn out coudilum.long u,o and defect;' I'l tho boiler, of which the company had full kn nvlcJge, and against which they had been I explosioi tes that tho explosion was not owing li n the part of Jacob Hubgh, bi 1, Webb, Franoii. The “ (’herokee,” announced to sail to-day, is de­ tained till Thursday next, in order to offeot some re­ pairs in her machinery. She will leave this port fOj. Chagres on that day a t 4 o’clock, P. M. T he iJi^Ry C ase .—Wo leam from a reliable source, tha|^we were in error yesterday in saying that tho Judge to whom the money had been sent by tho Drury’s, had laid the matter before the Grand Jury, and equally in an error in saying that an indictment has been found. .No such complaint has been preferred by tho Judge, and it is proper that we should say that the allega- Uon is, that the whole thing is a mistake, the money having been p ut into the letter to tho Judge, when it was intended to have been put into another letter written and sent off at tho same time. For aught that is known, such explanation may bo perfootly true, and it is very questionable whether there is any good ground for doubting its accuracy. Uoo thing, we learn, is certain, that the Judge has taken no step in tho matter, except to leave the letter and tho money in tho hands of tho Mayor and lOTON, January 15th. eight inches deep, am . Tho bells ore ringing mcr the District Attorney, for them to investigate and take such action as they may think proper, and least of all has he come to any conclusion, that tho expla­ nation given is not as true as it is satisfactory. la the moan time, it ia but ordinary justice that tho party implicated should not be prejudiced by statemenis so evidently erroneous and one sided os those which have appeared in the papers. M ercantile L ibrary A ssociation . —Tho annual election of officers of this ins ilution occurs to-day at its rooms, Cliniton Hall. The nominating Committee submit the following list of officers fur the year ensu­ ing Thomas J . Bayaud, President; Henry R. Bar­ ker, Vice-President; George Peckham, Cor. Secre­ tary ; Bamuei 1’. Titus, Recording Secretary ; Iheodoro Stout, Treasurer ; and for Directors, John Mashant, Charles U. Richardson, F. Place, H. N. Camp, C. W. Ogdon, K. A. Bachia, and G. C. Col- dependent] Ticket is also in nomination i ioni U likely to bo a spirited one. An inde tbe compotiti W ashington , January 15. Si TRK.ME C ourt . —Selah Matthews was admitted Tootice os an Attorney in this court. 46 was argued by Wood, for plaintiff, and by May and Gayer, for defendants. W asuino : 'he snow a t this place sleighiag is very fine. ' rily along the avenues. It bos been discovered that a general agent of Mexican claims, is a defaulter to tho amount of ^ , 0 0 0 . Like Brown, he has been deteeted in alter­ ing claims upon the Treasury from small to large amounts. Like Brown, too, be has fled (he city. of this defaulter is not given in our de- Bethune delivers his first lecture before the Smithsonian Institute to-morrow. Capt. Connor of the Revenue Service is dead. PuiLADELPHiA, January 15th. The southern mail beyond Richmond has faUed to­ day. (The nan luary 16lh. 0 excitement is shown to-day in thi Virginia logislaturo, in conseqnonco of tho Vormon; ilavo resolutions that wore prosentod to Congrots. A petition ' last evening, a; the mcBibers ol P ai rERO<.M IN ,M asn icHi NEi r s .—An annual ab­ stract is published by the Secretary of Stale of Mas­ sachusetts, made up from roturus of overseers of the poor, showing tho amount oftpaupensm in tho State. From this it appears that there are 24.892paupcrs in the Stale ; bat fourteen towns have made no returns Of tbe State paupers, 111,263 (five-sevenths of the whole number) were foreigners, and niDe-lentbs of them wore from Eoglaod and Ireland TKere word i MehTrel RSTH^cre^^’r v ^ a o t of these aimjhoajse tJBlabluhmeDls, is |l,itt5,43.s The weckl_y cost of .-^upporiiing paup&c.s varies from t<7 cents to 81.33. hi Suflolk It was highest, and in Hamp­ shire lowest The whole a m o ^ t of the expense pi supporlicg paupers, was $441 bTii. ely lost at San Francisco, nr $40,000 Twenty-eight lied i These questions deserve, a most careful and most searching attention. ISO quest] li and m< wish onr leading men, interested in the prosperity of the city, and interested in their own property, would [ether and devise some remedy for the existing .'ne thing ia certain, all the children . o ? _pt R^c i ^ y f s v GO TO SCHOOL. N ew Y ork L koislaturk .