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The evening post. (New York [N.Y.) 1832-1920, October 18, 1847, Image 3

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i l r T ie Cbnpaaj- IniOMt I J V I S m O » t ____ ^ _____ low S » gtlieiiawj4j»|>^djfs^ | » t } j e i ! ^ ^ MW » rm tcbun AfilSClTiK, «sd ttariw*«oy o ite t coBtract*, aroiVIai j C A l ' I I 'a i f SI,OOO.OC T ie Cbnpaaj- IniOMt I J V I S m O » ■ ntnal plan i -------------------- . — AfilSClTiK , «sd ttariw»»oy o ite t coBtract*. aroiVIai theto«rerto£n 6 n g y i» * ^ ^ i j^ M , ^ E ^ I B R E S T 0 » 3 t t » P 0 S l T « . Per 60 aaysa^a wrer. 4 per cent, pet sannni. For-9^yeaii^S«»OT4,,., ' •• -. AiiJ^loawtafej)<»Ia,ati(d dep<»St» Intendea for acen- mnlaao^ksncbiiitejes'tas inay be screed; on' a t the* time (be depoeitbnaada!... I m j ^ r t e f e i r o . 1 1 0 W s t . A B l c l i » M a « « e ^ O ' BiTOEtn*.—The PnltoBBankJi3»4eetar«aBinTidendor »e per cent . payable 3 ltt nit. Tbe Meehaalcs* and Traders’ Bank five per eem payable ,•* 3tttna|mr-TJie CJtiaetH 5 |Inirarane 0 Comufoj of S t Louis, h asdejared a.semlannqaldivldena oflwenty per cent, oa &etapltal Slock. s s r a s s s M r t S i JK ew ¥ « » r lt S l iitk e tB a A sbbs —The market IS rather quiet' for both snrtr light.ht. Therehere Iss a moderate Inqali^iry thisis morningorning att steadytee CoTTOK—The market contlnoes'depresteil, and the sal g T I a moderate Inqu th m a s rates, bnt UWe, however, will be done till the arrival of I 3 ^ s t “ s r $ : s i f ’■ S s t i ' S S ' CABIJSBT PBBJSITURE W A R E H O U S E . Ine Btiibaus and WoT'<i Tables. Pl.^iEjMabogasy, Rosewood and Black WaJont Gothic, Grecfaixlastf Prencii^ patterns. Easy, Arm, RockSog and Pnr- lorChsar^ (C 6 ^ered with’Plnshes and tl.dr Cldlb.) ALSO: Fftbfi^ Tables, Chairs, Plano Spiois, HSU Stands. and ail Mtfcles u m lly founif a fiiroUnre VVarerooms, K. ^.4-mATTRE§SB5 AN 0 FEAT 0 BE EEPS famish­ ed td orAc?^. Great care taken in selecting assortment ol GoodiF, toracefthe^waQtS’OfUietraasient as well aa the city easterners. CotlTf^, &c, will be caremiiy aueoded to, FLouE“ The sales on Samrdav reached 5000 hbls at 6 56a 62. There isafaUdezasad to-day. H H b S r e BAHK «OT*s, Ritmi: • : ; ! : J j H m c ^ r o f c . v v : : : : ; ^ ftllMonri................... . li I C a n ada........ 3 C a t ^ ^ e and ^ b i n e t F o n i i . Jure M a n u factory. X ^ i tto n S t-. N e w - Y o r J e . Et Will be f.nnd a fall assortment e. consisting o f Black Wklnut and Brassing Boieans, French Bed- id ffotels snppUed with good work a( price herestabilshmentUKthe city. D,*; WM..fi. fi.LEE, 168 Pnltoh street. ■ ~ ■'esks, of various 83 lo w ^ any other ------------------------- - “ D,& W M LEE, i t _______ DBSKS—office andCoonting Baose D of patterossand sizes, constantly oh hand and made to order. A beattufolvaile^slpfeattUfolvaile^of I-adiesdies Sewlngandwlngand Parlorarlor Chairs. A b I-a Se P Chairs. Also, F^ncy Work Tables of every