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T H E K V i i i m f I d s T . J / M w T O R i i m m tssiiiS : g ^ E N m e .sE P : CMnM U M B dteme* m t d n ^ E m s t l U f f VSm t. A j j u s t , Sept. 28.1817. H ic puK l niitt^fHi^ fg ^ i e g i M t t«w Syn<pa«e xik piux ttiis m o n iiac a t 7 d ’c iock, wtd Albmnj u oacem o te tM n c a im l Shortly after the traiBlcft, it w u diseoTered tbatH r. Hansis. e fecttd a i a Flagg Relegate to the Convention, from Itockiand, and at present the memher o f Assembly Iroin that County,, had remained behind. U e complained o f ill health trhich was fouad to be so senops a s to confine him to h i s — ^ s e a t in ihe Honse throngh the day. His anxionsfriendain Albany think hew ill be rettoted about two d ays, if the Convention should adjonnj caose offcgalttfbiin IS sopopukr. Mr.' ffill’s fnend, Mr. ljtIcott,hCthe2!7ew T « k Senate; .eaniet|Jy pelf, nodoirtrt w itk tS«coBcorreii<», ^ h a p s . dnire of Mr. Hill iiimseffj the ideaoftfaat gentle- maa’siboedfityto.a sobstastiallfefOnn: of onr legral practiee^ a a d affirmalihaf So far ts this from being true, he i s deairona ol m a k ing emential changes in the foraut oflegalptocedurc-rrdifferingftQni his late coUeaguee p aly in the optuion^hat the existi ehoold b e taken as a b asis o f tbe new cpde tice. 4.11 this will he found stated i n the letter from Albany which we pubiish tp-day. It IS a most favorable indication, to see that hostiii- cliaim. W e confess that front Mr. Hill a defence o f ty to the aimpUficatiOQ of o nr modes o t a dministering sQmemicg w h ic h m en are prompt to dia^ lad alnlost expected the old m odes o tpi attempt to show the coacuirence of their OU3 formalities, a d i ^ r t a t i p n on die beauty and abil­ ity of legal Sctionaj b u t h ere risea a friend o f fats, a grave Senator, who iwonld n o t i ^ a k i n anch a matter wilho4texactknowiet41e, and whoclaiSns him as a reform er,a reformefffrpnrthe o utset, a'decided ene­ my to. the comi IS entani Ifinbthen we are a liol modeliin^ the f o rm ^of procedure in onr courts, so as to make them few, p l ^ , direct and effectual,—the only dispute la by w h p t m e anstbis end is to be reach ed T h e Gommissiopets on liegal Practice may pro­ sed w ith their work,; in the full assurance that public pinion is With th e m and that thepeopfeare earnest- f expcctulgtaf theirlnands very essential and radical iangpsi I f lfieir t ts k is well executed,tjiey will have aed'k title to the respect of that large class to lol jnsilcehagheen a stand- , a'decid th e com plicated technicalities m Which pistii emgled W e a ie happy to learn this, and gn ill ihe fall benefit o f the explanation. Hence- 6 on one side, alt in favor of lo f procedure in onr whom thekdmimgtritiott b i jusilce hag he mg phzztp foir the Ivhole of their lives hitherto. T h e capbua pfthe|deiziocratic mcmbere o f the Le­ gislature w e perceive, h a s nominated l |. o f thin ciity,to fill tbk vacancy occasiongd ttiem ^ n tbf M r. H | I . T h e nommationj is >well re- !d oaalI.8idcs,and will be acquiesced m, we hear, sipofitical ppponenls. Mr. Field isi exceedingly fu abont tw o days. By that lime. The democraue eauctta to nominate a Commis .sioner in the place of Ni Hill, Es held last evening in the * d o e delegates present. ' dield, Eaq , o f your c tty, who received 21 votes; Levi s . Chatfield, who received?; and Chas. A. Mann, Who received 2 Ou moHpa of Mr. Develio, from New York, Mr. Field was declared to be unant- lUoUsly chosen. In the couise ol the brief discussion which preceded the ballot, Mr. Flanders, from Franfc- iln CO., pressed the nomination of Mr Field because iohiaV iew s upon, the subject of legal reform they all had full coufideuce. T h a t they had been disai ed m the person whose pla fill, and it w as desirable ; With knowledge and not upon the mere impressions of the friends o f particular candidfetes. suioa aud motives la reference to this commisaii , Esq., rcsigBcd, le S enate Chamber. Thiriy- T iic candidates were D. D. they were now aboi t they should now act il reform when he chosen, but u t was such v rere misunderstood. Thaihe washot only a fnend of g a l reform when he chosen, b w as such when ije resigned, a nd such he soil continues to be; that he was as sensible as any one ol the defects of the present system oi legal procedure, pnd had been con­ stantly willing to co-operate with his coHes^ues in eSectiDg important and radical changes in it. lught, however, the better way o f efl B1 ackehzi £’ i MiBcxi.ij»NEotTs WaiTisGS.—Thc first part of Mackenxie’s Misceltaneous Writings, just pabliEfied by the Harper*, comprises bis “ Man of Feehog,’* one ot the few works ot fit ictittoos nam - produced |n the last cenimiy which we read ye«, his papersun the Lounger The work is neatly pnated, and Will be complete lu three pans. T he THiETi^rH iroicfEit ov thb PicTomai. His- xoEi OF E.^GifANo h as also reached us from the same pnbliehera. It has some good wood engravpigs of coaiumes illnstratiog the chapter on Manners and Cosioms. la fuming over its leaves we find, the fol­ lowing poem, written ih the beginning of the seven teenth cemurjy by Ummoiond of Hawlhornden, which has not; to onr knowledge, been in the papeiB before, |and which we transcribe tot the ty of the thdughtai the verstficatic n s Trost not,ii»*et*onl,tho«e curled waves of gold With eeni 1* udst H ut oa yonr tempiei,flow, Hor tezQples spre&d w|cb llafcM of Tiq^intmow# reforms was not by destroying the existing system practice, but by amendi ivolation. The Sei of pleading and practice, change, not by re' marked that Mr. I effecting such NoEatAji’s BkiDGE, ok THE MoDEEN Mmss.—Hat- per & Brothers have juit issued a new novel tinder this tuie from the pen .of Mrs. Marsh, author of “E m ilia W y n lham,” ^'Two Old M en^ Taleg,” k c . It IS not only a highly moral novel, but it may be lied a rtliRionsonei its leading atm seems to have been to exhibit the banelol effects of the vice o f avarice. Ail th e previous works o f this author have been marked b / great talent in the delineation of character and s ttU m the analysis of the passions r. HiU had a iuttner re­ reason to suj present sessicu islature, that his views would be supported irity o f the Commissioners, and that up -to neither Mr. Loomis nor himself knew to which good u ippose, up on of the tjme neither Mr. Loomis nor himself knew to which fflde of that question the third CommisBioaet would that, contrary dates bad deteietermined to by hlS|poff!^iCal pppolpenls. M r. Field isi exce well qiasKfied to filljn place in the commission. ihe has already etrefal T h e p pbbu IB. indebted to-i ourexisi methO|(fcfby wbii are gratiffed fhar toiapublis services has been'madei led, and we cnowledgjnent of bis Connx OF A zebals .—The Court o f Appel Its term a t Albany off Monday e vening. ^ T t , forty qaseS on the c alendar; one judgmi ‘ firmeif by lals closed ’here were lent was al* qtjasbed; t The Senator’s remarks were received with great favor by the Convention, and without further remark they proceeded to ballot, with the result 1 have stated. A resolution was offered m the Senate to-day, that Mr. Field be appointed Commissioner, which, under tbe rules o f that body, lie over one day. To-morroiy he will doubtless be confirmed by. both Uousea. . .T he F oumher of the S-uiTHsoNiaN I nstitotion .