—T he telegraphic ao- oouut of the doings of the Legislature yesterday, did not state that the following special committees bad taker of tbe Assembly : trial, after the first. The provMwns as to the conduct of a trial, excep­ tions, and new trials, are new, b u t drawn from pres­ ent usage. A most important change is that which is proposed o f aboUshing Uens of judgments on real estate after I860, upon th i ground that the amounts reaUMd from them are n ot equal to tho expo: ' been announced rovisioDS a s to executions are s of prop aew, b u t the prevailiqg p This part ia a pa rt ia completed by several chapters, now reported for the first time, relative to actions to de­ termine conflicting claims to real property, to tbe foreclosure of mortgages, nuisance, waste, t roperty;roperty; actionsctions respectingespecting corporatioiri,orporatioiri, '• executors, on official securities, by p a r c by against ag u o a t pnblio o 0oers, and actions in justices’ courts. Tbe third parti of tho code relates to special pirooeed- ing* and tjmbraioeB the proriAons relarive to state writ*, ssuntuaiyi proceedings, enforeement gf liens, puniMimen^of contempts, assessments, v olnntsiy du- Bolution oil corporations, pacoeedinga in courts o f con­ ciliation, jwbitrsftjoD, surrogates. Awiniif ;^use fommary {^oeediiigs, one of a very imporiabti c h s i i ^ is rBOommended in relation to the c o l l e e t ^ of3»onds.«i^ commercial paper in the committee and Messrs, For Improvement of Raiket Rlvet-MessxA Bajmond, T he G r EGON.—A letter was received yepterd.vy, by Homer H Btuart, Etq , of this city, writtan by a passenger on board tho Oregon, after she bad entered the harbor of San Francisco. The letter bears date the 1st Dteembor, and says, that the Uuieorn is just leaving, and that the writer has only time to send a line. Of course, then, the report of the loss of tho C'regon is unfounded. —Louis Ostinell, a son of Signor Ostinelli, who has been on trial at Boston, for sending threatening let­ ters, was yesterday sentenced to the stale prison for the term of six years. — T he ship Tonqnin, lately lost was insured in Bostt thousand being on the vessel and twek —Tho telegraph announces tbe death of Col Tho­ mas H. Perkins, J r , on tho 14tb inst., long and fa­ vorable known in Boston. —Dr. Gay, also an eminent physician of the same city, died yesterdoy. He was one of the chemists employed by the state to examine the supposed re mains of Dr. Parkman. —The President has issued a proclamation declar­ ing the ports of -Nosqualla (on Puget's) and Port­ land, in the collection district of Oregon, in the Ter- ritory'of t.'regob,'Co ba obrstitnted ports of delivery, with all the privileges authorized by law to such —-The Senate, on the 4lh, confirmed the appoint­ ment of Alexander Irwin, as Marshal for the Western District of Pa. —The Hungarian Refugees have arrived a t W ash­ ington, and a ttract considerable attentic - T b e steamship Philadelphia, Capt. John GaUa- gher, arrived at Bavannah, on the 14^, and three quarter hours p.issage from Havana, is tho shortest run on record, the distance the two porta being six bondred and fifty mi —The Boston Post says that tho following one of the toast given a t a Ipto Gorman sapper ; ^ Hayuau .-Abhorred b y ^ ^ uNw/d, and held in utter sda^^ as laid before the Common Council ting for an increase of tho salaries of Ihe Police department. An ordinaneo was also snbmitted to the Board of Aldermen, allowing^R per diem compensation for legis­ lative services The annual ball for tho benefit of the Half-Orphan Asylum, it will bo rocolleotod, takes place this even­ ing a t Niblo’s. T he W eather . — On Saturday tho thermometer was al .VI ; yesterday it was down to 26—in the early part of the day the wind was blowing a gale. A stor P lauk R ioters —Tho jury in the ease of Robert Long, yesterday returned a vOrdiot of guilty of an attem pt at arson in tho third degree. Tho Coroner hold an inquest upon the body of a person named-Thomas Marsh, aged 40 years, who committed su'cide on Sunday by banging himself from a beam in a stable on Randall’s Island. Ver­ dict in accordance witif tbe fact. M. ViiUemaro has made another valuable donation to the city, from the French (iovemmont, in pnrsu- ve of his plan of international exchanges. Among tho varieties in this V«s®ntation are thirty-Diiio fao similes of celebrated ehartors granted in Europe, bearing dates from tho sixth to the sixteenth centu­ ries, Ac . the originals of which, written on papyrus and Vellum, are preserved in tho national arohivos and libraries of the French Republio. The surviving leb Grimshaw, Captain Cook, from be presented with tho freedom of tho city by the municipal autborities, as an expression of esfhem for his heroic and humane conduct in sav- ,ho lives of so many passengers under such diffi- cireumstances, was introduced Woodhull. large two story wooden building, called th# lie Hotel, situated on the fouih west oornor of Fourth avenue and Thirt o’clocJ effeoteili for $2000. Boot aod Brewer. Bacon, Hicks, Lawrence, in forty-eight in. This detain the Chorokei lext, give notice I of all tho engaged to sail with her. ----------- --- ---------M iciugan UsUvEnilSiTy.—The Ann Harbor Aign» states that on IVedn^ldaT morn ing last, twenty-two students of the 5?nfvefsitT,.h»d been expelled for being members of “ Secret Societies” Sn words, of fcKo asnal' lllonkrv oinhs *T*lwk G m a t S now S torm at the S outh .