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ï r i ï : r i uwi n i »■: : n.tiiw'iaw>^VwjÌMU>» > * THE EV E K IN G POST: NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 12 , u . HE MAY NOT MAKE STATEMENT OF PEACE TERMS HT REICHSTAG. Interpellations Likely to Result in De­ bate Over His Reform Plans — Junkers Are Taking, Alarm, Copenhaghn, Wa London, May 12.—The •G e rm a n ia, organ of the Clerical p a rty, in­ dicates th a t Chancellor von Bethm ann- Hollweg does m o t intend to m ake a state­ m e n t with re&^rd to peace term s before th e Reichstag, ^T&e^Chancellqr has evi­ dently won over the Centrists and part of the National Liberal delegation to his view t h a t a discussion of peace term s at- the present, time is inadvisable. In view of the general attitude of Philip Schelde- m ann and other m ajority Socialist lead­ ers, t t would not be surprising if the So­ cialists aiso ab’andoned their intention of forcing a peace debate. ■ T he result of the proposed interpella­ tions is very probable to be a controversy between the opponents and supporters of the Chancellor rath e r than a debate on peace possibilities. The Conservatives are daily grow ing mjye desperate as the work of the Constitutional Revision Committee proceeds w ithout any intervention from the Government to dam the wave of re- itirm which threatens the political influ­ ence of the junkers. \W h ere is Hinden- burg, to raise the fallen K aiser’s banner again and defend the rights of the T h rone?” cries Prince zìi Salm -H o rstm ar in 'the Prussian House of Lords. The Prince fs president of the German Naval League and one of the war horses of the Conservative Old Guard. The S o u t h G e r m a n G a z e t t e , the oi'gan of the South German Conservatives, sug­ gests sending a deputation to the Em­ peror to w a rn him th a t his throne is in danger unless he dismisses yon Bcth- mann-Hoilweg. The suggestion is taken up by the K r e u s z e i t u n g , representing the Prussian junkers and the military aristo- ™ , y f t , Dewtscfte « * S S T S t (Continued from, Page One.) tinguishable, as he bowed right and left, silk hat In hand. F a rth e r downtown, in lower Broadway* the police had hard work keeping back the crowds, and, there was much congestion about the corner where narrow Liberty Street runs into Broad­ way. But, as on yesterday, the police a r ­ rangem e n ts were nearly perfect, and a d e a r passage was maintained .with a minimum of disorder. W hen Mr. B a lfour and his associates entered the great hall of the Chamber on the secoibdk floor, a spacious chamber, which runs to the roof of the structure, upon whose walls are hung portraits of the fam o u s m erchants of the city’s past, he w a s saluted by a gathering of h u n ­ dreds of th e best-known citizens of the city. The meeting was held before th e lunch­ eon, a s is the custom of the Chamber of Commerce, and the speakers addressed the gathering from the president’s ro s ­ trum at th e east end of the chamber. E. H. Outerbridge, president of the Chamber, presided, and the principal speech was 'm ade by Mr. Balfour. In welcoming' the Commissioners, Mr. Outerbridge said, In part: GRE'ETED BY OUTBUBIUDGE. Mr. Outerbridge said: Gentlem en of the Chamber, Mr. Bal­ four, Members of the British Commis­ sion, Mr. Mayor, and guests—Four years ago in this same week of May, 1913, we were welcoming to New York th e repre­ sentatives of -G reat B ritain, Newfound­ land, Canada, and A u stralia to discuss with them a program m e to celebrate the signing of the T reaty of G h ent and to com m em o rate^the one hundred years of peace between the Uillted States and G reat Britain which had followed th a t event. . . To-day we welcome these distinguished guests, representatives of G reat Britain to celebrate the fact th a t we have join­ ed hands to fight with them in the great­ est w a r tho world has ever known. Mr. Balfour, we have been proud to welcome m any of your distinguished countrym en here before, but we are prouder still to welcome you and your Commission