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y . r' % V ;:r;:gvgggfÿSÆ » I , % «f a ? *> c-‘ >':.--'•* ■:w,„ « r - k. '■+ &£?■ * ■*’ v / NEW- FIX PRICES FOR FOOD ^ to THE ■ , ^kviararß post ’ s ” queries . P in t of a 6f Official Accounts of ^ # ^ c ; S ^ t ^ Are l)çing to Solve-the-Hation’f Pood Problem. ■.'sÄHsÖ TJUs m the first part pf -a symposium on ibhat is teina done tn each State „ about the food situation, t'fte result of a t nuestionnaire instituted, i>y the “Evening , Post.\ , \ J n order;: to .ascertain 'w h a t, the differ e n t States .are doing to solve th e food problem, the ^'feiiìn ò , 'l’osi ¿seat to every G o v pm or a j i s t o f «uestions designed to t>nng out«’the facts.- These questions asked-If ioO d com inissions h a d been o r ­ ganized, w h a t they w ere doing .to-day, ,w h at food tógi»latioa -waa rendin g ; a n d fiieyj also,'ijrvlted the Governors to ex- vpr^ssttheir.'personai o p inions on the sub­ je c t of federai' price fljeing: for food sta­ ples Ì a n d ^legislation to regulate specula- tioajj*..~v;;'- ' . £ ^ ¡ ^ w g n if lc à h t point in,r thè, replies re- ^ i ^ w £ 0 p;,^to..%ie , p r e s e n t , tiiije Is th a t nearly . every,. Governor is 'personally in iav o r of Federal price-fixing; to . coopera­ tion w ith S tates apply to a ll concerned in .handling, tood - staples,, and also in ta v o r of legislation regulating specula­ te o n i n staples. „ r1, ^iijès^cijis subm itted to th e Gov- : Jollpjys S ^ h a t food commissiona o f other , 4 , f% p o ,i# ^ t iood, organijsation» have j ?|>ée|t «fóirài^ i n y<nir 3 tai£ ? /¿,OT^«,Ì:';até these Organizations do- iw r ,\. i * 3:“ W JÌat food legislation \is pending in your-S U te? - 'ftìa ■ ifctìiohaHy favor, in co- ,. : operation, irlth ^tato . Governments, a FWeral Government ¡price-fixing for 1 - f ^ itaples to apply’ to ali concerned . ” in .produOtlon and handling food? ¿¿i'ilW vyou.’i^rfoiiiliy fftvor legisla­ tion' ;f<ii5'’ régiiliting' speculation in I ■f?iod' istàpIè«? . < ’ Hwe> a r i ' th e re p l i e s o f so m e o f th e G o v e r n o r s , o t h e r s ■will be p u b l i s h e d in, «Uceeèdióg ‘ issues : Gov! £j*to JinxiKBN, jgtate of M aine : i: 'À tiub-cóihthittèe'on th e Comnjittee * bn» BijMlc ■ S afety has full charge of ' „the. food .production and food conser­ vation cam p a ign In Maine. v firm census of the S tate is be- ■ ; in f -tak e n . ® ertiliaer an d w h e a t are 'bélrig-secured and every effort is be- !,’v ing -made to se c u r e , p lenty of labor , foF w o rking th è farm s. A feature of this, will be the mdbillzation of the children u n d e r . m ilitary age. In ad- *• tìition lo the above, boats for coast defence a re toeing secured, transporta- i’,- tiòn of supplies by w a ter in addition id: rail transportation Ms being ar- «rangèd,.. a n d pther safety and eco- s , nomiiB sièpi* aajè being taken, pèissidi . The Màiiie X*gìsla^ . |Utja adjournéd.on A o r i l 7,. tout passed^ v- ■ • è h i e r g t ó c y irtife, rfeaìsutes,. v- itone'.of w h ich <3?al speclilcaUy w ith * ‘ the- 'food rituiition. C 3Fes. campaign .of publicity. Organizing la bor relief. E x tra planting and till ing, 3. leg islatu r e m eets on; the 22d of May, 4. Not unlesa-’necessity Is more urif- ent tjiax^now. ■5. Yes. ‘ ,Gov. T homas E. C ampbell . , State of Ail zona: * 1. Arizpna Council, o f Defence, with its sub-committee on Production, Conservation, and distribution of Food Supplies, of which Dr. H. B. von Kleinsmid, of Tucson, i s chairm an. • 2. Cooperating w ith N a tional Council of Defeuce and carrying out for Ari *ona a n y national m easures approved by the N ational Council. S- None. Our Legislature iinished its labors o n Maçch 8 , and there is noim - _mediate necessity of calling a special session. ' . . 