—W e learn th a t th# snow a t Philadelphia, when the re.g, yesterday morning, was nearly six inches deep on a The telegraph also reports that abont six inches of snow fisU a t BlHtimoro a t the same time. This has probably eatiaep the delays in tho arrival of ttaff great southern maiL| R obbsbx ok ^ old .—Gold dust to the value of five thousand ^oilais has been stolen from one o f the Pacific steameys, a nd dust amoontiag to nine thous­ and ^llmrs in falae, has been taken a t Gorgona, on the Istbmns. or in other words, of the asoal literu y clubs. Tbe citizens o f Ann Harbor have held an indignant meet­ ing, and denounced the Fsculty. Tho Detroit Free Press, on tbe -other states'that there ia a stand­ ing regnlatiortof the University, that n# memner Bhalljoin any societlj whose constitution has not been ' ■ ■ liltedto to the faculty. The students had cts- ____ tlie faculty. The students badco th a t regulation, and they were expelled, ir not time wUl show. laUjoi traven^d whether wisely BntEfciANT filSTEOE;—A t the residence of Irving Spencer. Esq ., on the n ight of the 28th ultimo, a sin- yet beautiful meteoric appei^noo illnuiinatf ” the whole neighborhood, a nd so brilliant was It tl the most m'lqute objects were plainly dUceinable thethe house,ouse, thoughhough theie n ightight wasas veryery h t t n w v dark, and the pramisee seemed as if Ut op with bonfiiee. Udweend- ed m an oWong shape, and seemed to dissolve noieer “ it approached the e a r t h - [Snow H ill (Md.) ig passengers of the ill-fated vessel Ca- arrived yesterday, in the bark Sarah, n Fayal. Captain David Cook, d to-day to Mayor second street, was de- by fire yesterday, between one and two P. M. It is believed there was an insurance Tho P lymouth C hurch , B rookl ' LYN, was opened id tbe renting o^ pews. The pews which number more tbau 300, wore marked with the rates assessed by the C o m m ittee- nearly one half of tho number ranged from $5 to $25 a year, an unhsually economic scale, which will ac*- modate families of moderate moans. The num­ ber of pews rented was 159, the prices varying from ten'lo one hundred dollars according to the conven­ ience of the seats, the whole amoanting to about $7,800, premiums to the amount of $400 included. M ’lle Jagelloand others of tho Hungarian party, itnmsd to this city on Saturday from Philadelphia C hange OF H our ON Tiifl H udson R iver R ail dad L ine .— The early train for Poughkeepsie will leave hereafter a t 7 1-4 A. M. instead of 6 A. \M — A train to and from Peekskill at 6 3-4 o’clock, A. M. and New York at 4 12 P. M. Tho celebrated Hungarian violinist, Remengi, will give a Concert at Niblo’s now Saloon, on Saturday L ai nch . —Tbe ship Robert Kelly, of 1200 tons burthen, built for Messrs. Chamberlain & Phelps, Messrs. W estervelt A Mnckay, to be commanded Captain Edwin W. Barstow, will be lannehed trom the yard foot of Seventh street, to-morrow morn­ ing a t half-past ton o’clock. Ttlegntphfiirtke JSimtHg f ’otf.J VJBW YO B iC lA S l B li A T U B K . A L x txY, Ja a . 15th,10o’eloek. In the Simate, to-day, M r. Cook reported agmtut tbe bill ohanging the bazi* of taxation on banks anil Tho annnal report of the health officer of New Yerk was received and referred to Committee on Re- trsnehments. Mr. Case introdnoed a bill to incorporate the South Brooklyn Savings Bank. Tho resolution, relerring tho code to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and two additional members, and to tbe House Committee, with instructions to invite ibe attendance of the Commisalonezs. if deemed expedient, wa* adopted by a vote of 20 to 12. The Senate then went into Exeentire session- In the A. ssejibly , Dean’s resolution, calling on igrea, in case it voted public lands to th# use of Hungarianigarian refugees,efugees, to add appropriations for e Washington i r dless and destitnti country, wo* debated and loi< Tho resolntlon anthorizing the Government to euro a block of stone for tho 5 is now under debate. T H IK T Y -P IH S T CONGBESS. W ashington , Jan. 15th, 1830. HOUSE. Mr. CUngman moved to reconsider the vote taken yesterday, adopting former rule, and lay that motion on the tab! Mr. Vinton arose to objeot to any debate, which was ruled out, and the motion carried. Mr. Hammond of the eommittee on engrosiog, moved to rsoommit the report, with instmotions to onqbire into costs which was agreed npon. Mr. Hampton moved a call of the House and de­ manded tbe yeas and nays, which were taken, and lost—nays 117. Th# balloting for s»rgeant-at-anns wai then pro­ ceeded with. naOl didncliiiriTOj toTing faffed to junction. connect a t the W a ldridge ................. Necesiary to a choice . The second ballofing ia SENATi it Louis to California. R ichmond , V a , J o oitoment is shown ANUTIlHin. A im iV A L . PR O S I E U R O P E . Tho packet ship Now World, which arrived this