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lil—Ol •ex ja T h e E v e n i n g P o s t u m f h e l p s o l v e ■ 4 y o u r v a c a t i o n p r o b l e m . B o o k l e t s L * f a l l h i g h c l a s s r e s o r t s a t R e s o r t I B u r e a u , 20 V e s e y S t . , F i f t h F l o o r , W ^ ' o o m , 508. H E W EKqfcAWI» -' . ; V; ■,$ JVi J \\r\: EVENING POSV î NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1917. .. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------; ------------------------------------------------------ - ^ ------------------- T h e E r e n i n g P o s t w i l l h e l p s o l v e y o u r v a c a t i o n p r o b l e m . B o o k l e t s o f a l l h i g h c l a s s r e s o r t s a t R e s o r t B m e a u , -0 V e s e i / S t . , F i f t h F l o o r ? . , R o o m 508. .j ■ v. ?•!- Ü N E W ENGIiAND M k . * ' 's • ^ N * _ . .......... , —--■«. *t- Three hundred miles of headlands, beaches, islands and wooded shores—the noblest sea­ shore in America. 1000 D ifferent V acations Brilliant sum m er resorts, delightful smaller places, out-of-the-w ay fishing villages, camps. F i n e s t ^ o f y a c h t i n g , b a t h i n g , f i s h i n g , g o l f , m o t o r i n g — e v e r y s u m m e r p l e a s u r e . M a i n e ’s v i t a l i z i n g b u t s o f t s e a a i r is f a m o u s . U n s u r p a s s e d h o t e l s . B o a r d i n g h o u s e s a t v e r y m o d e r a t e r a t e s . Only 12 Hours from New York ^ , , I W r ite or call for booklet, “ A long N e w E n g lan d S h o r e s Vacation Bureau 171 Broadway, Room * New Y o rk City New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. Boston & Maine R. R. Maine Central R. R. N E W H A M P S H I R E . X E W H A M P S H IR E N E W YÖÄK STATE A goo d GOLF course A goo d BATHING BEACH a n d a goo d HOTEL is av c o m b in a t io n t o b e s o u g h t Thia com b ination can be found a t RYE BEACH, N. H . T h e G o l f C o u r s e of th e ABENAQUI CLUB is o n e of th e finest 18 hole courtes o n th e NORTH SHORE T h e Bathing is superb, a n d so n e a r th a t a b a t h is th e natural finish to a round of golf, w h i l e b o t h are near the Open June 20 FARRAGUT HOUSE To families having boys, I can recommend « good Boy»* damp within twelve mile« oi the Farrsgut Houie. I also have a few well furnished cottages to tent. W r i t e W . E . C A R T E R , R y e B e a c h , N . H . B retton W oods WHITE MOUNTAINS, N.H. GOLF to tUe very shadow of Mount Washington HORSEBACK RIDING over Mountain Trails and Woodland Paths. f Oppua July 0. Closps Oct. 1. MOTORING through tbe Alps of New England THE MOUNT PLEASANTS C. J. DUNPHY, Manager. Opens July 9. Close* Oct. 15. Manager. RAILROADSThrough service via N Y., N. H. & H. It. B.. and B. & M. B. B. »looking office. 