4, Yes. 'And our Council of! Defence has gone on record favoring prjee- flxing for food staples. Also th e ’ Council has asked for cases wherein food is being monopolized, so th a t the person guilty of th e sam e can be held up to public condemnation. This is about as f a r as we can go w ithout national legislation. 5. Most emphatically yes. Gov. H enry C. S tuart , State of Virginia 1. Thé Virginia A g ricultural Council of Safety prim arily; the Virginia In ­ dustrial Council of' Safety indirectly, Both Councils are dealing w ith the National Council of Defence through a Virginia Council of Defence. 2. Increasing and conserving th e food supply by the use of all available means, 3. General Assembly not in session. 4 .1 favor the provisions of th e mea­ sure proposed by Secretary Houston and practically embodied in th e liever bill, which wiU confer pow ers on the President, as I understand, to guar­ antee to all the unfettered operation of th e law of supply and demand. < 5. Same answ e r as above. Gov. M arcus H. H olcomb , State of Con­ necticut; through the Committee of Food Supply: 1. This State has established the Connecticut Committee of Pood Sup­ ply, which was appointed by the Governor vndeï w a r em ergency leg­ islation,, a n d •vwhich has .entire charge of, th e campaign fqr increased pro­ duction and conservation of food­ stuffs. The Committee has been af­ filiated with th e Council of Defence, and is one arm of th a t Council's wôrk. 2 . The Connecticut Committee of Food Supply has sold seed a t cost; is carrying the “bigger rrops” mes­ sage to £¿1 p a rts of the State through a speaking campaign, is securing pledges for food production and con­ servation, is cooperating' with the Agricultural College .for .canning schools, has under way the organiza­ tion of a Junior A g ricultural Army of schoolboys for farm work, and is adopting every means, to make Con­ necticut do her share in this work. 3. No legislation in this work is pend­ ing. The General Assembly recently passed a bill releasing school pupils for farm service. 4. Not prepared to make statem ent. 5. Not prtpnred to make Ktatemept. Gov. W alteh E. E dge . State of New Je r ­ sey: Win, BE ANNOUNCED T04ÎOBKOW IN ST. JOHN THE DIVINE. Statement to Be Included in Order of Service Will Describe New Treat ment of Sexpartite Vault. 'of Weart - (V m ^ ' 'pVi?|iWifi:' ■L '1 ; W e st V irginia , S tate Coun.cil of ¡4 ■ X)efehce is dealing w ith th e situation. . 2, I am .asking th e L e g islature^to -i give i t absolute power. 3.* L e g islature will assemble on May 14, 1917. 4. Yes, if I t «houli become necessary. 6 . Personally favors legislation to regulate food «peculation. In a let­ te r transm itting hia replies, Gov. i Cornwall says th a t \he referred this 'is question to Jam e s H. Stew a rt, Com- > » m issloner of Agriculture. The answ e r is 0 Yes.\' Ctov. A rthuk C apjper , S tate of K a n sas: ' 1. S tate Conncil of Defence, with committees to look after every phase of, food production and conservation. 2 . Stim u lating Increased production an d urging economy in th e use of foodstuffs. '• -3 . Norte. The Legislature is not in session. 4. Yes. 1. Commission to investigate high cost of living. Also a S tate Commit­ tee, composed of heads,.