morning, brings London papers, of the 21st Decem­ ber, winch is not so late as the news brought in the Canada, Uy seven days. Tho Loudon Chronical of tho 17lh, denies that there is likely to bo any split, In the British Cabinet. ' FR A N C E . T he E i . ^ tric T elegraph in F rance —It is said that M. Ferdinand Barrot, the Minister of the Interior, is engagediu negotiations forth# purpose of throwing open tho oleotrio telegraph to tho public Under the monarchical regime, and before tho ap­ plication of electricity to telegraphic purposes, the telegraph was a monopoly in tho hands of thoGovern- it, tho variousirious membersembers off whichhich usedsed thoo infor-fer- m o w u th in ... t:i impleted their bargains that the telegraphic des- liatones were made public. Un the invention of tho eleotrio telegraph, the (iovcmmcnl still endoavurod to keep the monopoly of political intolligeDce, but as the dircotops of the railway also had a right to use tho wires for the con voyance of meMages, th e j practically bocamo sharer? with tho (lovornoiont in the monoptoly of the tele- who has always disapproved of lb» dishonest use made by some of the Ministers under tho monarchy of this monopoly of telegraphic information, baa doterminod to throw tbe use of tbe electric telegraph open to tho public, a plan which, if adopted, will effeotqally prevent future Ministers from the enjoyment of any undue advantage in their Hook jobbing speoulalions It is said that M Ferdi­ nand Barrot meets with obstacles from the railway authorities T U R K E Y . W e have accounts from Constantinople of the 28th ,t. ; they confirm our last letters. The refugee question had been settled, and tho ratifications to the agreement on this suhjuot arc alone waiting to make the settlement definitive. Tho Roles who have embraced tho Mahomota* faith are to be withdrawn from the province of Ru- \iHia and the refugees gonerally are to be kept for velvo mouths in some distant province of Turkey. Com merol&l. Livvnpooi, C otton M askit . Dec31—There is a little stiengthenlng In Uie price of cotton this week, but It hard­ ly amounu to a quotation. Tho estimates of crop, as •evlously given to our report of last week, are by the pro- J quantity f^xceedlng the amount thereii Dul tbo inoroasiDg confideDce of oar ore from the etat© and favorable pr< trade in Maobo«<ter. and tl EuropCs than from 38 3 to bales B T T H E SO U T H E R N filAIL. D bmocratic . C ounty C onvention . - T he Conven- ti#n to seteot Delegates to the Convention to nomi­ nal# Canal Commissioner, on the 4th day of March s..\.s s .'t’dV.i* S'X\ Sr.: of tbe 1st of December last, between tbe Jlising .‘''un and Sheilmir’s Ml I, Montgomery oo., had a hearing yesterday morning. Several witnesses were examin­ ed, but their testimony did not implicate him A Slate Educational Convention, composed of dele- .liZ, Baltimore, on Ci.osE OF AN ExHiBrnoN.—The fine series of views in and around New York, known as Evers’s Panorama, will hold open for three njghts during th< current week, (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights,) closing probably forevel to tho public in this This arrangement has been adt in order to accommodate the R iot and M urder at E vansville . —The Evans­ ville Journal of the 3d inst,, gives tho following ao- aount of a riot and murder a t a Gorman Ball in that city on New Year’s night : “ A sapper had been prepared in the lower story. A party of men, principally from steamboats lying at the landing, wished to ’Snier the ball, and partake pf the supper, and were refused. A row took place, in which the tables were demoUshod, and much injury done the property of the house. The rioters with­ drew, and commenced stoning th# house A number of pistol shots were fired in the melee. A young man named Lundy Burns, son of Dr< Bums, of this place, received several wounds, from which he died tbe same ” A^dcck^hand from the steamer Alek Scott, was also ehot and slabbed, and died yesterday morning. A German had his arm almost shot off, and was other­ wise wounded. A number of others on both sides re­ ceived serious iDjurie#. Yesterday morning the grotmd below the house in a certain place was sprinkled with blood, and tracks led to the river bank as if a body lad Been dragged to tho w d thrown in. ^ r h e adopted by IV I hundreds w ■e not able to get in on tfie Inst three n ights of the willill Bp admitted suth. or H . L. St e tickets w B past week. IhU (Tuesdlay) evening. KossutB, or H . L . S tuart, takes his benefit on Wednesday, and deserves a large for the occasion Weyde, and will be executed by lert’s .lEolian Pianos, placed a t the - . --------- eficiary by th# liberality of Mes Waters & Berry, 477 Broadway. Thursday evening the proprioto fit for the persons employi house Tbe musio wJU bo arran; 'rof. Van der on one of Gllbei disposal of the beneficiary by I ietors devote to a bene- d in the Panoikma, «nd B this city wffl close. During