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Evening post. (New York [N.Y.]) 1850-1919, January 15, 1850, Image 1

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THE POST. ISSUEifrlUlLT^ A.T t e k h o l l a x s a m h t j m , ' AT s o . Ut s i ® ^ , S M 3HNt S T M S T , B 5 - WBi ' ® 00 . r ®“ *»i •»« 18i oestefor arei SjU ^ F S ^ V M t DuCrr—ccnrisHngofSlineBorUss— ftist iasertkm^ iO cents; saeondsnd third insertions^ r- ^ ^ cents; »id 13| cents Ibr erecj sat^eqnent in- •AZ)P!EfiT7S£!2£E3r7*& upon wMoh the number of times for iasmion IS N O T M JtavK n , »iHbeta*ert«d and ehxrsed n n ta ordered <mt. M r E R T I S B U E N T S kept on the inside of the paper ere clir*ed an additional price. Paaai.r.dDFEJJ7TS£li.s,paperfa!claded, $40; with- ; the papeTj $32 pM snnaa; not, hoireTer, for a less ES OP ADVEJ IK i lS l N G uaiTsn renoB a rraBa. rW Tt)KK WEEKLT eveiti S g rOST, r ONE DOhlUS. PEE sLNNtTM. ____ f'lTB tiBSP. I j . s o s r n r p f i o P E i ) PUBLIC SALES PU B L IC S A L E S . .jloneor. ______ HOGTJET, Stors No. 13 WUHam rtreet. 'e npoa etnuidDMats v U BY A U S T E N S & SHOE St vre e oraerof William st. and Exel ~ a t T ei V'ATS OALB- ~ TO L . X liV I I . N E W Y O R A T U E S D A Y . J A N U A R Y 15 . 1850 N O . 18 N A S S A U . N E A R P I N E S T S .S \ I av ATTVo\N>‘n ‘\ friiT\i£EU , 1 I JlSee No. 7 Broad street, near Wafl. P-TK « A(^oihe«torcand ot on the southwest coton *• ; ^‘KrTcr*lT. further information,apply «o the auctioneer. No ' * at^'i on f e v«.eHt .irfe f;}2. h enoe. noii on jJ4th *t , sr TOJ 7 ^ 5 ’iS S ’,'fafe*^rKuHT. Store 61 Baaeoratreet. S',I'.\ John Rndderow, Anctloneer. BY JOHaN aUD D E R O W & CO., Store No. 163 Pearl street. m w S f ; 'Under the direction of John J ^ -.... - I * ® .... ........... ...... ... TBCTR=DAYe Jan 17 -UndeAbadirecuoo\^^ John^j”'? We'^t _____________Store 109 Wall street , . « J i p i S S i K r e 7 a v o d for chco Ir'lT 'r 'e vftr^lOO. apDroved endorsed notes. ab>—21 easel cnniaiaint pnlisheii Ua- >Q and Com t street, comer of Gold lowing kinds. v»z lb- ^ ic Co d. solid aqd AI.O. at nanne lime, a general oauirtment of BIrmineham. musketi, nfiea. I. .hot, fcc. ,;JoS:|uU‘^in.‘} 0 3 r.^^ar£E S.'ookffn—Thd two sfory frame house and M on the f>oti>her)r mt}o^S!re;t c^op^if «‘'y:’u?ane^„;^:;.J ri^m ,reV ,T h ird toainonthehou«ettndlotr Private Library—A larti€ and valuable private library of rhoip* Als«. a gereral asvor'ment of hiniH books, paper, slalion- A n , ^ m S ! ^ o « e e k ___ PUBLIC SALES. ___ BY W il ' UAM ^H .^FRA N ^ & CO. _________ Office. No. 5 Broad street. 4 | | g S S “ ;“ ‘ in« two * i i S n iic mips or ibe ofBce of the auction <Joerckfl; \ \ i t ? ; I ... . i i p i l i l K M I i s i g i i S S S B S H S » S ; S “ Q(J- tftIcawidScnencsrUuly R x ltroedG o m p a - AflRlVAX.S A T 'XHE N E W VORK HOTELS, A Hwaibiip., Phh ‘ W E Jordan, do < Mr RiTingston, do M MorlanA do H 0 Wilson, do E 0 Trimmer, do J Hudson, do T Lnnsey, NO C M Lothrep, do :own, F iot ii^c^^n^Vutioia Capt Pearsoa J TraTers, n I****^ 5 LSi;W i» ASTOK HOUSE. R Forsyth, Neirbur W C basbronck Tbo first leetnro will bo delivered on MondaTi the 21»t jal'i 8t CHS. KING. Pres of Col College T A X E s T 18A9. Qty- Notice la hereby gWen, that an addition of ono 1 hjh dly^r^h^'b^a??, aUwV p'S“c^t“IS”m^‘l 6 ?h . iv /s s ;; . s ?, s ! k . .r .,a ’.i'; crowd and delay which mu«t neces»artly occur just pro- vloufi to the per centagea being added. O H Brodbead. S ! L WillUms M ats T Y How. jr, Aobon C C Dennis, do £ P Wiaiams, do J H Cbeddlo do J E UeTelln. NY WmRMnfford ^ HAKVEY HART. Receiver of Taxes. No 249 P*^rl surer—The 3 ‘tory brick store *nd dwelling «'“Tx:Vn?!;,7Thf..^ugh ‘?fir;^\^ua?r1;'^li;?. a^nd ; 5 | i ^ ; ' Itpet-The Istury stnri No,3iriiflst.>aiT.e di 4story itore No. 26 Clill street, same i.Tfuslea toiheeitalflollha latatittml. nue—< >ne lot on ihe 2d a i s s r last six montha, payable to the Btookholders or their legal representatives, on and after Friday, first day of Febni- \ L “:?raasfer Books vdU be e.oyd^frem^^^^^^ nn- 'r ^ r » Eni'iTiBLB lasri \ - w n m FOR SAVLNOS, CHA.MBF.nS’ STR E ^ ' > t a m-evtUng oY the 'iVtiaveca of this In- New York. Jan 10.1860.' s s S t - r - I w i £ r i ™ r : S £ S C n “ “ D tv Barrow, N V J P Litul®^' do” | K n ^ J n ”t y - « S « „ ™ i lady CLINTON HOTEL. i r D ”?re%ont Mlmi* aulrincr, Ct J ^Bfowlnfibrny G W Cooper H W Booth Mr Hull, Hartford DUNLAP’S HOTEL. ? » ’.ruV, B «» 5.2 £ t r f ; : 5 r - D A KMridge, Sag Harbor Wm Ts^y’lwfN (J O Keeie,Conn. EARLI’S HOTEL. rs^gX^v CBSkinan,Ct Interest not railed for, will be carried to the credit Of depositors as principal JalO Iw __________ J D r. OGDEN, Secretary R C Merrick, Hartford li^ r b f t r t o g n 'e r d A Merrlan. Ct tst., BrookiTO. n losa'es ot llouse- ’‘BT'ASliVb’fA'Sr - Sr..r^ .No. 1 Pino st. iS B E i s s S l I I ! ! ^ ^ , . , 2 o . e i o : s s » : : : . o . r n . te Court—Coder the diractu>n of 1) Vau Voofbf«. F> *. j S S 3 £ ! S ' s “ “L“'.SsgK\ 1. V .. a IHcKs'sUuct—Leasehold interest in five certain lots of er««nd * on the west side .w^seks at. d*stcot ISO It toutb from Allan iC It: ^'iSjrvretMOoun-Undort^^ D Van Voarhw. K'.,. *‘A‘d r ,r ,i t u ; r / i ! t V ^ ? B r 7 r i. v„u.