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The evening post. (New York [N.Y.) 1832-1920, November 30, 1900, Image 3

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GOIF AT LAKEWOOL GOOD SCORES BY THE LEADING AMATEUR DIAYERS. Kewecoi;d* R o iba Mnks byo) D TravlR aud Hamilton^ Abidnar tbe THE E Y E N iye POSTt NEW YOBK, FRIDAY, M OVEMJ}E\ 30, 1900. TheCornExchangeBank FIFTH AVE. BRANCH, Fifth Ave., cor. 19th St. WILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS MONDAY, DEC. 3D, 1900. andrigBt, b andhe t oool i ”.“r\a & c c . r . r r i r s s Tn.«. . .hn^h, a m f c H = Flt.aiay-S. D 0 Wa*. Who yesteraayMI opponent, John B. Naething; 6t tho horn said that experiments and trials are con- „ . „ . . h .e h .U h . . h . . . , e „ a „ ; ^ p ■ 1 1 rruSr.r,rd%fr:aZn.d\f: BMMrn F r p e j ^ d Z Z z s \ * ' r;d t f j 5 .rj.eh“r-:.: rr S'“FSFrFE”ri”i “: Kear-Aclmlral IllclVaiv, [ ' ' ® H siS ls s = ~ “ H r ilp p ll = FSFa£H\'- fm m i £“ E H F ? £ Z h = : . h m r . ; . t r K '5 F££rif‘i.s}£ S “ H E - “£ j S = S 3 ssr Id Patriots, died In this city this DEATH EBOM FOOTBALL. J ohnstown , Pa., November 30.—t. Trum ball Kelly, left tackle of the Capital Cultur- Football Club of this city, died to-day fron nd was thrown, L the back of thd 1 MYAL RESERVE PROPOSED = i m . irs and 5,309 petty officers and enlln G ifts Glassware fur price, we shown «t DOUFLINGER 6 SONS J15 Broadway and 36 Murray St., N.Y, 'r,aZtaS ■ H dam and officers and 1,396! THE OPPOSITION TO ABDICKS. OlnoaKb Men In the Delaware bCKlabi- [Special Correspondence of The Evening Poat.l * i B I ‘v:zr:: Jnotly anti.Addleks candldares; and £ v £ “i H = 5 S?; 1 * 1 1 1 - | p « l = = \ ~ S r = ; ; S i = £ S F l f dicks were almost silenced. But the friends i r z “m.“:„SaZ“=h^i a J l l if s E i 1 attempt to wake a the Dempofats. Of course, nd Democrat could have ahy but the basest motiv'e for voting lor blDi. It la this BUgstektlon of a combination between tho Democrats and the antl-Addloks Republlosas that Is giv­ ing him most uneasiness, and noth.ing Is mofe Hkely to bring such a combination about than his boasting that be can get as many Democrats votes, as.he needs. -Whether the suggested - combtnatidn for olcptlng a Republican Senator and a Demo- cratlo Senator can be made, nobody can now safely prophesy, Indeed, mnny. Demo­ crats hellevo that ■ho t Repnblioans -should he left to shoulder the enttra responsibility for Addtoks, The argument Is that if both scats are left vacant tho State will he angry enough at this condition of affairs to oloot a Domooratlc Legislature two years bonce, and If the anti-Addloks Ttepuhll- cans yield to pressure and help oloot Ad- dlcks and some fool of Addlcks, and shame of a people balked will clearly expressed at the. polls 5 ~ ' S z'lzi:: o%r.“ U n i\ ' ‘ ,r, Manhassett Bay Yacht .:°c F.,zrr“s H 'uzrw S V : or peoullarlties to a : rd to beat. It Is being urged or that patriotism demands his prei FUNEBAL OE SENATOR DAVIS. tional Guard, of whleh^t^nmTLnalor tc r e s T r ^ r h m i d r F r 46 a, an academic lly resldeneo, Where the funeral will take ~ £ =S?£.“ % ^ S ™ 4 S% 5 ss.--S ri.=;r_r;:=:r;= 1 ^ 1 —Eleven Indian languages are etlll spoken S S t M P • amm is’rS : = = : s ? J lived low, shooting Cope In the.back. Christmas Gifts. A., C. & Co. will offer on Monday a fine selection of choice French Novelty Dress Goods, Cut in dress patterns and marked in plain figures, at less than 0 ne=third Original Prices. ^ h c a b w a ^ <€ p l^ t S y ^ k e c i. “Last L a y s of ISxhibition.’’ A Amerian Art Gilleries, Miulisoii Sq^waro South, Jfeiw Yox’k. On Free View 9 A. M. Until 6 P. M. Marvelloasly Carved Fwmtture Art Objects, Curios, and Relics Gathered During Eight Tears of Travel in (jriental OouatriesbytheLate JOSEPH W. SPRAGUE LOUISVILLE, liENTUCKV, To be sold at Absolute Public Sale, by order of the Bdelity Trust and Safety Vault Company, of itouiMlle, lieoutors. VOMMBNTS QF TH E FEESSi An exhibition which It Is well within, llmlte of moderation to describe ae o( iterest, is on tree view at the ho American Art Association,, Square, . It is dlfflcuU tor irda that -Will not seem ex- ;g:=L,„ sly rich In work lowhere could bo irvIngs In wood, “ •■SS' '5 Is Sprague collection of carved fu; 1 \' ■ 1 # - - n e a r l y t w o h u n d r e d MODERN, PAINTINGS, Water Colors and Drawings American and Foreign Artisis, TO BE SOLD AT UERESTEIOTED PUBLIC SA L E BY OLDER OP YARIOUS OWNERS. AFTERNOONS OF DECEMBER 4th. ^th, 6th, 7th and 8th, EVENINGS OF DECEMBER 6th and 7th. THOMAS E. KIRBY, a T h e d e l i g h t f u l f flavovir and un- Si| m i s t e L - k n b l e j aroma peculiar to ^'Canadian Club\ Whisky especially adapt it to High Bixlls, a.s th e a d d i t i o n of ■Water, still or car­ bonated, does not affect its taste in the s lig h t e s t de­ g r e e , no m a tter ]hiOW grea.t the di­ lu tion. U s e d in cocktails or other m i x e d d r i n k s “Canadian Club” r e t a i n s t h e fra.^ kran t a n d d e li­ cio u s q u a l i t i e s w h ic h are pecu- I SMOKERS SETS | I ANU BOXES. I I TheMauscf Mfg.Co. I I stop and Factory, .'ll 4 E 16 th St„ $ Situntlniw iUaitteb. H

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