the year 1849, fourteen hundred and ninety- five new buildings bavg been erected in New York, ten hundreid and twenty-four of wbieh are in tbe up­ per p arts of the city—frvm the Seventh W ard and upwards. A hsiican M vjtok —The ever ^popular T D Rice, k - peatshis <amous character of Othello, the best of black burlesquee. in tbe Alriaaa Opera of that UaBa to day — tnatbetaxeeUentdraiaa. aasuriag in itsiBekteaU,aod exceUentinlUiaoiaLiKaljoaimonaoed Tbebmitorl«>. day Iserowded with oovelUee, and th « e aresureto be good bonsse, rain or shine. had Been dragged body of young Bui anticif Inp of Mrs. Robinson, wfre of Mr. W il^un Robinsoi^ of B o w ^ g rtock,’and wM^retoning with his lady on the Alex. stock, a nd was returning with Scott from New Orleans. Abt ing, some 12 or 15 miles below below this, Iklrs. Robinson ig back of the wheel-hotue, er b&l&nce and fell OTcrboard. whem she suddenly lost her baluici M d fell OTtrl Tho enrinee of the boat wore her were unavailing.—^Louisville Journal. foetW'aUrl The boat and cargo mre reported to be a ‘te u l loss. T taee deck piawugeis are enppoeed to haro drowned. The passengers lost their baggaj caption. Tho facta in*relation to this vMsel are kt sne w u capsized and the remains seen in th< Boston La ily Advertiser. B boadwat .—The lo-engagement or Miss Cushman ws demanded by the immense success her peeformanew have commanded. Hergrtatty finfshed and mestmasteiiy tal- Amenean aetresa tbat i^er trod the boards, ^ ^ f i i s t aepearanee upoa^lM rsi§n|lgen»nt, w«fl C®utinea Ut the Lore Chase.” It wss, although not one of her inbjt highly finished performances, one of great study and beauty, and there were matohlessp-'-* '- “ ~ ' ‘ sbo appears in her great character after which the ohoics comedy of the “ School for Re­ form” wilt be played, iu which fiiake as weU as Couldock, To-HOBBOw, at 12 o'clock, Kt tbe Merchants’ Exchange, byWM. H. F banklin , S on & C o ., of valuable improved real estate situated as follows, v is: Rivington street—The three story brick house and lot ’ground No 1#4 Rivington street, comer of Clinton. Also the two story brick front hoc No. 160 Riviagte )ry frame house on the front; .L . mse and lot of ground id two story frame r of theatiOTe k house and lot of ground No. Clinton streot-The two story brick house and lot of ground No. 68 CUnton street, in Also the two story (3 Clinton street. Goerck street-The two story brick front house and lot of ground No 146 Goerck etreet. Also the two story brick front house and lot of ground No 161 Goerck street. Also tbe two ctory brick front bouse and lot of ground No. 163 Goerck street Also the two stop No 165 Goerck stri Also the plot of grouni front ocoupied as a coal y W E IN V IT E PU B L IC A T T E S T lO N to the Sale, by A nthont J. BLEecma, T o - hobbow , the 16tb Inst , at 12 o’clock, at th# Merchants’ Exchange, consist­ ing of B three story brick Honse and Lot, known as No. 3 B bdvord ITBEBT. The three-story brick Store and Lot, No. 10 P bcb iLip. The tnree-Btory brick Store and Lot of Ground known as No 6 P bcb blip . Tho Store and Lot of Ground on tho southwest comer of P bcb alip and W ateb stbkbt , and tho House and Lot No. 112 F oubth IT. Also,two Houses and Lots on W ater stbebt , J ames atbeet . ISM —Comstook's Hewes’ Nerve and Bone id Indian ’Vegetable Elixir to warranted to le of rheumatism, gout, contracted cords or stiff joints, it strengthens weak limbs, and I crippled to walk again. Use this ) cured, or go without it and suffer, as you only at 67 John street. •UscT^i McN enables those who article and be ot .ENESs.—UscTir McNair’s Acoustic Oil for the cure of deafness Also, a ll^ o s e disagreeable noises like the buzzing of Insects, bgShg of water, whizzing of steam, which are the symptoms of approaching deafness. Many persons who have been deaf for ten. fifteen or twenty ir, . .................... S. To THE L abias —If you wish a rich, luxuriant head of rg e r i n 7 B .? r o f ''ro ,u m ‘l,to.“ P' will more than exceed your cxpei have lost their hair for twenty years to its original perfection by the use of B o tan ical T r e a a n r c a o f C a lifo r n ia. [From the Pacific News. Sept. l.J Tho following note from the pen of tho distinguished florist and botanist, W. R. Prince, Esq., of Flushing,L. I., we welcome to our columns,“and have no doubt he will re­ turn home rich in this country’s horticultural rarities : tion, care should be taken'to procure the eitraet nniu- RUSHTON, CLARK & CO.’S CELEBRATED G E N U INE O lE m C lN A Ii COD liiV B R OU<, For Consumplion, Scrofulous Affections, Rbenmattom, that having pi which he had treated with Cod Liver Oil, 206 of*them followe.1 by an unequivocal improvement, varying In degree from the mitigation of distressing symptoms to an apparently complete restoration to health, and he ■nsiders the pure (resh properly prepared Cod Liver Oil any remedy that has yet beenem- gists. and manuf Oil. 110 