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W m m u h im fg € f 0 9 d 9 < 5 ^ S S , « 35 ^ ^ - ^ “'™*’ ® S l E A m riANO CO T U S . l A T ^ O ^ ^ n , , p 4 )m n € r 4 m St B r a n d y 4 S « l i d 4 4 \ \ C & ^ L$n toTciieeti, in g m t railetj. , SMiB^qr iwn*. ’ JSroim i'szm « u DrIU, Kos. 3 to S. BlaaciMd Dowleu. tXmble PncJc Dzill, blescbad and biowii, tbr panta- Bales Cotton and Worsted T»W« Corers. Beotcb Diapers, 17 to 31 ineh all qualitie Tabu Dlap« and Damask. HdekabncK and Bird’s Eye Diapers. Bleacbed Idaen. Cloths^ D ot U cs , no. BamslerSBi Bnstla ^ e e i Russia Crasl_ CanTass Padding EaTeM’ DUc*-, \ _____ DU c I b Sail Twine, ke. Osaabnrgs. Meal and Grain Si Bnrlaps.M to 36 in Idnen Hessiana. 40,42,45 inch. Bsodans, 45,4^ 52,54, 56,60,65, 72, 74 __ oon, fine and extra beaT]% for paintin] Floor Clotb .Ganrass, 4,6 W d 8 yards wide. %lax SaUDnek, S e o t^ anA Bussia, of all thihe t dltfer- Broadway Insurance € ^ 0 m p a n y » Capital $ 200 ^ 000 . O ffleo No. 418 B n a d w iijr, c o r n e r o f C a n o l at. This eompanj' hariag thehr eapitzl all paid In, in cash, are noV prepared to effect Insnranee on BnUdings, Mer­ chandise, Household Fomiture, Vessels In Port and their Cargoes, ke., against loss or damage by fire, on the-most 'noxahle terms. I Ml rosses promptly adjnsted and paid. DIRECTOBS. Sehnreman Halsted, John Harper, William V. Brady, William B. Skidmore, Wilson O, Hnnt, John Falconer, Leonard Kirby, George T. Cobb, John B. Corlies, Bernard Smyth, Chandler L. IngertoU, ' Helmns M. Wells, Matthew Bird, Hiram M. Forrester, Benben W. Howes, John B. Dickinson, :a. Secretary. _ L a i ' S r^^radera?^' Francis W. Edmonds, , Lemnel Bangs, Lewis Doty, ‘ John T. Fisher, Benjamin F. Camp, Aar& Arnold,. John Sneokner, Charles P. Brown, Chester Driggs, William Truslow, Samuel B. Althause, Crowell Haddon, JohnW . Merserean, Charies Sandford. SCHUREMAN H a LSTED, President. JoBU~WaaT, Secretary. Applications for Insurance left a t box 3135 Post Office, . will receire prompt attention. dl7 nptf \ T M O N S U R T N C E T \ jyationdt Insurance Co* o r Boston. CAPITAL $ 5 0 0 , 000 . N eptune Insurance Co* o r Boston CAPITAL § 200 , 000 . F r a n k lin Insurance Co* or Boston. CAPITAL $ 300 , 0 0 0 . Tho Capital of the ahore Companies has all been paid In, secnrely InTSstad, and &re now unimpaired. For insurance, apply to TH OM AS H A L E , 51 WaU street, jaSeodnp Second door ai>OTe William street. E a s t B irer Ins* Co.y NO. 89 W A U t. BTBNIBT. THIS COMPAMY WITH A \FULL CAPITAL,” ^OSm U H UEIS to insnre against loss and damage by vy fire,on buildings, merchandise and boosehold lurni- re, on faTorable terms. JOHN B ROC WEB, President. , Secretary^ ____________ ^ Iw Citizens*’ Fire Insurance Co. W I L L .I A M S B U R G H , L . /. lie w YorJc O iS c e s ^ 7 » W a ll sUrcet, a n d 167 QlJ- T i n s COMPANY Tested, and s large sn Lots and Damage by 1 City Offices 8en»j^y^ E C T O B. S . DANIEL BDRTNETT, JEREMIAH JOHNSON, THOMAS McELRATH, JAY JARVIS, LUKE BAKER, ROBERT BARKLEY, CHARLES DEVOE, , JOHN s H a r r i s . ALONZO A. ALVORD, JAMES C. BALDWIN, WILLIAM WALLArE, . D a n i e l w . t o w n s e n d , FRANCIS A. PALMER DANIEL BURTNETT, President. JAMES M. McLEAN, Secretary. October 1st, 1849. ----- \ Fatsurance Company OF THE p State or PennsylTania. CA P ITA L 200,000 DOLLARS. CHARTERED 1792. W ith a large Surplus* rpHJLS ^Id eetablisbed and well>kno^ Company wi X IsauA polieiee at the current rates of premiums o metchanfise. buildings, ^ k o ^ ^ W m . ^ kfub . Secretary. TK JEiirroN M iiTU A i. f u l b u s s d r a n c r : i COiaPANV. i Capital $150,000—AU paid in. r p H E iTREiNTON combines th«* adTantageS of X M u ^ al company with a stock capital. All policy at current rates of premlom. JOSEPH C. POTTS, President. Ei.1 bfoRRi*. Secretary For p^olea, apply to JOHN S. NOBLE, Agent,_ '^ew ^ork, October 12,1849._________ol3 6m eodnp OMce o f the J^ational Fire Insnranee Company, NO. 67, W A L L ST R E E T , ’ Bi TS'W T O R B . , Company with a full capital and large tnrplus X e w l y loTeeted, are prepared to effect Inenraiices ^ Sgainj^tfOss and D amaoc bt F ire , on all descriptions of propeny. Also on I ivlaxo NATioxTior* R isks on as i Torahle^iQB as any similar Institution in this city. - All losseB.tjromptly and paid. DIREoT'ORfi • Thol.'VfeTBorna, Martin Hoffmia, AnOraw D.Meliot JFolinyanB<M:kerck,Jolm J. Herrick, W. H. Jacobs. bertjp a j^ ^ Wm. Van m Wyek, Philip Burroughs, Jtgankmttsm J^re B$su> ^ ^ r o m t e € ^ m s j ^ a n y , jp:cc*EB »T »ot!n»aira*oaTCaosa Ann Dsnkn sraT is S 3 S 5 S^r“ ' n a t ^ ^ e ^ celards , an.„,...T.rfLJr..S.cr.t«ry. W W C » o r B f S H K A k c a N a , 50 W k U a t t e e t . rorresJTklMkacHAsrrs’ EicBawo*.] *■ N ew Y oex , Febmary 5tb, 1849. * T sn aieeflon Ifar Directors of this Institution, held A 't a Oflet oftlia i Companyhis t day, tbaidlowiiig f goBtismea were elected i hloscs Tucker, EUsha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodmll, Thomson Price, B. R. Bohsoa, M. D. John Pi Moore, John H. DsfTison, Jsmes E. Holmes, Francis P.Sage, Joseph Allen, John C, Merritt, Joseph Drake, John H. Lee, ’William K. Thom, Thomas Morrell, Stephen Lyon, Samuel Milhank, Jr., Philander Hanfiird, Josiah Richards, James Gillespie. The fidlDwing genuemen were at the same time elected ispwrtors of tbs next electiou, to be beld in 18S0 ; C . V .S. RcoMTelt, WilliamBradltord, Jamea £ . Cooiey. ting of th e Boerd of Directors, , was nnaninunuly la-eleoted The FhBaddphia money market is not loasiy. The approaching payment of the state dirldends oa tho lit Vsbruary, the fnnds for which are depositsd in tho Phila- d.lpbia Banks, will occasion a iarga withdrawal of money to meet it ; and the banks in consequence cannot afford New York Life Insurance and Trust Company. O F F I C E N O . 62 W A L L S T R E E T . C A F IT A l. $1,000,000. TheCompaiQrliunites LIVES, grants and porohasss NNUITIES, and makes a n y o ^ e r contracts, inroiTing lelnterest of money and the duration of Ufa. D E P P \'\\ the nsnai accommodation. After the 1st February, the market will become easier, by tho distribution of tho dlrl- dends ; thoogh mnob of them will be withdrawn from gn aeeonnt. B of the eity of Baltimore hai I reports, from which the JW condensed, showing a T<ry market will become easier, by the distribution of I The eleren banks of the eity of Baltimore hare all pre- rented their annnal reports, condensed, showing a re t Capital. Inrastmanta. Disconnts. Janm u y l, 1849.. .6.974,648 8074227 94 9,797,417 21 January 1,1848. , .6,971,852 521,116 00 10.