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It ' ■*^!si?«3iSf;S«^““*'‘‘*”* PVSld& SA3LES. ‘ ; •■ - s s a s s - i i ^ F s e tii*«f»t««i«n«t ^n Sallirasti; aac^ PTOnacDeanBfe) < ' ga^inraajL'sSStSiS^ ,' E i r a o i n i T . tTTPRtVAjt PRlVAtB S*tB . A ^ ^ 3 t o ^ £ e i wtili rwii> ;Cn»* lihurtfc J u t t u M . ^ ^ ^ S - i # f § S , ' S S . * . . _ ........... .... ' ^ i s ! i a 2 a t a ^ A s a y i i i : £ . a M £ a ^ * ^ A ^ ^ ^ i u > t f bripfc boueyid lot |foa«0prinsait .' \'^^Ato. tlw ^ e tftt^bntkiiew s tnd lot No 3K0onac Mri P ’ * * J ^ & S ^ ^ B e b f l» . in ! y 6 e N oiBnndionit. •tmod*. S liS iS iS 2 •a^SH ,..„ __ ...... . K X S ■I tatra M(^rid»betwMOl6thaiid l7aittt.M n 3 rraf I^*r ^cc1es. tlia Referee, the follow, tf t)f Iporto iht eitatf e t fiobiit Brown, de* ,4 ill i £ g g a ; s 2 g g a ; v ! % Livinptoh I * ^ itait;'ft jB«,0«it»iwr t»m»in on bond »ud mortme fpr n i »»,Bn«-4 lob oin tin Nildo. n«r th, comer of Brifte i'k - If I K > rSj iOOfoetonJoliBWHrW. * _____ JoliB JtB d d n tnr, ABOtUnMcr. BY J O H ^ E U D D E R O W * OO^ Store No^ i S g P w H t f t . A c t o l f e S i a r o o ™ . ^ Ai«MMiItMBiiiiM{:ereIttbi.M:iM«iu.MtiBt(«.^r<>. _ Alsnc on eecosat o f thotmderwrit»n. l e*u •op«no*',I«*. baar. lda<oDcr.wbbeanbn>idMed«hapaald«i^)*»».. AlMil CUB rertr enwrrar 3 easM mneiior <jn»litf black ealioete, * d»dtth butyer etoUw, a balnoiaiB and dwillad eeuIetflanDele, 1 bale Eoflah ptinud dmiieh. ______ _______________________________ UTeldea Belt, AnetUmoer. BY P E E L S & CO.. ____________ S t g r e iro W s B s b w t • *Titm« Ton? mooibe'bTer |l»%p|iraTedr Mdorted Dote*. fttne, Ybedr. ti Keemadltleef I _____ j oim &iJffeD, A tutlonacr. B Y J O H N S i r i F F B M S t o r e d Aon street. ___ Md {HhetmerehaBdiiBto tboitoir evBBd >tieU (Blu WiU reeelTe :oromi I li. G . CerriBKtoa, AtiotioBeer. B T JACOB S* P L A T T , B w d ir u e . Crook^rjr; >nd G en«»l Anotionwid Com- sussibtn Merenant. Aaetiog)Boo»,-2&-Pl«'ttJtteet.oonur o f 6oUL flemamln Moonejr, Anotionaer. ^ B y B E N JA M IN MOONEY. Store No. 14 P l a tt straat. N.8. All aalu of Hardware. Paner Gpodi, Real B*tate Stocks FajBita». Srocatiee.ice.paactaallrattended toiaas] Aeesa, Anotlonea QLEY & KE]EI lam esM MlUsr, Aaotloneer. B Y g J A M ^ i f e p r E «5 CO. Store No. A rdw a re,E e a lE ,tate ■ ! g * a « H a f 5 . 1 i . - . - s ! a s W h . x L m NEW YORK MOIS^DXY. JANUARY 1 .1850 NO 18 NASSAU. NEAR FINE ST i P . PE^BMC SALER 04*l9%»ma^manmm mamA mwmtmt w»».»e^erwe-— -r- ---- - --- 11«tdjiolmnt*b«iBf t i ft from. M (U i n reer hr M M tB^ b « * « ! . nnSoin et7 eotner nl( ------- mie33 ft deep, toreiher nit abnee.belnr^ia fronfas One liiara of StOeje ftewrin.-. AeeociBtio! ‘meat offreih imported Bohemlin ware. exleniion dinini labtet carpeii: imrroij; m w i» ®*| gSfSlISm il A. M. Merwln, Auctioneer. BY BANGS, PL A T T & CO ten eni Comminion MerefaenU. for the lai Paintinn.{ Btatiomrr.Peper. Ac. _ ' Ea^“tS $ W e ! n \ « ^ ^ •»♦ Coik idTancM made upon all eopeisomenl late nrBooka. a ’SKi . j s s ' s d i s S ' s S S f i giS^ a.