here to-day. We realize how difficult it m u st have been to leave England even for a brief season; we apprehend the tremendous Heron; Capt. H. H. Spender-Clay, M.P.: M ajor L. w . B. Rees, V .u, M. O ; Major C, E. D a n sey; Fleet Paym a s ter-G e n e ral Y. A. Lawford, R . N„ D.S.O.; the Right H o n . Lord Cuhliflfe, of H eadley; Sir S'. H. Lever* A. P, Patton, W . T. Layton, and ' others. Among those who have taken boxes are ; th e following-: M rs. Andrew Carnegie, M rs. C. Oliver Iselin, Mrs. Adrian Iselin, t. Charles M. Schwab, Miss Anne M organ,j Foxhail Keane, M rs, Jules S. Bache, Mrs.' O. H, P. Belmont, Mrs. William K. Van- ■ derbilt, Mrs. Peter Cooper H ewitt, M r s .' E . N. Breitung, Mrs. E . S. Auchincloss,, Russell A. Cowles, David H. Miller, Mrs. W a lter Jennings, Mrs. A. D. Lapham , j Mrs. Jam e s J. Goodwin, Mrs. Kate H . ' Goodbody, and Mrs. Emity W. Vander- ' peel. The many engagements of the British ' Commissioners have rendered it necessary to curtail th e ir visit to New York. Some o f the members of th e Commission will | go to Baltimore to-night, and Mr. Balfour will return to W ashington to-morrow night, unless some unforeseen circum ­ stance intervenes. - &UESTS OF CITY AT DINNER. RED CROSS DEDICATION Wilson and Taft Speakers at Notable Exercises in Washington—Build­ ing Cost $800,000. the R e ich s b o te. Other »Conservative j ijnow something of what Britain has done papers echo the cry th a t the HohenzoP-, and i s doing. W e know th a t somewhere, lern throne is tottering unless a new I a S>’ay horizon, sometimes enveloped Chancellor to ; L V 5 S Æ Ï ™ d E f t ' S . 4 “ i S movement with an iron hand. In spite of i drift, there is alw ays that majestic line all, von Bethm ann-Hollwes still seems of sentinels throbbing with life, silent? as . ™ * « tt . „ . . „0 « y « . « « * . ; S 2 S : S t S S E m p e rors confidence in him Is seriously i f Uu well, as truly as your own. shaken. W h a t Is to be after this war is over .................................... t no one can safely foretell, for no one can fml t o perceive th a t there will b\ a new world after this war is over, a new civili­ sation, a new hum a n ity, a renewed and greatly vitalized Christianity,v out of which will spring new conceptions of national and personal relations, of social and religious life, of liberty and respon­ sibility. T h is w a r is daily creating and will ul­ tim ately bring a regeneration of spirit, a brotherhood of m an, more momentous in its conséquences to the world than any other Influence to flow from it. The new world, th e regenerated*3piiit, the uplifted hum anity, the higher civili­ zation—these a r e the rew ards of future peace—but hot of peace w ithout victory —for as only death could trium p h over sin, s o only the victory of democracy over autocracy can secure the peace of the ’ world. •Some tim e ago I ventured to say to you th a t were 1 a îu-eaeher I should ask you t o believe th a t a spiritual power was m a rshallling forces to fight against those misguided peoples who were fighting for the pow ers of evil. To-day. in conclusion, I wish to quote words spoken by preach­ ers, and standing here, an American, as your representative and spokesman, I cross my arm s as we do when we sing “Aula Lang Syne,” and, grasping the hand of Britain on one side and of Prance on the other, solemnly and reverently say of these three: Those whom God has joined together to battle for liberty, and the enduring peace of th e world, let no man and no cause put asunder. As soon as th e luncheon is over, Mr. Balfour will return to the Astor .resi­ dence for a brief rest before he attends the only other function of his stay in New York, a reception and entertainm e n t a t Carnegie Hall for the benefit of the B ritish Red Cross. It is not y e t abso­ lutely certain th a t the British Commis­ sioners will attend this affair, but unless the State D e p artm e n t should advise to the con tr a ry it Is understood they will go, following th e precedent set by M arshal J offra »in visiting the benefit