24S 5tb A t .. New York. Telephone. Madison Square »230. G r a n l i d e n H o t e l 1 4 K E SUNAPEE, If. H . Gateway to the White Mountain!; Golf; Ten­ nis: flshlng, boating, «addle hones, dancing, etc. Opens June 15th. Write for circular. W. W. BROWN , winter season Hotel«, Indian Elver esaI Rockledge, Rockledge, Florid«. Social A Scenic C enter, W h it e Mt*. » MAPLEWOOD HOTEL CASINO* INN IS Hote Golf. 'I'rap Shooting Tournament. Booking Office, 1180 B’Jrty, New York. Tèi. Mad. So» 4T48. The Mount Washington c D. J. TRUDEAU, Ma CONKECTIODT. a s s a c h u s e t t s ■fc I M At the N o rthern end of the Heal Tour and a t the W estern end of the M ohawk Trail The (keylock Hotel W illiam s to w n , M a s s . “ The Village B e a u tiful” G o lf an il T e n n is Accommodates 300 Fireproof Garage for Seventy Car« Large Swimming Pool HENRY N. TEAGUE, Leisee TOWER HOUSE SOUND b e a : h , c o n n . Every attraction ntry and sea shore, 50 minutes from New York—frequent trains, low com* mutation. Excellent home table, fresb vegetables and cMpkens. E. M. SMITH. Finest Slimmer Kesort Hotel In America. The GRISW OLD “ S P “ Open June 27. w. Y. Office, 80S Fifth Avenue. V E R M O N T M»m:H«»t*r-in-lh*-Mountiin» VERMONT OPEN ¿TUNIS 1JTH. 50 ROOMS W ITH BATH ADDED THIS SEASON aiso T H E L O R R A IN E 8t. f ¿¡¡/y oreLPurawSi Famous (or ita 20th -cfcntury J, hotel-comfort*, combined With » the cbsrm òl i ffcw Enfland Ì homestead. The motoristi* favorite, f - j^our] for booklet, SO Motor Runs, trad J I B up toil guide. B. P. COSTELLO, Mgr. ¡1 Tire Lift « f the Nirtk Shore A l MARBLEHEAD V IIOTEI, Rock-mere faces ih e V a c M ln * 6 , H . B R A C K E T T \ C U R T I S H O T E L . LENOX, MASSACHtlSETTS. CENTER OF THE BERKSHIRE HULLS. w il l i a m D. CURTIS, Proprietor, “““ T H E M A P iBW O O D PHMelil. Korkihii'« Co., Mass. O p e n M a y 26 to S e v . l . B«td for booklet. Wolf at Coiiiitiy CItib, ,IS hole«, a\ tSìrffn onapnllcatlon. ) ABTHD8 W. PLiPMB. c o l o n i a l h o u s e . N E W YORK M A M ! \The Higheit CUM Hotel in the OaUkillt\ ! New GRAND HOTEL CATSKIIJL MOUNTAINS, A lt. 3,800 ft. I O jk b s Ju n e 21. C lim a te U n equalled. [ U n d o u b tedly “M o u n tain T e a # .” ! 20 degrees cooler than N. Y. .City. Perfect sanitary eondltidna. Pure spring water. SuDerior grill. Bill Room. Symphony orchestra; dancing afternoon and evening; In- —— s——■— - -----' Special attractions an d inducement* for the ypuager set. structor«, prl*e«. Golf, ten­ nis, billiards, pool, bowl- ing. Oscar Hauter’s saddle ______ ______ _ horses ot E. 58th St., N. Y. Special late« for families. Transient* #B a day »nd op. H A R R I- SON S. DOWNS, Prop. Tel. Col. 3320. At Hotel. AanoDiR, Broadway & T3d St., N. Y. The Campbell Ian Ac« omœodatea HÒ0. Rooms with: bath. Orchaatra. Boating, Booklet, tig up. ___ ‘ NORTHERN PIN E S , PORT KENT, N.Y. A rihw hotel on beautiful Lake Champlain. : 1,800 acre «»tate. Golf, tennis, bathing, Ashing, hunting. Booklet. vr. H, SUSSDQRFF, Proprietor. HOTEL DOUGLAS Douglaes, N. Y Lake Champlain. Open Jun« 1, N«ar Pl»tt«bnrg. Boating, Bathing, Tennis,Dancing AUteki Of«! m < Meriea Hem—Oii AM*k* Lake Amsmts., aquatic «port», auto«, saddlehorse», ACc. !00.Bklt.