>f municipal units of State, a p a r t of whose duties Is to\ encourage increase in food prod­ ucts through boosting' hom e gardens.- accepting donations oi and parcelling out of. farm lands for cultivation. 2. Studying supply an d demand. 'J‘;\ E^f'W lg“''fo'rsl'' 8 petiUlationii i t other unlawful, practices. Inquiring a? to practicability of State going into fish business, erecting warehouses, and wholesaling and retailing all food fish- caught in jersey w a ters at actual cost. 3. Bill was pasSfed at recent session authorizing municipalities to pur­ chase and- distribute at cost food sup­ plies in cases of emergency. This passed on recommendation of High Cost ol Living Commission. Also bill passed giving the Governor power to cope in any way with food short­ age or other w ar emergency. 4. Yes. A minimum and maximum limit fixed and altered as conditions w a rrant under ¿nd by Federal power in cooperation with States, particu­ larly as war measure. 5. Yes. E merson C. H arrington , State of 'M aryland: > i. Stetti Commission of tw e n ty men and twenty-five women. 2. A ssisting financially- Conducting r.-;-:: S h o p p i n g In d t s 9 ; . Evening P o s t A d v e rtisers MAIN SECTION. Abercrombie & Fitch Co ............ The Aeolian C o m p a n y ............. f. ‘BTA ltm an & Co. '. ....................... Auto Supply Co ............................ B rentano’s .................................... : Lane B ryant ........ .. i F if th Avenue Auction Rooms. •: 3S. M. Gattle & Co ........................ Triie Gorham Co...................... . . , •H a v iland & Co ............................. -B. W . Huebsch ......................... 3!. Jaeckel & Sons, Inc. ......... iE n a b e ........... . ................................ The L ittle Gallery ..................... JRj H. Macy & Co ........................ M alkan’fj ....................................... w!Rèdferh Corset Shop ............. \ Keed & B a rton ......................... John W a n a m a k e r ..................... MAGAZINE SECTION. ■ Miv Aiaquah . .............................. Arlington Galleries ................... \Box and Bag M a r t ..................... 'Geo; Btisse . .................................. ■ Coàdy Gallery . .......................... Dragonfly L u stre W o rkshop.. R. Dudensihg & Son ................. M adame ftuSausset ................. ’ The Ehrich Galleries ............... S3. - N» EllmOre ............................. B ltihg & Pickup ......................... Edw ard I. Farm e r ..................... John Penning ............................. ' -Ferargil Gallery . ........................ 3». ,J. Fltzsimons ......................... ’ The Flam b eau W eavers ......... Edw a rd G. G e tz ........ .................. ■Ehe B e rtha Holley W ardrobe. H elen H u n t Studio ................. ' Kàackner Galleries ................... , K o u chakji Galleries ................. Lai-Yuan & Co. ........................ ‘ St. l i . Lee ..................................... XreWandpg . ................. . ..... . Ijonjg Sang T i . ........................ Joseph P. M cHugh & S o n ... Geo. Ü . ......................... M ontroas Galler;.* ..................... Nés# Y o rk Galleries ................. if . Y. Assn. for the Blind......... R u is ian A n tique Shop . ............ P. Sarti, G. Lucchesi & C o .... Satlnover Galleries . . . . . . . . . . ■The Scandinavian A rt Shop. B a rbara liee Smocks . . ............ . 