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Tql r ^ ^ i s r do y*l/fflifi»v.Woole^,^g^!safe |^ y J » i ^ « 7 H 4 f e § ; GteT^ Bile, a ^ » c W a » w ^ J B l i a 4 e W , J e v ^ M u A do E = x ^ U « f S S & T , T e ^ ; ^ 4 * a 4 « » e d P r f - dp W o ^ n ,^TT ii|pnIJ)iI»si,C iainlP!jil& u idao^ SOO J P ^ f c ^ e s C o * d s , etfflibl- C W i ! i c m » i ? 5, blaeJc.«wd coSoredi. Jiso i C2<^lue; Ci \sS^e^BsT P e e k , S i e o l s t f i t ' S c W H g f t t , Ai«iL» FjSjgnr 8 ^ ^ tnhiAHt far tbs , seleciej. wlOt eipeeSal reft«n«i-t» « » wens, ofOislate Trade and Ccaali? TowBi, Their stocfc I* compOHic ° B r e « « G o o d S t In gjwt varlesy, ^»1I &e fashlondWe style. In market, S t ’ S & a w ls, ofeve^^escr.ptktacsdttflathetixtiket^ordSi Also, ' c o ils a n d JL a c d it samaetit. Also, €lOVPS« ce^cbrni^^nanTifac tory of Eit- _ __ ------ - i fnU stock ol eve'^, i.bin< n hctr tice, which they are prepared to offer at f vrecedeaced I<qw Price*, fop cash, or approved paper, P A L L ^ ^ r m ^ r n k ~ ~ m o j ) s . W O O tE S r S E t m u s r A S m e r a w e b s . E B S E N AUTD EOTOTOn S B O B T S . J O f f J f P . W A K J ^ M A r r & C O . , ¥ T A V E m w OB l^ d f ^ T t^ c ^ tS D iltsa a iB g there- JST2L to by Isteanlval* and by tiiefir own' maunfactnre. a bigs assorlmeiit of Gentlemeas* FiunlfWBi Goods of the cfau'cest and most faablOBable ^les,sdaptedto the Fait and Winter seasons, coEsIstlsg lim it oftfiefollowlni; i.INEiy ATfD ranCTOH gHXRTS, to whltb they would raii partienlai AttentioB, being the largest stock andot the greatest-vtirtetyor pattehta of any bon,® in the city. I’NOER saiRTS AMO DRAWEBS, of bnekskiD, Sha­ ker. merino, wool, silk, eotton, fcc. ^HOSIER?—.Shaker, Saxony, wooUmerino, sUk.cotton, OLOVE^Kld, bnck, wi lino an (wool. ac \E F 3 AN0CEAVA1 mohair and east -------- STOCKS A \ jDode, fancy,Ae. * c . POCKET HANBKFS—Prtnted cambric, Spltalfield, O gee. bandanna,, fc®. ,BNOBES. WDBES, collarr.bosonit.niotninirgo’iriJ.,. ’ BBt tULDER BRACES,, abirt itnd,, pnnei, gloye itreteh- f 8 JFs0f'«7 I f , N o r * v y < n r S , M o x t i , C a B > d H a t - A t - r - - te!rrarss^S\a SSIHSi i ? s e i r s r : i S f i e . A 5 & - ' S 114;;= I i -IIP? • ■ i l f l S l£ i s , s ; : N e w Y o t K m a r k e s f . CoTTojt.—The aales on Saturday were about 700 bate*— Slneetheateamei’anew, we harehealdof no «t!ea—the onfarorable account, will tend to depres, the market. It U yet too aaily to torn an opinion how price, will be ef- —— « in J c Willi_ la ^ : l o w —Ship s t s hJp liebnlte, fm f g , n .R0,-Pae> at shipSwltierinBdj for lAndoii. Wind C lc a r e a B iacc o u r la s t . Ship Jane Morr SOB, (Br) Eobortson.Hondam. J Lee A ^ark Cindace. ( fardnet. Canton, Baeklln k. Cmne. Bark >A* b Lonl a, VVnght, Maianzaa, SpoITord, TQleston Vernen, P iitnn. Savannah. ErijFrederieo, Span) Celpl, Montevideo, W Wlieforeat SeliAmanda Ophelia, Redgetr, Newbein,Plattfc Van 's c l Ort»|08, Ht io«k, PhfIsdiIphl»,p(aH k Van Brant, Sch yucatan, I ivtsoo, Bhi,adeiphJa, J Hand. Sch Eydfs, Fo»i, B8UlBto«,4l*iiier fc Lord. Beh mary. Rich itdsoo, WaihiBgton, HO. Sloop Copy, Cai twnght, Phlladelphia,Plan A Van Brant Brig Honlton, I Igglni, lij d , im. Eastport, with pla,tet to ; Sch Telula. Br< wn, 14 ds fm Cherrjfield,Me,Inmbar to SchConyert, B ilt,4d, fii Boston for Albany. Velocity, J tonlgomery, 12 d, fm Boothbay, platter lo ^ ^ 0 o d i Hfclsrson, 3 di fm Gloncesier, with fish to A pstlveA s i n c e o u r lo s t , sloop of -war Albany, Lt Kelly. 4 ds fm B( J H Allen,, himpbell, 70s fm Chsrii Commerce of the Pott of New York, from 24 h Sept to 1st October, both inclaalve : No. Passenger,. Total ................................ :.47 IMO cuiaanca,. ....... .?8^- ......... 3T ^ t e S T T \ ' : : : : ; merchandise ......... d o - t Exports of specie . ................ ■: ........... ::::::::: 5S ___________________ .............. 83,128.': 52 Eala K aileoad —The receipts of the Erie Railroad for the momh ot September were as follows— T ie receipts for September, 1846, were— ' i r £ £ ? e n . . d . . , i silk, satin, mohair ana catnmere. BPRIHe STOCKS ANB OPERA TIES—Satin lode, fancy,Ae. Ac. POCKET HANBKFS- - ...................