description at low prices. FlSis €i eikiei’a l Eurnitnreliirarc j! . C i f A H K ’ S F n r n i t n x e ‘W a r e r o o m , 4 6 B r o a d w a y , ; NEW YOKE, yl L|1RGE assortment pf CoPDiing Hoose and Offici J A . Desks, of varlons styles, together with Famitnre o ail 'descriptions, oahgnd and maanfactared to order. ' ' E- c. niY.gpir.EJs C l k x ir I V a r e r o o m , 4 6 B r o a d . w a y > NEW YORK, Slah 02 (i(ny, Coiled Staple, walnut and Fancy Office Chairs, i oiihand and mannfaeinred to order, (. and packed for shipping. JSTotice to B u y ers o f C A B m E T FU R N IT U R E . L O e o fge P . W e il, ^BTO. 4 2 1 B K o o n m s t u e e x , ( t b e ^isrisxlt J r o a s e E a s t T r o n i B r o a d w a y . l TTAS W S T COMPLETEO BIS FULL ASSORTMENT i t ofe’OABINET FURNITURE, made in the Parisian H . W O K C R S T R R ’ S F i a n o - f o r f e M a n n f a c t o ir I and Ware^roouij w w . j W O K ^ s 5 ^ * : ^ o ® a 1 -“ ^ e a targe a.«ort- tSe t S ^ e S d under his own supervision, and for sale i^ew MlisK^ul P u h ilcation s . Also Ih boxes ot'unt B a g ley’s C e lebrated Gold Pens. A . G. BAGUEY & C-o., 1 8 9 B r o a d w a y . a 5 - Gold Pen Patent Pen, holder. Gold and Silver Pen- p^nBeis’-m it, iJWfc Wer. BBdXwg W er ieBt ; Uarleth Bdraceedl. ' slaad adnfnced; J S J S S F s s ^ ; ; | SSirS\.::.': •. | S S S i S v T : . ' - \ - ^ i m s i | | S ^ S | IW tso, t s a s s s - g ; - D e l a t o o r * \O lTr n r 1S4T I 18A6 [~lP4^}~1844~nr843 7 A.. M. I 48 I GO I 62 J2 M. [ fiS 1 69 1 5S 3 P. M. I 64 1 72 I 58 5 do 1 61 J 69 j 54 P !» Of!T. 18 I 1847 f 1346~{ 1845 | 1 t 1 t i . . - t U L J . feMfenBil, Sodeaon.10d.fni Eailpon.lnili. toSmllli I t ^ ^ i S 'n n M , Soln. 10da f a Cnla!,. )«h. to Omlih t C l e a r e d sii|i(:e Q i^r l a a t . JCtto ^ Bradish, Lon^oa, Grlnnell, tftntmm Thoi Wright, Gardner, Nejw Orleans, Thomas P. |b lb |o S _ . Bar t EdWttt Ansnsta, rnew) Keaser, M( l i s M i l L . Seh-Boston, Sondersoti. Rio Jtnoiro, 8 torer& Stephen- l i ! ISt.S\pSSSS.‘SiiJ.Si »c. « n»- ^Se’h ^elawara Farmer, Saokley, Philadelphia, Wm J Me- .«'? 5 r A ? s S n t £S&\f rday, Oct 16, of croup, THEODORE J , inffint Imellbe amt Thomas J. Gaines, aged 3 years, 7 months and 9 days. _ 06 Saturday,IGth Inst, RUSSELL W. BAELEY, In the 34 th year orhfs age. Oo Saturday evening, the 16th Inst, Mrs. SARAH COL- GATB. widowoftfas late Robert Colgate, In tpe 88 th year *\ 0 ” * * 16th Inst, Mrs. HAGDALINE GEARY, in the 88 tb year of her age. f . T i r i S ' E ' ’; £ ‘\ » £ m tloiotJoC T o ^ toM r n o d m o i p of S ^ h e n V o ^ ^ - ’ and^^ldays. The deceased was theoUejt-^rsonIn Bever “•SSSISSSIZ W e e K lY K e p o r i o* JD eattbs J r i ^ r T y p h u s . .................19 8 ?.“ ffia:um ............ 2 | £ = K S ! = « . ^ Diarrbma..........................ll flntemperance. ............. . 4 uraps^inttiehead::;;::; 5 M X ^ n V . ; ; - . : ; ; - . '. ; : : 1 Drop-y to M .r-to. ......... ................ -10 t e - . RhenmnOini .. 