performance a t the Metropolitan Opera House T h u rs­ day night. The doubt arises ovèr the propriety of the Commissioenrrs attending a perform ance a t which admission is charged. This evening’s entertainm ent is to be held under the auspices of the American Committee of the B ritish Red Cross and other B ritish w a r relief societies. W ith the exception of a few seats in the balconies the house was all sold out early to-day, including all th e boxés, which went at prices varying between $500 and $1,000. Among th e committees cooperating w ith the Red Cross .Committee are those of the S t. George’s, St. Andrew's, and St. David's Societies. The entertainm e n t committee includes Mrs. W alter E. M&y- nard, Miss Elsa Maxwell, C. S. Le P œ r Treiieh, H . A. Goode, C. W, Bowring, -C. H. Holland, John Moffat, and L. B. Stoddart, chairm a n . C. Clive Bayley, B ritish Consul-General, will preside. TO-NIGHT'S PROGRAMME. In addition to the addresses th e pro­ gram m e will be as follows i Overt««, Medley, Brltfalt National Air*. Metropolitan Opera Chorus, conducted by M. Sett), national anthems. Including the Garibaldi hymn. Offlcial British GoTfirmnoni. “ Batti« of ih ft Ancre” film. «Bowing the BrttiBh tanks In ac­ tion—the first presentation In this country. This will be described by Major Cbsrle« Gordon (Ralph Connor), 43d Cameron Highlanders at Canada. While this flltt Is beljjs shown. Angus Kraser’» Sroteh Kilties Band will piav. E, B. Sothern io a dramatic number. Julia Marlow?, reciting ‘‘Verdun ft an cl from his Majesty'» warship—\The Rose,” and' old English melodies. Harrison Brockman singing, \The British Bull­ dog Watching at the Door.\ Leon llotliicr, of the Metropolitan Opera, \La Marseillaise.’’ Julie Opii Pavet'sham. recitation. Latìrètte Taylor In a scene from \Out There.\ “God Save the Ivins.” by the Metropolitan Chnms. orchestra and ''»mis. In, addition to Mr. Balfour, Sir’ Arthur Cecil Spying-Rice aiid others prominent in th e diplomatie corps are expected to attend.. M em bers of \the British Commis­ sion who will; come if Mr. Balfòur does, include Lieüt.-Gen. Bridges, Admiral de Chair, Commodore Guy G rant, R. N„ C.M.G.; J h e R ight Hon. Sir Érte Drum* mond, K.C.M.G.. C.B.; Ian Malcolm, M.P.: C. V. J, Dormer, Geofrey Butler, Còl. W ashington , May 12.—Elaborate dedi­ cation ceremonies Were held here to-day for th e new American Red Cross H e a d ­ quarters, a big marble structure. Presi­ dent Wilson, Secretary Baker, and former President T a ft were on the programme. Representatives of Red Cross chapters all ov*r the country, many high officials, dip­ lomats, and otheis attended. As a fea­ ture of the ceremonies, the W ashington chapter arranged a parade of women in uniform, w ith motor ambulances, trucks, and field k itchens for review by the Presi­ dent. The m arshal was Mrs. Hugh Scott, wife of Gen. Scott. Army Chief or Staff. The new ediflt-e. which cost $800,000, faces the mall about which many of the capital’s newest and most heautiful build­ ings are grouped, and stands between the Corcoran A rt Gallery and Continental Me­ morial Hall, home of the D a u g h ters of the American Revolution. Exercises were held in the latter hall. The building is dedicated as \a memo­ rial built by the Government of the Unit­ ed States and patriotic citizens to the wo­ men of the North and the women of the South, h e ld in loving memory l>y a now united country, that their labors to m iti­ gate the sufferings of the sick and wound­ ed in war m a y be perpetuated.\ Senator John Sharp Williams, of Mis­ sissippi, was on the programme to speak for women of the South, and Rev. H. Percy Silver, chaplain, of the Military Academy, for women of the North; E ight years ago Red Cross headquar­ ters occupied a single small room in the W ar Departm ent. Now even the whole of the new building is not sufficient to accommodate all branches of the work here, and many FJed Cross bureaus must have offices elsewhere. WAR TAX PROTESTS CONTINUE. “ MovieV M en, fh e n i n g - G n m M a k e rs, a n d O ther« A ttend Hearing;» W ashington , May 12.