- . .. ih,!. Pongee, bandannas., ailSP collar* ®®ACI3 ----- ------, , -------------- ^ -.s LINENS, mnalln».TOtln«.silfa^vejtogs, and allMnd,of The U. 8. Treasurer's statement for September. ,hows stock. matensl» aadtninmlnp,Ae.Ac. _______ »°ld np that on the 20th ofthat month, there were on deposlte to n r 1? r IVI iv r l ^ ttecredUoftheGovernment,thefoHowlngamonntslnthe Increase, SSiper cent * 85,430 71 The increase on pauenger, is 7 Ii per eent. 1 0 ^ 8 ^l^'***^’ * lampbelf, 7 ds fm Ohstleston, cotton. Sec, Baric Carolina, Sodfrey, 6 ds fm Charleston, to Dunham ADimon. Brig 8?Ims,Cil’en,7d3!fm Savannah, with Iwnber. to Campbett A Moo ly. ' Brig Cnnonltti!, Woodfitje, fra Trinidad, 9th nit, with sn- **Brig Vanebuyer, Small, fm Trinidad de Cuba, 7th Sepr snaar, fcc.to Nes nith Sc Walsh. Brig Vandalla, MUchtll, 20 ds fm Santa Cruz, de Cuba, maboeaoy. Ac. Left no American vessels. Brig Wetnmpk s, Walt, IS ds fm Mobile, cotton, t c , t\ Stnrjes, Cloanna n A Co. » Brig Macon, H( ey, 6 8s fm Savannah, with nidzo to R Brig L Baldwl 1, Jones, 7 dsfm Savannah, with mdza *^ Sch**MadS^,’ of Wanen. Me, Keiler,22 dsfm Mobile, with 3080 s-mves to Brett A Vose; J49 bis cotton to C Del­ linger, 91 do to order, Hch Sabins. A1 chore wltbihiptirohei sff Caoe ZjQokon ior Boston. Sch Two Broil Sch S W Wail, Betutoir, 5 da fm Wilmington NC with naval stores lo J , L MeCt^adj' & Co. Sid in co with biig David Dos'd an< snh Harrison Price for NY. SAILEI>--Shi aSwItzetland, Knight, for London; Leha- nor, Manilla; Rt 3coe,Rio,J«nelro; Jane Morrison, Hundn- ras; Glasgow. Miblle; barjes Sir Isaac Newlon. HamburB. Constltuuon, Bit men i Asn Coxtisst, Matanans Boston, J Welsl .for James Rivet; brigs Maria lize, Hon; Klcha d, Joseph Bklch, George, Fret: baron, and others. The steamer Northerner,! ton sld on Satnrd ty. M e iu O P a n d A . There were lOdO arrivals, and 583 clwances at the port of Boston dofinej the month ot September. Of Che arrivals, 24 brigs, 192 sehbners were Brillsh I 3 bugs Brazilian ; 1 bark Dutch ; tharemalader American. Of the clearances, 24 brigs. 181 schooners were British; 2 brigs Bitzlllan; re malnder American. : TRIM Ml NOS. N e w F a l l S t y l e s o f 1 8 4 7 . D . A . B O O T H 3 1 0 0 W i l l i a m S t r e e t ^ ] f e , T o r l S y Im p o r te x ! m a d . H E d iA lifa.cttxxerr • « T O C l 4 D Invite the attebtionofpmrchaserB to hU u____________ _ _____ _ ______ ___ „ _________ ^ T t newandlarge stockQfg9oas,con5lstii!gof Fringes, . drawn for 86,729606; but there was a difibrcnce of 864.71: Gimps; Batton*. Ac.. Ace for dr^seii, Ac. Also, Drapery, which added, leaves 94 328,789 as the sum on deposit sn Carriage and other Trimmings; In great variety. Newest jfceC to draft. ■ - lived by ateam>iSjthrourhth> season. Bold yuAKsvaa. eanaaai,.: styles to be received by ateaufeis through thd season. Bold bv package or otherwise. Terms and iwices madyte give satisfaction Orders n ^ e npat shoitaollce;_____________and np FRENCH CHINA. D . G . S t D . H a v l l a n d , Bfo. 7 4 JTolsn s l r c e t . Importers of Porcelain, are receiving goods inusnalas sortment amang which are w o o K S S l r \ ' ! * - ” - ' \ ' ' 2 0 0 p s s ix s v a s e s S o r m a a t e l o r n a m e n t s oOO p a i r s r J c n Coffeies e JSasib.eZs, G a n U lb s t BtSs G a n U lb s U c R s , & c . € f e o r g e B y s r a * THKER AND WHOLESALE! DE No. larPSAia STKIST 1^7 / ■so o v / n & B i s «*■ , S i l i p s , S t e a m t j o a t s a n d P n M i c Houses, n r g B tE rabscrlbers, in addition to thelrusual full supply oi I . A N n jpA w e sr o r y g o o d s , have rnnde eslensivo arrangements for the purchase and sale of artIcles*uItk,blefor Pnbltii-Houses, Ships and Steam­ boats, in partasfollovta: S h e c itiiie s . 5:4 to 12:4 Barnsley, and other styles o f Linen . 4 4 toi2:4 American Cotton, j 36 to 45 inch Linen and CotsoU Pillow Casings. ' O a m a s l x s . m and' Onttoo, for table cloths, lyii^. brown, colored and white.