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- ;tt* JSI.Mat*-fi*<'«r«a7. *>a»<oeo£ .5VEB,Ti3E3SiBST3i Spaa wlslsit 'fie siqs & ct of ttees forSiiierti&*s SOT MASKEaE>,3itote laaened «iid cterEe^BWKorfcred oaf. fVjB2®I3ESniJj^4*aspt<Ki.tlu!l*afc »ffto j*iMEt fix* fliep3per.l32 penauaa; catjtow6Tei,fOT»Icf*ii^ God thaa *bcmtalh» ' ^ l i o £ v « n .i n if P a s t f o r f£t« Ck>imtT3r» AX POUH DOXduAKS EEK ANJSIJM. , tfgtitft yaacB jii yyac.^ ' fSih s ^ e , tefwwwlitt i ^ s s s s f f e g i j S i i j—anoa A d 3 ' - _ 41!» Ban»!<w* saoo f a a ^ i^ y r a ’ S coipojiu CSuMcas H!3es,li*hfsre:git » b^te^^lH eoSoS^ prime qaality aeteSMSfcftoji g-OBT'? B t r S ^ J B & c b , <}f!er fpr » le , «t 11?7 iA P ^ H Y ^ S ^ C B E A N D Y ,»|tt^ l^ . TAED DCPK\ J3 o I> o dat^in4pale ofaHTerent .A EOCHFI^ Do Do JoHRjDinejiCTAcJSsbraSi Ito Do Dio flAtOTl£»i(6fie ill 6JJ463* !>^ JXIVS a OTU, OOHIC U c S ako A Co’^ biajMi; \%fi PD-HN®, ln.gtas»5^ * c i^^cy cait^ioas. Do E2rIPTY ^ A ^ E T 80rm.ES, in hampers DO (1HEER1E3, ia BrandT, STRAWBERE7B? . ^ faad APRICOTS. R OLLAN ^ ^ gf snpedor L iok biand. p ^ ' L r S s a s . i ^ s s Y f S s . ? ® It .ouof 3a, Bireei, tetween ATcnae* C Hiin from tbe eiieei ■ la tlje8j}gTBipj0P03i®E,ll3tlDg:0lj- reanestea 16 present tliem in writ- t t o tasce Ha i Hall of Becpta*. inoH p m H j, ^Btzeet COjtimissIrmferi W A faog^;: SEeetCominlsslonerg Office, i SepaBat»er1i5lh.l^7. I To haT^a sSwe^cnnrtfnctea' in Fewl street setween itoiacalms^ and Wallstreet. To'fisra^-eewerMtgirnctea laCe4ar sDeet. Betjfoeo *Be easterly side o l Broadway and! the present sewer in said sttcet. ceerTr nlty place. To hare the sewer now belns eoastmcted in nth street, tten'deJ.tOilst aveirte. To llare*. sewer ronstrnetcd Jh nfir street, hetwecn 6!h eenne andtheHadsanUlvef.' To haye a sewer cofistrtieted to 33S streeti between 6tft ndathaTOTnes. , .. . To have 0 sewer constructed ,in 8 * arenn^firom 4..d street to 51st. !tnd to 4St!i sbe*t, firt)m *th eveane tothe 9 in ^Teaoe,^th^ce through, th# 9th. ^Yena*- to 45!d, whence tlitongh m street to lOtJii aveijoe t Also, to have & sewer ConsIructetHta-Mthsireef, between 8th andSthavennes. Anft a?so,|to have bridge stories laid to 71h avenue, be- ’^ “p^ o tB ^ inte^ ^ to ihei above; ptoposlUoni having bJaetiOnatOthesaroe. are desired to present them to the ndetsigned.at his office Bfo.d.HaU ofBecordSjOit or be- rre the 4 th day of October- MAIlTIft RTHOMPSON.Street Commissioner. Street-CotomlsslonerVOjEee,) September 1847. {______________s23 lot . V/ me Medical Taculty. and all who use them, the pressir e can bO firadualed from one to fifty pounds on too rnptni i wlthoutdbachpad,which does somneh injo- ty to the.ssine, catulog we^skaessand pain iiktbo back and sjides, ftfid often p^nDasentrplDal disease Six days trial liiyen, and if net perfectly gatU^toTy^ money returned. ThojB » ndlng for this Tross, heed only mention the «we ! d, s ad Ui»jneasine ronnd the hips. --------------- — •■ Braces and Bandages. PE B S l O I E A K U GAM M b E S— - - -MaHona Winter Sperm Oil, b itch’d An [perm Oil, i ^ WintirfcSprtogWhare OH, do do 3i*rm011. b'leaeh'd IcrihblehM sndles, Istjqu-slity, 4’s,3’s fc ffs “ me:toldana Unbleached,Wtotorend Fall^pe™^ on. « NWCoast- AlsotopWcasta. Sperm Candles aisacrted sire JI6 XGBlCil!C O E t