'The SJtencilcraft Studio ...... ¡ J , î». Tëpfter T teasure Box . ................ ........ W ashington 8 q. Book S h o p .. , The Wdmt&’a Book S h o p ......... PAOB . 4 . 5 . 4 . 3 . 9 . .7 . 6 . 2 . 5 . 4 . 9 . 6 . 4 . 6 . 3 . 8 . 7 . 6 . 7 . 16 . 20 . 16 . 20 . 20 . 16 . 20 . 16 . 20 . 16 . 16 . 20 . 20 . 20 . 16 . 16 . 20 . 16 . 16 . 20 . 20 . 20 . 16 m s new ororm u u s area will ultim ately be extend­ ed laterally into tha future transepts; and each of these will contain a rose window squal in size to those of the transepts of Notre Dame in Paris, p.„.“T h e . general „ashlar i and ^ the great piers will be of a limestone’ similar to' th a t employed in .the- finished portions, of the choir. T h e one hundred-ioof Shafts rof a warm'-colpr^d ec a n ite. Wfll, be the-tallest columns ever provided for in any building. “The windows in th e nave are of vast size, larger even than those o f C h a rtres C athedral, and win afford op­ portunities fo r th e m o st perfect show­ ing of splendid glass. \Contracts have been let to complete the foundations o f the nave up to th e flooring of th e crossing. The placing of contracts for additional work will de­ pend upon financial resources available.” HUNGER AND WANT IN TURKEY. C o n d i t i o n * D e a c r l b e d i n I . e t t e r s t o A r ­ m e n i a n R e l i e f C o m m i t t e e . Conditions of hunger and w a n t in the Turkish Em p ire are reported in letters received by the American Committee for Arm enian and Syrian Relief, and pub­ lished to-day. In Beirut, according to the letters, T u rkish paper currency has fallen to th ir ty piastres to th e pound, and the streets are full of beggai's, “whose piteous -wailing for alm s is m ost distress­ ing.” Conditions in the Caucasus among refugees from Turkey are also reported to be pitiable. One of the lettera is in part as follows: Thè poor people, for lack of funds, are unable to buy the sm allest am o u n t of food necessary to keep body and soul to­ gether, and in consequence are dying off, especially in th e Lebanon, a t an alarm ing rate. Sugar, coffee, rice, tea, kerosene oil, tinned butter, and other canned goods generally imported from abroad, have all practically disappeared from the m arket, having been consumed during the two years and more that this coast h a s been blockaded. H ardly any horses are left in thè country, and the few cabs left in town a r e reported to be so full of disease- bearing verm in th a t few people care to ride in them , and walk by preference, al­ though one m u st pay from $15 to $20 gold for a' good pair of boots, as all the leather in this country has been practi­ cally exhausted. The situation at present is quiet. The town h a s been without lirPad fo ■ five days. I have no idea when I will be able to send this dispatch. The American Jewish Relief Commit­ tee reports contributions for the week of $90,803, of which $15,000 came from the Philadelphia Committee, $15,000 from Newark, $5,400 from the Joint Roaid of Cloak and Suit Makers, $5.000 from the Committee of W estern. P a , and $ 5,000 from Kansas City. Otli£.r war relief agem-ios announce re­ cent contributions, as follows; Servian Relief Committee, $453; American (¡iris' Aid. $2,390; Polish Victin s' Relief F ind, $1.000. Thej Secours National announces a sale of anwque furniture, tapestries, Chinese enam els, and other art objects in the stu ­ dio of Mrs. Nathaniel Bowditch Potter, the W indsor Building, during, the week beginning Monday. Among the im p o