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The evening post. (New York [N.Y.) 1832-1920, October 16, 1847, Image 3

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“'S ' s s r \ * ' T ie C » p W Ijcirss «> tlMk ^ a lp t r i « ^ t k e i > i M M W i W Z « a | 9 « | » & t l M < tfcejfo?6eiWi«T«e**^**Mw4<><6w MtRluum ^ s r r t T n H . *»& nu3Mt.Mf other CMtiaeB, teiOivliqr tbetsten ireeelf** moiie^ laJ^aa* eod itlloiri m X B W B g P i; O H X IE P O S Z T S . &5SaBt-*TOr.,4'j?tk For 3 y n n ahd orei, s As#«IL<Kha4eooriBrSnd depp^te totewied foe eecii- mn!ati*)n,*ncSi}atf«*t«* ita^ be tgtteioa at the Um» i DAVB> 1CHOSiySON,F)re»ldeBl. _PhHb » . K e a ^ y , Secretaiy r - ___________ anl» I m i ^ r t e r , W d . i o W z U i d t M i t s t „ B . c i r „ « S S \ \ ■ C a B I W E T r U R l S l T X J R E \ ~ w A R m m t m m , T e b i s a l o r r e l l , w o . 28 B R O A B W A Y , N E t T - Y o R K . C o m m ^ r e j R Kotea deetlaed i; Noi ^W o r. j S S t f e : ...... f l £ v f f 'o^O ffcW i f e l YShJteift a W e w Y ® F k M t u r k ^ u . . SilVtSAT^ Oet IB. mzs~Thereiif S ^ l m p m t m e i t ^ Pou. Pearls ate 0 halea daily., a t 4 this maroioe. »b b ls.atf 6 37 a 4 cozuiderable Bim- I ' s E i p p p r e j g y y j f j j G B W o E - C leaure* «M » r®<*a»«®** trMmithicWais]i. AsBrs-XMreis some i (Sadr at 4 *les yes;erday we; fair deaiaad today O jttm —T5» *«Je* wttUoBe, a b onti tteadyiaief. iW e b aaao^natedemi Fi-ocii—The W es yesierday w e» 7(1 »£>les.—tlzedesl^sor'blA Ware are peenliarljr wire a i th. Tlie be?t seasoned Mafts^iny, Rosewood, Bit Wardfooes, S^etanes, Book Cases. So&s, Loascee. Conc!^^,Te1M3, DWans and Ottonmas. Goiiiic*— GrejCtan, and Pirencii style Bed - ----- - GrejCian, and Buieatisand Wash Stans EXt^^SI^— — ' t. So&i^ Loanees. ^ __ ________ ^ _ Bedsteads, Dressing EXt^vsiO K , DiniDg*^ier, Centre, Card, Sola, Break­ fast and; Tea TAbTea. StJPEBJOIl fine Egyptian and white Marble Top Dress- ln*r flarcaas sfid Wash SiAnds; Cjfpt/e, Sofa, Side anc Work Tables. j Wfahogaoy,Kosewood and Black Walont Gothic.' Grec&h and French p atten^ fiisy. Arm, Rocking and Par- neu ia ihe market. Divpziro.—The Meebimics’ Bank h^a declared a divl- desid of fonf per « « - for the entrent *ii mooths. pajaWe to the atockholdjSH on and after the Trtof Hoteroberneit. Sept 181 BhUearecelred. $61.00 Vhlneof Omlihle goods Iniporteid, - Flee gte)da, “ Domntic prodnee eipoitcd. S s = : $ S I $10,705,316 12 ____ ________________ 'BATHE ed to Order. Oteat care taken In selecting astonment ol GOOdSjtOTneeimewaDtaofthetraBS'eni as well as the city cijstomeiS. , Boifag, &c, win be carefolty attended to. ______ aSnp C o t t a g e a n d C a b i n e t F o r a i - l t o r e M a n n l a e t o r y . W a k e r o o m s . 168 Y u l t o n s t . , N e w - T o r k i M j T th&Bstiibllshment wiU Bo (.and a fall assortmsht A . <Jf Cottage PatBliufe.eonslstlngof Black Walnut and Painted Cottage Chairs. Dressing Bureans, French Bed- ateddd. Wash $tands.Commodes.&c. Als^, a fine stock of Mahpganr C i e n e Y a i F t Ya a r e k o o m , 4G B r o a d w a y 's NEW YORK ___ - ..rtmOnt of Counting Hons^and Offi© basks, of various styles, togetli aU descriptions, QB hand and manafacr P u r i i i t u r e W a r e l i o u s e c t . A B. K .»S F a b n l t a r e W r tfactared to order. I .E . C . I i l X T t i E ? S C h a i r W a r e r o o m . 4 6 B r o a d x i ; NEW YORK. Mahogany. Cnried Maple, Walnut and Fancy Offii on hand and^annfactnred to order, and packed for shipping. N o t i c e t o B u y e r s o f C A B I N E T P U R W I T C R E . . G e o r g e P . W e l l , p r o . 