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ih b s s i r y M M . ,<obottHQ< tlQB in pttbliCj but ib*m to i^T*W <5onr«^t do not totend to c u t tbelr b«ittota<^r thoto toflu«BCfi for .Fio: Wlikt the Co»nl^ icy vote Bow iaancruntu to |t d inatter that caunOt b« esti^ indted'lidtlj «W degnwof certainly* Tam- tuapy daolarea Ibat the Coiuity Sam id« dwindled away, and tb«t It d i p f e w i-'i troiraJPafe J.) oi'e than tw o -^ircbot aatiOndeclare that they i dofft not I letaora than a tow tbonaand toanabon entire pity, tffaoto leaders Who atHl t. •** > a mab that the Tammany gtatemei this bonnection it to lin trne to the County ergantoation ioi ? Tammany statotoonto are nntrne. well to reoall the pal aj*** (apt that the wote polled County Semocracy in it# pa ^ alway# Iwiui f a r In excew of the pf iteftOrjeantoatfoa. yher# are mOny Uipa- liand Semperato to Mt>yr Tork city, who, Whito thoy haye neyer openly allied themtwlyoai the County democracy, haye #lWay«'been; (do the principle# repreaenfe- ed b y that organization, ^ p s e men the Coum . ty Democrato <ay nre n o t likely to deterc their oansebecaiuo of TanjmaUyb saCeesa. They pdppwted the County SetooOraoy as a matter ' pf i^nciple, and for the same reason, I t to as* asrted, they will continne ?tO stand on similar fTonnd# no m atter how g reat Tammanylg sue* ceii may become. In, Bubstantlatidn of that theory the County Semooreito point to tpp recent reelgnatlpn of jBerman Oelrich# from the Dempcratlo Na- ttonal ’Conimitteei^ and' It may be noted here that the effect of l i n Oetrlcb’s letter ha#.al­ ready b#Oom# apparent to the endorsement of Mr. B'essett’s OandidBoy by the ^teVn ¥orl:er Serold and other German newspaper#. In addition^ the BepUblicim# a re encouraged to bop# for saccess by tha attitude of those Democrats to Buffalo who hare openly reyolb ed against the candidacy o f Sheehan for Lien-r “^ttnantrGovernor.. There-to little danger, It to tbonght, that the Democrats concerned lu that it and Grand Avenue A few iemed certain (hat the Mayor Chapin Thomas defterson and the Rep a t Fulton B( days ago it seer candidates would be and William Ziegler, who tie# to the suit growing put of the plypprcbase of last winter. But an entirely differeht phase has been given to the political situation, and It may be regarded as certalu that neither of them will be given nomination. As far as oan he determined upon in advance 'Of the actual asseml^ne of the nominatiag rival aspljants for votes for Mayor will be Joseph C. Hendrix, . ■‘moysmont will be won back Into line, and that' there to;reasoh to believe thattbeir dtsaffepilon will kid the whole Reptiblican ticket to not denied. Furlber, the . concealed ill-feeling among MoLaughlin’s followers in Brooklyn, and the. anti-Tammany spirit manifested by todivldual Dendocrats to all parts of the S tate, gives the Republican managers reason to hope for yiotory. While the Republicans find almost tonumer a .hie arguments in showing the reason of their beilet to a b right outioo^ they do n o t con(^eM r*of It that' against them. They admit Richard Ibroker and the oth< their knowledge of the fac t tha t the odi agsdnst them. They admit the ability'^ The Democrats, too, outlook on the Ropnbl: than Mr. TH E NO!M ler managert and fear the result of the Democratic canvass, the efforts that will be put forth turn, adm t 'b a t le Republican side Is much better Flower’s supporters care to see i t I INATIONS —FOR T H E l e g i s l a t u r e . T a m tn a n y ’s C h o ice — B a llo t-R e fo r m , ' C a n d itlates Tammany Hall nominated