- the meeting of tbe Association ot GeoU ton, which closed on to have be juprem fourteen were retained for further consideration. T h e C o n rtw e n t twice throngh the cfflendar, and > lor account of Smithson, lo Whose debted for the institution which le C o n rtw e n t twice heard all the cases whii The next term of the Hall of the cityof 1 November next. Trai G reek StxvE—Jhs JVeto Orkuni § u g tm s It shoulii not be for apart as i bieraUty which has d ictated this arrangement were ready lo r argui forgotte exhibition ot the Greek Slave of Povfers, day, aireset apart as a contribution in a ijl o f i Otleaffs sufferers. Thepnbl’- \ — ■ ie hhera lOt b e fiitgottea (hat the proceeds o f the die w e hope, w ill second i|ie Royal Society. “ O a o u \ in which it well ictatoxa is They kre well Hi I ta k e 4 very satisf ade up ot generffffy largest in the evening, ed, a n d the visitors a te enabled t< tory view of the statue. M r,RelJogg,the fnend of Powers, jwho has that beautiful w ork in charge, has g ot up ajpamphlet giv- iDg some, account o f I t. T h e pamphlet, is made extracis from various publications, among wl the short but, eloquent notice of the|statae m the Union Magazine' for September, by Dr. |De we K e l lo ^ faas prefixed a s h o rt preface. | MAWvAcrtjRiMa- IN PHnotDBnpHiA.L-The North American gives the lollowing as aq apstract from a report of the Statistical Society in its puempt to ob­ tain ftill accounts of the various manufacturing ope- ratjops carried o n in the city and couqty. In a si gle eSlabUshrixentin the county tordyirig and printi jotton and woollen goods; there are p—Hands ei females 20. Goodsi produced an- pioyed, males 200, nuMl^—printed calicoes eyed, 600,000 pounds; pieces! dyed, 20,000; id goon's, finishedfrom the loom,| 20,000 p ieces; d E calicoes produced, 4^460,000 ;i of yarns and assortec warps, 5120 , 000 ; goods, finished only, uses two steam-i ' piecfes; yarns t eces i dyed, 20,0( prodneed, 5460,000 ;i of sumCaten tons of coal per day, am S50,CKittper annul A ffdthis is bu worlds eStablMfiec of which* i t returns ot this e a, Ol yai pieces, ?45,,p()0 ; ot t 540,000. T h is establi es o f SO-hoiae power each, id pays for 1 assorted lishment u t one of the establtehed ln and near i Imanufacturin? from ai le many imanufacti irPhiladelphia; froi kind couM be obtai the result would show a n aggregate amount of pi ising even to the egree, made themselves t duettve industry a nd skill surpri who have, in some quaifftedwith the general increase of manufactures in offr immediate vicini ty. ’ T h is certainly indicates impending iruin from the ta n d } but in the next column of the North Ameri­ can, a W ilkesbtrre correspondent shej ws. from prac­ tical observation, that the ruin h a s e x tended further northjtand h a s begun to lay waste the region “ o ’ where standi “ /air \Vy< Sosamehaunah^s side,” mtn^.” ^ a k t n g o f the \injiirioua effects of the British, tariff o f 1846,” the w riter (editpr T) says i ' ■ iitffe towns through whi >, the rttally. The ore is broughl range' of lai*e brick stores, that would lose nothiog b y comparison w ith your Second or Third streets, is just about beiag completed. They were erected by Mf. Hilliard and Mr. Mordecai, of Charleston, S C., (the latter Ol whom has the mail contract b etween Havana and Charleston) who are the owners of a n extensive coal' m ine in the imme­ diate Vicinity, which la under the process bl prepara- liom T h e introdnetion o f capital frhm such adis- o by men. V ‘ ‘ siness, spea which have ___ , in thisregu “ Many of this coal veins about here are of recent exploration, and necessaniy of limited extent. Ta­ king i»lQ Bcconat those a t Fittstqn, nine miles above, amfthose within closer proximity, and theaggregr ■ yield this y«ar, w ill reach Beyond 200|,000 tons.” i^^oF-THE N ew O rleans P acket S h ip A uburn . ; Captain, Pirst i n t . Jroipned —We are £sq,. Secretary o f the follbWing p a tucalars; — t h e Captain, F M ate, and S ix fu n other Per­ sons tJrmcntd —W e ar indebted to John S. Tappen, ,, Secretary of the Board o f Hndelpvriteis, for the report, some of the most important prin- ciyles o f which b is judgment did n ot approve, he felt It his duly to give the Legislature an opportunity of When he became aware pectatiens, his two associ lies o f w] fflling his place with some person who could render hla associate Commissioners most cordial and effect­ ive service. This step was taken w ithout any un­ necessary delay by Mr. H ill, and with no sinister motive. Mr. Hill has never d rawn one shilling of his salary from the state, nor does he iutend to do for‘the services he has rendered on this comrals- been a more o Saturday, than usually rhich se and which seems interesting occa- handsome property. He was the amhor of upwards of twenty original memoirs on various subjects of s. He appears to have been proud of his scieo- — eats, and^on^ one occasion wrote thus : iory y 1 nad Percys are forgotten.’ Professor Henry said he could find no evidence that he had wriitea this in view of ihe establishment of an Ihsutmion mother’s 1 am related to kings. Bui this is of no coDsequence. My name shall live in ttie,^mem of m ankind, when the lilies ot the Northumberlands and Fercys are forgotten.’ Professor Henry said he evidence that he had written ihi: stablishment of an Ihstitution laon died at Genoa in the year 1829, lea’ rty to his nephdw, tbe son of b/s brot ladse in his will leaving it in trust to wAAAvvM Ablates, for foundibg an iqstiiution for the !crease and diffusion of iknowledge among men, m case the nephew died without issue. H e d ’idso d ie, and the money, about ^300,00<), came into possea- ;sion of our government,” ■ The plan tor carrying Smithson’s views into effect now adopted by those who have the management of the institution, are briefly stated by the Prutessor To Inci'case Knowledge, It is proposed, 1st, To itimulate men ot talent, in every part of the country ind ot the world, to make onginalj*esparches by jpropna annually a portion of the income foi searches, under the dir-'*’ ------ ‘ of suitable pei interest. speculations to be rejected. Each memoir'presented to the Institution to be snl'mitied for examination to a commission of per­ sons of reputation for learning la the branch to which the article pertains, and to be accepted for publication, ■ • •’ - -c.L ----- —imission is favora- ble’f n case the report of this eotnm _______ ____ .frying out this plan ; t the increase and diffusioh o f knowledge by means collections o f books and'objects of nature and art The building, which is slowly in progress, is to be erected, in considerable part, out ot tbe interest w h ich will accrue Upon the iflfereflt, which has accumulated upon the or ginal sum, since it has been in lUe keeping ot the U nued Stales. T he B roadivay T he A tke —A second glimpse < the new Broadway Theajtre his given us a more U vorable idea even than v^e entertained at first o f the eapabilittes of the bouse for the advancement of ths lain this City We.see evidently the capacity series of popular enter tainmems, such as onr Cltiaens have never beldre witnessed under equally favorable c ircumstances. The splendid style ot de­ coration which h as been so freely lavished upon the cabins of steamboats and oyster saloons, has at li found its way to its more legitimate use in the ame­ lioration of the theatre. T h e ancient system of torture applied to legs and arms at the Park Thea- i will, we foresee, be hereafter abolished, since ,r. Mann has demonstrated the possibility o f at ence sitting in personal comfort and luxury without ly diminution o f the legitimate drama. People' ireafter