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r «- ,C ,», j * ^ « n , . » j S '^ ^ W p S E '\ * ' ; \m v ^ ssjgfefaaig l i s f ^ i F l ^ aMMel s^toheiaSrclSwi*®\*'* 1*W* ttW #3lt til the: firei day onforeitiSer ne«i a* * » >rood»als i-OT misonry nod e»rf*ate«;work tn be f e t ^ t e , PfopoMJs Will aifo be recelwe for the «e«Km of tte « e30^oftlief«peci^tioas faraftshed* «it the offipe ot the Jilerfecf the Board of ^dcaufott, No, 2 City' Eftil^bate- i:«cb feidinj»tl»«ccomi«ihterf w l^ of [ two • 5tEft5ciBaisaretiw for the thJtnfnI, pendhnance of the con- tmct^acd the wrlttea. assent of the pro|>05ed suieUcs tp be- The proptm^s to b^- addressed^ to the tiai’ewtgnei!, and teft arMo 2 f’*t7 Ha». basemen^ wiih the cJerJc of the Sorait ot EdoeaflOD TOWNSEND HAiRErS. THOMAS DENNY. JOSEPH S. BO-’WORTa, ANDREW CAREIO^AN. HENRY NfCOLL, Et«eot;»e;Commjttee o f tba Eoard of Eda^ttna fn« *«ie Ftee Acadeay. ________^ _____ oI2 (61 fafPPEiES (JP COAT. AND WOOD T?OR THE OF THE TWELFTH WARD. ^ E A t E p EJK O P O S A E S will, be. received by, the CommissSsiser.,atlilsoffice lit the Farit. aatU 5 o’clock P. H o f the, 22d inetaart foe fnmisJilnB for the poor o f the Jwelfth Wafdv sneh quanliiy of NmCoal and Oak Wood js may be reqalred danna the cdimas winter. The coal (o beoftbe beibqaaUty. treeDom cbesam aad pea size, and or be dellrerbl im half, toads.ar raeh.. time* and at such places as ipjy beregnited North and ^ t h ol Sewnty Bonds la the penal snth ol ehe thlrl lheesiUnated amount ofihs contiacj, with t»o rarenes. whose: name* with their atseat lit writing, a tike time Of making the offer, will be icqnired. t U. 6 , LEONARD. ComfflUsloner. tifficeotCSjinmisDnncrof AOps Horae, i ______ New York, October 13ih, 1847 * ol4 tpaa * | s s s i s , s s also, on Bolh,jslde» of Water, Gherry, Oak, and Madison sts, betWeen R6n|ovelt and Oliver streets; also, on both sides of Batavia street, between; Roosevelt'arid James street; a'so, on the, easterly side of Chatham sueet, between Koo- seyeltand Oliver streets. All persons whose interests are affected: by the above named assesstnents, and:whe aTe opposed to the. same, or either of them, arereqnraied topresenttheir objections In writing to the nndersign.ed, a t the Street Commissioner’s otuce; within thirty days Crom tbodate o f this notice, JHARTIN E, THOMPSON, ^ d Chairman of tbo-Assessors. ’.'detour 1^7,1 ________ ol2 tot ”« S S i r s a S i S ™ , , . ~ r r . sewet in Mercer sueet to a point too feet west of Broad- have a kevrer copsimcted in 6th street, between ave^ nae D. and the East river. To. h a v e ^ s ^ e r constrncted in Broadway, hetween 17ih 2 ”SES\7if“s ‘.a.s,iK- ‘ m m r n s ^ Street Commissioner. . e i . , ;ON,Sueet CommEsioner. ~~Ogl’i.~lW7\' i ____________ .13 IM .5SW5 gsassfrs ss 3 E r r '“ g . 