421 B B O O M B S X B E E X , ( t h e e i g h t h h o a s e E a s t f r o m B r o a d w a y . ) ------1 JUST COMPLETED HIS FULL ASSO k -TMENT leleclton elsewhere. , f l t . W O R C E S T E R ? * F i a n o - l b r t e M a n u f a c t o r y a n d W a r e - r o o m , I'&f X h i r d A v e n u e . Y Y O R C E S X E IR offers for sale a large assnrt- JCM* men t of choice Piano Fortes, from 6 to 7 octaves, in e luant Rotewood and Mahogany cases, all of which are manufactured nnder bis own supervision, and for sale on rea'*-oeable< terms. By devoting his penonalAtlenttoii to the tpnch and tone of hfsilnstroments, which,have heretofore been considered nnrlvalled, he will endeavor to maintain their prevlon* re- putatijon, and respectfully solicits an e.\amlnation trom Pro fessocs. Amateurs and IhePoblie Aciirotno<liauj.Wate^roora has recently been added 10 his manufactory which will afford increased facilities in the selection of instnunenis. — r ^ e w M u s i c a l F u b i i c a t l o n s , -H j i u a r i a & XKAEA., t Pranklln square, and PIUTH, JD =!HAliL&P0ND, 239Bi«adway, have published:— ** On ibe banks of Gmuialquiver,\ celebrated baltad sang-W Madstne Bishop, In the opera of Linda diCha- monnlx. This song is number one of Songs of Madame issm ep^e'da tresh supply o f th e i ^ e ll k n o w ^ n w n - ’ S l - I : They would likewise call attention to their choied svtnps, sii^ as Blatk and Red Currant. Raspbitrn/. Raspberrp raie^ar', Siraw5erry. Blackderrv, Qranse jUwer B a g l e y ’ s C e l e b r a t e d G o l d P e n s . A . G . B A G L E Y &■ C o . , ’ I S ^ B r r o a d w a y . 33 r-GoId Pen, Patent Pen holder. Gold and Silver Pen­ cil Cmte Msnnfactnrers. ___________________ jy 3 o :: \ 4 :::ai Indiana ............ . ............... K..„. iSS : : \ i | B e l a t o u y & Co’«. J h'h e n n o m e t e r . OCT. 16 : 1 1847 ( ife46 I 1|8I5 | 1844 ( 1813 \!'‘.r ;l ° I i I j 111; sssiigSH sai Yesterday afteinnon, CHARlLBS VAiS NOSTRAND, Jr.» _____ ___ ________ ___ ______ ____ _ ______ “ T £ e \ ? e » e : t e ^ d s o f t h e family are respectfa.ly “p“ayriah\f.‘'f ' S S . S S ' ; K ” “ ' * \ S « S I -W h a l e m e n . * st'whJ- ■ ■ ___ - I , lorrqw (Sun^a] Qa Friday, J.Sti tnst, THOKN J. LAWYER, youngest son ofSamaet W^ks. thetelatlvesand fijendsofthe family are respectiuily invIUed to attend hls fnnetal, on Sunday, at half past 4 o’clock P. M., freta 68 aiitrion Street. | Ou F ri^y, 15^ test., RICSA^O, yopngeat sonof Rich- ““im e w M i. N j J , m S s E ''^llafmMauiim.May 30. bark yallace. Young, Cowes ° i t ™io Janeiro, Aug 29, brig JoitlOa, Johnson, for BalS- b; and others not rt at Baliiax, 2d Inst, biig Elmira, Surgant, Batdmore. 28, 1st 40 30, Ion 57, ship New York, hence fer Llv rFr^% ‘ rc?rrfs?o\n‘dVnM en, Wilmington, N C; san Jane, Stanwood.'Ma- N o c i e ty o f T a m m u n y o)|t C o l u m b i a BA othxrs ;— a Special Meeting o f the Society of Tam- lany or Columbian Order will bfe held at the Great Wigwam, on MOJVDAY EVENING, October iBih, at haff an hour alter the setting of the sun Pnneiual attendance Is requested. By order of the Grand ipaehem. M uses E. FLANAGAN, secretary. Slanhattan, Season of ffnatlng. Tenth Moon ; Year of Discovery 355lh ; of Independence, 72d ; and of the Instl- Uoij, 59th. I ol62t D e m o c r a t i c - R e p n b U e a n Y o n n s inCen’s G c n c r a t C o m m i t t e e . gCr The members Men’s General Cjoini special meetiiDg ol'the many Hall, on bjoNDAY EVENING. October 18ih, 1847 at 7 o’clock, P. M, By order of le said Committee will be held atTam- S S - c : » 4 l t M i^lLElAM. McMURRAY, Chaliman. Ses*s, pro tern. D e m o c r a t ic ^'Repuh^llcan c e n c r a i c o m * 8 &- At a meeting of the Democratic Republican Gen e.ra] Committee h^ld atTamthany Ha^I, Oct. 14tb, 1847, ihe follpwingresoFmlpns were adopted . , E M P I R E R A N G E . . combines all the advantages of Atwood's Empire Cooking Stove. For sale by HICEOK t CO, sl 7 op 239 Water street. A X W O O D SX O V E S . S x t p e j r l o r , D i a m o n d P o i n t e d G o l d P e n s , Gblh aSD Sitvait Fan ar»D P skcu . C asus , See., N o . 