wonder how they were able lo endure old fashioned filth, darkness and discomfort. . It may be difBcuU for New York play-goers to realize the fact that the pit of Mr. Mani absolutely carpeted, and a. gentleman may actually ike love on Ifae stage, and rise from his knees with- t any ot that smutched appearance which has hith- to made our genteel comedians so much like coal- heavers. The sensation which the infroduction of a ece 01 red Brussels carpet produced at one of our leatres, in the play of London Assurance, will be long remembered. The number of yards in it, the cost per yard, and the feckless extravagance of h a s ^ ^ ^ t u p i '^ s —the Captain, oincra lost.” tb e hull valued at about 52S.OOO, cargo S40 - — ssort- §24,000, and probably, also the caijgOrPI Shebelonged to Stan­ ton &? F r o s t; sailed froni N ew Orleans Ang 28 The nuderw riters^ent a ssisuhee do w n .. T b e Auburn w as about 10 years old, 449 tons bur­ then, huff valued a t about §2S.O0O, cargo § §50 000-^madeup o f the OBUsl New Orleans meiit. She w as insured f o r §24,000, idea never entered the head of the boldest of the dol- lar-paying sufierers, to - \ a s k for more.” As Mr. Willis, we believe, once remarked, a visit to the irk Theatre cost a lady the price ot her ticket and s price of her dress—a hint to tobacco chewers which we fear has never been fully appreciated. But all that is over. A sight of the legitimate drama no ;er costs a man the cramp or the rheumatism, sooner certain of onr theal capitalists of t arouse to the in­ terest involved in tbe foflowwg exffact from a Phil­ adelphia paper s N ew Y ork vs- P bh - aself * ^ - this metropolis should iinmediatelyjari ' ” g exirai same fate that be- Here a re two E Fennsylvania, a —£Phi|adBalletia. S prinsfietj > Voor, nothing worih noticing tl S S , i tl ene £ 'on te Is, tba o milli pounds of woo! it here an 1 sold to manufacturers, lar ai during the prese H year. The bulk of it com New York, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvatna, and Vir­ ginia. Messrs 1 Vrfcms and Brown, who commenced the business hei e, are agents for large growers in the threethree lastst nameame 1 states;tates; andnd doo by farar thihe la n 1 s a d by f t greatest araouol in it at present; last week they effected a sale of 200,000 1 js o f fine qualities to the Burliiigton. V t , Mills Comp any, at prices ranging from 45 to 85 cents par pound. Messrs Phelps & Mills, and Mes­ srs John Curtis & Co , a re also dealing rn the article to a considerabi: extent; the former as out right buy­ ers aud sellers— ihe latter with Perkins dc Brown, aU Commission ag nts for “ -------------- G ross I mpos : tion —An individual named Chase has recently ma le a tour through the northern part ot ths State of New York, representing him sdf as em­ ployed by the agent ot 4ne of the factories at Lowell, for the purpose ot engaging thirty young women to '*ived in this city within a days, and to L( well, but ou application to the afore- ’ told that he knew nothing ot Cha«6! Some of A nother A t ' Press — W e s A lbion L ife I nsurance CojirAinr.—Never were we so Ibrcihly importance and utility oi tile insurance as when made aequainied With some sinhiOf cktj*<Hi(iiq*xy fici* elicited from tde htstoiy aad coBdcct oTtins company. A*- fiiough aware tbarthis office h u b e e n established lu London ittnearly half a cenw ry-and is therefore . one o f the oweat in exiatedee—wU have been as muck amssedatrtceBtijr ieari(in|; the magnitude of tbebu- stneae fr ban transacted MfWe might baye been grati­ fied by the prsiffptunde with which eyery claim off ii, without a single exeeptioa, has bean sealed Iff order, however, that the pnblic a t large' may be satis­ fied of the promtinent position which ibis institution has and now occupies in Ihe mettopoliy—and. be en­ abled tojndge correctly o f the frank, prompt and ho­ norable practice which has marked iis whole career —weeah truly and will simply state that during the tt.wa- last mnete«ttyca.TB the payments o f tbcAibion-JiSce, ' m the setclemeac ot claims on life policies, have bean- smounted to upwards of £790,000, or to nearly fom the snrpaseing iSWeetnese of m«lhonanf dollars ; that daring ibat fone period o! >1 T rade .—T he wool trade, from years since, has now in th« commerce oi md.Dg. A reasonable leunda of woo! wilj,bf . loyment at Lowell, hile Olliers of them have returned to this city, and found friends tr relatives, under iwhoae protection they now are, h iving ascertained, much to their ssr- prise and disappointment, that they had been most outrageously im msed upon. Last Thursda y evening, three young, and to all appearances; respectable females, arrived by the western road at the depot o f the Worcester railroad, m company wit] i the aforesaid Chase, who procured a carriage and 'vent in company with them to a ho- lel. These wer s entire strangers In this part of ihe country, and al >o to each other, and had entrusted their checks for their baggage to the care of Chase. They last saw t leir tranks at the depot, and the last that two of ihe number saw of Chase was at the above menliomd hotel The trunks belonging to them contained their clothing, and also nearly all their money. Hearing nothing from Chase, they came to the sad conclusion that they had been im- posOa upon, and two of ihem torlunately having suffi. cient money to l elray their necessary expenses back, concluded to ret trn home, which they did on Salur- The other, no being so well provided for, deter­ mined to proceed to Lowell,and run the nsk oi ob­ taining employn ent. She went to Lowell on Friday, and upon callin 5 at the agent’s office,received the same answer ths t h id been given lo others, that she must go to Mt. Chase. Sadly disappointed m the object of her long journey, she took the cars on Sa­ turday morning for this city, and among the passen gers discovered the man who bad so deceived her. Ou arriving at the depot, and making inquiries of ttfiaec as to her jaggage, famong which were loriy- five dollars in tnoHey]and in relation 10 herpromisfd employment in ] jowell, he told her to wait where she was tor half ar hour, when he woUld return and “ make all math rs tight ” This was m t ie morning, and the poor girl waited ,t the depot unt 1 half past 3o’clock in tne afternoon, when she was tonvinced that she had indeed been the dupe of a base h^'arted impostor. The money which she had by her was all expended, with the ex­ ception of a sol tary twenty-five cent piece, and feel­ ing that she mu it do something, she knew not whai, way to il truth of which Ijonid not for a moment be doubted; and she was ki idly provided with a temporary home, under the charje of benevolent persons.-[Boat Journal, 27. ^ momtue a splendid silver speaking trumpet to be presented by the pstssencers of the French Steamship Miasonrl, which put Into Halifax for want of coal, and in coDlIng Into that WHS relieved) and assisted in various ways by tbe iptain Darby, with foliage mar, bute graved, ao as to make the Interior smooth, and to afibrd an easy passage for the voice. Neat the month on one side is iresentatlon of the Mlstouil and the revenue schooner, on the other side the following Inscription: port WHS relieved and assisted in various ways Revenue Schooner Dalring, commanded by Captain Darby, The trampet Is of massive sliver, covered t a roprei and on The trumpet was made by Gerardns Boyce, of this city, and Us execution Is exquisitely beautiful. H ers asd Sivoai's C omoert —There thousand persons last evening to listen to Herz: These artists were received with demonsiratlnns of strong enthusiasm. Herz played his variations on ‘%e pre au% clerct” with Infinite versatility of modnlatlon, and the fan­ tasia. from the \Puritani\ with admirable delicacy and sweetaess. Bivori gave his grand concerto in A major with fine effect. Among his performances was the “Prayer of Moies,” plavedi on a single string, which pleased the andlenee exceedingly. Mdme Flenry Jolly was not able to Ji. ON AnjLiTlotsiaas .