B e XA S * ro'Ovjrtc*, Ai?a*Dr.Xeb.l27th,1845_ iJ the o bMiaeJj^IuLia>'0 Td Cckr SflDhf^rsTtud^ the- ownepr of Surreys, wb ha^:$e I^lidNotc* pf the same in!their possession ' •gr respectfully call your attention to the pro “ \usof ai^^JolntResolntiotfsuppffemeiitary to a Joint --------er time for tHepaymeijt of Govern-* -------- ■; fohlnconsetjbence of the absence -------- ftorftihisiofihto^ tho compnation of correc' ___ ;3s hitherto been prevented, abd thereby the issu on#!fPhlentshaaalsobeen pieyentcdtoo great extern i-*jaove law will he. found on. pare tfo. S, taws of the tdonpago26l, tow- ®Oevtdfori tovidil hav to on’ lands, and for other pnrposes,’ (5th, 1810, whlchtow wlU be fotiiid the dth Congress. TH03. W. BABD,Commlssionef. Persottshstvtogctolmato.Iand lmtheRepnbBc of Texas h have the titleato the same perfected, and patented, bv ipl^gto J E f e P. EANDEL, Jtg ________ Texar; Agent. 7 1^darstoJlew Vorlc. ff. T . TCIEIAE E S T A T B i COronPAWh, lorsior o f B r o a .^ w a y - a n d E f a id e n I . a n e .O O R ®B1S5 SAt^Ei: A M B y iT K C f lA S B ' OS’ 87 eSAL ^JSTATE. '\‘•isa^f— ----- ------------------ 4 -.1— . ----- T. “ S S E F S . « . \^ .C .W a t o o r e ,' E S - . g y ^ a S i . , F ° . g . i ^ | w : j ^ s r . a a s s . g a f O X S E O R S A t E - ^ U i B A Madison sqnc without lots to the: of the money cdarel b X 1S8, Post Office. ----- jspot, and l ------ re> and Overing Places 5103ES TAYIiOR, 44 South st. iperiOr locatio; may apply u> , A. B. DtTRAND, 91 Amity street, P VV. EDMONDS, M sr^anrs Bank, TH03. a. Houston st . H A a P S , 2 8 t b k b a b w a x . j s r ^ w x o r k - B O C B I i E - A U r W N H A K P S , BXCf’X I S a JPI.ATE GSiASS W A R £ . H O U S E , K d . B S p r u c e s t r e e t ] n e a r t l i e C ity H a l l i ‘^'New Y o r k - have the name of the Bowery betwet street charged to 4th averne. All persofis interested In the above pioppsltion having objeeftons to the same, are requited to present them, to wil tWg, to the undetsigned, at his office Ko. 4 Hall of Ueeord^ on or before the 8 th day of October next. MARTIN E. - Street Commissioner’s Office, > Sept»mber^th,3847. i flN E. THOMPSON, Street Cominisslonei enpaofa hft|.U housea and Iplsi, Improved or onJmpjoved lands, affected thereby, that the| following assessments have ^ n comp^etod by the Assessors, and are lodged to the: y^^issJooet's office jToil examination by aU perfoas For talgtol, rs-^tadlng and*r^pavlng Malden Lane, and thp^ curb ana cuiter stones sej: in 3eeor4aDCO wiiti the^ amended gnde, and ibat €0 much of Soath. street and Front street be r;3ifed and repaired as may be nccsssaxy to con­ form to tlie same Also, that latefal gewers, cuivnru and receiviog Uaisfos, be built on Sautir street and EVoat street. -either of , ---- offii^withip thirty days from tUe'date of this notici BI.E. THOMPSON, StreeLCommlssic and Chairman of the Assi Street Commlsaioner’s Office,» _________ Sept. 31«t. 1847, { ______ ____ s completed b; Commlsaion^ . , . . ............... . .. ^ . _____ . rested, t I* ; For hulfdtng a Sewer in 26th street, between Le tington and 4th Aveunes. The limilsjembraeed by such assessment, Inclnde all the several houses and lots of ground, vacant lots and pieces and parcels of land, situate on both .sides of 26th street, between Lejtlngton