3 2 J o h n street* net of Nassau street, up starts, Gbih asD .Gold pens and c as^! of four sides. FVom ^ to dOMtt flMlyy bl w c e a ^ to s i each, warxJthted *0 Dlcase or .the m o w ^ re- E a r n e r ’ s 'C o S T e c H o NRtV VOBK R i p l e y $ M ’C ^ M i i o t t g n t , D V B XA^K JTAC'T^i^K s o r W h i t e Bes ad?«»<«» in (tesh made» s *i 4;fS»S's\; EM a NL’EL B. h a r t . Chairman pro tem °>6 , ________ F W EDMOKD3. Cash’r. oardl^ F. DOBBS. Cashier. B 3 r The Prejsldont and Directors.'! s dividend of Four percent for the pitrent six mom payable to the itockholersen and after the 1st st of Nqveniber next. ByorderoftheRoilrd, otftol _________ RCIBEOT STRONS. Cashier. “ Omc* ok THk NkW YOM G a * LIOHT COKPXSt, I October lHh,l&»7. { D 3 r The Prdildent aH4 DlMeloit h&ve Ihft day declared a dividend of Fonraud one hair per cent, on the> capital stock o/this Cbmpany, for the six. mohihs ending 1st An- fUst last, payshle to the stockholders on and alter Monday the 1 st NovemMr next. ' 'Fhe Transfer Book win be closed from the 25thr Utstanl to that date. By order. ' ___ I oiatN l ti< EYEIHTT,Secretary. ™ faalleage, DeviS, F ^ ’aad. ; !c* Eatplfe, Adams, Newbera. i !ei, Emot,>Co!e, Baifiawre- 14 , ^ sSathe^lB o d d , Chart* toi I A r r i T c d *»i«» Y « p i i Ba k Bfata. (newl Fsrk, IShonrs fiB 1 ^ kJohn Benson, (of New Bedfiiir^ Weldon, B da fat Br °fg W of B«mnda,:saU Jl ddtelon 0 CO. Left Br. brig FMcon, Flit, hence, j u t rivid. Fee passengers. T ’ Scl And p . Treadwell, 5 ds (nr Npriblfc, wWi flout to H Wm B. Bird,Mmer,24 htrarsSfm Po« JefiTersoB, la t to master. j ^Sh p^lamazoo, Foulke, Liverpbol- Sh p Se'a^Mstow, Llserpoof—Taylor fc Menlll. Sh p &BigrdBt, Ajadejson. Hambmg—Schmidt k Balehen., Ba k Ma^ llorrts, Daggett, Glasgow—Onnhara fc DImon. I^l ^ Blaisdell, fet t^peaehy--Nesmlth b ^ S Orbit, Higgins, ISw Brazil and a market—E Coming. Br g Lydia, Dyer,Tnrka Island—Badger,Peck b Co. A lcirived Y c s t e r A a ,y <AXieimoait. Pa:ket 5 hlp Hendrick Hudson, Mcoie, fm London and Porn month. 4th ulC to John Griswold, 25th, lat 48 33. Ion 3717,exchanged signals with packed ship Notthnrabarlahil, henc J for London. Oct lat 40 29, Ion 69, spoke bfc On- ildeboMd, maibltetop, with mirror ; extra size pier Hass, Sterling Silver-iA large assortment, fall partlcnlaja ol which Will be givetr'ln catalogue. , China and Glass Ware of the richest description, mdiitof wbichwasi made to order. | ii Bedroom Farnlturc—Brussels carpets, rugs, ro^teood stesds, chalfs, rosewood wardrobe mirror door, Idh Ellen, prown, fm Boston, mifze to Foster & Nicker i I^ d a s te y s s & c , ......................C 4 S S.\|: ..»v, BiivBwgouj ucuwuuw V uluuuie ut SBUI Also, Whitt pklnied do do do ^ 5 0 , a la rg e q u a n tity o f T a b le a n d B ed L in e n . Wlnes—A lsrg««iockorcholc8 old. Wines and Cl—.... Horse*. Carriages, Sleighs, Harness, Robes, fco. j Pull deictlptlveCatalogues WJl be ready three days pre- vlons to the sato, at the office of the ancUoneer, 27 Wall N. B.—The Fntnitare and Paintings may be exlt^ined the day previous to sale. For cards of AdmLstnn ai|p|v to theanctloneen , E. H. LUDLOWt Cpir 012 .14.16.18. ih.ls [2861 AnetloiT DRY AUCTION H a OP 8 0 0 LOTS IN THE CITY OP BROOKXMfj:. ano on Nosxiu.sp. Mxacx, T oxfxihs , Tnator,, |^aT*» s i r s S l ; r E S £ t bond aad mortgage for five years, atll per cent, i ttejest, St. ______ Ol6,20.2-Jto5 ijVii G* ^Havana;' Otis!’Dunbar.lvtisl Telegraphed, barks Polka, Turbo, and Gen Tay.or; brig I— Arsoh Einnious, Howes, NYork, aid !ch M ^hesteL NYork^ChSu^^ in, and R B Glovet,Albany. oceyStJoha.EPHor- TNoaroLk, 0 ? t l ^ A j schi’’juUa, FrancU Esther, and Ma A „ , .. ' M obii .