Broadwa; Batchelor's improved Liquid Half Dye will positively 3 change tho color from red or grey, to a beantl FANCY JA P A N N E D B I R D CAGES. J. fc C. BERRIAN Would respectfully Inform their customers that they have ready for inspection, a large assortment of these beautiful cages, for all kinds of song birds. Tho sale of this article having rapidly increased dnring Berrlsn have been able, (by ■on, to make such arrange­ ment with the manufacturer as enables them to offer the same article at a reduction of lull twenty-five per cent below Iasi season’s prices. They would also call attention to their unsurpassed as­ sortment of POLISHED STEEL FIRE IRONS, Steel and Bronze Standards, Blower Stands, Brass, Copper and Iron Coal Scnttles, Copper Scuttles for Bltuminons Coal, Bronze and Brass Andirons. large assortmi Jelly Slrainc PLATE WARMERS, lent of English and American patterns n37 _____________________________ 600 Broadway. G R O C E R S ’ F l ^ K INSURANCE COOIPANY Subscriptions lor tbe Capital Stock of this Compi $200 COO, In shares of $60 each, -will he received undersigned. ColpmtofioneTS for such purpose, at No. 66 Wall street. In the city of New Vork, on the 2i uary Instant, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M., and the books will be kept open from day to day (Sunday exeepted) until tbe whole of said stock shall be subscribed in full, per cent will be required at the time of snbsoribing, and tbe balance on the 14th day of Febrnary next. DaUd January I4th, 1850. ' conuntozioners. RUFUS STORY, ) SAMPSON MOORE, ) C( FRANCIS SKIDDY, ) lam R. Foster BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Rufus Story, Moses' Pelor Martin, WUliam 1 Francis Skiddy, George Elder, Charles Bnrkhaltar, Marshall Pepoon, James B. Wilson, Alexander H. Grant, Benjamin B. Sherman, Sampson Moore, Isaac C. Taylor, _ Henry Edey, Asa S. Porter. jal4np7t CI a O T R ISG a t W R D I a BSAJI a E . 'The eubeerfben have on hand a large stock of freeh manntoctnred clothing, made in tbe beet etyle, expraealj for tbe eonthem and western trade. They have also Awsortment of clothing for the California trade, -ail which will be sold a t low price#, and on libaral tertal The Doipbjn wais owned i JonmaL effeet of delaying tho maffa from all quarters. Tho E a itom n.aff, due here a t five o’clock' this morning, d id not arrive ontUl h alf past one this aftor- T h e W«ahingt<m mail, dtie a t eight o’clock, arrived at a low JBiaatMbofoio U n o ’clook—the Annapolia ClxapiBan’s C e leb rated Sbaw lng ffrx a m , pat up a t Us Rasor Strop Hannfaetoiy, No. 102 Wffliaa at. Gl^ThU arUrio ia decidedly the hast U use for makhtf beautlfnl lathw and aofUBing th* heard. Try It. JLXflrSEJBl* OEM.. • i u S n band,! , JOHN BRIDGE, Linseed Oil manufitetotw. 139 Front. N O V E L . B Y M I S S S I N C L A I R . m a * u e b « , es b k o t b o 5 « » ■Wm puhRsh ON THURSDAY, Jan. 17th, EDWARD GRAHAM; Or, Rrilway Speculation. B r CATHsuiire SmcLAJn. quiet common senie, Jr lively eoiniion-ufe dialogue, agree- (Miss Slnolair’o novete ) The pro- pleasing and natural sketch of cheerfhl tact, and a talent for lively eoiniaon-: ably distinguish them, ( \ ' ■ manners, amialhle home duties, agreeaWe domestic oecu- ing some useful truths in ordinary life, 1 romantic hr ----- ’ --------- yy otherther hsppppiness pations, exempiifyii and teaching the young and romanno now muon ueeper and better founded than an o ha is that de­ rived from an honorable vi-tnous. and single-hearted a t­ tachment, eanotioned by rolvion, by mutual confidence^ and by tho approhatidn of friends as weU as parents.”— [London Eneminer. vALDABLi AND iN rillESTIN O WORKS - JUST PDBLlSREft-- SOUTHEY’3 LIFE AND CORRESBONTIENCE. Edl- , the Rev. CHaaLEs CuTHaaBt S outhst , Completed In six parts. 8 to , paper, 25 TICKNOR’S HISTORY OF SPANISH LITERATtJRF. With CriHsisms on the partJoular Works and Bio­ graphical NotiCM of prominent Writers 3 vols. 8vo, muslin $6 00 ; sheep extra $6 75 ; half calf extra $7 60. iLB AND HIS CAPTOl A N E W N O V E L , VTATCBMiKER, . fa m il y MAfSNUVRES. mAM E m avtie - - - . Iins. w eX. Jtfgtm w' Cfe., I jso mm SZ Vhmncr L jU t,H j;yineM a n ,a c . ■ C 0 R M IH ,- - 0 » .UMMSm ....................... ■ ■■ famSiar tc THE WHALI ; or, the Whale- 8vo, paper LNTHON’S gathered on tho Homeward Cruise of the ‘ ‘ Commedore Preble.” By Rev. Henry T. Cheever. W ith Engrav- ings. 18mo, muslin 60 cents. AMES’S DARK SCENES OF HISTORY. 12mo, pa- CHALME] veto, 12mo, musUn $2 ; eheep $2 25. tFormlng ’Veto. VII. and VIII. of « Chalmers’s Posthumous Works.) LEVER’S ROLAND CASHEL. lUustrated by Phis. >er 75 cents ; muslin $L I’S ANCIENT AND MEDLEY AL GEOGRA­ PHY, for the Use of Schools and College*. 1 vol, 8vo, mslin $1 50; sheep $1 7 FINDLAY’S c l a s s ica l ATLAS TO ILLUSTRATE Ancient Geography. Comprised In 25 maps, showing the various dl-riaions o-f the world as known to tha oients. With an index of the ancient and modern names. 