- ^ * T o -w e U lnsr* ye;Hnckabnck apd Scotch Diaper. , Linen aiid Crash. C u r t a i n m a t e r i a l s , Damaskand'wateredJSIoraensi nlfstylesand prices. ■ Embossed f^ttoa Moxsens, alt colors. Twilled and plain Tnrket End Muslins. Red and Gold Bordering for dd- Drapery ftlaslInsTrich EfenchJace and embroidered. Colored and white and .white furniture Dimity, new WuDi, eotton, worsted ^ ^ sUk damask cloths and covet Embossed cloth TablaandB^uio Covers Linen and cotton, all styles, wlidihk andprleesi f l o o r C i o t b s . i PrintedDinggets,green Baizes and Stalz.|U]iei]. f every variety ofs^I^slze.'and weight C o u n t e r p a n e s a n d Q u i l t s . n berths and sinsie and double beds. _ : Also; white and colored China Matting, Item 3-4 to 6 4 Proprietors'and Agents will always find a toll supply, and at lowest prices. DORETHDS & N tX O N , ■Bgi NassaU s t, opposite the Post C W e w E n g l a n d C o l d P e n M a n - T i f a , 6 t o r y . B A R D * UKOTCBCmu dia m o n d p o in t e d g old PEN MANDPACTDRERS ivo UgjaaKs IX g o l d a n d s i l v e r ‘PENCIL CASES. m . 1 CawtAienvttBtstsn. N o . i O » w m i a m . s t r e e t . N e w Y o rfc. S a m n i e l & B Y e r s o n - NO. 47 PERRY STREET. 3.050,000 RATgs roa BUTiHo B ask N otes , C hecks , & s ,, a ttss ' S § = = ? i 8 « - Indiana........................... OhlOs.vsde.s... Te.iaessee ....... titoUhip Geo'fg'd Evan'l!,*'4f 73o“t D i s a s t e r s , & c . S hip Auscas U a letter received In this city from the ¥ S ^ m s m s the remains of those recovered. The bodies of the captain and mate hot ^aen^ found-one female was among rSsA s4rNp:».r»;S'S'',fi tsris. W b a l e i u e n . D e i a t o u r H; S m ,,. ’ ? ' ic r m o m e t e r . <848 ( 1845 [ 1644 | 1843' J C i l l i l E t i l OCT. 4 I 1847 I 1345 | 18(|5 | 1844 1 1843 i ' i - This morning, after a short but paintol illness, PETER SMITH, in the 58lh year of his year. ' His Iriends and acqnaintsnce are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, wltbont farther invitation, to mOriow, (Tuesday) moinlcg at 10.o’clock, ffom bis iate lesidenes 249 East Broadway. On Wednesday Sept 29, of dropsy, after a lingering illness, Mrs ADELAIDE BENEDICT, in the S9th year of her age, Oanghter of the (ate Glands grayer. , aged^ai Jacqnes. ' imerment. On the 1st last., at 106 Elizabeth street, after a short and painfmiliness.MARY W. STEELE, Wife Of Prof. John Steele ,sged 64 years; On Sunday, 3d Inst., ELIZABETH ACKERM a N, infant danghter ef Peter M and Sarah Bayard. aged 15 montbs On Saturday. 2d inst, ELIRA AIJ j EN, wife of A. B. Du­ bois alter a long and palnfijl Illness, vvhlch she bote with Christian fortitude. OnStmday,3d Oct., ELIZABETH WINTBROP, only daughter of Lewis M. Rutherford, aged 8 months and 13 At Newark, N.J., this morning, (detober 4th)'CHAR­ LOTTE MATILDA, second daughter of jo«l W , andHat^ garet Condlt. The friends of the' family are Invited to attend the fnneral to morrow (Tuesday) at i o’clock P, M., from No H Park Place. The interment is to be in the Cemeteiy of St Mark’s Chuich, Orange N. J. Yesterday, the 3d Inst, a t Manhassett, L ; 1., of |Coi lion. ANN AMELIAldanghter Of Hekry Morrell. Therelatlvesand hriends of the family, are respectfully ; Invited to attend he r toneral wlfhont further invitation, from her Jato residence atJo o’clock to-moirow morning: ■'sw Orleans, 22d ult, of the ' prevailing epidemic AM^MKRE K E f \ • ------ ” • epi^mi At Hartford, Conn; WILLIAM J. BARRY, M. D.. aged 42years, eldest son of Rev. Edmond D. Barry, D. D, of Jeniey city. in Pon|nkeepsle, ^ p t. 7, w i l l ia m SCBIVER, it ' 66tli<yeaiof hSi age. Burned or Scalded:, ....... 1 to g ■ n Y A V E r e n n l x N « . l E T 1 Conitlandtand Dev ______Y io m HI , _ B roeid'svskT . V Bey streets. _______ t. side; betw . P u r e W a t ^ r . Y E A K C E ’S; W AaCEK. E X L X E K S , N o . 