rtant pieces in thè sale will be a fifu>enth-cen- ' tu r y painting by Filipino Lippi, which) comes directly from one of the private ; collections in Florence, and has never been shown elsewhere. P lans, as - far as- th e y have been com­ pleted, for' the- building of the nave at the C athedral of St. J o h n th e Divine, will be described in a statem e n t which wiil form p a r t of th e order, óf ¡SérVice at tlje C athedral to-m orrow m o rning. The de­ scription will read, in part, as follows: The nave of .the cathedral will be Gothic in all essential principles, though there will be m any original ’ and ‘(inique structural features i n t h e plans 'of the architects, M essrs; C ram &■ Ferguson. The architects have frank ly adopted the sys tem of g r e a t’ squares predeterm ined by the existing portions of thè building, and have Used those for th e development of a somewhat new typ^ tìf organism, a d o p t­ ing? the sexpartite form a c i vault. This is a vault devis.ed on such a series of square areas giving it th a t structural support and outw ard expression which ■were g e n e rally lacking during th a t period of the Middle Ages w hen sexpartite vault­ ing w a s in lise. \The nave, therefore, will be, not long series o f oblong com p artm e n ts, w ith ian k s o f unvarying colum ns, but , rath e r sequence of fo u r g r e a t squares s u p ­ ported on pow erful piers, w ith the stand­ ard order of arcade triforium and cleres­ to r y pushed laterally to the extrem e Jim Its of the building and w ith very lofty interm ediate isolated sh a f ts supporting the secondary mem b ers of t h e sexpartite v a u l t This plan cip only result in an extrem e openness- of effect a n d in a very brilliant composition of light and shade. “The central span of the nave will be fifty feet iii width. The prim a ry aisles will form the lateral base of a height equal to th a t of the nave itself, while secondary aisles—hardly more than am ­ bulatories, will be on either siile. “Through th e walls and into the piers' will run passageways o r am b ulatories a t different levels, so that i t will be possible t-i thread one’s w ay through and around all portions of the nave and a t a great t u mber of levels above tMe navement. The general er'ect of the nave as one ri.teis from the w est will be a consistent and progressive opening out on either side ui on'- approaches the crossing to an apparent width almost o f the cross- itself. Kaoh step will reveal some group of shafts and windows. The i s a n i d e a l f o o d b e v - e r a g b * p i & ë , o ^ t ì o t t s a n a w h o l e s o m è . W a lter B a k e r ô Cèx Ltd. . ESTABLISHED 1700 DORCHESTER. M ^ a 3 . PENDING WAR-TAX BILL ASSOCIATION FOR EQUITABLE IN­ COME TAX WRITES WI1S0N. Would Have the levy Made on Privi­ lege and on Accumulatoins Instead of Chiefly on' Earnings. $ 2,000 fo r single persons, together with the exeess-proflts tax, ta x e s ,o n liquors, spirit^ tobacco, etc., -would yield th e total revenue w h ich it is. estim a te d th a t the prqposed bill would yield, to wit, $1,810,- 420]000. ' “W e respectfully urge th a t th e Congress of the United S tates afford this country an exhibition of genuine democracy by repudiating t h e proposed R evenue bill and raising revenue for the w a r by taxing privilege and monopoly, as we have sug­ gested.” JESSE L. LASKY Presents the Distinguished Star of the Legitimate Drama Making Her Photodramatic Debut in i i Hijrh School Stn d e n ta tq S in g . Goy. W