8vo, half bound, $3 75. RIPLEY’S WAR WITH MEXICO. With maps, fee.. 2 voto, avq, musllu $4. RIDDLE AND ARNOLD’S ENGLISH-LATIN LEXI­ CON. Founded on the German-Latln Dictionary of Dr. Charles Ernest Georges. First American edition, carefully revised, and containing a copious dietiouary of proper names from the best sourca. By Charles Anthoh, LL. D. Royal 8vo, sheep extra, $3. ABBOTT’S HISTORY OF ALFRED THE GREAT. With engravings, illuminated title-page, fco. 18mo, muslin 60 cents ; muslin, gilt edges, 76 cents. JANE EYRE ; AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Edited by Library edition, iomo, musUn $1. SHIRLEY. By the author of “ Jane Eyre.” 8vo, paper IHIRLEY. Library the Sailor-boy Confessions and Reminiscences of tbe Soq qf a Gentleman in the Merchant Service. 12mo, paper 76 cents ; muslin $1. HILDRETH’S H'STORY OF THE UNITED STATES. From the Discovery of the Conti tion of Government under the 8 voto. 8vo, muslin, gilt tops, $6,00; sheep, $6,75; half BULWER LYTTON’S. THE CAXTONS: A FaUiUy Picture. 8vo., paper, 87^ centa. THACKERAY’S HISTORY OF PENDENNIS : His Fortunes and Misfortunes, hto Friends and hto Greatest Enemy. With lUustratlons. In Seven numbers. 8vo, 25 cents each. itoe ; by T. S. ELL—A tale from Littell’s Living Age ; N E W N O V E L S A T “ G R A H A M S .” AGNB3 GREY—An autoblo|;raphy, by Currier BelL— Price 25 cents. “ A novel of rare merit, a*nd i^itense interest.»-[Messen- m - thtof:;*:’ ”- 7 J ^ ^ B uu !““ - to ‘ ^ D ^ K SCENES OF HISTORY—By G. P.. R. James, t w o ” sIsTEBS^By Lady Charlotte Bury, au-^ New editions in uniform style, for sale separately, or ini thors, orAisr five hew koveeb . ordered, ■will be sent by mail to any part of the UnitedStates for a remittance of ’’ a GENT s ' a ND TH e ’ t RADE supplied at the vei lowest ™ t e s a tth e e a ^ ^ .t of a Boy left alone on an uninhahil* per, S7J cents ; muslin, 60 cents. N E W . E N G L I S H BO OK S . GEO. P. PUTNAM. SOUTHEY'S LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE, edit­ ed by hto son, ths Rev. Charles C. Southey. 1 vol-por­ trait, 12mo, cloth. SOUTHEY’S COMMON PLACE BOOK, second se­ ries, edited by hto sdn-in-la-w, John W. Warter. 8vt’ HUNT’S PANTHEA, the spirit Of Nature. 8vo, cloth. CAMPBELL’S LIVES OF THE CHIEF JUSTICES of England. 2 vols, 8vo, olo th. HUNT’S POETRY OF SCIENCE. 8vo,cloth. THE NIGER FLORA, coUected by Dr. T. Vogel, with additions by D, P. Webb and J D. Hooker, and sketch of the Life of Dr. Vogel, edited by W. J. Hooker, 8vo cloth. KEMBLE’S SAXONS IN ENOLAN] WILLIAM’S HISTORICAL MEMOIR OF JERUSA­ LEM. 8vo, cloth. JEREMY BENTHAM, Works of, published under the uperintendenco of bis executor, John Bowring. 11 voto^ BOCCACCIO’S DECAMERON, translated from the dg- Orders received for the Importation of Foreign JUST RECEIVED. Kennedy's Memoir ef William W lrt,o new and cheaper j»15 POPULAR SHAWLS. Cfhittenden, B l is s A* Co., HAVE CONTRACTED WITH THE MANAGERS OF Bay State Mills, FOR THEIR ENTIRE PRODUCT OF Long and Square Shawls, IN PLA IN H IG H COLORS, S u c h as S c a r le t, C r im s o n , G reen , B lu e , dte. The first delivery of the goods will be in about two weeks. Meantime we are prepared to show the qnaUty and shades of color. The quantity that can he produced before Christmas, to limited. Early orders are, therefore, Solicited The prices will beylxed-and our frleads at a distance will, of course, be as wellserred as if thdy were present. PUTNAM. P U B L I C A T I O N S OF T H E P R O T E S T A N T E P IS C O P A L - S O C T E T Y F O R T H E P R O ­ M O T I O N OF E V A N G E L I C A L K N O W - Conversations on ths Church Catechism, ISmo. Christian Visitor, or, Select Portion of the Four Oos- Curateof Linwood,18mo. Infant Progress. By Mrs Sherwood. 18mo. Homilies, with Preface. 12mo. Christian Consolation, on the Death of Relatives and Friends, 32mo. Liturgy Explrined and Defended, 18mo. Bridge’s Address to Young Persons after Confirmation Liturgy for Sunday Schools, 18mo. Sunday School Hymns.18mo. For sale by V A L U A B L E A N D P O P U L A R W O R K S . JO H N AND FliED E IU C K TA L L IS, PUBLI S H E R S , 16 John street. New York, and London, ..MERICA, by J ------- _ , \“'PHE ^H? s TU^ r ‘ v * o ' “ 1 k ^ the text of Hume and Smollett, continued to the present time, by ^ THE H?8To/y“*OF IRELAND, from the earlieit pe­ riod of vhe Irish annals to the present time, by Thomas '^’TH e '^U n 'I v ERS^^^^ FlioNOUNCINO DICTIONARY “ t h e * B r it is h COLONIES-thelr History, extent, lion and resources, by R. M. Martin, Eeq , late urer to the Queen of England a t Hong Kong, and \^TALLIS’S il l u s t r a t e d ATLAS and modern cheapest ever published—each 2Sc part containing two A nd other valuable works. Catalognes a t the store. G R E A T A M E R I C A N M E C H A N I C A L W O R K S : D. APPLETON & CO, wlU publish on TUESDAY. No. 1, with numerous Illastration A DICTIONARY OF MACHINE NES, MECHANICS, EN­ GINE WORK AND