„i„m. Bom,„.s & a^»o's^ro;rpmUre'Cc’^nT 1 .Ps? Hroonie vtreit—”rhp^ wn^sufry^rimf 504 Bro.»m« tV” ;^rhTet';,^;m:7';;,7n‘w n & T t r-al.S rfori> ^ ft. Wnftftn Sifpei. Br.-mk'yr—The'WO‘lory find attic hnii p No. Warren street. B onklyii. houveen ('ourt nnd Cliniun vi.-re $. D'oA^Rnfy situNt.^1, with tine vuriand Nhnilihery; lot 26 fept in Iror.t and reic by l«>t n 60 per rent may le.iiuia on bond and m • *n on mort^^Me The hs.U’ses cm ‘‘eseen at any tune. P J .ho F 3 S S 1^;: Alilll HtJ D’®'* \.v‘ ’\'•■‘ t hy ev r.«t e S f M l i i l i i ...... .... . % .uiTrr:z\% T rM i Ui© ffiSierly side of Blooraingdale ro^d. from to tba wuih side of 94th s..reet. Delweeu tha north $ule ol 8*reet. beiween i*’h au-i Id'h the south Side M 9^th between tnh an.i bih north Sid' of ^th street, between 9ih and i nh the sou; h Side p! yi^h street, between 9ih and lOih witii marble nianleU> lot 21 ieel inchei front'by 2l leet rear. loimTd re r b /l^T e c ^ Kul fuHhttr'partiiu'^ ,t ..rev.-..».iv...M -st :.r.v..'r -*■- ' ' At 11 oVIocTl” Ihe^iFe^li\\ N’ o « Wnif.,. MereTTv RTTe7*'r!';ur;.,um: vl “.-r;;.: B;T;,7T'J.?e;?, ' i.L, sdo. M.ir’Z'in.lin K<*ma ■*. e>c shcr'v. Reg.na. IlnrMi. «.v, Ror z. L* lulfin llock. etc I’urt n-ar,;. Djfcy &. (’o. ( hisin- pognc.etr, Pal»*nn,l f'urk Brand/ lal. and draw . .MEsTllLLS. President. O. II. I oni.KsMiU 1, Secretary. 01 Tlio Wew Y o rk In a a ran o o C o m p a n y .— The Prepi J«nt and directors have declared a Dividend of tivt* per cents for th« last six moyths. payable to the stockholders ortheirlegal reprosentallvca. on and after .Monday, 14tb insUnt. at theJr office. No. 50 Wail street. JOHN a LYELL, Secretary ^January. Yth 1^860 _________ _______ __ )a8 lm _ Qt/~ R-offer W illiam s Coal^BlInlnfi' Company. Natice is hereby glyen, Ihfit a meeting of the stock' ioldvrs nf the above i ompany wUl be held at the office of s y s s , . A Auktio, do FRANKLI.N HOUSE, r D Miller, NeirburgB Oias B uooper, run i s m - i L Crabtreo Miss Ames, Mo-^a. D r RuggUs. HOWARD HOTEL. f f S s r R H Earrall J M Freeman Cal il'ISK,....\’ n w . w . , , „ « . p . holders of the above I ompany wUl be held at thi the Treaeurer. S’o 41 Wall street. (Jauncey < ourl) New York city on MONDAY, January 2lst, at 12 o'clock, ,, R I Ij/c 27 to'21 ( ITV FIKF. INSi'RANl 7lT ) , / Decemher 31st. IH49. S {•'?- At a M eeting o f the Boartt o f DIrectora ,' f.f thi-s < ompariy hel J on the 19th day of November last ’ tipOlKt*- S !• O \ wa.s unauinioiMly elected (TcmdcDt of i t*-ls « '*UIPi*»y In place of Itichard A Readit>g resigned ....................................... .... ' \m .d s Y t U o u sly, ana aireoted yT-Xb^rmr-''’\*' r T t f e y ^ d . Bo-ton F S P a X r ”^NH Dr Harris SI H A Sbackeefjrd. Tbil I (f Whelan do M Monillo. do rFTrUH\v“; = \ a r y . _ iTFs Finr Iv»rR 4 NCE Co,, f New I ork. Deo 22. 1849 i Board of Directors of this Insti- j^Iso. a *p!endid assorrment offrfish imported B ihemian ware, vrtnetv of snods *n close ronstEnmentj. They will be ready lor i i i i = i s s = i ! , were re-.eivel. ^ Januni-y next, until which time the tran.sfer book wli . ... I I an^i'rv^e,T:f 7 7 .n?y\;r‘;;u ' r^faTn^xle? 'eV\n\^ | ZL7s n e l s o n •S S i a S S S a . n'ne roomj'nd^a I ^lO'Mlerr, ini’Tt>veiii«iiu. one without. Brices _... . .e Wail Street. Vrualn\*' TsT S -onC S r |- KS?Sm.ronrroro;\\' [ suscepubleof iin i*e«4iaie o-e luf buitoms poru>o»e'. 1 he t*Ue v * m'Nputabie Lithogmphiaoiaps are m»w ready at the office of tqe auc:t rw *^'rWTns—Fen per c© t an*-l ih-an*-uoi>eer‘s fee-on »he .lav «»f ^Evecuior,. ...... lamoa M Miller, vu<-i'..)noer UY JAMES M. MILLER EU. Storo No. 75 .Maiden lane ardware. Heal Estate. Leather. Boots & Shoes, dr ’lu.kms. &c ItbSli a.iu uiicuii tiii.M li'c Ijia Ole loTmcln7oTy,Tn a 'n te .\e?n \’t'uriuTl pnniculip* - |q;nrr nt tbe niiction room. Ev-roror,' ^New V„r^ fo r. .XI ‘rdf on me .o,u'her:y .