‘S ” S , pnbUilied. SUtdred, T hat tU a AuunlruteiTC lUth jectec the re- slcnatira oflUeliard* A Beadtag of the preeldeaer ef IhJ* CotapcBT, the aOaiiy of which he haiBOiloaf aadeofalthi -teHy in a a a ^ ,B a d th a t‘tlurA u iaer ^ h t e thtir rnoet •azaeet wtihee for hU fatare ^ M p e tit; a ad taeeaee. j i a i a i ' X>. r . cjPRBT, gecretary. ( ^ l m « |i n a « l K H a d . i K a l T » o f thaefeettoftho Merehanto. Mutual In'Tzrsa** Compttsx* llo. tie t that jta/ia.'pfapiutd to pay a diridtad oC three percent tothecreditors of Mdd company on demaad, at blaoffiee. No. 8 Wall atreet. Dated. New York, le t January. 18S0. B. B. vv INTHKOr, BeeelTer, Jj^ lw No. a WaU etreet,«dttory. Torit ^ity, oi»‘ TU*asDAr, 5 ‘”w ty '\ 'v h a t VAi.u.n. ! . D e e ^ ,M M f '* i^ ^ * ° d a r U I (j^A K enojr eM S e litiS a lS y n in i iil^ ^ N o U c e U hereby grren, that a dlrldend o t fire doilan and ferenty- flTe ceOte on each o n , thonraUd doture, will he paid ppon tbeetobk of the etatOof Hlitiolt.at the cfflceof the mb- seriberi, on and after Monday, the 7th prozimo. WADSWORTH A SHELDON,'Interest Agents, •SjExohangeptace. New York, Deo 29th, 1 8 « . . i<» W (% o u toftheproatsof the laetlix months, payable on and after Mionday, TthJannarT', d » 2 w __________ H.O. OGDEN,Caihler. O rrica or the N kw Yoaa Get L ioht » GourART.Oececnber 2ith,1849. ( (hY* m e * A n n m ia B l s e tt o n for thirteen Blrectors ef this Company Will be held a t theofflee. No. ITl Cdatte itreet^on blON DAli^tbe I tth day of January next, frmn The transferiooik will be eloaed &am the 29th instant, until after libs ale \ ~ L after tbi dSStJalS U.eiiiD S tatu C. L. EVERlTTiSt ;S WILKIE Secretary O t^TA e P r e s id e n t n n d m r c e t o n a r tlto B a n k ,t A m e rica baTs this day dedarod a Dirldand of throe and a half (3H per c ent for the current ilxmontbi. end lag the S ilt fnifaht, which will ha ptid'to the itoekheld* are, on and after Thursday, the 8d: of Jannary, until which day tbs trajufar ^ k s wUl^bt doled By order of the Board. J PUNNETT, Cash. ------ let, on Monday, I4th Jannary n ---- wiu open at 12 o’clock, and otofe a t 3 o’clook, d20WU J OHN H. LYELL, Secretary, OrncK aoosotv Rkv-EK-BArxcHoAD Co. ( &4 Wall street. New Verk Nor. 18, 1840. { 09- THei M o n tw e B o i i O i oftlili Compiny.1)flu> ImisTon perOsnt. intereit. payableisjnl-nuHUallj') w c lag a drsC Uen on the entire road end eqnlpaeats,) and oonvertlbla In to the stock of the eempany, a t the pleaiure of the holder, till are yean from their date, whl be lolji at ir In Bums of $SfO, $1,000 on $5000, an eppUcatlon at inanes Cemraittea. J. M. HOPKINS, T .—Letters de- mt of postage . HABN d £ n a ’ c O., 6 WaUetroel. Sight Drafts Seom £ l etaxUng, and upwards, payable In all the towna of G riit BrltafA _________ tp24 tf W IL L IA M P . M D8§. Letting Dwening H - “ ' Purchase, Sole or Exchange of Real Estate, and for Fire and Life Inenrance. Money Loaned od Bond and Mortgage. ■ aEFEBERca : Camellns W.Xawrence, N. Y. State Bank. William F. HaTemayer, 21H West 14tb street. Jamu Harper, 82 Cuff atreet. Peter Cooper, 17 Burling slip John M. Sradhost, ManbattanTllle. Wilson O'. Hunt, William street, oor. Malden lane. George LoTett, 72 WaU street. Residence. No.SSl Fourth aTenut.New York. At home, befbreO o’clock 1 a and after 4 o’clook r u Office, No. 1 Nassau street, comer of WaU street-focm No. 5, Sd etory^ D f i O O P S a n O t T lP L Y f T H K IsA T B S T —TAt X 17.