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The evening post. (New York [N.Y.) 1832-1920, May 14, 1917, Image 4

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' . .I · . .. ......... ' TilE EVENING POSTt NEW YOltK; lHOXDAY, .1.\tA:Y· .ftl4,' !:}l'T • GOVERN~RS OPPOSE SPECULATION IN 'FOOD . . FA VOit AC'riON JJY GOVERNMENT, THEY TELL \~VENlNG l'OST!• Executives A,l!o liave N!J.nied fjom· mittees t.o :mncourage·:Fa,rm Pr/d'!lc• . tion\\:\\L 0 ans to l'al'mers Advocated .. CABOCHON ·SAPPHIRES . . • Of intense color up to and c;;cceedin~ 20 carats eacl1. mounted E.rng$ . WHEAT -CROP OUTLOOK· IN DOMINION OF· ·CANADA • UOtrT 23 PER CENT, OF THE :FALL SOWING WINTER-KILLED .. CQndjtjcm Of Remainder Irtdi!lites AbQut 69 I'er Ce.nt. (){a.· :Fu~l CrQp · ~Fi:rst Oflicilll Rl.'p-il'r.t or Season. ~- . OTTAW.\, Ont .. May 14.-The first crop r.eport of t]Je 'present season, issued by · the Census and Statisti-cs Office, .llt\iJ· :.mad<!' •public to-day, relates to the area Post.'' 1\1 ·and· con<iition crt' tha wlnter•wheat,.crop, Uer•lies to !jve quostlons sent by the c a··: .,....t1' e· T :tne condit\un ot :]lay and clover meadows' This is· the second. pm·t of a symposium nn li'hat is being d6JH\ .i1~ each J3tatf> about t~<> toad situ«t!vn, the resuU -of a ques- honmdre Instituted ·by the \Evening. {:venino PQst·to the ·c;o,•ornors of the va- .Ju . at the end of the wi.¢er, and the progress· tious States In regm'd· to whalf each in- · '7i2'~RfthAvcnue 9f sprfug seeding, as reporte.d l~y corre- . divltlllal SW.te' wn• ·rJo~g to. &ilve the· · NeW Yt;Jrk spoud~l)ts at the end of April. natiotl's vital foocl problem, eonlinUc to. 'l.'he area 'estimated aS having be.ei\ · show an almost nqunlmous appr.oval i>f sown >o winter wheat last fall is 81.3,400 l<-gislatlon rc~lating- speculation .In food • ..,...~:.__::::::::::======~....:~- · ae)\(!s. <>f which ·656,liOD :acres we in On- staples, and a favorable opinion ~.:.~~~d tario, l.D~;7oo. actea in Saskatchewan.' ss.- · l•'ecleral prlce-'fixing on St<Lples 1'1. CO• I. household ei•ojl<\TIYi also by l;>ld.nks <JOO: aeres <n Alberta, S,J).OO acres in Mani- opcmtlon with Stat.es. gi,·en i.o farmet~ of making i\ sur, toba, 6,200 .acres in BriUsh CGJumbia. ln: Th(' Q.n~wers fr-om tho GO\i~fl}.Or::; or . vey ·Of t11:e Situa:tiop.. Ontario the pl'opor.tio:iJ. of tb:e ..area re- The· Finance Committees ~ollect . Main<', West Virgjnia, K£msa$, J'.!aryJand, · such funcls. as :oeaY be. necessat'Y and ported to he winter .ktlled 19 2li !P'l~ cent .•. · Arizona. Vlrgh)la, Connecticut, and N~w procure all possible aid for needY in Man1iob!Y 1 14 per .cent., in Alberta' ·15 · ,Jersoy already have hoen pu\Jlishcd In ,ancl worthY fal\!l1ers. 