and 4th avenues, Also, for bunding a Se ■ er to White \street bfetween Chapel and Church sir eis- The limits embraced by such assessments. Include all the several houses* and ‘lots of ground, vacaui Inis pieces and parcelaof land. sUnate.on both sides of Whltastreet, between Chfapeland Church stijeets. Also, for: building a Sewer to Water street, between Fletcher street and Burling slip. The ilmils embraced bv such _ __ _ Ud tnltjOD tanll the oroinmy branches, Inclnd- Van. Dense i. Esq., llitdson; R. H; G. Ludlow, Uev. C. Van Loon. Ponsbkeepsle: -Rev J. fJ F Roes, Ger. J. olth, d ' i T bis I ™of’penn\ and ' ' ‘ ‘^ •\ T .J S 7 ^ S T f ‘& s £ z ‘v s r E S . r ‘\ ‘-'- Mr Silas Meioa|f has had charg© of the Klnderhseij j . . w , , . , a. “ s . ' s r . s ? . \ ” \ I _ sinner’s Office for examination by all persons interested, ^ For building a sewer In 2dstteet, between avenues A and _______ THOMP Street Commissioner, and Chairman of the Street Cbmmissiouet’s Office, > ■ __ Sept 25.1H47 i Assessors. tween.l7th and 19th streets. ' All p6tgbns Whose Interests aie affected by the above med asse^ameotSg and who are opposed to the same, or cUher oflhem,aire requested to present theU objections* in wriUug to the undersigned, at the Street Commissioner's Office, vsfitplti thirty days k ' e ^ t h '^ mpson Street Commissioner and ^ a irm a n of the Assessors. Street Commissioner’s Officri, ( SfepUVS, 1817. i 827 lot ^ O K F O S iA X l O N N B X fC B .-Public noaceis! lands, affacted thereby, tbattha following assessments havi WINDOWS. 830WCASES. t c .. fafcreascd by recent importations ; The subscriber haS! for sale. Large and smaE sized POLISHED PLATE3 ofsnperior quaUty tor LIGHT HOUSES. Also, for sk y l ig h t s , CO a GH w indo w s , coach lam p s . g b e e n houses , and Blanufsctory Windows. The use of this glass to window^ of store Is great addittonal security against fire. Sash makers and dealers will find It to their advantage callito above, when prices will be furnished. s2l ___________ IS.AAOL. . t o , . . S r eutot o t o S . “ar1Veqm3S irpreswm^^ obfeenre; ireet Commissioner audChalrman of the Assessor and dwelUnss their a to . SrO B iX H & C O .W tIN G , C O A L B E | ^ L E R S Jtouer of Thompson and Fourth streets, aud Broadway, near tho Bowling Green, N bw YoItK^ J. LAWRENCE WORTH HENRY G. COSVLING. ................. i. , j i . a „ ‘t a £ V 5 . „ i . , ' Abany. 20th, SepL, 1847. Sapteroher 23d. 1847. Sivcf.or to the office of ___ BOYD fe HINCKEN.83YJaRsn -rFine French lAstlBS* wlored ^ d bik ||;^ t t A N ^ E R (^ O S E L L ^ Wtoe s25^ ________ ^ S. BIG^D g OOD. 4 Fne street JBLOOD g OOD. -> path u 7■pHARMACl. phar NO.43 . S « I i f c S S ‘£ ' 4 S S S S S ' “ S 2 S £ tanjjia Unemrb, oitHattpas. duaticas, and peUeis,biigar Of °*^ysiclsns’, podket arid family.**^es of medMtoes oa Jsand.and prei^edto order. * HaaMEopaiMe Conrt ElBSter,, h luBstltute fs^ nridnsty ; 60 ««^la*terT an<lw ez«Ueat |ippUc&tioa foi corns. per. Simoon aplaln. Samuel nont, William rls, Isaac O ^ _ Grobt, John R Edwards, Ansel Foster, Charles W Fraacto Joba Fleet. Efrancis FtanfcIto. Wm H Greonough. Walter GilbertJ Warren Gnrley.Koyal Bay<iodfc.ltobett HIU. Horatio Hoffman. LsadVey 51 ^ K O X O S w a t b A H^I»TICE-WM w e st , .A t / Kamber,l33Hriii5onatreet, having bevu cstaausherf naff eileaslvely eEgaged to the Plumbing bnstoess fbr the iaitrettyeais, offetn to the pubtia and hla trlcnds a general Utomasat ofBY!ta&ts,Puaps, Fountahis, B5th|cg nubs, Siriiver Baths. Water CTosets, Wash CaStos, Marble, S&bs, bias and silver plated PaueetXi Philadelphia, H o saft^kh \is>»'no comparison). Filters, KlleKen Esages. I ^ to r , Ca;ks,ioppe» and iron Boilers, lead iron and coPWtW??. ’ “thf whole made of the best materials tlmu can be had, .