—A m u ltitude of objections to many specific taxes of the $1,800,000,000 W ar Revenue bill was voic­ ed again to-day in House debate and the Senate Finance Committee hearing on the measure. The Committee took up the war taxes on public utilities, advertising, am u se­ ments, insurance, club dues; and m anu­ facturers of automobiles, mnving-picture films, cosmetifls, and chewing gum, and represenatives of all the interests af­ fected were on han-i eager to tell how their businesses would, he unjustly bur­ dened or even ruined by the proposed assessments. In the House a num b er of Representa­ tives took tu r n s a t attacking various pro­ visions of the bill, whioK was defended with equal vehemence by members of the W ays and Means Committee, or other (Advocates of the measure. TESTIMONIAL FOR J0FERE. F f é n e n t e d b y W. M e liert o n B e lt a lf o f FatHtrléSR C h ild r e n o f F r a n c e , Gaston Liebert, French Consul-General In New York, presented on behalf of the Fatherless Children Of France an illumi­ nated parchm ent testimonial to Marshal joB re a t the Frick residence last evening. 1 TOeJtiew' York bram'-h «£-th is organiza- tion Is raising: $100,000 tò c a r e ' for the ehfld^sa oiJ> 6 aned at tb* Morn«, JoK re, V ivinnl, and B a lf o n r G reeted by D istin g u ish e d G a th e r in g . The French And British Com m lsslom , were the guests of the city last night at a dinner given b y the Mayor's Commit­ tee at the W aldorf-Astoria Hotel. New York has played host to distinguished visitors on m any great occasions, but probably never before with the unre- I strained enthusiasm th a t w as witnessed < last night, A week of entertaining seems J to have fanned rather than sated the , city's desire to extend a welcome to its j guests, and the c h eers that greeted J off re, j Viviani, and Balfour when they entered the room were repeated whenever an ex­ cuse was offered. Rarely has a m o re distinguished gath ­ ering of New Yorkers m et to pay homage to any one. More th a n 1,000 leaders of the city’s public life, business, art, finance, science, and education w ere grouped about the speakers’ table. They included two ex-Presidents of the U n ited States, two form e r Presidential candidates, Charles E. H u g h e s and Alton B. Parker, the Governor of New York, the junior United States Senator, and Mayor i M iuhei, who presided over the cere monies. In the course of his speech Mr. Bal- i four said th a t he had not come here to 1 ' give the American U overnm cnt advice, i b u t that the Commission would be glad | to describe the m istakps of the Allies I! the people here wished to profit by them. H e spoke of w h a t he called the \imm i­ nent and overm astering peril” which the world laced, saying, in part: I W hat is th a t peril'.’ W h a t is th a t peril? W ho has brought ua here together'.’ W h a t | Is it we are aftaid of? 1 won’t say afraid. W h a t is it we feel t h a t we have got to stop? I l will tell you my view of it. It is th e calculated a n d rem o rseless use of every civilized weapon to carry out the ends of pure barbarism . To people of English speech i t seems impossible, in­ credible, th a t a nation should clearly set itself to work and coordinate every m eans of science, every m eans th a t knowledge, th a t industry, can provide, not for the bettering of its ow n people, bu t for the demolition of other people. We have been tau g h t, not by Germany, b u t by those who rule G erm any—by the m ilitary caste which controls Germany— w e have been \taught a different lesson, a n d we now know not m erely th a t every scientific weapon will be put in force to m a k e war more horrible than it was in barbarous times, b u t t h a t even the rights of clviliztaion, of trade, of commerce, even th e intercommunication between different peoples, will be used fo r the same sin­ ister object. Ladies and gentlemen, th a t is the danger we have to meet, and if at this m o m ent the world is bathed in blood an d tears from the highlands of dis­ ta n