<99,903 80 January 4, 1847. ___ e,9e9A39 647.300 00 10,083.23fi 00 January 5,1846.. .6 971,681 888,697 00 10448,309 00 Specie. CirenUtion. Depesites. January 1.1849. .1,781,911 11 1,852 168,00 2,827,896 81 January 1,1848. .1,834,187 00 2,104,712’ob 00 SJ2S.859 00 .................... 1B08 00 1,988, ----------- - c - .c c . e e tytOO 00 2,159,140 I in the specie Jflarine and Fire Insurance* M E R - C H A N T S ’ L O U I S V I L L E INSU R A N C E CO., CA F lTAle $1T5,000. A c e n e y O A ee, No. 60 W a U s tr e e t. W. E. Clifton. D. S. Bepedlirt, A. A. Gordon, W. Banney. ' Thoe. E. WUso% O. Spratt. CHAPMAN COLEMAN, President. January 4, 1847 . .8,0e»A29 647^)0 00 10,0823^ 00 January 5,1848.. .6 971,681 888,697 00 10448409 00 (4,167 00 £ f M ,m SJQffSSO January 4,1847. .L814B0S 00 1,936448 00 l^Ol .909 00 January 5, 1846. .I,8«y500 00 2,169, 00 8418,760 00 We note an morease in the specie of 8831,837, 07 \ de­ posits of 810,921 51; clronlation of 221,430 76; ffiisooonts, !6,e95 86; inrestments, 01,441 27. The total amemnt of apede held by the eleren banks Is 2,114,000 dollars, while their olrcnlatlon is .3,074,000 dol- ,818,T36.M0 77 nding stocks, de- Ltlon,.......................12,M8 220 08 ^’Surplns ............ The Dlreotois of the Western bank hare passed a reso- (tion to angment the capital stoek of the bank. Q,xias:terly R e p o r t. STATEMENT ihoHnne tbs tine condition ot the PHENIX BANK, an Incorporated Bank, on the morning of Batnnlay, 29th day C hshles H. B is FIRE INSURANCE. t h e : n o r t h AM B R ICAN K lR S : INSURANCE COHPANV, OFFICE N O ^ C T ^ L L STR, A P IT A L S250.000. i e S E £ = : : : : HANDSOME SURPLUS. ' s v s r K.'iss'.’s terms as farorable as a r^slm^^inBtltntlon. ^^M les WllUams, Dadd B. KMler, Jam«8 W. Otis, Hugh Auchincloei Henry Parish, Thomas Tfleeton, la, Wylllfl J Joshua J. Henry. JAMES w . Jonathan Thorne, Wm WhUowiight, Mosf« H. Orinnell, Wyllis Blaokstone, R. W- B lkgcckr , Secretary. rv Y ork E quita COMfAtTT. S v B B BANK FOR. SAVINGS, CHAMBE’-RS’ S^TREET, i QCf~ A t A m e e ti n g o f th e T n u te e a ' of t ^ \n-. BesoWed, That under the provisions of the bye-laws, Interest not called for, will be carried to the credit of lepositors as prineipal. jalO iw ' J. D. p. OGDEN, Secretary. S S S “s- 'inoipal, and draw have been deposited a t least three moi JAMES MILLS, Presidi G. H. CooocsHai-i., Secretary. e«?-~AMERICAN INSTITUTE.-A stated meeting of S'j'ssi.sssMSJs.s r f i-ttb\' ” ja9 S?8”°^*B0BERT SCHUYLER, Transfer Agent. S i l l i i S f s I i hours of 12 and 2 MOBTlMSSn LlVlBCSTOa, GUbert Davis, Wm. V Wyek, Philip Burroughs, Iltn u r H . Ward, ^ o r g ^ B ^ , James L. Adama THO m S^YV THORNE, President vr. C. KELLOGG. Secretary _______ jel6 8taw np tf L o n g Islau tl I n a o r a n e e Compstny WITH a ’ s u r p l u s . Office N o. 41 F u l to n a tr e e t . B r o o td v n . /^ONTUVUKS to take risks on bnlldings, merchan- V>s illsi, machinery, and property generally, at current rateaofpreralnm. ■JChla company has passs-i through the great New York Ural olf 1 8 ^ and 1845, and also the recent disastrons Brooklyn fire. They owe their escape from them, with omnparwti’rely slight losses, to the system which they praetle^ Of limiting and scattering their risks. The dompany Infonn their dealers and the public gene- nllT , that fc»* ttan tme (itira of their huBiness is on risks in the eity of Broofclyn- AU iSisos which the company may sustain, wUl be ad- usUd aiid paid promptly, as heretofore. ,7 h ^ R F n p TheW. Y. Bowery rire Ins. Company. O lllce 1 $ 4 B o w e r y , c o m e r G r a n d atrcct. c a p i t a l . 300,000 LKJLLAItS gTs a t a COMP AN ¥ eontinaes to Insure against loss X or damage by FIRE, Dwelling Housesand Furniture, Ware Houses,. Stores and Merchandise, on the most fa- yoraibls, teiuiB. Baying a large Surplus Fund, which, with their Capital, being sicureiy and profftably luveated, enables them to afford dnuaBJ-i: ikcuaiTT on all Policies issued by them Orders by post or in person will receive prompt atten- DIRECTORS. James MQla, Wm. Hibbard, D ^ d Cotheal, Jacob B. Le Boy, Peter Gatsner, O. W. Retts, Anson O. P hel^, John Gray^ Joseph Britton, “ 'bDea OO- Dl-vldend.-ALBANY AND SCHENECTADY RAILROAD CO .-A dividend of three and a half per cent, on the capital stock of this Company has this day been declared, out of the net earning* of tho past six months, payable on the 20th day of January proximo, at the Mechanics’ Bank in the oity of New York, to hold­ ers of stock there registered ; and to aU others, at this The Transfer Books will be closed from the first to thi tenth of January. Inclnslve. By oedefi of the DlfsetoM. E FOSTER, Jun., Sec’y A. S 5 B. R. Co. Albany, 28th Dec. 1949. d29 Swis C U M B E R L A N D S E M I-B I T U M 1 N O U S Ofllee, Manhattan Bank Bnildin; R. W. C lifi DamcLC. Bauez, Bank Buildings, 4H> W iO l S t re e t. B .IFFE k Co., Shipping A| ;, Agent and M l n i n g ^ ^ ^ ' ' ST A irLT H . BTdBBTWOOIJ, No. a o Nsmsan atjreat. COMMISSIONER FOR OHIO, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS INDIANA AND MISSISSIPPI. To take acknowledgment of Deeds. Depceitions, fco. jy26 T r i u t Com p amy \ $300,000. ______ arm secuaxhT myzs L osses LiBzaaLLT aoJUlTcn aim fboufti I,l U ^ S . P JyffSap A . B . B » t FalDIWWEW # a r«nt. TS W n ll a t. COMMERCIAL. John Gray Enop , Isaac WarA John LeTstldgt, M. bL <lnackenb0«, Wm. P. Woodoook, Joseph Britton, e a ^ ^ ^ a r m a r , Gideon Ostrander, ____ _ — , ------ Gerard Stnyvesant, Wm. P. Woodoook, John MoMenomy. Thomas Jeramiah, John D. WendelL WM. HIBBARD, Preddent. O. a . TavLoa, Secretary. W m . M. MiiLLta, Surreyor. omoe bents from 8 o'clock, A. M , tfll sunset. Losses liberally adjuited and promptly paid. jelOnp ITBB INSUBAMCSS C^OIKE- PAsrsr. (CHARTERED IN 182L) DUffU 48 Fnltoo stnet, RrogMyn, tnd No. 0 MirohUitB’ tlOB in N ^hLLIAM ELLSWORTH. President. Aaraan ti. gyaTEWs, Secretary. _ _ je25np iu Te^M see Tire Zaeeu’aoce Co I r a r . i S r S R , . . o . ,, . - tEa LOWEST ratee of ptemlmn- I i i JOHN M. HILL, President. ifcU ' m a r t i n , Seoretaxy. ¥«!C .a.A » . BfJG G g . Agent. i | ^ * I I £ ............ s ? I L i i i l l l 1 - E ? | The stock transacUona have beep very Umitod with i »pOken ofJR«»»»*W*W*hWtWdJe«4»^ Cf>rtailiab8- ggtRm* widen thw h a d wontraetaff fcr mai«arhei|Eowad aMdused,<mthaplaaof tBsnry. The enoeeptfblekuipla of the D ry Dock B amk Company seems likaly to meet with iny IbUoweta. Specie eontinaes to arrltw. The Alabama haa brought to New Odeana $250,000 Ingold,aBd Oi0»eh*e*«r C. O. RarU, haa broaght to the tame fta l $StJM0. ■ The epeeuIatlTo epirit in eotton waa nerer to aatira as a t tho presont u orasnh The reecipta h aro fi^on off, tho eatimatea of the «rop are mado Itea fsToraMo, and with moeh aneortainty about ttt finalreaolt}speo*latlo» haa ample room to work ia. The stock is Bmll to qMaty.amffwWtoat Wo p a r bash il ,. O a ts -. aWl to-4fc5& s^..tW s43ldiW a e e theea. ’a a d ----- i^ IN d a inM t PoTk-*,«alea«*iw»as* sff liiF eaater* end weeter* m e * Sugxz—The aemrfcet Je very 4alet,an4 tho salsa esafnsd to, srnaR U it at pesyloits rktWi Cotton-Tbam tikat Is flm . 