—Removal of m thecorrespomlence ol the P itt- paper, printed ih that place by M and egged it fo nearly a whole nighi the mob was o Fensive epithets used by wards Citizens of the plade. On the evening before that alluded to, a fight oc­ curred betweer hn abolitiouist and one of the citi­ zens—a crowd rathered-and after the belligerents were parted, re laired to the office and commuted the outrage above lamed. On the follow ing morning (Thursday) thq cry wffs raised ol ‘‘pack up the pie-s and type, and Send it off,” which would have been done had not the aboliiiomsls interlered and called tor d suspensio i of hostilities The result of] it was, that Hu'l should remove with his press from Ihe village During the armistice, Mr. Hull had a rerjeontre with one ot oijr citizens* in winch be was jdefeuted, and s,..newhdt Wounded m • he iftcv. The.press, tyye, e.; ..... ate now U.- eaied (a.Ids thi writer) on the National Road, eight allies and a hallt west ol Cambridge. T rial and C| dnviction for M urder .—The trial of the case ot the Slate vs. George Jackson, for the murder of Ed ward Nedson, in August last, com menced before the Superior Court, now in session in this City, on Fjiday inorning and closed at 1 o’clock P. M , on Saturday. The prisoner is a negro, and the murdered man was a Pequod Indian Thehorai cide was coranjitted in the course of a drunken revel at the hovel ot qn old squaw named Betsy Smith, in ihe town of Le lyard, and the ctrcumsianoea attend­ ing It were ot t le most atrocious character on the part ol the prist ner. There noulcl be mo doubt that the crime committed was murder in its Iworst form, and the Jury re urned in a very short time alter retir- ring, w itha verlict of “ Murder in the first degree ” Guilty as Jacks|on is of this foul mujffer, he is, mi he cause of e editor to- Ity as Jacksbn is of this foul murder, he is, moral- leekiug, nu; the most guilty. The murder is a!- t solely Rsc'ibabie to rum, and the man who sold It to the mnrde er on .^uadav, knowing the character ol the compa.iyl and of the place where it waa to be used, will if he has the proper feelings of his nature d, will if he has the proper feelings of his naiui S.°s“^S;mk‘^1^'!l.yrfrarre^ps“r t h ' ; “S ^ ^ 'hich the legacy guilty suffers —New London Morn- The^cHn ------ .1 not by any means agreeable in M .e v e r y ^ S , over the countiy with such forca '*\'1- ceedingly disagreeable. This is the year round I am informed, ned for several miles around fi I to render it ex- 3 a history ot a day Vegetation is ^iin- i price o uch we ft The sooner certain of onr theatres cultivate the ac­ quaintance of the carpenter and the upholsterer, the belter for their purses. The style ot the Broadway Theatre must inevita­ bly render n a fashionable resort. We see no reason why, if the management ts wise, it should not be thronged nightly by crowded audiences who run to the Ravels’ o r Mitchell’s, o r wherever they are sure of being entertained. Last night the slow monotonona piece of domestic affilotioD, which ends in nothing, called Love’s Sac­ rifice, introduced Mr. Vanderhoff and Miss Fanny W allacktothe boards. They were welt received, and called for at the close, though the want o f nov­ elty and something otmore reality and life o n the stage was felt fay the audience. The actors did jus- tiw tolheplay. The afterpiece, \Used Up” , in which M r, Lester (Mr. WaUack, the son o f theold favorite) played Sir Guaiies Coldstream, is one o f the moat suceessM o f those comical pieces of exeggerauon, which a re attractive on the stageby the skill and i seen ice'half inch thick in town, rainy sedson is from October to April. Snow can be seen nearly the year round on the Montes Diablo cDevil’ t MoUniains) at a distance of forty our arrival. I ant informed that the winds, blowing re vinlently m p m m e r , render it colder Yerba N ava I a .—\Ti e following, is ihe Fist of the o e U S. ship Gerniantown, beanng the bil Franklin Bi chanan, Com mander; Thot Jenkins, 1st L e n t e ^ n t ; \Vm Leigh, 2d do ; Henry Rnland.1, Mas :er ; W m F McCleuahan, Surgeon; Quemn Busbee, Purser ; M. R. KiriZing, Lieutenant A letter to I le editors, dated Vera Cruz, Septem­ ber 4th, states thatthere was very little lever m the Hospital at A iton Lizatdo, and that the few remain­ ing cases wer 3 of a very mild character. Dr. Charles teliffity of Char of their constrnctioa. Mr. Lester reminds us Iharlea Matthews; the younger, he dresses admir­ alty, and acts with infinite cqolnes should see this petit comedy Theatre. S trange —In a Boston paper, we find an account of ihei doings of the meeting o f Naturalist there, which 8ay9_“ it haa been long known that two rays oUignt may be so thrown on each other a s to produce qmk- ness. Professpr Heury showed that two, rays c fheat >sspr Henry showed that tw lombined as to produce cold.’ Van Bueren, A rk to ^ , down « brigk bnildiof. A hurricane passed over w eek before last, throwing und m janu f etfegr/foitexty, \ itind wtechl^was a°hul i lr. Glaziar, by the reverend gentiemar eastw a r^ tha retaliattoTwas*’^^^ K i t e ' s ' ; ‘ r a . n K \ 1 ? e T o ^ r , - t s ^ r a I ^ o irountte w t u t e S S j ^ \ in Chintoa t dUff Mr. J ^ c T Pw k w w t tlw 5 ^oy e r tb e r jwjtt. S S i S S S \■..SIC insiance at uugation ; but that every sum has ium e T tSrthrA Jbterw T r^^^^^^ lum fc epoch be suspected of raising capt.ous objections to & g e r m ”‘’^ r « hundreds o f tamiUcs have been rescued from want, and placed in ciicnmstaDcea of comparative affln- ence and comfort—what can we say ot the present York Agency, we gather tnalerials to m s wer this in­ quiry m a most satisfactory manner. jW e perceive that the Aibion being ffPropnetaiy Company, the ““indeqwndemfy of for which a high­ ly respectable and wealthy body of proprietors are liable—the paid up capital and oilier assets of the sales o f its siock in the London market are at 50 per The division of profits among the share holders and the policy holders takes place iriennially—one filth or 20 per cent being appropriated among the for­ mer, and four fifths or 80 per cent among the latter. For the further and very striking advantages offered to the public by the Albion office, we must refer them to us Agency, No, 27 Wall street, which was estab­ lished in 1844, and in consequence of the prudence and caution with which it has been conducted, not a iinglc loss, up to the present . . . . f the year T he G reene C ounty H otel at C atskill is now under the management oi Messrs. Prime & Barnett, who use all exertions to please their visitors, furnish­ ing an excellent table, &c. Travellers having occa- to visit Catskill will no doubt be well satisfied at this house, having all the comforta that can be found at a hotel IT Spa Al ir I n t c l U e o n . G roxge J> unn LtBiKAiED.—George ponn them it- grodnd of acqmttlapMrs to be a wont of formality 'ence Differ which the prisoner .»)«» iffiore^hiy m the record,of /ban.—Bitisfafftj Gazette. Aproitmaocrs * r the PaasmK.’re.