*l0 & irp.Mthency Brot.,Cbestertows,N. Y. B r i a r c i t f f t ^ o t i g e Briar c liff Manor,! Umw York NOW OPEN. An ideal luncheon run. 28 miles up the Hudson. BOOKING OXnOB 4 0 2 MADISON AVE., NEW YORK Pkea* W Muiray Hill 7 Springtime Golf on the 18 hol« courie at Gad* . ney Fana Hotel it a tonic for tired ntrye« « , well a« à beneficili oul- tdoor «Marcii*. Gedper Vann Hitel W hite nafau, if. IT. Kdward K, O n a laU O p tnsllT H r . I , Trt aistar bus urric«. N E W JE R S E Y — A t l a n t i c C ity CANADA CANADA CANADA ATLANTIC C ITY 3 lioor* from N e w York World’s Greatest Hotel Success Ths finest product of American creative gejiius employed in the profitable expen­ diture of more than five million capital. H e r e c o n g r e g a te th e d istin g u ish e d re p r e s e n t a t i v e s of th e W o r ld s of F a s h ion, A r t, L it e r a tu r e , Science, C o m m e r c e . S tatesm a n s h ip . A inert'an European Plans DANIEL S. WH1»’E JOSiaPH W. MOTT PrcMfont Gen. Mgr, A’eu> York Hooking office, 410 Times Bmidinff Telephone, Bryant 922B between U ncle S am and C anada THE NEAREST OF THE ALLIES C a n a d ia n M ake The _ ATLANTIC CITY. L Q p « i y a c t » a i s e a s o n s Qfi r t n e ^ f e a r , A r e c o g n i s e a ! I s t e a \ c l ! x r d o f e x c e i l c i A c c . I G m c ih ô o o . jNCTtC^BOOWHGOrm;THESFU»,425-g^VE.! ^ T i i w i ic C i n K i J . j, M o tclftndjS îïD a iorlüinL [ t* d for it's sc a r iP * « r v i c ^ . n k :and C o r a t i v e o n t h » . K u Y o u f ---- - — ' ATLANTIC CITY. NJ. C H A L F O N T E ON THE BEACH A t w * y t o n N ÂN MOSPITABLÈ I Lakewood Farm Inn ROSGOB. ST. T . Catering to si Kilned client*!«. Altitude 3.00Qf t.Tennii, Biliiard«, Bowling, .Clock Golf, Fiihing. Excellent cuiiine and Mrvice. State RoadRoute 4. Booklet,terms, reference« on application. June to October. C e n tre o f n i l A d irondack A ttraction*. STEVENS HOUSE LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK E x t e n s iv e ly Im p roved—¿4>pen J a n e I* for r e n t . . »TEVBN g HOTKL CO., l a k e P U d d , N.T. WHITEFACE INN ON LAKE JPLACID, Iff. Open« June 15. Modern in all its appointments. JT. JT. SW E E N E Y , Manager. •Winter—Highland Park Hotel, Aiken, 8. 0, Shairkngiink Mt. House. Accom, SO. KzperiesCed managam’t. gpadous latrai j àio* grove near htiuse. neaiitatlon. Booklet on »ppllcfn, Hate« f io up. W. K. Hultslandeir, High View, Bnlllvan Co.. N. Y. O tEA N HOVSB, O lean, N. V . ■tate Road Southern Tier Routé. OU Field) and Indian Btiervatlons. SHERMAN COLLINS, Mgr. P e r r y H o u se, Q*een Ulte. Athen«, N. Y. Bout- Ing, bathibg, fishing. All amusements, Booklet. <9 up. MYRON PERRr. H o n a e, Liberty, N, Y. çonveniwe» T h e W ilk in s o n Equipped with comfort« «bd convenience* /.n» t , j . bettuwua patient«. Write Mta.B.W. Ford {.