8ali8 Of RiiddailBg and olddllBgiklr Nsrw OrieaisSatlZaUe-aBdariddllnx to fair Upilaad a t the lame - ---------------------------------- -- d s S rt/jo I w o 'M ly report a lisle of 900 hUshandKABs N W Coast a t 48 eta. WhaToboae—No traasaetiona ix aiarkst. In Now the U t |^ o sales now sfiseting, e aa «dy h« made by psated re-tales of ths same paresL T h i NSW York ErpilUNe In^niansa Company noimes g half yiaily dlTidsnd of 13psr osnt. on tbslr cap­ ital stock, payable at 68 WsB strict, onand after the 15th instant. The gtoirlng prohabBRy of a Hint bring esubliihed ii» ill city within a short period, is giving riao to snggesr tiOBS for a fit site. In addition to the nggastloni alitady publiJhwJ, the sit* of the Park Theatre, recently pur- ;hased by W. B. Astor, and that of tho largo vacant jisce of ground in Broome street; known fermeriy as the Ustiilery, have been suggested- Thoadvieeefr<»nBoeton.reportaBHght improv its msnq* matters ; but too lUghtly to eSeet rates, or rsndsr aseommodatioD easy ; ths dimand on the whole it less^presslng with a rather better supply. VorkssUs were aiad* oa New Bedford Ib ^ W G o e a tata a e , and 6000 IbaP [Whidsmea’a Ship. List. « ^ <rfPe»n’a a t$ 3 7*. Bye Flo«p-l --------- ------------ 306 bbla sold a t $9 871. Grain—None arxiviag, and Uttle —ffema’a ar* irorth 35 c, and D«l»Tr»r« 32 » 83 cU. I^OttAa U itm Uadiuc aairard. mhd the high rates now current cteckaiaiia. Grocsriti are staadY in price, vitjk uvuted tcsBMotSoDK la fnpur sad aoTsites. frorisiaBS ini,etlTee bni hcldets ere finruead no importeni Mlif &tT« iomd nader our nolle# wliiiXiy U Mtrce : S m ^ W»<J»37 « 2Tf •iTrttb rauU S tocxs . or PaiLsnELFHis, Jan 10—10 sbs Girard Bank 12; 8 do runn do 1034; 60 do BehuylkB N Stock 18; 128 do $800Chas and Del 91; 300 Lehigh664; 2 do M LoanOlf; $ m Kemii’t WaUr Loan Olj; 2440 Texas Ty Notss 14 ; lOOO Hsrrisbutgh Loan. 91 ; 2380 Sehnjl N 5’i ’68, 49} ; SOOLahlah M6>s.91);400Penna>s88. Second Board-82000 Ltkigh Loan 91}, 1*90 Wilm Gs '60 cash 88 j, 8 shs Germantown Bk SI. 3 do Penna Bk 9d 108}, $1000 Read M Loan 64. 9000' Ksnihokr 1024 . 506 Keni'g Loan 91}, 4000 Reading Bdi 60}, 30 lbs Union Bk He*d Bija^S} ^ «• o * p •’’L 2° o 9 NEW YORK AUCTION 8ALES-Jan9. Toss—Remainder of the cargo ofthe ship Samuel Rns\ sell,—Teims—Notes at 6 mos. Nlnyong Sonobong—62 hf cbMts, 874. Oolong—1376 hf cheats 86 a 38}: 98 do 44s63: 40 boxes ISlbs. S6}; 92, 181bs,38}; 145, 201bs, 40}a4I}; 268, 14ibs llnmgs recoo—31 ISjlb boxes 32}; 96 9(Hbs do 32}aS3}; 72haIfeheiU 38e38}. ^^Oolo^g^O^lMb boxes 36}a37; 93131h (9; 06 90 lb 39}a Chulan roncheng--300 half chests 84. $10S8R20 69 ths 29th day of Decei imber. 180: RESOURCl PASSENOBRS. as ' s i w s x , '“i\c’EK'.-.!:rs 5 to“ . G D W a t s o ^ H Mereit^fcol AjaiwenM,E H u ^ SSJuon^Ca^^StrM^ ^ noto itbeV -foi DU-' ” fT»nU.'lM;mi:78;diitoia 847,6U 60 LIABILITIES. 63.774.482 90 ....... .. 290.525 00 .. 1,616,168 V7 •This item is m m t l y ^ S ^ o T & - . ^ U ? S y . ° ^ ° ° ^ ‘- ^Tiasrterly R e p o r t. Ofthe MECHANICS’ of the city of New York, Dec RESOURCES. ................ ......... ign Banks.... Doe from Other (Olveot Banks .......... 470.7G 75 245.689 85 \u. . . . ............ ..... ......................... eji(fi75R»-0O 205.454 00 t e ! i = x S r S “— Ejtpeiue account .................................................. OverrtrafU............................................................ 177.230 12 76,0<!0 00 LIABILITIES. 63,440,606 03 $1,000,000 OO 297,445 27 ...... ® iirogfesteTnisnd:::::;*M SS ■at of lOJXW it38o, cash— IB fN A v n e tic T ^ g r ^ f i r m E o a m g P o t t 1 TEaR T T -JFlpSS'F ^ N a J O t R * . W ashdcoxob , Jam. 10. H o rsz or IlxraxsiaTATrnes—The Hooae Lavini <frganixed, Mr. Stermm, of GeocRia. moved a eaU 'le eame, w h id was adtq^ted. M i . Biduudaon agreed to pfureffwith Mr. Thomp- sra, o f Eentueky. Mr- Bingbana roea a n d said that he h a d nominated Mr. Fteudi a s a oosdidate, w ithout luakaowledge or ooaseat. \ i the loU being called, two hundred and fourteen ’eeed to their names. M r. ^ e v e n e ’a ohJeet be­ ing ueom^liilied, he made a moUon to tnipend far­ ther F V « c»dipgt.nad piooeed to eleotJonof clerk, wMeh was taken by y eai and nayi, and oarried. T h e baUoting is now goii% on. S u u m —N u a e r o u peU^sni w « 9 preaented af­ ter which a debate sprang np on the prinUng of the resolstions offend on Toewhty list, by Mr. Uphim, of Vermont. The debato is now in progress. ■W ashihgtor , /an.T o , IKO. Surjuara C ouxt .—Yesterday, Mr. Daniel Haohe, of New York, wae admitted to practice in tkis court. Ifi esM No. 30, the deoret was affirmed. Case No. 37 was argued a t length by Messrs. Ko- meyn and Wood, for the phuntiffs. W ashington , Jan. 10,1850. H io k «T8 of the S mithsonian I nstitutk .—T he ipeaker hi4 ippomted Messrs. Hilliard, Aloock, and ’itch e f Indiana, Begents of the Smithsonian InsU- tute, on the p a rt o fthe House of ftepresentativts, for the ensuing term. vPHHAnELPU,Jan. 10, 18£0 The whig cauens of the Majryland Legislature last evening nominated Ex-Govemor Thomas G. Pratt for Reverdy Johnson’s nnexpired term in the Senate o f the United States, and for six years from 1851. W ir. H . FKANKLIN, Aioa«mee£ sffswieKi. d tia e iqio A. J . D e lato n r ’s T h O r m o m e u r . g. 10. I 1850 I 1849~TT848~T1 m 7 j 1 tl ll Vs Vo -S eowme , daughter of John Strawbrldge, E»q. Funeral wiU take place to-morrow, n th inet, at 3 P. M. from Mont«|pxe pl&oo, on« door west of Henry atreot. On the 8th Inst, suddenly, A nn , wife of Robert Max- Ou the ath inflt Mrs. S arah F orbss , relict ofthe late On the 7th lust, after a short but very sery serare Ul- BY T a x : B O U T a x i M blaul , P R O M C H A G R E S T G P A N A M A . We are ablo to give, from New Orleans papjus, of the 2d inst., the details of the news from the bthmus, brieflyreferred to in another column. The steamship Cherokee arrived a t Chagres on the 22d alt., in tight days and four hoars from Nevr in relation to the gold mine discovered on the Isth­ mus, ths Panama Echo Says: “ The precious metalji oin be found in various places of this country, btat now wo wish To speak of only one o f them, fromjwhioh we have jiu t received the following details. The western p a ri of this