*. Oct 7th—Ar Dgs Token, Choate, '.Boston; Gul- J Nzw Okikam, Octfr^-Ar bg Leopold O'Donnell, Colum t | t e « r k \ 8 T M a 7 y , % « Towed to sea, 3d, ship Locos. s r » ' loioial EaagdoRi. This Course Will embrace ia o&e the results of modem luvesligatluus in Zoology, Oom- ire An.atomy. PaleoaioIoCT aad the Geographic Bis- s p c M s i i a N o t i c e s ^ A1aiINKrntATO)l<8 S A L »- EBTATE o f JONATHAN HUTO— sPLEHpiD A o u a iaoL D f u e n it d I b , HAIH'nllGg, acUtPTOJtB, SILVER; LARGE LI­ BRARY,! CONTAINING AUDUBON’S B1 ANTMALH MUaEB YKAKCAIS;, AKt E * ^ o r t < ^ A i S s ! ^ t h ^ q * A d m f ^ ^ EvkiineClMsta fi)t i PkrtorFnriiltntef^tbe moetsi «ta,in»deiootd»lit Fkku.litc Lonuges, Cbnehes, Divans, Ottot tsdre, Reading, Senring a n d c tbei _ , ___ _ __ gold and white, SLadeoveted wllk rich b f u mid sw te ~itiaDaaiuk; Centra Tkble, white marble oral top, ea(yed i^^teh ; Fite Sereehs. do do, .all of the latest Pati|iian ----- entdre suites of Rosewood Fonritnre, made to ii der In Paris* comptbing » m e articles as In above suite ' Cterpett—Rich TPorkeyii^oyal Wilton and Brosseis, vt __ Engs to match. .Larg^ iRmeh Chandelier, 36 Ughts: French plate Hantbl Mirror, E8x921nchM, very beayy carved fauna; t do dodojlttle smalter; splendid Mantel C0ek, cost $900; *et of Candelabrssto milch. Alsi., I Btphze and Gold Mlahtel Ctoct, wllh Candetanras; Bronze Iknd Gold, French Cafcpl and Globe Lamps; hine and white - -----«k: Window Cnttalns,, crlmscnr - ------ ' ' Satin Damask: VVJndow Cnrtalns crimson a nif white dejido, wiih embroidered drop curtains to match the Inrnltnne.— Also, a large number of other aiticies ofptrlor faraltutei. Llbraiy-rCbmptogalargocDitecHoa ol Classical ihBd Standard Works, imong which are “Aiidnbon'*” BitdS'knd Aniiiisls, Musee W aoc^, CoruD&taoa of Georso lYajpo* garth’s and Shaks^kre’sUlnstated Works; ByfbB’s, 8 con’s, Hmon’sdo-. together with abm t 1000 vulames elegantly bound London, copies of alUho standard works m the Etog- Usb and other langttages; several large Book Cases with plateglas# doors jhnperioir Library Desk and Tables,: Ll- •-tBry Chairs, largo Globes, with Cempesses, &e. Ac. ‘ sa m i x c l j E ta m m o u a & Co.* (Late Benedlct&Hainmond,) IMPORTEES o p FINE WATCHES, No. 44 Merchants’ Exchange, 1st doot In William st.) i m A V E constantly^on hand a large and valuable assort d . inent of Fine Watches of thelt own Importation,. which they are now Selling at lower price*, (when, qnality Is compared,) thqn can bo purchased of any dealer la New York. A wrlttenTwanantee, In all cases, will be given to the pnrehaser. 3. Hammond having attended solsly to Chronometer, Duplex, and other fine Wale firm of Benedict & Hammond, will continue ■prAGGERTY, DRAPER & JONES will sell ot WED- XX NESOAk,20th,atl2 o’clock at the Merchai ti' Ei- ihange. •' STORES 159 FR0VT SPEEBT and II5 J ANE, known as HcCallonghs, Tea Sales\ Roor HENRY H. LEEDS—Auctioneer f c S a l e o l I t a l i a n . M a r b i o a n d A?<k is t e r S t a t u a x T s Y a s e s , Ate.. Psyche—^Bust of Apollo and Diana, among other 1 eaullful f a i r , « One S,ile»dld oscortmentofMaibleand Alabait rVast animajs, Florentine baskets, watch cases, Mosaic w s s s a d ey^irfi- ;S0tS O f S E - S i » l 31 TWOpristeteimp^finMaMafe of 14l« WytUl b«tc- edved faio hfr:^ A 's family. For tenas, wsnly at U s xstkkaoo aa above, »ao lBte*HW *S - ________ ETeBCli E v e n l a f g C liuiaea. IKawei& tibe'seuoBOotoe Genril? ' r to jMaawiaVlted to,eaU at yoomi, j^toberll.1847 its fiuhioBaMs brsmehe*, » t her xesidenee, 74 t.on Moaday. SeptembeX M.iaad a t No. 1 --------- - ----- Ikco^oaBatorday. Octohei?, when she will have the pteasnra of {ntrodnclag several thuees eatliely new; the pMka-maznrka, Wallxa ctsi-foss, th*graceful w alls;Bedo*t,fce.^^^_,_^ ____ __ ehools.aito private flunlltesattendaid. E P X B M B E R R E P ’ ^ ^ “ • t BaitJ, C, |Iti.t**j & « & • ; : : i Loan, A gent , Medical Eiai amlner. at thO office ■ 2 TnThJeSJnili _______ _ ______ 5 a 7 u » k « p e r : : : i :';1 &an?iMntei\\-:: I - 1 ^ Ge.