«ni offered iss. low as htaotaitesompeiltlon wiJiaiiow. IstSmates given tor manntactories, public butldings., pri- rebdW eIll»ik.kA ^ ,nndnbae bnt the firsfclass work- J&on and Lead Pipe af. #h6!essle ®*Y^’sPatoatKltc1ian Baag£s,wanarited tube the bei ® t» marhottF*t°P°»M»b!mosttav«tah%teriris. anl3 t A. r FLAGG, ComptroUer. Leeds, Henry H Lewis. Gltbert Lewi*, VVmN hicLanghUn.WmG ' McCormick, Wm Moiqey, Ben j MlPtum, Thos R TUntIkbv, Theodore Mxi'pby. Joseph McEiwain, Janies G M rgna Himer McCarry VVm D.* McCormick. Jnhn hn?5h. naniei D PJatt, Jacob S Price, Jamas B Parks. David PcU. Waldron Pine, Geo W Richards, Joslah Radderow, John Ryan» Corn’s H R o UI ds , Geo B Rogers, G W H Rntherfonl, Christian SwlR.JohnJ ^yres, John B Seixas.Hayman L Saiffeai.Joha Inxrafanm, Sidney JohDsoh. Elfjah Kobbe,,William Ltmfiy* John ♦Omitted tl Tatile Edgar A Van DycK Ru hant WUmerffi»*g GeoG Warren. Edward J Westerveit. John J V Williams. Henry D Warren, Orlando, rongfai mlstaim {&. the 0rst thtee insertions of 'J^OOTCE--‘Th6 ^ n n t mimded to them UBdef the FtbridsTicWy. nursu- ant to a resolution passed at a meeUng beid.to the Tootino Coflee Honso. In the ffily olINew pork, on. the 6th day p( Ju.y, 1824, to a fund proposed to be rahtedfOr the pnrpoie of cohtestlBg the claim of the lepl represehtattvea of John Penas, lieceaied.npoii the said swards^ are reqaested to present their vonehets, t A t o the surviving trustee of the 8^toad,atthe-offieeof Ajezaader HariilltoB.jmc, NO. 52 Wall-street, second s’jocy. In older to the proper disttlba- Uon of thebatanceofsaitlf and among the parties interasred. ^ *-^»0MP80N.jrwttiir« f V C ; r 3 3 L . X L V . N E W Y O R k ; T H U R S D A Y . S E F T E M B ^ R 3 0 . 1 8 4 7 ' N O . C 5 ) s 5 E S i £ i : « 7 atih ^ W sfmtolttfif Hospital School ffilfowtog 1 1 M. Hfehsm London Agent ■ ' » Sir—In JwUh f entertain < hiwdin thebe-troublesome and iheonvenieniaffeefiens.*’ [ No. 4 Vesey street, Aslor K oosb S y The Ladles’ Departmept-a prtvare suit of Toemsr placed and sr the special charge Qf a qciali&d f^maSe mwtmpproved Shoulder: i m a EjABSiM M ANV r A U f lL Y b o a k d * Xffio. - s c a i o o L , HOEEIS COUNTY. NEW JERSEY. (Accesslbh bv the Morristown cars, or by stage from New­ ark,- distantfrom thelarier place sixteen 1, . |T*NHE St bseriber, for several yeais the Principal of tbe JL flouiihltg Academy in the village of Kinderhook, having jrar based tho couoin-sejat recently erected “ed ..c_ oiedby W. C.H. WadJ<U.Esq. announces hislalenll.m f establisl Ir— “”A \la T m class will find one triTb^o\ a.. - e^s^^t'g ..;'i 'to % V c l ° a r t r i ^ r i .e .akenm cuWvate the eye. the 51*5 ew, the h md and the voice. Drawing, and vocal music . u u . . . b . « « . . . S i i r , S l a i r . . ^ ' ; d r g L . ? b . r j y x s ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ The teins. payable to advance, will be 8. 