—“ On the night Of Saturday, October, T, 1819. the steamboat IlUnois was consumed by lire to the watwf’e edge. In the office of said boat was one of RICH'S S a t. AMANDEB SAFES. On Mondajrfmornlng, th* safe wm taken from the wreck of said boat, and the papera con­ tained therein were entirely nninjnreA except by ater. a (Signed,! J. W. STETTENIUS, “ late n u te r Steamboat lUinols. ^ New Orleans, Ootober 8th, 1849.” Test 1&—“ On the night of the 21st nit., and In my ah- snoe from home, the store in Tlckibarg oecupied'by me as consumed by fire, together with Ita contents, except ly hooks and papers, whiclr were saTidin one of RICH _ CO.’S IMPROVED PATENT SALAMANDER SAFES, purchased In this city of Mr. Isaac Bridge. Haying • second time (see my certilicata of Maroh 9th, 1848,). expe­ rienced the great Ttlue of the article as a protection against flre,J can hut wonder that any one sagaged in bnsineas Tsntof ea to dispense with the nee of It, “ Ne Orleans, October 31itfT849. (Signed) 8. C. FIELD.” i^ T h e undersigned, agent for Meem .Rolf fc Steamr, encelssora Of C Rich fc Co.) the legally e onitUnted ma­ kers and Tenders of WPdsr’e Patent Salamander Safes — — THEM IMPROVED—offers for eala nfUU assort- :of the same description as those Bmvraeed ia the abOTC oertifioates, i test to which they bnr^lare. > \ j.bu F. iaing.ihm abov*. i i' i' k s s - a s s s s l i 1 * ^ ^ tito iia « n 4 « ,to g r a iC e r f* e g u ^ Fauz hundred'sadmetrMMef indredeeimnitrM eee'le^m^^ employed. s m . 4 ‘& 1 ? n S S < n » - I r - _ _ :^.wagsasrd»3 ^^T g -iSiffiS.’g a s a . s s i ^ X on the 9th Instant, a t the MerehantelExehmige, at 12 o’oleok— j $160,000 Of the Bondi of the Hudson rarer RaUroad Company, in snme of $600 and $1000, payaoU on the 1st August, 18G9 , interest a t 7 per cent, per annum ■, paya­ ble halfyearly, on 1st February and l i t August. Coa- Tertible into the Stock of the Company at the pleasure of the holders, notllfire years from the date of the BoiUs. — Secured by mortgage of the entire property of the Com­ pany to JAMES BROWN, SAMUEL S. HOWLAND,. andHENRYC. DE RHAM.intmstforthebeneQtoftbe Bond-boldairs, aodfumiehing to the ^ t e n t ef $4,00(^000, (ofwhieh these bonds form a part,) the exclosite risST L ibit on the whdellne Of the Road from New York to Albany, and aU iti other Real Estate, BailHnga and E^ipments. rhose who prefer them may recetre Interest Conponi with the Bends of the following tenor, (girlng the holder theprlTllege of taking payment In this cltji orinLon- '*°“ h UDSON RIVER RAILROAD GO -N E W YORK. Interest Wa>ront tr Coujnm Thirty-fl'To doUars for six months intarest on the Bond of this Co.. N o ... . for $1000. will be payab'a to the hear­ er on the presentation hereof a t the office of the said L'e. in the city .of New York, from the let to the 7th Febma- ry. 18W. ineliuiTe If not so presented then, the said in- tereitahar ' ” --------------- * . . ...................... 