11 W a l l a t r e c t , N e W Y o k k . r X U l £ pobiie ere intonned that he ha* constantly oir B hsad AVatet Fillers, of the most approved canstrne- tion. and wairanted well toahswetthe i^ntposes ftrwhVeh they are inteaded. ________ _ _________ _______ sl3np H o r a c e W a l d o ifWPFERS for sale, at No. 29 Pine street— S i 35 cases Indlgn bine, mid black Csssimeres 40 do Kentucky Jeans, various iwlors 275 bales-ScMlet. Blue. Tellow and Green PlanneU, Piaia and Twilled S50 case* Kerseys andRIalns, viiioUs styles and qnah -65 e ^ s Deuglas Wavetly and Gold Plaid, high ' 150 bales Indigo Blue Drills 300 bales27 A 49 in-Btt>Wrs Drills „ . ^ , 425 casev3-4,7-S, -1-4, li-4, lOA and 12A Bleached Shtrtta?s . , . ' 5 ^ ^ i M a i ^ r s ’^lpdShirtlagSttipea 27, and SO 175 bm 2 Denims, -variDusqualiHes 260 bales 2u, 27, 28 and 30 inch Ticks 120 cases Colored <?amb?ics 250 bales 3 ^ Browii-Sl^lrUb£5 !65 biaesT^BroWn da ' « -, 5^, 6-4, M > '20-4 pia 12-t Brown 165 biaes Br 450 bales 4-4 5^ c : A i ^ x r r A f c sa o o g o o o . _juSties\\.., ................ ... ........................ ... E : ; : | I ^ ^ r ^ c e , ^ 8 Pmr^^rebVrth. E;?r^i„-toV c irW t;::;\.1 S r : : : . - ; : ; : i H i i i g i i i l p t . „ , ......................... S 4- A x f tW«A t h i s tMMKiMaA ijisasss .................. ’iw ^ '0 1 * «*'■ 5 d.fmWllnil.gton. NC: With nsva) id IS ds Cn Portnne Bay. N E, in '%wi cSto ___ _ t>» J C VVil - BELOW—Ship stM afy, Bilffia, NOrleans, to Stanton k jMiws mi w tw T s ric-B r ADJHOiflrr, , [Rvary I aw , a s M a llA n a t time HUR tw Mtsotted sreto, * h ^ comaMaea aad take eSect throochoattiie ite,oa and,Bothetorelha tweatiethday afier toe day of s u l jpaspa{e,i^ cntiSMI by the Secretsryof Biaim— 1 12. dtl«4. el!.p. 7 ,p« t L RevlMdSialnMw J iTw y lA w so puhluM iiyh}a,(th8 State Prmier,)aiti b* readia e v id e ^ frosi aim paper la -Which Itihaii he c<»- tmned.ln alt eoarts ef Jnstteelath!. state, and (n all pro- ceedliys before enyoffieer, body or hoard. IS which it sbatl bethoughtethought aeceraeijenaxy w roter thereto^reto, uatpntp threel manths Boston n, cotton. : b aec lo refer the o t aftex the chweof the session In whlii ubecii Sec. 8, ttUe 7, chap. 8, part I, Revised Statute* AN ALT to provide for BiUng the vacancies In the otSeea of Jusr.cs6f the Sapenor Cubit im the estj of New York, and Recorder in the city of Albany . Passed September 13.1847. Tker Petfie »J tie S u u of Jfeto York, repraenUiH BentU aad jlntmUg, i» eaacc c s f o U a K s ^ SectiOB 1. The govemor shall aoejlnate and -with the consent of the Senate sppoiat a snltable parson to fill the vacaniy ip the office of Justice ot toe Snperier Coert in the city of Npw York, eecastoned by vhe reslgnatloa of Samuel Joaes; and the-person so appointed sbatl bare the same powen and iarlsdletion, and receive the same oom- penratiOB from the ilme of his aFPoimmeut m tim etcM ot the present ycAZ which thesiidd Dnniisl Jonss woQld hsi An Act is rslattoatotbelasaranee ofpubl,c bmlillngs. beuenVm*^ toffm“*vutegl,“ mty,* waSty^owetog m2 sriSr Section 1 The words “ suie third” shall besnbsUlnted for the word* “ tlcie fourth” where they occur in section immadiatoli ___________i thorn, of Thomaston. 7 ds fm Savannah, wlib ihip tlraber and planl to Badger* Peck- 87ih sepj, off Cape Lookon!, speke brigBarah Haaklil, from Savannah ly. State of New York, ( I have compared the preceeding Secretary’s Office, \ with the original taws on file in toil office, and do certify that the same Is a correct transcript thererroin and of the whole qf the said originals. N. s . BENTON, Secretary of Slate. », 5ds fm Washington, NC, with »l ;S.?Ss';ar.,?rr.\i’S Sept —r'« h -sSah ic Clarissa,” from N F o r p l e a geiine, Banks. Ei.8TM4caii.s-At24th sch J A Simpson, N7. uarolioB, tide, Slocum, Albany; sip Republic, Sowle, ■■'i __ ___ % r i m c e * i ^ t e f ^ t i x m glvefi, n ^ li»aiBU Kce^rM, N a s r Y « k .a i ^ t ? < ? - ['■ r ( S H I P P C ? f Q F o r t o R N e w -Y iorA „ O c to lb e r 4 v ^ inn are*. .6 IS l smf sKfr«; .5 44 | arsto wI^Taa 5 87 WOT C I4g««< - . S S f e a Fm r.ar>*cW o«Sr^^Jw^^Kfn^ton,BoW en,’r ^ • E m ilseneexs* ^ ^ ^ . ” ? ’.S'J‘A-r.f'-‘’*Chas Gray, MlUviUe, Bermn- ®^®Pt Demerara . sch EUza S aiAr^Id. 1 st^sch J O IteUnd. Cio«..i fre tty r a e ^ . ■ ...... j^ioi, Sepi 29I-CJ* sch J D Jones, S a tes, Hew m , &c.t W8» r pbrted complete, Oa tpouou oj NR. Ruihei)pfd»ti bill granting ccrata.prtvilese3 to the New