'l'he local banks 'per <'ent., and in British Columbil!i & .per th • should be impressed with t}:]e n.~ cse columns. The opinions of the Gov- cessity of going tho limit . In f.he ~ent. · No re.port on the' ·winter J.<I:Uing of· <>rnors of' Colorado. Florida, Vermont,. matter cf loans and· reducing the in- fall-wheat is available .for\¥atcllewan.· ·Ohio, and Oregon are published .belOW:· torest ~ses to .minirn'OD1· . The but, as th<> ·propo,r.tions ln '!he two neigh- : 'These were the t1uestions sent to tho ·Denver banks stand ready to redis- bqrlng pt.ovinces <>f M...Ditoba a.n.d Alberta · count the · pa,per of local banks ~tt · · ·Governors: 5 'h. and 6 per cent .. interest,. so as are 14 ·and 15 1*' cent., respectively, it · to keep· the local banka supplied With i\ assuq~ed that tll-€ pl\!>por.tion <>~ 15 per ' suC'11 money as they .,need. Where ~nt. al:;JO applies -to S8Skatcb.ewan. .. 1. What food <'ommlssion~ or other Important food organizations have· hf't-n fotmed 'in your State? aid is neeped beyond that whkh bank& can _give, It has been found 'J:'he remit is a total eslimatei! ·de!;1truc- · ~·. What' are those orgRnlzatlons do· tug? :1 What f~od k~bJ.(lton Is pepding tn your Hlate.? thut an appeal by the Finance ~om·· !.ion tllrougll wi,nter ldlling <>f 187;000.; ·mit-tees to well, to-do busi!le'\1' men, a~res ot f?Ji-liQWn -wheat, or 1t P!'I' cent.' _.t,r.ofessional mPn, und far.mers has .,... heea effe<'Ctve. , 'fhis ·proportion is largi>r than ln any 01 I l'oOrdinatlon ·CommitteE's prP-vent' the two previous yea.Te. W..h~~ hoWever.' overlapping ul~ co~ni:lict of indepen..:' the aaount ·of -wintet• killin:g was excep~ · \ dent effort. J.t has. be!'fl found that tlonally low bel'ng not more than about 4·. Do you p~rsonally favor, Ju co- ~~~~er;afiou with Rt.ntC' g<wPrnmE>nts, a Federal G'over:nnJPnt prlPC'~rtxing. for f.ood staples to upply to au concern ... \'I ln -production and hai\dilng ·food? 6 Do you personally favor legi~la­ tloll for ,.,.gu)ating speeu!Mlon ln fuod stapl•s? \Thl' following are more. ._of tlw answers·; l\t'C'Pi\:ed from the Go,·.rrnors. Gcrv. S'tDNEY J. C:\m•rs. State of ~nr!da: I 1. We .have forme-d n commis:..ion·, under Proressor -Rolfs, of thP l'nl- · vrrslty of Galnesvllk f'nll~tlnf.:· \''<•r;· dopartm•t)t -of 'State worl<: · ~ 'rhey are urg{ng ·au peoPh~ in t.h~· Ht.qte, white and blcu·k. old and yauns-. to pradu.c• .more rood. to pre- · 1 ;erv.e· all theY do not eat and to con-- oerve 't]lolr supplies as muc\1 as pos-. ~lble. 3. None. 4. I certainly do and ])opo thnt It \ill' come speedily so as to reqUce JlrlcP-•:t. :,. Yes. I favor that. Gm·. JAMES M. Cox, Stnte of Ohlo: 1. An Agricultural Division of the State Council of Defence.