3 Ss\-:i Fever bilious — ElSiirii;! 1. Total 936 ■ r W l w m m 'o m i n . S o o r . W S S S f ' l P a s s e n K c r s . the shin Athens, Irom Havre—M P Wankowing,:and V » ] O T 9 & n r 0 i i r i T S i J s i G E N c g B . ^ • r t w t « e w - y « r * t . 4K;ii«l»«r'*»s »ftijaik«ii,w, 6 ^'aatar e itS t n s '^ B g M - waT»lt.....'313 tn cosiegti T—SkJlSih sch Wandapt CharlcsUm for l^dvt- _________ _ ______ ________ Claopatn, Cha^inan, Phttadk;]||cniScklufi, BQLdo; Chaa P t l m S n , 3 . dp j Elizabeth HallTTuttle, Albany; Mary A Lovell, Baker, da; BvnSn.'— . do. r - - - , 's « n i K e m P o r i « . Cld, shtpsG AiHopiey, Bebm, and Charlotte, tBr) Carter. V a t u a U e O i l F a l n t i u B B . Y T B . loE K D S & C O . will sell at Auction; on J l I o lVEriNESpAY,Oct.90,ath'4tfpastlO o’cloek, at JOHN J. SW IFTs Auctioneer. , V a l u a b l e C b u r c b F t o p o r t s E p r s a l e . C f w i v n c & vOLOttGAN will sell at public auction attbe Hetebants Elcbauge onTBURSOAY.Slitlnit at 12 o’clock— 'h.- The valUalUe church and two lots of gronnd sUnated on the northeast corner ofUunay and Church streets. ’ t Said lots ^ e 35 leet front and 75 feet in depth, In fee jilm • For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. i N.. B.>—Tho Church will be open tbr examination 10 to2 o’clock every day, Including day of sale, fol8|3t Jnde^ndenee.Bwms. fa> Washington, NO, with ni ires :to Bryant & Maitland. j Sch Baltimore, Sleight, from Baltimore, to Johnston i Sch Caqien, Wilson, fm Lnbec, With 180 tons plaster to Brett fc Vose. Sell Sami A Appleton, Nlckertdn, fm Boston, to E H Seb Alabama; Smalley, fm 8 aieni|, to R W Ropes, t=chs J Cooley & Cp. Eldtldge, imd Grecian, Chase, Bosto^, with milze. to J Atkins & Go. Schs Isabella, Sherwood, and VVplcolt, Ryder, fm Bos­ ton, t >' Dayton & Sprague. Set Ellen, Brown, fm Boston, mdze, to Foster & Nicker Srt Louisa Chase, fin Boston, mdzo, to ScH John 0, Adams, ----- , fm Baitou. ;o S W Lewis. prove favorable. It Is expected the vessel will be gotten olf inuvb ^tiercargols coming out U a very bad state, and radd|r, and is said to bo badly hogged. No Insurance on S£S'®rrSi=i= iiiili:'; i sfa sS S sE S B * ^*' nc {! 4^Cross striped Bed and rilack—With one fluke of ,a„^andg^vel. CrowShoalm^V^^^^^^ te Md B f f i ’stripe-It marks ' i a « and 1 :? s £“S^= m , vs lip g 'I ^ S is s ■iotapaM Bearlug|^^f Bnoys 'Irom Cape May Light i N o 2 -SW b y W . 1 Compass Bearings of ; No Q-W 8 W 4 W. N o 3 - W iN . No4—N W JW . No 5—N W, little Northerly. if Buoys from Buoy No 1. {Special Notices^ anu r mu mvenuo. vooof.f. vum . o ' -of from C. Henry Edwards, at the < Insurance Company, 39 WalUtreet, TWO private pupils frour fhe,age i eelved Into Mr. H’» family.. For termv, apply ol his resldei 820 ImlsO MWfcS !. UKAFKR, Jr , AOcUoneer. I at time of sale. _ _____ H. LEEDS—Auctioneer n r a r b l o b a s i e T S t a t n a i r y . V a s e e . & c . Mttjf ^ MARBLE 8 TATGES-GnardlanAngle-a group t^bout '■ T v . W i - v . . „ . f ... w , : . . . T a s “ S!A\“ «”X “ f . d E w . » . S s s s s s s “ f r ' » i w f to to. ______________ ___ \'A^lh^vM^^ gold on vyeilnegdy. 