Hitman, Mayor Mitchel, M ar­ cus M. M arks, B o rough P resident; and Charles E. H u g h e s are to be the principal speakers a t the benefit cele­ bration to be given by th e H igh School Choral (Organizations, of G reater New York on Saturday evening, May 26, a t the Lewisohn Stadium of th e College of Cross. The Association for an Equitable Fed­ eral Income Tax, through John J. Hop­ per, its president, has sen t a protest t o President W ilson and to members of Con­ gress against the pending W a r T a x bill, it w a s announced to-day. The Associa- _ __ _____ tion objects to the bill on the ground i the city,,of New York. The proceeds will th a t it provides chiefly for th e taxation bo given to th e N ational League for of earnings, or on ‘life,” instead of taxes j W oman’s Service and the National Red on privilege and accum ulations. A large proportion of th e w o rkers of the coun- J try, the protest sets forth,,now receive less than required for a reasonable stan­ dard of living, according to; the surveys of sociological experts. Yet it is this class who is taxed most heavily in pro­ portion to its ability to pay for a decant standard of living. The protest states th a t the reduction of tax-exem p t incomes to $ 1,000 for the AMÜSEMENTS YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO A unm arried and $ 2,000 for heads of fam i- j lies inflicts taxation entirely dlspropor- i tionate to the ability of the recipient to I pay, while perm itting a few score people j to retain unearned incomes of large amounts. The protest says in p a rt: “The Democratic party was returned to power to keep down tariffs and to tax’ privilege., The proposed Revenue bill is repudiation of that mandat?, , A rapidly progressive income tax, w ith .an exemp­ tion of $3,000 for m arried persons and AM USEM E N T S PRICES 0È FOOD Df ENGLAND. R e t a i l F i g n r c i S h o w I n c r e a s e o i » 4 P e i - C e n t . S i n c e W a r B e g a n , [Corrosponclenco of tbe Associated Presa.l London, April 30.—T h e official statistics of retail prices of food given In the Board of Trade Labor Gazette show an increase up to M arch 31 o f 94 p e r cent., a s com­ pared w ith July, 1914. In arriving at the general percentage increase, the several articles are weighed in accordance w ith th® proportionate ex­ penditure on them in pre-w ar family budgets, no allowance being m ade for th e considerable economies resulting from changes in dietary. If eggs w ere omitted from the dietary, m a rgarine substituted for butter, and th e consum ption of sugar and fish reduced to one-half th a t p r e ­ vailing before the war, the general per­ centage increase since July, 1914, instead of being 94, would be 61. As concerns other item s of expenditure, there have been substantial increases, ex­ cept w ith regard to rents, and th e aver­ age advance, including food, rent, cloth­ ing, fuel, light, etc., m a y be estim ated at over 65 per cent. Retail prices of food advanced between 1 and 2 per cent, during M arch. The price of butchfrs’ m eat advanced from 2 to 4 per cent., and bacon averaged 3 per cent, dearer. F ish prices rose about 5 per cent. T h e prices of flour and tea advanced between 2 ahd 3 p e r cent. Eggs on the.average were 21 p e r c e n t cheaper. KITCHEN WINDOW GARDENS. DO YOUR BIT. Qrtw your «wit v«t>- tslilei on your kttvhan window illl. Gretn wlndow bpxM. loin, conttlnlni GROWING plants ql chi n t , paraloy, mint, ItttuM, etc.. iltllvactd complete for JI.50. Knickerbocker »Window Gardens, Sheridan Square ^(103 Wm) 4th St.) Phone Snrlng 7591. A M U S E M E N T S ~ I I t ’s a wise child that knows when to J mind: its own script father.