t A rm enia down to tho very fields of France, alm o st within sight of the Straits of Dover; if we have seen a, destruction of life, reckless destruction of life, not m erely of th e lives of soldiers, but the lives of civilians; if we have seen peace­ fu l communities dragged through the m ire, ruined, outraged: if horror has been heaped upon horror, until really, we almOat get callous in reading our new s­ p a p e rs in the morning when we see some of these atrocities, really and truly a t ­ tributed to those w ith whom we are fight­ ing—if all these things are true,, shall we n o t rise up and resist them ? Shall we, who know w hat freedom is, become the hum b le and obedient* servants o f those only who know w h a t power is? T h a t will never b e tolerated. The free nations of th e earth are not toys to be crushed out of existence, and if any proof is required t h a t t h a t consum mation can­ n o t be reached In the civilization of the world, th a t th a t consum m ation is im pos­ sible, it Is a gathering like this where th e three great democracies of the W e st a r e joined together and are m 6 « e ting'to­ gether, I m ay say, under circum stances unique in the whole history of the world. M. Viviani said: The K u l t n r of G e rm a n y is all v ery well so long as its interests are not crossed, b u t when they are, it is like a wild beast. G e rm a n y did not know the spirit of E n g ­ land, of France, o r of Russia. They said th a t England wotild not fight, t h a t E n g ­ lishm e n would remain a t home while th e continent of Europe was averrun, but th e y did not know the history of th a t country. He then told how M arshal Joffre tele­ phoned him a t P a ris each .day before the b a ttle of th e Marne. \Then the day cam e,” said M. Viviani, \when Joffre said to me, ‘They shall come no further.' ” Continuing, the speaker said th a t in the days from th e Marne to Verdun the pow­ e r of the G erm an arm y was broken and th e tide turned in favor of France and h e r allies. H e then said: \You in A m erica cannot realize, can­ n o t imagine the suffering and horror of w h a t w a r h a s m e a n t to France and her people. But you -will arouse yourselves to th e battle fo r liberty, justice, democracy, an d hum anity.\ I T m a y be sum m e r w h en th is is prin ted, so I s h a ll tell you abou t gossam er Avhile robes from China. This <la,v of w r itin g i t m ight well be they are sorry to have left the land of c h e rry blossoms and come to our reluc­ ta n t clim a te. D EA B , beautiful things w rought in the O rient which surely comes nearest of all places 011 earth to t h«* “ L and of F a e rie” ! J u s t cou them o v e r as you wmild .som e book o f exquisite poetry and «ee if you really a r c an art-lover. , |U you app r e c iate the slender, loose-pelailed chrys- ‘anthem u ins scattered over a . d e e p sk irt border where in s e rts of delicate tilet work look like manv- latticed w indow s? O r do you prefer the full-blown beauty of heavy rose blooms against a tracery of leaves in fine French kn o ttin g ? T HH robes them selves are of b a tiste alm o st a s fine as m ist. W hy don't brides w e a r such sweet fabrics instead of the m o re sophisticated sa tin s ? Once, in E n g land, I saw a bride of very high degree led to the a lta r in a flounced frock of niousseiine childishly sash­ ed. It was a lovely touch of sim p licity! A t Tit for Tat. He—“These biscuits are not like those w h ich m o ther used to make.” She—“Of course they are not. These a r e intended to be eaten, not talked about.”— [Richmond Tim es-Dispatch. -— - ---- p-— ^ —— THE WEATHER. OtloulatloE by United States Coa*t and Geodetic Sumy. MINIATURE ÀUMANAC. (From iiooo, May 12.) r.M. P.M. A.M. Sun sets. .7:0S Moon rises.. 12:20 Sun rises.. 4 ;41 Sandy Hook Gov. I»¡and . Heil Gat« . ,—iHlsfU Water.- ToKl.iy/ro-in’iv. P.M . A. if. ... 12:10 ... 12:07 . 1:47 2:07 r-Low Water.-i To-daÿ. To-m’T» P.M. A.X1. B :57 6:48 6:18 7:13 8:05 8:4 - ikwi; .