8 . DRAPER, Jr.. Anetloneer. A rC T I O N NOXICJE.—FKE 8 H TEAS—IgAG- GERTY, DRAPER fc JUNES will sell on Friday, October 22, at 101 o’clock, at the sales room, 73 and 74 Sonth street, fresh Teas per Eliza Ann and other Intg arri­ vals, Including an Invoice of high cost per Eliza Anoncon- slsttne of Young Hysor ' Hyson Skin, Gunpowder, Imperial, Twankay, Souchong, and j Catalogu 8 s\nd samplesJhe day nrevlous._ ____ • i T l E K E n i P T O B Y C H A N C E R Y SA L B MT A VALUABLE FARM AT b USHWICK, L. I.— ^ ■ lold on Friday, the 22d day of October, Inst., at 12 I b the usual variety ofpackages. '’'’Richards’ Channel—Vessels drawing 15 feat water, can pass through thla channel at ordinary low water—smooth TMugh ifhantel^^ drawing 16 )«t| water can pass through thU channel at ordinary low ; fAurikW, Oc e toBe er ria ' lunng thewhole inotruBg vn the reeolution to adjoufn on' the 2 &h init- jEvery* thing: bnt the subject niaHer oJtheleaolknpn. ' ' HoDSEr-Jfothiag of interest Debaliog Bilf td a - ' Uve to4he rights ofptojieriy of manje^ womi unle« ttceomp«ied^^^^ TobeenLrsed of 14 to 18 wiU be ie- rnco as above. ^ E k E E gN S C - Orncs No. 11 Watt, sirbet f j m i S |nstUmloii 1< dUtlngulshed by tbu following pe- lst.*Wbeh fhe piemlnm Is over 850 annually) one-fourth uiay be paid In cash, apd thi^ce-fourths in aseeured note at 12 months, bearing 9 w cent, interest, or U may be paid ----- ------ Seth Low, Wm.A. ^rPentz, ^McFftrlan, g l i » y g O J U T P g E S G E ^ n . Fri m the New Orleen* Plcaynife, o. te n e k a t JEteaii while to iatorm you thatw e saw no guerrillas or obi- taiped any traces, ot any, arid were perraclly satisfied that no organized band exists o r Hasfixiked ior some time past. I 1 ( B t o A VksfA. S e k . 11.1847- nothing o f moment has occurred] eicent rather an extensive desertion which occurred afeW days since. Two Lieutenants of the Texas, companies stationed d i S u h i n k them w o rtV s e n & 'afm r ^ a ^ ^ them to go iheir way in Mgce. I fear lliey will com- sissippi regimen; for ihe purpose of filling the vacant H c'toJ'puraa“ d“ ^enagop'^^^^^^^^ Everybody is elated w^th tha now proinising p|:os- ppct of peace. and is arranging plana tor going home. mydesign, you shall hear;more of i t anbn. Intelli­ gence was received frorii MoBterey th<3 morning. S i r . ; ? twenty-three days ] _ . , . j f K S S f S » S * = . ®Tbetra. Insurance on their own lives and the ____inled woman can insure the life of lusbaud, which will enure to her sole use and that of fhildrdn. .mphiets ex] .~„*.rahce<and — . ---- „ ---------- application, mky be obtained at tha 0 56 Wall street, orof anyof Us aKonts. TRUSTEES. SlorrlS Robinson, Alftea fell, WlUiato J Hyalop, DaVld C. Colden, B, H.M'Curdy, John C.Tnktfcher, Fredericks. Wlnaton Rufua L. Lord, \ pi'W. Faber, WilUam_ ------ I I E E I S F ' ^ S K s r r t L S i l i E ' f f i . \ “ t “ “ 1 * ........ rste J*Butk MORBIS^BOBINS'ON, President SaHrao HAKitaT. Secretary. MtuTusM P ost , M. D.. Physician to the Company, Besidenep 50-1 Broadway. Joskpn ^LVUT, E sq ., SoUciter. Jane 8 t^, ig 47 . _______ auiesaw ATWOOD STOVES. ^ b e y Wilt bo put ap under a guaranty. Wholesale and re- HICKOK fc CO ■ 239 Water »t. D i a m o n d P o inted Gold Pens, Comer of m m t^sd e e t, up stain ^paired, 't S o c ielY o f X a m i u f t n y o r G o l u m b i a n __ __ ________ _____ ferry, Wllllamsbnrgh. Upbn the IfSgSssisSS' B rothkrs •—A Special Meeting ol nbianbian Order willill 1 leeting of the Bbtiety of Tam­ many or Goliim Order w be held Wigwam, oa MONDAY EVENING, October 18lh. at half an hour after the settibg of the snn Punctual attendance is requested. By order ofthe Grand Sachem. M u s e s E. FLANAG a N, secretary. Manhattan. Season of Hunting. Tenth Moon; Year of Discovery sSsth; of Independence, 72d ; and of the lnsii- tlou, 59th. oI 6 2t £ J S £ \ J S \ p S i , T r , ' » . ^ f ; a i s ? . s r r A . . u . . g 3 f The members oi the Democratic Republican Young Men’s .General Committee will please take notice thata special meetlnS u^‘he said Commiueo will bo held at Tam- manyHalI,-oo MONDAY EVENING. October 18ih. 1847 at ^o’clock,?. M- By of WILLIAJI MeMUREAV. Chairman. W b a l e i 3rd.rd, 14th,th, shiiip Ar at New Bedio U sh Sarah Frances, Gardner PaciflcOcean.Talcahnana June 17, with 1200 bbis oil.— Spike June 2Q, lat 37 20 S, Ion 74, IS W, ship Adeline. Jei- uedanvNB.lOO SP.250W&. . D e m o c r a t ic Republican G e n e r a l C o m - ■ x n i t t e e . At a meeting of the Democratic Eepabllean Gen mwsltiee held atTammany Hall, Oct. 14th, 1847, the fallowing resolmltof s,yyere adopted: iplved. That th.9 Cei - ; | i ’ ^Smtlandt aad Beps’jeels. , --- ----- -------- tlo ^ f \ sapie Uvefie]ie. 19 , )ualf sTMct^tlaodt aad pay ^ _ —; ---- -\SSifeSt\'” u o r o w ^ j j w y o RIL __________ '— a i p i i ^ m ’U a D o u g n , .esfi:aBgS& p u r © W a t e r . EMANUJ .L ‘S i f e “ & “ s s ; s w s ’, « . s '* “ * ' * * t S N ^ O L L E G E OF P H Y S I C I A N S A N D S C R - 1 - / GKOWS-UmVERStTY OP THE STATE OF NEW YORK.—The Annual SesJlnn of the College for 1847-43. will be opened oh MONDAT. IBth October, at half past t P. M.iWhen ali lntrodnctoryAddresi wlllbe deliv­ ered by J^bn Torrey. M. 0., Professor of Chemistry and SuiwicT—^“ Th© Ralationaof Chemistry to the Science »f Medicine.” The profession and the pnblic are respeettnUy invited to mend. ALEX. H. STEVENS, M. D.. President CoUep^f Physicians and Stiri^ons, 67 Cxpshy itre^t. iesse SI-™ \\' ^3ASQox,gci ll-C ld brig gs ’ 4 Lincoln. Goudy, Port an o S ' o S V . ’S ' \ wk’ \®***~** Protecnon, Phliad: *eh id John, raidiSmtib, V F ^ U G G E R T Y ,'^ A f E R '& ^ ''^ ^ ^ impoitatidh of a large assortment of Snperlor style Welsh Flannel Do do Saionv Welsh Flannel Du do English