“!ra'iAgent................. ... General; Agent... V. EnbRc HotisoKeepe «a»isSS^!!5?EEEs Of which,are InsmmomU^an^'dn^^^^^ inpgs n p g sters l e t t e ii . _ head quartota, to the l$th Sep’.em b a , ounues all to be tjuiet ' | The 6 ch Aretns, from Tobasco ^2id September «t New Orleans, stales that| the celebijaied Miguel, Uru- j no, commanded In Ihq Slate of Tobasco. Com. 1 Perry had returned to .^nlonio Lizafdo-'-^all qutei and healthy. | W illiam B. Bummail^ chief m ate’of brigantine Whipple, of Philadelphia, was lulled n^ar Peteishi while unloading ' Waref Office ^ce and Mantel Clocks, be., of Jewelry, SQ ., constantly on o9 eodls, Ladl|s knd gentle^enteXe Gold Guard Chains”. SKar’’\-” Jewelry, wholesale and retail. 51 WaUst. corner Iff WHIlam, nnstalrs. S i m M W the attention of buyers both as to quMlty and price, before pnrchaslngelsewhere. _____________________ o9 C U I C K P R I N G 'S P I A W O - F O I I T E W A R E - R O O M S , ct F a r s e (BulIdM o e, iOi R B O A D W A Y , N . N o . 2 S 8 i MANUFACTORY AND SALES ROOMS No. 334 Washington street, Boston: P I A U f O F O K T F * . fNS & CL,ARK. ofi-erforsaleat their v c 8 tebltshtoentrfoime“\yar^^^ F I A N O - F O K T F S . A. H. GALE & CO.’S A f A N V F A G T O R Y , 1 0 4 , 10 6 a n d 1 0 8 XTJL XlAlrd. jA.'v*enu.ee—Purchasersareinvited tdcal and eiamin^ their extenalvo auortment of rosewood and rnahogan^ Piano Fortes, with from six to seven octaves. embraclnM^'ry variety of patterns, made In their Well known substantia' manner, undertthelr mmcdlate and per­ sonal snporinteadence. by skillful andsxperloncedmec- hanlcs, from the bestseasoaed materials. These Instruments embrace many important improve* ments* which will recommend themselves and are finished in the highest state of perfection, with the best French grand action, warranted in every respect by the manufac- tners. ai4 np Piano Fortes. N. B —Pitno Fortes with Coleman’s Aluilan Attachment. ; | i g g w n S e \ \ ^ ,K |r ’ p r - ' la the nsnal variety of packages. n i A N O P O R 'C L : MANUFAOrORY.-Ah emlrelV f.sS s H E S S S H S ; “ i a r n ’* s » r « a , . Tickets for the coarse three d,-llMs, to ba ! ____ ____ ontsc three d,-llars, to ba had of . STANFORD & SWORUS, No 139 Broadway, H. KERNOT.'No 633 Broadway, or of JOHN TOUREY, C. R. GILMAN. J. G. ADAMS, J. L. LE CONTE, iw2tv _____________ Com, of Atraugeroeats. ”“NfB!^A 1 ^g^^no°o«IS^^^ daysAom 12 th last, telilbe sent to the Public Store.______________ ol* j I b f thS*shTfi^l p l M ^ z t ^ ^ e h ' ^ l W In Utter the 1 ot Novemberi bespat to the Public Store. __________ 2 * _ a p | ^ “ro‘r ^ ! * ' ®*® A. 6EIGNETTB fc CQ ,3SSearerst F n i r l e y | T » t « i r - P I I iX E K S * ■ r i B A R c 'c v s ': w a x B » - N o . 11 W -ail s t r c e l , WO’W Y o flt* h C JLO V E S . lOmc* NOkTB Btrzii iKsmuacsCo;, » New York; 2d October, m?.' i 03“ A Pyidend of 4per ceaLi «ad * Surplus tBvt- iSu of 6 per cent, locether amondtiag to 10 p«r eeaL. tipot i« nanltal Sthck of IbU! Compjnt, for th<r six mooUt* eoa rmbec lut..haTc ihU day bech declared, paya - _ _ ar the n th Otwher (nst •raMf« w iu be Closed fiNtet the iiliSS oOlSto\*” Chemistry to the Science • ' ^ 3 s : s s s s « “ W 7 f ! fresh brei forWinfre Piano Fortes. iS S S S - i H S H B ,:’S » s f E ? . S S P 7 ' \ S “ eacn Instrument. Reference to some of the Best families ’°N^A Ftenos to let. sl5.np private sate only, by j HAGGERTY, DRAPER b JONES, jiu l J tetf^______ 54 WUllitm. cornet Flue st. ■ r t OUDAY GOODS FROM ENGLANDAN\'\’’\'” JU L mny be shipped on board the TON. which isto Ieara.Southaini 7thDecember. Arraniemenl \ discharge of inch goods on tl to OCEAN STEA DAY. CROSKEY fc R033. &)a'rilMpb 015 WILLIAM I8ELIN, Havre. , X K E E S . ; C O R lBlEaC lA J:. CiAQDEI^ A N D Y C » S E K X ,^ 0 F X A R S v N!4 a ; C O ., irwc. mt * a R D e w YORK. have for cnle, in 4d.dlUon to’their utnol sew and choice v&rletlea of Apples, 83Ch«Sf nnmfiGrapei^ snd omer Fralts., ids which they cnltivato, anp! by