· 2 P;on!otlng ·. pmdu<'tlon of food · fltU(fS in t.h£' hl'OU(l('Ht SC'hSf>. 'Tlli~ ', \ork Includes tho furnishing of labor,' assh;;tailL·e With l\('CerCnt:P to H<'Ad~. uuvice, and teaching food conserva- t.Jon and. food substitution. 3. \:..eglslature not In session. At the u•cent srs.'-lh.m t ht•rP wns passed n lu w pro\ tUi ng for a _hu1·eau .of ma1·~ l<ets, which will ··go into ett'rcf on July 1. 1. GnqunllfiNll)' ;-•s. 6. Whe.re enu~.rgrnd(:'s ~XIHt. SJ.lecuta- Uon ln rood st.aplPs should not be well-meaning orgamzauons, ¢vic,. re- · .' · . . · Iiglou.s, and \ocia.I. start campaigns ll per cent. 1n each year. After :deduction and _plalJ,~ aecording to their own of the areas estl1llated to be Wtn.rer kill- icleu:R; whkh, whlle worthy in tbem- ed · the area to be harvested is 626 400 · SC:'lves, arr no.t in barinQ:ny With Fed-· '* - · ' eta! and J'tata pla,ns'. The coiirdina-· a.cres. tion of all efforts Is abSQ!Utel:,y es- · ·COJ\'DITID!-1 OF WIN'l:ER \VHJ!;A.'l'. sPH.tial. tn the proper working m't Qf· · • .', _ · • a I'<Hnprelwnsive sya~·rn of orga;niza- ·. Th~ condtUnn of Winter wbeat 1s re~ tioh. portPd as 6.7 per <'4?nt·. of the s~dard .l'nhl:)clty C'ommitte~s k&p il} touch! repreS<•nting a. full c.\op in· Ontario, 65. \\lt.h tlw \vorlt over tlHr country anrl . . Sllll{lly t.hO !OPal neW,&papei'S ('U.{'h per Cel;lt. lfl ~larutoblJ..., 88 .. per. C.er).t. in '\'\!< with ·bl'i<>f t•&ports, so that peo- Alberta, and 85 per cent. m British Co- T•h• of. th.o entire eonnty may know Iumblt'l; makig the figure for a:I1 Canada· wha.t 1s goln/0 on,, m the dll'f~rent (Saskatri 1 iman excepted) to be ·69 per secuons and ln tho Sta,t<'. {':onn!)' o•. • • . ~ \SPed C\'.omm.tttPPR n.se(l.rtain the ltlnd cent. Thlf5 ts a lower percentage than of soP<! desired by each farnwr and ony previous record for the same. date tho am?t.mt. a. ,·allah!.\ i.n each t,oun-1· s!nce 1909, and r.efiec_ ts th. e excep.tlonal ty. It Js tlle duty of the Commi~tees . · · to s~e at it that nn C'XC'ess of seeds seve.rtty of thP past Wlnter. , .in one dif'ti·kt if' UJOlPrl to cover a.