«JHie ar«d 49 leet 11 ir.s oti ti e north- II ms on The »*juthcny s.do itr.il 43 tett bJ m^oo ihenoiiherly 1 he lot ftdjoinme am) I uiMms Therein known as No l3l Ni-R The lot adjoining nnd hmldine thereon cn the comer of Benfc- .tor. fhealHjve deicnhed propertv m Na«wsu tufd Beekman streets. ., ,;k;,?., rjr,r,\„- Yeo\:k' ^ ^ lVr,r:v ‘- ^5 ,ni:;;=X 5 .;';'ni:;r;rr:r^ er^m-iyb** me turned heauti'ul spe\imen« of ihe white.h-bC may now have an opus*i» i- dy *»l ohinir ing . ...............In m rncf w th. and \vb rh m.iy rt*>er nffam ortm--. Siit** p-rem(Mwry. loo K'“kels Kine Ac (‘o. i fiiuhte (’r>.wn 1 nfimpnene K h ’d i , AQciionoer _ „ . >t.:Us um,m Nn. Nn. 12 WniUirsei 1 LIVLNUSTON, WELLS & TO , ;,ri=s.:£to;:.r.r;,I'to' •>» . Agent for Letting Dwelling Hyuaea. Storea, &c , and roUecting Exchange of Real Estate, and fbr Fire and Life Insurance. p R I N T•INU l PAPi’E K - Of all sizes and qualities, for CVRDS W. FIELD It CO U tUff street. for sale hj fo’:wi p « m p k X - s “ p A iv-iC ^ tjpp » _ A g o < M __ ____________ ______ 85 Broad stre S6 Broad stree ]pil£ACU FlxANK> X> For sale by 186 Front stree JEsicK.'«TS&ii«^^ “''“l i s t ' s ’\\ »x» Cold artvinret mi'ln npin s!i Bohn 3 New Series—The Ji‘ .-sirn’eti Li'irnry, umh r n wuh the S-o. .. ........ . 8 . ^'ffarm'^'nTmrirjilili'rrlinuannnli. ffi ni A. U. Mullei. AuatiflBSjp. A U f iJ A M H, MU LiLB Furchase, Sale 0 Money Loaned on Bond and Mortgage ™ l” T ,.t;z^‘ir £ “ 7 ch.\L James Harper. 82 Cliff street. I.\r:i Wilson (} iliint William street, cor Maiden lane George Lovett, 72 Wall street. It»r>i<i«*o<-e. Vo 3K4 Fo«rtl> avenue* Vow York C O M M 1 S C H A N T WOOL, BETTER AND CHEESE, F A R M e ' r S ''' j ' r O U U C E , JHO, 3a W n ^ r street. ■tin \Villiain:S faven*-*^ •fTcraon county Pearl street. .V. V. r p t iE 'S H I P BROOKSBI PROM GLASGOW, X is iJi’icharging at first phn sbovc Roosevelt st E R .\II goods not pprmittoj in five days, will be Pent to M'trb; ; public stnrft _ ____ ___ ___________________ ■1^‘L BAR( LAY & LIVINGSTON 2 i 5 i s S S r S = « : \ ™ \ . “ ‘“ ■ W M S ' S V‘ . I . . » . ,!f.tW S 5 ~ViS.': N B AU good no) to public store -o BU. ana eu. filRS. BRIMAN. TJA S 5TOR SAJLE, ANI> IHAKJBS TCO OROEyR, asaortweat in ehe nity. and t<. xiexn. «,d to 0 rae“ of regular eMtomets on her Fonr hnndred seaiLtresses constantly employed. a i ; s : S 5 i S s b \ “-.i. P'^-^tinginever, ,.i r.fA S r ..S f.iiiK ,“A-ij“ r.sri!r»s f c s S ’S '.fliT e f.S ; & £ S “ ' T 'PAYLOK, «l • sud be^ati/ol • Tery loir pdciftd ; ^ listS^ ba|^ $»C8j CO send In their permits on board, at foot o f ------- street d in five days will be sei 4 WnODUfLl. 87 Sooth street. ■STg^e^^of‘o^oS'b;?h‘u'*’^h^ 7 wiU permits ou board, at pier No It. North river. N B — All goods not permitted in five days will b aenttotbpPuWle St're. jal2 A'-OTICE. ^FackPt \hip (iURK'f' K,( apt A Eldrtdpe x \ from LI VKBPOUL « diecharginc at Pier No 0, N jal2 SPOFKORD.TILfc.STON 8 l CO . 49 South ^U S T O M HOUSB BUSUiJSSS TRANSACTED a vrith promptness and despatch, both In New York id Boston, n-pou reekonablo terms, by HARNDEN & CO - - ---- ‘ . C Wall street lisue, at nduftd ratet. passage tickets from* the aboTc porta* m first 9hips <miy. Tbe greatest-care is taken to provide ton the eom/ort and eonrenienee of pass«n- gers, ind OTcry ftoUitj poisible girep them on embarha- Al»o, drafts from i l upvards eidhed at alght la all t1 towns of England, Ireland, Scofland and Wales. HARNDEN st CO. 6 WaU street, and oia 78 Sonth st., comer of Maiden lane, np stairs. 7S o a 1*^TT so subscriber has been appoint^ SoleA*^ O In the United States for the extensive Coal Mtn»« D. Jonasshon, Esq, of lisvorth HalL near SnnderJ andls prepared to contract for thedeliverj of Coal of — - — ■—*— ---- dact of these esines—nat >viuA«uu» 0 intge .... rtzed Nut CoaL for fonndrisaand house use. nl4 a T w ELLINGTQN HABT. S8 Ctoad»ar a o .o o o of the best styles, for sale low hy the «2g tf v m o j r INDIA RUBBEB CO, 19Waaati gt. T l W ir i T T ’ OJPFICBRS. AND PKA-COAT8, l U j U U U JSlONiiJB* J A C K B T S ANOOVKH. A ltJ J i with a largo etoelc o f othirgoods la the clothing U ra.arsaleky tfie «38tf UNION INDIA RUBBER CO, 19 Naaaanet. Mr Wood and lady. P O Qnaokenbos* Alb J H Vrooinan .N V Mt.'w Riley do I'r Rich Phil J K ( obuni. Ky li i FiiUcQ, d© M r CmelL, o Cam bridge IRVING HOUSE. i’iS::;'.'.';, i l — - ’ i'V ^ r n ^ f f ? do A .MoUon. do J A ( aldwcll. do A F( hiv»©boroug,do (» H Lelluray, do J .VI S*ori«. do ^ ^ ^ “o're.ood N-t” LOVEJOY'S HOTEL \V Lewis. ( onriid Mered’th. E H T n I i T“ o v'^m ^ 'V .M lrh ^'s'.rAT'Vbiia fj ‘w^H'^rt^B^^ton ^5^ ^^^oTto \iTrYS^U W A Clark ( t J S^hlngolcy. Texas J Gardner. Troy J Hanoin NJ N B Johnston. ( layton J K ( arroU. Boston R Hourpt»y J F Carroll, do J B Huger D Chapin MURRAY ST. HOUSE. Mrs D Lambert. NVk D W Phtpp, Hinsboro .Miss I ainbert, do A Decker. do barry. do W F Stnford, ( blcago lUoxaom. CaORudal^ua A Wellen jr, do J B KeitU. ('anandalgui. NATIONAL HOTEL. I'Hilk.. Ljffcy.\’* A Blalcemant Brldgepwt ^ M^M^Uhodes. Taunton PEARL 5T. HOUSE. (i Arpistrong. PUtsburgh <i Otis Adiison, n V k I S Newton 1. Fulls P Johnson, do Leonard. Mill S W Evans, do UATHCUN’S HOTKI . S^aWefport ullough JHForbesNY T.VMMANY HALL H Benediet < onneeticut D MoCnrthy. NYk ( K. Andrews, do D Mead. do n BufTnm, do J Thayer. do B a m iU ^ .