■ rfklt. LAKE V IBW HOUSES, O AIE, N. Y. HHART OF TSE ADIUONDACK8. Rates upon ¡application. Booklet. » . p. QALB. T w in H t. H o n s e . Elka Park, N. Y. World famed resort. Elev. 2,500 i t . Accom. ISO. Mod. Amimt«., churches, etc., Btlt. <10 up.E.M.Dtbbell. T b e E liaitbeth H o n it, LecJ», N, Y. An Ideal resort In the Oatsklll«. Accom, 126. High elev. Atnuieints., churches. Bath'g on prom. Bklt, $9 np. T h é L a k e Houàe, Crown Point, K, V\. Facing Lake Champlain. Oreen and Adir. Mts. Bathlne. boating, heau’tlfnl drive», Livery. Bonklfet. ï In n , Mand of Mattba’a Via«- LarchletKh, ISonth Cairo, K. V. “A #el«ct r«*ort Bavan, Maw. Open« 7ua* 1st. in the CatakUl«.*’ Bòne «arr. Ansata., bathing, •t* Ac«. 40. Bookltt. I« us, U K. AtfQWL. ( AftVArlNTB HOTJGL—Beautlful Fourth Lake1. Large plastered room* ; homelike atmosphere. Booklet«. ARTHf R C. COMMER, Old Forgi», N. Y:. Mmrgmrtt Honae, Lccd», N. Y. in- the rat»- kills, A (*Mt tèeort acceiuaolat'c 44. Amitmtc., etmtdm^batiCg. *tc. 4.U JT^ Ji. Oupsatar, Your Summer Playground From diplomat or business m a n , t o Jim Brewster, »nd h is fanion» m ountain guides, you’ll g e t the genuine grip of good fellowship. B A N F F S P R I N G S HOTEL Bising oastle-liko midst towering peaks and snow-olad; aummits. ottera Mountain Climbing, Coaching, Fishing, Hiding, Golfing;» Walking, Swimming m Warm Sulphur Pool». CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE Facing the loveliest of all mountain Lakes, “where eaoli ^window frame« a milRott-doilar pioture\ are two links in the great chain of Canadian Pacific Hallway Hotel«. FIELD Gateway to the Y oho Valley where the Canadian Paoifio Hailway maintains summer earapa. GLACIER Great Center for Alpine Climbera. Sea the marble-flowered Nakimu Caves. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY The World's Greatest Highway LIBERAL STOP-OVER PRIVILEGES Ask or write for information on Tour No. ¡¡6 F. ft. PERRY, Gen’l Agent, P a ss. Dept., 1231 Broaoway, N*W Y ork City Y1*?- ■J -id- Ideal Home for Spring and Sum m er Hotel Montclair MONTCIiAXH, N. J. MOST DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED XXB1- DHNTIAL HOTEL IN NEW YORK'S BCBURBS OPEN T H E B N T IR B YEAR. Exclusive clientele. Golf. Splendid Orchestra. Dancing, English Grill. Private Motor But Meeti Lackawanna .Train* FRBDBR1CK O. HALL COMPANY1. f . West End, Long Brancb, N. J. Entirely renovated andimproved; *oo room« and baths; electric light; telephone. Golf and tennis grounds attached. Annex open« May * 0 . Hotel open« June 23. . P.rsonal Management W alter E. HIMr*tli- Formerly of Weat End Hojel, Long Branch, N. J. K. T. B—kiag Offk*. 