6u:eeedt^ FaEDEEic lluTH fc Co , in the city of may ha exposed, either from A.S. MARVIN, 188^ Water ityeit. $35 in New York, o r ) £7 2 0 in Londan. ) Tr.” If Coupons are not taken, the intereat is payableat tt office of tha Company only. Th* Bonds will be pnt np In same of $1000, with a flbe- rM priTUege.andaUpat np wlU be sold to the highest The Bonds now offered hare all been issued inpayment to Contractors and othoii for work and materials on the ®* • ™ . — fc n o proTide tor --------------- - -------------------- . . gers, and aiTsry faoiUty poseihU giyen them on emi Also, drafts from £1 upward* eashsd a t sight in aU the 'towns of England, Ireland, Scotland and WalM. ^ HARNDEN fc CO,,8 Wall street, and ei' 75 Spnth at., comer of Maiden lane np stairs. j'eiyr Y o rtc etnA P fcrt* i— f a...Bi* p r ^ ____ ________ ____ ______ Awenoy. r p H B SUBBORXBKRS 'heff leaTc again to notify X their Mends and the pnblio. that no one hM any right or authority to transact their bnsiness in Farli but John Canehoiee, E iq., No. STlaoe 'da la Bonrea. LIVINGSTON, -WELLS fc CO., ap26 ______ 10 WaU atreet: Save your T in Roofs . , ---- .imerlcan. Patent Soap Stone Paint h a a ______ _ .1 hy the czpetienee of thelast ten yihn t<^ be the most durable and economical article eter offered to the pubUc, orneed-forproMrrittgtitt roo£s,‘*andmia1dngthoe« that ‘’T b ^ m b i ^ ^ will warrant to make all tin or metal roofs tight thpt he undertakes, for the low price of one eenti oar oottAM lool. B.F BUNKS*,155 Chamber i t m t , N, B —Orders left at the store, ise Chamber stre* either for xocfhor palnUhg In geaexaL wUl he promptly attended to _ ________ ^ r t ^ R S B O K S , OVXSR SH O E S -N O W .18 THE to bto fXtoasiTO «9Vortsnrab of-Jrtnbber aad f s iaat Matal- Ue £ ib W 0 y e r ’ShoA«» srhiek iluivo beam izpttaily for the city letail trade, t U. : ra'ent MetaUle Perpetual Gioee Oyw Shoes. da dn do dodo Sandal*.a S n d ^ do Oonamer Orer Sho« do Nett Lined do. do do Cloth Para or common uo LADIES’ Patent MetaUlo Ferpatnal Gloss Slippers. 'do do do Sandali. . , do do . do Gossamer Slippen, peifeetly light aad neat. Leather soled Sheet Knhbep Sandal*; MetaUle Rnhber BmUiie, Leather eoiadShaet Rnhhef'ditto: Par* or common Rnbbers, ko., ke. .patent Meta'Ue Perpetual G*.oa Slippers. • _ da de ^ d n do Sandals. Rabhertl Wall 1 an d muddy W! Para ot eoinmoB RnMeei, ke- JiOTjls ----------------------------- ^ ________ ______ Zwinmuiefwir»i^KKiipprp[TecL: , , pjr ihdeaai*—BctUloa df JaeOhVaodcriiML jA. to eon- cH wjib the lewer in thedth-Ward Station houie yard on ttg^piying $10 for said pArilrge. Granted. S r A ^ JamIioa-4 peUtioDa in larorof theenUigemeot on h e Referred to Special Cpmmiuee on that Report of t^Fioanca Commiitiee adrerse to payinr V. Brenten fordimages receired fromamob, and asking jhediKbaHed. l ^ t a d - ' Report of in* Committee on AlmeHouse DepartmenL in iaroiiofapplTiDefd^e’Legislature for leaTetoflnd the sum of $75,000 foftfoe election of a wotkhouse. Adopted eii ayes And nbeiuyjz i AffimmUro'^thePreeideDCUld. Wobd,KulUn*,Schultz, Mo^gaimjHeMu^j^wgVrankto Negatire R e ^ r t o^&e Finance Comniiubo «S*h“ t the pCtitionof Ow u Daly for loaesiotained hr atboB. JIark, logeteoll, Bard, Bruton, Webb, Jackeon—13. Ne­ gative, AuL Wood, .Haws, FiankUn-^ Report of the Committee on Fire DeperttnenUnfaror ef conelructing an iron bell tower in Varick atrcoi