12, 15 or ;o besn filed i.i i »al f -ne^of a fi milv attend. Bonks and statlresry will tie (ur- pn«or. liar t liber dednomm will be made when more i Quaners—three of twelve, weclw'teach, and thefoanb. or autnmer q larier. pf teu weeks. ill Mif suing yea] \ ^ U ® S r c “reamM(i.“ slntor an'djSnTor stniction e s a and amtabie manners, and m pr-mce snpertor literary B talmuenis. The School and Kecltatinn room*- are fntnls led with Chans, Waps, Globes, an excellent Phi- losopMca Appatatns, wito di.ig-ama for the studios o f .At by applici roll Place C / A m V ain I i \■ Thom is’ Ohujii Day atd Rvehiog classes for laj^iesaadgeanemenin RadimonmlDraM^ng—DrawIndfrom; the AnUqne Casts and Living &I( delH,. jpaioting ia Oil and WaterColors. Schools 1 prlva e clashes attended. s4 Im . . . . . . . B V B A P n O U J P T C T . Dated thisSUth day of September. 1847. mbe°®8 alA«ign|A Dated this 33ih day ot Septet :S\’ IS M S i f f a g Dated lh..20thdayofSepte^?!?&'7“'''“ “\“ ^ “f f i 0 t Dated this SOth day of aoplembuT, 1847 »21 lOt DaiedlhisaOthdayof September. 1817. s3i Hit dr:;^r,.;\-t.\‘t?d :'\,7 iieC rtr^.i Dated this 20Ui day ofSeptom^. 1?47. sJl lOt IS iMcVEAN, Sarrognte. ii? S » S f - Dated this 18th :. R.J.Bauduii: id States Marshf wmmm “ ^property, camalning 00 acres, and well known tdtthe U:v.Tv“r . ^ ^ e r t o “» “roi-a?erva^^^^^ been d Video by ajo4tciuu& surveyor mto ais oi «me or' iimre ar.T3. to aflbrd parchasers the oppomimiy of erect-; >ng geb -«i*l cottages, with eardeos attached, &t a comt»ara-! lively suiatl expense and not satyect lo Ciorpnrallon Assess- TlJosovUsexct^Uent, the location proverbially healthy,^ and presents be.'«uulhl sUers for residences to those citizens, whowlsh locnmblncroUfemodt, economy of house root, and the various advantages of the country, with a direct! SE^I’SsrlllrSSr^^^^^^ Mr R. las been a professor in the'Gotleg© ofBnenavista male Sen luary.andRev. BlcVene’s Academy, Georgetown, ; S = S : m S H £ , S; cnlars stt ting teiims. fctS may jie obtained. an94 3uwf ^ThmnjtiiatlottM tnlniup :n thoduUeiofiheiAccoulant. A number ot themdsUnfla- enUal fill isin this city recently slgnpdihe following card b< tag acquainted with Mi. Thomas Jbnes’s quallfr s,l othasn practical accouBiint and teacher, regard mi lerciai Academy as ari tostttuaon of great Impnrt- 1 Bamstcanttls-comninniiy. The to iprovsments he has effected in the process of train- ri® practical bookbeepteg, mush to OUl opinloa, tend greatly to the adVandment of this branch of edncalgo t to schools. Bis student* rank among oUr best “®d We regard htk certificate as sufficient tes- ^^yi'i'iipSHat onhe qaaliBcaUdnscf an accoahtantor f e l S e A . ' ? ’;, cepUon if an Increased nnm sustato the Ibittering testii spared i|n the part cl the undetstSei\ ' THOMA.'