451'wir. Phoo«Ree(or4745 BRADLEY BEACH, N. J. “The resort vcitliout a regret.” Illustrated booklet. Address Publicity Bureau. PENN S Y L V A N IA D e la w a r e W a t e r Gap Section ATLA NTIC CITY, W. J, America’» ramon« All-Year BMert. TtM Leading Honso Alwaya Open. M W JER S E Y THE NEW MONMOUTH SPRING LAKE BEACH N E W JE R S E Y SEASON FKOH JUNE 23RD TO OCTOBER 1ST Frank F. Shute, manager INN FIREPROOF SHAWNCC-ON-DELAWARC, PA. Open* May 18 Guest» aflmltted to Shawnee Countrj ' Club Course on introduction. The Inn ■ 1« 7B mllea from New York. 90 miles from Philadelphia. A. J; and 0. V. MURPHY, Manager« THÉ GLENWOOD K S Ï 7 , ; P. R. JOHNSON, Prop. B. S. ALBERT, Mgr. D e law a r e U o n a e, Delaware Water Gap, Fa. Open all year. Bowling, Billiard«, bath’g, flsh'g, <itc. Garage. Modern. Booklet, Mrs. John Ysrrlck. LAUREL HOUSE LAKEWOOD, N.J. Delightful spring resort; 59 miles frôm N ew Y o rk; excellent roads arid bridle­ paths; golf; canoeing; trapahooting; booklet. A. J . Murphy,“Mgr. ‘ C. V. Murphy, Aaat. M|r. HATHAWAY INN ¡Deal, K. J., 3 Tallea to Shadow Lawsi Summer C»p*t*l; Heconstnactod, Hdfarslsfacdi Cuisine, Spr- vlce; Music first c U bb ; 50 suites wltn batb, run. mlDg Vinter; *pbone erery room; 18-hole golf course, te^nnis courts, ocean and pool batlilng. A Modern a ia Caite Restaurant for convenience ot Motorists, open June lBt. New inanagoineiit. 'Phone 1161 Deal. Arthur J. O'Keeffe, President. ____________________ Esses and Sussex STOIHGUKEEAciiVV, l The de l i n e H o tel o f tlse A tlantic Coast Will 0pm Saturday, June 23—DwM 8. Pfumer, Mgr. Cottage System Open J u n e 18 . Hot and colvi »ea -water iii all bathroom«. Booking Office, 8 We*t 40th Street, N«w Tork. F. T. KEATING, Awt. to tUe Manager, la charge. ‘Phone Vander­ bilt 2200. or Plaza Hotel. N E W YORK 'STATE ADIRONDACKS Grand View Hotel LAKE PLACID, N. Y. Every i^ohveQIenc^ to meet the requirements of refined people; exceptional table; orchestra; pri­ vate biithB. FURN ISH E D COTTAGES FOR RENT. All oiit-of.»1'»or Arllrondark diversions Circular » . B. M ARSH \ t l / . Lake I’lacld, N. Y. MT. M E E N A HGA HOUSE AND COTTAGES In th e “B e a u t i f u l Sbafvangiinlcs” A delightful summer home for cu'^ureil people. Estate 700 aerea. Varied amuse­ ments. Uodern appointments. Illustrated btioklet. B. H. TEItWILLIGSR, Prop., T. 0: Ellènvllle, N. Y. T h e Kdgem e r e , i.artakltr N: Y. Acoom. 75. High iltitmjf; healthful; excel tab>; boating, ïàttüsfi dancing, iiooklat. IS up. FOREST HOUSE, Del«. Water Gap, Pa. Mod- im. 10? ;n»*t*. All outdoor «porta. Excel, table. Auto parties accommodated. Booklet. A. I/. Marsh. T U E HII.LCREST, Del. Water Gap, new. eat hotel. Modern. Beautifully located. Cap, 200. Bate« »12 up. Booklet. Frank Howard. Prop. |t|. I __ ____ location, large, airy room«. Presh fruit, poultry, etc. Mod. Booklet $10 lip. H. Bhellenbnrgér. R lveralde H ô tel, Dela. Water Gap, Pa, Cap. 100. UhsurpaBseO location. I'lsh'g,_bath'gl boat'g. rdom. Modern, Ball r4 110 np. W. M. AC®. The P e n n ly n , Stroudsburg) Pà. On heights over­ looking Deli Water Gap, Mod. All atntisemu. Home* Uké. Excel, cuisine. Bklt. Hr. H Mrs, M. Merwln. L a u