Isth­ mus is comprised of the province of Vera^nas, of which Santiago is the capital, In the olden time, tho mines of that province were explored, and a large quantity of golov taken out of them ; but long since toe a pathy of the natives was snob, that those mines were entirely neglected. Now, the spirit of enter­ prise b roaght here b y the Amencaits, has excited the Istbmenians, and they are going to work again with a quickened impulse. We learn from rehable au­ thority, that they have succeeded entirely, and large quantities of gold have been recently extracted from the mines. <* A t a mine which has been explored by Mr. Ro­ mero, ex-Govemor of Veragnas, gold haa been fonnd in large parcels. W e learn that the average was b a lfa pound of pure gold for twenty-five pounds of auriferous dust washea up. T h a t mine is situated a t about four days travel from this place, and in the vioinlty of Santiago de Veragnas. Tbeie are also a greftt many other places on the Isihnmi where gold may be found, the particulars of which we shall giro to our readers, together with the pames and colloca­ tions, as soon as we get them .with c ertainty.” In the Echo ofthe 15th, we find tho following para- gra]h on the same subject: 1 in our last number the discovery the Provlnoe,of Veraguas; as we _______________ jn , i, is a positive fact, certified to by every person who has traveUed in that region, and confirmed by aotual reports of tho most gratifying character. Wo were rejoiced to learn that some of our countrymen, profiting by our observations, have resolved to go and too what can be done, and to aseeitain whether their fortunes cannot as well be made on the Isthmus, digging gold, as in toe far off mines of California. Wo hope and we trust they will succeed, if not in proouring immense sums, a t least in obtaining gold du8l onoagn to pay them for tboir ex­ penses and trouble.’’ Mr. Nelson, formerly American Consul a t Panama, has resigned. Among the passen_ Brash, bearer of despatches from Washlngtoi i, ex-President of New Granada, is IHE EVENING POST MARINE LIST. PORP Ok NEW-YORK, THURSDAY, JAN. 10. n SiiKS.. , .7 21 I <un ietb . .4 39 | u rev / yobe , for uvebfool . ................Judkins .................. January 23 >M BOSTON, FOB LITEBrOOL. , . ............... ....... .........................February 6 3M LIVERPOOL, FOB BOSTON. .............. — ........... ... ........... January 12 t LllEBPOOL FOB NEW TORE. ............ Judkins ................... December 29 CLEARED THIS FORBNOOH. Sloop Bltcketone, Appleby, Providence CLEARED FESTER DAP. *,^RRIVED THIS FORENOON. Packet ihip Yorktown, Labor, from London and Ports- irbLXr”,.\’ Packet ship Zurich. Thoffipsen, from Havre with mdse Luropesn. fm NOrleane for Trieate. 28tb, off the north fee. ae, to MoUer h Sands. J»n 7. lat 38 23. Ion 74 30, obanged signals with ship Erie, steering 8 W. Bark R W Gamble, Hosmer, 14 ds fm St Marks, cot Bark Falmouth, of Bangor, Mo, ---- ,16 ds fm Apalacbl- wood A C Roeslre a Co. Brig Wiiaon Fuller, Lewis. 8 ds fta Sarannah. with cotton, ae. to D u n ^ h DImon. 5th Inst. Ut 3642. Ion Sch Uulnare, Moore, 10 dys fm Georgetown, SC, lumber :entneky6’sdecUnodi, and Erie R’d } Oovemment Securities maintained previenB pricee- Canton has ad­ vanced }, Hariem }, and Farmers’ T m tt 1}. in the latter stock, since yesterday morning, a sort ot hoard of yeiterday i f o®* °f “ >'> * P” '«»» ft I }}j5s morning Ua» r, ___________ yesterday morning, a semi-rt-animanlon i* exWbited. It re-gained a t the af­ ternoon hoard Of jeiterday 1}. out of th e lost a t ths n m hoart i *a'» *^ K l rahaiehtain9flan advance) •» noticed above, in oonsequenoe of some emhiguons rumors epread abroad in toe itreet, of a dividend of 3 per cent, to be paid on the rid stock capital, on tho 1st February. Nothing ta offi- eiaUy stated, bnt eneh an expectation haa been. It la re­ ported, aeml-ofltelally expressed, wMoh has led to greater flrmneeita theetook. The rid stock capital amounts to 3,400,900 drilan, two per cent, on which wonld nmonnt to 48JN0 doQaia ; and we axe rgirioed to loam that there uTeven a prohahQlty of so great a surplus having been earned after payment of expenses, as to justUy susih a dividend It wBl also greatly rejoice t i e etooMirideri, In as much ss ft wiU he, when paid, tho first dividend the Stock h is fveiafferded. Money eoattuuea to lupplj tho Haikek ltfriy, and afl d«i&»&ds xii» «utem 4«a».ad pryw so latsah tkoi^ i ^ Ss swd ecdnridiaiE with i g o ^ k e e l damead, ratee T kubsdev , Jan. 10. ASHES—There it bnt little doing, but bridere are firm at 6 66a0 03} fer old bills Pots 6 6Sa8 76 for now. Pearls roll dull a t 6 124, the receipts by Railroad are limited.- l OTTON—The market maintains It* activity. The sales reached 8500 bales yesterday, a few hundred ofwhich were for spinners, and the bulk on speoulatlcn. FLUUB—-There is increased dullness In the market for Floni, andtha bouyance noticed for some time past, is *T h e * d ^ m d for the east it exceedingly limitsd and likely to oontinne so daring the month There is notb- inz of moment doing for export, price* here roling abeve toose cuixent in marketa south of ' oniet h ni steady at 4 75. The sales of the momii flno, 6a5 W} for M ^’r h s generality of ealee are a t our quSfatioas, wwio but occasional sales ore made above and below them. Sonth- em Flour U not plenty, and good bran^ are wanted; tales of 100 bbis s t 5 25eS 37} for mixed and good biandi, n o m tT h e w T r ^ ty fi™Iy *3 00 in s tors.- Com Meal Is quiet a t » 00 for Jersey. A lot of 400 bbls State sold a t about2 75, and Brandywine in small lots at Q ^buN -T h e lrisafolr Inquiry for domestls wheat for muling, and for Canadian fbr export, bnt the high prices at whlto it la h tld rastrfotS the sslss. Long Island Is in good demand a t rather better prices, with sales of good to Is dril^and more offering at 61 a 614c; baricy Is ecareaat 65 a 6Te; oats tie in better demand a t 35 a 37e for sontovu, 89 a 42c for Jersey, and 42 a 45 for livaicand CoinUTtiydun.indquoU tfoDiinanU i ncm lul i t vtufo f*r BOW BOTthCTB |U4 BOWtHorH tBiSVd IBB Jri- low, 60 Xb ei tar wbil*, m. 02|- to old mixed wofftem *ad 3f«llow. mro la lidr ^iemiuip a i 04 • lOOetiperhuihiL « PROTISIONS—Thera is lass dring in pork; themackst is nominal at $ llalt 194for meas-andft37aS50fi» prime. Beef Is dull b u theavyu $6 for prime, and $50a8 7$ for meee,coaatiyi prime mees is very scarce, and held a t $16. Beef hams are heldhlgher, h u t are qniet a t ISalSSO. Cut meats ate in geoi demand a t 6e for ebonlden 1 aTjefimhamB. L ^ i e m a n 'bn07ant,and lainR Bidud Cfr export at 6 a « e for hhle and kege ; toe