„do H _l. Adams. do J iloppe, St Louis n Simmons. Pbil Camp. Kinderhook <■ Wolfe, Brooklyn 5 'T*;X”'wf\\ su 7 ;;.r?A“ J n Corlles.ct R B Ooodwtn do Dr Bnardman. Nora Scotia A H Calhonn, Owego D S Dodge, NV ' ~ ■ ■ “ D A W Williamson,NY rs'i'.”r “ f Thelpi^ Poguorock J riack. Cambridge ! P & S t l M A BogarduT, Fuhkl K E ? .'\ ' J W Stanl-y, Ct !. HOTEL. ’ISSs- WESTER.N HOTEL. F. I^ioharda. Tbil g.A l^A R A J t^ I^ A S Y ^ C P , a superior article, |yoa''rC-ES--150 gross w.ue bottles r.-ceivpd p«r ship J j J H ybif-pan, from LiTerpool, and for Palo at 24 bearer «troot,by jaU ■ BABCLAY at LIVINGSTON- ■j a>SDAL.K COMl»ANY’S Tupprior Rtyle cf 4-t ii r ; --“oW'.\■c**'*- jal4 Exchange Plac< jatt ‘19 F.xoLange Place. TTMBKEGGA CGOXUfel a ! n D S1I.EC1AS.-28 AVso.n1.nl rbraora^»:Jdn^^^^^^^^ Fergnson’sweUKnow^n^^^^^^^^ |JI»iltR«i.L.L.A GLOTH s L a few case.'i lot I}Br' Broad st, cor, of Exchange place. low priced J31 *^”*^' m a RLUS SPBtNG l|.CO. 61 Eiohgnge Place. 7 ; y UISKEY-10 ponaheons very superior high flavored B ^ e r Bt, by b ARCLAV h LIVINGSTON T INEN dPHR. J-J ^read on sp ols, all ni Q H I R r ilSG ST K IF E S —Joseph Ripka’s and oth O manuf&cturea, for 8»le by _ __ ’lAWflfiNCE, TRIMBLE fc CO., 35 Brofcd B»ree»t L a T ^ ' n CE, TRIMDLE & 1 0.,. jl^U) 35 Brood street. XSlUWTINGCliOTHS—A good assortment eonstam Jr I t on hand. «nd for e»i© by dS 1 M ARC US SPRING fc CO. 51 Eighange Place. ^ ^fft ni ajw f!riwCTjg—A fiBW cases of blks for dale v J chM^ w oloM, by^ CI-OTHS—A few i*«ES ft; CO , 49 F.vfdiange Raee._ ehlrllngs, &1 utabU for Mexici o a x K x x if e s T t fcc Ik? col’d aatteena or vicuinapy ‘'ja *d ‘*** s ! t . JONES k Co., 49 Exchange _ lfj1a^^ *°^^” s**T%NKS t CO, 49 Exchange nace. 1 . auo.’ o VW‘- * • «-v— -.o « a infant fignres For sale 1 WM. C LANGLEY It CO, i Broad Irt , cor. Exchange Place. ULBACtUBD SHEEPTBSeS-Ebnadal^ Hope, Ma- JD sonrillB, Harris, Cobannet Mills, and ntuneroos ocher irme, Harris, styles, for ^ e to ^ aJCB, TRIMBLE fc CO.. Si Broad, st M A R IN E L IS T . CLEARED TESTERDAV Sch Emma Peterson. Boston. » * Sch Hanover, Laipokin. Bichmond. Sch Jarvis, Lyon. Fhila'i, W J McKee fc Brother. Sch J C Diris.Smith, Wilmington, NC. ARRIVED YESTERDAY. Ship Enterprise, Fnnfe. fm Liverpool Dec 13, o Clear Dec 21, with mdse and 219 steerage psseei A L Hyde, Bailey. 10 ds fin Esstport, with laths and Mary Ellen, Howell, fm Smyrna, Dd, with corn to SS,'?.'?r.;l\S 2 S,u‘ 5 ^£'l J « B “ . . . ™ u * Bara.it fe Co. ^^fi.A^ILED-gUp Rappahflnncek, for New OrleaM; *nd DISASTERS, i-c 4 “'\w Y SiSKltTiS; t e 's s 'K 's t s t e a ^ 7 s 7 S i a i U H m l l ' ’7.y7tS?t7*.7h answering her description was seen capsized off Point No Point, on New A’ear's eve, and a vessel alongside trying Cihe was a fine ship. 4 years old. and her cargo ooneGted of lumber, bricks, and stives. The ship wlU be a total loss—her cargo mostly will bo saved. The bark Rochelle, John Paty, from San Francisco, bound^for leeward ports, struck on a ledge of rocks south- OUl, luoep -.«U0 WU *.£9.000 lbs bone. 000 lbs bone: V/m Tbomeson. Kllis N B 100 sp. 300 wh. iS B S S S ® E;i\£Brr • • \ Also ar Oct 9. Seine. Slccnm, NB, 70 sp 1890 wb; Chan dUr.^Price. Taber^NB |^99 wh^ baik Newburyport Les­ son, is l , zsou wn; nenjamiL Also ar 25lh. Oroztmbo, Bartlett, NB,2000 wh; Hell*-*- s” h'^^rirlli?;. A rlral© OQ(i Departures at the port of Petropamsk m m m s s m Guam. 21 mofl out. ^50 «p £0 -*cb. and Failed 22a for BGi Au^nt 9th for Oahu August 8th, French »hi; ’ t ’i . r , THE EVENING POST. T H lK T lf-P ia S T COSGUESS. Mr. Webster presented several memoiials, vfei 7 nomeroos y sigued, asking Congress that increased facilities for regular aniffreqnent interconrse by nuulj between the Atlantio ports and San Francisco, by »a- ^onsingthe Post Office Department to transport tbe er which wiU take them a t a rj; th© following resolution. » amending the charter of the said city of Washington 3 to authorize the corporation thereof to execute the espective laws. 9‘^so presented the following resolution, ■ ■ f ; r all letters, and at to said account, lowing resolution Resolyed, That the Committee on Commerce be in\ stmeted to inquire into the propriety* of restoring to the revenue cutter service, the office^ who were dis- Mr. Houston submitted tho following preamble and resolution, which lies over. as fin aMurauce and guaranty to pr S M K i S S S i r S B Rtaten, that tf, in the exercise of such inherent rights, the ?i1,1fl^‘'? c i t.rn \ d 'L f 5 o tu t t‘r constitution of the United States. Mr. Seward introduced a bill for the relief of the sureties to the bond given in behalf of tho steamer United States. Mr. King introduced a bill granting the right of • way and a donation of lands to aid in the construction of a railroad from Selma, in Alabama, to