? JONES Jones’s Principles i t : : : : : : : : : 1 ^ 1 \ l o S the RoadO. S-edin htranrana a half to a Lessonca the Rood 4- ^purs,fQ«:iadi^&omBA;s|i. toJP. M. 5— Hoars for Gentlemea, fiom 8 to 8 A M. and 3 1 ' G^No^eatitpieB adndtteil duttog the hours appn,ru».vu A cjjdofaddressls' requested previous to .emmnencto*. . O T £ S ' M S S S t e 2 . S “a S ' S i eslablDhoient. > tie aisOihas for sale Peravian and Icbaboe Guano, Bond: Dost, and other artificial mannres. Orders for Frnlt and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Greeq Honse and Hardy Plants, will receive special care in thd selection, packlngand shipment. i JA51ES HOGG, Seedsman, 1 ^ _______________________ 562 Brpadi ^ ;7or|.'r Vbc reaTer^ito^bcTtord doors. In the second story twelve bearooms, and an extr] U x Trey i iFA.CTY'-jBJERS ANJD OTA'; -To bo Let. all th.it new, sabstani . _ ___ -nd commosloas three story brict caiMiig of any part there<if.sUtiate at Mount Ida. Troy i The above mill is sunplted witha Water Power equal to Bbbty Horse, and is aiinlrably adapted, both from stlQauot aSother local advantages, to any branch of maau' inzcnrp£>ses. reqnlriogaconstan! Supply oi water. S C A S Y ltt i i 20 Broad 8h.^New York. : >—Thosutoeribci has forsalp ■ al^^msa \ )ie»iB«>lc.W>H«t Street, Mortimer BuDdingJi New York, I5th Blarch 1847. { This lasiltoBoo laeoepototed In IS4S—with a. liberal And the 81UTU AL principles-. The mrrr pRoms being divjd- ^ acnUaily among the trisured, according to tho Act of Jneorporation- The tale* of premiums conform with the risage of othershnilaireonipaiiics—Forthe convenleneo *f paftieriasartngwhoSvouldprerenopay tho premlnmsby ids aliments, it is toftio-their ;op«on when the preminiu . ------------ t_.,r eash,and -secure payment an approved hote hearing *'C T io1?ltg“ l f ‘fisT‘o t e U r , . a n d trustees .or roe ensalngyear vie. - j - uu ^ bes . m sm. m m-- JOHN A. DAVENPORT Vlce-IhwtoTnV. = S s i - Dana. Wcnilrafffc Leonard, Esq’s. Counsellors and Attor iieysof theCompaqyior New York. William T. Mtoor, Esq, CounseRor and Attorney tor igtamford. m S K Chauncey^Ayrfis, M. D., Physician and Medical Adviur R^sr ’ Wm WTodd. Anson G PhelpSf ftugsel Bltebblu^, Win H Harbeck, Lothorp L Siurgcsi George F I'homas, Baniuel U MUcliUly RobertH McCurdy, ^ Thomas P Stantost George ColUn;»i Bdward Bemen|, George Bulkley*. Wm Van Axsqale,. Horace Southm&yd, OX)e Forest Grant* William B Dreper, John Peck, Isaiah C Whitmore. Peter A Hargous. Justus Harrison, James T SouUer PJdward Richardson • Jacob B Herrick. PlUiauder Hanford, Edward Tompkins, George F Hussey, EdmUndDwlght, Thomas Dunham, Theodore Penv, Ernest Cayli Henry W B wm Auguoiua rvwiy James G Stacey, Dennis Perkins, Thomas W Gale, Edmund LaiTan, Wm D Thompson .,.—„ . .... .. R M Gomes SIMEON BALDWm, President, JUSTUS HARRISON, Vice President. WiLLU?ii W. PiBBM:a Secretafy. ___________ J15 tf HTXTEJH STlIiE IPiSWiAl^iLIE UJ COMPANY, OfH: e 00 Wall street- P g f t l l e S a t e s . . N A S a A U . , m E m W W ' S T . - DlRECTt e i s s % « „ „ . Robert D. Weeks, JoUn Wood. E a “ ; - 3 3 . JO^HITA ?. UD VlLKtE. Secretory. ? = ; , S : E t o g s t ^ r i s u m , s r a s - - , . s r , . K S ; - Solomon GriiTen. IHSt Wmiam\lL\BraiItord, UNDERHILL. Ptesident.^^ invested according to tho prpvljions of to charter. ■ S S S S Company exceed Us capital ! against loss or dama-e by lire eSecteJ on ap- i s s w a S I | S . Dated thislOtb doV-irBcptomiier, IHl?._________sZi lOt \ ■ “ S 3 S S S H S S i s g j . ? r a s » S S S ® : . , - E s i i r ” '- m s - s ' t e , - ■ Ellas Hicks, Jr. GenrseS Fox. Richard E r'arm-ro. R. A. READING. Preslden n. F. CURRY, Secretary. n.