York fir men w.aareferredno beyeported cornpiete. On ino. Doiic.f 41f. Wemrian, ibe bill relative to the taxstipn Of p e i^m il property in New York, was made tlic A t lo n having adnpu lard, Esq , as the plan a a pofllui net Slot im o u t A fisaclv feted by Calvin Pol- xisrkott iUt led the design offere for (he proposed Monmnvni m HamU ton Square. arr'iDgtfmonts have been mnrfe for constrnciing ifllua of the loundauon this lall and far laying iheCor- iione wnh appropnaie ceremonies, on the WihJOetober istant, being the Anniversary of the Surrender ot Cora- ’allls. at Y'lrkt iwo. in 1781. The Governor o( this state t i s bren roquested to lay the Coiner Stone, asslijted by the Governois ol tbe several States, who have all been invited to be present for that pur- The President and Vice President of the United States, the Beads of DepanmenU, Ex-Presidents, Members ot the Washington Family, the Officers of the State Government, Members ol the Leiglslitare and the Corporation Of this city, have been invited to assist in the Ceremonies of the Day.— And the trnstees hereby invite the co-operation of the cltl at large, and' especially ol the MlllUary, the various Trades’ Societies, ihe Free Masons, Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance, Rechabites, United America^, Tammany Society, New England. St. Nicholas’, St. Georges’, St. idrews’, St. Davids’, the several Irish, French, Gor­ man, and Italian Societies, the Hebrew Benevolent Society, the American and Mechanics’ Institute, the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, The Fire Department, The several Literary Societies, The Officers and Students of the University and Columbia Col­ lege, The Fubllc Beboot Eocietles, Teacheraand Pupils, The National AeSiFtfiy of Design, The Art-Uolon, The Judges of the Counts and Alambers ct tbe Bar, and all oth­ er Societies or Individuals who revere the name of Wxsn- them ln commemorating his services amt commencement of iho great, work they are about to undertake. The spvenil societies atf requested to appear with their banners, but no potitlenl banner nor device will ba permitted in connection with the caremanles. The arrangVsments for the day will bo annonneed hereaf­ ter, and In the meantime all soeieiles or other bodies in- itndlDg to take part In the celebration, will confer a favor 0 AssnclatlPii by commnnlcailrg, without delay, with ominiuee of ArcaDgeiuonts,ai the office No. 8G.Mercb- F.; i*.s G. DB ase , Josiru C. U art , D a MILT uh 'F isj , C alvin P ollard , WiELiAM H all . Commiiteo of ArrangeinenU. R. D H art , Secretary. o2 iw jTON, to join tl toes by the coi ^;*o,\''c^o‘^ ‘v'liw ^ r ? __ The lecm/ei w .(te delivered in tie hallo/the College )f Physicfans, No.67 Crosby street, beg.nnlng ou FIUDAV, iwo lettures will be doUvered each wesic, on Tuesday and Friday eveniD^s, at half pa*i 7 o’clock. \\'“ W i a i S S K ' f t S ' ! gor A Dividend of 4 per cent, and if Surplus Divl- ..... the 5ih until the llil JOHN BEGEM AN. Secretary, It _______ ^PROSPi 3PER M WETMORE, Secretary. i , s » . » SSHE.,S5 iiS*:'S“ ubscri er. NELSON, 85 South attest. All goods not permitted in 5 days will be sent to the pub- tv s i g g a - a - a r ’’'''’\ '’x\ iriliLt::. Ol Ulc 0101*01 i.icirr Aoin, a ue iiausici oooas win uo clo­ sed Tuesday, October 12, at 3 o’clock, P M. For the aceommodatian of stockboldors. tianifers will be permuted during Ihe time toe kooks remain dosed, to take efiect the 1st of the following month. JOHN Ert’BlN.ComptroUer. Ct^iiMllei'* Office, Now York, October 4,1817. S f s H i g S S : All persons lalerested In too above preposition, I avmg iHIOt EY. R. T. Htl CSr feast Poqrteti iCdfliaitVfDCS, E D G C A X l O n . ---- -jeet, between Imlversity Place Clicniara cab beoiitaliied.at tbeBcIiooIi idwzkrd-v a t tlxe o^ce >of tbe JNatttUns ........ kl! k of 14 to 18 will bore- »25tf ________________________ ___ navins txe^n a JL iDhantevy five years, haia now restimdd ^ lie pracneeor hJs proffewiou, He will confice Wmscif j^lncipalTy to office business, and partlrnJariy to ihe examJasIlPn of mies to ; ^ l Estate, to the sife investment uTtnouies, and procurinf lo------------* lOTioired toto the city, asd will tlhewls of « xh 1 to m c^irecuaf «f rt-a-, inf tie accounts,’aod;to thee»U^ raaaagciaeavofa»ta(ea- Trustee. ConnseilM U Lkig. 45 WHUnm gtfMt* w aN D D AN N »£D S T JE A D N r MlA» Mfcelp, «»d « « Inw prices can be TDNIgllOWUHr IP o g ^ e r ip i* ' « y H lajgm eilc XeleKC«Pla.'- I i^IBW YORK. LEOISLATUEE. AL»A3iV, Oct. 4^ 1S47. ScjtAXK — io Eesaion- Hops*—The bill to gave meebaBids » heo tfi Albany, Trdy, New York,. Brooklyo, &c,t rtetf complete. Oa tpottou t>f Mr- granting ccratn.pfivtlege3 to the New York fire- w edn o b e jt 'emrian, property ;r for theT2;h Honae are in coiriiriittee on a bill to systema­ tise the common schqbMItiw. • FROHX X B E SOGITEr. \We l it r e receired the Union o f Saturday eTening, -which has bad the advantage of an exammation 4ji the1 letters and papers from New C)fleans tft thB,.Se— speciajl order for the tost. letters and papers froi taiy of State by the ex rtlf toilowins are sbm' E a tiact of a letter from United States Flag-ship Getraaniown, Vera Cruz. aislHepf. 1847. By the latest aecoiiats. General Scoll enfexed the city of Mexico on the 14th inEiant, having, after some hard fighting, dnVen oqt the Mexicans under lien. Santa Ana, woo had retreated to Guadalupe with .(he remains o f his discomfited army/ Geueral Bravo and some other Mexican officers, o f distinction are said to have been killed. I enclose a file of Yera Cruz newspapers, which furnish all the information received horn Mex;ico up 10 ihifl henr—th t imelhgence reachicg us through varioos Mexican cbannele, tbe communicatton with. the aimy being still closed by armed parties ot guc- nllas. The Sun ot Aoahuac has n ot been published to-day; I therefore send a Mexican palter, El Arco Ina, ihe siatemeuis m which are not to be relied on i euclosc some hasnly written notes tromMr. —— , Can officer in Yera Graz.) [Rtferrsd to in the shoTc.J Monday Morning, Sept. 20, W e have received an express from Mexico, which briogB U3 the news thnt the Americjin army, after laiung Chapultepec aud the eitadef, entered the city of Mexico Gen. Bravo was killed, and Gen. ? anla Ana, with the remaining Hoops, went to Guadaloupe after suf­ fering much. 1 learn that ,3?W^rawroTciirf cu V n ^ OdeanB ”” V ers C bi - z , Sept. 21,1847. I tvrote you yesterday, and informed you ol rpy :om(nuaicauon from Orizaba, w h i^ staf<-<i positive- a ? a ““ s ; r <“>■ BENJAMIN MOONEY,' Ancltoneer, A. H. 5IULLEE,AUcaoi _ C h o i c e O ld W i u e a t B r a n d i d B , J a m a i c a £ k n m , Ac.c, , !s s a 7. sssssK iS r ■ S » ‘; ' l ! 4 5 s ? 2 f r . f ; r X w B f s f ” I S S S s p i ; £S-m=SS;fS! and had retired wnh the remaluder nf hia tioops, which had suffered much, to Guudainpe; that, be­ sides the Mexican troops, Gen. Scott’s troopi countered about 20,000 leperos ^and women arms and stones, but, at the first gun fired, they **fthinkI*havea?rM drmentioned to you that tbe f e f r 7 d T s » m “O T the mouth, and from thence to a certain point, the If any news reaches this day before the steamer leavps, X but the signal out. Nothing new since morning. The Sun of Ana- huaq has again set, but to rise more brilliant in a day 1 send you the Rainbow. It is, you known, nil Mexican. ■ . • Among the papers are tv/o printed sheets, in Spa­ nish, containing notes from General Scott and Santa Ana, ot which the Union aaysi It ioppeara from them that ihe Mexicans insist upon a wOr'd of indemnifications—for what our ormy has done in their lowns and villages, and for loss's sus- lamed by the people in the (mnntry. Even ihe mis­ chiefs perp'eirated by their own guerillas we are to make good! As to territory and boundaries, they ara equally shorl of the mark. Tfivy first d- manded that no part of betii-eon the Bravo and the Nueces ws md'Xfd as a pqrt ol Texas- Then ihi io have modiried fhcir propositioua, ti a line a few leagues Irom the c'nast In _ ^ .i^ a few leagues Irom the cnaM lfom the Bravo to Xurtcea) tii’l they sttik'e the 37th degree oflatitude, and (hence to the Piicific ocean. s!i|£SSHSSF€isri