the Tenes- ledge- No objeotion being made, the question was stated ipon that amenjflment. Mr. Davis moved to amend tho amendment, by striking! oat the provision allowing certain inciden­ tal expenses. Lost—Ayes 21, noes 33. The amendment moved by Mr. Diokinson wac then adopted by yeas 27, noes 27—the Vice President giv­ ing bis easting vote in the affirmative. Mr. Hunter moved to amend the resolution by the addition of a clanse reported from the Committee on Commerce, providing that nothing therein shall be so strued as to prevent the importation of goods from district to another under bond, which was agreed m of tho subject was then Clemens, caUing tointmexit of civU \of a' i f f i - S ‘ ; S » » g ’.i,' Mr. Borland introdi ''ftrc*,.ttL ? !a b .r c a . = .» .b. ,M „ - sage received from the President of tbe United States s ; ‘:L?.Kr.r:?‘K.\^ « - Mr. Pierce moved that the Senate proceed to th« consideration of the joiet resolution, suspending for a limited time, tho act limiting the expenses of collect­ ing the revenue from custom. He said this was a measure of vital importance, both to the commerce and to the revenue of the country. As the Senate must be aware, the act propo.sed to be suspended,and which went into operation on the 1st of January, limi­ ted the exp“nscs of collecting the revenue to a scale, ono-tbird below tbo estimate made by the Uepart- of their crews, and haddireoted the expenses of weigh­ ing, measuring and gauging, to be charged to the importers. Cither expenses, attaching to the ware- honsing system, were also directed to be charged to the importar; as alse were the expenses of the ap­ praisement. -The estimated expenses of the new oi 1- lection districts, were proposed to be reduced to an entirely inadequate sum, and a per centago upon the salaries of officers of the Customs had been ordered to be wilheld, until the action of Congress upon this subject could be ascertained. All these measures must be persevered in, unless tbe joint resolution should be taken up, and passed ; and even they would not be sufficient to accomplish th ' reduction .demanded by law The Senate must know that tho law was passed on tbe last day ollastsesEion, in haste, and without the deliberation which so im­ portant a subject demanded It provides that, in stead of the expenses of collecting the revenue being deducted from the gross revenue, the revenues should be first paid into the treasnry, and the expenses be then drawn under specific appropriation. So far, the act was good, but the proviso was added, which limit ed the expenses tc \\ x - a ---- 1 —*— 1« — Revenue CuU_. _ _____ ^ebster interposing, suggested that .such a move was particularly questionable a t this seaton ol V r ^ D i c i - - b T a w a ;;ra d ruVg^ied: ‘S h o i r d u e S r V u o : lioved the limit of expenditure was too low, and would agree to increase i t ; b a t not to throw the whole mat ter open again to the Treasury Department. He hoped that the resolution would be now taken up, discussed, and acted upon. The motion to take up the joint resolution was The resolution having been read, Mr. Hunter ad­ dressed tbe Senate, expressing the opinion, that this act ought to be more guarded than ever now. He believed, from a careful examination of the whole subject, that these expenses ought to be still more reduced Ho alluded to the various items of expen- dilnre, for iho purpose of showing that they might be greatJy decreased. The expenses of the Jtevenue Reveuue -Cutler for the purpo e of relieving ship­ wrecked vessels. Four hundred thousand dollars, also, might be saved in tbe warehousing system, by Mr. Fierce expressed bis concurrence in the vicwi expressed, relative to the proposed reforms in the mode and expense of collecting the revenue, but ht whhed these reforms to be made by Coegress,andriot by the becretary of the Treasury. His wonder was, Ibal those who have had the power did not, long ago, take the requisite measures of reform. It must be seen, however, that under the present circumstances, some action should be taken by Cot gross,'for the pur­ pose of rendering the proposed reform what it was de­ signed to be—a public good. Ho was in favor of spe­ cific appropriaiions by Congress for th « e expenses; bat it certainly was proper that Congress should firsi ITeasury might not be compelled to do that which was tbe duty of Congress, fie believed that Ibe ex­ penditures might be greatly reduced, if attempted in Mr. Dickinson moved to suspend tbo 1 \ ■ the suspension of .ppropriaiioiis shall sroflsT o T in 'rd i t i l of cartage, &c. nir. Yiemena Had no objectioi lution he over, untUit could be the message sent to the other House desired information and it was laid over. The Senate then went into Executive Session, and soon after adjourned. HOUSE