do J white, scarlet nnd yellov* J Do Twilled Flannel Dp 44 inch and 54 Inch whl to Smteilor English Swanskins, heavy and medium _____ “'■ 5‘4, 0-4 and 10-4 do._______________ol 6 » * O t r i l N 4 N G .PJKfNXS--100 cases Mourning XvJL and Second Mourning Prints, various styles, at private sa e DRAPER & JONES,' anl3 Isif William, Corner Pine st. *”smG^S^Lyons silk serges, all widths and qaallllea. *No^m Cpp^r! 30 in. 32 In, 38 In, 33 In. 42 In. 48 In. M l., ..d ® ‘“ no J» Brass, so In, 33 In, 38 in, 43 In, 48 in, 54 In, and 62 '^'l!fi)'4W3».SPln,331n,301^^ 481n.541n, and63 No 18 Brass, 30 In, 32 In, SO In, 42 In, 48 In. 54 In, and 02 in A 'o iE S S f s S i 'S i'fiC K ia ii t o f t has been established for many years, centrally tocatbd—is nowlnanccessfalo.Beratlon.embraeing both male — ■ of Novamber next. By order of tha Board of Directors, ■ NATHANIEL MAB New York. OcLlSth, 1847. _________ Harlem Railroad Cats will leave City H»U u»ttlamUtdaFquat««74. Sj, 94o’cltk;k', and every half hour after, during the day. Pate in these iratn*, 12J cts. Additional Trains will be rail from the Depot at 27th st, wand from HamlltOa Square, every half hour after lOj o’clock- Fare. 6 J .-ts. __________ ,_______ol 8 U DONGAN F- V G R tt! C e u u n isB iB n e r o f D e e d a fo x N e v r Y o r k aun ad d. Z lUi in n z U o i s . Ovnea Ne. Cl W a il Sraa 018 law 4ir Also. 250 dazea port whieot choice e y U ALE 8 UERKY WiSIB^Ai|MBtllladoaBd.Malira»ii; JOHN D U N C ^ f c ^ ^ ^ S& S irB sS S ; Rbndam: sloops Moatilla,,Wheei«,do , Ai (Sthiseh Nlneui, Cherry;|Phlle; Travellet, Btown^Bi Std brigs VaadeUi:. Banker. Mill Qharii - - ------ —— NV; Ellja, J a e ^ n ; J BMnett, COrr; H o i...............— ________ __ _____________________ inwag CARViLLB. SI troad sL :: IS, large 31. e,|Solectod for family use. Forsile In iputo salt nui Chasers by STUART F RANDOLPH & CO , 74 Wall st,287 East BroadWny, ---- er Bowerv and 13ih sts., ir. Rntgersand Cherry >ts. l t o ! « t o ® X A V g » “ J S . 7 n ' » , ' ’A 7 K S coal of superioi qualltj., selected expressly for family use For sale lb-lots tosiiit pUrebasozs,’by BTUAfcr P. RANDOLPH & CO., 74 Wall street, 287 East Broadway, cOr. Of Rttigets and Cherry, ol 8 and cor. of Bowery dud 13th street in^ k lM B E H D A N U COAX A F L O A T -Landibg N..!/from sch 8 . B Ashmead, Cnmberiand Coal of superior quality, tor tamily use. For sale In lou to suit purchasers-, by BTUAEPF. RANDOLPH fc CO 74 WaU st 287 East Brohdway. corner of Cherry 818 and cotnerof Bowery and Thirteenth st. irM R O W N BBBETINGS“‘ANU SHIKTINGS of the ■ M most approved styles, for sale by LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE & CO, olR 35 Broad sheet. H qNj^pALE SILBSIAS, Paper Ca^brlesc Casbazee, ■ J NankeenB, Umbrella Cloths aBdBfeached'Goods, for. fait by LAWEBNqB, TEjMBLB2cCO., ol 8 , hS Broad street. A ^ IdO X H S —Black, Brown. Cadet, Oxford and Bine mixed. AIso.TarionsstylcsofCapCloths.fortnleby LAWRENCE. TR i