—[Boston Tran-\ — BROADWAY THEATRE ---- MOT. RTAN‘t,EY V. MASTBAt’M BEGINNING TO-MORROW NIGHT 8:30 (MOTHERS’ DAY) I.ols W eber'a «& P h illip Sm a lley'* SinnNlilng Photo-Dmiiirttl«.- T r ium p h Hand That Rocks The Cradle on ond nfter ^roud/iy, May' 14. TW IC E 2 îîlO A Sttfd. WINTER B A B O iT K Ä S k » P AS S I N G S HOW liT Ù ÇT w 4 4 1 n « l . Matinees Weil. * Sat.. 2ÎÏ5. THE HIGHWAYMAN Charles Thoma« OP 1017 Sfc'iïfâ' HIS UTTLE WIDOWS NORA BAVES M T U C T Xhea. Noar B’way. Eves. 8:39 0 3 ■ H a l i Matinées Wed, & Sat., 2 :30 S H U B E R T ^ tiVof E.’ y_: : 1 b . ] ast EILEEN Mata.Wed. & Sat.,2:18. I WEEK B y H e n r y B lossom A V ictor H erbert LYRIC C U F T O I f C R A W F O R D 42(1,W.of B’way. Etb.S :15. Matinees Wèà. & S a t.,2 :iß. I H E R SOLDIER BOY I .Next Mon., Skubert The». HEW R l i n i l ^ m , Ju s t off B’-iray.lMat«. Wert. S ^ Z D IJU U Phone 430 Bryant. 1& S a t.,2:15. THE KNIFE EVES. 8:15. By Eufene Walter. - ^ G R I P P I N G n . , THE Pi&N W HO** CAM E BACK] Playhouse % | lite ä .j ü s t K.or H >vay. Plìoné It8-B ry. Eva. **8;3O .w:t.Th;,St.,2:20. w ith I* I M a rgaret W jcherly 1 1 by B a y n r d V e i l l e r M a x îneE lüott ^ d Ä Ä 0- LOVE O’ MIKE Sparkling, Toutli, Beauty.— Beralii Seaaon's Muilcal Knockout I B ’way & 3 9 tb St. Bvga. 8 :15. Matinee» Wed. Sc Sat., 2:15. YOU'RE IN LOVE R A A T i t 45th, W .of B ’wâÿ, É3Tgs.8:20. Ö ' W V * ■■ Matinee* Wed. & Sat., 2:20 MR. WILLIAM GILLETTE la «A aXTCOBSSFUI« Ô A 1 A M 1 T Ï.» D D I k i P C C C 89th, nr. Broadway. E?«. 8:16, r n i n b C o a M atinees Wed. & Sat., 2:18. I H M f l “ S m a r test o f I V A H Sln p lcal Come» d i e s .” — Evi. Sun. WASH'N SQ. PLAYERS AftÉferiV 1Ì0 W. 4Jet. Ere». 8:45. b V m c U I Mats.Thui-s. & Sat.,2 .-30. M a r y S h a i r In I b s e n ’s G h o s t s . SELLING OUT— EXTENDBIt TO MAY ÌM H TO M E E T . DEMAND Under the Auspices of the New York Community Chorus HARRY BARNHART, Director T o b e h e l d in C A R N E G I E H A L L , SUNDAY EVE May 13th, at 8:10 o’clock AMSTERDAM w- tól'Rr.'lìves. S: 1 S. HKUI UlUAm )ints, yv«l, ft Sat.. 2 :is ü g ä W H E N JO H N N Y COMES M A R C H IN G H O H E A Tensely Emotional Story by Charles Kenyon Author of ‘‘Kindling’' and Others of Miss Illington’s Stage Successes THIS IS THE FIRST OF A SERIES OF Which Have Been Selected for Presentation at the Rialto Because of Their Exceptional Excellence SECOND INSTALLMENT ~ T H E S A IL O R S O F F R A N C E ’ Showing French Submarines arid Torpedo Boats in Action • *. DARING STUNTS OF THE CAMERA MEN Illustrated Narrative by Eriiest A, Reed Excerpts from P R E S . W I L S O N ’S W A R M E S S A G E Declaimed by Henry Herbert, of Beerbohm Tree’s Company MAX WEINSTEIN, Baritone Singing the “March Lorraine” By Ganne Assisted by The RIALTO CHORUS MR. & MRS. SIDNEY DREW in “ HER LESSON RIABTO A N IM A T E D M A G A Z IN E — Finest Feature o f Its Sort in Existence THE INCOMPARABLE RIALTO ORCHESTRA Hugo Riesienfeld, Conductor — Rendering the Overture to “Mignon” and Selections from \The Red Mill” ' l i ZIECFELO N E W « i 3 0 M I D N I G H T F R D L Ï C ATWNEW AMsTEBDA THSfcTHfe CRITERION f i U Tw it» D a lly, including Sunday.2:20&8:20.M at*. 