OF r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s . A t twenty minutes past two o’clock, Mr. Kauff­ man moved to postpone the further execution of the order for tho election of officers, for the purpose of taking up the report of the Committee on Rules The aid rules were adopted temporarily, and the time would expire to-day. It was, therefore, important to proceed with this business. After a short conversation the motion of Mr. Kauff­ man was agreed to. The rules were adopted, and then the first amended rule to be^ensidered was read, requiring that, in all cases of election by the House tbe Sp e y e r shall vote. In other oases he shall not be required to vote, unless his vote, if given to= the mi­ nority, will make the division e q u a l; and in case of such equal division the question shall be lost. The “ required to” were words proposed to be insert Mr. Haralson objected to the amendment, because it gave the Speaker direction to vote. Mf. Jones referred to the report of the oommttee. Mr. VVinthrop said it eonid not be required rer the Speaker t o —* --- 1 -— x , ----- , -------- u —- ,v . resolt. H i quiring tht toe result. Farther debate ensued, knd the Speaker having ;ated that the rules, as adopted, would be subject to mendments a t a future time, Mr. Rohinson moved to postpone the siibject to Monday next, so as to go on with the election of offi- cers. The motion was lost. Fin ■■ Thi sideration, Mr. Butler, of Pennsylvania, moved to amend by adding and such persons as the Speaker or mem* bera may introduce.^’ He thought as ^aany persons as eould be admitted ought to be' here to listen to the deliberations. Mr. Thompson, of Pennsylvania, was in favor of accommodating everybody. Mr. Woodward warmly opposed the a m ^dm ent. Members whb have not the least regard forpropriety, will fill the outside of the bar with_their favorites, while members (slthe opposite character'wlll exclude tbe friends whornThey would like to have^in tho hall. Mr. Strong reminded the gentlemen that to-day an amendment haA been adopted, which admitted four thousaM persons to the privilege of the haU, namely, the membera of tho state legielatores. He opposed the amendment. Mr. Vmtoi atioh. Mr. ThompEOD, of Mississippi, replied that be wanted free disSDSsiOD, and moved that the further consideration of the subject be postponed until Mon­ day next. Carried. Mr. SchfiDok moved to make it the special order for that day, pending which question the House ad­ journed. Correspondence ot tlie Evening Post. W ashingtoh , Jan.lStb, 1850. C entral A merica . —1 have previously hinted i le probability that Mr. Squier was exhibiting a lit- 0 too much impetuosity in his diplomacy please either the Administration or the conservative soathernjjortion of the Senate, who, under the direc­ tion of Mr. Calhoun, have taken the control of our foreign relations. Mr. Squier has not been confirmed, it 18 not certain that he will be, though his re- FOREION PORTS. for CVlnju Sid fm do Oct fitb, Ship ftlary k Adelinf. McLcDnan MaoUai^tb, Tar, Buraley, ^ong Kongj a?Ux, Counec- tien^ Pezibailow, San Franeiieo. LabainijOct 22-Arrct»8 WWtuey, H»U, Califor­ nia; 36tU, 1 B BslffeT*, 4^; Carollzie, do. .4* PerDamboco, Bee fibip Euterprise. whfller tVeyal of Nantuekst; 16th, bark Gen Jesnip Fisher. Phil <Us*gi brigs Wm Price, Howland, dp^ C W Rnssell, Coop­ er, for N York in 2 day&j Chiefi lloWthom, for Ball, in & days; Virginia. Fooper. fin Balt, dfeg; Sch Julia A Mister. JohnMm.do4 days. At Gibraltar Sd nit. bark Cabasa, Littlejohn, fm Cat- thagenafor NForlc. withlead, wipd boffhd. 5 0 0 0 tornia and Mexico, ifcr sale in lotstornit.to jaio __________ JOHN GREAt-EN. jr 97 Brt^dway^ 1’ OITSDAI.E CO.’S Silesias, Nankeens and Bleached X-i Sheetings For sale by LAWRENCE. TRIMBLE t CO.. ja9 _____ _ ^ Broad »tpi |~,1>0 R V H B R B . ^ highest market G o o o y j a sBtOES AhlDBOTtrEtES—Tne price paid &r dd Rubber Shoes, bot- y EAR’S Rubber Warehonse fid and f8 Broadvtoi 0 PF«it« Txjnity Chiirttu I r r s Z g g r L T d h o T e i i i v e ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ giing was attempted, or won'd ensoe upon (be redno- «on of the force employed to prevent snob violation of otserved, that tkere was a genera ^[iogition to revise and coriail those expenditnres li Was a complex, and in some respects, a difficult Bab)eqt--it was a subject which required i pnySriatlons, because the Secretary of th< had no authority, except to present to C< viewsnppn then— ’* • \• • nally -jras to asc( priationa dnehi opinion was th a t the amendment provided a greater sum for tho coUeotion of the revenue than would ho Receesaiy, while a t the same time it allowed » juin much leas than tbe estimates of the Secretary of the Treasury. H e believed that some middle ground would bo tbe