•-V-,, ' j ' ‘t. G OVEJttfMT8NT TOATHEB RI5PORT. Forecast for eastern New York: ÖeriemHy fair nm! rootimKK) cool tn-nignt, and on SimUflj. irost to-night in tntoror Jf weatber fiears ; modej* ,at*. horthwpftt wind», freffh on For N>w Jersry: Genera 11 j fair imrl-eontlnupd oMi to« riiftfu and Sümlij; r-r^bflbiy frogt fo;ntßtii in north porttoß lf weatiier i-Jöars: moitemte riörtlt'«r#u? wfnds. For Southern New England: Genftrallj fair ; oofitlniieti •'•ool to-Difbt and Stindfty: probabij froit tO'Sifht in u&rtb portiön if weither el«ür$, **«krAtt öortbwwt !*»!% sim p ly could these em b roideries of China -be m a d e into a gown. A little loose g a thering together is alm o st all that a realftover of beauty would give them . That w e a lth o f 1 h a n d iw o rk is w o rthy of bridal w e a r w ithout any addition. T H E S E robe pieces are uol necessarily cosily. Only th e very finest reach the ligm e of There are beauties at about thirty dollars. Some have three p a n e l s ^ of em b roidery on the b a tiste sk irt and much dainty work on the w a ist piece. T H E R E are people all ready lo prize these mhos. M acy's com m issioner'in the East knew that when he m ade his careful selection. It is not the fii^t time he has sent over a case or two, hut this tim e he has tried to outdo all he ever did before. S OM E of the sk ir ts are edged with scallop em b roid­ ery. O thers have a band o f filet work rip p ling around the bottom below the em b roidered p a r t. Real O riental p a tte r n s are used. The crescent appears al intervals on one. The sunflow e r is the predom inajit m o tif of another. T H E R E are waist pieces quite separate. These are m a d e of w h ite Chinese silk. Much of the silk is sm o o th and lustrous. Some have, a crepe effect. The em b roidered fronts are som etim es covered w ith w is­ ta r i a in th a t perfection o f silk em b roidery peeuliar to the O r ien tals. T h e open neck is outlined w ith b u t t o n ­ holing of am a z ing reg u larity . These pieces a r e ?3.49 and $6.49, according *tx>the am o u n t o f em b roidery. S OM E of the m o st b e a u tiful o r t h e s e robes a r e to be seen in cases at the Main F lo o r re a r (trim m in g d e p a r tm e n t ) . P. S . — M o n d a y ’s sto r y w i l l te ll o f fancy-w o rlc classes a t M a c y ’s. BIG COAL STRIKE AVERTED Government Pressure Brought to Bear Upon Dispute in th e Central Pennsylvania D istrict. URGES HARVARD LIQUOR BAN Alumni Association Suggests that Classes Serve No Strong Drinks at June Celebration. W ashington , Mky 12- The Govern­ m e n t to-day dem o n strated its determ ina­ tion not to tolerate xa-bor disturbances which, would disrupt war preparations, by persuading central Pennsylvania eoal m iners and operators to reach an agree­ m e n t to avoid the strike 75,000 miners threatened for next Tuesday. R e p resentatives of the workmen and employers, after a conference last night w ith Secretary W ilson and officials of th e Federation of Labor, to-day went to work on a settlem ent. Though details had hot been arranged, announcem ent w as made th a t there would be no strike. This was th e first big threatened strike seriously affecting w a r activity, through supply of fuel coal for railroads and in ­ dustries, to be settled under Government pressure since the war began. GOVBRN-MBNT INTBItVBN-KS IN ANOTHER IMS- PUTE. Chicago. May 12 .—Pressure by the Gov­ ernm e n t to end a strike of 800 m achinists employed by the American Can Company seemed probable to-day. T h e men walked out yesterday after a demand for an in­ crease in pay and an eight-hour day had been refused by the company. P e t i t io n A g a in s t th e Jarm n low ik y « . _An involuntary petition in bankruptcy w as filed in the Federal District Court to-day against Louis and H a rry Jarm u - lowsky, co-partners trading under the firm name of S. Jarm ulowsky, private bankers, at 54 Canal Street, and assets were hot given. Liabilities ISpi'olal Dispatch to The Evening Post.l Cambridge, Mass., May 12.