3 S 5“« « f S H £ l l i S S S ers, and bis l»fenu A monthly report will stste, i nearly as possible, what has been accompUshed, what m ^ ^ f e a rrs t g S p E ^ g S I S led of Mr. LEGGETT, TlMSi: rA K S I M M l N * rAOTIJLY BOARJO* INCi NCBOOL,* MORRIS COHNTy, NEW J1 (Acoess^ble^^ the Morristown cars, or bj 5 learned Proles- « p , i s s i f m m m rnd^’» l n % - n A h t l e ^ k T r l f ^ Z r S t ^ ' ^ t T c o r n r a e o c e on Wednesday, tonie'*i^K?r” 6 thc^krtU u 1 ifm r'6^^^ date to Fatsippany, Morris eonnty, N. J, SILAS METCALF. Klqderhook, Angnst 5th, 1847. s28 eodSOi October 9th, 1847. I P * iow ^ * S ot ^ hrad l^n® p reM n * S n * l Boardot % r ^ S r L m e orwatnotstreet changed to Jackson *^'^?u«.Ye vacaat fotv on the smuheriy side of I7th street, between Irving Plate and 3d Avenue, and In Irving Place between i6(h end ,17th streets fenced In T q have *aiih sheet, between 7thand «ih Avenues regU‘ laied.4mrhahdp;wr atones301^ihetejn, and the southerly sidewatk between safd Avenhes flawed the width of 4 AU (lersoos interested fiblecilons ihQsamr wcitlng, to ther undersift Principal “ The Winter term Of this Insmn'ion will com­ mence the 1st day of November next. Pamphlet circulars ‘’'¥'he“? r 1 n » ^ r b e K '^ u n o g & a t the bjer- eh^ts’ ^ ”vse, comer Broadway and Courtlandt at. Boadway, comer Morray street ,hii!r,s7S“.aftsr cntial firms in this city recenfty signed the following c^rd his Commercial Academy as an InstUntion of great Import- rk;March5 1847, spared on the part ol the nndetslgned. VOL. XLV, NEW YORE IIJESDAY. OCTOSER 19. tm Pnblxc Sales. .t Atlantic Dock ofHce. 8 Public Scales. j ? » r \ # S i s W i ^ g S S F E S ^ H W a sasufeH 6-4 do: 1 care extra oil wc Ctlalo^uet Md samp ei onlheth^jpg ofule, credit of «ut mouth* Ibrspprqyed endorsed n < ^ CaUlogu<»and«rapI<sioritti^^ingor sate A> td o*clock at the unction room. PACKAGE SALE of Brosdeloihs. Ga«Simeres, Vesting*. lerclianvTBilon,Gi(ods, &c. &c« on a ct«(Ut .of 6 ifiontbi. tor priroved endorsed notes. CathM>x»«a«d Peeebnnock'Mnh-^John A. Dsytofi having tl» entire agency 75 do a do do do ^ 50 do li do do do 59 do 2 do do do 20 , do PIckLocU do do ___________ ed’^ h ‘®3ri?rt now m^ttlh®tror i\T.7a7rijr— ’.a niaiiocany hat *mnd.™hinii. '^0gSber“w ih7w 'a^ ot kitchenfuraiture, withwhiqh the 2lJgf®ag|.-,7JSi!52 , . S . « & S S f e l “ 4 ' £ i ' MARTIN E. THOMPSON, Street Street Commissioper’s'iJfflce, ? ' Oct 81 h. 1847. _______ 5^ Commissioner. i p ha m .* v ^ tc ® e S t e k c ^ —^oM p eriy, contalnlbg 69 acres, a id Well known to the ComiMnSty^jElt hiyinl ore acre tggentei vety sm: ™T*irosoiliaekceirent,th9 location .proverbially healthy, and presents beanUfnlsites for residences to those citizens whf wish tp combine rotiremeat. economy o f house rent. anokthe varions advantages of the country, with a direct ^ajd easy access to the city, from whichFordham Is distant ohottfcJt’HUIea. The Harlem Rail Road Depot is within a IHhiaietawqikof the property, thus enabling the nan of 'bnsiacss to repair to the city witiout the necessity W Keep­ ing- ft h o r s e ,th e x a rs run to and iro, eight times a day, at thettiflipgcost, by comirinung, ofO centsaride. If eight «T ten heads of families wppld unite in the pnr- ebasenfihewhole.ora portion of saldproperty.theymlght form, within themselves,a,select a n ddell^tfnl social cU?