&fll) will give iheiri lions &t morcfiandise, h teal estate stocks, yessels, reods\''m™^^ for inspection with catalbgi «* on XO oanrtcr caries :;Gibljo^ ISIS TrnMees of the estate of J A g S m ] , G s S i t . - ‘ S i s s M ? r i z z v r s E S ' l i S w , , K W S U . , £ . t * S £ s ? | | F r ' . s i r i a - . ' - “ ' \ l b B \ r B S A C B . M . . I . a ,« , . je7 No. 8!Hold No. fi71 Wall street, cor of Water st isisuitiiiiy .iilTcbJac^r^ S K K t o , | l » i s S r ’” “ \ ’'\ S W 7 i i a E K ,P .. S t o .. ir loss ot damagepromptl J adlasted and pirid. am _________________ j ^ . 7 ^ appan : ^ { W ing houses, warehouses, buildings Ingcneral, goods wares and merchandise of every description, nnd persona property. DIRECTORS. Lambert Suydam. Henry Yates, Christian H. Sand, Panl Spoflbrd, Joseph W. Doryee, Robert L, Smith Robert Alnslie, Robert A. Robertson. Joseph Bouchaud, Richard Jv Thome, Harvey Weed- John P- Nesmith, Anthony P. Halsey, Heniy Rowland, SIS Hssssr- -MEPB i n ' I I O I . i l E B ^ ” ” ” \ ’' ^TTifs^company a^Insures^inslloss or dam;ge , A. D. F. would also Invite all pi those who weiej so un­ fortunate ns to loose a Umfa, to caj! at his office, tq sre a cei tlficatefromCaptain J. W. Webster,of Buffalo,! Nl Y., he hnvipg had both legs amputated three inches and a half be­ low toe knee, and now Walks with toe most pejrfiMt ease , N. \ b . Crutches and Splints ofvarloaadescrlptlOnaforssle and made to order. ,Aif coiuu 7.alcat,cins fo; advice strictly attended to, if post pMd. Sailsractory references can be •giver.;if required . A. D. PENNI]IAN. JiS IJ Courtlandt ctreeji, y . V. TTN a ST SSVJBBt OTC’S'CAJL IN S C S tA N C E m * COMPANY. AC aa <\nnual Election for Directors of this Company held on the Ifith May toe following gonilemen were elect - d for tb-c ensuing year: John Brouwer, Philip Embury. James McBride, Stanton Beebe, ' John Morehead, Clwtle» N. s . Rowland, Joseph Kemochan, Nathaniel L Griswold, jr„ Henry W Bills. Russell Stebblns, Robert J. Dillon, Stephen Holt, Thomas NcsmKh, Joseph Galllard.jr., Robert Boorman, James Fellows, AblolALow, • WmH. Van Wngenen, David Thomson, Henry Salisbury, Washington K. Vermilyo. And at a sabsequent meeting eftoe Board, held this day, JOHN BROUWER, Esq. was dnanlmonsly re elected Presi­ dent for the ensuing year, By order, mta GHARLES H. BIEN p Y. Seermry. nsNOTto A o a k w a c ita LceisciIlkA'ncE iL COOTMAIYS a t N o rw ich . C a n a — Char­ tered in 1802—Capital all paldlnandwellsecured by mort­ gages on real estate—Is prepared to issue policies in toe city of Ne^ iforki not eiceedtog five toousacd dollars to anyone risk. ‘ The Directors assure the public that toe capital of tola Company is perfectly sonnd, and that during the great length of time it has been in business, toe confidence of the community to its ability and liberality in adjusting tosses nas never been Impaired. C. JOHNSON, President. J. WiiUAUB, Sgcfctary. DIEECTORS. Ghafles Johnsoa, Lewis Hyde, William WllUarosi Joseph WiiUams, J G. VV.TrniiitiaU, Jedegiah Onnliagioa, Thomas W. WUBaas, 2nd. John BranCegee, Henry B. Norton. .Refi^nccslnNew, York—Messrs YJinsiow tc. Perkins. No. 50. Wall St, and Dwight Johnson, Nov 104 Broad PoUeicf will be issued hy THOMAS A, AI-EXANDER, JIS Agent, 89 Wall st comer of Water at G s p i m l . 