i ofoldissmsR ; BewUsefitegatetadJeialots. W Is dull Md heavy a t 7 a Uo for Ohio, and 10 a U e_ state. ChoesoisTeryqnietat6ia7cforh«aeuee. TEA—The tea sale of yesterday want off vtry heavily, contrary to e x p ecU^n, as prices atprivatesslahadhe^ finely malutainsd McstotthsparoeUf^sredwiMwith- drawDv a* ths biddiDga w en not latiifisetoty. . WHISKEY-A fir* msrketfcr prison and Jw scyat » i n a 6 f c . ^ N ew BEOFOED-In’d 7th inst, ship Hibernia. Eldrldga. ^* a /M b, sch EUra Ann^ Ogden, Delaware City; sloop Be- ^\ nct HU ven —A t 7th, brig Benjamin L Swan, Baker, N N „ T . „ , gsTHl-Cld 7th. ship Mstiatta, Yennard, Havana. lengera by tho Alabama is J aoob losquora, now residing at Panama. The Panama Star of the 19th alt. says that Hon. lyton, U. S. Minister to Chili, had changed lence from the French Hotel, Panama, to ricinity of the Govornor’s honse. . the Echo of the 19th u l t , the fol- salling vessels from Cali- retched ao- Peyton, U. S. Minister to Chili, had changed premises in Wo take from tl lowing items 1 “ The passongers by tho „ fomta. Just arrived in Panama, give a wretched ac­ count of affairs in that country. They represent the scurvy as prevailing in tho mines to an alarming ex- ’ “ A party of passengers, some three or four In number, who came in canoes from Chagres; laid np for all Ynght about fifteen miles below Gorgona. Haring the night it rained very bard, the river rose, and the canoes being filled with water, capsized, and all tho baggage was lost. Une gentleman lost a trunk valued a t f 500. “ The rise in tho Chagres river cansed the steamer G od . Herran to break loose from her moorings, and after floating down some distance, struck a tree and capsized. It is conjectured she will be a total loss. “ The Chagres river rose some twenty feet a few days Since) and was at high as within two feet of reaobing tho French Hotel in Urnces.” The Giroasiian sailed from Panama for Sou Pran- oisco on too 19to ult.) and the largo class ship Charles­ ton, six hundred tons burthen, waa to leave tbonco for the same destination on the 22d u lt. The Echo of the 19tb ult. says: “ L. K. Fisk, steward of the steamship Panama, on her lost trip, was arrested last Monday evening, and committed to prison on suspicion of having robbed ths clerk’s office of a considerable amount of gold dust. Skeleton keys were found in his trunk, which, with otheroiroumstances, warranted his arrest. Wo furi'Sar commenting on the matter until it ondei Judicial investigation. -* Tbe steamer Panama sails for San Francisco on the 29lh instant, the day after tho departure of tbe British steamer. She is detained to wait for the -----------.— ......... .......... ---------- ------------- id lot o f gToandNo,66CUateo stteri,. in th* rear of tbe. above property ; lot22 feet front and 75 feet deep, honse40ft , Also,tksitwostory brick hohte oad lot of .ground ffi^ton ^ d x e e t ; lot 24 feet fronTanfi 75 f t deep h N ol 3l4 Oc^ek I S . W e f rS n tta’oc*cu^r«T«\iVarysid7«do^^ti rearisafire-prooffouadry40feet Slnehesfront andres and 25 fret in depth on both sides.. Lithographic maps at the office of tbe Anettoneer, pr viout to sale. Tersu a t sale [4145j jalO ts is and loVNo.'484 Grand stTMt, corner of W H let^reet, lol l&feeti’iont and rear,aad62feetdebp; nonsolOfeetby 40feejl^totoe^T iI^gedf apassiigeway otS.feet wide Also—LThe two story and attic brick house x n d lot. No. 4tS OMnaHreet,lot'l7 feet front andreir, and 62 feet deep: honse 17frwtbT 40 feet, with tha. privilsge-of a.: ---------- 3 feet wide leading to WiUetr*— ‘ DStWT ondattiC'’’-\-'’- ----- \ h>nt ftnd xearp i _ _ __ wide, leiupBg to WilleP itreet. Casjuiv sT»riPT —The two-i __ ________ _ _____ ^ _____ J ----- -- e. pxiraege.NOf sMot ITfeet front and. rear, and-.^Yeet deep ; honse 17 feetby40YeetwitotltepriidUgeofapas<iego ways feet >-Btory frame'house and lot, 24 feet 9 inehesfront, and. JAMVS COLE, Anctipn vKive ov a rorty-aw o 'V's5iiat>le Irttta a n o tooera^and t.o ta, p u t off t h e D ebew dxe suid 5 Lots on Pulton Arenue, at the c6rner of Deberolce ^ ^ L o ts on Fulton Avenne, near tbe corner of Hanover 7 « ‘La;\r;nc^e^.‘“ ’“’ “ 1“ Prince Street—4 Lot* at the comer of TiUory st. l i s S l s g i No; 388 Cherry street ; Ibt wavand4Sfaetiik d4pthj JiMM stbebi —The two-story a n d lttic brick house, r street, near Chatham sqnfr'e ; lot 22 feet 34 feet ***** ^ ^ brick house No. 10 Jemes S i “* “ The title t o t h e above property is Indispnteble, ahd wiR he given frfeand clear of off inonmbrances to thif purchasers The sale will be piemptory. Twc-thlrds ot theputchasenone/ can remria < x n.o.-tgage, at 0 dm FOr-five years. For farther particnlars enquire of o a rJ. B leeseb , Auctioneer, No 7, Broad street lithographed maps can 1» obtrineA or of Edward Lndlam. Administrator. No 8 James street. jalO fits (770) ___________________ _ JAMES M. MILLER, Anotloneei. \ Also 6 Lots on the easterly side of 6 th avenue, end be- f i S S S S S S S * S/“,‘ srKiXVi'Si.’’'’ about IM feerwesi o ? \ ^ n h ‘penne?^to^^^ ‘ifrB''30 • ■ 4 S s m m ± ^ . i i f i m s s s with an average depth of 72 daughter, John W Bray, F T West, O R West, West. T M West, Dr R O Hunt, And I urtia aid Tbos Basham. J M Nixon, W V Latham, H C Eastj David Young, A Hunter, C S Palmer. Aforine InUlliimce—PorC of Fanoma. ' Arrived, Dec 8—Am ship Iconlum, fta Belllmore, to lacbrlsson a Nelson. 4tb, Granadian sch Adelaide, with roduc« fm Bueemventara 6th) Islquador seb 6^aHa de k Lut, 20 ds fai Realejo 6th, PeruTian sch Manucla Au­ rora, 13 ds fm Paita. 7th. Perurian loh President, Castil­ la, fm BuenaTentura. 6th. Grenadian ecb Santander, from BnenaTentora. 0th, Grenadian soh Nereida, from ^ Sailed, Doe 6—Sch Teodalinda, for San Francisco, 60 passengers. 6tb. sch Ksperanza. for David. 9th, sob Adelaida, for Buenaventura. 13tb, sch Uaiferro, for ban Francisco, 63 passengers. 15tb, brig Hellespont^ for San Francisco, 116 passengers. E xplosion of a S teamboat BoibKU.-A Dowatoam- boat, arranged with Dr. Baidvrin's p atent clrcolar boi­ ler, a tarted on a trial trip np the Delaware, jester- day morning, at 11 o’nlook, vrith five individuals on board, viz : Dr. Baldwin, Captain Alden, John Cle­ mens, ami a man and boy, whose names were un­ known. The boat bad not proceeded for before she was lost in the dense fog that prevailed, and while the party on board were completely at a loss to know their eituatlon on the river^tbe boiler exploded from some cause not yet ascertained. The effect of the explosion was the destmotion of the boat and the in- j o ^ of all tbe personson board of her. Dr. Baldwin was scalded and much bruised. Capt. Aldon is supposed to he hurt intornally very much, in d is likewise severely loalded. Mr. Clemens was bruised about too face and neck) and also scaldod. 