elviog ^ jeatlon to ihelf propogatloB, t •t the Treext which they tend oat, ________ y.ment of OmtmehialTrees i»d «hrab« in­ cludes the standini varieties tbr the avenue ana the lawn, 4s well as many olbetf, new and One A ll a rticles w ill b e d e U v ercd.at F a lto n m & ik ct w h a rf. 1 free of flBlrtt. ' Oat&toxti^ can. be nbtsioed gratis, ol the Fcopcletors« by jo ftU .o r a tiO P to e s tr e o t, N n w T o r k s ' i . eR(-3aw Jc C be »nf «9 ' HAWroi^St l»wa**d.auheir oTirarS.n?I J^^*W ? ^ L ^ * o c tefcre'Ute.iaeeathffij’ rt “ Sited the l«fc oclS law&n* 8 YUART P. RANDOLPH b CO. g74 WsU gtiaerantBraMway, goner B owmt atollStk ata. for. U ptfin he# ite, On»»emil tree*; 1* «> S® •\ M Enrgresu tiMs 6 to 14 feet, and at 23 per cMt. lass thsh tbs usual Mtef. Ord*« l«P»pBy «w n * « i “ d forwardi^ as dsslnd. oviipsoaatc! ' P i a n o F o r t e W a i ’e r o o m . Qii.BieaT’s.BqgT 0 M Puaioa—UolksiAit’a lEOLUJt A t - TACBKaMT—New Yoax Pixaos—Music ox axi, XDtns 0. HOLT Jr- 15G Fulton street 7 AT. s k ■ a NosSd Broeldway. _______ T O N IS M O R U E L T a. w „e: ^ 4 t 8 r O O O ^w e d w ^ iiate^ lu N w Brooklyn and WUlisjnihqg, to ?t>ll *PP'* ^ 1 3 ' ^ c ; r » can have constant eroptoy a t eofoO wages Apply to LOBIN BROOK3.138 Pnltoa street. New York, X O iPK U N X E B S . rfto D E SO L D . CHEAP FOR 0A8B. a Bamue A , P R IN T IN G T R E S S . A lso, a n Im p o sin g S to n e , 4 tret 8 Inches by 2:feet Sltiehes. Inquire at the Eveuina Posit ^UU'JCLLSS GOA ^Icotl,(or?aleloir —. -J chsIScoas Ol in Iot»toinit,by W O R T H Sc c o w l i n g . .. _J.TH .to COWLING, 24 Broadway and conerThompson and Fonnhsmeets. suit pur^ver*’! Lt^kkwa^^^ Lfmu muatWetories, also pre- .Corner of Bowery osd J3th s t . CoTBcr of Rtugeri and Cherry cor.DfSm; and eat, of Bowei and IS l h s u w t i i * — f e j e y f t t f t g y Matpawaici C » x r * * P » m * e m e e m t ! ^ JfeveiuflMr rteat.,- L E G ISLA T I7E , ALnikT), tiodober, IB S bnax *.—Mr. Dehuiitci} reported a, b hl approidtR' ting 955 S .000 to the enfariement of I h l Erie canal, to be diatribnted as follows: ^IS^OM ttjthe comp u p a of the w ork at Bttflalp and th* ^ L t m c t io a basins there; ^ . 0 0 0 to the locks a t iLoCkport and E e u d letoa; §®,000 to the ealai]gein|at between Rochester and' Syracuse 5 eW of Lotjl, fenerally la ffae enburgemeBt and; pohstruction Hvoira lortfie supply o)f w a teratltodi. •Iso, bills appropriating'^SO.OOO to the Black river, and the same amonnt to the Genesee’ Valley Catai^ were made the special or 4 er for Mondar* Biila disposins of thesame hurpJuB hatc beeij reported b the House. The ? 5 enste ip now in GptBmittee pl the Whole on the bills to abolish Teacher’dlastitnl Houss.—The Speaker eniloniiced jh The bill to ir hnnonneed jWqssrs. Sickels.- Carpentier, Burnell, Beefs and W . U-! Smith a s the *?DXk tax blll| amend the revised statutes in relattotj to volnutaty asBignmeuts by confined debtors. Wad read a third !. Mr. Walsh tnoved, to recomJni|l, the bill wiih lustractipus to amend i t so u t o prPvtdd for the abo­ lition of impriaonment lojrcoaisin h^cjiaea whatever Upou this there has been already a jtmtodebate. The achooner Sai rived a t New Orieai Y B O M t-T liB SOUjrBT. arah, from Bravos Isantiago, a ms, b let fron G :n. W ool .babHsf . . r s K B u u i * o o u > a J x . W , , e » f e S l L P S t p i f a . . . d M .oblingbiuailbaitbquakb!' I who lingering wounded or p ftgomea woise O H I O B l i E C X l c . . ig majori- G E O R e r A E L E C tlO N ; Will stand 62 ol each party, six counties to hear Irom. Tne Senators elected afe 22 demoefats to 23 whigs, and two districts to he£(r from, ' , o b 5 o t c g r 4 r . ? ”. b r . ? as.5,it°aSSfa,r/M“^ which usually goes deiriocraitc, to ;hear from. The With dates to the 24th tiUimo. ' T h i Pisa trom her passengers tht(t r —ttic \ \ mamder r passengers thdt a po rivqd a t the Brazos on tl S S b f B . hern mail.