i»e** Hlng street. Referred back to' the Committee, afterward* rq- contldered and lost ouayei and >7ei. ubiic Adminietiatot in answer to a reso- *\■ ............. ■ lions charged by negauTe—Aiu, yvoou, riausiiu—x. Report of the Finance Commiuee against iba petition of Thunuu Nealls for further pay on a Revenue Bond held by him, and wbichhe did Dot present at the proper lime for payment Adopted. AwetimenHiii for paring 17th eireet between i n and 2d Avenues. Abner Sbni^xd collector—^which was con- drmwj oa ay«a abJ noiM, vif * Afllrmaiiro-AId. Jamison, tho rresidoni. Aid. Wood, Mulltnf, Scbult*. MoiEan*. Herrinr, Haw*. Slierman, Clark, IngersolL Bard, Britton, Web^ Franklin, Jackson. dinanceinereior^uoncurreu in on ayea anohnoea viz: AOirmative Aid. Jamiaon, Uie ProaidedC, Aid. Wood,.,, Muliioa. Schultz, Morgana, llernng. Hawa, Sherman, Ulark^^ingerioll, Bare, Britipn, Webb, Franklin, Jack- A communication from the street Commissioner enclosing esiimaiea and contract for regulating SOtb atreet between 2d and 3<1 Avenues—Copfirmed by said Board, was cun- cumsd In on ayes and noea Tis : Afllrmallvu Aid. Jamison, ihe President A li Wood. _______________ _ Slulllni, Schulii, Morgans, lierrlng. U’Wi, Shennmi, A irsnt f o r Clatk. ln|^raol), BanJ, Srittun, Webb, Franklin, Jack- ^ A padUon o freiiLnuof 3d sireVt 16eiwc?n ATepuegC.*^ “ • * and P WhkTeimld.troctrepairedwiibarcwlution direci- mg the Com. of Repairs aim Suppliea to cause the same to be done—Concurred id on ayes and noea Viz: Affirmative Aid. Jamison, ^ e President, Aid. Wood, Mullins, Schnliz, Morgans, Herring, Haws, Sherman, Clark, ingersoll, Bard, Btilte4, Franklin—14—Negative AM j'eckson—i.' A report ofthoComi KSj.w.t.rSsSb':: A report of tho Commiiieo oiV lendiog thatthe peLiUoD o f J . ______ __ a fire hydrant la Great Jouea oireet be referred croton aequcduct Board with phwer—Concurred id- A resolution that the Corotnt&aioner of Streets and Lamps be directed to^ cause theireaoiution to be earned to on*ect for lighting Cedar, Rector and West streets Qgapier at the foot of tw o therefore. in a^ea and aoes, AfilrmallTo—Aid. Jaml3on,iliB Prepidcni, Aid. Wood, Mulilns, Schultz. Mo«^ns, Hernng, Hawv. Sborman, Clark, Lugersoll, Bard, Isriuon, Webb, Franklin, Jackson. A lesolutioQ lhatSsuth and Wesisireetsba lighted with gao. Concurred in. A report of the eommittee on illrtsand Seiendea in re* lauon lo the books and other Interesting doemnents receiv* cd throueh^IoQs, Vatteroare. Adopts. A resolution directing the Coni of Repairs and Supplies te procure a new store for theChainber of the Boatdoi As* ststant A!derm6n~*Concurred ih.i A lesoluUon directing the payment of S I 4 7 , t o Joseph R. Taylor, for service rendered a^ comptroller from the 25th of July to the 27ib of Sepjtember—Concurred m cn ayes and noea, viz: AiririnaUre Aid* JsmUon, th^ President, Aid) Wood, MulUns, Schultz, Morgans, I^rriog, Haws. Sherman, Clark, lagerAsU, Bard, Britton, Webb, Franklin, Jackson. Report of tho Com* on Wharves dec., in favor of permit* ting, Stephen Whitne/, and othei^ to extend piers 9 and 10 into East River to the established IiLe.