'le watchman bad ono of bis legs broken, and the J was sererolj iojarod in one of bis knees. In this W l^d r ^ ’ the^rea-^by B9 feet l6 Inches on one side and 03 feet 9 On aistetrcpt—1 lot of ground on 31 st street, south In dopto ^The lots are 26 feet front and rear by 98 feet Also—1 lot opposite the first described lot on 31st street, 47 by 6 feet. For terms and lurtber particulars apply to ANTHONY J SLh ECKER, Auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. ja2 4 7 tdts ___________ (781) and Counoilmen, Mr- Joseph Barker was elected Mayor of this city by 279 majority, and Hugh S. Fleming, W h ig, Mayor of AU«hony. The Wbig eounoil ticket has been elected Mr. Barker, the May­ or elect, is coafind in prison, but be will be released [T^oro were tkree candidates for tho Maycrality in toe oity of Pittsburgh! Robert MoCutohoon, the W hig nominee; John B. Guthrio, Democrat, not regularly nominated, b nt recommend as an index>en- dent e a n d i^te by tbe Democratic p a rty; and Joseph Bwrkeri whom oar correspondeut denote& as the Biole ***^M ^ im b tiare expressed in tots oity in regard to tho election of Mr. Barker, who was in prison a t the time, xlfhongh a pardon had been extended to hifb by the Execarive on Tuesday last.—[Phila. North American, January 10. thi* day declared a seml-annnol dividend of f ____ the 2Sth 1 [riders ofsteek regMered en the transfer books in the wffi reerive their dividendsends a tt thehe officeffice C w !\A N i others a t this office. . Ceitiflcatea of scrip a t o 52WaU*t. AU . Ceitiflcatea of scrip shores most he pra.ented at the offlcafortbi endomintst thereon i f toil dlTidend pty. MffidSaon, Indl>n», Jaxkxx^xsr SUx^lSSO. WM. N. JAC£g0N. Ssetsisry __ M. N. B.—An instalmont M $20 bos been called on cosh shoia ofthe nnpoid or scrip stoekof thia Company, soya- •U e e n to s M to d iT if JiBBMJ BexySM . raymeat to bo made te WINSLOW, LANIER k CO.. No S3W aUsLonaUttoekreeiiteredofitoebooksofthU Aesnoyin to* city of N*w York. jslO Iwie ________ _ ___________ W, N. J., Sec’y. j»10 25 Broad s t , e ^ . Exchange #la»e. their gwdi a t toe Cnstom Honse, thls*day, and send in their biUe of lading fer slgutnre, to the office of their hiUe of ng fer elgnalnre, to the <ffiioe L- SFOHfOBD,TlLMTON fe CO.. « SOkth I t. or fiat Gsorgli PfittoB, riMirid S m '*! 5 :S 5 5 <^ 5 o T c S. u feO-pS). - ANTHONY J. BLEECKEK, Auctioneer. MxacffiWX’i Bale rfV w lw W e P r a p e r tr In TiOB. BJUiE A T A U fM o N , on tSe 29th inst, *t J f 19, a t noon, a t tho Morehante’ ®*^^.**Ji*^*J“ *® ^3000 of tbe pxxrcltffiso mon*-y Bosy on m for tore. yeoM, InUiMl isisiU i SEinUiMnil^^ Skir»g. E3 ct * - of Stepa n Riclifiurd. i ^OADWAI 4lK ^ T b e twotti [ -'S^rcUilferiife. DISPAT g IA LINS. ’ I ^ n * ^ ^ Md jriB bo B thie SblppcM jjrill pl**6*r*liend to senfilngdown toe be. lance of toelr frtlihtnhd'bills of lading, toto* office, for tomatnr*. ' ' ffrst and second cabin ptsaengMS con be hand- iMltomfeetoMy aecomttodated. Is lidding a t Rer 3*.Notto [ m v M .oni^joritively sril for San Franefeco OttO ratouttonaM h lne^t. shippws wnrhtuajr down the balance of their ferights, and'send b lllso f U d ^ to toe .office a t once, I b ragna- Ilia most riegsmt accommodation for passengers. A first ol*to i|bljiwfil followj andbavetoe n b i l dif. ^ \ ’fibts by this frne takoBtat tto low»t rates, and no ■ • ;ion. E .B . BUTTON,«4^aastreet, or JDB(N OGDEN, 116 VoD street. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, C A L l F O U m A . WITH DISPATCH. THE SOTERIOR PACKET SHIP SHAKSPEABE - Buitoen 750 tons, -VYm. H. Clark master. SbewiU notbedetaJned,. os toe principal p a rt of her irgo is now engaged. For freight Of 9000 bbls or pas­ sage, having superior oocommodations for 24 cabin pas­ sengers, apply to^the master on. board, a t pier, Warren ------ - - .eet 4 inches on the westcriy side. rhelot and building thereon, known M No. 67 Court- — lUt street, containing 23 feet 8 inshee in front and 19 feet 4 Inches in rear, 77 feet ono Inch on tbe easterly tide, and 77 feet 3 inches on the westerly side. The lot and building thereon, known as - w m m s m s . moe easterly 18 feet, and containing 12 feet 7 inches and bnilding_ thctoon^toov™ as No^ southerly sldi Z,“ ’’ FOR SAN FRANCISCO, C i i i i i r o r m ^ * The new and elegant A 1 clipper S H I P SARA'TOCtA, B. j . 1L TRASK, Commander, ■will be dlspatcheTfor the above port on the 20th of Jan­ uary, having a great part of her cargo Jnsnred- To ship­ pers Of freight, er passengers, she presents rare advanta- ges-among which are; great speed [rendering her lurri- at San Francisco in advance of other ship* nowlcaifr log probable,] and convenient and elegant sU}e room ac-i ------ lodations. Eight cabin passengers only'Wu bi! ta^ Second cabin passengere wm be furnished with commodious state zooms instead of open births. For freight, which will be taken a t lowrates, pr partioulasa of passage, apply on board, a t Her 27 East River, or to SLATE, GARDINER R HOWELL,114 South e t , Ja8 12tte or to JAMES SMITH fc SON, 118 •Wall *L Thirty-six lot. of isDd\ronting on 113th and 114lh streets, between the sth Avenue and the old Road, ad­ joining each other in the rear. ’fi^Eight lots of laod on the^ast side of the 5th A For particulars, enquire of ISAAC O BARKER, Esq . 134 Nassau street,, or at the auction room, 76 Maiden laoe. Where IMPS of the property can be had one week jao t d a _____ (No. 616 i X o f G r o u n d , b e ing p a r t o f th e B a ta te la te o f K tepben AUen a n d o th e rs, situ a t e d on !8d av e n n e , 36th, ST ib. T c j by 105 feet deep. 37th S ttee^io tote 5* o t'th e south and 6 on the north commencing ANTHONY J. BLEECKER. Auctioneer. On 2'j Avenue and 34th Streeta—Fourtpon lots of ground, besides gores and the parts cf Kip’s B«y end Samuel streets adjacent thereto, situated on the west FOR SAN FRANCISCO. D I R E C T . THE SUPEEIOR, VERY FAST SAILING, NEWLY COPPEtaED C L IPP E R BARK •^xjpjaTffidf, very few days. Light freight and small packages can now loading a t pier 6, North’River, will be ffispatohisd in I. Light freight and be taken. The ALPHA goes direct, without stopping or detention, nd can accommodate a few passengers elegantly. IITH, 101 WaU st. cor. Froittt. TAWMiEiafe!fTR.~ Tptrforinta' jxaLfrjujia.>s AWTineiGAy focoiiRfrija; P T Bunna^ 1... ......... ............ ^Muuicec on4 Ptefirietor J Greenwood. .