3 0 0 , 0 0 0 . AquUaG. Stout,- James I JoBCJ, f S O O .0 0 0 . GazrU Storm.' Jamei K Cob^ Sagene Dutilh, nhMui LiviogttoD, G. STOUT, IWildi E.PAva«Jedt, __ ________ _ AQUILA G. STOUT, TtesldeBt. TswtAS Guvmu, WaaatUT. g^LpeOGSAGBKANDY-tSiere^,**. oid. |»te «* .......... — .id store and about 3 acres of land in l|he| village '.B o^n llfhVroet. west of and near 5th avenue: alto.jl lot B r c jKrj’ I»aa«j , ^ E l a « |i c ^ i « e l a l l |c s u a i i U value, and Israp’-dlycumio? intoueceral use among S ’J \ * ___ iritt and silver implements mirrore^ bronze and clucks, dressing cases, prices as cannot ^ gOIZARD : Imoonera ga wiillan) A V S J S & t S £ l l S ^ S & l » reek* longer Their machinery w»i run all wtoterl tor the m p o s q o fm r e o f tom r m ^ t^ g ^ m M ^ AN A 3 FEMBEY BOOM. 45 by 35 feet, on ffi? secund -U-.. L], i\ y a M l c S a l e s . lffiaYmaiSW|i(M^ ltls)’t t t f t « H fiJ*- per; se on tho, wmt side of Union sijuate,— :|} < i g p ii ib r f e & i1 - ; : s : » l b | * « ^ P « S : 3 £ l o . iVriaraiaiebfedtoEvmil.jEi^^to '' !» a h t or SM iBSTOm i|o Q«**.TBiaTiiH xhd j«*Kt Exwutoj TO F kai ( c *. |_ Bhls. Flour. jBus. Whei - M g g t e a q - - ~ ” ” - theu^.regate for each m o ^ Juimg-toe^amo period. .^IcTw ■ ftwn |i i e honh ,is* i(5wa^ M ' 1 I S S k b - . b - 234|q89 s e . ^ v^iU .hay® W .• , _ _ ..-750,12k 1.242.51? • jM s t S 73,911 \ ’ l - I i g I ' l . 1 ® l t £ 5 a S S £ jAuu.,tot week . i j ' s a t X ' s S I S F \ ' 30S Pearl stre st—5OD0 arid for”•horirocriVragand’loeriinr: of money o f iohd'^mm’mof >wn as Xo 135 Crosby street> i S n ^ The'^emise'^c.lJOTedescribeiiatefibw known as JfoS36reen- lescrlbed are now known os No 20 Spring i, and all qualities aie dUU. Beef ___ anavetage, and hogs 6 75. Eyte tri^d a 1 . os ptit quality; Mexic N kw OuLKAN^Sept ^ —Cotton—The inaiket^outmued f steady, and 3ales Of TOOlf bales wereTnadeatprevidus prices.* , .Piour continued dun,an[duasale« of mom,ent-.wcreuiakii^gr , ; Ohio and flHnois w q^ole.at 4 ,25 anit 4 7% and St. Louis W cuy mills at 5 50-. Tb^e was nothing of momcntdOlng Id hises Grain. Corn stooil at55c ^or mixed, 4o 65c for prime y^l-^ ^ ‘ low* Tobacco—fSaicsqr 600 hhds leaf were inadeatSie and6ic. ^u^ar—Sales,of 5fl5 Jihds New Orleans were .made.at5|c and^Jc. ^ork—Sales of holhjcindai footed up [csof furmtnre parser Store N m M 4 ^ ^ ^ ^ o ^ r e r D m in9 st- 10 paisonofiy attended to at the dwelUngs o ■m’xcellaneonr I’S a g a B s a a a a g g j ^ i i a I l i l 1 . S 1 V m y i i ; g*PT,i5tweek... 74,id . 218 ,. 6 l 6 5 i 4,932 ' .. .a J , . 1 . — 1 .„ . u _ . — StockOf Of Oilsils andd Bon^orn mn hand, Sept. Iffi 184 O an B I New Bedfordand -Falrh Tola! i hand in to- fief^yxeiewm3s .aud, S S - < S S : “ “ \S - ................................. ................. E i J i ' ■ S S J t f S ' S ' * , , 1,000 , i 40,000 - ----- jff,f33 7,132.000 mannsfjfij fhis.p^Y rouske ify>|sitoc0ssivel^ as^e'^DritoYj)>e»en,fe?W self lu ■ JBt -«artou& pbtofB-^rr^iMcitf % hUI' tftwjiif. =Httoeeaedan:stoBptog;biin1ff bC”\*' i r swpise Yfpt aixd cpnjfoitJe^ llfittuwcb bleliti^rbr*?' and sweartogfuronnd^ a* Is *el4ottt heard here vaghua. 'A u ^ ?S---Mef 0ript. Aoreonay e n tt p it t ■' pie c es of t ftiUeiy and an immeli ir- £ s § ! i | i r ^ £ ' ' :efesr*i»s.g m ^ g a n | « n n t y v ^ y e w ^ r i g ; '% tao d iB |iR ^ 'b |isL 4 7 £ ^ ^ * iSS -,a . ’| ?j;r mm

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