its candidates ior Benatora tost night to accordance with the •‘slate” 88 publlsht iFceks ago. Gen. who was nominated in the Eigl ex-Senator Qeoi \% Plunkltt to the Eleventh, » Tenth, are I election reasonable doubt, Mck lat he is lu a Kepublii to these oolb ago. Gen. Martin T.M cM a h o n , Senatorial Distrlol, es-Senator Flunkitt to the Eleventh, and Senator George F. Roescb, in the the Tammany candidates of whi 5Uliy is th a t 1 and will be Blowart) 1 district, (Senator legislator, I defection Is clean. The the Cpwio.people .people to the Thirteenth Aaiem- jany Republi- ifeat Stewart the Democrats are di­ vided and there will probably bo another De* mocratic nominee in the field beside McMahon, The objections to Roesch and Flunkitt, that may lead to their defeat, are of a personal nature. As legislators neither has made a good record. Each wiirhave to make a hard light to win. Flunkitt ia objectionable to a large locratE, particularly In it ptotrict, i t is admitted by i i^ would be sufilctont to defe 1 for tbs fact that t mpressed ^ Jenate, Fluiukitt ough it decidei I with the idea that once iu the Piu would as usual be thesubmr- vient tool of Tammany Hall, and would lose no opportunity to aid in obstructing and an- noyleg the Street Commissioner of the Twen­ ty-third and Twenty-fourth Warda Plun- kitt _ will bo opposed on the Republi­ can side by Michael J. Fenton, a man prominent In Tabor clfoTes, and It Is not Un- probable that be will have his vote further re­ duced by the candidacy of William Travers Jerome on the County Democracy ticket. The .lUperiority of Mr. Jerome over Flunkitt would be BO m arked that it is thought be would re­ ceive every independent Ded.. oratic vote in the district. Roescb is running in the Senate district where his implacable foes, the Steokiers, are supposed to bo the strongest. He will proba­ bly have Julius Harburger as his opponent on an independent Democratic ticket, and Henry C. Bot:y is talked of as likely to be nominated sgainst him by the Ropublicaup, Tqe People’s Municipal League, tl B-eneral Committee, last night took itand for genuine ballot reform, and, while It did not make nominations for the Assembly, it recommended the names of several available men to a special oodunittee appointed to deter­ mine upon nominations or endorsements or both. The Committee adopted the iollowlng resolution; Resolved, That a committee of five be ap­ pointed by the Cbtdrman of this meeting with power to represent the General Committfe, and where praelJcable to naake nominatioos or endorse the nominations for the Assembly of snob good men as may favor genu­ ine ballot reform, and that such committee of five be empowered to again call together the General Committee, If they deem that course advisable, and that the Executive CoromlUce eommend the following names to the favorable attention of such committee: Third District—Thomas J. Byrne, Ind, Seventh District—A. R. Conkling, Rep. Rinth District—Prsuik IV. Campbell, Coun­ ty Dem, Eleventh District—W. N. Hoag, Ron. Twelfth District—'^amuel Barnett, Dem. Fiffeeutb Dlelrict—Edward Conklin. Deua. Hliteenth Distric:—Daniei tManev, D^m. ■ ftoventcenth Districi—George H. Warner, Twonty-tecond District-TViliiam J (Miir, Tweuiy-thtrd District—Benjamin Franklin, Ind. Dom. The Committee will be In session all to-day a t the Cotoman House, and some aotion on its part mey be expecsrl early next wpsk. Earnest efforts will be made to induoe ail the anti-Tammany foioes in each district to unite a endorsing the Ltagtio's candida'es. Ti e iglast night