^A friitint M i u i s t M A G H rXJFJCEirT r E R J f O S . X J t » C E S ^ EVERY HAT AND EVENING THIS yrStH. The I|I*H6ger ha* engagedfor one week. = THE RRmsH^RRUlDS. . who will apptor every ofternoon-ohd evening in fee islmlle costnmes of the Critic Sootbsiyus, and exhibit Msg- ical Iliusions, Hnteries and Miracles with Musio on'Uie Druid Horns. Last week of THE iFAXOtrS E E 0 U S H GJAjrr, R obext Hxi-KS,and THE eEZESRATED ENGLIaH D W A R U M ti. O xh .M ole , whhmiy he*e*n a t *11 honrt. pne of the best Vaudeville Companle* in America, com- VEMYSS, PETE MO:MU ie l H, w a r d e n , C and HIGGINS, ^ _ l ^ e s STANHOPE, PENTLAND, COURTNEY ' ‘Admission to the whole, 25 cents; children under 10 !ars,'l2} cents. ______ _______________ _ ___________ Z O O Z . 0 4 I C A L H A ilsV ., K o . S7 Bow e rjr* (3 - hte MYSS, p e t e MO s . Messrs. MERRlFIELjDj_ W8JEIDEN, CLARK, ROSE, .AND, CO and fiVKorEnEToM. tNDS, «mCK fc' CO.. . . . . .«....«4:rK 0 W i c a , *nd ineluding f ^ n y totoand ■donilbe^terms. ja7 t f ISAAC T. SMIT For Sail Francisco. DISPATCH lillVH. To sail on toe lOth inst. FIRST VESSEL. C U P P K R JSARK. S B A G U L L . Is now loading a t Pier 12, North River, and will posi- ;irely sail as above. The bulk of 200 barrels can be se- sured, on immediate application. This superior fest Ball­ ing bark offers rare inducements to shippers, and being also of small capacity can load and ffisoharge in a few days. Can also accommodate a few passengers. App ly to JOHN OGDEN, 116 WaU street. JaStf or to E. B. SUTTON, 84 WaU stre.»t. For California. DISPATCH DINE. S H I P ADIRONHAOK, at Her 6 NorthRiver. Shippers wiU please send in tkieir bills of lading at once, for signature. A few more passengers can be taken, and tbe bulk one hundred barrels, light freight. E. B. SUTTON, 84 Wall street. JOHN OGDEN, 116 Wail stret The aplcndid ship • M A S C 0 N 0 9 I 0 , will follow and have the usual dispatch. __ jaS sual dispa For San PFancisco. bscribers intends to despatch carly a elipper schooner of 200 tons burthen, \ to make the voyage to San Francisco in Tho subscribers intends to despatch e in January, 10 tons burthen, which is expected ake the voyage to ! -ing splendid accommpi will be engaged. App For San Francisco* r o s e : s t a n d i s h , lueo tons register, wUl have quick despatch for the above pressly deslgded fop tho China trade, the highest expecta­ tions of her saiUng qualities have been formed, and her great strength is a guarantee of her safety and comfort for passengers. Insurance at lowest rates. Engagements for balance of freight can be made on reasonable terms, by immediate application to ISAAC T. SMITH, 101 WaU st. money can r< sS S S f' ANTHO.VY J. BLEECKER, Auctioneer. P e r e m p t o r y sale off v o la a b le B rooR lyn p r o p ­ e r l y , a n d Lota In tlie C ity o r N ew Y o rli, A NTHONY J . BLXIHCKSiR wiU sell a t auction XA. on FKIDAY. the I8th day of Janufry, a t 12 o’clock, at the Merchants’ Exchaege, tbe following valuable prop- erty in tbe city of Brooklyn, beln^ part of the De Be- volse estate, vb . LSO—3 lots on Fulton avenue, near Bond street, a t junction of Gold street, Flatbush and De Kalb av- ALSO - 4 lots on Fulton avenue, at the corner of Han- >T«r place. ALSO—Slot* on Fulton avenue,Opporile De Bevolse DE BEVOISE PLACE—4 lota on De Bevoise place, cor- ler of Livingston street. ALSO—3 lots on De Bevoise place, cammenoing 72 7 feet from Fulton avenue. BOND STREET-8 lots on Bond street, commencing one lot from Fnlton avenne. ALSO—7 lots on Bond street, ino'udlng two corner lots on I-lvingston street. ALSO—4 let* on Bond street, including the corner of Sebermerborn street. HANOVER PLACE—2 lots on Hanover PUce, next to the corner of Fulton avenua LIVINGSTON STREET-6 lots on Livingston street, between Hanover Place and Nevins street. ALSO—a lots on Livingston street, between Bond and Nevins streets. SCHERMERHORN STREET-9 lots on Sohermer- horn street, between Bond and Nevins streets. ALSO—5 tote op Schennerborn street^ between Hoyt ALSO. IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK. NINTH AVENUE-1 lot on the east side of the Ninth avenme, between 27th and 28th streets. TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET—17 lot* on the north side of Twenty seventh street, between 8th and 9th ave- nueS?15ring in one parcel. The sale of ,the above property wiU be peremptory to tbe highest bidders. Title tndispntabte Two-thirds of the purchase money can remain on mortgage fer three years at 6 per cent. Lithographio maps can be obtained of the auctioneer, No 7 Broad street. d24 dts (No. 777.) B tiren stre e t, a t B u s t BrdoU lyn, a n d on ^ ^ io '^ k - ;r e Of ground on .be north- west c^orner of Bedford aTeuue and Van Buren st, each 25 Also—4 lotB on the southwest corner of Bedford ave­ nue and Van Buren street, of the same dimensions except Also, 16 lots on the South side of Vah Buren st. between Franklin andClason Avenues. Maps of the above lots can be obtained of the anction- l*stxgo S s le o f P r e c lo r,^ S ? .5 ^ c k ,a ”t WILLI AM H. FRANKLIN. Auctioneer. T rnstec* Sale off V a l a n b le P r o p e r t y , s tt n a te d on P e a r l a n d CUflC-atreets, b e in g p a r t off «lje K s tato o f tb e la te Sam ojel O e m llt, d r . •ix f f ll. k .'P R A N B I L IN , SONACdEQ,; wtHsellat VV auction on TUE^DAy, January 22d, a f 12 o’clock, at toe Alerchaute' Exchange. No. 219 Pearl street—The 3 story hrtck Store and dwrl- Uug bouse No. 24d Pearl street, eziteodin^ through to (Tiff street, nearly 2W feet, and being atout 14 feet 6 iDohes in width. No 251 Pearl street—Tho ff story brisk store and dwel ling house No.. 251 Pesrl'btieet, extending throughtto Cliff street, nearly 200 feAt, and being about 29 leet in No? 22 Cliff street—iThp 4 story brlqk store recently im­ proved, No 22 Cliff street, being about 20 feet in widtb and 60 feet in depth. No, 24 Cliff-street—The 4,story store No.24 Cliff street same dimensions as the above. No. 26 cuff street—The4story store No 26 Cliff street same dimensions as the'above G e o r g e t t r im b l e . Trustee te toe Estate of tbe late Sami. Domilt, 31 tsto _________ (41621 deceased. porter about leaving the country, and sold without re­ serve. To the trade and others this ule will offer rare inducement*. Also, a lot of Gold Lever and Duplex Watches, made by I obias. Cooper, Drioline, and other criebrated Eng­ lish makers. These Watches came from the stock bf Oclston t Treadwell, fete of Broadway. ' Terms mad* known at to* tUn* of gale. P4C1] jaS ployitfr bit zntaixfMtoTj tots offiiftrat# pre- parsd to execute order* for every de»eriptloi of faUnk books of any liie, style of tritng and binding. The quality of to* taoteriaU and watkmanihip warranted nn- snrpMSed. Alsoalorge variety, and w ^ *eiected stoek of fUrrign