- Peisonsreildlngon the property-will find every Ihcflityln procuring piov&ldiis for their families, as batchers, bakers milkmeJt,Aco call regularly every rooming at tbehous lyespectlTncastoroei i eshibitSeg the pro| E VANDESl otw stkjre, w^t.^^graniiH froot, iron ^ 343 Broadway. By onter n f JOS. B. COLLINS. Sec’y. ______ ol I Sw ir'VMC'EtC.’Bl' V A C t i 'r S .—A few Famlfy Vaalts re- C r nmining W thd grounds of. the Flrsi Presbyieriao. « s s ': s ‘r S S r « . « ! i inrortoediorthwtonns, Treasnttr. S3 Reaver Street. S0E a iN ..N « .2Ptoe,treeu . J J l ^ \ ■ ‘“ i i ^ ^ d M ly for Equesmw Tt5uon'^?*^ie'r‘^ e ' m o s i\ M o r . f ! f : . | i 2 00 1 d t : : : : : : : ; : ^b“ gS ? g t ; - . : : ; v / S g § B ’ 1 . “ ! .\ f :;;:; l 1 o | * « • “ • - - » p^^B.--Hlghly trained and quiet Horses, for the Eoadoi N a t i o n a l A c a d e m y o f D eslgrn* r r i B l E A N T I Q U E StCBIOOl, will be opened for JIL the seasnn on TUESDAY next,\the 11th Instant, daily from 9 A. H. nntn dusk . on Taesday* and Samrdays.excln- sively for ladles. An original drawing from the round will be required o eppUeants for admission, to be approved by the Connell. o9[f, JNO.G. CHAPMAN, Sec.N. a . c?oS.®?;«vsss;’£ri5'«^?ts sfS! Hotel, ott Broadway. Thi5 l5’?i modern built, ueatly fiotehed, and convepilent House. /witb-'COld and warm baths, free forcu*tomers.>bIta' ated in the busiuess pa ■ >d in ihe oortb a!ste. At 13 o'clort ntthc r^anVlin Bouse. BrooJ enl can remain on bona and raortgaE® three l : ^ i ^ used in these HULL’S-; No.4Vesei,v . • fesey street, Astoi ------ ;.asi.ss,-2,’s « . s i s . s » s = ^ sr»s'-,i'‘S5j,s“rg,7s»ss.j the pressnre can be graduated from one to flftjf potto?*.®* the rupture -wUhoalabsck pad, wfiii* does-somuch. Inju­ ry to the spine; causing woAkriess and pain In the back am -fidesy and Qfcen perm^ent spiD&i disease;. Six days tria . :.. A r.-*!.. -.al-i*. -A, - ---------- ‘HfUid.’ tsip J _______ i ________^ __________ I! dered a b lf we have a delightful :Indian gnmmet, conse^ qneqtly tbi GO.MPAK- purpose « l f we have a delight ly the AMERICAN PA1 jg |M G H T side Portland avenue.in thereat ofthe H^CuinMtUnd it. distant371 fUO ins —— ------------------- ra! aash adranees Jo. m Broadway. ^ ' muieoncousUrr-ment* Uboral advances made in rasn on pends conilgned for :Uon sales. ______________________ GEO. W. PINBa id covered SS H i 'L........ ...... ....... . D. EAEKEwAncrioneer. B Y B . r i E t B S . Store, 178^ Pearl street D. to B. will atWBd pwsgnaUy toiats MiOtoRolBsUtt. t> n i,lee.ito ,iJ JiKM. DUMONT Aucaoneer B Y D JU n O N X & p O S A C K , . ..... STPRirA 1 westsiduSd nyenoe. „ -ib ihototge; duoblb I, m of «bputaro.<e«,on Sdnyei a tots oasoathiide pf 63d st. between Sth EndSthayer jtso^hbrjs^nnd storeMd Miout 2 acre* of land lititb. viltog. lrtetWeitofnidtie«TStli aveece -. tJio,Hot 49 Exsharign,pl«c«, Puniic saie^ TO-MORROVT ” . . ^ K E S A n ction.