->Coocuried in on ayes andnoat, vix: Affirmative, Aid. Jamison, the President; Aid. Wood, Morgans, Haws. Sherman, Claris Ingersoll, Batd, Bruton, Webb, Franklin, Jackson—13. Negative,Aid. Schultz—1. A repot t of the commiuee op salariee and olpcetf in favor of appointing Henry C. Boudino as Commusioner ^ Heeds in place^of John A. While, deceased. Concurred A report of the eommittee on streets in lUvor of flagging the tide walks in 36th sL, between CUr and 10th avenue. irdSianco iliercfore. Uoncurred” m on ajrc8*limi witiiao on noes, viz A report of the commlii** on the Croton Acqueduci Department In favor of referring petitions for witer pipes In 3uib anil in 86ilt street to the croton acqneduct Board. ni in Concurred on aye* and noes, viz : AffirmatlTe—Aid Janiisoh, the President. Aid Wood, Mullm*. Schultz, Moreani, Herrlngj Haws, Sherman, Clark, ingenoU, Bard, Britton. Webb, Franklin, Jackson. A report of tbs-Com. on s a lar^ and efflees In favor fitting the salary oftbe Supdt, of wharves &c. at $1 per annum—Concurred in on ayesandnoes, viz; Affinnattvo, Aid. Jamison, the President, Aid. Wood, Schulu, Morgans, Haws, Sherman, Clark, ingersoll, Bard. Britton, Webb. Franklin,Jackson. A report of the Com- on F>re Department in favor of Buspendmg engine Cos. Nos. 16 and 14 for one month each, and of expelliE't JohiiRuach, a member of 16.—Amended by Striking out the expulsion of John Roach, and as thus amended—Concurred in. A report of the Com. on Police in favor of paying medi- cal bills ef Doctor Ross and Hubbel.—Concurred m on ayes and noes, viz; Affirmative, Aid. Jamison, the President, AIL Wood, Mullins, Schultz, Morgans, H-rring, Haws, Sherman, Ciatk, Ingersoll, Bafd,Briuon, Webb, Frankfin, Jackson.* A report of the Finance Com. on the peution of John Dowling, for relief from tax-Referred to Finance Com '^A '^ port of the Com. on streets In favor of the resolution to remove telegraph poles In lltb . t. between 3d and 4th evs. Befsrred.to com. on siroete. A report Of the finance com. In favor of remitting the raonai tax to A. Ouerhlwr. Concurred in on ayes and ^ t i v e . Aid. iamtsoDu the President, AlA Wood, :tx, Jffullins, Morgans, Herring, Haws, Sherman. dt.nYktsoU,; Said,.. Britton, Webb, Franklip, Jaekssn. 1 0 . 0 0 0 i ^ K B v i u i ^ & s ' M m n n n ; a l l s with » large nock ofotbeigoodir ia tb e olbtbing Une.fbrHdaby'th* . *28 tf UNION INOU RUBBER CO. 10 N u n n i t -[JJtK IjE iB L tU U L a G A D BONUB.oXhe inbicri. XX bera offer Tor sal* $100,000 Of Bonds of the Harlem -Railroad Company, iianad for the axt«iuioii ef th* Her- • — ‘ -.aDotMPIal teketh* prroatitton t O ^ p S e Z i . ____ , ............. ....... theii^eaithat.they m a y 'B O t^d themaelTee eompeUed U r e n ^ ^ e i n ^ ^ n ^ I ^ ^ f i ^ i t y $ B d t t n n |^ wHght and qtiaUtj o f iron can he afforded; andalthough theur pofU at* heaTfet than, tho** now h*inf pat np by o i h n s , t l ^ ’b ^ eT*thtato he aa jlght as 1* eouabt^t wUhsaftity Thdr))att*n*te the neatest on* in use, and can b* Ml ffm lnthe fftnund.LfcTinf WinpcMt bn each ,4U S$art*$Bteaw a y ;opfente T rinity ChnreX-- ?2£EftSai‘tta2*Jasr«ee-*5w ■Moetlsniin InnasnlBi; dhrabilHy i»d eb aieftirnnttM c tb anywtlwr nyle e f 1 .weB wWUl^fhe •UtewilMa e f tksteiiae^ _____ _ f m i.and 127Hi strati hetwti|m 