· OwJng to the lateness of the spring shor.tage In another, th. u\ Pl'OC'Urlng·l this year, It was Coo early tn. April 30. the St\ecllng of .every available acre to judge of th• e.xtent to which hay· and of ·land. · Th<' Llve Rtocl< ('~mm!tt~es rnal\e clover moo.dows have suffered the effects a survey of the ('fltt1t>, Hh~PJl, hngs. ! of thP winte-r. but indicaljons arP that <'hick .. ns, nnd. ducl<s ln every county j about 9 per cent. of the area under these ~nd f'nt·ouragt\' -tn,...r.r:-n.sP·. They arft ' _ · · 1 expt't'tr-d to rpndE'I' aid where it is c-rops has bC'en w.mter klled. The con- n<'oclC'd. clition In percentage of the standard' is ~rractoas: 'I\h<'sC' comtnHtN's ascer~ for the- whole of Canada 86 .Pt-r C\:ent. as taln the !oration and power of each compared· ·with 92 per cent. laBt year .. trador an~l urrang~\' for it~ max*m.um .. - · · 1 uso 1n the counties. Exwss and I For wheat the proportion o! see~mg Rhortage of tractor_s arP. reported to completed. on April 30 is 13 per cent .• -as the Rtat• Committee so that the ~llp- against 2'7 per t'ent. last year, and 24 ~~l' may ho mobillz~d and apportion- per cent. In 1915: for oats, tlle pr'opor- Fa,t,m J.abor: After a survoy. com-~: tlon Is ~2. P•~ cent., against 8 per cent.· mittC's (lostlmat(lo thP numlwr or mf'n last yf'ar ·and 45 pe_r cent. ~n 19lfi,_ and IH-f'rh~.d Um·iug thP 1Hln·:~tlng anrl .. for barley it is· 9 per cent .• i:).S ·against pluntJng sPa-so~#, '~!lit-h J:-; ~·pportPd :.3 pE>r cent. in 1916 and 38 -per E·n• I 1n thf> ~fatr l'nmnlittC'P \v_h.wh will ' c \\\\ n mnhil'IZ(\ tlw farm lHbOI\ ctnd £'D.df'avor' 1915.. • to- ha'\.·e it tr;'lnflferrt:~.d. from on(' sec- I Th(' provinces most .advanced fn the tlun of thf1 r::tn.1P to (J..nothPt' to JliPPt SPPding of sprtng wheat are: Ontario. 28. Gov. HORACD I~\\. GRAHAM. State or. Yer- dPrnand::: ll'i thrv O('I\UT\. l . mont, through Ht.... vey 'E. Goodell, S~l1'\-l :'vfark'i-•t.info;!\: Thf':-1(' ('Ofl1lll1UPPS wm! P<'l' C'Pnt .• 3.FI compar(>d With 4 pe_t .cent. ~ ffai hP mll~t iammrtn.nt whl\'n ha.n-·f·l->t.ili.g 1 last yPat' and 73 .pe-r cC~-nt. in 1915; AI· permitted. retat~ of Chil arid !lw_l.Uitary A. rs: ha:-~ bt•l·n lurnt•lf'ted. \\··. ll K1·rr., h€'rta. 27 per C'rnt .. compai~Pd with RO 1. On ~larch 22 the Goveruor ap· \.ha.irn~an t~f_ thP Sta.tf' Mark('ting ~.per cenL a.hd 91 per cent .• and British }lolnted a_ '\'{lfnlOI}t _Committee of { ummlttl~e, thC' .f\Nl(\>t·aJ mnr.kPting . , Public Safety, consisting of fifty~ r·:\llPI~t foi' thi·~ d!Rt'rict. has plan~ for t ~olurntna 20 per <·ent .• t.'Orhi)ared with. 66 seven ,promtnc~t dtizpns·ofthe S1at.t'. nd_vantagPn·I.Is ·h.~ndlm,.;- of the. f.