gotmtioD died away o.' itself, or, the armistice being broken, the matter (cl! with it, does not appear, as Jar as we are advised from the pnnied sheetbefore ur. Ope impression is left upon us, from the whole thethe ieit'raeit'ra andnd papersapers beforeefore us—ands—and thatai is, that th< i a p b u th do pot confirm the' reports thaMve had reports tha violent teoismnue made bv the Mex'«ans,io7toegreQi loss on our side, or G-n. Worlh’s wound. The lepe- ros and the women figure more in ihese accounts than their regular troops, or even tlreir gijeriilas. From tlioSun of Anahnac of the 20ih. IMPORTANT FR031 THE SEAT OF WAR.— L'ttei-S Were received this morning, of which we bad cognizance barding the City, which a portion of them entered the next morning.' 16ih, the balance remaining at ^ ”4^0* Sama Anna received a wound in tl and retired with his routed army to Guadalupi Qen. Bravo was killed in the action. The slaughter was terrible. R vmors .—Notwiihstanding the frequent warnings given by ns to our friends against the rumcME vvhlch Constantly abound in thi.city, aeverai of them were in g slate ot sgitation yesterday on account ot the re ­ port that Puebla had been retaken by the Mexicans, aqc| that tha garrison had svrrendered, after a deadly ' X s a u S S ' S ? f * “e S % T 'w ^ hope our trtends will hereafter believe unfsvatable re- porp only when they come from a good scource 1 heard ol iS,lo7*he{ 9 ^ D b 7’*^1^! c!’’T h ^ ^ preients a good opportnolty for the ihlpment of apples, drugs and colonial goods. For freight or passage* ha patstd fnroisgance tmd con footofClimon street, or to ROOT. KSRMIT,76 South St H A B L U ^ n N U B S E H Y .-L A R G E TUBBS FOR STREET PLANTING, comprisirg, amone (Ithif varlslls*. ELM8. SYCAMORES, ALANTHCS LINDENS, MAPLES, Eaxllah white ASH. HORSE CHES- :NUT8. }LOCU8Ta. WILLOWS, BEECH, together with all‘toe most admired . le V E a O D E E N S of large elze are offered for sale a t reduced price*; and if re qnired wilt be planted out by akUlfal gardener*, and war- AltoFraltTreesirall the best varieties,and of good sizes, and carefully packed for any dlstecce Geialosnes may bo bad on appileatlon, and orders by mail, or othoiwlse, promptly attended to. Persons desirous to tee the trees tan readily visit the Nursery by toe rail car* wh’ch leave the City Hall direct for Harlem every hour during the day, SlirilAEL FLOY, o2 im ____________________ Harlem Nnrsery. N. Y, tfU B I A a tP A G N E , P O R T A N D S H E R R Y S . / WINES—FOR FAMILY USE.—Single basket* ot fiiue* sent free of expense. Champagne*—Heldslck. Plarry, Ne Pius Ullra. Russian Eatle, illnerva. Venqs, and Sillery Slontseux, In quarts and pints, at 37 to-312 per dozen. X’ortWlnes-^PnreJulce.aud Old IdindonDock, In wood demijohns and eases. Sherry Wines—Duff Garden- Amontillado, ManzstilUa, Pepianiln, and Pale & Brown’s from 75cenuto $3 pergsl- lOQ, in wood and glass. I'lench Wines—CIos Vongent, Chamlatln. Baune, In Bordean Claret in wood and cases, ftom $2,50 to 34,50 n«r dozen. * d Brandy, Jn d'mijohh* and bottles. Green ami^Blaek, ln_6 and 13 lb boxes. A. R, THOMPSON. 52 Beaver street. .. .AS—Green and Black, In 6 c .Havana Scgais,first qnaUty. For sate by ass“’“'s Mark each package “LEECH It CO’S UNi iardt Sc Co. T in C P O R T B K S O F GfcKOTAN dk F R E N C H J, DRY GOODS, No. 2-JWil:iam St., up stairs. :8cle Ageoi* in the United Suites for' the sale of the Cloths and Doeskins of J-IVtilpng fcSohn, of Lennep. 'Also, coaslantfy on hand a fall assortment Of— I CASgiMERBS, i VESTINGS, DEAF D’ETB. SATItfS^ .rroaiTtB iiMt minnifciorlcs Jn Eatopr i which ihfT offM fot sale on the most favorable terms._____________ i^iasisiicg 1 1 Biyies — JLiUUW Ai r i i a«u — »cu wires this oppommuy pr iDVlUog then: frie.nds,.aQd the public .Reerallytocall aftheir otabllshment, beforepurchaihig ' A. fc F- R. have eonstanUy on hand thel* supertor made ‘IGalTtnlc Spring Mattrasics”—being ihefinittointrodncCi toose aitldei in thi* country are prepared to Oder them «i very reduced pricss. guSQis rr~ ^ o - uprising every varl- H O M E S l ^ l a t I f o f i ^ . HBHHY H, WED3,Aiteti<»?ert tfe)h r T g R u a W B o i l E i U t t t i i u i B -nt. OirFalflfln|X,jMlwi(telTrf E c - TOTc. Tka attention of oto^s.M.itqaested,: a**acb»eol!efclh<nl»wld3«oar.