— sayune learns nshing’s bn- ---------- BaeSM C ieiya.be 261.’, ^h i ?iie*voto ?rs in the Florinda. i. | FrouTihe“^ i S t ^ o ^ |^ l o n L atest from V era C roz .—W p have been favored with extracts of, letters received ip Wa: hlngton from Pffieets at Vera Cruz, wlwch w-e myi before our read- . “ V era CRriziSeht. 25, 1847. “ W e are without any news trom ih > army since they went into the city ot Mexico, hut momentarily “ There w L a letter jeceived ypsllenl ly from Mex­ ico, which slated that Santa Anna w^s desirous to Se^?ecTvyl’r 1 , t S « 1 L T M { . l & zens ot Mexico were urgiog upop Him ihia measure. “ Gen. Lane wasjiaist at the bridge, and sent back for further supplies. , ■ | d.;.?b“K s S r , t e , t f . s , i ' f c r baa become much mord healthy;’^ ^ i Extract p faleuer ' t h & r T ^ r ^ n S r i t e m e t jaca; that he had delegated his powerstas President to Senor Pena y Pena and two oJjheSadges ol the Puebla, wuh 2000 cavalry, and that Col Childs, who has command ol ilie forts above the criy, had com­ menced bombarding, and had hove 300 shells into the city. This, sir, is the strange new^ we received last evening from Jatapa. My own opimon is—and on his way la Oajaeas lor. with so small a force he could not ihinkto cut on the reiaiorcem{snis tor Gen Strange to say, we ate without any letters that can be depended on—nothing from the army br even from Mexican Jeiters s a y jhat the leperos h id sacked the City, and that Gen. Scott cjuld not control them; but we cannot believe, anything from ^he Mexican rih in k that Pena y iPena and his associates will call Congress together* and will endeavefrto open ne- ^ Gen Lane was at the National Bridge when last leard from, and ought to teach Jalapa On the 1st of Major Lally, I understand, has- been* ordered to \ s p ’j y . a P ost O pf I ce A rrangements .— w j understand States in the Washington steamer. Hia last letter was Jrom Bremen. He was then on his way to He had made, the most satisfactorjf arrangement in (Jermany for the accommodation of onrrieamers and swer to hiB propositions to that government oh bis tern to London. ' ! ^ in acceding to me terms u ntil the meeting Office would also do .away with the inebuality in the postage ol letters landed in England trom pur steam­ ers. It was hoped that the liberal spitiit of the gov- ernment would ultimately remove all difficulties on the subject, and bring about an arrangement satisjacr torytb our government—Union. ' ' Cort25^2^ce of’ the Evealnj Post, bjl Telegraph. W*W Chte®'‘4 Oetobrt 9. arket for good fresh brands *os firmer, and 1 nude, censlstlng.chieflyireogd Iilmois ________ ,a t $Sa5 50, thelattejfof St-LonUcity ***Corn—Sales ofSOO ficks soned westeritin xed.weremade ktSlc. Oats—Sales of800 bushels wereimalieat33c. Fro- Wsioas—Dnll. and no ebaoge in prices, Sugar was dnU jwlth a downward tendency. potton BVggi ig—Sales at 16 C.)iton.-Maiketqffet,wlth moderate; »a ei at prerioiui Ke»t ioilteightiLlper icent. discount; Tte»«R; s Freights—Cotlbtt tpLlVCrpOOl ^ o n v W e Do do EnglUh wb)te.»e«!el Do Termed Ftentiel Do 44iocn»nU641acli wh'to SuperiorEifllsn ind medlmn^ r t I t i l l F A N C Y 4304»ns, -adapted 'to g C , ,w,rteseBtsearpB—Tbemto«ribeiffcoaId p«ticn- ' call auaatlon o f persons destroos of ttotelaing rich ; pdeurbO^, games, toltet _ Iressing cases, fce., com- R 4 ri» goods ever nrle« ax 0 X 0 X 0 ( 4x11 to piexse. | ' pr«*x XX «»»- DEEAISMES to BOKARD Imnottera 8^. lyRllxm it andyeHo*. | ■ S . ^ f a T O b . . . . . 3M < ^1tersey«m% M M .v*rioiw 65 Dongiaa Wavetly and GMd Maid, high ---- redOanil.— _____ es3r4 RrotenShiruBgs 165 l»le*7-8 Brown do 450 balex 44.5-4, 6-4, 9-4,104 and 124 Brown 45 casck SteSmixedSaUnete ISO biles 27 and 33 InchGottoa psnahuTp ■Titfen»iaieipt.,.to ■ f l l S i i E : ™ ManufaetPred solely by ■ I ?