>lOU-~ per ccn.L and 89 pet! &nt. In Saskatche .. ()f t-hts i'nnlmlt.tN'- a Sub-Oon1mittee 111 t.s 4f.tn har\'e~tlng. Explicit in~ wan, only 6 per ceont. had been SPeded of on F'oOd' Prududion and Conserva- ~trud-wns will b'' tssuE>d. d · . · lion \HLS sd.ected. llor.nr EeOUotnif'-s: <:ommtt.tees. th~ arl'a to he- evo~ed t~ sp_ring wheoat. as ;!. Th(• cummittP(' on. :l''ood Prod~c~ ,_.h,1.rg-f'd with th~ instructions or 1 against _36 per cent. aflrl 94 per cent. of tlon and Consrrvll.tlol;l. wtth the en· lwtt>cWivcs Of the counties in econ- the corresponding dates of 19lli and 1916. tire State .C.:duell.Uon Department co· umy, pci'servlng, drying, and other- · operatln~. hM noill:\'ht and dlstliP· wl\c preparing all excess foods for utc. d !-le~d to all sr.ho\ll chlldren .wh. n I ,~,.·int£\1\ US£'. \Flying· squadronS'-' of Rn•ll'lf(l'P Gil'l• Sign Carcbl for ~ervlee wPre ot.herwisP unatJtc to procure in~tru_dnrs a.nd dC'monHtratot·s. to bto, f\A;o..Um.rooE Masf:t M y 14 -R d U!f ?I'OPfl>r~s('l:l<d, and has assisted ln ar~ org-antzcd hv the RtatP Agricultural 1 - · '. · ·• _ a: • a c 8 IOJ'ltting lonns hy the v.ar1ous hanlts coprgf' :md \'sPht ov~r the Stat€\. l.Qlt('g(' .girls have signed cards-·indte-ating m tho Rt.at.<' to ilnanre fanners In ::. Tit~ t'<ilorado Legislature adjourn-, fh• .capa.clty in which ea~h i~ willing to bUying seed and farm macbinery. c·•l prtor to the det'latation of war. servo her country during the war Many I<~\'f\rv tJ.1strit~t superlntendPnt of' Th~rr· .is no food legislation pending. . _ . . . . · st'hool• and- e<erY county agrl<'ul- 4. Bol!et·.e that prl<:~·flxing ls a l''ett- Wlll work m gat dens, some are ready for tut:al agrnt is actively ca.mpalgnlng oral qu~slion. 1'!omestlG service and sewing, other\ .for fm• inrr(l.a.o:;Prl food production. ::,. Satne as above. clerical or. mechanical work, nursing' or·· Tho fil'st ~norgies were directed Itt . proetmng seed and stimulating in- Gov. JHio\S \VITHYt\o><n• .State of ore- first ald. !legular nursing classes have ctPasNl n,·reago Now p. careful strr'~ gon: been established. ,-~v of the ag-ricultural resources ls 1 l. Slate Council of Dofenee t•onsist- ~---------~-~--- lo<·tn>: made llr one _cpunty ns a.n. e~- lng u! .. SP\'t>n m•mbel·s, cooperating I ,:.-_Bri·ght. en· T- h. ·e c• or• · .. ·ru~dnv•nt. Vrry like-ly_ the . sun·pr \\•!t\h '}lu,Uunal L'ow1cil o! Defence.· ~ wlll ll• r.xten):led to Include the. wbole ;\!so Htato~w)de organization headed I h H!at• ' . . hl' Htnte Agricultural College opernt-1 ~ner W ere YOU are by T.hl\' Puhlic Harety Conunltt~_e pur... mg i.n £>\\Pry ('Ollnty for e-nlarged food 1 ea\'i-g fr--' th t d . t chasod a cnr.Ioad of glass frult .. 1ars, prcductlnn. Efficient and practical. . . ..,.., . a uuu.. Q oes llO to 'bo '\lei a:t C03t, and pvoparatlons 2 D' t \b • I b h • I clog· the liver. or deveto· p . I~ l ' . cie for training in tho . '\ n utmg a or w ere It wtll do - . ·. . . . . p'tfl n.tflfi(~ mn_- . ' r .. nc]t 1lw .most ,:!OOd; encouraging increas.. pot's'ons in the colon Cut ranntng and Ptl!