r e l Ridice, Delawsro Water Oap, P i. Home­ like, near àll amusement«. Bath'g; etc. Excel, cuis. Moki. $10 up. Bklt. Mrs. W. Shellenberger.Pr. F o c o n o M o n n t a ln s t i a l e n H a l l i n t h e M o u n t a i n s WEHNEWVH.tr, PA. May and June are Dtilighlfal Month« at Galen HaU on South Mountain Every physical comfort to he found in a high-class hotel, which Is situated in a park of S6S acres, with charming .walks. Good roads. Beautiful acenecy. Dry air; New Garage. Golf. Long dlstanc* telephone« In rooms. Resident Physlclsti. Very fine therapeutic: batbs and maasage department, 1 % hours from Philadel­ phia (Reading R. B.), 4 hours from New York (Central R. ft. of N. J.). Throngli Pullman. New York Offlce: 243 Fifth Ave., 'phone Mad. Sq. 8280. B o o k let. A lw a y s O p en, HOWARD, W. W IN G . M a n a g e r . STE A M S H IPS A N D T R A V E L . STBAKSHUPS a n d t h a v u » Eastern Steamship Unes METROPOLITAN LINE Resum p tion o f S e r v ic e T o Via CAPE COP CANAL Beginning Tuesday/May 15th Steamships Massachusetts and Bunker Hill SCHEDULE L e a v e P i e r IS , N o r th n l r e r , fo o t o f M u r r a y S t., N e w Y o r k . W e e k D a y « a n d S u n d a y s ia.t OtOO P. IM. Sam e S e r v ice re t v u m t a r t r a m N o r t k S ide I n d i a W h a r f , B o ston. ^ F A K B | 4 . « f In s i d e R o o m » w ith. E l e c t r i c F a n s f l , 0 0 . O u tsid e R o o m s - 9 2 .00 Ticket« and Information a t Pier, alio at N«w York Transfer ■ Oo, office« apd varioua Tourist Agendea. > , •fflS » V S :ï. m u s i - ■ ■<^é'n4 - , .V. • ; Ù j ‘^ J i ■ w.'i&s ■■■ ■ •. * -ÜSilSr»;; r> ~ îà e ê .‘ •ï.tlA » z ak-m -' ••sai«».' • • ¿H&iÌfr . M :3 ' ■ S t ■ . # S - fâiai . m & i ikKrtS' .-vaiai »je* ;■ Simethin« Newin I w 0 n r t tsars « t j m w M M f c i i f c A w • r kr-MtoaMkOa t t e w k T t D w i l w i . ALASKA Sm th» MMalgttjB«« Imàmmteà fm tta «peoisl J t a y n w o d -im tesrsb^ ^ tiusjtth Inland watem. Other toar* to A laska.*« t- lag th««M t b*anüi»l scasMry iaAiaarka. YELLOWSTONE Kayniond-Whitoomb Taon-travél thieugh the YeHawatane P a ikkr aotoa>oW«. That« toura tnay b* o«tìmied to inehiJ« any or allthegTeatacenicfeaturearfAnMricamKh a« tlM Great Lak^Cslifwrnia. Taswnit*. r«s«Hr- BsekMH. Mt. Rainier; Cstocade. Grand Canyon and Apache Trap. DtpmittrH Jtfnti jtUp tmd A«#*^ HmwMton Toar* A nm and M y S m d J trB m k U t RAYMOND * W H ItC O M l CO. X S 8 n w h *»«« ■ « Mew Y * rk ■ r i c a m l im e :«« N p m ir - , SWEKN ••• ' DIRMAVK NEUTRALFlid • • N« CaninkM * - ^ _ _____________ ____ • C ht M “ Modei-n »learners, 18,000 À IS.000 ToiU Diipl.. * Daily Oonnectlon* with AU Europeari Cltl**;‘ Oaear Jll -------- May M ICatted State« Jana M A. K. Johnson * Co., Ine.,Agt«., l B’WAy.IT.Y; ■¿55*'=■ , iS-iXt ' . ÎSftA ■.4* W i ' . 