‘fed at pubric anetton— Amcgg'Qtem iathf celetonteawsiori^t i^intliigofNapo . .......... .... . HENRY H. LEJEDS, Anclloiioer, r l l n s S U v e r* E h i n e i h a t t d s n t * a n d E a i n i « d a n d E n a m M I e d W a r e , French Clocks, French and German Fancy loods. Shawls, Anstrian W art. ete J 1 3 f EN iS V H . D E E D S dfc CO* wlH soil a t auction ■ a oa TUEaDAY, Oct. 5, a t lO o’clijek, at,the Sales ^ m ’J^I^GloDS-ComprUing lacqneired and gilt tea pays, fccauerm TtorJtlaWes, worn boxes, c^mp’etev5«« « d - R K O A H W A T TBUBATJAE. (Entmdeqlii™ 4way, fceiweeit Pearl aadABthmurns,- a?Sio’eJo|c.. Fertbtmanee to cemraenee at paper folder*r book eases, :c&biL,_^ Ff«nch_Chtna eet»; Bohemian glass ifliS isliig S i; f A%^isiCsSBSEj,‘xt.t Gunpowder, } In the nsnal variety of packages. fSS’\'' 1 Caialogaesand samples ready the day previous. s21 valB. lacludlng an invoice of high cost pOr Eliza Ann, PoScltrg; B! Io the usual vaxiety ofpackngea. and Ngmplps tho dny prevlt^’tts. srspsass s;s“.f private sale only, by 1^ d. V.h.loE 1 do liT're hn.avy B!a<-k Leva^ottne’. _ .3 B .,l EiLbioaiorrd .0 F-ir <.1.0 by l-JN H IS to->Ututlon is diSfi^aisItea ^ itoo following pe- 12 months, bearing 6 per cent, interest, or It may be paid I S r n ! ’ S S ' t ' - s S S . ' K \ \ * ' - iwart, M. D, Medical Eyamlner, (at the office daily Dorn 2 to 3 Valentine Mott, M. D., Jas. Van fionssalaer, M. D., ilSMfcPIstf Medlcati B(>ard of Consnltatlon. n n i H B MUTUAL LIFE fKSDARhN.OB COMPANY J . OPNEW YORK,No.58WaIlstteet.-Nett amount ot accumnlatod premiums Invcited in mortgages and N, Y Slato^and_ Citv Stocks, and United States (Government, The transactions of this Company are on toe cash princl- e S I . ' ............................ K L » p . . p i s r s i s \ ' £ £ \ S r ‘' .flpc.. S5& i r - ‘4 t ‘- MORnrS ROBSON, Presiden 'Phis Ins-itatlon, daring S r E S ' f f i S T e ^ e r , . , . J . .. ....... | S f S | : f e % c h . W B r o a d w a y . \ £‘sSs&x,z:l': I Lady-i— ........... .....w ,. 1 S S e e S it t S E _ ,1 o i l t L fliret...................... Of toese are ■ ■ spli|H ^ a .ii:;sah e £ i= - \ i d a n i i g p m f i i i t g . Kor ceintihiafihh of W :pageE : E . . . - E E , = * S f e s p H CSS,-SjE*«S5---- Prevtou. t o 'M .^ d e ^ g f c u ^ h l n ^ refcemly added.to ^ 2 Gencrai up- vnatod%ehme»-d’*lasi«, .of snpctior '4is quab'ticsFiaw.ejj’ffaild ,b)l? Also, an invoiceot plsihoad. h*iMti«heaFj»achri»Ba . a s ascumatlnteryals. • H a r d w t t t .X ! a t ^ ^ chfigutcdandhrocheponlt de sole: t e W N P i ' - - II ; t^RidcwayswUugtiteitefcs^^ -. '■ r t t 3 ¥ £ M : L J. M. MATHEWri, Auetioneor. B-Sr JO H N A . DASPrON* -. Store No. ;S Willisiii street, corner VEDNES: \ . i Morning visiters are not admitted lb either ihe Affernoo “ “ ‘ • ' \ • ‘ \ o ' s r K S ' S S . - J S B , the most bti ind old eadugn to wflk alone, 12j; Cents. 'Wn|ate«tree»atid' ^AtHo’clcI ' a s S s l i k - , , . . f e i m \ ' \ Atternoon Performanco on Wedne'iday and Sattirda 4th, October, 1847. t I - “' : K u ? - ‘^Caste7l“ a'”'i AifNA MSHOP will slog, l E v ^ ^ a i r ^ s r t e d H a r p . . 6 - “ Duetto Buffo,” with Signor DE BEGJJIS, who wB! .‘cTasTorwX fiicXm ed’pefr^^^ their service*. PROGRAMME, monitSoclety .................. ..Messrs. Ryle and Timm t^ T f r l l t i c o a m e t o i i A ; ^ ^ ^ ^ “ Lammermooii” with Grand Variations Tuartetteac. Compo! '^ a t i o ’iioL. had a t the Mnsi^Steres, cond Concerto with toe y toe Campanello (thesllvcr g ^ ^ B S E g B B s S a s m , In [he usnai variety of packages. eviousto tbs sale. jf\white. sonrietand. ' elrand esioiei West of England and 9ennm>, Bteqwood,mariV™ja'>V Howard,. 4.DUMBOLTOS. pcaat ^ o ’clock. Dimcert m n 0’6U._, f erriage 6j cents.. ______________ , i ‘jS'“ \ a r iW i a a s “« ] L' W -In ih^nsnatTaiiety of ! * | g § . r e a . r 4 . i l l ? * ' ■■ SS53S ® £ i S - ? ! -Ee ) - - ■ / ! I r

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