<lorving off mts a 1 •·cl a<'l'eag-ti; PliiThaa!ng and distl'lb• 1 . • ' \Or;Na~l·~· n at the ·SU~gestion of tit~ I ll(ing- seed wh•rc needed: conduct- '!out heavy meats apd n .' Rl t\h' (' mmls><lon'er of High- lng mootlngs worl<ing along these s·. tar .. Ch~· potatoe· s· QP.d eat Gov~~nwr. _ E' o · · . .JtJws; organized utilization of va.C'ant wavR ~uRpPndNl nH highway. wml~ 1 t ' ISh 4.::..a 'IIti..--6 B:--.16 ex,;,:pt neeCSI'Rl'Y patrol nnd malnte- 0 s. . . . 1 re \'' 'IT IRIU\ · !IM.i .... lo nn.nd•,' In ordot• tn reloa.<;e !l large 3. None. ,L<'glslature RdJOI.\rned he- l Wl.'th berries or other f .... ,; ... ntlmhH of m(l-n and team::; fot~ t·he ful'f' wnr ~1tuntt.on df'\'eloprd. t .a......,,~ planting se!l.ROII. . •L Yes. i Try this diet for a few days . 'ThP Pnhlil\ilY RurMU, unde1· the o. Yrs. ,and See hOW\ rnUCh better dlredlon of .fhA Hon. Mason fl, Stone, RP<•rn'ltl1)g \t the A<•tors' I•'nlr. '\\OU feel. The whole whe .. at: of :\lontpeller. \v.lth a list of fifty pub- J ile ·spNli<ers, ;Is holding special •·a.llles I One Qf the mo.~t popular department• or . grain !D-S.de digestible by: In all ••ctions of the Rtate. . the Al'lnrs' I'unc;l )\air. Whic-h is being \.steaill. •. . _COOking,; S.bredd. ;..,_ g. 1 · ~-- 'fhe Vermont J',ogislature adjourn. I hotel nt the C!rand Central Palac•. is the .,.. ed on ~pril 12 and there Is no food : enaed states navv botl.th.' T~·night sov- · and baking. · ' Iegtslattbn p•n~lng . ~rei musical comedY. starA wlll try to .. \. J¥r,onnll)'. 1 hclte\:P the fl:x.lng of . st-lnmlate r.ecrultlng for the navy. An- . & m.lnlmuin prlt p for maple foods . oth•r f/oaturc wbic·h has proved t·o·'ba of \vnulrt d.o \'PrY n1UL'h to stnnulnte pro .. · ufimmal ihtf'I;£>st is thP salr> nf auto~ dll_ctinn. I ... \onld. not. however, _ha~e graphNl plvJto~ of moving~pic'ture adors · t.hiR H,pply to ·1~()rJ~hahle produPts_. but and actrE\ssPS. tf~ prodttds lil<c wheat. cor-n, hP.anR, j r. =·==:::::::::=::;:::::::::::=::::::::::;::::;;- t•i ~ollen• food speculation should hP. ' · H.,G. Wells' New B~Jc, 'an·fnllv I'P~niatcd hy the Govern-. I Gon· THE INms· IBLE ·KING n\f''tlf. RQ that flO (1X«'f'SSiVe profib; Will-, _ ; , _ f) - - · _ -hr> tntHl\?o. _ _ ! . \T1\e_ ~eUgion _-Of tlr•·~ !Jf•(tl-lngn Gov. J, ccn c. r;t•nER, ~tate nf roloradq. · THE MACMILLAN€0l, Pubs., N.Y. $I.Z5 M d N' Fa1 ~ thrntt~ll H. \V. t'ortt<•Il. r:•lrector of Ol'- i;;iiiiiiii~~~iiiii~~;;iiiiii;iii~-;;·~~- ;·;·.;iiiii~a~.e;~a;t~;t~a~g~a~r~a~~l~s~,~N~.