ENGINEERING. Designed for PracUcal Worl for tho Engineei Edited hyOi-ivEBBvaKE ipleted in about 40 Nos. price E & ^ ♦ ¥ e t e u ^ ^ L E V E R 'S N E W W O R K N O W R E A D y T H. LONG fc BRO’IT^ER. 4SAnn*t N.Y. T “ G R A H A M S .” B roadw a y , UNBROKRN ASSORTMENTS elegant Dress Goods, embracing the best styles of FRENCH MERINOES AND SILKS, MERES, DE LAINE AND PARAMATTAS may be found a t greatly reduced pricte at Hitchcocb &IiGadb 0 atei^s, J ^ O u 3 4 7 (coaNEB OF LEonaan stkeet ,) ind where every kind of Dry Goods may he obtained onT FAIR AND HONOB.ABLE TERMS. IN WINDOW DRAPERY, MUSLINS, WOOLEN BLANKETS AND QUILTS, ELANNELS, DOMESTIC GOODE, &0. a They are confident their prices are lower than ’ ANY OTHER STORE IN THE CITY. IN GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHINGS, as UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, HOSIERY, SUSPENDERS, SCARF’S, CRAVATS, HDKFS, t c . to.. They have the best assortment in the city. Ladies' best Kid Gloves at 4s 6d ; Gents’ Light Kids, 4s. ■f Vestings. 4 London and Paris Woollen Linings for oloaka. Black, bro-wn, olive, drab and slate Silk Velvets. English and French black and colored Silk Serges. Together with a large assortment of American 'oreign Dry Goods, adapted for manufacturers of Cl ag. Merchant Tailors, and Country Merchants. J A M E S JTEW mAJV, 24: SOHO SChUAJXB, LO(SDON, iving discovered that imitations of hto monufacturea' ixtensively sold in the United States, bearing hiS e fraudulently stamped upon them ; hereby caution^ all importers and venders of ARTIST’S COLORS AND iTERlALS against such spurious goods, toalers are cautioned that legal measures will be imme­ diately resorted to, to prevent the future sale of these in­ ferior imitations. Percha Cups, Collapsible Tubes and Bottles; Boxes of every variety; Japanned Sketching Boies; Tinted Ivory B u n t, B a n iels P Co., A R H now receiving their spring Importations, to .l\. which they would invite the attention of buyers, coi^- XSirSoIiiTnihl’''\” A large assortment of English and German Hosiery JEJTGJLISB P B I J T T S . 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Buffalo horn, and Bone handled. Table and De­ sert Knives and Forks ot Foreign and Domestic mannfac- KITCHEN K N IV E S AND FORKS. Kilcbvn Carvers andSteeL French Cook Knives of Paris manufacture BREAD, BUTCHER AND COOK’S KNIVES. Oyster Knives, Back and Polish^ handle:. Ham or Saw Knives, 'Yegitable Fiorks. Vegeteb'e Forks with Knives attiched FR E N C H F L U T E D V E G lT A B L i Cnlllers Mincing Knives. Cleavers, &o , Meat Saws. , Buck, Butchers and Hand Saws, CHAMPAIGS AND SARD^N] Cheese Sc Together keeping ar* R L E K N IV E S . B E R R IA N 8 . BO U S E FU R N ISH IN G W A R E R O O M S , 601 Broddwsy. ■ it the Warerooms. lUnsttated Catalogues to he bad a u8 TuT&S A. & <JO., 141 Brqadway, A m o n ^ d o , Cshinet 1798, Romano and delicate pale Port Wines ^ ^ i^th e Royal Oporto Company, and other Mnmm’s Verzenay, De Brimons & Hedidsdok ChimJ C h a t^M argaU x 1844, C. Langoa, O. Leoville, and St. Old Cognao Brandies, '• Imperial,’’ “ Alpha,” old “ Q.” r ^ n n e s s y , .Ptaet fc.Sastll. , Old Jamaica Rum, Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Holland B a r ■Wth^gOTerol assortment of the best Groceries. H. D. n . BSOOKS2& CO., Clothing Estahlishm ent 116 hud 118 Cherry street. C o r n e r o t C a th e r in e atreoi. N ew V o rir, THE CONFESSIONS OF CON. CREOAH, T kk ^m 'G ii. Baas. By Chotlew Lever, Esq, anther of “ .Charles G’MoUoy,’ “ Harry'Lorreqner,” ke. Volume L*25 cents. The masterly character of this fine work may he noted from the foffowing extract taken b p a the Ootohw num­ ber of the Weetminiitcr Review. _ fteiy, w ritten la the Uvo- ly, daihlngityleofChariai O’Malley and HarryLorre- quer,aadnownjidentoodto'be Cromthepeaof thesame author. Why hfShotffd withhold his name, azeept as an experiment more Bulwer aod JamM we know nob,- aeeing tbatifi»latertaott,Co«,i*d#cap#grac#aa h#is, wiUdo hinq ap dtocredit in the long riax.” JUST PtlBLlSHED. The Pocr’idaughteta. Sy Lady Bulwer. 87i cents. JTie Golden Calf. 25 cents. M iran^^M ’ ^*^**™“ ^ MJrtreas Maton) I2J cents. s t r i n g e r t T O W N S E m ^ B ^ T O ^ P V B J r ^ HUB* ALEXANDER ROUX, BO J iW J ETSr BtO-TSl CMPS / M ^ tiAdal P tow e ri. WliiLlAM E e l ^ T l N G i f c c b 1253 I*earl Street, i OFFER FOE SALE AT ■ THE LOWEST MARKEUT A qoXFLBtE AS80BTMKNT OP ALL KIMDS OP, B O N N E T S , H A T S , C A P S , M R S si AND ARTIFiqiAL FLOWERS. • , ftn^ C. LATNOLfe-Y k*C^., 1 25 Broad Bt., cot. Exchange Place, I. i n Fate? »•,' A cer© A- sojv, ^ . i' LOOKENG GLASSES. Benry Collins, N o. S97 P E A R L S > T R 3 ^ T , ONTINUBS to manufactuTe to .pider, and has on hand, large Ont Framed LOOKING GLASSES, *nlt ! for Piers and Mantels, with aacHsjD xors and eon ting Cornice#, spleucHdiy omanieiriW, of enUrely new If . ; ----- ■*» — irsi'fb ^ “ S J -

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