^.S^b[tt*tre«lelrnWqfGp(4 ^Afc^ahkSc^eckfsofesOhonrbrass movementcloekt.6 ir French black dowkln*. of a celebrated S;ar- tronpowdet. Ip the usual variety ofpgckages. i l l r c a ^ r S ^ t a o ^ W J g £ a : s s l ! g s s « t o - m o r r o w . “■ s f S s s i i l f ® \ ' \ ”'*\\ ‘ • 3 invoice first Quality Pans iatm rib pmk and blue plain salini. of very best 'ro$~‘AUo. 6 cases heihsiitched whole comprises the balanch ol the stock of a French im- ioBuesloenes andd sampleiamoto* onn the morningnm^^ ol sale Cata an s o ttm • l i S S L = g p « Alse.20piemwhite.plnk, sky-blue and chorry uncut velvets. j S i i c s s s r a Also, 2 cases richly embroidered lace curtains, slightly imper , Also, a largo invoice of vulout do gsec, and 6 4 French bik iccesA4 Grosde Toulon, the entire and only lot : printed, catlimere shawls and hks, . for ladies cloaks. :: A;;:fci7r£\.?.rJiit'sra3r’; ” a 1 s S '45 pieces fine to extra heavy Lyoni.gll boiled. Week s)lk ■' ', 20 pieces heavy all silk Lyons black velvet, of superior ....,,'a large nssortmeut of 28 inch Lyons black serge and bIk The gooks will be put in large loti and sold without reserve, on S & : n r d L ? r L b i J Catalogues and sarnplcs on tra m^ing. of sale. At 10 o’clock at the auction xoonl '4CKJ1QE SjJLFr-For approved endorsed rioU of white, icarlet and At to o’clock at the auction loom. m o T a £ ^ ^ & ^ e a 2 s » ^ r .e ^ S ^ d d 7 « tt!^ a ^ m r n t t^ of im.. ^A!m?S0 oWees newstyle woolen Plafd*. Also. ^ pieces estra rich plau. striped a: id brocade Roolt de . ^ Inm lotoeX iSa if^ W e t r t w a t r ^ ^ b r b e a d i t i ^ pwbrtsttia andpeuK *“ 7*0.1 and N0,;lg NASSAU^NEAR P i m g-^ ^ I r n c S a l e s * „ K s i ^ ^ S a _ OrncK OF TH* ^ pcrobicr UaJi,|847,t \ 5arT h e Resident dnd Blrectprs hav«LlW* <iay^eetar«d --mTideBdorFo^atdon^liWf per cent, jfee capUi!: tlOekoftkUjCompany.forlhe^irinoathKiSQdiBE U t A&-« gsy»g^, p y ibre to tieirtockii^ders op and «tec Kondejf , TheTransrer £toqk,wlU;beclofed t):em the 5Sth;*lnrteiit to that data. ’By< ' :octob«?toc'5i._ j , Ey-nrdetof theRoard. ’ ^‘’°rfc3awSw orrih’SK^”!?.- fflS'Snt. instrument, and bnUiU.e.»seU^g^_ orfurntturd AUo. s S S S i ^ l f s - l s S I S W ALHiSN s -ELL. Aucuouot.. iT » . G. & W . IP E E E &. «<». ___ Stpte 85 Wall street S | 5 [ | p v r B \ , i i c | ^ ^ JUaajg-XlSCA JlfJL A ^ g ^ « i,A S iS W A J k E - N o . 6 S p r u c e s ^ e o t s ^ n e M tlio C itY -J-N addition to bis usual assortment of large sized I,0 d E a ING'OL AS-^ PLA'l'ES Of superior britlianry and bf autv anil POLISHED PLATE GLASS for STORE an*’, other WINDOWS. SHOW GASES, fee., which has beer W o ly iocreasell by iccent liiiporiationa; The subscriber has fors.vle, Lefge and amalUizsd POLISHED PLATES ofsanerlor loalltvior LIGHTHOUSES. Also, lor and Minnfact use of this glass in wit. _____ la great additional security aga'nsi fire. Sash maker* and dealers will find -,ttv -theli An^aa above, when prices will be f W .sted. ^ lUire's and dwellings ir advantage to ■AACL. PLATT LM^NDS—-^25 S^ft aheU Almond! S 36 . m K ““ I do do 9a do Paper-Shell ' ' do 6Q bajjs SlcUv soft shell co 300 boxes Sici ly Shelled Almonds 25 do Jordatt do do NDTS-r*5d bags P icily Fitb^s 30 do Sicily and Naples Walnnls 300 bnshe) s African Pea Ntits RAISINS—600 box^. Bunch I^amms p to e qaauty m U M M nr i » i » | » w ™ W k O R 'r 'XV IN^E^W>plpe*.3(ilihdJ. IffiO qt c*ski H&rrls & Sons colcbrated -poi:i wind landing froro bark Edlnbtngh.rtomOporto,-dJor^.