^-CtoNra^ ^KUffiTEh JirATKff.--.John M ^ ^ Virginji , Httgh Keenan, o f Pensylvania, for the port of Dub- I’S Magazl ne for Oct—A spleuffU No. w i* Se*h ivii«sanda f a n s Fashion Pialo- i|3. igc Pensylvahta, for the port of AN I ncident th^einils W hich _________ _______ „ Johff Stuart a n d h is men iay in skirmishins orffer, behted a hedge. About sixty or & hundred yard* In front o f them, beiDginlikc ditch o r hoiwv^ k bddy ot F rench tuailieorslbad taken poSt, and eSCh party continued fora while to watch withoutinoiest- mg tbe other. A t last a French officer rose out o f niff bwn ditch, and either because he reallji deajted to chcourage bis men, or for the merepurpoise ofHre- vado, advanced sbm e si^ce in their fronts wiavipg nis ATESi.ob.—“ During one of In ^iiy m 'S l r S t o g Grffhffiii’s: tlfnf BBgraviiV and * Paris AlMi aU lhe Magazines for OcL FlcWflalEaglan!i,No 30. P/Jce2Sn Wtldasb.orThe CrnSse effthe Capes. By lag.-ahant. 2Sc.t Russell. By James. Price 25c Legends of Xleilcb By T-iimaril Pr-CeOat. Knight of Gwynce. By I-ever. Pdre 25c Tha Seerol Tribunal. By Dumas. PilteSSs CallfoiniR and 5cenes in the Famno py Famb- m. Kqw] edUtoij.. Price 50c. Axents. Peddlers and others will find all the Bew pnhii. of eatlois.oBthffj?otiBt9fassooD aipabUsli*cl, a tihe lowest 0 _ g r a b AM, Tribune Buildinits^ i M i n s It wffs the tashion in those days for officers of the ti- landier received in dis left a rm , and before ta aecpnd thru$t could be administered, the iwo m e |i closed. \■ ' rd^w ^ h r ei; M embers op the Swi® D tET.-The members front the difitreni Cantona are the, finest shecimfns of men I ever saw. Each ts dressed in ff suit] of black, with white neckcloth; a civil dress kword and cocked hat complete the costume. Each^ is|attenped by a Secretary, wearing a cloak, half red, and ihe oihey half blue, or some other two colors, each dil- ferefft, according to the colors of the Canton, tyiih the ffoat of arms on the breast, aud bearing |he books and papers >.f the member Great deference is paid to them, as though each was a Prince. SAjinj’s SARBAfARiLLA.-This valusWe medicine qom bluer the most aalnlary prodncilont, the most potent ylni- itele kingdom.om. Jtss nnprecedefprecedented I vegetab kingd Jt un sneeess in tha restoration ofhealth to those who have'long pined under the most distressing chronic maladies, hs|ve (Iv|n it an effaUed character, furnishing, as It doss, evidencs or its own intrinsic value, and lecommending It to tfae aftlibted iateimstbeBfQlcted only can know. It has long bean a moiti Important deslderatnm In tbe practice of ffiediclite to obtain a remedy similar to this—one that wonl4 act off the liver; stomach and bowels, with all tbe precision and po­ tency of mineral preparations, yet without any fff thelridel eterlous ctTects upon the vital powers of tho system, i^run tincs io ah their vatlous phases, ulcers of every iklnd, rh»n- mau$m, liver dlsek»eS| indigestion, languor and jlorpIdUy of the general system, and many other complaints, can bpre- red and cared by thithis tonic and aperient valuable combination cjTdeter|ent, itesjits growl w With which iblped pffwers t TWENTY-dtNE Court sung the billad of “Home, sweet Home,” and a cava- f Miss Julia Northall, tlna from one of the operas of Donlzetta, which was vehe­ mently encored. These two periormers will give another concert next w0ek. not over as wo g I delivered by the city. The raorplng exercises are to press. The bnsluess ol the Conven- jiipy the remainder of the week — id In anticipation of an effort T’he annual se-mon tion will probahly Much interest Is excited In anticipation store Bishop Undetdonk to Episcopal fanCtlons. I'he eon- morning, at 9 o’clock, probably leav leaves this pi ■ to'day her trips t tdaylast. She Is t mh day. Tho Hibernia from Liverpool, If aha left on her regular day. Is ten days out. having been declared by Ihe surveyors \stannch strong and aubstantlal,” leG the dock yesterday and started Immediately for Boston. She will her regular day, Friday. The Union port for France to-morrow. L aunch or ah O cxan S teamer . - The Hetmann, of 1E09 tons burthen, the second steamer of ihe U S. mail line to Somh.smptun and Bremen, will be launched from the ship yard of Messrs. Westervelt A Mackey, foot of Seventh street, E R.,‘ to-morrow at 2 P. M. T be N ortherner makes an excursion this ailernoon down tbe bay, leaving the novelty works at twe o'clock pre T he A lioa la Anton the N orth R iveb —Tills universal favorite having changed hands, resumes t< , which were suspended ir the command of Capt F. W. Stone, and charges one dollar. Instead of fifty cents, as heret “J ournal or the T heatre .\—Rninor says that Puffer Hopkins and some oie else, are to publish a weekly in this oUy, with the above tlt'e. LNxiNE.—Tho last weekly report ef the above Instituii'iQ shows the number of deaths by fever to have been Pi | temaiuing sick, 112 ; oiher diseases. 1U2, >tal nun.b^renialnlng, 42S. rauRCH AT K et W est .—The Rev. Mr. Adams Is here rom Key West, making an effort for the erection of a Free The Bishop of that dlucese has Issued a circular lurches recommending tho work in the warmest It will be recollected, that In the hurricane of Oc­ tober of last year, the building then completed was blown down.andanospendllnreofobontseven thonsand dollars lost; at the same time every citizen of tho place was a great sufferer. This laudable work now devolves on a very few. and they have appealed to the liberal public of this city. Those who are disposed to contribute, may leave their funds at Stanford & Swords’ bookstore, in Broadway. N otice —Th ose who wish to avoid parade on Monday next, can do so by previously paying to the Recel- srofTaxes seventy five cents. F oond —A large bay horse was ound at 10 o’clock this lurnlng in Ihe street at tho coraer of Uih avenue and 14lh id taken to Cooper’s livery stable lu Charles street, A rtTlso D utchman .—A Dutchman, name unknown, not satisfied with the legal rale of locomotion. In endeavor- int wings to his horse yesterday, ran over Thomas him considerably. Arrested by officer Long opens the pent 21 at the same time causing the flnld to flow 21 the delicate .Halt Tube is filled. Its coml few cases of baldness can resist. 'he genuine sold only 21 landt St. L onolex ’ s G reat W estern I ndian F anacea 21 Scrofula and all diseases arising from an impure st 21 Of the blood, also Kidney and Llvor Complaints, Cotighsi 21 Colds, Asthma, orDlspspsia may be cured by this Rnna- 21 cea. Persons troubled with costiveness wllli 21 valuable, and it may be as beneficial 31 born babe ns for an adnlt, and, unlike otbet cal 21 win not leave you costive. Wi find it tn- isoil for a fie tbet catbffrtli ve yon costive. I only office for the genuine li at TWENTY ONE i original and genuine Magical depot TWENTY ONE Court- CoNNEL's 21 Pain Extractor, at the only ■ 31 lapdl street SqtENCE.—“ Science shonld conuibuie to the health ai happiness of mankind.”