~y~, ~~ g~n.lza.1inn, 8tn!l.t of r•,olorado \\'ar Couhdl. and \'\'u\'s aQd ~eans .com~ 1 mittf'{> on F'oort Supply. and -Conaerva· : tton: · : 1 '!'he Blatr of t 'olorado Ways and 1 REAL ECONOMY means buying better quality for the same money Enjoy the best, · 1\r.mns Committe•' on Food Supply and t •r.mservatlvn. A sub-co~:unittee I tn ('n1·h C\outtt~; sC'hool ~Stflct. and neighborhood Ways and eans Com- mit toes in e,-ory se<\tlon of counties. 1 Abu ~tnt~ l'\Ub .. committ es on .Fi· l na-nrP. ~ePri. Trnctors._ Lahor:, L1ye-~ BtOck. MEnketm~. _Home Econ·o_ml~S, ~ ('oordinat)l<n. ott<l Publi~lty, o! which • thertl.nlso'ar·r suo-cortlmlttees in each ~w· . fl. . 0 ~o~~~~;;·ntY Wo:.• and .~rra!ls .Com~·. .· ·.-. .· .· .. · .· ~· ·. ·. ,~ · ....•.. · .· .t/ mittOOS' ba.vr. genPraf SU!'~rvlsion Of' . fii/1. the war at'tlvitie~ \In food produc- .., . ~~g \J~r \\t:;r• c~unrt~:'::i>Ii~e ~~~;; 4 cups for a cent nf lhe nj>•d• of the farm<'r\ ann ~f the' pas!;ihillt!P\ of further prnduc- Awarded Gold Medal San Fr~cisco 1915 tinn in- '\·n1·1onq f:tvenuef'. '\, Specntatll .. OrffeJr\nngs of IPuwmi llslhlhrn g§ fow tlhle S 1Ulmmew lH! Qmt e - . . wm take· pRace i0=1\1r\!Oll\ll\t!JlW surnd Wedlt))es«jlay, 01!1 the !Fon:nrtlhl . . ' . .. ' - - .. .JExceJPtioll1latll. v~BtUi!.Des atll\e indlncatedl in -t1!1e ffoBBown111g: aU o~ goo\Cll 9 dltUI!f&lhfie qan.mllndes, wa!l'fr.iictUIUall\lly iiMll$jptte\Cll 1i'OJ!f anse «1ln:n11ill'llg 11:1hle owerru•Wil!'u!low .monttnh tlletnstfi11:ched, per paill' !HlemStn11:clhled. ~ .. ed edg~s .§crblm, Cnu11:aifll1is • • • Jlllell' watili-' $ n .00 edging. $n.45 nltft§ell'tnon ·mJtM:ll hem= • per l]ll~l'- $ ll.q;))5 Scotch Mi!•dhrtnJ Curtaht§ • • • • . . • Also ~ S~rim ot .M;usUn !Beldl C01't~rs Snngle or doubB_, size • • And 200 lmpor11:etdl lPUet Lace J?.mneRs (Hattd·Jttade) 45•nnc:h ,~ • ~ • • each $8~75 • • • .. '· each 10.00 . - .. ~ ... \~ . . . IBllarnlkets 9 1BedlsJPII\eads9 Comfor1tcmlblles mll11dl Holtllselh1o~tdl cm]ffttdl D~orative Lhtens com.pdsing M\.lUlsllnrn JBedl lFIU\Jrllitnslhlnrngs $4,~5. 6,00 & 7.00 §mltil111t=1fiill11ilsll11 JBedlspremds §ilze 2:<:2Yl yiurd§ • • eiB.ldhl $3.00 l!ilenmunl1ied , • §tCS~..llllopecl • eiB.lclhl Wilttlhl em.lbwndell'ecl sc_aUh)JPe~~ge. emclhl JJ15 3.50 tllemmed §cannope\Cll .,. • • • • 0 emclhl $3.50 each _3.75 eiB.lcllt $3.95 §callBoped • • eiB.lclhl 4.25 Wiitlhl emlbrondle!l'ecl sc.mllDowedl edge. each 4Jm !Hlemmettll • fngtUI!fetdl dlilmii\l:y· lFilguredl snllllwllnll11e, wlla~nllil !border • • $3.fl5 AJso .M.u.nsfinrn §lh1ee1t§ cm!l1ltdl JP>nfillow Cases art cotrrrespondnirngRy ll~J>w 'UJlrric~s .M. elliJ. 7 § £b: W QJJ111fil te!l'il.' § lH\lltll'il.d Jk eliC lhl neff§ . Of JEXCIEIL!LIEN\f QI!JAU'fn!E§ wii.DB \he on11 s!l~He fr.