3d _________ tvepa^frOTn^^th'm . i ^ a t r e e t jrith o the northerly side Of Beach street’iWtl 0 f » e 7 . i U l w « SCo.vered, and the barque Sarah, of Yarmouth, Nova iotia, commanded hy Cant. David Cook, who, notwith- indiDgihBS(;a’wa*4nagb,.ths 'wiod blowing awMe; im­ mediately went to the rescue of (hope on board inn Caleb Griifishaw, and afteLfotv days peraererancO and hard la­ bor succeeded in savibg from a watery gravo nearly 400 human beings, and,, whereas, it fp uudersiood the. said barque to soon to artiveat this port, therefore --- ....— ---- -5 . humanity ei striving to save tns uves er the people of a New York Ruplred, That the freedom of the city be presented to the said! David Cook'in a gbid box ad a feeble msiimony of the^iigti eatiinaiion in which he.l*,HeIdhy thamembenof this Common Council, ipdividually kndcoUectively. Resoived, Thata'eohy of the preemhie and reaolutiohs be presfntcd U).Capt.Uook'on hi* arrival; in this city, or sent to him at Yarmooth. Neva Scotia, incase of hi* not amvinf atlhiapoM. Adopted. By Aid- Hans-^Besolvodv That the sum of $i#0 be and u.hereby appropniaied. to carry theabove resolutioiui into slTecL-rAdapted on ayes andnoes, v iz: Affirmative,Aid. jemison, the Efeituem, Aid. V E, theBiiardadJournedtu It 5 o’clock P.M. D .T. VALENTINE, Clerk. »* to peUtion ef Al- ;K ! s s ' 2 s f e s t S |s s ”.'3ar-‘- th 8 i b V ^ l u ^ 4 . . - « 4 « m t « h < r f w l r i c l ^ F r e e ^ / T e p « ilelf« k l h n ii» ltL i ,f u B a .'c r e ..' ted by 4 # consUtttacm#id;ih«;i»7?®^^*£‘ thapjahUo T H E :E V E » r N G POST * * 6 b r t > r @ i 6 B e ^ - i p a ' ' g W e r i l f u n D. 11 * 3 1 %”a s s e s , “s','“,a . ^ . .Surplus ofreTenBo on tht3QthSep,t.,T,849. -$U3,279 pS Thi* Eurplns; does not cppnn fpi)® any increaao 4^ the o rdinarysoiirceft of.rsyenue, hu t from Bates p | In 1818, for unpaid, taxes. As this cannot ho Icilatijd upon this y e a r .,4o <3bmptroUer reoom- m^^Boenolnyin.nd>^B>«BOlny expenditures,xpenditures,, y atticularly as the mo in. e . _ auction .duties w d Beveiad o ther minor hranohes o f rea'uo aowAdecUno. The^oUowingR w o o d e n Inbititlnof the sxa T e of xh * treasury . in moUon, adjourned t* Saturday evenine. I. RICHARD SCOTT. Clerk. MARINE LIST, CZEAABZ) statca : oztr i ^ s t . wH” So?hM!f Indlea.Rodes- ^H*™ barkD'l*Froehanaie, Brigdalh, Hull, Sohinidt t f K i s i s » s r ^ statement o f Balances Due from read to (he Treasury, on 0 ^ 30t/i SrjitMiiJe)-, 1819. ............ J? lath e T r e ^ r y . . . .................. 471,725 67 ^ aiubtfonAn^^^^ I i . 7»S,0W ilmington, N C, with Baltimore toJqhn- 100 3 | S S i : . . _______ _ Soh John Manlove, Saven, 3 days from DovOl, Def, with DI&BST£BS^ 4-t. ) a H /i;'af£H a iE I‘s £ S i ; DOMESTIC PORTS. Sch Elvira Thompson, Parker, NYork;—rTpDr>Bbav seen on Thursday last a sunken sohoener off Re hland, supposed to h» the Lonii I haster, from this p bound to NVork with a oargo of coaL Also a t, soh* James R Dspnty, Winsmore, NYork; aiph Guest, Rogers, Charleston ; Benj Douglass, Taj i 'r ; r .f c s s i oancelleff................... 87 08 - 2078.605 68 S,’ ^ - ; 'of 'A p i; i; a id Snpreme'COTirts i n , ; . . ’ ' S I 592,830 T t ZTi^rJ: .............. Mlsoeilkneon* Expenses........ ... Totsl 6592, U tbtr amounts will also be reqnired to meet ez- id fo ----- penses not provided for, which are detaui appendix. T h s Comptroller n ext passes to, THE CANAL FUND. The public works of the state, upon which this fi predicated, a re to he considered in two aspsets First, Theirmoney value, as a i)ia,vestmentufcs J, to'4)o ascertained hy their avarag# mcoine, ft iries Of years. A!eco[nd» T h eir utility to thepetgile, as cbi ■ade andeommerce,affording c h ew and eai t . , , : _ ai«m tf*7,65eO T , . - t > : m A report ofthe com. bn ihilife department, .!m favor Of riiplacing th8DamooftoncisB.B!lUan ,lho ’^cgMleir ? f , A report of the eommitiea on lamps and ke. i(0lmlomo light Great Jones sireet with gee-concurred “ a resolution that the colliCtor of iha city revenue, cpiiect ih* rents at Fulton market with the ezeeptu u of buichcrs — fee>”|^concuiTBd in. ^ conL oa itreeu in favor of flaggioc ride- curb and gmtemin front of Noa 64 to G4 i teport Ol rk and set! g curb and gmtemin front of Noa 64 to 64 ___ with andinanee therefor. ConeufnJ iaoh ayes and noesiTiz: > Affinnative—AIA Wood. HulUne, Scholls, Morgans, HertiiiK, Haws, Sherman, Clark, Ingersoll, B' rd, IVeb!, ^ ^ r e p o r t of moSpeeJal Commute® on the ratgect of re­ pairs of buildings under the control of the Governors ol the Alms Hohae Depanmeni. Referred to Commiuee on Alms House Department. _ _ ^ * Aresmrtofresmrt the Commit ~ \ice the Commiuee on Pol In favor of paying Dock John H. R oh . ConcnrreU In on ayes ' A of t isetllcal bill of |snd noes, v iz. She^r^n.1 A report of ths CommUiee on Lamp* and Gas in favor ,of lighUng 3d street; between avenue B, and East river with Gas. Concurred in. A report of the Committee on Aesessraems In favor of jcorrectine assessment of James Rorke for sewer in 33tb liureeL Belerredto qcMmiUeetmAs^mrata. A report of the Commute* oa the Fire Department in favor 01 placing a fire hydrant in SSWi street between 6th and 7ib eve noes. Concurred in. I A reportof iheCsmniiueeonSirtelaln favor of relay Jng b r^aaume* around Umen F ark north o f 15th atreet. eA’reportof the Cbmmitfeo bn Police In favor of paying Jobs H. Van Teasel $15 for expends in a cas* of mjuuee iraslained intbe perlonnsDce.of hisdaiy a s a polKcmxn . ReferredtO Commiuee on PoHca . ,, , ■ Arepoitorthe-Commiuee *D RepureandBopplfea ib- favor of anuuio* oeOff » » •* used ^ t h 4 Coronet la the of Justice to the Reporters. Concurredia, A report ofthe com. on'lamp* and in favor ofUghP Inc M tM tfrw Broadway WGroaowiebi *tt«ecwitli gtiiw C(Kicuzrsdii< ' . A irportufthc com-en WliarvciAe., with aireaolotiou. ---- . . .1 ------- — Jlerk of the Board uni ConeuiTBd in __ ^ , B, me ne^deuL AUL-'Wood, HaUioK 8elM jia£'M * * p e « K ,)l4^; Hawet ?/hr.AkS?'ArSr PaaKilroBT—Ar SOlh ult, sch Tenues ee, Bh^k. N 2 T 2 7 S i ’S I ^ w6*#*s%.8$*^iw Ayubi ^miiAViiA sypeiillCQ COsXCMJg ^oMreSifp rerulatiog aad ftx m z m k tU it f, bctweeitTlii andffili ■rw w n edipcaed repairisc F»dt.treetfie«**o..T*Rta ^L w ttai^aud^reiU e u tbeewiwr ef WmandCowtlan d Sm l4,do. 2d,B; l5-r 1 4 >. JifW q«S.t8 * a e » 4a*«bby; e h E H A & A A i S 'j f e ^

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