MBLE fc CO, 018 * p5 Broad street. fc~40LORED GOODS—Among which are the Carolina Stripesf« gbod subetUnie tor tha Msrlboror Strlpgs; also.Fan'ey Plaid Cloak Linings, rorsale by LAWRENCE; TRIMBLE fc CO., ‘ 018 Broad strseL ■W C S 'TIAN S . WI 6 AN 8 . both 3^4 and 4-4. black and 1 ) wbl.te; JosephBipka’sPantaloon StnUTs, Ticks, T a ­ ble Covets, fce. fot sale by ; fiAWRENCB, TRIMBLE & g o , ol 8 ^ ^ ^Broc^ street, - d O D T H J B R N COTTON YAEN-sA very snpeildr > 9 article, lanffing irem Nos. 5 to 12, forsale by T 1 .AVVBENCB. TRIMBLE fc CO , 0l8 1 |35 Broad street. dM ItoASGOVr JEANS AND NEGRO KERSEYS, for 13T sale by LAWRENCE, TRIMBLE fc GO., ol 8 ?3 Btodd street-, fiaA T I N tT F S , Ofvarions qualities add colors, for sale 5 | by • LAWEESCE, TRIMBLE fc CO.,' nl 8 35 Broad street. Jto A S X O N ^ , oI 8 . 35 Broad sueet. ■MTKTOOt.— too bales of unwashed Meditterranean W Wool; 2o0do washeddbdo.fnrsale by 018 HICKS fc CO. SOSonihst. M^OLORED JEANS)--Twilled Jeans, jusoried colors V heavy goods, very desirable for corset makers, for sale by CHARLES CARVILLE, o il 136 Braid straai. W HIIPROVBD M A N IF O D D LETTER WEITEE J l —By Which k letter and co|riea ate wltten at the sum LettetCopylng and Notarial Prasses-T-vatlons i!z«i and « t y i e s , a ( m a n u f a ^ ^ j | « c « h ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ UBOVVM sh e r r y WlWB- 2 Jyeaniew,» |iw demi- J t > Joliiu for sale by JOHN DUNCAN fc BON, 018 f « ? B i 0 tdw»y. nclostiK benk aptm, d ap*, biUs oC exc]uBge,^aad other valiudilf piMi*>f«raaleZT ^ WM, W. KQB*. Wetioiier, Me. 19 WalUtreet P»»Ue§4pt. B r - B lkM n terifc-T«iditk«p ii- ‘ ' C n i T e » P « « * » « ® b*. t t u | jETiBilIisif iPnet.- ; A tf law , d to B ia ' SE N A T s-Pebatedun i)-’ ■ reeolution to adjourn on' .idlSSEiSsv\. ‘jsssssRd.to. « t o ^ , *°Manufac.tured sotoly^by^ *olM ilto*Eini«K ir,'B iow B ,navr)|^l)toIl^^w ■ m S g lS p I: sS s m a ip J greater expense. Wo desire all laterbstedtojca.l and ex­ amine the Futnaco. iWM WEST, . *”AlbanT March*®” ....... M N lR D -PRO Q iF RUCMi'S.-'Tliie lcsurance ^m - 34 Broadway ajid corner Thompson and .luoiaburuimecuiujmmcs, ttuu IQO UQi nesU^tetO ICXOir ^ . ' ‘^rChlcEEaginew.” 'TK. •Knvro fonr« » pa ««♦ taw et.,. Theim- i S S ’i S S ” ^^09*“*' SMITH. TORBjEY fe CO. W W W ' Tea‘'coror- 20 sM j ' | ^ - I 1 ■ ^ nngloild,com p rl^aii a|soTtineBi not Si j m ; iSa tV Jam tLi(M i,H j«ioc fMiuyr w _ HQDGMAN, ^M ..^nA y rena^ a t , Udla RubberWareh^U4r,-27 lUl- ^ ^ ^ N - N o . Ko«GrG,E^,i^4er#i|aaBfc. y ?.^i=;5ss#4lg Igagite |S w o ] ^ % 6 1 o ’'dock. ForfutiwMO (o. <fewgmj«*t jdiP^&K.toto: S i »ses. in c 6 o i ' a ^ m i ^ W l £ % l e ^ S ■pe^nnanee*.'; _ \ ■> I * - • : I SM its, Stoefes, Cravats, &c., C. B e ^ K t A T C H j 'M N 'AS in store a full assortment of Gentlemens’ Fiiif ■ uiahlngGooils.