—Among every community o f ma klnd.scloace is looked upon as a great moral blessing, ai the cbnlrtbulcr of great good. Scientific dlicoTetlea of ra and myslcrlons agency, unfolding unto intelligent and ap­ preciating men a construction of some nsefu( Invention which has contributed greatly to the comfort, health and convlinlonce of mankind, has shown to tbg world the j^rea^ capacity and extensive views ot the ixi^gnanitnoas mlnc^ of man. Science has granted onto Its origlnatorfsnch mstki of honoraud Industry, and coveted the lirovi* fafthe noblff minded men frnm whence Usprings wUhisnoh vialqed laurels, that the proud titles Of European arUtocrais are but mere moonshine In comparison. Selencei which has given unto tha world the most mysterlona ageffey ov{er all skin iblemishes— ; RADWAY’S CHtNESE MEDICATED SOAP— has tound Its usefulness In restoring lost and qroatlng un- found beauty, no matter how repulsive the compleilo^imny be. how rough, cracked, or disease ly remove every vea I Ring Worm, Erys rdinary ini tedEoap will surety 1 The extraordii led a cuticii inflnence of Rad way’s Chlireso ly remove every vestige of Tji^ Blotches, skin,, it produces an almost soothes, heals and purifies the terminates every vestige ol Always ask for Radway’3 No. 2 Conrtlandt street. le you may 1 1 way’s C M^idlca- restlge of T , Plffiples IS, Slalt Rheum.’ transparent, fair laglcal effect i It sffftens, ntlcle, and completely ex ’ Soap. Price 25 affd 12J cents. Ladles with red, dark, yellow, ireeklyface^. Yon may become tho loveliest of lovely gijaccs, Repulsive Walking libels on female beauty. Here read in plainest terms, your proper duty. Go—If for beauty yon would ever hope And buy a cake of Jones* Chemical Soap- All treektes, snnbarn, tan, will leave, and:now Beamy will reign on cheek, on neck and farow. READER, did yon ever test the slngalatjy wonderfi iropettles ot the true JONES’ SOAP in clearing, Wliiten- Dg and beamlfylDg the skin and removing an dlsfigure- neiyts—if n,,t, do so , you win not regret It, But mind. in Eagle, 82 01 rs-Phlladelph A leemarle Co., V s Mff S et * W. F owls -D ear Sir; stating to you my experience la t^e use satn of Wild Cherry. I own a very \ whd was attacked With a dlfBenlty of the 'officerK log to put Lee, hurting forrarious driving, and sent to tbe police SruRioua C oin —Maty Johnson was: attested last night bad dollar, a demijohn 1 John Gorman. W. Durly, for stealing $2 50 In cash, . Oonboy, for stealing a pail ofbntter worth $3,from cy and Chrystle streets. I nuuest .—The Coroner held an inquest yesterday. at354 I’hitd-avenne, upon the body of Tdomas il New York, »zed 3919 years, who died of F. Day, a uative Signor BlUz Is filling tho Society Library every evening, [la entertainments are attended by the ritts el the city — The perfbrmances combine so much mlnh and amusement that we are not at all surprised at his meeting with so much and others also appear. . B r o o b l m . lo - T h is mllitai losa. No lives lost.—[Sen. Admir^*anTo3wegaw^^^ aground at W est 1 —St. LouisUmotL________________ Njnetedn horses were burned to d esA in the & e which occurred in W orcester on Saturday morning last. The loss of Mr. Stearns, the keeper of the hotel, is from §800 to §1,000, which iff covered by insurance. _ _________________ M elancholy A ccident .—CapL P ierce, of the brig Columbia, ol Belfast, from Philadelphia for Boston, w jth a caigo. ot coal, when off Newcastle, Delaware, about 24th mst., going down before the wind, was knocked overboard fay the gaff and drowned. Hts wife and two children were on board. in Buffalo has fried this novel experiment with sne- cese. T h e face o f children are said to show the bwiifydfepo* ofd?«tlto{j^jffnooeBtiadthc»i|t* ,Maijch2I,3 take pleasu.- ofVirutar’s Bai­ lable negro gl'f e lungs, whlth 1st physicians, who prononncad h they could do no more for her. It none did any good. 1 saw soc 1, ami thoughtl would try it. b ured a bottle, wh^ch Was a :ctIons,andJsawshe began to mend ; and bolojre the first bottle was gone shff was' up. I 'oearaii a second.and she took that, andffow she Is,I :in|t,cufe(l. or nearly, St). 8he attends to hffr daily labor, Id J bear no complaints from her. R. L. JEFFERSON. case Incurable, or that tried many remedies, but none did account of Wlstar’a Balsam, minjsieredre according to directions, ai had iiitlo faith in it. I nlsle at cling TAKE HEED I Dismally damp and cold is the mould of neglect that clii to a bad cough. Heedless In hot gaiety the a'ltei fun and scorn derides the “Trifling Cold.”— BEWARE! Friends flit iu appallng s'dcnce around spectral bottles than reflect mercurial bine In chambers whpse Iqy walls teatfully echo back the cough il MRS JERVIS’S I comes teemlug with the crystal brightness ijud warmth of the fireside, to check the “Tnfllne” Cn ling” Cold. {fongh.Hoari ness, Sore Throat, Whooping Cough, Infl|ienza, Croi Astfama, and all complaints of the Throat affd Lungs—I happy smile of a happy concoction of herbs, rolls joyously out lits laughter of joy,and the matron smlleS lor it is doing good to human kind. ^Spld by MRS- •JERVJS, N o . 379 Broadway cor have been afflilcte4 for years with the pfles. and hav® Cried, witboat aevChing like perzna&eQt benefit, almost ev^rythlngaasamiDg the name OI a remedy, I had-, as a matter of coa»®* all confidence in mepicine|. Under AS i A. .. . w — nyituent relpncance, Icon- f; and having nsed It lor DY^Uftfr s u i^ r isr^ any thing yet ofiered for coloring, ihe hair to a .bcantlfnl ftna permanent black or brown wUhoat stotmog or iojor* ini theskln. The wonderful laclUtywiih wmcli this re- mirkaMo Uqnid ieflecUlhc desired pnrpotd excites the ad)hirallOB4mdastoni»hiaeatol thonaandt _who are lond Injts otalsc. SoIdwhoIcsarewdrctnU.&t WMiBATCU- E<^OR’a, 2 Wall street, n » r Broadway. pPrice—Botllea fo^' the hair $1 tor th® whiskm Beware of Cqhoterfelu. ^ e n t in WaxHngton City John Hi. GIbh|.^ je30 ufftarat curl hair, and adopted in the moat e^y g a ffer to thffpeeuliarztyieoleachlndivimtal. Theyffte ffminsiy a, new Invention, doingawey with all the vexaliouff diffieul riff* so long expe^Bced by those who we** Wigs; The public are inyitdfl to inspect a large and well Seleeted stock, S^tS e t o ' j u d ^ ^ f ^ ‘\'P WM. BATCHEI^R, inventor and only maauftfftnier, 2 Vitellit, nearB«>*ffw*y. ' iplease copy the address.____________________ IC lieiLrcItfftffctiK w f 1G. , . > published this day. The delffjr in pUbliihlag Nh. I aiufd by tbe platef and sheet* all being d«atmy|d { !, aaae Rle&eUekx Pens-SOM B T H W G NEW. and sheet* all being deetmy|d I ^ j . Y , SA Y AG E * »*»**- '\holed the; i« d Nesiau streets, wlMito|wayiSwtee InffoducUon ofthVGotd the woskWieptiBled. ItlsBowiesfijt tolts mnalsiiWji,- Jie,jn«bonjht a now eitScle, which i p*B,tt The price i* 13 only. H certainly Iff the .t,- — TR Alwif . pen/forffl, sold 10, was eaiutd by the p! krihe j«f«re eoraer of ■ iricytiBled. {its bow losdy'im its esualsjiUjji This eempletea the SAvM. ] P(iee50 tents. D E n to c iR A rir’s AtLittAiffait; fi'OJte. 1S4S4 T h e D e m o c r a t’s A lm a n a c aitft P o litical R e g is te r f o r 1 8 4 8 : Contafning a List o f the Chief Executive and Judiijla Officers, United States Scaan Governors of tbe States and Territories, the Times of] and the Place and Time of Meeting of tht Members DfCoogrAsi log Elecitons, and the Place and Time of Meeting State lieglslatnres, together with the Votes Tolled for fie sideut and Governors in the several States in 1844, ’45, [ “ Thttolceofihe A l m w a c I . ^ r ^ w . . . . . . . . . . . Forelgna gant des« Sliver Ware, Blan of which wilt be markei ~ ^ WILEY fc.PUTNAii^’S [MPOKTATIONS OF VALUABLE WORKS OS BKGJNEBBING, MEtIHANICS, &c. iiS, (Second List.) Life of Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer, Written by hit sb H ; contiilnlnga doscriplive naTfatlve of his profesrioji labors, wUha folio atlas of copper plates. Edited by Jql Rickman ; 1 vol 4to and atlas folio. *30. Combes on Mines, &c—Tralte da L’Eipioltatlon Mines, parM. Ch. Combes, Engineer en Chefdes Ml ice; 2 vols Bvo aud 1 atlas