was lided,,. and sp< meeting Bclittrs t fesidtv. ballot were made by Horace E Demi tibna In t i e Tenth and Twelfth Congromlonai Dtotriota tbit eyentog, Tammany’s detormina- tion to nomtoato John J. Bcannell to the tteUfb,wlfel includto the Eleventh, Sixteenth, and Blghteehth AsMimbly Dt-itriot#, to sbme- whatahakenr Heai’yprefsuretobetog brought to toar on Richard Croke# to compel hito to drop Bcannell and ncmlnato Jofeph J. Little, a printer. Th# i^publlcaps to-night, BleOj #»lll nomi­ nate th#ir Osndidatea tor the Itonate, a candi­ date for Civil Justice In the Tenth Judicial District, a candidate for .the Assembly la the TWenty^totirth Dtotrlot, and a candidate tor Aidderman in the Twenty-third Ward. t, aspromostPf tb< to Gerniapy- it carried between fli million passengpr# la#t year, and | pa the Invustmeutf Atcertato hours of i ing and evening, when it is more aval the labortug classes, rates o t faro are very , ut other times rather btoUer than on tti Tofle elevated railways. This railway, belts the entire city, muatbeseen totae T H E BROOKLYN M A Y O R A LTY CANVASS. M o ininaH o n s To-duy—J, a n d m H . tril-soti L HahietL There will be four important nomlunting cdnyentloniheld to \ ............... ‘ternoon H e n d r ix M k c ly to E,® 1 Brooklyn this af Democrats and ididates eventofr B Hepnbllcana will name thcir cam .for Mayor and other city, and county office#. The Mayoralty I'onyentions both It at eight o’clock, the Democratic in the bOdies .the.i the actual asseml^ne of li 'the nival aspijpnts resident of the Kings County Trust Com­ pany, And Francis Hf, Wilson, President of tho Ifnlon League Club of Brooklyn, The Democratic Convention will bo called to order by, John F. ^dams, President of the General Committee, le will .be made tip ,.of seventy-eight delegates. It is not likely that the name of any other candidate will be mentioned than that of Mr, Hendrix He was named as the Demo­ cratic candidate for Mayor to 1858, and ran against Seth Low, who defeated him by 1 84S votes. Mr, Hendrix was a t that time a news­ paper reporter, and a Member of the Board of Education, He had been active In the Jefferson Hall movement, which led to the reorganization of the Demo- cratfo party after the announced retirement of “ B om ” McLaugblln from active politics. Mr. Hendrix, after his defeat for Mayor, be­ came a Bridge Trustee and Secretary of the Board.lard. Ino 18S58S5 Presidentresident tlevelandleveland appppoint­ t 1 P t a ed him Postmaster of the city, and ho served for the full terin of four..years, and Intro­ duced many reformB in the administra­ tion of the office. For the past half- dozen years bo has been President of the Board of Education. When be lefs the Poslmastersblp in 1880 be became President of the Kings County Trust Company, and under bis care the corporation bus bad a A m o d e l BLErATHD HOAD. Berlin la the only city la Europe whlol an eievuted r.aUwny. This belongs to and to by the Government, ai Inr WlrU the ,NeV Tfori t disffgureuiOnt p i the Streep raff* entire city, elated by those fami eievate’d system and : ttreets.