^hich will besold at ihelowestiuai ket prlc^iA _______ . a^n i 9 'H o r a c e W a lU o d^FFER S Tfor-sale, a t No. 29 Pine street— U F 35 caselM lgo blue, and black Gasslmferes 40 do l^ntucky Jeans, various colors 275 bales Ballet. Blue. Yellow and Green Plannfelf, P l a i n T w i l l e d 350 eases Kerseys and Plains, vatlons styles and qnal- 05 cases Douglas Wavsily and Gold Plaid, high- 450 bales Indigo Bind Drills . 900 bales-37 t 391n. Brown Drills 425 caSesR-4,7-8, 4-4, 5-4, 10-4 and Shirtings 40 cases BleachedDlapers 335 bidesMarihers’ Twll’d Shirting Stripes S27, and 30 175 bales Denims, varlons qualities 260 bales 26, 27, 28 and 30 ingh Tieki 120 cases Colored Cambrics 250 bales 3-4 Brown Shirtings 165 bales 7-8 Brown do • 450 bales- 4A, 5-4, §-4, 9-4, lOA and 12-4 Broun Sneetlugs 45 cases Steel mixed Satinets 180 bales 27 and 30 inch Cotton d 12-4 Bleached Strang’S JPaient JLtimps. • P ’s?*srS??i’s a s ; l i r ' ’- Wareroom.No 304Bioadway. Chandairer, Bracket, Hanging, Parlor and Maiitel Lamps, In'* veiTT variety. Healers supplied on liberal terms. H. B.—Solar and A 8 tralLam;»aUt o ' K S ^ I t S o w V o r k , N e w England Healtli Insii- a S S S iw S AH necessary infotmafibn given, applications received. '’“SSIa, New York, August, 1847. ________________ 8e22is Country Merchantesnpplle|o*” avora|ieTet^^ liamst. laraA coal for famU------ ____ ,.6 I jp L A lD CLOAKINGS--New styles of l^A Gloakings ^ CHICLES GARVILLB, SB Broad street. jrjlORBTOCKING^ WEAVERS^ A couple of vyeavlng machines for s a l^ ^ e a p ^ a p p l^ to '44 .Brdadw’ay. comptlslDgairthelSirab^^^ ^ANE, TI and ftfalden lane. k'N AMPHINE AND SfIBIT GAS—Of the fadst quali’y for sale by the barrel by DIETZ, BROTHER & CO.. ; ' N o .,339 Willis. A lm o n O s , K n i c i n s , C l t r o n t d c a A LMOND3——25 bites Bord^ux Soft Shell Almonds ,/% 70 do HarsmUes do do 35 do Mofler do do , 20 do Paper gbelt ap 60 bags Sicily toitiiiielL !. do ’S do“ J j S l ? ^3® ijU T S ^ ^ b^/sicH y I jl^ r l s wiS''Asg's;?RS'”“ • CITRONS cases Lcghbrit'ratron CURRANT3-38 bb’.s Zsnto'CUir*Bis a ^ H u g s efall the deslrablamakes, pn hand anil^oXsate Dgpi -5' h - ^ i W r H . i & l r e r ^ l i M t ^ ■' : >1^' / ' . t ' I performed by the’ , WHOLE COMPANY; . { Including the Principal Artists oOhe^iall^Opgra Com- *’^^f|ckeis One dollar,, to be purchased at theirlbclpal jfu-., 'Tocommenceat 8 o’eloelr. _____ ' , j . -olaBlfs, AfTkOA. yV -J^Cto II 8 p 8 s e - 4 g a s f f ‘* i U i L ^ ^ if. \ ^ ! it - jW A ''M t ; g i y - j f c i g o - t o « ^ ^ ' , lipilfcdnhf S? '■ i ,001.15.184?. i B - R O W W x ,s T A X W T . r |r 'G S ’ , 957Broad way, (Stedrart’s old stand, oppos|e the Pari,) SKECW O r P J M « g | j« 0 »T B M T : H iis jg a s a i f f i -- ^Willtcloseon-theBlstfinst. . ’ __ ...... . „,rKiS“\\ N D v E x T i E s ^ ^ n ^ ^ c t e o r « h e r ;. o f '\ \ Ferriage Gieentg. i , | - - ,aali. « { # w S 6 p i ^ & 5 MtoUto. to . ™S5: 'f~-.^ssga io X d ; ! ^ ' * ' “ ' j 5 S ^ 2 t o q » i a n 5 i ^ ^ • ^ s s s ^ . !■' . .1:1 ■ i V . ;*i£^ciM M :isi,wotM ^ *Am- ^

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