^JJ^“^^'^’| f “ '‘«VHanidhg!patlor a ; N e w B D g ^ l ^ d H e a l t t k . ------------ -- l U B ^ - s l i f l ^ S S S m s o p r e o n - a ? ” ' All necessary Information given, SppUeattona received. andpflU 6 .e, joH N M. KBWflp. .» 4 BS 5 aW a S q Now York, Angnst, 1847. ____________ se2-2|g R i t c l i F u F. H O W X , for ,fi 6 B r o a d » S t Qounlry Merchants supplied on favorable terms. • WOB.'XTk a r.COW X .IN G j, C O A X s I ) E A X i E f e S er of Thompson and Vonrtb’streets, aad Broi - near the Bowling Green, *»■ N kw Y ork . r. LAWRENCE WORTH JENRY 6. COWLING, BlacKhcatn and-Peacb Orchard Coals from thb iaodxof ihe Forest Improvement Conipany; also Liverpool-all of the first qnallty. ______ _______________________ol3 ' \ ' S s a ro„ ata deduction from yard prices. Apply to JOHN GEOLTUa N. B.-BoxieGatBenedS’s ! ' S S r N o ^ \ ‘'^ki. street, for the receptloa of orders. _________ _______ ol 2 JOHN OROLHJS, SCHOONER FAIR WEATt '*'« '° q t ^ x » ! , ‘i G « o ‘&.l07 Anibony st. near Broad way. C l IVANSIEA GOAD—Jnst received a caiga Swansea Coalt & &npe:rior article .for smitb orraanafactnring' use.' For salo in lots to suit purchaser^ by STITART r : RAKI i i ’S S F S F ® » O . M B . , , . . , . . . j a f - g a s . . p ’l s s g , Store and NutCfoaU prepared Ybr family nse. ..FOrsale * * ' ‘ ^------ ------- WORTH & COWLINGs 24 Broadway and cor. Potuth and Thompson Streets* ■ f e = l . L S ; a i , l (ri2 ______________ ^ _____________ near Broadway. mines, for sale by WORTH b COWLING, 24 Broadway, and cor. Fourth fc Thompson its. deUveringfrom\a\dayboaW ilzes, suits- i!ooO galldas Winter bleached Sperm OH 5.000 do Winter Natnral “ “ 4.000 do Bleached Whale on .4,000 do Natural Whale on 3,oqp do Bleached Elephant r ’* 2.000 do Bleached Lard Oil. For sale is quastlties ol3 _______ asd Caiidle Man (ARB —10 ca^a ;y ^ OB/yC—so kegs Eoglisb reSned. for sale by A EUM—100 bbls, for sale by A . ol3 _____________ WM- T. HICKS. 151 Front st XT AKD OIL—30 bbls prime torsate by J U ol3 _____________ ^ M .T . HICKS. 151 Front st. “ m i s IMutgRteteroror irr’s,” Roieng- rtX T R A C T OP LuGWOOV-SOOO iWAmariean, for JQd sate by til3 WM. T.ETCKS, 151 Front M INSEED QIL—5000 gallons JO D ll{E—50 lbs In one and twoto^itles forsaleby 013 . ________ ^ ^ ' ^ ' ? 5 ? ^ ’B t! t n \ c jo irra B B N c t * pcrlor quality ixcxrlet Podding*, from common to very « A D D I N G S _ ^ « = I t i «« i . f9T iiicby^ y W l* —Li flMk^ ^njge^rtoj;.q^lh^ »6 __________ 407 Bfoedwxy. ffY D A-^Blsck snd Grwn wa», 1 b 13 lb es ■ |^ to S e lH > p s ,r o r f x m U ^ ^ .^ ^ ^ ^ ___ _ ____ ___ _ . . --SlSexverst, Oetei^^ iratTonofthe' rlhehpDorof the pMt Week, tl Forparticnim andBroome a ^ ^ s s s s A> THE . . ■ B a o ' W | , r f S f ^ § « h s - : 257 Broadway, (Stewait’a tod stand, opposite the Park.)! HEmm or r ^ ] ^ JV O V D 1 L T 1 3 6 S G B D E R t SUMMER GOODS AND TRADE OPEN. IT received by the Havre packets, 40 cases of „ . , p o tT)ute^,he wbnld be plei^^^^ “3 S ‘” p o S S S ; ^ \erto HOBr”^’' ’’ '’ Fete . t ® . ’ ? j s | ^ s ^ a g ’j s ? 4 f - j i s e m s $ B ! s t i > t s o o . v s A M * - FiericTi Wmes--.eios.Vongimt, Chamlatth.Baune, In Brtd^nClaref Iniwoodafid cases, from $1^50 to *M»; IB boxes;. . A iin o r ia B ,* R a iB t u g . OX|rori^ :a a s & ! ~ j p L A i u ^ L t t ^ j ^ o t e-i jnotM »gt jastrecelved and for CARyiLLB. »W\. : ___ L 96 Broad sBCft* r^***°*** pr -wiaVlng -■W O R S T O C K IN G W l JD^machlherforsal^Mcheep,* lEOMcR E-Xr, 44 Etoxdwxy. s * : k trial w M ,A ^unri9CK , J w t ..» i i . r \ ■ ^ a s K s s ? ? . ' - s l ® 5 3 ^ e S S s B i f e r 0)2 I i J toNBRlGG8.4Wa4waste l « * H ' s i s s r s . . { ' A. SRl'GNlETTjB jk 4X)„3^Rs>Tst X.E—The s i« mbcM M V - ^ 1 ELIJAH PVf*\- - ’ Office ok FaltoB M x h iSIS rsicei 2 i i | i r t r Efijj ^ I ^ E A ^ i^ H E ^ GAiMJI.Ote twH tMdL*y j ii:5 h - ' . r

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