| This Berlin street railway sfructed sylth as much care and solidity «s -arc any of the 'groat trunk railways o t the fTnltcd States. It# passenger ststiont ate : commodious and give betipr protcotlonu sengers than the mnjority of railway static tho principal ciHea of Amerlea, Xiisfead ol figuring Ihe streets it Is an ornament to t When iLruns oh a level with the upper afoi-; a house, passengers.bave no cbsUce to look tbe Wipatovs of sleeping-rooms, »fot It 1 managed that the tracks, pass by the side- wherethere ate no windows. After the i id dOierU hod been surveyed on( Governmt tbatcouh least degree damaged, Tl rere torn down so as tp,,gdvB dei the whole bed. of the .side-wall PS of the atreor, not to laterfero with jiipled. In business, wlierever necessary, new outlets wore ned where old ones were oloi itruoiureof m presenting os,lit lilt bOMS 1 ones Were closed. A masonry, wltu exterior walls led an .appearance as that o f well-built bouses, and ornamented at the With arches dud railings wn# constructed, this wRs laid the trncks; laid, as J bare aaid, - ----- care and of as durable noalerlal as 1 anywhere. Going tbrouirti Hie IS distriots, it neither by smoke. 'snee o f Oder tho much' care win be found most populom sound, nor appearance, causes anni any character. For miles ensoonced massive roadway are to be found restaurants and'shops where people eat, drink, sell, and without the least conscioiisnots ol and the roar above tbeir to t/ie IlaUimore Sun. sell, and bay If the ramble beads.—Berlin htlter An esteemed leen waning •fake” of the DETROIT T m STORY. lOndent writes that ho Tribune’sune’s as to finding a tl r the Pree Ib as to t, and Siij's: •'tVhat ttio liul feme plate menta liai McKinley iniquity was ever beard of.\ It may be possible to make tin plate\ in ibu country, as lt--la-co raise ordugeJln Canada, but Is has not been done yet, and never wui be, except in the colnmiia of there protecfton-Iiowling sheets.” ifng Company la making is which they and many ether esiabilalii been making for years before the ir beard of.\ f t protectton-Iiowling sheet lid not occur to the Free. would pay any attention toso pabsnta “fa'ke\ as the Tribune's; bur, our eorresoondent nray be right us to tho desirability of denying It. ’ bad already shown that terne pfafM^wer© me hero long before the McKinley Act was passed, notably at the Demmlcr factory.—Defroff Fr<?e e corpora,! ion bi successiul Executive C Hugo Hirsb, Cbalrman of tlie Republican. I Committee, will call the Repi 1 to order. I Ward will bs Francis H. Wilson, e,wiU call the Republic There will be 88- romom thee Twentywonty- ilegatea One ot those fr th T lird Ward will bs Francis H. Wilson. Un­ less the unforeseen happens be will be present­ ed to his fellow-delegates as the man to be nominated by Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, Chairman of the Municipal Reform Commit­ tee. Mr. Wilson has - never held pub- Ic office, and is a lawyer in this city. He has been Pre-\identf UntoD League Club since It was started three years ago, and mneb of its sneress, espe­ cially in thn erection of its fine club-faouso a t , a Cost of $180,000, has been duo to bis effurt°. up the rtceptlon to Senator Fos^ott j ioued ibe State campaign, and it heI j ______ l ^ o t e l g . ■' SM ih i S oi S B ro a d w a y a n d 52 d S t Select fninlly hotel, newly decorated nna sbwv . i cnto added, located In c I ohp pi'.o.vImUv to ten- ! trill Park, Sdt;esHniIeta nil enr lino.%- liea- taurant 4 la carte and cuisine of the highest Manflard. I Htnglc room* S i . 0 0 p e r day, iiar a t liaxlii <>ii suite 13.00 anil upwards. ! • I’. 11. MerANM, Proprletor- __ j K u r t . ^ FALL MEETlNtA NEW YORK JOCICEY CLtm.' R A C I N G E V E R Y D A Y . RACES BEGIN AT 2 P. M. S PA llK , I JKROlUE flELD FREE. --- ...ll OpOLw.. - ------ — - ---- ----------------- ----- — r* N/%. accepts the nomination for Mayor will run In , 'ij>oR SALE—PROPER?Y OP A GENTLE- ^ o r o p e ttn H f f a m a f l f ® . ing asi-le Mr. Zelgl art of the Bepublicans is sntd to ha tog some on the part of the Bepub been the fear of Implicatinp Republicans to the ibreatene gardlng the water tnpply and St. Johnland le promj 3veIat(OT - STALLS, Jing the water tnpply scandals; and Mr. Zeigler’s expressed deter- i mination, if ho ran, to be a non-partisan candidate and to seek independent Democratic “, r » . . . r * , - . ; for a third term. No Mayor has ever held the ' S2rurboa?d'l/ec't?o“?r,!.’