1! * W e e k l y S a i l i n g s WHITE STAR LINE \F r e q u e n t S a i l i n g s Hew York • Liverpool Carrying Passengers, Cargo and U n ited Skates Mail For fitU information apply to any afeni or O ffices, 9 Broadway - N»w York ST1TES MOUNTAIN HOUSE, Analomlnk, Pa. BVrar miles trout stream -where you catch theas. Aecotamodatlons 100 *uesu, Booklet. T. » BUM«. C h lch c s ter H o n s e , Tobyhannn, Pa. On top of pocono Mt«. Accom. IS. Modern. Trout flsliing, boating, etc. *12 up; Bklt. Mrs. E. I*. Ohicheiter. C U N A R D iT T ^ n lar , 'k s i e i i g e r a n d C a r c o S e r v ice s Re\^NEW YORK—LIVERPOOL NEW YORK-FALMOUTH - LONDON NEW YORK—BRISTOL Drafts—Money Orders. Mail or Cable. Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavi», Italy. For further Information apply 2 1 .2 4 STATE S T R E E T , N E W YORK. . [(OKMiR dEHlMlE nWMAnAMTISPR B O R D E A U X -PA R IS Direct Route to the Cxitinent • _ W E E K X Y D K P A R T I J R B S P a r «all P a r t l e v l a r a I a q a l r a COMPAMY’S Q F F I C E ,^ 3 * * - 8 ^ ^ P a c i f i c C o a s t T O U R S Conducted or Independent. Leaving DaKy daring. May, June, July And August. ' ’ Send or cat! for complete Itineraries. FRANK TOURIST CO., 308 B r o a d w a y a n d 480 F i f t h Ave» at Walker St, Bet. 41»t and 42d Sts, Phone 4BS0 Franklin. Phone 3410 Vandsrbllti - -* isferW#. ~,r.i isè0- .. F'ÎÉ SSt' ■ » tìé --'1 - . -.f-.jsè■.a ’ T H E P B N N H t J B ^ P , M t. P o c o n o , P a . Beautifully located. Excellent view«. Special Spring ratea. Now open. Bdoklet. Miss Mary Price. The C r c n tu io n t In n Bogles Mere, Pa. Tho hotel with Wcompurablo »Itnution, 2,200.feet sbovo tbe’ een. Booklot. WILLIAM WQODS, Mgr. D e law a r e V a lley H lll-C r e s t In n , Milford,» Pa. 1,000 ft. elev.; 40 mile view. Accom. 80. Ilome-llke. Mod. B’resh Farm prod. Bathing, etc. Bklt. Q. Wilbur Hill, Pr. T H 1? R IV E R S ID E , Bushklll, Pa. Modern hotel, hunting, flshing, bathing, boating, goòd roads; auto bcàdâtiorters. garage; Booklet. John » H. Cdoke; T H E W INSOR, Milford, Pa. Strictly first das*. Attractively locatad. livening dinner«. AH i. «21-925»25 a wMk.Mk. R. outdoor «ports. a W . i It. WtMor. Kew York to Jamaica, Panama, Colombia. TTie Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. S»D(ler»on * Son, 0«n’l Agta., 39 B’way, N.I. Albany, Troy & the North P e o p l e s t i n e f o r A lb a n y . C ltta e n s L in e fo r T r o y . I.VP Pier 82, N. B.. ft. Oanal St.. a P. M. daily, lncl Sun., anti Sunday morning at 1) 30, West 13 'Jii strw t lialf liour Inter. K»«' $2.On one -way-; $R.Sn return Tel; Canal SOOO-^HtkUea N*rig»a«a Oo. - - - > '*ÿiW Ir AMERICA LINE 2 4 S t a t e Sitreet, N e w Y e r k . TOURS TO PACIFIC COAST JAPAN AND FAR EAST THOS. COOK te SON, 248 Broadway. Your Ambassador a t th e c o u r t of pu b lic opinion is th e p r i n t e d booklet w h ich you send. L e t us p r i tt i it; its p r e ­ sen tatio n in a p p r o v e d fo r m is t h e n assu r e d . Thè Nation Press, Ina 20 Vescy Street Corttandt 83

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