folio. *7. Paris, 1841. Pecleton Application of Heat—Tralte de la Chaleurcbn ■ slderee dans ses applications, par E. Peclet; 2mo edlfloi > Eotierement Refondne, 2 vols 4to, numerous plates maps. $20. Paris, 1843. Campalgnac on.Sleam Navigation-De I’Etat actnel ffo I Navigation par laVapettr, t e , inlvl de notes expllcatlkei Tebieur, Projects, etc. Onorage publie sons les Auspice do Ministre dote Marine ; 1 voi 4to. $5 50. Paris, 1842. AnnalesDes Pouts et Chaussees—A few odd numbers I a complete sets, E a c h f l. , Chevalier—Histone et Description des Vorls de Comffti nicatlon anx Etats Unis et des Travaux d’art qul la depei dent, Par Michel Chevalier; tome 14to. *6 50. PArii Glasgow Practical Mechanic and Engineers Magizlni Momhtv back volumes. *3. Annual subscription 2 1 The Artisan—A Monthly Journal of the Operative Monthly. Annual lubacriptlon $4. Civil Engine- r and ArchiteePs Jonraal, Scientific Railway Gazette. Back volumes. Each *5. The s*nlB For sale by New Yojk. T o S e n a to r s , R e p r e s e n ta tiv e s a n d L e g is la tio rs . FOURTH EDITION NEARLY EXHAUSTED OF The Statesman’^ Manual. n the press and will be ready In afewffajs. 1 large volumes 8vo. 1700 pages. Price $5. fProra the Journal of Comtoerce of August 13,18481 j ‘‘ This Is one of the most iRipoitnnt books published Good and responsible Agents wilf fi business to canvass districts and legislators for a profiltai K It the ajbo E. WALKER. 114 Fulto acr fS e r i n a n R e f i n e d C x u f f h e d S u i . Just received 30 hhds very Superior Oerman Crashed! gar, aboutt equalual to Woolseys’ and Stuarts’,arts’, whichhich is offfei eq to Woolseys’ and Stu w is o sd at Lower prices than ever sold In this qountry, viz: -9^ i ;ls by the 100 lbs. or bbi: or 5s fid 7 lbs. ^ Also, other Whl e, yellow aod brown Suears of all ibe various kinds at redne ed prices. Uptown Grocers, Bakers and Pjubllc House Ke(9p rs would do well to tali ana examine the (ibove sugars. |AI o, IFfflVJBlVEW X’E A S . I Choice Young Hyson, Oolong and (janpowderTea; a a smell advance on Wholesale prices, and Java Coffee, jfreih id Family r ............... . ' and 70 Vesey ssreets. Goods delivered to famUles without chat KinU t - h iC iew V o i - n i a i e J U h S t i r a u c e a j n d T r u s t C o m p a n y . OFFICE NO. 52 WALL STREET. C A lP iT A L S l .0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . The Company insures LfVES on the mutual lowing the insured to participate in the profits, and the proprietary system ANNUITIES, and makes ai lelnterest of money and the It also receives money in trusts and allows m X E R E S T ON nU F O S IO T S . For 60 days and over, 4 per cent, per annum. For 2 years and ovei, & And all Other deposits, and deposits Intended 1 muiatlon, such interest as may be agreed on at the' fme the deposit ts made. DAVID THOMPSON, Ptesldpn Philip R. Kearney, Secretary. _______________ apl! Eugene Bogart, Henry H. Ward, T h e jX a tio iia l F ir e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y , No. 62 W a ll street, 9 0 ~ I n s u r a n c e a g a i i n s t F i r e a n a In'^s Nss.'V’isra-l make insurance a( houses, warehouses, buildings in general, goods, v merchandise of every description, and personal and on risks of transportation and inland navigation. DIRECTORS. / Thomas W. Thorne, William Van Wjcljc, John Van Boskerck, W. p. Redfield, me Bogart, Martin Hoffman, Robert L- Case, Herrick, John D. Ward, Henry D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W H. Jacobs, , THOMAS W, THORNE, Preslffi W. 0. K ellooo , Secretary. N. B.—The capital of this institution Is now full, with a surplus. Money to loan on bon^ and morigage. J27 gffw ^ ileirerso n ih s h r a n c e c o m p a i y . OFFICE NO. 50,WALL ^TREET, ' Opposite ihe Merchant’s Exchfin This Company continues to insure against loss or dai lage by Fire, on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings in get eral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every descri itio of personal property. Losses correctly lied and paid. DIRECTORS. Thomas T. Woodruff John P. Moore B. R. Robson, M. D. Moses Tucker John H. Lee Francis P. Sago Elisha Riggs Joseph Drake James E. Holmes William K. Thorn Eugene Bogart, GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. Thomson Price John K. Davison Caleb C. Tunis John C. Merritt Anson Baker ' Joseph Allen Thomas W. Tho ' Thomas Morrell Robert Smith. MOSES TpCKi U e d fk i n s d o i p a n y —N o . 8 W a t e r l o o F l f r c e . :EE,.Presjldi I r l f e in s u r a n c t N e w Y o r t t 1 , 0 0 0 ,odo-i-ss, 000 ,o(|>o llshedbyact ol Parliament, in C A P I T A I j X I. Tnls Comj affords the most perfect security 1 and in the great success which has i commencement-its annual Income bpine upwards ot OCO, or in American currency 8400,009. In 1841, the Company added a Bonus o f 2 per Celt annum on the sum insured, to all .policies of the 1 ting Class from the time they were effected, as £ the tbllowing table ,— ■ 85000 6 years—added8B00 5000 4 years— . 400 5000 2 years— 200 Parties wishing to secure the benejSts of the nffxt slon of profits in 1848, shonld make Ipupediate appllt |! For Seven I . Yean at I Yearly 1 Y tarly an AnnnsI | wilhont I i rith Premimnofl Profits. IjFrifits. ^ nroT*-' ■ The premiums are on the most jnoderate scale.kn one half need he paid for the first fivp years, whefe br$2500. I idProspecttot I are for $2 Every information will be afforded|and, be obtajned, on appUcaUon to ' W, C. MAITLAND; Agent fotNewil-oik, J272awWfcFnp ' aqd the UnitedElite ( I .■ E i n i - ! ’i ’ snrance is for Lite, and Policies information will be i T e n i! V id p t! ; jE in i! | SCr THIS IS THE MOTTO OP ALL* THOSE HAVE EXAMINED KNCX'S NEVtf FALL STYI HATS, with a view of buying— | X C A irtE J X S A W ! X B Q U G H T i BON TON Establishment (aff adl C b e a p C lo tb in g a t W R o to s ia e . . A large stock of fresh naurafacluied Fail anjT Flnfer Clothing, just completed, particnlarly steep ted to the etn and western trade. (The assortihent is extenijlv , and comprises the different styles nsnaUyinannraemred t irthat market.) It is got up in the best manner, end Willi on libeal tsoms, at redneed micqs, by j. <ff)NANT fc BDLtX ^ enS nptf F. j . CONANT '77CederstiiBet.i Coder sfriset, neexBro^di rtijr. ' J . To«s)» AcksowtedpiiwM^ price is |3 only. aadcfcoEiestpenio the world. Also,* eLw h e riat*! 50; and the Pens sold abonl town h e « paw offering at81 50. Don’t mistake the number. jre t r lF iill imwm . T i f f a n y , Y o o n ? & especttolty annonneo that their new establishment S71 BROAmvAY, corner; of CEiatakES triatiw . blockabove their present location^ wHi be opened OH rfiSDAY, 1st July, with nearly 200 cases, fonidng an entirely new and the i«*est stoke of elegant Usefal a td Faney ArticiM m a high^erder of taste, beatity Hfid rieh* nessteenhevq ever beeneihibitea luNewTorfc ” toze^ Bohemian Gitiss, French end DresUen Paree- Tefra Cotta Psof.. t.. ^ii-s ._ j mAni*.o. Silvered Wares; Boxes, Ice; CutU donery; Perfui C6lla.Papler Mkche, Bronzed, Gild and Elec : tlcW5'takidDesks,DreB5ingChis4s, Woi leryan^a BteelEobds; Paperand Funcy'S* ~ ' ib^ ana nrUcles tor tl sUics; an entire imports bably the most extensive hi seffnoBtof Japan, &C. To their former basiaess and invite particular attention to.their large select id American, ofthe newest, richest and: icriptions ; beau^ifuT Watches and Clocks, fancy it Ware, Diamonds’, Camebs, Cpiais, Enaiti^si Ac., itlon, both :edln maik riouBxsatptlces Jtom : deductions Wilt be