—Howard Elliott, president of the H a rvard Alumni Association, and Hoger Pierce, secretary, have addressed the following com m u n i­ cation to the secretaries o f the various classes: \ , 6 “Several prominent graduates have ex­ pressed to the H a rvard Alumni Associa-1 tier« the hope, in view of th e nation-wide! movement for prohibition in time of w a r ,' that no liquor will be paid for out of' class funds at the celebration in June, and, further, aat no liquor will be served in the elass-room s on commencement day. \This is not a m a tter i,i which tlip Alumni Association has authority to act, nor desires to recommend, as the de­ cision must tie made by each dass. There is. however, so much interest In tho sub­ ject among H a rvard graduates that <vp are venturing to suggest it as a m a tter deserving consideration by <>ach class for such action as they may desire to taka.” WOMEN'S CLUBS’ MEETINGS. RUBINSTKIN CLUB: Tuesday, Maj 15. 3 P. M., philllpsburg F\n. Yonkers. Ticket«, fU, on sale at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Hue. Amelia Gaili-Curci, with Rubinstein Choral Club. NEW YOKK CITY MOTHERS’ CLUB— Monday, May 14. S P. M.. New York Ilotanicai Gar­ dens; ‘‘The Conservation oi our Native: Plants.” NEW YORK THEATRE CLUB; JL,ast social meet­ ing. Tuesday. May IS, 2:ESi I’. M., tlotcl Astor. Installation of officers : speaker. Pliilip Moeller: reader, Josephine Wchn; reciter, Den­ ton Vane. Music. The surest way to practice thrift is to SPEND MONEY JUDICIOUSLY,—to make it go as- far as possi­ ble. Buy where you get the most for the least,- means, of course, at. this store. This 'store .BUYS AND SELLS FOR CASH oily. That is a thrifty way of doing business. We are content with a MODERATE PBOHTj we extent! a service which meets all the wishes of our customers, and we SELL AT PRICES LOWER THAN OUR COMPETITORS GAN AFFORD TO QUOTE, a trio of inducements which proves that; ¿ 2 ^ 8 is the One Store in New York WKtch Appeals to People Who Know What Thrift Is. With a Deposit Account at your disposal you will be in a position to take INSTANT ADVANTAGE of THIS STORE’S SPECIAL OFFERINGS. They mean SAYINGS ON SAVINGS, for regular prices are lower than the prices charged in other stores. And the best way to reap the economies which\ iife P day by day offers to the frugal people of New York is to START A DEPOSIT ACCOUNT here and to have all your purchases charged against it. There is no formality about opening an account,— \ no request for references, no delays, no cross-examina- tions,—DEPOSIT ANY SUM YOU WISH, and sufficient to meet your anticipated purchases, get a, number which thereafter will be youri alone, and then say to salespeople from whom you buy, “Charge to my D^ A. No. —i—!\ \ : - At the end of the month you will receive a forceful reminder that you are on the right track,—-that you are ' actually PRACTICING,TH^IFT in its best form. Instead of a notice to remit for the sum of a month's . purchases you will get an itemized list of purchases made AND PAID FOR, together with a statement of the amount WE OWE YOU, Start a DEPOSIT ACCOUNT TO-DAY and share all the-benefits of up-to-the-minute merchandis­ ing policy of CASH BUYING AND CASH SELLING. New York Depositors’ Account D e p a rtm e n t Herald Square P R I V A T E B A N K E R S Auihoriiti by and under the lUpereiston oj the Superintendent:of Banking of the 'Stale of Neio York *M*lri F lo o r B a lco n y , 3 4 t l i St. * t h e e x t r a HEAVY TREAD 1789 BROADWAY at 5Mh St. 1 -t* ' ' I'Koae Coi. ISIS “K v crythtng for the. Automobile'^ ' i t MOTORING REQUISITES ladies* and Men’s Motoring Apparel Anticipating the season’s req u ir e ­ ments of the niotorist, we have a most charming assortm ent of motoring -srp-r pare! imaginable which you will find • individuall.r different Coats Chauffeurs’ Suits . H a ts ' Leggins Veils Rainshirts Gloves Caps Raincoats D u sters Goggles Hobes Sweaters Trunks MICHELIN UNIVERSALS If you have yet to try a .Micheliri come in and let us tell you more about these won derfu 1 Tires. Prices M o d 6 ra te , Quality unsurpassed. We recommend them

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