^ra^^^^ Abp.SSOffozen-portl'wIneol chrdee q(naU»y, iwttl^^Jn. oi8 . ________ ] 407 Broadway. CHA8 CARVU|.l|B. aSBrokd a t. ■j^A D DiRS-rSO fwk.; J ^ a B d l h r s a l . b y : ^ p g g g TAYLO)t. 44 8p*th «L T T T S R A iiS tN B BL lU u f e for .ale ^ ^ P t %AKPpL F. TIEHANK^.B B«llBfc.W. u i h l I L ^ n4uit at**.- A u m ,-Q c t,18r^;. - I t - e F I ^ T l w - J S a a M r t i - -1 rn fttflamraaVs aaofaktiMF.^miMt^TlM m ik a i WM . m ‘S S 8 p B , ; ; ^ . 5 ; i . s s s s g ^ S S S s A. O. FLAGG. Comptroller t 3« i% «1U, « , ^ Nh 54!hr,hiul'0ailn ' .ffitiVKSSbEse'\*!^^ made ol blnek glass, and arfesctlpUori e f said paMoor.marlr New York, Oct 5, 1847 ■'ViHOPaltoustrerj^^ * i m s i s i g s ; ............ __ r n ^ m 45 William st. DAY.. CROSKEY & R0.33. Southampton, WILLIAM ISBLilN, Havre is of Liverpool fine suitable for £ pared coal for fain Foraalcj-by Ir- ^ ^WM. W. ROSE, Stationer and __________Manufacturer. }H -Wall st. TOI'AIO CLOAKlNGS-Newstyles of 0-4 Gidaklnge % i(O a STOGKING WEAVERS A cop , rnachings for I!7,^5?AlgSS?Sf-?.SS“l,S5S couple of weaving 44 Broadway, i^grplv m p e tcep comes An ______________ _ ____ iefitf oT fhe sltokH Ct»n»eqtfeiit^ . 3he.acUoai6f Aits, pistoiLaiHl jcomm ihijs checktDR the levojutipn.ot ,tl whole ehperincurnberit Weight contiaii loilYeloclly. J . ’ ^ ’ *= 1 , -iJaw ,.jit4g|yideD tLtSatif Hte -wf while ?he jestwgfcn tl Ipid motion, tlM the two forcea ai 4iienf co-oj«katitlgi'proriuoiii®4 ' the whole degeendmg maaa. ........................ Fmnnels,Kodgers^ paient, comprulBgaU the desirable, juatyecelvcdand lor aal^^by. o5 Rfc A LANE, IX and gMaldenUm I ’J’wuied' n5 ’ ’ ' • ’ Noa .1^'3?Kati r|pjuamCJLNJi»S *VEEMlLLtDN.kui>erlo*. RualUyy ;to: t A Wleby I 1gg3^gE % s s ;$stie„ ■ ’-s'” ' ifeSiiiaga..; .g’^IAMPHTNE AND SPIRITIWT ( rt_J for sale by the barrel by DIETZ, BHOTHl GAS—Of the bgn qUallly lER A CO., No. 139 William . - *s«aaaBb D, HODGMAN, ^^Maanfaigurero agent, India Rubber Wareherae, 27^Mal \ *\'”''''jSssgS'*cr” jlC r IK O N - N o , 1 ^ ^ a f'p resse^L e v e r and ■^Envelopes—Rotisnveiopes—ror Letter*,re,. C«d»,aras, Nbte*^,ie*v platolain .of hi»i brethem Wi * r - ireue u jio p uclfi ‘SSS J Jtt'-- celebrated cotu and. forgale by rjNE GHAMPAGNE^l ■ dtti^u^aa^pinto, for^i l e > M € “ S = | i l i . l l i S i v S B a g - ’ -------------- ; « d J S 3 , “ & S : E'lS?\ ....... s » : g 3 $ i , . , c y % \ w ' n S i m . T £ , S ‘Z la White Wax,uniUued Mnicovadd Sugarsj 300 boxes Ha- ^ : ^ A P ® -?00 bbds Mnto ISE3 TAYLOR, 4 •jraRONZE GREEN—Snltabie for roof abd outhonie . O . painting, TIRMANN; 17 BiirUng slip. ■jr-toHDBAEB—10, casekphlyatlzed, forsale bv ~ J t j i oia ____________ WJM.T. HlCKg, 151 Frontat. J ^ ^ S S s a a a | l iP‘««*^1gltgaga«gg» LpGW0014,-5000 Ibe A»eriean, ftr W H .T HICKS. 15| Front J^JN B E E D OIL-diOOOgaUon* *\■ ISi^jPrentat C20M ^ C -A ttlm >5| sal® by . K S S i , : : | ; j i f S J 4 a a ; . . „ KS. » .tif U^m Jg||.

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