made. Jewelry department wiUbe under the care ot Mr. Thomas Craite Banks. je23np 27J Broadway, cqrner of Ch»mbersstrcet. SEAMAN & MUIR 3 £ 1 B r o a d w a y , . T w l ^ ’’ CimWfftli w i Fwnell Silit T O 3IIER € JH A 3 fTS, itliiera. I s a i u i p s , , 'b n u t d e - SAC.ES, .a general asso FA N C purchased greatiybetow, the CO S T ’ of rinaPORaCA,3CXON, and which thf a very spikn>-.iidvance, eitheirht Il they are offeiring i W A X O tiESAXiE O R le c o s t ' Offe at They have also received per the various SteaJUCCs: and R a c k e t s a veiy g r e n e r a l assoU rtnienV pl| R i e ls R a n c r R sry G o o a s ,l o which Jhey invitethej particular aUentIdn of C o t m t r r f fE e rc lia ists arid l t b e R e t a i l ^ j r a d e . > . M r . J ^ iim D m m x iio n d ‘ 1 AND Jo t lt a to S . F o iin ita ta a long known to the Brofiaway Trade, beg to Inform theli} friends andformer pitrons.lbat they are with Messrs. S. i M , and solicit their paitopage. ____ sl7np C51iea]p C a s h S to r e , T9 W i l l i a m s t . i ’c o r n e r o l XilhertTf, DAILY SUPPLlEa from Auction, and French and British Cassimers. F . W . ttQ W E . R e iu o v O l. SlLiK teOOOS. C . F . liI N D S E Y HAS REMOVED TO THE: NEEf BUILDINGS N o 6 6 i i i b e r t V s t r e e t , (First store from Broadway.) •’KTSr X I E R E he is prepared to eifily.t, with few e if WW ceptlons, an zotirz mkw , seasonable and desirable ‘*SILKS. AND FANOY GOODS,embrsclngeveryyariet’t: of plain and figured, black, colored and changeable Silks. I DRESS GOODS of every description ; plsln and figured Cashmeres and Mous de Latnes, Merlnoes, &c. Also, a large assortment of FANOY CAP AND BONNET P.IBBONS, i together with plain, colored and black Satin TaffettaRlh - FEINGES AND GIMP TRIMMINGS—Of every variety ^’sH A ^S^of^aU kinds and qualities, including Sift, Broche, Thlbbet, cashmere Tutkerri, &c, &c He woniB particularly call atttention to his unusually large,' And de­ sirable assortment of LACES.EMBROH And he'would in general by th LOW PRIpES — — - - - — * V .,.-.,.*. s27imnp , S I L. K O O O D S J* P E T I T & C O ., IM P d R O P E R S A N R W J B trtliSA iiE IS E A X E R S i u SU te a u d E a n e v B r v G o o a s ; IT o . 1 3 4 P e a r l - s t r e e t , A FEW DOORS BELOW WALL, NEW-YORK. Isarg e S to c k o r V A L U A B L E B R Y G O O D S ) q r o R E SO E R C H E A P E O K C A S H J X B y 0trcler o f tb e A s s isru e e s o f H . ^ I . P e e k , C o r n e r o f R r o d ta - w a y a u d . R Z u r r s iy s t i , E ffliBtR A C IN G a large assortment of the various styles of S H A W I iS A N B RfANQPIEliAS. Rich colM and black S I E K S . PRINTED CASHMERES AND MOUS DE L.AINE O T OER NIN G GOGBN Of a great variety, and of the most approveo styles, BLACK BOMBAZINES. SILK LUSTRES. LAMA LARDS, ALPACAS, 6-4 andd 3- 3-4’ MOUS DE LAINE^, E R E N G R RIERX N O S , Of the various and best shades of color, of the w manufactures. SX E K ANJ9 TWOOEEV P E A T f l . . Black and colored SILK VELVETS; FRENCH AND SCOTCH GINGHAMS', FRENCH, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN PRINTS; WHITE .GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, &C. &c. . PARTICULAR ATTENTION Is solicited to the stock and AMERICAN LONG CLOTHS ana oaiiviiiM ia; FLANNELS, BLANKETS, MARSEILLES GUILTS, HUCKABUCK TOWELS and TOWELLINGS, Sec. &c. s20 3tnp&tf 'I’OlViVSKIVW N , 4riV»Jh»HI».<Ir A CO.,^ 22 C c d z tr S treet* B L E .4 0 H E P G O O D S , and that, from this time forward, they will constantly hlbit for sale every variety pf B E E A C H E B S H E E r i N C S ANTB S H I K 'l '- from 3 of a yard to 3 yards wide, and cfanprlsing the very best styles, both heavy and fine. Also, &. large snpp'y of smooth yi qn&lity &nd \ov/ pricey .from 6 to 7 & to the price of the saihe article Ip tl t, Nos. 38, 20, and^ C O R J J S , BDiVIGIirS AJND B A D JN a tio H a .1 E o a x x P u x x d Elfc Assurance Society t>f Kioudon. CHIEF OFFICE FOK akEKICZ, 74 WALL STREET, NEW VGRK. flX H E FOLLOWING RESOLUTIONS PASSED Bl ■ the Court of Directors, in London, is published foritb informatlnnof persons insured (or who may hereafter b insured; in the above-Institution, resident in the Uhlte States and British North American Colonies. By ordef of the U.S. Local Board. JACOB HARVEY, Chairman. J, LBANDER STARR, Genqral Agefft. Resolved, That persons assured by this Society ron th * WBOOE TEKV OF xiFE, be allowed to cross or recroSs the Atlantic in Roval Mall or first class Sjeamers, eq in first class sailing vessels during the months of May, Jnne,*Jnly, Angnst. Septeroljer and October free of extra charge; and , daring the months November, December, Jannaty, Februa­ ry, March and April, on payment (previous toembakaiton) of anextrapremium Of A qaarteryer cent. (25 cents on each 3100 Insured.”) By order. •~3 2aw up_________. F. F . CAMRQUX, gecreiary. X ADIEU AND GENTLBMBN’ri LEFl’ OFF WARD JUT ROBE AND FURNITDRE W^iNTED.—Ladlqs t ffluons effects , to dispose of, such a W ^ ^ be attendedto b y ^ - J ^ f i v e a ity to '\:'* : € . R l ! C t i & C ^ s I x i i p r o T e d P a i t e i i t S a la ix ta x id e r S a fe s . A DEdDEb IMPBO'WlHENT ON THE OEIGlk) WILDER’S GENUINEPAT£NT.’f 1 rTXHX: subscriber has in storeanassorfmeatof the Above' A named articlevpomprislng seventeen sizes and si v a - Wdty of patterns. The saperiOrity of this to aniyetberi Sind of safe tBaUufactured in the United States, he Is prepared to eihibitto the satisfactioa of the public,both by cejrtlfi- otice, on New York. Sent. 24th. aVIN, 133i Water itreei; Agent foir the Manufacturer, l^ T s24np W o r s t e d D a i B a s k s ^ M o r e e B S ^ SjPXtBEXs- 1 ^ : . 3JX-.: qCXTTXJS, 5 9 B j E A V E B 'OIIJLB call the attention bjfCarrla Oaiiinetes,lpw and superfine, by\ the piece o i fif nevk andenpeilot e tyiA a n d J ^ lt^ : Solai 3UU Gau*|c3h^«eH package. • ► • 3-it)pes1du Casslme New'styfes’of Merino, Valei qam a maela.1>|reui. a e lU b ir e u i. ------- iE a tln andVeJvetVest- ^ kteaVMsotlmhnn^ q H a l l dice. .Jkcg . fptoW- ., . 'iN E W ,, O A R P E T S g . O il C lo tiiSj & c ., a t lo w p f ic e s . at LOW PRICES by 333 Broadway, cornet sip np New York. D f e T l i B ’s V l T i o l e s a J e a B d R e t a i i !;& v ^'?KS 3 p r lce s T p e s a le and r e ^ a j h / ^ ^ f f i Im p o r t e r , iT o . jr c P ^ lD ia itt s t.. 33 Johii-si. cot, of-Nassau, g^. N S W O D R T A J t W J ^ T I J J F J F S . D A T O f f & C O . iUties,&c., id retail. N STREET. g e n e r a l F u r n i t t i r e T ^ r e k ^ D S H O E 8 . kins. r,.?K?js^ri-asa\;sS 5 • « ass^isss! ictnally attended to. . , . 9 8 S S l S i a i i S I- 5 en a ^ l l e d EAUCi 1**4 ToBgs, ' n . W O K C J ^ T B B ’JS/,. F ia p o - f o r J e . M a n n f a c td 'r y a n d W a r e - r o o m , H. saslffsSHS'i'iVJss dsteads, U tesi^b Sehfre, card, Soft, Br^iL %Xk ui TVM4VX1. ttiq vuqiCM i,y hUB .u,auO AL .1 English Ciirpelings ABTB r X i O O n 0 I L C J L O x r is. S B IV E B B t I f A T E B a § rle Y « C e le jb r^ te d (G o id D e n s . vfepalredltt jhehMt I L SAVAGE ^FniMUst,- i G . B A G E E Y & C o ., ' - 18H B Y b a a T u a y . , Gold Pen, PatentPeU holder. Gold and Silver cit Case Mannfacittrers. , ■ 1 ! Jy30 ' S S S .'S C 7 g S K ! “ '’” T '* ‘ ALEX. T . STEWART & CO. MT. Brnndw&y|apd Rpaiiteadestreet- cor-Rroqdw; FOE THE SALE O ^ ' ^ r e ^ L w W l G ARTICLES 5 ■ v ARB E5TARLISHED A T ' ^O H p r mxkiHAXT’S, X83 B r o a f f w a y t BECKWITH’S PILLS, ' __ iicwm FRANK’S ! ’S CHWIBIDE OF 8QBA> il. I ■ {■-. I ' J i ■ ■ * 1 i ' i ^ “ ;^r5F<K>B

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