and demesUe sUtlonery A beontlftiU assort­ ment off gold p*nx off toe most approved aonnfiaotnre, eompriilDg Levi Brown’s, Stephen’s London, Ffeyden’s, Rees’s hard round points and grid horrri pens, etc, etc. Copying and notorial **«l pr*»»* J “ *ou* rise* and piAtorns; frftl»tr«}ffiy*ngr»ri^ job printtegtx*- WJi. W. R 0 l£ , lffi|ort*r iBd D*ri*r In Stotioneay, ets. First ffsosatain Aeeovwt Bpeffi M o n ^ ituror, |al 9 H$.UW|]|il$Mt. o f EiUTentI* i t r e e t , b e tw e e n F l f t b » n d S l x tb Avemsesa YTT XX. S'R&ISBtLIlS, SON AtCO. whlsrilotaue- y y * rion,jon Friday, Jsnuaiy 11, a t 12o’rioek, a t tbe e lot of g%nnd on toe North aide o ____ enoing 381 feet East from the fitbave ig 24 feet infront and rear by 103 feet 3 inene purehater. Th* above property has b u n held by the fiuaBy for SS is ts___________ [4148.] For d»an Francisco, C a l i f o r n i a . DISPATCH I j IWE. C l ilF P B R S H I P JOHN H . ADAMS, WiU have quick dispatch for toe above port. Thia splendid sailer has just returned from Manilla, being.ab- sent from New York seven months and twenty-five days only—the quickest time on record. It is gnaianteed she will make shorter time toSan Fran­ cisco than oTiy other ship. Apply to E. B. SUTTON, 84 WaU street. d22tf or to JOHN OGDEN, 116 WaU street - ------------ FOR SAN FRANCISCO, VIA y ^ ^ ^ S R I O JA N E IR O , V ALPARAISO, ■ < ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ A N D ;P A N A M A .- O n Tuesday Sth Feb- 1 ■ 'T w illg^roaTy—The Steamship NEW ORLEANS, J Wood commander, 1100 tons bnrthen, will leave for San Franoicco, direct, via R. J., V., and Panama, fi pier No 2, North River, on Tuesday, 6th February, a t i o’clock. The N. 0 . has unsurpasfed accommodation for first class and second cabin passengers Fare to San Francisco—First Cabin, $600a Second “ $300. The N. O. can take a Uttle light freight; for which, and passage, apply to J. HOWARD & SON, . jalO _____________________________ S4 Broadway. Ind second cal imeatate aespaten, ana nas eu uav.’ysiss.XTi” tiMTof merchants in the CaUfornia trade, or of intoning HART, 88 Broadway P A W O K A ^ Admission 25 cents; children, half price. N. B.—The curtain rise* every evening* a t 74 n’sloek, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at 24 o’riook — Door* open on* hour before each exhlbitibn. Ja7 tf LEARNED CANARY BIRDS ! SIGNOR BLITR ! MAGIC AND VENTHILOQUISMl _1'VERY a f t e r n o o n AND EVENING, At S and 7 o’clock, at the' SOCIETY LIBRARY, corner Broadway and Leonard *t SIGNOR BLITZ will introdneo several new deception*. . THE l e a r n e d CANARY BIRDS wUi perform fresh feats. THE VENTRILOQUISM will be highly amusing. A dmlssion 25 cents—Children, half price. dSl St* JfIFICENT EXHIBIT! E V E R S ’ .. ......... \'IGANTIC ____ _ ____________ N0RA M A S , WOHr OPEN, EVERYEVEND Ht, a short season, devious to bring exhibitei libndop, a t ^PANORAMA h a l l . Broadway, corner Walker st re pointedainted onoveiver r p H E Y are p on o 40,000 feet of exifrxss! X being by several thousand feet, the largest Faintivg BROOKLYN, WILLIAMSl n the wo3-ld ! N E W YORK CITY, CITY OF B E A S T RIVER HUDSON BIVER, and THE a t l a n t : ISBURffiH, ----------------NTIC OCEAN X ne awful and magnificent scene of tbe ASTOR OPERA HOUSE RIOT. The grand and sublime spectacle o* the Burning of the Park Theatre. They have been nearly three years in preparation 2A000 DOLLARS. J^ o r s open a t 6} o’riock. Panorama mores a t 7} pre ^^dmission 26 cents. ChUdren under ten years of age P O a BOSTON Tho following trains leave the Canal street station dal- At ofoWoL^x.^S\“iS ^ v e a t Boston i t 11 80 r . M, By ssengers are desired to preonre tickets before taking j'al^\forak 50 .^- .RUGGLl O rxsmps BgBtoEi.L. Plaintiffs’Aitomey. A lW J o n m ^ y ^ a l S . ' ^ ; ANTHO.VY J BLEF.CKF.R, Auctioneer. PEREMnORY s a l e ' OF FIFTH AVENUE LOTS Exa Mxoiso.v sqrxBr, xsii of L ots ok 31 st xno.Me raZETS,.TO CLOSE XK UnolVIDED Il,TE*E*T. VY J . B L B B C B 'B it wUl Bril at anction XX. on T h u r s d a y , the 24th January, at 19 o’clock, at the Merchants’ Exchange, to thehiiheat bidder. Fir-TH avEKCE—8 lots Of ground Ton toe easterly side of the 6th avenne, embracing the whole front between Slstkbd 82d ets, icclnding two corner lot*. M ^ 4 lot* on the northeasterly cjomer ef 6tb avenue Al*(), 7 lot* on the westerly side of Sth avenue, between Xl*t-and 32d sta, incinding The corner of 32d st, *nd rnn- ning to within 8 feet of SIstst. : 31st *TmEET—2 lots on th* north sifieof 3Utstreet, next >tho5th areane lote, b e ^e*n 6th sjTenuo and Msdls^n 32d st * eet - 2 loti direoHy in rearof the last described, on th* lonth side of 32d st. Alio j 2 loto on the no/th side of 82(1 street, 100 fact east of-tbe 5th avenne ^AKa,2 lot* on the south ride of S2d| street, 100 feel west Tlnrtltle to\th« JAMES COLE, Auctioneer. TsOffi^le BitU d log Lots;, c a n e r e f Fulton R w e iia e u iclH o jt iltxeet. TA IIM S fftOXiB wiRsen a t auction on Tneeday, Jonn *1 0J5! IS, a t 12 o’dock,at too Merchants’ Exchange, the *nowlpfiT*IuablftprDperty,Tii: „ , ^ l o t i o n ooBtheast corner of Fulton avenue and Hoyt 2 Iofo ondajarge frame house on Fnlton avenue, ad- ’LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE k CO., 35 Broad street L, QXXIRTXNG P R IN T S , new and handsome pattei on wide cloths,^OT^^^^^^ TRIMBLE & CO., ^ . lOUTIlSiRN COTTOI q for sale by LAWRPNCE, ON Y A R N , assorted numbers, E TRIMBLE k CO., ___ 35 Broad street. A lxL.SNDAEH-.8-4, 9-4, 10-4, J \ . bleached Sheetings, for sale by LAWRENCE, TR! 'C F F S - A good inc ^ ’ t r I mb ^ fe CO., 85 Broad street-. and 11-4 Brown i BLE fe CO„ 35 firoftd Itreet. styles, fur sale by LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fe CO.. jalO ; 35 Broad street. S J ® \ T B 6 R O K B R S E Y S -W a shlngton, Jeans and L1 Plains, for side by LAWRENCE. TR LAWRENCE, TB*’ —LE TNDIGO BIxDC X Satinet, for sole by , LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc CO, jalO 35 Broad «tr«et. ^ E xl MAN' l d lL o t’HS— a few case* Of Dlks for sale V X ^ je a p t o c f o S ^ y ^ ^ ^ ^ C O . 49ExchaugePlace. i. TRIMBLE fe CO., JalO___________________________ SB Broad street TXTABlSfJTTA 1H1IA.S BXiBAOBKD SHEET VV INOS—A very superior artiele, for stle by LAWRENCE, TRIMB fe CO., ____________ _____ 35 Broad street FE—BUck, Cadet and Oxford mixed s T t . JONES fc C0..4& ExehaagePhtoe. i \ a PXA CX x OTXXS- a most beautiftff aztielafor gen- JU, tlemen’* wear, jnvlsftlB green and wool hlioK, now lanffing ^ co, 49 ExahangePUee. 'S 'B ^ o a ..r M f ih it'jp r l : I ..SsS,!' mr iroRtuir on the j i » .

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