®•1\11'11.tlll8'li'OW, shotUI!cl malke a wncle aJPI]le.m! wres~mt mairlket con11dlntfioll'lls. a¢ prnces ·11:Jba~tt nU1l vnew of the MlEN'§ UNIEN JHIAN[ll!KIEIRCHtK!ElFS pe!l' cl«J>:Zell1l $2.30 & 2J5i0 lhlemstli11:clhedl, • $3.65 & 4.00 pe!l' d~zen Wii11:1hr conm•ecl lboltdlew. • • e.mclhl 35c . WOMIEN'§ §lH!IEIEIR UNlEN IHIANIDlKIEJRClHIUIEFS · pelt dozen $ n .70 & 2.50 per «Jlozent _.. Wil.dn 11:ajple lboll'dler 0 ' JP<ell' dloze!l1l Wil.11:lhl lhl~ll11d!'\emlbrolid!ewecl §OlliBoJP>e«:ll edge tmd! ' rrmncy c«JJII\Il1!ell' \ • eacll'n .l5e. Allso l!imlt!lrll!kerclhlneis t()f teonoredl von!e. ll:llemmeidl, nsc • • • • ' .JD>oulbBe S!ll1tnll11 ~amaslk Table Cloths (cilrcll.l!Dmr t!llesngns), emcU'a $5.00, 1.25 & 9.00 Jlliurtner Napknll:lls to match ll'ell\ (Jl()zer;t • • • .. $6.75 & !0.75 Heavy Unetn DJmUa5lk 'lf'sble Cloths $3.25, 4.25 & 5.00 • llieavy Unen Dihlmssk Tanlbie Napkins wer dozen • • • • $4.75 & 6.00 !Hlutkaback Towels, hemstitched, !Per dozen • • $3.50, 5~50 &. . 6.00 Turknsh Bsth Towels, Jnemm.ed, pc,;r dozen • $2.50, 3.75, 4.90 & 7.00 · Mad~ira 'fes Nspk!ns,. hand-scallo.,ed, wnth lhland-ellt1broitdered corner, . per dozen • • • $6.00 &. 6.75 Msdenra .!Lunc_heort Sets (13 pieces) consis11:ing of 24111inch centerpiece, slx 6-inch and six tO-inch·· doynies, ·au hand•scalloped .m1111dl lhlandl·emlbll'oidel!'ed, per set $5.00 & 5.50 Dresser Searls snd Stand Covers Mmchhte•scalloped and embtoideted emcllt • • • $L75, 1.90 & 2AO emcllt lhlave l'll\nmmedl witlhl machine-made Jac:e • • $1...40, L8S & 2.10 lbee!l1) made· (and wHl go into 11:o-mm·row) lin. the prices· of effect . Unusuan Value§ wiiU b~ obtainable i.n Amerncan .. nnadle !Hla~t!h mt $n .75, 2.1s & a.as ll ll'irnpor1te«1lllilm11:§ • at (Secolll!dl Floor) • • 5.50 &. 7.50 ANOTIHllEIR JNTISRESTINO SALE olf Wome·ll1l 7 § w oon ,Jlersey §jploll\1tS §unll:s,. ~ . . . . . . . 'fraveU tBLllJldl W aUlld!t11.g Sttd1ts, e:drr:mordnnarily JPil\iced at $ll6.75 is now being held nn the ·Ready-to-we:mll\ Suits Detft;·Tlhlird Floor· ' . §AlFIE §'fO.!RAOE .IF'O-IR IFUIR§9 RUG§ AND- DIR.AIPIHRIES \ The 1-)n<.<nlzat.lol) Comm.lttee.9 are A. w_ arded Grand Prize . san .. Diego l9lfi f•h~r~P~ With tho dUly Of .forming \Farm\\\' f'!ubs .. .tn every school dis.. . RI~G~AYS 1 Inc., Ut Ha.ubon Street,. New York City l ~~;t ~~.: :.::od~~¥: 1 \ 8 11c;;1d u;:~fm~~-1•·· .............. _ ... _ ....... _.- ...... ·--•••••· ••••I· · ., ~~ ~v • . •. I, -o·.,-.·-;· .-.,·.v .. <.» ·o·~o. ... c~ .. . .. ' -(1 ' -~ :;;. j : • l ) .l ! ' 1 ;~ . . ~~

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