! cflice three-terms In fiiicceasion in Hrookl^n^ K un *'-. Port Cheuer.N, Y. and when Mayor Howell ran for the third AWANTED TO PliRf’HASE—\'ERY GKN- Gme, ten years ago. be was badly defeated. For ccunty offices the Democrats will prob- ituliSg ■>--' this afternoon these candidati Register\ •eeds, Thomas J. Ken- ! I JtuUcp; For Conn- ; John Cottier, V oe-Presi- le Board of Educatiot Treasurer, Henry H. Adams, f o r S a l t . visor - at - Largo, George Kinkcl Sebaff. The Republicans will nomfiiate for the same offices, in all likelihood, Capk Jame^ Webb,ebb, Col.ol. Henryenry W, Miohell,iohell, Adriandrian Mi.. W, W C H W. M A M t& i a A I' lLL HU? A BOOK, MUSIC, Suydam, and Henry A. Meyer. For Alder- f men-al-Large and Juslices of the Peace, the Democrats wfll nomiim’e most of the present incumbents, while the Republicans will have hard work to induce any one to enter the ip S p B ^ hopeless Contest. The party platform s t likely to be brief and to c ontain nothing n p n n t P B . ' \ COACHMAN FOR H IR E .-I DESIRE ^1. foohtaJna Ityatlon /.*r my maffamaa, au ex j i t H U i e i m m t j B t e . PHILBARHONIC SOCBI^Y OF W i T 0 8 L I M E B I C A i r n S T n i J T E S B i S l ) H l S I d H E M I i l M E , F a r e w d lg iefiea n togggecleb t o tH r. a nd Mrs. One w**k only, ETenihgatg. Usttnde Satttxdsy. - A M J I K I C A N A B T C I A I j I ^ B B I J E S , 6 EA8T 2SD # f .. JIADISON SQDARB, ■„ V E i m s ’ S S ^ T o i r S S i W s Bale a t A u c t i o n k o y , 1711, a n d f o l l o w i n g 38TH SEASON. P r o ^ l^H enjr^G ebi.anl. = T H E P O P E ' S L > E . M c G L Y N I f . F i r s t M e e t i n g N. B.—Every SiindayKv'o.^^iSOr‘ li. T H E T Y R O L E A N L O U I S J A M RS and a Unique Company. i S e ' S i l ^ . ’Bright, and Refreshing D ^ r m r e . Seat, on sale fmir^Ulkli in advance. T l i U l R I G ^ - S T H E A T R E . Wednesday. UatlneoB faturday. P R O O T O E ' S T H E A T E E „ . S \ . a „ T H A I a A T H E A . T E E , ''\’S t S i s r ” C T A R TH E A Y K B L A S T N I G H T U F fS S ilpss and i l l UntTvaired OroheBtf*. TO-Htghl. PopuTar f e r t u r r © . IN NEW YORK. CITY . K A N S A S I nr B A S IC 'S Cf'.VniT/O.Y W KA N r^^m iSt^b^ . ■ .. . report of Tlie rei to Inveettgu'e tra4 toink ot ICai bank has been that iis cciunl e appraisers W yandotte I., and 111© Cause eeut. discloses the fact that the instlvent ever sli ce 1880, and arc now $I.6.-tO.’4. An has liecu carrid bv tho bank since 1886. end no lecord of thesatue baa been brought forward on the books since that date. \This ainouut.\ says the Kansas City rimes. •• represenis die \bag’ that tlie bank held idler engaging in the life-insurance busi­ ness with J. Wcailicrby and W. H. McCurdy. I .osbler Illil kcr was made Ticasurer ot the Kaw Life As.sociaiii'11 ot Kansas City. Knu., Wptiii.i-rbi upliig i’ri-sii ciii of tbeionccrn and | McCurdy .-'■■t i< lory, lu coi-sidcrnnon for the dcpusltsoi the iissofiation,.the bank consented to go on the bond ot ilio iiwu cianou as re- quirtd by thoS'nIc laws of Kniis.n8. This bond araoiinted to 5-'h.0t’®nnd w Hllllknr, r. T. StuiPcy, Ctiai T/O.V. I \ \ 'KiNr“ \musri«*^on cxpe^enrePaml^wipoWe olUce ot Evening Post. Xnm Stlymis. _ ^AN E V E N IN G L A W SCHOOL.’ i * l ^ f - i p s s iOn, Pri si. and olhd-s. The Kaw I.lle Assoclalhm. Itsi-lf a roiteu coiicorn. went to thi- null, au event to lowed tioscly by tho de> part 11 re of Weatuerby and McCurdy, who v ir ­ tually coropi-sed the assoc.fltioii. Wticn the Cc-i- | l a n r t U 8 ^ , a r a a e H U t a . ^ j o u i r r o ? ' ' ^ clciwd In July. ('. shier Iliiitkcr state I nded. Cnrl to n 7l/rif.'M-eportcr ihal t.!>o bank wr.ul.l pay the blanket- I d<dl,ir for dollar. Be said that 'ho linlj b Lewis I were about S34.bon and tbeasset* 840.000. The mmet ’ ............................. ... ............ I dollir. Ol in aci lay j ‘ .cii''. 11jf I'unU*? inp* ii.B • cU wiis p^acctl Twynmanv Hall and the Uei.ublicans will S.,ooou.\ I/. Dej^fit R, Olcott ere made by Horace E Denting. Lt ield, Alfred E. Conkling, and Em H E W Y O R K CIT Y . COLUMBIA GRAMMAR SCHOOL, aiS T ST.. NEAR- MADISON AYE.. FOXnSrjDED Iisr 1 7 6 4 r . TJiwough propstsOon tor All Colleges, BclenUtto A ^ o ls, hosIneeH, Frimary Cepartmont, oynm*. PACKARD’S College, 101 E ast 23d St.. Is the recognized New Tork Institution for Instruotloa In tho commercial branches, inclddlng bookkeeping, arithmetic, pcnman.hlp. coim CojLLEGiATE jG rB A M a rA R BCXHOOE. ppllegiate Sclool lor Boys. 3 4 W E S T 40T H ST. W illia m M c D o w e l l H a l s e y , P h ,D , Short lessons thoroughly mastered. Number ot pu- plla llintteil. Keopens Wednesday. September 23,1801. DEISIER ^CEOOL, » EAST 4flTU f*T.. REOPENS MONDAY, SEPT. 28TH. PRANIi: DRISbEB. A.M., prlnolpal. THE MISSES MOSES’ year begins fiopteinber 28, 1891. ______ ^ gj^7‘3Iadl80P Avenue, New YorbCUy, ~ WOODBRIDGE SCHOOL ■ KEOPENS OOTOBER FIEST AT No. 646 asdlsou Avenue. BcIemUlo, Olusioal, Senior, Junior. J. WOODBKIDGE DAVrS. Ph. D., PrlnelpaU Llbi-ary, tiymnaduni. Laboratory. ___________ I a ANGITAGES. THE CORTINA METHOD.’^ TWENTY LESSONS. I B ENGLISH AND FRENCH ; Ijtdles end Children, No. I2t MADJEMOISELLE YELTIN. School for Girls; primary, acadcmio, and colleglata xlndergartcnconduoted entirely In Erenoh. WIENER INSTITUTE, THE M ISSES ST^IBBS. iButgers Female College Buildings.) _______ lO L for UOV8. EMP,PRO»«OR.’A SriIOOL for removed from S16 Maduon Avo., will reopen Oct. 1,1891. at 11 O W E -*1 y » T U ST, 8. 60 w ,104taSt., Central Park. ,____________ ;NS0N. B us ness Manager._ M iss C r o c k e r a n d M I rs . liec-k. lool for Girls reopens Thursday, October 1 Classes for Boys. 31 West <2d St., ___________ _________ Opposite B^ant Piwl^ MISS emSHOLM,’ \f I S S ANNIE 13HOWN. JU SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. jPrli M I S S G A Y L IQ H ’S D A Y S C H O O L . ag ladies and children, with kindergarten. >r young ladles ai pens Ihuraday, O' BOARPINu'*^ / ISS M. D. IIITGER. AND DAY SCHOOf. POIl GIRLS. I? FIFTH AVE.SllE. lerly at 42 Park Avenue. := |? E S S i T H E W E S T . FO R BOVS. Antainn term Leglni September^* CliESTbR 1?ON a J. s USON, Principal, M IS S „^ 3 P O E M U S , __________ Oil oulars on appll- THE MISSES MASON'S SCHOOL FOR SIRLS. WEST C&TB ST. OCT. 1. Cta«R fitr little boys. NC'Xn'^ATrovs to v I ........... . I M E T H OD IST BPISO O F A L . ; PU E S B I5T BRIAN. ............. I lO i l i i l P S S CONGREGATIONAL. i x r s RBFO R IIlBif. 0 o J- n I w tor I ^ r e f o r m e d c h u r c h e p Ro ^ ^ S ^ ^ B ^ ^ o f . W ’w I M h ' k r n n . UN ITA R IA N. t'NX T E R S A L IST. QHURCHOF THE DIVINE PATERNITY. Vly 6th Ave., cor. 46th St.—Rev, Charles H. Eaton, NEW c i r r u c u . M ISCELLANEOUS.

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