proper basis of permanent action on the, subject, apd b e hoped that the redaction o f the Jleve- nue Cutters would not be made immediately, a t this inclementeeaaop of the year, while tbe nmie weredepefidinaapon the cutters for relief tfiv distress oq tbe coast, and before .they coidd JgT^tnmty to^ provide other mgimBfos for securing Mr. Qalhotmlsgi^tbatio 1821, wRen the revenue.; s ‘* S m e - and'Luitary jection is not probable. You wi: ou will perceive that a rumor has got abroad that r is to be recalled, for having ei treaties and irnment for seizing the islands which Mr treaties he has tion ,for these reports, bat I doubt it. The islands which Mr. Squier negotiated for are small affairs, and his transgression must be comparatively trifling Beside, the Senate may quietly reject tho articles of ' purchase and cession. If onr Government repudiates Squier’s a.cqaisition and other arrangements, lain that it has no cause of complaint against the is plain that it has no cause of complain British official, who has coolly seized the first and oc traveneff the last; so thai it is difficult to perceive hi either government can take offence a t the proceedings of the other, or'be gratified by the mutual recall of its ation blUa, which will be laid before the House a t \tbe earliest practicable moment—some of them next week. The committee is composed of five democrats, duties “ for proteotion’s sake.” No movement, therefore, -will be originated in that cbmmittee, for admirably well qualified both \from scientific attain- that, though Mr. Seward is not upon snob terms with crats have a majority and can reject whom they please, but as the rejection of a dozen whigs will not replace one democrat, it is presumed that no tyrannous use of their power will be made, t 1 do not Know that I have -written you smoe the among the new men. I am careful to inform them, by way of oonsolatien, that after they have been here a term or two, they will become as used to these manifestations of southern democracy, as eels arc k id tu be to skinning. Tho desertion and betrayal of Forney by those southern politicians whom he has served with such fidelity, was quite a matter of course, provided their treachery would enure to the benefit of any body from their own part of the ccun try. Only eight of them went over on this occa.sion, but ten or a dozen more were known to be ready it they were required. As if emulous of the contempt which such baseness whs well calculated to inspire, four northern whigs aided these apostates, by chang­ ing from French to Uampbell, after the deserters r'om Forney began to come over to their camp. Four trials have hien had for tho election of r'er- 5 ™ c r e S u , g . ? a » a dred and four votes, one more only being r< an election. Though the vote of a single southern patriot, from tho opposite side of the House, would have closed the “ fruitless contest,” as they termed that over the clerkship, it was not forthcoming, and when his democratic auxiliaries fincked to his stand- SS r S i ” ims, resting o n , 10 more. Mr. Brown i s ! n his oandidateshlp a a d ' TRe MoUIen anfl ox^jamx^ fo w - ell, aficrvrnuf* aa»tvesa 19IA—Speaking, tO\day>vfri*r. W » iier, vrUora i had once seen »t ““ole John’s, Mr. A ^ e w sayCd he had obtayued the reputation of Being oua of our unawares. So thinand wan—andheK ath shotuainto a stripling during the last fert months. THfe» two nights o f watching have tried me sorelie, but I wodld nohba withholden from sittingup irith him y e t agayn—what a n d if thisnighfcshouldhe-i^last Show collide I forgive myself fromBleepihg on now and ta­ king my rest 1 The first n ight, he,knew me n o t ; y e t it wa?l hmer-8Treetto]iearlit8ieW ding lit nireat Mon for p ot yomiug. yestoruight he know mo for a whao, kissed me, M d fell into a heaviesleepe,-wiih hisliaud locked in mine. We hopedthO orisis was oorao j hat T was not m . Ho raved muob of a man allg in red, I minded me of those word*, d, 1 will overtake, 1 wM pursue,” ever, were fixt on me with a strange, wistMle stare, but be spake not. From that momenthe was qoiete. Tbe doctor thought him ramhUng tUs morning, though I knew he was not, when he spake of an angel in a long white garment watching over him and ■ seeling by him in the night. Sunday evening .—Poor Nell sitteth up with moth- to-night—right thankfoJle is she to find that she lu be of anie use : she says it seems soe strange that i6 should be able to make any return for my kind- isse. I must sleep to-night, that I may watch to­ morrow. The servants are nigh spent, and are be­ sides foolishlie »£ra,y - — - for me. Soe drow£ ____ able to pray for myself. JMondoy.