25c.to $1, JSra. COc.to $2. L Y C E U M T H E A T R E ,5th s t . , n 'r B’m j , _ M ata:2 :S0 i OPERA COMIQUE in ENQUSH TO-NIGHTI Comedy t Goiinod’s lOpera )R T U B . H E A R T O F CONEY IStA 3 V I> K o v e l t l e » — S e n M .tIo n ii— S p e c t a c l e » i LUNA OPENS may 19 LIBERTY 42d St. Eves, a t 8 t l d “ Matinees Wed. & Sat., 2:15. JLew Fields presents an A ll-Star Oast: John Mason, Irene Fenwick. Richard Bennett, Helen W are, Lew Fields, Wllll* P. Swcatnam, M atltllde Cottrelly, H e len. Lowell. ' _____ IJV “BOSOM F R I E N D S .» B e n e fit fo r F r a n c e and It-eland b.r M cC O R M A C K j o II HIPPODROME TO-MOR’W NIGHT, l.1 i A LIMJTED Nt'MBER OF ItES’D SEATS 8 TIU, AVA'IlABLTS AT *1.00, 51.B0, »2.00, $2.507 R00 EXTRA-SEATS AT $1:80 ON SAiEi -T.HJS MORN­ ING. Box Office .Open All Day Sunday. , MK. M p CORMAOK WIU, SING HIS REGUtA- o™ TION FULL LENGTH PROGRAM QP FAV0R1TI3 V j i j HUDSON Theatre. W. 44th S t. Eva. 8 :15 W M à ti. T O - D A Y S- W ed.2:i5. ‘Brilliantly Sensational Cohtedy Cast lncl. Qhrystal Herne, Roae Coçhlah, *c. U rtD n O n n 'V c st 45 St. Phouo Bryant 2S0. InUnUOllUEvs. 8 :20. Last Mat.. Sat.. 2:20. LAST 2 TIMES TO-DAY « Oliver Morisco’s Great Musical Farce CANARY COTTAGE NEXT MOiVBAY— S E A T S NOW n p i l ■ » O A T . . Oliver Morospo's ■ ■■ C* B n H I ' Great LnngWng Success. I O N ß A C R E \'-ÏS ST.- KlRlita ai.8:80. L U I I U H V n E . MtB.W«l.;(:Pot)1„r&Sat..2i30.- Wm. COLLIER m Nothiii(% Truth CORT W, 48th St. E t *. 8 :20. MatsvWed* Sat,, 2 :20. Plidtie B ryant 46, __ S T H M O N T H - — R E C O m > ° 5 UPSTAIRS b r e a k in g . K i n FUN AND HITS THE BIGGEST LAUGHING SUCCESS C T A I Î D A R D * 80 st- ETCS.25C to II. a l AHUHKU t l . U In \Follow Mt.To-day,2Sto75e. H IIII* n C I U M r . ” Next Week— MARGARET ANGLIN. D A D I C Thcutre, 50tb St. and rM H V « Cotumb\is Circle. Beginning: n . 1 C ‘ ontimious Daily T v - P A T I'lc'tiftlng Sunday v G E R A L D I X E F A ' R ’R A 'R ** j o a jsr ss.») ORCHESTRA^ i BO c ., t BAI,CONY ¿ 5 b . E t ì i . 8:15. lladnêA i Wed,  B'WAX 3 8 S t. Skt., 2 :20. m m A R L i s s IN IQS GREAT SUCCESS “ DISRAELI” R ! ;™ .'- f.O C V E N i n S W E D . 3 I A T ., MAY\ IO GAIETY fews. at 8:20; . ■ * y**»'. yw jy (Pop.) k Sat., 2:20 H I p D I © West 4 2 d 8 t. Eyes, a t,8 :20. « » * 1 • Mat«.W»d.(Pop.)ft.Sat.. 2 : 20 . LAST W E E K TH IS TH E A T R E . MOVES NEXT W E E K TO TH E MOROSCf* THEA. OLIVBB MOROSCO Erenenta THE LAUGHING SENSATION! BX MAÜDB FBI/TON W ITH A TYPICAL MOROSCO OAST D r P i l R I I f * W .42d St.Eves. 8 :20. V Mats. WedASat., 2:20 «PETER IBBETSON” w ith Joh n B a r r y m o r e ,Conatance Col- lle r , l a n r a H . Crew«, L. B a r rym o r e. COHAN &:H ARRIS S i s Ä S I m m G E O n f | | | l | | J ’C THEATRE,B'way A 43 St. M . VW IW »« * Evs. 8 :20. M ats.W «di* S a t. Hnlo Hnmllton-'Blward Ellis present G E O . M ., C O H A N ’S Greatest Comedr, “BET RICH OUieit WAIUW6F0BD” f i l À A F B’wny & 46 St. Eÿès: a t 8 :20i W W M f c M ats. To-day * Wed., 2:20. Lamette Taylor In HER GREATEST TRIUMPH By J . HARTLEY MANNERS B | | | T n i l 4ti St.. nr. B'wfly. Eves, a t 8:30. m k i w n Matinees W ed. fc S a t,, 2 :30, COURTENAY — T s WISE i n Xee Wilson Dodd’s Còmedy ^ P * ! * fLTÏNGErE5ï^ ,rr MAT«.-W CPòpH » EVE'S 13» \LILAOTIME” M O V E S M ONDAY TO T H E H A R R I S EIiTI3VGTE,W.42' St.Iieg.Sim.Nlglit.SeafsNow P I U P N n H D F ORIGINAL PIGTORES ' EiLITIE.ll U U Iir AiNt> TItA VEL TALKS E W , 2dc to «1. ''AKOT3ND THE WORLDS* Datl,v JUS, 2« & ÖOc.-VELTiOWSTONE TARK” à PILLINGHAM-ZIEGFELD OCOANUT GROVE ICBSTmtY.ROOF, NIOHTLY A T 1 1 1 3 0 DANCING A T 10.130 HÉMH ’ , •* «• t --

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