—Rose and Mr. Agnew oame to abide with us for some dayes. How thankfoUe am I ! Tears have relieved me. Robin is worse to-day. Father quite subdued. Mr. Agnew wiU sit np to-mght, and insists on my sleejjiug. Crab howled under my window yesternight as he did before my wedding. I hope there is nothing in It. Harry got up tind b eat him and at last put him m ys stable. ■ Tuesday.-ASier two nights’ rest 1 feel quite strength- eneid and i^stored this morning. Geare Rose read me to sleep in her low, gentle voice, and thenlay down by _my side, twice stepping into Robin’s ohamber during the night, and bringing me news that aU was well. Relievedd in mindd I ueptlopt heavilie,avilie, nor wokeoke tilli_ in min I s he nor w t T^en retniued to ye sick chamber, and found whom he lookt with lowlis turnied his i new, on whom he lookt wit a oom^sed, colleoted gais. Slowlis turnied smiled, but spake not. Poor dear mother is a father some time; but took my place and let me return to ye sick rooir Rose hath already made several Rttle changes for the ■oved ventilation of Rohinia chamber. meamestUa ■■ '8 itnd 1 must uavo caiit?a xvjcnara. in e next mmoce n© leu back as weak as a child ; we covered him up warm, implemei^ts a t hand,, I wrote a letter too Mr.r. Milton,ilton, t M M which, though the fancy of sending it soon died away, yet eased my mind. W hen net in prayer, I of­ ten find myself silently talking to him. fFrdncsday.—W aking late after my scant night’s rest, 1 found my breakfasto neatlie layd out in ye little antechamber, to prevent tbe fatigue of going' down stairs. A handfullo of aSlamn flowers beside my plate, left me in noe doubt it was Rose’s doing ; instructions, in making treaties and purchasing and Mr. Agnew, writing at ye window, told me ho islands, and that Mr. Chatfield is to be recalled by ^ad persuaded my father to go to Shotover with Dick, his ,*overument for seizing the islands which Mr Then laying ^ .d e his pen stept into the Sick q W - S £ x s ”: k S on*my spirits j ra tCoo^rarie^Sothf^’in “felre^U hiviiBv^. ho \\derstandasoe much of physick, a fter alio. “S § “ Audrey rode over with her father, this morn, to make enquiries. She might have come sooner had she meant to be anjo real! uso to a family she-pas thought of entering. Had Rose come to our help as late in the day, we had been poorlie off. 7/mrsdaj/.—May Heaven in its mercy save ns from ya evil consequence of this new misohance!—Rich­ ard, jealous a t being allowed so little share in nursing Robin, whom he eayd he loved as well as annie did, would sit up with him last night, along with mother. \[TwiCfi I bear'^ hiTr* ennv'vm’g o*v»1 ofAv\> in tetvAoe^t /»« him to chan I -------------- loriDg and slept in to prevaU on lango places, bat could not get him to stir, time ho fell asleep, and, it seems, mother slept too; andRol fell asleep, and, it seems, moth , ibin in bis fever, got o at of bed, and drank near a quart o'l cold water, wakiog Dick up by setting down ye pitcher. Of course the bustle soon reached my listening ears. Dick, to doo him - Jnstioe was frightened enough, and stole away to his bed without a word of defence ; hut poor mother, who had been equallie on her watch, mnde^more noise about it than was good for Robin J who’ neverthe- iesse, we having warmlie coveted np, burst into a profujo heat, and fell into a sonnU Bleep, whicli h a m pvw hfildvn him m^mv hours- Mr- Agnew arguetu fa.voxxra.bUe of bis wabin^, bat we await £t m prayer- lulle anxieile. ------ The Mifiifl is past! and ys dostor sayeth hB alle along expected it last night, which I cannot be­ lieve, but father and mother do. A t alle events, praised be Heaven, therS is now hope that.deare Ro- bia may recover. Rose and I have mingled tear*, smiles.and thanksgivings : Mr. Agnew hath express­ ed gratitude after a more collected manner, and en­ deavoured io cheek ye somewhat ill-gfivetned ex* proBsion of joy throuffhoat iho hoase j wsmiDg yo SUrThHl»| bus 9SpovM>j D*vh f f a n j ; tuwe it-obta W itk what tratxsporie have I eat besiad ad&l* Hfibin’s bed, ratarniBg h is fixed, em e s t, ilmilalle gaze, and answering ye feeble pressure of his hand '.— Going into the stnddy ju s t now, I found father crying like a child—the first time 1 have known him give way to tears d uring Robin’s illness. Mr. Agnew pre- sentlie came in, and composed him better than .1 Saturday .—Robin better, though still very weak. Had his bed made, and took a few speonfaU of broth. Sunday.—A very different sabbath from yd last. Though Robin’s constitution hath received a shock it may never recover, his comparative amendment . fills ns with thankfnmesse ; and onr chastened-sns- peuee hath a sweet solemnitie and traslfulnesse in. it . MOKCEEipF DB. GEOBC OF A nother M urder .- ___J4y fkatlifi on iook Hf. W o U U t boat ten o’clock m the Ltyv and lefr Mm i ■SI ill ■i ; f f J i ‘ i l.i r ; . < - V i i Y'i

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